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MM A it A mu.Y ircimiTAHY .T isni : SI\TI.NV PAHK.Q
Ladies' Muslin
Drawers ,
800 pairs ladies' mcslin Draw
ers , 3 tucks , nice material , all
our 250 , 350 and 400 goods
are at one price now igc pair.
ladies' Night G-owiis
44 °
08 do7.cn Indies' Mother Ilnbbnrd night
powiis , full sl/.cs , US Inches long ; they
must go ; got whut you want Monday ,
only i price , -lie each.
Ladies' Night Gowns
40 dozen loft. Ladles' Mother Ilub-
bnrl gowns , tucked yokes , trimmed with
embroidery , worth $1 and $1.25 , all at
one price now , OSc each ; only i price.
Now Is the time to buy your muslin un
derwear ; every garment at lesj than i
regular price.
Ladies' Night Gowns
All our finest gowns that were $1.25 ,
11.80 and $1.50. trimmed with flno lace
nnd embroidery , only | price now , OSc
each ; they must all go.
Goinsf out of Business.
Our entire stock of Dr. Warner's corn-
llno corsets now going at j price , only
COc pair.
Satin Corsets
Our entire stock'of imported , very
flnost corsets , in pink , liclit blue , red
and old gold , were $3.50 , $4 and $5 , now
nil atone price , $1.50 pair.
Bennison Brothers ,
Jack Davis nnd Bob Ferguson to Wind Up
the Olnb Season ,
Grinin nnd Slurphy Tomorrow NlRht Daly
anil U'DouncIl Tlt-Tnttlo of the
Cylers Local Miscellany and
4 > ucrlc Aimwcrcdt
ERTAIN It Is that
the final contest of
the scries to bo
given at the Omaha
club this winter
will bo a fitting
wlndup of what
might very prop
erly bo called a
brilliant season. It
will not only bo the
most attractive in
sofar as the con-
tcstants are con
cerned , but calls for double the outlay that
has been made on any club night heretofore.
These facts behoove a rousing attendance on
the part of both members and nonmembers
of the club. Strange as it may appear , the
club has barely cleared expenses on the
erics of contests given thus far. ana It Is to
bo hoped that the coming event will bo
potent enough In attractiveness to provo a
profitable venture. The contest in question
will bo between Jack Davis , the well known
heavyweight , formerly of this city , and Bob
Ferguson of Chicago , better known as the
Stock Yards Giant , Tht purse will bo
fl,000 , and the meeting takes place Tuesday
evening , February 21. Fuller particulars
next Sunday.
Billy Murphy , the Australian Torpedo , and
Johnny Grlflln , the Bralntrco boy , battle for
ihukcls and glory before the Coney Island
Athletic club tomorrow night. The mill
ought to bo a cuckoo. The Australian
punched Johnny out in "Frisco three years
ago In the third round , but I don't think ho
will over bo able to repeat the trick. In
that fight Grinin bad all the best of the
milling up to the time of the climax. Ho
hod Murphy groggy and going , when Just as
everybody thought ho was finished his long
right arm shot out like a streak of light ,
aud his mil landing square on Johnny's Jaw
Johnny for the tliuu being was dead to the
world. They called it a chance blow , but , as
Is well known , 1 take no stock In chance
blows In a prUo Ilirlit.
But that Is neither hero nor thcro ; it Is
tomorrow evening's meet that is Interesting
"tho people" Just .
now. Up to Thursday
night , I notice by the Now York press , but
llttlo wagering on the fight bad been In
dulged in. but it opened up rather Urlsk at
that late hour , and thcro is a chance j Tt tc
lose or win lots of money , The 'Australian's
followers uro demanding odds , whlcl
gives the affair a decided Griftlnesqu
air , considering the easy way h
which Billy o has claimed all along h
was going to punch Johnny out. Both men
have trained with great care and were down
to the featherweight limit 'last night , ye
I think Murphy Is a way off fron
proper rendition , . They both profcs
confidence In their ability to do th
other , land under ] any circumstances wil
five the club's patrons a run for their slmo
: onr The affair Is to be prefaced with
twenty round tilt between "Dolly" Lyon
nd "Kid ' IIt > enn , another small pair.
Jim fV/rbctt'i idea that simply because
ilia heavyweight
Only 20 days remain to dispose of this mammoth stock- . Fully $100,000 of this great stoc'c yet to be closed out. Just stop and think : only twenty chys to soil it all. Every dollar's worth
must go ; from now until all is sold. We will cut prices still deeper. Every article in our store , commencing Mondoy. at and
. . . j . . . . . cost , Come in Monday with the crowd. Still more
sales tivcrv persons item c.ircfullv. engaged-making , over 100 salespeople , so' all can bs waited upon promptly. You will never again bay fine Dry Gooch , Carpets , Curtains and Clonks , at such prices. Read
Slinker Flannel
3,000 yards of wlilto slwkor flannel , our
lOcquiility , now only Co yard. Is that
cutting the prices ?
Iionsdale Muslin
Don't pay otliors lOc.
Goino ; to Leave Omaha
German Blue Print
10 ° Yard.
GO pieces of extra heavy Gorman blue
calico , ourlOc quality , now lOc yard.
Pillow-Case Muslin
9 °
42-icch bleached pillow-cnso muslin ,
closing out , Ocyard. Did you ever buy
it before at 9e yard.
Outing Flannel
All our 8c and lOc outing flannel now
Co yard.
4 % C
30-inch unbleached muslin , -He yard.
AllourlOo nnd 12 } dress ginghams ,
also our finest apron check ginghams ,
now at one price , down they go , Toyard.
Going Out of Business.
championship and by the way It makes Jim
hot to he alluded to as a prize fighter
ho should bo enveloped in a halo of glory is
an erroneous otio , ana the sooner the sportIng -
Ing writers convince him of this fact the
better it will bo for the game all 'round. The
heavyweight champion of the world should
not bo allowed to use the title as an adver
tizing dodger for any fifth-rate theatrical
scheme. Ho stepped Into this exalted ( ? )
position with about as little opposition as a
man would experience in swallowing a well
lubricated saddlerock , and he should bo
made to show the world that , as ho claims ,
It did not matter much what barriers
were In his way. he would nave got there all
the same. All the prerogatives ho secured
by winning his crown ha'vc been gracefully
acknowledged , and ho should attest his ap
preciation by giving something besides a bit
of clumsy acting in return.
Let's see. John I. , , held the championship
something over eleven years , and defended
It , too , whenever occasion demanded , not
withstanding certain claims that ho pur
sued pretty much the same course that Cor-
bett Is pin-suing. Who can put his linger on
the bona lido challenge , backed up bv the
coin , in all that time that the big fellow
wasn't ready to accommodate its author.
The trouble was that Sullivan received hut
foiv real challenges in the main they were
simply shrewd advertising schemes engin
eered by this or that clique of disgruntled
sports. In John IVs. career , from the night
ho first mot Prof. John , Donaldson in Cin
cinnati , ho fought" nearly 400 lights , with
big and llttlo gloves , and the raw ones ,
limited and unlimited. Ho gloried In the
championship and woo unto the man
who disputed his rightful possession. Even
after ho had grown old and stale , to once
more show his army of followers that ho was
the champion , ho entered the ropes and faced
probably the cleverest man In the world.
You know the result. In his pride and Im
aginary power the HIg Fellow overlooked a
simple law of nature , Ho was hold enough
to think that seven or eight years of continu
ous carousal had wrought no change in his
perfect physique. Any child could have told
him that a single drop of water dripping un
ceasingly will intime wear a hole in a mar
ble slab.
And now , because Jim Corbott mot and
hammered Into a state of helplessness the
wrecked hull of this erstwhile giant , ho
mounts a pedestal and calls for fighters and
fighters' patrons to Hock around and apulaud
him. They were agreeable for a while , but
soon began to sour. Thn.v saw in It all the
fine Italian hand ! work of his clover manager ,
Hilly Urady , the old Omaha newsboy , and
began to tumble. A naturally pugnacious
public wants a fighting , not ail-acting cham
pion , and If Corbett won't fill the bill ,
give us Jackson , the Midnight Mars ,
Goddard , the barrier gladiator , or , must I
smother patriotism and say it , oven the
Sneaking of Mitchell reminds me of a llttlo
almost forgotten scene that occurred in the
Olympla's arena on the night Sullivan fell.
Just before the light was on a cablegram
was received from Mitchell and thought
lessly read to the big crowd from the center
of the ring by ono of the club ofiicials. That
a mistake had been made was quickly mani
fest by the storm of angry hisses that
greeted the reader before ho had fairly fin
ished the Briton's challenge , for that is
what It was. Joe Goddard sort o' crouched
In ono of the boxes , and at the conclusion 01
the reading of the cablegram ho arose oxclt
cdly and endeavored to make himself heard.
That , ho .vcvcr , was Impossible , as the vnsi
building was in an uproar. The suppositioi
Is that the Australian wanted to accept the
challenge , as ho Is ready at all times to figh :
at the drop of the hat or the Hash of the
The next day , while at lunch In
Leon's , I heard Goddard say : "I came
hero to fight and It makes llttlo difference to
me who I light , so long as there is sunicleni
stuff In sight. I would rather light Corbotl
now than any man In the world , because
thcro would bo more In it. I think I cat
whip him ; any way , I'm willing to bet 15.000
that I can. I'm ' not hunting for marks , bu
would Just as soon take on a mark If there
was money In It , and sooner , than I would '
tough nut who stands a chance to do mo.
hear a good deal of guff already about I'ot.
Jackson. Now , Jackson isn't entitled u
anything over mo. I fought him it
Australia and licked him , too. despite th
referee's decision. . Ho mauo it a draw.
' " ' is what we are doing , and still another deep cut in prices. Von make
a great mistake if yon don't buy your carpets and curtains of us. The war
is now going on. You may never agttin in a Hf jti n i h ivj su'i ' an opp.ii *
tnnity to buy carpets and curtains at such low prices. Leave your ordcr-
at once. You save full } ' , ' )5 to 50 per cent on all carpets and curtains you
buy of us. They must all be sold. Wo are busy night andday in this de
partment. Extra help added for this department , so now all orders will
be filled promptly. We are positively going out of business.
12e 15c.
Fully 1000 dozen nil linen buck and
Batin damask towels yet to bo sold. An
other deep out la prices. If you want
towels it will pay you to buy now. Our
entire Block at 5c , 7c , Oc , 12jc , 16e and
20c each. They are only i regular price.
Bed Spreads
Only 65 left. The very finest crochet
11-4 bed quilts made , always sold at
81.75 and $2.00 , now only $1.25. Tula is
a bargain.
Lace Bed Sets
All our finest Nottingham lace bed
sots , wore 85 , $0 and $8 , now close at $2
a sot.
Curtain Scrim
G Yard.
Bennison Brothers.
mean when I say that I licked him , that I
tad all the best of it. It was an eight-round
TO and the referee , who was a close friend of
'ote's , said It was a draw. Jackson , you
enow , was to knock mo out ; well , It was a
larrow escape for him that ho wasn't
knocked out himself. "
Old George Slier , Chicago's pugilistic
oracle , Is taking a different tack from most
of the writers of the day anent the coming
Censington between Joe Goddard and "Den
ver" Ed Smith. Slier is doing the pugilistic
for the Globe. Ho is a veteran of the
squared circle himself , having , in his
younger days , done lots of clover work as a
ightweight , and even a low weeks ago ho
stood off Champion Jpck McAullffo for three
rounds and made a most creditable showing
against the abnormal Fitzsimmons in the
same number. Usually Siler comes pretty
icar the truth hi his fistic vaticinations , but
in this instance he gives symptoms of
irojudico at least. He says that both God
dard and his foxy manager , Billiam Madden ,
esq. , are chuckling like misers over their
gold over the little "sleeper" they intend to
: iick up at New Orleans on the 3d of next
month. To them Smith is to provide so
nuch strawberry shortcake. But how
about Denver Ed and John J. Qulnn , his
aackcrl They are not certainly counting
on a snap when old George God
frey thrashed Edward like a countrv
school teacher would a truant , and in turn
Choynski beats Godfrey , and Goddard llag-
cllats Choynski twice In quick sccessionj
If you ask Quinn to account for the faith
that Is within him ho will probably tell you
that ho saw Goddard fight Maher , and also
witnessed the four-round contest between
the Barrier champion and Joe Butler in
Philadelphia , when Butler who is by no
means as clever as Smith knocked Goddard
down repeatedly. He would also inform you
that ho saw Brennan , a Philadelphia "stiff , "
make a "sucker" of the Australian la a
sot-to , and also that the latter , scientifically
speaking , Is a "chum ] ) " of the first water.
Qulnn will kindly explain all of these little
defects in Goddard's make-up as a fighter ,
and when ho does you will not wonder why
ho and other Pittsburgers think as God
dard and Madden do that they have fallen
on to some very easy game. They must not lose
sight of the fact , however , that it does not
require a clover man to hit Goddard whore
and when he wishes , as the latter does his
utmost and succeeds most admirably to
stop everything that comes his way in the
shape of blows with his head , a trick in
wbich ho stands par excellence. It is not a
question of cleverness with anybody tliat
goes up against him , but a question of down
right hard smashing and bulldog determina
tion that will make that tough ploco of
humanity take the short end of a purse.
That's pretty much the way Slier talks.
A good sized delegation of Omahans will
go up to Sioux City next Thursday night to
witness the little fistic argument between
Danny Daly and Billy O'Donnell. They con
test for a J500 purse at 120 pounds.
C'lilt-Clmt of the Horsemen.
Joseph Garneau will bo out with a row
pair tliat possess lots of dignity aud lots of
Starting Judge Swlgcrt Is awaiting springs
return that ho may beat the assembly for
the "word. "
M. C. Kieth has also some fine brood mares
In Kentucky , which ho expects to ship to
his place at North Platte In the spring.
Tno sulky for the coming season Isallumln-
uni-paoumatlc , weight twenty-live ixmnds ,
which means about a 2:00 : mark for Martha
Wilkcs ,
The campaign is over with the Omaha
Driving club. The ofllcers have been elect
ed. It was a fierce and vigorous battle
while U lasted.
Mr. Willard of Omaha purchased recentlj
some very line brood mares , also a very line
Hed Wllkes stallion , which ho will place on
his farm at Calhoun.
J. M. Woolworth has a palrof bay geldings
of the good old Morgan tyi > o that Mr. Hum
ming brought hero for him from Wiscouslu
They are toppy lookers.
During the coming season , on the drives 01
this city , many new pairs of line horses wll
bo seen , as during the winter many have
been casting about and getting together the
very best obtainable.
John D. Crelghton of this city has gotten
together a great string of flyers at Donerail
his Kentucky stock farm. They will bo
Windsor Ties
All our finest quality of all silk boys'
and girls' Windsor ties in plaids and
stripes , and changeable nilk , were 35o
ana -lOc , now all at 20c each.
Mull Ties
Our entire stock of ladies' white mull
ties were 40c , oOc and Coo , now choice at
2oc each.
100 left. Bisque dolls , natural hair ,
18 inches long , only 9c each. Sold everywhere -
Going Out of Business.
All our imported Saxony yarn , only
cream nnd white. Bo skein.
Going'to leave Omaha.
campaigned this year , and some wonderful
work may bo surely counted on.
Will Omaha bo in the westeru circuit the
coming season ? is the question often asked ,
o ono , however , seems able to sav yes as
yet. With three tracks and the stables full
of highly groomed trotters the public ought
, o have a chance to see them race some , or
nust wo go to Syracuse or Lyons again to
enjoy the sport ?
Mr. Cudahy bought of U. T. Kncebs of
Sioux City , this winter , the brown gelding ,
Yccman , by Ccnlser , dam Nellie K , by
Slack Hanger. Freeman Is a very stylish
'chow , and fast , and will make a great polo
lorso. In the same stable Is the bay mare ,
Pride , bred at the Pickard farm. It is de
signed that she and Freeman bo hooked to-
rother , nnd they will make a great exhlbl-
.ion. .
W. E. Lake of South Omaha will bo out the
coming season with a stable , and among
.hem are two pacers ; ono , the black stallion ,
/Mcldmont , who Is.a game and fast finisher.
The one that beats him to the wire must
lave a good lead at the head of the stretch.
Davy B , the gray gelding. Is another of the
string , and Is as proud and pretty a racer as
svcr got the word. Mr. Lake Is a consist-
nt and honest teamster , and the one that
joats him to the wire must bo very busy aud
mvo the sliced.
In Mr. Crcighton's stables Is the grand 5-
vear-old mare , dura D. , record 2:27 : , the
fastest daughter of Belmont : Mary Me. ,
218 ; > , by Lumps ; Minnie Castle , record
2:10 , by Dictator , pacer ; Olivette , pacing
record , 2:28 : , by Director ; Nelllo M. Green ,
ly Director , a 4-year-old capable of 2:20 : or
better ; Dunbar , 2-ycar-old colt by Welton ,
first dam Nelllo M. ; Judgment , 2-year-old by
Junemont , 2:14. : first dam Star Almont ; Tab
Lee , 2-year-old filly , by Hcd Wilkcs , first
dam by Jay Gould ; Boll Meta , 1-year-old , by
Alfonso , ho by Byron Wilkcs , llrst dam
Berkshire Belle , by Alcyon. This filly gave
an exhibition at 4 % months-old , and mndo
one-eighth of a uillo in eighteen seconds
ends under three watches. She Is entered
for the coming season In stake races aggre
gating $00,000' Castle Bird , 1-year-old , by
Eagle Bird , first dam , Minnie Castle , 2:10. :
\VlilsporlliKtt of the Wheel.
The Omaha Wheel club holds its monthly
business meeting Tuesday evening of this
week at the club house.
Many local wheelmen will glvo the light
frame and elliptical sprocket wheel a thor
ough test during the season of lb'J3.
It is stated that Sioux City will bo ono of
the first of western cities to Job. the profes
sional cyclists association and reach out for
cash prizes.
Fifteen bicycloclubs In Bostonhavo united
and formed an asspciation of bicycle clubs
for the protection and general advancement
of the sport.
The question of the hour among local
wheelmen "Who Is going to draw that
wheel which is to be chanced off on March
14 ? " Tickets ican bo obtained from any
member of tho.Tourist Wheelmen.
All members of the Tourist Wheelmen are
requested to boiprescnt at the monthly busi
ness meeting' of the club which occurs
Thursday evening.of this week.N The meet
ing will bo hold in the parlors of the Hotel
Nebraska division League of American
Wheelmen has readied the 250 mark.
Broken How sent in a trio of applications
the past week. Chief Consul Pcrrigo's prize
scheme for memberships proves a great in
centive to the 'fboys. "
President Hart of the Chicago base hall
club Is ono manager of professional athletic
sports who docs not believe In mingling
professional b.iso ball and professional
blcyclo racing together , as some enthusiasts
in the N. C. A. propose to do.
Stoning Elliott , of "Hickory" fame , Is the
first comi > oser of cycling poetry to go on
record as the "takcr-off" on class B. Hero
is his first offense :
"How doth the llttlo busy "B"
Improve each shining hour ,
And gather plunknrs every day
From the manufacturour. "
From the Wheel : "President Bucken-
bcrger , the Plttsburg base ball magnate ,
states that the cash prize' league will have
on its pay rolls the finest racers in the land.
Ho names the baso-ball-cycllng-cash-prizo
team as follows : Bcrlo , Lumsden , Tyler ,
JoimsSn , Itowc. J imb , Hobb , Ilowell ,
Woods and O'Flannlgan , | K > sslbly Zimmer
man. "
The Tourist Wheelmen of New York
recently gave a theater party at one of tUe
Ladies' Mitten
' C
19' Pair.
Our entire stock of ladles' blacl : all
wool knit tuitions , were SJoc and 3ou ,
now lOc pair.
Kid Cfloves
69' ' C
Our entire stock of ladies' gonulno
derby kid gloves , in bluck , tan , browns
and grays , all si/es , were $2 ami $2.25 ,
now Glc ) pair.
ladies' Silk Hess
88 ° Pair.
All our ladies' pure silk hose , In all
colors , also evening shades , were $1.50 ,
$2 and & 2.50 , now all at one price. 58c
pair. This is a bargain you will never
got again.
Children's Hose
2Se and SSc
Our entire stock of m'sses' , children's
and boys' fast black fine cotton and wool
hose , they formerly sold at 40c , 60c , GOo
and 76c , now take them all you want at
25o and 35c pair. You will buy them
when you see the quality.
Gents' Hose
2O1 C Pair.
We offer now nil in ono big lot all our
gents' finest quality cotton hose , also
lisle thread , all at ono prico. Take your
pick 20c pair ; not half regular prico.
Bennison Brothers.
York theaters and Invited several of the
metropolitan clubs. Two hundred and thirty
scats were taken , many of the clubmen wear
ing the full evening dress suit and being ac
companied with their wives , aaughters or
sweethearts. The ladles were out of compli
ment to the givers of the party a knot of the
club colors , red , white and black. One
feature of the party was the general absence
of the usual boisterous club yells , "He's all
right , " etc. , which characterizes club theater
parties. After the theater a dainty lunch
was served at ono of the down town cafes.
Denver is preparing to make a mighty pull
for the national meetof the Lcagueof Amer
ican Wheelmen in 1S9-J. It is the duty of all
western representatives , consuls and dele
gates to pool with the Donveritcs and try
to bring the meet across the Missouri river
in 1894. Denver can take care of the meet
fully as well as Boston , Philadelphia or any
of the eastern cities that have had a cinch
on the meet over since it was organized.
The west Is growing , and western member
ships to the league are steadily increasing ,
and indications are that before the national
meet of 1S > 94 Is held , the , 'wild and woolly
west" will cut a lively figure in league
MIscolIuiiiMHls Iicill Mention.
W. E. Campbell of North Bend , Nob. , Is
manufacturing a good article of smokeless
Frank Fournoy. the hero of Waubuncoy ,
so far as gccso nnd ducks go , was In the city
a day or two last week.
W. S. Harder of Port Huron , Mich. , has
been installed as professor of physiculturo at
Omaha Athletic club. Ho comes well rec
"Points on Poker , " a pocket edition of de
cisions in the great game , by William
Timonthy Call , Is on my table. It is as neat
as complete.
S. A. Barren has Just been furnished by
Cross with ono of the new Lofovers , a $ liOO
beaut. Mr , Barren's fowling piece has a
cast-off on the stock of a half inch , which
now feature , Mr. Townsend says. Is quite
common with the now make of guns. CD
The Forest and Stream , unrivaled as a
sportsman's Journal , has the sporting edit
or's acknowledgments lor n set of Dimmer-
man's "Ducking Scenes , " viz. , "A bide
Shot , " "A Lost Opportunity" and "Stopping
an Incomer , " a trio of beautiful , highly col
ored sketches of life In the wild rice fields.
Tim H. Murnane , the well known base ball
writer of the Boston Globe , has the sporting
editor's thanks for a copy of the "Champion
Pocket Manual" for 1MK1. This llttlo book
contains athletic records in base ball , foot
ball , cycling , turf , pri/o ring , rowing , yacht
ing , intercollegiate athloties , Intcrscholastic
athletics , lawn tennis , criekot , track athlet
ics , cross country runnin ? , billiards and
pool. All the records nrt signed by such
well known gentlemen as James Ct. Lathrop ,
T. H. Murnane , Allen I owo. Daniel J. Satin-
ders , Eugene Buckley , William E. Robinson ,
B. E. B. Mitchell , Will Uoffo , H. S. Cornish ,
E. C. Carter , Captain A. W. Cooke , W. P.
Marshall , Uobcrt J. Roberts , C. W. Four-
drliiierand Henry Goodman. The "Champion
Pocket Hccord Manual" will bo sent to any
address on the receipt of HI cents by B. E. B.
Mitchell , room 100 , ( Jlobo building , Boston ,
Oiipktlcnis mill Answer * .
OMAHA , Keb. 3. To the Spoil INK Editor of
TUB HKK : In a game of casino A has fifteen
points , make.s big and little casino , two aces
and spadei. ' It lias eighteen points and niaKe.s
t o aees and caids. Tuenty-onu points iratue.
Who wins ? U. II.
Ans. B Wins. However , In casino you
count out. That is , If A had made his big
and llttlo casino , spades and two aces
before B had scored cards , and claimed out ,
ho won , but If they allowed the hand to ho
played out cards has the preference In the
count , which runs , cards , spades , big and
little casino and aces.
OitAMi ISLAND , Nub. , I'ob. 1. To the Sporting
Editor of Tin : llr.K : Kindly answer the follow
ing question In next Muiclny'H I ! > : K : Does a
team of horses In licliii ! hitched to u "header"
push or pull the houdoi ? A constant leadei of
TIIK HIE. SI. K. McAi.Mtw.u.
Ans. While not a practical farmer , I
would say that they push the "header"
wheat header , I suppose you refer to.
llr.Aiii , Nob. , I'eb. a.To tbu hporting Editor
of TIIK HKK : Will you please answer by letterer
or In the hporting column or Tiu : HKK Sunday ,
how many loiindsMilllvanand Kllraln fought ;
Tobculoi. .Ispute wurofer to you for author
ity. I'leaso answer. O. J. Lund.
Ans. Seventy-five.
HEATUICK. Nonr. Jan. 30. To the Fportlng
Editor of Tut UKB : Will you pluuku btatvlu
to buy line dress io < uls anil silks. You can make money by
yinir spring ilrcss gooils of UH. Any yard of dross goods , any yard of .silk
from our onornions stock at } and I actual cost.Ve moan just what wo
say. You can no\v liny line wool dross goods at the price of coininon cot
ton caslunoro. This is the greatest sale of line dross goods and silks ever
' taken place in this city. Our store is crowded daily. Hvon amidst the
extreme cold weather wo are crowded just the same. No lot up.
Coats' Spool Cotton
4C Spool.
45c dozen.
Corticelli Spool Silk
Qc spool.
ArrnFono He do/.on.
Chenille , ' ! o dozen.
OolTs' dress braid 2c roll.
Silver plated forks 7o each.
Silver plated table spoons 7c each.
Silver plated lea snoons , 'ijc eaoh.
Silver sugar BJIOOIIH Me ouch.
I'oz/.onl'b face powder UOc box.
Corticelli knitting silu ! ! 0c ball.
Sillc coi'sot laces lee each.
Silk lacing cordx 2o each.
Darning cotton 2c ball.
Darning wool 2c card.
Linen floss Ic skein.
Everything in notions at less than
All our men's and boys' scarlotand
gray shirts , no drawers , take them now ,
i price 2oc each.
Ladies' Muslin
Drawers 19c pair.
Goinsr Out of. Business
your next Snmjay'.s Issue the licit state lecord
for jumping on hkalcs aim the bust state
record for 100 yaids on skates ? Twins.
Ans. Know of no such records.
Auntm.v , Noli. , Keb. 1. To the Sporting
Editor of Tin : Hix : I'li-uso answer In next
Hnnday's "Question * and Answers" column :
When mid whore , within the past two months ,
did Joe CJoddard whip 1'otur MiiherV 1' . H. U.
Ans. December 8 , Coney Island Athletic
ODDUN , II. T. , 1-Vli. 1. To the Sporting Editor
of Till ) HKKS I'leaso answer the following In
Sunday's IIDB : A bids 0 in high llvo and makes
13 , 11 makes Kami ) anil It puts both of them
out. Who wins ? 1) . Kennedy.
Ann. It all depends on how many A had
to go. If , like 11 , A only had ono point to
make , ho would win , because ho played high.
Or if ho had three to go , high , low and Jack
would win for him. If lie had more than
three to go , 11 wins.
C'OI.UMIIUS. Nob. , I'eb. l.-To the Sport In ?
Editor of Till ) IlKi ; : I'leaso answer In ne\t
Sunday's Ilr.n to decldu a bet : In two-hand
eriblmge u plnjer play- , the lust card , making
31. How many does ( I count ? George Spear.
Ans. Two.
OMAHA , 1Y1 > . 2. To the Pportlng Kdltor of
Tin : HDD : Will you please decldo In Sunday's
Hun this ( | iiestlin and oblige : A and II play
high live ; H pas-.es. Can A , the dealer , muliu
tlio trump without bidding at least ono ? Sub-
Ans. Ho cannot.
OMAHA , I'eb. 1. To the Snorting Editor of
Tin : DDK ; Kindly answer the following < iue-
tlons In your Sunday edition In the
question column of your valuable pa
per and gieatly oblige : 1. Whom may I ob
tain u book on dogs , dcserlbliiK the dllTeient
races , their management , tralnage , etc ? i ! .
Does a paper oxlst which principally devotes
Its columns to the interests of western dog
breeder * ? 3. If possible glvo address of
breeders of bull and Newfoundland dogs.
Kmll llaeft.
Ans. fl ) The American Dog , ran ho pro
cured at the Frank Cross gun store , this city
(2) ( ) The Forest and Stream , Now York , or
the American Field , Chicago , lills the bill.
( ! ) Either of the above mentioned papers
will furnish all desirable Information.
OMUII , I'eb. 2. To the Sporting Kdltor of
TIIK HDD : A hand of cilbbage consists of a
tiay. two fours , and a six spot , with an ace Tor
the deck head ( no llu-.li ) . \\htit Is the count ?
Answer In SUNDAY HDD and obllgo H. .M.
Ans. Fifteen 2 and 2 for the pair. ! .
UNION I'ACmc IIIAIIOIT\HTIII : , : < < . 1'eb. 4. To
tbo Sporting Editor of Tun HKD : Will > ou
please answer the following In .Sunday's sport
ing columns , to decldu a bet : Does the
color of the Insldn of a < l < u's mouth
Indicate thoiniiitli or mixed breed ; I. e. , If It Is
black does It Indicate I hoi onjihbred and If pink
does It denote mixed or iiooi bleed ? 1 am bet
ting ( hat iilnk-inoiiilieu dogs aio curs. Who
wins ? A. I'lnkmouth.
Ans Black Is indicative of peed blond in
many species of dogs , especially bull terriers.
Ill.AIH , Neb. , Pel ) . 3. To the Hixirtlng Kdltor
of Tin : HKn : A and II aie playing eneher
against ( ' and I ) . A Is dealing : < ' passes ; H
eiders his partner up : can 1) play a lone band
or nut ? I'Icaso answer In Sunday's HKD and
decide a bet. A I'layer.
Ans. II docs not order his partner up , ho
"assists. " Yes , D can po it alone.
OM.UU , I'l'li. -I. To the Spoiling Editor of
Till ) HIK : : Kindly let mo know In Sunday's
1IKK (1) ( ) What nllil gaiiiKsliontliig Is to be bad
In Nebraska In Maicb , Apilland May ? ( ' - ' ; Who
In champion wrestlei ? I. . O. I' .
Ans. (1) ( ) Ducks and geese in March , and
ducks , geese , snipe and yellow legs in April.
There is no game in season in May. (2j (
Evan Lewis.
TIII : tuns . .i.voint.s. .
New Yoik Times : ' ' .Spoil toes , " said the
mother , who was teaching her little
daughter , 7 years old , to spell.
"T-o-z-e , " answered the eh lid.
"No , dear ; that's not right. T-o-e-s spells
"llut it sounds like t-o-7.-e. "
"I know it , hut you cannot go by the
sound. "
Then , in order to enforce this proposition
the mother called on her daughter to spell
"F-r-o-o-B , " suld the child.
"No , you're wrong again. This time wo
do use the z and spell the wont f-r-o-z-e. "
"Huh ! " grtm'cd the child.
"Now spoil rose , " wild the mother.
The child hesitated. Finally she said , "I
don I know whether to say r-o-z-o or r-o-o-s ,
and rc.illy I don't know that cither way
would he right. "
"Spell it r-o-s-f"saUl the mother , "though
there is auothcr word pronounced just like
Turkey Red Damask
ISC Yard.
30 pieces , colors guarantied , worth
liOc , Me and lOo. Did you over buy
turkey red table damask at this price.
19 °
The greatest bargain ever offered ; our
entire stock of hoiks , written by all tno
best and well known authors , were COc
to $1.50 , now all at ono price , 19o each ;
not i actual cost.
All our children's story books were
26c , 35c and 50o each , now 13e each.
Everything at % Cost.
Ladies' KTight Gowns
Bennison Brothers.
it that's spelt r-o-O-s. That word is the , namu
of the spawn of llshes. "
The poor little child looked very miserable.
"Just one more word , " said the mother.
"Tell 1110 how you spell blows. "
"Well , " said the child , who had had quito
enough nonsense , as she viewed it , from her
mother , and had suddenly made up her mind
to pay back in kind , "I spell It three ways I
spell It b-1-o-s-o for breakfast , b-1-o-c-s for
dinner and b-l-o-7.-o for .
, - - - - supper.
k ' ! spell it b-1-o-w-s all the time , " said the
The child said nothing for a minute or two.
Then , looking up , she solemnly remarked
"I think , mamma , that the English lan
guage was made for persons very , very well
educated. "
Harper's Drawer : A certain small boy had
told a He. Very sidly his mother had re
proved him for it and to help him to resist
temptation .she said :
' Now , my boy , If you over feel like tellinff
a Ho again come to mamma and she will help
you light against it. "
The l.Vl went off with a sober face Only
a few moments.j'lapscd , however , before ho
appeared again and with an eager smile said :
"Mamma , I want to tell a He.1'
"Well , my dear , tell mo what you want to
say , " said the mother.
"I want to tell that sumo old Ho over
again , " observed the boy.
Puck : Warburton Mamma , may I have
a slieo of bread and jam now !
Mamma No ; you must not think of eat
ing now because you will spoil your appe
tite for dinner. It will bo ready in three
Warburton I only had lunch three hours
ago , didn't 1 ?
Mamma Yes ,
Warburton Then I don't see how tha
bread and jam can spoil my appetite for din
ner when my lunch did not spoil the uppctlto
I have now for bread and Jam.
A Washington ladyYoccntly overheard the
following conversation that was going on in
the kitchen :
" "lasses. "
"Mammy , gimme some
"Yer doesn't ax mo right. "
"Howort I axyerf"
"Yob wantter say 'glmmo some mo
lasses. ' "
"Mo" lasses 1 Why , mammy , I hasn' had
none yit. "
"Did you go and tell your papa that Mrs.
Fizilcgass is here ! " said the llttlo tot's
"Ye-s'm. "
"What did ho say ? "
" 1 can't tell. " '
" \ "
" 'Cos Hain't pollto to whisper In cotn-
jiany. "
"Papa , " asked the * little boy. "why docs
rabbits have cotton tails when they can ralso
fur of their own ? "
* *
Teacher What is ahcro ? Tommj The
man who marries a heroine.
TrnlnliiK Herman Coolin.
There are probably 150 schools for cooking
In Germany and Austria , the best of which
are at Vienna , Berlin and Lelpsic. A man
who wishes to become a chef must begin at
the very bottom of the ladder -at peeling
potatoes and work up round by round to
the top. A course of schooling as strict
as that of any polytechnic school in this
country must bo followed for four years before -
fore the student can got a diploma. Every
year competitive exhibitions are given , In
which as many as 200 chefs take part The
chef who was employed at the white house
by Grover Cleveland , and who , It Is rumored ,
may bo again , has a gold medal which war
presented to him by the Empress Frederick1
for excellence In cookinir , a silver mcdaj
given by the king of Saxony , a diploma froir
the queen of Austria and numotous other
marks of approbation nnd honor won In com *
tiHtltlvo contests In cooking It Is not to bo
wondered at that Kuroi > oui cooks command
extraordinary salaries In this country.
In all likelihood the Theater Francois will
ho closert for two or three months next sum
mer for repairs , and thcro is some question
of a itortlon of the famous c-omiiany coming to
Chicago during this recess. Hut If they ap
pear there It will bo in a body , as representa
tives of the Corncdlo , uucl not on their "own
hook. "

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