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HiuUter Stevens Proclaims a Protectorate
Over the Hawaiian Island ? ,
t Adlon of Our It pre nitntl\e. Iliillril "Ith
i J Icmiiro lij i\erj : One llmlM irlen
1 ol tinDepoMi ! Ijnpi n Arrhe
nt SMII CrniK l o.
SAV Fiiisriwo , Cal. Feb. 0 The anx-
fousl } expected steamer Australia arrived
t-arl.v this morning from Honolulu , bringing
tbo first nc'ws of the progress of events in
thu Hawaiian Islands slmo the arrival of
the commissioners of thu provisional govern
ment to neL'otlatu for annexa-
tion to the Fulled States. The steamer
brought the important Intelligence tb.it
ou the 1st lust United States Minister
Stevens issued u proclamation to the Ha
waiian people assuming a protectorate over
the island * , and hoisted the stars and stripes
ovcrAlluolanl hall 'J he proclamation is as
follow s
To the Hawaiian People : At there-quest
of tht1 provisional government of the Ha-
wuiian islands I hcicby , in the name
of the I'tilled States of America ,
iissume pioUcloiale of the Hawaiian
Islands for the induction of life and prop-
Tty and thu occupation of public buildings
and Hawaiian soil , so far us ma } be n ecus-
sarv , for the pur | > ese specified , but not inter
fering with thu admlnistiation of public
a Halts b } thu provisional govoinment This
notion Is taken pending and subject to the
nc'gotlatiui.s at Washington
Knvov Kxtraoidinarv and .Minister Plcnipo
tentiaiof the- United states
Approved and executed b }
a C WII.T7K ,
Captain Fnite-d States imvv , commanding
L'nitcd States sloamor Boston
This action of the United States minister
is generall } .IKopted with ploasuio by all
except unqualified partisans of the queen ,
even im luding natives , and is looked on as u
Criendl } act foi the general good , not us an
\ ct of aggiesslou ' 1 ho United States flag
was raised over onlv one building ,
tlio Hawaiian flag floating over all
the other govcinmcnt houses , and the
piovlslon.il government continues to exercise
its functions as before.
Iti' > K > il/t d Ii } All I'ori Ign T
The Hritlsh minister has formally rccog-
nirnl the ptovisional government as the dc
facto govotnmont of the islands pending
further advices from his home government
Portugal and Japan hav e also rci ognued the
new older of things so that now the now
government is iceognired b.v .ill the foreign
jiowers Imvingteprosentathesin the islands ,
Matters have boon moving vor.v ipiietl
Fince the provisional government took hole.
'Jhcro weio indie-ations , hov\ever , when the
Hteamcr left on the 1st hist , that tiioic
was dissension among the members of the
uxecnttvo couiu 11 and it Is believed a tcquest
bad been iniidu to Minister Stevens to take
full control ( lending negotiations with
the United Slates , Martial law still
pi ev ails , and though no hanlshlps. tlio people -
plo , lxth natives and fotclgners , chafe under
tlio icstiiction No aitcsl have beenmada ,
mid onlj for the ptcboncc of armed men m
the stieets the usual quiet picvails. Marine's
and sailois from thu cruiser Hoston ] ) .irado
thi-ough the stnetH several times dally , but
no open adverse comments on their presence
On the dav the steamer left flags on all
publie buildings v\oro at half staff on account
of the diowning of Minister Stevens' eldest
tlio Slim mill Strlpi-t.
Uumors of the Intended protectorate began
Hying as eatly as b ! l on the morning -
ing of Tebruary 1 At b 45 a m
men from the cruiser Boston luft
thu armory , marched Into thu government
building giounds and dicw up in front of the
building , together with thtoo companies of
\oluntceis. The iiroclnmatlon of the jiro-
loctnrato was read the United States flag
was hoisted over the building and saluted by
the troops and the cannon of the Boston.
Owing to the fact that some foreigners and
iineor two newpapcrs arc striving to bring
( liseredit on the now government , this IK tion
was deemed necessary for the quiet of thu
As the steamer left all was quiet , with no
indle-atlons of any atte-mpt nt tesistancu to
the ptotectonite Messrs , Nuimm and
Ptnu.'O David woie passengers on thu
sto.uui.-r , ostcnslbl.v going to Washington to
present the ( jueen's side of the question.
Tlio provisional legislature has been bus.\
iiassing laws for thu gov eminent of the
islands An oath of allcgianeo to
thu pi ovislonul government as against thu
ovuitlirown momu-chv was preset ibed and
geneMally taken It does not affect allcg-
lance to anj other'forelgn countiy. An act
AV.IS also passeu pi-otiibiting the Impoitatlon
of flreurms or explosives , defining treason
unit organizing the Hawaiian National guard
' 1 ho deiKisod queen has retired to her sea-
sldo house. U is not believed HIO will be
able to make anj hcadvvaj against the new
government. _
lilt' } Airlve III Snn 1'rntiilnco mini Arc
SAX r A\fi > c < ) , C.il. , Fob. 0 The Alls-
tralia did not dock unill 0 a. in , and It was
ne.uly 10 before thu passengeis vvcio aslioie
Paul Neuinun , a inoinber of thu ex-queen's
e-.ibmot , was on board , on his wav , to Washington -
ington to lay the deposed Queen LlliuoKal-
mil's case Ix'forc thu State ik'ji.n tincnt.
Mr. Neuman was not inclined to be com-
inuiiltatlvu Ho siid that owing to the nature -
turo of his iiiNslon , ho must icscrvc his ie-
marks until ho i cached vVnshingtoii "With
I'tlneo Daviil Kawananakoa , the nephew of
tbo late King Ka'nUnua ' , I am a beaivrof ills-
patches to the St ito dop irtment at WashIngton -
Ington , ' said Mr Neuman. "ThudispaU-hos
the natmuof whleh I cannot discioso , state
the queen's position In a manner that I am
snro will have eonsidorablo. vvclcbt vvlth the
luesldenl and stcrctary of state "
' -What Is thu queen's disposition toward
tbe < United States f w as asked.
IVeU Kliull ) Tim.ird tlio ITnltoil Stttte * .
"Sho Is ss file ndl.v to the United States as
an lKxlj on the Island , and if the United
States wants to annex Hawaii , she Is per
foetli willing , if it is done proporl.v The
Ktatoment that the now constitution pm
mulgate < l hj the ( | uccn , and which precipl-
tiiteil the trouble , would disfr.inchiso the
vblti's is untiue " contlnuod '
, , the qucen'
umlssaiy " 'I he whites on the island would
simplv have to bee-omo naturali/etl citizens ,
the same as In the United States , before
iht i ctiuld vote U ho queen and the natUi-fi
objei-ted to hav ing u lot of foroiguei-s. , ovviny
their alleglanco tootlier countiies , to come
in and run their truvertiment for them.
' It Is aKo untructh.it thuuow- constitution
v\os enl > the forcumnerof an attempt tc
ivntiscnto the property of foreigners ami
drive them from the islands. In these davs
n small country llko Hawaii does not treal
bubjoctsof great imwers like the United
States and ( Sroat Urltaln in that manner. "
"How Jo the queen and natives le-gard the
nctien of Minister Stevens In raising the
United States flag and establishing a i to
tedorate" ' was asked ,
' Tbo queen mid her loval subjeets have uo
olilectlon If the Uniteu States chooses te
net iu such a mamio , " s.iid Mr Nouman
> \Uh u slt'tillUMiit hhiUR of the shoulders.
.MlnUter stpv , . , , , ! Action Diiiuuuoeil.
' peaking for uijsolf , " ho continued , ' ]
ran i > eo no necesslti for suih aition Uhe
ouet-n and natives wuru awl nt to await the
decision o' the United States government ,
n tl tlu'ro ni ' " > disposition on their part te
make troubleThu men hunts arc falrl.v
i > ro p ( rous , and , although the oH i-ations ft
the MoMnloi act entailed some hardships
ui-onus , thoi i-ould Uuvo Ut-n ovcrvomolt n
the cottrsn of time 1 shall telegraph noti e
of our arrhulto the fatato department ai
Washington and nnk the government to wn.t
until vve < get there buforo taking any action
toward annexation. Wo shall start cast
probably tomorrow night , and will go direct
to Washington. "
Paul Neuman , the Hawaiian queen's mes
senger , is a lawver and formerly practiced
law In San trancisco for twentv jears.
Al > out nino.vears ago ho went to Honolulu
and since then has practiced his profession
there. He was n warm friend of the late
King ICnlakaua. and was made n noble by
him Ho was : i member of the queen's
cabinet , whie-h was deposed b.v tbo pro
visional govoinmont and remained lo.vil to
her inteivsts
Prince Lav id. the dcjiosed queen s nc phew ,
Is a joung man , well educate-el.iund has been
In this country before
shirj of IMItor Itimli ,
Among the pissengcrs on the Australia
from Honolulu was J F Hush editor of the
native paper called The Voice of the People.
Editor Hush , who is a native Hawaiian ,
was mure outs ) > oken than Mr Neuman He
said The action of Minister Stuvcns and
Captain \Viltso In landing aimed siilors
fiom the Hoston was entitelj utiw an anted
Thej were not needed and the natives hit-
tcrlj resented it. The tumble is that the
native's wanted to govctn theit own lountrv
anil weroopiK > sed bv a lot of foieigners , who
were nfi-ald that tnoir interests would bo
imiK'iilled There was no such danger , for
the native Hawaiiaus ate e-lvilizod people
and n snoot thu rights of others 'I ho action
of Minister Stevens in taising' thu United
States Hag and declaring a protectorate was
.1 1'lgh-lnnded outrage and is so regarded hi
the Hawaiian people The.v arc perfectlj
willing to hold close relations with the
United States , but want to have a voice as
to wh-it thonu lelations shall be and how
they shall e-ome about "
lllsl l-ssin ;
MlnNI * r s ( < > ris' Attliin l.onkod lTpun In
Ilini-rrut VV iiju.
D C , Tub II 'Iho news of
thu ai tion of Minister Stevens became .1 sub
ject of comment In the house after the ex
citement of the silver vote had died awaj
It met the approval of the lepublican side
of the house , and with a mixed
approval of the demoeiatic. the prevailing
sentiment of that side , however , being one
of antagonism to a committal of this govern
ment to annexation or to a protectorate or to
the committal of congre-ss b.v tlio executive
blanch of the government There were
some members who sbarplj etlticised Minis
ter Ste-vens and others thouirht ills conduct
unw at ranted
Koptesentativo Itavner of Marjland , a
member of the committee on foreign affairs ,
who introduced a icsolutinn on the subject ,
said his lesolutlon has nothing to do with
the annexation of Hawaii "We want , " siid
he. Information as to the foreign policv
of the Untte-d States government when
emergeni ies of this sort arise Did thu
Ameiican minister have special instructions
from the State department to recognize the
lirovislon.il ordeficto government , ordid
behave geifral institutions' The general
object is to find out our poliej for eases of
this sot t will occur again and again The
ieal object is to ascertain the autboiit.\ .
the State depaitmcnt toercato ptotectoratcs
without the sanction of congress
Hepiesentativo Harmct of Pennsylvania ,
n republican member of the foreign affairs
committee , said "I think Minister Stevens'
action was a prudent thing to do I have
approved of all that the representatives of
tbo gov eminent havu done in Hawaii I
would approve a permanent protectorate "
Kepresc'iiUtive Springer said " 1 think
ho exceeded his authority and Jurisdiction
He has no more right to exercise n protec
torate than any olh.'r private citizen of the
United Starw , Just such conduct as that
gem a government into trouble I deny the
right or thejxmer of the president , w ithout
the consent of congress , to itssumn any Juris
diction or establish a protectotate over a
foreign teiritory. "
ItopiesentatUe Watson of Georgia said the
thltd puty considered the whole thing an
usuip.itIon and an outrage , which ought to
bu lepudiated and sevcrclj censuml It was
a job of American speculators and adv en-
Uueis fiom beginning to end
Olilj Wise ComiHfl I'roventril lllniuUIieil.
"When the idea of a provisional gov em
inent was Hist bruited in Honolulu , " said
Mr Bush.-there were betwe-en 000 and 700
native- , who aimed themselves and flocked
to the standard of the queen. Revolution
was imminent , and thu presence of the Boston
and her marines could not have sta.vcd it
The.n did not ptopose to submit to the
ir.uipation of the queen's power by a band of
white's , maiii of whom should have long be-
fete been deporte-d from the eountiy , but
w ise counsel restrained the queen s sup-
jiorteis and they awaited the action of tbo
American republic
"Minister Stevens recognized the provis
ional government. That was enough. The
natives laid down their arms fully satisfied
that their rights would bo respected , and
having the fullest confidence In the
honor and Justice of Ameiica. We tried
to have the maitial law repealed , but the
committee refused to do tills. Thc.v have
can led tilings with a high hand and the
raising of the American Hag was a godsend
to the natives. I rejwrted lu my paper the
prot ceilings of their meetings and
ciitici/x'd some of their acts Then they 10
solved to stiangle the freedom of the press ,
and tbev did it , too They suppressed inj
paper , then tbej watched me and would not
permit me to express inj sentiments orally
" 1 thought finally that tbo best thing"
could do would bo to go somewhere where I
could speak , so I came to this country. "
"What is it that tlio natives vvantt" asked
- the repot ter
"Just this , they want the icstoration of the
monarch } with an American protectorate1 ,
and the only alternative is annexation to
Amoi ica. "
Among tliti Senators.
When Jhe senate went Into executive ses
sion toda.v , it released thu injunction of
secm-y upon the eoricspondenco betwee > n
the fnitud States and the Brit
ish and French governments from
1M.J to 1M4 , respecting tbo seizure
of the Hawaiian islands by Lord
- P.iulet Coib.v for the British government
Thu correspondence ends with tlio declara
, tion bthu British and Fiene-h governments
of the independence of Hawaii , and their
gu.u-antj never to seek iKissesslon of the
Hawaiian matters were the leaseti for a
spirited little scene between Mr Higgins
and Mr Mills The news that n pro-
tevtoratn hid be-on established over Ha
waii bi the American minister was Hist
e-onvovod to the senate bv means of the
Associate * ! piess dispatch fiom San IV.in-
cisco It cteated little discussion on the
floor Mr Mills , however , took vigorous
grounds against the > onduct ol thu minister ,
- and asked b.w . hat authority this piraej , as
ho tut mod It , had been committed , and by
what authority the American Hag hud been
i un up over thu islands
This caused Mr. Higgitis to retort with an
Inquir.v as to what authority could'bo shown
for the seizing of several Hags on divers oe-
e'asioiib in the past in the state of Texas
! With the exception hero nolect there up-
j ron-s to bo a general feeling of satisfaction
that affairs have taken practical shape-
This afternoon the Hawaiian commissioners
received a telegram from Charles A Cook ,
announcing his uriiv.il at San Francisco
with dispatches for them from the pro
visional government. Ho is expected to reach
hero next Wednesda } afteinoon
DUp.iUli ( rout Mlnlitvr Sle\en .
I-iter In the da } Socrotar } Foster revolved
the following dispatch irom .Minister
Sti vcns ,
HONOMJI u. Kelt. 1 iila f-un 1'iHiu-lsco.Cnl.
1 eb. U i lo S-i-eroiary of Miite-i Provisional
puermiuMit of Hawaii guliilng po-vor and ro-
nui-ct. l.vcrjtiling Isqulit.iineMilloiisintl -
ini-iit Increaslnit. Tlminou uehy inul oiKisl- |
tlon to aniiuxtitlun siipiMiiic-d chlc-lly hy lot-
lory : ind opium ring.
1olu ( > nlOu m .liiac-i-oidani-e uith thuru-
> qUPit of thu pnivj < iiiil ! gdveiiiiiu-in nf ) la-
v\all , I have placed the Kiivenmic'iit of Ha vail
| | l r ' iilteii Muteh lirolirtlon , not Interli r-
" ihc > e\ecutlonnf pulilU-iiiTalr * .
b } mall wllli full ile-liilN. bTKV
Speakln ? of the dlsKitch | and develop-
incuts In Hawaii Secretary Foster said
the action of Mr Stevens , dee hiring Hawaii
( o\'i IMI i vi i Tnn pnmt'i Ti r\
Forty-Fonr Lives Lost in a New Hamp
shire Pire.
Iick of tlio CclU llroki-nlij the VV'rttrlilni n
but tli I'lltlrlit. Coil Id Nut lleSnvnl
llipc rlinro of Tlioup AVho
DOVBH , N H , Feb it The county insane
ns.vhim four miles from hero was buined to
night and foity-four lives lost
When Watchman William Clevey made Ills
10 o'clock rounds lie found the lire coming
out of the cell occupied by A. Lafamantine ,
a woman , and gave the alarm William
Drlscol , the keeper , with bis family , lived in
the building , and ho at once broke the locks
on lift-lour cells and tried to get the inmates
' 1 hen ho got his wife and two childion out.
Of the foity-oight Inmates onl.v four es
They were William Torably , Hosa Sander
son. William Dal } and Frank Donsun.
The latter walked two miles in a blinding
snow storm , with only his shirt on , to Wil
liam Homer's htruse. where he was taken
care of.
' 1 hose who were but ned were :
HOIIKUT DION of Solomon 1'alls.
MAItV TUTNTAlNof ( .real 1'iilU.
THANK M'MKKof Itochcster.
V.I1.UAM ( lll > UYof ; Durham.
MIS'ItUHEKTof Gteat Tails.
I.EsrKH .IONI > of Taimlnxton.
IMVT.N MAI.l.TKof Great Tails.
MICHAEL Cv-KYof Dover.
TltANK Icmvr.ofr.to.it TalK
I'll MILKMM.T.Vof Gieat Tails.
TltANK I'XOI i f KoeliPstur.
V , 11.1.1M TI U.is : of Great Tails.
THANK M'KU.GINb cif Dover.
HAltltV MM \\.l.ut \ Dover.
.ITDA KKII , of Dover
M \UV ltINi : of ilmonvlllc.
MJ s MAKY M'l UNTUCK of Dover.
MAGl.liIIITK of Gieut 1'alls.
ANNA ( AUK of Ilolllnford.
MAKY KTMOK of Knchesti-r.
MAKY MAI.UNT.Y of Dover.
l.KN \ ni.M.sof Kochcstri.
MAKY VVII.-ON of Lc-u.
MAKIA TINDA1.I , of Milton Mills.
CAKUI.INA It ML of Dover.
MKs. ANN IimVKl.I. of Dover.
l.l//AKKl.lA nt Oie.it Tails.
KM/A I'll KT.KINGof Gc-iiio.
M \KY ( OGLKYof Dovet.
' \HA1I MVEETof Koehpstpr.
t-AIUIl HTTl IIINof Dover.
KATE 1)1 ) TI EEof Dovei.
S-AKAII M'l UNTIH'K of Great Tails.
TANN1T. \TPEKY of Great TulU.
ADDIi : OTls of Great Tails.
MX OrillJKs. wlioso name-s could not be rc-
ineiiibc-rc-d by tlio keeper , whoso books were
burned In thebuilding. .
The building was of wood , IRTixiinfeet , two-
One woman escaped to the yard , but w as
burned to death afterward.
The building cost $14,000 The mam build
ing , in which over 100 of the county poor
weio located , caught fire , but was extin
guished b\ the efforts of the inmates , who
can led pails of water and extinguished the
flames , although man } were injuted In so
doing <
The Dover fire department was summoned ,
but owing to the distance and thu snow
covered loads it took the department fift }
minutes to get there and they weio too late
to be of an } service.
The smoking ruins show the cliai red bodies
still burning.
How the building caught fire is a m } story j
OfiiiEX , U T , Feb 0 The business portion
tion of the city of Wells , Nev , due west of
Ogden , on the Southern Pacific railroad , was
destro } cd b.v fire last night
Wells had no lire department , and the fire
had ever } tiling its ow n w av The loss w 111
probably reach -00,000 or $ rO,000 Thei e is
some insuianec , but just how much is un
known at pie-sent No loss of life is icportcd
IVrlsheil In the I'lutnm
ST JOHN , N F Fob. 9 At Chapel Cove
fishing station last night the house ofP.it
rick Sullivan caught lire. Sullivan en
deavored to rescue his 13-e.ii-old child , but
ho perished in the flames , together witli four
of his cnlldrcu
Work of tlio Minneapolis VIIlls fora Week
I'roM-nt Oiiotntloiix.
MiNViurous , Minn , Feb 9 The North
western Miller sijs. The mills made an
other big run last week The week's output
w as im,5'J5 barrels , against 181,4Ti barrels
the week before and lei.i.O'ia birrcls for the
corresponding time in IfcOJ The fact that
bujers arc sending in shipping directions
more promptl.v than Jhcretofoio contributes
in some de-greo to the Inreas d activity.
Steam has to be wholly dependeJ ujion to
accelerate work , and prohibit two-thirds of
the current output Is being produced bj that
kind of motive power
The flour marked rules quiet , though
rather firmer For the four daj s ending
with Saturday considerably less flour was
sold than the current manufactures amounted
to On Monday and Tuesday , however , some
firms wore able to sell pietty
freely Parties leported some demand for
bakers from abroad , inainl } Ixmdon and the
continent , at prices around 17s ltd Exporters
arc usually unwilling to pa.v onli food prices
for patents , and therefore the transactions
in that direction are small With feed
prices the miller can obtain sales for the low
grades of Hour , mixed with his shorts , and
separately , and In some instances low grades
are being handled in this way
Direct exports by the mills last weiek were
Jil.OOS barrels , against Jl.O'J.'i barrels the pre
ceding week London quotations per " > 0
pounds , elf , aro. Patents. 'A" > s tid , bakers ,
irstd : ( < j.l&s , low grades , [email protected]
The Dentil Hull.
\CopuitjMnl \ tSJl byJntnn Gordon Itrnn'tt 1
I OSDOV , Feb U ( New York Herald Cable
Special to THC.BJIM . ] Louis Jennings ,
conservative member of Parliament ,
fur Stockport , dl l at his Iyn-
d u rcsidouo h s night of an
uU oration of i he ntestlncs Ho had been
u'llngovcr ' two jears and recentli under
went an operation from which it was hoped
ho might rally. A marked chungu for the
worse , however , was noticed Mondaj , and ho
gradually sank
Will i : r/.rt Klne Itrx.
111 , Feb P Tim St. Bernard
commanduo drill corps of this c-ity , with a
number of inv Ited guests , w ill start for New
Ooi leans tomorrow morning in an Illinois
Central special train of five coaches to serve
as n guard of honor for King Hex in the
Mardl Gras festivities. U hey w ill paradn In
the ga > est ot cost limes At Memphis the corps
will glvo an exhibition drill with theChtcka-
saw guards
Mi'lhudM Hunk Committee.
CIIICAOO 111 , Fob 0 At toclaj 's session
of the Methodist book committee , a sub
committee was ap | > olnted to visit various
cities that have Invited the next session of
the general conference A telegram was re-
ceivud from Dr W. B Kellv ot New Htvon ,
t'onn . Hce'optinRtthe oQHdrship of the Meth
odist Hevlevv
1'iti/i : nan TRIM IA H.S TJI > .
Ilull.v mill O'Donnrll Not Permitted to Meet
t Mom Clt ) .
Siorx CITV , lii. , Fub U. [ Special Telegram
to TUB Brn. ] The Dally-O'Donnell fight is
dcfinitolv decla"fcd off , and Manager Web
ster has been refunding tlcl.et monci for an
hour There are curse's loud and deep nt the
irross mismanagement of the whole affair
The contest had been wldelj advertised and
distant sportlnp circles were Interested The
light was to be to a ilnhh with four-ounce-
gloves for a purse of $ . " > 00
DanD.illV. one of the prinelpils , has been
In training under Pat Gallagher , an ex
perienced trainrr , for six weeks , at Hot
Springs , S. D , and Omaln. and
has brought hlmsolf down to 118
lHum1s , two pounds under the regulation
weight Bill.v O'Donncll trained at Sioux
Citv under Patsy M igncr Several hundred
visitors came in during the day to see the
light Over n hundred came from Omaha ,
llftv from Yankton , 100 from Sioux Falls ,
while there wete good ciowds from Do id-
wood Hapid City. Hot Springs and other
Black Hills i > omts There weie eight or ten
from Denver.
The attempt to have the fight in the
opota house was n rank blunder Then Man
ager Webster , who had the matter in
charge , took an irritating position legarding
the authorities. He has shut them
all out of the opera house
and announced that bo would bold
the fight and that nobody should bo per
mitted to inteifcro. His course was a chal
lenge and it was taken up. although not as
promptly as it should have been injustice
to outside parties When ho found that ho
could not run things his vvuj. he attempted
to h.uu the contest nt least started , and this
stincd up the authorities still more , while it
angered tbo people who had been induced to
( omo to tow n
To make sure that the fight should not
start , the principals after thev were put
under bonds to keep thepe ice , and appear
lie-fore the giand Jur.v , weio arrested as
vagrants and held In court till a Into hour
There is gteat dissatisfaction among the
visitors , and it will not bo easv to get a
crowd'at Sioux Citji forsomotimo on the
advei Use-input of a sp irring match.
. % /if. * > ion Tin : I/MM * .
I.lit < > r Cli mje of Import nice In the
Itpguliir Sprtlco Yeitprdiiy.
WASHINGTON- , . C .Feb U [ pc-iil Telegram -
gram to THE Bcu | The follcjwm army or
ders wore issued today }
The leave of absenee'grantod ' Second Lieu
tenant Hobcrt Alexander. Seventh infantrj ,
December 7 is extended two months
A board of medical ollicers to consist of
Colonel Charles H Alden , assistant suiireon
general ; Lieutenant 'Colonel GeorgeM
Sternberg , deputv surgeon geneial , Major
John Van HoiT , surgeon , Captain Guv 1
Tjdie. assistant surgeon , is constituted to
meet in Now York City on tbo STtb day of
March for tnc examination of candidates for
admission to the medkiil corps of the armj
and for sue-h other .business as may be
brought before It.
I eivo of absence for'one month , with per
mission to apply for nn extension of one
month , is granted First Lieutenant Charles
Wile-ox , assistant surgeon
First Lieutenant Cecil Stewart , Fourth
cavalry , is transfenreettrom troop K to troop
H of that rc/iment\oiako effect February
.1 , vice First LleutetUnt Hobert A. Brown ,
appointed regimental qUnrterniuster.
First Lieutenant Harry C Benson , Fourth
cavalrj , Febru iry3 , Is assigned as of that
date to troop 1C , vlco Stttiviiit , trausfened to
troop H
An armv rntlrlng boird Is appointed to
moot at Fort Wavne. Mich on We-dncsdav
Fcbruarv 8 , for the examination rf
sueh ofliceis as may be ordered before
it Detail for the board Colonel James F
Wade , Fifth cavalry ? Colonel Bernard J D
Irvvln , assistant surgeon general , Colonel
Simon Snjdcr. Nineteenth infantry ; Cap
tain Fiank D Baldwin , Fifth inf.mtr.v ; Cap
tain William II Cotbusier , assistant sur
geon The commanding general Depn tment
of the Missouri will detail aiecorderfor
the board Captain Alexander H M
Tajlor Nineteenth Infantr.v , will report
in pel son on February 8 to Colonel Wade at
Fort Wajne for examination b > the bo.ird
The icsignntion by Fust Lieutenant
George W Bunordnancu depaitmcnt , of
his commission as second lieutenant First
artillery , enl > has been accepted bv thu
president to take offectjlanuory 27.18'J3
The leave of absence granted First Lieu
tenant fhailes Dodge. Jr . Twenty-fourth iti-
funtry Juuuar.vo'is . of tended one month
n\GKA.\CK OF //l/.S/M.W > .
UP Shoots unil Mortttlljr VVoilndb Ills UI Hi
and Ilpr-.I'nramour.
JACK--ON , Mich , 'Fob U A ternblo
tragedy was enacted In tbo Braces block at
12-15 today , and two persons are Ijing at the
c-it.v hospital in a dying condition in cense
quence. " ,
Charles Brown , fpf-merly a hack driver ,
shot his wife tvvico.ni the body DlckSli ,
an ex-convict , was the cause of the tragedj ,
and into his head.Brown fired a. n ullct
which enteted Just above the left ear , pene
trating the brain. Neither of the wounded
Brow n was arrested after a desperate at
tempt to shoot Alderman John Gaebelien.
who answered the culls for help of the in
mates of the block
At tlio ) K > lice station Brown confessed to
the shooting. He siid Sly was hanging
about Mrs Brow n and ho got sick of it Ho
had followed the ex-convict to the rooms
occupied bj his wife , land there shot both of
II / : . ! 1 Unit I OKKQ.tt , TI.
It Will Ito sllghtl ) WariiH-r and Nortli
VVInilK Will Illou In Nulir.mkH 1 iKlii } .
WAsjiisnroN. D. C. , Feb 9 For Iowa-
Fair , preceded by l9cal snows , noithwcst
winds ; slightls coolei in east jiortion
For Nebraska Gcneralli northerly w inds ,
slightly wanner in northeastern Nebraska
For North and South Dakota Generally
fair , northerly wlnds.i .
I.unit KPrord.
Feb 9 Omaha reeorJ of temperature una
rainfall comp ired witH ooircsuonding day of
past four jearb : j
/ 1893 1892 1801. 1800
Maximum temperature , 34 = 27 = H = 430
Minimum tpniperatun ; , 15 = 4 = -J = ' . ! & =
Avurano temperature.-243 103 : is 34 =
I'reclpltatlon ? f. .01 .W .00 00
St itemcntshovvlmr Jho condition of tem
perature and precipitation at Omaha for the
daj and since Mart-h 1 , IS'-t'
Normal ti-iupcrature. . , . 225
Kveiss for tlio day- . . . . . . . 22
De-Uclenc-j since March 1 WG3
Normal precliiltiitlon .03 Inch
Dellclpiic-y fin the d v 0-Inch
Dollc-leucy since March. 1 3.50 Inehc-i
He-low zeio.
Itppurtfi from Glher-l'olnU ut K p. in.
below terd ,
GEOIIOC E. HU.ST , Local Forecast Oftlclal.
Five of the Accused Sentenced to Terms of
I'lilillp Opinion Not Inilliicil liApprntp of
the Inearecnitlon of tinAfcd I'.n-
Rlneer VVIillo Ot1n-r Moro
( Inllty l > ciipp.
1S.V dy Jitmei (7ortlwn llennttt 1
PAUIS Fob 9 [ New York Her.ild
Cable Special to Tun Br.r ] Ferdinand dc
Lesseps ami his son , Charles , hive boon sen
tence 1 to flvn j ens imprisonment and Ixit-
tui niffol and Fontaine to two je.irs Such
is tlio verdict In the Pamim i tri il
It has produced a striking oTect uinn the
public , who approve till the other sontenoes ,
but do not understand th it of dc Lss"ps ,
sr Nobodj can forget the role he has pla.vcd
or that it was ho whom the public
voice named "Leaurd "
Francais All know
tint he has been deemed worth } of ever.v
honor and glory Ho Is a member of the
the French Academj , bears the grand cross
of the Legion of Honor , and for twontj
jcarshas been thu real representative ! of
lYance w hen ho trav eled abro-id , and now he
is condemned to five .vc.irs imprisonment.
notwithst Hiding his age of four score and
eight and the fact that his mental state Is
suc-h th it ho can never know of his condem
The other sentences appear to bo Just , es-
pecialli that of FJiffel , who. as \ cabled .vou
during the trial , hid public opii.lon against
him from the Hist.
I'roduced u Kind of Stupor.
When the judgment was re id it produced
a kind of stupor upon the birristers ,
especiallv ii ) > on those who looked for the
acquittal of do Leseps As a ii.itui.il con
sequence the "men of law "do not hesitate
to < | U ilify the Judgment as h iving a political
character and being a consequence of j ester-
day's sitting in the Clumber when all the
deputies appeared to monopolize v ii tuo at
anj pi ice
It reiiains to bo seen whether public opin
ion will ratify the Judgment I think not ,
but we have seen since the commencement
of the Panama affair so mill } changes of
opinion that nothing is impossible- Yet
publie opinion will never approve the con
demnation of the aged do Lesspps Tlio
condemned men can t ike their casu into the
court of cass ition , but men of law do not
think they will have anj chance of changing
the sentences of the court except , perh-ips ,
in the case of Eiffel , whose sentence is said
to contain a slight JuJiual irregtilanti.
In an } case real French pitriots : ue cha
grined to see two men like de Lcsseps and
Eiffel , whose names are known over the
whole universe , abused and condemned to
imprisonment w bile other political culprits
escape. At least justice should be ftee from
political Influence The condemned men are
ontircli broken down. They expected to be
acquitted A violent discussion took placu
between Fmanucl Arcnc and Andiieu\ , who
exchanged some very "tall langu tgo.1
C'ONM'IK VTOKS Si\TiNCii : : > .
De l.lsiepi , IIU Son and Others I inpllr iti-d
Itrcene Tholr lU-vrtn.
PAKIS. Feb 9 Expectation that the sen
tences of the prisoners in the Panama canal
would be delivered this afteinoon brought
eager crowds to the court of appeals build
ing before 11 o'clock this morning The approaches
preaches to the court room wore filled to the
lust niche by noon , and five minutes after
tie door * were throw n open the loom was
packed to suffocation. *
Presiding Judge Pe-rrivler read the de
cision after having dismissed the prisoners'
" ' I that they should benefit by tbo. statute
of 1 nutations Although the bases for the
J g ents were given In exceptionally
m ute details the audience listened from
fli st to last with oppiessive intonsitj of in
terest Charges of fraudulent proceedings
against Ferdinand do Lesseps , Charles do
Lesseps , H I Cottu and Manus Fontaine
was held to bo provea. On this point
the Judgment lefened to the company's
methods in issuing loans , the mendacious
official bulletins and the persistent pulling
done by the pi ess at the Instance of the
Ooiinl\cil nt Swindling.
These practices , the Judgment stated , when
not directly originated or endorsed by the
directors , had been connived at by them
Ferdinand de Lesseps , aided and abetted by
his son Charles , M Cottu and M Fontaine ,
has persistently eoncealcMt the operations of
Ihu canal company in older that the quota
tion of shares might not be affected unfavor
ably The directors had dealt w ith under
writing syndicates , which , as far as
their uuity was concerned , were ficti
tious and were known to bo fic
titious In underwriting loans these
sjnJieates had taken upon themselves
no risks , and jet they had received enor
mous sums from the comp inj The expenses
neccssarilv attendant upon the issues of
loans had been gro = slj exaggerated by the
directors , and this exaggeration also consti
tuted a fraudulent act Tlio plea of the de
fense that , despite those fraudulent acts ,
the ditectors were not amenable , because
the loan espec iillv in question h id not sue-
eeedod , the decision pionounced worthless ,
in view of thu evidence that the dit-octots
in-d not scrupled to OXJKISO the cap
Hal of the companj to risks involved in the
frush issue and even reiterated their prom
ises to complete the canal with the proceeds
of the loan 11 } article xlviii of the cede ,
concerning breach of trust , it was necossarj
that the money should have been misappro
priated or squandered or should have bene
fited the dircctuis in order that thebo
found guilt.v Their fraudulent intent was
the same , w bother or not their purpose was
cai rlod out
In dcallns with Gustavo Eiffel's breach of
trust , thu decision said that M HiRcl had
received 120,000 fianes for the construction
of ten locks and had promised to complc-to
thorn by ib'JU The en iaence had show n that
he had not oven pure-based the specified
materials necessary iu the construction of
these locks , in fact , he had bought In Franco ,
all told , but l,2il,000 francs worth of material
Ho had pretended , furthermore , to fulfill the
obligations ho had undertaken , while in
roalit } ho was simpl } misappropriating thu
et olt lie Coin l ( ted M en.
In conclusion , Judge Pcrrivior read these
"Ferdinand do Lesssps , five } eais Im-
irisoninont and i,000 ) francs fine
4 C buries do Lesseps. live } ears Imprison
ment and ! 1 000 francs Hue.
4 Marlus Fontaine , two } cars imprison
ment and ' . ' .000 francs fine.
"Henry Cottu , two } ears imprisonment
and M.OOO francs fine.
"Gustavo Eiffel , two } c.irs Imprisonment
and 20,000 francs line. "
Iramedlatolv aftetho r reading of the son-
ttence.sM Kjffel Iqft the court room w ith his
counsel , w horn he had Instructed to appeal
to the higher court.
Charles do Ixsseps : and Murius Fontaine
remained under arrest Both looked hag
gard and disheartei ol ai thuy departed with
Henry , Cottu for the office of the public
prosecutor ,
The Chamber of Indictments had published
Its reasons for throwing out the true bill
found b } M. Franquevlllo against M.
Itouvler , While aduilttlnij that M Itouvlcr
received the Panama check for 50,000 francs
In 18SS from M. Vlasto. the Chamb r hold
that no connection had been established bo-
twcen the canal compan.v and , M. Houvlor's
vote on the lottery loan bill
i\ciTivir\T HAN IIHJII.
All Parl KtilU'd Ovir the Com It lion of
ttiu Cannl Conspirator * .
PAIU . Feb V The sentencing of the
prisoners in the Panama trials caused the
utmost consternation The excitement nt
tliu Palais de .lustlt o was intense
Ch irlos do Ixsscps was calm during the
locital c f thu decision but burst into tears
when ho hoard the- sentence pissed upon his
M Fon'nluc was prostrated.
Chai'cs de Lesseps sent n telegram , in
forming Mine do I.csseps of the result of
the tii.il Mine do Lesseps prob.ibl.v will
not communicate the news to her husbtnd ,
unless compelled b.v citcumstancos to do so
'I ho general belief is that the sentence will
never bo exe-cute-d tig ilnst him
The Hues Imposed woio the utmost legal
pen ilties , but tho.v will not pi event action
at law to recover the mono.v squandered
The onl.v jKissible appeal from the decision
given toda.v is to the c-outt of cossition for
theitvision of the sentomo If anj legal
flaw can bo found in thu trial , such an ap
peal will undoubted ! } bo taken In each case
The excitement caused b.v the announce-
mnit of the sentences In the parlhiinontar }
lobbies , on thu stioots and in thu cafes sur-
pissc-d anv thing of the kind since the open
ins of the Pan.inn investig.iticn The news
paper booths w ore besieged b.v crowds light
ing for the succe-ssivo spec ial editions
Tlio complete abs-nco of stninthv for
Chailcs do lx-sseps has been especiall } note
worthy The popular verdict seems to IH >
that Iiu hns p lid the pcnalt } for withhold
ing the names of the rojalist deputies who
wore implicated in the Panama briber } .
The worst plusu of the situation is the
sentences havefilled , to dispel the fears and
doubts of the people as to the honest } of the
government's intentions The contrast be
tween tliu treatment accorJud to M Houvler
and th it to which the dliectors have been
subjected is the le-sultof much bitter criti
Accotding to French liw M. Eiffel and M
Cottu need not sutlender themseves foi sev
eral weeks
The govcinment is expected to call fora
vote of contldonio on Satuida } w Mend iv
The prevalent opinion is tint the Uibot
cabinet w ill bo permitted to remain in office
until the budget shall have been voted.
CAN \L s
lortlliiam ! dp Le repi Gl\en I l\c \f-ir * In
I'l loii mid I Inrd *
'PAIIIS , Feb 9 The Panama sentences
have been dclivcrett us follows
Feidii.and du Lcssops , live } c.us imprison
ment and "i.OOO francs line
Charles de Lesseps , live .voais and 11,000
francs fine
Fontaine and Cottu , two } c.irsand I,000 )
francs each
Eiffel , two .vcars and 20.000 francs
Tlio sentences eansc-d a profound sensation ,
espcciall } that of Ferdinand Dc Less-ps
.11 IMS MeClelhiii'1 iiif.itemciit. :
if oiii/i fg'ifoJ ISU Jut jam K Cuiilon HcmirU 1
PAIIIS. Fob 9 - [ New Yotk Herald Cable-
Spec ial to THE Brr J The engagement is
announced of Miss Ma } McClellan , daughter
of the late General Goorgc B McClollan , to
Paul Desprez of the Freuoh legation at
Washington The marriage is to take place
carl } in March at the Church of St. Joseph ,
Avenue Hooho Miss McClellan is atav ing
at the Hotel de Franco et do Bath , this ell } .
llei'lj- Hint II U Cluilrrn.
\r \ < iitnItilitnl ) IKMtiii Jninff Gonlon llrillirtt ]
Miit > iiLWFob U [ New York Herald
Cable -Special to Tim Brn 1 Despite the
repoits in French jouinals that a cholera
epidemic lias broken out hero , health offi
cials deny that any case of cholera h s
occuned All the cases are pronounced lo
be of intestinal dLrrha-a All ve-'S'ls leav
ing the port uie supplied with clean bills of
L'liiiit-r.t . .t .s fit I chen.
ICaimiljMeil tftaiin Jainri ( Jniiljn Ilcnn'tt. }
Brui IN , Feb 9 [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to THE BEE ] Two deaths and
tinoe new cases of cholera aie repotted for
.vesterda.v in the Ncitluben hospital , in-ane
.is > / > 7rnr. irr.t tnn :
New York Hiinl.erR Aid In KepjiliiI'p tlui
Govpriiinriit'H ( Jolil Itexprtp.
Nnvv YOUK. Feb b The continued exports
of gold from this city to the continent of
Europe have at 1 ist forced the troisia- } de
part meat to view the situation with some
uneasiness Accordingly Secretary Foster ,
in an infonnil way , convened a desite to the
associated banks of this c-lt } for their aid ] n
dlsc-ussing the matter a member of the Cle.u-
ing House association toda } said . "As a result
of this expressed desire , the clcirinp huuso
committee , on Tuesday , -atithori/cd the
chairman of the association , Piesideiit Wil
liams of the Chemical National bank , to ar
ranijo with the various banks caning largo
sums of gold to turn over enough totho sub-
tieasur } to offset the wlthdr.ivv.ils of gold
for ex port last week The icsult was that
f2.000KX ( ) was de-posited and legal orders
taken by the banks in exchange Tills is not
thu limit of assistance that v. ill be given.
but futther sums of gold will be turned in
as desired b } Secretar } Foster
"Tlio clearing house committee w ill pro b
ably meet tomorrow to take f ui thor steps in
framing a definite polic } and a conference of
bankers mav also bo held to discuss tlio
question Tlio banks of the city hold about
* sO,0KOO.I ) , which will be available if icquiicd
to maintain the re-servo "
It was icported that of the banks assist
ing the treasurers w ould send f.lOJ.OJO e ich
to the treasuiy ted iy President Williams
of the Chemical bink said the report was
true Ho said * "Tho object is to prevent
the treasuier from cutting into the $10),00i ) ) , .
OOOicserve. Ho now his f lOi.Oll. ) OOd , but
the action of the banks will hold it w he re it
Is until relief comes from elsewheiv. "
"Shall } ou meet luilher withdrawals in
Hko manner' "
"Yes , sir ; that Is to sa } . those banks
which tiavo ahead } acted on this polic } will
continue to do what the- } can to guard
against the depletion of the treasui } ' .Ilia
withdrawals , piepiring for SatiT.lay and
Tuesda.v , will undoubtodlv bo mot b } a simi
lar assistance from the banks '
Jcsso Sellgmun said , in loganl to the plan
"The action of the banks is what should
have been expected The banks are us
much a pnrt of the government as .no the
people , bat there hns never been anv icason
for their assistance Thecounti- produc
ing 17,000,000 In gold annually The present
movement can continue but n little longer , as
Fr.uiLo and Austria will soon acquire all the
gold required to complete then- contracts and
the demand will ceviso "
Assistant Tieasurer Huberts stated that
I.I.OOI.O--O In gold was paid into the sub-
tieasur } U > da } , which with $ . ' . 000,000 re
ceived previous ! } makes f.V'OO.OOOmoived
from the banks in exchange for legal tender
notes. In toward to the reported conference
Mr Roberts said "It can bo learned from
the papers that Secretar.v Foster will bo
heio on Saturday tofiUtenJ a lepublican
meeting that ovenipjr , but there w ill bo no
confeionce The urtV'iit administration will
continue only a little longer , and its purpose
now is solely to keep evori thing in shape to
turn over to the new administration and tlio
on ! } step that will be taken will IKto main
tain a surplus over the gold icservo "
Messrs Landenburg , Thallmun < fc Co will
ship fl.OUOOO in gold by Salurd-i } s
steamer. This amount will probabl } DO in
creased to ? l'i'iO ( WO or fl/i
N'enr York
Yoiiu , Fob -fspcelil ) 'lehvram to
TUB BEB , Now York exchaiu.was quoted
as follows : Chicago , 'J5 cents discount ; Bos
ton , 10 to 17 cents discount , St Louis 25
cents premium.
State Board of Public Lauds and Buildings
Wauts to Ba Relieved.
< ! o ernor ( "rolllMp Slgni the , lemon Hill Tor Ik
Urrount of the V < iti' < on the. Coiutltu-
tloiml A tiipiul nu'iit It iiiniirn
of VurliiiiH sort-t.
LINCOLN , Neb , Tob Si IS pw-i a I Telegram
to Tun HIT I The Stito Burd of Public
L-ituls mill Buildings sant a oeimmimlentlou
to ( lovernor Crounso Hits nftornoon loipaost-
Ing him to send a spoclil iiK-ssige to thu
legislature ! , asking that lulv to pass a bill
authorizing the appointment at two secre
taries for the bo ml The I'omm iiid'atUm
sets forth thu amount of work tint the
board has to do , anil the nuttibi'r of boanls
ou which the members have to not . also the
fact that It has disburse 1 In thopisttwo
} ears upwards of jMJXK ) ( ( ) of public mono. } s.
It asks to be n'leisM from thoss duties bo-
CMUSO the positions of the members as state
ollli-l Us demand tliolr tlmo It suggests th it.
thogovoinor bo instruotul to m ik < the ap
pointments In order that the } m i } ha In
touch with thu administration
\Vlll II t\o I'.ID iteriHint
Gflvornor Crounso signed house roll No.
ll'J this afternoon This is Jensen's bill ,
providing for a recount of the votoi on the
( -.institutional auu'tidmcnt The bill is
severely condemned by a number of ic-pub-
lii-ans , who feir th it a preo"Jent is thereby
eslablishol tint \\illbD tvnrcttul In sick-
cloth and nshtjs at no distant A iy It Is bo-
lievodthat thetols.i -li"iueof sine kind
behind the meisure It is sild lint thu
turtles behind the bill hive taken : v
eontrai t to supph the short uro. w h Uevcr it
in.i } be Jensen stited this evening tint
tbo cost of the recount w mid not exeoad
$1,000 , and hu wis co"t lin tint th * amend-
inent ro/.n\lini ; school funds would be found
to have cairlod , but ho. w is tint so sure
about the other Ho said tint a nnjoiitj of
the votes c.ist for tn'-nibets of the legisla
ture was all that was necessity , and not a ,
m ijorit } of all the votes cast In ismuch a *
a great man } more \otcs were east for gov-
01 nor than for tlte legislature , ho thought
that he had soiiathln. ? on which to re.isan-
abl } base his hopes
l > i l < il < < tiii Itiiin iri.
It is stated tint another dumint dy-
n.isty is b.ilnpinuu'jitul. anJ th it th" pnver
on the tin-one will bj C D CispM- The
revolutionists nivj s"tin ! ? to dc-i > j-i > Boyd
and Morton and iniu irite .1 n w rei'jn
The plotters incl'idcnb ml three fourths of
the democrats lu the le Klaluie and a score
of prominent bourb ms on tli3 oulsl lo They
propose to carr.il the feJeral ap.umtuisnts
and freeze out the old crowd
A repsitwas ivusirel ) i"retolij from
Washington to the oTis t th it th in lepsnd-
culs would umie in for a ftojJly sh ire of tlio
patron-lire In this state , and there \\.is an
immediate dom.in.l for transportation to
Mldlson , whither eanJUates daalrjJ logo
and nonsuit Seiutor-clejt Allen regarding
their olmnees mil to asc-ertaln how mueh
truth there was in tbo i opart.
jM-milii'H ruUtlil Oi-.iinlm.
Licutcntnt Governor Majors is working
with the sonitors to prevent tliu confirma
tion of Church lime's apiuItilm'MiL as .1
member of the state nornnl bjirl Hois
attempting to do up his fellow stitosmin on.
the legal provision tint prevents a member
of the legislature frjii bainj apjuinteJ to
anotherofticc. Hone h is an opinion on the
point given bv thu attorney general wo
ve.u sago , and is not losinjanj sep ! ever
the opposition
C.lliii | KtimnrsVortli lll > i-3ti lllig. :
Tiicro are enough good stories afloat to
{ rive the senator ! il bjialo invosti itiutr
committee same Hrst class pickings One of
the first thlnis th it intent receive Its at
tention is to loo't up the mcmb-n- the
lo'jbwho is suppjscJ to ha\e received
$ J,53) ) from a sen itori il candid Uo to advance
to seven inlept'ti lenls as the fii-at install
ment of the price that they were to receive
for their votes The story further states
that this go-between pail thrco independ
ents fci > 0 each nnJ slappad the remainder
down In his po'kot Another repjrt is that
he piid flvoln3epndciits anl held out but
$1,250 for himself
There Is little doubt tint there would bo
some seimtion U do\elop-nents If the inves-
tigatlou were pushoa for all it is worth , but
the chances are that the icport will not
c\ince anj thing of the l ind.
OIlKliiiuitl Tplicinciil Iliicuc Ucstlojrd nltlt
I IIKH ( if I Ifu.
CiMivstTi , O . Teb P Hcidcis' lintel , aa
old structure condemned to bo totn down ,
within a month , but packed with people and
in a densely populated bci tion of the city ,
took flic at 4 o'doelf this morning and was
piactieally destroyed Sovei-al families of
I'ollsh Jews had rooms in the building. At
lust it was supposed nil escaped , but later
the bodies of fem poisons were found in the
niltiH The names ate
ruin :
jo ni'ii MIXJ- :
\ \ -liter knun only us d
frau ! awakened the other Inmates , hutwas
hlnibelf unable to f-sctipo
OoiiKN , U T , Tob ! i- Word II.IK been ro-
oclxrd from Wells , Nev , that Jlro there jcs-
tcrda.N afteinoon destroyed an entile block
of business houses , tfio best in town At
last accounts the flio was still burning , but
under conttol Total loss ,
Indian Murderers nnil VV llnenpim In rnco n
I pilpnil ( iiiinil , Jur\ . ( I
, [ Special Tolo * | |
gram to TUB UKE ] United States Marshal'I '
l"Vy and deputies went down to Hushvlllo
today in answer to a telegram from Captain
Hrown , agent at Pine Hidgo , s.i } ing that ho
would have thu prisoners and witnesses im
plicated in the recent killing of four cow
boy on White river. The Indians will bo
brought to Ueadwood and their cases in.
vestigatci b } thu United Status grand Jury
now in session
'Vulunlile * round In uu And Iliu.
CniiAuo , 111 , Fob 9 A leather satchel
was found In this city this morning in tin
ash box , which , w lien cut open , was found
to contain two bank books on the National
Kxchatigo bank of .Milwaukee , the first in
Hi-count withT P Pierce and the M-cmid
with the Boston Milling and Mining
conipati } , showing deiiosits to the amount of
t.UK,000. ) Two ( heck books on the name
bank weio also discovered , together with
other itiijioi-taiit papuis now in iiosscFsion of
the polli c.
llt'llAlllf ,
Aiinuv , Mich , Feb U - Hunters In
Yicinlty are luvin'exciting thnes Just tio\r ,
i-atchln deer alive , The animals find It nl *
most Impossible to get through the snow ,
which Is over llvo foot deep , and hunters
P'tisuo them on snow shoes.

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