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On y 14
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Engagements nnd Gossip of the Riders of the
Glistening Wheel.
A Now Departure at the Chili Harry Mc-
Corinlvk Honored Tlio Sandhills FlyQ
InuQNortU Anil tlio Usuul llotcll
of Quvstluns mill Answers.
A llcklo article , Indeed , Is the American
sporting public. This is being exemplified
by the beautiful lombastlug .llm Corbott is
Just now receiving on all hands. It has
grown to bo pretty nearly an unanimous
opinion that Jim U not exactly the stulY , and
many of those , oven , who wcro fulsomely
adulatory In his behalf , Just previous to and
for months after his snap with John L. , have
uncorked their vials of wrath and are pourIng -
Ing them mercilessly upon his devoted head.
John B. McCormlok , "Macon , " an old-time
friend of mine , and ono of tha best posted
and most entertaining sporting writers in
-the - world , la speaking of the prospective
light between Corbett and Mitchell , says :
"I bear Mitchell no malice , and I'm not stuck
on Corbolt by any means , but ho Is an Amei-
lean , and when it comes to an international
contest , 1 shinny on my own side every time. "
You ask what has brought about this gen
eral ruvulslon of sentiment ? It is the fact
that this is a lighting era unexampled in thu
history of the ring , and Corbett has mani
fested such an egieglous dcslro to cling to
the title of champion of America solely for
the purpose of advertising his theatrical
schemes , that all these who have a claim
upon him as the premier exponent of the
great game of hit , stop and get away , have
nauseated. They do not want their Idol to
masqucrado behind the footlights witn thu
title snugly tucked away in his inside pocket.
This might have ans'vered all well enough
in the days when championships wcro de
cided for less money than it now requires to
train a tlrst-class pugilist , but it Is decidedly
dctrop in these times of colossal purses and
when contests are pulled off almost dally with
perfect immunity from the rigors of the law.
If Corbott prefers to bo an actor , let him
retire gracefully from the prize ring , and not
keep scores of good men waiting to test the
Kcnulnene&s of his claims on superiority until
lie gobbles up all the shekels there are in the
histrionic lay. The fact that there Is a
fortune In the theater for Corbott in nowise
interests the followers of the P. H. What
they want first , last and every tlmo Is to sea
thu best man win , ami as often as Is consist
ent with his health and condition.
As for myself , personally , 1 like Corbett ,
nnd I think him one of the greatest fighters
who ever donned thu modern i-estus. scien
tific to n superlative degree , quick as elec
tricity , brlmlng ever with vitality and a tac
tician of the very best school. In this every
man who witnessed his terrible and hideous
assault on the poor old enervated big fellow
in the twenty-first round at iscw Orleans
last fall , will bear mo out. Again , Corbott
docs not .savor of the old type of fighters. Ho
is fairly Intelligent , dresses well at nil times ,
and will i' < as3 current In any sort of an as
While , as I said before , I consider Corbctt
a marvelously able follow , I am fully satis
fied that there is In existence'many men Just
as good , nnd probably a number who are
better. Ho will convince mo that ho is of a
llttlo higher grade than most anybody else ,
when ho Jumps In and trounces some such
man as Mitchell , Jackson or ( Joddard with
the facility ho showed when ho punched out
the Boston rcmluisccnco.
The great mistake Corbott U making Is
holding on to the title of champion llgnter.
It would DO a display of that very good sense
he claims to be supplied with , that would
brook no disputing and booot him In the esti
mation of the American public ultltudlnously ,
If he would renounce the anything but en-
pobllug profession of a flgutcr , and stick to
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GoinoOul of Business.
the stage exclusively. This would also give
Fistiaua an umvhlppcd and unwhlppable
heavyweight ehaniplon , something she has
never yet gloried In.
In 'dilating on Corbett's present pose , I
cannot do better than to further quote Me-
Cormlck : Corbett , I see , is to take
no further notice of Pat Sheedy , be
cause Shcedy is a bold , bad man.
This smacks too much oC "There now , you
devil ! " Miss Nancy Ism to bo in good cham
pionship form , i have known Pat Sheedy
for a good many years and I have always
found him a fair , square man , with the cour-
agn of his convictions and the pluck and
manhood to assert them. Ho and I differ as
to Cot-butt's status as a lighter , but when
Corbett declines to take notice , in a
sportsmanlike manner , of his assertion
that ho proved himself "a sure thing
gambler' ' by backing Sullivan through his
brother in California when he was about to
niHut him in New Orleans he shows conclu
sively that hu has the weak side of the
argument. Among the dead game sporting
men of the country Pat Sheedy's word will
go where Jim Corbett's note will require
substantial endorsement and when ho dud-
Ishly asserts that he will take no further
notice of Sheedy's charge ho virtually
admits the truth. I would , for the credit of
the ring , that U were otherwise , but I feat-
it is not. Jim has taken a leaf out of the
book of a well known sporting publisher and
while so doing may Keep him from goinc
broke it will never satisfy the American
public that its present flstio champion is a
man who will , like Macbeth , stake his all
upon the single cast of a die. Mr. Corbett is
built on lines that are "not that way. "
ThTo is no more interesting class In the
code of Iho pi-i/.o ring than the welterweight ,
notwithstanding the fact that the heavy
weight representatives are everywhere the
most attractive cards. Human nature is
fond of danger and excitement , and of course
v.oiihl rather see a couple of giants struggle
for the mastery than a pair of pigmies. But ,
when It comes right down to the actual beau
ties of a stubborn contest , commend me to
the Intermediates.
Up to date. 1 believe there has never been
a world's champion welterweight , but it
looks pretty much now as if the missing
quantity was shortly to be supplied , say
almost anywhere within the next twelve
month. There are no Ic s than live likely
candidates for the honor , and the entire
quintette is now under the protection of
Undo Sam. There is Tommy Hyan , the
Chk-agoan , and undisputed champion of
America , and Billy Smith , the Bostouian ,
who is coming fast. Thcso are
the native aspirants. Australia , that
hot-bed of pugilistic wonders , lajs claim on
Tom Williams. George Dawsoa and Tom
Treaej.tho other three. Neither England
nor Ireland Is in It. Four of these men are
already matched , Hyan and Dawson for
March 1 at Now Orleans , and Williams and
Smith at Coney Island for the 17th. Thus
the lin.i l.t > at in the world's champion race
Is between America and the southern con
tinent. They say Hyan will whip Dawson
and Smith will treat Williams with the
utmost consideration , but that remains to be
How do the men stand Well , Uvnn has
never lost a slnglo battle , nor even come
anywheres near it. Dawson has been de
feated twice , once by Tom Williams and
again by a New Zealand middleweight. Still
it would bo hard to draw a line from that , as
Dawson has whipped about as many and
about as good men as Hyan ever has. Dawson -
son is of the cyclonic lighting school , while
Hyan partakes of all the characteristics of
the once greatest lighter , ban-Ing Tom
Sayors , the world over knew , and that is
Jack Dempsoy. Ho grows fat punching
rushers , let them ba as big and strong and
formidable as they may. On the other hand ,
Dawson's Irieuds claim that Hyan's
style is Just what the antipodean
most delights in. They say It gives
him a etmuco to utllizo that Imaginary kidney -
ney blow of his. Ho always makes it count
In a long struggle. I'll warrant you , though ,
live times out of six , when ho makes a sash'
shay at Tommy's kidney , Tommy's kidney
will have Just gone round the corner , and In
stead Mr , Dawsoa will get u killing jab in
the luce. Hyan , too , is a peacock in a pro
longed controversy. , Hu must win. Tom
Williams is tb , same sort ae bis congener ,
Dawsoii. He put the latter out In the most
Ostrich Tips
' C
28' Bunch.
This la a pi-eat snap ; all colors ; no
black ; gonulno ostrich tips , 3 tips in
bunch , not i cost , only ! 25c bunch.
1OC Yard.
Thousands of yards of worsted nnd
bill : fringes , not i cost , lOc yard.
Black Lace Flouncing :
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Bennison Brothers.
hurricane fashion , In a couple of rounds ,
despite the fact that It was Creole against
Greek. Smith of Boston is of the Australian
species. Ho lights lilto lightning from start
to lliiish , and hits like a mule kicks. Trcacy
is a ilrst-rater , too. Ho whipped Williams
once , ho says , but 1 doubt It. That Williams
whipped Trcacy is an historical fact. That's
about all 1 know ot the welterweight candi
dates. If Kyun whips Dawson anil Williams
whips Smith , then it will bo Kynn and
Williams for the world's championship , or
vice versa. . .
Up in Helena the sporting fraternity are
anxious to know something of Billy Lewis'
identity , and a Mr. HarbltiRO writes mo to
know if I can tell him anything about him.
I know this , at bust , and that is that his
nom dc guvro is Billy Lewis , but his rightful
Christian name is Albert Luwson. Ho spent
the summer in Omaha , whipping Aaron
Shcrroy in the Athletic club Into in the fall ,
then pulling out for Montana. Hero ho as
sumed the name of Pursel , and beat a couple
of their pots up there first big Burns and
then Kid Gallagher , the pride of the north.
They looked upon the Kid as a world beater
and denounce. Lewis as a ringer. But that's
all stuff. Billy Lewis is well known on the
coast , and Is recognized as a lighter of no
mean attainments. By tlio way.ho wants to
eouio back here.
It would bo a trillo premature to attempt
for a day or two to give any additional in
formation on the Davis-Ferguson llght.whidi
has been booked for the club on the 'Jlst.
That it Is a sure go , however , there Is llttlo
doubt , but there may bo .1 hlt''h , and there
is plenty time to let you know all about It , .
I will say this , though , by way of an
appcaser , and that is if Davis and I'Vrguson
fail to eomo to time their places will bo lllled
by Danny Daly of this city and Billy O'Don-
iic'll of Sioux City. They have been matched
for a > ( ) < ) purse and will meet hero on the
Jlst of the present month or the l ! > th of
next. This latter match grow out of the
recent Sioux City llasco.
Parties Intending to attend the fistic carn
ival at NoWOrlcans March 1-8 can procure
reserved seats for all or any of the events by
applying to S. G. V. Grlswold , sporting edi
tor of Tin : Bin. : All information desired
cheerfully furnished on application.
OMAHA , Feb. 10. To the Sporting Editor
of Tins HUE : Wldo attention is being at
traded among college men and graduates all
over the country to the now rule , proposed by
Yale and ratified in the recent meotlngof tlio
officers of the Intercollegiate Foot Ball asso
ciation , excluding graduate students from
membership in the foot ball tpj.ms. Yale.
Princeton , the University of Pennsylvania
and Wesleyan are the parties to the agree
ment , which. It Is understood , will bo ap
plied to other branches of athletics hi the
near future.
The Ido embodied In the regulation is not
a now ono. It has been In the minds of
leaders of college athletics for several
seasons as a jtosslblo means to check the
growing tendency toward professionalism ,
1. o. , the securing of an athlete by agreeing
to pay his expenses at ono of the graduate
schools for a certain length of time ; and this
was the ground on which its adoption was
urged. But college men look twice for the
motive when Yale fathers a proposal , and the
second glauco in this case leads color to tlio
suspicion that the animus of the rule Is
directed against the University of Pennsyl
vania , an institution made up almost wholly
of graduate schools , whoso team , largely
composed of graduate students , de
feated Princeton last fall and placed
herself in the front rank of foot ball
elevens. Tlio rule was adopted over a bitter
protest fiviin her representatives.
But interest centers in the possible de
velopments at Yale and Harvard and In the
effect the rule will liuvo on their relations
to each other. At INOW Haven difficulties
have already begun. A inns * meeting of the
university lately held there for the purpose
of passing upon the action of her representa
tives in tlio association resulted in a vote of
"no conlldenco , " this showing that the
student body Is by no means agreed as to the
wisdom of the move. Harvard , though not
a member of the association , is under agree
ment to play wUU YnUj according to the
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Betl Spreads
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titno to buy towels. This is the proatost
towel sale ever tukun place in this city.
About 800 doxon all linen satin damask
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All our 30c , U5c nntHOu finest all linen
towels now 20o oach.
Our entire stock of 40c and 50o satin
damask towels ; now all cmo price U5c
Going to leave Omaha
rules of that organization , but as she would
suffer more severely than Yale under the
restriction , her graduate schools being
larger , it is doubtful just how ready she
will bo to embrace it. From any point of
view the situation appears rather mixed.
The condition which' renders the rule
necessary Is to bo deplored. A university Is
not a school , but a collection of schools , and
a representative athletic team should draw
for its material on all the departments , not
on ono alono. Contests between the under
graduate colleges will bo a little moro satis
factory as a test of strength than matches
between the various law or meuical schools.
It is gratifying as well as interesting to
note that intellectual contests between col
leges are coming Into voguo. Two meetings
between speakers from Yale and Harvard
wcro held successfully lust year and excited
much interest. This year a series of debates
has already been inaugurated between Yale
and Harvard and arrangements have been
made for another between Yale and Prince
ton. The first debate in the latter series
will bo on the resolution that the peaceful
annexation of Canada would bo beneficial to
the United States.
Any persons who were omitted in the last
annual distribution of college glee clubs
will have an opportunity to make up their
loss at the World's fair. The directors of
the fair have set apart a hull in which the
glee and banjo clubs of the various universi
ties will bo invited to give entertainments
during the summer months.
Yalo's splendid now gymnasium was re
cently dedicated and formally opened. Tlio
cost of tlio building was $ ,000 , and it is
said to ho as perfect in equipment as the
latest appliances can make it. A now dor
mitory , to bo built by Cornelius Vanderbilt
whoso son , then a member of the junior
class , died a year ago , will complete the
quadraugie of buildings on the Yale campus
and murks the beginning of the destruction
of tlio historic "old brick row , " one of whoso
hulls will bo sacrificed to make room for the
new building.
iMilrH for Ihuudl ! N.
Tlio Omaha Athletic club bus inaugurated
a now departure , and , commencing with
Wednesday next will set asldo the morning
hours of Saturdays and Wednesdays , from
10 to 12 o'clock for the lady friends of the or
ganization. On these days instructions In
gymnastics anil fencing will bo given all
those desiring them , and during the time
devoted to these Instructions none but mem
bers of the fair sox/will bo permitted in the
Ever since the organization of the club
there has been , weekly , numerous applica
tions from the lady friends of the members
and others for instructions in the science of
fencing , and to satisfy this demand the
board of directors Have decided to make ar
rangements for m class. So far quite a
mm , her of young iwlies have Joined tlio class
and the list is ( laity growing larger. Prof.
Denis , tlio club instructor , is authority for
the statement tlmtithero are several young
ladies In the city who are really experts
with the foils.
Honored * u Omuhn Jinn.
Harry McCormich , ono of the directors of
the Omaha Athletic club , has received the
following letter from Charles T. Wilklns ,
secretary of the Central Association of tlio
Amateur Athletic union of the United States
at Detroit , Mich. :
"I beg leave to announce to you that at the
meeting of the Central Association of the
Amateur Athletic union held in Detroit on
February 4 , 18U3 , you were appointed ono of
tlio alternates to the annual convention of
amateur athletic unions. "
Doaver Is to have a bicycle factory. A
company has already been organized with a
capital stock of f'JS.lKX ) .
Ono of the Chicago ladles' cycling clubs Is
making arrangements to take an extended
tour through Wisconsin this coming summer.
C Bcrlo and Hoe have announced themselves
as ready to assume the tag and collar of the
wlloy managers of the National Cycling
The Omaha Wheel club will give a com
plimentary mualcule at their elegant club
Slill cutting down the pi-ices lower than ovor. Are you going to need carpets
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positively going out of business. Not ono single yard will romaiii unsold if cost
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caruots \ > o are tnak'ng ' up Into beautiful rugi , which you can buy at half prico.
Wo are still selling Dr. Warner's
Coralino Corsets. Also all our finest
French woven coracts ; wore 81 and $1.2d ;
now at loss than half price , fillc pair.
Satin Corsets
Our entire slock of very finest imported
ported satin corsets , in pink' , light blue ,
red and old gold ; was $ ; i.5 ( ) , $4 , and $5 ;
now closing thoin out at $1.60 pair.
Miislin Underwear
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you anticipate buying anything in mus
lin underwear , now is your golden op
ladies' Chemise
600 ladies'muslin chemise , all our 35c ,
40c and 45c quality , now 18c each.
Bennison Brothers.
house to the club members and their lady
friends Thursday evening February 10.
Nebraska division League of American
Wheelmen comes to the front this week with
seven new members , North Platte senUiug
in four of the seven. The division now has
237 members.
The Omaha Wheel club held its regular
monthly business meeting last Tuesday ove.
A new entertainment committee was ap
pointed , also a committee to call a road im
provement convention.
Louie Flescher and John Ilynes , two of
the Tourist Wheelmen who have been "rest-
Ing up" In the east , have returned to the
city ready for the cycling tidal wave which
is supposed to strike Omaha about IS'.KI.
las. Joyce , jr. , M G. I'eoll ami 13. O. Bode
wore visitors at the Omaha Wheel club
houco last week. Tlio gentlemen were under
the protecting wing of Nebraska's popular
chief consul while In the city.
Worden , the youiifj bicycle thief who was
recently captured in Council Blufl's , will
probably have a good long period in which to
repent his taste for bicycling behind the
cold iron bars of tlio state penitentiary.
Captain Potter of the Tourist Wheelmen
wears a broad , proud smile , also a beautiful
Jeweled gold medal , the club mileage prUo
which ho won last season. The medal is a
very handsome piece of workmanship and
reflects great credit upon the designer.
Mrs , Charles Hopkins , an eminent lec
turer , is now much interested in the cause of
cycling. She is delivering a scries of lec
tures throughout the east as her subject :
"Tho Bicycle as a Means of I'hjsleal Ad
vancement for Women. " Her lecture has
been delivered bcloro many assemblies of
lady students in the best female seminaries
and colleges.
Chief Consul A. II. 1'crrigo will represent
Nebraska division League of American
Wheelmen at the national assembly which
convenes in Philadelphia this month , tlio
regularly elected delegate , C. B. Nicodomus ,
being nimble to attend. Air. I'crngo leaves
on tlio ISth for the ' -Quaker City. " Now
"Perry" let 'em know that Nebraska Is In
the swim along with the rest.
The Tourist Wheelmen held their regular
monthly business mooting in the parlors of
the liotel Oollono ami among other impart-
busincss transacted was tlio revising of the
old by-laws and constitution two months
lienro and the club will bo Incorporated
under the laws of Nebraska and will very
likely be ensconced In its own quarters. The
regular election of officers occurs next month.
C. B. Nicodemus , Nebraska division's pop
ular and efficient , secretary-treasurer , lias ro-
Higned his position with the Fremont Na.
tlonal bank ana will launch upon the
undulating commercial sea In his own barque.
His "store" will bo lllled with a goodly stock
of bycyeles , cyclists' sundries , books and
stationery , and his many friends wish that
his venture may prove one of profit to him
self and a source of pride to the thriving lit
tle city of Fremont. You know "Charlie" !
when you nro up Fremont way drop la and
see him.
On the 'I'mok uuil In the StiiliU * .
The Douglas County Agricultural society
will give a r.ico meeting hero September 4-8.
Joseph Sheen of Lincoln Is the owner of
Totaway 'JlliS , slro of the little black pacer
Johnnie Smoker. 3:10'f : ' , ho having bought
the half interest formerly owned by C. L.
The two fastest trotters are N'ancy Hanks ,
3:0-1 : , and Kremlin , M:0r : % . There are nluo
pacers that have records between thcso
ligurps and the adherents of the lateral
galtcil horse take a great deal of consolation
la the fact.
John D. Crolghton has purchased the
brown 5-vcar-old mare Distaff , by King
William f > 74 , son of Hambletoiiian 10 , dam by
Stillson 070 , son of Messenger Duroc. Price
paid was 175.
It has been decided that Juno 2S there will
bo a U-ycar-old contest nt the Lincoln fair
grounds , open to any Uiacaster county foal
ofisyo. Kuch owner will put up 25 and
they will go and trot for the purse. Western
Dick Tlldeu , trainer for Mr. Page , of
yeatrlco , will have his string at the Uovlow
track for training this summer. In the
strhfg can bo found such ones as Tip Taylor ,
2:24 : , anil thp fast young horse Nlckleploto.
Syracuse Journal.
Kohn it Van Dyke. Benedict , Neb. , have
purchased ot II. 11. Allen , Waterloo , la. , th
Windsor Ties
Our entire stock of boys' nnd
a 1 pure silk Windsor ties , in beautiful
plaids , chucks , stripes and ohuimeablo
silks ; were Hoc to oOc ; now all at ono
price , 20c oach.
. -n-
o' sll' , ° of Knssoll , ' . ' -year-old record
- ' . She is out of a mare by John F
Payne , a son of the famous old mure Dolly
( 'corgo W. K. Dorsoy shipped two fast
horses to Ppnca this week to be trained at
the regulation mile track there during the
season by Air. Johnson , lately from Colorado.
' ' l I0 lK'rf5CS ' ls
H'o ' hrown
gelding Ke-
, , , -
cruit sired
, by Kentucky Volunteerf the
other is the black filly , Nona B , by Simmons.
For the Nebraska Breeders meeting Is an
nounced an uniform list of purses which are
each * > 00 , except for the fieo-for-all trot or
pace , which of itself is something of a
novelty , as it will bo decided by half-mllo
heats and is for a put-so of $200. The associ
ation has displayed commendable liberality
in the matter of entrance foe and the purse's
will be paid at tlio end of each day's races.
Iho location of the meeting lias not yet been
determined , but it will bo hold where the
best advantages can bo obtained for the as-
sedation and its visitors.
Sports of Mm Wclil.
A solitary goose was killed on tlio ice in
the Platte river , near Hogcrs , last Alomlay
A largo flock of sandhill cranes wcro ob
served passing over the city Thursday even
ing , goiii * . ' north. ThcHlrst harbingers of Iho
approaching .spring hunting season.
The most seasonable articles in Outing for
1'obruary are "Ski-Uunning , ' ' by W. S. liar-
wood ; "Spoarlmi Through the Ice , " by Kd
W. Sandys ; "Hoping Klk In the Korki.-s ; " by
II. S. Blaneliard ; ami "Ico Yachting , " by
Charles Lodyard Norton. Other interesting
sketches of snort and travel complete an un
usually pleasing number , which is also finely
Question * iintl AIIMVITS.
PiiiiNuiiM | ; : > . Nell. Y , ' } , . lo.-Tolho Piiortlns
Kdltorof Tin : lii : : : I'loaso Inform mollirmiu'h
Mimlay lliKjiiit : trliut rules Imvu bi-i'ii inndo
mid what rulesI'lianci-U In Imsn bull thlswln-
w M " "I Oinalia have a club this bvason- .
Ans. 0) ) Nono. The base ball rules will
bo a subject for discussion at thoMiivh
meeting of tlio league. If there are any
changes to bo m.ido , and I doubt that there
are , they will bo made then. (2) ( ) She may
have a stuffed ono.
Sioux Cirv , I'oli. 8.-To the Sport Inn Dlltor
of I'm : llii : : : Please state InSiiiiihiy'Msiidriliig
column- , who N the champion billiard player ,
ut any style , of the world.Cuu. .
Ans. There never has been a recogni/.ed
championship at billiards of the world , as
the games In the different countries are very
dissimilar , the English jjamo being nothing
like these of this country and France. Ivcs
Is the champion of America , Vlgaaux of
Franco and Koberts of England.
SyracusH , Nub. , Teh , 10-To Ihe SportliiK
I.dUornfTm : Ilia : I'leusiislato In thu Sun
day paper who now owns UVslinent , thu old-
tluni parerrhumplon.Viis ho not owned In
Omaha once and doesn't hu hold thu u-cordV
Ans. (1) ( ) Can't tell you tunt now. (2) ( ) Ho
was owned by the late Charlie McCormii-K
On y I4lj
Corticelli Spool Sills
Q ° Spool.
Coats' Spool Cotton
IGe dozen.
Elastic V7eb
All our lOc quality clastic web now Co
naming cotton , le card.
Darning wool , le card.
Saxony yarn , oc skein.
Silk binding braid , 6c yard.
Covered dress stays , fie dozen.
Pozzonl's Kace Powder , UOc box.
Silvcr-platod fork , 7e ouch.
Stlvor-platml ppoons , 7c each.
Silk corset laces , 1 fie each.
GolT's dross braid , 2c roll.
Silk arrusone , lie do/.oa.
Silk cfionillo,3do ! en.
Keep your eye on our closing alvertisoioits. There is
money in it. We arc going out of business and we are breaking
up housekcsping , and we finl tho'.isan.b of articles that are
handy and useful that we Invj int even considerel cost. Next
week we will phceon sale our entire holiday department , consist *
ng of toilet cases ; manicure sets , oJor cases , vases , statuaries ,
albums , books an.l thousanls of useful articles. Rjinenbr ; you
have an opportunity now to buy these -
o-03is ; at one-fourth actual
cost. For $1.00 you can buy an article suitable for mantle or
dresser , not one-lourth actual cost. This is an opportunity of your
Bennison Brothers. Bennison Brothers.
- 10 l'11L ' Cl
inilo ln'JOic : niulholils tlic record for that
way of going.
T' ' ' imnTo Ml" sl"r" ! f Editor of
I o decide u dispute. , IIUIIM | >
n. reliable old HKK ho ag of Jim
lull , who Is to light , nUMlmiiimis Miurh
\\hoN | | , o champion mld.lle-weWit of thi '
I' nil il hiatus , and Is
; ; Tommy Jtyun : i Jew
- 1 > lit
Ans. (1) ( ) Hull was born July 23,1803.
Fitzslmmcms. (3) ( ) No.
There are letters In this ofllco Tor Harry' '
Gate-wood , ball player , B. A McFaddcn. '
Loifis' lu'sillbt ' a"d
TmVNmN\NV'i ! ! ; ! ' ' " ' ' ' " " "I'O'-tliiK ' ' Kdllorof
I in : mil ! ! Would you jnVaso answer fhroiiKhj
your Sunday ism > of Tin : liui : if ,1. i , , Sullivan
was knocked down liy morn than two inun. If I
M > , wlio wore they ? I.onl.s Itoxora. |
Ans. Chnrllo .Mitchell anil Jlnirnrbett are i
the only men who over Icnoulcuii the big fal
low down in a \ > rl/.u ring.
ItKuO.tK. la. , I'Vh. 10.To ( hoSportliur Edi
tor Omaha UEK : I'leavi dec-ldo In nc\l Siindiiy
OMAHA Ilia : who wins th following bet : II. bets
Unit Harrison would carry HiUHtatii of Ohio.
I . bets Hint
Cleveland would curry btimo.
\ \ ho won ? A Header.
Ans. The but Is a draw.
O.MAIU , Feb. 7.--To the Sporting Killtor of ,
TiiiillKi : ! I'lease Mate In Tm ; Sr.MKv llm ; the t
( Into and result of itho nieiillnpi but\etm
tieorsn ll.\oii ) mid Cal Mct'arthy Mall t'ur-
Ans. DIxon wliippod Cal Mi-C'artliy at
IVoy , N. Y. in twenty- two roun Is in is'.io.
AIIMNIITON. N'cb. , IVl > . 8.Tii the HpnrtlnKi
Kdllorof Tin : Ilia : : Will you plciiitull mo ,
In SITNIIAV Ilia : where I ran 1'c-l a ( rood New
foundland pup ? AM | > In a Kainc of icveii up , t
only 0110 piilnl to ( , ' < ) on cither mil' ' docx Ilio ]
dealer co out If Jiu-ls h turned or doe hlhV- |
A Subscriber.
Ans.I ( ) f ) . II. Uooso , .Malvmi la , (2) ( )
The dealer Is out.
ClIIMIl Ittl'ID ) . N'eb. . IVb. 0.To I ho Sporting
I'dltorof Tin : HKI : : A opens a jack put (1,0 (
and II slay , A draws one rani ufler the drttw :
A. llundflcheclii I ) hi-ls : A caIN II anil O
iiass ; I ) has three fours ; A dlsi-cm.rH Unit ho
bus only a pair of.lie - , and claims hu wua
mistaken In his bund and could not open the
pot ; Ihu discard has become confused with the
rubbish ; C ! hud a pair of Uln s to come In with.
What becomes of Hie pot. I , . II. Uioom
Ans. Ac'contlng to "Call's halo ! ) ( laloas
on 1'oker , " v.'hea u jack pot Iris boun f.iisfly
opunud it must bu plaid for as though tlio
opening hud becia Uirltiinito : ; , but under no
ciirmiiHtunces can the falsa opener win It.
The penalty for a false opening is that the
player who nmdo it to put la the pot nu
amount cijual to the total amount at the
tlmo the falsity of the opening was declared ,
and rntlro from the roimd. In case all tha
other players have passed , the pot Is played
for , the penalty added , the sanio dealer dealIng -
Ing again , the offender partlelpatnij ; .
file WORLD'S ' FAIR ,
A telopram received from the Pabat
Brewing Co. , of Milwaukee , states that
they have boon awarded over ell com
petitors the solo right tojoll their boor
in all builtHligTcroctod at the Worhftg'
Solo Ropreicutntlve ,
Western Cold Storage Co. ,
3le3 for 1892 1,052,500 barrds.

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