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y earrlrr to any purt of t'i city
I Hil'IncM Office No. 43
- -
irr-T rmir jt-H
TELEl'HONKH Editor No. 23
N. Y. Plumbtntr Co
Boston Store for sun umbrellas
JucUon , pasturage , W" Sixth avenue.
Mlltonbergcr Is tlio hatter , E03 Broadway
The Mnyno Heal E.Uatc Co. , C'Jl Broadway.
Dr. Montgomery returned last evening
from Chicago and the cast.
"Children's day" exercise * occur today nt
the Second 1'rcsbyturlan church.
Fred Stone , who assaulted ttlchard Green
n few days ago , was lined 25.20 In police
court yesterday morning.
Frank Oworm , who Hvca eight miles from
Wcston , had six mules killed by lightning
last Wednesday tuoniliiiT.
The jury , In the caw of Dartles against
Witt , rotunicd n verdict In the district court
yesterday of 8160 In favor of the plaintiff.
Trculmnd ledge No. 60 will glvo picnic at
Bock's beer garden. IXilboy's band will
furnish music. Admittance will Do ! ! 3 cents
for gentlemen , ladies frco.
A plat of Chapman's addition to the city of
Council lUuffs was Hied for record yesterday
by Etta P. and O. W. Chapman. The addi
tion In located between Fifteenth ana Graham
avenues and adjoining High street.
The Andrews Opera company closed a suc
cessful engagement til Dohany's yesterday
with two performances , "Plnaforo" In the
Afternoon and "lolanthu" In the fuelling.
Fair sired audiences wcro present on both
occasions , the theater bo.lng especially well
filled In the evening.
The regular meeting of the Parochial Aid
society of St. Paul's cliurch will bo held
with Mrs. Bradbury , 108 South Sixth street ,
next Thursday afternoon. All the ladlesaro
particularly requested to como and bring
their pledges or send ihcm to Mlts Nellie
Robinson , First avenue.
Kov. , ) . E. Simpson of Wymnre , N'eb. , has
accepted the rectorship of Grace church in
this city and will formally take charge of
the parish July 1. Dr. Perry Bishop of
Iowa will preach the dedicatory sermon next
Sunday , July 2. llev. T. J. Mackay will
preach in the evening of the sa.no day , and
wo hope to see the now church crowded on
this event.
The sheriff of Adams county was in the
city yesterday morning for the purpose of
taking homo with him the three men who
were captured a few days ago for the at
tempt to hold up n mall train on the Kansas
City road at Noduway. The federal author
ities still continue to hold them , however ,
and the courts of Adams county cannot Imvo
& chance nt tlio table until Undo Sain is
A special meeting of the school board was
held yesterday afternoon at the otllco of
Justice Field to consider the bids which were
received recently for the healing apparatus
In the Third street and Eighth avenue build
ings. On comparison It was found that
William Gilbert's bid of S1G78 was the low
est on the Third street job , mid that of the
Enipltlo Shugart Hardware company for
f575 was the lowest on the Eighth avenue.
The contracts were accordingly awarded
There is n rumor going the rounds of
political circles to the effect that A. W.
Ulckman is the coming postmaster of Coun
cil Bluffs. Within the last few days his
boomlet , which was not born until several
months after the others , has been growing
at a phenomenal rate , and lie lias stated that
ho has a petition signed by men whoso in
fluence render it practically certain that ho
will bo the next postmaster. It is reported
on good authority that cx-Coticres.sman Tom
Bowman's signature was afllxed to the peti
tion Just before his rcceut departure for the
.Besides tuning and repairing , wo mnkc
a specialty of polishing nnd rolinishing
piano discs , having engaged a party
from Bnrdnmn's piano factory of"New
York. Good work and satisfaction guar
103 Main street.
Stop nt the Ogden , Council Bluffs , t10
best J-2.00 him bo in lown.
Domestic boap outlasts cheap soap.
0. E. Reid has returned from a western
trip.F. .
F. H. Evans and E. A. Troutman are in
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Shea left Friday even
ing for Chicago.
E. C. Cole left last evening for n visit tc
North Harvey , 111.
. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gregory nro attend
ing the World's ' fair.
George F. Wright bus gone to Itoxbury ,
Vt. , to spend a month. \
Mrs. Pontius and daughter Alma loft Fri
flay night for a visit in Lamed , Kan.
II. II. Metcalf of Los Angeles , Cal. , is vis
King his relatives and friends In the city.
Miss Desmond of Denver is the guest o
Miss May Farrull , daughter of D. A. Far
William Nicholson of Pana , 111. , Is in th <
city , the guest of Ills son , Aldcrmau C. H
Miss M. F. Hazclton of Plymouth , N. II.
Is the guest of her brothers , II. W. and A
S. Hazclton.
1. O. Clnpp has returned to his homo ii
New York after a visit with his sister , Mrs
S. P. Mat-Council.
Mrs. Dr. Snyder has been called to west
ern Nebraska by the sudden and serious ill
ness of a relative.
E. C. Brown has returned from a trip o
several months in Florida , considerably im
proved in health.
James Ulehoy of Mynstor street will leavi
tomorrow for a visit with friends lu tin
eastern part of the a la to.
Governor Crounso of Nebraska was at thi
Granil hotel yesterday , accompanied by hi
daughter , Miss Mnrlo Crounso.
Mrs. O. II. Ivea of Cornwall , Prlnco Ed
wunl's island. Is in the city , the guest o
MraTW. H. Mathls on Tenth street.
Master Will O'Donnoll lias returned horn
from Si. Mary's college , Kansas , to apen
the vacation with his parents on Par !
A. T. Fllcklngcr has returned from n visi
to the World's fair. His wife , who acconi
panted him , did not return , hut went tolndi
pendeaco to visit her mother ,
D. 0. Bloomer of this city has received
letter from Bishop W. S. Perry of Daveii
port announcing that Griswold college ha
conferred upon him the title of Doctor o
Laws ,
A. S. Luring , who has just completed hi
course at Do Pauw university , Gruoncastli
Ind. , and Is now visiting with his parents 1
thla city , la about to enter the ministry 1
the Methodist denomination. Ho will li
ordained in the coming fall , and until thii
ttino will pruaoh in several places hi till
The following oftlclals of the Burlingto
road were In the city Friday afternoon on
tour of Inspection : W. F. Merrill , gcneri
manager ; J. D. Besler , general superintci
dent- * . S. Eustls , iron oral passenger an
ticket agent ; l'homu& Miller , general frclgli
ngcnt ; ( Jcorgo II. Itobs , superintendent fai
freight car service , Chicago ; G. W. Khodei
superintendent motlvo i > o\vcr , Aurora ; C
M. Levey , superintendent Iowa llnct
J. M. Uechtcl , division freight uud passot
per agent ; Joel West , master mechanic low
lines , Burlington : J. H. Duggan , dlvlsio
superintendent ; E. .Jones , division mastc
mechanic ; J , I'XButiU-s , road foreman of ui
glues , Creston ; N. A. Gray , road urns tor , He
Oak ; C. V. CariKJiiter , private secretary I
General Manager Merrill , Chicago.
A beautiful line of ladles' and gent
pocketbooks , put-bos and card cases jut
received at Davis.1
Williamson & Co. . 103 Main strcol
largest uud best biuyelo stock in city.
Another improvement to the ] > opula
Ecuubert , pluno. Svwnsan Muslo Co
Ueo Doincbtlo boap.
Folico Officials Made Defendants in a Suit
for Damages.
Mm. W , A. llnye * DemnmliS.ttlftfnotlon for
the Ahiifte Meted Out to Her Mm-
baud by Member * or the Po-
llca Faroe.
Mrs. Mary F. Hayes , wife of Cautaln W.
A. Hayes , commenced a suit in the district
court yesterday by which she hopes to de
clare a dividend of $10,000 , out of the ex
chequers of Marshal Tcmploton , Deputy
Marshal Fowler , their bondsmen , E. L. Shu-
part , F. O. Glcaaon and C. li. Hannan , and
the city of Council Bluffs. The defendants
wcro served with notices yesterday inform
ing them that on or before July D a petition
would bo filed stating the cause of action in
full. Captain Hayes was arrested August
85 , ISM , by Templeton nnd Fowler for
drunkenness and using obscene language
on the strcnts in the presence of
several ladles , who wcro the objects of
his temporary wrath. On the way to the
police station lie becnnfo obstreperous and
Fowler wound his fingers about Hayes'
thro.it , allowing them to remain there in n
not very graceful but highly effective posi
tion for several minutes. On trial Hayes
was found guilty nnd fined ? 50 and costs.
The latter was by no means to bo sneered at ,
for nearly every woman who lived within
three blocks of the sccuo cf the encounter
between Hayes and the woman was sum
moned as n witness. Hayes appealed the
case to the district court , but before the second
end trial pleaded guilty and paid the line.
Mrs. Hayes now demands 10,000 damages
for the abuse her husband received at the
hands of the ofllccrs.
srKui.vr , SAM : .
Miindny tlio I.nit D.iy of the Grout Wall
1'npur. Monlillni ; unit Hook Snle ,
At prices novot- hoard of in this part
of the country before. During this sale
wo will sell papers at prices that oven
other dealers cannot buy at from the
manufacturers , nnd cvory roll wo gunr-
anteo full weight and length or money
refunded. If you intend buy ing any paper
or want any papering done , DON'T MISS
All our Sc and lOc mica and gilt papers
to go during this bale at 45c per roll.
All our llc ! } and luomotallle filled poods
for 3 days tit 7ie per roll. All our 20c
full gilt papers and coppers during this
Bale for 10e a roll. All our embossed
papers that sold for 2."ic and Iloo a roll
for ; i daysnt 12Jo a roll. All our ingrain
papers during this sale forlOe a roll. All
our liOKDUtts of every description at
HALF 1'iuou for 3 days.
1-1-inch hardwood mouldings for 3
days at lie per foot. 1-inoh pink edges
and gilt and pink ornamented during
sale at 2Jo per foot. H-ineh ornamental
moulding in 0 styles and colors , regular
price 7o per foot , for 3 days at 3o } per
foot , i-ineh gilt beading , regular price
3c per foot , for 3 days at Ijc per foot.
J and S-ineh ornamental bondings , regu
lar price -Ic per foot , during sale at 2o
per foot.
200 paper covered books , regular
price 2TC , for three days at oc each ; a
good assortment of titles.
1,000 12-mos. cloth bound books , choice
from all the best authors , publishers'
prices 50c and 75c caeh ; for 3 days wo
will hell them at IHe each.
100 Druinmond's addresses , all com
bined , bound in half vellum , regular
price $1.25 ; for 3 days at 37jc caeh.
200 Doro illustrated books , Dante's In
ferno , Dante's Purgatory and Paradise ,
Milton'sPantdLso Lost and the Doro Bible
Gallery , published $0.00 each ; for 3
days they go at "Oc each.
All of the aho.va items are only to bo
seen at the Boston store. No one ean
duplicate them.
FoTinuiNGiiAM : , WHITELAW & Co. ,
See today's Sunday Nonpareil for our
special muslin underwear , lace and
porticr sale for the next three days.
Bless Bros. , the paperhangers , will
hang paper at 121o per roll. Our work
our reference. Uoom 3 , Everett block.
Tough * Indicted.
Marshal Tomploton , Deputies i Fowler
and Anderson and Ofllcor Murphy returned
yesterday morning from KeoKuk.whero they
went to testify before the United States
grand Jury with regard to the eight men
who were arrested about n week ago for tryIng -
Ing to hold up the Kansas City mall train
near the Wabash crossing , south ot Council
Blurts. Five of the eight wcro convicted on
the testimony of the Council Blurts ofllcials ,
IColly , Swinger and O'Donnoll being ilia-
charged , as 11 was stated In THE BKU several
days ago , they would bo. No decision has
as yet been rendered by Judge McGee in tlio
case , which was commenced against the
octet under the state law , and it is highly
probable that they will bo handed over to
the federal authorities without further ado.
The four Council Bluffs ofllclals visited tlio
state penitentiary at Fort Madison while on
their way homo and saw all the prisoners
that have boon sent up from the city for con
finement. Of Tom Brooks , who is serving a
life sentence for the last four years , they
siiv bo has an excellent reputation with the
prison authorities. The elllcers were treated
very hospitably by Warden McMillan and
his assistants ,
Mnenlllcrnt Art illnsi.
The Council BlulTs Paint and Oil com
pany are just flnlHhing the art glass for
the now Grace Episcopal church. There
will bo nothing of the kind In the city
that will attract more attention and
greater admiration. Three of the pieces
are memorial windows , all from now aijtl
special do-signs. Ono was contributed
by Mr. S. II. Foster of the firm In mem
ory of his llttlo daughter Mabel. It is
an exquisitely beautiful piece. At the
base IB a bunch of lillios , with
ono broken. Above them In the centet
Is a ilowcry-wrcathed cross , and above
that Is the golden crown in a Held ol
stars , typifying the Christian fultl :
"From the Cross to Thy Crown. " An
other Is In memory of Ida Bono , contrib
uted by Adolph Bono and Mrs. G. H ,
Jackson. It is a magnificent piece of an
work in richest coloring. The other ii
a memorial olTorlng from the friends o :
Mrs. John C. Iloagland. Tlio details o
these are heareoly duecrihablo. In eaol ;
the central ligure is the croba and tlu
open bible , Its white pages illuminated
by light btruumUig from a btar In the
upper Held , The coloring and blondins
in the doblgns is done by a master hand
All the other pieces are of tlio same
high order upon the designers. Thort
are windows in the city that have cosi
much more made in eastern cities , bill
there are none that have moro brilliant
and artistic beauty.
Tlio work Is u gratifying surprise tc
r the friends of Mr. Fobtor and the Paini
company , and must result In establish
thu reputation of the hottso tint
bring orders from till over the country.
Homed In .Munatrii.
An Interesting little occurrence took placi
at the boat flub party at Manawii Frldaj
niglit which did no one any particular harm
but has since afforded these who wcro then
t > good many ( julut snickers. Miss Grat-i
Knight , a young lady of Austin , Tex. , win
s visiting friends in Omaha , was lu a boa
and her escort , A. H , KOJS of Manawa , wac
Just preparing to got in with her. In sowi
way ho missed Ma fooling and not only wcu
head over heels Into the wMor himself -
self , but cipMrcd the t > oit and
sent his fair companion to explore the
cool depths of the lake. Harry Haa * hap
pened to bo In a borH oaly ifow feet dis
tant , nnd ho heroically grabncd the young
lady when she came to the surface and
dragged her late his boat , while Jloss
caught hold of the landing nnd pulled him
self into a place of safety. The whole thing
only took a mthuto and neither of the young
people were n p.irtlclo worse for their duck
ing. The youni ; lady adjourned to n sldo
room and with the aid of her feminine
friends managed to cko out \vardrobo
which enabled her to enjoy tno evening's
festivities as well as any otio.
Startling Sale Monday Enormous Vurchaso
of l.nillpn' MilrtViilsts. .
3SO Indies' sample shirt waists a man
ufacturer's cntiro sample lino. All
styles , all kinds of material , in fancy
percales , wlilto lawns , saloons and silks.
The ontlro lot at a9cISc , 65c , 05c , "oc ,
HSc , $1.20 anil $1.48 each. Only i regu
lar price.
All tlio $3.00 finest silk waists In navy
blUe cardinal and black , nt half price
Monday , $2.f > 0 each.
200 fast black serge , 20-inch umbrel
las , paragon frame , natural wood handles
at loss than the cost of the handles
alone , Monday cntiro lot $1.00 each.
UK ) Gloria silk , 20-inch umbrellas ,
beautiful horn bundles , Monday $1.50
each ; worth $2.50.
Big sale of wash dross goods.
50 plecos of half wool challics , beauti
ful styles , at i prlco , 15c yard.
100 pieces of American challlos Mon
day , o4c yard.
Enormous silk snlo.
Such values never before offered.
5 pieces 10-inch black china silk Mon
day , 25o yard. Just i prico.
5 picos of Chennoy Bros , china silk
in black nnd cream , 24 Inches wide , al
ways sold at 81.25 , Monday cut to 75o
fnrA. This is a great bargain. Don't
nisa It.
Monday wo will offer our 75o nnd 85c
china silks all at ono price , 48o yard.
Now they must go.
3 pieces 40-inoh strictly all wool black
nuns' ' veiling Monday , 48c n yard.
Wo arc cutting down the prices on all
dross goods and silks. Now Is the time
10 buy.
Monday wo will offer some big bar-
ains In lace and chenille curtains.
t\sk to see thorn. BUXMISON Buos.
Open Monday evening until 10 p. m.
limit Cllll ) 1'itrty.
The Council Bluffs Rowing association
p.ivu Its llrst party of tha season at its boat
liouso at Manawa Friday evening. In splto
of other attractions that kept some away
o are regular attendants upon the social
events given under the auspices of the
organization , there was a good turnout and
ho evening was a most enjoyable one. The
boats belonging to the club wcro utilized
.hrotighout the evening , while good music
, vas furnished In the club house for these
vho preferred dancing to boating. It is the
mention to give similar parties every
Friday evening for the exclusive bcnellt
of the members of the elub nnd
their ladles. The following is a list
of thosn who were present Friday
night : Mr. and Mrs.V. . F. Sapp , Mr. and
Mrs. F. H. Davis , Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Brock.
Mr. nnd Mrs. P. 0. Dovol , Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Wnkcflcld , Mrs. J. Drinker of Salt Like
City , Mrs. A. It. Anderson nnd Mrs. A. K.
Anderson , Jr. , of South. Dakota , Mrs. J.
Lymuii , Airs. M. E. Sims of Chicago ; the
Misses Grace Knight of Austin , Tex. . Anglo
"iVickham , Flora Smiley of Missouri Valley ,
Delia Fcnner , Babcock of Omaha , Jennlo
Keating of Portland , Oro. , Moore , Carrie
Dodge , Edna Huth , Molllo Moore , nnd Jo-
seplnno Vincent of Chicago ; Messrs. E. K.
Patterson , G. H. Ma.vno. T. C. Dawson ,
Aaron Lyman , Ij. K. Brrdaham ot Colorado
Springs , C. E. Held , A. J. Paul , H. Warren ,
J. M. Fcnlon , A. B. Hess of Omaha , F. J.
Dcspcchcr and L. U. Dale.
Picnic trains , until further notice ,
will leave for that great fishing resort ,
Ray's Landing and Munawa park , Min
eral Springs , Gorman shooting grounds ,
Manhattan beach and Manawa opoi-a
hptibo ( whore two performances will bo
given during the season daily at 4 and
8:30 : o'clock p. m. ) as follows : Nine and
11 a. m. and 1 and 2 p. in. , and every
thirty minutes thereafter until 12:30 : at
night. Last train will leave Manawa
for Council Bluffs at 11:55 : p. in.
For rent , fetoro room , corner Main
street and Oth uvcnuo. Inquire W. A.
Wood & Co.
iTuinpiiil from n Moving Train.
Two colored men were .riding toward
Council Bluffs on the Kansas City yesterday
morning , when they wcro espied by ono of
the trainmen sitting on the platform. They
had already been put off oneo for not paying
their fare , but managed to sneak on again
as soon as the train ofllcials' backs were
turned. Four Council Bluffs oflleials hap
pened to bo on'board , and one of them volun
teered to BOO what ho could do. Ho accord
ingly went out on the platform and grabbed
hold of ono of the darkies. A.s ho did so the
other gave an car-piercing sciccch anil
Jumped off backwards from the train , which
was moving at the rate of about thirty miles
an hour. When the ofllccrs looked back they
saw him plowing great furrows in the grass
alongside the track , and it is suspected th it
an investigation will result in the discovery
of a very badly crippled up darky. The af
fair happened a short distance below Illnton
station , In this county. The other darky ,
who gave his name as Henry Perkins , was
brought to Council Bluffs and given sever
days for vagrancy.
Notice to ItosltlentH Antony the K'vcr.
William Wrido , foreman of the Mil
waukee Bridge and Iron works , working
on the Interstate bridge at Eat.t Omaha ,
was lost in the Missouri river on the
morning of Juno 2.'l. The sum of $100.0 (
will bonaid to the person who will lint
his body and notify the undersigned
promptly by wire. Description : Height
5 feet 8 inches ; ago , 40years ; hair partij
gray ; dark partly gray mustache. .
Dress : Plaid coat , black shirt , wliitt
BiibpondurB , blue overalls , gold watch ii
pocket. C. E. II. CAMi > iiKi& ,
Council Bluffs.
Cunjlit u Unite.
Early yesterday morning the palico mad (
a round-up of a number of questionable resorts
sorts in the city for the purpose of finding i
colored man named John Coleman. who ii
charged with an assault at Ogden , Ut.ih. /
man answering the required description win
found in a house kept by an alleged whit <
woman named Alice Hough , at 1-103 Broad
way. She refused admlsjion to thu olliccrs
but finally changed her mind , When con
fronted with the cnargo Coleman admittct
that he was the ri 'ht man nnd accompaulct
his captors to thu city Jail. A telegram w.u
sent yesterday to the Off do n authorities an
nounclmr the capture. The Hough \\omai
was later arres'od on the uhargo of keeping
a disorderly house and on tilul in pollci
court was sentenced to pay a line of $17,50.
T. J. Clark represents on the roai
Whcolor , Herald & Co. , Council Bluffs
only perfect cold bt.irugo plant In tin
west. General commlBbion buginobs
Fruits a specialty. Bettor proparot
than any competitors to got bcbt resulti
from all consignments. Write for quo
tntions ,
Greenshlolds , Nichoiwon & Co. hav <
moved their real estate otlice to liOl
Broadway , opposite pojtullico. Tol. 151
The Jury Stpi ihtilml.
It Is not often that Jurymen get so inter
p.stod In a case that they are willing to ilgh
for their man , but such was the case FVldn ;
night , if the reports that leaked out througi
the transom over the Jury room door are t
bo bolluved. U was the Jury in the rasa o
Kobcrt Johnson against Thomas Johnson
and all night the vote stood 11 to 1 iu f.ivo
of the plaintiff. The one Juror was obstiuat' '
and iu trying to brlnir him to their view o
ho CA O It Is statr-dtlhat lu ° cloven bccamo
in excited that Hinro was thought to bo
Linger at ono tlmo of some personal violence
icing dono. Tliqjuror who hung out came
nto the fold about 10 o'clock in the morn-
ag , when n verdict for the sum of ( I In
nvor of the plaintiff was returned ,
First Baptist Preaching morning and
evening by the tv for. Services nt Twenty-
ilnth strcol mission at 4 p. in. Sunday
jchool nt 12 in. VeXing people's meeting at
p. m. James H. D.ivis , pastor.
Trinity iMcthqdtat. Fourth street and
Mnth avenue , HoY. H. H. Barton Preach-
ng , 10:30 : n. m.iand 8 p. in. Sunday school ,
2 in. Junior league , 4 p. m. Epworth
oague , 7 p. m.
\ounir Men's Christian Association Men's
meeting nt 4 p. m. 9
First Presbyterian Her. Stephen Phclps ,
wstor. Preaching at 10:30 : n. m. nnd 8
) . m.
Second Presbyterian Harmony and Ixjgan
streets. S. Alexander , pastor. ThU Is
Children's day with us. General service nt
10 : 0 a. m. ; Sunday school nt 12 m. j Sundny
school concert nt 8 p. m ,
Congregational llov. John Akin , D.D. .
pastor. Morning subject , "A Shining Face ; "
evening subject , "Thrf Mental History of
Conversion. "
Broadway Methodist Episcopal H. P.
Smith , pastor. Preaching at 10:30 : n. in. and
8 p. m.
Fifth Avcnuo Methodist Episcopal-
Preaching 10:30 : a. in. and 8 p. m. Sunday
school , 12 in. , C. W. Brewer , uastor.
Kpvrorth T/OIRUO : l-Xcurmon.
The Epworth leagues of Council
Bluffs , Omaha nnd South Omaha , to
gether with their frionds. nro to enjoy
iiu excursion to Waterloo , Nob. , on
Tuesday , Juno 27. An Invitation has
also boon tendered the Christian En
deavor societies of the three cities to
join with thorn that the young people
may become better acquainted. A
grand , good tlmo will bo had. Should
it rnln on tlio 27th they will go on the
_ _
Koynl Arcanum Picnic.
The members of Fidelity council No 150 ,
Royal Arcanum , held their annual picnic at
Lake Manawa Friday evening. A party of
about fifty ladies and gentlemen mot nt the
corner of Broadway and Ninth street , and
took the G o'clock train for the lake. Upon
arrl"lnp at the pavilion supper was snrcad ,
after \\hlchn boat ride was taken to the
other sldo of the lako. The beach and all
Its attractions wcro then enjoyed for a time ,
after which the picnickers returned to the
pavilion and witnessed the theatrlcil per
formance. After an enjoyable evening they
returned to the city , stopping at the rcsl-
dcnco of I. M. Trc.vnor on Willow avenue for
supper. It was a highly enjoyable occasion ,
like all the entertainments given by this or
ganization. _
Tea Day * at the World' ! Fair.
Itwill cost you less than $50.00 , every
thing necessary included. This means
homes in private cottage , clean , safe ,
close to grounds and on the beach of
Lake Michigan. Write to J. T. Chyno-
wcth , Windsor Park , III. Refers to H.
W. Tilton of THE BEH , or Jacob Sims
of Sims & Bainbridge , Council BlulTs.
Music for balls , parties , picnics , so
cials , etc. , by Muclcians Union. J. E
Follett , Mgr. , 4Q6''B'wqy , Council BlulTs.
Wrldo Couldn't Sultu.
C. E. H. Campbell , the general agent of
the Milwaukee bridge and iron works , takes
exception to ono particular of the account of
the drowning of his foreman Villlam Wride ,
as it appeared In Tuc Ben yesterday morn-
Ing. The statement that some of the work
men recollected having scon Wrido swim
ming along after the boat was made by ono
of the workmen at the new bridge , but It is
denied by Mr. 'Campbell , who says that
Wride was unable to swim a stroke. Ho
simply caught hold of thp rope for an instant
and then released his hold and disappeared.
Ho thinks that Wridc was doubtless suffo
cated by the lashing of the rope In the water
before ho released his hold.
The Grand Hotel ,
Council Bluffs. The moat elegant In
Iowa. Dining room on seventh lloor.
Rate , $3.00 and 85.00 a day. E. F. Clark ,
Prop. _
Metzgcr & ICiimlluU's Ices.
No Sunday dinner ia complete with
out Motzgor & Randlott's Ice cream and
ices. Leave your order today.
Kntcrtnlnud Friends.
The Misses Hattie and Anna Walker
entertained a number of their friends Friday
evening , in honor of Miss Dorothy Holland
of Omaha. The evening was delightfully
passed in conversation and various amuse
These present were : Misses Alice Holland ,
Anna Stevens , Nelllo Jacobs , Jessie Wallace.
Cecelia Wickham , Jennie Mclntlro , Etta
Otis ; Messrs. William Marshall , Theron
Jossolyn , Clinton Spooncr. Charley Saylcs ,
Fred Parsons , Tom Askiu , Ben Meyers , Will
Squire , Hey Foster ,
Kptrorih r.cucno Kxcurnlon.
Tri-City Epworth league excursion tc
Waterloo , Neb. , Juno 27. Tickets , $1.00 ,
Hart's jowehy btoro.
For weak stomach or nerves take
Paine's Celery Compound. Always
fresh at DoHavons.
Domestic bonp is the best.
annul Jury Will llejiort.
District court adjourned early yesterdaj
afternoon until Monday morning. Just aftoi
adjournment Judge Dccmer was no tilled thai
the grand Jury was ready to report. Hosnni
them word that they would have to wait
until Monday. The grand Jury has beci
sponllng several days hearing evidence wltl
reference to the recent Main street motoi
tragedy , and , it is reported , that at leas
ono indictment has bcca found. What wai
really done will not bo definitely known unti
Monday ,
Protect your homes against destruc
tive Btorms. W. C. Jamoj 1ms tlu
strongest companies in the worlj.
Every litdy purchasing $2.00 worth a
Davis' will be prc.iented n 7f > o battle o
Tolu water for the complexion.
Go to Lake Mrnmwa today. Take youi
wlfo and habioV-'and enjoy a perfect du ;
at the great pleasure resort.
The followlngujjijarriago licenses wcro Is
suedycstcrdayoan : ;
Nanm and addro h ) ARI
IJulliiHP. .TonsniuXVmncIl IllulTs . 'J
iHophia li. Ahlus4'punull ( llluirn . 2 (
i Kobcrt K. Ihivlh.AJoiincll Illuirs . , i > :
1 Ina 1'arkhlll , Council lllnlls . , . K
"Great clearing cnlo of inlllinory-
golng out of business everything les ,
cost. The Loulh,2JS. Main St.
Cook yoi meal's this mimmor on a ga ;
rango. At costjut 'ho ' Gits company.
Abk vour grocer for Domcbtic soap.
' J " -
icjcr Uoily.
On Wednesday last Albert A. Weidc
tnoycrand Miss M.igyio E. Cody were mat
rlcd at the homo of the bride's parcutb a
Fort Omaha. Hcv. Dr. Pray of thoCaplUi
Avenue Kuiscopal church olllclatcd.
The bride Is the daughter of Scrgean
Cody , who , for many years has been con
neotcd with the army , and is a falster-in-lav
of Palsy Hnvoy.
The groom li the well known conducto
of the Second infantry band.
Both the bride and grojiii nro well kna-.ri
In army circle's , ami the fiio.uls of botl
parties wont many handboaio pic , < nif > . Aftu
the wi-ddlng , which was uttonuol by enl
the ne.ir rolallvos of the fontracth.y | ar.icf
a reception w.is held at Kcrj'eant f > lv'
resldenco , Thirtieth and Drown streets
Where Iho Scuonn Infantry baud semi.ide.
the newly married couple.
Mr. aiU Mr * . WtUouii'icr luve started n
life in u pretty fotfigono.il- the fort , whcr
they liuvu bo u receiving UiuuouxrjiuUtiJu
of their nlcuds since
Tow Race Oonrsn to Bo Built for Some
Speedy livers.
mpoctlon of ruplU' Work t > nntic < t to
Uenth Tips trout the Tongue of ( lug.
lp Miittrrn of l-prnoniil Inter
est to South Om.iliniis.
Several horse fanciers in South Omaha
lave been looking for n site on which to
build a race course for the last ten days , but
as yet they have been unable to locate a spot
hat would be acceptable. There are enough
enthusiastic horsemen hero to organize an
excellent roadsters club and n sufttcicnt sum
of money could be quickly raised If the loca-
ion were secured.
As it now is the gentlemen who have llycrs
; ot out on Twenty-fifth street near High-
ami park and have "a go" almost every
evening. Among the men who have horses
vho ean fairly fan are Harry Tagg with his
icautiful black pacer , George Koysor with
ils pedigreed stallion , Vf. 11. Sago with his
stallion trotter , Kid Mullen's calico mare ,
W. B. Check's black pacer , Munchaw's ' bay
trotter , Hall's black pacer , Tom Hock's pair
of roadsters , Gene Mayllold's roan trotter
ana several from Glvnn & Holmes' strmir at
ho livery barn. Hotly contested matches
can be seen among these horses up on the
illl almost any evening.
Ilnihrit to Douth.
Key Gump , n lad 12 years of ago mot with
v frightful experience Friday evening ,
lo was riding Grant Sweeny's pony when
ho spirited little animal became frightened
nnd ran away. As long as the pony kept
going straight ahead the boy was safe
enough , but over near tlio Q street viaduct
the mmy made a turn and dashed hcadloni :
over an embankment fifteen feet high. The
lony's neck was broken , causing Instant
death. The boy fell In such n position as to
escape with only a broken arm and severe
jruUcs on the leg. The little fellow felt so
.iad about the pony's death that lie forgot
ils own Injuries , and taking off the bridle
and saddle walked homo to tell of the acci
dent. After n physician was called the boy
-omplained of pains all through his body and
1 may bo that he has sustained Internal
njurles that will eventually result in his
death. Hn is a plucky little fellow , however ,
and has many friends who will hope for his
speedy recovery.
Inspection of 1'upllnWork. .
The handiwork of the punils In both the
public and parochial schools was Inspected
Friday by a great many persons and
every one seemed pleased with what they
saw.At the High school building the drawing
display seemed to bo the mest attractive
feature. Miss E. M. Ball was the teacher
In thU line nnd the lady should feel very
much satisfied at the progress of her pupils.
The work done by Miss Agnes Hoffman's
pupils from the llfth grade is especially
sood. The map drawing by the scho'ars ' in
Allss Lizzie Hayes' room in Albright ii also
excellent. The color work in paper is artis
tic and neat.
The pupils from St. Agncss school have
their work displayed in St. Agncss hall.
The display is a good one and is in the
charge of the Sisters of Providence. Tlio
needle work is especially line and the draw
ing and writing exhibits are above the aver
Mnelo City < ; < > silp.
John G. Irwin left for Chicago last night.
Mra. J. C. Carroll Is reported as being
quite sick.
Mr. Ed and Henry Kalhorn left last night
for Chicago.
Miss Annie Kyd of Beatrice is visiting
Miss Fannie AVhltloy.
Miss Jennie Morris is homo from a visit
with friends in Denisou.
The Masonic lodge installed Its newly
elected ofllccrs last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Moadc of Ncmaha City are
visiting friends in South Omaha.
Twins , a boy and girl , were born to Mr.
and Mrs. Dan Murphy yesterday.
'Frank Dubols' 3-year-old daughter was re
ported as bclne lost at noon yesterday.
Mrs. Henry Brocket ! and' ' Mrs. Gregory
leave today for a visit with friends m
Cole , la.
The alumni gave n very pleasant recep
tion last oveuiug at the High school to the
Members of the Elkhorn Social club gave
a social and dauco at Qrirk's hand ball court
last evening.
Burglars entered the residence of John
Lowry at Twentieth and L btrcets and stele
a gold watch.
The American Protective association gave
a luncheon and ball last c\cning at the
Knights of Pythias hall.
W. II. Doughty of the Nebraska City
News , otio of the best newspaper men on the
river , was in the city yesterday.
A largo delegation of South Omaha people
enjoyed the picnic at Courtlnnd beach yes-
erday , given by the Iloyal Arcanum.
James C.mnoJy has accepted a position in
Chicago. Ho has been employed at Cudahy's
for a long time and leaves many friends in
this city.
Herbert A. Haywoodof Grimsb'y , England ,
a relative of Edward Haywood , arrived
yesterday and will make South Omaha his
future homo.
W. B. Morton was run down by a motor
car nt Twenty-fourth and N streets last
evening and painfully injured. One hand
was badly crushed.
The ladles of the Episcopal church will
give a lawn social at tlio residence of Mrs ,
1'eter Honey Tuesday evening , Juno 137. Ice
cream and eako will bo served.
On next Tuesday evening an entertain-
incut will bo given at Blum's hall by the
pupils of St. Agnes' school , under the aus
pices of the Sisters of Providence. A lint
proeram will bo presented.
William Gleason was arrested a few days
ago for disorderly conduct. His father , wlic
llvrs at Anslcy , telegraphed Chief Beckett
ycgtcrdny to notify him of the costs and he
would pay the sumo If thoofllcers would send
the boy home.
Tom Murray of Omaha has addressed n
letter to the city poundmaster , asking him
to protect certain property that Murraj
owns from the trespass of cattle and horses ,
South Omaha Is without a poundmastcr , sc
Mr. Murray will have to come down and pro
tect his interests in person.
A Business Man Glvos n Reason
for the Faith That Is In Him ,
The rnuik nnd Conrliicliifr Htntoinent of n
Coiucrviitlvo Ucntloiimn Who Sponka
Lrrom remount Kxpcrloncc ,
The portrait of Mr. IM Molt will ba readi
ly rocoBnlzoil byovory bixlnoM man In Ooun-
ell 111 M MX For years Mr. Mntt ha * taken an
nctlvopnrt In hnslncts anil public nft.ilrs , of
late hiving lioen conducting a lumlior UiiRl-
nc4 < i , nnd residing t 47i ! Uiklnml nvomio. lle-
fore roinovlm ? In Oikiloo : tlown. . h s future
home , hn talked to a reporter In this vein :
"My cotir o of treatment under Or. Hhonirit
for a catimhal disease of ninny yo.us' stinil-
Inalmsglvon tno the most cr.Ultyluir rusults.
1 luid become very skuntleiil nUout the cura
bility of this dUcato , but I ImVo now been
coinpo led toclruiKo my notion ; o-i t ruly , Mr
cn o was of tlio usuiil type , sndly nfTociInu my
bond , giving mo pustrlo nnd Intestinal ilys-
popsluiind ole clni ; my Byptcm entirely , The
cat'irrlml dlsoa o was nil through mo and was
re illy broaklnc mo down. Tholinp-itrmcnt of
digestion and the discomfort of this dlsjnst-
liitf nllmont miido li Imperative to eek help.
So many of mv f rlonJs ntul neighbors coed
mid rollublo puonlo hurt boon eutod l.y Dr.
tilicp inl , that I tin.-illy decided to lot him try
blH skill on me. After wuttlni ! to sou fully the
reHiilts In mv cusc , I am now propnroil to its-
sort tint the system of Ors. UoDolanU and
bhepard Is thorough and r.idloal In Its results
and Is nil that Is claimed for It. This firm. In
my judgment , richly dcsorvc-9 the largo mid
Inlliiuntlnl practice they have tmlll up. Tholr
dnnl ngs nnd muthods both as doctors mid
business mun are fnir and liberal. 1 recom
mend them nioit highly. "
She Tolls Haw Catarrh Kiilnoit Her Mnglng
Among sinners nnd musicians ( ( iid those who
uru especially Interested In choir and orntorlo
ain lng Mrs. Mnrlo Hoiiiblns Is well Known.
Mm la tlio wlfoof Mr. Carl Ilclnslcns , an ox-
Spanish consul nnd ex-consul to the Argen
tina republic , who Is now In tlio United Hiatus
revenue torvlco. She Is the nleco of the Kov.
Kay 1'almor. tlio nuthoro * thu hymn translat
ed In almost every luugunKO , buclnultij with
the lines :
"My faith looks nptoThcc ,
Thou Lamb of Calvary. "
Her cou > ln , I'rof. Goorpo I'.ilmer , U lonelier
of the llobrow lantuage nt llnrvird college.
Her statemnnt will bn rend with spccl.il Interest -
est by people who depend upon tiiolr voices.
Mm says :
"It was while at B.ivnnnnli , Oeorcl i I was
slniins In fet. Matthew's church In tlio mornIng -
Ing and St. John's church In the ovonlnn and
I contracted u heavy cold. It aircolod my
voice to stU'h an oxl'Mit that I hid to const )
singing. Ciraduilly I l.oc.uno nITcctod with
catarrh of the haaa r.nd tbront. which after u
Oi-UI Vivr n > r rntor , tie !
tS" I1 "I' "It'll
A rnrload of ncrjon rtoor , ncrcon ivln-
dow unit iiuruua lra : bolluai prlcoj.
l.nruu htiuk of Utoyclea. All klmli of
Llcrclu roptilrliiK itono promptly.
41 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
tlmo bccnmo 10 nflrlons Hint I had to dm up
singing alto/nlhcr. I omploytd nil tlio best
mrntonl iKlontthnt could bo procured In thi
principal cltoa ! nf the country , but could got
no relief. Tuns I mirfnrod for nearly twenty
yeirs. Itcccntly I wns fortunnto enonidi to
placn mj-jelf un .er the Copolnnd trontmont
and I n in now happy to an ) llint tlicso phyil *
clnns have helped mo more thtin nny plivsl-
cmn I oror wont to. I HIH sltulnc hs well RI
I did twenty yonrs ngo. My voice IB a § olo.if
nnd itronic ns over. "
rnlill hinq Niinim.
"I should like to bo treated. " njndy ro.
nmrUnd the other day , -uut I would not Ilkf
to have my nnmo In tlio paticr * . "
Lot It bo Mntrd that Dr * Copotnnd nnd
Slietnrd never publish a nniiio or titntomoiil
without the full nnd frco con ont of the pa-
tlcnt , nor do they publish ncmc-hun reilth
D-irt of tbo tcitlnunu.ils. li-ttprs nnil tnto-
tnents ri < cul > cd by them from u-ratofnl pa-
tlnnls. Aa observed , thostatomPntHglvon ro
ontlroly voluntary nnd nro nhun by the pa
tients for ptibilcatlnn. lr . Copolnnd nnd
f-hepanl would iiuvor pnl-llsh tlionuntem-
lihntlc testimonial , unions I bn patient i-lvlng
It understood \\astoboprlntedandEava
Airs. W. II. ICr.llhntOld Itixldent , Tells tlie
1'copln orOiniilmVliut U'lia Acconinll < hoit
In Her Cimn.
Mr. W. II. KrMli. a well known citizen In the
cmp'ov of Sshall A : foil , contractors , llvrs at
Mtli i.nd Iic.tvennnrlh nttcoto. Ills wlfo has n
Inrgnclrula of friends who will road her ox-
porlerun with intercut. Mrs. Krnlh 8'tys :
"So highly plcasod am I With the results ot
my troiitiui'nt with lr . Copuland mid Hliop-
nrd that I do not tiosltnto to eommonil thum
Mronglv to nil MilTerlns fi-oin chronic Iron-
b'cs. My pain nnd mlsorv weio nlniost too so-
vcro to bo.ir when 1 boL"in ihplr treatment.
Tor ovnr n yunr t h.id pnlns nil throimh mv
body , especially In my side ) n deep brcutq
Mn ? . W. II. riHATir. 51th and Iionvonvrorth.
was Imposslblo. On movlni I had a dlatrcji-
IIIK p-iln and vurtlgn , or dl/rlness. Sharp pains
around my hcntt mn'lo mo faint and sick. I
could got no air through mv nose on account
of oatnrrh In my hu.id. I nlwayn laid my
trouble to work In thu guidon amln\posuro to
roldo , but whatever tlio canso It made mo
wretched and In olio down my health. Now
that I am restored I tlenlrothat.aH my friends
sli ill legnrd tl.Is public statement as an ex
pression of my belief foundation personal ox-
purienco ilutt these it'tyiliMiit mo rtU Wittt u
Cat irrh nnd nil cnniblo diseases treated at
low and iinltorm rates niodlolno trou. Pa
tients nt a distance Miceossfiilly treated \iy \
mull , tend for symptom btatiK.
Every Curable Disease Treated-
Ofllco Hours-ll to 11 n. m. ; ! ! to. > p. in. : 7 to8 D.
m. Sunday 1U a. m. to U m.
Fon'.od prouosnls will bo received by the
secretary of tlio Hoard of DUicntton until i
o'clock p.m. Monday , .lulv : tJ. 18J.1 , for laylnjt
cdinont and tlio walks for the Central and
J.othrop school bullillius , In accord -inco with
plans nnd siiuulfloatluns on ( lie In the ollloe ot
John Ijatcasur , Architect , ll.irker block , city.
The board rosim on the right to reject uny o
nil bids.
By oidorof thoHonrd of ndiionttnn ,
CllAUIjKS CONOYBK , Secrotnry.
MKIn for n Church.
The St. Vnclnv Oathcllo Chureh Society of
Dortgo. Neb. , will receive sealed bids up to 4
o'clock p. m. July 1. IM ) . ! , for thu erection of a
church cdilluo at Dolco. Nob. , neeor.llnu to
plans and ppccllicalioiis on Illo nt tlio omco or
Itev. father Vranuk , 14 ! 0 S. Uth it. . Omaha.
Nob. All bids must bo Illcd with Charles
Hrabalc. chiilrmanof building commlttoo ut
IJo.lge. Nob. , on or before the above d-Ho.
lly order of committee1. ,
DoilL-f. Nob. . J line ii. : 1S'3. ' _ . J33d3t *
Special r\Iolic23 ; >
caumn DLUFH.
nnil loann. I\irin and city nropurUr
AHSTUACTS sold. I'liduy i TlioiniR , Council
lIliilTH .
rpinovf-d , cc'HHpoolB , viinllH , clilimi ys
GAHIIAOll lid Duiltc , ul T.iylor'H fiocery , 510
llroadwny. ,
AROAINS-For sale , 7 ! ) by 1130 feet on rr.infcllu
.ivi'iitu- , -H.riixi.oo ,
JUWcn-H butwi-en iHtHtrrot and rranltlln avo-
nuu , JloHt plattlnir piopcilj In llioclty. f'JO.llOll.O. ) ,
T\\ololH opposite ! Thirl Hllri-t Ht'liool , $1,500.00.
OIHJ lot \VllHon IViruci1. $ il.r > 0.00.
Thn-olotH , c-onu-r Main Htr.ict mid 12th nvnino.
Ik > BlHltufurlinilciiu ) > nllioiist > ln tlioclly7.ril)00. ) ( )
l.oin'i'f .V , 'fowl" . L'.t.t I'o.irl Hlrcft.
.iSO-acrt'pooil. Inipiovoil f.inn In HTO. i.7-IU-tl.
'Isiu'rld.inCo. , NI-II. , fnrHiUi nt 1.01)0.1111. ) Thin
IB.-IU.I.V hulowltn v.ilm' . Jolinston A. V.'in I'.illon ,
O YOU want to iiMit your IIOIIBO * K HOC ill at
JD the Maynn ltii.il liat.it tt'o. il''l llroiilwav. i
7 " | 0 ACltns ( rood l.-inil In ( laiiicrcoiinly , Ni'li. , tor
' 'DXt-hJiivii fi > r Iniiuorrd prop'-rly In Council
Ilhi H.Tliit _ M. ii IIP ltu-il lst.itJ ! Co. . ili-'l llrn.ulw.iy.
IVTlfK COTTAOns Soii-r.il of thi-tn for H ilo ! lO'V
lilulcoH anil XL'iv I-IHV : p lyinuntH. The Mayuo
ltr.il llHt.itoCp . , li'-'j llroa'lwiiy. _ _ _ _ _
CltKARi\\iuitud : ni-.ir Council Illuirn In i-i-
cli.uiKti tor mo acn-H line 1 mil In northern Mls-
nourl. near loiv.i linn , ulc.ir nf IniMimbrancu. Th9
M.tYiiu Iti'.il Kit-no t'u. . iljl HmiiUv.iy.
inn ACItmiiiinrui-iAl 1ml In nortliurii Kaimis.
Icli'arof liu'iimt > r.iiu"t , will nvchanvu for Janil
ni-art'ouiiell llun ! ; < . TliuMiynuHu.il UaUlu Co. ,
Ui.M llni.iilway. ;
IfHH UXCIIANOiWell l-niirovoil HO-'iorO Iowa
1 f.inn ni'.ir ( 'noil lown. tlur of laoiiiiilir.iiicni
w 111 cxch.iniro finulio icHl'li-nci" In Council Illnffs
nnil iMvi--iHlulllluri'iicu. Tlio Miiyno Heal Uatjta
Co. , il''l llio.ulw.iy. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
iTbll KXCHANOi : , nlcn lot on holloni for horns
anil buifity. in-eiinlili'liln. . NlrliolHon A. Co.
\XrANTBH-Hlrl for irciw-ral lionnnwork. Apply
IT iK.tciui T.iilla , in at .I'Jll Oikl.mil axi-niif , lifter
that hoiirnl iillMuln ; Htn-cl H. I' . MPKI-MHIIII.
Jj7lh av mid If.lh av. , Saturday ntli-rnoon , cold
watch.Hlimi _ fi'Ji ! 7lh ilv. ami n't n-wmil.
\ irANTIJIrireti'l.iHD ) walU anil Hlilrl innkcni
> ntoncui ulHoappioiilk'B. KulHon'H , 1001 Fifth.
ilVtllllC' ,
\\rANTKH-Olrl for ecncial hoimowork. 113
< > Glen iivt-nnu.
WG carry the largest HUG of S2cklcst Kntt'G I'lGncJsr Guards ,
Rivets , Pitman 13oxes , ftnlcG TGGth , Oil Giuis , PunoliGS , Coot
t etc.
r I
WG guarantGo prompt shipmGnts. Sendus your orders.
Z30-l-5 3-10 Main St. , Council Bluffs Iowa , .

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