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Progress Made by the Senate Toward the
Repeal of the Sherman Bill.
.erday's ' Debate on the Subject Did Not
Develop Any New Facts.
Senator Chandler Criticizes the President for
Ovcrstopping Ilia Privileges.
Ilia l-Pttor to Governor Nortlien of
Coiiiinciitijd Upon Now V orl ( 1'olltlcs
mill llilw.iliin Aimim llruticlit
It/to / Iliu Dim iiHulon.
> , Sept. ! iO The day In the
senate closed llio eighth week of the extiu-
orditmry session and the lUth week of do-
liSVaon the bill to icpcal the puichasing
clause of the aet of Ib'JU ' , commonly called
the Sherman law. Theie was today on each
side of the pending question , Senator Camden -
den of Wc t Viiginlu in advocacy of icpcal
null Senator Poffer ol Kansas in opposition
to icpcal and favoring the fioo coinage of
ot'n.uor Chandler , in his criticism on con-
"al grounds of the action of tl.o
ftuit in the appointment of Mr. LUount
ns his personal icpicscntatlvo in the
Hawaiian matter , was closely followed by
republicans nnd democrats alike , and but for
the determined effort to picss the lopcal bill
to a vote the incident would doubtless have
led to a lengthy and Intelcstmg debate.
\Vhcnlhc senate met this moinlng , Mr.
Pcrklna of Callioinia gave notice of an
amendment Intended lo ho pioposcd bj him
, to icpcal the bill , causing out the sugges
tion made in his iccent speech.
GliimillmV. ICi solution.
The resolution offered jesterday by Mr
Chandler. callii < g for information as to the
commission now investigating the Now Yoik
custom house , was laid befoio the sen-ite ,
nnil Mr. Chandler spoke in defense of it Ho
said the object was to asccitaln the * facts
from tlijo tieasuiy dcptrtmeiit , and after
learning thorn to invoke , if necessaiy , the
action OT congress to picvent the appoint
ment of iifllccrs or nomination of olllccis of the
Unltodrfetates without awauant of constitu
tion or/law and contrary to the spliitof
both. Mr. Clmndler sent up to the desk and
h id ry.ul the letter of Appraiser Cooper
tcndrong his icslgnatlon bo-Jauso of the
treatment ho had teccived at the hands
a , commission. Air Chandler lead
ow York papers icpoits of the
ngs of the commission Ho read
Now Yoik paper a statement that
GSrover Cleveland was elected picsi-
no of the Hist decisions ho and tils ad-
icached was that places must bo
for sonio of the anti-snapper demo-
in Now York without violatlnpr the
service law. He called this statement
julally to the attention of Mr Hill in
that the senator might tell the senate
her any of the vacancies th it had been
hud bcon tilled by anti-snapper dcmo-
or by democrats who belonged to that
of the party to which the senator bo-
d. Another article which ho hail letd
[ ox-Seciotaiv I'ahchlld was on the
id loll" along with spies and dotectlviM
Muclo Without Anthill It } .
Chandler aiguod them was no author-
In law for the appointment of the com-
iqncis , as a lefeienco to the const ! tut Ion
; cd , and that great doi umcnt could not
ecuricd to too often when theio was a
idont in the white house who , in the
[ dug of appointments , was 'v tiling to vio-
the laiuruac-o of the constitution
! 5t , Chundlersaid ex-Scciotaii Talicliild ,
lad tiled to demolish the senior senator
jNow Yoik ( Mr Hill ) , was anxious for
nition by the administration , and It
lotcoiufMilont to give him iccugnltlon
M.igono and Mr Polnilo-ctcr
of Now York weio also deslious of
. Itlou. Whether Mr , Wallace McPai-
hmr mulcted any imtl snapper sciviuj ,
ch dcmamlcd that heshould bo lowaidcd ,
Chandler did not know. These uentlo-
i , how over , llnally found iccognitloii at
hands of this adinmUtiatlon In being
lolntcu an Investigation commission in
iuancoof an approptlatton in the sundry
1 appiopilatlon bill of March , IbVJ , , ( or
"detection of fraud upon the customs
cnuo , "
That false piotonsoof nuthoiltv Is"said
Chandler , "an attempt to IOW.UM these
! .lngulshcd gentlemen for their political
vices to tlio domociatlo paily and for
Ir brief ami heroic attempts to build up
anti-snapper faction in the state ot Now
irk , for destruction of the scnatuis fiom
at state , whom 1 am pleased lo see upon
'ils ' iloor. "
AVlioio Mil Supported tlio I'rusitlimt ,
Hoforiimj to the rope il bill , .Mr. Ch miller
, \Id ho was now engaged In supporting thu
president in his offoits to get the silver law
opcalcd , This would not deter him , how-
vcr , from uiiiicislng the picsident.whom hu
lioutlit ; was dlsiogaullng the picscnt law ,
[ indhadmado a law unto himself and the
hoUijQ w lion ho reached a dotermina-
Ion to carry out that determinationwhether
: jO saw law for It or not , Mr , Chandler , in
.upport of lila argument , cited the appoint-
of Clcvc'lmu ! In his former tei in , with
out iho nil vice and consent of the senate , of
Putnam and James II , Angel as
Dinip'Ualpiiciii ' to negotiate a fisheries tieaty
, vlth Urc.it' Uiittiln , in violation , ho said , of
U3tfUlIOIl ) ,
JI ' 4 CMiandlor rofoired to the "Messapo to
10 sonuto communliated to Ooveinor
S'ortl ion of ficoigln" and said ho hail seen In
recent London paper tint theio was a
- . . ' between " .
hii-i.Jliirieseinnl.mc'o tho"lotteis of '
'jcsfdent Cleveland and those of the urn-
ofUeimany , "
ni ; back to the Hawaiian episivlo Mr ,
liailtdlvricad fiom the picsidcut'a letter to
fcho Igovoinmcnt of Hawaii tlio sentence ,
God Imvo jou in his wide keeping"
.at a bcnellccnt air of ro itltv hovers
(5-thut ( extension of the good wishes of
majesty , the picsldcnt of iho United
jcs , " suid Mr , Chandler , "through his
jniil commissioner , who has paramount
ority to the provisional government of
ail , " Air Clmndler said the appoint- '
ofMiIllountwiisa moio gttiss vlula-
Df constitution than had occuiuvl In
pKlntmont | of olllelils In UK ) .M-ais It
) o iho president and heudii of depart- t
a should bo bi ought to a rigid oUaerv-
of thu constitution
,8 resolution heretofore offered by Mr.
Dolph , republican , of Oregon , calllm ? for
Information as to the p ij inent of pensions to
persons residing abroad , was taken ut ) Mr.
Dolph said thcie was cither great Ignorance
in the action of the pension bureau , or a pre
meditated Intention to thwait the will of
congress and he cited the case of the widow
of Commodore Watson , whoso psnslon ,
praiitcd by Rpeilal act of congress , was sus
pended six months ago and she was called
uKii | to prove by living pciaons an ovcnt
tvhleh oceuned eighty-five j cars ago The
"csolutlon was placed on the calendar.
Mr Teller , republican , of Coloiado offered
\rcslutlon which went over , calling for
informal'oti as to the amount of silver bullion
purchased by the Treasui v department in
the month of September , IMM
'Iho repeal hill wus laid before the scnato
at 1 o'clock as the unfinished business , and
Mr. Camtlcn , democrat.of West Vitglnla , ad
dressed the sen ito In advocacy of the bill.
Ho said the Shcimnn aet was an innovation
on the icc'ognUed principles of finance , and
ho should \oto for its icpcal with the clear
imdcistaiullng that It should not produce a
contiaction In the volume of money , which
should be piovidcd against.
I'rnc tunllj Impolitic.
Tlio free coinage ot silver under the exist- j
Ing conditions , said Mr. Camden , and its cir
culation at a piriti with gold , was a ptactl-
eal impossibility , and ani attempt to estab
lish bimetallism or the flee coinage of silver
In the United States without an Intel na
tional agreement would biing the United
States at once to aslHer bisls Ho believed
that the conditions would so change bv the
end of this decade that tlio free tolnago of
sihcr would not onlj Uu icstoied In this
country , but in Kngland and Uuiopo.
If the bill to repeal the pinch ising clause of
the act of Ib'JO bo passed It should bo fol
lowed , Hist , by legislation to strcnathen the
tic.isury , second , to gho moio elasticity to
the issue of paper money , and to guild
against the sudden contraction of the cui-
and usoof siherfor domestic eliculatlon In
this countiy as sihcr money wlthlrf specified
limits Mr. Camden slid that ho did not
shuo the belief which existed that the
president would not appio\o legislation
U'cognizlng sihcr , and that it was no reason
for opposing the passage of the pending bill.
Ho had full faith in the wisdom and pa
triotism of the picfildcnt , whose iccent
llttcianccs should set at lest all doubt on
ttiat point.
Mr. Pcffer , populist , of Kansis then re
sumed his aigumcnt against the iciic il bill
begun on Thutsday. Mr. Poffer concluded
his speech at I 30 p in , and after a brief
executive session the senate adjoumed.
IN run iiou-ii : .
llcpeal ot tlio retlcial iicrllons : Livv tlio
WASHINGTON , Sept. 30 The session of the
house today lasted only tinco houis The
feature of debate was the speech of Hepic-
sentativo Patteison of Tennessee. With a
fiankness and boldness that attracted the
attention of domociats and icpublicans
alike , he reviewed the hi3toi.of . the lecon-
stiuetion period and the striigplo of w Into _
men in the south to icifaln control of the
states after the war. He admitted that \io-
Iruco and o\cn fraud might ha\c been used ,
hut asserted tha * < the iclations of the Anglo-
Saxon and negro lacc-J wcio In the nutuic of
things certain to culminate eventually in a
lace contest. Ho piocceded with his llcico
denunciation of the policy of the lepubliean
party unucr a hot tunning Ilio fiom all the
republican leaders
Do\Vitt Winner also enlivened the debate
hi an assault on Judge Woods of Indlin i in
connection with his decision in the Dudley
Mr Sijcrs of Texas , the chaiiman of the
committee on appiopiiitions , picsonted a
hill to extend the completion of the woik of
the cle\cnlh census until June 110 , Ib'Jl. ' The
bill was passed without objection ,
Xiltlniml Unctions l.iiu.
Debate on the bill to repeal the n itional
elections laws was lesnmcd , Mr Patteison
of Tennessee taking the floor In suppoit of
the measure Itwasns impossible to stir
up fiatricld il stlife now , ho said , by tei itinf ;
the honois of the late civil war an it would
bo by iccounlinn the hlstoiy of the war of
the iioss. In discussing the puiposo of
these laws ho malntalnod tint President
Lincoln went to his grave novel di earning of
unheisul ncgio sufliaKC , that not a soldier
who fought for the union drcuned of it
during the waror Immcdiitoly after.
"Tho cieitcst calamity , " said he , "that
over happened to a fi co people was the as
sassination of Lincoln. Had ho Ihcd and
eaiilud out his policy theio would h.uo been
peace and piospciitj In the south twenty-
live j ears ago I ho excitement and hate
engendeied by Ltncoln'-s assassliiadon made
It ] ) ossiblo for the ambitions lepublU-an Icad-
eis to place their heel on the neck of the
south. The iccoiifitinction legislation was
passed on the theory that tl.o so\eicignty of
states was gone and the southern states
weio conqueicd tciiitoi . The camp follow -
cis and thu carpet biggeti rushed in , Mhu
southein leadcis wjio depihcd of a voice In
the go\ eminent , OoiJOOOJJOOJ was
heaped onto the debt of the smtthcin states
Kuln , diminution , lawlessness , fraud and
couuptlon icigued Dupiemc ,
Gcncial Hcndcison of Iowa interrupted to
lead a letter horn an unnamed indhidti il of
Tennessco that dechueit that In Jlvooftho
counties of that state wholes ilo fraud and
intimidation wore pnietlccd.
Mr. Pattei-hon icphod by recounting the
history of an attempt in ISbS to punish elec
tion fi amis , Ho called attention to the con
dition of affalis In the south before the war ,
when the man who would coirupt or spona
iiionoy on elections was a dishonored man
If it has been otherwise in ( ho south since
the war the origin must bo looked for in
these election measures.
\VllllO Itllll ! Ill tllO Mllllll.
"In the states which weio Mexlcanlzcd
the \\hlto people of the south had to submit
or resort to Iraudtogot bick control. The
altcinati\c loiced on these people was the
most awful in the hlstoiy of the Anglo-
Saxon race. In the south , by these meas
ures , " said he , addressing the icpublicans ,
"jou draw the color line , iou force all w hito
men , pioteotionlsts or fico tiadcis , Into the
defense of that other oveishadowlng doc-
ttmo that the w hito man shall lulo. The
tlmo will uo\cr como , " ho continued , "when
the negroes can bo organized by any political
pirty to again control and contammato
these states , " ( Domocratiu applause >
Onu after another the icpuhlican leaders ,
Cannon , Burrows , Henderson , crossed
swordti with thoTenncHsecati , but with skill
and craft ho parried tlielr thrusts. As ho
pioceedcd to discuss the efllcacy of the
Austtallan ballot as a means of purifying
the ballot , General Henderson shouted :
"What good will the Auslialhn ballot do if
jou stand lieic ins sting that the Caucasian
hlmll and will rule ) "
"I'lvilUatlon , " loplled Mr , Pattoison , 'is
not thu work of a da.v orajoar , it required
ages to maliO an Kngllshmuu , an Irishman ,
[ coxiiM'tu o.\ sum
Gorman Critics Beginning to Find Fault
with Their Navy.
Monstrous Masses of Steel and Iron TJusuited
for Useful Work.
Spacimons of Naval Architecture that Can
not Bo Trusted at Sea.
In He-ivy Swell 'llulr Crown ran Ho
> otlilii hut Hold On rhuy Are Alon.
uniints of i\tra\.ifinoo | nnil
1'oor Judgment.
, Sept. 33. The arrival of Emperor
William of ( Jounany at Homlnton , his
Prussian shooting box. has been IKcd for
tomuiiowhen ( the new chapel built theio
will bo dedicated in the ptcscneo of the em-
pi ess and a lat ( o number of the court.
In this city no cicdenco is given to iho
story that the emperor vvllL visit Fiedens-
Iho recent agitation in England In regard
to the defects found in the British war
ships , biought on mainly b > the disaster to
the Victoila , has an echo here. It will bo
rnmcmbcied that In the House of Commons
recently . , Air. Cdward T. Gout nay , n well
know u shipbuilder and member for Sunuer-
land , asked whether , since the sinking of
the war ship Victoila the goveinmcnt's attention -
tention had been directed to the
eilticism of experts at homo and
abroad as the utility of ships of monstious
size. It was claimed that the majniitv of
the large British bittle ships weio compaia-
tivclj useless for the puiposo they wore In
tended for. It was also suggested that the
Ihltish licet would bo moio strengthened by
the addition of laigo numbers of fasteiuis-
ciSI , of powerful lams , and vessels of a t.vpo
smaller and less expensive than the monster
battleships which seem to lind so much
favor with the Uiitish shipbuilder.
In this country the repoitod increase in
the naval estimate has caused much dis
satisfaction : among the radicals and Hbcials
who claim that Germany docs not need a
stiong navv or an addition to the army.
Iho shipbuilding experts of Go-many have
followed closely the criticism made in Eng
land upon the British warship which
has recently met with disaster ,
and t'uo German experts insist that
the ' present existing typo of Geiman
wjiships is especially unsuited to Germany ,
They cite , as an Instance , that the Koenig
Wilhelm and the IJoutschland arc scaicely
able to use their guns during a heavy sea.
This fact was instanced icoently during the
naval mauouvcis in the German ocean , and
ittl is claimed that these ships were shown to bo
thoroughly unsuited for Gcimanj's flatland
coast. The Koenig Wilholm was launched
Ite 1SGU , has twelve inches of armor , canies
eighteen ll > < J-ton guns and four 12-ton guns ;
she has 8.000 indicated hoiso power and a
tonnage | displacement of l > ,737 tons. The
Doutschlana has ten inches of armor , canies
eight " 3-ton guns and sov en 4-ton guns. She
has 9,000 indicated horse power and a dis
placement ' of 7,700 tons. It is also shown
that w at ships like the Kron Piiiu roll so
much ' in the Geiman ocean that their crows
are scarcely able to move at all In view of
these facts , it is moio than likely that the
govcinmcnt will meet with serious opposl-
lion in eauying out Hmpeior William's pro-
jcct to incicasu the stiength of the Geiman
ull 1.11(0 a Cr.ldlr.
The ICroa Prlnz has only live Inches of
armor and canies sixteen nine-ton guns.
She is of 5,800 indicated hoiso-powor and
has a displacement of r > ,5S ( tons. As an In
stance of the rolling piopensltics of this ship
It Is said that on a iccent cruKo when she
mot with lather lough water neaily all her
oftlcois and s illors were moio or less sea
sick , and those who wcio not seasick weio
pitched about and bruised in an alarming
manner. Complaints of a similar naluio
have been miulo acainst sovcral warships in
Great , Hi itain.
The picsont situation of the Bavailan
Diet will bo watched with unusual intciest
hcie , becattso the recent elections in Bava-
ia ! considerably changed iho position of the
diffeicnt parties in the House unit have
wrested the majoiity fiom the center party.
Thlsicsultis chlolly owing to apolitical
i evolution , headed by what is known here as
the Peasants leiguo , an oiganl/ntlon
sonunvhat similar to the farmcis alllanco
In the United States. The rebellion of the
peasants is different fiom the rtirmcis'
movement inasmuch as It is pilncipally a
piotest against intcifoicnco in political
affairs on the part of the clergy. It is ex
pected in v low of this change on the part of
the panics the Kovctnment will have a dlfll-
cult task to cany Its meaiuies ,
Vliiinn AiniicliUti.
The authorities of Vienna are doing every
possible thing to got to the bottom of the
iccent anarchistic plot which tineatoned to
destioy the Housa of Paillamcnt , together
vv Ith a number of thn most prominent build-
mirs on the Rimrstrasso. The police now
claim the Cznclis weio also Implicated in
the iccent anarchist movement. Thoj make
this assertion on the giound that a huge
number of C/ocn pamphlets have been '
found duilng the eaily moinlng hours
thiown about thesticotsof the capital , with
the regular bloodthlistj lltc-ratuio already
reported to have been found thickly Etrovvn
tluough the streets of Vienna. In addition
a larger number of C/cch pamphlets have
been found in tliu ofllccs of the editors of : os oi
Czech newspaper published hero , as well as
in the ofllco of the socialist piper entitled
Tcukunft. The editors of both these news
papers have fled.
Will Trout Onl ) lth Iho Klni ; .
, Sept. in. The Matin publishes to
day an interview with a functuarv of the
colonial department in which the latter de
clares that it is useless for King Bchanzin
to send emissaries to France , which country
would refuse to recogrUo them. The gov
ernment , the ofllciaU said , would treat only
with King Behauziii himself. Thu cabinet
deslics u peaceful termination of tlio dis
LONDON , Sept. 30. A dispatch to the Times
from Pails Ba.vsPrime Minister Dupuj is
ultcilnu his mind in regard to his piomlse
tlfttl the government would contribute to tliu
Inn a for tno ontortainmuut of the oalccis of
the Russian squadron ai Toulon. The article
adds that slnco 1830 iho French have In
vested fully JE180,000,000 in Russian securities.
Ills I'ntnlly 1'cnr tlio It'rturli of Serious At *
tick * Tlio 1'rlnco 1'leHiteil.
ICopin lulitttl 1S03 In/Jiiiriti ( ronloncitiifl,1 (
KissiNOF.v , Sept. 80. New York Herald
Cable Special to Tn * Bce. | Blsmarok's
relatives are very anxlovs and deslm to re
move the prlnco to proldorlelisrnho as
soon as possible , fivcry day there
are different versions 'about the prince's
Illness and dlflicult abortions as to the
tiulh I learn from a j-ellablo source that
the pi Inco suffcis greatly from neuralgia in
the face. Iho tici ves of the legs also cause
him girat pain and inflammation In the lott
lung continues , and furthermore , sciatica is
still bad , whllo the bltot > f an insect on the
neck caused a painful swelling. Bismarck
had bad Inllalnmatlon off the lungs in ISM )
while on thn way | to St. Petersburg
and was laid up at Hahcndorf from Novem
ber till the following Mu'rch.
This is ono icason vvh" the family Is so
anxious , as they fear J rccuircnco of the
same nml uly mtij provi jinccrous. During
his Illness the cx-chanc-or * has allowed his
beard to grow , as ho dislikes being shaved
by others. Even since Emperor William
sent his famous Gucns despatch , tclcgriphlc
imiulilcsnro sent dally' by nearly all the
monaichs of Etiiopo , . '
Blsm.uckvvasas much surprised as pleased
by the kaisei's dlspatcl , for ho thought the
machinations of his eno.iiles had prevented
any chance of better iclations with William.
Intention * of tlio Kuisor.
BCUIIN , Sept HO | | Ncw Yoik Herald
Cable Special to THE , Brc.J The kaiser
will not % islt Bismaick tor the present and
the Bismarch clique is cnco mnro In the as-
ccndancy. Numerous press opinions inti
mate that Bismarck would limo been moio
diplomatic if ho had accepted the hospitality
of ' tlio Kaiser , then to hSvo been compelled
by his doctor to refuse the invitation.
ThoTiiplo Alliance Is offended at iccent
Ficnch mancuvcis , which are also taken as
indications ' that the rrolleh authorities are
no ' longer masteis of thrt situation. Thn at-
laches of Trance hero accused of
' aso _ keeping -
ing up a spj system , 'jfho military paity
rejoice and magnify incidents and it isfeaied
that ) if it carilcs its Jioint there will be a
renewal of hostilities if Csio is not taiien in
Italy will loform her i-.oUilizution sjstcin ,
adopting the Get man sitcm. t
SIIillvlNU ritlOMJU M1NKK.S.
. \nilr In the 1'iiK-ilc-CalniR Dlnttlct Are
llrroiiiliit ;
PAHIS , Sept. 30 There have been several
sci ions riots in the P.u-de-Calais coal dis
tiicts. : The disturbance took place last
night and today. The strikers organized
themselves into patrols * and endeavored to
prevent" nonunion men from going down Into
the mines or In any w iv taking part in
putting out coal. The olico were utteily
unable to coua with the s > rikcis and had to
call upon the tioops for assistance. The
latter managed to disperse the stiikcis.
The strike throughout the Pas-de-Cal lis
district , with the oxccrtlon of the not re
ferred to , ictmains stationyy.
In the Caimaux district the miners have
dceldcJ by a lar o innjoiity to go out on
Slum Informpil bj J'nince tlmt > lic MtiDt at
Once Comu to Turni8.
LOVDOV. Sept yo. A dispatch to the
Times 1 from Bangkok srtis Al. do Vileies , the
special envoy of Franco to the goveinment o :
Slam , piesentcd jcstorday the draft of an
other treaty to Siarn. declaring it
must i bo accepted without alteration
Sundav next. It IB undci stood that
in i the diaft piesentcd Franco diops the con
sidciatloi.s consideind as being excessive ii
the t ultimatum pieviousli printed and moro
sciiously affecting Suim. 13ut the king is
onlj given forti-eight hours in which to
decide , as M. do Vilcres threalons to leave
Bangkok J at the cxpltatlou of that time.
More lion Co Out ,
BIICSSIMS , Sept. ! ! 0. AdUies from Ctiarlc-
roi in the Department of Halnaut announce
that a huge number of mlneis have struck
theio in addition to those already out , mak
ing u total of I'JjGOO men already on a stiike.
A gcnei.il cessation of work is expected on
Monday. Many of thn men who h.ivo been
on ' a stilko at Mons and Liege aio lotuining
to work.
Aniitlipr A ntiomlili > l.ui Iltposoil.
BI.UI iv , Sept. 30 Iii conscquenco of the
assoitlons from anti-Semitic sociollesth.it
the religious books if-cd in the Jewish
schools contained dootiincs dungeious to
publlo life the povcrnment oidcicd an ex
amination of the books Tliu examinations
showed that the assertions wcio cntiiely un
AttiifUml tint Mull
PAIIH , Sept. SO , A ilot occuired near Lens
today. Whllo a squad of gensdarmcs were
trilng to dispeiso a mob of strikois at
Astncourt they weio assailed by the men '
out of woik. The gensdarmcs chaigcd with
drawn swords. Several of the sliikeis woio
wounded and a number arrested.
C'lllllll JSOt lit Ills Illllar ,
HOMP , Sept. 30. ix-lviif ) ( Milan of Scrvla ,
while tiding from Mons on a hoisu belonging
to King Humbert , was thrown and was sup
posed to have been seiiouslv injuid. It ap-
pcai.s , however , that the king has not suf
fered any serious Injuty.
JMtifcl Sjrvn in tlie Army ,
PAIIIS , Sept. 30. Tlio priests tluoughout
Franco have been for the first time called
upon to do a month's service with the army
icscrvcs , The temporary absences fiom
their pailshes arc being bftlcially published
In the church papcip ;
Aiitflo-Amcrictn I'arrol I'nst ,
LONDON , Sept. ! ! 0. Mr. Hcnnlfer I lea ton
Is a passenger on ooartt the steamship Lu-
canla , en ionto to the United States and
Japan. Mr Hcaton will endeavor to make
the necessaiy arrangements for an Anglo-
American paicol post ,
Tull.uil ultll tlio l'0ip | ,
HOIIE , Sept. 80. The brother and son of
the kin ? of Slam had an audicnco lasting
half an hour with the pope today. 'Jho dis
tinguished vlsltots afterwards called upon
Cardinal Kauipolll , the popo's secietao of
Ciir.miiH lloupnileil.
Fez , Sept , 30 , Two largo caravan * , ouo
convoj Ing a largo consignment of clothes fi r
the hoops and the other convoying a paitv
of merchants , have oecu attacked and ,11
thulr unlmals IIUAO been stolon.
Hunted uu l.iu erur' < Hint.
VJFXMA , Sept. CO. The man Stopano , who
was anested in Prague jestcrday on tli3
lese majesto. * vas found guilty of
the offense of smashing a bust of the emperor
peror with u stick ,
fortify mi ; Hue i ruiiller.
PALIS , Sept. M. The SolUl ( .ajs that
Franco Is pushing tonrard with a gioat deal
of vigor the forts ou the Alpine frontier.
Terms of the French Treaty Said to Bo
Favorable to the Losor.
Work of the Spaoial Envoy Sent from Paris
is Almost Concluded.
Clauses Kogardiug Commerce Are Said tj
Bo Especially Favorable.
frenchmen In Slum riiluk .M , ilo Vllcrci llns
llron Altogether Too ( iunllo III
Settling Iho Untter tilth
tlio Klnj.
1S31 tin Jane * ( ? onl'ii Iien > i * ( ( 1
Lo.M > oxSopt. 80 | Now York Herald Cable
Special to TIIE Buu 1 The Herald cor
respondent nt liangkok cables as follows :
"Tho convention botwccn Franco and blam
is to bo signed tomonow. M. Lo Mi or do
Vilcres , the special envoy of the l-ieneh gov
ernment , who h is bcon conducting the nc'go-
ttatlons here , leaves immodliteb m the
Aspico for Saigon , In rronch Cochin-China.
"I learn on good authoiity that the tcims
of the convention are much less drastic thin
at first proposed , and th it Slam has been
treated morojenlently thin it was supposed
she would be.
"Especially are the commercial clauses In
the treaty of a far bettor character than the
Siamese government would ovpcct.
"Tho favoiablo natuio of the convention
for Siuui is much commented on hei o , and M.
do Vilcres is credited w 1th the modifications
Indeed theio is a stiong French feeling
against him for what is toimcd his 'mild
"If possible , I will wiio toou . tomorrow
the terms of the coin entlon. "
1'cnco of AfKontlim Tlirriituntul bjSuvcrul
Aililitloiial 1'rov Inccs.
( Copl/ifj'itol ' WJ7 tin linnet GUI Jon IScnnM.I
VAU'AHAISO , Chill ( m Galveston , Tex- . ) ,
Sept. 30. [ Bv Mexican Cable to the Now
York Herald Special to TUB BLII have
Just iutcrviev\cd a icsponslblo person who
has arrived fiom o\or the Andes. Hesajs
he has positive Information that Catamarca
and Sulta have Joined the provinces of
Santa Fo and Tucuman in icvolt. Although
the dt'crco from Buenos Ajrcs orders
mobilization of the national guaid
my' Informant doubts if the men
can bo depended upon and ho believes
they will go the iadic.il lovolteis Should
President Pena bo displaced , Uribuin , now
vice president , will bo president.
The failuic of the squadron to revolt Is
the only drawback to the tilumph of the
radicals Stiong doubts are oxpiessed in
Santiago , Chill , as to the tiuth of the Argen
tina govcinmciit having defeated the rc-
News is expected by a mail canier fiom
across the mountains A piivato letter from
Buenos Ayios gives assuianec that the radi
cal pal ty will w in in the end.
Colonel I2splna's sentence to death has
been commuted to impilsonment for twenty
jears A teleiuam fiom Villa Maiia this
noinliiir sajs it is expected that the icbels
tvlll bo dispossessed fiom their position in
Canda Gome/today , when telegiaphio com
munication with Hositlo and Buenos Ayrcs
will bo at once lestorcd.
PANAMA. Colombia ( vii Galveston , Tex. ) ,
Sept. 30 [ By Mexican Cable to the Now
Yoik Ileiald Special to I'm : Bnn j Ctespo
will most piobably be elected picsident of
( looil AVnrk of tliu ( iorornnipiit Cruiser
Inili-ppiiiluiicin ol Ariontlllo.
Aiurs , Sept. 30. The Aigentino
govcinmcnt Ironclad Indcpondcncl i , now at
Kobuiio , has captuicd the rebel warshl ] )
Andes. The latter vessel was seized at Buenos
Ajies a few dajs ago while lying dlschaiged
ar.d out of commission. When the I rule-
pendcncia was sighted by the rebels on
boiid the Andes the lattcr's oHIcois took to
the boats and ininagod to cscipo ashoio.
The ciow , however , was captuied and will
be tiled by court mirtial and sentenced to
long tcims of impiisonmont.
It weald appear that the reports clrcu-
latod to the nftect that Hosarin had sur-
rcndcicd weio Inconcct , as the rebels there
are still holding out and claim to bo able to
make a long lesistaneo.
General Koca has left hcio to take com
mand of the federal tioops.
It is lumorod that ficsh dcscitionsto the
rebels have taken place , and that the latter
arc coirespondingly elated , A German
newspaper sajs the Aigentlnischo Tago-
blat has been suppressed for publishing
news unfavorable to the government , anil its
editor lias been artcsted and thrown into
Will Not Co inn Surloim Trnnnle ,
WASHINGTON , Sept. ! iO. Seciotary Her
bert said today that tlioro were no now
fuels to make publlo In the case of the
Amoilcan named Uoynton , who hod bcon ur-
restcd at Ulo do Janeiro whllo In command
of a tug flying the Diitlsh flag. It Is un
likely from what the seci'itary said that
onj thing will bo done in the matter until
the depaitment has In its possession addi
tional Information concerning iho case. At
the Derailment of Stuto the ofllclals aio
inclined to look on the matter as of slight
impoituncoand say that it has no Ir tei na
tional feature whatever. The Question of
whether Hointon must bo biought to the
United States for tilul , and by whom ho
shall bo tried , may bo decided upon by the
secretary of the navy and the attorney gen
et al.
I ! lutrlun Arli KxneiueH.
Loxnojf , Sept , 80 , A dispatch to the
Times from Bcilin sajs the regent in openIng -
Ing the Buvaiinn diet announced that a bill
will bo submitted which nil ! contain fiosh
estimates that would bo icqulieil b > the
now military conditions In addition to the
ordinary expenses of tlio diet.
KorrlRiicr * 'MiiporiliiR | the ICclivlo.
Bt uses Al lies , Supt. 80 The latest new ,3
received fiom Hosario is to the otTecl tlmt
the Swiss and ( Jerman colonists of tlmt
neighboihood aio Biipporllng tliu in-
TUciu baa boon coutluu-
HV < iJ/ifr/or / Omaha anil t'Jclnlli/ /
Ktilr ; Vailalle U'diils , ' iMtal Shaucrt.
I , Sixty Dnyn of SlUor
( liiritmn * Coinptiilii or Thotr > nvy.
rninio Irl % .sluiu oir i : . < ml.r.
I > otilii Count ) ' Com rntlon ,
S. Uoiintlp * liiMrurtliiir tor M-itwcll.
I.ovil DoniorrutH Xtmit Tloknl.
_ .11 in Kjnvr In Not roptlliir.
n , Sotntor llUciiiilii ? n CotuprnmlHCi
Tlioj Arn sorUii ! ? Tlitur Country.
I | , Dull Wnrk In inilcty.
I , lln Illood of C'unimprcc.
AllHIrn ; it Mintli Onuilii ,
0. UtirlliiRlon Itrcln * i\lctloiiit ,
lUnpiitir | nice ot u Srlni ) lur M in ,
for u Ni'lmivk'i lilbrir ) l > iy.
0. Count II IHuIN l.oiiil Ni s.
ITiiliin 1'lclllc il l < ii a Snmitlon.
7 , ( Inn-rut Sp irllnir
AVall StirrtVi
OKliihnnm Mo\ln lor Snili-liooil.
H lYrluml's Dm nt ,1 irnson 1'iirK ,
Oniiliiv lrU In u > rn illoniil Milt.
10 , Muldm ; Sn nr li'oni Hii'lH.
Nn VorU's do \liisi-iini. .
11. CrlHwolil'HYildj ( irirtt.
t'J , iMItDiliil iinil roniiiu nt.
lit. llrlilo o tlio Adriatic ,
llnnil x liuiiu H DuuMiilinl.
in. Oniiiliit'A l.oeil Trailo Iliu lo\ > oil ,
Ciimuiprc lut nnil riniucli : > I Ne" " < .
munition In Oatllo tiiiit lion * .
1(1. ( How II iul < N iti-t Aru M nip.
I'xoliuion ill tliu Moilurn Moinion.
17 , lllrtlipl icit of tliu Oil million Ojiilu.
18. Ullllut tlltt I'lllPI OfSllHHt.,1 ,
II ) . Woliiiu lind Her U'orlil.
It jolts nnil l'i rlodliutn.
ous lighting throughout the day , but
the rebels claim to h ivo the
advantage and on the other hand the govern
ment foiccs claim to h no tiiumplicd. The
only fact which Is cert tin is tint thcro has
bscn sou'io lighting between the icbels and
the govoinment forces
Ill ) Will Ilo Mint lth Ills IJucU Toiiirj )
the riilni ; I'.irtj.
Bvitciio\v , Sept. : > 0 Accouling to the
military la iv Palas , the anarchist , who lias
been tiled by coutt m.utial for the throwing
of two bombs at General Alartincz Campos
Sundaj last , will bo shot with his back
tuincd towaid the lliing party of soldleis
who vvill execute him. Tbeanaichists shows
thopicatcst seienltj of mind and seems in
no way distmbed.
Palas was allowed to Invo an Interview
with his chlldi en. Hoc lined It on In tlio
most stolid manner , ON changed a few words
with them , hut seemed unconeeincd. It is
thought Palas will bo shot eaily in the
moinlng and the plaeo of execution will bo
kept secict.
General Campos continues to improve. It
is now ropjrted that the veteran commander
has -iskcd the picsldcnt of the military
tilbuual to pardon Palas.
Still liimili.tiling Itlo.
AIoNTKV IDUO , Sept. no. The Brazilian
consul refuses to sign clearance papers for
vessels bound for Bra/ilian ports.
The latest report received heie from Ulo is
tnat the , lobcl wcr vessels have nil opened
fit eon the city , au. .aueh damage to property
has lJ3on done.
Grout DUtrmt Viu > n f Strikers.
I osuov , Sept aO VdvIces fiom all parts
of the countiy Indie ito tint , the koanost dis-
ticss exists among tlio sinking coal minets
and tticir tamllics. A further stoppiijo of
many largo mills his occuirod on account of
a lack of fuel.
llvlili'iico Au.llnst , Iriiln ItoMiiTH.
TOLEDO , Sept ! iJ An ofllclal of the I/iko
Shoio s-is the autltoiltics of Noble county ,
Iiuli.inn , aie in possession of couclusivo evi
dence to show tti.it John Connors anil Kva
rilnt , who \\oio attested at Koiulillvillo
last Wednesd ly In connection with the Lake
Shore tiain lobbciy , were two of thopir-
tlLlp ints In tlio distribution of the booty.
Eva Flint in.ulo sovci.il nips to 1'lkhnit , ami
Chi-ago with laigo quanlltics ol bullion ,
specie and gold , pait of the pioceods of the
Ilrniory Kon.u ilpil.
CIIICAOO , Sept. HO At tlio close of tlio
Hoard of Tiado today Thomas Uairett , who
pall.intly rushed into the pillory last ,
Wednesday nnd disannul the maniac whoso
shooting had cicited a panic among tlio
incmbcts , w..s ptesentcd a gold medal
Piesident Hamlll undo tlio piosentation
spoceli , to which Mi. Birrctt bilclly ana
modestly responded. At the simo time a
uuiso was presented to Ilcnrv lludlum , the
coloied boy who assisted In the tapluio.
Hi nt Up lor Mlo.
Hiu.si > AU' , Mich , , Sept. 30 Dr. Toclo-
KOHL' , ulioso tiial for uoisnnlm ; his wife
ended jcsteulay In conviction , w.is today
sentenced to Jackson piison for life. When
sentence was p isacd upon him tlio doctor de
clined tli.it ho was innocunt. The doctor's
Hist and sci end wives died under peculiar
elieumstances , and theio is suspicion that
ho may luvo mutderod them also.
To Ulnmi Qiii-Ntlinmliln IttsortH.
PiTTSiinm , ricpt ! ! ( ) Mayor Kennedy of
Allegheny City has issued ordcis that actlvo
and Immotll.ito steps must bo taken to eradi
cate the "so-called ovil" of the city. The
pollcu today served notices on the proprio-
tOlS Of OVCry ICnOWn.ltll-StlOnablO ICSOlt tO
have thulr places vacated within fortj-eight
houis or suffer summaiy action ,
Did Not KMIHV It Win l.oiiltid.
NAUVOO , 111 , , Sept SO John M. Schaeffer
ofNtiuvoo was accidentally shot and In
stantly killed at an nnmtour theatrical re-
hcaisalln Nau\oo last night by Hdwaid Kg-
boi t , ono of the actors , w ho had occasion to
draw a tovolvor duimg the lohcarsal , utid
supposed that It was not loaded ,
Movriiient nt Otoin Mniininrri h pl , 30.
At Hoston An ivod Steamer Francisco ,
fiom Hull for Now York.
At New Yoik- Arrived Umbria , from
Liverpool ; France , fiom London ; Brotagno ,
from iiavie ,
At Quoonstown Aulved Princess , from
rrniilij uu Inn lloxpliiil ,
Last night the boaid of diicolors of the
Presbytonan hospital mot to consider the
question of accepting tlio losignatlon of Alls ,
Drown , iho vctctan mation , and to discuss
vailous other matters connected with the
management of thn Institution , but no action
was taken ,
VV < n n HiUlu ill 1'onj- .
There was an "ailt'nnetio contest" bo-
twecn twoutv-four boys and girls under
14 j cars of ugo at iho Omaha Commercial
last night. A Shetland pen > was offeicd an
a prize to the pupil who could a Id 00 figures
the quickest. John IJusafky won the pony.
Ill tlio llunili IL a Ucrrlvor.
MKJIHIIB , Sept. UU. At the suit of domestic \
and fou'lgn creditors , Mr , W. J. Chase of
this city was appointed leceiror of the Ap- l
puul-Aval.inctiu newspaper today. Tlio
paper will continue publication without
other changes ,
ClotliKic l/iimjiiii ) ' TronbltK.
SPOKEN ! ! , Sept. ! 1QThQ Impciial Cloth
ing company , the lirgfjt csubllbhment of
it& kind In the clt } , has gone into the hands
of a icceiver rho IlibllUtea urulU5OOJ
u'ld ' thu as.soU much oclovv
Her Dolomites Will Qo to the State Con
vention Without Instructions.
Motions to Endorse Maxwell and Powell
Votsd Down in Turn.
Scheme to Muzzle the Convention Expcsai
and Quickly Knocked Out.
Sir. Uotuwiiict- Cull * 1'tililio Attention to
Job liy Uhlcli It Un Hoped to
Ciipttiro tlio Mrotlnc The
Douglas count v jcstcriliy refused to fol
low the example set by Dodge county thrco
weeks ago in ondoising a straw man for su
preme Judge In oiilcr to play into the hondc
of the combined coi poration and boodle ring
foices , that have conspuod to overthrow
Juilifo Maxwc'll.
'Iho convention took two votes , consldor-
lii' , ' thondvisabtlity ofcndoislng cither Max
well or Wcnster's dummC. . N. Powell , and '
declined to instruct the delegation for nny
one , linallj selecting a mixed delegation to
the stale' onventlon and
allowing It to go
imhampeicd H Is believed that the delega
tion , consisting of Kb men , contains a slight
maloiity of anti-Jlaxweil men , the Maxwell
side numbering between forty and Ilfty.
The convention hall was crowded , the
galleries and all the vacant space in tha
* ear of the delegates' seats being early
packed witli i.iilioad sympathizers. A ,
number of them even mixed with the del *
gates on the floor , and an.v number of them
voted with the
anti-Maxwellites on every
viva voce vote. A number of candidates for
cit.v and county olllccswcro piesent , where
they weic completely ovcishadowod by th
ciowd of stilkeis nmishalod for the occa
sion by thocoiporition bosses.
The gic it luteicst taken in the contest by
thoBuiliugton was oveiiwhoio manifest by
the picseiico and activity of the lepresenta.-
tivesofthat lo-ul , even General Manager
Holdicue belli- ' , uptown to personally oversee -
see what was being dono. Ho did not ap
pear at the convention hall , but took n
station at a convenient point on Sixteenth
street near Farnam , where ho was kept informed -
formed bj moans of a three minute mossoit
gor bulletin seivico of all that was happen ,
ing in the convention.
The setback the
anti-Maxwell men re
ceived at the primaries did not discourage
them or proven t a continuation of the work o
proselyting yesterday morning. The railroad
manipulate ! i had their stiikers at work at
an early hour , and as fast as the delegates
fiom the country put in an appearance they
wcio buttonholed and every inducement was
offeiod to swing them to the corporation sldo
of the light. The indications wore that in
some Instances these blandishments were
successful , but up to the time the cotir \ Ac
tion was called to 01 dor it seemed to ' , < *
impicssioii of these who were best informed
that the country would give Maxwell at
least foity of their sixty-five votes.
The same pro iam was cairiod out with
the city delegates , the omlssidos of the
railioids and other
coiporations that are
working together lo accomplish the turning
down of the chief justice persistently fol
lowing up the delegates who were known to
bo on the other side , and bringing to boar
upon them all possible persuasion.
A caucus of the country delegates wa
called to meet In Washington hall Just
before the convention and a caucus of the
city anti-Maxwell men was hold in the
Boaid of nducation committee rooms at 1
The convention was called to order in
Washington hall shortly after 2:15 : o'clock
yesieiday af tei noon.
The feeling of uncertainty that prevailed
wis the only coitain thing In connection
with the assemblage as the delegates settled
In their se-its when Chairman A. S.
Churchill of tlio county central committo
called to order and directed Scciotury
Jenkins to road the published call.
Tempidry Or unlz.itlon ,
Mr. Chut chill nominated Phil n. Winter
for temporary chairman , and it was Indorsed
by the convention.
Mr Winter briefly voiced his thanks ,
speaking of the joint defeat and victory of
a yc'ir ago , vlctmj that was none too doir
ind defeat that would moan more than vic
tory this year Ho urged harmony and pre
dicted a successful outcome of the camgulgn.
W. A. Messlck was elected secretary and-
J. IJ Van Dem assistant soeiotary ,
K Uosuwatcr moved that credentials bo
handed up and vvhcro there vTero no contest *
thu delegates ho seated , and where tlioro
w era contests the matter should bo settled
by the convention tlhnot without reference
to a committee , Cariied.
The credential * * were handed In and In
spected and it was announced by the secre
tary that Hast Omaha offered the only con
testing delegations ,
It was decided to give each ildo five
minutes in which to present its position , P.
C , Crawford llrsl/jupciirod / and was followed
by lj S Havncs , Who asked that his sldo be
piesonted by Mr , Biccldnridco ,
Mr Ctavvford objected lo tha introduction
of u lilted lawyer , but later withdrew nil
objection anil Hicckimldgo proceeded.
It developed that the split occurred over a
change in Iho polling place and it was fur
ther stated that Crawford was not a resi
dent of the picelnet.
Mr , Ci a w ford donicd the charge , saying tha t
ho.had not been a voter in the Seventh ward
for so v en yeaisund called attention to the
fact that no proof had bcon introdticod In
support of Brcckim idgo'a assertion.
\V * it llunl Tiling to gettlr < * ' * ' '
Thomnusof the two delegations wer
i cad , and W. A. Sauudeis'moved that tha
Hayius delegation bo seated ,
Mr , Kosouutor thought it strange that
such a motion should bo maaa on such an insignificant -
significant showing. Insisting that it wai
proper to Ural HSC.OI tain who were the mem-
bora of the connt.v committee- from thut pre
cinct , ami how the lull for the primary was
Mr. Crav > foid stated tlias neither the first
nor lust call was signed , but thut he wus tha
committeeman from tmt | preelnot.
H M Waring nd vocattd the tea ting of tltt
Hiiiiic's delegation.
J. M Walih moved the leatlng ut botb

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