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Outlook for the Week in that Body Quito
All Intercut * Not Yet Sntlftllcil Hint the
Itcpeiil Illll Cniiiiot llo I'BMoil In
Hi I'rcinnt Form IMnii-
of the I'nrtlci.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 1. The outlook this
Week for the Bcnato Is very uncertain. It
xvlll prolmbly bo n week of surprises , and
Ihnrliln n. niivnthllltv of rcnctltim ntl
mont whereby the repeal bill will bo defi
nitely and finally disposed of. This will not
come except through compromise. Whllo
there has been no cessation of the effort to
eccurc an agreement , the Indications are
that there will be none until It becomes evi
dent to all that the bill cannot bo passed or
defeated In Its present-shape. There may
be , as there has been during the past week ,
nn occasional discussion during the morning
hour for the consideration of some resolution
of Inquiry , but nothing moro. Thcro has been
only ono formal notice of a speech to bo
tnado , from Senator Call for tomorrow.
Messrs. Cockrell , Kyle , Martin , Power and
Uubols have all privately expressed thci-r
Intention to talk during the week , and
Messrs. Teller and Morgan will probably fin
ish the speeches begun by them last week.
Senator Jones of Nevada has not spoken
during the present debate and Is known to
bo preparing a very exhaustive treatise
upon the silver question. Ho will probably
consume the larger part of two or three
days. Senator Cockrcll's speech will also bo
his first speech of thu session and will prob
ably bo long. All these speeches will bo In
opposition to repeal. None of the repeal ad
vocates have so far glvon intimation of any
tlcslro to talk , except Messrs. White of
Louisiana and Palmer.
AH to l.linltlnc IH'Imto.
The specter pf night sessions has again
been laid. The truce limiting the time fet
debate to seven hours a day has expired by
limitation tomorrow , but Mr. Voorhces said
yesterday that ho would make no effort to
terminate It. at that time , as a great many
of the republican senators would bo absent
during the week.
The democratic senators who are not cs
pcclnlly Identified wlfh the administration
nro still unable to reach an understanding on
n compromise measure and are not making
aio1 progress. The republican senators who
advocate repeal have dropped out of the ne
gotiations for the present. There Is dis
agreement upon the amount of silver to bo
purchased and coined upon the bond proposi
tion. It may bu stated almost definitely that
there will be no compromise upon the basis
suggested Friday last.
lluimo run-cast for tlio VtYck.
Dubato upon the Tucker bill to repeal the
federal elections law will consume the entire
tlnieofthuhou.su for the coining week ex
cept such unimportant matters us may coinu
up in tno niornluu hour.
Yesterday Mr. Patterson's announcement
that the Anglo-Saxon race would dominate
in the south no matter wlmt laws might bo
passed to repress It stirred up thu repub
licans nnd will probably furnish the text for
some lively speeches during the cominir
week. Some of the hip men on both sides
nro being reserved for the finish , Bourke
Cockran , Amos Cummlngs , Colonel Oatcs ,
Springer , Wilson and others on the demo
cratic side , and Heed , Dolliver. Henderson
and Burrows on the republican side , will not
bu hoard unlil Ihu battle rages fiercest. The
voting will not begin under the order until
October 10 , a week from Tuesda5' .
The hearings of tlio banking and currency
committee on the cniTctu'y question and
other financial questions pending will bo
continued tills week , and on Tuesday thu
hearings before thu marine and fisheries
committee on Mr. Fithlan's frcu ship hill
begins. The elections commit tee will also
commence the consideration of thu Cobb-
\Vhalcn contested case from Alabama on
Tuesday. The foreign affairs committee ; ex
pects to complete thu consideration of and
to report the McCrcary substitute for thn
Everett bill extending the time for the reg
istration of the Chinese this week.
Senator * IVurnpil to Do .Soini < thli > ff.
The senate committee on public lands has
instructed Senator Dubols to present an
omnibus bill for a number of bills Intro
duced from the mineral land states to aid In
the establishment of schools of mines. The
bill provides that out of the sale of mineral
lands In tlio stales of California , Oregon ,
Nevada , Idaho , \\ashington , Montana ,
South Dakota and Wyoming there shall bo
paid a sum not to exceed Slii.OOO for a school
of mines if th' ' ' state will expend a like
amount for the sumo purpose.
The following printed circular was re
ceived by every representative , senator and
publicofllei' ) ! In Washington today :
There Is n tlinu In thu affairs of men when ,
patience read's to bo a virtue. Down \vllh Ihu
United Staled sonalu , Thu enc'inles uf Ihu
people ,
Although no skull and erossboncs headed
the circular , thu words wore printed in
large blank ominous-looking typo. The let
ters containing the circulars .wcru post
marked Now York.
H Anxious to lliru : Jiutico llorn-
lilmvdiConllriiKMl nt Onoi- .
WASHINGTON. Oct. 1. The supreme court
of the United Stales will meet October U ,
Thu members of thu court feel a natural
anxiety that the appointment of Justleo
Hornblowur shall bu confirmed by thu seuato
before that timo. Tlm overloaded state of
thu ducket makes It Important that his por-
lion of the work should bo assigned to him
at the opening of thu term. The action of
the court Monday \yill bo confined to the
customary call upon thu president. All of
the eight Justices are expected to bo present
ntthit opening of the court. Justices Field ,
Brewer. Brown and Jucluon are all hero in
Washington , Justice Harlan , who was ono
of the arbitrators In the Bering Sea ease In
Paris , Is now un the Atlantic and is expected
homo by Octobers.
Tnu court lias assigned a number of cases
for special hearing. Of thcso the principal
are ;
Bordcn ujnlnst the Northurn Pacific Rail
way cotnpaiiy , involving the validity of title
to mineral lands In Montana.
The Mormon church case , Involving the
question of the deposition of sequestrated
lands of the church ,
Tlm ii-xpurtu case of the Ann Arbor Rail
road company acalnst .lames Sumon. which
IB Known to the public as a boycott case
growing out of the recent strike on the Ann
Arbor ro.ul ,
A similar suit against Chief Arthur of thu
Brotherhood nf Locomutlvu Knclnuers has
been compromised , and the case of Sumon
limy never I'omu to trljil.
Ivlllril ii .Mnrili-rmi * I'rUunor.
WASHINGTON , Oct. J , About U o'clock this
morning Sergeant Ivlnnoy and nnotherolllcor
aw Kiln-pod K. Rcil , colored , coming along
the railroad track at Ecklngton carrying n
BUspU-ious looking bundle. Thuy ordered
thu negro tu slup whilu thuy examined the
package. While thn oulcer was leaning over
thu bundle Ellwood di'oiv a knife ami was
about to plunge It into thu ollU'er's back ,
vvlicn .Si-uri'unt ICinney saw his Intentions
an t Whlp ( ipg out his revolver , shot the
' ihru.n { ; ihu heart-
Kl i-.i lor Kulioliii. ' " lirinh ,
WASIMNUTON , Oct. 1. John E. Shoemaker ,
whl.c. shot , ami Instantly killed Thomas
Matthews , colored , this afternoon on the
'JYnully road , about a mile from thu city
llniua , The two men \\cro in a party uf four
that had been walking luguthcr. They bo-
camu cuRugca In a quarrel and Shuuuiaker
ricd to force Matthews to drink a bottle of
beer. When ho refused Shoemaker went tea
a neighboring hotiao and borrowed a shot
gun and shot Matthews dead. Shoemaker
vns arrested ,
Tiilkocl with the l'ro > lilcnt.
WASIIINOTOX , Oct. 1. Secretaries Grcsham
and Carlisle had a conference with the pres
ident at the white house last night. Whllo
ho subject of the conference could not bo
letlnltcly learned , It Is understood that It
was regarding the proposed compromise on
hu silver question.
JO txai'Kor c.i.v.iJ ; > r.fjv
HulUfnctory Arr.iiiRomrnts Mailn by the
UnltPtl Stairs Alone Tills l.lnr.
Niw : YOIIK , Oct. 1. Dr. Senncr has re
turned from Washington where he was In
conference with Superintendent Stump con
sidering the regulations to ba carried out on
the Canadian border to prevent the entrance
of undesirable Immigrants.
"Tho arrangement that has been made Is
a most satisfactory one , although It is not
with the Canadian government , " said Dr.
Seniier. "Tho co-operation of the Canadian
Railroad and Steamship company has been
secured and the agents will act with us.
The United States will send six Inspectors
to Canada , and they will look out for the
ports of Quebec , Point Levis and Halifax.
"On thu border line , where it is impracti
cable to put Immigrant inspectors , the cus
toms Inspectors will do the work. The
steamship and railroad companies are both
to aid the government in singling out such
pcoplo as are contract laborers , polygamtsls
and persons likely to become public charges.
Such us escape the vigilance of thu steam
ship companies will bo caught by the railroad
pcoplo , or by Inspectors and will bo sent
back , as both thd steamship and railroad
companies have agreed to carry them under
the same conditions as the lines carrying
' .Immigrants from European ports to thu
'United States.
"To such Immigrants as are entitled to
land , there will bo issued passports con
taining complete descriptions of the persons
to whom they arc issued. Ii will guarantee
the crossing of tlm frontier without moles
tation , provided It is presented by the per
son to whom it Is Issued. No ono else can
use It. "
Director ( lonrriil IluvU Thinks tlio 1'rcsl-
, ilrnt Siiulihcil Him.
CHICAGO , Oct. 1. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Br.i : . ] Director General D.\vls came
houm from Washington tonight harboring
the conviction that either Grovcr Cleveland
is a tremendously busy man or a highly un
approachable ono. Mr. Davis didn't say so
in as many words , yet ho feels the president
snubbed him. "I went to the white house
and presented my card , " said the man who
runs the fair. "Private Secretary Thurbcr
sl/.ed mo up , smiled patronizingly and
look my card In to the president
room. Ho returned soon. 'The p" ) sident's
quite busy now , ' ho said , 'and cannot see
you. ' I didn't say much , but left. "
The director general puts the blame upon
Director Frank Millet for the Irish flag in
cident yesterday. ' 'Mr. Millet was Instructed
by mo before 1 left , " said Mr. Davis , "that
tlio Hag matter had been settled and that ho
was not to interfere. "
Tivolvu Nr Canes Itrportcil ut Itrunswlck ,
( in. Colored I'copio Not lOxmnpt.
BituxswicK , Ga. , Oct. 1. Twelve new-
cases of yellow fever were reported today ,
ion white and two colored. This cpidomiu
effectually dispels the idea that negroes uro
by nature exempt from the disease. The
fatalities among the negroes are greater
than among the whllci. Having pu-lially
exhausted Itself among the lower classes ,
the disease is attacking the moro favored
.lr.su , Ga. , Oct. 1. Surgeon Murray of the
Marine hospital service arrived from Bruns
wick this mottling and with Medical Inspector
specter Samuel and four local physicians
hold an autopsj- upon C. J. Warren , the per
son who was reported to have died of yellow
fever. The usual precautionary measures
against tlio spread of the disease are being
taken. Mani' people are leaving town.
jtiuiiu TU jn : .si/or.
Fort smith .Full Birds .Mnlio u Urgpcrato
KHort to isripi' : .
ST. Lot'is. Oct. 1. A special to the Repub
lic from Fort Smith , Ark. , says : "Kid"
Wilson and Henry Starr led nn unsuccessful
attempt to break jail todaj' . Tho5- were as
sisted by John Pointer , Alexander Allen and I
Frank Collins , condemned murderers , and |
Charles Young and Jim Fair , negroes.
They refused to go Into their
cells at dinner time and madu un attack
upon ono of the guards who tried to force
them Into their cells. They had been mak
ing trouble all day and a big force of guards
were un hand. Ono guard fired , shooting
Yout.g In the face and breaking the cheek
bone , but nut seriously injuring him.
Pointer , Starr ami Wilson begged to bo shot.
The court meow tomorrow lo try the case of
Starr ana Wilson and this madu them dcs-
.V/ill VIIOLEU.I C'.lliKS.
Italian IronclaiU Onli-riul Ouaraiitlnuil on
NAI-I.ES , Oct. 1. Some cases of cholera
have been discovered on board the Italian
ironclad Affondatora and Italia which have
been ordered to the Lazaretla Anlnara , the
small Island near Sardinia. Thu Italian
Ironcliidsnt Anslnara will undcrgoa thorough
course of disinfection.
ROMU , Oct. 1 , Ono now case of cholera
was recorded here during the day ,
LKUIIUIIN , Oct. 1. Eight now cases of
cholera and ono death from that disease are
ro per ted horo.
HAMIIUUU , Oct. 1. Two now cases of
cholera have been reported hero since
JCl/.l.l'.II 'lllK M.VfJfltl'HKrJSH.
ThnmuH 3lorse of Nonth DiiUutu Krfuxuii to
llo Arruatuil ,
VViiAior , S. D , , Out , 1. A dlfnculty at the
village of Slssoton , in this county , hBtweon
Thomas Morse , a while niaif , and two In
dians of the SUsoton tribe , terminated
in the killing of ono of the Indians , Henry
Campbell , the late Interpreter at thu agency.
It nppcura that Morno whipped a drimken
I nil in n and Campbell obtained a warrant fur
thu urrust of Morse , Campbell and his
brother undertook to make the arrest , when
Morse drew a revolver and fired three shots
at Campbell , all taking effect. Morse waived
a preliminary examination.
l-lril ! liti liulloti ( I ,
CHICAGO , Oct. 1. The grand Jury returnee :
additional Indictments against the alleged
llrobugs , bonded by Fred Smith. Thu total
number of Indictments foucd un to date is
thirty. The men under indictment are ;
Allen Speck and Clarence P. Rowe , Insurance -
anco adjusters , R. W , Smith , D. W. Brown ,
Charles Kinsman , Otto X.erseb , O , E.
Churchill , 1'aul Loncmyor , D.ivld Roseublat ,
Henry Si'hnecic , George A. McICuo and Hob-
crt MclCnlght , The scheme was tos.vinillo
the iusuruucu companies by bogus claims of
It'rrlvcd a l.tgitt .Sjiitrni' . .
LUUMIK , Wy . , Oct. 1. [ Special Telegram
to THE HISK.J Judge Blake of the district
court yesterday morning sentenced C , T.
Gale , l.aramlo's defaulting cx-cli.y treasurer ,
to iwo years la the slate penitentiary , Ualo
pleaded guilty to the charge ot umbczzling
city funds to the amount of about 1'J.OOO , on
Thursday. The m-ntunco is considered a
very light ono by nearly all prominent citl-
zuns hero.
Klllril Uiirtflur.
DALI AH , Got. 1. A News Waco special
says : A negro burglar Hi a boarJIng house
tired on William Downs , who tired nod killed
tco negro.
Framers of the Tariff Law May Increase the
Tax on Whisky.
Him ) Vtito on the Now Illll May Not He
nt this Scnalou nf Conuresi
Uoncrnl Vnn U'yok's I'cr-
lunnl I'lnns.
A great deal of pressure Is just now being
brought upon members of the ways and
means committee to Increase the tax upon
whisky In the tariff bill which they are
framing. The tax at present is UJ cents a
gallon , and It Is argued by many that It can
bo raised to $1.23 , an increase of 35 cer.ts a
gallon , and the burden will never be noticed ,
whllo at the same time the revenues derived
from the incrcnpo will bo more than sufficient
to meet the sugar bounty or maty othe.r ex
penses Intended to help worthy enterprises.
The demand for nn Increase of the whisky
tax comes from two classes. The ono Is
composed of-vhlsky dealers who are loaded
down with the goods nnd would make a neat
profit to the extent of the Increase. The
other class is of persons who would cither
Increase the government's expenditures or
continue some which it is proposed to cut off ,
or curtail in the new tariff bill. Just how
much the proposed increase of tax would
augment the government's revenues is not
known , but It would approximate ' 0,000,000.
This would cover a great many extraor
dinary expenses. It would save a great
11111115 * enterprises b5 * enabling thu present
protective duties lo bo maintained , or ( f in
ternal improvements or education to keen up
the expenditures.
While members of the ways and means
committee refuse to express opinions upon
thu subject , it is easy to ascertain that the
proposition to increase the tax upon whisky
is not popular. It is argued by them that it
would Increase the temptation to avoid the
paying of any tax upon spirits , increase
"ir.ojnshining , " and bring condemnation
from the consumers. If there is an increase
it will likely bo only slight , probably 10
cents a gallon.
Chance lor the Turin' Illll I'usHlnsr.
It Is now conceded by many loading demo
crats that unless the tariff bill can be brough t
bcforo the scnato for action ahead of the
regular appropriation bills , which must bo
In law prior to Juno 'HI , there is but the
slightest prospect of the measure getting
into law within the year , oven though the
minority is-willing that there should be tariff
legislation. If the tariff bill is adopted by
the house in time for it to reach the senate
finance committee by the middle of January ,
there Is no prospect that It will get out of
that committee , even with the most diligent
labor , before April. According to the custom
of congress , appropriation bills begin to ttr-
rive at the scnato from the house about
March. There are fourteen regular appro
priation bills and usually a half-dozen
deficiency and special ones. The latter
ones and probably throe or four of tlio reg
ular bills will bo in the scnalo before the
tariff bill is reported from the finance com
mittee , even under tlio most favorable cir
cumstances. Ai soon as appropriations be-
cin to appear they invariably drive off the
fioorall ether propositions , being paramount
to all others , as the5' provide for the running
of the government.
The regular appropriation bills , ninotcci
years out of twent5 * , hold the floors of thi
two houses of congress to thooxclusion of al
other important matter at the long session
between the months of April nnd Juty. I
would thus appear that the senate , cvci
though things go favorably , will not discus ,
the tariff till after next June , nnd so it wil
bo an easy matter for the minority , with ad
journmcnt and the campaign , and thei
another big lot of appropriations at the shor
session , beginning in December , to dofea
the adoption of any tariff measure.
rainier , Iliirifsoii & Co.
A now democratic political machine ha
been completed hero for the statu of Illinois
It is to break down all other machines in th
democr-itic party In that state. Morrison
Altgeld , Cable and the ether old schemer
are to bo relegated. This now machine i
headed b5' Senator John M. Palmer an
Mayor Carter H. Harrison , nnd its mlssio
in tbo world is to make tlio latter , who pro
sides over the destinies of thu muni ipality
of Chicago , United States sci.ntar to su -
coed Shelb5 * M. Cullom , whoso ton : : expires
March 3 , ISUS. Palmer and Culbin bcti
como from the same city , Springfield
The former's term does not expire
till March ! ) , 1SU7. Mayor Carter H.
Harrison has boon itching to bo
Senator Cullom's successor for many
months , but it was not till now , when lie
has secured the co-operation of Palmer nnd
the party is split up Into factions , that ho
has felt bold enough to como to the front.
The faux pas of Altgeld in pardoning the
nihilists has settled his senatorial ambitions ,
which have been causing him much trouble
for years and induced him to inai < o so many
sacrifices to become governor. President
Clo\ eland is opposed to Colonel W. 11. Morri
son and will do nothing for him but keep
him on thu Interstate Commerce commission ,
and so the democrats hero believe that the
I Palmer-Harrison machine will concentrate
all .forces upon Mayor Harrison when it
comes to electing a leglslatuio and selecting
Senator Cullom's successor a year honco.
There were never two men with characters
more different than Cullom and Carter H.
Wvntcrn I'l-mlmm.
Pensions issued on September 10 and 1' )
Nebraska : Reissue William D. Davis.
Gr.ind Island , Hall ; Oscar M. Chllds , Pone.i ,
llivAM. Ot-lt'liiitl ivnlnwQ ntn Mfi , w A
Wclden , Blair , Washington. Original Ira-
doll Malott , Rlchlleld , Sarpy. Original
widows , etc Mary A. Althaus , Omaha ,
loxva : Original-John Smith , Deep River ,
Poweshelk. Increase Jacob D. Miller ,
Mubcatlno , Muscntlno ; Andrew J , Abbott ,
Shcnandoah , Page ; Thomas Marshall , Va
leria , Jasper ; James Montgomery , Greene ,
Duller ; John T. Hoopes , Fairflold , Juffcr-
son. Original widows , etc. Mary A. Sim-
merman , Giinnoll , Powesheik ; Rhoda ,1 ,
Davis , Hlakcsburg , Wapello. Mexican war
survivors : Increase James Myers.Schuylor
Hulou , Hlonmllehl , D.iyls. Survivors. In
dian wat's Joseph Peacock , Cedar Rapids ,
Linn , Original Sidney S , Westgato , Iowa
Falls , Haraln : John W. Long. Mason City ,
CerroGordo. Restoration Albert Gilfcsplo ,
I Ceo lull ; . Lee , Increase U Illiam S. Tenant ,
Mount Ayr. Hln 'ohl ; Thomas W. Maxwell ,
I-onox , Taylor ; Ifcnry 1C MoVay , FlorU ,
Davis ; John H. MeCunoMount Etna , Adams ;
Andrew D. lirown , Clarlnda , Page : James
H. U'lllln , Oskaloosa , Mahaska ; Alvin H.
Hociim , D.ivld. Mitchell. Original widows ,
etc. Sarah M. Thompson , Hello Plains ,
Henion ; Elizabeth Sheets , mother , Aiulubon ,
Audubon. Mexican war survivors , Increase
Alexander Cnlhoun , Lemurs , Plymouth.
South Dakota : Increase Culvln Curtis ,
Clark , Clark. Original Rosowoll J. Stanley -
loy , Contervllle , Turner. Increase John C.
Fat like , Tyndull , lion Homme.
North Dakota : Original Justine Defoo ,
Valley City , Barnes.
Colorado : increase - - Abraham Kent ,
Dlai'k H.ivvk , Gilpln. Original widows ,
etc. Eva E. lioylcs , Trinidad , Los Aulmai.
Increase-Jacob Smith , Orchard , Morgan.
Mexican war survivors ; Increase William
H. Roach , Globovlllo , Arapahoo.
Plan * of ( iimorul V.n > Wyck.
Ex-Senator and Mrs. Charles H. Van
Wyck left Washington at 1 o'clock this
afternoon over the Pennsylvania railway.
They will make a stop at Chicago , and ex
pect to reach tholr Nebraska homo thU
wooic. Uencral Van Wyck said toTiinliEB
man just before leiving that hu felt better
than he had since ho was stricken down
early I'm summer , Hl appetite U yet
delicate , but ho has partially overcome his
insomnia and so can begin to build himself
tip. General and Mrs. Van : Wyck will have
the rooms they have engaged nt the Port
land fitted up for occupancy the 1st of No
vember. Their arrangement for schooling
their llttlo daughter Is pcrfoch The school
is but a block distant nnd In- full vtow of
their apartments at the hotol. She will live
with them at the hotel. General nnd Mrs.
Van Wyck are thinklriebf taking a trlu to
Europe next summer- before returning from
Washington to their homo at Nebraska City.
Thu ft lends of sound money and all demo
crats In congress \vho"hr < 3 on friendly rela
tions with PrcsIdcnt.Oloveland were hoping
till now that Secretary Morton would nttetut
the democratic state convention In Nebraska
and meet the arguments and machinations
of Hepresontatlvi ! Hryan , who goes to the
convention really to sectlro an endorsement
of his free silver viewsSecrotao' Morton ,
If In thu convention , would take Issue wttlt
the demo-populist , It is believed-that the
congressman from the JTirst district nnd his
little bnnd.of followers would last about half
through the secretary's speech. It Is under
stood hero that Mr. Morton remains away
fioin the convention simply to keep out of a
"scrap" with Mr. Bryan.
. PrntiY S. II BATH.
suVTiiit.it.iiLiu ! .limns STKIKK.
Newport Ncwn & .Ml l Ippl Valloj- Freight *
men ( jult \Vork.
EVANSVIM.K , 1ml. , 6ct 1. At the change
of watch this morning all switchmen and
freight brakumen on i 10 Ohio valley dlvls-
on of the Newport , Ni ivs and Mississippi
alley railroad struck ! They refuse to ac-
: opt the 10 per cent reduction which went
ute effect today.
TIIEXTON , N. J. , Oct I.The Trenton Iron
lompany has reduced wages of all cm-
iloycs 10 per cent , to ta to uilect tomorrow.
, 'ho mills arc owned hi Cooper & Hewitt of
New York.
AunUHN , N. Y. . " Oct 1. The Auburn
iVoolcn company has f one into voluntary
tijuidatioii. It began operation in 18-17.
Ml of the stockholders i ith thooxceptionof
, he president , Samuel LIve La tire of this cit5' ,
Ivo in Now York City , Four hundred and
fifty operatives will bo thrown out of cm-
Pirrsni'Ho , Pa. , Oct. ; The Oliver Iron
and Sfcssl company , e iiploying1,00(1 ( men ,
: ias reduced the wage : in all departments
except in the bollerdep rtinent , 10 percent ,
, o take effect tomorrow , The firm refused
, o sign the Amalgamate I scale and tha cut
s to meet the recent c tt conceded by that
organ iz.illon.
Oct. 1. Thread , crisis In the rail-
road situation hero se ma to have arrived
and a general strike ai ,1 tieup is Imminent.
This morning twenty men in the yards of
llio Chcsapcaltc & Ohiq , switchmen , oilers ,
etc. , went on a strike against a 10 per cent
reduction in wages. 1
The men in the Ohio < fe Mississippi and
Illinois Central yards jrofused to handle
Chesapeake & Ohio cars .ind they were
promptly dismissed. At"a ; meeting of union
and nonunion switchmen hold tonight all
roads in Memphis wcr < represented and it
was agreed to not haniUo any ears of the
Chesapeake & Ohio roai It is expected a
general strike or lookout , or both , will re
suit , as the railroad olllcmls seem firm and
determined. The strikers give it out that
violence of any kind by tUcir'mcu will not bo
ITS J-'l/.Vyjtt HllOHT.
Sioux City & Northern Itallroail In a Had
Financial Condition.
Sioux CITY , Oct. 1. { Special Telegram to
Ttic Bcu.J Secretary'Beals of the Sioux
City & Northern road for which a receive !
will be asked , in tho'United1 States .court
hero Monday , tiled an. affidavit last night
setting forti ) the company's condition. He
states that its bondedindebtedness is
$1,030,000 bearing 5 pcrcufit and that it owes
JT8.000 besides with only $ , BOO 'available
Ho estimates net earnings at $150,000 per
year which ho says is not sufficient to pay
charges and rentals , and that the company
is insolvent havlnc no ether resources.
A. C. Baker lias settled" with the creditors
of Baker & Bisscll7holesale hardware
dealers , who assigned hero about six weeks
ago with $200.000 in stock and liabilities o
about $150.000. Ho will resume business to
morrow. '
The Northwestern Iowa Methodist con
fercnco , in session hero with over 20C
clergymen in attendance , toda5 * adoptci
resolutions favoring the continuance o'
state-wide prohibition In Iowa and censuring
the efforts baing made by the political parties
to elect tneir candidates on a platform
promising a repeal or modification of the
susn.-ir .IT THIS a : tut.
Kxtcnnlvc I'ri-p tratioim .ItetiiK Mndo Tor the
OlisiTVirion nf Chicago Day.
CHICAGO , Oct. 1. Foltowlug the rain of
yesterday the sun eatno out bright and
cheerful this morning.1 The day was warm
and pleasant , and the pcoplo turned out
quita largely for Sunday. Like all Sunday
crowds the majority of .the pcoplo spent the
day at the Art palace ) and in the resorts
along llio Midway. !
It Is expected that this month's attend
ance will bu far In excess of" that of any
month of the fair. Chicago day , which will 1
bo celebrated October U , will probably ,
should the weather boipropitious , see moro
pcoplo than any' ether 'previous day. The
commissioners , having sale of tickets in
charge , expect to dispose of 7. > 0,000 of the
paslo boards. The entertainment provided 1
for that day is probably unoro extonslvothan
aii5 * oilier day , j
I'lltK ItJKOItll.
I'urty Tliniisnncl I > nllai Worth of Oil Do-
stioyi-il ut lionlsvlllc.
Lonsvii.LB , Ky.Oot. 1. FIre broke out at
a o'clock this afternoon tin a box car which
was standing on the tracks of the Standard
Oil company's refinery , ind before It could
bo extinguished it destroyed the company's
warehouse and conteiAu. The loss ( a ffO-
000. All of the Wcstoril Union wires which
run by the Standard OU company line are
down , and communications with the south
by this route are cut offfor the night.
Not thn
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 1. The arrest of an
American named Boynton by n British man-
of-war In u Brazilian harbor for Illegally Hy
ing the British Hag oii ajuij carryins a tor
pedo intended fur use uffainst the insurgent
fleet has crcaicd the impression that the
prisoner Is Captain Ktui Bjynton , the
famous navigator. 5
This Impression is ful8 $ , as Captain Boyn
ton is now In ixmdon , 1 $ Is true that Boynton -
ton was chief of "tho Uirpodo services of
Dictator Plerola durlng'Uio Chill-Peril war ,
but as Admiral Lynch declared the captain's
effort to bo ultra vires thb navigator escaped
from Peru Just in time toescape execution ,
Almiiilnnril lliu/A'k-oolullon. /
PiTTSiit'ito , Oct. 1. JTho Turners of the
United Stales have determined to leave llio
Amalgamated association , nnd at a meeting
a preliminary organization was effected.
The ' oilers claim their1 connection with the
Amalgamated association was notiworkcd to
their ail vantage ' and 'that their sculo has
been violated. The now association will
have about 'J.OOO members , representing 48. !
rolling mills in the -conn'try. Another moot
ing will bo held la Pittpburg on October 15.
Movomuiit of Ociniii/Mto.iiiiorn / Oil. 1.
London Arrived Spylulu , from Liver
pool ,
Havre Arrived La Touralue , from New
Southampton Arrlvod-Jiins , from Now
York , v
Brow Head SIfhtcd-Botlinla : , from Now
York for I ondon , '
Dfnvir' " I'liHi Knuiv Storm ,
DKXVIII , Colo. , Oct. 1. Denver' * first
snow storm this siMon occurred toJay
when about an Inch uf snow fell. H sooi
disappeared , however , had thu f-lty is now
clear. ConsidciMbto snow also fell in the
mountains today.
Inablo to Datermino the Oausa of Bismarck's
Presant Illness.
Milt of ItiMftla' * t'lcut to I'rcin'li Waters
Cauilni ; Much Sprciilmlon Pencil ot
Many Nation * 't lin-atcncil toy
thu Incident ,
Bunt.ix , Oct. ' 1. The newspapers hero
.oilay publish less favorable reports regard-
ng Prlnco Ulstuarck's health. It was the
ntentlon of his family and physicians to re-
nove him to his homo at Frlodrlchsruhe yes
terday , but the prince was not In condition
to make the Journey.
The I3erlln papers quote as n continuation
of the reports that the prlncn Is not doing so
well us anticipated thu urgent requests made
jy the Hamburger Nnehrlchten that the
; > rlnco should not bo the object of popular
.tcinonstratlons or private greetings whllo
on his homeward journey.
Conflicting reports regarding the nature
of the prince's sickness are so many and
varied that It is useless to repeat them.
Almost every correspondent h.ts his own
theory us to the cause of Bismarck's present
illness and as to the exact condition of his
health. The facts remain that the great
statesman , on the whole , Is in very poor
health , and whllo ho lms frequent rallies
which give encouragement to his family and
physicians , there is no real gain in strength
and each attack of the neuralgia and Inflam
matory symptoms are said to bu more severe
than thu previous attacks. Finally , the
l > rlnco's power of recuperation is un-
.loubtcdly diminishing under thu strain of
Ills Ion ? Illness.
While- the discussion regarding Prlnco
Bismarck's health continues nnd the pros
pect of a reconciliation between the ex-
chancellor and the emperor grows still
slighter every day , tho'feeling of resent
ment against Franco on account of her al
leged demonslraliveness in connection with
thu visit of the Uussi.ui licet to Toulon , is a
subject of irritation.
( , > iuu-r l of .Military Olllcorit.
It U claimed the military attaches of the
powers comprising the Dreibund have boon
much shown the cold sliouldo.r by the
French ofllccrs , and. as n retaliatory meas
ure , the military authorities hero propose to
withdraw all German military attaches
from Franco in order to force thu French
government to withdraw Its military at
taches from Germany. Austria and Italy.
The Gernun authorities are .said to be all
the more determined to take this step , nb
the military attaches of the French embassy
hero are said to have been keeping up a ropu-
lar spy system on the basis whicu Franco
hail always accused Germany of adopting
previous to the war of lsrO-71.
There are people , however , who claim that
the "spy1' agitation is the work of the mili
tary party In Germany , which anticipates
opposition in Parliament to the de
mands which will bo made for an
increase in the army and navy ex
penditures , as previously outlined in
the dispatches. In any case tlio military
authorities are making the most of the
alleged insults to German military attaches
in France , and of the alleged spying of
French military attaches in Europe , all of
which goes still moreto confirm the state
ment to the oA'ect that the feeling of irrita-
tioiuigaiiiBt'Fntnoo and tholaitcr's spirit of
pugnacity are increasing , and that unless
matters change decidedly before long things
will focus to a point which may cause that
long-looked-for spark to fly which will set
lire to Europe's powder magazines.
Arioliic Hurnpu'M I.onions.
In the meanwhile the arming of the le-
glens of Guropo continues and the day of
the general conflagration seems to oe approaching
preaching moro rapidly duy by day. It fact
there ure pcoplo hero who hint that tnero
may bo serious riots in Paris and elsewhere
in France upon the occasion of the visit of
the Hussian Hoot to Toulon , for it is claimed
that the "firecracker party" in France is al
most certain to make the Russian visit the
occasion for a demonstration against the
Germans and Italians , not to mention the
English , against which country the oxtra-
cmonstratlve class of Frenchmen claim to
lave well founded cause for resentment.
The Russian government has anticipated
hcso possible riotims demonstrations for
ome time past , and it is with the object , of
Tying to prevent them that the czar and his
mibass.ulor in Paris , liaron do Mnrcnheim
lave been throwing cold water upon inllain
natory Franco un.l warning President Carnol
mil his advisers against the danger of being
oo demonstrative. Hut all the warning It :
he world will not prevent the French fron
miking u tremendous fuss over the Uusslai
isit and no amount of argument will con
nice the French pcoplo , as u whole , that
ho visit of the Russian lloct to Toulon is
inly a return visit , out of common courtesy
or the visit of the French licet toCronstndt.
Frenchmen In general Insist that the visit
of the Russians is Intended to warn Europe
hat Russia will hack Franco against her
enemies and nothing at present will change
that opinion in Franco.
IICNl > UN < ; il ) 1V LiII-I.ON" .
\Kltntion Over tlm Snlijcrt of Timiln Not
till ] I'ollvy of tlio Irlnh.
DUHMNOct. . 1. John Dillon , M. P. for
2ast Mayo , addressed a largo mooting at
3allyinoto , no.ir Sllgo , today. Mr Dillon
luring thu course of his remarks nnlil that
the subject of Irish funds had been thrust
before the public within the last ten days.
I his unhappy discussion , ho added , had boon
the means of creating a public scandal and
convoying the belief tlm 11 Hero was dissension
in thu Irish ranks. Ho ( Mr. Dillon ) always
opposed public disi'usslnji on this subject bu-
( . nisn It was useless and certain to create
tiitterness , and llnully because It Interfered
with thu collection of funds for thu Irish
cause In America and Australia. If differ
ences of opinion existed us to details and
policy , as they must exist , they otizht never
to go beyond the room where the party sat ,
and the man who betrayed or published such
differences of opinion was unfaithful to thu
unity of the parly.
At present , ho continued , when the future
Was bright and promising , when every one
should do his utmost to prepare the nation
for one more mighty struggle with Us
hereditary enemies , it wau an outrage on thu
national ouiso to thrust the matter before
the public. M.uiy said that they wanted to
bo informed about the fund , hut tliov all
and ho know , that such questions UB the
Paris fund were trivial aw pared with up
holding unity in thu'ranks. . The man who
struck a blow at that struck a blow at the
heart of Ireland.
Vine Preftlilnnt of tlio l.oirrr llounn of tlm
lliuiRiirluii Dirt Killed.
DUIU-I'BSTH , Oct. 1.--A sensation was
caused hero today by the strange death of
the vice president of the lower house of the
Hungarian Diet. Count Andrcassy Hokros.
In some manner , as yet unexplained to the
public , ( Jount nokroti was found dead on the
pavement belo.v his residence. A second
story ' . . indow was open , and the pollen are
of tno opinion that ho Gvcrbal.inccd himself
while looking out of thu window , and that
ho full into the stroist and was killed.
Itutiiriiuij lo Viimim ,
VIENNA , Oct. 1. Emperor Francis Joseph ,
after another visit In the exhibition at
Innsbruck , Icfl that ' lace last evening lor
this city. Thu cmporor was arcetud with
' much enthusiasm on ovurj side.
Itrlurii < n n I'I.i trim lili | ,
LisiiitiNOct. . 1.The steajnor Ucmo from
Genoa , for Brazil , which wa refused admit
tance into Ui\uillun ports and was obllyod
to return to Europe , has arrived at Santa
Cruz. She had 1,4X1 emigrants aboard. Of
this number ISM were attacked with cholera
on the voyage and sixty-four died. The
Ucmo was suppled with coal , water anTl
provisions at Santa Cruz.
uoNci.unii : > TIII : CONVENTION.
t'rnnco uml Slnm Sign nml KxchniiK" Ooplr *
of ilin Tr nily.
\CnpyrlyMtil \ ISM t > u Jitme < ( Jor.lmi llcnnttt. ]
LONDON , Oct. 1. [ Now York Herald Cable
Special to Tun Hr.r. . ] The Herald corre
spondent at Ilangkok telegraphs as follows :
'Tho convention between Franco and Slam ,
o which I referred In my dispatch of ypslcr-
ay , was agreed to today.
' The original draft is considerably modi-
ed. Copies of the convention were also
Igncd and exchanged.
"On Tuesday evening next the king , who
as been absent In the interior , will return
i the capital. After M. do 1 yro Dovilllcrs ,
ho has carried the negotiations to a sue-
cssful and satisfactory conclusion , leaves
orSalgon his majesty will cclebrato with a
cries of festivities the twentyllfth year of
is reign.
" 1 hear that the French are Increasing
heir foreen nt , Chun ta lioiui in the extreme.
orth of the kingdom , a short distance west
f Candoblco. "
Mam < < iirroiiipr4 KA.tr ) tlilni ; .
Oc-t. 1. A final settlement of
he dispute between Franco and Slam was
rrlvcd at today by the acceptance of the
iinmeso government of the drafts of a new
reaty presented by M. do Villlurs. the
pedal envoy of Franco to the government
if Slam. The French pnvoy.it will bo ro-
iiomberod , gave tlio Slamoao government
jut forty-eight hour * In which to accept or
"eclino the treaty nuroed upon today , threat-
nlng to leave Hnngkok unless his demands
vero complied with.
From this it is Judged that the Siamese
'ovurnincnl has madu an unconditional stir-
cntlcr to France and that the latter country
low has everything which she has demanded
rom Slam , with the exception of the do-
nantls which wcro considered In excess in
lor ultimatum presented some time ago.
"he signatures to the now treaty will bo nf-
Ixcd on Tuesday next.
of the Itittlllrallon.
LONDON , Oct. 1. A cablegram received
> y the Times from Hankkok says ; At 11
I'elock yesterday luornln ? 'ho French gun
boat Aspic was scon to bo trotting tip steam
in orncr that Do Villlora might leave that
3lty. Later in the day , under extreme pres
sure , Slam nurucd to sign both tlio treaty
nml the convention annexed. Do VII-
ler.s will take his leave of the
iting on Wcdncsda.v. The clause originally
n the treaty whcachy Slam was to allow
my numberof French agencies on the right
liank of the Makonc anil cede gratuitously
: ill lands required for this purpose , baa boon
withdrawn and a clause substituted which
only demands facilities for navigation and
igcncy works.
It was nt first stipulated that Franco
should continue to occupy Chantiiuntm until
the complete evacuation of the left bank of
the Mekong. This appears to have been
withdrawn The convention is now
preceded with a preamble declaring
that it settles finally all provisions-
of the ultimatum. According to the
declaration , Devilliers Intended to evacuate
Chantaboun as early as possible. Among
the motives v hlch led Slam to accept the
convention was the honorable resolution of
the king not to sacrillco llio Drnish o'llccrs'
demand , which Devilliers had abandoned
with the demand for reparation for the
Pakeran Incident.
The United States gunboit Concord has
arrived oft tliobar'nt > J3an < ? lcok.
The Times corrospondcnt-nilds1 that -there
is.ronlly comparatively satisfactory to the
convention but the most unsatisfactory ,
unless Franco fulfills her pledges. The
great danger , the correspondent adds , is
that Chautaboun , which is the key to the
Gulf or Slam , will remain for a long time in
the hands of the French.
SAYS TIII- : uiin-.rs : HUKtiNi ; : > iiui ; > .
Argoiitlnu'g O ivornmuiit Unports Mint tlio
Itfvolntlon Mm Htiileil.
BUKNOS AYIIP.-J , Oct. 1. The Argentine
government claims to have received information
mation today to the effect that the revolu
tion in this republic may bo considered al
most at an end. It is announced olllclally
that Uosario has c.iuitulato.l to the guvorn-
nie-nt force. All the rebel leaders at Kos'irlo
are said to have been taken prisoners and
the rebels are reported to have laid down
their arms. Whilo.this dispatch is thought
to bo true , many contradictory stories have
boon circulated durinir the course of the
revolution , and It should bo remembered
that this announcement comes entirely
from government sources.
Itoi-rptlou to the KiiHHlaoR.
P.utis , Oct. 1. The program of the
Franco-Russian fetes has been published ,
They will begin on Friday , the tilth of Octo
ber , when the Russian squadron will arrive
at Toulon. The Russian officers will ho of
ficially welcomed and will bo entertained by
ofllcors of the French navy. Saturday , Sun
day and Monday the entertainment will bo
continued at Toulon and will Include recep
tions , carnivals , dinners nml n battle nf
flowers. Monday evening the guests will
como to Paris. Tuesday they will have an
audience with President Carnot. to bo fol
lowed by a dinner and a ball at Palais
The entertainment will continuo all the
week nnd will consist of bulls , dinners , re-
Kptlons , official breakfast ! ) and a cala soiree
at the opera and a supper at tlio Military club.
The following Sunday the minister of war will
give a breakfast. Tuesday President Carnet
will glvo a breakfast and fa rowel I recaption
ntthoElysoo. The guests will depart lit 11 In
the evening for Toulon and on Wednesday
will stop at Lyons half a day for receptions.
On Thursday they will inalto a Hhort stay at
Marseilles , arriving at Toulon at night. Fri
day the ironclad Jauroguiborri will bo
launched and on Saturday llio Russians will
I'oul .illlM'IM to
, Oct. 1. Advices received hero from
St , Etlonno say that the miners of that dis
trict nt a meeting hold today resolved to
take part in a general .strike , which is to he-
gin after thu minors hero have arranged
upon some plan for concerted action with the
miners of the other coal fields.
ArciMitlnu Pup ITU riiippriiinnil ,
DUKNOS AYIIF.S , Oct. 1. Two Italian papers
hero have been suppressed for publishing
nnws of the involution and for coininonting
adversely upon the government's policy.
.MonlflVlllmi'A .Ulllt.
MoNTr.viiino , Oct. 1. A number of cap
italists having Inlluunco with the govern
ment have proposed a plan to establish a
mint horo.
tt'KKVKKIt TIUI F.tltiVO KXritKSfi ,
nml rirrniuu limtiuitly Kllloil at
H Mliuoiiri Station ,
.i ) , Mo. , Oct. -Passenger train
No. 4 on the Frisco , , which loft Springfield at
10:05 : , about ten minutes late ,
run into an open switch near Lyman
about 10:20 : , dashing through stock cars.
Engineer Maxoy Hall and Fireman Charles
llobinson were both iiiHtaiuly killed. So fur
us could bo ascertained none of the passen
gers wcro furiously Injured , Ono received a
broken arm and several received slight
bruises ,
Thci switch htid been opened by some
party undoubtedly with the intent of wreck
ing the train. Lymun Is only n blind
siding , there being no. depot or tele
graph onico thurn. The three stock
car * were just inside the switch
ss that the unglnuur and fireman hud iu
warning of danger until thu crash camu ,
Thu officials nf the road state that this Is r.o
loss than the fourth attempt which has been
madu to wreck trains ut LJ'in.in iiurlni ; Kup <
toinbur. Each time it IIUH boon discovered
in time to proven' an nccldimt until
English Beds and Mancucstar Police Have
a Lively Enconntor ,
Rendered Desperate in Their Efforts to Defeat -
feat the Authorities
Officials Were Seeking * the Opportunity j
. that Arrived Yesterday. *
llo Will He shot
In the Hack i a
lionnlt of Ills iilirts : to A * . .
atilnato the Hero
ot Sptln ,
MA.vcitnsTF.tt , Kng. , Oct. 1. A very lively 'f '
and interesting light between a number of
English anarchists and a squad of pollco
took place hero todii5 * . The pollco It appears
have long been aware that the anarchists
had formed a group In this city , and that
they were holding meetings at irregular in
tervals. It had been frequently suggested
to the pollco that It would not bo a bad Ideate
to break up this assembling of very advanced
Kngllbh radicals. To thosu suggestions the
pollco replied that It was Impossible for
tVpm to Interfere with the meetings of the
anarchists groups of Manchester unless
some formal complaint was madu to them ;
the authorities holding Jint the pollco had
no authority to take action unless the an
archists acted In a disorder - manner.
' For a long time the anarchists kept
within the bounds of the law and order , In
so far that they claimed lo bo simply honest
worklngmon nieetini * ; to discuss politics
from their own standpoint. The discovery
of the anarchists' plot to blow up the House
of Parliament in Vienna and the attempt of
ho Spanish anarchist Pallas , to kill the
'oimnamlor-in-chlol ' of the Spanish forces ,
seems to have aroused the English anarch-
sts to n pitch of unusual excitement , for
they commenced drinking immoderately ,
shoutinir and cheering at their meetings and
making things very disagreeable for the
loacoful residents of the neighborhood of
their meeting place.
. \MMn-liuiH * Ucnpurato ItrsUlanco.
Tins gave the police the opportunity they
Had been looking for for formal complaint of
tisturbanccs of thu peace , and this was
mule againat them , and a raid upon the as
sembly rooms of the reds was made today by
the police. But the attempt to take them
nto custody was resisted by the Manchester
anarchists , who were full of fight ; they
seized chairs and other pieces of furnlturo
mid defended themselves desperately against
Tlio latter , drew their batons , and one of
the most interesting rough and tumble
lights between the pollco aid anarchists
over witnessed in this country took plnco.
It was give and take , hammer and tongs , for
about fifteen minutes. First the pollco
would have the advantage and then the
anarchists would bo upon tha point of
driving the police from the house. Durlnir
the battle three anarchists wcro BO severely
injured that they had to bo taken to the
hospital , and a number of both aides re
ceived loss serious wounds. Several of tno
most desperate anarchists were taken into
custody ; others managed to escape through
the windows. The anarchists arrested will
bo brought up and charged tomorrow morn
AunrclilHt riillitN Will 1'iiy tlio Death I'on-
ulty Thin Wr.-K.
BAKCF.I.ONA. Oct. l.--Tlio approaching
death of Pallas , the anarchist , was dis
cussed throughout Spain today. While very
llttlo sympathy Is expressed for the desper
ate man , the police are well a ware that ho
has a number of ( sympathizers. This has
caused them to t'iko the most extraordinary
precautions , and to imiko the most thorough
search for proofs of further outrages con
An Italian inmed Manclnl was arrested
today , charged with being one of his accom
plices , and it U said the pollco expect him to
place thorn in the w.iy of obtaining Informa
tion which will load to further and most
Important arrests.
The supreme council of war meets tomor
row In this city and It will endorse the sen
tence of the court martial , which condemned
Pnllas to bo shot In the back. It Is thought
probable that the date of the execution of
the anarchist will bu determined upon to
morrow and that It will bo decided to have
it take place in private or at some early hour
which will prevent the gathering of u crowd
of pcoplo among whom might bo found some
sympathisers with Pallas which might loud
to more dynamite bomb outrage * .
A n Itesiilt of Their Ilcrrnt Plot There
Will liu Some biirprUei ,
LONI > ON , Oct. 1. A special to the News
from Vienna says that the examination of
twclvo of the anarchists recently arrested In '
connection with the plot to blow up the
House of Parliament there haslmd the most
surpilsing results. The facts In possession
of the police cannot yet ba published as the
chief , or prlmo mover In the conspiracy , Is
nut yet under arrc'st. The police , howoVcr ,
are continuing their investigation and ex
press the hope that they will soon he able to
obtain a confession from one of the men In
custody which will show the exact origin of
thu plot to blow up HID House of Parliament
and which will lead to the arrest of the
foreigner who is believed to have boon at
the head of the coiiKpiracy ,
\Voiniiii hocmlKlit .Moat ,
LONDON , Oct. J.--A dispatch to the Dally
Mows from Vienna describes a remarkable
mooting of women socialists which occurred
at Schoenbrum , a suburb of Vienna. The
women present wcro mostly matrons , but
prominent among thorn wera two handsome
girls , whoso Invectives against the govern
ment and HID present order of things In pen-
er.il sounded sti'iingo from such youthful
lips , Ono of tlio speaker * declared if the
DourguolBo rufusod to grant universal luf-
frago to tlio woiUurs thuy would seize It by
brutu force.
TrnlliKi Storm in Mexico ,
S.N ANTONIO , Tex. , Oct. 1.--A tpeclul
from Qiiertario , Mox. , says ; The town o
.lalapan , situated in the northern patt of
tlilu state , wits vUlted by a terrible storm a
few dujs ago. thu particular * of which have
just reached hero. Scores of houses were
completely demolished and many poopi *
killed and Injured. Tlm crops In the path
of Hie storm were destroyed nnd there vrtt
inucli sutfurini ; amous the people.

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