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Haydcn Bros.1 Great Cloak and Underwear
Sale for Thursday ,
.nillpx' nnil Clillrtrni'd JnckcMnt I.FII Tlmn
One-third ITlcr Notion * nt Clrnrlnc Out
I'rlcru to Mil Mo llonm for llnlldrty
Ooodc nt Iliijilcni ,
Gent's natural jjtov mcrlni ) i hose Ific ,
ot th ' c.
Gent's heavy wool sox Oc , worth 20c.
Ladles'cashmoio ' hobo ] lie , worth nrC. )
C'hlldien's underwear less than } price
today. . .
Ladles'nlRht gowns .TOc , worth IDC.
] ( K ) do/en ladles' corfeots. nil sires ,
worth 7oc per pair , go at , fit1.
( Jcnt's jorbcy knit over&hlrls 50c , iuc
and $1.00 , woith double. *
1 case of gent's camel H hair shirts and
diawois , worth 05c , to bo closed at 33e
Gent's heavy wool underwear , shirt
and diawers , f)0c , worth 75c.
See our special table of Rent's under
wear today. Yon can buy anything
on it for ( ) ! ) c , shirts Or diawern. You
will miss It if you do not attend this
fcpceial Milo. Nothing like It this season.
Gent's Sl.fiO caidlgan jackets for oUe
Our cloaks and jackets are creating a
furor. Extia hell ) will enable us to
take better caio of the tiado hereafter.
Ladles' jaokota In browngray , or blue ,
fur-trinnned. In the lot are garments
that sold in ) to $7.50 and J'J.OO. ' In this
bale they go at $2.75.
Another lot of fur-trimmed , silk-lined
jackets In all colors. Used to bo $1),50 )
and up to $17.50 ; for this bale they go
ftoni $7.50 down to $4.50.
Ladles' fancy fur capes , Russian fur ,
bold regularly for $8.75 , now only $4.50.
Latest st > lo cloth capes , braid and fur
trimmed , Worth collar , a icgular $10.00
garment , Thursday $0.00.
Fancy capes in brown and tan , late
Btyles , worth $0.50. will be $7.00.
A line of long cloaks ( old style ) , good
serviceable garments , boino of them
worth up to s-'J.OO. ' All in one lot for
this sale USc each.
An elegant beaver cloak , trimmed
with hi aid and fur , Worth collar , full
Hlee\0b , elotc fitting waist , the very
latest thing out , in navy blue , brown
and black , wlls ovcrjwhcio at $22.00 ,
our price 'MO.iiO.
A handsome garment in beaver , with
Worth collar , double breasted , umbrella
back , ipgnlar price $12 50 , now $7.75.
All wool children's ' cloaks , just the
thing for sohool wear , and some of them
quite stylish , si/.ot > 4 to 8 , regular $ I.50 !
garments , all colors. Thursday at $1.75.
Nice all wool chlldrenS cloaks , ages 0
to 12 , with military capes , all colors ,
both light and dark shades , a real nice
little cloak. lias been $9.50 , now only
Our big handkotchief sale begins.
The enth o sample line of the largest
importer of Swiss handkerchiefs in the
eount-y. Thursday the bale begins.
Now Is your chance to buy line holiday
handkerchiefs at half price.
Tlio Iinost50o handkei chiefs for25c.
JOIegant JiOc goods for 15c.
Pine hand embroidered 25e goods for
A full table of fine handkerchiefs from
2Jc to lOe.
Thursday wo will sell Iho jwckagos of
Sharp's needles and 9 dainlng needles
for 5c.
. Special bale on brushes on Thursday.
Ilonnicrcil III * Wlfii'g 1'rnparty.
Yesterday aftcinoon Dr. H. L Kamac-
ciotti sxxoio out a seaich warrant alleging
that IlPlcna Tiudaxousky had in her posses
sion at her looms , 210S Pain im sticet , goods
belonging to bis deceased u if o to the value
of $1,000
The rooms of tlio xxoman xvero searched
by Court Olllccr Walker and u great quan
tity of the goods iccovered
Miss Tiudavousky wasairested and locked
up in the cltj Jill. She \x ill baxo a hcaiing
In a day or two The prisoner was a friend
of Mrs. Hamacciottl duiinir her lifetime ,
nnd lixed with her. When Mis Kamac-
clotti illi'd a huge amount of clothlntr and
joxvelnveio missing , and this \\oman xxas
huspeeted Dotcctixcs haxo looked up the
case , and the icsult xvas the xxoman'b uircst.
DoWitt's Witch Haroi Salvo cuies burns
"Suiiililiu * , I'l lift mill rionran. "
Tlio Midwinter Intoiimtional exposi
tion will be held in San Francisco , bo-
Biuning on January 1 , 1801 , and continu
ing bix months.
Tlio climatic feature , the commercial
nituation of San Fi ancisco , the fact that
the city is the natural distributor of the
products of the greatest agricitltmal
state in the union , the character of its
Buriounding population , engaged in pur-
units more dix-cmlied than those of any
other section of tlio United Status or the
xvorld , ombiacing mining , cattle laising.
fancy stock breeding , xxool groxving ,
mamifactui Ing , agriculture in all Its
blanches , and lishing , ought to IIIMUO a
gi oat success for this ontorpriho.
"Gieatly i educed rates to all California
points and to Portland , Ore. , via the
Union Pacilio. For full particulars re
garding lutes call on or address any
ticket agent , or II. 1 . Doiiol , 1UOJ Far-
nam street , Omaha , Nob. E. L. Lomax ,
General passenger and ticket agent ,
Omaha , Neb.
M\V 'inn : UAICU
Vlu 'Iho Missouri 1'iiclllo K ) .
On and after Sunday , Nov. 10
the Kansas k St. Louis ox-
pi ess x\ ill icaxo depot. 15th and
Webster streets , at 1U:20 : noon
instead of 12:45 : noon. Night oxpicss
for Kantus City and St. Louis leaxes
10 p. in. Nebraska local daily , except
Sunday , leaves at 5:10 : p. m. Instead of
f > MO p. m. Trains arrive from Kansas
City and St. Louis at G a. m. and 1.50 p ,
m. Nebiaska loeal dully , except Sim-
day , arrives 0:20 : a. in. hibtead of 8:45 : a
in , Kor further information call at
depot , Jfith and Webster streets , or city
oillces , N. 1-3. corner Kith and Parnain.
THOMAS. F , GourituY ,
J. O. Pmr.LU'i'i , P. & T. A.
A. G. F , & I' . A.
riio rinuiitlon l-lj r
Via the Lake Shoio louto , ' 'America's
Host Hallway , " will bo dlbccmtinued on
nnd. after the 10th inst. Commencing
tlm same date the Lake Shore Limited
will leave Chicago dally at 1:00 : p. m ,
for Now York and Uoston. No change
will bo made in the "Boston and New-
York Special , " leaving dally nt 10itO !
a. m. The Atlantic Expioss at 3:10 : p. in ,
will run us heiotofoio with the addition
of a through Pittbburg Blconor. The.
through patlor car service to Plttsburg
nt 8:00 : a. m. will minaln unchanged , as
will also tl | thiough car service on the
7-lf : ) mid 11:1)0 : ) ] i , in. trains. After above
date mllcago und other i educed late
tickotH will bo accepted on all train ? via
thu L. S , & M. S. except the Limited.
Jl. M. Iluiniiluoy. T. P. A. , 727 Main
utrcet , Kansas City , Mo , ; O. K. Wllbor ,
Wet > t. Puss. Agt. ,
Today Wo Place on Sale the Magnificent
Stock of Goods Spoken of Yesterday.
2.1-lnoli S3 00 Itlnck nnil Colored Tulllo
Bllkn , IIHn IVr Ynrtl , r.tc. , lite. Ilentl
Kvery Item llplntr ttneh Item In of
\ltnl Interest to Your Ilconomy ,
Thousands of pieces of good ribbon gent
nt Ic a yard.
2 cases of slnmlaitl full prints at 3c per
1 case of indigo blue prints 4Sc per
Hundreds of Indies' and children 9
wool and part wool under gatmonts ,
some of them positively \\orthupto
$2.50 per garment. They are all odds ,
but will keep you warm If you can 11 ml
the slo. You ean gat any garment In
the lot today at 2oe per garment.
Don't miss this sale.
Hundreds of line hemstitched linen
tray eloth . slightlv soiled and wet in
tianblt , all worth fiOo or moret tomor-
iow what yon want of them at lee each.
A largd'lot of line 7. > o durnusk center
pieces , 2. )0 a piece today. Don't miss
this lot.
Kxtia largo hemstitched huck towels ,
a positive il.OO quality. Unco to n cus
tomer ntfifie a piece. Sec them.
A. regular Sl.fiU supcrllno huck towel ,
lalto them today for ( ! Sc a piece.
These are the linesl goods In the world
and are all from that grand stock
bought by our Now York man at less
than half'price. . But rend on , the sur
prises are fitill gi cuter below.
18 ladies' old style ulsters ( but they
are good and warm ) , every ono of them
have sold at $15.00 , ? 17.f > 0 , $19.00 or
$20.00 ; only ono to a customer , today
at $2.f)0 each. How cunou resist thcso
prices , you cannot.
A $2. " > .00 traveling or home ulster , a
good , warm , handsome garment , the lot
is small , only ono to customer , today
at SD.fiO.
$10.00 jackets , good , warm and
durable jackets , most of them trimmed
with fur. Ono to a customer today
at $2.2. ) apiece.
$15.00 ladies' ready made suits at $ n.i > 0.
You did ifot think you could afford a
new dress this winter , hutjoucan scrape
up S-'t.oO lor a $15.00 dress guaranteed to
lit you.
Our entile bilk drcsb pattern almost
as cheap as a gingham.
"The-jO are from that giand stock too.
812.00 SILK PATTERN $4.)8. ! )
Never was there a better chance
offered to get a silk dress.
12yards of $1.00 crystal bengallno
silk for $ -1.98 , a clear having of boven
dollars and two cents.
$2.0Q SILK 9SC.
You'll want a Christmas present. Tell
your husoands that they can buy a $2.00
guaranteed bilk in black and colors of us
tomorrow at 98c per yard. No more de
sirable silks in the worltl than Faille
Francois silk and that's w hat this lot is
composed of and they come in colors and
black. See this lot Sure. j
Ciosilj ) I'ortnlnliic to tlm ItliiccoateU
4iiiaiilluna of tlio 1'oaco.
M. H Allen of St. Joseph , Mo. , offers a
liberal row.ml to tlio poison locating Aha
Allen , a 1U j oar-old joung irun.
The city marshil of Owatonna. Minn. ,
wants the Omaha police to look out for llob-
ert Schult/ years ohl , who ran away from
The sheriff of Powcshiok county , Iowa ,
wants the addiess of Ferdinand Klements ,
who was foimcily employed by the Cudahy
Packing company.
The case against , fames Gtlfllu , who Is sold
toao \ \ appropriated liquors belonging to
Moses Block , was continued until next
Tuesday. Gi Kiln's bond was Ilxed nt $803
Deputy Labor Commissioner Erion wants
Chtpl Seaxcv tobonil him a list of the unem-
ploi ed neoplo In Ornrtlia. When the chief's
rocoid is complete ho will send a copi to
Mr. Erlon.
John Alcvprsuasup jesteidax forenoon for
being drunk. Ho pleaded guilty and was
discharged. Just as ho was starting out of
tlio loom Court Ofllccr Walker anested him
for as < aultinKAVilllam McAllister. To this
ch.URo Moveia admitted being guilty and
was lined 15.
One of the bmglars killed near Ovid , N.
Y. , some time ago has been identified as
Htddy Fit/lull Ick , alias Kelly. Ho formerly
belonged to the Dink Wilson gang and
tinned Unco or four tilcks cut in this scc-
tlon of the count I.\ with Cluules and "Dink"
Yesterday morning Policemen Mitchelland
Helglctnan ancBtea O. H. Johnson at the
Webster street depot for larconv. Johnson
swiped a pair of pantaloons from a shop on
North Sixteenth street and struck out on a
lope for the i.iilioid jauls. Ho gave the
olllceis a llxoly chase befoie being captuied.
On the night of September 111 there was a
shooting sciupo at IJIll's road house , and
joung Hill got a bullet through his leg. The
man who ilieil thu shot skipped out. Helms
been located on a faini near York , Ami the
polite have been notified. No complaint was
oxer illcd by Hill and the man , who goes bv
the name of Miller , will not bo biought
Somoiluis ago the police attested V. J.
Traxlno for vagrancy and sent him to the
county Jill on u short sentence. Olllccr
Walker thought Traxino answoiod the tie-
sciiptlon of a man wanted in Now Orleans
for murder and wiote there asKlng about is.
This mot nlng a letter came sai ing that the
polite theio had no ictord of any such man
and that they did not want him.
Chief of Police Soavoy spent Tuesday In
Lincoln working up Ills scheme for the for-
nmtiou of a state ussnci it 1cm of chiefs of po-
llco. Alieadya half doyen city maishalls
hmo signified their intention to be piescnt
at the meeting called for December 13 , and
it iscxucctcu that ovoiycitvof a ly sUa in
thostatowill boicpiescntcd. The \isilors
will be treated to a paiado by the police de-
pal tinrni ami it is the intention of the com-
mlssionci.H to parade tbo lire department
Want * MIT Insurance.
Ill the dlstiiut Lourt Mary 11. Tnomas has
sued the Westein Assuianco company for
fi.100 ; the Homo Piio Insurance tomuany of
NcwYoikfor f',000 , , the Mllwaukeo Me
chanics' and Tjadcrs1 Insuuuco companies
foi f'J.OOO each. She alleges that she was
thoownorof a biick iaul at Twenty- fourth
sticet and.tho Burlington trades , and that
the same but net ) on JulvJM , IbOJ , that all of
tlicsu companies .verot'oiriing risUs upon
the plant and that tl-cj refuse to pay the
nnr GOODS co.
Cotnn Unto V All Tie Who Shiver nnil Are
Mghtlr Muffled mxl Wo Will Warm You Up.
We'll warm you tin for llttlo money at
our money saving salo.
Boys' clothing ealo.
Underwear snlo.
"Dross goods sale.
Flannel and blanket salo.
Men's ' undorrt'car ealo.
Fur trimming salo.
Cloak sale.
Wo tire going to change some of our
departments next week and have made
deep cuts In above goodfc to reduce
We'll soil all fur trimmings at exactly
half price. On sale by the entrance.
We'll ' sell all blankets at half price.
We'll sell l.'ic red flannel for 2.C.
We'll soil 7f > o Ficnch blankets for 45 < % .
We'll soil for .1 days ladles' and child
ren's hosiery and underwear at special
Selling roff the dross goods nt half
price. Positively thu greatest \aluos wo
have over olTored.
$1.00 dress goods going for f > 0c.
$1.50 drcHs goods going for 7"c. > .
$2.00 dress goods going for $1.00.
$2.GO dress goods going for $1.50.
Not many more to sell at thcso price1' .
Buy your dress now. Remember wo
are selling with every dress pattern
bought at this sale thu linings and find
ings for $1.00 , and wlil make the dress
for you for $15.00.CLOAKS.
That now stock which came In last
Satin any and mUertlscd for this week
is going off rapidly. They are the
newest things out and we are able to sell
them from > to 50 per cent , under open
ing prices. Sec this stock.
See our undent out * announcement In
another , column.
See the great sale of pianos and
organs on page 7.
Tlio Madison ( family hotel ) , 21st and
Chicago. Ti unslents. $2.00 per day.
A A . % O U. % VfiaiUA'fb.
No farce-comedy that is traveling this sea
son presents a stionger atray of names than
those gathcud under the banner of Cosgiovo
& Grunt in that most delightful of faice-
comcdles , "Uhe Da/7ler. "
It will bo scon at the Fifteenth Street the
ater all next week , opening on Sunday after
noon , and with Annie Lewis. .Tessa Hatcher ,
AnuloVilinutli Cm ran , Joe Ott , Max Miller ,
Frank Ward. Albert Halt , Howard Graham
and a do/cn or more pretty guIs and cloxor
actresses an evening of upioaiious enjoy
ment is assured. An extra matinee Thuis-
day , November 80 , Thanksgiving day.
The central figure in the new play , ' 'She
Couldn't Mam Three. " which opens at the
Fifteenth Sticet theater tonight for
an engagement of throe nights. Is a little
fisher girl , Bess Uiandon , which is pla\cd
with wonderful fidelity and force by Miss
Lillian Kennedy. This jouas actress is rap
idly foiging to the froat , and in this part Is
said to excel any thing she lias hithci to at
Henry Arthur Jones' first , and probably
greatest success , ' 'The Silver King , " which
has uoen lovived this season , will uo seen at
Bojd's theater the latter pait of the week ,
commencing today.
"Iho Silver King , " as presented by Call
A. Haswin and his excellent company of
plaxcis , is put upon the stage in a splendid
manner , the scenery being entnoly new and
realistic , and every one of the seventeen
scenes U so perfect that no ono cun bo called
superior to anothei. The merit of the play ,
it being ono of the best constructed and in
teresting pieces of dramatic woikmunship
that has been put upon the stage in yeais , is
wiuejy known ; and the well-woven stori ,
lifc-pko rliaractois and the BUI prises with
which it abounds , hold the intoioat of the
audience fiom the first to the last scene.
Seats are now on sale.
E. E. Zimmerman , the man who invented
the Ed on musco business and who is respon
sible for Barnum's white elephant scheme.
is in the city. Ho is at picscut in advance
of William Caldoi's "Span of Lifts" co'ii-
pany , which comes to the Boya on Monday ,
Tuesday and Wednesday of ne\t w eek.
Wo could not impicno the quality if wo
paid double the price. DoWitfs Witch Ha/el
Salvo is the best saivo that experience tan
produce , or that money can buy.
Cheap Hull's tn Ciilltormi.
The Union PuciiTc is offering greatly
i educed round trip ratca to all California
points and Portland , Oregon , this year.
For full particular inquire of your
neaiest ticket agent , or addiess
II. P. DUUEL , , 1302 Parnum street ,
Oinaha , Nob. , or E. L. LOMAX , Gon'l
1'ass. and Ticket Agent , Omaha , Nob.
Opening oT Crntnr School Delllyncl by it
ControverHy llotuocn Contractors.
The wrangle that has boon going on for
months between Hoi brook fe. Cano of Chicago
cage and their suuioutractors , John Kowo &
Co of Omaha , has interfered with the plans
of the Uoaid of Education with reference to
the opening of H'o new Center school
The estimates of Holbiook & Cano for
J2.SOO for wet k at the Center school and for
$ vOOU , for woik at the Hartinait school , have
been hung up by the boaid by being sent to
the judiciary committee , the financial af
fairs between Holbrook & Cano and Howe
& Co. b Iiig bo complicated that the hoaul
does not Itnow to which of the companies to
pay the money.
On account of the failmo of the board to
pay tiie estimates Kowo & Co. , who hi\u ; the
subconlinct for nutting In ttio heating and
\entilating plant at the Center school , to-
fuse to go to work , and as a conscrtmnco | the
building will not bo ready for occupancy
piobably hi time for use this \car. It was
expected that It would ba completed by Feb-
mary 1. As long as the building remains
unheatcd Interior work of constt notion can
not go on , so that all work will bo delayed
until the picscnt difficulty ia settled.
"The White Slave , " Dai-Hoy Campbell's
beautiful Idyl of the south , was splendidly
given last night at Boyd's , the company
being carefully selected Liza was well
played by Miss Mary Andeison , She is a
capable and piotty nctiess , winning many
pleasing woids for her poitraltuio of the
hunted woman , Milt G. Bin-low had a most
congenial part as Job , the colored preacher ,
while Mrs. Barlow as a typical "colored
pus'son"was delightful.V. . B. Murphy
played William Iicy w ith ability. 'J ho play
was well mounted.
tiottiti 11 } flit llnex rf umfcrCifsicuJ , ftflu
centtt ; cadi aildltloniil tine , ten cent * .
i.ONd-Mrs Mary. ngcA IBypart , 0 months , 20
clays , \\lfuof ( iuorgo I ) , l-onj : , on Tuesday ,
NoxLinbur 21st. 181)3. ) I'uncial hunlct'B
Thursday nftL-rnoon in 2 o'clock ut tlio rt" l-
ilt'iicoof noi parents , 15'J3 .Nuilli Twuaty-
btiucl. InturincMit.roicet Lnnn ccmo-
tuiy. Ktiliitl\estind ( ilundb ln\ltod ,
A va ded Highest Honors World's Fair.
The only Pure Crcaut of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia ; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes AO Years the Standard
From thn > Mi > riio llrr Clooilt Co.
Thursday , Krld y nnil Saturday wo
have decided to sot apart for n great 3
days' hosiery n a undonveur salo. Hav
ing bought largely of the mills curly in
thoBprlng , ancViiot foreseeing the Ren-
oial depressionjitid the backwardness of
the season , jvo flnd ourselves over
stocked. For 3 days wo will makovoxtra
inducements in this department. Wo
promise the public some Iho bargains.
Saturday wo shall place on sale 1,000
pieces of ribbons which our buyers se
cured very cheap , nnd give tlio ladies n
ulmncu to pecttie their Christmas ribbons
bens for fancy work nt icinarkablo
prices. Ncxtwookvlll bo of great In-
lercst lo the ladles. Wo'll htivo a great
sale of Japanese goods , handsomer than
any stock over shown In Omaha. Look
out for particulars. Sco the show n In-
dow Saturday.
Tin : Mousn nny aoous co.
Cniitinrrultil UiiU ( limlp.
The followlnp ij.ntius were elected mom-
bois of the Comincrclil club nt Tuesday's
meotitig of tlio executive commlttoo1 .ludpo
O. W. Ambrose , W. S Popploton. Percy n.
1'ord of the St.imtnul Accident Insurance
company , Juromo 1C. Coulter , dejiuty cltj
tteasuicr , John W. Foail , cliief bookkeeper
in city treasurer's oWi-e , H. O. Haitcof
\VllHi\iiis-llnywnril > Sliuo company. The
outlook of the club , as shoun bv tliosectc-
tary's icports. was fount ! to bo
\eiy eticotuaglng. Steps aio now
bcmtj taken to spent o a jnurket
for liogs and boi ; products in Mexico 'from
this point \ \ 1th piomiso oC largo success
Acti\o prcpirations are now Roim ; on for
tlio Pythian hanquot to bo held in the club
rooms on Thursday ovoningot tills \Mjok.
Kegotlitlons aio nho pcndniR for tlireo
inoro bnnquots In tlio near nituro , one for
Tlinnksgtxliif : o\cnlng anil two for later on
It skeins to bo becoming the popular ideate
to give these binquuts in the club rooms ,
thpx bolng pcuuliiuly adapted by situation ,
facilltips , etc , for such put poses
The axcraqe noon ilav attencl.inco lias in-
ci eased ncarlj yy per cent din lug the past
Cook's Extra Dry Imperial Champagne has
a delicious tiroma. It is perfectly pure und
naturally fei mented. "Highest Award , Di
ploma : uict Medal , Columbian Imposition. "
ii l.trousiM.
The following man tape licenses were
issued icstcrday :
Nuinoand Address. ARC ,
jJnnici 1' ' . Stochl , Omaha . 3' !
I Jliuy MaslloK , Omah.i . iJJ
j 1 ledcrlclc M. HuiiinioiKl , Omuli.i . n2
I Amullill. Walto , Onuliv . 20
J IVtor Nulbon , Omaha . 15 !
I K\a .loliiiion , Omaha . 19
I James Kotori , Om.iha . 45
I Cathurln.i I.lnkmud , Onriha . 47
i George O. Huberts , Omaha . 27
j Marie Bull Tcmplctou , Omaha . 2G
Saved .From Suffering.
The Gratitude oi a Lady Cured bj
Kickapoo Indian Sagna.
DANVILLE , ILL. , Oct. 26.
I fool It my duty to express my gratl-
tudo for what the Kickapoo Indian
Remedies have done for mo.
I was suffering with Neuralgia , nnd
had to stay up every night for weeks.
At last I Bent lor a bottle ol Kickapoo
Indian Oil , and in ICSB than ten mm-
utea after application I was relieved.
I continued Its use and also used Kick
apoo Indian Sagwa at the eamo
time until Entirely Cured.
Many ot my friends have used your
Remedies for different troubles , and nnd
them to do exactly as advertised.
I believe everybody who is suffering
should use them , us wo are all brothers
nnd Biators in Christ. I w ill answer any
questions ns to what with the help ol
God they have done for mo.
Yours respecttully , EVA DECAMP.
And all Kickapoo Indian Remedlesi Sold by Dealcru
Mnndiako Pills have a value as a house
hold remedy far beyond the power of Lvn
guago to describe. The family can
hardly bo true to itself that does not
keep them on hand for use in omorgon
Is the only vegetable substitute for that
dangerous mineral , MEUCUHY , and
while its action as a curative Is fully
equal , it possesses none of the perilous
In Conatlpitlon , Mandrake acts upon
the bowels without disposing them to
Bubsaquont Costlvonoss ,
No remedy acts so directly on the
liver , nothing so hpoedily cures Sick
Hoadnoho , Sour Stomach -
ach , and Ulliousnoss as
I'orSaloby all OnuslsU. 1'rleo 21 eta. per
boxi 3 box oa for 03 cti , ; op sent by mall , po-it-
ugo frco , on rocolpt nf nrloc , lr. ) J , II.
BohonoK & on , I'llllttdolpliU
Boft nblta linnde , uliapcly nnlU , an
uLlu.iiud luxurluut imlr
l > y the nlubrutril C'UTI-
CUIIA UCIILUILH wUen till others fall ,
In fudul likuiUhcii , or tliu tcori.t liu-
liiom undilltciucs ot llio sLIn anil vctilp ,
ulth lu ( 1)1 liilr , t\cu vlien tcrofu.
or liuu'clltim , they lire tquully
OFFER 12-pabhiotB. oachonoHii
uuuroprlutuL'hrUtiu.ts pros-
kuntand u bountiful Min-
tba Glnoo Phot j ull for
/ / 'fnlioa TIMK ci turn out GOOD
WOJtlf ,
313 , 315 , 317 S3. 15ft St. , Omaha.
It I Proper mid Kl til-A Vnlnnliln Hut-
Rpntlon on the Subject lor All Ilouno-
liolilvr * .
"Tlicre IB Imnllv n tinn or wonnn In Amorlon
nut fool thai tlio dopreelntlon ana do-
Tiilimttoii of ullklnilsof iiropi-rtvlnsiie-
coRHlfUc-d \\lllcontliiuu to lauso ccoiiotuy for
years to conic. "
Thin tcnmrk wni mnilo hv n te-ulhiB Aniprlcan
binkcr In coiner .itlon wllli the writer
"Tlilioconomx miiRt rxtond not only to luxurlon
tml to ninny other ti1nn ! It InohtilcM tlio IICCPH-
nMct of llfo and the ronidrcmpiilH of lioiiltli
Whrn men or w omen are w call and ileirowd | or
hixo thu Ilrnt Msinploiim of a cold , of n
alckncai , lot It bo iitiounionl i or .111 } uthcrillHon * < Oi
thoj cuintid sliouia ci\fa prolnlilo lanto future
CXIWIISP by ponntprictlnirlnitanth tlio tlrst HN mp-
tonit of Biioh troiitiU-B If i 'oplo foci a ctilll tlio\
Bhoiild nt onoo t ilio Moino Mluuilint to o\ircono
It III tlllH'U IllCVllllint Olll } HnXlil'MKIlfW
linlliosilliH iloiie tllncBt which inlKlit rnmio Olil
tlicj not take limtntit mpisiirot to jirovt'iit Notli-
Itiff cTti so uultklv , HoinrtiilnU accoiiuillHli tlilHts
the irrrit tnnllclnilhlsk" > It noun : n DiitTs s
1'nro Malt. HH vrtlon In nidfk and onuiplcto It
( oiinlorutH the tlrnt npiimni'li of nnj ill suilptlon
of I'ojiliunlkii'psdlBi'im' Utuv Tin IIIKI cl issos
of tliiMMiiinnuiilu nsiIt ( oiiHtmlh for this imr-
po o anil iih\Mpl in * < n-conimiMiil It ccinllnmlh It
Is put up in 1'iivo nlr.c linttlcH ami In ailillllon to Its
Hiipcrlor qit illtv furnltlii'H n ( 'roiti-rnu mtlttli in
inv ( itlicr inc'illclu il Htlinitl nit In tlir in irkiM U IH
tni ( cert ilii ill ik-rH oftPii HLI k to Hcllonlln in
wlilHkliH rl ilinlni ; thoaroliiHt IHITOOI ! Inn HIOMO
who aro\M > ll Mrnod arv iiurili < ot Hi il nnil liiKtHl
upon h ixlnir tlio onU iniro initllolii il iirt-p iratlon
of tin kind known to tin1 worlil
Private anJ
1 1,1. k I \l ! . > 1 lttIAIIi. .
( ill , suit it inn 1 ror.
Wo our oCatnr rh. AUDI onsos oftlio
Nosci Throat , < J lost btoiiinoh , Livoi1.
Blood , Skin and Killnoy DinonscH. I'o-
innloVeakuossos , J out Manhood ,
Strioturc. riydrocn'o , Voi'looo-slo , Ktc
wllhout piilnor detention from huslnoss.
Call on 01 mlilrons with Ht imp foi tltcilluri frco
boolt nnil ncelpH , tlrat staln\aj sotith of liost-
onicc loom 7.
DP s us South trth St.
Ul. , UMAIIA. M n ,
If jour wlfo traded with
a grocer who throw a
few handfuls of su ar
into a bag and " 'guessed
she hadauound. " You'd
talk scales to her.
Why not talk scales to
yourself ? Aren't YOU
'guessing" about the
circulation of of
some v.
the papers jou use.
CAUTION There's no
guess work in dealing
with this paper. Our
circulation's printed on
the editorial pago. You
know whatyou'io buy
ing nncl you get what
you pay for.
may 1)0 cured. Wo treat
all soMinl dlbordcis of
incu. Four out of flxo
x\hi ) Buffer ncrx ouFnes" ,
mental xxotry , attacks
of "ths ( blueV are hut
paying the penalty of
scurly excesses. The
k dread alnim of iropo-
1 tency , Hie cxliaustlou of
i hpermatorihoa , inn > DO
' in ftt let cjinflilciicr at
-OT . . . . _ tuntlfinlr rjnM { 'owl
for our/ifesealtd book , "I'UUILUl MAN-
ERIE MEDICAL 00. , Buffalo , NY *
ID the only
Women Excluded.
It ! yonrs < < xperlontr
OlroulnrH free.
1 1th nnd Tarnnm fa'j
Cor , 13th nnd Hoivard Sirooti.
< 0rooins ti.r > 0 par day.
< 0rooina fLOJ per day.
J.Orooma with liuth uttl nordi/ . '
LO rooms with bath uKI 3) par 1 t7i
Aluilurn In Ji ury ltu p nt ,
.NoHly runil.lioil rhrniilia it
C. S. ERB. Pro ,
OlTlOn Ol' TlinOHAbAM/A IAW > AN'I )
OMAHA. Nm , NOVBMHUI 1 , 1893.
Notlcn Is huruliy l\ou to the bUHKhnldmn of
thoOKululla Ijiind and L'attlti I'liiiipany tliiit
the annuul iiH.c'llns of the htocklioldnrs uf ilio
company will ho hold at thu ollluo of the bald
company In the city of Omaha , In the state of
Noln tiskii \VcdniiMlay , Docoinhor 0. A 1 >
1HOJ. at U oVloolc p. in , fin thopuiposuof
eleutlnK a bomd of dlrtctots foi the company ,
lohorsodiirliiu'thoonsulnKyoiu.nnd to trans-
net any liuslnuon which may uo prustutcd at
such iiicotliiu. , ,
Incabo the olllcn of said company , In mild
ell v of Omaha , shall not ho laiKo tmmuh to
ucconiinodatn all the hiocl.holdi rs who may l i
iitosunt at hin h unnu.il inoutlns , ilitn ' iicli
nit'C'tliiL' will adjoin nfiom thu Piniipiny'ijolllca
to the liotol Known an the I'liMati housu ,
hltuattiatthuhoillhwcstcoinoi of 1 nuitconth
and rurnani htrcetN in said city of Omaha.
nnd tlm niLotliiK will eiitoi upon aiidcontlnuo
HbilclllH'r.itlDiis ut Mild 1'axtoii lieu > -u.
The dlieetori eaim'stly icqni'st each stocu-
hrtldoi to ho poit-onully pic ont at salil sitiicK-
holduib' incolln ? , andlf impobalblo lu ho pies-
cut , to appoint a , .
poxy.n j (
Attpst : i'lcslclont.
JO.SATIU.N Aui-u Secretary . „ . , .
no > 16iUOtm
Nntlco Sulo orstliool .
Peali-d bids will ho rtcohcd until Thuisday ,
K ( uiuliur 80. lhll.1 , at 2 o'clock I ? , in . for the
purcluiMi of G lxiiiU of $1.000 each , said bonds
ISMH d by bchool dlntrlrt No 71. Oftwcn county ,
Nebraska , dated Auguiil 21 , 1B3J. duo Jump.
1023. Intorobt U ixii itnt , ii-ijiiblo on tin ; l t
dayofJunuof each > i'ur 1'rliiclpal and In
terest payablont thu Nobrubl.ii likcul AKoncy ,
Now Yoik. llltU will hu at i t'ptud foi onu or
all of fcalil bonds. Jlln'ht iticntd to reject
any or all liUU. . , , , ,
rii\.ljiV'si'oiituliilim ) lild < > should humaiKod
JJlds foi lloiulb , anil aililrusM-d lo
J l.UOV llAl-Ij ,
Cruwford , Nub.
Is not exactly the harmless hniiKnroo , who lovca the Ainorloftwn eivoiitttro
necortiliiff to hn- dowry ilontoh 'or kiiow-otliclnl count moans In some of
our sister ) titos"llo\v much nnjorlty do you nopUV It sorvea to discover
how many of n certain candidate' relatives have cast tholr billets acainst
him. U maUps states full of rivers "dry.- Hut the olllohil count of the
Nebraska moans "Somothlnu is about to drop " A fortniifht aeo wo
counted too man.v suits-of course wo ma lo % om disappear like Iclcloa in a
Itirkish bath-Next wo counlcd our overcoats found two lots havliiir n
majority by about SJ.OOO. Now , those are elected to po .Got 'cm down
10. ' this week's snccial sale 'bout 40o less on every dollar.
There is no thlc of woo connected with this
overcoat. We have too many of 'cm that's
all. You saw no better coat for $10. We
gamble on it. These overcoats are
just the proper thing for dress and
comfortable use ; medium weight
and sack style.
Prett ? ftne q 'ty ' of navy
blue cassimcre , with small diagonal -
nal stripe , lined with fine Italian
velvet collar. Made to or not to roll in
front , with silk worked button holes , finished
on both sides.
When an honest value like thig $15
has to be sacrificed , and sold at $9.50 , it begins
to look like hard times."A year ago today"
the same garment , was the leading $15
overcoat of the season.- Well , let us
not wonder , even if Uncle Sam
sends our entire navy to Ha
Three desirable shades ,
the blacknavy blue and chocolate
elate brown. Every one from the
kersey maker's loom. All wool , fast
colors , made up in double breasted cut , silk
stitched edgcs.lined with California flannel and fin
ished with satin on the upper half. Get a hump on
ye , stranger , if you care to sport one of "cm.
Did you drink a cup of that
incomparable of choca-lales in
fhe most elegant of al the pavil
ions at the World's Fair ?
Pi also Is duo Monicr for the
two meritorious things accom
plished ; of electing outside hla
own county the gem of all exhi
bits ( justly awaided the Court of
Honor ) and showing Americans
whatn good cup of chocolate
ically Is. Twenty thousand
persons per week have seen the
diffoiotico between Chocolat
Mentor and the various Cocoa's
on the market.
The same article will be fur
nished by your grocer ; he ia
Did you see me at ill ? Fair ? bound to get it for you.
If you ornament your home sec that
those adornments are something choice
A Dresden Lamp is always in good taste ,
We sell them.
Conn r Ifith aud DonulaH SluclB , Oiiiiihi.
Ciutcor , Tumor. Cutnrrh , Pnin.Flatuln , Exzs-
m a nnil nllSl in nnil Womb Disouhos.
OANrr.K of HioNohO IJjii l.li | Kir Nuck Ilrn > t,8toin >
WoniU InfiU .ilMiiU'inilur iixurniil OIIMIIH or tin-
HHiriHlwIU'OiillliukMiriKii IJiirnliu plaHtuiH. but wltli
tfiiroi intli oIlH Hew am of fi iiiil .uil ( liiiltatOM , .11
uiiiimutioliniinio prolU bj mltcrtloln. lo our *
iilw UHI H w llh an oil
sifT'l' ri'TrrcirMl'l' nnrt HI ml it fur HtiiHtn toil
( JU 1 1 11 1ft UU 1 boon on lliu aboio du-
CUBCH Mulled fretAiUlrtuu
DR. D. M. BYE , Combination Oil Cure ,
VoitHinoiitli BlilK Kniiinn GitKu"
I'rrtiilont of
C'miiultatliiM Vtfv.
IH unmirpaitJoJ In ' ' < > treatment
Chi'oulo. ' Private . . .and
or i-on-iult - n
IK i\Tiil.N : i' IIV
U. 8. Dupoaltory , Omaua , Neb.
simpLUj , (05. OJ
On'cPM.-mJ Illronlorn JJfnry XV. Yale * pr t
dfnt. II 0. OiiDlil'if , vlcfl ( iruildiint , U. S MimrlJ' ' . ]
XV V , Mo-bo Jalm S Cullliii , J. N U fair > ( |
Lew 1Kb1 Hi ud , toiler.

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