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Delicate Question in Connection with the
Capital National Bank Affairs.
IKrettcr llnjdrn Unit n Confcreiico vltli
Comptroller KcUcli on ( ho Mnttor , nut
1 licy Unto Not Yet Mil do U |
llu-lr Mlntu.
51 ! ) FouiiTr.KNTit Sriir.iiT , >
WASHINGTON , Doc. - . )
Kccctvcr Kent Hnydcn of tlio wrecked
Capital National bank nt Lincoln arrived In
Washington last night and spent some hours
\vlth the chief of the division In the onico of
the comptroller of the currency , who has
charge of the accounts of liquidated banKs.
Mr. llaydcn Is stopping while , In the city
\\UUsnino friend' * nt n private residence.
Ho will rc'iiam hero until Tuesday or
Wednesday night , when hu returns to Ne
braska. Comptroller Kekcls , In reply to
questions by Tin : Hr.u correspondent as to
the settlement of certain accounts which the
Btnto treasurer of Nebraska had with the
Capital National at the tlmo the latter
closed , stated that no conclusion haa yet
been reached. Mr. Kckels said his ofllco
nnd ho bellovod the receiver were yet un
decided ns to the person or ofllclat to whom
the receiver should pay the apportionment
now on hand of the amount duo the state of
Iscbraska at the tlmo the bank failed , it ap
pears that when the hank suspended Us books
showed It to bo Indebted to the state treas
urer In the sum of J80til : ( , while the troas-
urer'.s books showed the bank to bo in
debted to the state at > out $12(50.000. ( Tbero
has been bomo sort of reconciliation of the
accounts , however. The receiver lias col
lected < | ulto n sum of money for tbo bank
since bo took charge of Its affairs ana an
effort is bolntr made to mneh a conclusion as
to the state's apportionment. There are
twenty-odd thousand dollars In the bands of
the receiver which should bo paid to the
state , but tbo comptroller says no conclu
sion has yet been reached ns to the person or
onk'ial who .should receive this money , and
that tbo question may not ho determined
until Receiver 1 lay dun has returned to Ne
The receiver has filed n detailed report
upon the condition of tbo bank , but the HK-
tires nro not available for the public , ns it is
tbo intention to institute a number of civil
suits with n view to making some collections
intended to swell tbo fund which Is to bo
distributed to creditors.
Will Nut llulso the Tax.
Tonight it was decided by the democratic
members of the way.'f and means committee
to not put an additional tax on whisky.
This action was brought about by Secretary
Carlisle , who lias opposed any increase from
the start.
Nrlmmlm I.IIIH ! OltU-os.
Kcprrscntattvq Melhlojolm called upon Sec
retary Holto Smith and the eonunlsbioncr of
the ceneral land ofllco today for the purpose
of le.iriiint , ' , if possible , the final determina
tion of the questions which arose in con
nection with the consolidation of certain
land ofllco districts in Nebraska , especially
respecting tlio protest which was made
against the transfer of the Clmdron district
to Alliance. After interviewing the secre
tary of tlio interior nnd the land commis
sioner , Mr. Meiklejohn said to THE Ucu cor
respondent :
' There Is no question in my mind about
the transfer of the Grand Island district to
Lincoln , XeligH to O'Neill. IMoomington to
McCook andChadron to Alliance , as fixed In
lite proclamation of September 11 last. Both
the secretary of the Interior and the com
missioner of the general land ofllee gave mete
to understand that they did not contemplate
any change in thcso consolidations and I
suppose the light over the Chad ran problem
will be a failure. "
Incidentally Mr. Mellclcjohn talked to the
secretary of the interior and the commis
sioner of the land onico about changes In the
Nebraska land ofllco. Ho was given to
understand that with probably one excep
tion all eflloicnt ottlcers will bo permitted to
" serve out their commissions. The exception
is in the North Platte ofllee , where , it will
be remembered , when HoRlster Ncsbltt was
Incapacitated. Kocoivcr Baldwin was made
register and Mr. Woodhurst was appointed
receiver on February 11 , 1803. These two
onicei'8 , it was stated , will bo shortly re
tired and democrats put In their places. The
matter of tilling tlio Nebraska land ofllces
with democrats is to bo taken up within the
next ten dajs or two weeks.
Air. fiittownnil on Knoy Street.
Mr. A. T. datowood of Cozad , who was
the democratic candidate for congress in
that district last year , is In the city seeking
the reglstershlp of the North Platte land
oflli i. Mr. Clatowood today bad an audience
wl | Secretary Smith and Land Com-
niUsioner hamcreanx and ho is tonight feel-
ini * conlident of success. Ho was given to
understand that his endorsements were
Htrong , nnd that ho had nmtlo a favorable
impression at the Interior department. Mr.
Gatowood believes that ho will get the place
lioscolo. It Is probable that land ollicers
for North Platte and McCook will bo nomi
nated ut the sumo time and within the next
two weeks.
Ex-Senator F. R. Warren of Wyoming and
Lieutenant .1. N. llroous of Iowa have been
awarded by the War department medals for
distinguished gallantry In action at Port
Huron , La. , May 'J , 180'J.PKHIIV
Tinm : iin.i. .
Dcmocrnt- the Wnyi iinil Meting Com-
inlcteu Milking u l' w Correct Ions ,
WASiiiXfi'iox , Dec. . The democratic
members of the ways and means committee
wcra In session thrco hours this afternoon
reviewing the tariff bill , correcting typo
graphical errors and other incongruities ,
The bubcommlttco on Internal revenue
reported that Its labors were not yet com
plete. , nnd that It would bo impossible to
reach Its schedules before some time next
week , the chief difllculty under which the
commlttco labors being the Impossibility of
llxlntf rates of taxation until the re-venue
estimates under the now bill arc so far corn-
Dieted ns to indicate ttio probable
deficit under its operations , The democratic
mumburs did' not enter into the
linal discussion of the Income tax
iiucbtbu as was anticipated , the chief reason
being because of the absence of Mr , Coclcran ,
It was thought best that no conclusion
should bo reached In the absence of any
democratic member , as the committee is
nearly divided on bomo phases of the propo-
fcltlon , The uncertainty as to the amount of
thu deficit under the now bill uud the possl <
bio dtftU'iilty of meeting this deficit has
Kivcn risaafrain to thodiecusslon as to the
wisdom of making the Income tax Konornl In
character and applicable to all Individual in
comes in excess of tf.GOO per annum , Instead
of restricted to corporations and successions
only. So that nt this time the income tux
plan Is still In a very Indefinite condition ,
Why the Ail Valorem Duty \Vui Adopted.
An argument has been provoked by au
thority of thu ways and means committee ,
showing from a democratic standpoint the
necessity of the. changes effected by the now
administrative bill Just reported by Chair
man \Yllson and his colleagues. This argu
ment gives a full explanation of the reasons
why the comuiitteo in Its recant tariff bill
abandoned the specific duty In so many cases
in favor of an ad valorem duty.
The democratic party , this circular contends -
tends , Is charged with grave responsibility
of effecting a comiileto revision of tlio exist
ing customs tariff , 10 the end that the
burdens at taxation , tendered heavier bv
the McKlnley bill , may be Hphtencd. The
McKiuloy bill was not the only legislation of
the Fifty-llrst congress which tauscd dis
satisfaction among merchants and Importers.
The past-age of the customs administra
tive act , Involving ns U did an entirely
liow departure In customs administration ,
caused in the mercantile world , temporarily
at least , as great or greater annoyance- than
did even tbn McKinluy bill. Croat pressure
will bo brought to bear to sec nro its repeal ,
08 well us that of lu twin lster. Such a
move would receive support from many me r-
chants , regardless of their political afllila.
ItndlcHl lleilitctloim linptrntlve.
Continuing1 , the circular savs : "At the
present day the proper administration nnd
interpretation ot the customs laws becomes
politically of the most vital Importance to
the doinocr.illc .varty , lladlcal tariff reduc
tions are Imperative ; but an tmormous reve
nue , nt least J' > ( XOC,0X ) ( ) ( ) yearly , must still bo
raised through the tariff for the support of
the government. It In plain upon reflection
that this vast amount can only bo collected
by n rigid Interpretation and administration
of any now law which Is to be subntltuted
for the existing tariff. The effect of specific
duties Is alnlost coinnletely to stop the im
portation of lowcu grades of goods , which
nro used In by far the greater quantities ;
thus much revenue Is lost and the cost to
the masses unduly Increased : Ibis effect is
seen uuon all goods upon which the specific
duties nro levied.
"Ad valorem duties , levied on the value
of the imported goods , nvo the fairest , most
equitable kinds of duties , the rate Is abso
lutely the same on all tirades of goods of the
same kind , tint the dUadvaut.tco of such
duties Is that they offer a great temptation
to Importers to undcrrnluo goods on enter
ing them In our ports. An n result , many
Koods got into the country at lower rates
than nro legally duo , thus discriminating
against merchants who pay full dutiable
rates. The tiollcy ot the democratic party ,
when In pouor , from earliest times has been
to substitute ad valorem for specific duties.
This was shown lu the celebrated Walker
tariff of ISM. which consisted entirely of ad
valorem duties ; this same tendency is shown
In the Springer wool bill passed by the tiouso
of representatives , which placed wool on the
free list , changing thu duty ou wool from
wholly specific to a.l valorem. "
Drfccts f tlio 1'ro'cnt l.nw.
The following are pointed out as the prin
cipal dufivts of the present customs admin
istrative act :
The right of trial by jurv upon questions
of fact , arising upon tlio question of classifi
cation , has been taken away from the im-
The f-overmnrnt Is allowed to appeal from
an.v decision of the circuit court to the cir
cuit court of appeals , whllo the Importer
ran only appeal provided the circuit court
thinks the question Involved is of sufilcicnt
Importance to warrant an appeal.
The existing law levies duties upon the
value of all cr.ites , sncks and coverings and
buxci in which the Imported goods are
stored , thus tncrcaslni ! the total duty levied.
In case the value as determined by the
appraisers exceeds tiu value entered by the
importer by more than 10 per cent a penal
duty of - per rent ou the appraised value , In
addition to the corrected legal duty , Is
levied for cvory 1 per cent that such ap
praised value exceeds the value declared at
Tlio Importer Is now allowed the right to
bo present at the hearing before tlio board
of general appraisers upon questions of
If judgment Is rendered by the courts in
favor of thn importer upon an appeal , the
excess of duties is refunded to him without
allow unco of interest or costs.
Uho present law repeals all damage allow
ance upoji goods in transit.
. .Most of the above objections are removed
by tbo new ad ministrativo act prepared by
the democrats , and the oflleiul report accom
panying the bill will contain exhaustive
arguments to .sustain the changes.
itini.Mrrio.N : OK HANK NI > TIS.
I.arg Tuning OH' us C'ompnred with 'tho
' 1'natVcclc. .
WAsinsnTox , Dec. U. The national bank
notes sent to the treasury for redemption
during the week ended yesterday showed a
largo falling off as compared with last week.
This largo decrease ii attributable by the
treasury oQicials almost entirely to the ,
order sent out by Treasurer Morgan , requir
ing banks senuing bank notes to Washington
for redemption to prepay the transportation
charges Instead of sending them hero to have
the amounts charged up against a general
fund for the purpose.
There was an increase in the circulation
of 8 cents per capita on the 1st of December
over that of the 1st of November. the cir-
cnlation in December being $1225 57 pqr
capita. Tlio total circulation of gold and
silver coins and certificates and United
States national bank notes December 1 was
fl,720uni)0 ) , us uifainst 81,718,544,083 on
November 1 , and $1,014,700,200 on December
1 , Ibltt.
The changes in circulation during the
month were : ( "Sold , increase , coin , $0,030,3:13 : ;
standard silver dollars , decrease , j'i'J'J.SOO ' ;
subsidiary silver , increase , ? 7'JG,330 ; silver
certificates , Increase , § 3,704,705 : trcasurv
notes of IS'.tO ' , decrease. $43,170 ; United
States notes , decrease , JlO.Cli'J.aoO ; currency
certificates , act .lime 8 , 1S73 , increase , $10-
bSO.OO ! ) ; national bank notes , decrease ,
$1,005,000. Not increase , 3,440,008.
The money and bullion in the treasury De
cember 1 was 711,01'i.bUj. and on November
1 , $701,03'J,01ii , a net Increase on December 1
of flO,531b.i. ! :
The principal changes were as follows :
Gold coin , Increase , $1,504,007 ; subsidiary
silver , deerensi' . fcl.S48.-187 ; United Status
notes , inuieahc , $ lO'iiil,3.r ( : > ! ! .
( iimrillir. ; thu Message.
WASIIISUTO.V , Dec. 2. Every possible care
Is being taken to preserve the secrecy of the
president's ' message. The president and his
private secretary , Mr. Thurbor , have been
flosotcd together today looking over the
proof sheets and looking out for typo
graphical errors. The copies which are
designed for transmission to congress Imvo
already been written. It Is not likely that
any fnrtlinr rovUInn in the text is intended.
One of those who have handled the message
is authority for an estimate us to Its length.
While ho did not estimate it in words , ho ex
pressed the opinion that it would fill a page
and oneor two columns over In a newspaper.
This would malco It probably over 15,000
words , * _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Unrln Nauru Imlmn U'uiils ,
WAMiixr.Tox , Dec , ! i. Superintendent of
Indian Schools Daniel Dorchester , in his an
nual report , takes Issue with tlio statements
the Indians are Increasing In number. The
number of troublesome Indians is diminish-
imf rapidly. It Is declared the general av
erage of government .schools Is above that of
contract schools ,
The paramount problem of the bureau Is
to loach tint American Indian to work in the
fields and raise his own subsistence. Al
ready I hero are lavoring Indications and
only " ! l per cent of the Indian population
now receive government rations , The alle
gations of brutal discipline are denied.
Mull CiiutrncU.
W.vsiiisaios , Dee , _ , A lurgo portion of
the clerical foivo of the second assistant
postmaster general's ofllcois now employed In
the work of openlnir star and , steamboat
route bills. It is expected iho forcu will bo
emplovcd nt Joust two weeks. There are
about 5,000 proposals for mail carriage In the
west to bo opciiod and each Is for four yca r.
service , Aivaids of all the contracts will bo
announced on or before l-"obru iry 1 , JbOl.
Another Pi-uilon Itiilln. ,
WASHINGTON , Dec. 3. Commissioner of
Pensions I/cchrun bus Issued nn onlcr pro
viding that hereafter the practice of rating
pensions of ollicors In fractions of eighteen ,
which has bewi followed slnco 18S7 , will bo
discontinued. Former rates on this basis
will not bo disturbed except when increase
is allowed for old or now disabilities.
llnil u Oinctliitf in ect ,
WASIIIXOTOX , Deo. 2- , General Miles re
ports to the War department that the ar
rival of the troops at Cheyenne , Old. , has
quieted the Indians , who were rioting and
trying to lynch n Texas ranger who had
killed an Indian. Ciuner.il Miles reports
they are now satisfied to let the law lake
its course.
Tank thu Oath of Olllcc.
WASHIXOTOX , Doc , 'J. John 11. Proctor , the
now member of. the civil service commission ,
took the oath of onico today.
Mri. .lurillne ICeturn * Thnnki.
Mrs. J , 11 , Jardina desires to extend hearty
thanks to the schools for their liberal dona
tions to the poor on Thanksgiving day , She
also desire * to thank the Swift Packing
company. Iloston Store , Meyer & laapko { ,
Pendry &Co. , and all who contributed upon
thut occasion. Many deserving poor people
wore fed in consequence of these generous
Indications that Cleveland Will Lead His
Parly Ajaiu ,
Democratic Machine Hn * . Hem frightfully
Mangled In Many I'arti of the
Country lllttory ot n Num
ber of Appointment * .
WAMHXOTOX , Dec. 2. [ Staff Correspond
ence of Tun Hnn.i ( .Jrovor Cleveland will
head the democratic national ticket the
fourth tlmo In IS'.il , luri-ln ; accident. Kv 3ry
day some direst evidence of this fact crops
out In the ofllolal action of the president.
When It was proposed In 1H"0 to rim
Ulysses S. Grant for a third term It will be
recalled that the original mugwumps and
the copperheads arose In nrms nnd declared
that It was the pnrpoio of General Grant
and his ft lends to niaku this icpubllc a
monarchy and to create in Grant the king.
There was-talk of violence to put down the
public uprising In favor of "cnthronliiK
Grant. " The men who are now humbly
bowing obels'inco and making silaatns to
drover Cleveland were the most Inllnmma-
bio and excitable opponents against a third
term for Grant , How a few jears Imvo
changed the minds of men ! 'J'hero Is not a
word uttered against , tbo proposition to
"unthrone Cleveland" In Ib'J * . and not a
bre.tth of suspicion is bre.ithed nbaut a
monarchy or a kingdom.
Cli-veliintl'K 1'rcullnr MrtltniM.
When President Cleveland last March In
timated that ho intended to break up this
gauss and rclog'ito thu ringsors ! and bosses
and bring forward men who were above
waul working , tbo democratic party leaders
said bo was either mad or determined to
close the ciiroer of hN party. They openly
announced that "surely Cleveland doesn't In
tend to overrun ng.iiu for the presidency. ' ' It
seemed that he intended to turn his back not
only upon all the methods which had bocn
employed to give his party success at 1 ho
polls , but the very men who had secured the
success by looking after tbo details. It was
declared that ho had suddenly grown belter
than bis party.
When be began to make his appointments ,
after bo bad chosen his cabinet , whi-rrIn bo
had not exercised bis llnest scrutiny , it was
discovered in most instances that tin- big
ofllces vu.-ni to tbo personal friends who bail
boomed Cleveland in Chicago In IS'.1 ' ) and
who were not ttio bosst-s.
Anxious to Scno AK : > | II.
There was method In that madness. 1 have
It upon the word of n congressman wno is in
the coDlidcnco of the president that when
the subject of a third term was broached to
tbo latter during the past few days Mr.
Cleveland's eyes sparkled as he observed
something couched in words very much lik
these :
"Do you believe they would want mo foi
another four rears in tbo white house ; "
When ho was assured that ho was un
questionably "tbo logic of the situation , " the
president again gave evidence of his pleas
ure and made an observation in. effect like
this :
"Well , that is pleasant ; but you know the
next contest is nearly three years ahead
of us. "
In a number of ways , in several delicate
forms of phraseology , the president not
only intimated that bo thought that n third
term for him was among the possibilltiesbut
that ho actually expected his work to grow.
The president believes that be has broken
down tbo barriers of his party In manv di
rections , and that ho may bo the forcible as
well ns the logical candidate. Ho says lie
has cast aside tbo bent of bis party in favor
of inflation and lint currency , and if bo
defeats state bank circulation in spite of the
endorsement of it by the party's national
platform he will , having broken down the
old policy of f reo silver coinage , bo the only
standard bearer for the reconstructed demo
cratic party ,
Cleveland Out-l'IcvolniuU Himself.
The republicans who were dissatisfied
with the manlier in which President Harri
son distributed the oftlces and the demo
crats who involshcd against President
Cleveland during his iirst term for not hav
ing given out tbo loaves nnd ilshes with that
ghoulish glco which bellts a thoroughbred
spoilsman should como to Washington now
and compare notes with the ward strikers
who have for six or eight months been try
ing to got ofllee under the present adminis
It is reported that the rocqinuicnditlons
of democrats in congress constitute no guar
anty whatever thai the democrats selected
by communities will bo appointed to ofllre.
President Cleveland , with a sweep of his
hand , not only brushes away oflieo seekers ,
but with a stroke of las band be undoes the
wishes of state and county committees and
party organizers and party representatives
In congress. Another feature of bis arbi
trary action in respect to appointments Is
his absolute refusal to indicate when he wilt
iill an ofllco. Ho will sometimes tell those
who approach' him that ho docs not intend
to make an appointment for a given time ,
but lie flatly refuses to say bo will act at
that time.
Outside of Now York the machine has
suffered terribly under this administration.
At Cincinnati and Chicago , as well as
Indianapolis and Philadelphia , tbo president
lias overlooked tbo wishes of the "gang. "
In Now York the anti-snappers bavo been
Klvcn places with bcrnpulous carp. 'I hero
the president has rewarded his friends and
attempted to bicak down the Hill-Murphy
machine. H looks as though wo had almost
reached an epoch in olltee-glviug at the
white liouso wherein strikers and bosses
were over to bo Ignored.
JNotlilnu bo Uuoi'i-taln : i * Olllrc.
Men are often cut out of prominent federal -
oral appointments by mere Incidents. And
after a man is nominated to an onleo tils
nomination is often defeated in the senate
by accident. A few days ape it looked ns
though ox-Congressman Frank Lawlor of
Chicago was sure to ho maito postmaster of
the Garden City. Ho had the endorsement
of Senator Palmer , all the Chicago congressmen -
men and sovornl miMiiber.s of the Illinois del
egation odtsido of Chicago , ox-Mayor Harri
son , a majority of tbo aldermen of the city ,
allot the presidential electors of the state
and a majority of tbo delegates to the na
tional convention , In addition to thcso bo
had n petition of 153,000 names of Chicago
citizens the greatest testimonial ever filed
for any man for office- .
And yet Mr. I twlcr failed , because of the
personal influence of one man with the pres
ident , who had back of him several start
ling facts at hl command , This man , ac
cording to popular rumor hero , was Melville
10. Stone , a Chicago Journalist. When haw-
Icr was a member of the city council of Chicago
cage Air , Stone madu war on him anil several -
oral of his colleague ! ! . When It looked ns if
Mr. L-wlei1 was to bo appointed postmaster
Mr. Stone came on to Washington and went
to the wblto liouso , where ho Is always wel
come , and told Presldcmt Cleveland that ho
had n certain array of faots yery-damagini : to
l-iuwlcr , which he would carry into a senate
committee if necessary and support by his
own aflldavit in order to prevent I-uwlev's
confirmation to any ofllco , llathcr than in-
vlto any such opposition the president de
clined absolutely to npnolnt Mr , Lawlor , in
the face even of his stromr endorsement.
\VuiKtru reunions.
WisiiiN-aTOX , Deo. 2. ( Special to Tm !
BEE. ] The following pensions , issue of
November 15 , Is announced :
Nebraska : Original Hoyal Lowell ,
Creighton , ICnox. Original , widows , etc.
Weltba V. Seymour , York , York. Mexican
war survivors , increase William Johnston ,
St. Paul , Howard.
Iowa : Holssuo Samuel Chambers , de
ceased , Convlth , Hancock , Original ,
widows , etc. Kluanora K. Chambers , Cor-
wlth , Hancoclc , Mexican war survivors , In
crease Edward Brown , Marshalltown ,
Marshall. !
Issue of November 10 ;
Nebraska : Original Kdmund C , HoberU
sou , Lincoln , Lancaster. Mexican war tiiir-
vlvors , Increase Christopher Courtrlght ,
Pleasant Dale , Soward.
Iowa : * Original Raima Sackett. mirte ,
Middle liiver. Madison. Additional Peter
H. Langcor , Harlan , Shelby.
South Dakota Julius Johnson , Yanktou ,
Yank urn ,
! *
i , .
\n it-
. !
1)0 ) i
1" W
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double stayed , all pnrmonts steam
shrunk , sixes 28 to10. . all at $1.50 eiu-h.
AtSl.-10 5(1 ( do/.on men's 10-thrond roil ;
Mneo .varn bnlbrlppan uhirts nnd draw-
ors. Icn who can't wear wool poods
will find this an elegant garni out. AH
sixes at 81.10 each.
At $2.2" ) Wo have the larproU and
most complete slock of line underwear in
the city.Ye c.ill special attention to
our plain tan cushmoro , golden brown
Knglisli vicnnnnnd tnircelobrntcd Derby
ribs. Full fashioned nnd stoiun sliniu ! ; .
nought direct from the best mills in
America. All si/.os at $2. 25 each.
Wo curry a full line of the Lewis full
rojjular made undcnvear ; also a full line
of combination suits ,
oOO pairs mon's extra line quality full
regular made natural prwiy merino half
hose , bought to sell at 3jc , special price
wliilo they last 2oc a pair.
At 50c Wo call snocinl attention to
our line of men's line imported cashmere
lialf hose in medium nnd heavy weights ,
with double heels and loos. Colors , imt-
urnl greys , assorted tans and solid
blticUs , siV.es Ui to 11-- all at ode.
At 50c 300 pairs men's line heavy
black jersey cashmere gloves in all
bi/.es , worth Out ; , while tbo lust fiOc.
Wo have an endless variety of mon's
lined gloves and mittens in dogskin and
line mochas with nlain and fur trimmed
tops , suitable for driving and street
wear , from SI. 00 to $1.75 a pair.
At S2.OO.
Special values In ladles' union suits worth
ill ) to ! 'i ,
At S2.50.
An clogantnutur.il morlno union suit , worth
W ' . ' . ' . ,
At S3.00.
Ladles' natural uud black union suiU.worlh
IJ '
> " '
At S3.50.
Liidlasnatiir.il anil blade oxtr.i ho avy union
suits. X7orth $12' >
Ladles' and children's lesglnjs la all sr/es ,
fiotti Mo up.
Wo are solo nconts for tlio colbriitcd p-
Hlluntl ( Iroes rclorm uiularwcur. It Utho best
underwear luucle.
Ladies' Hosiery.
Atw , Indies' wool hose worth ! l > r > c.
At ! tOc , Indies' ensliinoro hose worth
Al oOc , Indies' cashmere hose worth
At ( ISO-Indies' cnsLmoro hose worth
l-'nst black cotton lloeco-Hiiod lioso
AT gfj nnd ! Wi' , worth 5e nnd COo.
rn Radios'o.xtrn honvy llooco-
AT uuu lined cotton hose , rib top and
out sixes. Worth 03e.
Wool and Cashmere
Children's honvy blncic wool hose ut
" : , worth ItSo ; nt tfOi.1 , worth 50c , nnd at
OUc , worth 7oc.
Heavy Fleece Lined
Children's plain llccco-llncd hoao at
2iie. worth D5c.
Host school hose nindo is r. honvy
ribbed , flexible , llccco-lincd hose , Wo
Imvo them at ! ) jo and 60c.
LADIES' Underwear.
Ladies' extra heavy cotton
Ht50c vests and pants , worth 76c.
Ladies' fine wool vests and
At75c pants , worth up to $1.25.
L'ulies' vests nnd pants ,
AI98c while , gray and scarlet ;
. .
worth 81.2o.
Ladies' line natural wool
At SU9 vests and pants , worth SI.35.
Children's equestrienne
lights , worth $1.75 each.
$ Ladies'heavy black tights ,
At$1,75 , worth $2.25.
Extraordinary Reductions
Ladies' fine cheviot jackets with Redfern collars , edged with wool seal , fur trim
ming , full back , largo sleeves. The regular price of this lot was $15.00 tomorrow $9.50.
Ladies' blue chinchilla jackets , box style , with full backs and large sleeves. Another
of our $15.00 jackets this week $9.50.
Ladies' fine chevron jackets , with Redfern collars , all bound with silk braid. Our
regular $12. 50 quality this week $950
Ladies fine beaver jackets , with Worth collars , full backs and large sleeves. Regu-
ular $17.00 jackets this week $ i 1.75.
Ladies' fine English cheviot jackets , witli Redfern collars , the very latest , all bound
and finished in the best of style. Regular price $16.00 reduced to $11.75.
Ladies' skirt coats made of fine' cheviots and beaver cloths , tight fitting , neatly edged
with lur. These are very handsome. Regular value $17.60 this week $11.75.
These are handsomely made of fine beaver cloth , with Empire storm collar , edged
with river mink fur , full skirts and extreme sleeves , regular $19 quality , this week $14.75.
Ladies' fine kersey and melton tailor made jackets , Redfern collars , regular price
was $18 , tomorrow $14.75.
Ladies' line beaver cloth jackets , Franklin style collar , with full back and large
sleeves , neatly edged with fur , regular $20 quality , in this sale $14.75.
Special prices on
Astrachan Capes ,
, ' , ' , Astrachan Jackets ,
lt " Electric Seal Capes ,
Pulled Cooney Capes ,
fl' ' " \Vool Seal Capes ,
Beaver Capes ,
, Martin Capes ,
f ) ! '
. Krimmer ,
lll'K. ' Capes
AlsJcS'our ' entire stock of muffs at speci.al prices.
Holiday Handkerchiefs Special Sale Monday Holiday Handkerchiefs
Farnam Street , CornerFifteenth , _ ,
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