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Special Clearing Sale Monday Morninq . _ on Merchandise
of All Kinds ; Making Room fort
Toys and Holiday Goods.
Chfistmns comes but once a year and its a long' time a com
ing for the" little ones who are waiting , for there are very few
but what are sure of receiving something , no matter how little.
Hayclen Bros , have been for a number of years headquar
ters for Santa Glaus , and this year will be no exception , only
on a larger scale. Santa Glaus never disappoints the little
ones , and he will be at Haydcn's in a few days sure. Great
preparations are now being made to receive and entertain him
during his short stay in Omaha.
Kayden Bros. , whose trade has been increasing this past
season in spite of World's Fair or depression in money matters ,
have been encouraged to lay in a larger stock and better as
sortment of toys and holiday goods in order to meet the in
creasing demand. You will find more toys displayed and in
store at Haydens" than in five (5) ( ) of the largest stores combined
in Omaha , and one very important fact you want to remember
is that the prices are lower this year than they have been for a
number of years past.
Extra help is now working day and night to get this im
mense stocK unpacked and marked , and in a few days every
thing will be in a shape to receive all our old customers as well as
all the new ones who are daily discovering the fact that Hay-
den's is the place where you save money and can get every
thing they want. HAYDEN BROS.
Gents' wool tmluriil gray shirts and
drawers , worth 51.25 ; to be sold atGc. ! )
1 ctiso of hallos' wool Jersey ribbed
vests , worth 75e ; to bo closed a't25c.
Ladies' natural gray and cnmol's hair
underwear , worth $1.1)0 ) ; reduced to 50c.
Ladies' natural wool vests and pants ,
75c ; north 81.23.
Men's cardipan jackets , 50c , 75c ,
$1.00 and $1.25 ; worth double.
1 lot of gent's leather gloves and mit
tens , 6Uc ; worth $1.00.
Infants' fancy 'wool ' mittens , lOc ; worth
Gent's wool sox , Oo ; worth liic.
Gent's 20e collars , 12jc each.
Dress Goods.
You will find a suitable
for your mother , for your wife , for
your daughter , for your sister , for
your grand-mother , for your aunt , for
your neico , for your daughtor-in-luw
and for your
Como nnd select a nice dross nit-
torn while our stock is complete. You
need not take it homo , wo will keep
it for you and deliver it for you
Look at our cut prices for the
BOO all wool
worth $0.00. A dross pattern will bo
bold at
a dress pattern.
A full line of
bnfakot weave , worth 7oc , will bo sold
nt4c. ! !
Our $1.75 whip cords , all the now shades ,
will bosold at $4. 15 ,
A now line of cloaking * , ftl'inchos wide ,
worth & ) ( . , will bu sold at
Dur 35o and -10 dress goods "ill bo sold
iloro are scmo
Our $1.M ! Henriettas at 75o
Dur $1.00 Henriettas at C3o
Dnr 75o Henriettas at 43u
Our $1.60 Serges at , 85e
Our $1.25 Serges at. . , 75 o
Jur boa Serges at , . Cue
Dur $1,2/3 UiuidamiiR at 75u
Dur Jl.CO Novelty and uro-1
Dur $1.35 ended suit- | „ -
l > „
Dur $1.25 ings , your f ljc
Dur $1.00 ( . cholco at I
Dur $1.00 Flannel and )
OurT o Ifoinospun } , . . ,33o
Du.-OJo Suitings at )
A nice 52-inch skirting , worth 050 at
[ n our black goods wo have great bar
gains in store for you
Silk wrap honriottns , the finest in the
land , reduced from $2.00 to J1.2-S , fron
$1.8-'i to $1.00.
A line $1.60 honrioltti lor $1.00.
Our $1,25 borgcs for 75c ,
Our $1.7/i / mountain serges for
Our Too eerges for 47o.
Our 7Co hoiirlotta 43c.
Our 75o cropon for 40 *
Jewelry Dept.
During' the extremely dull season wo
nado f-ofne grand purchases. Prices in
vholosalo circles are Ucgininc to ro-
over , but wo placed all ourordeis when
irices were at the lowest ebb.
Here is the losiilt :
Opera glasses , white , black and oriental
pearl , achromatic lenses and morocco
cases , millionaire and poor man's
price alike ; jewelers'
price $ S , our price
jargo si/o morocco leather opera
glasses , with leathct case , Qt
jewelrs' price $3 , our price. . . 7tU
0-yoar filled watch cases , gentsy Elgin or
Wallham works , the genuine article ,
no imitation , fully guaranteed , jewel-
20-year filled watch case , Elpinpr Wai
" "
tham works ; jewelers'
price $23 , our price. . . .
Solid silver ( coin ) ' Swiss witch , L
jewel works , jewelers'
price $7.50 , our price. . . .
Elgin or Waltham silvorino 3-ounco
case watch , the mechanicVtimcp cco
strong and durable , jew
elers price $0 , our price .
Ladies'and gents'11 harat gold U. S.
" " "
as iiy watches , , from
$18.50 .inwards . ,
Solid gold set nnd band rings , please
note. Solid Gold , not plato ,
jewelers' price $1 , our price , ,
Gents' and ladies' ton-year roll plato
vest chains , all lengths , the entire
production of one of the most resoct-
able makers. Wo had the cash ,
.fewolora' price $3 GM
, our tZf\
price 9 ! . OU
Kogcrs 12 dwt. knives or forks , ours
have the new improved solid nickel
basis , none bottonmad'o. Whore can
you duplicate itV Jovval- > -f C.
price $ : t.60 , our price.
tlogois' teaspoons , AA. , jowolQQ / -
ors1 price $2.25 , our price c/OL
Wo call special attention to our 4-pieco
silver quadruple plato tea sot , a mar
vel for beauty , jowolors' d K Q K
price $12 , our price tpO. OWe
Wo ask these intending to buy Christ
mas gifts in this department to call and
look over our stock. Solcutioiib "will bo
gladly laid aside. Late buyers can in
thU way liavo the same advantage as
early buyoi'H.
Our jewelry line is most complete.
Wo solicit I iiiftiipnlinn. .
Our Silk Dept.
Shows during the mjxt wcoic the most
magnificent asborlmont of Givernaud
HiOs olebratcd
Ever brought to this oily , in Armurta
1'oini do rilus , Cashmere Uros Gialns
Satin luolic go , Crystal Ucngalineb.
Ko.\ul \ Almas Failles. Satin Lu.Nors ,
Satin do Lyons and many other new
weaves In'black drc&s bilk * . Dining
the next week wo will place on t > ulo
iwo lines of the above named wcavs ,
'one ' at 08o a yard and the other at
$1.2 < ) . The manufacturers give an nb-
t-ohito guarantee on thesa goods , which
wo porbonally endorse and fulfill.
Kvcry poreon buying a black silk dioss
dm ing this ealo will ho given the
linings gratis Port-Dun desiring to
give a black silk dross for a Chi lit
mus present will find this an excellent
opportunity to purclmbo ono now and
have it laid aside for them until
For 5c.
5c is not very much money , but you
will bo surprKcd at the amount it will
purchase in our notion department iMdn-
day.U .
U pkgs pins for Se.
5 pkg3 needles for no.
U s'pools of linen thread for So"
40 pkgs hair plus for 5c.
I ! cob pipes for oc.
2fancy bordered handkerchiefs for 5c.
! 1 do/ nursery pins for 5c.
12 spools silk embroidery lloss for oc.
2 rubber line comb'j lo.-oc.
1 tnotal b'iek rubber comb for oc.
1 pair best corset 4leol3 for 5c.
1 pair beat dress bhields for 5c.
2 crochet needles for 5c.
12 doz hook and eyes for 5c.
2 round combs for 5c.
B A SB L , S.
Those ate the articles most appropri
ate for a Christinas present.Vo are
talking presents now because our line is
now complete and you can secure any
article by .paying a small amount and
wo cm deliver any time for you. Wo
have just arranged all thesn articles so
you can have no trouble picking oul
what you want , and the variety is larger
than over.
The above rocker is solid oak polished
finish , spring soat. and covered in silk
plush , assorted colors. Price $3.50 :
worth $5.00.
Pictures and casolp , all now goods and
at prices that makes it easy to buy what
yon want.
Elegant line of wall pockets at75c , $1
and $1.25.
That llaydon Bros , carry a first class
line of furnitura and that they soil you
every article at a lower prlcu than is
usually asked for the sumo goods. The
volume of our business proves that , the
oublic appreciate this fact , and you will
if you give us a trial. We save you
CHRISTMAS will bo here this
What do you want ?
Tables ,
Rockers ,
Chairs ,
Sideboards ,
Foot Rests.
Pictures , Easels ,
China Closets ,
Lounges ,
L5cd Room Suits ,
Hall Trees ?
You can got what you want at
Sewing Machines.
A most acceptable Christmas present
would bcpno of our bowing machines for
$15 , fully guaranteed for 5 years. *
Our line is full and complete , cm-
bracing all the VKHY LA.Tr.bT and
MOST popular now music. Wo sell
all the latest vocal and instru
mental folios at M5c each. Call or
write for catalogue of our Go sheet
music. Over 4l)0 , ( ) ) different pieces
of standard shoot inuslu at Go per
copy. Instruction boolc , nil kinds ,
tit one-half regular prices.
\\Q handle the BEST , the
Wo also havp ciglit or ten other
first class makes * . Every instru
ment guaranteed. Our prices range
from $175 up to the price of the
very best Chickering piano.
Iii appearance jthoy exactly re
semble a handsome upright piano ,
being beautifully' carved and pol-
isheu and containing suvcn full oc
taves of keys. All classes of music
can be executed on this organ the
same nb on piartos. COMI : AND Sin ;
THEM or write for catalogue.
Small musical merchan-
chandise of all kinds sold at
dry goods profits.
Hats and Caps.
Dou't fall to rend the prices wo are
making on our hate and caps.
A "Sc genuine Scotch cap , 2oo.
A 7."ic heavy v.inlbr cap. 2"jc.
A $1 00 heavy winter cap , oOc.
A $1.00 men'h criibhor hat , fiOe.
A $ l..r > 0 men's plush ( cap , 7r c.
A $1.50 silk lined genuine Scotch cap
7i"c. .
$1.50 men's fine fur crusher , 75c/
A $2.50 fur dorhv' in the latest shapes ,
A $2.50 fur Fedora in the latest &hapes ,
$1.00. i
A'$2.50 men's soft hat in the latest
shapes. $1.00.
Boys' heavy winter cap ? , i0c. !
Boys' crushers , 40c.
Boys' Fedora. COc.
BojV plush caps , 50c.
Trimming ; Dept.
\Vo have a very largo line of fur and
braid trimmings.
Extr.i wide tiger at 50c per yard.
Kino white coonoy , 25c.
Wide opossum , IIBc.
Gray cooney , 38e ,
White tippet , very line , SOo.
Seal , 81.
Mink , 75o.
Feather fur , COq.
Angora , -I0c , 58c and 03c.
Fine silk beaver. 22c , 21e , 35c ap d 38c
Child's fur sett , onlv $2.50.
Closing Qijt
a lot of window jihades the best ohaquo
cloth with spring fixtures for 25c.
Ladles' capo , Russia n coonoy fur , worth easily
$22. Our price , $12.
Kloctrio seal shoulder capo , latest cut , Worth
collar. 21 inches long , 822. No better garments
nro sold In Omaha for $55.
Ladles' jackets In blue , broivii nnd tan. Nice
warm garment worth $0.60. Monday only $2.08.
Ladles'fur capes worth $7,60 , now only $1.50
The best electric seal capo in Omaha for $22.50.
Sold everywhere for $35.
A nice beaver cloak , fur trimmed , Worth col
lar , full slcovoH , elephant back. L'ltejt thing out.
For Monday they go for 48.50.
Children's Garments ,
Marshall Field's sample Hue .of misses' cloaks
on sale Monday.
All kinds , all prices , in 'nice , ncut winter styles
Children's Long Coats.
Splendid protector from the cold , heavy cloth ,
well made and trimmed , Worth collar , fur
trimmed ; ages -1 to 14 , $4 75.
It's a $10 garment In every detail.
Biggest line of children's cloaks in NuiiuoBUa.
Monday will bo the greatest day on
record. "Wo are acknowledged to bo
the headquarters for overshoes and
gaiters. Wo did not buy any lust year's
stock so wo could got lust yearn prices
Wo paid this year's price , and consequently
quently have clean goods. Every thing
is now. Wo sell ovor&hoos , just , us
cheap us it is possible to put good hon
est goods on the market. Men's over
shoes in light , medium and heavy
weights , any si/o C to 1 ! ! , our extension
edge railroad artlc is n poach for the
money. Lai'ies' ' overshoes wo sell at
the lowest possible- price , any style
\\idtlinnd hoighlh , and boy's , youth's ,
misses' and children's ovei shoes wo
huvo by the hundred. If you are unable
to find just what you want at your reg
ular dealer , send or como to us. Wo
can suit your fnncy and purse ot course
this includes all kinds of rubber foot
Ladies' line overgaltors at cost.
Bettoj- grades a equally low prices.
When it comes to talking ovorgaitors
wo are the people. You can't stick Ub
on anything in that lino. Just look at
them when you visit our stoie.
Wo offer great bargains in school
Children's pebble grain A. S. T. tip
shoes Ooc , worth SI.25.
Mibscs' pebble grain A. S , T. tip
shoes $1.25 , worth SI.75.
Youths' N. K. calf button tip shoos
$1. worth $1.35.
Boys' N. K. calf button tip slices
81.25 , worth $1.75.
Men's solid N. K. calf working shoes
$1 , worth $1.50.
Men's B. calf shoes SI.50 , worth $2.
Men's line calf shoes , bluchcr lace ,
$2.50 , worth $3.50.
$1.75 , worth $2,50 ,
Beys' Fauntleroy leggings $1.75worth
$2.50. These are just the thing for boys
now. See them.
Hero again wo lead leggings for men ,
women and children , and that universal
favorite , Fauntloroy for boys , just think
of it and you will look a long time before -
fore finding any thing its equal for the
It IB hardly necessary to ouloL'1/o our
povural incomparable lines. Wo load.
Hero are a few prices , space won't per
mit n longer list.
Ladies' plush bound felt slippers , floe ;
worth $1. , ,
Ladies' fine velvet embroidered slip
pers , $1 ; worth $1.50.
Ladies' ( iongohv patent tip button
shoes , 81.60 ; north $2.
$2.25 , worth $4.50.
Ludlow's make ladies' line hand turned
patent tip shoos on eaio nt $2.25 , worth
Parlies living out of town can always
rely on prompt and faithful nttnnlion to
mail oidoia. Just try us on ufow i'.ems ,
< \e will soon convince you.
Holiday Linens.
Now line of fancy linens for the holi
days now in. Fancy table cloth with
napkins to match put up in box in all
the different sixes nnd prices , fanct
fringed clotli , hummed stitched lunch
cloths , fancy dresses scarfs , liny towels ,
line napkins , all colors in felt for faiii'j
work , if you want a useful as well ai
substantial gift , visit our linen donnrt
incut thin coming week ,
The merriest times you oversaw will occur1
in our basement this week. These are no one
day prices. They last all the week.
Full weight Garncau's snow Iliike , rye
or graham bread at 2o a loaf.
Uuii" , 7ic per do/.cn ; cream pulls , lOc
| ier do/en ; * pound angel cuko , 17c ;
mixed cookies , 7o per do/en ; wine cakes.
Sc each ; doughnuts , 7o per dowi ; Bos
ton brown bread , 4e per loaf ; all kinds of
[ ilcH , Ic each ; apple cake , f > e each ; cin
namon rolls , Ic each , undall oilier kinds
at lowest prices.
Skates ,
Skates ,
5,000 pairs of club skates : it Hoc par pair ,
worth Sl.CO. Also , a full line of ladles'
strap skates.
Crockery , Etc.
The biggest and most elegant display of
china , glassware , qucensware , lamps ,
cutlery , brass goods and fancy orna
mental goods over shown in the west.
100-pieco dinner sots in brown and blue ,
112-plcco fine chii a dinner set at $17.
This sot is a bargain at $35.
Toilet sots at $2.50 , worth $7. Artistic
Fine chinn CUPS and saucers at 25c. 35c
and Sue , both in mustache and plain
teas and coffees , worth 5 times as
much. Fine china cup , saucer and
plato at 15c , 2oc , S0j ( and 'tor worth
from 75c to $2 per sot. After dinner
coffees , the finest French china , from
] 0c to $1 a pair. Finochinafruit sots ,
ice cream sots , fish sots and berry sots.
Genuine cut glnss tumblers , $1 perscl ;
worth So. Hanging lamp fiom $1.75
up ; stand lamp from 2Cc up ; banquet
lamp from $2 up. Carving sots from
$1 per set up. 5 o'clock teas at every
price. Fine china eubpidor at 50c ;
worth $1.50.
Water faots from 75c up , and such a va
riety ? " A full line of plain white
1'Vonoh china for decorating piupobcs.
.Flower vases at 5o each , worth Irom
2cc to $1 each.
A full line of hot \\ater and coffee urns ,
Bar glassware at one-quarter the
price of bar supply houses.
Crackers and Cookies
Soda crackers , 5c ; oyblor crackers , 5c ;
rostcd creams , ginger wnaps , bugar
cookies , oatmeal crackers , inohi'-sehcake ,
n ilk crackers and butter cracker.- * , all at
" } c per pound. In fuel wo can ghe you
uiythingyou want in crackers.
J.istilo soap 3 cakes for fie.
Jegalo unstilo 2 cukes for 6c.
2ocoinut : oil seat ) 2oc per do/ ; .
Scott'ri Emulsion , 7nc bottlo.
AllcocU's plasters 2 for 2'm.
All patent medicines at greatly reduced
'inscriptions filled at our proscription
department at the very lowest price
over hoard of. Hring in your pro
scriptions and got our prices.
Notions and Fancy
Goods Dept.
860 worth of now , staple goods , for
25o. . This is without doubt the big.
gest bargain in notions over ollcred
by any house In the country :
S packages of hairpins , \vbi th , ou
5 packaged of Sharp's sowing
needles , worth , 23o
10 dai nmg needles , worth , . l ( ) i
1 package adumiintino plus , worth. , ou
1 fine fancy bordoicd handkerchief ,
worth , . ! , .i 6c
1 tubber line comb , worth 60
l spool blade linen thread , worth. , ou
12 spools ombioldory hill ; , worth. , . . ] ( )
1 yard line elastic , wo : th. . . . , Cu
1 Domestic Fashion Kovlovv , lOc
This entire lot of goods , worth 8/5c / , can
bo purchased on Monday lor 2.re.
In our fancy goods duparlmont we
have opened up several lines of holi
day goods , and will hold a special sale
of plato glass mirrors ou Monday ,
Also special bargains in stamped tray
cloths , splaahois. commode ecarf * ,
drcbaor scarf * , hand embroidered doy
lies , etc.
Bargains in holiday neckwear :
25o all bilk Widdsor ties for Ific
lOo all bilk Windsor tics for 2 < Ju.
60o all sillc Windsor tics for ! ! 5c.
Special sulo ol Indies' haudoagu Mon-
Groceries ,
22 Ibs granulated sugar $1.00.
25 Ibs white C sugar SI.00.
California dried grapes HJc.
Now California 2 crown ralslm , 5c , Gje ,
New California 3 crown raisins. Go , 71c ,
8Jc , 12Je.
Sow * London layer raisins , 10c } , 12jc.
Best California ! ! -lb can peaches , 15o
each , or $1.03 a do/.cn.
Host California 3-lb can pears , lOo each ,
or $1.85 u do/.on.
Best California H-lb. can grapes , lip
cnch , or $1.25 a do/.on.
Host Califot nla I-lb ! can apricots , 12Jo
ouch , or $1.45 u doxon.
Best California ; i-lb. can white cher
ries , 17ceach , or $2 a do/on.
Good corn , 2-lb. canT DC each , or $1 a
: Mb can good tomatoes , Oc each , or $1
a , do/en.
1Mb. can California eg ; plums , 12io
each , or 81.-15 a do'/en.
3-lb. can C.illfornii golden drop pluma
12c } each , or $1.15 a do/.on.
'Mb. can California green gage , plums ,
12Jo each , or $1.45 a do/.cn.
Good Columbia river salmon lie can ,
or $1.25 u do/.en.
1 pint Columbia blue label catsup 160 ,
or $1.03 a do/.on.
Imported Moutardo , French mustard ,
Half-gallon bottle mixed piclcto ( worth.
7oc ) , hell for ; i3c.
Meat is Down Again.
Salt pouk , lOc ; bacon , 121c ; sugar
cured No. 1 hams , lie ; picnic hams , lOc ;
dried beef , lOc ; pigs fool , 5c ; tripe , 5c ;
lo na , 5c jier ] > ound ; boneless' ham ,
iu ; plato co'hied beef. 5c ; bonelebs
corned beef , 7ic ; bparo ribs , 71c.
Cottolene and Lard.
3-pound cans cottolonu , 28c ; 5-pound
cans , -15c ; lO-jiound cans , OOo ; 3-pomut
cans ot host lard , 38eT ; ) pounds , 03e10 ;
pounds , $1.11) ) .
Butter , Preserves tsl
and Cheese.
Country butler ir > e , 17o , lOo and 21c.
Crca'nery 2ie ; , 21o and 27c. Jolly 5cl
mince meat , apple butter , peach ana
iiluin butter , 7ic. Raspberry , straw
berry plum and all other kinds of pro-
Ferve-i at 12 } . AVihconsin full cream
cheese , l o and 12J.c ; brick chccso , lOo ,
12jo and 14c ; noufcchatol , 5c ; sap sago ,
Oc per pkg. ; Swiss , J2Jo , lie and lOc.
Cranberries , 7jo per quiii't.
Did you over try Armour's soups ? Wo
have them at lOc , 15c and 2'jc per can.
They are lino. Como here for fruits and
nuts , fancy mixed nuts , 12jc.
Holiday Books.
Wo have the most extensive line of holi
iday books in the city , as well as tlu
moji complete line of books and blblc (
of all kinds.
Monday wo will tnalco a special offer o (
juvonllo booK-8 with faiioy colored
covers , well bound , your choice at4jc.
Thsso goods are fully worth four
times Uio amount.
Wo have an elegant line of bibles anfl
prayer bookb , just the thing for a nic
\\ro\yill show the largest and host BO-
lectoil stock of rugs for the holiday trade
In the city ,
.Smyrna rugs , 7oc , $1 , $1,25 , $2 , $2.60.
Fur rugs , $1.50 , $2.50 to $1.CO.
Moquol rugs , $1 to $2.50.
Brussels , OOo to $1.25.
Wo have received our spring Importa *
tion of lace curtains and will give sera
surpassing bargains.
JJrapory gooda at greatly reduced
Silk drapery fringe for lOc yard.
Fine Satines.
200 line dark ground fancy printed
suitnu dress imttonib , put up in boxeu ,
10 yards of saline to pattern , on sale at
Iluydon's $1.50 for n luttorn ; a decided
bargain and all new styles , never shown
In this city before.
Carpet Sweepers ,
Grand Rapids sirconora for $1.60 , J2 to *
W.60 , ,

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