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Vivid Description of How Some Municipal
Affairs Arc Handled ,
rilnl Allrgliiff Hint Solon !
\VIIcy Knglnrvrril HID Drill Through
I In ? Council l.v Hrlirmra Hint Would
Tamitiiiny Turn 1'uli1.
Through the medium of tlio district court
Bovcrnl powerful scarcli lights were yesterday
turned upon the Macdonnlil garbage contract
and the means adopted to get It through the
city council.
The garbage suit , proper , was brought by
Henry Coombs nml others , and was against
Alexander Macdonald nnd thosu associated
with him In the garbagebusiness. . It was
filed some two weeks ago nnd was Net for
hearing. Inforc Judge Ferguson last Sa.tur-
day , but on account of some of the parties
not being ready to Join Issues It went over
for one week. In the original petition the
plalntirtH sought to enjoin the defendants
from going on with the work of removing
and disposing of the city garbage , alleging
that by the terms of the ordinance granting
the franchise the defendant A were given nil
exclusive right to haul nnd dispose of all
garbage anil refuse within the city limits.
They also alleged thai the prices llxed were
exorbitant and unjust , and that the whole
of tlie transaction was honeycombed with
fraud and trickery.
Yesterday the affidavits showing wherein
the fraud Is alleged to exist were filed.
Krank IJungan , In an atlldavlt , avers that
during the month of October , 18011 , and u
long time prior thereto , ho was In the em
ploy of the New Omaha Thomson-Houston
Klectrlc Light company , closely associated
with Solon I , . Wiley , the president of the
company. One morning In the month
of October. 18D3 , nnd while he waa with tno
electric light people , he found upon his desk
n" note In the handwriting of S. L. Wiley ,
\\hlcli read as follows :
"Frank Dungan , C & Leavenworth. 1 arc
light. Put In at once to help 1'eter Hack. "
The affiant avers that he at once caused
the lamp to be placed In the location desig
nated , and a short time afterwards he met
Hack , who told him that ho wanted two
arc lights , one placed at Fourth street and
Woolworth avenue and the other at Ninth
and Ulalne streets. This was reported to
Wiley , who , the affiant says , nt first de
murred , but finally said they would be lo
cated and put upon the city's list of lamps
nH BOOH after the election as possible. These
lumps , the affiant avers , were placed for the
pole purpose of assisting In securing the
election of Hack to the city council.
In another part of his affidavit Frank
Dungan avers that acting under the direction
of S. L. Wiley he procured from relatives of
Halfdan Jacobscn , a member of the city
council , affidavits charging the said Jacobscn
with having appropriated the money of the
Bald relatives to his own use nnd purpose.
These affidavits , after belug secured , the
affiant alleges , were turned over to Wiley.
During the Sunday prior to the fall election
of 1893 the affiant alleges that Jacobsen was
closeted with Wiley In the private office of
the Thomson-Houston company In the base
ment of the First National haul ; for a long
time. While the two men were In the
private office the affiant alleges 'that he
heard Jacobsen crying. Hu also alleges that
after Jacobsen had left the office Wiley said :
"Wo own Jacobsen now , body and foul. "
Since that date the affiant avers that Jacob-
Hen has always voted for nil of the electric
light legislation that , hail been before the
city council for consideration.
Ueferrlng to the matter of garbage Dungan
alleges that' Macdonald did not make n bid
and that Instead of doing so his name was
Signed by Wiley , who full well knew at the
time that Macdonald was not In the city ,
but Instead was In one of the Iowa cities
fccvoral hundred miles away.
Richard S. Berlin , In an affidavit , swears
that during the month of Juno , 1S93 , he was
Interested in n crematory company , which
had for Its object tha placing of n garbage
furnace In Omaha. The council had asked
for bids for the cremation of this garbage
of the city and lie had submitted his propo
At the time there were two other bids
before the council , one by Alexander Mac
donald and the other by Frank Dungan.
Shortly after this , and before the council
liail _ disposed of the garbage matter , the
affiant alleges that he met Frank Dungan
upon the street and was Informed by him
that ho , Berlin , was wanted nt Wiley's
office. Berlin avers that ho went to the
oQlco of the Thomson-Houston company ,
where ho met S. L. Wiley , who Informed
111 in that the bids of Macdonald and Dungan
wore not genuine , but worn In his , Wiley's ,
Interest. Having divulged this Information ,
the affiant avers that Wiley said to him at
that time that It was not for the best to
have conflicting Interests , after which lie
proposed that a company bo organised and
capitalized for $55,000 for the purpose of
carrying on the garbage business. After
eomo additional talk , the affiant alleges that
Wiley said that If he , Ilorlin , would step
out of the way , ho could have $5,000 of the
paid up stock of the company free of cost
and a position at a salary of $1,000 per year.
The affiant alleges that in Ills garbage
crematory scheme ho had a partner , Newton
Nlday , nnd that when Wiley made the
proposition ho Informed him ( Wiley ) , that
Nlday would have to bo consulted. The mut
ter was talked over with Wiley , and the
agreement was made * nnd n contract entered
Into In accordance with the terms of the un
Later on In the proceedings Ilorlin swears
to a conversation In which Wiley took a
part , that leads him to the opinion that the
Kmlley suit Is a bluff. Ho alleges that after
the suit was commenced , ho was sitting In
the office of Robert W. Patrick In The lieo
building , where the Smiley Knit \vns being
discussed by Wiley and others. At that
time. Wiley said , referring to the petition
filed by Smiley , "It wan drawn up not a
thousand miles from my office. "
Affidavits of Krln Cleveland , Sam Over-
Kurd. John Nelson , Henry ( loombes and
lloraco Clark have also been filed , and each
affiant alleges that Macdonald nnd his agents
nro allowing the Jones street dump to con
tinue In a filthy condition to the detriment
uf the health of the city. They also allege
that Macdonald and his agents nro litir-
rabslng them and preventing them from
engaging In the work of hauling away and
dumping garbage , notwithstanding the fact
that they have a legal right to engage In
biieh hauling.
AlUll'H UuiiuiKfl Suit.
It Is now apparent that the $ .10,000 damage
milt brought by Dell AKIn of Holt county
against Frank Simons , the sheriff of El Paso
rounty , Texas , and W. P. Cunningham of
} 'aso Del Norte , Mex. , will bo fought to a
finish In the courts of this county , as both
of the defendants have filed their answers.
The trouble all grows out of Ilarrctt Scott ,
the defaulting treasurer of Holt county , who
last fall fled to Mexico ,
After ho had been In the Mexican country
for some time Dell Akin , so the story went ,
proceeded to Mexico for the purpose of
making some kind of settlement , Shortly
after reaching there he was arrested by the
two defendants , thrown Into n Mexican Jail
and detained for unite a period of time.
After the arrest of Scott , Akin was placed In
irons and brought back. As ha passed
through this city ho stopped off long enough
to commence a $50,000 damage suit against
Ills two captors.
Yesterday the defendants filed their answer
to the petition , alleging that they were never
legally served with process. They also allege
that Scott was a fugitive from Justice , being
charged with the embezzlement of $70,000 of
publla funds , the property of Holt county.
They had papers for the arrest of Scott nnd
that Akin was aiding and assisting htm to
evade the officers of the law. For that
reason , they allege , they placed him under
arrest and detained him as a prisoner.
Jllnor Court 'Mutters.
tu the criminal court A. Noland is on
trial , charged with having stolen a bicycle
from Daxon ft Co.
W. 0 , Cotlleld , the young man who worked
the swindling game upon some of the banks
Of this city some weeks ago and.
Mho was convicted and sentenced
jo a term cj lea years , U happy. The
cnso wan taken to the supreme roiirt , where
a Rtny of execution wan granted until Riich
tlrno nn the trial In the lower court could bo
reviewed. In the meantime Cofflcld will re
main In the custody of the sheriff of this
The Jury In the criminal court has re
turned n vcrdlet finding Charles PavlB and
Fred Ilaker guilty of burglary and Joe Davis
guilty of larceny. These were the three
young men who robbed the carpenter shop
of A. F. Llndqlilst.
In the cane of Cow In & McIIugh against
Both T. Winch tried In the court presided
over by Judge Ulnlr. the Jury yesterday
returned a verdict for $2,657 , the amount
being the bill for attorney fees In a cnso
which was hotly contested some years ngo ,
The will of the late experience Kstn-
brook was filed In the office of the county
Judge nnd admitted to probate yesterday. By
the terms of the will , all of the property ,
both real and personal , Is left to the widow ,
Caroline A. Kstnbrook , who Is named as
the administratrix.
In 1850 "Ilrown's Dronclil.il Troches" were
Introduced nnd their success ns n cure for
colds , coughs , asthma and bronchitis has
been unparalleled.
The Keclcy Institute of Nebraska Is located
nt Illalr and Is of easy access to the public
by the F. 12. &M. V. railroad. The accom
modations of this Institute are good. Ad
dress The Kecly Institute , Illalr , Neb.
One Miillur for 1 Iffy ( YntH ,
Mr , J. Ilochstrnsser , 1103 Jackson street.
Omaha , has .purchased a large bankrupt
stock of bar fixtures , billiard nnd pool
tables ; the goods are all new nnd first
class and will be sold at cheaper rates than
ever yet offered to the public.
Itcmu'lt Miutcnlr Tiililr < 4 ,
All delivered except those wliobo names
follow :
'Wo tried to deliver the nbove , but found
that parties had either moved away or had
never lived there , show Ing that we had
gotten the wrong nddrcss.
If any or all of the above named people
will call at our store and give us their
present address we will bo prompt In de
livering their tables , as we have plenty of
them In stock. W. H. BENNETT CO.
llfiiyilrii llro < i.
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bargain giving , . A ) ! about it on 5th page.
' Ti-xiiH Kxnirftloii April IO.
One fare for the round trip to any point l7i
Texas via Santa Fe route. See your nearest
agent or E. L. Palmer , P. A. , Santa Fo
route , 131C Fnrnam St. , Omaha.
< 5olng KiiHt Toduy ' . '
Your choice of four dally trains on the
Chicago & Northwestern railway. Two of
these trains , at 4.05 p. in. and 0:30 : p. in. , arc
vestlbulcd nnd limited , arriving In Chicago
early next n ornlng.
Elite Bloopers , dining cars and the latest
reclining chair cars.
Call at the city office , 1401 Farnam street.
The Northwestern checks your trunk at
your house.
92O to Houston mm llcturii ,
Tuesday , April 10 , 1 will sell to land buyers
tickets to Houston and return for $20.00. It.
0. Pattcrsrn , 425 Ramge Block , Omaha.
Coinnicrclul Club LunliliiR for One to
I.ocuto In Oiniiliii.
The paper mill fever has been raging for
some time nt the Commercial club. There Is
now some prospect of the scheme budding
Into a reality.
Commissioner Utt recently wrote to F. J.
Lewis with relation to the subject. He re
ceived the following reply , under date of
April 1 , this morning :
* Dear Sir : Answering your valued favor of
the 22d Inst. , will btate that there Is an
excellent opening here for a straw-board
mill and a mill for the manufacture of
roofing and sheathing papers. Answering
your questions as to how many tons of crude
paper we could use , will -state that we could
place orders with a mill of this kind for
at least three cars of fifteen tons each per
week during the nine working months of
the year. Besides what we could use , there
IH n 7-finrtv market for as much more at Kan
sas City , and almost an equal amount at
Denver. During the six or seven building
months of the year Omaha nnd Council
Bluffs dispose of atout one car loud of
building paper of various kinds per day.
Kansas City wants two car loads and Den
ver about three-fourths of n car load. These
points can all bo reached at the saving of
from 10 to 30 cents per hundred pounds In
freight. This Item alone represents a very
largo profit.
The following papers can be made as
cheaply In Omaha as In any of the towns
cast , where mills are running , viz : Strawboard -
board , rosln-slzcd shcatg ! ! : , and raw im-
saturuted roofing felt. To construct a mill
suitable for handling these goods profitably
would necessitate an expenditure of about
$25,000 to | 35,000 , according to capacity.
These figures can bo reduced quite consid
erably by purchasing some of the New England -
land plants which are not running , or which
are In tlio hands of receivers , UH the mills
there paid such large profits they multiplied
too fust , with the usual results. There Is no
mill for the manufacture of our roofing felt
or rosin-sized sheathing nearer than Belolt ,
WIs. , and the bulk of these goods come from
Ohio nnd Pennsylvania.
We feel that there Is an excellent open
ing for such an Industry here and would pro
ceed with the organization of a paper mill
plant oiirhelves If It were not that we are
Interested very largely now In the manufac
ture and sale of roofing materials and of
the saturation of raw papers , und this Is an
entirely separate business for Itself. Wo
trust that this Information answers your
questions , and hoping that something might
be done toward starting an Industry of this
kind , wu remain , yours very truly ,
_ ! ' J. LEWIS. .
Short I'oiIce Stories.
Louis We.st , colored , beat his wife Tuesday
night while Intoxicated and was fined fifty
days In the county Jail by the police judge
Sheriff Eldrldgo of Corning , Adams county
Iowa , writes Chief Seuvey. that ho has a
bench warrant for the arrest of James
Ryan for participating In a prize light with
McCoy about two weeks ago. The detec
tives report Unit Ryan is not In town.
Judge Berka gave his decision In the ca < o
against Johnson Bros , yesterday Ho
lined William Johnson $30 and costs. An
appeal was taken. This Is the ease where
il. h. Allen , colored , went to the Johiibon
Bros , chop house and they refused to servo
him because ho was a black man.
Jf.i i / ; / > .
Notice ( if live llnt > H or hug uin.i | ihu ii , . , . , ! nf , * .
CCIUB ; t-iu-U iiildlllaiial lliiP. i" , , reiilH. '
In thl.s city , 4th ult , , IjyTlev. S Wilirlit
Iluller. Albert W. Kornmn
of Kre nont and
Jllss Anna \Vortlnu of Omiiliu.
Notice of live lines ore \ umlrr tills lieiuPJiTty
ccnm ; each qiMllluniil llmUMI cents.
DHVAI.ON-J. K. , April 4. 1S9I. uKed kfi
years , ! ) months nnd S days. Kimenil
" 3 o'clock KHday afternoon. April 6
1891 , from the residence of his son , II 1'
Uevalon , 1UJ4 South Twentyrilntli avenue !
to Prospect Hill. Friends Invited. '
ANDEHSON-Hnns , aged G9 years , nt Sec
end and Dorcas streets , April 3 , n > 9) ) .
Funeral from Bwanson & Vallcirn under-
At Morse Dry Goods Oo.-Ono of 'Em Will
Do the Work
Ton Will Perform tlio Work of Twciitj
at Ortr Sprrhil Siilo Tliurndiiy
-Don't Mix * Tills
The wise ones will bo early picking up the
Inimitable bargains
In hosiery for ladles.
In hosiery for children.
In domestics for all.
In underwear for ladles ,
In underwear for children ,
In silks for all.
In table linens for all.
In capes for the ladles.
In Jackets for the ladles.
In china ware for all.
In gloves for ladles.
In handkerchiefs for the ladles
Found at our
100 misses' ami ladles' capes made of very
fine all wool material , nicely embroidered
actual value , $7.50 , Thursday's price , $ t.S. ! )
150 ladles' and misses' all wool jackets
made In the best possible styles , try t <
match them for $7.60 , Thursday's price $1.48
Ladles' Eton suits , regular value $8.00
Thursday $4.98.TABLE
Unbleached table linen , regular GGc qual
Ity. for Thursday 37' c.
CG-lnch bleached table damask , regular
$1.00 quality , 75c.
C6-lnch bleached table damask , regular 75c
quality , ( > 0c.
72-Inch bleached table damask , $1.25 qual
Ity , at 'Me.
G-S napkins. $1.00 quality , for C9c n dozen
Heavy bleached towels , size 20x40 , at 12 ! < > c
each. I
CrocTiet bed spreads , $1.2i > quality , for S9c
Ladles' tan hose , fast colors , ISc or 3 for
Ladles' fast black hose , ISc , 3 for SOc.
Ladles' fast black hose , uc a pair.
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heel and toe , 25c.
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heel and toe , 35c , 3 pairs for $1.00.
Ladles line cotton hose , with mace fast ,
spliced heel and toe , 35e or 3 pairs for $1,00.
ISO dozen ladles' nndcrvests at 2'/4c ,00011.
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Ladles' knee length ribbed drawers at 23c
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2Gc each.
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black vests , GOc each.SILKS.
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Black china silk , such as you pay $1.00 for ,
Black waterproof silk , warranted hot to.
show rain spots , 7Sc , $1.00. $1.25.
Faille francalse In all colors , good value at
$1.2S , Thursday 7c.
Black crystal bengallno , they would be
cheap at $1.GO. Thursday's price $1.12'A.
Special tomorrow , fine strawberry , diamond
and fan cut glass tumblers , heavy weight ,
never sold under $8.00 , Thursday 1 Uo/cn tea
a customer at $4.35 dozen.
100 dozen fine decorated china plates that
sell for 40c and SOc , Thursday 2Sc each.
English porcelain 100-pleco dinner scts >
that sell for $11.50 , Thursday $0.49.
4-4 brown sheeting llic.
Dress challls. 3c.
45-Inch pillow cas > o muslin S l-3c.
Double width sheeting 10'X.c.
Lonsdale gambile ! ) c. , , <
Fast block dress sateens " 12'p. '
Large size heavy dish pan 29e.
No. 8 good wash boilers uSc.
Good parlor brooms 19e.
8 rolls toilet paper 2ic. !
Blsby's shoe blacking per box Ic.
Remember your dollars stretched by
The Menier pavlllion at the World's fair
was thronged with visitors charmed with
the delicious and healthful beverage , Chocu-
lat-Menler. Try It at W. A. Fleming's ,
14th and Douglas and Courtney & Co.'s , 23th
and Davenport streets , dally this week.
Grinding : Razors , shears , cutlery and edge
tools. F. S. Stanneld & Co. , 151S Dodge.
C.i 1 1 fornln Itiitcs Will Ho JtcstoriMl.
On April 15.
Better go before It's too Jate.
Present rates via the Burlington Route
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City ticket ofllce , 1324 Fnrnam street.
llayUcn Hros.x
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K IWll.lt A ItOOlf.
Fioin the New Ynrl ( K\pnlnK Tflfgiain , Monday ,
Mairh i. 1W1.
A very remarkable book , differing es
sentially In character from anything ever
before published , will be completed and In
the hands of fortunate art lovers before the
end of another month. This Is the work
comprising the written record of Daniel
Hudson Biirnham , chief of construction and
director of works for the Columbian ex
position , with the art reproductions ar
ranged by Francis Davis Millet , director tf
decoration , which are due to a numerous
company of artist * . An inconceivable
amount of labor and care has bec'n devoted
to this work ,
Yesterday for the first tlmo , the genial
art chief could tell freely about the great
book which is to contain tlio work of a num
ber of artists. In his studio -Clinton
place ho looked the happy victor amidst
the treasures of a newly conquered king
dom , To nearly that tlmo he had con
tinued unable to definitely assure himself
of the character In which tjio treasures In
every case were to show up. That was
the reason he was reticent and denied his
confidence on this subject to men who loved
The book , ns Mr. Millet explained , will
be published in twenty-five parts. U Is to
bo Issued by a company organized for the
purpose the Columbian Memorial Publica
tion society. The title Is as follows : "Tho
Book of the Builders" with the sub-title ,
"Being the chronicle- the origin nnd plan
of the World's fair ; the architecture ot
the buildings nml landscape ; of the work
of construction ; of the decoration and em
bellishments and of the operation. " This
publication , Mr. Millet' states , has been a
uchumo In the mind of Mr. Burnham ever
since ho got well Into the work In Chicago.
In the active constructive period. "It Is
really. " ho continues , "the outcome of a
refusal on the part of the exposition au
thorities to publish his report for wide cir
culation. This would have cost $100,000.
They were not ready to agree to piich CM
expenditure , nor could It bo expected that
they would do so for purely educational
purposes. The motive was then prompted
to do this privately with a plan to inako
public the history of the construction of the
exposition work In not too technical a man
ner."That was the broad Idea ot the enter
prise. When considering the means U was
Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair.
Tbeonly I'ure Cream of Tartar Powder , No Auiiuonia ; No Alum.
in Millions of Homes AQ Years tlie Standard *
found best to pMw this work In the linnds
of artlst.i. Thonrdlimry way would bo to.
wrllo the history and Illustrate this with
photograph * . IHititb supplement the writ
ten record wlthtftkBtchoB by artists would
give an Indlvldtuli and art Interest to ba
"A photographconcession was Riven by the
exposition to arn.oOlclal . photographer. The
record of the n.xx > . IUon as It exists In Inrpo
photographs wnsMlmlted to the work of thla
single person. IfmrtUts nlshcd to take pho
tographs they could only do so with small ko
daks. Now. official photographs , however
good they may lln In their way , arc not like
those taken from iin artistic point of view.
Therefore , to satisfy the people of sensitive
taste. It Is needfhl to have something other
than the dull photographs. "
ThlH "something other" Is to be a book con
taining 100 reproductions In fac-slmtle colors
of original paintings. The \\ork In these
sketches Is by nrthts of eminence.
"Tho series begins , " im Mr. Millet states ,
"wth the choice of the site , and goes through
to the end of the exposition. This arrange
ment gives It a human Interest. Here Is a
sketch of the site of the Administration build
ing. This Is Whlttpinore's 'Old Vienna. * He
could not put the figures In while there , with
the rush of movement , but painted In figures
afterward. Mr. Coleman wus out theio about
a year. Hare Komi was there a good deal ,
and made his sketches , which he has since
finished. Hassam's were nil painted on the
spot. J. Kranels Murphy was n Chicago boy ,
and used to painting In that locality. Wo
asked him to do the landscapes. Krank Rus
sell Oreen WHS out there a good deal. So was
Thomas Moran. and we have good things
from him. H. Uolton Jones was out , there a
good deal. Kranels C. Jones was. also , and
so was Dlashfiehl. I was there n year and a
half ; the only one I have finished BO far Is
that statue of the republic. "
This stood on the easel , n beautiful work
over which the artist has thrown the witch
ery of poetic Imagination. The other paintIngs -
Ings shown were of a high order , and Mr.
Millet viewed one after another with con
stantly Increasing delight : He ran a fore
linger fondly down over the names of his list
of artists which wiis'sproad before him on the
table. Ho said them over In the tone of ono
who offers thanksgiving prayer : Ctirren ,
Ulashfield. the two Joneses , Theodore Hobln-
son , Whlttemore "who did very well In
deed" Krcderlek Dlelmnii , Kenn , Gilford.
Cblldo Hassmaii "who lias done some of the
very best things" Helnhart Smedley , Harry
13. Snell and T. do Thulstriip. " Hut these
were not half the cherished names.
"You will ngrco with us , " the artist said ,
"that no such congregation of artists have
ever been united In any piibllo.itlon. The
men who made the decorations reproduce
their own work.
"The point of chief Interest Is that so
many painters are working on the same
thin * ; , making In a serious way a record of
their different Impressions all under a single
Impulse. I have never known of men workIng -
Ing on anything In the same way. It you
have any account ot such a thing In art or
literature wo will say no more about It.
"The work , " he said , "Is In a perfect free
spirit of fraternal cooperation.Vo have
been trying to build the bonk as the fair was
built. It Is put on an entirely artistic basis.
Wo do not tell a- man to do $100 dollars
worth of work. We want each to do his
very best work for his own reputation as for
that of the book.
"In the same way that the fair was built
by calling together the architects of the
country , our hook Is being built by artists.
The work Is different some Impressionistic ,
Komo elaborate , some In sketches but all
Individual. "
Frank J. Stitctlffe , stenographer , has moved
to 232 lice building , telephone 097.
Hiiyilfii Hrot.
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Cnllfornlu Itutcff Wilt i > < ] Kcstnrt'd.
On April 15.
Dctter go before It's too late.
Present rates via the Burlington Route
are ? 20.00 one way , $35.50 round trip.
Everything > flrst class , tickets , trains ,
City ticket ofllce , . 1324--Furiiam street.
. o
C XIty < lm Urn * .
Sco what we are doing In the way of
bargain giving. All about It on Gth page.
A jo o vxrr.3t nxrs.
Orders In a box office are to the manager ,
when ho wants to know how business Is goIng -
Ing to be , what straws are to the man who
waiits to know which way the wind blows.
From the number of orders In the box of
fice of Doyd's theater William II , Crane's
engagement at that house , which begins to
morrow , will bo very successful. There Is
apparently a vreat deal of Interest to &eo
his new play , "Brother John , " and It will
no doubt have a big audience tomorrow
night. The seats for the three perform
ances of this play and for the revival of
"The Senator" on Saturday are now on sale
at the box office of the IJoyd.
Henshaw and Ten Hroeck , who created
such a favorable Impression here when they
appeared at the Fifteenth Street theater ,
will , in connection with their company of
clever farceurs , play n return engagement
on Thursday , Friday and Saturday , April G ,
ti and 7. Many theater goers who were un
able to embrace the opportunity of seeing
the "New Nabobs" upon Its last vUlt will
now have a chance to see what Is possibly
the best farce comedy organization that has
visited the city for a long time.
Tlio Mntt Attractive And The Mint Deceit
ful Of All The Ycnr.
This Is the moat dangerous season of the
yenn H mny be pleasant , may often seem
attractive , but back of nil the pleasant
atmosphere there l.i danger ! This dnnger
cornea In some form nf sickness.
Almost nny Hlcknes * Blurts with n colder
or n chill caused bv the sluggish action
of the system. That Is why so many people
ple Just now complain of tired feelings ,
pains In the muscles nnd bones , loss of np-
petite , miring- fever nnd similar troubles.
The following In good udvlco from u
prominent medical Journal : "I'noumonlii
nnd other dangerous complaint * , which re
sult from a neglected cold , can nhvny.s be
nvolded If a timely remedy Is taken. When
chilly sensations are felt they should be
stopped Immediately or serious consequences
quences will follow. There Is only ono way
known to the world of avoiding a cold or
chills , and that Is to use a good , tiuro ,
strong stimulant. Nothing ordinary will do.
It must bo something sure In Its action
and scientifically preparefl. For this reason
nothing has ever equalled Duffy's I'uro
Malt Whisky , which Is acknowledged today
by physicians and scluntlllu men to be the.
only pure medicinal whisky on the mur-
Thls valuable ndvlco tuny bo profitably
followed by many people who nto suffering
today from the early offoets of cold , chills ,
or possibly grin In Its advanced singe" .
Diifty'M Pure Malt Is always i pliable and
effective. People should not , however , per
mit any dealer to substitute something
which Is claimed to be "Just as Bond , " or
"about the sumo thing. " Nothing else can
posslblycomtmro with that which has
proven Itself by years nf use to be the
best and purest In the woild.
When Barrio wag scratching his name on
ono his earliest completed works , his wlfo
exclaimed Impatiently : "Oh , put your
name larger. " Barrio replied with a look
of triumph : "In twenty years from now
men will look for that name with micro
scopes. "
Wo do not need to use large typo to sell
this Library Table. At our price It will not
bo long before the most powerful micro
scopes will fall to detect one In our store
as our supply Is limited , ando can secure
no more at this price.
In fact many of our now goods have been
bought under price , and cannot be duplica
ted. Our line of Brass Beds , Chamber Sets ,
Dining Tables and Chairs Is now complete ,
Our prices the lowest.
Temporary Location ,
ror.oucts TIIK icotic
Nervaus Illsi-ase * . Falling ; Memory ,
Pare- ! * . Sleeplessness , Weoknem..et . . . - -i * -
cmmp \ by pan t n | IU PS und ijnlckl r but surely l I'Slorcs
I.nxt.t.Hnliouil Inohlorjoun - . Knsllv carried In vest
porkrt. 1'rlceH.OOaTmcl.nBP. Sll far- . ( ) ( ) ullli n
wrltli * CUHrnult'rlociiroor money refunded , llon't
buy an imitation but luxlst on linvlni ; IMIAI'O. 1C
rourclriifi-'l t liQBMntcot It n nil ! urn ! It pn-nild.
Urlenlul .Meillenl Co. , UllCtnO , 1IU , vr lli > lr > c li.
SOi.I ) lir Kiihn & Co. . Cor. 1&tli nnd DOIIKIIIKSHM . nnd
J. . \ . I'uller K. fa. . Car nth .t IHiuu-Jufs St > . . OSI AH At
Cleansed , mirlfled , nnd beautified by G'UTicunA
UOAP , greatest of Hkln purlllern and
bunullicrc , nsell on purc t and
enecteet of toilet and nnrrcn toapt.
Only turu for pimples nnd black.
lioiulH , Lecniitc the only prc\cntl\o
of Inflammation and cliiRi.'Ing of the
porcc , the cnitco of mod coraplci.
lonal dUUguratlona. gold uxcr > v.hcic.
Man Developed.
1 ifivcr Cl'I'lDnXK.wlll
IVHlOHMllI Ull'KPlltMallVl !
Dictum Jimioti'ncy Iin-
IJOHKlhln If rt'PlUHNK In
iwit , Scud for ftx-i * cii-
rill.-iri aiirt U'HthnoiilMs.
P. O , lto\-'u7D.-San I'ran-
for Infants and Children.
" Caaturla la so well adapted , to children that Castorlu cures Cullo , Constipation ,
I recommend It an superior to nny prescription Sour HtoiiMeh , Dlarrhu-a , Eructation ,
known tonic. " II A. AUCIIEII , M. 1) , Kills Worms , gUes ulcep , and promotes dl
111 So. Oxford St. , UrooUIyn , N. Y. gcbtlon ,
Without Injurious ineilleilou. ! '
"Tlio use of 'Cnstorla i ! so universal nnd 'Tor nctrrnl yeaiii I hare recommended
Its merits bo well know n that It seems n work your 'Castorla , ' and bliull always continue tc
of supererogation to endorse It. Few nro the do RO as It hns Invariably produced beneficial
Intelligent families uho do nut keep Cublurlu resulta. "
nltldu easy reach. " KDWIN K. I'mnict : , M. P. ,
OlELoa MAUTYN , n. P. , Ifflth Street and 7th A\e. , Now York City ,
New York Clly ,
We are headquarters for
Fine Whiskies.
Write us for prices We can save you
For sale by all First Class Deiilora. Manufactured by the
Factory No. 80-1 , SU Louts , MQ ,
9 "
9J J
Of nil the sfItiL''s ) ) beloved ,
O , fnlr nml lleklo sprlnj , ' ,
Not ono except ArbuUM
Can trust wliat she will bring.
What Think 9
of this chiliy
f Of course we shou'cl ' also rejoica over pleasant and
warm days for the sake of seeing Mowers bloom ,
birds sing- and nature invigorate , and the sun to
* coax you to buy your spring suit ,
Your purse needs but precious little coaxing when f
f you enter the Nebraska. You who are familiar with f
our doings , know that it is our constant aim to" please
the masses , and extraordinary inducements are al
ways ready for popular trade.
* * This season we climbed a step higher , to the stee 6A
ple of popularity , by preparing a feast of values. It'll A
surprise even 13ill Jones , who remembers the panic of 6
We begin with a paltry $4 for a suit that is a good
6 value in the average store at $7 , and this way we 6
6 compare up to the honest , reliable $15 suit which the
Nebraska never dreams of channnrr vou a cent above
O O *
a $10 bill.
Above all , we consider ourselves unapproachable
on our particular value of Seven , fifty Suits.
Here they are : as desirable for dress as serviceable
for rough wear ; a dozen patterns of the latest spring
designs---homespuns , cheviot , silk mixed cassimere ,
i Scotch tweed , single-breasted sack , double-breasted ,
one or four button , soft roll.
You'll favor us to compare one of 'cm , if you l A
please , to the best you ever bought at between 12
and 15 dollars.
A . " " k
Spring Catalogues still to be had on application.
9 < & ® < 9' < 9.O S- < & - * 9O9 - < 9 BV
. Are in our spring opening sale.
Not a pair , but every pair we
have go in at lower prices than
laces have ever been sold. We
, have too many fine laces and
i *
propose to reduce the stock of
Irish Points , Tambour , Brussels
and Russian laces by making
prices unheard of in this coun
Odd curtains and odd pairs
at 50 per cent of value. Some ,
cdd chenilles up to 72 inch
wide for couch covers.
China silks for fancy work
at SOc yard.
1414-16-18 Street
- - Douglas ,

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