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referred the communication of the mayor
CITY COUNCIL rclctlvc to HIP unsafe condition of the city
hall tower , recommended that John F.
Coot/i bo directed to make the necessary
repairs under the direction ot the building
Wiley Causes a Delay in Action on the Inspector at nn expense not to exceed ( GOO.
The contemplated repairs consist In caulk
Electric Lighting Bids. ing tip the cracks In the stonework with
cement , laying a new floor and placing wire
guards ( o prevent detached pieces of tile
HE WANTED TIME FOR CONSULTATION from falling on the heads of pedestrians.
The following ordinances were passed :
Levying special tax for opening boulevard
from Ames avenue to Parker tract ; levying
Mayor .Submit * Nnmo of Air. ttrlmrlg for tax for paving Tttcnty-nlnth street from
Clly ii : < M trlcliui Vetoed Milurjr Item Hickory to Arbor street ; declaring the neces
in I'uviir of ItliiTin tinil u sity of grading Thirty-fifth street from Half
Howard to James street ; changing curb lines
Not buiitnliicd.
of various streets ; ordering paving of Chicago
cage street from Twenty-third to Twenty-
fourth street ; ordering paving of Corby
In accordance with the decision of the gen street from Sherman avcnuo to Twentieth
era ! council committee on electric lights at street ; rebating special paving taxes to
a meeting held yesterday afternoon no report property owner * on Locust street ; amending
ordinance regulating excavations on streets
ttas made to the council last night on the
and alleys.
bills for electric lighting now In the hands
of the committee. This was at the request I'roint Air.
Of Mr. Wiley , who wished to consult the Although long and obstinately obstructed ,
free as air become the bowels when Hostel
directory of the Thomson-Houston company ler's Stomach Hitters Is used to relieve and
In regard to cancelling the contract under regulate them. Not that the great laxative
which he Is now furnishing light to the city operates unduly upon them. Quite the con
on condition that hu was awarded a ne\v trary. Neither does It cause griping. In
both these particulars It Is preferable to a
violent cathartic. Use the IJIltcrs for ma
The program of the Wiley councllmen was larial and rheumatic aliments , kidney trouble ,
announced by Ilascall point blank as soon ntf biliousness , dyspepsia and nervousness.
the door of the committee room was closed ,
. MOK-II : DKV nouns c < > .
Hu said that In his opinion the thing to do
was to let the contract to .Mr. Wiley for the Closing- Out DrrftA ( ioud * .
balance of the llical year at his bid of $111.50
Wednesday we commence a grand closing
light and then readvertlse forbids
per per year
out sale of spring and summer weight dress
bids for a longrjperiod. . The excuse for
another reailvertNemcnt was the proposition goods. The following are only n fe\v sample
lines black goods at astonishing prices.
of the Western Uleclrlc company to erect n "
Illack Hngllsh , "fie u yard.
plant and deed It to the city at the end of serge
' Dlack crepon , 75c , regular $1.00 and $1.2. %
live years. Mr. Wiley's man thought that goods.
should readvertlse for bids that
they on Illack novelty crape 75c , regular $1.00 lind
basin , so as to give Mr. Wiley a chance to $1.25 Koods.
bid on a similar proposition. C 1-Inch black broadcloth , $2.25 Quality ,
The committee decided to recommend that $1.GO.
the contract for the remainder of the year High class novelties , silk and wool mix
. be let to Mr. Wiley. Calm Inquired If the tures , single dress pattern , exclusive styles ,
Thomson-Houston company would not be regular $1.25 to $3.00 goods , now 7Gc to $1.50.
willing to cancel Its present contract for 100 Fine Imported suit patterns , regular price
lights , tthich runs to November 28 , and take $15.00 to $30.00 , now $8.00 to $15.00.
nil the lights at the price mentioned In Its Bngllsh whip qords , diagonals , nrmurcs ,
last bid. . Mr. Wiley professed his entire etc. . In all' colors , regular C5c and $1.00
Ignorance of what his company would be goods , now 49c.
willing to do , but suggested that If the Scotch cheviots and novelty mixtures , reg
matter was allotted to go o\cr for another ular 7Bc goods , noW 39c.
week ho would be better able to throw lighten Novelty suitings In changeable effects now
on the subject. Ills suggestion was promptly 19c.Fancy
acted on and the whole matter was post Fancy plaids and mixtures , double width ,
poned for ono week. At the meeting of the now 12',5c.
council last evening the following letter was Bargains In every department for tomor
read : row. Quick , cash-raising sale.
OMAHA , June 5. Honorable Mayor and THU MORSn DRY GOODS CO.
City Council , Omiitm : CJentlcmen We de- o
nlre to call jour attention to the fact that The water at Hurllngton beach Is salty.
our bid for electric lights contains but one And swim In It Is
a as refreshing as a dip In
condition , and that IH that we be given per-
mission. In the shape of a franchise , to enter Old Ocean Itself.
upon the streets of Omaha and transact
our business. Should your Inimitable body ItrfiTco mid Itupnrtee.
PUKH the general electric franchise or- You remember , or don't you remember ,
dlimnce now pending" and the name become
that story of the Irishman who asked a
come a law by tlio npprov.il of bis honor
companion to explain the difference between
the mayor , we waive the only condition
" "
which wan specified In our bid. referee and repartee ? "Pat , says he ,
The object of this communication Is "phwats the difference between referee and
merely to emphasize the fuel that If you reparhrtce ? " "Well , " says Pat , "I'll explain
gentlemen will give us tho. privilege , either tl to yez , If you say , 'How are you. Pat , '
by a Bpcclnl franchise or by the general and I say , 'Go to blazes wld ye ; ' that's re
franchise , to conic Into your ulty and do partee , but If you Bay , 'How are you , Pat , '
btiHhiess here , we me ready and willing and I 'Ask '
say , me grandmother's cat
unit anxious to obtain the eon tract and
' '
proceed to perform tinsame. . that's referee , d'ye see , because I leave It
Our special reason for sending' In this out-to a third party. " Noxv , If Pat had
communication at this time Is the state read The Ueo ho would have piocurcd the
ment inado by the cbaliman of the eominit- American Encyclopedic Dictionary published
tee to which the bldn were n-feried tills In parts on the terms mentioned In the
afternoon to the effect that our pioposltlon coupon on page 2 of this Issue , and then
waiving the general franchise eliiuse of
ho would have
discovered that it
was the
bid was not legally binding upon us. If
there remains any doubt upon thin point best referee In all coses of disputed pro
In the minds of any member of the council , nunciation.
we stand ready to icmove the sameby
Wild I m- ' , ourselves unequivocally and abso Aiohl tlio DUcoinfortu
lutely to the terms of the franchise pub Of midsummer life In Nebraska by spending
lished , nml which wo presume your bonoi- a month , a fortnight , or at least a week , at
nble body will pass at Its inetitlnu tonight. Hot Springs , South Dakota.
Very respectfully ,
CITIXCNS i ncTuie COMPANY. The Burlington's city ticket agent nt 1321
Uy Hoi Urn & liluckbuni , Attorneys. Farnam street will gladly glvo yon full in
Mayor Benils sprang" a tin prise on some Courtland beach Is finer than ever.
of the members by pre.sentlng the appoint
ment of Edward F. Schurlg as city elec Tlio Hlg- Dancing Pin Minn
trician. Bechel promptly moved that the At Durllngton beach , Lincoln , has a floor
appointment be referred to the committee s > pace of 9,000 square feet ; Is 500 feet from
on Judiciary and the motion prevailed without
shore ; overlooks the bathing pool ; com
out discussion. The mayor submitted the mands an uninterrupted view of the lake
following veto : ind surrounding country , and at this teason
I respectfully report that I have vetoed bf the year Is aa pleasant a spot : : s tbcro
Item No. GKit In the appioprlutlon ordinance , Is in Nebraska.
the same being for the sum of | iXi.45 ( in Special train for the beach 'caves
favor of L. M. Uliecm , and purporting-
be salary for tlio month of Mayor the at 9:30 : next Sunday morning. J1 10 ft.r the
services of Mr. lUieem In talcing- charge of round trip. Tickets at 1324 Farnam s-treel
the electrical department of the city of and at Union depot.
Omaha , Tor the reason that until the a-
I > olntmcnt and confirmation of a , city elec It iMnltcs No IMITcrciiro
trician , the olllce and propel ty for the use What ailment Is '
your , n fortnight's stay nt
of the city electrician
was placed In
custody of the superintendent of the city Hot Springs , S. D. , will benefit you.
hall , who , up to Die time that Mr. lUiceiu The chances are , It will cure you.
assumed to take charge of said olllce and The Biirlinglon'R city ticket agent nt 1324
propei ty , wna caring lor the same without Farnam street will gladly give jou full In
charge to the city ; and also especially for formation.
the reason that employment or ap
pointment of Mr. llheem to perform the Dest of music at .Courtland beach.
duties of city electrician was wholly with
out authority and is absolutely void , and
Dimtlng nt Uiirllngton liciicli.
the city IH In no manner liable to him for
salary for any pretended services be may At Burlington beach , Lincoln , there are
have rendered. twenty full rigged suit boats , eighty com
Specht wanted an opinion from the city at fortable row boats and a magnificent sheet
torney as to whether the appointment of of water to use them on.
Mr. Illioem by the council was legal , but his Special train for the beacli leaves Omnha
request commanded no attention. The Item at 9:30 : next Sunday morning. $1.10 foi the
was passed over the veto. Similar action round trip. Tickets at 1312 ! Farnnm utrcel
was taken with the following veto : and at Union depot.
I return herewith , without my nppiovnl , "UNDERTAKING.
nn oidlnancc to amend onllnance No. uT'Jl , CONDEMN THE .
entitled : "An ordinance dellnliiK the duties
ot the city ilectrlQlan , " etc. 1 have vetoed Afro-Amrrlrnii KiMidiMitH Want Xo Colored
this oullimnce for the reason Hint the examining ' '
1'cnpla'H Stall ) Full- Hold ,
amining boaul created beieln , for the pur
pose of passing , upon the ( iiiallllcatlons of At n meeting of the Afro-Anicrlcnii res
applicants for license as electilelans , does idents of this city , held nt the Aft lean
not appear to be propelly constituted. Ac Methodist Kplscopal church Monday nlghl ,
cording to the oidlnanci ) this boaul shall the
" pieumblen und resolution
be "composed of Jho cltv electileliin , or
oilier person In clmiuo of said ofllce , the were adopted ;
minerlntcndcnt of the city Ilio and pol.ce Whereas , It appear.- ) that certain Indi
nluriii , and the clly gas Inspector. " > At viduals , namely , A , D. White , S. O. tiniest
least one member of this proposed board , und J. S. Drynnt have udvei lined themselves
the Inspector makes
gnu , no picten | on of
being" nn tleuttlclan. and It would be selves respecllvely us president , treasurer
ridiculous to make him n member of such nnd secretary of what they teim nn Afro-
iv board. I believe that an examining Ameilcan l < ' lr uBMiclutlon and
board should be created , but I rceommenii WhtrciiH , The only legitimate und natnial
that the ordinance be so amended as 10 Infetenci ! to be drnvui lioin the language
inovldo that such board shall consist of u-icd In the published nollcon of the pro
the city clectilclan and two expert electricians posed fair , mentioned In thulr advertise
tricians to be appointed by the mayor and ment * , would be that the pioposlllon of
council , the same as the board of en- holding a fair of the kind dcscilbed In. the
Klnccis. In this way the board would bi notices above mentioned , luul been publicly
poinothliu ; more than a Ilgutencm ! with the presented , discussed and endorsed by the
city electrician as the only motive potter. lolored people of Hits community , and that ,
The major's \cto of the ordinance providing In accordance with Hiich rndorccim'nt an
for the of organization had been funned , Includlm ;
viding opening street from
thu election of said A. 1) . While as pres
Twenty-fourth to Twenty-lift ! ! street was ident , H , ( J , UrncHt as lieuHuior , and J. B.
bustalned. The veto was on the ground that llryaut aa Hecn-tary of such oiimnlzatlon ;
the property owners on the street had pro andWhpieas
tested against the extension. Whpieas , No such organization as that
The Item In the appropriation ordinance of Implied In Iho notices published thiough
the iiieKH of tlla | clly and by means of
$ GO for the salary of Hugh S. Cuipenter as posteiH has been effected In this mm-
engineer In the new llbiary building was inunlly , nor have the coloied people of thin
vetoed on tlio ground that the building was community been consulted In any way In
Bllll unfinished and no engineer was needed. reference to the m.itter ; therefore , bc > It
The veto was not sustained. llesiolved , Tluit the Atio-Anierlcun ion-
Idents of the city of Omaha regaid the
Assistant City Attorney Cornish pio-
' iiusal of A. O. While , H , U KriicHt nnd J.
granted a two months' vacation during which H. Uryant to hold a fair In this oily on the
Judge J , H , Macotnbcr will perform the 3rd and 4th dny.s of .Inly next , limiting the
duties of his olllce , exhibitor * ) at mild fair to coloied people
WINSPKAR'S PROTEST. alone , to be e\tiemclv , tmvtlse and Im
politic , and , under the clrctunstiiiipi's , cal
Chairman Wlnspear of the JJoard of Pub- culated to arouse- suspicion n to the mo
llo Works piesented u communication on tives uf thu instlguloiH of the undt'i taking.
the subject of retrenchment. Ho called The Ulsciisaloii of the subject brought out
attention to the fact that the clerical work the fact that the sentiment. , u unanimous
In his olllco had been doubled during the In condemnation nt the project of holding
present jcur , to say nothing- the Increase such a fair , all agreeing that Ituuld result
In the number ot permits to bo Issued. The In a lizzie and imiko a laughing clock of thu
board had cut down expenses to the lo\\cst colored people. There was nn attempt to
possible point at which the work of the amend tlio resolution by omitting that part
city could bo carried on , Ho suggested which reflected upon the motives of the
that the forces of the street commissioner three self-appointed ofllcluls , but It failed.
and the sewer commissioner might be laid
oft ono week In each month. Pills that euro sick headache : DoWltt'a
A motion to refer called Ilascall out with Little iurly Hlsors. .
bis twice told tale. Ho averred that he could
perform the duties of the chairman of the doing Knsl Toduy ?
board , together with those of the two clerks , Your choice of four dally trains on ttu
nd Btlll have time left In which to look after Chicago & Northwestern railway. Two of ot
the rest of the board. He declared that the these trains at 4:05 : p. m. and U:30 : p. m. ,
council had determined to discharge ono of are vestlbuled and limited , arriving In Olil.
the clerks and that the retrenchment should caco early next morning.
bo effected In that way and In no other. Ullte sleeprs , dining cars and the latcit
The communication was finally placed on reclining chair cars.
Die. Call at the city olllco , 1401 Fornam street.
Die.Ulds tor constructing watering troughs Tliu Northwestern checks your trunk at
were opened and referred. your house.
A resolution directing the Klkhorn railroad '
road company to place a llugman at the
Bhorman aveuuo crossing was referred. Hon. Ignatius Donnelly of St. Paul , Minn , ,
The Board Of Public Works was directed lectures at Imposition Imll Thurmlay evenIng -
to Issue a permit to the Omaha Street Rail Ing , Juno 7 , subject , "Signs of the Times. "
way company to lay a double track on Tlio distinguished author , statesman and
Pierce street , from Seventh to Tenth. orator BhouUL bo honored by u largo audi
The committee on viaducts and railways ence. Few men Indeed can compare \\lth
submitted the agreement between the rail Mr , Donnelly as an orator on almost any
roads and thu cty | In regard to the neces subject. He Is full of humor , pathos and
sary repairs to the Sixteenth street via flra at times. No one can afford to miss
duct , and recommended that the city engineer this opportunity to hear so distinguished an
American citizen at a cost of 2Sc
neer be directed to prepare the plans for
the work. Adopted.
Head A. D. Clarke's announcement of sale
ot Imported stallions , draft , driving und
Jhe committee ot the whole , to which nas saddle horses on page uevcis
Police Commissioners Furnished With In
formation as a Basis of Inquiry.
Hurccnrit Slioop anil Ills Coliseum Detail
Ilcforo tlin Hoard to Answer
of Ulftfilicdlrnco anil Urunkcnnoss
Tcfttliiinny In llriufi
In response to a summons from tlic Iloird
of Fire and 1'ollco CoinmlBslonors tlie other
of Tlio llco appeared before that body last
night with a number of nllliluvltn and other
testimony against certain members of the
police and dctcctlvo force to estnbllni | the
truth of ( lie editorial charges made aRnlnst
these men In this paper. All the members
of the board were present , and after they
were called to order It was decldbd to
receive Mr. Iloscwater's statements In
executive session , as It had been suggested
by one of the commissioners that If the
names of the witnesses and the nature of
the charges \\cio made public at present ,
before they could Investigate/ accused
olllccrs might try to sttbildl/o a good many
of the witnesses , as has been 'done on pre
vious occasions.
The board accordingly adjourned Into
secret bossloii and sat ns"n * eort bf grain !
jury. It took the members qtlltc. n while.
to listen to ull the evidence which Mr. Hose-
water had to offer , and In about an hour
they came out Into open session and took
up the trial of Sergeant Snoop , accused by
Chief Seavey of disobeying his special
orders. Itas also concluded to hear the
evidence against Officers Arnold , Ilrady ,
Bower and Clark , who were reported as hav
ing been drinking with the' Thurston UlfleH
on the occasion of their flag presentation on
the night of May 28.
Sergeant Sheep admitted disobeying the
orders of the chief because he thought
It necessary to leave several policemen at
the Coliseum , although the chief had In
structed him to send the officers to their
beats when , the exercises of the cvpnlng
at the Coliseum were over. Ho had been
asked to leave the officers by Captain
Scharff of the Rifles and said to Captain
Mostyn when ho returned to the station at
3 o'clock that the guards were having a
pretty good time out there.
Mr. K. C. Hunt , reporter for The Bee , tes
tified that ho was ut the Coliseum In the
early morning when the disorder Is alleged
to have occurred , and that ho believed all
the officers had been drinking , while Brady
and another whom ho did not know were
drunk. Several of the guards were also In
this condition and some of them told Hunt
that they were having a good time drinking
beer and eating Ice cream. Mr. Hunt said
that Senator Lobuck and Mr. Neazy of the
First National bank had told him that their
families were greatly disturbed lute at night
by shooting and the firing of guns In the
Leo Forby , corporal In the Rifles , said the
beer was there , but he saw none of the
policemen drinking , but the guards drank
freely. Janitor Van Curan , William Mardls ,
John Reed , William Long , A. C.
Yostln and \V. U. Stockham gave similar
The hearing will be resumed at 4 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon.
A Child EnJojs
The pleasant effect and perfect safety
with which ladles may use the California
liquid laxative. Syrup of Figs , and under alt
conditions , makes It their favorite remedy.
To get the true and genuine article , look
for the name of the California Fig Syrup
Co. , printed near the bottom of the pack
Arrange your picnic fur Courtland.
Silk Department Displays .ill tlio New I'usti-
lonnble ICITccts of tlio Silk Uonmln.
The great Increase In sales Indicates that
the public pulse Is beating In sympathy with
our low price policy for high class silks.
Price wonders never cease here.
25 pieces 21-Inch white washable Japanese
silk 150 pieces of genuine washable stripes
and checks in finest quality Habutal silks , Just
the things for waists or dresses , your choice
tomorrow only 35c yard.
A big deal in printed Japanese silks , 28
Inches wide. In three and four color prints ,
regular $1.00 goods , an endless variety , only
B9c a yard. ,
150 pieces Cheney Bros' , best quality print
ed India silks , every design , new and con
fined to us In this city , same goods as other
houses call cheap at 75c a yard. We will
soil them for 59a a yard.
When you have a difficult shade to match
In silk bring your sample here ; we make a
specialty of carrying S5 shades In two lines
of handsome plain colored Japanese silks , at
only 39c and 59c a yard.
In black diess silks we are shotting a
magnificent line of gros grains , failles , ar-
murcs , peau de sole , satin duchcssc and rlind-
/Imcrs at 85c a yard that any other house
In the country will ask you $1.25 for.
Leaders In silks.
Balloon ascension , Courtland beach.
Tlio I.nice Shore's Summer Schedule
Now In effect makes a number pi important
changes. The Naw Yoik Limited will leave
Chicago every day nt 5:30 : p. m , , reaching
New York , Grand Central depot , 42d street ,
at C:30 : p. m. next day , making the run In 21
hours. Tlio Chicago and Boston Special will
leave as formerly at 10:30 : a. m. , reaching
Now York at 1:45 : next afternoon , Boston
4:15 : p. in. , making direct connection with all
diverging New England lines. Train leaving
at 3:10 : p , m. , formerly running yirough to
New York , will run to Toledo only. New
York and Boston Express will leave at 8:45 :
p. m. , Instead of 7:45 : , and New Y6rlf Ux-
press will leavn at 10:45 : Instead of 11:30 : p.
in. Summer tourist tickets to the many de
lightful retorts of the east are now on sale ;
list uho\\lng routes and latcs will bo s > ont
on , application. Special low rates wll | also
be made fnr the Christian Endeavor conven
tion at Cleveland , the meeting of the Na
tional Educational association atAnbury
Park and Iho G. A. It. reunion at PltlsburK.
Full particulars on application. I ) . 1 * .
Humphrey , T. P. A. , 727 Main street , Kan
sas City , Mo. ; C. K , Wllber , Western Pas
senger Agent , Chicago.
La Rose Bros. , Courtland beach.
Don't forgot That Hey ,
You know t'rra little fellow , who l a small ,
animated , Interrogation point that little
bundle of curiosity who has > wide-open eyes
and a tongue that can aslc more , questions
In live- minutes than the beyiil wlsn men of
drecro could answer In a ynnr. Well , don't
tell him to "run away , " or "not to bother , "
but get him the "American Encyclopedic
Dictionary , " It Is n 'dictionary and a uni
versal history and a whole library In one ,
and you can all afford It to educate that
boy and girl. It Is published In numbers
and every reader of this newspaper can have
on the easy , terms given In our advertis
ing columns.
Balloon aoccnslon , Courtland beach ,
Commercial Club A ( Taint ,
At the meeting of the executive committee
the Commercial club held yesterday afternoon - t
noon the usual routine business was dlst |
posed of , after < tlhlch the proposed trip of
the business men nip the I.lkliorn road WAS
talked over. Tbfl excursion Is to leave
Omaha Juno 14 ihil about fifty representative
merchants will be In the party ,
The proposed inutuinnal festivities were
also considered mud Major T. 8. Clnrknon
was appointed chairman of a committee of
arrangements , consisting of the chairman ,
Al McCord , A. Coo ind Dan Parrel ) . It wan
proposed amotic'other things to have Palno
with his fireworks here , a sham battle be
tween naval and .land forces at Cut-Off lake
and a long nerltn of engagements extending
through the tte k.
The marvelous success of Hood'n Snrsn-
pnrllla Is based upon the corner stonn of
absolute merit. Take Hood's throughout the
spring months.
( ratifying Itcports .Made nt Their Monthly
Alrotlii ) ; Yostorduy Afloiiioon.
The Woman's Christian association held
Its last monthly meeting for the summer
yesterday afternoon at the Commercial club
rooms ,
The treasurer read the monthly report.
The receipts aggregated $710.20 and the ex
penditures $451.74 , leaving n balance of
$2C4.4C. This Is exclusive ot the receipts
from the concert by Blind Tom. This con
cert netted $50.75 , and It was decided to use
this sum to furnish the Young Women's
The committee for the Young Women's
homo reported that $212.10 had been the re
ceipts for the month , leaving a balance of
$55 over the expenditures , against a deficit
last month. The homo Is still $90 behind.
The report showed a decrease In the num
ber of lodgers , but this was caused by cir
cumstances beyond the control of the com
mittee. Some of the girls left town and
others left to find better rooms. The com
mittee considered this no reflection on the
home , as Itx purpose Is to furnish cheap
boarding and lodging for girls whoso means
do not permit them to get better places.
The committee on tlio lodging house
handed In a report which showed that the
lieu"1 * was In a flourishing condition. The
matron visits the depots at train time to
meet any girls or women who are strangers
In the city and who need assistance am ] ad
vice. Much good ttork has been done dur
ing the past month. Eighty-six lodgers have
been received , and twenty-one applications
for work , twelve of which have been sup
plied. A large number of donations ha\e
been received in cash , furniture and supplies.
The matron will wear a uniform next month.
The committee on the Burt .street home
reported that the home shelters at present'
eight old ladles , all of whom are In good
health. Quite an amount of provisions and
furniture had been received during the
month. The receipts in cash were $37.50 ,
with a balance of $4.31. Mrs. Joseph Mlllard
had been especially active In donating and
t > ho was voted the thanks of the association.
Miss Street offered the use of a building
opposite the Hickory school for an Industrial
educational school. This Is In the midst of
the Bohemian and German settlement. She
suggested that the charitable nature of the
school be masked and that a .nominal sum
be charged per lesson , 3 or 5 cents. She
thought It would be advisable to start \\lth
sewing only as an experiment , and If It
should bo successful other brunches could be
started. The following committee was ap
pointed to Investigate : Mrs. Crelsli , Mrs.
Tracy and Mrs. Haner.
Mrs. Tllden then brought before the meet
ing a new scheme to swell the treasury of
the association. It Is proposed to hold at
the Charles Street ball park a "Fairies'
Carnival" on Juno 19 , 20 and 21 In conjunc
tion with the Young Women's Christian as
sociation. One thousand children from 5 to
1C years of age will take part. Committees
were appointed to push the. scheme. Twelve
ladles will bo In charge of the children dur
ing the performance. Lemonade will be
ser\ed during the play.
A' ' vote of thanks wna given to the trustees
and young ladles of the Flrjst Congregational
church for the rooms and services during the
Blind Tom concert.
CropBunml Tree .Silver.
Melville D. Landon ( Ell Perkins ) passed
through Omaha from California yesterday.
When asked about the prosperity of the
Pacific slope ho said :
"They have had a great drouth In Cal
ifornia until lately. The wheat crop Is a
half failure all over the state. The late
rains have ruined the dried grass. Wool is
low , meat Is cheap , and fruit Is a drug In
the market. Fruit raising has been over
done In California. . "
"How about beet sugar ? " was asked.
"That has been Increased , and the beets
nro looking splendidly. California is the
home of the beet. The winters are warm
and the sugar manufacturer has no trouble
from frost. In fact , ho has the whole fall
and winter to gather the beets and manufac
ture the sugar. "
"Speaking of free silver , " said he , "I have
not found a bank president In Arizona , New
Mexico , California or Colorado who Is for
free silver. I find editors at Boise City and
Helena who are for free coinage , but no
thoughtful bankers. I found free coinage In
Mexico that is , I found silver with no gold
under It , but the Mexican dollar was worth
49 cents. Mexico , like China and India , has
lost half Its wealth. "
"Do prices change In China and India I
with the price of silver ? "
"No ; strange to say , silks In China \\hlch
cost a Mexican dollar n yard live years ago
can now bo bought for the same piece of
silver worth 48 cents. The Indian and
Chinaman Is the loser by free coinage. This
Is why Tom Reed would put an extra tariff
on these very cheap manufactured goods
made In the Orient. Their low wages have
dropped one-half , and their phenomenally
low wages begin to pull down our wngeh.
This is why Reed would put a discriminat
ing tariff against 1,200.000,000 halt civilian !
Africans , Indians , and Chinamen , whoso
silver Is worth one-half as much as ours ,
and whose wages have gone down u halt. "
"Ho\v Is California politically ? "
"It Is solid against Cleveland , and sp are
Arizona , New Mexico , Idaho , Nevada and
Wyoming. The other night In San Fran
cisco theater they threw pictures tiqm a
magic lantern onto the skirt dancer. When
Cleveland's face appeared It was hissed all
over the theater , while Harrison's face was
cheered. McKlnley's face tot the people
crazy , and amid a bedlam of joy , they called
It back again. " '
Mr. Perkins took the Q for Chicago with
his wlfo and family.
I'lineral of Itov. .liunrft A. Union.
The funeral of Rev , James A. Union ,
whose death occurred In Washington Mon
day , will take place In thfe city Friday
morning , The body left Washington Monday
evening In charge ot Mr. Timothy Brucn
and will arrive hero this evening or
Thursday morning. It will be taken to St.
Phllomena's cathedral on arrival and remain
Jn state until tba funeral services are con
cluded , A solemn requiem muss will be
celebrated Friday , at which Bishop Scanned
Is expected to officiate , assisted by the local
priests and a largo number from the Interior
of the state.
Interment will tnko place In Holy Sepul
chre cemetery.
The Young Men's Institute met last'
night at St. Phllomena's hall to make ar
rangements for attending the funeral.
Division No. C , Ancient Order of Hiberni
ans , will meet at thalr hall , 322 South Fif tl
teenth street , at 8 o'clock Wednesday eve tlo
ning , to make arrangements to attend the o
funeral of the late Rev , Father J. A. Brtien IV
on Friday morning. IVn
Division No. 3 , Ancient Order of Hiber
nians , will meet this evening at 8 o'clock n
make arrangements to attend the funeral.
Awarded Highest HonorsWorl's Fair.
Di )
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Aritnnnia ; No Alum. nn III !
, ed In Millions of Homes AQ Years tlie Standard Oil Hi.
.Medical and Surgical Institute.
E. V.DAVIS , M. D. ,
all forms of
We cure speedily and permanently nil di
seases of the sexual system , nlso kidney ,
bladder , blood , skin and stomach troubles.
Our principles and assistants have all
mndo life studies of our specialties
Bend 4-ccnts for our new 120 page book.
Cull or nddress with stomp ,
119 South 14th St. , Omaha ,
Safe , nuro and reliable. Always on
tlmo. A ploabiironndadellKliU Com
fortable , enjoyable.
AIScpkB.mak 8gallons. Bold overyw here.
Send 3 . tump for LcAutlful picture cartli toJbook.
The Cluis. K. Hires Co. , Philadelphia.
Think of ono of our best hand-carved
Chamber Sets , hi solid curly birch , full
panelled , superbly appointed through
out , and offered this week ut only
Don't think of It unless n quick decision -
cision can be made , for at this price wo
will not have them long in stock. Tiiore
is an ample number today , but wo can
not say how long tlioy will last.
There is always a great fascination
about curly birch cabinet work in the
bed rooms of a house. It is so light und
exquisite in its color tone , so quiet and
restful in its general effect , that it is al
ways a favorite wood.
But it , is expensive. Our price on this
sot. is not neat1 its actual value.
It is simply ono of the great values to
bo found in our present stock.
Having1 recently bought SToCOO.worth .
of furniture at a discount , we are prepared -
pared to make tlio lowest prices.
Four car loads just received from
Grand Rapids ; freight only lOuont.s per
hundred , and goods bought at nearly
Lull price.
Jni-ng ! Itnis wcjiiijf freight ' . ' 0 < > mild ,
o.vu I'liivi :
Ghas. SMverick & Co. ,
Temporary location.
Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Drain Treatment
t3 sold under positive nrltton Kuainutoo , bynullior-
Izod nguuti only , to cuio Weak Memory ; JO H ot
Ilrnlnand Ier\t > l'oworLostMniihonil ; ; < jiilrkiie 9 ,
Night Lowe ; K > 11 Dri'mim ; I nek of Conlldpiire ;
NorvotiHUesn ; I-nshltmlu ; nil Driilm ; 1.0.of 1'owor
of the ( Joimrnlho Organ ! In oltlnr SOT , caused liy
ovcr-oxertlonj Yoiiluriil Jlrrnr ? , or lliec she Use ( it
Tobacco. Opium or J.lfuor. ] which noon lead tn
Ml'orL'onxuinpllon , Intimity mid Dentil , liy mull ,
Unbox ; Hforf.'i : tvllh written cunrnnteo to turn or
refund money. WUiT'HGOUUlIKVllUl' . Act-rlnlc
euro for Counhc. Colds , AfthniB.UrnnrhltlH , C'roup ,
Whooplnt' Cnufili. 8nro Tliiont. 1'lca'nilt tolnko
GhinU . . , . . flio . . , dl-conllnueil : old.Bito.elze. iiow'AV. ; ol < i
„ * " ' 'T' >
„ < w TfA > ' JcM : suodoulj > ly
Goodman Drug Co. , Omaha.
Chronic ,
Nervous ,
Sp ecial
Diseases ,
Wo euro Cn'nrrh. All Dlsonsos of
ho Nose , Throat , Chost. Stomach ,
Llvor , Blood , Skin nncl KUnoy DIs-
IQSOS , Fomnlo WonUnoaaoo , Lost
Call on or Address ,
11in P.XIIVAM vr
r , Searles & Searles MIui , , MII.
A FUI/L SET 85,00.
DR. BAILEY , Dentist.
TIIIKD Frxon. I-AXTON w.oc K
'aliik'ba extraction without CUM Toil' out In
lornluir uow onus bvforu diirk ( iclil un 1 | ) 'all-
urn munim * 1 Ot ) I'uru rolil llliiir ! ( . ' Oil nml
. All 'nKuimuloi ] l.ucly niirmlNnl m
nice ouniautpi Ucii Tel'piiLiio lusj
Great Book
d/ r i | _ _ O 1 i' *
U o Fall.
Correct in detail
in execution
An education in itself
Cheaper than photograph s
Better than an official history
Worthy a place in any libra ry
Written by the men who built it
A romantic narrative of the Fair
Illustrated by America1 s leading artists
Artistic and literary event of the age
It Is II
It Is
A statistical serial .
A toy to be thrown away
Illustrated by photographs
Equaled in the world of art
To be classed with Portfolios
A dry treatise on architecture
Devoted simply to construction
A rehash of other publications
To be had except by oiir readers
An unworthy rival of the Fair itself
\ ifPBYHb.
Director of Works. Director of Decoration.
$1,000 is the price of the Standard Editon , but
we control a limited number , of tfie popular
edition which will be sold to our readers at the
ridiculously low figiue of
BRING f coupons . and 2.1 cents , or sent by mall fi cents extra , In coin , stamps not
accepted. Address ,
Memorial Department , Omaha Bee.
, . ,
A'o Jloll r A'CJ Meant. No Kngnetr (
fJEKT rOU'KH for Corn and Kced Mllli , Haling
lluy , Kuunltitfrsepurators , I'reumorlev , do.
Stationary . . or Portable. . .
' loW H.I' 8 to SO H.I'
nil for Catalogue , frlcM.ctc. , dcccrlblng worklobedoni _
ucaco , 245 Lake St. OTTOGAS
Omaha. 107 S. 14tb St 334 & Walnut SUg L'llllt.

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