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tUttmed by carrier to anr part of th dtr >
f H. W. TILTON , Lessee.
TELEPHONES Dullness office. No. J ; night
editor , No. 21.
jtixuit .i//.vr/o.v.
District court has adjourned until S.itur-
Bay morning at 9:30 : o'clock.
Regular meeting of the Woman's Relict
corps this afternoon at 2:30. :
The regular meeting of Fidelity council ,
Royal Arcanum , will be held this evening.
The remain * of the lute Sarih lol.ca. who
committed suicide by hanging , were burled
in this city at the request of the girl's
Sheriff Hnzcn Is moving out of this county
fall building to the old Klrkland property on
Fourth street. C. O. Peterson will be Jailer
and IB moving Into the building with his
Postmaster Thomas Bowman presented
the boys at No. 3 engine houce with a line
largo flag , on which Is the word "Rescue. "
Ho also gave a smaller flag to the boys at
No. 4 house.
Detective Weir attempted to smoke a
loaded cigar which some friend gave him
Wednesday and had his feelings severely
ruffled and his moustache singed by the ex
plosion which followed ,
F , A. Foltz , a prominent merchant of
Woodbine , nnd a brother-in-law of A. R.
Hooker and 0. M. Wilson of this city , died
Wednesday of Brlght's disease. The funeral
took place yesterday afternoon.
The young ladles of the First Presby
terian church will give a social In the
church parlors this evening. The refresh
ments , decorations and clothing of the
young ladles will bo In pink and white colors.
An admission fee will be charged.
' Llda , the 8-months-old daughter of Mr.
end Mrs. C. K. Hesse , died of pneumonia
last Friday at the homo of the family In
New York. Mr. and Mrs , Hesse formerly
lived here , and brought the remains back to
this city for burial yesterday afternoon.
D. R. Hughey has returned from Belle-
vri , Jackson county. la. , where he went to
tin , part In some bicycle races. He made
ft mile In 2:23 : and won the race from five
other riders , and then captured the Jock-
ton county championship by making a mile
In 2:40. :
h\ The city council held a meeting lost evenIng -
\ Ing as a committee of the whole and dis
cussed a number of matters that were laid
by for further consideration at the rr.fet-
Ing last Tuesday evening. Among ether
things they decided to report favorably
cti the grading of Fleming avenue
Frank Fox and J. J. O'Keofo were driv
ing along Lower Broadway yesterday after
noon when they ran across a man lying
by the roadside at ho corner of Twenty-
fifth street. He was almost nude , having
evidently been caught with a spell of In-
Banlty and torn his clothing Iri shreds. He
was picked up and carried to the hospital
in the patrol wagon.
Isaac N. Barrett , a horse trader , was
tound by Officer Easdalo creating a dis
turbance In nn Upppr Broadway saloon last
evening and ordered to go home. Barrett
vhovcd a tin star at Easdalo for the pur
pose of convincing him that ho had : as. good
R right on earth as the officer. Ho claimed
to bo a detective In the employ of the
government , but a huge Jag put him In such
ft. condition that ho was not able to detect
anything but a saloon sign. Later In the
evening Offic < Jr Sandal . /ran across him
and gathered him In. The tin star Is now
tn a paper sack along with his other ef
fects , In the possession of the city jailer.
For sale , cheap , two lots on Broadway
near postofOcc , 25 feet and 50 feet. Homes
for men of moderate means at low prices ,
easy payments. Fire Insurance written In
the best companies. Lougee & Towlo , 235
Pearl street.
Week to Cclohrntc.
This Is one ot them est Important weeks
la the year , and looked forward to by young
and old , and Is by no means overlooked by
merchants , especially by the Boston Store ,
who are making special effort to celebrate
by big reductions In various lines , which
trill pay you to Investigate. The following
Items are only a few of the many . Lot
No. 1 , over 100 dozen children's hose , black
and colors , cotton and llslo , sold from 25c
to 42c , choice for 16c a pair ( center counter ) .
Lot No. 2 , children's white embroidered and
trimmed hats , sold from 75c to $1.50 , choice
for 60o ( slightly soiled ) . Lot No. 3 , our
entire stock of gents' shirts , sold from $1.00
to $2.25 , Including silk mixed and French
flannel. In two lats , 76c and 95c ( don't over
look. )
Other specialties In mils , umbrellas , cor-
lents , white waists and wash goods.
I Council Bluffs , la.
The Eagle laundry plant has been greatly
enlarged and Improved , and we are now prepared -
pared to turn out a large amount ot strictly
first-class work. Neglige and colored shirts
ladles' waists , etc. , a specialty. We guar-
ar.teo not to fade warranted colors. Tele
phone , 167. 724 Broadway.
The laundries use Domestic soap.
Ilorr the StrlUo Started.
An organizer of the A. R. U. , who Is now
In Council Bluffs and Omaha from Sioux
Olty , tells a slightly different story as to
the causes lying behind the railway strike
from that usually told. According to him
there was a meeting of the General Man
agers association In New York City just
after the Great Northern strike was settled.
The A. R. U. got wind of tha proposed meetIng -
Ing and secreted a private defective In the
voom whereIt was to bo held. The detcc-
I've ' had to go In quite a while before the
IT- ' ) meeting , and It was nearly twenty-four
' hours later before ho had an opportunity
of leaving unobicrved. The peculiar nature
ot his hiding place rendered him somewhat
etlft and cramped , but although ho had been
compelled to do all his writing In the dark
ho had his notes In such shape that they
formed a complete history of the transac
tions of the managers.
At that meeting. It Is claimed , the gen
eral managers decided to put Into effect a
terrific cut In wages all along the lines.
Engineers were to be cut down to $2.50 per
day , firemen to $2 and conductors to $70 per
month. This fact 'having como to the ears
of the union , the members do not feel too
friendly toward the railway officials , and
that Is given as ono reason for the salaried
men acting with such unanimity In the
trlke. _
LIttIo pills for great lib : DeWttt'i LIttU
Eary ! Rlsur * .
Manhattan Iteaeli.
Steamboat landing for Manhattan beach at
Lake Manawa Is located at the foot ot the
street , just cast of the board fenco. Parties
not desiring to enter the grand plaza take
the road to the left on alighting from the
train. The steamers Liberty and Rescue
make ten-minute trips to and front ti& !
beach. No other steamboats land at Man
hattan beach. Faro , G cents each way.
Saturday afternoon Prof. Prlntz , , the great
mind reader , will discover the whereabouts
of a pin which I ; to bo hidden somewhere
In the city - > f Council' ' Bluffs , by Chief of
Police Scanla.i. The start will bo mada
from the Indian camp , Broadway and Sev
enth street , at 3 p. m. Prof. Prlntz Is
connected with the Umatlllu Mrdlclno com
pany , and this1 Is but a specimen of the
many wonderful feats pcriunned nightly by
him at the camp.
A nice , cool iwlm at Manhattan beach ,
Lake Manawa , is the proper thing to take
these hot days.
A nice , cool swim at Manhattan beach ,
Lake Manawa , Is tbo proper thing to take
tbcso hot days.
Domestic soap breaks hard water , .
Yon run Ituy
Screen doors for 75 cents.
Two-burner gasoline stove1 ; , $3.35.
Two-quart Ice cream freezers , $1,35.
Asbestos stove mats , G cents.
Refrigerators at coct and all goods In pro
portion at Swalne's hardware store , 740
For cobi go to Coi. 10 tiroTola
phone 48.
Fireworks. Davis , the druggist.
v . _ . .
JDoratsUc soap gutluu cbe c
Judge McOco Delivers a Lecture to a Su
perior Court Jnry ,
At Ix-o t They Thought They Did , hut tlio
Gentlonmn on tlio Wool Suck Inform *
Them tluit Hen I'hiccil There
to Oecldo IMW 1'olnU.
Six Jurymen , who have been for some
days past trying the case at George John
son against Webber , an Omaha man , In
the superior court , were compelled to sub
mit to a scoring at the hands of Judge
McGce yesterday morning on account of a
false Impression that seemed to have come
Into the heads of two ot them that they
knew more law than the court and had
the power to reverse his decisions. Joint-
ion was suing for a commission of $200
which he claimed was coming to him from
Webber for the sale of a piece of property ,
and the main question at Issue was whether
or not a contract for the payment of that
amount had been entered Into by the two.
In his Instructions to the Jury Judge Mc
Gce told them that It they found that there
had been any such contract they must re
turn a verdict for the full amount , but If
they did not find any contract , the verdict
must be for the defendant.
The jury retired and put In a long time
deliberating. Wednesday night they sent
word to the judge that they were unable to
agree , and asked to be discharged. Their
request was grunted. Yesterday morning
the six went to the superior court , thinking
they would be called upon to try another
case , but In the meantime the news had
reached the Judge that the reason for thu
disagreement was that two of the Jurors ,
Phillips and Barrett , had an Idea that he
had not laid down the law correctly. Other
Jurors said that the two refractory ones
would have been willing to give a verdict
for a less sum than $200 , but the four who
thought the court had the right to see his
Instructions obeyed , refused to accede to
their wishes.
When the Jurors showed up In court Judge
McGee Informed them that he had heard the
reason for the disagreement , and proceeded
to give them some Information as to their
duties. "If the Jurymen are to be allowed
to Ignore the Instructions of the court , "
said he In substance , "we might as well do
away with the bench entirely and let all
jury trials take place before the Jury alone.
If the Instructions of the court are wrong ,
there Is a higher court In which the fact
can be established without the assistance
of the Jurymen. The trial of this case has
cost the county $125 already , when there
was not enough Involved In the case In the
first place to more than pay the attorneys
on each side a fair and reasonable fee. You
go on and deliberate for days and nights
as to whether you shall obey the Instruc
tions of the court , and then finally bring
about a mlnstrlal because some of you think
you know more law than the court. "
Grand Plaza telephone 45.
Grand Plaza bathing beach.
Grand Plaza picnic grounds.
Grand Plaza's cornet band beats them all.
Grand Plaza's fine row boats are all the
Grand Plaza excursion accommodations
can't bo beaten.
Afternoon and night concerts at Grand
Plaza , 2 to 6 and from 7 to 10.
Manager of Grand Plaza can understand
22 languages. So all nations will feel at
"He that does not visit Grand Plaza know-
est nothing , and will be for all time to coma
branded a traitor to enterprise. " Eugene.
Real estate Is cheap In Council Bluffs.
Wo can sell you a home , a' vacant lot , a
fruit or garden farm cheaper than ever.
Now Is the time to buy. Day & Hess , 39
Pearl street.
Meyors-Durfco Furniture company , 336-33S
Broadway. Bargains In fine furniture.
Dr. I'lnnoy'rt Plan for Making Criminals Do
homo ( ioixl for Tlii-lr Country.
Dr. C. H. Plnncy of this city has a plan
which he Is going to spring on an unsus
pecting legislature the next time It meets
In Des Molncs , and by which ho thinks It
possible that some persons who have never
been of any use to anybody while alive
might be mode to serve humanity by being
dead. His plan , as ho outlined It to a Bee
reporter yesterday afternoon , Is somewhat
unique and decidedly Interesting , whatever
else may bo said of It.
"I am going to have a bill Introduced in
the legislature , " he said , "providing that
all persons In the state who are condemned
to death shall bo turned over to a board
of ten commissioners appointed by the
governor. These commissioners shall all
be medical men , and their duty shall bo to
apply the process of vivisection to the crim
inals give 'em chloroform , of course , and
then cut them to pieces. They could find
out just how long a person lived after a
certain operation had been performed , and
It ho showed signs of living right along
in spite of the operation he could bo sub
jected to another operation. In some cases
the criminal might subserve the cause of
humanity and * the medical profession by
being put through three or four operations.
1 don't know as such a bill would pass the
legislature , but I am going to have It drawn
up and presented , anyway. "
I.nUo Mnnnwii Ualpvuy TIme Card.
Commencing Saturday , June 9 , trains will
leave Council Bluffs for Grand Plaza , BathIng -
Ing Beach and Picnic Grounds at Lake Mnn-
awa as follows : No. 1 , 0 a. in. ; No. 3 , 10 a.
ra. ; No. 5 , 11 a. m. ; No. 7 , 12 m. ; No. 9 , 1
p. m. ; No. 11 , 2 p. m.
Trains will run every twenty-two minutes
thereafter until 10 p. m.
Return trains will leave Manawa on tha
halt hours up to 10:30 : , when they will re
turn every twenty-two minutes.
Best all wool Ingrain carpets , C5c during
July , to make room for new stock.
There's only one bargain shoo store In
Council Bluffs , and It's Plcrce's.
How far will a % go ? Long ways at S. A.
Plerco & Co.'s shoe Etoro.
Trnuhlu nt Oiniilin Park.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J3. JIaycox and Miss
Clara Hanford are all under arrest as the
result of a Ilttlo fracas that took place In
the Omaha park , on East Pierce street , on
the glorious Fourth. The Maycoxes run
the place , and during the day they espied
Miss Hanford In a swing and ordered her to
leave the grounds. She refused to go
peaceably and tlicro was war. She claims
the pair assaulted her , beating , scratching
and choking her. Mr. and Mrs. Maycox
for their side ot the story say that Miss
Hanford threatened to blpw them Into king
dom como and showed them the revolver
with which she meant to carry her promise
Into execution. The case will bo aired In
detail before Justice Field this afternoon at
2 o'clock.
CJnuid I'luzii , I.nKc " .Miumivu.
Grand Plaza will be open to free admis
sion every day up to noon. From noon
until midnight an admission fee of 10 cents
will be charged , which will admit to grounds
and to concerts and all entertainments. No
return checks will bo given.
No person ot questionable character will
bo permitted to enter the grounds.
No admittance to Grand Plaza will be
charged to persons who deslro to rent boats
or bathing suits.
Ice cream and refreshments served In the
pavilion of Grand Plaza.
Council Bluffs tent of the "Knights of
Maccabees" will meet tonight In the hall
at 27 Pearl street , over Duncan's shoe
store. Important business. F. E. Hand ,
D. S. C.
i : iin * I.iinmtry Company.
520 Pearl itrest. Yeltpha' ' > , 290.
No fak advertising or false promises at
Plerce'a ihoe store , but real bargains.
NkuliM Imprint- * .
Skates , the race horse belonging to Fred
Johnson and Lawrcuco lloUt , jvas tut
through Ills bcit trotting paces yesterday
morning for the amuiemcnt of a few apce-
tntors at the Union Driving park. He
trotted three miles and made the * first mile
In 2:23 : , the second In 2.1C , and the third In
2:1314. Considering the heaviness of the
track from the late rain , this Is a wonder
fully good record , ni'l hi ? owners are highly
pleased with his progress.
I'urinnn Hounil Over.
Leo Forman , who was found looking for
something In E. 0 , Hartlctt's grocery store
at 1 o'clock In the morning , was brought
before Judge McGco yesterday morning In
police court for a hearing. Hli head , whllo
somewhat the worse for wear , had some
what recovered from Its hard contact with
the butt of Bartlctt's revolver. After the
testimony had been heard ho was bound
over to Ihe grand Jury , and In default of a
ball bond of $300 was taken to the county
jail. Ed Baker , who was arrested on the
charge of being Implicated In the name
burglary , had his se continued , as he
sajd he would be able to prove an alibi If
given more time.
Henry Peters of Sprague , Neb. , wai fined
$15 and costs for beating his wife. He
could not pay and will serve a week In the
eounty jail.
Lsw Ungar , who was charged with poundIng -
Ing an aged female relative of his the other
night , did not show up for trial , and the
$4.15 he had put up for security was de
clared .forfeited , A bench warrant was Is
sued fcr him , and during the day he was
rearrested. He will have to stand trial and
loic the $4.15 In addition. Ho states his
right name. Is William McClany.
Charles Garnst , who lost several ounces
of blood while Officer Martin was arresting
him with a club , lost the $15 which he had
put up for his appearance.
Wllllair Ryan drew a knife on G. H. Rus
sell and some other fellows who were pok
ing fun at him In front ot Neumeyer's hotel
on the Fourth , and had to pay $17.CO for
doing so. Rti'scll , however , had to pay a
like amount for disturbing the peace.
Osborne Hurd , for carrying concealed
weapons , was fined $15.20.
Charles West and William Plner , two
colored men who were selling Jewelry very
cheap which was supposed to have been
stolen , were fined $16.30 for peddling with
out a license.
Kxciirolnn to the IlhitTi.
The Burlington route has arranged a spe
cial excursion from Creston nnd Intermedi
ate points to Council Bluffs and return. Sun
day , July 22. The rates for the round trip
are hardly one-third of the regular rates.
From Creston only $1.50 , Red Oak , $1.00 ;
Glenwood , GOc , and from other points In
proportion. The train will leave Creston at
6:15 : a. m. , and will reach Council Bluffs
about 10 o'clock. " Returning , the train will
leave Council Bluffs at 6 p. m. The excur
sionists can thus , at a nominal expense , have
practically an entire day to put In at the
Lake Manawa Grand Plaza , or Manhattan
beach , boating , bathing , etc. Concerts In
the parks , picnicking , and numerous other
entertaining features await those who take
advantage of these excursion rates.
Itoplcvlncil Ills Watches.
V. Anderson pawned a couple of watches
with an Upper Broadway second-hand store
man named D. Goldstein some little time
ago , and yesterday went to redeem them.
The two watches he got back he claimed
were not the ones he pawned , and so he
filed a petition for a writ of replevin to
recover his own. Only one of them could
be found. The case will be tried before
Justice VIen when the other Is located.
When Trnvcllnff.
Whether on pleasure bent , or business , take
on every trip bottle of Syrup of Figs , as
It acts most pleasantly and effectually on
the kidneys , liver and bowels , preventing
fevers , headaches and other forms of sick
ness. For sale In 60c and $1 bottles by all
leading druggists. Manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co. only.
Cut Of a Leg.
The 9-year-old daughter of a man named
Anderson , who lives near the Rock Island
tracks In the southern part of the city , was
playing about the tracks a day or two ago
when a train came backing along and the
Pullman coach ran over her before It could
bo stopped. Her foot was so badly crushed
that It had to be amputated above the ankle.
Sweet breath , sweet stomach , sweet tern
per ? Then use DeWltt's Little Early Rlsert.
Stale rood and Katmont.
The residence of Rev. C. W. Armstrong
at 332 Lincoln avenue was entered by thieves
Tuesday night while the family were asleep
and about half of the week's washing was
made way with.
The thieves also partook of some light re
freshment In the form of a cake which
was Intended for yesterday's dinner.
Gas cooking stoves for rent and for 'ill >
Oas Go's office.
Fulton Loses n Illcyclo.
J. R. Fulton left a bicycle standing In
front of the Sapp building a day or two
ago , and when he came to look for It It had
taken the wings of the morning. The thief
Is thought to have gene to Omaha with his
machine , but there Is not much of a clew
to his present whereabouts.
Mrs. Itcd Angug and Mrs. Eva Hye Shoot nt
Knch Other Without lilooitshcd.
BUFFALO , Wyo. , July B. ( Special to The
Bee. ) The people of this town were treated
to a little excitement out ot the ordinary.
The streets were soon cleared of people , who
dodged Into doorways and alleys to escape
stray bullets fired from pistols In the hands
of two women duelists , Mrs. W. G. Angus
and Mrs. Eva Bye. Both of the participants
In the affair are quite prominent , and the oc
currence has created a great sensation. Mrs.
Angus Is the wife of "Red" Angus , the
Johnson county sheriff of rustler fame. Both
of these women have been at dagger's points.
It Is said , over a family affair , and trouble
has been expected some time. The duelists
evidently had not been doing any target prac
tice lately , for neither of them were hit , al
though a dozen shots were fired. After emp
tying their guns they retired to reload , but
were prevented from continuing further hos
tilities. Mrs. Bye hod Mrs. Angus arrested
and put under bonds to keep the peace.
Hninlm round In Nc'iv York.
NEW YORK , July E.-Wlthln the past
four days two bombs have been taken to
police headquarters , having been found In
places where their explosion meant great
loss of life and extensive damage to prop
erty. The first bomb was found on Mon
day , nnd after belntr Inspected was sent to
the bureau of combustibles. Whether the
bombs were meant for shipment west or
to work destruction here Is not known.
The fact that Mr. Pullman has been In
this city nnd Is now nt Long- Branch lends
, some degree of probability to the latter.
Are You CinlnK tn Trurcl ?
If so , and In what direction , or by what
ever route , have a sufficiency ot Hosteller's
Stomach Bitters with you. Then you may
bid defiance to sea sickness , bravo the Influence -
fluenco of a malarious climate or abrupt
transitions of temperature , avoid dyspepsia ,
and the stomach pangs begotten of bad food
and water , and counteracts an unexpectedly
developed tendency lo constipation , bilious
ness and rheumatism.
Movement * of MMi-Cnlnir VrRnels , July a ,
At Glasgow Arrived Clrcassla , from
New York.
At Klnsale Passed Taurlc , from New
At New York Arrived Kron Prlnz Fred
erick Wllhelm , from Sorrento ; Spree , from
Bremen ; Cheater , from Southampton.
At Bremen Arrived Havel , from New
At Baltimore Arrived Mnsapouque , from
London ,
Crushed Ilctwucn Trains.
CEDAR RAI'IDS , la. , July 5. ( Spsclal
Telegram to The Heo. ) Mallln Inman , em
ployed In the lumber department of the Bur
lington , Cedar Itaplds & Northern road , was
killed tonight while stepping from a passen
ger coach. He was caught between two
trains and rolled to death.
Suniuul CuiilfH und Daughter Killed.
MT. PLEASANT , la. , July 5. ( Special
Telegram to The Bee. ) Samuel Coates and
Ma daughter Sarah wire killed this morning
while attempting to cross the Burlington
railway track ahead of a freight tralu , two
rulles west of New Loudoii , this county. .
tt i
Bed Hot Racing on iT Hujg I ? Day Over a
ft *
Valkyrie. Sunk I > iirliiR ' < lin Mmllmok Ho-
Bttltu by Colliding with Iho Siilnnlln ,
but No LlrcnVrp To t l-clt- :
Ing IJuy fyr jclitlng. .
t' ' .m
HUNTER'S QUAYFlYth | ( of Clyde ) , July
5. Tlio regatta of tlj&\udhook ( Yacht club
today opened amid ft. . * fcenc of excitement ,
which was soon after Intensified by a col
lision between the Valkyrie and Sntnnltn ,
which resulted In the sinking ct
tlio former yacht and the serious
disabling of the Inttcr. Then , to
still further excite the masses ashora and
the people afloat , the llrllnnnla , which had
tlio best of the start , was overhauled und
passed by the saucy Vigilant.
A fever of excitement had prevailed pre
vious to the start for the Mulr memorial
cup race. No such Interest has ever been
thoun hero before In a yacht race , for the
American llyer , Vigilant , \vrs to meet for
the first time the prince of Wales' cutter
Britannia , admitted to be the fastest yacht
In all Europe. Kvery point ol vantage
about tlio course was packed with slght-
8e rB from early morning , and their num
ber was constantly added to as the day ad
vanced. The crouds flocked to the main
places from which the race could be best
seen In wholly unprecedented number. ' . The
natives , of course , fondly hoped that the
Britannia would win , but the British ex
perts looked blue and worn compelled to
admit that the American yacht stood the
best chance of winning and the British pride
would' have to take another drop before the
skill and enterprise of America.
Tlio Royal club course , sailed In the Mud-
hook regatta , Is fifty miles long and In
shape Is similar to two triangles with their
points meeting. The yachts started from
an Imaginary line drawn between the Royal
Clydo Yacht club headquarters at Hunter's
Quay and Mark Boat No. 1. The first leg
was around a mark boat off Skclmorlle ,
from there to and around another mark
boat off Ascog , thence to and around a mark
boat off Kllcreggan , and from there to the
starting point , twice around.
The start was fixed for 10:30 : , and at that
hour a fair wind was blowing. The Brltan-
Ala , Valkyrie and Satanlta lay at the city
iocho anchorage , a small bay clcso to and a
Ilttlo northward of Hunter's Quay. The
Vigilant stayed at Oourock bay during the
night , but shortly after 0 o'clock , with flags
flying proudly and under her topsail ] , the
American clipper sped across the bay , com
ing Smoothly through the water , which her
prow cut with a knlfellke sharpness. Never
did a yacht look trimmer or more fit for a
race than did the Vigilant this morning.
The smart , scamanllke appearance provoked
comments of general approval. The Goulds'
steam yacht Atalanta , with a large party
on board , followed the Vigilant. The
breczo then began freshening until a good
southerly wind was blowing and no doubt
remained that a fine .day's racing was In
prospect. The breeze had been coming up
the firth In gusts all ( ho morning , and the
experts said It woijld 'freshen and hold out
at least long enough f6r all yachting pur
" * *
But Just previous' fo 'the start the cloud ; ,
which had been gathering with the wind ,
grew stronger and a shower set In. The
boats set their main sails and top sails.
Lord Dunraven , with George. L. Wilson , the
designer , was steering the Valkyrie ; Mr. A.
D. Clarke , owner it t'fio Satanlta , was at
her stick ; Nat He'rrcschofT was at the
wheel of the Vigilant ? and W. H. Jamison
was the steersman kof Yho Britannia. The
start was made Ina "blinding mist , the
wind , however , still Holding good. The
Vigilant , Britannia andt Satanlta came up
In line on the port tacit to turn the mark
boat , while the Valkyrie raced down from
Holy loche. The Satnnitawas too soon by
half a minute. On , the other hand , the
Britannia was about to luff on the line for
a capital start. The Vigilant turned it
handsomely and was on the mark boat
shortly after gunfire. But the Britannia
was quicker and igot off thrco lengths
Then came the excitement of the day.
Two of the crafts , while preparing for the
start , became locked together , and In a few
minutes the Valkyrie settled down and
sank , while the Satanlta was so badly
damaged that she was obliged to retire.
Soon the people fully realized what had hap
pened. The Satanlta , It appears , was un
able to get out of the Valkyrie's way as
the latter was coming up on the starboard
tack. The Valkyrie's bowsprit ran acnrs
the Satanlta's foresail , and the colli
sion which ensued carried awsy the
Satanlta's bowsprit and topmast , leaving her
a wreck , covered with tangled ribbon and
collapsed sails. The force of the collision
cut the Valkyrie down to the water edge ,
arid she slowly settled and sank In three
Ashore , owing to the mist , It was diffi
cult to Immediately ascertain what had
happened , except that there had been a col
lision and that the Valkyrie had gone down.
Loud cries were heard from the crews of
the two yachts , and for a time It was feared
that a number of the crew of the Valkyrie
had been drowned. Happily this was not
the case , as Lord Dunraven , Watson and
the officers and crew of the Valkyrie were
picked up by boats which put out from the
shore and by the many sailing and steam
yachts In the vicinity of the i no of the
accident. Lord Dunraven was sight long
to be remembered when taken on board the
Hebe. Ho was no longer the spruce , dig
nified gentleman so well remembered In
The captain of the Satanlta said he did
not have room to turn , owing to the large
number of steam and other yachts which
gathered about the starting line.
When the Valkyrie began to fill some of
her crow jumped overboard , others were
taken off by steam yachts and tome
were picked up holding on to floating ob
jects , One of the Valkyrie's seamen had
his leg badly crushed. The Ill-fated
yacht lies In twenty-flvo fathoms of water.
In the meantime ihe Vigilant and the
Britannia had gotten away , not knowing of
the sinking of the Valkyrie or the damage
done to the Satanlta. The Britannia pitched
on to port to throw herself on the weather
beam. Both yachts then went across the
firth. On the starboard tack to the op
posite land , when they again tacked , the
Vigilant was pushing her bowsprit over
the Britannia's weather quarters and was
threatening to run Info the weather beam.
The Vigilant continued to draw ahead of
the Britannia , and turning the Ascog mark
boat the yachts seemed on the run "with
their booms over top port , the Vigilant car
rying great b3lloonor spmnackcr Jibs , which
were drawing splendidly.
Off Toward Point , after rounding the As
cog mark , both yaqhtsset , their splntiackers
to itarboard and their club topsails were
replaced by Jib headers. At the weather
mark Jack yarders were got up , and workIng -
Ing along the Cloch shore splnnackcrs were
run out to port aiid jib topsails were set.
Under this sail both yachts ran toward
Kllcroggan , and from here It appeared as
though the Britannia was closing up a lit
Approaching the 'Cloch lighthouse , on the
homo "run to the finish , the .Vigilant was
still leading , and It was estimated that she
was about seven minutes ahead. The wind
was softening , but tha , Britannia , with her
splnnacker down , began to haul In and
passed her near Gourock. The Britannia
pasted the winning mark only five seconds
ahead of the Vigilant amid a scene of the
greatest enthusiasm ashore and at the club
houie. The Unto of the Britannia was G
hours , 5S minutes ; the time of the Vigilant ,
5 hours , 68 minutes , 5 seconds. Those on
shore when the rerut was known , gave three.
cheers for the prince of Wales and the
One of the most remarkable changes which
ever occurred In a yacht took place several
miles from the finish. The wind was still
fairly fresh on the run up the Firth as far
as Cloch , where the Vigilant had a lead of
over five minutes. On the home side of
Cloon , however , the Vigilant dropped out
of the wind and the Britannia began to
draw upon her , keep las further Jroia the
shoro. A mile above Cloeh the Vigilant was |
pMiod and the Britannia WAI leading by
halt a minute at Kllcroggan. On the rush
the Vigilant plucklly endeavored to como
part In the weather , but the Ilrltannla luffed
up and prcventeJ her. The finish was a
Bad blunder. The Vigilant should have
won with a minute or two to spare , and
would have done so but for the midden fall
ing of the wind , In which the Britannia was
BO well served. H was admitted on all
{ Ides the Vlglhnt was the bytter bonj and
thai Bho held the hardest lines In losing.
The following Is the corrected time of the
finish : Britannia , 4 hours 2S minutes 1
sccoijJi Vigilant , 4 hours 23 minutes 30
After the race the Vigilant returned to
Oerouck bir , In company with the steam
yacht Atlanta. On being asked What he
thought about the race , Mr. Gould said :
"It speaks for Itself. 1 was defeated and
I am wilting to admit my defeat. I must ,
however , say this for the Vigilant. She was
not ready to sail today. My crew never
sailed In her under the present rig , except
four times. There Is no doubt the Vigilant
will do better when the crew have had more
experience. The waters are new to us. Wo
did not have a Clyde pilot aboard , cur pilot
being from the Solent. He had but little
experience with the tides and currents of the
Firth. I do not care to say what I think
the ro ult of Saturday's race will be , but the
Vigilant will do her beet. "
Shortly after the sinking of the Valkyrie ,
Watson , the yacht designer , who was on
board the cutter at the time of the accident ,
said : "I was standing beside Lord Dun-
raven , who was steering the Valkyrie. At
Gunflr the Valkyrie was reaching down on the
starboard tack In order to take the line. The
Satanlta , which had como up on the port
tack , was too soon and was obliged to bold
on before putting about for the start. In
luffing to clear a small boat which was In
her way the Satanltn ran Into us , striking
amidships , and cutting Into her about six
feet. The two yachts were locked together
for a short time. The Satanlta's bowsprit
and topmast were carried away as they sep
arated and the Valkyrie began to sink. Lady
Alglne Lennox and Lord Gordon Lennox
were sitting at the stern of the Valkyrie at
the time of the accident. They were greatly
alarmed , but Lord Dunraven reassured them.
"A number of small boats put off from
other yachts and took us off before the
Valkyrie disappeared , which she did In about
three minutes after the collision. The acci
dent produced great excitement among
the yachtsmen. "
ci-osi : or TIU : MIIT : AT KIAHNIY.
Onmlm Itldcrs Outlier H Few Scoops In tlio
r > 9t of Nlrn Thing * .
KEARNEY , Neb. , July E. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) The fourth annual
meet of the Nebraska division , League of
American Wheelmen , closed Its list of
events at 0:30 : this evening nnd was a suc
cess In every respect. In the matter of
prizes It was far ahead of any other meet
over held in the state , nnd nil contestants
seem well satisfied. All members speak
highly of their treatment and have com
plimented the Kearney Cycling club on the
management of the meet nnd the enter
tainment of the visitors In every respect.
The exercises this afternoon commenced
with a one-mile open for a J125 wheel ,
and was won by Coulter of Toledo , O. , in
2:27 1-E , with a close second by Boles of
The one-mile novice for ei gold watch
was won by McBrlde of Lincoln In 2:37 : 1-6.
In the Kearney Cycling club two-mile
championship the first prize , a gold medal ,
was taken by Pierce In 6:24 : , with Collins
second and Lambert third.
The cold , sliver and bronze medals for
the hnlf-mlle Nebraska Lenp/ue / of Amer
ican Wheelmen championship were won
by Frederlckson of Fremont for first In
1:15 : , Plxley of Omaha a close second and
Grllllth of Lincoln third.
The two-mile open , class B race , for a
high grade wheel , valued nt J1CO , was won
by McGuire of Denver In 5:15. :
The live-mile relay between Kearney nnd
Omaha teams was won by Omaha. Collins
of Kearney getting a bad fall on the home
In the two-mile open , 5:30 : class , there
were eleven entries , und first prize was
won by Proulx of Omaha In 5:20 : , with
Collins second. Heyman of Grand Island
fell on the fifth lap and Yule of Lincoln ,
who was close behind , ran Into him , but
neither were seriously Injured. '
The half mile open was won by Boles of
Denver In 1:15 : 4-f > .
For the two-mile Nebraska championship
there were four to start , but there was
declared a tie between Plxlcy nnd Froder-
Ickson , and was run over again. It was
won by Fredeilckson In 7:17 : 4-5.
The one-mile open , 2:50 : class , was won
by Proulx of Omaha In 2:20 : , with Collins
second and Plxley third.
3'ho last regular race was a one-mile
open , class B , for a high grade wheel , and
was won by Gerwln of Denver In 2:36. :
It was then announced that nn onyx clock
would be offered as a special prize to the
one who would make the best mile record ,
provided he broke the day's record of
2:27 : 1-5. McGuire of Denver and Coulter of
Toledo , O. , entered to run against time ,
and were well paced. McUuIre lowered the
record to 2:22 : and Coulter to 2:20V4 : , low
ering all previous state records ten sec
onds. It was a very pretty race and was a
InllUnt closing : event ' < the most suc
cessful bicycle meet ever held In the state.
The prizes were awarded at the opera
house this evening.
Strlko Influence anil Stiiko Absence Cut
Down tlio Attendance Materially.
favorites out of the lot managed to get to
the wire first. The day was uneventful
save for the fast time made by Sablne In
the third race , when she ran a mile and
three-eighths In 2:18 : % . On account of tht.
strike , and possibly because there was no
stake attraction , the attendance wus
small. Pclleas , In the sixth , defeated a
high class lot of youngsters and did It
easily. Rudolph showed that he had re
gained his form of 1893 by winning at a
mile with the greatest ease In 1:41V& : . Re
sults :
First race , five-eighths of a mile : Eva L
(15 ( to 1) won , Nona ( G to 1) ) second , Cot
tage Girl (4 to 1) ) third. Time : 1:02. :
Second race , three-quarters of a mile :
Maggie Gray (0 ( to 1) ) won , llnyfern (7 ( to 1) )
second , King Bors (5 ( to 1) ) third. Time :
Third race , mile nnd three-eighths : Sa
blne (2 ( to 1) ) won , Pocnhontas (3 ( > ,4 to 1) )
second , Senator Irby (5 ( to 1) ) third. Time :
2lSi. :
Fourth race , mile and a sixteenth : Hasty
(5 ( to 1) ) won , Imp. Percy (30 ( to 1) ) second ,
Strathmeath ( I to 1) ) third. Time : 1:17. :
Fifth race , one mile : Rudolph (3 ( to 5)
won. Get There (15 ( to 1) second , Somer
sault (4 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:111 : * .
Sixth race , live-eighths of a mile : Pel-
leas (4 ( to 1) ) won , Canewood (12 ( to 1) ) second ,
Lady Diamond (3 to 1) ) third. Time : 1:02. :
Seventh race , three-quarters of a mile :
William T (4 ( to 5) ) won , Ollynnna (4 ( to 1) )
second. King Charlie (5 ( to 1) ) third. Time :
nt Shcepshond.
NEW YORK , July B. The attendance
today was light nnd the races as a rule
uninteresting. The closest finish was In
the selling race , when Candelabra beat
Copyright by a short head. The only fea
ture was the Spendthrift stakes for 3-
year-olds , In which only four starters went
to the post. Gwendolen made the puce ,
but quit after awhile und Dorian and
Henry of Navarre had It out In the stretch.
Then Dorian also quit , leaving Byron Mc-
Clelland's colt to finish. He-suits :
First race , Futurity course : Reelff ( G to
U won , Mayday tllley (15 ( to 1) second , War-
bonnet (3 to 1) third. Time : 1:11. :
Second race , live furlongs : Gutta Percha
(2 ( to 1) ) won , Mldtfetry (12 ( to 1) ) second ,
Prince of Monaco (7 ( to 5) ) third. Time :
Third race , one mile : Candelabra (2 ( to 1) )
won , Copyright (7 ( to 5) ) second , Captain
Tat (5 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:40 : 1-5.
Fourth race , Spendthrift stakes , mile
and nn eighth : Henry of Navarre ( even )
won , Dorian ( even ) second , Our Jack (20 to
1) ) third. Time : 1:56 : 1-5.
Fourth race , mile and an eighth : Herald
(4 ( to 1) ) won. Bandit (10 ( to 1) ) second , Red
skin ( even ) third. Time : 1G1 : 3-5.
Sixth race , one mile , on turf : Live Oak
Is everywhere recognlred. Ileauty and an aged
appearance are Impossible. One woman In a
million U pretty with fray hair. The others
must preserve their hair and their beauty ty
It I * not a dye , but a coloring- , clean , healthful ,
efficient. It not only restore * the hulr to a rich ,
beautiful color and lustre , but acts u a hair
tonic also. Beven shades from lightest ash blond
to raven black. Made only by
292 5 h Avo. . New York.
Sold by Slioruian at McConaoll , 1613Dod e
Street ,
(30 ( to 1) ) won , Del Norte > (3 ( to 1) ) second.
India (7 ( to U third. Time : 1.42 4-5.
Knnsni City Tnlrnt In I.uck.
KANSAS CITY. July 5.-Tho tnlent
picked three of tli ( favorites , Joe Wool-
man , Qold Uust and Urevlty. tudny , ns welt
ns two outsiders. The betting wn lluernl.
A slow track miulo the KIWI somcwtnit
uolntcrcBtlnft. There wna a KOOC ! crowd
pfoHcnt. ncsults :
Kim race , nine-BlxteentliB of n mile :
Hrovlty won. tr. Gardner second , Slay
Win tjtlrd. Time ; 1:0314. : .
Second rnce , throe-auartcrs of n mile :
nose Leaf Won , Southerner second , 1'ony
Uob tlilnl. Time : 12. :
Third rnce. threo-fjuarters of n mile , * oll-
Inp : aold Dust won , Hnrry Lewis second ,
John ! third. Time : 1:12. :
Fourth rnco , thlrleon-slxteenths of n
mile , Kelllnc : Joe Woolmnn won , Morgan
U nuoond , Gymnast third. Time : 1:31 : ,
Fifth race , scven-elphths of n mile , sell-
\I\K \ : Montclln won , Miilor U , Slpp * second ,
llube Ijurrows third. Time : 1:37 : > & -
On Ihr Tnlu City Truck * .
ST. I'AVU July B.-Flrst rnce. five fur-
IOTIRH : Ilemircgnnl won , Iiullml second ,
Uonnlc M third. Time : 1:05U. :
Second race , seven-eighths of n mile : F.
F. Fly , jr. ) won , Tom Kelly second , Crev
asse third. Time : 1:31 : > 4.
Thlnl race , one inlto : Aurora won , I < ord
Wlllowbrook second , Oxford third. Time :
1:15. :
Fourth rnce , gcvcn-elKhtha of a mile :
Hclle of Formoy won , Frnticl.s Pope second ,
Fakir thltd. Time : 1:30 : % .
Fifth race , one mile : Oakwood won , I'e-
kin second , Itlcot third. Time : 1:13. :
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