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Tbnt'a the Way He Started from Boston on
robrnnry 1,18B4.
That Ho Conlrt Uo Arouml the World.
Starting Without a Cent nnil ISeturn
In a Venr nllli 86,000 , Which
llo Had Earned.
lie started without a rag on his bacfc.and ,
of course , hadn't a cent In his pocket , be
cause ho hadn't any pocket.
Ho earned 15 cents and bought manllla
paper enough to make a suit of clothes.
' blacking boots he cvoluted Into
f'rom clerk , and In that capacity , from city
to oily , made his way here. Ho arrived
In Omaha yesterday , and early on Jtonday
tnornlnK he will report at the store of w.
n. Bennett Co. , where he will net as
clerk during Monday , Tuesday and Wednes
day ,
Paul Jones Is a man of nerve. We llko
MB Btyle and propose to help hlrn win that
At first he sawed wood , carried coal and
blacked boots , but ho quickly became too
famous for such employment. Monday morn
ing he will be In our
He will exhibit the famous "paper suit"
rtlthwhich he started , nnd other souvenirs
picked up since. Mr. Jones Is a journalist
B graduate from Harvard college and a de
lightful man to meet. Corno and talk with
him , and hear his entertaining experiences.
On Tuesday afternoon he will assist at
the fall opening of our NEW CLOAK AND
KUR DEPARTMENT , when he will give a
Jlttlc lecture to the ladles.
' You are cordially Invited to meet him
and Inspect our
at $3.98 , $4.98 and 17.93.
In tans , browns and blacks , not a gar-
thent but what Is worth nearly double. We
Ask comparison with garments that others
ask more lor.
$2.98 , $1.98 AND $7.98. ,
Xook at similar capes In other stores and
See how much higher they set the price.
We make these low prices to advertise our
Cloak department.
Made of black or navy all-wool cheviot ,
Bi Inches lonK. usual price $0.00.
'A splendid double-breasted cloth coat , 38
Inches long , all the style of n $20.00 gar
ment , for $7.60.
'An extra good fur cape of Astrachan , 30
Inches long lined throughout with iooJ
eatln rhadame , nuch as many will sell for
S1G.OO , our price only J9.98.
Pine JMlllniirr Opening.
Millinery opening Monday and Tues-
ilay evening , at which time will
bo displayed the largest variety of
pattern lials nnd bonnets ever seen
In Omaha. Kvery lady should come , as
"Monslcr Joseph has kindly consented to
"bo with us during the opening , bringing 105
of his own original designs , and ho can tell
what you want at a glance.
Natural roses glvan to each lady. Don t
forget that wo are open on Monday evening.
No cards.
L 1520 Douglas street.
Gnu anil Klrrtrlu I'lxturrR.
Tni * not hero to close out my business
T > vcry year , but I dp 'close out my gas and
electric fixtures ever' ) * year , and do not pre-
i"end to itlllt bnSlneis to do It , either. Con
sequentlyIhaveno.tftld shop worn Roods to
Olppuse ofc-nnd cnn easily guarantee to moke
'nnd-Urnlsh"a.'bVttlrj'nxtiirefnew , arid clean ,
formless money than Is now or may ever ba
offered "by any erie else.
* P. M. RUSSELL & CO. ,
, 313 So. 15th St.
ONLY iiAi.r IAKI ; :
To tlio St. T.ouU Kxponlllon nail Fair Tin
tllO AVllllAHll It. II.
Commencing .Friday , September 28 , to Oc
tober C , the Wabash will sell tickets nt halt
lare. On Tuesday evening , OctobJr 2 , the
Veiled Prophets will appear. H will pay > ou
to take a trip and view the now union de
pot , the largest and most complete paasong r
depot In the world. For tickets and sleepIng -
Ing car accommodations call at Wnbash of
fice , 1502 Karnam street , or at union depots
piraha or Council muffs.
Omaha ami Clitcusa l.tinitod Fifteen-Hour
Leave Omaha at 6:35 : 'p. m. and arrive
at Chicago 9:40 : a. m. via C. M. & St. P.
By. tor Chicago and all pulnts east. Trains
made up and started from Omaha , assuring
passengers clean and well aired cars. The
only line runnlnc a solid vestlbuled clectrlc-
Hghted train from Omaha direct. No < wait
ing for through trains.
Elegant chair cars , palace sleeping ana din
ing cars. Ticket oulce , 1504 Farnam street.
\ # j Ticket Agent.
Ilnmn * lor the llumelots.
On September 11 and 25 fnd October 9 the
tlnlpn Paclfin will sell homeseeUera' cxcur-
< lon tickets , good for 20 < laya from date ol
Bale at the rate of one Uro tor the round
trip , with J2.00 added , to all , points In Ne
braska , K nsas , Colorado , 'New Mexico ,
Wyoming , Utah , Idaho ( east of and Including
Nampa anil Dolso City ) and Montana.
Stop-overs granted on both going and re
turning trip. H. P. DBUEb ,
City Ticket Agent , Unln Pacific System , 1302
i'arnam street , Omaha , Neb.
1 A Now Tniln to
Commencing August 12 , the "Omahn and
Chicago special , " via the Chicago & North
western railway , leaves Omaha dally at BM5
p. m. , and arrives at Chicago 8:45 next
morning. Vcsllbuled dlnlnfi car , Wagner
elcepcrs and chair cars form the equipment
ot this train , and are all up to "North-
[ western" standard.
1101 Farnam street , cltv ticket office.
Callfornln Tourist iicur lon .
' Phillips. Rock Island" personally con
ducted excursions. First through car leaves
Omaha Friday. Oct. 12th , at 1:35 : p. m. , and
weekly thereafter during the winter season ,
For full particulars , berth reservations , etc , ,
call at Rock Island ticket office , 1602 Farnam
street. >
To the 1'iibllc.
On and after October 1 , 1894 , we , the
Master HorEcshoers' Protective association ,
will give no discount on nork done. Signed
by forty-four arms. JOHN T. HOPE ,
_ Committee.
Attention Neighbors.
There will be a watermelon social with a
musical program and dancing , given by Ivy
camp No. 2 , Royal Neighbors of America ,
pt Mystic hall. Continental block. Wednes
day evening. September 20. Every lady
"Welcome. Admission , 10 cents.
Caril of
Wo wish to thank our many friends and
nUo Omaha lodge No. 200 , Order at the
World , for their kind assistance- during the
Illness and death of our beloved son and
, M. nt Onuha , BUS A. M. at Chtcnjo
The new veitlbuled train now running on
th "Northwestern" ea t daily.
Ilinl Coal Cheap.
Spot cash and Immediate delivery. Tel ,
BGG , Bucock Proctor.
Beauty culture parlors have removed from
Karbach blh. to rooms 109-110 Dee building ,
Pianos to rent. A. Hotpe , 1G13 Douglas.
3cnelry. JOB. P. Frenzer , opp. postofflce
lioM-n-lc ( lot * .
Coil at Uennctt'i. Ask about It.
"Lookers Boon Eocoso Euvera" is the
Password at Oar Drcjs Goods Dep't ,
rira Great Jlnrgalni In lllftc ! < Dress Goods
for Tomorrow A Direct Importa
tion ot Now IMIternt In Tnule
L'lutln nnil Napklm.
The most magnificent purchase of table
cloths and napkins to match ever Imported
by us :
C tpcc.nl bargains for Monday.
SSc for a COo all wool serge , 38 Inches
43c for a COo alt \vool Henrietta , 40 Inches
60o for a. 11.00 all wool Imported
serge , 46 Inches vvldo.
7Bo for a 11.00 stcrin serge , 50 lnche& wide.
The prices quoted below are far below the
regular value :
Crystal bcngallnp , 47c yard.
Striped taffetas , 89o yard.
Figured almas , $1.00 yard.
Black gros grain , $1.00 yard.
Black faille Francalse , $1.00 yard.
Silk velvets at 25c.
S.Ik velvets at 39c.
Silk velvets at 7Ec.
Silk velvets at $1.00.
Here Is the best value ever made by any
house In the country. The newest designs.
See the qua lily ot the damisk. They are a
direct Importation order.
2-yard long , cloth , $2 00 each.
2Vyerd long , cloth $2.50 each ,
3-yard long , cloth , J3.00 ench.
5-8 napkins to match , $2.25 dozen.
3-1 napkins to match , $3.25 dozen.
Men's derby ribbed balbrlggm underwear ,
drab end ecru colors , for fall wear , 50 each ;
they are good value for 7 ! > c.
Ladles' pure Egyptian jersey ribbed fleece
cotton vests and pants In ecru , an elegant
garment for fill ear , 37',4c ; regular EOc
quality. N. D. FALCONER.
Iloiiip cckcrx Excursion ,
On September 25th and October 9th the
Missouri Paclllc will sell tickets at one larc
for the round trip ( plus $2.00) ) to all points
south and southwest , limited to 20 days from
date of sale , with privilege of stopping off
going and returning , For particulars call
on or address depot agent , 15th and Web
ster , or city offices , northeast corner 13th
and Farnam ,
J. O. PHILL1PPI , A. O. F. & P. A ,
"Mllllnrry < > | > onlnr.
On next Friday and Saturday , September
23 and 29vlll occur the formal Opening of
the fall millinery season at Miss Dacy's , 315
South 15th , Granite block. Pattern hats and
bonnets and exclusive millinery novelties
will be shown. All are Invited ; no cards.
Vlu Clilcngrn , Itorlc Is'mul & TuclHc
Sept. 25th and Oct. 9th , one fare for the
round trip , with $2 added , good twenty days
from date of sale. For lull particulars call
at Rock Island ticket ofllcc , 1C02 Farnam
The I.urcc't Clinndrllrr In Nolmislm.
Suspended from the center of the celling
In the auditorium of Christian church at
Falrburywill hang the largest electric chan
delier In the state. H Is empire In design
and was made by F. W. Russell & Co. of
this city , for the room. It la now at their
show rooms , 313 South Fifteenth street , and
Is a finely executed piece ot metal work.
Omit Crmlt
Buy your hard coal now at the low price.
\V. R. Bennett Co. ;
Vlii the Burlington Itoutc.
Round trip tickets to western , northwest
ern , southern , southwestern and southjuat-
ern points on sale Tuesday , September 23 ,
at the one way rate , plus $2.00 <
Full Information at 1324 Farnam street.
M. J. DOWLING , City Passenger Agent.
150.000 for less than $30,009. Attend
sheriff's sale , east front of court house , Sep
tember 25 , between 10 and 11 a. m. The
Pcabody property , 132 feet square , corner
] 4th and Jones streets. Trackage In rear.
ICcpnMlrun fl
Ot residents of Orchard Hill and Clifton
Hill , at the club rooms of the West End
Sixth Ward Republican club , Monday even
ing at 8 o'clock. All'good republicans should
Sam'l Burns announces a reduction on
his entire stock to correspond with the tariff
reduction , and invites an examination of
stock and prices. Entire Vienna china
dinner set $19.75 , formerly $30.00.
"Wo have a large number of first
mortgages , which have been can-fully placed
on Inside Omaha property. Call and see us
and let us EIOW you these securities. Fi
delity Trust company , 1702 Farnam street.
lust ii Little J'ustcr.
The "Northwestern" Number Six , leaving
Omaha 4 p. m. dally , now arrives at Chicago
7:59 : n. m. , Instead of 8:15 , as formerly. "Just
a little faster , " Don't confuse this with tha
On aha Chicago special , which still leaves at
6:45 : p. m. dally. and arrives at Chicago 8:45 :
a. m. No need to change this train.
City office , 1401 Farnam street.
Out Kuoivutil'A Dry OoniK
The Encwold stock of dry goods at 2222
Cimlng street has gone Into the hands ol
C. R. EoalrlcH , who -will close It out at
ruinous prices , COc on the dollar or less.
"See the Fidelity Trust company for first-
Omaha mortgages. No Investment has
proved safer than ftrst mortgages carefully
placed on Omaha property ,
Millinery Opening.
Joyce millinery opening takes place Satur
day , September 29 , Monday and Tuesday ,
October 1 and 2 , at 1C21 Douglas street.
Don't fall to read the notice of Mrs. II. II ,
Davles' opening ; Monday and Tuesday ,
Johnson Bros. , hard coal. Tel. 1052.
Joyce , millinery , 1624 Douglas street.
CtltlcUrd SupBrlatomlout HjrrneJ.
NEW YORK , Sept. 22. Superintendent ot
Police Byrneswhen asked today If he cared
to say anything about the criticism of him
by Dr. Parkhurst In the- Eighteenth Street
Methodist chuich last night , said : "He had
a perfect right to criticise me , qa- any other
citizen has. Further than that I have noth
ing to say. " Dr , Parkhurst , in hl address ,
found fault with Superintendent Byrnes for
philosophizing on "tho social evil , " or on
any ethical question , Instead of doing his
duty In enforcing the law against disorderly
conduct , adding : "Mr. Byrnes and his fol
lowers are hero for execution , not ( or legis
lation. "
_ _
tt JtOItX. '
Notice ol flvo llnei or UM under tltla heaJ.
nity cents ; each additional line , ten ctnu.
CAMPBELL A son , to Dr. and Mrs. F. Jl.
Campbell , 1226 South Thirty-second street ,
September 17.
RITCHIE David Ii. , son of James and
Hannah Ritchie , Bept 22 , afced i year 23
ila > a. Funeral from residence Sunday , 3
T. Fljrm'a Entire South Onmha Bankrupt
Etcck Gonts''Turni8Lings'IlQta and Shoes
IA IV. Collar * , 10c | WlUon Tire * . * Sii.GO
Hiirt ) , 81) ) IVIlnon Iton. ' SI Neclmeiir ,
8flcl .Ucn'H 70o Underwear ,
Mcn'l B2.BO UmlcriTrnr , "Co.
All the E.V. . collars , every style and
every size , worth SSc , go at lOc ,
All the men's pure linen Lyon anil Ster
ling brand collars , latest shapes , go at EC ,
regular price 20o.
All the 50c , 7Ge and $1.00 neckwear. In
tccka and four-ln-hands , go at 2Cc each.
All the 2Ca and 35c neckwear go at lOc.
Alt the Wilson Dros. ' ? 1.00 and $1.2b white
ahlrts go nt EiOc.
All tlic Wilson DrosU.50. . $2.00 and
| 2,50 white ahlrts go at $1.00 each. These
are In plain bosom , fancy pique and full
dress fronts.
AIL the 'fancy colored negligee shlrtti ,
with laundered collars and cutts attached ,
worth up to $1.00 each , go at 35c.
All tlia high priced , fancy colored shirts ,
with collars and cuffs attached , worth up
to $2.50 each , so at 75c.
All the 75c and JI.OQ Madras and cheviot
colored shlrta , worth J5c and $1,00 each , go
at 25c.
Men'i ; 7Cc underwear 25c.
All the men's merino , balbriggan , natural
wool and camel's hair underwear , wtiich
Flynn sold for 7Gc , go In this sale at 25c.
Men's $1.25 underwear fide.
All Flynn's finest grades of men's T\ool
underwear , In every Imaginable style and
color , which he sold for $1,25 , go at 50c.
Men's 52.CO Imported underwear 7Sc.
UP TO $ 2.50 , 00 AT 7CC.
All the Wilson Bros. ' fine silk suspenders ,
worth 60e , 75c and $1,00 cacti , go at 25c.
FROM $1.25 TO $3.50 A PAIR , GO IN ONG
N , W. Cor. IGth and Douglas.
Mrs. Peattle will lecture at the First Chris
tian church Monday evening. Subject :
"Woman In Journalism. "
Don't fall to wad the notice of Mrs. R. II.
Davles' opening Monday and Tuesday.
Now German Hinni-cly feulil to llo. nn Almost
I'crliiln Curt * .
A representative of the New York Board
of Health has Just returned from a trip
abroad , made for the purpose of Investigat
ing a new German remedy that Is said to
be almost a certain cure for diphtheria , says
Harper's Weekly. His report Is so enthusi
astic that our authorities are to be asked
to establish a laboratory for development
of the remedy here. The outcome will be
awaited with anxious Interest by every one
who fully understands how much Is at stake.
Diphtheria Is the moat malignant member
cf a Email group of contagious diseases ( the
other members being scarlet fever , measles
and whooping cough ) whose virulence Is In
a measure masked by their very familiarity.
These diseases are never altogether absent
from centers of population. Year by year they
cause thousands of deaths , yet their presence
excites little popular comment. They are
responsible for the death of every sixth
child under 5 yeais of age and every twelfth
person of any age who dies In New York City.
In the decade 1S82-1S91 this quartet of dis
eases claimed 36,042 victims In that city.
During the name period thobc dreaded dis
eases , smallpox , typhus fever and cholera ,
killed but GG3. Two years ago there \vas
much ado because typhus fever seemed to
have gained a foothold in the city. That
much-heralded disease caused forty deaths ;
diphtheria , unheralded , cause.l 1,436. Last
year there was no little apprehension In
some quarters because smallpox was mildly
epidemic In the city , cla'mlng a few victims
who by their folly or Ignorance had Invited
It. Yet the smullpcx , during the decade
1SS3-1S92 , caused only 333 deaths In the
city ; diphtheria caused 15,030. Thanks to
sanitary science , typhus may be held t bay.
Thanks to Jenner , the terrors of smallpox
nro only traditional. But the terrors of
diphtheria are still real and ever-present.
For so.ne years , however , medical science
has looked forward hopefully to the conquest
of diphtheria. Ten years ago the bacillus
that causes the disease was discovered. The
bacilli lodged In the throat , as a rule pro
duce ptomaines or other toxlnes , that enter
the circulation and poison the system. These
toxlnes may be developed In media other than
the human body , and "attenuated" by culti
vation. Experiments of some years' standing
prove that attenuated virus , Injected Into
the circulation of animals In varying
strengths , produces diphtheria of varying
degrees of virulence , and that such virus
may even cure diphtheria previously estab
lished , It remained to make the application
to the human subject. Apparently this has
now been done , and If the reports arc to be
crsdltcd , diphtheria will soon take Us place
beside smallpox and hydrophobia behind the
vlctnrlous chariot of prjventatlve medicine.
Meantime , a word of caution may not be
amiss. In their laudable anxiety to benefit
the race , workers In tilts , as In other fields ,
sometimes let thotr Imagination outstep their
actual achievements. It was sea , few years
ago , when the public was led to believe that
a sure cure for tuberculosis had been dis
covered , whereas. In reality , only an Im
portant , not a llnnl , step toward such a (11 E-
covcry had been made. The originator of
the new diphtheria remedy Is the same Dr. *
Koch who developed tuberculin. Dr.
Koch Is a scientist of scientists. Tuberculin
was a disappointment , not because Its dis
coverer claimed too much for It , but be
cause his followers .claimed more than the
msster thought of < 'fclalmlng.lt Is to be ho.-cd
that the same mistake will not be repeated
with the present remedy. Let enthusiastic
follower * make sure thut they are keeping
step with the originator of the remedy , and
that they are not making : us expect
too much of It at first. There can be
no question that the work of Dr. Koch
and others with the toxlnes of germ
diseases Is along- right lines. In th ? end Us
results arc sure. But we must be patient
with tentative efforts. Should the diphtheria
remedy do but half what Is hoped for It , Its
volus wll | still be Inestimable. Even falling
short of this , If It has any potency whatever.
Itwill be , like tuberculin , an Inspiring token
of the time to come when preventatlvo medi
cine will ccpo successfully with every con
tagious disease , vanquishing each one In turn
by means of preventatlvo..inoculatlonn , as It
has already vanquished smallpox. But the
public cannot be- expected to realize this , and
the remedy which accomplishes less than Is
promised will bo accounted a failure. It Is
far better that little should be promised If
there Is the slightest question as to what
can be performed. In view of the lesson In
Eelf-restralnt that nas taught the enthusi
asts by tuberculin , however , we are Justified
In hoping that nothing has been claimed for
the diphtheria remedy that a trial of the
remedy Itself will not Immediately Justify.
In that event the origination of this remedy
will easily take rank among the most 1m-
vortont discoveries of this generation ,
Court Culling * .
With the exception of Judges Hopewell
and Walton , all of the members of the dis
trict bench were In their accustomed places
yesterday , and they spent the time solely In
the interest o ( the attorneys , calling de
faults , entering motions and passing upon
cxparte matters and In a general way
cleaning up the delayed business that had
accumulated from the lajt term of court.
Judge Keysor returned from bis trip to
Washington county , wherehe has been holdIng -
Ing the regular fall term , and at once took
up the work upon , his docket , dlspoilng of
several unimportant matters.
In Judge Scott's court the city flump
case , with all cf the attending Issues , was.
brought up for consideration , but owing to
the absence of Attorney Patrick , who rep-e-
scnts the garbage hauleri , the case was con
tinued until one week from Monday , in
the meantime the Board of Health will see
to It that the dumping grounds at the tool
of Poppleton avenue nro kept In a. good con
Grand OpcnlngiBBHe Ttoneaods of Die-
gintNewiEiQlStylo Dross Goods.
At Frlcci Low Ilnonirh , to PuzElo All Other
Dealer * and 1'rofliiff the Utter 1'utll-
Ity at Anyr.Attempt to Kifunl
Dibia Bnrcmns lUBcxrhoro.
40-Inch heavy mixed suitings In dark
grounds , with beautiful blendlngs , worth 39c
a yard , go at lie.
42-Inch , two-toned new satin bcrbore , In
navy blue , dark green and brown , with now
blending combinations , worth $1.00 a yard ,
go at G'Jc.
On our front bargain square 200 pieces of
now Imported dress goods , In all wool gran
ite cloth , all wool mixed colorings hop sack
ings , all wool da beiges and all colors In
cashmeres ) , including black , many of these
goods worth up to 7Bc a yard , go on our
front bargain square at 25c.
On our second bargain square 1-yards
wide all wool cloth for capes , tailor made
suits and smalt boys' wear , In black and all
colors , worth $1.00 $ a yard , go at 49c.
CO pieces of all wool Imported 40-Inch black
honrleUns , worth 7Sc a yard , so on sale for
Monday only at fJOc.
1-yards wide finest Imported French
serge , never sold for less than $1.25 a yard ,
goes In this sale at 75c.
10 pieces gloria silk , 1 % yards wide , pure
silk and wool , worth $1.75 a yard , go at OSc.
SO Imported pure silk and wool dress pat
terns , handsome combinations. In this line
you will find some of the choicest goods ever
shown In th ? city , they will no In dress pat
terns at 15,08 , $7.50 and $9.OS for the entire
Big line of satins , all shades , 29c.
Black and colored peau-dc-solc and gros dc
londres , the latest dress silk out , go at UBc
a yard , regular $1.50 quality.
Heavy rich crystal bingallno and black
eatln duchessc , worth $1.25 n yard , go at OOc.
Figured taffetas for fancy waists , go nt
G9c and 8Sc a yard.
N. W. Cor. 16th and Douglas.
Klsuascr FlKiirlng mi Too Llttlo Money for
City Ktoctrlc Light I'lunt.
The ordinance recently Introduced by
Ccuncliman Elsasser providing for the sub
mission of a proposition to vote $200,000 In
bonds for the construction of a municipal
electric light plant has been Indefinitely post
poned , pending the settlement of the I'latte
canal proposition. The Introduction of the
ordinance has aroused considerable Interest
In the question , however , and some figuring
has been done with a view to ascertalnlnR
the probable expense of construction of such
a plant as would be necessary to suit the
requirements of the city.
According to the figures of City Electrician
Schurlg.the amount proposed to be voted
would bo Insutnftltrlt ! for the purpose and ho
Is emphatlcallyviin ) favor of delaying any
affirmative nctlonuntll ; the fate of the canal
Is settled. If Hid 'canal should become n
reality the electric current would bo avail
able with butt 1(116 ( expense beyond tlmt
connected with > . llo- placing of wires .ind
poles , and the 'expansive steam plant tint
would have to bo-'Constrncted If the matter
was taken up noivvould be altogetlrr un
The Hteam planttcauld net to put n for I si
than $75,000 , as the very best compound
condensing or triple expansion engines would
bj required to furnlih ths2 000-horse power
necessary to run' the Immense dynamos.
But the line construction represents the
most cxpenslve' > feature of the prosp.ctlve
plant. At the ( present time there arc , not
fftr from ,375miles , tot electric light wltlng
| n the city. Alii sorts of Wire Is used , running - " -
ning from 00 to''No. S , but No. I Is the slz *
generallyi used. This wire costs $240 per
mile , and , allowing nn additional 5 per cent
for slack , makes the cost of the wire $250
per mile , or $08,750 for the entire plant. To
this must be udded the cost ot placing It on
the poles , which Is about $45 per mile , or
The poles also constitute a heavy Item of
expense. It Is estimated that there are-about
1,700 poles In the- city that are used ex
clusively for electric light wires. Most ot
these are fifty-foot poles , which cost $7.C'J '
each , but In many cases sixty and seventy-
foot poles are necessary and these run up
as lilgh as $20. The hauling and setting of
the poles Is nt least $ G each and In conic
cabes , where there Is a tall polo to be set
on a downtown corner , It Is nearly twlca
that sum. Taking the minimum estimate
In each case the total cost of each pole after
It is placed In position Is $13.50 , whlchy
multiplied by 1,700 , gives $22,950. (
It thus appears that the total cost of con
structing the line Is $103,075 , exclusive of the
costly steam plant , dynamos , purchase of
site and construction cf building. Upon this
showing the $200,000 named In the ordlnanca
would be wholly Inadequate for the project
and It Is the general sentiment that tlu >
matter should bo suffered to drop until the
result of the vote on the canal proposition is
assured ,
The construction of the canal as contem
plated would practically cut the cost of the
electric light plant In two , Mr. Schurlg says
that the current by which the power was
transmitted from the penstocks would con
stitute an alternating current which could
be directly utilized In furnishing electric
light. Consequently neither the engines ,
boilers nor dynamos would be required and
much of the complicated and expensive elec
trical machinery would bo dispensed with.
The only machinery , required would bo the
converters and a switch-board at the power <
house , which could be located at some point
In the central part of the city , thus simpli
fying the circuits to a great extent and ef
fecting a material saving In power.
Another valuable consideration Is Indi
cated , which consists In the fact that the
wires entering buildings need not bo
charged with the present high potential cur
rent , thus doing away with a great deal of
the danger of conflagration Each arc light
requires a power of about fifty volts and by
means of the converters the wires could be
charged with Just the current required for
the number of lights In the building. In
case the original alternating current was too
strong It could bo reduced and then In
creased whenever it was necessary or de
sirable by the converter system. It la be
lieved that the entire cost of the plant with
the power from the canal would be less
than $150,000.
ItepnbUcuti Government Kxprctlng
Mttlo Opposition nt the rolls ,
SAN FRANCISCO , Sept. 22. The steamer ,
Australia arrive/ * today from Honolulu bring
ing the following advices to the Associated
press ;
HONOLULU , Sept. 15. The coming elec
tion , to bo helds October 29 , Is creating con
siderable talk. From present Indications
there will bo llttlt opposition to govern-
ii.cn t candidates. Royalist nominations have
not yet been made ; though Paul Neumann ,
confidential adviser of the ex-queen , has
been freely spokeir of as a candidate for
senator. One of the clauses ot the new
constitution is to the effect that all govern
ment officials who have not taken the oath
of allegiance to' 'the ' republic by the 1st of
September wllll.ba discharged. This rule
will be carried out even to the exclusion cf
wcmen school teachers , a few of whom would
not give up their allegiance to Lllluokalanl.
A majority of the native office holders have
taken the required oath , however , and slant )
pledged 4o support the present government ,
One American , one English and three
German men-of-war have teen In Honolulu's
harbor for the past week. The Germans
left a few days ago and the Charleston de
parted yesterday for the scene ot Cprean
war. The. Hyaclntbe , the English war ship ,
( eaves today for a short cruise. This has
given birth to the usual royalist rumors of
the queen's restoration , but no belief is cx-
prttseil by the Government on any attempt
tcnard rebellion.
Clnllilui ; CVmtriictori
BOSTON , Sept. S ! . The ihopt ot all the
clothing contractors In the city are closed ,
and not one of the striken Is at work. Sev
eral contractors hare applied to sign the
now agreement which tbc itrlktri Insist on ,
10,000 , Pairs line Blanket * , Ecgolar , San
itary and Hygienic All Kinds Blankets °
First Clrc-nt Hlanhot Sale Thli Year Sluiw-
liiff At ore lllnnketa and Hcllliijr Mora
Ulnnkcts Tomorrow Than Were
liver bold In Ono liny licfure.
Tomorrow Ht > open , the , blanket ecacon
with a. Boston Store blanket aalo , we otter
10,000 pairs fine blankets at prices that are
pimply sensational and wonderful In the
Look here , lull slzo double blankets go at
49o a pair.
For 75o wo will sell large , heavy part
wool blankets that -would bo a bargain at
oven $1.60 ; our price" 75c a pair Monday.
At $1.98 $ we offer a most extraordinary
bargain , Dr. Wilson , natural color , all wool
blankets , full size. Others quote them as
bargains for $3.50 ; our price Monday , $1,98 a
At $3.93 a pair wonlll sell all tine white ,
silver , gray and scarlet all wool blanKcts ,
lull size , really worth $7.00 , Monday you
take your choice for $3.98 a pair.
Customers who must buy blankets this fall
and yet do not feel exactly prepared to pur-
chass outright now may secure these bar
gains by paying a deposit and having the
blankets laid away until ready to call for
Gennan knitting yarns , worth 25c , for
12 c a skein.
Splendid quality Saxony , worth 12' c , goes
at 5c a skein.
lee wool , worth 20c , noes at 13c a box.
Zephyr , worth Cc , go at 814o a lap.
N. W. Cor , IGth and Douglas.
Hunt Coal C'l
EOc per ton refunded on all hard coal paid
for. Tel , 3CC. BococU & Proctor.
Veterans of tlio l.ateir Itctnembcrccl by
tlio General ( JinptniiH-nt.
WASHINGTON , Septl C2.-Speotol ( )
Pensions granted , issue of September 11 ,
were :
Nebraska : Original Frederick Ledhoff ,
'Norfolk , Mndlson ; George II. Schroder ,
Beatrice , Gage.
South Dakota : OrlglnoJ William D.
AJlen , Sherman , MI mi eh n 1m.
Colorado : Original William 31. Van
Brimmer , Trinidad , Las Anlmas. OrlRlnal
wlduivs , etc. Maria , de la A. Q. le Vlal-
pamlo , Costllln , Costllla.
Io > va : Original Samuel 8. Sl.tlght , Gnr-
ner , Hancock. Additional John Hewlett ,
New Jlarkct , Taylor.
Union Veteran Li-glim.
Encampment No. 121 of the Union Veteran
legion will resume its meetings for the com
ing winter on next Monday evening at 1523
North Twentieth street.
01.411. Trunk Wllrox Co. 1.4f > .
Our slipper Bale ot last Monday was to
great a success that wo hcvc decided to make
Mondart September 24 , a red letter day.
Wo have * added 227 pairs oi black , brown
and drab dippers to the few that we have
left from Monday's gale. We- propose Mon
day ( tomorrow ) to make a clean sweep , clos
ing them nil.
FOR ONLY $1.49.
These are $3 , $1 and $ S poods. We call
special attention to those wearing sizes 2',4 ,
3 , 314 ftnd 4.
Store open 7:30. :
151& , 1517 Douglas.
arnnil SrMlou of lloBr 'O < > l Honor
tlio Limit Lodges.
The third annual session of the grand
k-dgo ot the state of the Degree of Honor ,
Ancient Order of United Workmen , -will
open on Tuesday , October 2 , at Platlsmouth.
The membership in the ttalc Is 4,000. a
very creditable showing , Inasmuch ns the
degree has been In existence only three
years. There are thieo lodges In this city
and one In South Omaha. The representa
tives from the. city lodges are : Washington
No. 27 , Mrs. S. It. 1'atteni North Omaha
No. 2S. Mrs. n. B. Carter ; Hopeful No. 70 ,
Mrs. J. L. Cooper , The session will con
tinue for two or three day .
I'.MIiuu I.llcrurr rnlrrlnlnnii'nl * .
Triune lodgeNo. . CC , Knights of 1'ythlas ,
will give a literary entertainment at Its
hall next Tuesday evening , towhich all
kn'ghls are cordially Invited. These enter
tainments arc to bo given monthly by the
different lodges of the order , and will became
the social side.
came n winter featureof
Next month Nebraska lodge No. 1 will give
the entertainment. Myrtle lodge ho. 2 will
give It In November , and Triangle No. 61
In December.
llunncr Dlvl'loii 1 frills.
Banner division , the newly organized di
vision of the Uniform Hank , Knights of
Pythias , has been working hard to perfect
Itself during the past month. Drills ha\o
taken place every week , although the evenIngs -
Ings have been pretty warm. At the laet
drill twenty-eight members were present.
The next drill will be had Wednesday nlghl.
During the winter the division expects to
forge forward rapidly.
Serrut Society Nolan ,
The next conclave of the Masonic Grand
Commandery will be held nt Niagara Tails.
Grand Master Hedge of the Masonic order
of New York has consented to lay the cor
ner stone of the home for Indigent com
mercial travelers at Blngliamton , N. Y , . Oc
tober 9.
J > ATJS no UK KKj
September 2 Democratic state convention.
September 28 Hcpubllc.nn primaries to
choose delegates to the county convention.
September 29 Republican county conven
tion to nominate csunty officers ,
October 3 Democratic county convention
to nominate county officers.
o o
I Calls for new cards wedding g
I invitations stationery , etc , §
I ' ' all of which we furnish en- ' I
O ' O
§ ' , ' graved after the -most" ape - §
o o
§ proved fashion. §
§ o Your 11.11110 enenneyl on 100 cm-da for Sl.BO , o n
g RAYMOND , 15th and Doug-las , JEWELER. §
o o
By buying now you will save fully 20 per cent.
Later on prices are sure to be higher as
the demand ( or furs this year will be
greater than known for years.
Our stock represents correct styles in all pop
ular Furs , including
As&racha/n Capes ,
Astrachan Coats ,
Belgian Coney Cap 33 ,
French Coney Capes ,
Electric Seal Capes ,
Electric Seal Coats ,
Horthwesb Seal Capes.
Itforthwest Seal Coats.
Canada Seal Capes ,
Alaska Seal Capes ,
Alaska Seal Coats ,
Kinimer Seal Capes ,
Monkey Capes ,
Mink Capos ,
Mink Coats ,
Persian Lamb Capes ,
Alaska Sable Capes ,
Marten Capes ,
A deposit of a reasonable amount will be re
ASIDE until called for at an } ' time when
Don't put it off buy now you'll not regret it ,
Cor , IBIfi and Farnaw Sis , , flMAHA
VAXtoyuLOQK.u in nun
ninrtn Dry HnntU Co ,
Ths millinery department Is now open ,
complete with all the latest I'nrlslan itjlc *
M rc-nsonablo prices ,
An elegant line now fill dress poods n3
llks Ju t rrcfhed. We know the prices
will please you.
Illlly lluohannn' * Jllnrr Honreil tlio Judge ,
Imt Did Not Work ,
A complaint \\ns filed yesterday al-
IcslriR that William tluclianan , an old and
well known colored mnti living at ! U North
Sixteenth street , hod beaten and abuscil hla
wife. Iluchnnftn was sun struck about
year ago. and since that tlmo has been eub-
cell * ? . , ? . ' , ? As ' 'OOI > n * lle WM Placed In a
AVIIllam'a flt mine on. Some of the
prisoner's friends told him to have a lit
when ho was called up before the judge , anil
he would pet ort easy.
When lltichanan's name was called ho
altEcd up before Judge lleika In good
shapp. and commenced to explain why ha
had beaten his wife. All at once he had a
flt , and It was n Rood one , too. The negro
shook In every limb , nnd the movement of
the imiftcloa was a sight. Then he com
menced to climb U | > ( o the judge's desk ,
and partially succeeded before beliiR talcen
axMij- . Judge Ilerl < n didn't know what to
mnke of the deal , nnd hastily picking up Ida
Ink bottle and papers started to climb down
off the Judicial perch In order to RVO !
Uuclmnnn nil the room ho wanted , After
being lulten below lluchannn K VO the whole
snap away , lie Is sightly demented , nnd
will be turned over to the Insanity board.
JU.IP.IIM If HOA / > . ! 1VJ.
OMAHA , Sept. 21. To the Editor of The
Dec : Having observed In the editorial col
umn of The Dee of the 17th Inst. an artlclo
In opposition to the newly laid macadam , I
desire to say In reply that In the b-ginning
I \as conscientiously against the process ot
pavement , but today my experience on trav
eling the road causes me to be o earnestly
In favor of tlu pavement as I was formerly
opposed to It. And further , uo are Klvcn six
miles of macadnm for the same money paid
for i\\o ot sandstone.
The pavement of Dodge street Is equal to
If not superior to the asphalt pavcnunt of
the city for the travel of bath horse and
vehicle. DAVID IICRD.
A Noted Homo.
Mrs. Jlnrtln Wilbur of this city has pre
sented to llev. Clinrles W. Savhlgo a driving
horse widely Known through this section of
country aa Blackbird. A few ycara ago ho
was sold In this elty for $875. Ills owner
In Iowa was confident that he was the fast
est single-footer In these two states. Mr.
Savldgo prizes him very highly for two rea
sons as a gift from a dear friend" and for
tils real value to him.
Are you going to traj
ono this Fall ?
Our $20 Steel
Is an eye opener.
Our $37Is
Is a world beater ,
Examine the
Boston Begufy Oil Heater.
Entirely tlliruient Cioin unytlilnRon
llio untried ami purfictly odci-lci * .
Whatever turn the wheel of fashion
take , the Library Table will always remain
a favorite. It supplements the book shelves
and the escritoire , and It Is difficult to Imagine
agine- Library satisfactorily arranged with
out at least one such Tabledesk.
\Vo have an Immense assortment , with
both plain and carved border tops , with
ono to four Jrauera , with and without the
lower shelf.
Prices start at 110.00 ; this Is for a slightly
reduced size. Tor $13.00 you can secure a
very popular pattern. From this point they
Increase In cost as the size anil decoration
become more lavish , " \Ve \ have bank direct
ors' tables which reach $100 In price.
But th& one Important point to remember
It that our prices on this ono line of library
work are below every other IIOUB.C In thi
city.Chas. . SMverick & Co.
FURNITURE of Every Djosrlptloi
Temporary Location.
< iml J''OH Dun-fin * Slroat ,
Full Set Teeth $5
Ith floor. Brawn black , IfllU and Doort" ,
TUph o 1710 , Omtbk , Vtb.

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