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Dtllvtrtd t > r oirrltr to anr purl of Uii cilr.
II. W. T1LTON , LciJfu.
TELEWONEB-ltustntM ontc * . No. U ; n'ght '
Klltor , No. IX
Majrno Heal Estate agency. 530 Broadway.
Some of the offices In the government
building art being lifted out with now fur
Dr. M C. Chrlstenson has taken out a
permit for the erection of a $ 'JOO dwelling
In Hngg's extension.
The ladlps of the First Baptist clntrcli arc
making preparations for an entertainment to
be glvcp In the near future.
William Ornneweg has been appointed by
Governor Jackson a delegate to the com
mercial congress which meets In St. Louis
November 20.
The little sou of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Ailolphvho has been 111 with diphtheria ,
Is In acry precarious condition ! and his
recovery Is hardly hoped for.
The trustees of the free public Mbr.vy have
donated ono of the new find Ing lists to
caeh of the newspaper ofllcoi who furnish
their papers to the reading room.
David Hush , who commuted an assault
and battery on William Almy. was fined
$21.00 In police court yesterday morning.
Ho was unable to put up the money ntvl
vna remanded to jail.
Clan Stewart la-Id a mee'.lng Thursday
evening and Initiated four members. They
also passed u vote ot thanks to J. U. Mcrher-
eon for the flowers he furnUhed for the
funeral of Clan Gordon's piper.
Miss Pearly Vleti was given a surprise
party at her home. 1SOS Seventh avenue. In
honor ot her 10th birthday. About a dozen
of her little friends we-o present. Among
the gifts wan a fine plnno from her father.
Thi ; Ladlen of the Maccabees will hold their
regular meting on Saturday afternoon at 2-30
o'clock sharp. As this wjjl bo the last meet
ing at which the supreme organizer , Miss L.
M. Conrad , will be here , all members are rc-
quested to bo present , IJy order of the
ladles committee.
Isaac Ferguson , a switchman In the Bur
lington yards , went out shooting below
Manawa , and among the game he bagged
was a gray eagle measuring seven feet from
tip to tip. The bird was sold to Ed Jones
of Macedonia , who was displaying his prize
on the streets yesterday.
A number of ladles of the Knights of Labor
from Omaha visited Liberty hall Thursday
evening for the purpose of Instituting a
ladles' auxiliary. Mrs. J. W. Kenney de
livered an address on the benefits of the or
der , and a program was given. Mrs. Foster ,
Miss Gascolgne and J. E. McCarvllle taking
part. .
Wanted Good farm nnd city loans. Wo
have $100,000 to loan on Improved security
nt 6 per cent and small commission. We
also have money to loan on stock and grain.
LOUOEE & TOWLE. 235 Pearl St.
Look nt the prices ! Look nt the bar
gains ! Look at the many beautiful things
at W. II. Mulling * china shop , successor to
Lund Bros. , 21 Main street.
Ocurlclua * music houuo has few expenses ;
high grade planes are sold reasonably. 116
Gtutsman street.
Washerwomen use Domestic soap.
PKltoUNAl , MKttTOX.
Mrs. George S. Damon has goneto Glen-
wood for a two weeks visit.
Mrs. J. F. Barnard and daughter have re
turned from an extended eastern visit.
Hev. J. II. Davis went to Vllllsca Thursday
evening to deliver a lecture at the Baptist
F. II. Evans of Fort Worth , Tex. , Is visit
ing his friends here , and may relocate In Coun
cil muffs.
Mrs. W. Cadwallader , who has been visit
ing her parents , Mr. and Mrs. L. I ) . Cousins ,
returned to her home In Nebraska City yes
Better than riches arc good health and a
contented mind. Doth can be obtained by
using Dr. Price's Baking Powder.
Hcpuullcnns I.av Pinna for Itlft Jolllllcu-
tUill till * Uveal 'K-
A meeting of republicans was held at
Balrd & Damon's store last evening for the
purpose of making arrangements for a grand
jollification and blowout this evening In
honor of last Tuesday's victory. Ralph
Williams presided and E. C. Shepard acted
as secretary. It was decided to have a torch
light procession this evening , to be followed
by speaking at the opera housa. All busi
ness men are requested to decorate and
Illuminate , and E. C. Shepard and G. 8.
Damon wlU call upon them today to supple
ment the Invitation extended by the news
papers. All republicans are asked to join In
the parade. Colonel W , F. Baker will be
marshal of the night , and his aides will be
John Limit , J. M. Scanlnn , B. J. Abbott ,
Theodora Gulttar und W. F. Sapp. The fol
lowing committees were appointed to look
after the preliminaries :
Arrangements and Program T. S. Clark ,
O. O. Ualrd , Ralph Williams and J. M. Scan-
Ian. Parade George Trey nor , chairman ;
First ward , K. C. Baldy. J. P. Grccnshlolds.
A. N. Lund , Leo Albert ! ; Second ward , Dell
G. Morgan , C. S. Ilubbard , J. C , Baker , 0.
A. Tlbbltts. W. F. Sapp , E. H. Lougee ;
Third ward , E. R. Fonda , Gcorgo Treynor ,
L. C. Larsen , W. J. Sneathcn , E. 15. Cook ;
Fourth ward , M. P. Schmidt , Slack Peter-
con , Bd Strew , L. B. Cousins , Fltz Henry
Warren : Fifth ward , W. A. Hlghsmlth. T. A.
Drowlck , W. H. Smith , James HOOM and
Peter Smith ; Sixth ward , L. M. Shubert.
George Turner , J. W. Kirk , J. N. Woolf and
W. II. Harding. B. S. Dawson will decorate
the opera house.
The line of march will form on First av
enue , In front of the Grand hotel , at 7
o'clock. The procession will march south
on Pearl to the junction of Main , north to
Broadway , cast to the Methodist church , and
countermarch to the opera house. John M.
Thurston of Omaha and numerous local
speakers will bo on hand. The shotgun nnd
tin horn fraternity are requested to march
In full regalia.
All members of the committee on parade
are requested to meet this morning at 9
o'clock at Balrd & Damon's store.
See U'liut 81 no Will Do.
Duncan Is having a remarkable Bale of
$1.50 shoes this week , and the $3,50 ladles'
Bhoes are the swclleat stales and best goods
made , and $1.50 to $4,00 will buy as nice a
shoo as a man could wish to wear.
See Duncan's cork soles. 2S Main street ,
Council Bluffi.
Open evenings till 9 o'clock.
Eagle Uundry. 721 Broadway , ( srtccx !
work. Tel. 157.
Council Mrrtlnc.
The city council held a short meeting last
evening and transacted some routine busi
ness. A petition was presented from the
property owners on Second avenue asking
that that avcnuo bo paved with vitrified
brick , each brick to weigh not less than
six pounds. Action was deferred for the
present It was decided ( hat no moro street
crossings shall be laid excepting by the
order of the council. Chairman Nicholson of
tha flre committee reported that he had
put $700 Insurance on the new flre alarm re
peater at No. 3 hcso house.
Next Monday morning the council will
meet a.i a committee of the whole and go
to the gravel pit north of the city for the
purpose ot Investigating as to the advisa
bility of using the gravel for patching up
the disabled ceiMr block paving In various
parts of the city. The city owns a large
tract of gravel land and It Is claimed that
the paving could be put In fair shape at
tlttlo cost In this way.
Dry pine kindling for iale. Cheaper than
cob * . II. A. Cox , 37 Main itre U Telephone
Domeitlo patterns can only be had at
Vivra's new dry goods store , 142 Broadway.
Or , I. U , Parsons , Archer block. Tel. SIS.
Havana FmckltJ ctf ar.Davli , wholesale ast-
Typewriters Stolen from tha Hlgb
School Builtliug Thursday Night.
Man NHtneU Clirl trnlloitr NnhlicilVlillo
Trjltic to Dlipuxc ut Tlinn Tells it
Very I'rttill.ir hlory of How lie
Came In I'iis oi.sh < ii nf 'Ilioin ,
Charles Chrlutfetlow la the rather mis
leading name given by a young man wtio
Is In tha city Jull cliurgcd with burglary
and larceny. Thursday night the High
school was entered by burglars. It Is
thought they got In through the flre escape ,
which runs from the third story over to a
high embankment twenty feet from the
building. Four typewriters were In n room
on tlit' upper floor , but only two of them
were taken. Yesterday morning one of
them was pawned for $9 at n second hand
store In Omaha , and Chrlstfcllow tiled to
sell another at Schaeffer's store on Thir
teenth street , Omaha. The proprietor , BUSB1
peeling that something was wrong , told him
to leave It for Inspection nnd call In nn
hour. By the time the hour was up ho had
found that the machine had been sold to
the High school officials , nnd also that It
had been stolen the night before. When
Chrlstfellow came back to find out Ills de
cision he was nabbed by the police and
brought to this side of the rive" . He de
nies having any complicity In the burglary ,
but says that he rooms with a man named
St. Clalr on Thirteenth street In Omaha.
When ho awoke yesterday morning ho
found that St. Clalr had been providentially
blended with a couple of typewriters during
the night , and without asking any questions
he at once set out to sell them and rake
In the cash. The story Is regaided by the
authorities as very fishy , but If Mr. St.
Clalr turns up he will be nabbed as well.
Where household trials obtrude perfect
happiness Is unobtainable. Kitchen annoy
ances permanently banished by using Dr.
I'rlco's Baking Powder.
\V. II. Itrrd hum for IJItorce.
Yesterday W. B. Reed filed his petition
for divorce. He charges his wlfo with In
fidelity and names his nephew , Amos H.
Horrlck , of Mount Vernon , 0. , as co-respon
dent. Mr. Reed Is In possession of a con
fession from both parties , giving full details
of their guilty Intimacy which began here
last spring , when Horrlck was a guest at the
Heed home. Mrs. Reed Is now nt Kansas
City , living with relatives.
Thpso Are the Trices Von Will rind on
Ucalrnhlo Mrrclmndl o nt the
Never have the people appreciated low
prices and good values as much as now ,
which accounts for the unusually large
crouds which throng our store.
For the next week we offer new bargains
In every department. Head the followlng list
of prices nnd remember you wll find every
thing ns advertised ,
At $2.23 we offer a 10-4 gray mixed wool
blanket , regular value $3.00.
All wool red blanket , a regular $3.50
quality , sale prlco $2.25.
All wool California blankets , large size ,
usually sold at $5.00 , now $3.75 a pair.
Ladles' all wool flannel skirts 69c each ,
worth $1.00. Eiderdown flannels In plain
colors , regular BOc quality , now 33c a ynrd.
Gents' blue flannel bhlrts , all wool , regular
price $1.50 , manufacturer's price $1.00.
Rents' wool BOX 12V4c a pair , worth 20c.
Gents' heavy cotton BOX at Bo , lOc and
12V4c a pair.
Gents' calf skin gloves and mittens , wool
llrcd , regular prlco BOc , manufacturer's
prlco 33c a pair.
Gents' fur trimmed kid mittens , regular
$1 50 quality , now $1.00 n pair.
Ladles' heavy ribbed vests , regular prlco
BOc , manufacturer's price 30c.
Ladles' ribbed underwear , gray mixed ,
regular 25c goods , now lOc each.
Gents' fleeced underwear 75c each , $1.BO a
Gents' heavy winter underwear 25c each ,
BOc a suit.
Lndles' fleeced hose 12V4c a pair , worth 19c.
2Sc fleeced hose 19c a pair.
Children's ribbed \\ool hose , all sizes , 17c
a pair , 3 for BOc , extra value.
Children's heavy wool mittens 12\Jc a pair ,
20c quality.
Children's double mittens , regular -lOc
quality , 25c a pair.
Ladies' saxony wool mittens IBc a pair ,
worth 25c.
Ladles' fancy back wool mittens , regular
39c quality , manufacturer's price 25c a pair.
Big reductions In black dress goods.
Don't fall to see bargains marked C2 > , c
and C5c a yard.
Council Bluffs , lona.
At Grand Hotel Postal Telegraph office
shorthand reporter and typewriter will write
letters , depositions , etc. , very cheap ,
G. A. R. dance Monday evening , Novem
ber 12. Admission ' , gentlemen , 25c ; ladles ,
lOc. ,
For Rent A nearly new six room house
on Fifth avenue , near court house. See W.
S. Paulson.
Special prices this \\cek at Miss Rags-
dais's ,
Domestic eoap outlasts cheap soap.
Interrupted Love's Dream.
W. S. McCoy and his brother , Charles , are
once more In the clutches of the law for
turning Ed Wltzkte's love dream Into a night-
A Bank
A general banking business is done 67
the human system , because the blood de
posits in its vaults whatever wealth we may
gain from day to day. This wealth is laid
up against "a rainy day " as a reserve fund
we're in a condition nf healthy prosperity
if we have laid away sufficient capital to
draw upon in the hour of our greatest need ,
There is danger in getting thin , because it's
a sign of lettmir down in health. To gain
in blood is nearly always to gain in whole
some flesh. The odds arc in favor of the
perms of consumption , giip , or pneumonia ,
if our liver be inactive and onr blood im
pure , or if our flesh be reduced Mow a
healthy ilaitilaril. What is required is an
increase { nouTjffnii-/iff/ilfiifilreit.i/i. Dr.
Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery enriches
the blood and makes it wholesome , stops
the waste of tissue and at the same time
builds up the strength. A medicine which
will nil the blood of its poisons , ck-ansc nnd
invigorate the great nrRans of the body ,
vitalize the system , tin ill the whole being
with new energy and make permanent work
of it , is surely a remedy of great value. Hut
when we nuke a positive statement that 08
percent , ofall cases of consumption can , if
taken in the early stages of the dibease. be
CUKlili with the ' Discovery , " it Keeiuslike
a bold assertion. All Dr. Pierce asks is that
you make a thorough investigation and
satisfy yourself of the ti nth of his assertion.
By sending to the World' * Dispensary Med
ical Association , Ilnflala , N. Y. . vou can get
a free book with the names , addresses and
photographs of a lame number of those
cured of throat , bronchial and lung diseases ,
as well as nf skin and scrofulous iflVctioiis
by the "Golden Medical Discovery , " They
also publish a book of 160 pages , being a
medical treatise on consumption , bronchitis ,
asthma , catarrh , which will be mailed on
receipt of address and ix cents in btauips.
mare of grand proportions. Kvcr since the
lul'cncc to a duel was extended by McCcy
nd WItzkle to ono another , but declined
bymi each on account of a previous engage
ment , retatloni have been somewhat strained.
iVItzkle lias been persisting In making levee
toHi McCoy's sister In splto of the warning
hat to do so would mean a certain thrusti
InM . A night or two ago Wltzkle ami Miss
McCoy were out for a quiet llltlo walk , when
h icr : two big brothers suddenly appeared on
: ho scene and pitching on Mr. Wltzkle , pro
ceeded to drive him several Inches Into the
earth. ! Wltzkle managed to get his face
Into Eomeuhat prcientable shape yesterday
nnd catling at the ofllce of Justice Vlen swore
cut a warrant for the arrest of his assailants
who will have a hearing this afternoon nt
2 o'clock.
Arrrnl > ljr Surprised.
Henry Wilson , the postmaster nt Wclahton.
Kla. , says he cured a cass of diarrhea of long
standing In six hours , with one small bottle
of Chamberlain's chollc , cholera and diarrhea
remedy. What a pleasant surprise that must
have been to the sufferer. Such cures are
not unusual with this remedy. In many
Instances only one or two dose ! , are required to
glvo permanent relief. It can always bo de
pended upon. When reduced with water It Is
pleasant to take.
SHttirdur and Saturday Cvriiln ; Snip.
Visit our cloak department. Saturday Is
the day to buy cloaks and fur capes. Ne
goods arriving dally. See ladles' chinchilla
Jackets at $10 , actual value Is $1G. See new
styles In misses' Jackets at $2 , $3.98 , $1.98
and $6 each.
Children's eiderdown cloaks , age 2 to G
years , $1.GO each.
COO children's natural gray vests and pants
In only small sizes , odtls and ends , Saturday
5c each.
Misses' nnd children's black all wool union
suits , $1.50 each. See ladles' underwear a
25c , GOc and "Gc each.
Saturday evening , 7 to 10 p. m. , we offer
100 dress patterns , consisting of 0 yards o
40-Inch black nnd navy blue all wool storm
serge , entire dress pattern , $2.69. Come In
Saturday evening If you want a nice dress
pattern awfully cheap.
Council Dlufts.
Copps Clicor and Herb Tonic
Can bo purchased only of the G. R. Wheeler
Brewing company , Wheeler & Hereld , Coun
ell Bluffs , la.
Grand Hotel , Council UlnnX Unopened.
Newly furnished.
Every modern con
venlenc" . First class In all respects. Rates
$2.60 to $3.00. E. F. CLARK , Proprietor
Carpets are cheaper than ever , nnd every
late pattern of the season Is displayed b ;
the Council Bluffs Carpet company. Do
you like pretty things ? Come nnd BBO them
For Rent A nice 7-room cottag ? nnd fur
nlture ; city water , barn , etc. ; on paved
street. R. P. Officer.
The laundries uca Domestic soap.
Cole & Cole will reduce tbo price $2.00 01
genuine Round Oik stoves. They burn
either hard or soft coal. At 41 Main street
We have a fine lot of chrysanthemums In
bloom now. Don't miss seeing them
Visitors always welcome. J. F. Wllcox.
Selected hard wood for heating stoves.
H. A. COX , 37 Main street. Tel. 43.
Gas cooking stoves for rent and for salt i
Gas Co.'s office.
Domestic soap breaks hard water.
Trnln Wrpckorn Convicted.
WOODLAND , Cal. , Nov. 9. Salem O.
Worden , one of the several American Hall
way union men charged with having
wrecked a Southern Pacific train during the
strike In July last , causing the death of
Enplneer Clark nnd four United States
soldiers , was today convicted of murder
In the first desree. The Jury offered no
recommendation. The penalty Is death or
life Imprisonment. The other accused train
wreckers will bo promptly tried.
Qrcok Onurch Hitual for the Dead Faithfully
Carried Ont in Anurica !
Clcrulnml nnil Ilia ( nlilnrl nml I'nrolgn
Mlnl'trrn Attend Sertlcrrf In Memory
of the l.nto ( r.ir In Uin Itiii-
nliiii l.ogiillon ;
WASHINGTON , Nov. 9. Profoundly Im
pressive ceremonies were held , nt the Rus
sian legation hero today In memory of Czar
Alexander III , whoso remains now lie In
state In Moscow , soon to bo burled In the
Imperial vault.
President Cleveland and the members of
his cabinet , except Postmaster General DIs
sell , wcro accompanied by Mrs. Cleveland
and the cabinet ladles. The foreign ambas
sadors and ministers with their extensive
suites , wearing their rich official and court
dress , were present In a body , lending brll
llant color to the solemn ceremony. Am
bassador Uaynrd was also there.
As no Qreels church exists In Washington
the parlors of the legation were for the time
being transferred In to a place of worship ,
with an altar for the celebration of the mass
and ritual and Greek faith.
The services began at 9 o'clock this mornIng -
Ing with mass celebrated by Dishop Nicholas
of the Russian Greek church , assisted by
a Greek monk and tno attendants. The
services , lasting until 10 o'clock , were In
private , being attended only by Prince Cun
tacuzene , the Rusilan minister , his daughter ,
and the officials ot the Russian legation. At
10 o'clock the chants nnd prayers for the re
pose of the czar's soul began In the presence
of the president , members of the cabinet
and diplomatic corps. As each participant
In the ceremony arrived ho was given a wax
candle to bear throughout the service. Prince
Cantacuzeno met President and Mrs. Cleve
land at the door and escorted them to places
Immediately at the ride of the altar.
As the chanting began the candles were
lighted , lending a weird and picturesque as
pect to the scene. The bishop was robed In
the elaborate vestments of his office , his
tiara being set with mosaics , rubles and
emeralds woven Into Jeweled embroideries
and his red velvet surplice being wouni
with a white satin stole embroidered wit )
gold and small Jewels. The Greek monk
was robed In a lengthy , flowing black gown
falling from the top of a high headdress
from which appended the long , shaggy
bearded face of a typical Cossack of romance
The bishop and assistants chanted the service
alternately , the acolytes swinging the censor
until the air was misty with Incense. The
service lasted half an hour , the candles
being extinguished as the chants closed
after which Prince Cantacuzeno escortet
President nnd Mrs. Cleveland to the door
nnd the other guests withdrew.
Dr. Price's got highest honors at theWorld's
fair. Another baking powder , which was not
exhibited , claims an award. The claim Is
officially declared to be "without founda
tion. " .1
Dry < < ooils firm I'ulls.
TACOMA , Wash. , Nov. 9.-Otls Sprague
bns been appointed recelyer of the Garret
son-Woodruff-I'ratt comixiny , a wholesale
dry goods firm and the largest of the kliu
In the stnte. In the papers filed Leroy 1'rati
nnd Cella Woodruff , two of the Inrgesi
stockholders , appear ns plaintiffs , the com
plaint alleging that the aampttny owes over
$400,000 , which It Is unnble to liquidate In
the ordinary course of lnslne's. ) The plain
tiffs claim preferred rights. i\nd wish none
others allowed. The receivership Is n re
suit of a foreclosure suit be tm last week
by the Provident Trust company , a Innje
creditor. The company was organized llvr
Pitcher' Cascpria. *
Children © ryftr
Pitcher's Gasfcoria.
Children © ryfo ?
Pitcher's GastorSa.
cars ago , nnd brfore the depression began
van doing- good business.
W. J. Cornell , the 1C I Cajou man arrested
lor baby farming , has been convicted In the
United States court.
Ernest lliihn , superintendent of the Eagle
illrd mine at Falrbast , N > v. fell down a
shaft yesterday and was Instantly killed ,
W. S. Jasper , of the defunct Crescent Fire
Insurance company of Cleveland , was con
victed of fraud In the United States court
The old whaling bark Mars Is to bs burnt
at' San Francisco to secure * tha Iron nnd cop
ier In her. She was built In 1824 , nnd has
considered the luckiest whaler atloat.
George W. Hoggs , ex-city treasurer of
Tacama , has been arrested charged with em
The appellate court at Indianapolis has de
cided against the Indianapolis Union railway
In a case to restrain the collection of $192-
000 in taxes. The company will appeal.
TheI'lttsburg Chamber of Commerce has
employed counsel to proceed against the dis
cretionary pool people.
Governor Walte of Colorado denies that he
Is Intending to remove to Illinois.
The revenue cutter Calumet which was.
supposed to have been lost on the takes has
arrived safe In port.
A bill for a receiver for the National Nickel
Mining company lias been filed In Chicago.
The- property of the company Is In Oregon.
A. Hayward nnd C. IX Lane of San
franclsco are reported to have pnrchasod
twenty-four of the richest quartz mines In
Captain Wnsson of Port To nsend sny ?
the man by that name who murdered his
wife and then killed himself some tlino ngo
In Mexico Is not hU bro 'icr , Mnjor Wasion ,
late of the regular army.
Ships \\hlch have Just arrived In port re
port having encountered the worst gales In
years on the Atlantic.
The First National bank of Oberlln , 0. ,
was burglarized Thursday night , but the rob
bers only secured $400.
New York gossips have It that Howard
Gould Is to marry OJette Tyler , the actress.
The president has appointed William G.
Hussell of Massachusetts a member of the
Hoard of Indian Commissioners.
It has been decided the order extending the
civil service rules to the bureau chiefs be
came operative Immediately on Its promulga
The failure of Bujh & Co. of Havre
Is announced. They were one of the oldest
and largest dealers In produce In the city.
Louis Flguln , the celebrated French chem
ist , Is dead.
The departure of Prince Dlsmarck from
Filcdrlchsruh has been delayed by the ill
ness of the princess.
It Is believed that Ilerr von Hammer-
stein of Hanover will bo appointed minister
ot husbandry.
A telegram from Duenos Ayres says the
government has refused to tell war ships to
the Chinese.
General Osma , Peruvian minister of war ,
has resigned.
Oregon Kidney Tea cures nervous head
aches. Trial size , 25 cents. All druggists.
Cuticura Remedies
A warm bath with CUTICURA
SOAP , and a single application of
CUTICURA , the great skin cure ,
will afford instant relief , peimit rest
and sleep , and point to a speedy ,
economical , and permanent cure of
the most distressing of itching , burning -
ing , bleeding , scaly , and crusted skin
and scalp diseases , after physicians ,
hospitals , a'.id all other methods fail.
its cures of torturing , disfiguring ,
humiliating humors are the most
wonderful ever recorded in this or
any age.
CUTICURA UBHBDIBS are sold throughout the worlJ.
Price , CtmcURA , Joe. ! SOAP , 130. ; UH OLVBNT , Ji.
POTTKH Im'GAiDCiiEit. CORP. , So.'e Protn , Boit n.
"All about tha lilooJ , Skin , Scalp , and Hair , " free
bUclcheadi , red and oily ilun pre
vented and cured by CtmcuRA SCAT.
and ciVneu , back ache , weak kidney * ,
rheumamm , and chest paint relieved in
OIIH intnuto by the Cutlcurn Anti-
Vain I'laiter ,
rnoDCccs ins JLBOTB
ltr.SUl.T8 In 00 IIATfl. Cures' . . . .
Nertoua Klietiies. > IIUnr Mcmorr ,
l'ArcBloaiecpr ) inecii , Nightly JCjnv1 *
lions , < te. , cnuied by p it ubnp * ! , Bi. * , ' tCor | and tlte
to shrunken orcniiB , and quicklr but purely restores
Lout Mtnhoadln old or young. Kxilyrarilcdln vest
pocket. Frlc ei.Oun | ckiigo. Six for f 5 oonltJi a
tf rlllcn guarantee til < lire or nonry refunded. Don't
buyati fmUuffon , hut Ineiet on harinfr JNI > tlO , it
> our < lrui } litlia notFot It. w trill rendlt iireptld.
Oriental lledlcal ( Jo. , rroi.CMcito , Ilk , r ur iU -
SOLD bj Kutm&Co.Cor ijlh and Douglass Sts ,
and I. A. Fuller & Co. , Cor. nth nnd Douglas :
Sis. . OMAHA. NEB.
CouncilBluffs Paint,0il , & Glass Co.
We carry a ftill line ofall kinds of Paints
Oils , Glass and Painters' Supplies. Wo are
manufacturers of Art Glass and can make you
anything you want in that line. We carry a
full line of Window Sash , glazed and unglazed ,
and will make you bottom prices on any sash
that you want. Our sash are all Council
Bluflsmake. We have over 1,000 hot-bed
sash in stock.
Come and see us or write for prices.
Nos. 1 and 3 Fourth Street ,
The Good Samaritan. 20 Years' ' Expcrlrnco.
WOMKN. rnoi'itJinoH or THE
ivoiii.n's UiutitAT. mst'UN-
s.invor MII : > ICI.VI : .
/ treat the ( oltoning Dseases ;
Catarrh of the Itrnd , TUront nnd I.ungs ; Dls
onM'a or Uu > l.yo niul l'.ir , 111 # uml Alioillcxf ,
llenrt Dl'Oitii' . I.Ivor Couiplitlnt. Kidney Coin *
plaint. Nervous l > el lm > . Mental nc >
iirc-HHloii , I.USH ot Iiiiiliiioil , HCIII-
linil VVonUiiesH , IHiilic'irs. ' lliluht'y Ilh-
cnio , St Vllus' Daui't' , Kli < .MimHtl in , paralysis ,
WliitnStri'lllnif , Sorofnln , 1'rvcrSoira , Tiitll >
urn niitl iMetttila lit into rcrtio > 'tl
without tlio Unite or drawliirt a
ilrop oflilootl. Woman tvllh lier
ilcllciito oriritnii ruwtoretl to
liiMiltlt. nropn.v cured without
liintilnir. Hnuclal Attention uUcu
to I'rlMite itml Veiiurual ! Mnci HCrt
oral ! UlitclH. 850 to SsooplniTcIt fur
uny Venereal IMsetise 1 cnnnot euro
\vlllioitt Mcrciir.v. Tnpo Wuimsirmovrcl
In iwiior threu home , or no pay. Hemorrhoids
or Piles cured.
WlllNato llfunnd hundtcdB of dollms by callIng -
Ing on or using
Tinnnly riijmlulan nrhovini lull Mhatnlls
a linmon u itliiint HKlduj , * a ij notion.
Tluinn nl a dlMunrii hcinl fur Question
ItliuiU , No , 1 Tor men , No. a fur women.
All correspondent ) Mrlctly confidential.
Medicine BU " by cxpiess. Address all letturg
. w. VAKCJI.IC , M. n. ,
IJiieloso lOa In stamps for reply.
President. Caihler.
First National
Capital , - $100,000
Profits , - . . 12,000
One of tha oldflt tiankl In Ihe atato ot Iowa.
We solicit > our business and collection * . \V
l > ay t per cent on tlmo deposits. We will t *
pleased to se * anil scrte you.
Sim ? & Bainbridse , ttS. '
In the Stnto and 1'odorul Courts Kootn
JOO-7-8-U , Miujurt Block. . 01111 < li mufft , low
---Special Notices
CoUijei )
na Iluike. at W. S. Homer's , 623 Broadwdy.
In Itock county , Kutnaskn , CIO arcca timber
laiul In Mlclilgan ; will trade either for etoiK
of cencml merchandise , and will put In cash
11.000.00 or Jl.&OOOO , liouso and lot in Col fax.
price , Jl.GOO.OO ; will trndi * for stock of general
merchandise and put In SJOO 00 ens1 ! : find res
idence inoperty In Council lllutfs , prlco ,
{ 5.00000 ; n 111 trade for eencral stock and put In
$1.000 00 cnsli. All correspondence to be con *
Hdenllnl. Address lock bo 41. Council Dlufts.
acres ; well Improvid ; 5 miles east postolllce ;
t-uod house , barn ; plenty fiult ; prlco (3,000.00.
3 , 11. Shcafe.
nml Hlinon ; well located , di/ng good business )
\\lll tnke part In city rcnl csintc. Improved.
Addrrs L 10 , lire office , Council IllulTa.
furniture ; city water , barn , etc. ; on pav a
sticct It. I' . Ortlcer.
For business reasons
We offer our entire stock of
$15 $18 and some $20 The prices of
Suits and Overcoats for $5.00- these coats Suits andOver do
not cover the cost
of making , leaving
the cloth and the
Your choice of all the single and trimmings clear out
double breasted kersey Over of the calculation.
coats silk and Farmers' satin We are determined
lined worth up to $20 , go at $5 to do the Suit and
tomorro vv Overcoat business
of Omaha , no mat
ter how great the
Your choice of any of the Casst-
mere or Cheviorsuits in four patterns A SUIT
terns , single ordouble - breasted , or an W
worth all the way from $15 to $20
for $5,00 , OVERCOAT
Ml If
successors to Columbia Clothing Co- .
4J >
13th and Farnam Streets.

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