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" - - - - -
. I
. ; - 1 THE OMAHA ; DAILY BEE " .
, , .
r i _ _
a "
Ships Wrcckel on All Part of the Coast
and Many Lives Lost
. ,
' -
Itnny IIU CI In Iuhln nOI the Suburbs '
or fliRt CIt ) Wrecked-Telegraphic
COllllnlcnton Interrupted
nlth SCotnlc ,
" LONDON , Dec. 23.-neports from various
. .
. . parts ot Great Briain show that the gale Is l
abating. The storm raged with the greateal
fury all day Telegraphic communication
wtlh Scotland Is completely Interrupted ,
whlo the wires In the mhlanll counties
and Ireland are more or less damaged.
There Is hardly n town ot any size but
reports ) personal casualties anti damage to
property. Mlnufacturlng towns In the north
and west suFfered badly. Hoofs were torn
oft and chimneys collapsed , crashing through
adjoining hulilngs ) and Idlng and Injuring
4\ a number ot werking people. A number or
. fshing boats arc missing. Three boats were
swamped of Slornaway and twenty-two oc-
tupants drowned. Much damage was done
to house In Dublin and the suburbs of that
city.Ieoplp In the Donegal his are reported to ,
be suffering terribly , their cottages being
wrecked and flooded. The ships America
. and the Mary 1. Marshal went ashore near
I Greenock. The Arlmlow was driven ashore
In Scalpsle bay and has nine feel ot water
In her hold. I I expected she will bo a
total 1c58.
All around the coast vessels are reported
to he ) strandell or In the greatest elanger.
The ship 11r Michael \as wrecked oft Holy-
head and five of her crew were drowned.
The other six men on her were rescued
with much dilliculty. The rour-masted
County of ICinross for lartepool , was seen
, - oft that port 1)lnp on her beam ends anti I
' I
apparently sinking. ler crew was seen on
her wRit life belts on. The actual number
of deaths Is unknown , but It Is expect
that the list wi not be much less titan 100.
The American ship ICennebec from Port
Dallely , which had discharged her cargo at
Belast , broke adrift and sank a tug and
damaged another "essel.
Dldnstrousccllclt to the Ilnnchcster
I.tt Ten 1.lv.s.
, 23.-The Manchester express -
press on the London & Northwestern railway ,
whIch was wrecked at Chelford last night ,
consIsted of two engines and sixteen coaches
fled chiefly with people bound from Mant
. chester for London to spend the holidays.
; A number ot freight cars were being shIfted
\ near Chelforti . when the wind , which was
blowing with great violence , started one
ot them back on the rails. The
" runaway car was driven slantwise across
the main hue just as the express appraoched
The engineer ot the express which was run-
fling at the ' rate or forty miles an hour , saw
dimly nn'ead a hugs obstruction approaching ,
. - and the brakes wer applul and the engines I
, I , reversed , but the momentum ot the heavy
' ' /raln was .o "reat that Its speed was not
\ f'itIcClY. ; .checked. The engines and _ " thrc
coahhs cler of .
gen the poInts before the car
struck the depress.
' The teaches which were hit by the wagon
were completely smashed , while those fol-
lowing were dernlled and partially shattered .
' ' partaly shatered.
'Al the lights were extinguished , and this I
added to the fears of the passengers.
The scene was n horrible one . the In-
i jured passengers screaming the wpunded
I . - - groaning and the guards and porters hoarsely
shouting for assistance. Men with
lanterns were sent to .
fag another -
other train that was approaching the I
scene of the wreck. Fires were lighter along-
sldo the line to rescuers
Ino the rescuers to pursue I
their worlc. Those passengers who had not
been hurt scrambled but ot the cars and L
formed a relief part ) ' . Thirteen bodies were i
. taken from the wreck. Some of them were )
badly mutilated . A number of those on the t
train had narrow escapes All the omclnls
except the fireman or the first engine escaped L
death , but most ot them
were Injured. The I
second engine was derailed anti overternud ,
.L2) i ItS engineer was only slightly hurt.
Medicine and other aid
arlrved tram Crow
.and the Injuted , who numbered over fIfty , ,
were attended to. Several ot those Injured ffy
will die. One carriage that was derailed by
the force ot the collision '
colision , struck and corn
pletely'demolshcll a sIgnal box beside the
line. A special train brought them to Lan -
dODo Ln-
Htorm . Caulel the Ilvord to O\"rlo\v urn
Illch HIIIO hicithits.
AMSTERDAM , Dec. 23.-leavy foods
: . have been causel by the storm In holland .
TIle rlwrs
Mans and note rose twelve
feet , Inundatng parts ot ilottordam . float :
were used In the streets and In the market
places , which were hIm ! lales. Many of
the d'lees threatenell to give way under the
heavy pounllng ot the sea In Severn 'I '
plaos the water succcelled In breaklrt1 \
through , anti the country In the vicinity or
the breaks Is hooded. Nine houses collapsed -
lapsed , their foundations being untiermineil .
At Utrecht several
persons were drowned
ly the capsizing of u boat. Telegraph and
telephone wires were everywherJ , broker
' 1he bark Caroline , from Savannah for 11am -
burg , went ashore
near l gmollsee and
bctmo 1 total wreck Her cargo Is being
washrll up on the beach. Part of her crew
" were drownell.
IlSSI . Dcc 23.-The storm has
% caused much lama go throughout : hlelgiuni
1lany of the Belgiln fibbing boats are miss- :
1ng. Tha towl ot Iendermonda at the
. , confluence ot the Dender and Scheld t
" ; rtvr8va8 Inundated by the Sehell
flowIng of the Icnt.Ier . ' '
fowing Donier. "ho Inhabitant 5
\tro ; aroused by the tocsin and escapet I ,
but the property loss ts great ' escapel -
lages \udegeme , Denderle. Mespelacre ,
Allleis anti Baen were also Inundated
I.UmUnO , Dec. 23.-The river mbe has
\ overnown its bnnles all Inumlatell the lower
' Ilarts ot tIre lown. The
water Is so doe I )
that tram cars are , unabla to run.
I'"nr :1 hlll ' . ' :1'.Srl"I'1 lt 1'lrl. .
P/tillS ) ( c. : -Oencrl Tcherlcort , who :
J was sent nl lleclnl envoy to announce the
accession ot Czar Nlhoils to the throne of
flussla , arrived het this afternoon. II c
WiS rc"eh' with niIhtars' aferoon. honor. ThIn ) .
thousand Ilropio WCO mocmbl along the
. sheets throuh whIch the
; IH'neral iassr ti
anll hb l was lnitntlIy cheered. fassEI
Wil 11'lrty dl'eret. lie viIi see
1'r's.It1ent CUllmlr-lrl'ler tomorrow wi
1'110" \m'rl.l "hll'i $ . \bu1.h"II ,
MAlHUU , 1ec , : , -ln \ 'ontequeneo or the
urgent l.roteltK or the \nle,1 States mlu- mister
Ister , the minister of the 'olonlel hal d Ii'
clcell to IIIe hnmellale action tn Iht so t.
th'ment ot thmt linen leton . ' '
thl Ineu imposed tip ' \nl.I'lcan
shllulnu I ) ' the t lulhnrllli 1 ot Cuha . Iml
ishvsd 'uno . lU" ' , anti lurthP lines wi he aba I.
Chnlt'ra ; ; -I til" , " ' .
, JJJ'\OS . \ ' I IS. Dec. Several , 'ascl
p ot chuler m" l't'llortNI II ltosanio 11reat
prrelutonl IHI'o tlln tuk\1 to I're\'ent Ihe
svrcull of the ( tISt'31ft' .
p n l' _ _
J.ot'tI HII.IIII'h I hur'hll I I I ii pros t'd.
IAJUn.l.m : , 11. . : -I.rc Huncollih
ChurchIll Inl b cuml "utorl blnce his U : I- I
- - ' -
ri val here. Symptoms or locomotor ataxia
hnve nppearcd. Nevertheless he was deter-
mlnell to IlroccCI to London , and nceOm-
pa nieti hy his wife and Ilhslelun , he
st for Paris tonight. )
OIIt\Y'S : l'OI.tTIth'tL . UUrl.UOIC i
NOlhll/ Moro W'LIt Ito Jclu.1 or the I
Socl"l t Inctdclt. I
LONDON , Dec. 23.-The correspondent of'
the Times at Berlin says ho docs not think ,
Ilat the political situation In Germany : Is
sc gloomy as It Is generally lupposed. lie
'adis that Chancellor von 10henioho has
perceived that he has made n rnisnke ! and
w ill turn hack before It Is too tate. There
I reason to hope that nothIng more will
be heard of the socIalIst Incident , except
the strengthening or the disciplinary powers
of the Helchstag. The Cologne Oazete , In
an Inspired article , says that Chancellor von
lohenlohe Is not a man to run his head
against a wall ; on the contrary , he wilt
leave no stone unturned to obtain from the
Helehstag by calm negotiations what he requires -
quires In order 10 fulfill that on whIch he
lays mos weight. Any conflict with the
Helehstag would render the ntalnment or
his ends dllcul , I not hriipsshblo.
Wtl , , \ SSItTT1IfiCOMMiSS1O ( .
l'or.ln 1)ch'gtttes " 'Il 11\.0 No Trouble In
In\.tlltn the , \rmenlll trnchtlc. .
CONSTANTIOPI , nee. 23.-Tho Porte
has h agreed to Instruct the foreign delegates
who will accompany the Armenian commission -
mission that they are empowered , not only
to suggest questions to the witnesses , but ,
also to personally examine tlterni Abulah
Pashn has withdrawn from the presldene ,
of f the eommlsslou nt the last moment , and
has been replaced by two officials from the
ministry ot justice , who wi start today
for hhrzrotirn , where the other members of
the commission are already ass mbled. Ab-
d ullali's recall Is supposed to be due to the
representatons that he Is inferior In rank
to t Zedlc Pnsha , who , It Is alleged . com-
mited the atrocities , and wi have to be
Sir .1 . 'I ' ThnIIJou' . Itcnnhn I : ironite.
LONDON , Dec. 23-Time cruiser Iilenslmelrn.
having h on board the remains of Sir Juhn
Thom'1son , prime mlnlqter of Cttntmtia . stilted
rain Portsmolth this morning for linlltrix.
T 'he gale whIch ' lalfnx.
' gale IJ.e\'alol yesterday has
tibsitled - -
Frr elm Traitor ttitcI.loq.
pAnlS , Dec. 2-An unveriled report Is
current tint Captain Droyftis who was ,
senteneell to imprIsonment for life for re-
vealng French military secrets to foreign
ewers has committed suicide In prison.
- - - - - - -
a V.I TE.'ttdI.IS . . .111J.U 71WUlI S.
In I IbtlrbO' ' COldltol uni Nlt\.cs ere
n.ly for Wu r.
OAXACA , 1lex. , Dec. 23.-A courier from
the Guatemalan border reports that there Is i t :
such 1 dlturbol condition ot affairs on the I i
fronter that farms Iml ranches are being
abnndoned . and the people seeking places 01
sfet ) from the depredations and _ crimes
t hat are constantly being committed by the
1)IIts and outlaws foowlnl In the wake '
of the soitliers. The Guatemiiun forces are ;
belnu strengthened all along tine line and ] I
the Indians and other natives ot the country -
try Ire beIng pressed Into mitary service :
The volunteer troops of thIs state lS well
ar s ot the state of Ihlpas , are equipped and
ready tn march to the front r us soon as I
war Is declared.
ACAPULCO Mex. , Dee 23.-The ex1enlled ]
stny In Ihls harhor of the English cruisers
Royal Arthur , .Champlon. Satellite and I
Nymph Is I mater ot much speculation us
to the plans ot EngIuml with Its warshIps
In i this part of the l'acilic. Tln . most gen I
e rally accOpted belief Is that the commlsI I
loners have some designs for the ; govern -
ment In connection with the present hound
dary dispute between Guatemala and Mex-
l eo . anti especially In view ot the uncom- :
municatve POlICY being followed by the ,
commamler ot the loa ts.
The probable attitude of the United I
Stat.s In the event of meddling on the pail t
of England Is also a mutter being Industriously -
triously lseussed In some quartera. The :
cruls.r have been lying Idle lt anchor In ;
this harbor for I month and there Is no In-
dlcnton ot an early departure. .
lIUlJ TO ,4En TII 11 il.a ,
Tculcsseo lcolllo T.ar Ion n Stoekaelo to
_ \\'ltl. . . 1 Double l'vcnt.
1AYNAnDSVI.T.E. Tenn. , Dec. 23.- -
Clarence Cox and John Stanley , two men
age respectIvely 2G anti 23 , were execulell
here l ) yesterday afternoon. The .xecuton
was witnessed by fully 3.0 people. Under
the laws of Tennessee executions are to b :
private , only a few persons spccled by the
law l being allowed to witness the execu-
tions. Such was not the case toda ) ' . An
enclosure had heen erected In a valley one
mile from the jail. I was twenty feet wide
and forty feet long. 11shJe this the execu-
ton wits to take place on 1 double gIOWS. T
Sheriff John Shille had sworn In I special i
guard of 10 men to protect the prisoners
and keep the crowd hack. The crowd , how
ever , swims drinking and became unruly
ShorU ) ' before 1 o'clock the guards left the
stockade for the jail. Whie away the mob
made iL I rlsh for the stockade , and In less ,
tmo unto It tles 10 tel I , the stockade
was razed t1 tIne ground , ns It 1 cyciomn C
had struck it. ' excitement .
hnl I. 'he exciement was intense
and It looked for I few moments its It I
110011shed woull be the resul , lut cooler
heads prevailed until everything IIsed or
aU right _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ _
sLi's TlB l'OI' } 18 " 'l rr.
Ur. hooker H.'nl.s tine lel1It Ills 10lnc88 :
I" ! ull'rlll rrum Cntnrrh.
NEW YORK , Dec. 23.-Dr. Z. Booller ,
formerly vice president ot the Amerlean
college at htonne and who has recently IIen
appointed secretary to the apostolic dele-
! aton In , America , to succeed Secretary
Plppl ) , arrived In thl city on the Cunard
liner 1UCllhL yesterlla Speaking of tin C
pope's hel1h , he lald : "I never law the
pope In better health than nt present . anll
the report that he II SUffering with catrth Il
Is not true. ' 1he lpe bail just received tim a
fIrst copies of the oriental encyclical . which l
hnd ( been prepareel during the ) last days of
my stay at Home , anll copies ot which aI
bear to Mgr . Satoihi. The oriental enc'clcal
concerns the steps that huve been tallen In I :
-ho east to bril : Into the Homan Catholc
foht hmnntny of the Inhabiant ! ot Armenia
und the countries . wino tholh practcaly
Cat holes , still refuse to acknowledge the
IHpremUe ) ' ot the hlsholl ot Home. fly en . 4-
tablshlng ehocls antI permittng the nath.es
of these countries to rdall luany ot their
oitl CUSt0l1 In time cele\rton ot amass the
ell ! ) hopes to bring hem a into the elmurcim .
. - .
.Ol..aw ; 0. TIi1IIUII.1XiTO.V.
CIIOIlllt , "llulrcr Irlnt time bltemcnt
Ih"r l'ChmIm'iit l'lrklll Wi ltctlre. ,
CJNCINNAfJ , Dee. 23.-Tine I.nqulrer , r 5-
statement rectally nHule that '
terrlng to the Ilntement rpcllt ) ,
Prcslcent lprkll ! ot ( lie Chleng ' , Iiunlimnt 1-
ton & Quine railroad would resIgn on Jun-
ual ) I , strongly intimates this rumor ts I
founded aim tact I says rnrthermore , that
Vice I'rcsldent Oorle U. harris will swn. -
cecil to the ; lu'eshlenc , that General \an-
niger \ \ ' . I , ' . Mel'rl wi succeed to the vice '
Ilresidenl' In 1)1:1CC \ ' ot Harris ; that . W. C. :
1k-own genera mnnnlr of the lul.ln ton
limes In 1 luurl ull Jnnsas , wilt be mI r.
Mernil's 5uecessor ; hut Howlnl 1 llot
general tl ellht agent cf the St. Louis &
I.eoluk Northwclter rnlh\a ) ' iii sticcet d
' . tl' . Irowl , unit wi have hil wl ollc IUCCCCt .
JOse\1h \ , Mo. Ir. Wlot is a rellhew or
l'reshieimt Perkin .
iiL'ltldNG'VON. ha. , lice. 2.-ThQ Hnwk-
eo InnounC"1 that limit reliant from l'ln-
) rellort
clinnnmti th"t President Perkins of
clnnnl Perl ns the Chi-
cage . lulllton & Quine mlroall Is Ibout
10 rcigmn Is C nb' n repetition current In I
welteln neWSl1pcrs ( cm' le\'lrat week Ilast )
timid Is whol ' without . foundation.
11 I'\l : . iIim ; mimi , I Phi \\antt. .
WIII'A. 1an. , nec 23.-A special to i
the 1'aglo : fr.n Muscogee ! las 11 Colc ,
tine n. tet outaw , II said to be lying at the
point or deuth In the tastnesses of the
Illnn t'ountry' , between that place iso nml
I"n Gibson. ills noted sister Loin art
1'll'he,1 there and Is li rslui 111mm. * lIe 1s
lufClln/ , from IWo w.und ! untl the IIIPUI ) '
11\lhall 1\1e trwfll him b ) ' caslawuy
hlo tiy hnlllll1. ) 'hl ) ' mire now witim tin
tW\nt-four mali . I of the hlcls , unll when
they nrll'l l"ullo II 'xlleete'l ' , its ( oak Is
II ( tl mltst f f a ftrel { on'\ of his hat -
bn'p I synnpntlnlzeinm. Cherokee 111 wal ;
Ils' w < ulllelt In . tine hip , anti , both were ca r-
(4 . .Iemla .i 1 vet hint ) II s on hItters 1) ' the ir
Owner of Ships Sebd : in Boring Sea.Want
Too Much Money.
Jcllresentntvo hilt l'tlllnl tine "Probablo
1'lrnlnc " Feature ot time Donminmnils-
Unlct SIntl 1 > : IIetcl to l'u1
Half n :1101 ,
WASHINGTON , I ) . c. , Den , 23.-Seeretnry
Gresham's communicaton to congress rela-
tve to paying $425,000 for lerlng sea s51zure
Is occasioning much discussion among those
who Ilve been giving attention to the sub-
jc ct. Hcpresentatve II or Illinois , who
Introduced tine resolution calling for the In-
rormaton , Is not yet satisfied that the Unied
States should pay the luml } stll of $ 12 , OOO
for the seizure , as he says the positve evidence -
dence already adduced shows this amount
to be extremnnely exc sslve. : lr. Ht points , (
out that the original claims , , as fed , toot
up to $439,000 , which Is little lore than
the amount ot the proposed cpmpromlse.
o this $139.000 , : lr. lt says , 35 , OOO Is
for f "probable earnings , " "estimniated catch , "
e tc. That is . the ships claim large dam-
e gos for what thcy might have earned I
thcy t had not been seized , so that three-
fourths or their claim Is for ProsPective or
remote damages and only omne-fourtn for
damnges actually ' sustained.
Mr. Ilt sa's'thls ( theory ot Prospective
damages was expressly repudiated before
the fatuous Alabamn awards cornmnilssion. I
was then held that the Unied States could
not recover for what a number or American
ships might mayo done It they had not been
selzell. The congressman SIS this precedent -
dent and others settles the principle or Inter-
nutonal law , that remote damages cannot
be collected.
1 Is also shown that of the eighteen ships
claiming damages ten were American ships.
Some of these American sealers were flying
the BriIsh fag merely for the sale or
a voiding detection. : lr. 1lt urges that It Is
not for Great Britain to collect alleged dam-
ages to American slmhi ) . The claIms of these
American ships arc Included In the settle-
ment m of $42&.000. alhough Mr. Htt says
that the United States should deal with its I
awn ships In Its own way and not through ,
Oreat Britain as an ritermediary. After
deductng the $357,000 for "probable earn , '
Ings" lt l and further dcuctng the claims or
the t ten American ships , : lr. lull hold that
there Is very little left of the original
c lauim , . and that $42&,000 Is far In excess of
what It ought to be.
Satsfactory FrogrcsiIas Uccn Iudo Uur-
Ini the iear.
W'ASIIINGTON Dec. 23.-The annual re -
port of the Board ot Ordnance and lortf-
catons , sent to congress yesterday by Secretary -
retary Lament , contains descriptions of the i
various experiments and tests that have
been made during the year ended October
3 1. The year , the board reports has been m
one ct positive and satisfactory advance
The want ot a , sulabl dlsappearlig car
riage for the eight-Inch and ten-Inch high
power guns which has so long retarded the ,
completon ot emplacement has beau - eb-
v iateti . so that we now have carriages of rr r
American invention unequalled for rapidiy r
ot action by anything heretofore Invented.
The suppply ot seacoast guns ts co.nty )
Increasing i , and the mounts arc fully developed -
eloped for each of the calibers. Thnt there
are additional candidates for favor need not L
delay the supply ot those already tested and I
approved for thc sites to which they arm S '
The development and test of auxiliary de-
ft ences . such as submarine mInes mOvabla
orpedoes t rapid-firing guns and range and
position fInders . are said .to have reached a
stage where we huve only to make a choice
or the best. All are In good condition and
In n high state ot advancem nt. Among
the fields to be further explored are the
investigation anti development of smolleless :
powders , further experiments with high explosIves -
plosIves to determine one or mere that a
be safely frell with the hlchest velocly ]
now obtalr d from high power guns ; new
types t ot center.plnte carriages for the eight
Inch guns anti ten-Inch guns , with reterence
to the greatest cover , compactness and speell
of maneuvering ; the possible development c
a dIsappearIng carrIage for twelve.lneh guns ;
the t development of armored casement bat
teries anti turrets for eight-Inch guns . which
arc all the department requlrol ot them ;
the development and test ot new projectile S
and armor plates.
The board , tine report concludes , feels justi
fed In recommendIng as It now does , that
far more liberal appropriations than heretofore -
tofore bE made for tine construction and arm
ament of our works of defense. The esti -
mates of the beard for experimental work
for the coining year aggregate $300.000 , of
which $50.000 Is for smokeless powder tests I ,
and $100,000 for procuring experimental gut in
carriages . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ gn
Conlccteut COIrressleu 'ould l'laco '
' 11CI tldel CivI Service nu1 , ,
WAShINGTON , Dec. 23.-nepresentatve
Forest , or Connecticut , chairman of the house
committee on civil servie , has introduce
a bill to "exclude political influence In the
appointment ot potmastera. " 1 provides
that nil postmasters now In omco or imere
after to be allpolnled email hold their ofces
during the Hulon. The president Is authorized I.
thorized , however , to remove , first , second
or thld.clasl I'ostmasters , "tor cause coon
munlcalell to time senate" at the session following I-
lowing the removal. Tine postmaster general
Is aha authorIzed to remove fourthclas
postmasters for "caUse communicated In the
lettEr of removal. " Secton 3 provides that
neither tine preslient or ltulaiter general
shall IPolnt or remove a poslmaster upon
polItical grounds , "nor small any vostofce :
Inspector recommend any applcaton for re.
moval or appointment upon volitico :
grounds "
The hilt direct that the United States be
divided into potoflIce districts , each dim I-
Irlct to be t1reshled over b ) ' a poolce in .
specter . Where there Is a fourth-class ye I-
eancy In' tine district , the inspector publshes
attics of the vacancy ami issues blanks for !
apinlicamnts . 'fhe later mus show their cal ; -
abilities of electon , healh , business , etc ,
for the Illace. No reference whatever Is to I
be malle to politics amntl no
poltcs aUI paper bearing on
polities h to be '
poltc received The Inspeotor
then mske a report to the postmaster general -
eral merit and , tine allpolntment Is made strictly c pin
1lEititI'1' : , \Cll - I'TI 1 'rll : I'J\'IS
Stretched 1 l'olimt II tIme ( ' 110 or I hormor
, for I ho ( Irigon.
WASlNGTON , Dee :3.-Andrw Carnegie
called at the na"y department ) "csterday
and bad In Interview wih Secretary lie r-
bert . His purpose was to kioI what the de.
partment requires with respect to the lot ot' : ;
armor plate lutended for tine forward ha r-
bte of the batteship Oregon , the test plate
of which had been recolihendell for rejecton
lS the result or the unsuccessful trial at
Indian II'ad. The secretary howevr , last
evenlug decided to accept the entire lot of
pates ! Ills reasons for doing so were that
the cracking of the 1Iates , In the test was due
to a projectile superior to the o'dlnary ser V.
let shot ; that the Carnegie company was e a-
titled to the same conc"lslons made to the
Bethlehem compauy In the case of tine in
eighteen-Inch plate , namely , that a crack
und'r the first shot only should not of Isel
be sufficient for the rejection of the plate ,
and finally beause the InlJectnra at the I
steel works reported that the plate suLnmilt eel
- - . : _ : _ :
to t test was undoubtedly ' tar inferior to the
rest of the lot , Conserltientiy , the entire lot
of 420 tons will bo at once shipped to the
Union Iron works nnll put In placl on the
Oregon , the contractor for which has been
chafn ! for some tmb a the . delay Imposed
u pen his work -by the nonarrh"al ! of the
armor. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
T ext or t.untol ! linmndcrsoim's tli to Give
U\\'CrlICnt I.BuII 10 limo Stnte.
WASIII NOTON . Dec. , : 23-Special.-Men. ( )
ton was made II leo specials last week of
the t bill Introduced bY Senator Manderson
Irovhlng ' for the transfer from the general
so\'erment to the state of Nebraska of all
puble iib domril within the state , the same to
be used In aiding Iriation. The full text
ot the bill Is :
A bill granting to the state of Nebmslm ,
for the irrigation and reclamation
fa ot
Irrllrton reclamaton semi-
a mid lands. nail for other
an lnnrhnoses , the lltiblic
l IUrpoes
lands In said tnte. IUblc
Be It enacted by the senlte amid house of
rel.resentatvcs of the nnt States of
America II COn"re51 asselnhlell , Strtes all
11Ubic lands belonilng to tM Unlol States
Iltunto In the stnte of Nl'bmskn be ninth tine
same nre hel'b , Irunted 10 tine said state
of Nebmskl , for the l1rIJe of Itate
the allng
lrrlgmittomn and reclamation
Irrllaton thereof and
of othe\ semnni-rmt'imh ittfll3 ( of ahl ac
otheseml'l'hl hLII ! ! state , ulnon
the ulon
following CCHltOIS , namely.
First , 'l'imat stch mititte 1111ICI Ihal Inrocecti , \vith-
out unneCesQm'3' dehl ' , to tilyinle It1 area Int"
Inliltol i districts auidm to provide ! arn the
dlstllbuton of lurfaeo and tintiergiountl 1
waters to said : tiistnicts amid . further , to
engage II the actual worlt of reclaimIng
sahl lallis by ccmuluctlmng'miter thereon , by
the eonltrucUon of requisitti wells , ctnnmdn ,
rEservoi' and all other. nccesniry ! irrigation
work ! so as to aecomlllsh actual and sueli
eeiful cs cultivatIon or alrlQuluml products .
'so far its such IAI1Is may be capable ] of
I'ecllmaton be 1 prper wuler supply ; amid
said state imaI1 comntlnuotnsly engage In good
eontnuouI .
faih , according to tine ability , II the work
oW f such irrigation aiimlm'eoiannation , nnmntil time
whole al'el CIII1Ie thereof shal have beel
reelnlmed for the Imrpos aforesaid
Second ' 'hlt If , aLnlY ( lIne after ! the ex-
platol Of ten ) 'ear frm the dale of thIs
/ctlln the Judgment ot the president of the
l Jmmltt'tI Statcl. said stata Is not pmceetiimng i
01' continuing In good fatth with the work of
contnuing IOOI faih
h'luaton t or reclamaton , as herein provided ,
It i t small be imtwfiml ! proVlled
5hnl e lawfll ( or hunt by Ilbl0 Ilroc-
Ilmaton l to so declare . amid congress nmmty
thereupn declal.c that tine . United States
( 'esnrnemm the title to nil of such lands hereby
gl"untell as small then rernniln wlnohly
unrclatmed or not dl remnl1 wholy
said state , fc' the losel only ot
contnuln tine work of such In.lga- :
t han and ! recamlton ] , ant for no other purpose -
pose whatever the same to be proceeded
with In such manner CS congress mlY then'
nftel' In'ovll anti determIne lecordlng to I
the Intents and purposem of 'this act.
' 1hlrd. ' 1hat said stl te " may lease or sell I
the lamls hereby grunted , am' such portioins m
of them as mnnay be necessary , for the 11ur-
pOse o rising tine requIsite funds to ac-
comllish Irrigation anc reclamation. Pro. :
\Ided. That said stale may enact laws pro-
\lln , for the sate ot the heces arIlnds ;
for town sites and for rilit ot way purpostsa
Fourth That when Imeh , hinds , or any
Portion thereof Ihll hlvebecn reclaimed I
urni thereby made subject , to agricultural
m Isc . the same small he soil to ICtll1 settlers
enl ) ' , In tracts not cxcc-lhg 16 acres ot
h'rlSlbl i lanti In atllJon : to which each
sctlcr shal be entted to acquIre by Imr-
chase nonlrrlh'ble lands to such al amount L
as will increase his holding to 1 total acre
age of not more than &U acreS . all such :
entries of irrigable 0' oilier lands to be
IHle conf"rmnIy to legal subdivisions , '
such lands to be sold to cach ; 'ettier at the
prices and under such regulations lS to ;
entry and perfecting of tll ! as shall he
fxc anti provided hy the state legislature ;
all Irrlgable lands to be sold to such setters ,
at prices not exceeding the 'coot. ot reclaim
l og . anti on suCh terms of payment ann may
be prescrlbcd by law' and .nonlrrlgable lands
taken by seter ! to , be rated at a pric not
exceeding $2.50 ' ; nep ae .
Fifth , , Thut all lands \ot subject to Irri-
gaton 0' reclamation and useful only for
pastoral purpses and not taken ' under the
tongolng provisions of tht'"nct , may be
soi or leased 1y said ! tat "der such regulations -
ulations and provlslon asthe legiatunm l ) C .
thereot may prescribe. ! ' . -
Sec. 2-That full accurate 'intidetailed I.
tul 'ad detaied reports -
ports of the operatohs at said state shah i
be made on , or before the first day of Jui p '
In each and every year , to the president ot" :
the Ull States thrgh the o\ernor 1
thereat , who shall certify to the accuracy ,
thereof and the preshlent may t\m tme '
, to time demand such OIlier Id further reports - I'
potts tlereonl as In his judgment may be 1
necessary and proper , anti failure to male
the reports herein provhled , or nny ot them ,
for six months after written demand thereof - II
ot , sushI be sufficient cause for the proclaI ,
maton 1y the preslden al provided In sec -
ton one of this nct.
Sec. 3That all funds derived front th S
sale or lease ot lands shall be primarily tie
\oted to the reclamation or lands susceptble ;
ot irrigation . and any unexpended reslue
shal be added to and become 1 part of the
permanent schcol fund , or the said state ;
and such funds shal not 4e expended 01' i
disposed of In any other manner.
Sec. 4-That upon the acCeptance , by the
lelslature of said state or Nebrslc ot the
! tht
terms conditions and pr\'lslons 01 thIs act
the same small become op : : ve In said
state und tlnereupon nnd rrom the date at
such acceptance , all hLW and parts ot law S
Inconsistent wih the terms of this act shal l
become Inoperative In saId state . Provided
That any antI nil claims heretofore initiate 1
under the land II\s ot' the United States
shal be perfected thereuadel' by complance
With the term thereof ; , nil land . however "
the claims to which slush be defeated because -
cause or noncomplance with law . shal to .
vent to and vest In the said state under the
provisions ot this act.
Sec. &Thnt upon the ' acceptance ot th
provisions or thIs act by saId state or
Nebraska and from time to time thereafer
aK occasion may . require It shall be the
duty of the secretary ot the interior , at th
expenee ot the United States , to cruse to bi 0
delivered \ to the properautinorItles of said i
state all maps recorl s. books all papers or
certified copies thereof , tn Case It may be
ncceeary to retain the , originals tn the general -
oral land omce , which may he necessary to
said state tC the proper control , administr-
tion and dlsll05t ton ot such lands.
Sec. o-'rinat upon the aceeptnnce ot this
act by said state ot Nebraska In the
manner prescribed by section tour Inereol r
this act and the act ot aeceptnnce thereot
shal become binding upon the Unite
States and said state ; anti thIs act and such
acceptance thereof slll not be altenet , .
amended or repealed In any manner exce'ti
upon the mutual consent of the United
State anti ot said state expressed through
acts ot the legislature thereQt and through
congress. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Oleh.1 of limo UO'prnlcltlxtoU' to
Hott. tIme Armciial Trouhles. .
WAShiNGTON , Deo. 23-That the Turkish -
kish government Is lee\lng posted upon the :
reports In cIrculation conceraImJf the Arnu
milan troubles and that It , desires a friendly
public oplnlun , seems evideut from the care
wIth which It observes time , reports which secure -
cure circulation abroad Jtss made lenlal
of several printed atoniecf oppression In I
Armenia , ali today the Turkish mlnlsler
furnished to the press .Uspatch from his
government contradictng I -several . printed
stories .
The dispatch Is as toJaWI ( : "it hai been
publshed that time arcbl.hop of Marah
wss Inl1rlonc at Alep ; that tine bishop of m
Jadjln , the' nrchblshop' of Zeloun and
Father Jarask of Marub were domed 10 I
Ieath ; that Sister Elzb lh % and twenty-Ri \
other prisoners were under' arrest , and that
fifteen lesllng m l cr 'lep were sent to I
prison. All these aUlerlOQs arc wihout the
least foundation In fact , ncr was tine ehurch
In Oeylan " closed , l bas I been falsely r 5-
ported _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Cll'EL.N1)'t4 : OU rue ; 1l4IEU.
three Jlulroe\ luc . Hllrd 11 tile l're8-
tiammt an,1 111 .
delt iIa ComplnUI.
\VASI1ING'fON , mO. 23-President Ceve-
land and his party of' duck hunter returnCI
to the city this moring. The train was due
at 7 o'clock , but did net arrIve until nearly
I o'clock , all the traIns 011 the line being
late. The Ilresident was looking well , being
a little browned by hla expbsure to the lun
and wind Altogether the psty killed about
300 ducks , the preddent beIng rc.ponslble
for rather more : thBn half of them. He I
spoke very apprecatvely of his receptIon at
Georgetown yest { day
'rook I izt-1 Imrr'Iiiounsad Hollrs
N/tShhi'A , N. Il. , Dec. 2.-The examiner's
report ot the embezlement of ( ' ashier
1.'rank A. Mel\ean ot the Indian hlenmi Na-
Iona I bank , Llmows I Ihortale ot $ lenll ,7 , r.
. '
_ _ r _ kfl
Murc0r of 1 White Man in Georgia Prothicesp
a Reig of Terror .
1oth Shlcs Ica11rmcd anti n Com.ton
18 Imumninemnt-'thig Iimnthi or Vcat.omn5
UCld1 for Use nt n
omenl's tmtlco ,
QUInlAN , Ga , Dec. 2-The lives of
seven negroes have been tnlen In the last
t twent-four hours In revenge for that of
ono white man anti unless nil signs fall utterly -
terly many more lives arc In jeopard Two
bodies of eletermlneel men , between 40 and
GOO In all , very man being heaviy armed
amI each body about equal In numerical
strenglh to the other , separated by less than
n mie ot country anti liable to clash at any
mluutethat I the spectacle presented here
In Brooks county tonigint
One body Is mace up . or . stern , determined
whlo rlen bent on revenge for the brutal I
murder m ot one of the best citIzens or this I
c onty. Tine other ts made UII ot negroes , ,
terror t stricken and fearful lest they amid
their t families be made the objects of a slm-
lrr fate that has already befallen several I
ot their number , and are reatiy to defend ,
thelmc\s ns wEl as Ihey may bo able
What the next tweut-tour moans will I
bring torth no one can predic ; that there i
w ill be an open clah SEems much morc I
than probable at this wrltn . The authorl-
t ics are powerless and practically no efforts I
have h yet been made to bring about peace ,
ave by the relatives of the man whose mur-
cer Is the cause of It nil.
On Thursday Joseph hem , one ot
Brooks county's most prosperous farmers I
a mid best citizens , was murderec by a party
of negrccs , and It leaked out that ( the IdlIng .
i mig of Isom was a mart ot n plot to kill al I
the whites who were In the 110SSO which a
few weeks ago arrested Jesse Jelreth % for
the killing of T. loulden. Isom lived ten I
mies north or here In n part of the county
where the negroes outnumber the whites ,
ami the killing caused great excl ment.
When It developed that the same gng of r
negroes had sworn to kill olher white men I
the white gathered together ns I by one
aceor,1 and the work ot death anti destruc-
ton began.
Ot tine seven who arc dead the flannel
or only tour could be obtained this after
fl000. A reporter visited the scene late
this t evening. Every cross roads was found I
picketed with sentinels . and every man In
the country Is armed to the teeth. When
on ot these race excitements occur King
Terror rules In the homes of whites as wel ;
as blacks ; and thIs Is such a case.
There are probably 500 men In arms , cover
Ing i an area at about five square nniles .
About a mile and a half trom the home ot
the Isoms were about 200 whites , all , svel
' al wel
arm T d and breathing alt sorts vengeauco ,
A mile ' further was n crowd ot negroes ot I I :
about the same size , armed wih Winches
tar "rIOes , pistols . axes , e"bs anti every ;
a valabl2 weapon , waiting for the whites to' '
attack them. They are entrenched In and (
around n lot ot negro cabins In the midst
ot n thin grove , and the latest informatlot ins
Is i that Inc whites
s are advancing on them :
front two sides.
Sam Taylor , Elx Frazer , Sam Pike and
Henry Sherard are tour negroes known to
have been killed. I Is understood that
'Vaverly l-ke. Jim McCal and I negro
named Herring were probably the otiners
The country Is comparatvely sparsely set
ted , and the facilities for securing Informa-
ton are very meager.
PIke ts the negro who killed Isom le
has been In hilng near where the C
has occurred.
When the reporter left tine scene there
seemed every likelihood ot a pltehcd batte
tonight. Captain E. Tlmnn , brother-tn-
law of Isom , was , however , doing , g
In his power to restrain the whites. H
had hurrlell messengers all over the county
summoning to his aid . conservative men In I
the hope that they would prevent further
bloodshed. I will be Impossible to Imow
tonight hol well they succeetleol
Details or.the killing of the seven negroes
are very meager. Taylor , Frazer Pike and
'Sherard were together about sunset last
night. They were regarded ns four of the
ringleaders ot the conspiracy to ki
and burn , and were being espe- i
daily sought for A halt dozen whites : ,
one ot whom Is said to have been
Isoinn's brother.ln-Iaw , came upon them sot I-
denly , and ordered them to submit to an I.-
rest. One of the negroes answered with a
shot that struck one ot the whites , and tour
ot the blacks were shot down In their
tracks Time other three were caught , on
at a time.
Many of 150m's neIghbor are In the I
crowd , and will not lsten to any peacerul
talk They declare that ( for tine sales of f
their wives and children ant for their own
safety they must stamp out the gang that
has sworn to murder , ant tonight that
spIrit seems the predominant one , I the
fight comes , It will be a desperate ono.
The kIllIng ot Iom occurred In lie publc
roall , not tar frol hIs home , anti the circumstances -
cumstances attending It seemell to throw
doubt on the conspIracy theory. Mr. Iso am
was hero Thursday , and while In town had
some words with Waverly Pik f , a negro
hiving In his vicinity. Apparently everything
was smoothed over when ho left for Imomni Ic .
After arriving there he started with lien : ry
Tlmmon , his brother-In-law , for Captain
Thnmon's home about hair I mile from
Isoni's . They met four negroes . Pike ant
\Vest McCal were on horseback , time two
Herring boys In a wagon They came near
riding over JSOI , who remnionstrated He I
said : "Look out ; don't run over me , " and
hall stepped out ot the way. Just then
PI'e ' drew I pistol , and without a wonl
Ired , tine bullet piercing Isommn's heart Pike m
and : lcCal fred three bhots at the prc (5- (
( rate body of homo and then broke for
their horses. Pike lalle his escal1e , but : Ie.
Cal and the Herrings were arrested , an 11
are In jail . In this present exelement time re
Is grave danger of tine three being lyncine ti.
QvnumJ . \ hOUlllm MUll .
VOln'feoIScllr'ucl uf I'rumtl"nt
( .eorgimi Cltlzeimi 7iiimrdrrt'r's t.cll ,
oeurr1t CII"ell IVO I Jllrd.r.r' :
AUGUSTA , Ga : Dec. 23.-1on. W. I. I
1 lellng , speaker of the Georgia mouse , and
Jude William I'e\'o ot the county court ,
have finished addresses to a mob of 30j
citIzens that are gathered around the county
jai with tine Intenton of lynching Ja ice
Wiggins , I Is belo\'et better eouns 1 ha
prevailed , amid tin re will be no assault on
the jail .
Saturday night Wiggins idled a negro ,
named Anderon Wilams , across tine river
- - ' - . ' h - . " . _ . " " , , . _ J' < _ : ,
In i Carolina. He was traekell to Augusta
by a negro spotter , and the Aingnnsta 110lce
w ere tolll ot his whereabouts A pouo of
polce surroundC1 the house In the upper
Part of Augusta and broke In the door
Wiggins opened fire on time ofcers wih
pistols , one In each hand IHtrctve Joe
Murray was shot In the heUl amid Is dying
Ma t the inaspital. Polceman Stringer !
alsC shot In Ihe lionel amid cal probably not
r ecover. lolcemnn Wrqnn was shot in
the ti t leg. John Davis , a spectator was shot
tt In i the region of the heart and elell In less
than t an Iiour.
Time nliro escJped. but I Ito tater was
hell hf nip by a ) .outh' nuuC1 : JordAn nml
Inll ) ' arrested. , ,
During the melee At the house amid the
fia lgint or the nerro when the fugitive was
Uuler fire from many persons over 150 shots
weN fired but the ( .
frell , man was only slightly
woUHled In he left side
At I o'clock time crowd at the Jai hall
Ilcreasell iI i to 1000. There Is no lealler , alHI
It I Is not thought an ) ' attempt will be mlile
to t enter the Jai , whIch Is I strong structure -
( nine , and wi Protect him. The sheri maid
ma'or vow there small be no Irnchln In
Augusta tonigh or any . other ulght.
SSOI ) 11Wl.tW 1.ISl1.
Cnlfornln TraIns Mosling , \ nll limit Morn
Trouh ! . \ltclmt'I. .
SISSON , Cal , Dec. 23.-Tine hloclalle he-
twetn t thlR mInce nHl 1unmu ! hns hcen
teI110rarl t ) ' ralsC1 Last night 20 snow
shovelers amI un extra train tlassell throush
Sisson en rnte to thc hlg snow drIft sOte
lve t mie ! north of Sissou , ninth this morning
the northhouull Ore on tXIH'lS ! Ilssed
thruh t , followed Inter by the othel' de-
laycli I.assengel' ' trains. 'rho stOl\ haR
a bated . but the hHlcnton ! are mat comnshi-
erbleore row. snowi fall before tomor-
row.nUNSt1n , (31. Dec. 2.TheIoclllele
eauset by the hea , ' fall . of Inow , WUR
rlsed at noen tOln ) ' . flint the 11ellyell innstl
senlel' ( nuns are lDlovln . Tine greut
dellth of show on time track broke time ro-
t nry plow " 'hle It was beimig nepalreti tine
bcllg IClalrel1
i nelatemi passengers were hu"lng IL melT ) '
t lmmie In the sinew.
tme SIOW. _ _ . _
TO 1.:1r1.0.Ur.a ' CO.I ; ,
Two Eastermn S'lllllo"11 10ln Operab
tOIR Timer \ II imo ! prhl .
ChEYENNE . W'o. , ) ec. : -A syndicate
or easterl capitalists Is laldlg lrllarlonR (
to devtlol the extensive coal IlhlR In the
10rtheastern part \Vy'onnilng next sum-
mer. Two large clmpanlcs wIth I capital
tock of $ :0.0 : each IUl"e becn organileed.
' 1he prlnel11al ofc s of the comnpamny will be
locntel l at . \Iallln. Cnook comlan ) ' . ' 1he
trustEes ale .John I ) . Plrker , Jumes r Mc-
Keeler , J ugene S. glsforth , E her Cimamnis
berlnln i amid G. iii. Iix. 'he Aladdin Coal
COmlmn wi devolol the ( coal properties I
The which purpose mayo imeen of the acqulr..1 Sautineastmirn by the ! yn.lte. coon-
nanny' , tine otinec coflioratiomn , is to comnstnmnct .
m mii operate IL railroad fronni tine ecal liOdsi I
t inrougin Soimthn Dakota. to a lnohmnt on tine i
Missouri rIver , presummiably Sioux F'alis ,
ifUJeDEIfE1eJsIttJ.qs .3I ir. .
Xmndlamm Territory Deaporatlo to ISo Ilung
Ftlminmy lecnineM-
WICHITA , Kan. , Dec. 23.-Oliver Jeweli.
OOC of time worst desperadoes in the Indian
country , w'iio was sentenced to be lnangetl i
next Friday' for the murder of Tons Arnolti I
and his son in tine Cinerolcce strip , has es .
caped fromn \Vootlward , OkI. , jail. Tsvr
or three lntnnnnlred ollicers anti citizens 01 r
Wohdward and vicinity are ctmt eenrchnlng
for him , hint he will probably iet away , am I
it Is certain tinat lnis friends from tine in .
dian country aided in mIs cacapo ,
Identified by IJiR Vietimni.
ALBIpN N. 'Y , , Dec. 23.-Fned Aien , r I.
tough chmtracter about town , was arnestet 1
yesterday 'on the charge of assaulting MIst S
Etta 13UId last night The latter was re
turning from a visit of charity to a pool n.
family , winen Allen tiecoycil Miss Dimmid ti a
a lonely spot , where he accomaplisined iii : 5'
iU'POSe. He was identifIed by Miss 130(10 ( I
today , and on lni , pleading not guIlty , tin a
examination wits adjourned. Then people o f
AIbton are very much excited over the at -
2'RrjWIclI'IIIo 1iJfEIhW.
Colonel It L. WatkIns of Cimatanooga ,
Tenn. , is tiead.
Eight million feetof lumber was destroyo. . 1
in ) ' lire at Tonawanda.
1mii J. Nosek was klclccol to death b : V
five drunken men at Detroit.
a A. Ficke Was kIlled Ii , a Street ca r
collision at Los Aingel s , Cal.
harry N. Faircinild , a inronilmnent Denre r.
politician , is dangerotnsly insane.
Adolph Jacobin , wanted in New York to r
embezzlennent , iii tinder arrest in Chicago ,
In a riot at Pineapple , Ala , , torty-tinre 0
miles somntln of Seimna , three men were billet ] I.
August Ilurenot nmnd Jo Castile sver 0
iille41 itt Franicilo , La. , by tine bursting o f
a steam pline ,
Nick Smith was killed by Clnarles Bigg S
tnt Sineliield , a Kansas City suburb , tine re i _
stilt of on quarrel.
At Itacino , Wits. , Robert Smith , aim a
Jimnes O'Connor , a. notorious forger , escape aml
front tine county jaIl.
Gay , wino mmmrmlered two Momitan a
deputies in Meeker coumnty while rcslstumn mr
arrest , has been caintenred.
l'aui Peterson anti Anmlerw Foss , winil e
slcatIng , broke tmnrougln time Ice amnd wer eC
drowned \Vindom , Mina.
George Kimng , a , negmo was lynclned a .
Nosy Orlcntns for shmootmng ( on. number ar
persons while resistinig arrest ,
At Cnttlenmburg , ICy. , Cinniries FrederIc ii
anti James Lovejoy killed Clark ( jornel I ,
colored , in a ( ilmilnute os'er curtis ,
Matitew Fetttonn , in itmienian , was fotmn U
near Syracuse , N. Y. , dead. Ito had cvi I-
dently beemm mnurdereni anti robbed ,
Judge 0. S. Bailey' , coloinorer of Garrison :1 :
and Winittier hi tine anti-slavery marc ! -
ment , was buried at Amesbury , Masn , , b'ui m-
dtiy ,
1)avlml hiendersonn and Frnmnlc Jeffery an e
in jail mit Mummniny'soinoro , Ill. 'I'lney bnnmve con n-
fessemi to killing James 'l'owie at Cartem . .
lit a qnmnrrei over a womnnnmn nt Mtneicogem ,
j , ' .1' , , Villlann hider was fatmiiiy sinai , Jamni 11
Fimnnigamn amnd lfimtvc Carver are undc 11r
Tine hmcnme of Chntnrles . Frost at Spring i
ivells , 2lic1i. , was blowmn imp isy ilyntimit Ic
and Irm'mlenIck Lioyml and Cinnnries lhm-ueaimn
nire tinder arrest ,
Jutigcn U. C. Ballard of 1405 Anigeles , Ciii
intis inecmn indicted at Macoil , Mo , , for iasn
lag a isogus fin'nft , lie was mmrnested m ot
Spriinglk'iti , Mo.
'l'ine F'remuiP outlaw's roiie(1 , tlnti statlamn m it
Nowatin , 1. ' 1 , , otn tinn Arkmtneanm Valley , coin min. .
leliimmg ( time agent itt tine mntnzzie of revoive rs
sunmemitior $200.
E , C , Gotlmley , iiesltlent of time Non In
River bank of New York City , for wrecloti nit
winich Inc was Imnmllcted several years ug 0
is on imhmi way hntcic to tufld trial.
'rime UnItemi States ltci'se anti 'mittla s 0-
ciety of New York itnms been ciccltmrcd IIni'
solvent nni receivers mnppolnntetl. 'l'iie UI ni'
maid bills mtggregate $ U(0Q.
George F. Aniintorml , is 'nmnailiamm Pinch
laborer living at Vancouver , ii. C. . shot or
icilleti mis wife unml two mlninginlers. ii is
s'o snm4 edtmietI , itmmhmfor.i Is In jail.
ltohnert Itoinse anti MInis ilc'ssio IIny'ilm n
ss'cre to lintvmi bei'mn mniarnitd Clii Istmnnine mit Li'
mit l'iiris , Ky , Yesterday they' tinmarrelm ( i
and tine yotning mamma killed mis swmietimenn rt
anti ecapetl ,
2llcajniln Itosvse'y' ss'as a bad maim at Jimim C-
tlomn City , Ky , lie neitite'l ' 'l'own Marsh mu
Fiiis , wino soughmt to nti'rest 1dm. itowmii 1'
foiioweti unit seveni eons , srito tileti WI tim
their hioots on ,
Albert Gonden , aged 22 , of Itocklor d ,
Coosa coumnty' , Ala. , Wins irtlidtcit f0m gam a-
ml i ii g him ii inure cotn a ty , mm mmd ImlitCeti mmmii or
arrest. IlL' iiangeol himself Iii hits ccii WI Iii
lilt ; imtnmntlkencinlef.
LewIs Stone of ChIcago iOns givein imimse nit
up to time pllce , ineling c'hnarged smith (1 ite
intnrder of tw't , w'omien not Jamnnesntoss'n , N
Stoine say's lie kuiowu nothmimg of time mamird , r
except ss'hut inc smiss' 1mm tIne ptnlnems.
11ev , J. J , 'Votten , pastor of U familmlomnal tie
colored cimumchm lii Memphis , sus morrst cot
anti taken to 11ylnuiitm , M Isni. svinem e lie on Ce
haiti cinaige of a cintmnch , 'llimnm Nina 11 LII
cinargemi him with being time ( tither of ii mr
child ,
Green Brooks nfli ( mum Oil , Marion ,
Cherokee eoumnty , Almmbnmmmnmm1 called at theme 1ot
home of 'l'inomnan ! mlvCneiry tn crrect liii : :
'rinoy were tinily armeti slthn kmnivt's , 2.1 a.
( 'reary ist1 a iminot gun , 130th tine 2.1cli'
w'iii lie buried us non as ( hits liniluest is immi Id
Sunday was gls'cmm a lurid tinge at Inn y'-
ton , 0. LouIs 1k inmninlc , umnaule to himovi ii '
for his fiLmily , nttntst mitt bralmns out. A C ol.
orenl maim , nnnnmc' not given quarreled WI
hIs Smife ntmtl killed lmimnmtif Ifemnry lton
fromn 2.licimlguii , wemmt after l'ellcemnnmm Jmnmin Ien
Crunnlev imtl stabbed hlmnn seriously ,
- - - ' t
- : ' - - -
E vidence that She Crosseti the River in a
Boat niitl Took a Tr.thi ,
h o % Va W'mlthig , on thin other Sub or time
Itisor % shtli mm hltmrso mmmiii iluggy ?
- % ' t 1StHi I ii fmimn l'iscillc v
' .1 mimic tiumi ,
Time exclusive telegram hnublishel in 'Fine
lI ce yesterday rnorninng about ( lie dIscovery
o f a somnmamn mmd two ciiihiremn at. Clmatlromi , to-
g ctlmer with other facts ( lint have been ills.
c ovcrctl , hilt mayo hot yet beein lniiinhlSlnCl ,
ni mbi innnmeim to time robabiiity thmnit Mrs. Not-
s oil anti lncr two clmilnircn into still alive. TIne
t clcgranmn ninenitioneti stated that a wonnmann anti
t wo clnilJrcnn nmnswenling time tieseniptiomi of
( ho mnissling school teacher ninth Iner cimlltlremm
hi nd arrived there ainti wore on a ranncim connie
f orty-five mules fromnn hino townn , Time hiolIco
ln a'o also received a telegrtlin front Clnnnironi
f remni 1)eputy Sheriff 'm't' . li hlamioiy , asking
i f there was any reward for tine mnnlssiing trio.
y in. Conic , time stepfather at Mrs. Notson.
ht tis olieneti a reward of $50 $ If the svonnnau
a titi cli I Iti rein are finmnmnti , until time ti rinmit y alter-
l it was telegralnitoti to that effect. lien was
a lso asketl If Inc hnati fonmnnti amy' trace of their
\s lterenbonmts. I Ic ntniswered tlnat tie tlnouglnt
li e mail , hint tinmni lie svonnlii ntot hn amino iimntll
li e lmati cccii lien. As tine si ommnamn amid cliii-
tl reii are forty-live or llfiy imdies fronni Cltati-
r cni It ssiii take seine thmnne before they cain
b e intenttlflemt. Tine deputy slneriff rant niinlied
a ( miii tltlscriiitiomn of Mrs. Notsan and given
ti irectlons to lmoiti time trio If they' Inroveti to
b e Mrs. Noteomn ninth iner two clmliilrenm ,
Several other facts have beenn discovered
b y those Intereatmiti Imn Mrs. Notsonn , wlnleh
i nncilno tlmenn to tlnlnnlc that she mutt mnot seek
a swatery grave. They mayo founntl ( lint a
w oman ninth two cimiltiremn , lit comnipany with
in nnntnmn , boarded a tralmi Inn Coumncll hilmnffa
s emnne tunic after S o'cloclc omm tine night tinat
Mrs. Notsomi tilsainpeareti. Time ideintity of
t imi''omnnamn was met tinily' estnmbllsineth , but It
g ave tlnemn groimmids for contmnnninng the searcin.
'i 'ite west bank nnnti side of tIme river hint
b een tltonoughniy gomne over , hint tine east.
s Ide had meyer bEen otnelncol. 'Finey tlnoughmt
t hat it was witlniin time raunge of probability
( list tlm mnilssImng womnnamn cosseti lime river If
s Ine imnlenndeni to get asvny. Therefore , time
e ast batik of time river was seancined. About
i nuif a mum below Gibson , Ion time samnd of tine S
r iver banlc , cm iimnprimnt was founti that nip-
Ib I leared to have bcenn mantle by time keel of a.
b oat , Further searcln disclosed foot pninntmi
( lint hind evIdently been minnIe by tine shoes
o f a mnnnimn , a womnnann and a chIld , or Perinalns
o f cinlhiren , These footprInts were followed
m mii , Tinny led to a mince where tine groimnml
s inoweti traces of buggy svimeels amnd hoof
primnts of a morse , Time ground was consid-
e rably stamnnped , slnowimng that a lnors hind
becin etnnmlimng tlnere for a considerable tunic.
h oof minolta anti buggy traclcs led fronns thIs
i tiace to CouncIl Bluffs.
Tine searcin was comntintmed from time depot.
I t ss'as founti ( mat tine mnnamn , vomnnamn amid two
chIldren s'ino mad boardemi tine maui got off
at Pacific Junction , They walteti In time
depot at tinls place until the arrival of a
coutinbound train on tinct. ICansas City , St.
Joseph & Council Bluffs railroad , shorthy
afteo 11 o'clocl. , This traIn they bonrde&
One fact that lisa scarcely been nncnntlontl
Is consIdered of great welgint b $ ' sonic 'of time
friends of Mrs. Notson. This is that her
fattier dIsappeared In somesylnat tine same
manner as sine did fifteen years ago. Slaco
then nothunng deulmnlto inns beemn lneard train ,
him , , , It has been reported ( lint ito inns been
living in central New York , hint this inns not
been substantiated , It I definitely known-
however , that Mrs. Notson has been recelu-
lag letters in lien Private box framni some
other nian besides her Imusbanti , amid come
of her friends are Incilmneti to tininlc tinat thea. '
caine from her fnntlnen , They canne freqmnently ,
it is said , amid on tine manning of imer dis-
appearaunca sine received one fnommm ( lila unknown -
known party. These friends advance the
theory that Mrs. Notsomn inns gone to her
father and has talcemn tine cimildieni with
her ,
. -
.Jtmtlgo Nistiman ColT Will Emnter ( ho 1lc
flflI JStt miii lnnliDrtitmmt Fmictur.
BALTiMORE , Dcc. 23.-A special to tine
News from Clarlosinum'g , 'mV. ' Va , , say's : Judga
Nmtthnnn Goff , wino Inane ineen imoiduing court In.
South Carolina , arnlvetl nt his inome yester-
tiny nmnd miss boom in close ccr.temm'nnce with
political friends , Incimniuing Hon. George C.
5 , Davis , v1ici iii iminneif inmi actIve cantli-
( mite for time UnIted States semnate agahonnit
ltlklns , ii : want givemn out inst evemmimng tinat
Judge Golf wotnlmi in toll inrobabli-
ity announce lust candhtinicy for thti
Senate witinin tine next twc'nty-foinr
Inours. If ito does , Inc ss'iil iroba-
bly prove a ( anmrninlaile opponnent. lie haS
elgint votes pieilied to mum , antI Semnntor
Wimlttabcer tmnol lion , 1' , .1. hlutcininison each
mare as mummy mnom'e , Jumigu Uoff's candi-
tiacy w'mnltl miraw imenvily fionn 1liclns , anti
at the same timnnt Solidify tine follnwers of
time candidates , till of whom arc hlc'ontiliemj
with tine Goff ss'imng of time party. 'I'ime coin-
feromict , inns consent sauna excitement In iso-
lltlcml : cIrcles timrouginonmt titis tst'ction. ,
\VhhlilIiANG , ' V , Va. , Dee , 23.-'he ills-
lntttcim front flnltlinon'e tonight qtiotIn
Ciarlcmibtmrg , V'tn , , special to ( mo effect
( mat Jutigo Natininn ( bit wIll nmnmmoumnco lmisi
cantiinlacy for time ilmnltetl States senate
nmgahmnst hilkln. is thnei result of
comnbimie of the nntl-llicins Inc. .
than tinmi Is belIeved Inerms to be
macjo of ss'inolo cloth. 'l'lmoro lii , In ( not ,
nIt , irohnibility tlnnt Golf vlIi isa mm c'nntiitato )
ton' time semntnte. lie Inns emnpimatlmnnmiiy' stated
that time ivonniti imot Inn , 2.lore ( loon three-
fourtins of ( bitt nejnmniniicnimn nsnenniiernm of tine
leglmiintnnno imnive inmnbhlcly tieciareti them.
selves for Mr. IIicImns ,
J'I'RU ( ) h1 ( ) JIM I.IdIf.S' .
iOcccmnt ietmnrnil Cmmii' ( Ilceislomi 11114 Flomtied
I imti smnw .J.'t5'y ] Sh.iItoI ,
'rHENToN , N. J , , Dee. 23.-Since time recent -
cent United States nmtmpncnnno court ticcislors
concermnlnng ( mo tm'aflic in olecmtnrgesitne , time
lug wcstc'rmn dealers un tintit coininotilty Innv
made this Simile tine litmtrlbutiing eemmter ,
'rmno tintlry connrnittnmianer , iSlr , McGiiire , sttys
I inc'y' tire onot comnpiyimng isithm tine tntc laws ,
niml amnnonmncene that Inc lmmtenmis to inroseculo
lunge nuinminer of llrnns for ovtmslomn. Coni-
Idmil en L Ito ti hieenn mntnde mmgnti its t I rim tiers In
Jcrcy City , ninth others will follow immne-
diatejy ,
' _ _ _
'JrIJh C .V(1 TO.fC11' 'J'IJIIIJ , UJT1V ,
, $ , Talon tlimn letnsor
Hinil , , I f 5orit iii ( tnmmlhimmmmnt ,
C'ihlViNNJ , D'c , 23.-Spocitmi ( 'i'eie-
gram.-'I'ite ) ekiiiml nmneclnmnnmicmi wino are corn-
ltloy'ooi Imi tine 1311mm Pacillo iiiojne , at thmI
Imlace held mn inieetimn hum aftti noun to ills-
cLms"rn tine onIon' clo.iimng tine smiths lifter ( ho
first of thto y'ennr , I t wins deildetl to sent ] n.
comnnltee ( to Omnumni to lmiicr'lesv mnitlclnnint lit
reference to tine e'himmtmtiuit , It iii itelleveil
tIme 01cm wIll mow accept tIme leimv&'r teala
of wues it' thUS ollicintis wiil cmntlmntio to
opera I 0 I lie Chmeyc in me lila ii t ,
Cmi I I lorim itt's Ii I micra I 'hm'ti I tim ,
llltANCiSCO , im'o , 4&-'h'ine gold
hirodnnet of Calitt'rmntnt foi' ItI3 ( ss'us $12,122.81 1
arid tIme sliver $ i7l57 , initloling m total of
$12jti'JiCS. It is mnot in golml ninth buyer alone
that tIne nniiterml svealtim of California coin-
imlsls , .lnny otiner motninstamnecs are unlined
hurt' , svlmk'im evemn now hiiimng up tine value
itt Cnmliinmnlnt's mnilmmeral lmn'uducts to mmlsiut
$ I9t1'0 ( ti $ , :0YlOJJl : ( ( ( ltCt' tininninmni , ismid thmey
in re I n C rniisi ing i in vol tie.
brIe , , tiC 5'lmimky Itn.hmnt'nl.
l'IOhlIA , Iii. , 11cc , 23.'l'hto W'inisky Inusi j
yeateidny ; nnftennnoonn ntiuet'ti , Prices em , ull
c'mnnmimu's of got tie I coin Iter gallon , 'h'hl
nt'tlutnliomi got' . into cItvt next Monday.
-c - ,
I mimi I I I intl mit I' . r 5 % ii ii i. . ml , tmI 't tYt'et bus.
MNlATO , 2.llrn , , bee , 23.-Thus $ tein 4
S3lbaugli lnm'turin of lromnise cult was e'nmletl
vtvteidmmy , tine jury bilingleng In a verdict of
1 nnmnti costs un favor of thu nlniImntiiT ,

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