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I . . . . . . THE OMAHA i ' t DAJLY BEE. ' : ' -
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- - S'r.AHaSnBD ' . ruNE ' io 1 ! , 1871. Or..lUIA , 1\TEINESDAY MOBN1&.G - - -k-- , J'ANU..AHY 9 , 1S9. SIXGI.l COPY FI\r.E C1DN rs , V
Jncksoninns Dip Temselves Anew in the
stream or D3mocrntio Wnters ,
IOlyn' hum Trlrll T.erntor Tnlk" ItlrncttIIkinclii
to the , tIndnILritttpn ; 101 , nnll ll ) ' "
T"rln 1' I 101111 the I'"rty's
: s .lurl.lcto" "t l'rcicit. ,
nclwccn two large American flags , n ICc-
slzell plcturc of Andrew Jnckfn In a hIck-
V ory frame II'n8 the polcal J091 bcrore which
160 cnthu81ute lncllsonlan , Icmocrts ( llnc(1Po
* und , wined nt the Mercer hotel last night
; I was the fourth nnnual feast of the
Omaha Jacksonian club In memory oC the
heroic democrat who male , history at New
r Orleans cighty-two years a/o , The banquet
com/larcll / favorably wih ) past I/orlcs / of the
club I was a succcss , The hnlluct hal
wag artistically decorated. , A plclure of
Thomas Jefferson alorned , the wal , but the
. I VIrginian looked somewhat lonesome. I WS
OIl ( HIckory nIght , In every selo of the
worl ,
The menu eon lslcll oC nine courses , washed
down with champagne.
wih ehaml1lnc.
T. J. lnhoney , president of the chub , wns
tonstmaster. At his right sat ex.Governor
Boles of Iowa. Prof. homer LewIs occu-
pled ' the left sent of honor.
At 10:40 : the speeches were on. Toastmaster
Mahoney , In n brief , but happy manner , re-
Cerred to the former achievements ot the or-
* gnnlzaton and expressed his gratification at
V bering such a large attendance nt this , the
fourth nnnunl assemblage or Jncl < sonlans. At
the conclusion or his remarks letters or regret
were read from lion. Franklin lac"eagh or
Chicago lion. WIlam Springer or Spring-
fcld , Ill " , lion. John P. Irish or California
and John Dyer or 1heatrce. Franklin Mac-
Veagh sold among other gems or consolaton
that the Principles or the democratic Ilarty
cannot suffer permanent defeat.
OVilL\lfl'u'Elt'S TEH.
, \ A letter was read from hloui. David Over
V meyer oC Topeka , In which he expressed his
regrets nt being tumble to attend. In sub-
stance , lie otherwise snll that there was
nothing In the recent election , nor In the con-
diton or the country , to cause any true dem-
ocrnt to waver In his allegiance to the prln-
clJes ! or the democratic party. : lr. Over-
j meyer wrote that It was a poor soldier In-
deed who deserts after deeat. lie discUssed , ,
( the financial question at length. Among
other things he paid his respects , nt long
rnnge. to the pcople's pnrty. Mr. Overleyer
opined that populism was nothing but stale
, _ and vapid sophisms After reviewing the
t _ various parties lie concluded ns follows :
"Whatever the difficultIes may bo In the
way , whatever the ( clouds mummy lower or
storms may rage , whatever blnd objections
may be Invoked to obscure thc rIght , we V
know that In the end time solutIon of our
political problems Is In the adoption and np-
plcaton In governmental affairs or
the eternal principles of democracy.
DIvest your minds , of the mad passion
V of time hour for merl positon 011 Place , re- :
sist with all your mIght the venal I overtures
and corrupt sUggo ! tons or I purely com- .
. merclnl age and generitticli. and address your
" genius and your zeal to the task or thc llc-
termination and settlement or the permnuent
economic policies of this great nation , so
that you may hnnd down to posterity I government -
ernment so firmly founded upon the foundn- :
ton of liberty that you IIY have , bcter
assurance that the future wilt bo just , pro
gressive add humane than had the len who )
nlnll , every sacrIfice In order that wo mIght
have this great field In which to In bar. "
Tile first toast on time card was "ISHues oC
Tlo frst
, carl
. , 1896. " When the IJresllcnt mentioned the
t- $ nnmo oC hioum. horace N. Doles the applausE ;
was Instnntaueous. hut I developed Into nn I
ovaion when the Ito gIant of Iowa democracy -
racy arose bud aelmowlclged the introduction .
After referring 10 the defeat or the part
all the [ allure oC congress to take acton ;
promised b : ' time Chicago Illatorm along the
V bimetnlc lines , Governor Boles said :
Some efort , It Is true , hns been made to
. establIsh the free coinage of silver , lt the old ,
'V. or some other ralo , but this lacked one oC
ito ( essentials outlined by both parties , to .
wi , proper legislative safeguards to maintain
Limo parity of the two metals.
"To say that no legislation beyond an nct
Iuthorlzlng the free coinage ot silver , at the
old or some othcr ratio Icu than that which I.
represents Its commercial I value with gold , Is I :
all that Is necessary to preserve thc ( r pariy
, - when coined Is to nssume what Is not provcn :
and to say , under existing circumstances , It i
would not have that effect Is the statement
Df a IlropoBltol equally unsupported by any :
demonBlrntel Cact. ,
"The comiago of the silver dollar , for use
In the ordinary business affairs oC time masses I ,
woul , I believe , bccon seIC-relulntng.
Whrnever the volume reached a limit beYO11
which It could not I used' its Curther coInage
would cense , because oC the wnnt of n demnnl
V for I , and up to that lmit I would con
tinue , because tinder the plan I am trying to t
* outline less bullion \Ioull be requlrel to t
. ' mal < e I than Its equivalent In larger slver
V . coins of the countr )
"This being done , I believe congress shell <
then establish I rate between colI anti all -
V "er , nt which , In tIme judgment of conserva- ,
live men , friendly to the free tire or both ns
money me tab , their parity would be likely to I
bo mll.tlinel , I know this could not bo ac -
V comlllshcl except through a cOlpromho of
equally honcst , but confctng opinions. , ,
"Personally , I do not believe It shonll helene
lone by Increnslng the silver In the silver thai 1.
tar alone , nor by Ilmlnlshlng the gold In the
sold Iolar alol' , hut I believe both shQul1 aml
: ' ' be done : that Is , that we should put 10r , sl-
ver In the hlver dollar Its
thelver dolar or equivalent an d .
less gold lit the Iohl dollar or Its equivalemu
I do not belevI It necessary to Incronbe the :
lute anti Illnlnlsh the oIlier until u rnto
Iqunl to that \ hlch re resents the Ilreseut
cOlmercll1 value of gout a 111 silver bulon
Is reached , because I seeml reasonably ccr- ! :
tlin that lImo free use of silver In the coilago
of this country Ilonu whit enhance its commercial -
mercial value , to some extent nt leust and mi
r believe to u considerable extent. A rat 10
beng : establisimeil , congress should then lIra-
\\:11 \ : for the tree [ mlntnl or both gold Inll
silver Into coins of the denomination of $ 5 ,
JO , and $ : O , and should provide that upc In
V V time deposit at either oC these coin ! , or theIr
' equivalent , II bullion of eiher metnl , II the
-s IrEasury , or any oC time slbtrEasurles of the
Unlel States , the government would luue
colu certfcates , redeemable wihin a spcciled
numher of years , at time option or the goverl : m-
lent ns to Imc , amid , payable II gold or si-
"er nt time rate established , at the option of
the hohler of limo certihicate.
"This olnagc , anti ccrtJratrs Isuell In
leu thereoC should be made a legal teliier In
' IlaYlent of all claims , Ilublc amid lmriva to
alke , except such as hall been contracled :
t' before time law takes effect , and contain In
V expr\S or In1lell ohlgaton that thl ) ' Ire
, V to , he I.nlll In gold. I tblnk these ehmouid 1 be
oxceped . because oC a immoral , antI IllrlHII > s a
. legal oblgatol , also of the makers of sum ii
contracts to In geld coin
VV 11a ) oC time weig hit
111 Inenes I tablshed b ) law , when slch
. Dblsutons were mmmmmtle ,
" _ \ to all other contracts Illde before the
' t ruw ! law takes effect , as wel u those nma Ct
lal L1 (
utter , I BCelS to mae slch exceutlun could
( properly be waived Jton
I'I\N THAT WOl'I ) mNIWn' :
aV "I \er ) lan Is pruulell to know that ( ml-
crlU hum l authorized \y the Cunlamenlal law
of the nation 'to coin money mind relulat to
the \ulue therror , anti or foreign cell , ' anll
thlt thll paller musts ) ' \o exrrrised 18 often ns
that body deems I for the bet Interests
; ( C the mauu , and I would sem 10 folnv
that every contract IHIable tn dolan aloe IC.
wllau further peclfcaton , mUEt In let a ,
contemplation \e Ilresumell tD have been
made payable 11 any klld of dolaT which I
V the law Jlkes 8 legal tender when they arc
resented for payment. If , however , I .hould
, Ieemcd . just that alt Indebtedness ot it-
'V V
atandlng at the time ot the change of the
Illnntly or fineness oC the bullion required
to make n gold dollar should bo pall In gold
or Its Cllvnlent , of the kind and ql,1lty rc-
qui red to make lint debt nt the time the
dcbt WS contracted , this to my mind \olll
fur nish no sufficient reason for time rejectIon
ofgol all plaus ly which I new rate between
gel d and , silver can be established and the
e coInage oC each be nuthorlzcd.
"Timis country coull 11Illnto its present
Indehtelness 01 thnt basis anti he immensely
hClc el1 b ) any plnn that would , double its
vollmo or atnltnrll money antI tilt its fnal-
clnl i arteries for future USC with something
hcallo macro 'promlscs to I > a ) ' hehl11 which
there Is nothing hut credit for their rccn1-
lie n.
ton."I Is true silver coins of the donomlnn-
ton suiggosteti would not bodily 'ccomC
11art Df the ordinary circulating medium of
the cOlntr ) 'he COl 1 , however , be made
to fill nn ellualy Important Islacein our fiulanoc
cia l system.
"I' \ry bankIng institution that receives Ilc-
Po sits or issues currency Is or should be required -
quired ! to keep on hnl1 I stntel ) ; cent or
the Samoa In some kind of security for the
saCety of Its creditors.
These coins coull bo made to fully slpply
thnt want , nnll when deposited In the trens-
mir y , In exchnnge for coin miotes they would
Cor all rnct'enl purposes become IJart of our
ci r culr tin ! mellln ) .
"All silver owned by the Io\'ernment
should , I bolero ' bo colncd or used ns n basis
ror time Issne of certificates , al1 these should
bo nl once exchnngell for Its existng paper
obllatons that circulate ns mooney , UllOU
which holders arc entitled to demand redcmp-
ton In gold , and the governmcnt shou\ be
nuthorlzed , If found desirable , to purchase In
the open market such nldltonal silver hul-
lon its may ho ncccssnry , agaInst whIch to
Issue coin notes of thc charncler described , to
nn extent sulclent with that on hand , to
redccm and retire all such oUlstandlng cur-
rency Dbllatons , 1 Is , however , with the
here that whnt I al able to sa ) wi excite
mb , : nulonnto discussIon , nnll brIng to the at-
tenton of the country sonic Ccas'ble ) Inn by
whIch tho' practical remonctzaton 01 sl\'er
cnn be accomplshed on n basis that will In-
sure its parity wih gold , that I ha\o been
lel to present these 'Iews here. In the
prescnce of democrats amid spenklng to thel
nlone , I must he pnrdDnel1 for expressing In I
plnln tcrms my own opinIon of the Imporlanco
ot lhls subJcct lu a party sense.
"In ' my humhle JUdgment It Is the one Issue
upon which democracy In the near future can
hope to carry time country. So Car ns that
arty Is concercd , the tariff isamme as hcreto-
Core suggested , whclher satisfactory to all I
SUglestc < snlsrnctor ) ni
or not , Is substantially settled for time present
"If rtlcnl changes are mndc In the general I
polcy of the present system In the near
Cuture , they wilt be made by republcans , I I 1
grealy doubt whcthcr time leathers In that I
parly l wi bravo the dangers which n relur
to excessive protective tnrlf taxation woutd ;
certnlnly bring to them. Whcther / pleasant
renecton , or othewlsc , the simple Iruth Is u
the silver 11ucston Is 10lng Car more to dls-
orgnnlze time domocratc part and deplete Is
ranks lmn to Injure Its chief opponent , the
republcan party
"In time whole field If national politics there
Is , In my Julgment , hut one question In sight t
that Is of sumclent apparent importance to
rouse Limo mass s ,
"It time next national democratic conventon
w ill discard plattudcs of every description ,
commit the party unequivocally , to a ratio at I
which gold anti silver shnl b equally Creely
colncl , anti point out In explicit terms the
legislaton that should be Ulopted to preserve
the parity oC time two metals , and do this In
a rational amid reasonable way , time masses or I
American voters wj cOle to the aId of the
arty thus comnmnltteml . time democracy wi I
ugnln be trlumphnnt. 1 It fails to 10 this :
hanging elrcumstnnces or 1 better t
t han 1) ' own IUst reveal the Issue upon : m
which I cnn succeed. "
To say the utterances ot the speaker created
a sensation puts It mildly. Time sliver dens
ocrntS cheered In ecstacy of gratification .
whie time Cleveland men wer dumbrounded
nt time bold words uttered wih time apparent
Corco of convicton , I was one oC the most
Impressive i political uterances or the day
Pro ? . Homer P. Lewis followed In an el -
quent , lseourso on "The Day We Celebrate " ,
The historical significance of the celebrton
wJ as reviewed , In which lie compared Andre V
Jnckson to such men as Abraham Lincoln
ali Georga Washington , whose mel0ry WIS
Imperlshnblo h In American horts , The tn 1-
umph m of Jncksn en the battle field at Now ,
Orlcaml 'nd his subsequent victories on the
pDltcal battle field , unter the banner oC
true democracy , were recalled In
lemoeracy . recled In elouent
ProC. Lewis reviewed democratic admnlnim m-
t rations , Including these ot Thomns Jcfer.cn
and Andrew Jackson , and the lagnlfccnt
r esults thereof The earlier relations between -
tween AmerIca' and England were dwelt upon
brlefy , and the I : yaly Cf democracy upheld ,
The 1lport1nee of time battle or New Or-
leana l was cited Andrew Jackson ! , In command I. ,
mand at his troops , was nt the hcal of de
termine men who loved democracy ns wel
as they did theIr country. Democratic fir m-
gers IJlel the triggers and I democratc
hnnd I waved . the sword that saved New Ot .
leans i , Antew Jaellson's hntrod of the Britsh ;
was 'nly ' equaled by republican calpaign
speakers' h stlity to the memory of Jackmram 1.
Ito belIeved thnt Jnck30n's victory at Now
Orleans wIth his rugged frontiersmen from :
Tennessee and the militiamen oC Louisvie
was ont ot the most remnrkable In mlHary
hlst'ry I , In view at the great ells over which
Old Iliclcory trlumphcd. He deserved t be
classified ns a military hero alongsIde of
Caesar , Washington and Nnpleon. : On that
relorabll day at New Orleans , time volei I atat
Jackson was In hIs sword. Time bate at New
Orleans strengthene the bonds of union I
saved the dmocrnc ) ' .
In concluson : , the speaker eulogized demo
erotic prInciples , anti was accorded a cortlal :
display of papular npproval when ho comm 5-
IJletet his simeecim
Edson Heh respolllCI to "The SamOets , , "
anti ' roln. timemm . came Mn Albert . Watkins or Lit 1 - '
In apc'nklng to the toast , "Tho Great De-
mecracy , " Albert Wntklns or LIncoln said :
"It seems immy painful duty to at once slit e ,
your evident antIcipation by sating that It
Is n.t the nrrangement that I should make
a great speech this evening : indeed I , I hn\o
been cautnone,1 , nol to make too good n
"Tho greatest tumid 10st benefc nt Inluence
may bl exerted by reformers whie they nre
tn a ummimmorlty . Whatever are the future ( fo 'r- '
tmmnes or the Ilemocratc party , thIs retleeth : nat
Is nt least ronsolng at time present time , Ind
Is 1 complele democratc rpeeclm I means
that a great party may to s me extent walvl
thl' consideration oC Practical success al the
polls , anti that the greatest miloion of thl I
greater democrncy Is to work and win
"I wIsh to impress this ns nn Important
ommd prlncll'al ' wlnt oC lY address ; he Is a
superficial t\sen'er , or a shallow dem3g0luO ,
who sees In slIethlog ! lTre than one-halC CE
tIme 1.000,000 oC voters In this 'cuntry la- I
hclell Iemocrat' the Incarnalon ! at Incapaciy
for seif-govermmnment , end In the other somethIng : -
thIng lets than one-hal all capacity nnll
abllr fer sLI-governmcnt The pr sen In- I
abIlity of time Popular msmajonlty In - '
nlllty tle maJorl ) congresi
to pan what seems neIl , lellblat u and reo m
pcnd 10 the directed \1'11 01 tie I > oplo Ii al
Inclllnt aol n Ilhenomenon In the de\'cop-
ment of as ret Inluatura r presenlnl\o gO\- .
Crimmmmcmit. As time people tit macro em utti
mDre oC I\pular imouer and naturally get Cur-
timer anti lurther away frcn : centralizing lUC-
t : ton ) OII'tness and vlg r arC lalle to b
lost t. , l'troug corroboratIon of Ihli thought
la found today I time a untT whIch first de.
veloped reJruenlat\e government , and which
ha developed It further ( 1111 to he more rl-
sn nll\'o 10 the I > opula wi than army other
gcvernmont probably , not eceptnl our ot n .
The great majorIty I the liberal part In I
l nlland lies supine today without elhernr ) '
al,1 uniy bufclent 10 reord time Irlcle o ; [
time peol11/ . r ' , , Illrecte\ tl ) choice of their :
relurrrent.mtlvt' ,
Time slme.mker b ) humorols lustrat n of Ihe I
life If the Ilcmocrltc party In Nebraska and
time ulton , fhnwell that I was not the tradi-
ton of tit party to mile , n"IIer wu It In any
erase prepared tor death , I would b I in-
pas'bhetcniltodielfitwanteti - \ ' - - - - - . - - h , becalse !
( Coutnued on Second I1nge. )
Unemployed nt St Johns Refuse to Ds
Plncnt L , Prmsos ! ,
i'r orlsioum Stares Irul < en Open RII Iootec
01 Tlwlr COltlll -IeRller8 or time
Mali l'lnnly . \ rroltec by
the l'ullcc.
ST. JOINS , N. F. , Jan It-A serious rIot
occlrred here today whcn the crowd of ummemea
ploycll workmen resumed their demonstr-
tie ns . The crowd met before the legislative
bulllng nll hootcl the ex-Premier Sir WI-
111 Whlc\I'a ) ' , who was formerly their Idol ,
T hey Inrchel again to the dock , where the
Tourmalne Is lyIng to receive the captain's
answer to receive theIr petition of ) 'esterla )
Captnln SIr IchlrlPoore told \ them the moato
tcr was lu time hnnls of the govcrnor. Pro-
ccedlng to the chamher the crowd COlnd their
coming lied been anticipated , for ther Cound
the doors barred against thenm Umlaunt In
tim elr determination , the crowd sot to work
to force nn entrauce , amid doors anti wlu-
10ws were soon battered nml Ingress
Ialn l. The police attempted to checlc time
crowd In their work of destructIon , the om-
ers Caring bally In time scuffle thal followed ,
Rll time rioters were 'ior ' tIme time being luns-
ters of the sitmmmmtlomm . ACer gaining tmo ontrnnco
to time chnmber they Counl thnt the mcmbers :
cf f the executive tellrtmert were nhsent.
lolllng to pacify them , Prime Minister
Green appeared amid mhressed them. lie :
Irolllsed thnt In two or three days oxten- :
slvo public works would bc commenced sum-
cent to give all emplorment lhroughout time ,
wlntor , Ills listeners refused to bo sails- .
fed with his promises anti demanled thnt
Immetlate relief bo furnished. When thcy :
wcr tcld It was ImllOsflble to accede to this t
demali time lenders hold I short conCerence
nnd It was decided to attack 110 store on : I
Wlter street , where largo qlanttes of pro
vllons were supposed to be kept Time first
p lace attacked was Douer's. The plnce frst
soon broken opemm . but the mob found 10
pr'vlslons ' there Then ntten'lorm was tunmmec I
te , Staer's store , which was qltCllly looted 01 [ I
Is i provisions. At this point armed polco
Intervened i amid the mob was driven back
at tIme point of the bnyonlt , Four mcn ,
I ltissey , Brown , Coady and Ktng , the promoters -
motors of tIme riots , were arrested .
t , 'urthrr novoltl Hel"ls 01 time Inrlmrou , :
' . IIultlr 01 the Chlneso.
LONDON , Jan S-The TImes today In a
leallng l article en the Port Arthur mlsacre
8)8 : "Not only on the day of the battle and
In i the heat of victory , but for four days alto : i.
1111 the Japanese soldiery give themselves :
over , apparently wihout chek from their
commnnlers , to indiscriminate massacres , car
n ed out wih every revolting clrcumslnce oC
prImal barbarity. Troops ef prIsoners ted
together were riddled wlh bullets nll thcl
hnc h ed t : pieces floats' crowded with ( ugh -
t ivesi of both sexes and all ages received volley -
ley i after volley. ThE streets were encum-
bcrc with corpses , showIng every ghasty
Corm at mutilton whIch oriental cruelty has
nvented i
"What perhaps Is the strangest thing of all 1 ,
hewing the totnl , even If temporary , disappearance :
pearance of European ' veneer Is the absolute
u nconscIousness ! shown by time
uucnscusnes Japanese am-
ers of the elect of thcse brutalIties upon :
westor visitors. At Port Arthur after real 1
fghtng and real proVocaton the artfclnltes
or 1Irm.hlm/ disappeared like snv In the
sun. It recalls
rccals the fable of a cat change m
Into i a beautiful woman and who pla'c the
part to perfection until In the midst ct a ban
quet 1 mouse was allowed to run across the
t able. This appeal to fundamental instinct S
proved to much for labrously ! acquired
i mabits. The woman disappeared and the cat
s teed revealed
Time Pal Mal Gazette says : "Tho respon-
sibiiy for the horror nests not with time Japn-
nose peasant , whom everybody knows Is a
lacquered , barbarian , but with Marshal 1
Oyama and his officers whose civizaton
professed to go n little deeper. Whlthcr
they permitted the outrages or not , or won
imitable to check thom they are unworthy
to command the armies ot a power which
calls itself civilized . "
Iomo ! otallo : Acrcssl"ns to time Hanks or
I UJ18h Auiti-Lyimchiers.
LONDON , Jan. S.-'ho anti-lynciming con m-
mlteo at which Miss Florence ! Dalgarnle Is
secretary Is receiving accessions constant ) 1.
Mr. Justin MeCartimy , it ! . p and chlirman
of the IrIsh Pa'rlamentary party , Is the
latest notable recruIt.
The commitee yesterday adopted the [ allowing I-
lowing resolution :
"Tho nnt-Iynchlng executive commitee
having heard tram undoubted sources In I
MemphIs , Tenn. , New York and Boston that
a jury at Memphis refused to convIct these
of whose gUlly cOlplcty ( according to the
Commerclll-Appenl ) there was no
moral 10ubt whntover In the ghasty , cot tp-
nrdly nnd brutal mnsncro of six helplcss :
legroes hear 1lllngton , Tcnn" , and hnvlng
learned from WUlam Lloyd GarrIson oC ho -
ton that I Is Impossible to find a Jury which (
wi convict a whlto lan Cor 11nchll ; a
colored man In the 80uth , time commltr desires -
sires to express to the six , wIdows of the
lurdcred negroes and to all colored peollo ,
stiffening tinder rsu
oppressIon its warmest sym-
paUlY and the earnest hope that the simhm it
of justice irrespective of race lay spiri 1
kindled throulhout the United States . The
comlltee has rend with deep satisfacth i
the Powerful mlentmmmcimmtion' of lynching hy M r .
Mlleoln l'atterson on behalf of the
cution. " Patcrson behal pros 0-
NOTES : I'II I ' tiM : lit rJI IL\Nl.
"oclnlds WIl .Icot smith I'rot'st-Usnlrol's
Icllh lbuJy ( iosamI 1'
IIRIILIN , Jan S.-Forty meetings ot socIalIsts -
Ists nnd rndhals have been called for Friday V -
day next In orller to
' protest against the
passage at the anti-revolution bill In imo
relchstD !
Yon Schcll , gDvernor oC Gcrman I nst
Africa , ts about to resign lie will pro\abl I i 3 '
bt succeede(1 ( ly Van \Vhscmuumm .
lien Von 1llbach , te portraIt painter ,
who has Just '
returned from I'rehlrlchsrnh : ,
said that Prlnct Uslarcll , alhough pbmym im -
calr strong ' , Is suIerlng Crom mental lIe- m
Ilrcuton , ,
Chanctlor Van Iolwnlohe had his Iii .5'
omclal receptIon last eveumimig at the Cimammc ei-
lone All the dhlmlomnmmtic
Al dlplomlte corps , Inclullng
the United States Imbauador and the coIl Ire
staff of the United States embassy , were
present Prince htoimenloime
Johenloho was partcularly
cordial toward . Air . nunon.
: lr. lunrDn will tomorrow attend the re-
cepton nt the 1urkbh emhassr ,
Mr Hunyon's duulhter all son-In-law , m Ir.
all Irs. lail < n , arrived bore tonllhl ( rom
Nice and ' will sllelll u month In Berlin .
, \ mtrhIn ( 'h Irltl' In hI'nilam.
1IEIILIN I , Jan , 8-A . mltiee was gven : at
the sInging academy today for the benefit of
time BrItsh end American Gorermsesses' hOle ,
which was attended ly lime Briish , . \merl-
can and Spanish ambassal0rs and the el Ito
anl elte
or Berln socIety
( :1' . ' niIIICll'U Iu Ilucul.hnrJ' .
nUUA PESTI , Jan S-The king gave an
nudlence to CouJt Khuenhedvar , who aft en-
wards vlhled the liberal club . where he was
greeted ns the new prime minister of [ lim imm-
gary , although . he bas not been omcldl ) ' ap- 1
pointed. _ _ _ _ _
: lr , Oh"I.lolo Going 'IUlh ,
I.ONUON , Jan S.-Mr und Mrs GIm ad.
stone left Loumdon at I o'clock lila I
. lef LOlion thll moring
tor Cannes. . Ass Immense crowd gaitmel red
at the railroad staten to t ! tcct them anti
cheerel the travelers heattf as tley ap-
pe ared nlll ns Limo train drw out of the
st ation. Among those gnthend to see them
01 weto several 10tnbllte T of time liberal
party . , IncludIng Sir Algernqn ' West , Lord
W , Lorl iiosebery'a pnlmmte secretary ,
an d Canon Wilberforce. krll'aje
, 1 I
hlsCOiti ) I'\TAI. TU illaAsn.
UIRIIlolo nllh\l limo NUUOIR11t Thy
'hut Got Together. !
LONDON , Jan. S.-Tho 'esolutons or time
Frlenlly SOlS of St. Patrick of [ New York ,
wblch reno adopted March 17 , Inst St Pat-
ri ck's day , were preseltell to : lr. Gladstone
bw y T. 1. O'Connor. When the olhum which
was gl'en to : lr. O'Connor by Patrick A.
Co\ns , the United States consul general , was
received , : tr. Gladstone expressetl the great
( st gratification. Speaking of the , llseord In
the roclety's rammies : . Gladstone wlshel
omphntcly anti distinctly , to statl two
thing : First , that his Interest In Ircland
wns nnabted , aI second , that every Irish
natonalst nmm ought to tmimtbertadtl that , ls cord
must \can time adjourment of consileraton
ot time Irish elnlns , and therefore every man
who coull bring about the reunion or the
IrIsh natIonalists wits bound to do EO , ns
otherwlso he wouM Msnmo n terrible noca
sponsllll ) : I' . Gladstone hoped that some
nlency woull he fonnd by whIch the 111er-
ont sectons of tile party. wpuM be brought
t ogether. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ r ,
TOOl' TIH I Il''iS l'OI MoNEY ,
1IC. .JUue\I : omt'I'niatttor 1 Series or
'I'crrlhlo ( rlle .
ANTW'EitP , Jnn. S-Tho trial of Mnto.
Jonneaux , mmccmmsed or poisonIng her sister ,
brother and uncle , was ommenced here
oday The cotmnt was crpl\'lel , wlh Inter-
estcII spectntors. Time Ilrlsoncr was pale
anl troubleJ , She replied to qucstlons put
to hcr In an almost Innlllio tone. Mimic.
Jonneaux , laughter oC General Jules Ablay
anl wife of the chief enGineer of bridges a1 (
roads for time mInistry of war , was arrested
h ere on April 18 last on the chnre or iolson'o
Ing i her sister , Leonie Ablar , her Irother ,
F red Ablay , In order to obtain Insurances of
iO.OOO Crncs amid 00,000 nancs , respectively , :
on twlr lives . Ind also with poisoning her :
nncle , Jacques Van Den ] { ercho\e , In order
to Ilhcrl hcr share oC his state.
8(1In Wil Hcstoro Old n"to < .
MADtD , Jan S-1 Is reported hcre that I
as the outcome of stalements said to have
been made before the Spanish minister tot V :
the colonies , and ns 1 result oC time negota-
tons wih the ' United States concerning :
AmerIcan exports to Cuba and Porte Rico .
the United States will again be accorded the :
benefit oC the mInimum tlrlf sclmeduie .
More Troublr In South , tfricmu.
LORENZO IARQUEZ. Delngoa hay , Jan
S-Thero was a pan\e \ hero last evening ,
owing to the : lahnzuls and ; Zlnllslas people :
alaclcng time loyal : latomls , and nll'ancing ;
on the town. Armed trains are now rc-
connolterlng the vicinity oC Lorenzo Marquez
SI"1 Blocks 1 lll hni'lro"IR. ! '
LONDON , Jan. S.-Severe snow storms :
hnvo i impeded traffic In different parts of the
I < ngd m. In West Durhnl there are three
feet of ' snow Time N rtheaster omit I
I rlghton railroads are bIc ed. anl
Zero \\'clhcr Iii time Somtiu , or I'runcc.
TOULOUSE , Jan 8-Thfro were 30 degrees -
grees ot frost registered bore this morning : .
The river Gnronno , amid the canal du Midi I
are frozen over. Several l\erSOlB died ( non m
time cold. . ' , '
Tex n COlrt 10180 tIitiis fHI DOWI
DECATUR , Tex , Jnn .S.Tho ; court house
at this place burned tl S' ornlng , with :
loss l of $100,000. Thus county records were
saved. The fro was , accld ntnl. Insurance I ,
$65,00. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
$65,00.1"ls Luolhl for Trol } .
PAHIS , Jnn. S-Advlces received here
trom Madagascar under late of Decemfmba r
2 say the 10vas have sacked time Amber
mountain sanitarium. Carllego Sunrez
I'lllro In tIme Fremmcit Wool 'I'rttdo.
LONDON , Jnn 8-The TImes announce
the Cnluro or POlsart qnl Galaca In the
wool trade In I'rance. TheIr liabilities wi
probably amonnl 10 $350.000.
Illln'O"PS lft'lIUImmeti.
PARIS , Jnn S-I Is reported from Egypt
that the Dervishes have repulsed the Ialnl
troops near Kassala '
t , uhlo , Fimimett. '
1r. and Mrs. Gladstone ' have arrived In I
Paris on their wa ) soutb.
Time German emperor will open the I'rum 3.
flan Jal1111 In Imerson. mm January 15
tHx Frcnch soldiers were 1 < led In Ton-
quln In an umbu5cade TIme nath'tf were
Inaly deCented
The Pal Mail Gazette reiterates its stntm
ments of dissensions In ' , thl cabinet between
larcourt and Jioseberry
Twenty-four AI'menlans have heen tried
an,1 Imprlfoned for lohg terms for come -
plcity In allegcl rebellions .
Time German lleiclmstag reassembled yet -
terday. heir Auer Illle I Ipcech In oimpt 'lf- ,
slton to time , ant-revolulonlry bill. 011)0- I
Tlmoth leal ) ' Ienles , tlt he IntendR to I I
hreak away from Justn McCarthy and aim o
that ho wi Iglt any moose to def lt the :
liberai government .
lberal goverment. _ _ _ _
J.\'IIJl'S llWEI.TrO\ 1 ' \ ' .
Twcnty-I'our Ultrlet A8elhlos , JOrU80 to
I'uy I'er CuapIlmu ' 11
PHn ADEPIIA , Jnn. 8.-Tho Press wi
say tomorrow : I olowlng time action of
District Assembly No Iq , nlghts oC Labor of
Lacllawanna COUlty , In senllug out the rca' ' ii- :
lutons adopted nl the last l , sassiomi of that' : '
bOdy In Scranton , four weeks ago , twenty- : :
four other trades and district nssembles
also hlve resolved to pay lno moro pcr eallita
tax to mnlntaln time prespmm general olccrs :
or time order Among tlmemue Is the Nebrnska )
assemmihly . The total IncmbershlJ In the
twelty-Cour assembles Is 60,270 , nrrayel :
against time IJrescnt ndm Iletralon , ' Local
Assemhly 339 , , New , York City nnd
several othcrs , have ml 1eady returned time hr
cimmsrters Jlvlalons have been sent to mm Ii
time natonnl , state anti dlslrlct assembles
by Secretary MeBrldo of the miners. requl r-
Inl : them to bo representCIC at ColumbuH lex :
month anti , co-operato wJLh time miners nlHI
glass workers In resculim the order Cram
Limo hanls of recuJIi II orllr or I tic
afairs , I Is expected no\\ .00 llelegat03 wi ls
ateml time convenlol ! , \'hlch l > romlscl te ( he I
Limo most Interestng multI ; , important In tI me
) 110
hltor oC the craft. Ai .lls meelng , It Is
stated , action wi bo tallln authorlzlnA one : :
oC them est eminent In'crs In this city to
to proceed agaimmst Ge .
nlnllft GerieralMsster \orlunan
Sovereign nnd his board ( for time recovery oC
Iler cailita tax Iiald by N. ' 1' . A , 135 to See-
rotary hayes during the past year ald ror
time mlenge of the sIx IlclClles who were I 0-
Cnsed almlsslon to time it'meral aStembly nt
New Orleans , All thIs amounts to several
thousand dcllars . , , '
.Y J' lllIUI.IoTlt : ; ' . , lUl.I I.
. " .rlh ; murphy lt ; 11hl ; ; A , M not. , 10:11 : by I
U "I'roo" anl Cui rq 1''I'C8.
1)JINGS , Mon. . Jun , th-Hpetminl ( To to.
grmam.-Jomuemhm ) 'llfh ) ' , ytrllmuster on thf I
Northern Pacle lulroaI , , while couplng
cars ut the Twermty-mui4tlm Ilreet crosfhlf
got 111 fool cuushtin.1 frog anti , / 10nH
train of frelgbt ears'tvas i4cieed over him ,
manglng his \oI ) ' bl'oi ! rteognition . ' 'he
buslnrE8 mO of the tO11 ; llulo ump I Ilurte
of $ : for Iht widow amid four little ci : ill.
tlrt'Im. V anl ltle chl-
A local Illertnller brought In the holy , oC
nu Inlmown section hUI,1 for burial , wbo
was killed yesterday nferoon on time U ,
: I at'ction , outh of Yellowstone rh'el'
HUlo J. la'lon,1 Yelowstone Cor trial at
time Iurch lenin of c'uI , , 1 his . itreihnnhmma my
oXlllnaton took IlIac , ' todmty Jrelmlnal'Y :
1 crowd Ir Ilecta OI'N , ( list' ) ntrllell : !
hllft Ihout IWo 11(11' of \ ) rolecutun ! e8 ; '
skull Inl , ellhJ,1 to ha'l found eleven ! ul-
let holes ou iilsbody.1 I _
S"I'ula bll ( Ifo' c fa j. 11/1 / > :11'11.1
( 'AIISON , New Jai , 8 , ' '
'AlSON " , Ja\l \ - orernol' E ,
JOles , elect".1 . by thl' rR'rr party oC Ne.
I vadl , WIS 111urat , I tl I m , rzming . Oil air
state olt'crl were 1it't a\ the fame tir iso .
Secretary of the State Relief As ocntiou
Thiuka Homo Aid Sufficient ,
E : very . Cmio or 1Urr10 : \ nut 10111 linesde
tllt,1 UII lole\(1 Wlhll time Slnh's
Border Wlhull , balstnlco ( rout
Othcr I.caltlcs ,
IINCON , Jan , S.-Special.-"Time ( posi-
lon tnken by Thc leo In ld editorIal colulns
wlh reference to time Irouth districts Is emmt-
Ilhnlcnly correct , " snhl I. , 1' . I.udllen , scc-
retar- of the State Relief eOlllsslon , this
af ternoon. "Tho commlss\on \ , wlh what aid
the state . will ullmntely exlel11 , will be
nblldalt ) nbl ! to care for ni nlell ) ' persons
wlhln the borders of the state We cnn take
cnro of every ease ot desttulon reported tD
us wihin the ncxt twemmty days wihout nhl
from time state. Wo are InvestgatnG : every
case anti are In I Joslton io state Ilosl\el ) ( ) '
t'at ' the slnsalonnl reports "bout uumcrous
Ilersons btarvllg to delth are baseless rUlers ,
The enl ) ' scrlous contentol the cOlmlsslol
hns h hal wih nn ) ' 111\hlunl connectc1 with
relef work WIS wlh a mnn who lelllllcd
aim n nnnull : pass over time B. & : I. to enable
him to solicit aid , We offered hll a trip lmass :
n Car east as Chicago If ho wOlll bring us
the ellorsement of his count ) . commissioner V
or of fifteen rellutablc citizemma . limit , aside V
from thuir . plcase : sn ) that the relief cCllls-
sian has Uplllcs sltclent to last for twenty
d . We hma'e time trmmnsportatlomm mmmatter
lays. hn\e trnsllortaton mater ns
Car t ns time D. & M. Is concenmsed In our own
& :1 concerncl :
hnuls , We cnn Curulsh tranSIJOrtaton for
o 'er'thlng except grnln for seed Ind feed. "
l'IWF1 SSIS\.S nln' TiEI.
C : oltrthll01 Irll Ilrrl.hlrl 11 the les.
tim imUon uimid . Imllt'muIs ' 101' Hllr > .
IAHmSDUHG , Neb" , Jnn S-To the gdl-
tor b of Thc Dee : Seeing time many exaggeratc I
statements In regard to time dcstuton In I
" western" Nebraska In the ensterl press ,
partcularly l Chicago all New York I1pcrs ; I I I
wIsh to correct some oC the 10st Ilarlng
Cnlsehools thnt are bclng lp pled to the "pan-
handle" of this state.
Along genernl hues It scems stranle that
with the large crops of last year and ( aim m
prices obtnlncl that such misery coull pro
v ail on such short notce , Is not the suppo-
siton reasonable that n lot or professiona I
"ynwpers" have , ns Isunl , como to the front
nnl with time old Cox anti ' crow story expect
to t fatten emu tie materlnl that , to a ccrtaln
extent , will now throlgh theIr hands ? ThIs :
Iden i Is partly sustained by limo veteran char -
ncter or these cnlamly reporters The pea -
110 here have mme desIre to oppose any rele r
or legltmato ammfferlmmg . but wIth count ) war
ants selng lt par or a trlno below , whnt Is I :
the maler of each county dong ! what they
should 10 under the clrcumstnnces , suppllng
heir t destitute-If the ' have ' , This
tw own destluteIC they \ any. 5
would not suit time leaders In this movement . ,
as I would leave mnany of them without I ,
Job j , therefore nn appeal Is mal0 to the world .
Doubtless the experience of oilier years wi
b e \eltel II time coming free distributIon or
supples : men who have from forty to 100
head of , cntte nul aim unlimited amount of
c heek w"l 'hnul homc' the donated smmppilen c ,
while time really deserving person will stay at
110me. h and ther.Coro , rClelve nothIng ,
A largE shnro of the ' \eged suffering In I :
Nebraska Is among lion transient pOlllnlon I.
Coming front the east where living Is high , In I
many cases with expensive Imblts , they land
on n' h neslenl usua\y In debt Not beIng
CPIlar with or not having the means to
engage In stock raIsing , he procceds to plow ,
up and plant \ time lAnd possible : this , oC
eoursc , adds largely to his expenses , and , oss -
bt ! to the late jmlantiumg . most oC hts crop fail 5
to show I balance on the cash side of the sum-
mer's m work. In time menntme , he has bee
m mtdmaItmg ! off his merchant and general supply
dealer , who has been kindly carrying him Cor
months Af a gralu raIser pure anti sImple
he woul fail In nny country , mme mnl r what
ho l rnlsed
I nm not prepared to deny thnt suferIng
exists In central Nebraska , but 10st emphat-
i cahly deny that the same exists In the western : 1-
ern part of the Stato. Banner , Kimball , Scott :
Duf and Sleux ' counlcs are enltcd to thIs
dlslncton and Inlllnant ) ' deny the reports
that are put In circulation In regard to this
sectioum . AIR PLAY.
its 'ro JiS'l'iU ) 11(1 rING , UL'l'JtES
'S 10 IU,1'lt 11 fG : U1I'I.1ES ,
In1 CUluty Ccntrnt Holor Cnlltlon Ix-
) IIIIIS Limo Mlu'IUln. I t
BUTTE , Neb. , Jan. 8.-Speclal.-A ( ) comi : I-
munlcnton , slgnel by Hev. " liattelemmmmtt date ( i
Nlobrnrn , Neb" , aIpCare'd In tIme Work 1-
Herld a few days ago whIch does time cit Iit
zens or this county nn Injury and casts a
renecton on the work of the centrat relic it
commitee here. The genteman Sa1 that
goods cannot bo shipped ) to Spencer , Doyd
connty , because ot time desttuton at the :
people there , who carry them away beCoro
they can he distributed. The tact oC the :
mater Is that ! ute and Spencer precincts
have less desluton to care Cor than the
other Ilreelncis In time county. The nlmonl I-
ton to shIp sUllples to Nlobrnrn , vIa the
Eilelmorn , I listened to would result In ge I-
ln ! to the cast oath oC this county the
greater part or the relief , and prnclcaly
destroy the work of time 10) ' " county corm m-
niittee . whch ! has enleavored ! to Inllarlaly
distribute the provisIons , mmmommey , etc. , I r
equal parts to the sub.commltees oC the
nine precincts. ThIs commitee was ill p.
polntell hy the county commIssioners , and Is
composcll of responible Icn amid women :
residing In this city , all they are Ilvlll
their every effort to assuage the dIstress oC
time people In our county ,
Thu distress oC ole oC floyd county's
people has been made n ronrce of profit for 1
1 number oC unscrul1lous persona who a rem
scouring the various counles of the state t or
hclp for Boyd county's nely Nearly all at
those hailing Cram this county are working
for thllr own Iumtorests amid numerous com ,
plaints have been sEnt In regard to these ;
'I'ho central commitee wnnts It undo r.
stool that It hns no solicitors out unlcr-
state , and persons giving nll to huch Inc 1m1f
villuais need not bo surprlmte,1 If I Cats to
reach its dastlmmation . Time saCesl anti , only
WI ) ' to afford help to Boyd county Is to sell
contributons to the Central HeleC commltce ,
Buto , Neh. , via Stuart or O'Neill.
JImmy ! Jrhll , ' CUr In thi'UoHtlUI' , ,
HA SIINGS , Neh" , Jan S-SJeclal- ( ) )
'Ihe enterprlsln citizens or this place have
gratuitously contrIbuted a carload oC lour ,
20,000 poumumis I , to time dronth mttmfrerers . The
lour wi IJ bhlppell to Boyd county this
evening via lice Imlloru , which has very
generously Curnlshed free transporlaton Cor I
tIme snme. carloal , oC vegetables are awe It-
Inr shlllent to the sufferers In southwestern
Nebraska lS eon ns arranlrments for tram ma.
portaton can ho made. Hay I3pnicmgs Is the I
prIncipal town In Slerllnn county , In the
extreme northwest CDrner of tie state wiml rim
Is one of the banner counties In western I' 'e-
hraslt , A faiure oC crops his not been
lo\n since its settement In 1S85 , ' 1 Ito
grain crop tlmitt year was very good , ct om-
llerlng 1 Iry ' sea on , 'heat Ivcra/ell a\ut :
twelve bushels per acre , oats timirty-fi et' ,
rye Ind barley good , amid vegetables In
abummdance. lay Is vor nhunllant , gc mod
haled hay being otered at $5 per ton , : lany
carloads of [ heg anl , catte lave been shlppeJ
Crom tils IJolnt amid several tralnloal8 of
smal grain ,
. .llt1.II..1 St.Inb ,
IINCON , Jan. 8.-Speclal.-John ( ) W ,
WI30n will he the new commandant of the I
State Soldiers home at Grand Island , 0 : at'-
ernor Hulcomh wi Beul the appointment :
to time senate shortly. Judge Wison Is m a
onearmedteran oC time war and was the I
populist cand date for auditor nt time late I
electIon. lie I a newspaper man lS wel i
as n lawyer , nl11 Iins been count ) . Jlulgo of
Keih county . lIe Cormcrl ellCI the Pilot
nt Puton
, a populst organ Before joining
the populsts ho was a republcnn. Jolnlnr
SOTlest 't'iij' 1. ' : 1W H'OTT'V.IS1
11.ny HUlurA hnt l'otrFacta Uc\lnll 11mm-
lug the ' ' .
, tiny Rt O'Srm.
O'NEILL , Neb" , Jnn. S.-Speclal ( Telc-
grnm-Slnce ) the Caluro DC the sheri to
flil time boly ot Bnrett Scott In time swell
on the harris forums there ha\'o been 10 IUW
de veloimmmieumts In time case. Alt , time parties
who were out [ rom this city ha\'o rcturned
nnll Sheri HnmlDn says ho Is at n m loss
In rcgi-d how to proelcll. lie believes
he swill have to wnl until somcthlng cisc
turns UI to give a clow.
At n meclnl of lelmet lodge No. 43 ,
Inlghts oC P'thlas , oC this city , or which
ollanlznlon Scot was a mcmber , a reward
of $200 swims offered , $100 for time recovery \.r .
Scott's becly , Ilen,1 , or alive , and UOO for the
an nest or conviction of any part or parties
connected wih time crimmme
I Is repor\ell \ that the $100 reward offered
by time 01,1 Fellows swill be dOlbll',1 at thclr
next mmmeetlcmg. The Masons are Iho expecte,1
to offer n retvard. The boarl oC sUllen'lsors
mct this mmmornlmmg ammti the ) ' still lmrolcablY
mornlnl nnl wi prolmbl'
be called upon tolar to offer a reward for
the allllrehcnslon of limo
tiom l'eTletrators of the
outrgc ,
A courier front time north countr , who has
Just j arrived , In lown , brings the InCormnton
thnt time frlenl of time mmmIs.sinm ox-treasurer
stlt imo reside lum Scott amid l'mmultltmclc towumalmips
lt ave omgaumizeti anti timat time ) ' ssViil mmimtkc mu
s ystemmimutic search for time hotly. Timey also
a ssert timat armmtetl mmmcmi , wimo mare imtmlmimosCul to
h eloumg to time Imrotectis'e arsoctmttiomm , as time ) '
te rums time viglimtmmtes 1mm that sectlomm , imavo been
lm oluliumg immeetings ubmmily time Past week. it is
b elieved lucre timat tIme ) ' swill lmrotect lice
p rimmcmmers , its far as they arc able , wlmen
ti mr'ir eases commme omm ( or icearlnmg or trIal.
it is roporteti timat Mrs , Scott today re
c eive a letter frommi a towmm imu immdiamma stat-
im mg tlmat imer Jmtmsbantl stas timero emmd asking
im er to semmml raimie ummoney. Timis letter imas
b ei : Imiacetl ims time imands of imer attorumeys.
A ummenmber of a protective associatioms wimicim
iso located cmorthmssest o I' thIs CII ) ' , ammd to wimlchm
o rgammizatloma a mmummmmber of pronmlnent farummers
bo elong , ammimi tlmls evening timat timey wommiti go
o tmt ammti hunt for limo betly it thmere swore 1mm-
v iteti to da so. Timero are a large ntmmmmber of
t arnmers 1mm frommm tIme mmortlu cotmntry timight ,
s wim cammmo 1mm vitim mlmmliiimaus amid Roy to at-
t emmd their preiimmmlnary imemrlng : tomcsorrosv.
T ime smmppositiomm is tlmat tlmey swill svaive cx-
a tmmimumtiomm mind give bond to appear at time
n ext termmm of diatrict court.
I p'.IVluInV .IXG CI.IIiIC J'IWi ( Ii
i tC1)tmIiieaIm ( 'Immucims itmi Settio time S'immi-
on i t Imist ttuui ihimami I umu oimiy.
ChEYENNE , Jan. 8.-Speclal ( Tclegrammm , )
-Frammeic II. Vt'arremm amid Clam'emmco I ) . Clonic
t will be W'yommmimmg'a mmext Ummlted States seuma-
t ore. Time ummmttter was fimmally settled 1mm a
j oiimt caumccms of time reimmmhhlcamm immeummbcrs of
t Ime semmate amid house , imeid mut 5 o'clock timis
a ftermmoon , Mr. Warren sync mmomnlmmatemi by
a cclammmtttiomt to succeed Senator Carey. Mr.
Clark ammd Jumdge M. C. Brown svere hmbaced
1 mm mmomlmmatioma ( or time foUryear torus to fill
t ime existing vacaumcy. On time first ballot Ciarlu :
r cceivcti thirty-nine votes anti Brown eigimt V
Larammmio county gave imlimi ono vote imm ndtll. .
l Ion to time sevemi iii hits own delegatiomm. Am I
s oomm as time result of time ballot wits icnmowm : I
a im Albany coimmmty mmiemnber mmaoveti to mmmmmk i
t ime nomnimmatloum of Ciaric mmmmanimmious , nmmtl I
l imo iimotlomm was carried svitbmoot a dissentinr ;
vote. Time best of feeiimmg prevails tommigimi ,
TIme imiemmibers of time Vlegisiaturo are belim :
i moartily congratulated tmpomm tIme speed ) ' sot. .
tiemeat of wlmat was feared 'would be Cong C
l eng and hitter contest ,
' Time Timird legisiativo , azseuthb Of. WYOV .
m mmimmg commveneui at msoon today. A tenmimorar ,
organizatloma was cfectetl ! anti an adjourn .
mont swims taken until 12 o'clock toimmorrosv .
S. V. Dawney of Albany county swas electeu I
temporary speaker of tIme immmse. G. Vt' .
hoyt of Laramnie county is time teniporar ) r
presimhing officer of time senate. A caucum 3
wIll be held tomorrow mtcorisimcg to agrom
upon officers of time semmate and house.
.ILL I Tiil IIOf1'1T.1L.
i.It'cly 1mmcommumter hiotveecm SoldIers minim I
'iiIage Mmursimmslm. ,
ChICAGO , Jamm , 8.-Aim excItIng encounte r
between fifteemi soldiers statiommeci at For t
Simeritlami mmd tsvo vIllage marsimals occmmrrel V
at Iliglmwooth. As mu result of time fracas timre a
of time soldiers mire confiumed in lice Imosimita 1
anti time vIllage mmmarsimals arc' mmtmraimmg sever e
wounds. Time iimjured are l'rlvate Edwar' '
MeMahmon , conmipany 0 , F'ifteentim infaimtry ,
simot in tIme neck amid right side , sen -
oul ) ' Injured ; Pnivato hldwartlVbite , coin .
imany G. Fifteenth immfantry , revere seal p
svoummd ; I'nivate Johmum hioucii , company G , FlI
teemmtit immfammtry , allot timrouglm tIme riglmt arumi ' : ,
Charles Gordomm , vIllage 'mumarsimal , severe seal
wound mind cut on time ( oreimead ; Mimrshmai
CauIey , deputy village ummaralmal , cut in tim C
face aumtl scalp v.'oimmmds.
Time muimootimmg occurred simortly after I 0
o'clock omm time immahmi street of time vIllage. 'l'hm
soldiers claimmi time rimooting twos done by Mac ,
alma ! Gordoim amid was mmnpros'oketl , 0mm tim a
otimer hand , Mmtrslmals Gordon anti Caule y
clmminm to have acted mm self defense.
l'ictims of time lintel FIrs.
ALBANY , N. Y , , Jan , 8-Timreo moor 0
bodies imavo imeen foummd In time ruins of Ii : ID
Delavamm imouso today. Two svere upon Ii : IC
remmtains or aim Iroum bedstead amid time timlr 'd
about ten feet north of time ovens. 'rime ii m-
dications are that several other corpses am 0
about to be mmmmeartimemi , Timere 1mm imotimlut ig
apoumt any of tIme corimses to Itiontify them ,
Suilm'Itio Tmmkcs tlit L'Imico of ci tImtrnlmugo ,
CllVEl.\Nl ) , Jo11. 8.-George W. Das'i : S '
clalun cmgecmt of tIme Lake Slmoro railroad , comi' m-
omitted suicIde witlm a revolver , shootIng Imlim' I.
self itt tite temmipie. A dispute with imi Is
ummotimer about huts emmgagemmmemmt to a yommrm ;
womsmnum wlmomn time latter dId not lIke is hi
lltit'cd to be time cause. Davis was to Imas ;
beems mimarried to time gIrl last nmlglmt ,
tcmit cmi ml Itliusimuci to time ( "mmmgt , ,
BRUSSELSJumm , 8.-Captain Clmailtln , wi ma
fought time Arabs 1mm the Artmnisvl , was ye S.
terday ci.nrgeui by lIrmg Leopolmi wltlm C n
Ixmmportanmt mmiission to time Upper Congo , I
sviii ho accompanied by two olllmiers or it
several civilians ,
tV'S 'FrUit i'tt hod t'tI ,
MlNNEAI'OiiS , Jeurm , 8.-Time trial of
Uhixt , cimarged swithi Itme unuirder of Catime V.
limo Giumg , has been reset for January 21 , ti me
date of the trial of limurry 'F. hayward ,
'J'lJ.I(21tdi'I11 ( Ii&cC4'EI':4.
SCerc'tttr3' mmcmiii Mrs. ( Ireslmammm gave a dl n-
to time presltlemmt nntl caiilrmeL yesterela ,
George A. lteldier , ( dInner lomutmuturter I
Olciaimomnmi City , svas ) eucteriuy coni'icLti Itr
A uutunehmloci imelcimglmmg to time nnlscuii mg
stemtm ctmlliu'r MoumImutriat immus drifted asias re
near Cape Flatten ) ' .
'Vlmo Moscililon emmiumers resummmmecl ss'ork ye is.
tertlmty , lcemmullumg a meeting betsveemm Ice
oper4utcrs imnul mrmlumtr.
Fniunk Hunithm , tIme umoteui uhimamnonul rout : en
who Is wmttmtcd In viii lou's limits of time comm
try. ecftimed ( mcmli the St. imuIs ssoi'kimou
) eSterdmm ) ' .
uume suenmito himmanec tiomuimnittee hums tlcelul ed
hot tO gives Iienercti ( oxey mm imetmring mm
imluc genii uommmhmu anti umun.Inmterecut beurl mmg
hionmcl seimeme ,
'i'hme selcctiomm of mm jury is icrogresmIng 1cm
Nt'uv Voric ( or time timirui irimul ofIltimm tin
Lmmidlutc' fem ilCOtmO4J Personal dmecmmuges f liii
Jtuisseii Smige ,
In. cc qummmrel river mu svomanm with st'im ( ) l
time ) ' swore both in los's' , i"orest ( ItO
fatally stabiemi 'i'hommmmt Cmarnmmmmim at II -
1mC'utse ) , Oki. , yesterday ,
TIme ( 'igarete trust yesterday olmhaicm ied
anothuer jutlgmneiit icr immfningecncnt again mat
Its rival , lime National Cigarette comnmimar my.
Time case will bte muppealeti ,
'rime anmnual coP feremice of mine worki rs
( or mlIntrlc't 5 OiOPti at h'lttmuimurg yesterd : my.
'I'ime day svas tmi sect up in imemurlng I epor itt.
lIme wage cluetttitm will be tmskent up lodu )
On account ( if time conditiomma growing ant
or time grountlinm ( it time cruiser ( imme lccmm atl
t.o ito' rotary ( fl time navy has isauel men
order that timepreenmce C f it ImlIot cci ito : : irmi
does not iou-ye time oilicermt al reimpormaibili 11.
. .
Do uglas County Man to Bc Ohairnian of
the Importdnt ilotiso Ooinrnittto ,
Si emiker .lcm3' ito tlcl to Auicmouimico , liii
( omIm mum it t cc , Lids ) l it rim I mmg-Su'mmtut mm id
tile 5mummmt muIt Scelt'y
Ommt ) of mu thtut , .
LINCO1.N , Nel. , Jaim. P.-Special ( Tele.
gr ammi-At ) imiiulcmigimt but littk tmrogress hiatt
ime emi mimad e I mm I Ice II mini nrrammgemmmeimt of sI anti-
lo g commiummittecs 1mm tIme tsvo hmoimstmm , Speaker
iti cimards eMil tint ice simommitl Imlit iii tIme emmtlro
iml glit. in aim emmibeas'tmr to get lImo comnuumittees
mmm ade um Iii t ilmie for
mmcm umomm umeemmi emmt I Imla mmiormm-
11m g , It l ieanimed that haumglmms commmmty twill
fa re very st'el lit time ditutnitmtmttomt at clinic-
mmm ammsimiis , fommr at least imaving beemi awartleth
ime r. Crow of Qmmmalma swill ho cimainmami of
tim e ways acid mmmcanms commmmmmlttce. time ummost V
Imm uimorttmmmt 1)1:1CC : 1mm tIme ! gift of time speaker ,
an ti omme but sritlommm glvcmi to a units' mimemmiber.
1mm time semmate , Ioumglna cotmumty still hardly
fa re so swell , nitimomuglm two cimalrmmmmmmmslmlps
ima vo beemi accom'ciecl her , rumbjcet to comae
ch mnmmge. It Is Itrmctlcahm ) settleil that Noyes
sw ill have the cimairmmmnmmsimlim of time commtmmmltteo
nm m immtencmai Immilurovemmients , U ) ' reason of
O cmmaima's desire to eccmmre favormmhmio ieglslatiomm
fo r time itroimosemi hewer cammal. Crane Is
trm mmigbmt Practicmuiiy smmre of time cmalrmtmacmshmip ) V
of time eonmmn I I I co eu mmmii mm id 1t I n ( ( mitre , to
v imlcim time Ocmmaimmi cimarter still ha referred.
\ 'imat Itiehmanui Scmmlthm Is to receive Ium the dIe-
tn ilmmmtlomi caumnot be lmiarmmed , [ or time commmmimit-
te e Itmms msot tmmken imis
case ummmtier atls'Icemmmemit , V
'I'imc' Iammgias coummtty emeutmutors scum to imtuvo
c rosseml time scumators su'Imo are cocmmimoslmmg tlm V
st ammding comcmmmmlttee , nuid time relatIons betsweemu
tiT memmi have not icecum of time frlecmlIlest , mmatumre.
T ime feeling grew so Iumtemmso this aftermmoon
th at omme of time iotcglns coucmmty ciemmators sar- '
c asticahly stmggesteml that time rumies ito
n ummctmded , cimammglmmg time mmammme of the ilsit to
ti me ' 'sucker" , moimmmimittce ammtt that tIme timneo
um memmihers of Dotmgias commmmt ) ho Iminceti on time
c ommmmmm itt 00 551 tIm t Ime lriwi lege of mmmm mmm I mmg timeir
o tvmm cimairummaum ,
Time coummmmmltteo is still imm sessiomi at tIme cap-
it ni hold , and Semmator Volta : tIti a little after
1m m it ] ii igim t t ima t I lie 115 t swommhul ha ruily imo neatly
f or anmmoummmccmmmemmt timls mmmormmlmmg. It is well
mi mmulerstooti that 1mm atlmlitlomt to the cimnIrmmmamm- V
mutl ltiits already deciuleml upon nmmth ammimotmnced
tl mat iiaicmm of 1cbaumms will be at tIme head of
ti me commmmittee 0mm mntsceihammeouis corpormtiomis ,
\ 'rigimt of I.ammcaster clmrmirmmmnmi of time ummmlver-
a ttics commimimittee , anti Steuffer of Cummiming ,
p robably , cimnlrcmmamm of time committee out pub-
lin e lmmumdmi mmmmd bumilmilmigs , althommglm time last line
n ot beemi ftmlly decidemi uponm , It sili be scema -1
t imat the commmmumittee Imas reserved to itclf
t hree , at least , immsd 1)05511)11 , femur , of time most
im mmportammt cimairmmmammslmlims , 'ticKeomm taklcmg
l imo railroads , hlnimmi thmts mmmiscclimmmmeotms carper-
a lbums , i'olfli time jutlielimry mmd Steumifer time
p mmbiic lamids anti lmmmiitlimmgs. Time immmmate nmotl-
e sty of Semmator DressIer ofVaynme. . time fifth
u mmemmiber of time commmmmmlttce , immay yet impel
i i i mmm to at ci , i mm a mmcl take t lie dma irmnmm umsim ip of ,
t ime ihmmnnce commmniittee , in order to settle time
c otmt'Umtion between Senmmtbrs ' '
'l'elft amid Gra.
i mamms , both or ss'imommi asplrq to time honor.
Time comnimiitteo on rules uinisimed its labor.
b ut a short tinmo before hmiflnighmt , It. tie-
c itied to recommimmmeimd .ttte'tCOntoliclniomi of tIme
f our commmmltees on a yitlimis fur time irmsamme ,
i mmstituto for time Ienf ) , hlommm for time I'niend-
l ess , Immtlmmstricml scimools amid Immatitucte for
F 'eeblo Mlumdeml. j\ new stammdimmg cocmmmmmittee
o n hrnigatlomi is tmtldcd. Sommmo technical
c imammges are mimado in the wcrmiing of umevermcl
r umba anti one mnoet Iniportant cimaimgo nec-
o ummummemideul , Under time present rules a ama-
jr j onity of time imemmato immay reject or alter a
r eport of .a stammdlmug commmmmtittoo , Time new
r mmle requIres a two-thIrds vole. Time full
e ffects of this rule will be clean th time nalcemi 'i'
e ye later Iii time essioum , That it is clearly
i mmlemmted toatitbo ammy show of immtiepcmmdemmcta
o n time part of repumbilcaums tvim immay retuno
t o foliow tIme exact ilumes of tIme programim ml-
r eady marked ( bown for tlmeisi missy develop
i meforo time tiny of final adjotmnmmmmment Is
neacimed. 'fimo m umla will imot be afiopleti with-
otmt cniticlimmia o't. if umot oppositloim from , 50mb
of time nmeummbers on time rcimubilcamm side , V
Tlmero Is a smnmmll area a ? low bmmrommmetei
1 mm soimme Pertiomms of time senatorial s'p'mthcer '
i mmap , whim a strong probability for a immarluemi
"hugh" pressmmro scon to fullest' , anti if limo
immdicationa toumlgimt arts verified mc severe ,
storm swill strike time senate within forty. .
eIimt Imomirmu. V
Treasurer Ilartieys lrnnti 1mm its amtmendetl
ferns wait fimmmtiiy cuubmnittetl to Govermmor 1101-
comls last evening. Aitimotmgii tlmo original
lionel was lmi time ammims of $1,500,000 , the boniti.
tic It now stanitis Imc In lmo sum Of $2,100,000.
Setmator 'atomt last mutgitt ilnhalmed the
draft of a joimit rcsolmitlomu to subnilt a con-
stituitlonal auumentlmmment to a vote of time peo-
pie incrcamtiumg time uuuimreicme court to five1
immembers , anti also providlnmg fer aim Increase 4
Iii nualares ! acm ativocated by TimO lice.
Time senate cummploycs imave finally been appointed -
pointed , and there is quIet commgratulatIc'n on
all sides that for almmiost time fIrst tlumme iii a
quarter of a cenlmmry Walt Sceley will not be
a commeplcuous object , lie ices been Imried lootmo
from time state treasury-not withmotmt a strug-
gb-but imo Is loose at last , Llcmmtemmant Gay-
orison Moore imias determlmieml that i3eeley shall
not be mmcm ornaumment to time pay roll thmics sea-
sian , at least , It is imiimtetl iii certmulcm quartera
tlmat Secicy will be glvcmm a job amid hits name
clIpped onto tIme pay rOil before tIme sessIon
closes , switim title reference to full back pay ;
but it may be statetl for once and for all that
tIme scimoimme wIll not work. Lieumtemianmt Governor -
ernor Moore will sign uco vouchmermt for the btn.
cIt of Vt' , It ! . Seclay.
% ' CI1ANOIS IN I.teWS l'JtOi'OSEO ,
l.egishutnri : iiclt'rummicieti to ithler Existing
141 mit mm I ( 'cc Very 01 mut , ' mimi I iy , V
LiNCOlN , Jami , 8.-Special-if ( ) all threat-
emmeti legislation succeeds 1mm nimimmiluig time
gauumtict of tIme two imomisca , time oltlest lawyer
of Nebraska wIll hmmivo to brush mmp lila lemsowl-
edge of time statutes. Measmmres ao iroiosett
cii evcry tilde , httpemsl of exlstimmg statutes
Is talked of as a nmmatter of course , There is
a general elisimosltlon to either untie a itart of
thu svork of thu two populist legislatures , or V
at least to so annenmm.l It timat radical chacigea
nnay be made ,
Omme ott thu lmhmortanmt changes In exIsting
laws will be itroliosed Iii a bill vreimaremi by
the f3tcmto iimcmmlmiumg Board , amid to Ima Intro-
ulucctl Icc time itemise tommmorrow , it rmmakes
ramikal elmanmgts tim tIme hmreseumL imaumlming
law , laasei iii IbtO , time nnost notable one
being titmtt It relieves time suimremmme court of 4
the hmnnimense imumsount of holier now devolving
mipoim It by reason of time itrovisloum timmit gives
time imighier court orIginal jtmricumlictioms. 'time ' V
nmew law tracmrfcrs the control of limo bammiclng
lasts to time district courts , titus relies'iumg timu '
amiprenmo court of at least oume-tlmIrti of Its
lmresenmt bmmrmleim 'limo new lmw also irovhie.
for fommr battle examInations item' anmmmuumm , icmstea
Cf three , lmut reduces time cost ( macis $20 for
Cacli exaimmiumatiomi to $15 , co titat time increased -
creased mmmimmiber of exmmniiimatiojmit does riot increase -
crease time expense to time baumks.
Timero lit some prospect of comifmmmIon over
time Inirodmaction of Imilia ciesigmued ( or time aid
time tiestitumie of time mlrooiim-striclmon ills-
trlcts. Manmy of the umiomimera of botim imouses
imave timeir own views on time qmmestiomm of relief
and thmc'y are cmhmomiyiucg these Immdlvitlual ltieas
iii till Is so imich they are hit rumtitmctmcg as rapidly V
as time reading clerics cmiii disimose of ticeun , it
Is safe to presume tlumt nacte of time lulls so
far inmtrotluced still receive time approbation
of time rellcf commmnctittee oftimtwo imoumues.
'i'd ) IttmmmI tim , , ttimlverslly.
LiNCOiN. 5VSpedial'rimo ( ) follow ,
ing is tIme 'xt Cf a imoummo roll No , 112 , intro.
duced by Commsmvay of York , by requestm
A 1)111 tom' ito net to lmrovhie a u'iteeial ( Unti
for time t'cmiv'rlty f Ncbrtumulcmm. fur mmew
builtllcmgs , mmccc's : amy r'tmtlrs cmiii irni'ru'e. '
mouth at building. mi'uss' erected , imnproYms
- V

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