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2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TIlE Ol\rAIT..A. DAILY ] UE : FRIDAY , JANFAUY' 11 , Ism . . .
- - -
Mc1eeb InslstNI on knowing the countes :
from which ench emptoyo was nppolnted. Tim
IIt as rend , Inchlllln I few absentN showell
tU\t of the lucky forty-seven emplo'es so far
Ippolntc1 eighteen resided In Lancaster
county four In 1ouglas , anll the rest pcnt.
terln . Sonntor Icleeby calod the oten.
ton of the Mnatt to the ohvtous 11lscrlmln-
lon In favor of I.ancnster county , but no
further action was taken
The lieutenant governor announced the a - .
tolntmont of Captain Masterman of I.lncoln
a nn Isslstant Janitor , thus quietng the storm
. - mlscII by n few ostenslblo friends of the olJ
8ldle . . '
; The senate ! hen took n recess until 2
. o'clock this afternoon .
The afternoon sessIon was not entirely
_ r without its siirprIcs. Durln the intermis-
; tlon n numher of the republIcan senator
ngrccl , among themsh'G to roconshler the
forenoon's work In reference to the report or
the committee on rules , adopt the report , an-
, found the stnntlnp committees nn,1 , go to
, Vorlc In . nrnest. They were dstMd to I .
i urprise
, , Immediately after roll cal McKesson withdrew .
drew his objection to the present conshlera-
, ton of thl reports of the committee on rules
anll mo\'cll that that rellort bo adolJled.
Crane moved thnt the report be made the
' special ! orlltr ( for consideration at 10 o'clock
tomorrow morning.
, McKesson was or tie opinion that the
, senate could easily comprehend the IJUrport
\f the alel1hnents suggested hy the com-
: mlteo by having the sEcretary read the rules
Al amended lie helevell there ' was a dlspo-
; . Illon on the Part or some of this sentors
. . . . . to reel that the rules committee was en-
; dea'oring to Inject Into the rules something
: that the senate did not want.
Crane remhHlell the senator from Lancaster
f that as yet not one hnll ( sug/ested that any
r . alemllt was being lade to rairoad anythIng
. through the sennte. The committee on rules
hall delberated for more than n week over
Its 11rollosell amenlments ali the result was
contained on a slnglo sheet of paller. I was
. . known that the sellons or tIm committee
, hail not been harmonious. I was hardly fair
to ask the senate to comprehend In ten
minutes what It took tIm committee n week
, to formulnte. '
Wltson reported that the committee acted
ppon tl ( ! theory that SOle memhers of the
snate were better able to comprehend the
contents ot a single page.
Smith objectell ( to the present cOnsideration
under the rules
ΒΌ Sllrecher brought tillS controversy to a head
by movllg that the secretary or the senate' '
; 'rurnisli each member with a "rfntM ; copy
of the rules or 188 , together with copies of.
the proposed ainenilnients . To this motion
. Cahlwel offered an amemhuent directing that
the rules bo typewritten instead of IJrlntcd.
? - Teft moved to lay the whole maier on
the tabIe This was Intended to cal out
: the strength or the opposition to the report
of the committee on rules.
, On the ayO and nay vote the motion to
. lay the matter on the table was defeated
- " . by the folowing vote :
' . Akers. ( rn1iamn . Rloaa.
Jlressier. 1 Iteheocic . Hltur ,
CnhlwelI , MciCe'SOfl. ' 'ell ,
t , elillwel , 1ope , " 'Ilson-l2
: Nays-
. liiaelc . Holbrook. flatlibtmn.
liowvr , SeEtHeS , Saullers ,
t : Jelres
, Camlhel. Jnwl'r , ! l.ehr , inItli.
. MIW. 1c\tehy , Sprecher
Crawrord , Mitchell , Slewa ,
en.wor . Nnyes , ' 'rlghl-IS.
1- , Sprecher then aeeeptell Caidwehi's amen . -
- mont , and the motion instructing the secretary -
l tary to furnish copies of the rules or 1889
- waA carried.
S - ' " Pop u l inured - : to adjourn but the senate
- After a considerable delay Pope moved
that time secretary be requested to have the
; rules printed for time use or the senate.
Smith then moved nn adjournment , and
the senate agreed
. , hOUSE M.titiNO SOME . IIEtIA.
( AlmoAt 111 < " 10 , 'Inlc the Salary ApI.ro-
_ , I3rilmtIn-Yorlc , or till lny.
' LINCOLN , Jan. 10.-Speclal-Thls ( ) Is the
, nluth , workln , ' day of the , session One
' hundred , and 'sIxty-eight bills have been In-
? . tro'uced ! , and ,1&0 passed the se end reading. ,
. Dut one or them , n . , l appropriating $8 , Oo
; f0r'IiTlflme(1h\t ( J jiaymcrlt or members and em-
: pioyea has 'so far made any material
alh'ance. I Iii house roll No 71 , and despite
- the fact that n relict bill was the first one
, Introduced , No. 7 Is prInted and will come
up the earliest ' for action. It vhs 11vanced
' yesterday by time spanker , who directed at-
: tenton to Il mil suggested that , as some or
Ump members might want to pay board his ,
the ' bill , woul better be pusimed. I
Durns or castet was late In isis arrIval I
( . this - mornIng , but when he appeared It was
. seen that he was loaded ! for ber Ils first
. move was to tntroduce , by , unanimous consent .
' sent , a pedigree or the Burns family , going
back four or five generations and spreading
over two contInents , which as he said he un-
. . dertooll the mater , was In conformity with
the resolution of Chapman adopted at yes-
tenlay afternoon's session , This resolution
was to Inquire Ir any or the house employes
. are related to any of the members Howard
' Durns , I young representative of the last
hums generation , 15 a page In tim house. !
The pedigree was ruled out of order.
) elllreo
. All resolutIons for tIme Ilrchnse at newspapers -
papers for tim members finally culminated In
' allowing each member three copIes qr daily
. papers , or their equivalent In weeklies or
semi-weeklies , at reGular subscrIption rates
UII none to be paii for except those ordered
' )
by the members In writing.
So far the progress made Is not Indicative of
a short session. Time committee on relief ap-
t pears to be doing conscientious work , and
4 . since yesterday Ilornln ! but few or the members -
hers have been seen In the house. On the
- contrary they are devoting their best energies
to work In time commilee room.
WIth the standing ccmmilees announced and
136 bills passed : the seconl reading the house
) ' this morning was In good shape to proceed
expeditiously with , current business or the
. llously
p . session , .
; Droclunan was first In the field with a
memorial favorable to the election of United
States senators by direct vote or time plOIJle.
I was ordered to the files as I house roll.
4 On motion or Davis I resoluton to el1110y
n carpenter for service In the house was
, . table with a ruslm llrockmnimn's resolution to
- IJrlnt 1.000 COllies of the governor's message
- In Oerman and 10hemian shared the same
Shocker Rcharls requested Munger to tale
time chair , as he had a resolution whiCh he
desired to introduce . hut before he coull
\ do so Burch was recognized with I motion
, to supply each memher with a copy of "Hob-
ert's Iules of Order " This brought on on
animated debate. Cramb was In favor or I
and holier opposed It bitterly In a speech or
, Borne length , the longest one yet made during
j the session The result was indefinite 110st-
r ponement.
1.'rom his seat on the for at Munger's desk
Speaker Ichanls sent lp a resoluton thai
before any claims for supples to the house
arc allowed time same shal be duly verIfied
) verlfNI
. . , by nfhhvlt , ar otherwise , and the prIce of
, same certified , which was carried wihout op-
position. Then followed the introduction or
bills on first reading , whlo the house grew
S restlcas.
hills on second reallnl was the first order
Df business at the opening or the afternoon
- lenlon. Twent-four were put through and
' :4 : referrtl to commmutttees. On 10ton of Burns
or Vincalter a rrsolulon IJassed authorizing
4 the JlnlnS of (00 cards bearing the names
.s if the Blanding commIttees . TIme Joint resolu-
. , ton Of McBrhlo concerning the hii of United
States Senalor Allen's to appropriate $300,000
trom the natonal treasury for sel grain for
. Nebraska , and urging the passage of the bill ,
: was haiti over for further action . larrlson
it hall 11resented a memorial from Grand
Islalli citizens , whIch was referred to rant
' relief commllee , askIng that Immedlato aid
: be extended sufferers from .Iroulh ,
Folowing lull tnt read In or new bills the
house adjourned. ! I
. flfldL ON mST m ADNO.
' House roll No. 131 , h ) ' llrcckmmman. n lime.
- tlorlal 111 jolnl resolution to congress. le-
, 10lse roll No. i3. ly Jones , 10 re'gulnte !
the Practice oC vcerlnar ) ' medicine anti
, .mnel' In time simile or Nebraska .
l House roll No. 13 b ) ' AlIn , entitled nn
act to nll11 Ieclon 15 or 11 act entitled .
, "An Act Incororutng Metropoiitamm Cities
Ild lefinin , lteguintimmj and I'reserlbimig
Detnlnl leHulntlJ
l'helr Uutel , Powers end iovernnient " isp.
proved Malh 0. lSl , UII Ind 11 IUlSllUelt
. Ilnel1ded. ; clstnR. 11.10 . \ repeal said section 11 here-
, lolte rol No 10 , by Hhodes 10 nmeml
Ilctons 15 Ild 176. rhlpter xVII , or II net
l > llll < 1 "An Act to J'stnhlsh a Crlmilal
1 COIl , " passed March 4 , 163 , antI to' repeal
said otigimmimi miectiomimi.
, house \ roll No HI , II Rhiotlemm to amen.1
, t . leetln 115 of chal1rr VII or the COlsolhllted
Stntutes or lSI , entitled 't'Iusttei Mort-
gages. " all to Itptnl said sectIon 315.
JllKe roll No. 12 by 1thotIe , to prte t
the healh or employcs In factories anti
workshOIHl , to )1renmt tile Jlrctce of sweat.
Inl the employes and the manufacture at
clothlnl and garments In Ilwelng and tone-
mont houSes.
House roll No. H3 hy ARhb ) ' , to amend
section li.9 nn(1 section 1 765. Cobb"R Com-
foldatell Statutes of the Sinte or Nebraska ,
and to rellfnl the origInal sections .
hOuse roll No. HI , ly Cole , to amend MC-
ton ! 1i&9 nod , & amid "chlule A or the
Comlllell Statutes of 1893 ( Colbe"s ) . nnll
to repeal sections 1.759. lit. and 1iC In
shedules A and H of Rall statutes ,
lou"e roll No. 1 : , hy Scott , relating to
contracts . ItlJlntn ! for payment In gold
amid "IJ\'llll for their IIyment itt any
legal tender money.
I louse roil No HG hy liicketts . to eltnb-
lishi the eligibIlity of count julges In coun-
ties having n I > ollllnton or over 10 , ! } ) .
te !
house roil No. li , by Cain , to amend
section 8,021 or the Consolidated Statutrs of
secton ! NhrnRkn and to rcpenl said section.
house rl No. 18. by (111. dennlng the
duties or county surveyol's and providing
compensation for the "ame.
comllenRnton No. 1I , bY Howard , to nmenll
section lii ; rl chapter I. Cohhe"s Consolidated -
fcton Statute oC Th9.1 . 11ro\'hln ! that all I .
railroad trains carryimig passengers shall
ralroli clurylnl IJIMenler ! Ahnl.
stol > at mull cOlnt ' seat stilon" and 1l1ovld.
inir PenaltY for violation thereor
house roll No. violaton , Crumb nulhorlzlnl
eOlnty JOlle honrllR to hlntl or apprentice minor
chlllren tinder the ago or 1 years who may
become Public churge
House roll No. 1&1. by ( ' 'ramnb nuthotlzllf
count ' boards to Insttute IltOceedln to
Ilave . , of1hnn U11 nbamidoned chidren
OtI HOlse Op tell . roll No. 152. by Cmmh to amend
" ectin smo : or the code or civiL procetltmre
muimil to provide for cole final settlemnent or
the count ) ' board wIth all county olcerl
wIthin one year ater the expirton or said
house roll No. 1:3 : : , by Monger , to amend
section 3 rol chapter xlv or Cobbey's Can- ,
sohiulatei . Statules of Nebraska , 1893 and
sol.lntel ( orIginal ictiflfl .
Ilotmso ! roil orlJlnal 111 , hf Monger . to amel11
section 8,001 oC Coble ' s Consolidated Stat-
Reclon salll original Aec-
lte ! . of 1S3 anti to repeal
ton.HOlso tel No 13. hy Hllglns , providing
for 11 lull of exceplols from justices or the
In cerlnln cases.
IJrnee Illes.
House roil No 15d hy HIggins , providing ,
for n hearing 01 disputed claims ngallst
coil house roil No. 1&1. by Ilarto to \rovhle for
the rol , 1\\intment , dutes runt IRlarlcR
olec \ \
oC n Illumhing Inspector and nn assistant .
; ) htmmultng Inspector \ In cites of the nietro-
\lulhln !
moiltnn clnss.
\oln roll No. 1s : , by McNitt ! , to amend
sectlomiil 131 , 42 and 45'of \ the cod or cl\1
sectons 1:1 : . 4:2 :
House roil No. 1i9 , hy Hnr ! to provide
for the malnlenance or experlnental sti-
, ) miM , 'tmiiillmiuietl In. ' time Htntc Hoard or
lon ! !
Agricumitura at Culhertson , Hllehcoclt count ,
AJtlcIIU'i , Ktlh count ) ' .
all Olalnll No. 1m , by Monger , for the re-
ilef of George N. Halngs , Elmer S. Dunly ,
Jr. , 1. I ) . \ 'oodrimffV. . A Diworth and I.
p , 'Vnltelell , amid maldng nn nlllJrOprlaton
there for.
House roll No. 1&1. hy Chapman , to nmell
sectIon 3,821 of chapter xiv or time Conlol-
secton Of 1891 , cimtitied "I'uhllc
tlatell Stalutes o 18:1 eatlell 1ullo
I.onll and Buildings , " and to repeal said
miectlon 3,821.
House 3,821 No. IG2 hy McNitt . to establish
n state rol hoarl of educalon mmntl , to define
the Iower and dule ! oC said board.
\ower No. 163 , hy Jennel ! , to protect
emnpioyes from being hlnclclsted through the
em\loyel or guarantee honll companies
mlchlnatons No IGI , by lecher , to amend
section G \ or chapter xxor the Complied
Statutes or Nelirnilnu IIclnl section 1.t22 of
Cobbey'S Consoildnt5l Sinlutes of NehrMka
Homm ! Consoldatfl : ' Burns or Lancaster
to provide fet the lease and ale of the penl-
tentur ) ' lands belonging to the state or No
brmmika :
House roll No I& by McBride , a concur-
remit resolution.
house roll No 1G7. by Brownehi . to repeal
10uso : rol chapter lxxiii. \nnotnted Stat-
sccton ! : 1SD1 ( iy \\'heeler ) . entitled "Heal
Estate I . " and to legalize aclmowlellgments
atsil oaths lulmlnlstercd by time commissioner -
sioner of deeds.
, House riI.o , I 1,1 "plr.I ! , _ concernIng , !
mini tatmon uner II 11"'U" " . ; ' ' . , .
tnlng'he same prohlhllH ; thclr being cot-
O'cd 10 semhlUce of hule\ amid cheese , reg-
ulntn their manufacture . shllpin/ foil
sale anti protectIng the consumers nt timetable
table nnll II'rscrlblng pcnaltes for the vlo-
Ilton timereof. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
' i'ollco Cotimmissioner 11111 .
Noyls' l'olcI 111.
LINCOLN , Jai i0.-Special.-The ( ) bIll In-
trOlucell In the senate today b ) No'es or
radical change In the
Douglas , molting I
method or Illpolntng the members of the
Board or Fire and Polce commissioners -
Boail or Omaha IR lIkely to create -
ate conshlerable contenton before tt
II finally disposed or , Senator Noyes'
lmihi. which was ) drafted In the olce or the
county clerIc of Douglas count . judging
Crom the printImmg on the lack oC the cover ,
provides that In each city or the metropolitan -
provlles there shal be u board or tire amid
Inn commissioners to consist of three
elector of said cIty . who shal not hold any
other olce , cIty , CO\1t ) ' or school Ilstrlct ,
Said board shah be appointed ly the gov-
Satl Irnor , commissIoner of public 1:1ds : and
buIldings 111 attorney general sitting as an
aIpOiiitIVO board . of whIch the governor
appointve ex-omclo chairman The law directs -
rects that tue appointing board . within
thirty daYS aCer the passage or this act , ap-
point three commniasloners : nl lest cne from
each or the two 1 > : Itcnl parties casting the
largest number of votes for city olcer II
the last preceding city election . One of
thOrn shah ho d slgnatel In the appoIntment
to servo until Decemher :1. : 189 . the second
to sel'\'e until ] ) eceinbom' 3t , 189g. and the
third to serve until Dnemnher :1. : 189 1'01
olcial misconduct the appoInting board may
remove any of time commissioners Any 11er-
son grleved ly any olcial oct or said
commissioners may tile written charges
with tilt' OlllJolnlng hoard , amid such board
5hal wihin u reasonable time investigate
the charge upon testimony produced.
' 1he other provisions or the bill do not
dIffer from the law now . In force
Intorcstiimg history or n Danmago Suit Now :
Intorestng Il . , Court , Dama'I '
Yesterday afternoon Judge Ambrose listened
to argumentn In n mandamus suit brought by
August 1relder against the city. ' Felder
claims 'that ( luring the month of February ,
1893 , the city council passed ' on ordinance
providing for the grading of Fourth street
rrom , Pierce _ _ _ street u _ , _ _ n to _ Poppleton Ou _ " . _ _ _ . avenue _ u " , . where _ . . _
le olns properY. He lUrlCI ulegcs la LOU
street was filled up and that ho was awarded
$300 damages. On July 21. ho further states ,
the orlnance was repealed . and the city has
never haul . the award , having Ignored all his
claims. 01 the other hand , the city claims
that the street was filled In 1892 , I year or
more before the ordinance authorIzing the
grading , and that the suit Is only a scheme
to get money out or tim treasury. According
to the statemelts of the officials or the city
engIneerIng department , time street was used
ns I dumlllng ground for the dirt taken from
streets that were being graded own. The
city never authorized time cOllractors to fill
tIme street , but allowed them to do so , as I
would have to bo done II tIme to come. After
time street was fled a councilman rushed an
ordinance through the council , nnthorlzlng
the grading at the street , but the ordInance
was repealed ! at the next mletng , when the
true facts became lcmmowim Since then the
city has olerell to remove time dirt and lower
time street to Its orIginal level , but the offer
has wen refused I the case Is lost by the
city I Is said that other suIts will be Inst-
tutell by Ileoplo II time sonic neighborhood for
dnmages aggregatnG from $10,000 10 $1,000.
Lost R Seat amid 'IU Not Uecunlzet on U
There Is one councilman In Omaha who
feels that there Is a large lump or justice
somewhere of which he did not get the share
to which he was entitled . When the an-
nual ullolment or desks was made TUlsday
night ThomaS was abment Ills was the
third name called , but as ho Ilhl not ro-
Ipond It was passell , and the remnlnlng
Elxteen memhers chose their desks , leavIng
ono Iemalnln ! away off emi the outside left
hand cormier 'homas had com In II the
moantme , hut his name had been passed
antI he was given no oj10rluliy to state
1 preference . Now he declares hImself the
vIctm or 1 ronlplracy , us he recelyc mme
notice that the scats were to ho selected
at that thle ) , IUII whel his name was called
no one jumlled Into time breach and reserved
him his old desk. ly seine mistake the
sewerage cOlmitee , of which le Is chair-
man , was not Included al the typewritten
list that was turnlshed to time pres , and
altogether the member from time Seventh
feels lke n man who has been handed the
hot end cf the poker ,
, 'l'I"ouh U 1010 In time Icc ,
SAI.INA , Ian. , Jan. l0-Whmlle nttemnpt.
lng to cream the river al tie Ice two boys
named loldrlclcson and North slllpld Into a
hole anti were drowned. Time bOles were recovered -
. I.UU.ILJn'IF. .
The county personal taxes will become de-
Illuent on February 1.
All day y.esterd.iy the emloyes at the
county treasurer's otce busied themselves In
filling ui 1 big box with old clothing for
the poor und suffering In Ueuol county
Almost everybody In the court hOUI8. from
the judges to time janItor , . contributed some
arUcle or articles ,
- - - - - - - - - - - .
Illinois' Governor coos 1 Monaco in the Ac-
tons of Various ndges.
Ht11uhlcnn ( ovcrnlU1t fllsing l'II\CO to R
1slem or . UOVcrll . nt by injunction
-Ono.Shlell < Ololdlton lie
11'lluro or the , \go
SP1tINGFb1LD , Ill. , thin . 10-Governor
Algchl's message was delivered to the 1111-
10is legislature toda ) ' . I Is n lengthy and
careruly prepared documenl , In which n
timely warning Is given against the encroachment - '
croachment of power by the United States I
In beginning the governor devotes much
space to the review or time condition of the
various state Insttutons and makes nurnor-
ous reeonmmmiemmdatiomms. Among other things
ho takes UII the queston or capital 111-
Ishment and asks whether time death sen-
( once docs nny Practical good ; I wo are nny
better off lmn these In states which long ago
abolished I : whether I Is not barbarous and
degrading In Its effects amid whether It would
not ba better to hal'o a more ratonl system
of mnnagement or our prisons and abolish
capital punlRhlent emmtiroiy.
On the questIon of civil service the governor -
ernor says there Is urgent mmecd of 1pllsla-
lon that will releve executive ohilcars , both
state and munlcilal , of the constant and overwhelmIng -
whelmIng Ilportunly of office seelers. lie
doubts time wisdom or n system that forever
keeps ! the sle men on the lay rolls , for I
Is not calculated to pro uc ! the highest degree -
gee of proficiency. A mean should bo struck
between the retention of the competent and
the distribution or spoils.
Time governor , ppeaklng or the administra-
ton of justice In large cites , says the con-
diton In business or courts of Chicago ahnoit
amounts to n denial of jus lce. The whole
s 'stem should bo revised alul simplIfied at
once. The governor also calls alenton to
the conditons surroundlnl police and justce
courts In Chicago , which he declares a dls-
grace. The revenue sstem In this state 15
declared In Its practical workimmgs to bo a
Is praclcal workhlls
giant of injustice . The governor speaks at
length or the manner In which the rich es-
cape proper taxaton and urges legislaton
especially looldng to the 11rol1er assessment
of corporations . lie calls atenton to the oct
IJrovhln ( that cOlpanles formed for the
publIcation or neWSlapers shal ha assessed
as the property of private Illvhluals Is as-
sessed. When carefully examined It Is found
that only tIm tangible property can bo assessed -
sessed and many newspaper corporatons
which have not much ' tangible property . but
do n large business in goods that would sell
for cash In time markol and which make
enormous profits . practically escape taxation .
ComIng down to the selement or labor
troubles time governor says the question of
dealing with them Is a difcul one. No
practIcal method of enforcing a decree of
compulsory arbitration has been fotmimd but
there Is .o difficulty In the way of malchll
n compulsor . investigation In every case anti
this alone would be I great preventative ns
vel as correclve , 1romlt ) ' ascertaIning anll
making publc time actual conditions In each
case arouses a moral sentiment that often
forces a settlenment. The governor strongly
urges legislation on thIs subject and also to
prevent laborers being broulht Into the state
by squads , as they generally have to b t
displace an equal number , who being sud-
dcnly thrown out , become n public charge.
Governor Algold speaks In terms or highest -
est conlncndaton or the work of the Illinois
National Guard during tim troubles fof the
past ) 'ear. TakIng up the question or the
great strIkes , he reviews the many reports
wblch hnvo been made and says the placing
of the United States troops on duty In Chicago -
cage under time conditions existing pr sents
a question 'or ' the Ifar-reachlng .mpor-
tance The old doctrine of state rights Is In
no way Involve Nobody for I moment
qu ltons the supremacy or time union. The
great civil war settled thnt we should not
have anarchy. I romalna to be' settled
whether we shall lo destroyed by despotismim.
I the president can , at hIs pleasure , In the
first Instance , send troops Into any cIty
town or hamlet In the country for the put-
paso or enforcing the law wltl"bls judgment
as sole criterIon. timor ! can b& mme difference
In time powers of the president and Emperor
Wilam or the czar of Hussla I the acts
of the president are to stand unchallenged
and thus form a precedent then we have under -
dorgono a complete change In our form or
government and whatever semblance we may
keep up In the future our career as a republic -
public Is over. We will have n rapidly increasIng -
creasIng central power controle all domInated -
bated by class and corporate Interests. "It
Is n mater or special regret to many or our
patriotic citizens . " says th governor , "that
this blow It free Institutions should have
been struck by a president who was place
In power by a party that had niade local self
government a , cardinal principle for more
than a century. "
"Oovernment by Injunctons' Is dealt wiLls
severely by the governor , who says the
usurpation or power on the part or the federal
Judiciary has acsumed a form where IL Is
destroying the very foundations of republican
" "vlnm nL These immiumictions. he says are
- . - . . - - - - - - - ' - .
. .
a very imii convenience to corporations when
they can be had for the asking \ corpora-
tiomi lawyers , and thcso were Limo processes
ton to enforce which the president sent
federal troops to Chicago. , Governor Alt-
geld speaks of the nUlerous arrests for
"contempt of courl" made under these In-
junmctions atid of time fact that the federal
junclons goverment , ' In slie of having at hand In I
Chicago time complete machinery of justice ,
found It necessary to retain another attorney ,
and he an employe of one or the railroads
Involved In the strike , and adds : "Never
before were the United States government
' and the corporations or the country so completely -
pletely blended and never before was time
goddess of justice made n mere banlmald
for ono of the combatants I Is evident
that Ir the attorney general or the United
States did not outne all alViSe the policy
pursued ) , It receive his approval and was
carried out through his assistance , "
When the interstate commerce law was
turned out on the courts a few years ago
these same federal judges proceeded to hold
section after secton to be unconsttutonal
until they had male ( time law as harmless as .
a dead rabbit. Then after annulng an oct
or congress Intended for the protecton or
the people they turned arounl amI mal a I
a cub to break the backs of the men who
tel wih their hands , I both time constltu-
tiomm and our past experience are to be disregarded -
regarded anti the federal courts permied to
set UIJ thla new form or government It will
be equally proper for the state courts to dose
so , and we shall son have a goverment by
Injunction from head to toe All affairs
will bo regulated , not by law , but by the personal -
sonal pleasure , prejudice or caprice of time
muliude of judges ,
"Tho marlced featro or the age , " says the
governor , "has been consolldatiosm. As they
grow more rO\'erful these trusts get beyond
the control of the government. Prompted by
time Instnct or self-preservation the laborers
of the country are trying to form combina-
Lions. Trust magnates are opposed to thIs ,
Federal courts that have been the special
guardians or the corporations and trusts Beak
to crush labor organzatons ! , In recent
years the conslluton seems 10 have blcome
au Insurmountable barrier to every measure
Intendetl fr time protection of the public ,
whie Its moat plainly eXIJressel1 provisions
for the protecton of the liberty all the per-
sonal rights or time citizens are blown away
with a breath. This subservllncy on the
I'urt or time federal JUdlcnr ! ) when dealng
wih corporatins , followed by usurpation of
powrr when dealing wih men who have to
earn their bread by the sweat of their brows ,
Is $ not calculated to proJuee respect for the
law or Its machinery. -I these condiions
are to contnue the fate or time Amulcan
laborer Is sealed. lie mUlt be reduced to the
lowest condiion of existence and thi must
destroy that very capital wlich Is now push.
Ing him down , for with the destruction or
time purchasing power at time American laborer
will dlaapplar our great AmerIcan markel.
lrurther , this IJroeea must produce dlscon-
teut , disturbance and hatreJ and will greatly
Increase the expel so of government antI conm-
lelluenly taxes. HU8lanling n goyern-
ment Is on expensIve business Iml has never
yet succeeded , not even In Hunla. Our
O\'ernment Is not In the slightest danger
from tIme anarchy of a mob. Our danger
comes from that corruption , usurpation . Inso-
leave and oppression that eo hand In hand
with the vast concentration of wealth 'ivieltied
wih "lsl concentrlUon wenlh "Iehlcl
by unscruP\au men , anti It behooves every
friend of refuhlPcnn Instutons to give these
thln Hous , "
things most 5dous consideraton
lJ\l'IUISTJU liNtt1SCii ) ,
Governor ; f(1 COmilCrnmls COISIlrRcy
Ilmmotlg Eimmphoyors .
MADISON , J1n . lO.-Oovernor Uphnm's
messge , wIWl"WIS ! presented to the leglsl.-
lure lodnir iea 9 carefully wIth lora than
n score of i1temmt state subjects for probable -
able new laws. The use of the black list
by large corporatIons Is ono of the tOlllcs
treated at great lenth The governor says :
"I Is for th inhiiio Interest that , PO far ns
may be , p\'e't' industrious , sober and
competent I ntshouhl be cmplo'ed. 1 cannot -
not but regard In Irrnngement among n
large number or emplo'crs not to emlJloy or
IJelmlt to he eml110yed , Ir they can prevent
It , e0l11ctent and ralhrul men sImply because -
cause they quit time service or some olher
emllloyer , as n conspiracy which should not
bo tolerated hy the law. Time emplo'er has
no more right to be protccled by the law
against n conslllraey on the part or employes
tunis employes ha\o to be protected by law
agalmist aconsmlracy _ , oil tim9 lmartOtClli . -
imO3CrS. TiS exempton or cmplo'es Ul
laboring len from persecution hy cmployers ,
for quitng Is pecularly Important In this ,
day or commercial distress "
The Lexow crusade Is Indirecty reterrCI
to by Governor Ulhnm ! , The governor says :
"The revelnton ! suede by Investlatn ! com-
milees II several of the large cities roe
celly serve to emphasize the necesiy for
radical chalges In some or time methods of
municipal gOvermmmnont . "
'fhe gO\'ernor recomlends nn appropriation
to assist the fIre suferers from time great
forest fires b ) provIding scell for spring
planting amid urges that the 1nslnchussets
statute regulatng the sale at oleomargarine
be enacted ( In Wisconsin
IlauJurltun Ccrl1017 \11 Tulle l'lnco
' ,
SACRAMENTO , Cal . , Jan. 10.-BoI1 assembly -
lily and senate today adopted a concurren
resolution fixing noon tomorrow for the In-
auguralon or OO\'nor-e1 ct Budd. Uesolu-
tons were Introduce petitioning congress for
two appropriations of $100,000 each for the !
Impro\'ement of the San Joaquin aUI Sacra-
mento rivers.
I.leutenant Governor Ueddlcl called the
Joint assembly to order The vote by countes
for governor was read without objectIon ,
showIng Iludd's plural ) to be 1,206. Dudl
was then declared eledell amid loud cheers.
The Innuluraton ceremonies will bo preceded
by a military parade which will be revIewed
by the governor-elect.
It Is now proposed that Lieutenant Gov-
ernor-elect : llard , who Is stIll ill at his
homo In Los Angeles , shah bo sworn In at
noon tomorrow by telephone from the assem-
bl ) chamber.
11111. 11 ( ) ' On l.olt . to the Senate.
ATCHISON , Kan. , Jan. 10.-A petition Is
being circulated In Atchison county . amid gen-
emily signed by city ali county officers , poll-
tcians and business men . regardless of poll-
tics , that may cause a stir In the senatorial
fight at TOII I ( The paper Is addressed to
Clptaln John Seaton , , and lion . Andy White ,
the Atchlsol.cO ! ; , \t ; ) representatves In the
legislature , reitmcstlng them "to employ every
honorable ard 'c' nsl tent means In their
power for tlm'retti'n at their townsman , John
J. Ingals , to the'JUnled ' Slates senate iIr.
Ingahls tour. Is now , 'J In & Illinois on a lecturing
10hih CJhu , , , . In have n Certainly :
POn'I.AND , Qre. , Jan. 10-The contest
for United States , senator thus far has been
carried ems In , this city. C. W : Fulon or
Astoria Ind.'holnas H. Tongue or hills-
bore have announce their candidacy and
have openellenduarters In this cIty. Senator -
ator ] ) olph's . frletls claIm that he wi have
a majority I , caucus and Is certain of re-
electin. Pr'abh' two-thiisis of the legis-
lature , whlcl ' ml , Is next Monday at 8llem ,
are noW In tile cl ) ' . but none of the candidates -
dales are prepared to ' gIve any ligures.
' , '
TestIng WoI1n 01" . IHlht to Vote In indIana.
LAFAYETTE ; ! Ind" , Jan. 10-The suit
brought by Mrs. Helen : f , Oougar to deter-
mine the rights or women under the constitution -
tuton , whethel- they have the rIght to vote ,
was begun at Lafayette today before Judge
\'erett. At the last electIon frs. , Cougar
aUempted to vote and ems beIng refused
sued the election board { for $10.00 She Is
IJ'esldent or the 'Vomen's Suffrage Jssocl-
aLien. On motion or CaptaIn Rice Mrs
Cougar was admitted to prctce law , waIvIng -
Ing legal examInaton , '
Ills IntrUlncCI 1 11chlgln ,
LANSING , Mlch" , Jan. 10.-A joint reso-
hutton has been Intro < uce In time Michigan
senate appropriating $10,000 for placing a
statue of Michigan's great war governor ,
the late Austin Dalr , In representative gal-
tory at the national capitol , also a bill for
taxation or all church IJrOperty similar to
that introduced . two years ago aimed at the
Homan church , and which was killed In time
house after a hard battle.
Charges Ir I'addott I JlcnsO 15111mm.
nISlAHCK , N. D. Jan. 10.-Senator Ung-
gart create I sensations tn the legislature
by demanding the Investigation , or charges
or fraud In the shape or padded vouchers ,
etc. , made against the penitentiary management -
mont by Governor Sisortrldge. 'fhe expense
bills or the penitentiary have not been paId
since . discussion or the
Apri. Time matter
was very warm Senator lnggart also In-
trducc u bill to 10 away wiLls pmhlllton ,
I'llll J'uhImmami's I'rlccS for Itimmi.
JEFFERSON CITY , Mo. , Jan. 10.-Repre-
sentatve Phlpps.r Kansas City introduced
In time house today a bill to reduce Pullman
berths to $1 her night , and $1.50 for a day
ali night. Also a general telephone bill fx ,
lug the rate for telephones for residences
and stores at $20 I year , and $30 a year for
public telephones
1ol"lln/ 1iormol Test Oath
JOSE , Idaho , Jan , 10.-In the legislature
today 11 bill was Intloduced absolutely repealing -
pealing the Mormon test oath. Two yean
Ig0 that part of the oath was repealed
which made It retroa.tve In Corm. Previously -
ously no one could vote who belonged to
any organizaton that ever taught polygamy ) ' ,
I Is now proposed to wipe but mill reference
to the popsel _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
! aYR 1 ldn ' 1 lcctnn 1M111' ,
WhEELING , W. Va. , Jan. 10.-lon. C . H.
hart , editor or time " 'heelng lntelgencel' ,
telegrlphs his paper tonight from Ciinm'hes-
Ion that the nomination or Ekins Cor United
States senator hy the repullcan caucus to-
mO'row night Is nssnred. All hut rOl' re-
pullcans hmave blgncll time cmmucumi call.
Cima ii tile r n"lnlhmINI II I Nuw I lit mim p'lIl ire ,
CONCORD , N I. Jami 10.lon.llum
E. Chandler wmt.mi nomh1ted tonight In C:1 :
republIcan caueH3 or the legislature to suc-
cted hhnselr t tnlel StlteR senator fo
the term of .IX elirs , lie received 221 voteS
to fifty-six COI'lJlehry W. lilair. t
, _ _ _ _ _ 0
. S7m\l.11Iov.s r , _ .1 lVIOUJiX . , t
Indo No ( 'limungcmmims time ConHtluton nnt
h'cuII : n , } ; " , Corps Ir Oflicers.
ST. LOUIS , o.'Jan. ' 10.-Tho fifths anmsual
convenlon or the Stonlmasons International
union , which his Ueen In progress the pat
eight lays , hns mlJleted its deliberations
anll adjourned . The changes In time consti-
tulon which 'iuro ' advocated 1 during Limo ses-
sessions of theC&le nd day were not allOIJte ,
and by on alomst' ' unanimous veto the con-
stulon was l lloptell without changes or
amendment. ' ! l queslon or delnquent
members anti ' inlons was disposed of by
grantng timemmm unt the last week of next
June , al _ which time ! tIme semlannual reports
uf the ofeera are male , 10 pay their arrears
Time officers electel ) are a. follows : Presi-
dent John McGregor of Indianapolis ; vice
IJrcshlent , I , 1) I , \Vlhhlammis . Toronto , Onl. ;
secretary , George W Jones of Iltshurg , ;
treasurer , I I ) . Maclay , Denver. .
nlOlr W1111 In Ariltrat" .
IITTSUUnO , JRn. 10.-The miners dls.
trlet convention tolls ) ' develolled n strng
sentmln ! for allowing time miners to wOII (
for nnythln/ they plelse until the annual
meeting sit / l'olumluH next montl , IIHI the
result of he tU1 ' dllcuulon wnl the udOI'- '
ton or n resoluton Inlounl'lnl time tmilnemm ;
were reld ) ' and wilting 10 abide hy time lIe-
"Islon reached by time Jalnt cooventiocm or
mlnel' alt olemtorH two conventon 'fhe
resolution 1110Ilt.1 at that l etng was one
IJ'esented by W , 1 Hen'l , cnllng for nu
arbitration \ ur1 COlllostd or thle mmminermi ,
three operators amid three rellutullo citizens
t' investigate the cfIlton or Ihe district.
Ileone adjouring the mlnerH appointed
taIr Ierrelentnll'es In thll upplnlell
earn'lnl out or the 1lan , wIll be insisted
ulon hv she mninPrM. I
South Omaha's ' Council Receives Testimony
on the Recent Expose
ACctmed City omcl\ls [ nnl Ulunllrr ! Take
'l'urnf II IXOlernthl : ! Inch : Other-
Jrcnth Ir bl1)llclun Unll :0\01
' 1 Jlltod tlmt J.ocnUt ,
The investigation Into time chaes or brib
cry and COrtUlllon In office or the mayor ntll
city councimen was started II the coulcl
cham her last evening. Councimen ConIc ,
Mula ! and lels were not present when time
roil was called , amid Chief Urennan was sent
out lo hunt up the mbslng members.
City Attorney Jarnsworth hind charge or
time Investgton. E. n. DOIHI retnlned At-
totle ) ' J. Ii. Vats Uusen to look after his ! In-
terest. Court HelJOrter 11. : . WarIng malle
n stenogallhlc report or the proceetllmmgs.
1.'rom the size or time lobby imp to 8:30 :
o'elocl It was evltent that the general Public
tool but little Inl rest In the IJrOcl'dlngs ,
hut later Quite I crowd drlell In amid stood
behind time raiing which separates South
Omaha's lawmakers rrom the COl man herd.
When time mayor fnal ) mapped for order
time folowing councimen were In their scats :
Dula , Ioutslcy , Morgan , \yan , Walters , Mul- .
In ! . Iaor Johnston state that the imrlmicl-
sal business or the counci was to investigate
time charges or bribery agnlnst the mayor ,
chief of ) olco and six couiiciimmien . Time
mayor then called Counciman Morgal to the
chair amI tool a scat upon Limo floor . City
Alorley l'arnsworth sold the trial would be
conducted tinder the rovlslons or ordilance
12.Mr , lula male a melon that the mayor
be luthorlzed to emloy a stenographer to
take the lestmony , amI that the testmony
thus taken be prlntel In the Tribune. \
Chairman 11organ then swore E. II. flood
and the Investgnton begun. DOUl stated
that he was an aHore ) ' ald had lived tn
the city seven years. Addressing time witness
Irarnsworth asked him " ' '
' asle : )0 you Imow of
any money having been paid to the mayer
or atmy or the councimen In the last three
months by a mnn by the nlmo or Deaver ? "
"I do Imot " was the nnswer.
"ny Berlin or an ) other gambler ? "
" "
"I do mmot
"Do ) ' 01 Imow or any municipal officer havIng -
Ing m'eceiu'ctl any money In the last three
months 7' '
not. Agall the witness answerC1 that ho dill
Alorney Van Duzen objected 10 snch broad
questions amid the objections was sustained.
"Do ) Imow anythlug nbout the charges
made by The Bee and hear on the streets ? "
"I have no knowledge of any money paid
by an ) ' gambler to time ma'or or any city 0th.
clal , either through me or otherwise "
DOUI was then asked to make a statement
reartlug Time nee charges
lie said thai for tIme past two years he hnd
acted as Dover's attorney , amid frequeuty I
loaned him money. The wllness relate ho\\
Deaver came to him and toll him that he
had a chance to soil his place Ind wantell
Doud to draw the paer ' anti , assist In the sale
"Deaver brought In Mr Con lon and Intro-
duced him to me Condon said to Denver :
'Have you explained to Mr. Doud what we
want ? ' amid Dcnver said that he hal not
Condol agreed to take the place for $9 O.10 -
vhlng a contract promising police protec-
ton and that not more than rour gambling
houses would he allowed to run I refused to
draw any such contract , and Con < on grew Indignant -
dignant and said : 'I hOle you don't doubt
that I am a gambler ? ' ,
"I tel him that I did l siot amid then Canton
agreed to have Brick Murdock or Jaclc Mor-
risen vouch for him. When the contract was
h " \v rlttis'by I1Y stenographer I called
Deaver out and told him I did not believe
that Condon was a gambler. Dea\r and
Condon then departed.
"During the evening Denver called on me
and we waited for Condon to conic hUt he
did not show up , and I again told Denver that
I feared Condon was not right. New Year's
day I made an Inventory or Deaver's stock.
Condon hmad been to Deaver early In the mor-
Ing and exhlblel a telegram whIch pur-
ported to come from Chicago 2 ras signed
H. I. Davis and sold ' '
, : 'Don't close deal un-
t 1 com . Be sure about polce 11rotectln.
This sentence made me leary , because .
gambler would hardly menton police protec-
ton In 1 telegram. About I p. m. New
Year's day I met Condon and Deaver In 1
wine rom and Condon said to Davis , referrIng -
. Ing to me : 'Thls Is the man who acts as
iniddlenian. '
"We then went to my otilee. I was sails-
fled that Davis was not n gambler. Condon
then made some remark about police protec-
Lion. I told them that I would not discuss
that subject Then Condon wanted to tale
the contract which had been drawn UI , out
to consult some one , This I of cours re-
rused , but gave him my memoranda I had
made of the fixtures In - the gambling house
Condon and Davis then heft , saYing they
would return In thIrty mlnules. I told
Denver to follow them. and he dlt , We were
then satisfIed that the transaclon .was not
"I know or no , police protection to gnm-
blers. Possibly Dearer did male the state-
ment that he hal the mayor and police
fixed. I ho dill It was In order to boost
the trade along. "
Mayor Johnston then Isked 1oull what
Deav r's 10siton wai at the last election.
Desmd answered that Dearer was In favor
or Schultz for mayor and was quite officious
against Joimnston during time campaigns.
"Have yotm over paid mno amiy money its
tIme imiterest of thom gamblers of timis cIty ? "
aEkeci time imiayor of Doud.
"No , sir , not a dollar. "
Omie of time comincilineim then ealced , "Did
you ever iiay tile repotters ammy mooney ? "
"No , sir. "
Omi cross-examination Doud admitted timat
lmo exphalnmed to Cotsdon time "donations" tIme
gamblers mmmdc to time city for protection , acid
stated what tIme arrnmmgenient mmow its force
SVLIS. Before leaving tIme witmmcsa stand
floumi positively stated timmut ho never knew
of ammy mooney being Iaimh by ganmbhers to time
mmmayor or time lice or W'orld-Iierald report-
George Dearer was next called. lie miemiled
Imaltivoly that lie had over paiti any mmmomsey
to time mayor , commncilmmiemm or reporters for time
privIlege of operatlmmg lila guinbhlimg hmouso
otlmor uiman time $50-cionatiomm paid to time
city treasurer. Wltimess multI Ioud's state.
miment of time case was practically correct.
lie had never liald Iommd Inommey' otimer tlmamm
ton' legal services or what. imeowed Iommd , as
time attorimey held a chattel , miortgage omm
1mm gamnbllnmg house.
Ieaver oclniltted having niaclo the state.
imments pulihlslmel in Time Bee to Cormtlon , but
said Imo mmiade timemmi to help time sale doug.
lie hind fosmgimt Joimnstomm at time last electlomm ,
had told Doud "not to eontramlict anything
I lmal ( told Commdon as L hind tolti lmlnm soimmo
timings that uvoro mmot true , " Witumess denied
imaviimg told Condon that ho hind once thrown
time captaims of pollee out of 1mi ganmibhlng
Eugemme 0 , Maythehml , time Soutim Omaha to-
porter of Limo World-herald , followed Beaver
mmmci stated thmat time charges imiade that nmoney
had been jmald to imlmmm by time gamblers was
not true. lie knew of no money over hmavhtmg
beemm paid by thai gamblers to the niayor or
anycity officials ,
"Baud imever paid me any imsoney to suppress -
press any news 'about time gatmibiers , "
\Vltnese said time mayor imud mmever imaid him
any money for ammy ouriiose whatever ,
John Id. Tanner vims sworn , lie saId lie
know nothIng tmiiout any money being paid
to mlniy of time city officials by the gamblers
and demmled imaving ever received any money
( rota Doud or tIme gaimiblers to suppress
Time next suitnoss was A , fl Fields , a
member of time gambilmig fraternity , wlmo de-
abed over imas'ing Imaid army money to time
mayor , councIlmen , chief of police or the reporters -
porters , for protection. Never hmad atmy trans.
action witim tIme snayct' or city ofilcials direct
Or timrougim a third iarty.
\'hmeml John1 htock was called ime testified
that ime did not know of any mooney having
been paid to time mmmayor or cIty officials for
time privilege of operatImm a gammibllnmg house.
Carter and Berlin were called , but did not
answer to timeir nanmea and Cimief of Police
Brennan took the stand.
S'ha JiI& said lust. alneA i4 hiatt i.aa tim
office imo hiati never reoivcd any money from
time gamblers to protect them froni arrest ,
Ito never Imad any agreemnemit with time
gamblers , Iouil never Imaid witmiess any
money in behalf of time gamblers.
Mayor Johnston was called , Timc' ir0S0
emitor stated time cimarges mantle in Time lice.
Witmiess said thmo chmarges were absolutely
false as regarding hmimnseit. lie nove kne'iu'
amiy hiiOne' to be Palmi to any city offIcial by
Limo gammuhiers. Out of time donatiomia inamle by
LImo gamblers two hydrants costing $1,130
'ivero placetl lii Brown Park. Ioimcl hover
haul hini any muoney nor dittissed time
gmumnbhlmig bimsimiess 'mu'iths imlin , lie hmad userely
carried oumt time arrangeniemits mu'Itlm thme
gamnilers iso foumnil In vogume when lie came
Imuto office.
IIAI1M Volt fOUl ) .
Dommil asktd time mayor If ho hmati statci to
Mr. Itcisewater that his (1)oimtl's ( ) relmumtatlomi
was mmot time best. In reply Limo mayor saul :
"Mr. Itosewater Is tiiL'dakea about timat. I
referred to Mr. Doaver , "
Captain Conmmehl said that Ime did hot know
anytiming oboumt ineney immuring been paid to
city officials by time gammibhers , Dearer never
timm'eu' lmitii tlo'i'm'i stairs. 1)ouul Imever inter-
coiled 'iu'iths isbn Its behmalt of time gambiermi.
The mmext witimess was Coummicilmami Meis
from time Second 'isaril. Ito hmulnever To ;
Celvell any mnomiey iromn cmme gsmm1umeo , iieu
550 arr.aaigemiiemmt u'ltIm Douicl anti never himutl
a contract 'i'i'ith time ganmblers for protection.
.iI of time ethics' coummiclimimcms then stood' imp
antI wt'ro swormm. Ryan of time TimIrmi ward
said time cimarget ; in Time Bee 'ivere emmtircly
falsa as far as lie was commcerneti. lie had
never received a cent trommm time gamblers.
Conley said im uever lrOmmlisI1 to protect
thai gmmmubk'rs amid that The Bee cimarges were
fie as far as lie knew ,
.1 , 5. Walters , councIlman from the
Fourths 'ivard , testified that imo had miever
been haul ammy mmioney by gamsiblers for pro-
tectlomm , lIe knew mmothlng about Time lice
\V , 1' . Mmmllaly or tim Fourth ward urns
111cc thmo othmrs. lie never itmie'i'i' of time
gammbhor : payimig immommey to tIme mmmayor or
city officials.
Coummmcllmnami liulhmt also kmmew thme chmargc's
'is'ora false. If niomiey hostS been paid imo
hamow miothmtng about it lie certaimmly had
miovor reocived ammy of thmo gammmbiers' mmsOneY.
Frank iCommtsky froni Limo Second ward
( IL'Clai'Ctl. that 'lie hiatt hover receIved any
mnomme ) ' frommu time gamuibilng hmoumsen amid isover
imail ammy ngreemisemmt with gamblers.
Coumncllmmian Morgan swore timzmt lie hail
no kmiowietigo of time gamblers haying city
othlcials amiy imiommey , lie hind never hnowmm
of Doud actImig as a go-between for time
gamblers atitl city officIals.
Ex.Commmicllmmmais I'at Rowley testified timat
lie hmatl never paid time nmayor or aimy otimer city
official amiy snomicy 1mm the imiterest ot tIme
gamblers , imor hind lie ever paid time reporters
mmmly mminmmey to simijiress hews ,
Thmommsmis Doctor , city treasumrisr , saIl ( that
as far as hmo knew tIme bribery charges in
TIle Bee were false. Time city treasurer
thmems exphalmictl thmnt simice the summiimner of
1592 time ganmblcrs mnado mnontimly donatloims
to tIme city for wimichi a receipt was givemm ,
Mayor Johmmistoq imad never received a coist
of time inomiey paid imito the city treasumry
by tIme gamsiblers.
Police Judge Frank Chmristmnnnn was time
next witness. Time Judge testified thmat lie
hind never hcnowms of gamblers hmavimmg paltl
time munyor any mooney. lim imis official en-
paclty hme imad imothmlng to do witim time
gammiblcrs , iVltmiess sold time mminyor hind
never reniittcl tire flume of a mmian cimarged
'with gacuiding.
Time city attorney here stated timtmt sub.
poemmaes imad beemm issued for Condon and
Davis , limit diii mmot kmsouv wimetimer they imad
been served yet , and timereforo asked for a
contInuance until Friday evemmlng.
Eztmt I'repmrlng : to Jieturim ihemimp.
SAN FRANCISCO , Jan. 10.-Colonel Jorge
8. Quehil , wlmo cammme from Salvador to imi-
duce Gemieral Antonio Ezeta to return to
that country , Imas departed for home. Ezeta
1's lie xviIi rctumrn to Salvador , where lie
has every assmmrancc time poeplti 'ihl uvel-
come iilmmi iaclc. lie says he will m'emnnims
here for two or timree imiomiths lommger , because -
cause time govoi'nmnemit is mmot to be thirown
over in a day , nod hme mumst perfect 1mm pinmms
for startimmg hits revolution , for \vhiicls lie
believes tIme Salvadoreamiij are now ready ,
a ,
Death ot the I'iomieer'imtciimmmmiiccr _
WALTHAM , Mass , , Jaii. l0.-Neuvmm of tue
death of Alvin L. Dennlson at Birniinghinm ,
Enghnmid , has been received. lie was knowmi
tlmrmighiosmt tue world as the fathmer of time
Anmertcnmi system of watclm making' . He fuVILS
born Imi Freeport , Isle , , March , 1S12. In LSO
lie stnm'tctl the Roxbsmry watcis factory , arid
in Marchm , 1851 , thmoValtiiamn lmprovemnem'mt
company , wimIchi iso projected , was incorpo-
ZELE(21L1 J'Jll ( I J3R1EJ'S ,
Taiilou ofQuebec is dangerously
United Stntos Marshnl Frank L. Everett
of Macoh , Ga. , is dead.
D. V. Hayes , treastmrer of tue New York
Stock exchange , is dead.
A heavy shock of earthquake was felt at
' , Vcstmeathm , Omit. , yestcrthay.
Dr. Josepim Field 01' Siater , Mo , committeti
ulcide at El Paso , Tex. , yesterday ,
Time California wine growers will make an
exhibit at tue Dordeau , expositIon ,
The president hassignecl time act granting
a nensbon to the wIdow of Gemieral ilamiks.
Tue wails of time burnc'ci 'Toronto Globe
building fell yesterday amid hcuiled omme man ,
Time Cotton Growers association recommend -
mend timat planters decrease time acreage of
that lrodtmct.
"Buddy" Wooden and George Mnppe , time
murderers of Mamion Ross , uvill be hianged
lii time jail at Cincinnati today.
Thmo hmouse committee on iitmbllc buildings
hiss favorably reported a bIll for a bulldlcig
at East Liverpool , 0 , , to cost $75,000.
Time Natiomial Loagtme of Comnniisslomm Met-
chimmnts met at New York yesterclmsy and
elected olilcers for time ensuIng year.
James Appheman , on trial at Woodland ,
Cal. , for comnpllcity In tIme Soutimern l'acitIc
wreck durIng time strike , was acquitted.
While attempting to sa'i'e a. raft of logs
at Simepiierdsvhhie , Ky , , W. S. Ilowrnrsn , 'rem
McClure and Will Bm'enmtwood were dc'owmmed.
Ex-Doptmty Marmmhmal Suvain of Prmrcehl , I.
T. , in a qumsm'rei yesterday idiot and killed
Cisri Vincemit anti uvmms umlnisehf shot csmmch
killed by Charles \'Ilscent , a somm of Carl's.
Time weather forecast at Pittsbtmrg pre-
dietmi another rise In the river 500cm , whmlchm
will remichm ( silly as imigim aim time late. flood.
Time river at tlmat ioitmt in now tailing.
'rime discovery of a femmce at La. Grnnde ,
a suburb of Cumiengo , time police think wIll
result iii unearthing a giuzmg of bcmrgiars 'ivimo
hsmuve boemi operating all over time country.
Time president imaim signed time bill exemptIng -
Ing fromn duty exlmibits at the Portland exposition -
position , and also tue bill for a ln'iilgo
across time MIssouri river at Jefferson city ,
Mrs. Unrnim Aired of Cleveland , Oki. , qummr-
rehed wltlm 1. P. Leahmy , to whom she 'is'as
etigmiged , over time mllmiiositioni of a cmii , of
corn , mtmid miumot and killed hmimn. Sue was
Time Mlssoumri Ciooml itoacls aimmmoclmttinn is
in esslomm nt Jeffersomm Cliv. Time mnc'otlmmg
'ivils nihiresimecl 1)1 (1enem'aI flmmy Stone , clmict
of time mead dIvision of time Depurtmmucmmt of
'I'iui ciimmrchmos of Mo. , and vi-
ci mmi ty have declared urn r on t lie clii nice , mcmiii
several mnernhmern of vmcrloumi cimutcimes have
heemm mhliimmmisuiemi from mmiemnbermmimlp for cim-
gaging in tlmmct lLmstisfle.
'l'ima jmmthichumry commnittee of time house , to
whsichm wan referred thmo BlaIr resolution to
lmiu'estlgate lynchmlngs icc time miouthi , hcumi .he.
cided time lTOimOHCml irmvestIgatioim does not
come witlmimm Its province ,
An effom't iii beimmg marie to prevent time
retttrli ( main Oklimlmormiu of 'riioinmms E. hiur-
llngmmsne , lri'aliieflt of time defunct hiitiih ( of
Comnnmes'ce of Smrhmmgtiohd Mo. Ills attorimeyn
Imave aworim out a wurratmt of Imabeas curpun ,
0 , ? mt. ItoilInmi. auth Imis uvite were found
cleail imm their residence itt Mlntlealmohis yes.
tertiuy. Thmey hind not been mmeemm ( or several
dlii's , mmnd neigimbors broke into the imouimie.
Emienpimmg coal gas is supposed to lie tIme
cause of tlmelr death.
Time ministers of Little hock immure passed
resoitmtlommm& . conilemrmniiimg time m'ecent utter.
ammceml of Governor Fimilmimmt'ic emi time socIal
evil , 'I'ime governor iii omit in a reply in. do.
tense of imis liositlon that time state simould
cmtteflhImt to regmtiattm time' evil.
A muamis nseeting 'uvihl lie iieiml in Han Fran.
cisco to lmrotest against time retcim4ai of the
United States district attorney to Issue it
warrant ( or time arrest of C , I' . Iluimtington
for violatiomi of time interstate comnmmmemco
lmtw clut itig time recent stmil'e ,
Captain Sciminittlicrger , whmo created such
a sensatIon before time I.exow committee tim
New York. urns before time grand jury yes-
terday. ills attorney states timat lie told
time grumni Jum'y mmli lie itnew , whmlcim ivami
nmiuchm mmsom'e than lie told time conotnlttee.
'rue Iioam'd of Trade case of Lnuu'soq hires.
& Co. against hayden & Ce , , growing oust
of time cormi corner of iSIS. was dec'lde"h by
the IllInois supreme court in favor or time
defendants. Time plaintiffs sued to recover
rnurglnimi paid sulmich ( hmey claimed were cx-
cessive owimsg to time corner.
Seine time ietuu'mmemi Saturday evening and
Monday imiorninig iurglimrmm opened time vaciit
of time Merchmcmnts Netionimi bank of iellimnee ,
0. . blew oivmi time safe mciii took $ lO.0mQ iii
( abum. 'Fimey lhmen lixemi time emnubinmutlon on
time vault lock it woul'l miot opere and
closed time door unrl locked it. Arm expert
succeetie'4 ' in getting it epen 'esterdmmy morn-
lag , when time tirdt knowledge of time rob-
I , _ , , , w. .
Btato Board of Agriculture Pdys a Visit to .
Oinnlia , S
% CCnmiiiiiuiied , ems time Trip hmy a I.nrgo Slide'
gattomm or CItlcmmm , time ltsetmmbcr of time
liotitcl izlsremm5 Thtoiiisett'mm us Iteing
'eit 1'lcrmeit-Otimor IlItis ,
Oniahma ivamits time state fair , Timat. mmmd
was detimomistrated yesterday whets upon tlmt
shortest Possible invitation seventy repro.
somitatives of time comismimercimul antI irofes.sloimah
life of time city ossomimbieti mit the W'eiistet
street stattomi to acconmpammy a commmnmltteo from
time State hoard ot AgrIculture to'est SItu
oil au immspcction of the grounds offered fem
state fair Puhrposes. It inns au exceedingly
hmarniomiloims hotly of mmiemu ivhmo went. oumt tt
Itumser marlc , atmit froimi time emitimumsiasmis dimi.
imhaed it was very apparemit to time commirnitte
( hint for ommco Ommialma bscslmmess mmmcii ii'cre
in earimcst iii their efforts to secmmro time ben'
Lions of Limo state fair for time
next five years. TIme traimm imammi.
ing time committee amid gimests was rums special
over thmo Missouri PacIfic , Assistatmt Gunmetal
Frehgimt ouch Passcsmger Agent J. 0 , Pimlhiippi ,
Superlmmlemidomst harry Glhmmmore , City Passemm.
ger amid Ticket Agent 'F , F. Godfrey amid
Freiglmt Agemmt II. hi. Kooser represeimtimig tIme
colnliahm ) ' , time ruimi frommi time \Vebster street
depot to Itimser's park belmig mmmdc its thirteen . _
rnimsmmtes. Carriages were Its waiting to take '
time commitnIttco to time grotmncis , wimich lIe ohm
time helL limmo and mmear Limo Elkhmorn ammd
nun I migtomi.
Time commmmmiIttee ci' time hloard of Agriculture ,
commmposetl of I'residemmt it. II , Ilemiry of
Coiumimbsms , Secretary it.V. . Furnas of lirowmi-
i'ihle , Jmuhgo II , Ij. hlayuvmurtl of Neimrsusla City ,
S. \ \ ' . Barker of Silver Creek , J , hi. 1)lcmsmmmoro
of Smmttomi , II. A. Stewart of Blair ahmml S. C
Bassett of Gibbon , together witim J , W. Lee
of Oxford nmmd Mr. V.'imlttnlter of ICearmicy ,
were givemi every opportsmmmlty to Inspect time
site. 'I'ime bomimmtlary lilies were immnrkecl withm
flags and so thorough were nil the arrange-
nients anti no deiigimtful was time ilay ( hint
time committee , It is safe to say , was liii-
hirossemh with Limo atlvantages offereml. Secretary -
tary Furcois was oumtspoken iii iraiso of time
groimmid , which iso said was sumiilciemitl } ' rolhlmmg
to hersiilt of time erectioms of buIldIngs on thu
implanil , iu'imiI time track was admirably haiti
omit amiti wRit some gradimig commit ! lie miindo one
of the greatest tracks lIt time country. lIe
iiolie eiithmmmsiastlcaiiy of thmo smmrrouindlngtu
antI ii'hmen time qmmestlon of dlstammee camiie imp
saId : "Whsemi Limo W'orld's fair comiiniisslon- -
ers hiti before them time site for time Cohmmmn- .
biatm exposition , tlmreo locations were Iresemmted.
time hake trout , Jackson anti Lincoln parks.
\\'lien Jackson pant was mentioned antI we
were told it was eiglmt miles from time city
souse of time comiimiiisslommers stood ngimast at
time imroposittols to go to Jachisomi park , Bitt
a Chicago tunis tersely said 1mm reply to time
qimostiomi of distance , 'It Is not mniies , but
mmiiiiutes timat count , ' and so is'o went to
Jacksomt park , Wltim time facilities offered by'
time ralim'oatls atiti trolley himmes I do slot
believe distance in timis case cuts i'cry nmucit
of a tlgsmre. "
Mr. Stewart and Mr. Henry were both
tmikerm wiLls time possibilities offered , ammd for
tlmat mmintter time iwhmolo comsimnittee spoke
favorably' of time groucmd as an ideal location
for a state fair ,
After looklmig over time grommmsds timorommgimhy
time train was run to South Oimmalma , uvlmere time
Uumion l'aciilc , wiLls SuperIntendent P , J.
Nichols on board , took time party to Council
Blurts to show tlce comumnitteo urimat adVantages -
Vantages time city on time east bamcic of thiS , , ,
Missouri presemited in handling time crowds
tisat nilghmt coma imm from iu'ostern Iowa ,
And at 5 o'ciock : time varty ivas lauded at time
Mason street station.
Time reception coniniltteea having time ar-
rangemnents in cimargo for time comfort and
cntertaimimemst of time visItors comprised W. H.
Bennett , chairman : George W. iCeiiey , It. S.
Wilcox , D. V. Simoles , U. N. lilekmm , Jeff W.
Bedford , S. A. McWimortusr , IL K. flurket ,
Joimis A. Brady , Cimarhes Cne , Joimmi D. Crelgis-
tohiV. . A. Paxton , jr. , Jaimies Walsh and
Imiartin Dumiimam. In additIon to thmese timore '
wore in time party J. C. Oihmnore , John E.
tJtt , L. A. Bradford , 0. N. Davemmport , S. B ,
Payne , Chris lfmurtmisami , 13. II. ltobitssomm , D. P.
Mount , Alvims Saunders , J. II. Hocmse , IC. C.
Mereimouso , P. J. Nicimols , Franic Cohpotzer ,
\v. It. Ilowen , G. W. Lininger , Curia liopncr
E. McCrary , U , 'mY. Poycmter , F. P. ICirkomschall ,
\v. S. Baiclmmtf , D. C. Pattersomi , Timonias
Creigim , a. w , Wattles , Z. P. LIndsey , Joimn
Kelloy' , J. J. Stnlthm , . B. Branclm , II. M.
Andreesen , Josellm A. Cannot , A. P. Tmmkey ;
W.FiNason , Oscar Picard , J. A. 'iVeaver , C ,
ii' . ivoitor. if. A. uner , A. ii. iOlUStOch ( , w. a.
Wedge , Benjamin Gailaghmer , Damm A. 1"arreil ,
John M. Barrio and H. C. Fishier. At South
Omaha thme party was ftsrther mmumgmented
by' representatives of tIme Stock Excimango anti
packers , John S. Knox , W. 13. Clmeek , D. S.
Parkimursi , P. C. Simeily' , S. A. hialco , W. J.
Stepimon , Scott Harreil , James Foley , Louis .
Spetz , hlugis Ilalce , and Messrs. Dudley ansi
Rotist tee.
Last evenhmig time comn'iitteee left for Grand
lshaimd to personally examine tIme bid offered
by Grand Island. -
'Fime Omnaima Driving Path anti Fair assoia-
tiomm offereml 160 acres of groumid , agreed to
put up speed stables , stalls , cattle , horse , imog
immmd siceep pens , ass agricultural imall , massu-
timcturers' Imsuli , Ilsim exhibit buIlding , pommltry
bulldlmig , art hmaIl , dairy building , textile fabric
hail , bee exhibit lmahl , office builmhitmgs , police
Imeadquarters , and all necessary statmds , sheds ,
offIces , oLe. , togethmer with a mile or immilt
mile track , oil emichoseil by an eight-foot hearth
fence. They also agreed to provide proper
railroad trammslmoriatloml facilities imhid roofed
atmd seated iminpitimeaters for cacim , cattle ,
imorso atmd swimmo and suiouv rlimg. TIme bid was
accompanied by a 50,000 subscription list
anti a $50,000 guarantee.
Grand Island offered 120 acres of land and
all necessary buIldings.
Lincoln's bid for time state fair
iii its detail , a lroposltion to re-
paimit and repair time hmresotmt buIldings ,
put tIme triseic In good condition , immakum an nil-
dltion to tIme hiommitry' buildimig , antI , if necessary -
sary , humt liii another big bullmhlng , Thus was '
accompanied by zt $10,000 bond ,
Hundreds of People
hu1'ff tOO npt to tbPflt 'ivlthi indIt'uert'iice a
Coimihiluhh coiiglm. "I t'H It little cold , " tlmoy
say , "auth ii'Ill 50011 ss'ear oft , " 1ittttL
isilsluki ! Too often It Ia tin , first tt
li'Oflehm ( It 111th tli'sti'oycr. Nogleclil It
heamlti , sottletmnes rnphtll3' , ngitlii slowly ,
to Cohml4tihflultiOfl , Ibis' htmipoi'titmit thou to
ittteiid to e'et'y cOImhiiioml colmi ! 'l'lmIs can
un accoiiiplislmetl ( IthICkIY hi imd l'tltlIcaliy
ml lithelY mcImhntIilc Coimljmliiid of Ozone , ' -
Cod Liver Oil miii Giinhiicol , It cIleekN
thics cough aiid I)1'O'i'C'flts seilotimi coimipit'
cittloims. lt'disenso hiria got bohtl of you
It : sttIs ) 'i'i'tisti' , kIlls limo goi'is of thi-
8ease , islid raplmhiy builds ip thu im3'SteIu.
It Ii ; 01114) ' to tmtko ; iloes not limiuseato
lI'OltlCCH ( 1W ct'tiettltloiis. It , Is
ThoKind Physicians Prescribe . (
For Coughs1 Cohie , Consumpttcn , Brcn-
ch1t11 Asthma1 the aftsr dfects o
Pneuincnla and L Giippo aid all ? ul-
monry Complaints ; Bcrofu1a Go..oral
Dbi1ityi Loss of Fleab , 4rnieinliu , and
all \Vasliug Dl'oses.
itati ui DouiIus-sttj.1 Owalca. .

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