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, - , - , , THE OMAHA DAILY BEE.
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Esr'AlLISTED JUNE 19 , 1871 OMAhA , ' .nURSDAY MORNING - , AUG-US' ! ' 2 , 1895. SINGLE COpy FIVE ( U N'l'S.
. 4s Senator Brico's Influence Sufficient to Control -
trol the Oonvention ,
Arh' tin I "cllll 1..111 thc I)41110- '
cril" .r . I ht . Ilcl. ) . . . ! . Sllte , ' .Ie
Ho.II Pr"f S11v4 . h ) ' IL
Icl" ) ' . IIJ.rl ! ) ' .
" 1ovcrnor . . . . . . . . JAM ) , F. CAMI9ilLli
JJtennnt no\'rnor.JOIN B. l'l'ASI'I.I' :
HUllremu JuIge . . . \VILI.1AM 'F. ! OOSIY
State 'freu8urer. . . WI.I.IAI n. S1iflIIJFIt : :
Htntc AjIItJr . . . . . . . JAMI W. ) = 01'
Attorney GenerIUlOlfH : A. 1.-AlltANKS
HOlrd \VorkH..IIINRY ) , U. KEEF'F1t I
Clerk oC Supreme Court . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .J. : ? . : _ .Y . CIUICKSIANK
SIHO ml.D , 0. , AUK. 21.-The demo-
cratc state convention here today made all
Its nominatons without oppo1tIon. The con-
venton was In sesion from 10:10 : to 2 p.
m. and nomInatons were comllet(1 , In a
halt hour after ex-Oovernor Camplel had
\ been drafted for the stanllard bearer. The
balots were all on the mlnorl.ty report on
credentials and resolutions and the time was
consumell ( between the gold and siver men
The gold men , headed ly Senator Drice had
claimed there would be less thai ! 300 lnd
probably not lucre than 200 oC the 800 delegates -
gates vote for free sliver. The silver men
claimed they would have no less than
300 and perhaps 3fO delegates for tree sit-
ver. I developed that there were 270 free
sliver lelelates , I was a fighting minority ,
but II would npt carry the fht further than
on the IllaUorm. The nomlneo for member
oC the board of public works Is said to le the
only free silver man on the slate ticket , although ! -
though lilies were not drawn on the eandl-
Governor Campbell called on his frIends to-
nlJht beCure leaving and with Senator BrIce
and others arranged for beginning nt once
an aggressive eamldlgn , In which they expect I
to co-operatl with leading democrats throughout - I !
out the country. Previous to his election as
governor In 18S0 , Campbell had been three
times elected to congress In a republican
distrIct , und L recognIzed as the best cnm-
pahuer of his party In Ohio. Ills running
mate for lieutenant governor , John g. Pense-
Icy , was for years superintendent of the
Cincinnati schools , and last \ e ( k retired as
clerk oC the courts oC hamilton county. leIs
. , Prof. Knott the
Is ua a Ino e lmlJh-ler Knol
candidate for audLlor of state , a college mali ,
' . anll the nominee for bupreme judge , Is
. . \ now on the common plen bench . : lr , Fairbanks -
banks for attorney getwral , Is a friend , oC
Burman al Columbus. His name was pre-
bcnled by CenreSWlln Outhwulte
The hal \I'al etaLQratly decorated , but too
Inlll to accommodate all hollng lcl < ts.
I was 1:30 : 1\ hen the chairman oC the state
commIttee , : I A. Smaley , called the con-
velton t ( oner. ] Prer was offered by
l'rot. S. I. ' . Dr : eklnrhlge , aCer which Senator
C. S. Brie was IntrOuced as preddlng
omecr of the conventIon.
I Upon being introduced Senator Drlcz de-
Ilverod a lengthy I address , In which he reviewed -
. . viewed the recent achievements oC the demo-
_ I . clatc Party . Ic elce,1 , wIth the followIng :
S lint . onlt'len , there I" nnothl'r Ilueslon
In which great IIlerl ! I. l felt about which
thert Ii I I great IIIIIelleO oC opInIon uml
condom miI.g which wo may hear moore In
thl conventIon . I wIll . IIOIIHLP , not 10
le lnl'd 18 out oC'Ialo ' or Improper for
le , as In Imlvllua \ democrat omewhat
ramllr wih ! the dlfullon amI the colidl-
. . 101" , , .to malH ome suglestoml In this con-
. ciiI loll , which 11Y be taken for whit they
t , . . . . ore worth.
u , j have a deep Interest . In the fortunes oC
" . the democratic Party In this "tato uld In
" thl county. I lt0lcell lily fIrst stlte con-
. vonton II 1810 ; In the heat ot the war .
when WI Iomlnated ! CI'melt I. . \aIInn-
, ! ' F. ' h. I .
tllghamn In,1 GeO'go t'migim. lmrticl-
Ilalll In time dilcusbio 1H from ISW to 1&76
on another hlneh oC tlik money < 1eton ,
eonHtulty t I or mica Vt ) ri 1mg through al ! I these
) " 11" to have 1) ' Clew 11eloerts como
whel wo 11 I I I nai ! I y did ! come to a SO\ '
mooney lllatorl under the wise amid able
\ Illdll'lhlp oC Hamue J. 't'l Ideli Iii 1&76 , ii lid
whel I leo tOlluy efforts helng minute . to dl-
vlio the great democratIc part Just Oi
the eve of Its revival aud resumtltlol oC
+ vower . on I theoretell Inl ( lemll'mleal
. . tllwalon , In "hllh 10 prctkal f'lul Is
I)55lI0. ! I coma to thlH eonventol to aslt
Cul ! conllt'I'i\lon lef ore 'akll passlolllo
action. 1 come 10 Islt your great Party II
Ohio to 11111 ( on the platfoll of Ib9 . on
the lunacy Ilueslon ; to let the currency
remain 11 It now IH tint ! not to change our
grounti wihout Cul l'lberton at ! ( nfl-
tonnl ! conventIon and I delIverance ia-I
. .
, that body.
I coitic to you convlneet that free COhlall' '
would be foolIsh lecI\ I would he 11
. Inpotent In hiI declaratIon. I would
1IIIarlte tis train the national deniocrucy.
I would drive Crom our support thousands ,
' "mdret" oC thou"un oC melt who olher-
wise wOlll act wIth us. A 11cclurton In
favor oC free fetid unlImIted coinage ot sil-
vcr-16 to 1 , inmate 1) ' thll conventIon , would
have no "rnetl.11 effect timid It would l\an
an nbantlonmneflt IUt lFlluhner oC the
Iplenllll results oC your demoeltc admin-
The senator was loudly cheered when In-
Irollel ] and frequently applauled when he
proceeded especially ' In hil reference the
endorsement oC the plalform oC 180 and his
pronoun ell ( Ollposlton If free coInage , also
In his eulogy oC Prtsllent Cleveland.
Congressman lron Hchle oC Toledo pre.
60nlell the Iljorl ) ' report on credentials .
whIch 3eatell the Brice delegates trout all
, . tutu contested countIes . When that hart oC
t the rerort was read statIng that the Camp-
bl'l delegates from Buter county were seatct
unanImously there vas hearty applause. Mr.
Philp Crow oC Kenton Ilresented a minority
report to seat the ant-I rice delegatIon ( rout
\ . Cuphoga count ) ' . \ hleh includes the city
of Cleveland. Thesu reports were receIved
. wIth alternatIng demonstratIons oC cheer
ali ! hisses. Mr. A. n. W.lzel . presentel a
mInorIty report to seal the antl-irlce ! delcO
gales from Clark county , headed : by John H.
' '
'fheM mluorl ) rep'Jrls Inclullell moro than I
the ( ice Ith'lr ISNue. The oppoltlon to Scna-
tor Irlc ! was .1lso Iwnh'el In them. John
1. Clark "C Youngstown a radIcal gold man ,
delivered I phiippiI In advocacy of the mi-
noriy : report oC Mr. Crow , whIch Ca\'oret
the frt hlh'er delegates from Cuyahoga
c \nlY , which were the most pronounced
ammt.tIrlco ! men at the convention.
horace AI'onl oC l'ainovlIlo made nn
elaborate argllent for Icatng time cuiti-lirIce
dleiates from Cu'ahoa county timid Frank
1,1 iond oC Cevelnlll ! was equally elnboratl
: ) In IleCenFe of the Brice delegates.
On motIon of Thomas M. Pnton oC Cln-
clnnut time 11re\'lou1 Questcn was ordered.
Then time roil of eighty-tight. counties was
101 ! countes1'aF
c.tIlLtl on the Ilollton uf time minoriy report
of : lr , Crow as 1 substitute for the majorIty
report br Mr. lchle on the contest In
Cu'ahoJa cunty.
'Cher" were SOS 11 Iiate . but Ihiler all
Clark countIes refused to vote owing to con ,
tests In their OWI delegatIon. The roll cal
resultedyes : , 361 : las , : : : . Whereupon
the Irlco .Ioleates gave flIt their seats amhl
11111,1 cheers amI hhsel to time autl.Urlce
or Cro' sliver delegates from CIQvel I"I. As
there Ire fifty-nIne delegates front L'U'dhui.
cOlat ) ' , the 1l 11u received with great
demonstratlous by the minority which had
been defeated In nil other prelimInary con-
tests .
After accordIng seats In the bali to
the unseated Ullc" delegates from Clyahoga
cnunty time vote on tIme Clark county contest
cfunt'k , the question beIng on substItuting
_ he I minoriy report , favorIng the seatIng or
the free silver or ant.lrlco delegates. for
, tile ltljOrl- report that seated the gold , or
" : Irlco candIdates . the result was announced
, . I follows 2Tti Ryes ; HiY nays. , \ the
( lrlco delegates from Clark county already
l hrld the seats under the report of the com-
t . mltee on credentials there was no change lu .
- this cue. This vote ( n the Clark county
con'est did not have any blue In tt other
than that of the sliver question and It WI .
generally regarded . a test of strength on
the majoriy and mInorIty reports on re I'lu-
lions. The reQrl 01 rtlUllla , 1 amended , I
waR then adopted , limo only change being tn
Cu'ahoga c01nty ,
The report of the commIttee on permanent
organIzatIon recommending that the temporary
organizatIon be continued was adoptetl. The
report was made by Jude J. O. lelser , a
tree silver man , who put the motion anti con-
ratuiatell the free silver men that they con-
troled the conventIon the minute he Ne-
Senator Drlce returned his thanks for the
double honor conferred upon him , ' after
which the report of rules ali order of business -
ness was adopted. x'Conressman John F.
I.'olel oC CincInnatI had nn amendment
adopted lImItIng any debate to twenty minutes -
mites on each side with a vIew to preventIng
a protracted debate on the resolutions. !
l'x-Congressman I Frank Hurtl , as chairman
oC the commitee on resolutIons , offered the
ColwlnK report adopted by a vote oC 10 10 :
oC the commIttee :
The democratic party oC Ohio In conven-
ton n emlltd , poInts wih satisfaction and
prhle to the wlFtlol oC the acton oC that
party In the last two years anti the results
ureolplNhed according to Its proml e ! ,
to-wi : The repeal of the republican lells-
II tun known al the Shel'"un III the un-
AmerIcan federal ekctiommmm law mimi time : lc-
I.11Ie ) ' mu' , from which repeals hits resulted
returnIng prosperity to the countr to "uLh
an extent thlt e\en ! the republicans are
ell . ell to recognIze the same.
\ 0 ( onlrtulate lre llent Cleveland that
his efforts In favor oC the repeal of these
\lcouM IIWI al,1 , the Ullholll of the credIt
of the country have been sucee , ful , "
\'e con rtulltu our senator , Hon. Calvin
S. Brice , for time Inrll t and effective BUll-
lion he lots given to the president In this
emma tt or.
When we consider th" fact that the demo-
ortlc party receIved from the fPllblcanH
oC Ib2 a 1111trupt treasury , that It Inherited
the vicious currency mind tarIff laws which
hlll l'rlllnrltl ' nlli flaly Ilrohlcetl the panIc
oC 13 , we Irmslst that It 1 > entitled to the
thankH oC the peoille for the courage wih
whllh " . It WIS attacked and repealed the e
\'e realrm the folowln , portion oC the
seventh Illlolt of the platorm oC the lust
telCeratl' conveuton :
We hell to time use oC both gold anti
silver a9 the standard money of the countr
tutu to time coinage ot both gold nail sliver
without dIscriminatIon agaInst either metal
or charge for Ilntalo : hut time dollar unIt
oC coinage oC both metal must le oC equal
intrInsIc and eXlhanlenlle value , ur)0
mluste,1 , II ) ' loternatonal lireemonl or ly
such pafe/uall/ oC IpJlqlatun lS shll In-
sure time malnlenanee oC the parIty of the
two letals Inll time eltunl power of every
dollar nt mull tImes In t\1 payment oC debts ,
un,1 . wo demand that the panel currency
'hnl he kl'llt at putt With . , tint ! rpleemable
In such coin.'e Insist upon this polIcy n !
l'IIolllly nCI Fnr ) ' for the protection oC
farmers amud lahurln classes the
! all Ies , first ant
tO"t IleC'nele" \Ietm" oC unstable money
and lurtuntn currency.
\'c cal time attentiOn of time people to time
methol19 ant ! practces oC bOlHIFm imy wiuii
the Ipuhleln part II this state IU\I whll\
mann : ld Itt time last few year , 111 for
examples Iolnt , to Its history In Ilmlton
colmnty amid to the final t'ulmlnaton oC the
client ? iii the Zancsvilic con\unton. anti wc
lick time ppople hy their votes this fall to I
Ilt their comlemnaton on Summit llretee" . '
\0 tenounce the lapt leglsliture : al cor-
rUllt anti unworth ot the confidence oC the
peoille ) anti we Ilhmlt to the Voters whether
they vIsim to perpetlato this eon < lton oC
affaIrs power. ) ly pluclng the republicans again In
'e1Iw wIth alarm the large Increase oC
h"llhl'llneFI throlJholt the ftnte hy coon-
tr 1,1 maui a lclpa Iities . I" luthorlzell I hy
time last leJI lltlre. and the Increase In the
In"t few years In the tax rate antI WI lIe-
talli eonomy In expendIture all ! conserva-
tIsno In tue Inereae oC Ileht.
tsm II"
JtliKe PatrIck from the eommltee on . reso-
lotions offered the following mlnorl ) . report :
\0 IlenUI,1 the hmn ( < late restoration oC
tint . law 1)'ovlln for the free eolnngo anti
full . , _ legal teI\1 , ! tf ! _ both , gold . mind silver .
WIUllt IIHCrlmnluon l"nWI ! diner motumm
/rovllell ; In the constItution . anti , without
wa / tnl time ass'nt oC l u1111 or Lilly other
foreign nation.
Judge Patrclt : oC Canal Dover malle n radi-
cal free sIlver arIluent In favor of his re-
port and scorcd he t majority report as a
serpent which wlg/le < and no one could tel
whether It was runnln ! for gold or coming
! r Third replIed In favor oC honest mone )
lie clalml that no stale convcnton hall the
right to reverse the declarations oC a na-
tonal conventon , anti that time place for the
fight to make silver the standard was at the
next national democratc eon\'enton.
After his argument theru was u scen on
the stage h ) : lr. Patrick congratulating : lr.
liurti. Mr. n. D , : larslal oC Dayton made
a plea for the majorIty report.
I" . A. Russell oC Cleveland clo ell time tie-
bate for the free silver minority report. The
time hal ! not all been taken for the maJorl )
report when the roll oC counties was called
on substitutIng the mInority report for the
majority report on platCorm.
The result was as follows : \es. 270 :
nays 525. The majorly report was then
adopted wlholt ealn ! tie coitrutles.
The vote 01 the minoriy report was how-
ever , generally consIdered a test of strength
In the slate on the fnunclal tIuCptIomm .
General i. F. lnley oC Uucrus offered a I
resolumtlon of cnllorsement of the Monroe doctrine -
trine In time Venezuela anti Nicaraguan canal
affairs. I was referred and n long discus-
slon followed on reconsiderIng this action.
The relolulLn being under consideratIon .
ex-COnreBSman I'olett deCendel1 President
Cleveland as favoring the Monroe doctrine
anti being amply competent to defend It.
General Finley Inshted that any eneroach-
ment on American sol shoull le met ly a
declarton of war President : . E. IIals
said this resolution had been fully considered
In ' convention .
Ex-Governor Campbell was called out and
given on ovatIon , when he made a most viI-
orols speech for the Monroe doctrine and
Inslsled that as this resolution hall been '
offered It shoul1 be adopted. Ito Lslsted It '
was not partIsan . anti coulll not le construed
as reflecting on the federal atlmlnistratiomu.
Time resoluton was then adopted , only two or
three dissenting.
Ilssentn !
Before and after 2 p. m. motions for recess
were voted down with cries for Cmmntpbell.
When nomlnatons were called for : lr.
Camplel look the floor to head off time calls
for hhnoel anti to Iresemmt tIme name oC JUKt
Ilram 1. Peck oC Cinelnnat for the mmonmina.
lIon for governor. lie reviewed the eon11- !
halts. natonal as wel as In the stale and
salt ! the derIocrts could win thH ! year . as
easily as six years ago.
lie ) Interrnl\'ell by Dr. Jamea A. Norton .
who presented 0 moton to suspend the rules
anti lomlnall James I. Campb ly aechm-
tlon. Mr. Camllbel protested and raised
lolnls oC order amid the \ Ille.t scenes oC
cheering alll yeU'lp for Clmpl l.
' IL Amm ) Foil GOVEnOn.
C/\Ul , : FOt : .
Governor Campbell salt ! he had ruin for con
gross three times li I republcal Ilstrlct and [
twee ! for governcr In a republican state , till
he was depleted IIncal : ) ' all ethorwho on-
able to nul(1 the race lie Insisted on the
nomination of Judge Peck or sonic other good
democrat who coul male a good race and
afford 10 make II.
Sccomls to thl nomination oC Campbel
rolled tn.
Chairman Drlce Insisted that the motIon
oC nr. Nortomu to suspend the rules and the
nominaton oC : lr. Camplel was In or.ler.
Mr. Ingals , who prevIously cPPOe.l Campbell .
malII a strong pica Cor him as the winner.
The melon oC Dr. Norton usa Put ) and carrei ; .
with a great whirl oC enthusla ' m , ant the
clalr declared . : i' . Canlbel , ! thc nominee for
Io\ernor. lresllell , Ingals all Dr Nortomu escorted
ex-Go\'ernol' Caml1bel to the platform whel
he was receh ell \ him a gl unll ovation amI
salll : I
" : lr. Chalnna'l all Gentlemen ' I received ,
the annolncement IC thll ; CI'llltee ( augh- '
ter ) wlh mlniI1 Ceelng , of surprise anti
reret. ( ( .1ughter. ) A good soldIer may Cal
hit lie tlarl uol felel" , ( Great cheering. )
I promise not to falter but I Is for you to
a ) whe timer II the 1\1 1 slal or shal not
fall. " ' ' tl ammd .
fal ( Pmuiommged applause ald cheers )
John n. Pealc ) oC Cimmelnnati , px.superla.
torticot of pUhlc schools all ex-audltor oC
lamllon county , was nomlnuted ! for iieuten-
ant ; onrlor b ) acclamatIon.
For Ipprelne judge Wiiam T. Mooney
oC Mammslii'lti , Hehlarll eounly , tutU Wilam
Ii. Sheeler of Oallc.unty , for stale treas-
iir'r were both nOlllatoll by acclamation .
George A. alrbanks oC Columbus was nom-
Inatell by aC llllton for attorney genera\
harry ) ' Ii. KerCer of 'fuicarawa was nom-
mated for , ( mht If the board oC public
wnrks and J. W. ( 'rulckshanh oC Troy for
'lt'rk , ef the supreme court by acclamation .
Wlll a s.erlcmi oC resolutIons of timanks the
, 'lventon at 2 to alljournel , the nomila-
. , Ions ur' havIng 1 been mnamle In about hal an
State Department Much Annoyed by the
Dilatoriness of rmncc
n'IIII.111 X.I (11) ' n. for Ills
I mum mumeil 1mm to Iel"e , hlt'rlr l'eeum-
1111) ' nllllC" Ilt I Heler-
mmilumlimg I Ir 11. UIKhl. .
WAShINGTON ' , "u ! 2I.-There Is good
authority for the statement that a peremptory
demont wIll le made b ) time United States
upon France for the release of ex-Consul
John Wailer of Tamalnve , and that satlefac-
tory Indemnity wi be reflulre for his arrest
and Imprlrnment , and I probable request
for a commission to determine his rights In
Madagascar. The dIscussion oC the case be-
twecn the French and AmerIean diplomats has
reached a point where , I Is said , there Is
little else for the United Slates to do. owlll
to the fact thai repeated requests fora copy
oC the charges and testmony upon whIch
Wailer was couvlcted have not been rurlshed
by the French govcrnment I Is said ut the
State department today that the delay In the
case hall been very anl'lnl to time oleals !
anti especially to Ambassador Eustis. The
diatoriness oC France In this mater Is regarded -
garded as Indlcatn ! that sue has a very
poor caSe all wi be unable to resist time
demmmantits ma'lo by the UnIte Slates. A
conditon whch ! makes time delay of France
more aggravatIng Is the fact that the do-
pahment Is aware oC the seriousness of Wa- !
ler's Iness In prison an.i . Curther confinement
Is Injuring his imealth. International
healh. fnternatonal questions
general ) ' move slowly. but time delay In producing -
ducing papers and testImony In the caw oC
WaIler has leen oC a very exasperating
nature and has resulted In sharp pressure by
time Unltel ! States olcals to brInK about a :
settlenuemut . Some oC time reports whleh have !
been reeeh'ed Washlnglon say time treat-
ment of Waler has been unJust amid hIs ar-
ret and trial a breach oC Internatonl
coin Ity.
With reference to the criticisms whIch
have bean made Crom time to tme concerim-
tme concer-
InK the State ' conduct
department's conluct oC time
Waler case , It can be stated that : lr. \ , , ! -
ler's frIends here arc satsfed that time ease
Is receiving the most careful and zealous at-
tenton oC the department I Is leared on :
the best that ' . '
lest nUlhorly notwlhstandlnK See-
retary Olne"s absence from the capital , he
has given personal atenton to the conduct
oC the Investgatons looking to Mr. Wailer's :
release a 11 restoraton to his rIghts Fur- I
thernuore the president hlnselC has mant-
Cested a concern regarding the mater which
he woull not give . ' 1,1 , did not feel time case
was unusual In c mplcatons Invol\'ell
Enough Is known rcgardlnK the progress of
the negotiations to justify time statement that
the dellartment Is conl"lent they wIll result
In time release of Mr. Waler , with Indemnl )
for Imprisonment and the restoration oC his
personal rIghts.
There Is also authority for the statcment
that the tlepartment fe-is assured that Wal-
ler's hare release couhl have leen secured be-
Core now , bolt I was felt that this \ would be
accomplished lt time risk of losing Imlemnly
for hIs Imprisonment anti time protection oC
Mr. Wailer In his property rlhls In lada-
gasear. All the money Interests la\olved are
11:1ed : by 10 one In the dcpartment at less
than $1.000.000 and the es has been handled
on the theory that It was better that Mr.
Waler should contlnm lila incarceration Cer
n few months , rather than risk the loss or
his claim
Ambassador Eusts has Cound It hnprae-
tcable to secure more oC the recJrd In
France thun the specification ur the charges ,
hut It Is ulnlerslood a promise has leen mth
to seeuro the full record from ladagascar.
This wi take some tIme , but the State
Ilellutmcnt Is confident' that when reeelveJ ! !
It wi hear out In full the reprcsentatlon : !
oC the department all all immaterially In se- !
eurlnK justee to : lr. Wller , an'l It h
decmed vise to walt for It rather thri un-
duly to l\reSS the mmmtter.
LEA \OHTI , Kaim.mmg. . 21.-Senzmto
Balter Is In reeelpl oC an autograph , letter
( rout John " 'a I H , ex-eonsul itt Tummmmatave
writen from the latter's cell at the Iaison
Cenl ule lIe Chllrvaux. Touching his 1m-
IH'lsonment , V.'aller says In part : "As you
are a lawyer oC long experience , I ask you
10 careull' notice the testmony oC Captain
Lavasot on this point all note lt the earns
time that It was 1) ' hi" testmon ) that time
Ilrosecuton seems to have lased the eharge
that I was Kulty oC correspondlnK Wllh
the enemy oC France. I submit that the
evidence oC the prosecution utterly fails to
sustain or support the eharpp under which !
I nm In solitary confinement for tiventy
years anll ly the Calure oC which the case '
against me should have been dismissed by
the prosecution . In so Car as I relates to
a violation ol the penal code named In the
Indlctmenl. I Curt her Bulmlt that the tes-
tmony oC the only witness on this point
fails to ehow or lrOVO Wat either my wife
or George E. Tesslen are enemies 10 Francs
In nlY sense whatever.
"It follows , then , that time whole case
against me must rest Ipon the letter whleh
I wrote to nalsmanla , n young Malagasy
man This letter Is relative solely to a bus-
Iness affair wih which France has nothing
to do nor does It relate to or concern the
rpneh Ioverment In army particular what-
"Thank In ! you In advance for favors on
m ) "ehnlf , f am. wih great esteem yours
Cnlhfuly , JOhN T" , SVALLE1t. "
1,1 Illt. \ It l.t 'SA'Ctc'l'S 'l'\SIHI.n. :
( hll'J..1 sm Itim lnl'II.IIIII ' tim . Il'
1.1 111' ' ( ulh'111 illegal I'ees . '
WASIIOTO : , Aug. 21.-Treasury oC-
fields have pot yet complct(1 their final re-
port oC the Investgalon ! ! oC the aeeounts oC
LIbrarIan Spofford . l run sLx weeks ugo.
Expert lyers of the fifth auditor's ofilce .
has made a prUal report , but In the absence
oC Fifth Alter liolcomb his deputy , Mr.
J. J. Wile , teclned 10 go Into details Ilend-
InK the receipt oC a eonununlclton ui'imtcim
he Is expecting front Mr. Spofford. ! r , Willie - I
lie leclnc,1 to amrm or deny the truth uf the
star ) printed this morning hy the New York
Worhl which states that : lr. Spolord Is short
In his accounts aboul $ : : ,000.
Mr. SIOronl when seen today dictated a
statement to the affect that "sLmple and
easily explaIned circumstances have been tls-
torted so as to make the strongest unfas'or-
able Imnmresslon . " - . unc.vor-I
Neuvs for thc , \11) ' . ,
WAShiNGTON , Aug 21.-Special ( Tide- !
gram.-laJor ) James F. Gregory , engineer
corps , will proceed to CIncinnatI and relieve
Major Daniel l.ckwooll , who will take sta-
ton at Newport , H. I. . ant [ nleve First
Lletmtemmant'ilhIamuu W. harts oC duties tem-
Iorarl ' transferred to him by Captain Wi-
lam Ii. lilxby. .
! , jor Wilam 1 Nash , commisar of
subsistence . Is relIeved as. purchaslnK ) and
dept commissry at Vortlmmnd . and will , In
addition to duties as chief commlsslr oC the
Department of time Columbia pCerm those
of barracks. purchaing commisary at Vancouver
Second Leutenant ! Albert C. Uallon.
Twent.reeond Infantry , . Is granted fIfteen
da ) : ' IC\'e , _
_ \.I"I.t h.1 A 1..11 ) li'iiuls.
WAShINGTON , Aug. 21.-Mr. Claude
Meeker , AmerIcan consul at UradCOTl , I' ng.
hu apprIsed the State depalment oC time
movemenl among the various boards oC trade
In Inghnd to secure from Irllh consul
reports cOlcernlnK business openings In theIr
localities. such as are msde by the consuls
of t.1 United States. Mr. Meeker regards
titLe mo\'ement a a decIded conpIlnient to
AmerIcan methods and he calls attention to
the fact I I a complment which "comes
not from tyros but trout the most eminent
authorities In the United Kingdom In thee
matters . "
' 1'\lu.n 0. , \ " 1.iS , UP l'lCl. '
S.cull lui-'N . lt. . ; . . ; . ot lime Xntunnl
I'etuee UnIon.
MYSTIC , Conn" , Aug. 21.-tAt time second
da"s session oC the twt'mmty-ninthm annual
convention of the National Peace unIon and
the twenl-elghth annual convention of the
Connecticut Peace union , Mrs . Mary Frost
Crosby oC New York made an address on the
slgnlnK of the peace petitIon oC Antwerp
mint ! Its Intuence on the tfnlnK.of ! the Iloly-
Ilot petitiomi. The next address was by John
Bron.on of PhiadelphIa cn the "Incon-
.Istences oC the ChristIan Church. " lrs. M.
Fell oC Swarlhmore , 1a" , gave an address oa
" [ bye' Irlades Made for WarCare. " Time '
single tax was the subject oC nn address by
Frank Stephens DC Plmiiadeiphla .
: lr ! lelva Lockwood explalnel time origin
anti object oC the International Peace unL n
at Switzerlanti , through whose united Influence -
fuence all peace societies In this country and
Europe are now In communIcation wih each
other. She also aluded to the new movement -
ment of the National League bC Peace women
In gngland.
In the afternoon an address was given
by lenjamln F' . Trueblood of 10ston on "War
on the DeCenslve. " hamilton Wicox oC New
York spoke on the treatment oC the IndIans
by time gverment , amid stated that the atti-
toward the Indians
tude oC the government Illans
was due to the efforts oC the Peace ullon ,
lie advocated the abrogation oC all treaties '
whereby a citizen of a slate was pro'tecteti .
by It when visIting another. lie ale at\.o-
caled the hllelendenco of Cuba and ! Irelaud.
Janice P. Stoddard gave an addre against
secret societies . There are 5.000 In atendance
at the joint commvention. Tomorrow will le
temperance day , when addresses will be mlle :
by prominent speakers , among them being
' \'IIlimimi : Lloyd Garrison oC Doslon.
\'litl : XI SliM 0. A Z'ANIC. '
1n".I1'.H."r'I'r..I rr.1 f lie
SI"I"/ Shll''lh.ht I , . " " .r I.U.
Nfl\ ' hAVEN , Emmg. , AUK. 21.-l'articulars
which have been obtained reKardlug the
collision yesterday alernJon botweea the
Crelght steamer Lion of the New Haven
& Deppe-I : rnco line and the passenger
steamer Seaford oC the ame line , by which
time latter with 225 laScngers anti a crew
oC Carty-two on 10ard was sunk , Nho\ that the
SeaCord , whIch left leppe at 1:30 : p. m" , was
struck by the Lon \ on the port sIde. The
Seafor Immelatel began to fill and sank
twenty mlnules after havng ! been struelt. In
the leanwhlo her captaIn hlli given orders
to prompt ) ' and calmly lower the 10 Its and
the passengers were reassured b ) the o/cer.
There was not the slghtest panic al any t me.
The Lion had her stein stove In b ) the collision ,
but she was In no dAnger ' oC sln\tng \ ! and
ran alongsldo the Seaford , whereupon the ,
passengers and crew or the snkng : ! vessel
clambere1 ! on board the freght : steamer I
There wee a number oCArer cans en bond
the Seaford . but only one oC them , a Miss
Flynmi 1 oC New York. was slIghtly Injurel
Miss Flynn was able to travel to LOlbn to-
tlay The passengers lost all theIr bagiage ,
Some oC the American passengers vdlue the
property lost by time paseng rs on board the
Helfonl at front $50.000 to $100,000.
a- -
( tU.tY Cl.\DIS ' 10 11 , 'g I StI :
1.'lrt'1 " ' , ) l4.s t. 1II'r' 1u SI'I'ct 111
SInh' Clmmifm'mmnmm.
Plh1LtDELI'IiIA . Aul 21.-The result .eC
last night's repubiel primaries was con-
firmed ly onventons ! today. Interest cen- ,
teret In the selecton oC delegates , to the stale
con\'enton. oC whom . w'nty.scven " , were
chosen. Of these the Qumj . . . peopo'-csmIm' : : !
seventeen certain , with cOtiSt on 1\ ' ( more.
Senator Quar will go to larlslurg to-
morrow and remain ther until after the
conventcn , on August 28 Governor Iiis'ingl ,
time leader of the ant Qua fig .t Is at , present -
ent In harrIsburg , as Is "II.'J Banking Cent-
rllrsloner n. lr. I Glkeson , ' time Ire emit state
ellarmln : , whom Senator Quay to Is to do-
Celt for re-elecilomi.
\'lLLIAMSI'OItT. 1a. AIK 21.-The re
Ilblcan ! county e1/'enton was hell here
title afternormi . when tl'O ) .delegates to the
state eJ/'entcu were elm6sen In the Intere.t
oC Chmirman ! GIson. Iesolltons ! were
adol1tell In which time relllleans of Lycom-
tug county say they are "oppowd to the reelection -
election of J. lo/ld ! Cameron as semter
Crom lenus'lvanl , lellev.ng hl % views on
various publc ( IUestons , notably the money
question . arc not In acconl with the pre'
valng belief of the part . . The allmlnls-
traten or Go\ernor hastings , . wan , emmdoraed
CIIC : ( : CII.ISgt ii CII.I.\lSI' U.
SIIIII".1 to I. . Ih. . U"nl or 1 n. . .
f..th' , ' 1'Illi.lutol. I
ChICAGO , Aug. 21.-The Collseimumm . the
large buiding lately ereetell on the sIte
whelo Dulalo Bi had ! his show during the
World's fair , colapsed tonight. The buid-
lag was an Immense aralr , and was to have :
been 011ened wih the Barnum and Bailey's
circus wihin n few days. I was also In-
le\led for ISO during national convemmtiomms.
A force oC 200 men has been working on the
buiding night and day but as the accIdent
happened during lunch' hour , nobodr
was hurl. Time building Is a total
wreck nnll ( the loss , ' 1 reaeh between
$160.000 all $ IS0 000. I Is mIll that this w :
fan on the Probst Construction ml'lny.
who had the contract for the conslructon or
the buldln ! _ _ _ . _ _ _ _
it EClll"l'IN ) ' 10 ( CX. Ct)1't'lNlIlt.
luiumiti , . " ' ) 0. , CIh'lk Gr..t Ih. . Coumi-
lul.h-r . ' II'.urtl"lt , or l'III. I . .
LADI : \\'yo. , AUK. 21.-Special ( Tell-
gram.-Gemmeral ) Copplner and staff arrived
here this afternoon ; baying left Fort Wash-
able ot 1 o'clock today. He was met a ! nle
out oC tie city by time Ianter cornet band
:111 prominent citizens In carrlaKes ammO es-
ccrlel Into Iander. A salute of seventeen
guns was fred on South Main street as the
general reached the north emit ! oC the street
The buslneds hcuses and private residences
dlspla'ell flags and luntnK In honor oC the
commander oC this delJartulent. 'onlht a
recoptlomu's , tendered the : general UYOt ! -
ruf hal ali later tllrt ) ' of , time Ilrlnclpal citi-
10US of time tewn ant tMlr ladles gave u
banquet to the general a nt Fremol hotel ,
at which tie best - _ wines . were - . served
I"'SCIUU IS ltItOtL ) 1)tvIIaI'r.
' limrli'r .r tin Old - IIU ; , \'uJ.o Imy '
Ills , . 'rh'lll. 110 i'Iglilmrs.
CINCiNNATI , 0. . Aug. -A New Wch-
month , 0. , twent.fvl mies UI ( the Ohio
river front Cincinnati : at 4 o'elock a mob
took Noah Andersen , colord , Crom the jail
antI hanged him for the mUrder today oC
I rnkln rlellman. I nearly . ,0 years old , and
president of the First National bank oC that
1lace. , I was not long .untl Anderson was
captured and taken to thy. New lchmond
jail . where a great crowd uickly gathered.
Arderon made mme attempt to conceal his
crime. lie gloatingly told all the details
all said he had given the 'old man what he
psen'ed. There was no niasklng , no attempt -
tempt at concellnent , Every person pres-
otimers ent and enaget In the work * knew all the
For 'l'ul.111 I ( : o"'rnIH'lt 'il lii her. .
SIOUX FALLS . S. D" , Alg. 2l.-Simecal- ( : )
The trial oC the three Cuser county men \ho
\ ere indIcted for cutting governmenl tim-
her from the mineral lands with Intent to
export has begnn. The case oC Ode ltetler Is
noon trial. Judge Idgerton ha under ad-
vlsemcnt a demurrer to the Hder In < lct-
nunt , In that It charges two specifIc offenses
A par.y oC forty I'rineipoly ' KnIghts Ter-
plar , left today for Iloston They will le
Joined In Chicago bt other ; partIes Cram South
1'1"'I"I' tf ' 0..11 : h'll.r" .i tier . :
At New York--Arrh'ed-Orlzaha , from
havana , etc. ; Irlncpla : , Cront Dundee , : oorl-
land , front Antwerp ; HOlln Prince , from
Santos and IUo ; Dorian , ( rain Morant hay ,
lassalolt , Crom 10terdal
At San I rancsco- ; rrlfc-Aultrala ,
' 4"M Honolulu.
rire Broke Out Agiu Which Stopped
Work for n Time
u , it. " 'uU ' luieum1illc . " time 1"II.hl" Ir
hiM \'U. . 11.1 Chll1 1"11 llrt"
Iloimmi' Iu l.hu'ull n Ith 'l'h'I'
I.'ulr hashes Umtidi'mmtilieil.
DENVER , Aug. 21.-Tho hotly of Oeneral !
Charles Adams was taken out of the ruins .
oC the Gumry' hotel 1 at 2 o'clock this aHer-
noon , _
The Ire whlcb has been smouhlerlng In Cite
debris has broken out afresh and Is now
burning briskly. I threatens to con\nunl-
cate to time front Ilorton oC the hotel , which
Is still standing , and destroy all that re
mklns oC the hotel. There are stIll several
bodies burled under the ruins
The Ire Is under control. I was set by
City Building Inspector Cutsitaw.
Workmen digging In the ruins had dls-
co\'erctl a body , belIeved to bo that oC Oen-
eral Adams , just before the Ire was started ,
but were drl\'en away by the /ames before
they could extricate the corpse.
Coroner H. II. Martin has time Colowln
prominent business men as a jury to In-
\estgnle time hotel Oumry disaster : H. W.
Speer , K. C O. Cooper , ' B. Create F' . E.
Edbroolt , I.'rank lelange and Chorles Dab-
cock. The InquIry , \ lieu 11 begin tttlmm
ei'entmmg wi be tholough unll searenlng
Seventeen bodies have so far been taken
out of the ruimms. Several rcmoved early to-
day are so burned und maimed as to be al-
most unrecognlzablo and ha\'e not yet been
positively idemmtilied. O. H. Wole. a cigar
dealer of Limicolmm Neb. , has Identfell time
remain" oC n WOlal ald chid Cound In the
ruins as his wife and laughler , amid wi
take the bodies to LIncoln for burIal.
At noon today three more bodies hnl been
recovered , maldng the total numler twenty.
OC the seven taken out 'edtenlay four have
been Identlell us A , : I. Iunroe oC Colorado
Sprlns , Cormerly oC Carthage , 0. , Iml Lizzie
Lager , Louise Helnguler aunt gmma Milie-
thaler , ehamLermails , , Time other three have
nol been positively identified , but one Is
beleved to be the body oC Peter Uumry.
Includln the hotly oC General Charles
Adams , which hud leen partially uncovercd
1111 Identfed when the fire startcd In the
rnlns this aH'rnoon , twent-one bodies have
heen taken from the wreck oC the Gumry
In excavating the ruIns thinKs have been
fonnd which raIse the presnmpton that W. 1.1
Owen , n wealthy mln and mayor oC Hobart '
hutch , Is nmong the 1\lel. alhough his name
does not appear on the regIser , ' 10bart'I
been fO\11 In time debrIs two shirts on which
are stlehld time initials "W. B. 0 , " a veal , In
the Pocket \ oC which were bus'n2S cards
of W. Ii. Owen , pre ldent oC the Terr
Cotta I.umber company , the maIn omce oC
which Is In Chicago , anti a canvas bag fled
with samples oC fine sand and clay. : lr ,
Owen generally notfes H. A. Young secretary -
tar ) ' or the company , when ho Is abut 10
come imere hul he' hall nOl done FO this tlmiie.
I was alwas his custom 10 ! O to the Brown
hotel. Secretar Young says ho cannot be-
ihive that - : lr _ Owen Is In Denver . nol ,
alive or dead
_ TJH : jdlest remains , tQ.be taken . out arc 11-
'nmo ) tuomrfbgnbable. _ One of."thrt unldenl
fled bCIJles pro\'p to le that oC Peter Ouml ) ' .
One oC the other bodies Is beliet'eti to le the
rmlalns of A. S. Bake oC Pueblo , and the
last Is the bOlly oC WIlam Decler , bell loy ,
or W J. Corson of Pumeitbo. I.'rlends oC W , J.
Bake oC Florence , Colo. , are convinced that
ho was also In the Gumrr when the -xplosion
olcurred. Day Clerk Garvin says time n.mes
oC J. S. Kirk and J. Ii. Irwn of Omaho ,
Neb. ' . and Miss Jennie B , howard oC 10ston ,
la88" , are In the handwrltnK oC Wi nlch-
anls , the elevator pilot , and % wer probably
fictitious. This leaves only W. n. Qwen ,
W. harvey and \ \ ' . A. Dodd , or Todd , to be
accoloted Cr.
Coroner : lartn Is still oC the opinion that
Ihre ore many more bodies In the ruIns
Mr. Owen has been interested In some
experlmenls with ciay for the makIng oC
brick , and It was umatural : lr. Voting says ,
that he would bring with him to Denver
samples oC the kind oC clay usell tn hs ! big
vitrified brick phnt 11 Cle\'eland , O.
CIICAGO , Aug. 21.-W. B. Owen Is not
one oC the victims of the Denver hotcl horror -
ror , as ho was ut his office In this ciy yes-
terday. lie did not come to his ofce today -
day , und his associates were at n loss to
know who the man Is on whose body Mr.
Owen's ards were Cound , unless , he was
tIme latter's son , a soluton they feared , was
the true one.
. tPmnmi lou mimetiC uC Sumrvi'y J.il ' "
WASIINOTO : , AUK. 21.-Speclal ( Tele- !
gram.-The ) approprIatIon of $250,000 mastic
ly the last congress for surveys durlnK 'the ,
fiscal year elllng June 30. 1896 , has been
I apportonell by the survey division oC the
Ieneral land I omce , anti time apportonment
' ; Ippro\'OI 1) the acting secretary oC the 1mm-
tenor Last year $16,000'al allotted 10 Ne-
lraska for resurveys , butt for the current
fiscal year no provision Is made for resurveys -
surveys In this state. In moat
cases time apportonment Is the same as last
'Cdr. The allotments hy states are as Col-
lol : South Dakota , $1.000 : California , $10,000 ;
Idaimo $23,000 : lontana , 2,100 : New Mexico ,
$ I7.fOO ; Oregon , $113,000'i'aslmlngton : . $30,000 ;
resun'c's , $15,000 : reserve , $10,000 ; Arizona.
$3,000 : Colorado , $0.000 ; Minnesota , $1.000 :
evada , $ i,500 : Nortim Dakota , $11,000 ; Utah ,
$13,000'yonuing ; , $22,000 ; examluatons ,
40000. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
St. .I..h ' Sh..t HI I I " " y Sold.
ST JOSEI'li , Aug. 21.-Tue St. Joseph
street raIlway lines , together wih all time
roiling stock , real estate and other property
ucd In their operaton , and the property of
the St. Joseph TractIon and Lightng company -
pany , was sold at publIc aucton today and
was bhl In by E. A. No0 of PorlalHI : Ie. ,
and Edward HarrIson oC New York. Imurchas.
log trustees for the stockholder or the com-
pany. Consideraton , $300.000. which was the
lowest bdler : , that culd be Iccopte under the
order oC the court 'he sale was made to
satIsfy a mortage held by tine Central Trust
company oC New York tattler a final decro
oC foreclosure made by time Unltell States
circuit court for the wesler district oC Mis-
sLurl. I Is said that the sale wIll result In
the reorganizaton and Improvement oC the
Jlllhl" 'l"'lfllr 1 lt'rllh"I.
GREEN RIVER. \'yo. , Aug. 21.-Special (
Telegrdm.-'he ) grand eommandery oC Call-
Coria Knights Templar , escortell ly Oaklan'l
commandery No. 11 , passed through this city
at 8:30 this evening '
on a special train oC six
PulmanI and were enterlalned by time memi i
berf oC Asealon cOlmandery No. 5 oC thh
city for haI an hour. A8calon commanllery
wIll leave this city for Boston tomorrow In
a special Pullman , whlcb will be attached al
Julesburg to the specIal train bearlg the
grand con\nandery oC Colorado.
- p
( h'I'rll : Fry ' 1(1..1 I . I I I" I ' 1'1111. I
TOPEKAUK , 2I.-Oeneral I" , A. Fry .
the man who led one divisIon oC Coxey's
commonweal army Crom CalIfornIa , accord-
hog to the statement oC a local barber , lies
dead In the morgue here Lon nuller , who
WIU a member of Fry's division , viied
time morgue today to see the body oC an un-
knc\li man who had been killed by a Hock
Island train ) 'esterda ) ' . Ho at once pronounced -
nounced the dead man to be I.'ry.
\11 Slum 11 11 Ilturlllul 1 I 1"1 t.
SAN FRANCISCO , Mug 21.-0. L. Wright
oC honolulu Bays the go\ernment Is about 10
slat an Informaton bureau to supply the
outside public with data concernIng the
Islands. Then are thousands oC inquirIes
from America and elsewhere concerning the
"Iant and 13ny want to locate there. The
gonrnment Is making specIal efforts
to develop the cole lands whIch abound cmi
the Island of hiaaIt
It lU'l' $ ilhtIiAlC Ott'V Allt lISlI ,
timmlus I'mrmule ; j- ; ; : Streefs Crlumg ,
"Iria'e thmt I lm Port-Igun ieils , "
ll0NGKOG , Aug. 22-Anotimer outrage
Imas been comnmmmltted near l"oo.Ciuoiv. Time
Aum'erlcaru imiisslorm lmas beeim attacked by a
iarge anti infuriateti utmob , orated with varloums
weapons , The chapel anti school were
wuecked nuid four native scimolars were fatally -
tally wounmied , wimlia time fomeign teacimcr
escaped. There Is a strong anti-foreign feel-
lag bum Fon.Cimow , i'hmichm Is emreadIng among
the populace , vimicim is paratiimmg ii'Itlm cries
of "irive Omit time ForeIgn 1)ovlls. "
lilt IIIflit lItNi ) l11.ll"t'S OFFICIIIIS.
AlJmmruneui to 3leetcet Ye-it r of lt'll.
Illi . Ill ,
COLUMUUS , 0. , Aug. 2l.-Tue National ccn-
Veumtioum of time ietmtsclmer Ki-eigerbumnti , wimiclm
imas been In session 1mm timId city dtmrimmg time
week , fimilcimeul Its business aumtl adjammrumemi to-
imlght. At time muuormmlng ecsslomm J Ito nmatter
of coummpntcory Immsurnmmce was mtgmmlmm takeum ump
ammtl coumslmlered at soummo icumgtim , hut ito fmmr-
thor actioum u'mus takemm outsIde of time recoIn-
Clout auloimteui Tuesday , conmpeliing all Immcommm-
Ing socetles ! ammil mmciv mmmemmmbers of old
mocietles to take insurance. Timls actlomm
u'uts mmmdc mmecess.try by time oppositioum of mm
few mmiemmmlmtrs to commiimtmlsory insumrauice , vlmlcim
Cii roatemied I o ml lent Itt C Ito orgammizat itmmm.
At tue afternoomm session a recohumtiomm ivas
atiOliteul to appropriate $500 from time tremusur ) '
of time league , aumd acsessiumg time societies
ire rota for time pmmrpose of defrayimmg tlm
expemmees of comumiuctimmg sum olhiclal orgmmmi. A
comumunlttee s'as ahuimolnted to select amu editor
iiimtl arruuumge time detaIls. Consldermmble opposition -
position cropped oumt 1mm time convemmtlon ngnimmst
LotmisVillLtclm of St. LouIs , tlme lres.emut
editor of time Krolger Zeltumuug , the oiiiclal mr-
gan , anti ime will hardly be selectetl as time
next editor.
Time following officers i'ere elected for the
enemmlmig year : Prenuldemmt , F' . Scimrmmtier of
liatenuvilie , lad. ; vice lmresItiemmt , llnmil Grimomum
of Carnegie , Pa. ; secretary , Julints Eggers of
Cimicago ; treasurer , Lotmls Ertel of Cimmclnmmatl ;
trustees , Ii. W. Miller , Colunmbtis ; Louis
Enmulan of Pfttsburg and Ernest Fcid of St.
Louis ,
Time conventton adjommrneti lit time eveiming
to mmueet mmoxt 3-ear mit I3elles'ilie , Ill.
CO.l1'iI1'1'lIl'Villil It 'l'llltM IN .1 .til , ,
A. IL. U. Ieim.herstoIii Stt.lezsei ( ruin
\'iht , ii S I ii ( i .1 mm y.
WOODSTOCIc , Ill. , Aug. 21.-Time directors -
tors of time Amiiericamm Railway umniomi , excelmt
I'resitleumt IJebs , will leave tomutorrow after-
mmoemm , after havlmmg served a tlmreo mmiontlms'
sentence for contempt. All of timonu resumime
timelr duties itt time fielmi , Immstrmmctlng macmu-
hors amid organizing local umiions. They imave
engagemmiemits now wlmich iu'ill require fumhl'
timree mnoimtims to filL ICelilmer goes direct to
Mimineapolis and Goodwlmm to St. l'amml. Itog-
crc , hums , Elliott aumtl Ilogaum go
to Cimicago , viuero timey will ejm-
tirato. Itogers goes to l'umehlo , Cob. ;
hogan to Ogden. Utah ; Elliott to Pal'alchlmimla ,
stopiming at Cleveland , 0. , umitll after Labor
day , u'imlle Burmms will remmmaia n Chicago
amm establisim district imeatl 1uarters there ,
Tim&dr release wIll mutark a mmew dcpirtuure bit
time work of organizing railroad eniployes ,
District headquarters ii ill be establisimed lit
all the large railroad ccumters timraugimout time
country. Since theIr Imprisonment sixteen
local umiloms : tluat were mshmattered by time
tmike of last suunmiier Imove been reorganized
and twenty-seven imew ones Instituted. Ap.
phicatlonsu for chumrtem'c ore being . received
every tl 5' . 1 ' -
Ammoiit S'est4rui i'tmstmmmmupttens.
\VASUINGTON , , tug , 21.-Slmeciah ( Tele-
grnm.-The ) first assistant Postmaster gen-
crab today mactie ahlouvmmmmces for clerk Imlre
for the curremmt fiscal year at time following
potofiices : iowa-Mount I'ieasauit , $1,200 ;
immtisiicmmuietmce , $1,200 ; Atlaumtic , $1,00 ; lioone ,
$1,300 ; FairfIeld , $1,400. Soutim Dakota-
\titchell , $1,500.
i'ostmimasters were appobmmteti today as follows -
lows : Nebraeka-Gerhumg , Scotte Blumit county ,
Fred \Vrlglmt , vice Emlwarti Thormmton , ro-
mnoved. Iowa-Gait. Vu'riglmt coumnty , C. II.
\\'alton , vice J. II. Iilrtisail , reslgmmeti.
Vm'ihlimmnV. : . Shmamilcs was today comnmmiia.
utiomicml postmaster at Odebolt , alit ! William
Itomlgers at iblakeville , Ia.
C rm ek N uim ( ' a ( a ' 1' im u'o mm g Ii mu I 'us I ti lii t't' .
COLI1V , Kim. , Mug. 21.-Special.-Last (
nigimt time postoflice at title piace vas emmterc'd
and the safe blown , but only a mmnall imatml
ivaf ; mmuutle. The thieves entered by tue winthow
anti itroceetled 1mm an expert manner , Time
mmmall bags were placeti upon the floor to cc-
celve time safe door , timumt ito soumrmml jmmigimt be
immartl. Time tools , witim time exception of a
fine drill , were obtained by breaking opeum the
local blacksnmilmt shop atmd were left in time
ofllce. No trace of the thieves has yet Lccn
% 'blI lii' Ilemiri 'I'o.Iny ,
SEATTLE , Wash. , Aug. 21.-Time petltbcn
of lirayton Ives to oust time receivers of time
N'ortimern Pacille aumd appoint otimers In thmer
stead will be beard by Judge Hartford ammd
Judge Gilbert toumuorrow Today timere was
filed itt the Uniteti States circub' court the re-
ceivers' answer. Great epaco is devoted to
aim attempt to simow timat at time time of time
mmppintniont of time receivers the Northern
i'actflc imad valuaimbe property In the jurletilo
tlon of Judge Jenkins.
Fit tin I IlnihI mmmc of a I'mu imibby Quit rrei.
KANSAS CITY , Aug. 21.-'mvlihiam Seeker ,
2S years old , booklc eper for time L'nion Ice
anti Coai comnpany , ivas simot and fatally in-
jureul last night by Jounce Ward , his brotimer.
in-ias' . The tragedy occurred at time Imoumme
of Ward at 1214 College avenue and s'as time
culinmination of a faimuiiy tluarrcl.Varti cc-
caped after committing the deed and imp to a
late hmotmr had not been arrested. Seeker camm-
not live. Iiotiu men imeretoforo bore good
reputatomis. _ _ _ _ -S _ _ _ _
Cmi l' a veil 'i'O i"euii in I e liii a ml I I s
PE1CItY , Oki. , Aug. 21.-Deputy Marsbmal
Stove Burke and posse arrested two notorious
lenuale outlaws mmear I'awnee Monday night ,
but imimd to fight to mimake the arrest. Time
namnes of tine women are Jennie Metilciff ,
fornmerly Stephens , aged 16 years , ammd Annie
McIoulet , aged i5. TIme ummarahai'a posse
mali Into timeni Sunday amid the womoen simowed
fight and several slmots were fireti before timey
gave up. Iiotim ere in mmmcii's chotiming.
iCmiumsuts CII y l'Iouii.i.r Him li'IIi.s ,
KANSAS CiTY , Aug. 21.-James McGee ,
youngest brother of Allen 11 , M. McOee , who
was one of the fourteen nmen who laid omit
Kansas City , and imimacif one of her most
pu'omuminent citizens , cmunittemi suicldo last
night by taking an overdoto of chiorni. lie
was 60 years old ammd. leaves a wife amid funir
children. liuslnee reverses were tim cause ,
At one time McGee was ivealihy.
% 'lhI AsIC ( or us ( Jliuiumge or Veimumi' ,
IIANNiLiAL , Mo. , Aug. 21.-Colonel Nat
C. Irytlen and Colonel it. B. Anderson have
been emoployed as counsel by Dr. anti Mrs.
hiearne , who are in jail In I'alnmyra , charged
ivithn time nmmurder of Mrs. iiearne'im fornmer
husband , Attica J. Stihiweli. A cimange of
venue will be asked for. No effort will
be upamic to secure time release of time prisoners
under a writ of habeas corjmmms.
'l't'iml In ltlila.rs St I I I mm t La rg- ,
GICAND I1A1'iDS , Micim. , Aug. 21.-The
robbers vhmo imelti up time Cimicago'est
Michmigan train near Itbchmnomad last night are
still at large and there is no clew to time
Identity of any of the gang. A large posse
is searciming time country and unless time men
have token to time Fenvlllo swsrrmps it is be.
lieveti they will surely be captured.
Ht.-mil I mug I Imo Ciusesl i1.'ul Ss-rs'it'e.
VASlIlNUTON , Aug. 21-TIne president
has elgimed arm order extending the classified
service to include all lmriuters omit ! prcssme'm
employed iii the various eecutiyu depart-
Union Paciflo Atlantlo Express Hell Up
Yesterday Morning.
Engineer Forced to Secure Opening of
Car ,
Dynamite Used on Through Safe , but
Without Effect.
I'slersmlo's l'n'lglntemmi'ii Vlmeui i'ire ,
limutum I'll i I I Im I1uigluie t
" I vu t iariim-Severni i'uHNem (
Iii l'ua'smmit ,
it 1 :05 : o'clock yesterday uumornbmmig time east-
boumnmd Atlmmumtbc express on time IJnmbomm l'aclllo
% -as imeiti up at iiumttermmmllk Immil , about tw o ummbioj
this sitla of hirmutly lslammtl , iu Imere thmc sent !
imbils term5iinate at time Ummbomm l'aclflc track.
'l'ime oximress car wits damumumged by uiymmammmiio
mind $100 takemi frommn mu small safe. On the
east side of timcc cant ! imills a ivzmgon root
commmcs 1mm Iromn time utortim , ammgllmmg ui'eatwartl ,
hero lit a level stretclm of road mmml iumta
time scemto of mu bold train robbery. 'rwo
mmmcmi bomrdetl time traimm at iirady , gohmmg forward -
ward over tIme tootler after time trabum wus : imi
motion , ammti whit revolvers drawn timey imeld
tmlm time iiremmmmmn amid vmmgimmeer , comumpeliimig the
latter , at time iiolmmt of a revolver , to go back
to time baggage ear , oiuemm thmo door miumd let
timemmu In , whmlcim ime did 'by immforimuimmg the
baggage immami that tlmey us ore lmeld imp mmmiii
that time robber imaml a gmmmm at imis imeati ,
Upon gettimmg lumto time car time expreasmmman
\i.as commmpellctl to opca time sumiallcr safe. lie
coumid mmnt upemm time larger onto , nml tIme rob-
hors imroceeded to blow time top of it out with
dymuamimite , 1mm time mmieamitbmnc time hlrenman
mmmamiaged to give time robbers time slip , and
golmmg forward lie nmimcotmpleti thmo englite front
time tmnlmm timid imiathe time run to Guuimemiburg
to secure a 1)0550 ) of lumen to imelil caluture
Limo bandits. In a short timmie twemmty volun-
tcers ivere emirommto to time scemme of tIme robbery -
bery , limit before they arrived time mmmeim had
Time bammuilts hove black sboumciu iiats , with
bback silk imantlkercimietmt for mmmasks , 'ritey
ii'ere about five feet ten imu imeight atmd wou ,
iveigim aboumt 150 poummmis each. They were
rougimly dressed anti tummieti their voices to
tlimgubse the Comic. - They rotbe horses amid cvi-
dently cammme 1mm Irommu time hills , 'i'lme wimidowu
were till blown ommt of time baggage car by
time explosion of time dyimaunite aumd It seemmis
timat time bmmmitilts were experts In usIng tim6
explosi' , e.
\Vheum time dyuianmlte expbotled the msserm.
gers iu'ere coumsitlerably excIted , but vue not
unoiteted ,
Tine setIomm fom-emnan at Vroummmmmi has cccii
utica aroummml time place of time robbery for
several nlayms-msuul baa a good description of
- ' '
Suuiisrlntemiulent . L. Vance anti Sherlft
MIller of North Platie ivemit to tIme scene of
time robbery but a special car , wOim a paste of
men. Early but the meriting mmieni'ere semit
otmt front Norlim l'latte and Brady amid every
cifort is beimug immade to captum'e time rabbcr
before timey get out of time coumumtry ,
Suimerintemmuleat Sutimerlamiti of Otumaima went
oumt on No. 7 , and will take charge of the ,
muituatiomu. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
' 101.1) IIY ' 1'hlP 'i'ltAINlHS.
itull'rN Cuirrletl a 3lost Iiln-rmil Simim.
iii- of iunelmt'stt-r 11111-s.
Time Atlauitlc exlmresmt emu time UnIon Pa-
cbflc , wimlcim was hmelmi imp by express robbers
near Brady lelamimi early yesterday uno.mmimtg ,
pulled immto Omaima at 1:35 : yesterday alternooum ,
two hours and ten mniumutes late. If thmo
mien-s of time occurrence imati not imm'ecded it ,
time appearammce of time express car wmt sum.
ciemut to indlcmnte timat eomnethiimmg ttumusmmal imad
occurred. Time dymuamnite explosion hued blown
all the wlndoiu's froumm the car aimd through
time oponitmgs comild be seen time simattereul mm-
tenor. 'fiie floor was stiii littered wltim bits
of glass amid spliumters amid timq safes , trtmnk
mmrmd otimer articles all bore evidence of the
tremendous force of time explosive.
Time remimains of a mmre enouglm train rob'-
bury nero ccmmttered all over time car. Time
big safe at omme side , eu wimicim time tiymmamnit
Imad been imiled. looked as thmougum IL had been
timroughm a lire. TIme top was crackcti imu ccv-
crab directloimmm aumul otto big remmt umeor time
center Indicateti time spot ivimero time eximio.siye
hmani been itlacOth. Time steel bars cmi tIme cor-
umers were broken amid bent , but time dooras
buill ummopcnc-d amid time jagged remmt 1mm time top
was mmut mmufhlclent to afford accesS to the
lit time cc-miter of time car buy a trmmnlc that
had evidemmtly bcemm laid over limo dynmmimilt
cmi time safe by time rubbers. It was ephlmmteretj
limb kindlmmg ! wood and time ( oimtmmta were
piled tmim I ii ii I it tie lma Ii vbthm tim o rom a his of
time receimtacle. 'rrunks were stacked up be.
tWeelt time safe ammd the rear dor of t , e cue
anti these all bore evlmlemico of n'ouglm usage ,
Omi the side miext to time safe they were coosid-
erably slulintereti amid hmQe ! imad Lccn cut
through two of them by iiylmmg deb ii , Time
Interior traimmework of time car did not escape
amid ioimg sitliumtets timat had been partially d& .
tached by time t'xhmiosomu imumig flout thma root ,
Numerous tiemmts eimowetl ivitoro lm.e cc of the
shattered safe hmad struck.
Express Messenger Timomnas Alc ( ' iii was
engaged 1mm mmmmuking up imis report and miti not
sceiti percoiitibiy rattled by his so 'sitiorma !
experience. Accoudlmmg to lmims ctateiuejnt : the
robbers ( lii nmot get user $100 for ttme.r trommble. ' .
'riley bmati sacked time isay safe , but had fahieui
to get inside of the large sate , % vtmm in bor ,
time traces of time exlmlosbon , As all uumone
was taken fromn the stay safe at ju.mctlori
ponts and deposited iii time timrcuglm s.af ' , there
was contimaratbvely oumly a smmmabl aiim unt tj
reward time craokmunmeum.
Mr. MeCari salt ! that time first Ito knoi
of the conteumiplateti robbery was wmmcmm time
train stoppeth anti time t'mmgimmecr rapmed or
the north door. 110 mild hot nurmwer at f1ratj
but when the emmgincer called to Iumm to
open time door hme did so. lIe uvas timemm con.
fronted by the mmmuzzio of a gun anti iu'alket.
out of time car anti away to cite side , whmliuc
thu robbers dlti tlme work.
Conductor Flynn was near time rear of time
train wimcmm it top.sd. lie says timat Chili
was at exmuctly lIve mmtinutes after 1 o'clock.
lie imtarteti to go forwarni to coo what was
time matter , but imad not gone tar wherm one
of time robbers leveled a Wincimester in liii
face and invIted imiun to remumain uimero h
u-as or take a dose of lead , lie lireferrel
the former course under time circtmmnstancea
and reummsbneci with time passengers mimmtii ttmi
timleves had commipleted thmeir work and left5
TIme whole affair occupIed thIrty mninutemu.
The engirmeen' anti fircunomn whmo were Iii
charge of time engine left the train at Granti
isiammml. Conductor Flynn said timat time robbers -
bers had urmdoumbtediy houmriied time tralim a
hhrt'j Iianmi. They lay low until tii
train reachmoul the second curve iii limo santi
hills. wimen time ) ' cllmmmbeti over time tender anti
leveled .thmelr revolvers at time engineer snut
fireimmummn aumd coimmpelled them to s.top time train.
Timen time ) ' ordered time engineer to cut tii
train beimiumti time express car , but ime pre
tendetl that he coumld riot unmio time couplin
and this was abandoned. 'l'homm they tools
him to time north door of tim oximrsss car anti
arnlsrr'ml imimum to call to the express unemaenge
to open time door , 'time engineer told th
uneseenug r that time robties car , ! i Win *
rtu'eters anti would blow the top of ims beami
off unless time door were opened.
Conductor Fiyntm thinks that the escape c (

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