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ES'rABLISID JUNE 19 , J871 1 O [ AIA , TUESDAY IOnNrG , AUGUST 27 , 18 { . SINGLg I OOPY ItrYJ1 OBNeS. :
Chairman B. r. Gikeson Deposed by the
4 Senators Supporers.
CtJ't'ltOI ) It't.tN ' l'iiIii ) ' for , \t'tlll
. . . .
11.,11 ' , ' ' IIM3l "n tuft It'lll h.
IcnlNrt' Pnce to Pnce
; wih n Urn'e CrINI" :
IldtItltIsllURo . Pa. , Aug. 2G-Senator
. . Quay and hi ! followers made a bol ' ash
, . today In the fight for republican supremacy
In this tate by takIng pose son ! of the state
' commlttec . ant deposing U. 1' . Glken from
, the chairmanship. Their object In doing this i
Was to place themselves In Iloelton to pre- '
r puo the rolls of the telegates to Wednes.
day's convention , so tat they mlht appear
before that body with a prima facie cage.
. The situation In general tonight Is Intensely
exciting and altogether uncertaIn . Both factions .
It must Lo
tons are claiming victory , but
admitted that these who are oppesng : tim
asplratcns of Senator Quay are the most
, serene anti confident. The Junior .onator ha , ,
headquarters at the Lochlpl hotel , where he I
1 . has In anti night , '
put a very buoY dlY all
The delegates are sow In arriving , not I
more than fifty of the 289 having reach d I
the cty. : As they arrive they are confronted [
for the first time In the history of the ro-I
publc1 party In this St'ltO by dual hOldquar-
ter of the state cnmmlle , One or these
Is at the Common\IOlh hLtel and Is In charge
or Mr. Gikeson , who Is assisted by A. I ) .
Fetteroif , secretary of the committee. The
other Is at the Iochlel hotel and had been
engaged by Chairman Gilkeson . bat when he
care to take po.eson ! this morning he
' found that Senator Qua"s followers had eall'
ttell the room anti , placed J. B , Hex or
Iunlngdon , another of the eecretar.es of the
State committee . In chargo.
, ' Seventy-three of the 121 members of the
j - state committee attended the meeting belt
this afternoon In the interest of Quay.
Thomas . 1' . Cooper of Delaware county was
made temporary chairman by acclamat.n , A
resoluton was then adopted that a commitee
of three bo appointed to walt upon Chair-
man Glkeson and notify him that the com-
milee had convened and that a majoriy of
its members were present and delrCl him to
preside over their deliberations. This com
mlteo repaired to the Commonwealth hotel
. and found Chairman Gilkeson . to whom ex-
Lieutenant Governor 'atres read the reso-
ltitloii. When this had been done I' . Gilke-
son said : " 1 have not called the state com-
t/ mitee together and I have no buslnesl to
, . . lay before It. "
The committee returned to the T.ochlel
* . headquarters ali made Its report after which ,
a resolution was adopted , that a commitee
of nine be appointed on credentials and nu-
thrl.ed to male up the roil of delegates to
the state convention. The committee was in- ,
structell to make Its report nL a meeting of
the state committee to be heM at 1 o'clock
tomorrow morning at the Iochlel hieadquar-
ters. A resolution was also adopted to appoint -
point a state co.ntttitteo to ascertain . what
arrangements had been made for the admissIon -
sIon of dclegltes , members at the press antI
other entitled to the privileges of the leer
and as to the manner In which the votes
upon varLus Ilroppltons will be taken. The
state commitee then adjourned , to meet to- ,
.r' At the ant'.Qiay ' ileltquarterR ton'ght
DJ11 tlartin . C. I. . Magee and the a her
lelders tat around and Ilscussed the siua-
ton , all expressln\ In the most confident
manner 10uiblo their holef that they la'l :
won their fight. Chairman Glltsn declined
to Hive out any t\ures , but ! r. Martin sa'l
ho knew of IGO doJea'es who would VCt9
t against Quay for state ch lrman. This Is
fifteen ' more than the number necessary to
win Doth shies claim to have captured some
wavering delegates today. The anti.Qitay .pe-
pie cllm they tuggeste I as a c mpromls
tint QU3) ant Gikeson both rere : , Quay
hnln , vttIti.r ! tn Iprrt ! his nnn nen'R to
i ! ti ; ! ; ! techllrmm.n ; lr. - oJPc'rsa's
narno the ittate chitlrznan : . Mr. says
his visit was for an entirely different , lnlriose.
Tim suggoatlon. he sall , was made that It was
Improper for one ccc'Jpylng the high position -
ten of governor of L'ennsylvan'a to lake
active hart In a factional fight.
hoth factions busy :
Tonight factons are Ireparng
t . . - rails of delegate . 'anti It will probably nt
7 ba known until tomorrow iitght when bo h
sides caucus. whether there wi bo two con-
, ventlons. Many of the knowing ones prcref
: to believe tought ! that the Quayaes , failing
to get control of the temporary organization
on W'ednesday will bolt and hell an Independent -
pendent convention . Tn this event there m1)
be two republican tickets In the fell thh fail.
Davll Matin , C. L. Mogea State Chairman
Gikeson anti Governor hastings , the anti-
Quay leathers , , were In conference tonight at
tilt cxecutvo mansion from 10 to nearly
midnight. I Is asserted that they wont care-
? fully over the list of delegates ant after
&imlnat'ng from It every doubtful . name
found ! they had a clear majority In the convention .
venlon , The suhc1mmltee or the state com-
niittee to which was referred the contest In
v-I the First and Fifth wards of Phlallo'pha. ! In-
. volvlng the scats or five delegates , held a Ir - -
tractel sesllon tonight. Senator Penroso of
Philadelphia . represented the contestants and
preeentei alhlavls to show tnt the Quay
delegate . were legally circle I , The anti-
Quay delegates . whose names have been
placed on the regular 10:1 : by Chirinan Giike-
son were not reported ant the subcornrn't-
tee 11eddel to recommend that the names of
the five contctnts. four from the First
ward all one from the Fifth , be placed on
the Quay roil. .
" ' 1.1. PHnl'l' 'I'ln XInI ' . . \ 1.\\\
Illnul" I'hhlh' S'hool Ulr.'t.tnr. Ht'-
, 'liii' tu .IiiIe n 'I"t CON. ' .
BLOOMINGTON , m. . Aug. 2G-A convention -
! ton or school directors of lcI.ean county
b ( assembletl hero today to consider the new lag
.7 law of Illinois. te the provblons of which
strenuous objections have been made In many
parts or the county , Notwithstanding a
pouring rain near ! 200 directors were IJres-
( nt. The convention was decidedly anintateti .
I was apparent that I large majority of th
directors were oppo'od to the new law
Resolutions were offered declaring the flag
law "itnuinerican" and 'despotic. " , \n
l\uemlment to strike out the two words was ,
after a brier debate tabled ly an overwhelming -
whelming majority The resolutions were
then ltoptet by a large majority .
'he state's attorney was called anti asked
to give his opinion as to the power of the
school directors to pay the expenses of a test
t case to determine the constitutionality at the
Is. . iaw . lie gave the opinion that the director
had noIower to expend money for such
Ilurposes. A motion was then made to ap-
point \ a committee of three to raise funds by
peronal solicitation to defray the expenses
of a test case.
- r
l'OISONIiI ) . \ ' \ ' A l'ICXIC .
'I'i.rei , lttiii.irvsi l'ersous f4uiIiJ.'t'ti'd to
Illt'l1141' 1111" II 1IIIuII ,
LAI'OilTE Ind. , Aug. 2G.-Tbree hundred
out of 1,000 people were poIsoned at a
German Lutheran pcntc ! lt Trcey , thIs
couaty , ) 'esterJa ) ' . 1\ picnic dinner was een'et
and I la thought some miscreant poisoned
the potatoes or drinking water The "Icams
were attacked with frightful pains , purging
and vomlttng , and rolled and tumbled on the
'N ground In agony until medical alt \8 soC .
_ * c ired \s yet none have died but many are
' * . stl very I , Two hundred and fifty were
vrcent \ from this city
' I l'reuildi'u.t'i. U'bt to II" lull : ,
CILLICOTIE , Mo" , Aug , 2G.-The D.wn
bank failure crawl worse. An additional
nose for 13.000 owed by President ii. Bush-
stall ha been discovered making his mdi.
\'IJual Itidobt1nes U9OOO , besides $ ,000
owed by Dushnel & ( o\ple , or I total amount-
lug to nearly two.thln' \ of the bank' loans. .
1 ' lrthcl " 'ietorIr.for JIIIINhrll'
II the SHill liii , \IItIICetl ,
hAVANA , Aug. 2G.-Accordlng to official
advices an engagement between Spanish
troops and the Insurgents lasting an hour
and a hal he.s . been fought at Niquoro . near
lanzanlo , province ot Santiago de Cuba
The insurgents are Fail to have lost fifty
killed and wounded and their leader , Helter ,
Is said to be seriously wounded. No details
of the affair , It Is alded , have relched here
A column of 300 SpanIsh troops COn'
mandell by Lieutenant Colonel Teuret , It Is
announced , recently attacked the insurgent
chiefs , Stele and Angel , who have a following .
Ing of about 1&0 men , near Dolorlas , In the
Iemedlos district , In the province of Santa
Clara. The so.ciled "American company"
of the column charged with the bayonet and
captured three Insurgent pocitions. The insurgents -
surgents lost three killed and the troll cap-
tured twelve saddled horses and one prisoner -
oner , the father of Angel Six railroad
bridges In the Tunas district Of Sant Spin-
tus. province of Santa Clara , have been restored -
stored , During the attack on the fort at : I-
quer the Insurgent , LIeutenant Iagln Perez
was killed . The troop lost two men killed
and three wounded , According to the details
received from official sources regarding the
fight at Nlquero , Heler , the Insurgent
leader , was wounded In both arme.
I Is i also stated that the insurgent leader ,
Alonzo Rivera , with 700 men hat' arrived In
the neighborhood of hluero. A column com-
lanlel by Lieutenant Colonel Vale , number-
big about ISO men , has had a skirmish with
an Insurgent band commanded by Nuenez antI
numbering , according to official advices . 370
men. The Insurgents are said to have bren
compelel to abandon the positions which
they had occupied on Mount Caussito levlug
seven wounded In the field . The omcal reo
ports sa ) that only hlo soldiers were wounded
durlug the engagements , Information reo
celved here by the government Is to the of-
feet that Holor ) has been reinforced by 2,000
Insurgents In Puerto Principe , and with these
anti the forces of Sanchez Is said to be movIng -
log upon Sant Sllrltu , The father or Serafn
Sanchez died recently at Sant Splrlu , Co-
pola has arrived from Santiago de Cub and
has appointed chiefs for the battalion of pub-
lie order amid police or havana Upmann ,
the banker , today advanced the sum of $ & 00. '
MADRID Aug G-Relnforcements or
troops for the Island of Cuba embark'ed today
at Barcelona
PAUlS , Aug. 2G.-Plgaro , referring to the
situation In Cuba expresses the opinion tOtlay
that It would be better for Spain to grant
adequate autonomy to the Island In orller to
put an end to the separatist movement than
to continue an onerous conflict after which ,
even If victorious she would be oblged to reo
dress the grievances of the Inhabitant
CADZ , Aug. 26.-The Dar de Avlsos at
Corunna states that the government will re-
lnquish Its Intenton of sending 25,000 addi-
tonal reinforcements to Ihe island or Cuba
In October , and alls that Captain General
Martinez tie Campos has declared that he
wi resign If the government Insists upon
appointing a lieutenant general for the Island
at Cuba. _ _ _ _ _ _
Inn OP Tln ! mmtI'i'lsII AItM % ' .
\'h ) ' flit' OIH. , . . nt Cusiiiiitler-iii.
Chief 'I'mit4 Itetmillitil tl IigIiiiii1.
LONDON , Aug 2G-The marquis of Lansdowne -
downe , secretary of state for \var made a
statement today to the House of Lords respecting -
sllectng the changes ensuing from the re-
tlrcment of the duke of Cambridge from the
post of commander-In-chler of the army. The
marluls salt that like its predecessors the
government Intended to adopt the main prln-
clpls of the report of the huntington commission -
mission , except that It preferred to retain the
post of commimnnnder-In-chiief , rather than chief
of stitif . deprived of executive power because
It was feared that the later would get out
of touch with anti lose the confidence of the
army. 'he contmiiander-imi-chilef would hold
his appoIntment under the usual rules ' and
woull he responsible for the commissions ,
promotions ! . honors eta. . and also for the mull-
Ilar ) formation , distribution and muobiliza-
tion. He would be the principal omcer to the
secretary at state fcr war and would give
general , as dlstct from departmental , alvlce
upon all questons afectll : military Iolc )
The cOlmamler.ln-chlef Ih the other healh
or departments would act as I heart to ills-
cuss mater referred to It by the secretary at i
stat for war . and promotions . and , .appolnt- I
mels anove Lute ranK or major wOUII aIwa/s
be slihmlted to the board The dutes of
the chIef of staff woull be performed ( , the
marcluls coritinimeti . either by the commntler-
In.chlet . or under his directon , The can-
ollat\.o element wi be provided party by
the boarll and party by a war office council
under the presidency of the secretary of state
for war comllrlslng the linden secretary , the
financial secretary ant the heads of depart-
_ _ _
. \ rrt."t.tl 'I'h I rt ) . ni SI"I.h'lnl ,
PARIS , Aug 2G-The efforts of time police
to discover , the authors of the attempt upon
the life or Baron Alphone do Iotuchlll on
SJturday afternoon last by sending him an
Internal machine disguised as a mal pacl-
age , which exploded when opened by the
banker's conftental clerk M. Jodkowitz
halo proved unavailing up to the present
time. The authorities , however , are confident -
dent that It was the work of anarchlts and
thirty suspected anarchists have been or-
rested . examined and obliged to gIve the po-
lice specimens or their handwriting. They
were subsequently discharged. M . Jodkowlz
continues to Impro\'e.
II"hll.t ShOt her fir .Ji'SIlOmlN ) ' .
LONDON , Aug. 2G.-At the Inquest today
upon the remains of Gertrude Iaston , who
was shot all kl'ti by her husband , after
which the later attempted suicide and Is
now In the hospital , the evllence sluowed
that the deceased was an actress arId that
shin Played In time United States In ant under
the stage name of Gentle hillier . I was
ulso shown that she was tile ' tiaughter of a
naval captain , 1111 that she married a cab
tlrlvr , JlllOUbY Is suppose to be the cause
of the crime , as a man named Simpson was
fretlucnty with her.
Ht'ht'l SIlC'I'NNI'S U"lnrlrll.
. TAMPA ' ' , Fla , . Aug. 21L-l'assengers tram
Cuba report tmt General Sanchez engaged
Colonel Palancos near Santa Clara , routing
the latter and taking number
later a of prisoners.
T Is rumore.l . that General Iaceo captured
Jlgany In Santiago province. In Qulues nD
Iatanzas , I bali at 100 under the header-
ship of a doctor has joined the In urgents ,
A number of tIme prominent men of Holguin ,
have joined the rebels - - - .
InNt".1 n 'llNlll'iIIlM letter.
LONDON , Aug 2G.- special dispatch roe ,
celvet here from ParIs says that an ammarch-
let has been arretted at Vie Syr Cere do-
partment or Cantal , upon the information of
the postmlstr" o tInt ( place , who declares
that the man taken Into custody potted a ,
letter similar to one received at the 10tls-
chili banking - house on SaturdY
lulltN- . 1'I"t. ' Ic"II. I .
PARiS , Ang , 21L-Tho Journal expresses
doubt till to the authenticity of the rumor ,
regarding thin approaching recall or the Uni-
tetl States ambpador ! , Mr. James U. Eustla . I ,
owing to the slow progress ho has made In I
investigating the case of Mr. Waler.
Clii nose It InterN hit'imcutletl ,
LODOug. . 2G.-The corresilolhnt of
the 1.11 Mall Gazette at Shanghai telegraphs
that according to ad\'lces received there
fem Cheng.Tu tour of the rlnglladcrs of
limo neosni massacre of missionaries hne
been executed.
_ _
Ir"llh Snt't'C"N In )11.ln'fl"t'nr.
1\IS , AU/ 26.-Ativices received here
from the \1:111 : of Madagascar announce that
General Duchesne captured ndrlba on
August 22. The lo\'as made I POOt' defense. I
CUltrllletl I Iullrt.
PARIS , Aug. 26- ' special dispatch to the :
lguo from Rome cOlttadlch the report that
tile PoliO Intends to establish a nunclature
In the United States
JltlUllt'e 1 111HO 11.ttr 1..IIIM.
YUKOnUI.Aug. . 2G.-.Counl Iatiugat : ,
the Japanese mlnstcr or fnance , has resigned -
signed ,
City Ha Surrencered Without t Struggle
t the Visitors
tl"rtcl tt n : : lllul StrllJ'rN sit the
luau for the Great l'iirmt.its
'l'omImiy-ICe'eiIiig I 0 I.cl
DOSTO , Aug 2G-Doston has surrendered
to an Invading army anti tonight Is In the
hands of 25,000 Sir Knights Templar. These ,
with the ladles accompanying them all the
Inmemo throng or visitors . have swelled the
elty's population to such an extent as to I
I cause on.c to wonder .If time inhabitants of
Lraler uoston have leen forced inside the
city's ilimmits. All day long commanderles
have been arriving from north , south , east
and west. By hundreds and fifties they
have come , In coach , parlor car , sleeper and
special , until tonight there Is assembled here
an army time like of which In splendor and
fellowship has never been seen before In
Boston. The entire city has donned a holiday
dress ant on every hand ilags . banners gaily
colored streamers and lashlnH lights greet
the eye. Immense numbers of incandescent
lights have been arranged to represent every
lasonlc elblEn , The Masonic temple deco-
rations are . of course , the most elaborate
the principal feature being a huge outline
crQSS or colored lights covering almost the
entire front of the buildlmmg. The Albion
buiding Is not far behInd anti al along
Newspaper row the ocupants have extended
a welcome to the sir knIghts In a blaze or
light. The weather clerk says there Is no
canto for alarm and every one Is expectn !
a glorious sight tomorrow morning \11 ) isn
the thousands of knights parade. Many
grand stanls , have been erected and today
the buid In ! imiSpectors closely eXlnlne : < .
every structure ant condemned many as unsafe -
safe All thee have been placarded with an
official notice . ant no lne wi be allowed , to
occupy them. Time dlterent hotels where
the large commanderlrs are making their
headquarters haye been jammed to the doors
Fach comnmnaniley , Is keplng open house
and a CLnstant stream of humanity In black
mini ! geM regalia has been pouring In and out
imie early _ morning. The public reception
of the day was at the headquarters of Boston -
ton cummandr- In horticultural hail. Two
tables stretched from one end of the long , ,
hal to the other loaded with eatables , whie
attendants dlsllensetl punch from enormous
bowls. A general invitation was extended to
visiting sir knights to make themselves al
honie and there was no formal ) ' . Tonight
every one Is wel settled and , the Illans for
tomorrow's pageant are blng complcted.
Among thi arrivals of the day at time Union
staten \ ere : St. Louis :0. I , seventy Iwlghts ,
antI ladles : Sterling aHl Galesburg 11.1
Montrose and Calumet of MIchigan . forty ,
knights ; Dakota of Deadwood , S. D" , eighteen I
knights : Mount Arbor of Fremimomit . Neb. . :
twelve knights and five ladle ! ; Wheelng ot
West Virginia , Peoria or Tlnols , Cavalry of
Defiance , 0. : Heell at Toledo , 0. ; I'alt'.4llne
at Ohio , Oswego Sl ilernarti , Coeur Alene
of Iansas anti Iuscogee ot Indian Territory.
Ascalon commander , : . ! Knights TII'
plan of St. Touls. Mo. . are spending a nmerry
day at Jan.asake ,
The following cOlmanderles arrived : t the
Now York New Haven & hartford station :
Iellhis or Tenes8E. Ify knIghts anJ pcv-
enty-ilve ladies ; South Carolina of H.Hth Cu-
cuba . twenty-live knights and ten : aili's ;
Grlco of Virginia : St Albans or lenns'I-
vania. fifty knlhts all twenty-five la1a's ;
Old Dominion oC Virginia , fifty knights anti i
twenty ladies ; Iehmonll of Virginia 30'8t- :
five knights and forty ladies ; Columbia \ i
Iolay Washington \Vashimtgton . D I , G ;
Georgia of Georgia .
Among the commnderles llt eame o\'cr
the Boston & Albany rlway were : Gamin
of Indiana . I"unt Vernon of Ohio \Ilceun , s
of Indiana , Paladin of Minnesota , Slem 'own
of New York Terre Haute of Indiana , Fret
City of Ohio , Knapp uf Pennsylvania.un -
kirk I of New Jersey , \'iecmiin of Milwaukee
I , .I , . , _ ho ! . , . . W" ' I : - , , ! , ; : : .1 T ! ! n ! lh . . Z 'Y. ? .
" , . .uu u. " .o , " " U' UJ . . u. " " .
A telegram was received at the headquar-
tHS of the trIennial committee today that Sl
John conunandery of Providence hall recon-
dleed I ! , determinaton not to parade to-
morroI ant that I would positively appear
In line with ful ) rauks. I was stited that
the whole affair resulted from a inisunder-
stallng , Henry L. Palmer , M. P. , sovereign
grand commander If the supreme council of
the thlrty.thlnl degree Scottish rite for th
northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Unltlll
States , arrived toay and Is making his heat-
quartem with the Wisconsin delegation at
the New England C6tsservatory of Music .
Among the western commanlterles that ar-
rved laic this afternoon and this elenlng
were the folowing : Hugh D. Pa'ens of Sl
Joseph , Mo. : St , Johns or Springfield . Mo. :
St. Louis of St Louis , Mo , : St. Allmar of St
Lomlis Mo. : Toledo or Toledo 0. : Cincinnati
of Cincinnati . 0. : Montana of Butte , Iont.
Among the belated arrivals was that of
Damascus commantery of Detroit , escorting
the grand commander ot MichIgan who , after
six 11ays' travel , arrived here three hours
late. This delegaton numbers sixty-five
Iwlghts and twenty-eight ladles. They were
escorted to their headquarters by the Pai-
estne commandery. 1 lnlay commallery or
lndlay , 0" , arrived over the Boston & Maine
with twent.three sir knights. Toledo No. 7
of Toledo . 0. , with 125 sir knights were met
by the William Perlman commanlery , with
I'imichmaimti's ball Illa'lng martial airs The
sevemmty.five knights anti fifty lales , or the
Dradfort commanlery No. 4 of liramiforti Pa. .
mate the spectators show their , lelght by the
unstntet applause they gave. A few min-
utes later a special train steamed Into the
Inlon staten containing eighty sir knights
alil sixty ladles of Miami commandery
Lebanon , 0 O.lltalJI commander of Oal.-
laud Cal , was several hours late , anti , ar-
rlvell hero at 5.15 p. m. . wih elght-.I\'e sir
knights and thlrty.elght ladles Kunsas City
conllantery No. 10 came In this afternoon
alil was at once escorted , to the Hotel
Waterston There are about ninety sir
knights alil ladles In tile party.
Among time commanderles who kept , open
house none entertained , wills kept -
ton than the grand commander at Kansas
at 653 Boyleston street. During the evening .
Ing many visitors enjoyed the hospitality of
the Kansas delegation . anl unl a late hour
there was no cessation In the festivities , One
of the most pleasing features of the many
hospialtes exchanged this evening was the
reception tenderell Pilgrim commanlery of
Laconia N. Ii. , hy St John's commander
:0. 4 of Phlatelphla at the Vendome. Wih
Pigrim commander wore Sir Tnlght C. A.
luau . governor of New Hampshire , ant Oen.
oral W. I. Knight of his staff.
The grand commanlery , of Indiana gave a
bal at their headlll\1ters In Cotlon hal , a ,
which upward of 1.600 knights anti ladies
were present. The evening passed off Illeas-
anty antI the Intlana commanlery , Proved
themselves royal entertalnere. In Masonic
hall. Thompson square Charlstown , 2,500
sir knights \ ! ladies were entertained by
Couer 11.\lene commandery. '
Members of the Ohio Grant ! commantery ,
who are quartered at IG7 Trlmont street ,
gave a banquet to the press tonight. The
hosts of the evening were : M. J. Ilouck
past grand . c.'mmanler , : John P. lcCllne ,
deputy grand commanter : Levi C. Goodale ,
Ilast grant master , and others. One of the
features of the evening was blue Ilarade of the
lhladellphla kuiiglmts who march l through
the streets tor several hOI\r accompanied
by bands The headquarters of other com-
inammdenlei were visited In turn . and serenades
were rendered by the musicians simile the
knights announced the purpose of the move-
Iment In cheers . settng forth their claims
for the next conclave
LEXINGTON , Mass. , AUK. 26.-The frt of
the Sir Inlghts to visit the historic battle
grounds at Lnlngton were the member of
Detroit commandery , who arrived here this
afternoon from Boston , 'ne visitors were
escorted to the caU I on by the citizens Ind
given an opportunl ) to visit the Minute
Men boulder the 10nument and other his-
, tonic objects , ,
l.A'VEhIS OATlrn A' liITlIOlT.
) lc.tlA' ot tht' " "tlh'II liar Aim-
"n'htlnl tn lie OJ.ene.1 'ndny.
DETROIT , Mich. , Aug. 26.-Prominent representatives -
rcsentatves of time legal profession from allover
over the country are arriving here to attend
the annual convention or the American Dar
association. The session will open tomar-
row morning In tile hal of - the Young In's
Christian association buIlding . and will con-
tnue four Ilas , closing pith a banquet at
the hotel Cadillac. The nlldreF of President
J. C. Cuter of New York \\1 be delivered
to 1 0 . In the evening Lion . Don M 1 Ilekbl-
son will rormaly welcolhe the member of
the agoelaton. Wedte'day morning lion.
Wiiam I Tar or Ohl , ' judge of the United ,
States circuit court of appeals , will deliver
the annual sdlres. , The following standing
commitee" wi report : Jurisprudence anll
law reform , judicial alln'lnlstrnton ' all no-
medial procedure , legal educaton and allmls-
. ton to the bar , commercial law . international
nw grIevances. The Indicatons point to a
large attendance .
The annual meeting of the state commis-
sIoner" for the promotion of uniform legisla-
ton throughouf the united States was held
at the Calllac hotel today precedent to the
eonventon of , he American liar association
which opens tommuornow. Fifteen states were
represelted by tile arrivals and forty Ilele-
gates respomlel at roll call . The list Includes
many names prominent In Judicial practice
anti authorship. S , M. Cuteheon of Michigan
wee elected as temporary chairman , Fred
J. Stmson of Dos ton , secretary of the conter-
estee gave the resuls of his visit to Wash-
fngton In furtherance of a bill to have a
natonal salaried conlnllon appointed , with
a secretary to co.opcrate with the commissioner -
sioner from the 'Iates. Thl bill was now In the
house Judiciary commlte& : , A cOlmltee was
appointed to report upon the expetlency of
tavorlng such a commission. Secretary Stimmi-
son also reportrl a resolution from the Ias'
sachnsels legislature asking the conference
to promote the question , of unltorm hours
of labor , believing that the public Interest
end the Interests of capital ant labor alike
will be best suberved by such action. The
question was referred to a special comnumtttee .
wlloh will report at a special meeting of the
conrprence The various commltec joIntly
appropriated , 2OOO fan preparing an act on
commEcial law , covering the subject or bills
and notes , to be reported at next yr's
meeting. Other questions discussed were
uniform forms or deeds and how best to
secure actual legislaton by the states upon
the various commercial laws recommended by
this conrerence. This evening the change
male , by' the Massachusetts legislature Iliac-
Ing the legal weight of a bushel of onions
at fIfty-two pOllls was , on motion of JUIIe
Brewster or Connecticut . atiopted The conference -
ference then adjourned until tomorrow.
- -a - -
I"itENCII ! ( nn : ( IF' 'I'l1i , \'AII.gl nASI' :
PlrlN 'l'ilIpM 'i'zlli.oui "he Suilijeet-
Sushi' lint 1st. ConaIlleilt.
PAtHS . Aug. 2G.-In an article on the Wal-
her case antI the Incident at the refusal of the
Castine's commander to salute the garrleon
at Taniatave the Temp ! says the treaty
recognizing the 10va supremacy which
wa cited as a reason for the Castlne's actioum.
did not prevent AmerIca In 1887 from asking
I for the exequatur of ex-Consul Camphel
through the French resident . and from tie-
ant te-
mandlng an Inlemnly , , also through the
resbient for the owners of an American shlip
plageJ on the coast. The Temps albo asserts
that the Castimle's officers . dlsregarlng the
[ lrt regulatons , went ashore before time
harbor master hat examined the veseel's
papers. The scuffle which ojcurred on the
wharf between the Cntlnc'e officers and the
French harbor officIals has . been detailed In
previous patches. , 't
LONnO . Aug 27.-The Daily News In an
editorial on the Wailer 'case. says : , 'he
l tench are In a bat why In Maiiagascar , , and
In Iddltlol' ' by their rldlculolsly severe sentence -
tence .f Waler they have Involved them-
selves . a gave international commmplicatiomm.
There Is a certain Irony In the mischance
which has embroied them with a power so
absolutely Indiferent to the Madagascar qnes-
tlon. They must have gone out of their way
to fix a quarrel on the AmerIcan consul. I
Is their misfortune that these things were
.Ione for them , not by statesmen , but by sol-
tilery. l'nlloubtedly tIme mater will be am-
'Icably ' arranged. The French have repeatedly
shown themselves (0 Acknowledge an error of
temper and to offer reparation. "
In n'np'.1 ' orer I reparnton. . . . . . . .
grossly ' ' discommrtoous ; ; ' ' ' behavior ' of . tile . Frencim .In
officials at Tamatave to the American officers
has been apologized ( or . but the Waler case
Is one of the most 1\lgh.hanllet \ cases of perse-
cuton the recent history of civilized states
las aforded , " .
1,1'\ II'I'\ II ) ' ' 1' , \ YtOit'S SI' N'l' flNCl.
Case ii'I lIt Al'jniu'uiomi nllrlN CorlllN
II C lie Slllrtle Cciirt.
PIHHE , S. D . Aug. 2G.-The case of the
state of South Dakota against W. W. Taylor
was argued on habeas corpus before the supreme -
preme court today. Attorneys for the state
contended that the sentence was valid and
tlt IC the five-year sentence was not valid ,
but the court exceeded Hs jurisdiction . then
I was Invald only Insomuch as I exceedHI
the jurisdiction of time court. The defense
contended that the state was a body politic
ant there was no law defining as a crh"
Iht taking or money from a body politic.
The court adjourned until p tomorrow.
Ciium'gimtg Cut \ \ 't'I lil'ne1luI.
SIOUX FALLS , S. D. , Au ! 2G.-Speclal.- ( )
Charging Cat a ' Sioux Indian , was yesterday
released from the penltenfary , where he
spent a year at the request or the United
States judge. lie was convicted of killing I
fellow rell In a quarrel at Hosebull agency
early In 189t. I Is evident that the outdoor
life ot Indians has considerable to do with
their dark complexion Charging Cat , who Is
a ful.hloodel Sioux comes' out of the pen
after a year's bleachhll with a complexion
as light and yellow as th of a Chlllman ,
hHlctments have been found against
Comes-Back-\galn. Ils.Whle-lorse , Burns-
The-Prairie anti John Whlte.Brd. four young
Sioux , for violating the person of Louise Hod-
petil a quarter.blooI , , near Iosebud aency.
Deputy Iarshal Robinson has gone to Hot
Spnimmgs where the bo ) ' are In jail . anti will
bring them here at once to stand trial
. '
" 'llllo\ aUNN Comitiui Ill' Vormii'uI.
CLE'ELANI ) . a. , Aug. 2G-Wlndow glass
manuracturer from Ohio , PEnnsylvania , Indiana .
diana anti Illinois met .er today and or-
anlZell a combination . the purpose of which
Is to ad\'ance prices to meet the Increases
In the prices of raw material and the pros-
lectve advance In wage I was decided
to establish two agencies for the sale of the
products of the factories , mme In Indiana ant
the other In Pllsbl'tg ' , Al sale will be
made through these agencies , the prices to be
ugulated by the dlstrlcta. I will bo dc-
c'drl not to resume cperaiomss at the faa aries
until September 27. I the meantme the
wage question , over which tlere has been
a spirited commtmoversy will be referred to a
commitee to report at tle next meetIng ,
which will be held soon .
Cmi lIIiIlo'l l's "IU\N Oil Slh.t'r.
IASSI.LON , 0. , Aug 26.-Ex-Governor
Campbell was asked tonight' to harmonize his
extressed a willingness to "cbance It"on a free
silver platform four years ago and his can-
dldacy this year on a gold standard platform.
He met the inquiry thy wIre aa follows :
"IlAMlI.TON , 0. , Aug. . G. 189-1 did not
favor free coinage by the United SlateJ alone
four year ago , opt do,1 now , alhough I al
an International bimnetshlit. What T sail
four years ago wa that f would take the
chances of election upon time platform as
I found It , JAMES E. CUiI'flELL"
S .
' 'Iht SIIJ Uf Sunth ' lirnoki'ui ,
NEW YORK , Aug 2G.-The yacht Ade-
lide was sunk In collision off Sixty.elghtb
street , South Iinooklyn tonight. She was
run down by the Iron steamer l'erseus , I Is
'b lcnd that no one Wal . drowned .
Uroltl hIriuie'si II Iiusllsiiimi.
INDIANAPOLIS , Aug 2G.-The drouth In
Indiana , which hiss ex'strd 'n 60le sections
since the middle of June . Is hrokeu. A gen-
end rain has beEn falling steadily since early
morln !
I , -
Veterans of the Rebellion and National
Guards in Camp Together
- ,
Porlil OIH111 ot Cllill . ! llrlln
nlll I.ogmtmt Atti'miit'it I ) ' Shlille
Ct'rt'I.II ) ' nl.1 : llch 1'nthu""INIU
-Uc"urll.ton of the trulntN ,
hASTINGS , : eb , , Aug 2G.-Speclal ( Telo'
gram-Al ) roads heat , to Hastings today anti
every train Is bringing In a multude of
people to the triple encampme1t. Eighteen
bUHlrel tents are pich cd for the ve'ommns at
i Camp Sherman and when tIme ranks of the
I : alonal Guards arc closed there will be
twent-two cOIIInle9 of infantry , a troop or
cavalry and a full battery , to l1Y nothing of
twemmty-flve state bamls. Time camp folower :
consttuto a smal army In themselves , an 1
each da"s alraclons on the program will
draw thouMnds of men , women anti chidren
from tar sod near. hastings has assmummue.l a
aut lngs assulo.
gala day appearance : every shop window Is
tastefully decorated and the whole city Is a
mal of red . white and blue.
The local' commite has given weeks at
unlrlng labor to prelar\ton for the gather-
Ing of the old soldier and the school of In.
struclon of the state mita , To W. 1
Hutton , president of the commlee ! , to Wi-
lam Brech , secretary and to Fred He'ner ,
quartermaster and treasurer : , crc't Is espe-
daily due for the mnagelent or the under-
taking but the success of the prellratlons Is
the result at the combined effort of every
merchant and buslneFJ man In the town , who
have left no stone unturned to make the
name of Hastings a rnonm for imosp.tal ty.
General Gage of the Grand Armmmy . Colonel C. '
J. hills of the Second regmms : nit and Major
Pechet have been on the grounds for several
days looking after the arrangement of the
CIP Sherman Is located on a gentle
stretch of Ilrairle about a mie north or the
city , while only the parade grounds Interven
between Calil Lgams . the quarters at the N-
tonal Gmmard Captain C. E. Adams tf Su-
penior who In years past has made such a
Eucce of the Kansas.ebraska reunion Is
In commnd or the Grand Army , \ hle
Colonel Thomas Schuler has succeeiell him n
the command of the Tans-Nebra'ka reo
union , whch ! has abanlloed ito annual ather-
Ing at Superior emit ! has jneti to mllto a
triple encmpmeut here. The National Guar
are tinder the crders of General Colby and
Major echet of the regular arimy : who has
charge of the school of Instrlctl n.
The camp Is fortunate In being located In
the 011 fair grounds , whlch gives It the ad-
I vantage not oimiy of the buildings , but ale
I , higilt and water Electric lghts are generously -
erusl' located In every part of tile grounds
ant city water Is slPI.led . In abundance.
The ladles of the Presbyterian church hiaye
charge of , a mammoth dining haIl . lnlo
which the horteulural building has been
transtormed. Another gooll use has Weim
made of the grand stant on the old race
track which will furnish a large ant comfortable -
fortable seating capacity for the authm e of
the speakers and for those who gather to
. listen - to the stories of the camp fire. I
Across the parade grounds each IncomIng !
cOlpmy of time state mita Is working lke' '
I nest of beavers piching Its tents. 'he
: atonpi Guard has been less fortunate than
the Grand Army In the selecton or a 11
I for camp. I was first Inten'lld ' to place hip 1
I Guards In a meadow on the oPPoble " iJi .
I ot the lawn , but after due delblnt ! : : I
! was thoulht best not to separate them rr')1
the eam1 oC the veterans ad all comhlue
to make the encampment a great 11rc .ti. : :
they have had to pitch 'hel" teut , on an cal
atmmijblp which has Inft i the groumul ' 'llt\
soft . anll It1 be rat ler Iasty It I remains '
mains dry all decide.hly muddy If it , sit " 'iiml '
I rain. limit In. Dpl'e of v"ryth"l timfs will
b.e t.he . liveliest spoti : n the sroull" , ald .
time Ivele3 corner \1 \ where time Omaha
contngent has pitched Its tents. The Omaha
Guards and Thurston Rifles arrived today , antI
every mother's son of them I i sure that 111s
company will c'lpture the coveted cup.
And there Is a Midway i'laisance ! toe All
the old at'racons there .
! are The merry-go-
round horses are on the gallop , and the
voice of the "knock-down.one.bab.gH-one- !
cigar" man Is already hoarse. The two-
headed calf and the snake charmer are rollo
business and a full fedged circus Is the
chief attraction at the genus smal ho ) ' .
There Is e\er'thlng to lure the pennies from
your pocket from lemonade anti ' pop corn to
the greatest invention of the age . which will
serve the lurpose at any Instrument from
a toothplek to n threshing maehlne. A Grand
Army reunion Is an excuse for a general
good timne . and serves for circuses and slle- ,
simows political and otherwle , as wel U8
to bring alI comrules , togelher.
This e\'enlng at 7:30 : o'clcclt Mm- . Will'amn
DLmtton . as president of the Iccal committee .
on behalf of time citzens of hastings . turned
over the camp to Commander Adams of the
Grand Army. He spoke of the hard C3m-
p31\n through wh'ch od ! sellers have just
gene , fighting drouth and desolation . At ammo
time It eemeJ as though there would be no
need of a reunln The first crder was for
only sixteen te'sts . hut wlh repeated rns !
time order swelled to I.S00 , ant now It gave
him Illcasure to turn over Camps Sherm n
and Logan to the veterans or the Grand
Army and to the atonal GUard
Captain Adlms replied as comm1nhnt , of
Camp Simerman surlng the commlteo that
its hospitality Is appreclted. Ie\ewn ! : ! the
program he comllmentell ! the comn1teo en
the brilant lIst or speakers and unex e'led
arrmgements or . He cullemi
C1mp. clled attention
or the people of ilatings to tim tlstngltshe 1
character of theIr guests , both famous and
unknown. "Each man has a page In time ant
tory ef our comimmtry and their names are enrolls
rolls of patrots. : They C7mo from every walk
of life , from the works op with marks of to I
upon the'r hands , and from the counting
roomn bench and pulpit. " Aga'n thanking the
people of hastings for their generous imos-
pitahity . he made a forml acceptance of
Camp Sherman
General Colby repled In his Ch2rctohstic
manner on behalf of the Nat'onll Gmiarmis
Colonel Thomas Schuler pke for the K'nas
all Nebraska Veterans' assoc'ation antI Ad-
jutant General Barry of the governor's staff
made a few well chosen remuks
At 6 o'clock there was a baleen aecnslcn
an : parachute drop and ! In the evenitmg a
splendid dIsplay of frewcrks tint made the
small boy think the f'ourth of JUly was here
agaIn A special exhibition pee b'azed
forth "Welcome ' Veterans of 18Gl.18G . " At
time calp Ire the old war songs made the air
rllg again with the familiar souutmds , Con.
gressman W. E. ArlrewB delivered an vd-
dress of welcome ! n a few well chosen words
all other men who had seen the smoke of
battle remlntell their comrades of the Illeas-
urea of the days gone by , while the hnJ'
ships and struggles : were forgotfon . At
Camp Logan the dress parade and review
cabled forth the allmlraton or the fair sex of
hastings . who provEd that It Is only human
nature for the girls to like brass buttons .
The program for time week includes balloon
ascensions ant fireworks every tenlng and
the usual dress parades , roVewB ! and e\'olu.
tons of the National Guard On the list ot
speakers are Hon. W E. Andrews , lion. E.
S. lialumer ! Governor S. A. Holcomb , lion , I
JesF n , Strode ex.Senalor Charles I , ' . Man-
damson , Senator John M. I Thurston , ex.Senator I
J. J. In aI8. General Thayer , Governor E. '
W. Morri of 1lnus. General John C. Cowin
Colonel T. S. Clarkson , General Church Howe ,
Captain J. A , Stickle . Judge Burton and
many others . The great event at Camp
Logan will bo the prize drill for the gov-
ernor's cup on Friday
NORTh LOUP , Neb. , Aug 26.-Speclal.- ( )
Time reunion at hastings will Il\e , aplar-
enly , a full quota of representatives from
this city. Carriages . prairIe chOners , etc. ,
have been leavimig for that place for a day
or so , laden with grizzled veterans , buxomim
veterans' wives , callow veterans' sons , anmi a
very fair pcrcemmtmmgo of rosy veterans'
datighiters , not to mmuention a imumber who
have no sPecial personal interest 1mm veterans
at all , but wimo are simmlply going for the sake
of time opportunity afforded for an outing ,
whiiclt is tile more gladly eimubrced after a
season of extraordinary activity omm time farm.
Tiieso tmverlmiumd visItors are nuerely tue fore-
rumimiers of time maui bed ) ' from tlmis iulace ,
Wilich will heave by way of the Union I'aeific
today. The North Louip Cornet baud uttmtl
another train load si-ill leave on Tuesday ,
when the city will prob.sbly reacim a state
bordering on depopulation ,
LINCOLN , Aug. 26.-Specini ( Telegram- )
Comupammy D of time National ( lwmrts ! mmmatlo a
flmmo appearance as they mmmarciueil to the depot
timis mimormming to take time traima for the hinat-
immge emmcttmmspmmmeimt , Timey were letl by the
Secont ! regiummemut baum ! . There were forty
mlmen in 11mm anti twdllty-four in the bamitl.
All were in full tlmliformn with kmmnpsacks ,
blankets anti cmuumteeums. Timeir evolutiomme at-
trictetl considermible attemutlon , They heft ot
a sneolal Irnimi tint stnrtp,1 trout flirhi vtti ,
abo'ut tvemity coaciles aumfi two engines ,
DAVID CITY. Neb. , Aug. 26.-Special.- ( )
Comlmimany E , lrirst reginmemlt , Nebraska Na-
tionni ( luiards , left this mormmimig , sixty'sevelm
strong , for time encaiulpmimcmmt at Ilmustimugs by
special traimu , wimich imad ems board commupamsies
from Norfolk ammti Tekammiall. A iutmmmulmer of
time Gramiti Aniumy of time ltepmlblie accommipanieti
thorn. Lietmtemmamlt It. , . I'iller of time comn-
pauiy Immis receiveil time assigmmimuent of am- !
jimtammt of hue First b'tttahiomm of time regiimmemmt.
iIAit\'AltD , Neb. , Aug. 26.-Special.- ( )
Troop A , Nebraska Natiommal ( Immartis , Captaimm
S. II. Ciilber commumanmier , went into ctummml ) 1mm
tillS city last tmigimt imbout 6 o'clock. 'this
mmmorimimmg thm.s'y gave atm exhibition drill , \'ilicll
55'flS much enjoyeti by uimany of tIle citizemms of
Ilarvarti , Time troop atteumtled services at time
Cumigregatiommal cimurciu lit a body.
iLAIIS , Neb. , Aug. 26.-Special.-Time ( ) To.
kammlah Gusirda i'touulteti over last ntgimt enroute
to liastimmgs. Timere were fifty-tlmree of timeimi
lii mmniformll , ammtl they attenmletl servIces at
tiltS iettmomiist Episcopml cimurcil last night ,
wilere mmmi approUnlate sermomi was delivered
to t imem liy 11ev. C. ii. Maui.
SCIIVYLEI1 , Ncb. , Aug. 21L-Special.- ( )
Cmsptaimm E. ii. i'imelps , wimo is getttmg to-
getimer time mimemnbers of Commulmamly K , Nebraska
Natiommal Guards , to mnarcii timeumi away to
timeir annmmal encamnpummeumt this veek , this
nmormmlmmg commdmucteti tIme boys to tile Metimadist
clummrch , uvimero they listened to a sermon by
11ev' . Mr. Knuckey.
l.A hG 11 $ A' ! ' COAl. ST ( ) it V.
L'mtiuit I'Ii'i IIV it ee'Ia''r CISI rk ) , ' ( ' ru' , .
tiu. ' ' 'iinii' 3iiutti'r ii
SALT LAICE , , mmg. 26.-Speciai ( Telegramum. )
-i'resldent Clark of time Union Pacific coum-
semmted to make a statemnent today concerning
th alleged"Immiprorer immanipulations In time
coal department 1mm whichi time Omnaima firm of
C. fl. hlavcmms & Co. , General Mammager lJicklmm-
inn anmi Supeniimtentlent of Car Service limuck-
immgimammi were said to Ilave figureil.
As explained by Mr. Ciark , in 18S7 a contract -
tract was muamie for five years witim Havens &
Co. by Mr. Dieklrmsomm on an artier fromu Suu-
iterintendetit Potter. Havens & Co. uvere to
supply 100 cars , to be 11501 00 tIme roaml OS
Ummian Pacific stock. Timey were to be allowed
for this the mIsual uimiieago accortling to other
railways , mis limo Sotmtiuern Pacific , time Rio
Grmtnde't'estu'rn , etc. , at the rate wlmichu is
regmuiatetl by time action of railway managers.
On time exlmiratioml of tlmi contract it was re-
iueu'eui for amuotimer live years by Smmperln-
temmtlermt Ilolcomi , . Timis renewed contract
vuli expire in iS97. Tilmit is all timere is to time
story , Timere is miotllimig imu the fraud charged
nod cannot be.
General Manager Dickinson , wimo is also in
time city , characterizes ttme story "As too
ridIculous to reply to. " Smiperintendent iiuck-
imugharn , who is muentiommeti as one of time
"high officials" Implicated said : "Isn't it
reasommable to suppose timat imad there been
ami ) ' fosmmmmlatton for such charges i'reaitlent
Clark womultl blave learned that smmch svas
goummg omm before mmny one from withiomit called
his attemmtiou to thmemms. I lomm't know anytiming
to jmistify time chmargea , and so far as may outI
jutigmemlt goes I believe timent witimomit foun.
tlatiomm , ' '
'h'IM ' " ' .
mulilt CtT'i"I'IHtS CONVICTED.
( overul mIl'ilg 'iiI,4zlam I muuiortiuiit Citsi'
at Slomi 5his.
SIOUX FALLS , S. D. . Aug. 20.-Speclal.- ( )
'rime first of time five cases brougilt by time
goverummmcnt agauumst violators of time timumber
law resmmlteti in mm victory for thue government.
Two immdictments were found against Ode
Reder , two against Josiah Gordon and two
against T. W. Harris for cutting govern-
umment , timuber with time intemut to export. Iteder
s.as tried unmier one of time ixmdictmmments mind
convicted. Time cotmrt in passimig time semi-
ence said ime beltevemi the m.lefemmtlammt imati not
imitentled to violate the law , bmmt hmati inisimmi-
tierstood It. In view of this fact the court
votlltl inipose the muomuinal sentence of a $50
Time other five cases will be trieti at time
Deadwood term. These are new casep of time
kimmd , anti tue governmmiemit Imas appoimlted a
special district attorney to prosecute thmem.
While these defendants may get off easily , as
not imaving tmnderstoomi tile law , all offenses
of the kind comlimitteti in tIme future will
be severely pminisiied.
Solommmomm Yellow hawk , a Sioux Indian , was
sentenced to serve a termn of timirteen niontha
in time itemmitemmttary for robbing time Lower
iiruhe imstoflice. The prisommer is not well
amid it is thought he will die before imis sen-
tem'.ce expires.
liFi.I.li'I' M iSSEl ) 'I'ltIi 'l'.titGH'I' .
Cli ie'ng. , itizu rI nf'i'ru.ie imtii 51105
l , ' a Yuiithi i'rnei lel uiu uvit is ii itiii. ' ,
ChICAGO , Aug 26.-Carlos II. Ihlackmmmmn. :
svimo was reported fatallP shot at Black
Isiamitl , It. I. , yesterday by a Day ilurumig target -
get practice , is a very wealthy aimti proimmi.
nent nmemmsber of time Cimicago Ihard of Trade.
Early last evening wimlie Cimaries Basconu ,
a 17-year-old youthl from St. Lotmis , vmms
practidng silootimmg wltim imis rule at a target
tmear time Ocean View imotel , lilack Islanul , It.
I. , ammo bullet mnlssed time target and strmmck
Mr. Iliackinams , wimo unfortummately chmammced to
be 1mm its path ,
Mr. Blackman was taken to his room witim
all possible SPeetl , anti the steamer ( lecan
View was promnptly dispatcimed to New York.
returning whim Ir W. 'I' . Bmmii mlmmd Dr.
iiresver , noted lmysicians anti sulrgeomis ,
Mealmwilile time local doctors tilt ! all imi timeir
power. The bullet was located in tue liver ,
bmit it he fenretl tilat extraction will be un-
possible , anti timat thin wound svill prove fatal.
Mr. liiacknman and lmi ( amumily , as ss'eli as
time famnuly o ? young Ilascommu , have beemi in time
habit of spenduimg timeir sumnmner at Black
Islmimmti for a imumnber of years past. lioth
families are prostrated witii grief.
limsi ii iii'eii II it 0 lii A ie'iimi itt ,
DEAD\VOOI ) , Aug. 26.-Special ( Teho-
grarn.Last'edimesday ) a serious shmootummg
scrape occmmrreml on one of time stock ranges
located about sevemmty mIles from tilts city ,
resulting in the serious wounding of mm Wil.
11am Gilien , Only mmmeager lnfornmntion has
been obtainetl until today , s'llen it was
learned timat time row was camseml by a ioumg
standing grudge between the injured moan atmmi
a man nanied Valfort , 'time immen met at a
round-up anti shlortiy afterward commmnmencetl
tlrimmg at one another , It is not expected timat
thu imijlured man s'ill survive. W'alfort was
immiinedimttely arrestel oft ! is now iii custody
mit Sun Iance , W'yo ,
Clerk III l'I' for at Nt'brtisleui Iostoliiei' ,
WAShINGTON , Aug. 26.-Speciai ( Tole.
grarn.-An ) allowance of $1,000 wae today
nuacie to time paymimaster at Falrbury , Neb. ,
for clerk ilire for the current fiscal year.
The conmptrohier of tile currency has op.
proved time Des Moines National bank of Ies
MoInes as a reserve agent for the Forest
City National hank of Forest City , Ia ,
Joseph Meyer was today commnissionemi poet.
master at l'eosta , Is. , amad Sarah E. yer
imostmnistress at Farwell , 13. D.
'I'll rI'ft Cililil r.'is liii rued to ihnt ii ,
MEXI.t , Tex , , Aug. 26-Three children of
henry Joimoson and vife , colored , living in
the country ix mmmiios from Imere , were burned
to deattu In their home last night while their
parents uvoro at church.
A. J. Gablor anti Mrs. Ada Vonnuni Mcct ii
Trngio Fate ,
'ilil ( ' liolIt Iimt Vitl t I.e lI iehuorW
'I'll i' ) . Vere 'I'll V5) ml I lIt ( I S iii' ' , 'mt t Cr
lit Soilli' Uiili'i'iiuiiltmu liii' alum utmi-r
itilut ilmit it Sit uk lore..r ,
NORFOLK , Neb. , Aug. 2t3.-Specinl ( Tele.
grammm.-Timt ) , north fork of the Eiklmorn rvcr
ciaimmmed two victimne last nigtmt. A. J. Gmmbier
of 'aco , Tex. , wimo Imas been travelimg aboutt
the state 05 a simiger aliti bamijo pert ruler for
his brother , ss'hme was seihimug electrc be ts nmmml
aPpliances crn time streets , togetller s.ti3 mt
airs. ila Vennuimu , % vmloso Piremuts are sammi to
reside at Ilhimo Sprlmigs , Ncb. , tcok a boat at
the foot of First street mmmiii rosviui to tlmo
2'tetllOdist cammmp meet'ng ' groumide. T1car -
nyc. ! there smifely , bmmt m'luile rowimug back to
tile cli ) ' after cervices timeir brat 1mm sonic way'
not kmmowim impeet atiti Imoth siere droa imel , No
one si itnesacti time accIdent.
Tile boat keeper svaitemi tllmtil 2 o'clock thha
ilmorning anti time imanties not retimrn'mig w cot in
search of timemmi , lie fotmmmmi a imat ammd time
boat mmear llardimmg's creammuer ) ' anti then camno
back ntmd gave time alarm. 'l'imo bodIes uvere
mmot recovered until 10 o'clock tlmis mo , miing ,
at wiich tIme tile ) ' were fOuimti w.th mm el
feet of each other near time river bammlt eppo-
alto time creaumery ,
Not mmmmmcll iii lnowmi : of Mrs.'enmmtmnm , timougla
timomigh she formumerly reelmied lmerc for a shmcrt.
tilmme. Silo 55'iiS mlmmlrrieti , bmmt did net get
along well witll lion husbmmitt nmmtl lot him ,
comutimg imcno witim a 3-year-omi boy Auigmist
15 amid stoppimmg simmce thmm at tile I ac fib
imitel. Sini imati bden on time stage anti s'aa
mtmm expert u'hiistlcr amud simmger. Sommmo liii tiea
reumrnlrmg fromim tIme cmummmp gromlumil last mmgimt
imeard time simughmmg oml time river ammmi stcpte I tO
listen , lmttlo timillkimlg imow socmm time a ngere
woumlth bt , called upomm ta face that jmmdgmmmemmt
regarding vhiichi they sting so well ,
CISEIGIITON , Net , . . Aug. 26.-Speeiai (
Telcgrmumim.Jesse'illimmmnsomm ) , a yomumg mIsaim
of its , was tlrowmmett in ilmsile creek imu're yes-
tentlay afteruloomi , lie tiouo iimto tiut' svmmter ,
vimich vmma very coud , alit ! suas seizctI with
.r lumps. Two mmmall brotiieruu swore svitiu llimn ,
limit were ummaimlo to get imilmm out , 'twemity'
mmmimmmites elapseti before they coulmi secure as-
mm ista mmcc.
TUTAN , Nd , . , Ammg , 25LSpecialllemiry' ( )
Thiomnas , ageml 21. years , Soil of fl vi'altimy'
Gcrmuman farmimer hivimmg timrc'e mmiile unit of
Ymmtan , suns drosvmmeul iii the i'latto rtvrr two
mum lIes ott et of'utami S mu mmtlmmy , us' imile bat hi I 1mg ,
lIe cotihti imot swimn aimml grit in a deep hu'.ie
am ! was washetl away frommm imis comnpammiomms ,
Fifty ulollars reaard is offered mummy oiuo flmmd-
log the bomly by ills ftitimer ,
Time Free Metimotlist , commferemmce adjournel
yestermla , after fommr days' session ,
ELKIIORN , Nob. , Asmg. 20.-Speciai ( Tmi
gramn.-Smlntlay ) afternoon Jacob Anmmmtmrust
the son of a farmmser wimo lives near Major
Paddock's famnu , uuevemm muilemi west of Ommialma ,
was tlrowmscti uI Itmmll's lontl , a pool of water
wilicil lies four mmiilea cotutil of Elkimorn , The
accitiemmt occurred wimilo time boy was In swimmu- .
nuing. Ills brotimenmu amuui sisters , five in muon-
her , accoimmpamiletl imimmm , hilt all were too youmn
to remmdor ammy assistance wimemi time boy sank ,
Timey reported time accidemut to time Paremits
anti searchi was at ommce nuitie for tIle body'
anml coumtinued ummtil it was found. 'time boy'
was 16 years of age.
f3UHI'itISIi , Nib. , Ammg 26.-SpedimI-The ( )
twi suvileim gates of time mmmiii tlaumi at tiut place
gave way immumlmur time Imeavy vressiire of water ,
time Illue ilaving risen very higim on account
of imeavy i-ohms lit time svestern Imart of time
co mm lita' .
A little boy amid girl , 7 amid S years of age.
cimiltlremm of it. J. Cook , livummg six immiies west
of Smmnimnice , u'ero drosvmmetl hum the Iilmme yesterday -
terday anti a thtrt ! one caine mmear mmseetln
tito caIne fate iii eumtleavorimmg to nec' ao tile
otimer tue. Time boiiies were recovereti last
es'cimimm. C
Cormm is locking ff110 in this eectlomm , Oats
are thmresimimig ommt from forty to ( o tv-five
bushels per acre.
DEAIWOOD , S. fl , Aug. 26.-Speclai ( Tel-
egratll.-\Valter ) , time 5-year-old son of I'ranlc
Tiiimhiemm of 11db Fourcumo , u'as drowned in
time irrigating ditch at timat Place Immel even.
lug. Time boy Imad beemi playing on tims bank
of the ditch at a place wimero time va" : was
very deep ammmi swift amid 1mm some mmmunner fell
in ,
NiuiIttSIC.t M.tN 'l'.ilUiS ills l.il'L2.
huts iil''ml II Cleric I ii S I. . ' \'ll r Ic'pmi rt.
iIl'iIt ( , li Sov.'rlII I'mlrs. ,
I'ITTSUUItG , Aug. 26.-W. W , Kit. II , art
attache of the W'ar ( lepartumsont at Washing-
ion , shot and killed himself in ills ronu at
time hotel \Vihley in this city aimomut 9 c.'aloclc
timis imuortling. A note to time proprlet&r saki
miobody woulti claim IllS remains , The ommiy
otllervritluig fount ) on tile body was a scma
of paper au which was vnitten in a femmlnine :
imnnd :
" 1 lmtrehmy promise that I svlhi mme'er acid
you to take mmmc anywhere. " .
0. A..LIE. . , ,
An express money receipt for $101) , time
order being payable 10 C.V , Kittell , a liar-
tone , Fla. , fumnihmed time only detlmmite claw to
\s'ilereabommts of time ammicitle's fnien i Kit-
teli was about 30 years of age amtl well
( iressetl.
\VAS1IINGTON , Aug. 26.-Snoitl ( Tele-
grarn.-Thmo ) suicIde of V. ' . 'V. ' . Kittehi of Loum
City , Neb. , at a hotel In Plttbmirg timis mmmcm-
ing createt ! consternation in a select c're'e in
tills city. Kttteil was engaget ! to ha nuirried
to Ml59 Lizzie Freo'immmami of timis city a"m ! time
wedmilmg ! was to hmavcm tskcn place I'a urmiay
last. To time stirpriso of time yomumig I dy ammcl
imor frienmis Kittehl failed to presmst II iliselt
at time appointed time and thm lurlile expectant
kmiew nothling of his departure lm'umi t o city'
anti failure to keep imis contract mummtil I was
announced this mimormming that ito had emme to
i'tttshnirg and timero killed imimmmse'f. lie was
formerly a school te'cimor iii Nebr's"a anmi
was appointed to a clorkim1p In the \ ' am department -
partment in 189 ! , slier having lasred an ox-
cehlent civil service examInation.
- -
lit'l.L 1iCIl'I' ' .tS A 1'lA'i' F'A I I.UIIVS.
( ) ii I y 'l'uu'i , liii 1111 roil gi iil l'l ft y i''rsoml *
I'i''t.'iit 111111 'II ) iclilluig ioll. ' ,
CltIh'l'LE CISERIC , Cob. , Aug. 2L-Not to
exceed 200 people weumt to Glilett to ree tluo
bull fight today , and on account of time slin
attendance no killing was miarme. The so.
called fiesta is at aim end aiim ! time people are
heartily glad. Fimuanctauly time show has
proved a flat failure. Timoso commnecuel with
tile mammagemmment of time affaIr have tmen am-
rested timree tinmes since Satmlrtlay afiertmoon ,
cimargeti Witil cruelty to ammlmnmils , but II have
settled by time paylmmomut of conmpa-ativei
small fines , $5 anti costs being time aumiount
assesieti in mmeaniy all time cases , It is neb
likely there will be any furtimer Immosecutiomi
Iii connection with time affair ,
The prIze ilgiut arraumgetl between George
Hall and Frenchy Osborne failed to come
of ? , the imimgilista being disgusted at the pros4
poets of drawIng a crowd ,
Coim.e ( Vlls lit-IlIum ! 'I'i llI ( ' ,
PALO ALTO , Aug. 26-l'rof , W , F , Iiusso
of tile Lelaumil Stanford university says : "Time
conmet discovered by Swift at l'asatlena Au-
gimet 20 Is probably one of short period
imlthmerto umlkmiowum , It Is a delmmyetl r. turn of
Barnard's cornet of i884 , as was suspected a
few ilays ago , My iemmients of time orbit of
the new comet are : Timno of perihiehiomu pas.
sage , October 5 , 19u2 ; peribmelion distances
1.4017 ; lolmgitlmde of node , 172 degrees 4
nmimmuies ; lormgittWe of perihelion , I'S degrees
55 mInutes ; inClinatiOtl , I ; , legrees 57 minutes4
- p -
Fur Iiuiihirizilisu l''thill mm i'.lliuiN ,
NEVADA , Mo. , Mug , 26-Alvin Campbell ,
cimargeti at Garden City wIth embezzlln
Kiligilts of I'ytiilas funds , was arrested anml
lotigetl iii jaui to await the call of Kansas
officers , He is a lawyrr anti a mnemimbr of the
I'resbyterl.mn church , anti was vi itlng
fniLmul in this coummty today when arrested. .

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