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r Some Result Attlnoll by Using Artesian
' Wells In South Dakota.
COli I. I COIInrICh'eIT Smnl 11.1 the
II'Curn. . , n. . CUIInrl.1 'Tlh Non-
' . ' , IrrnC..1 Pnrl" , Deiion-
J .trlCe IC Ut I C ) ' .
, -
; ' CH.UllmLAI ! S. D. , Sept. 28.-Speclal. ( )
c , i -Tho queston considered ot the
. ? most vital Interest to South Dakota -
, kota Is the Irrigation quc8tlon. Whie ,
Ilerhnps ) , not a judlcllus statement to
make I Is neverlioies true that In [ con
' sl.lerablo portion or the stte relllcl In the ,
t future niiIt bo plac(1 largely , It I ! not zolely , In I ,
IrrIgatIon. oherwise , with the comparatively
' few favorable crop seasons by reason of
sufcient natural moisture , the state , oUtdo !
or a few countes , cannot support It present
population. The time has arrIved when Ihls
fact must be looked squuoly In the race , and
mere Idle senthnent must bo cast aside. : I Is
admltel , with truth that the sol ot South
Dakota cannot bo surltasse..1 for productive .
ness anywhere In the United Slates. All It
lacks and has lacked to make this secton one
ot the most prosperuus In tno union Is sur.
. fctnt molsturo-certalnly a serious question ,
: , wEre I not for the vast arlesan ! basin underlying -
. lying the state. hut with the unlimited
supply at water within reach or the farmer
or even ordinary means there I nothing to
prevent this state becoming a prosperous as
any In the union , and easily supporting five
or sIx times Its present population.
South Dakota bas an area greater than
- : that or all New fnglanl , and its Population
In round numbers I ! placed at 330,000. Wlh '
; 1 thorough lystel or irrigation there I ample
4 room and 10 good reason why the state
. ; Ihoulll not support a population of lGOOOo
. . and veople.
or 2,000,000 happy anl prosperous
And . the writer maintains that the solution
of any Ilroblem looking to this end Is or deep !
concern 10 the business Interests or Chicago ,
r the Twin CItes , Omaha and SIoux City , for
, . the reason that the prosperity or South Ua-
. lta wi add In a substantial manner to the
, prosperity or the cles named by enlarging
the field for their products and manufactures
and that encouragement should be given to
the present earnest agitation ot the irrigation
. t ? During te past few weeks the wrier has
male a careful Investigation or the Irrigation
. queston , and during this investigation It was
natural that the famous Hunter farm , near
c . . thi' town or Melete , Spink , county , should be
-4 ; visited. This Is at present the only pract-
. , - cl ilustraton In the state or what system
. atio irrigation will do. The results have
Irrigaton wi
, been more than gratifying. As thl farm Is
F n model or Its kind It will be carefully Iat-
. tered after by other who are sinking wells I
, for irrigatIon purposes , and for this reason :
. - a brier descrhJton or Lt aUlI what was ae-
. ft . coiiipliahed this season may he or Interest
' , : . ' . and contain valuable information for those
S interested In Irrigation. At this juncture I
, , might also be added that Mr Hunter Is so
-5- 5' well satisfied with what has been all can be
accomplished that lila farm Is positively not
for Eale. "Neither am I a candidate for any
. oflicO . " said he to the wrLtor , "but am trying
to demonstrate what South Dakota can lD ,
I would bo ungrateful dill I not say that the
S , ' . railroad company has In every way done
" rairoad to aid the experiment. "
; S everything possible alI experiment"
' Tile farm I composed of 800 acres or
aliglitly rong prairie and Is about the
fUghty :
. average or South Dakota lanti The artesIan
well , which supplies sumclent water for Ir-
rigatiiig a tract ot 1,200 acres , has a very
; . : ' rigatng eIght-Inch pipe down to sand rock.
There the diameter was reduced , all a six.
Inch pIpe reaches CIO remaInder or the distance -
tanco down to the artesian baslii lOm ; feet
- below obo surraee. The normal few of the
! well II 1.200 gallons per mInute , but It I not
permitted to 10w its full cpacly-nly from
, S f 650 to 780 gallons per mlnnte. The well was
: put down four years ago and cost $3,5004 The
, k same wel could now bo sunk for $3,000
5 f STOtlNG
- : . - Adjacent to the well Is a circular reservoir
. - Aljcent five acres of ! round. I Is constructed -
, structed on the highest point or tIle farm , at
5 an elevation or two and onehal feet. ThreeS
S feet to the mile Is a ! eel tall for Irrlaln [
; . 'fho banks ot the reservoir are formed by
earth , thrown to a ' 11ht or five and ono
_ Ilalr feet , and tweuty-two feet thick al the
bottom and IWo feet at the top. The insideS
r S of the wall thus formed has a slop of two
feet to one. This season : breakwater can-
ltructed or lumber prevented the water ( rein
washing the banks , but workmen are at
present engaged In rll-rapiling the inside or
the reservoir with stono. This will reach to
a height of four feet from the bottom or the
resel vall. ! The stone wall will add greatly
to the appearance and permanency ot the
reservoir , and make It sufficiently substantial
to lat a lifetime. The origInal cost of the
reservoir nil work hired by the day , was
$ G O. The cost or rip-rapping the Interior
. with steno will bo about $600 additional , as
the stone had to be shipped in Where the
stone can be obtained al th& farm or 01
adjoIning land nu expenditure or $300 would
The openings tram the reservoir Into the
dltchct are large enough to permit I volume
or water two feet square to low forth when
I ( till head or water Is on. Each or the
ditches follow . ridges or slight elevations .
and the lehl ! on either hand can be flooded
S without dlmculty. The ditches are about
six and one-hal feet wile and two feet
I' deep. I has been stated In nelvspaper ar-
S tcle ! ' that the ditches should bo kept full
t of water , but this Is incorrect Whie the
S land on either side Is b.lnK irrigated Is the
. only time the ditches should , be wel filled.
S . Otherwlso the water wouhl soak through the
earthen hanlts of the ditches antI crops
, S. wou1I , as a result , be llrolned out. At r
" J ' the , adjoining land Is irrigated the water In
the ditches must be kept below the level ofT
' T - the field.
L The mode ot Irrigating which experience
, : has demonstrated to be the best Is to divide
M. alT a field designed to bo irrigated by throwing -
: ' . lug up Literal ridges-not ditches , as some
; _ writers assort-anll then making a break In
' the ditch opposite the land 10 be ( boded ,
permitting Fulclet water to run over the le1
l to thoroughly soak It. Then the break In the
. ditch II repaired anti another made IPP03t
S the land embraced within the next lateral
t ridges , and so on until the entire field or farm
" . \ , . I carefully irrigatei These ridges are so
. ' CS : low that they 110 not Interfere In the least
, with the 'roper . ' cultiva'bon or the lanil
. , i ' ADVANTAmS OF Tl itlSEltVOlit
( ; The Irlnclpal thing Is volume of water
. ' still this Is the advantage or the reserveS ;
system. When the reservoir Is full at watdg' ,
' and the gate , two feet square . which leads to
: S the ditch Is opened , [ volume or water two I
, root square , or course , buuts forth Into the
I , ; ditch The opening In the ditch should be I
about four feet long , anti as the Iltches areS I
. S about two feet deep a sold volume or water '
.5 four feet wide and two feet deep rolls out
Illi the force ot the water behind It wl
. push I clear across an ordinary sized feld , '
. The \ eli on the Hunter farm will fill the
five-acre reservoir In eight days , whie thll
S amount or water can be used In thirty-six
S hours SII the well WOUlll easily irrigate
S . 1,200 acres or land , for when the ground I
once thorou1hly soaked It takl very little
water to keep It In a moist condition .
The l\tche when alt work ii I , hired done
cost abaut 35 cents n rod , but when once con-
structe,1 are euly kept In good condition for
yeara . Mr hunter has learned from cx-
perlence that there shaul,1 he four of these
' , . ditches to a quarter sfcton or land The
cost , therefore of the ditches would bs $22
l , . for a quarter secton , or $ S96 for a section of
. land The cost where th& farmer did the
. work hlmset would bo very slight. ; Small
ditches are only used when an od-shWCI
, pIece Is to be Irrigated , or when the tract II
ll detached or cut Ut ) by draws or lake-beds. :
' The slal ditches are esiy made , being '
only a matter or plowing a Couple ot straight
" S turrawl.
I was natural that Russian thltss should
grow luxuriantly this season along the
. ' ditches , but grass hu been lOW along them
S and Is already crwl\ng out the tIistlos.
r' fly another season the tbltles will be entirely .
trely crowded out , and the banks or the
ditches wil be a sea at waving crass
1r' During the pat three seasons Mr hunter
S h. experimented with irrigation , but w1tb-
. .
, .
. '
" .
out the knowledge necessary for success
until this Mnon. lie has bnn aD object of
ridicule for the surrounding farmers , who
jeered at the Idea of successful Irrlfaton ,
nut Mr. Hunter , although many other men
would long ago have become discouraged ,
was more determined than ever that he was i
on the right track , and that ho would eventually .
. well his faith has
iualy aucceed. How wel faih ha
ben rewarded can he seen by the returns
this season from his land Ho was also
fortunate In securing the services ot If , W.
lceT'e , an irrigation expert from Call- ,
terrla. Whoa bo came to the state , only
n fem months ago , he hld little faith In .
successful irrigation here , but tills season's
experience has 11roved to him that there
wtre prospects and posibites here or
wMch ho hall never anl dreamed In California.
Ho n011 expresses the opinion that where
In California It costa $0 an acre to Irri- I ,
gate , hero I costs only from $ to $2 nn
acre , and that : he had never seen a country
where irrigation wal so complete and cheap
af here , or ! witnessed better results. lie had
intended returning to California this fall , but
has .now decided to remain In the state
another season , all will have charge or
several new irrigated farms , which have
been decided on. Mr Ieserve believes that
by the close , [ two or three 1010 seasons
lint ( still letter results can be expected , as
It wi take that length of time , In his
opinIon , to lear exactly how to handle the
various fields and make them yield to their
This season was an unusual one , frosts
havIng been experienced nearly every month ,
but nevertheless the oat on this farm
averaged aevent-olght ali on-hal bushels
to the acre and weighed rorty.three pounds
to the bushel : early corn that waE not injured -
jurcd by frost averaged forty bushels : late
corn was caught hy frost and wi average
about twenty bushel had frost hell off
fill late as usual this fall the Iowa corn on
the farm woull have averaged at least fifty
bushels per acre This , It must be remembered -
bored , was In a secton ( far removed from
the ramous corn belt , and where very little
good corn Is ever ralE Two hundred acres
of potatoes will average 200 bushels per
acro. These , at the contract price or 2S
cents per bushel , brings Hunter a revenue
or $28 per acre. Four thousand dollars ,
cleared this seafon , Is a good return as profit
upon an Investment or $16.000 , the total
cost of the farm well , reservoir , ditches
and other Improvements.
But this Is much less than Is expected
another year after the experience or this
seaeon . Irrigation experts anticipate that
the judIcious use ot water will result In
fifty bushels of wheat per acre , 125 bushels :
or dts , 100 bushels or barley , 350 bushels
of potatoes , and other proluct ! adapted to
this clImate In like proportion.
One of the interesting teatures on the
Hunter tarm was the exeprlmental glounds.
Here all sorts or things were grown for the
purpose of letermlnlng ! those best adapted
to this clmate , Among the things tel.tel .
were eighteen kinds , or trees eighteen of ,
clover , six of barley , three or rye , five or
peas , thirty-nino or grasses . seven or wheat ,
thirteen of oats fourteen of vetches , twenty-
one or onions , fifty or lettuce. fifty-three of
beans , nineteen varlcte ! or beets , twenty-
nine ot turnips , se\'cnty-two of orn and
cane , twenty-two or carrots , twenty-seven or
cabbage : also , all kinds or vegetables In ad-
dillon to those mentioned , vines or various
kinds , forage plants , etc. The result or the
experiment "hows In a practical manner the
kinds adapted to this section , and the information -
formation gained will be very valuable when
putting In next ason's crop. The tests
putng that with sufficIent moisture South
Dakota can grow anything that an Illinois
or Iowa farm can.
A farmer owning land adjoining the Hunter -
ter farm early In last June , when much
molsturo had fallen , said he would certainly
beat the yield of wheat on the Hunter place.
In the middle ot June , the weather having
continued dry for ten days or so , the farmer
said ho would at least equal the yield or
slll on the Irrigated farm. The destructive -
structh'o hot winds cr July 4 and I practically -
cly ruined his crop as well as that or many
other South Dakota farmers , while those two
days were the making or the wheat crop on
the lunter farm. Result : Wheat on the
Hunter farm with irrigation yielded thlrty-
four bushels per acre , while on the adjoining
farm without irrigation It yielded but twelve
bushels per acre.
It Is estimated that during the past summer -
mar 1,000 practical farmers alone visited the
Hunter farm , and all or them returnEd home
with new Ideas or the possibilities or Irriga-
wih ton. The visits have borne geol fruit , as It
Is known that fully 100 farmers on one line
or railroad alone have decided to sink artesian
wells or their own and depend In the future
on irrigation. Hundreds or letters are also
being receive ! by Mr. Hunter askIng for In-
This Is certainly an Ideal farm The welt
can develop thirty-five-horse power , and the
time wl come " 'en practically alt the work
on time farm wilt he done by electricity , generated -
rated by power from the ve1l. The water
can , of course , be used for irrigating after
being used for power , and thus serve two
purposes. As a preliminary to plans looking
to this end tile owner of the lanll Is pro-
paring to put In a dynamo which wilt bo
used ! furnish electricity for boating and
lightIng the buildings now on the place. A
telephone line Is also to be put In at once
between the farm and time town or Melcte ,
two and one-hair miles distant.
Teams are now at work building a grade
across one end of a natural lake bcd , intend-
log to make n One fim pond or abut six
acres , which will contain five and six feet
or water The farm Is also being
fenced with wire The posts are or steel.
As fast as Russian thistes lodge against the
fences they will bo burned without Injury
to the fence Instead of being permitted to
blow through the country and scatter their
Heds broadcast.
Mr Hunter states that a total ot nlnety-
two carloads or products will be shipped rrOI
the rlrm this fall. During tile winter 100
head or young cattle will range over the
The above Is an outline or what can be
accomplshed by scientific irrigation by thl
reservoir s'stem. Now let us consider the
crude method by wllieh , considerable Irrla-
ton has been done by Inllviluais who have ,
not yet , for various reasons , adopted the
reservoIr , or flooding system. These have
depended upon ditches to carr the water
direct from the well to their Oelds.
A very successful sample or what this sort
or irrigation can do Is to be seen on the
farm or 0. Turgeon , located south or this
city on the Missouri river bottom. Early
In the present year Mr Turgeon sank an
clgbt-Inch artesian well. I Is 6S6 feet deep ,
with I nineteen-Inch how. The well cost
exactly 2000. The owner never previously
hal any experience In irrigating. He put In
ninety acres or corn on a field which has a
gradual slope from the point where the well
Is located . Two ditches , four feet wide ,
were constructed along one end anti one side
of the field. When Turgeon was ready : to
aply time water to his growing corn , or
thought the corn needed It , ho tapped the
ditches , letting the water run In small furrows -
rows between every other rOlv. I took but
five das for him working alone , to irrigate
time entire ninety acres. or course , the
ground near the ditches became so saturated
with water that It was reared the corn there
would bo drowned out . but the reverse Is the
case , anti the corn there Is the but or all .
Two or tree , veks age the corn stalks aver-
aged over ten feet high and were as thick
as I man's arm Conservative estimates
place the yield at 100 bushels per acre.
Alkali hay on irrigated land stauls over
five feet hIgh , and some blue point and red
to has been cut that yielded over four tons
per acre. Mr Turgeon says that from his
crop this senon he will be able to pay for
his well.
Another tarm that has attracted a great
deal Dr attention locally Is the Hassel &
Idyers' irrigated farm In the northEr hart
ot the state. The well II a six-Inch one and
furnishes . power to run the electric light :
plant for a nearby town , a sixty-bushel
feed mill . and water to Irrigate time farnm
Men had their doubts ot irrigating being n
success : . but no one can see this farm and
time other farms mentioned without beIng
comivinced. The nders were crowded to
their utmost capacity An oat field IrrIgated
a year ago and again last May yielded from
eighty to 100 bushel per acro. The cost
or irrigatIng was from $12 to $15 for forty
acres There are thirty-six acres at potatoes -
tatoes that ale worth from $50 to $00 lIeI
acre . besides millet . timothy , cabbage onions
flax , or In all about 225 acres unJer Irrlga.
tion. By a proper rotation or crops It I
believed 6tO acres. this well will successfully Irrigate
In sOle parts ot central South Dakota ,
which Is a fair indication ot the irrigation
feeling In nearly the whole at the state
the derricks or artesian well machines are
visible 1 & 1 directions , and eeIl fmer I
/Ither bn A well dug , I. digging one , or II
getting reAdy to dig one. tn most localities
In that seton artesian water I found lt
a depth , ot 3&0 tD 400 f/t , anti there the
contractors are putting down \.Inch wells
for 35 cents per foot , time farmer furnishing
his own casing
Well drillers have just struck A strong
now ( In a \vel being sunk on the farm at
Lee Echer , In lutchlnson county , at a
depth of lW feet. This Is probably the
cheapest artesian well In the state , having
cost the owner only $7G
Guy W. Crawford Is going to harvest from
his Irrigated fve , ' acre patch In Sanborn
county moro stuff than many farmers will
Ret from 1&0 acres. Ho will have over 200
bushels of potatoes to the acre : 300 or 400
bushel or onions to time acre , am\ more
corn on twenty short rows than mant farm-
ers without irrigation will have on 10
In time southern part of the state In a
number or Instances the water for 1111.
gating Is supplied by drive wells . from
which wind mills pump the water Into smll
tanks , But oven In some ot these cases
large reservoirs will be constructed on the
highest points at land , to take the places or
the tanks
Time reservoir system will In the future bo
moro generally used , as It appears to be
gaining In favor among those W'IO own arte
sian veiis coIl propose to do systematic irrigating -
gating . On tract ot
gatn ! a more than 320 acres
a ten-scre reservoir la lueh better than a
five-acre reservoir , as the greater time
volume the better , where a largo tract Is to
be irrigmmted
In various Ifrtons of the state townships
have sunk artesian wells , but theo are not
delnel to be used for irrigating. They ,
however , servo their purpose of supplYing
the farmers with an abundant supply or
water for stock purposes An Instance Is
known where 2,100 heal or cattle are supplied -
plied Wml water from one of the diches that
lead from one of thee township wells , Dy
season or this stock Interests are
In the vicinity or the wells. 010 !
One farmer and ranchman In Charles Mix
county has an eight-Inch artesian well ammd
proposes next year to Irrigate 200 acres anl
land. lie Is but ono ot scores who will de-
pend on irrigation next season .
There are various easy methods for farmers
with limited means to secure artesian wells.
The plan that will probably meet with , time
most general approval Is for tour farmer
owning lanl which corners , to sink a well
at the point where tholr quarter-sections
join , place the reservoIr an quarter-sectons
each man's land , then ditches could bo run
from the reservoir through each or their
farms , so that each would receive an equal
amount of water
Where the farmers are
on good terms there would bo no oppor-
tunity for petty blelerlng over the water.
"ls plan Is certainljr feasible and would
lessen the burden upon each or the farmers
anti they woul still secure ampe ! water for
Irrigating and other purpOses. Each of them
could bo fully protected In their rights by
legally drawn and
legaly nnl binding contracts or
In several neighborhoods a number of
farmers have clubbed together and
cubbed pur-
chased artesian well drilling machines , which
are being used first by one of time farmer
and thcm by another time Intenton beimmg to
keep on with the work until every farmer
owning an Interest In time drilng machine
has a well. This plan Is found to bo considerably -
siierably cheaper than to hire the work
done , and places n god artesian Well within
reach of all interested III the wel wihin ,
moderate cost. '
There are , or course , as In all things , dls- '
advantages to bo consilerell by 11080 ! con-
templatng engaging In Irrigation. Eepe-
daily In the , northern part of the state there
are some few artesian wells which have be- i
Come choked up by sand settling arousmd the '
bottom of tIme plpo , causing the ' water to
cease flowing. These wells can bo cleared
and the water again caused to few , but to
do this requires an expenditure of several
hundred dollars. All these thing" must be
taken into consideration by those intending
to sink wells , but to parties having the means
or where they club together and pay an equal
proporton of the cost a better Investment
could not be made. With time facts gained
by the experience at time past few years
there Is at present smaller chance
or the wells becoming cogged smaler , the proper
linking or the well casing will materially
lessen the chance of such a contngency materialy , I
Is found that a well should be permitted to
flow only so much as I will flow clearly.
When a well carries sand or seliment I Is
.orklng itself out at the bottom , and then
It Is only a question or lme until the well
Is rulnell. In vIew of this the few or a
well can Usually be controlled sufficiently to
prevent the posslblty of clogging up at the
In time souther part or the state there arc
numerous two and three-Inch wels which
can bo procured there at nomInal cost. The
usual cost ot a threeinchveli Is $1.25 per
toot , four-Inch , $1.50 per foot : five-ismch ,
$2.25 : six-Inch , $2.8u : eight-Inch , from $4 to
$4.50 per foot. These are the maximum
prl.el anll can bl lowered considerably where
a farmer is prepared to pay cash for his
wel or do seine ot the work hlnmself.
Land that Is thoroughly soaked In the fall
needs very little water during the growing
season. When the sol Is once saturated
down to the blue cay It will core to the
surface fast enough to furnish plant life with
al necessary moisture , Too much water Is
fully as disastrous as none , and extrlme care
must be taken not to Injure the land by
wetlng I too much.
By the reservoir system one man can . after
he has become ramilar with the topography
of his fields Irrigate say twenty acres In five
or six hours. Any sort or land can be Irrigated -
gated , whether It Is level , slanting or a hi- !
side. I the ditches have to cross hollows
the low places can be graded up similar to
raIlroad grades , and the water can be carried
along the top.
The planting ot willows along the banks
wi be found ta bo a cheal method or
strengthening the aides or a reservoir hy
means DC the roots . besides acting to a cer-
tain degree as a wind break A very simple
device for damming a ditch beyond the poInt
where water Is to hI taken out on a field Is
a semi-circular shapel piece or Iron or steel
plate , with : wooden bar bolted across the
wIdest part and projecting sUlclenty on
each enl to serve as hasmdies . I a dlch L
six and onChal feet wide and two feet deep
the plate shoull bo somewhat larger , and
when I Is driven Into the soft earth across
a dich I make an effectual dam. Suchn
Instrument can b9 at easily removed ( and
placed without delay at time next plntwhere
i Is desired to dar the ditch. This saves
comilerable time compared with the old-
fashioned metholl ( or dammln a ditch by
throwing earth Into I , which must afterward -
ward be removed at the expense ot much time
and labor
SuhJ..t Cn Almt.'hs nf Chnh'rn tIorlms.
While atayiimg In the Delta ( Mlazissippi
Whlo stayll ! D\a : lslsllppl
Botoms ) last summer , E. T. 10s. rtpre-
sentng I.udlol S1)'lor Wire Co. or St. I.oul ,
suffered Irem ma\rll anti , beeamo subject to
attacks or choera : morbus. In every InstancE
wtln attacked ho was rolend a ! f by magic ,
by uing Chamb rlaln's Calc , Cholera an1
Dlrrhoea Hemldy. lie says : "I regard It a
time 'ne plus ultrs' or modlcnes , "
A q : u''r Ot't'miniInn ,
The German emperor recently p111 a visit
to King Ocar or Sweden , and In accorlnce
with royal etiquette on such occasions both
monarchs conferred a number of kn'ghtly
orders upon the member ot each other's
sulles , says the New York World. Among
time lower I grade or the emp ror'a retinue .
KIng ! Oscar distributed ths Insignia of the
Order or the Wasa , without knighthood.
Among those thus honor , the Hoyal Ga-
zeto mentions a ce. ? tlln functionary whole
mysterious ofce In the ImpEral : retinue was
descrlb aB "Buchsenspanner , " for which no
translation could bo found In Swedish . Much
curiosity was felt , which gradually gave place
to Indllnalcn when I was nolrel abroad that
" "
the mysterious "Buchsensplnner" was none
other than the empaor's " ants stretcher "
A report rapidly gained ground that the em'
perr had brought 108 unlCorms wth : him , so
that I "pants stretcher" wu an Important
aid to his personal apPE.ranee. But the
Swedish Knights or tim Wara were much an-
noye,1 at what they regarded as a dereraton
of their order and I the unhappy "Bueh-
senspanner" hid presented himself for
brotherly , recognition his reception would not
have been characterized . by any undue warmth
J'ortuuately for the peace ot mIni ot the
Swedish knights , "Duchsenspanner" was
round to be the official who attends 10 the
loading and cockIng or the mperor' gun
when his majesty II out hunting . no sinecure
considering the emperor's disabled arm.
A Wet Virginia mania so peculiarly afecte1
by riding an a train that he has to chain
himself to a seat to prevent his 2umplng ' out
ot the car window
. , s '
. ,
" _ _
( . ( , ( f ( .1 ( f { ; ( li ] ( 'J.X ( j.1 wt ( ; ; ) ; ff1r.r
. _ - - _ . . . . . . . , . -
The local thlatJs ; hae made two notable
offerings since the last Sunday review In
these columns , O'net : a dramatization of a
novel whIch , evel lkforo its publication In
book form , hall atttated such attention and
attained such fop'hlly with all classes or
American readers ks
reader have been bestowed upon
no other new work br fiction In the last
twenty years : the bthn = a revamping or an old
drama , which , In \I its , lay anti In hands now
inactive , vas perhaps the most widely known
mind fondly loved play presented upon the
Amerlnn stage. "Triiby , " at the Creighton ,
having for its central molv' that yet half
understood and m8terlous force the manl-
restatons at which are thrusthl' themselves I
moore and morC Importlnately upon the atten-
ton or scientsts , but which has rarely been
successtlly handled 11 a ply : "Trilby , " pro
sontell by a company of artists the genfrl
excellence of wlich was only accentuated by
the rcmarkablo achievement of two or three
of its members : "Triby , " 111ayed to standing
room throu holt Its engagement here , repeat-
bog Its experience In time half-dozen other
cities where I has shown , amid nt the mnati-
nee crowds were turned a\ay. The ! IUsap-
pointed scores could have rounl good scconm-
molaton In the gallery . which was scarcely
occupied at all : but they were dressed all In
their best , as bcommiea patrons or tim mali-
nee , and by no means willing to wasle their
sweetness on the air or any gallery.
Wlhout alemptng to account for the prac-
tc11y universal and quite Inexplclble POPI-
larlty or Uu Maurier's book It mutt be ad-
omitted that that popularity \ n fact. I Is
more ; It Is a fad , and It pen'ades all strata or
society , being curlEd to lengths surprising . In
ways nauseating and ummmentionable. Thl
condition . In its turn , goes fr to explain the
great success of \11. i'otter's pia ) Intrinsic-
ally clever and Interestll ! I may be doubted
If It Is strong enough to hold the boards for
long after the prsent craze shall lavt died
away and time delightful story assumed its
rlghtrul place among those viands which are
"caviare to the eneral. " The play , however ,
Is sure or I he'ty reeeplon ! so long as time
hook Is cherlahed by the m8sr. . and for like
reasons it may be a lIttle longer , for thO play
affects time 1hllslne mind , as the
book ] , In the nature or things , cannot
All the foregoing Is or the play "Trilby"
as I comes rrom Mr. Polter's hand ; a bold
man , : . Poler , who rushed In where
angels mlht have reared to tre , but WiD
bas fared vastly better than ; commonly
fare who fro gpheslan domimes . Much more
might be l\11 In commendaton or time pla-
wright's work I time and space were avail-
able. The last scene or all . the passing or
Triby , bas ben the subject ot adverse
criticism from certain tbeater-goel's who
must have their play enl happily , with a
weldln ! or at least a propitious betrothal ;
amid rrom certain others more progressive ,
anl !
who accept the sad finale but find fault with ,
the technical means or Its represemmiation. I
Is conceived that tie dramatist meant to
l'ymholze , by the pathetc isolation or Triby
at the supreme moment or her le , that
loneliness which , In consequence or leI
gralua yielding up or her separate exist-
ence , was SvonKn 's legacy ; her solitary
death being the I epitome or a life which ,
however tnl or cpmp.lnlolshlp or the ordinary -
nary 1(10(1 I , was forever denied the consola-
ton of mtsylng lo\'e. I yon grant the
hypnotism at all ' yet ; must not stagger at
any strange phenomnon which may be attributed -
trlbutCI to It. JUst why the photograph
should have been sfut to ouzou . or all
others , Is not quite apparen t. lie Is too goo
I fellow to have' been made even indirectly
responsible for Trhlbyic' death. Perhaps Mr
Poler made It cpne. to him beause or tie
dead musician's und'lng hatred for "Ies
trcls Anglche ! " laul\ \ for nil theIr race : but
then , Svengal hatC I mankind and loved
nothing , except his art. lereln may , per-
haps , be found time ; only human attribute or
this porlntous Jcw : It quite escaped one at
the frltylew oftheperformiiance , alhough
It was there of' course Svengal spared
neither himself .por ethers , employing nil
means or good anlevl ! for . , the advancement
of his art Such 'devdtton .tb nn ideal Is' ' not
without its claiM "tmion' respect and even
l'ympath ' . though the 'paths I treads toward
the atainment lead through squalor and
! r. I.aclta'o's Svengal leaves a profound
Impression. The excellence Jr the perform-
ance on Its ethical side bas already beer
hinted at. There Is not space even for r
poor atempt at doing full Justice to It , note
to the technical beauty or Its presentation
It Is not alone th3 malte-up , striking aa
that Is , nor time obscene outside or tile mali '
nor the masterly "btmslmmess" with the bands , '
which l'peak the same noxious language as
falls from his lips . which give this achievement - '
mont its most valid claim to greatness. I
Is alt these and other attributes combined ,
and Infused with the so11 or a true artist ,
which can build or even mean and l'Jrhld
things a structure which endures. Mr.
I.ackayo's dialect was perhaps the boat pro-
aented. I Is a question whether It Is not
too like that or the onlnary German speak-
Ing French , and whether 10 cell not have
made It more truthful If less intelligible , by
ltudylng the strange tonluea spoken In some
or the swarming distrIcts of the East Side
or New York. lie could ha\ round there
a patoIs congruous with Svengali's origin ,
wherever "out at time mysterious east" that
unlovely character Is conceived to have
Dialect Is not the strongest point or the
' Dalect compan Mr CanfEld e'peciahly
gave I notable exhIbition or how time
Scotch brogue shouhl not be spoken.
As for French , there were as many shies
at It as there were speakers , and , outside of
Martlncll and Simmons and Jennie Heir-
fertim stOne or them were conspicuously suc-
cessCul. TIm name Gecko was pronounced
by Svengal with , an Indicaton of the cor g :
all the others spoke It immird. nu Maurlcr
males Svengal cal the little violnist
"Checlo , " which would scem to vindicate ! I.
ckaye. Some or the characters dropped
the final d In speaking the nan1 ot ! me.
Vlnarl : others , Including Mme. Vlnard her-
lcIt , relalned it. And time word monslenr
was a stumblng-bloelt to almost e\'erybol )
So generally agreeable a performance as
these \eotle give shoull not be marred by
fauls like these , In themselves small , but
or a lallre to grate upon sensitive ears
An entirely pllasant feature of the
"Trilby" performances wits the appearance
or Ignacio Martnett as Zouzou. This am-
bitous yousmg artist . the name or whoso
friends , gained by years of conscientious and
over-hnprovln work on the variety stage , Is
legion , Is winning fame or a more permanent
character by his 10le recent ventures In the
higher walks or the mimic arl. I Is always -
ways good to sel I man put away chil Ish
things , goo Ind alhou&h Mr. Martnett dances
better than most 'nlen. ho gives promise In
his lalor endea\'GS dr doing timings which
will appeal to the understanding as forcibly
as his agile legs-lrnerly Impressed them-
- In "Trilby" ho Is
selves upon time _ ey.1 "Triby"
equaly felicitous "lb fhls indication o the
character or time II.llcp 7oua\'e and of time
d'lC ' do In Hochellr , fl. wih the weight upon
him or cnturleJ Qr an estry. One looks for
even better timingm thdml these front Mr. Mar-
beter thlns l
tinottl , who has ! cloalfcatons of a very high
order for certain 'eI qntrlc roles.
Another gem , whIch only missed its purest
ray by reason of orialn lapses In dialect "
was the perrormanCIof Mr. Morrison as
Gecko. Many pur It i next after that of
Lacltayo , whose ttre\nacy \ no one contesh.
Mr Morrison Is alollr who will be heall
rromr unless one } } tlts. I 10 o\'eracts
Gecko a trifle at p'resent , especially In the
speechless , imead-lttrmjing melancholy ot the
earl r sceaos lila , 'Irk Is conscientious :
throughout and he smp's a fine reserve power
In his outburst hets\p\'s pent-up emotions or
years. Likewise the Trlhy of Miss Crane
seems altogether admirable She looks the
part being beautiful or face and figure . and
ha\'lng about the stature or Miss Ellen Terry ,
which nu MaurieI thinks Is the ideal height
for \omsn. This Trilby has as welt a
speakIng voice ot exceeding sweetness , such
81 her prototype lay have had , which yet
takes on a note al of one lost wben she
breaks out Into Svengali's laugh In the foyer
lot time concert bali. She Is lovely , 10Tabie
and Intensely pathotc , as she Bhoul be. The
c'rtaln , In its final fall , shuts cut the dead
' ly ' of one who Is better so , but who , hav-
I sinned much . shall bo much forgiven.
"And 10 , god night' '
"F'anmimon , " at the Boyd which divided
patronage with Mr. Potter's play and got
much time worst of It , Ilhough It did not
suffer In artistic excellence thereby , tie-
pended partly for its attractiveness upon
still active memories ot Maggie Mlchea ,
_ . . . _ _ . . . . _ . ' , . . . . . . . , . u. .
partly upon the Brong company of playe s
which presented I In its recreated torll
and mostly upon the winning personality
ot the star No artist hal appeared In along
long time better fitted to win alil adorn the
stellar position to which Miss Wals aspire
than this Intest l"anchon She will always
be restricted by 'Ier slight figure to roles
to which her abilities would by no leans
confIne hlr , but In that considerable fehl
once occuplell by Lota , Patt Rosa smith
ltchel , and for n long tmo vacant of any
wllo con Ileuoutty adorned I , Miss Walls
Is sure , barring accidents , c holding n place
of the highest hemmer Delclols lS her performance -
rormanco or I.'anchon Is-nml one ronresses
to flelng moro varied anti delghUul tmo-
tons at 110 RIht anti sOII11 of It than ever
visited ono's breast In the days when good
old Mlchr1 shook hlr ancient lmbs In the
shallow llancesho has thnt In her which
will bring her to far higher planes , Ilblton
and the divine spark or genIus , wlhout
mmments whlc ambiton Is chcated of its best attain-
Mr. lnulllnl imo played I.lmlry to Miss
W'mmhiis' I.'anchon , has many friends In Omaha
amen , the older , stler by reaon or his
residence hero ( hiring the ' 70's , when his
father , the late General Dodge , was In comma-
muml at Fort Omaba , and he has malle
many others Imong time thousands who hn\'o
seen him more recent ) In various roles when
he has appeared here professlonal ) ' , ills
Captlin Absolute In time Je\orlon-Iorcnce !
representation of "Tho Hvals" \ still re-
memherell with pleasure , and those . who saw
him two 'earo ago In a repertory at Boyd's
when he was starrln jointly with Miss
Malla Cmlgon , will not soon forget tIme sats-
racton alorded them by his Onlb'lell work
10 Is a man or fine intellectual elliowments
nll or mlny gifts. lie ha a baritone voice
ot unusual comlJss anti flexibility , the
natural excellence or which ho bls 1m-
Proved by persistent training. lIe Is a Illay-
wright or no mean ability , one or the boat
thorongh stage manaers olive and an actor
or wide experience nll great versatility. To
those who complain that the role of Landry
Is unworthy of him , ho replies Ulat the man
maltl the role , not the role the man , and
that he fnls his present surroundings quite
congcnlal and happy.
To harlt hack a moment to "Trilby , " was
ever a snore artistic "rake" achloved than
time duet of Svengal and Gecko In time first
act ? Probably time bulk ot the audlenco never
doubted that Mcssrs. I.actyo and Morrison
were producing Ulat concourse or sweet
sounds on time Instrumentl which were In
Ilght , but the fact remalna that neither or
them played a note. The duct WU performed
by other fingers off the stage , while the two
ostensible players went through the motons
In almost perfect accord wih time music.
That "almost" Is nle saving wont I they
hall been In Perfect thins the iusion would
ha\'o been perfect I was not far short of It
There will be a gay vl110n of idealized
81)anlEh life at noyd's theater tonight , when
Sam T. Jack's Extravaganza company , just
return [ rom its suceessrul tour of Spanish
AmerIca , takes Ilssesslon or the stae. Time
burlesque Is styled "Tho Bull Flghtcr , " and
deals wih time life and ndventures or one
Don Pedro I 3camllo , 1 Spanish matador ,
who "anQILhes numerous rivals and finally
slays a hugo bull single hand el as the cli-
max of the play. Don Pedro Is represented
hy a girl , the picadores and other asslstlnt
by women , amid time heavy villain Is the ra-
Ing tauru imisnself . 'fho living pictures are
said to b marvels or beauty , and the ape-
deity bill comprises every variety or enter-
At time Creighton theater , commencing with
a matInee today anti continuing for four
nlhts , WIlam A. Bra < y's mmiuclm-talked-of
producthon , "The Cotton King , " will be presented -
sented with the same cast and scenIc environ-
ments which were len during its run of
100 nights at McVicker's . theater , Chicago .
last summer. It was also successfully 11ro-
ducel lt the Aeallem or Music , New York
City . and remalnll In Boston for four month9 ,
receiving excellent patronage , and equaling
time success of "The Silver 1lng. " "The Cot-
ton King" Is said to be a revelation In stage
effects and realism , showing the workings
ot an extensive cotton m1 In Manchester ,
En , , a practical elevator , and othcr effect-
lye scenes. Tile play Is by Sulon Vamme who
has written a number of successes , amid con-
taLns a story or human Interest. Mr. Brady
w "The Colon 1lng" In I.onlon , and hIs
udgmnt dictated that I was a good thing
I Lr the American play-goers. Its success has
prved ( ho was right Alhough an EnglIsh
play , I was written for Americans a3 well ,
and the hero Is a "Yankee " who went to
England wlh American ideas , amid made a
fortune In cotton fabrics
The stage or DOII's tbeat2r will
bo occupied on 'ednesday anti Thur-
day evenings of the lmreselmt week
for time first tmo by a farcical comedy ,
entitled " 10 luch Johnson , " which has enjoyed -
joyed man'elous succcss IIJth In New York
and San I.'ranclsco. The ply Is an lapta-
ton by William Gillette or a rench play
called "Lo Plantatcn Thomapsln. "
Mr. Gillette will play the role ot Gus Dii-
hogs . a marrlell man with a homo and a wife
and mother-In-law In Yonkers and an oleo
In New York Clt ) ' . In saro way or time
other , which no married man will be able to
foil out , ho has fallen Into a flirtation with a
pretty little French woman. Flrtatons take
tm as well as ready mmmomiey , ammml liilllsmgs I
bus to lie a little at imome to explain his frequent -
quent absence. lie tells Mrs. Billings and
imer mmmotlmer timat lie Imas pmrcimasetl a Pimmlta-
lion in Cuba wimlcim hme nmmmst visit.Vlfo arId
motiier-ln.law believe time story , anti lie is
stmllOsed ) to go to Cimba. At tile fInal mmmommmexmt
Mrs. Bhllinga amid her mnetimer mlccido to ac-
commipany himmm , and jmmst as time 'essei Is abommt
to start they appear at the gangpiammk and ime
is , cosimpelled to go. Worst of all , time Frenelm
wonmast's imusbamill , wlmo Imas learned of time
flirtation , follows ltimmm omm board amid lliliings'
Imoliday begins. The first act is on shipboard.
Billings owns no plantation ammml knows mmotb-
immg wimatever about a plammtatiomi , but whemm Ime
readIes Cuba ime borrows one.
The first man ime sneots on time dock mistakes -
takes imini for imia intosmmled fathmer-tn-laav
and greets iiimmm as such. Timis masm in John-
son. who owns an immense plantation. lie
ia dcllgimted to see Mrs. Billings , also-John-
son is , Mrs. BillIngs is lila fiancee , Billings
tells bmls ( elks tlmat Johnson is hits overseer.
Johnson is engaged to Miss FaddIsh and he
has been expecting Imer and imer fatimer. TIme
Faddishmes do arrive latter , lint that does riot
diacommcert Billings. lie imitroduces timemn to
Jeimnsosm as poor relations , and Johnson. draw-
log time line at poor relations , insists that
they shall work for their keep , which , DLII-
ings says 1mm only ( air. Everytiming is mmmov-
ing along smootimiy for tills Anammiamm tmmmtii
time F'ronchmiman crosses his lm5th again. The
Gaul demnantlmm satisfaction anml a dmmei en-
sues. Timis forms a lilacs of complications
which never are rmntangled mmntil time dia-
closure of the trtmo state of affairs , which
does mmot occur until a mntmluto before tile final
curtain fall.
Ioliowing the "Cotton ICing" at tue Creiglm.
ton timeater commmes Cimarles Callahan's big
scenic imroductiolm , "Coon Hollow. " Among
the many umitque feattmres of tIme production
is time realistic boat race between time Natclmez
anti time Robert Fl , Lee , which is a part of
Mississippi river history.
The list of attractions for Boyd's theater
in October is a brilliant one , and ceniprlses
sonmo of time very best companies on the road.
F'ohlowing Charles Iromasm's company in
"Too Muclm Johnson , " coimmes Fitzgerald Mur-
pimy's new drama , "Time Silver Lining , " with
an able company , under time mimanagoment of
Mr. Tom Miner of the Fifth Avenue timeator ,
New York City. "The Globe Trotter , " wltim
"Old hoes" 11111 lloey , Aubrey Bouchcault ,
and a fine company , A now "Black Crook"
company , with an emmtire new ormtflt of scenery
and costumes ; DeV'ohf hopper , in a now
comic opera ; "Time Old homestead , " with sub.
stasmtlally time same excellent cast that imp.
peered in it hero last season ; DCVIII hlender-
son's American Extravaganza company , in
"All Ihaba ; " Ttmn Murphy In "A Texas Steer ; "
Steve' lirodle , in time ul.-to.llato melodrammia ,
"On the flowery , " one of time greatest of last
season's snoney snalcers ; tIme rattling farce
comedy , "ltuslm City. " witim Mathews and
hiulger in time cast ; Charles I ! . Hoyt's now
con'edy , "A Contented \'ommman , " with , his
'ife , Carolhmme Miskel.hloyt , one of time mmmoat
beautiful of American actresses , is , time cast ,
"Burt" Dash'r , time popular representative
of hoyt's new conmedy , "A Contented
Wonman , " wimo has been associated with Mr.
hoyt for a number of years , was taken sud-
deanly ili slmctat three weeks ago , just alter
the now piece lma..l . been litomlucOtl In Iltiffaio ,
with braIn fever , anti imsa been at his Imonme
at lndlammapolis ever since , but Is now con.
vaboscing. II is qtmito doubtful it 1,0 , will
be able to be here' ' imowevor , to attend to
the preliminary 'work for the engagernemmt of
"A Contemmtcd Wotmimmn , " wimicim comimes to time
lloyd mmcxl week , Mr. hoyt , the smmthor , ii.
with the cotmmpsny , and nmay possibly commmo
in advance hinmself ,
Fitageraiti Murphy , time briglmt yontig play-
wrlglmt and orator , who recently wrote the
dramma , "TImo Silver Lining , " was for s\'en
years private secretary to Jolmn Boyle
O'Reilly , time rIoted Irish poet cr111 patriot ,
Mr. Murphy will be seen in tIme cast cit 'l'hme
Silver Linimmg , " when It commmes to lloyd's next
week ,
Tismi Murphy's tour im hoyt's "A Texas
Steer" began September 0 at Kimmgston , N. V.
Amny Ihimahy will pin ) ' 1mm Gillette't ' 'Secret
Servtce' ' the role origimiated by Mary Itamup-
toll ,
Of course liemity Irving wilt not imee tue
' 'Sir" in ( lila coummry. ( In ioimmt of fmct ,
tlmere is smo Sir hlemmr ) ' Irving. lie vas
knighted Sir henry iiroatlrib , ms thmat is liLa
real mmammme ,
It is wortll noting timat "Timeidov Jommes , "
time title of McNally's play for May Irwin ,
is the smrmmmme of aim tnmaglmmary character 1mm
' 'Time Love Clmase , " of wlmomu tIme imeroimmo ,
Commstance , is immdo jealous. .
Marie \\'ainmriglmt Imas tieckietl to contimmue
her revival of "Time Love C'hmasa' ' bli tIme lmeriotl
of Cimarlea Ii. , wlmic'lm is smioro picttmresqtme anti
less familiar tlmamm time later fashions 1mm whiclm
time conmedy has been dressed.
"Time areat Dlanmonml ltohbery" iias settled
tiomvn to a run at time Americamm theater , New
York. Katherine Grey , as time Imeroine , antI
Mute. Jammammacimek as a "femmce , " have time best
parts in the piece.
Nalette Reed , a yommmmg w'ommman who recently
gave mm effective performmmance in al fresco
performances , says she avili never wear or
hose a diammmomid. Thmero is a career fur thmls
actress ,
Modjeska vi.hl lmegln hmer farewell Ammieri-
can totmr tmt time ( Iarricl < theater , Nec' York ,
on October 7. Simo will open tmrobatliy in
"Measure for Measure"-not in Clyde F'itclm's
"Mistress Betty , " as hail been ammmmoummced ,
Mrs. Lily Langtry ha stmhmmg Imer lmushmasmti
for a ( iivorc Time fair , frivolmmlms mind fairy ,
to say notiming about forty , Jersey bud hIss
hind everytlmismg else ( mm tlmis world except a
divorce. There Is at least one thmimmg to adtl
to imer already very full calentlar.
It may immterest those 'lmo are clmarmed by
Mary Ilamiipton'mm immipersontmtioli of tIme role of
Rosammmommil in "Sowisig time \\'inti" to learn
timat time actress mmever saw the part PlaYCti
before alme essayed It. 11cr conception and
Interpretation of It are emmtirely original.
It is now anmmounced tlmmit Cham'hes M. Skin-
ncr , an editorial writer on time llrooklymm
Eagle , ammd a brotimer of Otis Skinner , is the
authmor of "Villon , the Vagabond , " witlm wimich
Otis Skinmier has opened imi second season
witim marked success at the Grand opera
iious , Chicago.
TIme illness of Ithcharml Mansfield is more
serious than was oriinaliy imeUeved. What
asims supposetl to be nmalaria is typhoid fever ,
slid imhM opening at ills Garrick timeater , New
York , Ima.imeen . still further postponell tmntii
sonic tisno 1mm Novemmber. Modjeska Imas
takesi imhs thmmmo at the' Garrhclc , and will begin
her ongagemuesmt tlmere on October 7 , immuedi'
ably following time Iloliammds.
Cimarles Frelmnman , who imas often been called
the "Yolmng Napoleoma" of managers , resesmmlmlea
imis famnous prototype in at least one important
partictmhar-imis qmmiclcness to take advantage
of a success anti imis equal pronmitltmmde in
recognlzimig a failure antI taking steps to
avert its consequences.S'lmen one of lmi
plays makea a lilt all possible means , new and
old , are taken to exploit it , anti when time re-
versa is time case ime doesn't waste good
"time" and valimablo efforts in time endeavor to
force it. Before "Time City of Pleasimre"
was mimany days old , nianagera of combinatiomm
imouses were informed that It would mmot be
sent on time road.
lmfnimts Thmmit Never ( li't Crow' . riimi
Every woman in Japan above the age of 15
years seems to own a baby , ammml usimally
carries it aroumiti osm hter bac1. Japanese
babies mmever cry-tlmey never get impatient
or discontented , but they stay wlmere timey
are plmt and enjoy it , writes mc Yokoimamna car-
reepontlemit of time Clmicago Record. Yotm can
see imundreds of women at work in the tea-
firing imotlses , vimero time temperattmre is al-
aa'ays very lmighm , anti tIme work is very Imarsi ,
goimmg thtrommgli their twelve imoura of labor with
babies three or four weeks old strappeti impon
their backs , and the babies nevmr whimmiper ,
no matter hmow niucim the mnotlmers sdmake
them up wimen thmey are stirring time imot tea
heaves up to tlmeir simoulciers in time pans.
Timen , after tlmree imours , wimen the regular
restlmig tirmmo comes and everybody stops for
refreshments , baby gets lmis. lie is tmn-
strapped anti nursed wlmile time muother is
dipping immto imer little rice can with a cnmmp'To
o chop sticks. ammml tlmemm , wimen time wlmistie
, , , _ . , , m , , , q 'tm e. , . ino"nr
timree hours , without opening lii's lips excelmt
to yawsm or say "gee" or mmmake sonic other
S 5. I dl , . . m' . . I' . 'l
this wonderful world excite imis attention.
V'imemi ime gets a little older hmis mmmotlmer
ptmtim iminm 1mm a tea box with 501110 little play-
tiiing , and ime wIll stay there alt day , safe
( room lmarmn , anti grow amid enjoy imlsnseif. lie
camm exercise Imis anus by pulling liinmseit by
the sides of time box , anti imis legs b treading
arolmmmti in timat linaitetl space , asmti camm osslat
1mm tue tleveiopmiment of hmis desmtal apiaratrms by
chewIng thme edges of time imoards , html ime
never seesims to get tired or immmsmgry or tlis-
sattsllcl , eltlmnimgli any hive Aimierican baby
that ever existeti wommid be hmowlhmmg like a
tlsove of blue devils in fivtl miminutes after imis
mmmotlmer had gamma to Imer work ,
Toward noommday , when time susm gets itot
ammti time little timmes feel sleepy , timey lie down
on time door like a cat or a thog. It mmmay ho
a pavement of brick or atomic , it may be a
boarti floor , but thmey mmeed mme cradle , or
blanket , or pillow , only a aimehterod corner
out of tIme smmn where timey won't bo stepped
mipesi , ammd timey do smot Imavo to be rocked or
sung to sleep , Thmey take care of tlmosimselves.
Their mnothmers are busy earnimig 8 , 10 or 15
cents a day by twelve or timirtoosm hours of
herd labor In a warelmousie wimere time temperature -
aturo is often tmp to 100 degrees all day long ,
and time odor of tea 1mm so strommg timat it oh-
most strangles yomm ; so tlmat tlmey do riot wish
to bother them or atiti to their cares , and
imava time good sense and seif-comitrol to ( Intl
their own amntmsemmmemmt anti look after timeir
owmm comimfort , just like a puppy or a kitten.
Timat is the kind of baby they raise in
. _ _ -
11. ' Ibouglmt me hh.imm , ' .
OMAhA , Nob. , Aug. 8 , 1895-Mr. George
\ , . Ames , City : Dear Sir-I lmavo been oil
over Orcimar.i tiomnes and mmmmmst confess I was
agreeably surprised at the beatmty of your
hand and its pleasant surrousmtlings , We
visited a ntmnmber of peacim orchards in time
vicinity of Orcimard homes ammd found all time
early varieties ham. ! been shmlhlpetl and sold at
good figures , Of later varieties , time trees
iere loaded down ,
A 20-acre truck or fruit farsmm , with time
splendid aimipping facIlIties at Orchmarti
homes , is the heat purclmase a man with a
little money cag nmalce lie not only litmys a
Imome , but gets a lasting job mmd good pay
for his work , Thie Illimmohs Central raiiroaml
runs ( as fruit and vegetable trains to Clii-
cage on about passenger sciemlube , time , getting -
ting time Orchard Ilonies region stuff immto
market 6 to 20 imoura ailcall of any other
locality , A man raised at Orchard IlonleS a
crop of eamly Irish lotatoss antI got 200
bushels to time acre , whicim sold in Chicago
at $1.25 to $1.75 per bmshei , A crop of corn
is now growing on timis sarmie ground timmit will
go fromn 50 to 80 bushels to limo acre.
have been all over this country , but think
your Orchard hiommies hands , taking climate
and soil togettmer , time finest place I ever saw
wimero a man with so little capital and labor
can make so mucim money , I bought 20 acre ,
in Orchard homes for snymtelf and selected
40 acres mnoro for friends of smmIno , Yours
truly , A. lb. COLLlNh ,
36th and Curtis Avenue , Osmmaiia ,
A Minnesota girl of 15 can distinguisim no
color , everytimimig beIng white to her , anti
sue Is compelled to wear dark glasses to
psotect her eyes from the glare.
Soonto Wonders Roundabout the Grout
"i AID" of' Idaho ,
i'.iimmtmmiits of Ifimi llt'fremmiimmmt'itt for tli
1mmlt itmm.l tite 'm-mm ry I am i'letmmrt'smiq
Setiings-.Jmful l'erimtls imt
time 1t'jim-emmmm tt'si ,
KiTC1IUM , Idaho , Sept , 22lS95.-Speclsi _ (
Correspondence of Time ilec.-Just ) be3'ermd the
broad impesm In frommt of time immodest Imotol at
Otmyor 1101 Sprlmmgs , btmt a few miiies as It
lciuhcs imi timis deceimtIVe atmmmosphiere , stammds
iiimmtlnmatm's peak , thmo hmlghmest point in timis
mmmoimmitaimm.crowsietl state , Nearly 15,000 feet
him ciovatlomi , snowcaplmed limo % 'imolo year
tlmrOlmgh , it imreaemmts a mmmmmgmtitlcemmt picture
frommm iimis viewpoimit. It Is time colummmnar
ilgmmro represemmtctl by an exclammmatiomm mmmarlc
or the still more llggressivo I tlmat nmust properly -
orly pictures tIme Imositioma thus well otmtlineit
peak mimakes on time eastern tourist iooltimmg
for tIme first tIme upon the glorious beauties
of timis Immtermmmuummtahmm country.
Froimm tills ideal stmmmmmmmer resort , located on
a brammcim of time Ummiomm i'acific mmmmd time ter-
nmimmus of time road , a Itammoromima stretches
away to time lmorizmssm's rimmi mmot excelled 1mm all
time world. The Guyer Sprlmmgs , fammaous for
tlmehr nmediinal properties antI limo great
warmmitim of the waters , could imave no mmmoro
plctmmresmitmo settlmig , lmoldlmmg out. to tIme weary
worker frommi the city's Imeat an lrreslstimio )
immvitatien to spemmti the summmmmmor imere 1mm time
smmldst of Nature's nrt gallery.
Eachm year tlmotmsnmmtls of tommrists avail
timenmeclves of mnosiey mmmdo throtmgh liorlc
corrmers , wimeat guugcs , stock siteculatiomms ammd
othmer qimestiommabie tramismictlomma to totme
hiurope. They go into simasmmms of rapture ,
after consultation of gmtimle books , over Italian
skies , frog lmommds , immolo imhlis ammd otlmer
' 'shmow" lmlaces while limo wommticrs of thmeir
own cotmntry rcnmain to tht'mim a sealed book.
It was llyrmn a'imo , mmmemtlsmg a typical 1mmmerl-
calm tourist In Floremmce , e.mgeriy exclainmed :
"reil mime of Niagara Falls I Describe your
great catmtract to moo. " Time Ammiericami repro-
semmtatis'e of a large class of hoopla who an-
mmmmaliy mmmalte ; milgriimaages to time simrimtes of
thus old m'oritI simammiefacedly coimfeased imo imad
never seem , time falls. llyrumm commld hiarilly
believe his oars. Tmmrmiing abrmmptly on lmis
heel ho was heard ( iemmolmmicimig as "a ti-n
fool" any oman wimo witlmotmt imavlmig seen
Niagara would commme froum Amnc'ric.m to Etmrope
to shammi ecetacy over Imigmimy mimousmtains , lakes
anti rivers.
Earthm imas no otimer lamiti like otmrs. hero
is imaif a bemimisphero vithm soils anti chimmmats
as varied as time. tastes of mmien anti with
caiiacitietm ( or promluctiomi a'i boimmimlless as the
smeeds of mmiesm. It is time imroatheat lanil ever
givemm to nimy imeople , time grandest , tile umost
boalmtifui auth time most unilnilterl In Its
caii.blilties amid its fmmttmre , Otimer lands sur-
iiass It only in age ommmi ruins anti Time , it
ave wait long emmougli , will resnetly timeso tie-
\\'imlle in calmip one mmighmt on tIme banlcs of
tlmo Ilhg 'nad river near wlmem-o time Malad
atiths its waters to time swiftly fiowimmg river ,
Attorney Gemmeral i'armiomms sang time sommg of
"Idaimo , " a song ( mmli of limo beauty of tlmia
wommtlertmh yoummg state end descriptive of tbo
cimivairy of its mnen asid commielInss of ( ( a
women. Time chorus was suimphieti by mmmosm'a
volcew in wlmichm a jmmstice of time supreme
court , a mmmemnher of time state legislature , a
forsmmt'r tlelegate in congress fromim time torn-
tory , two or three Ohorlimi studemats , a
Ummiteti States senator and a big hearted
mniner , llgtmred most prommmlnesmtiy. Timere was
a swing antl dasil about tIme rendition of ti'e
song wimicim set time wild echoec flying , sting
with the emmthmtmsiasnm 01' brave hearts , with
only the m' aters , time imattiemmmcntcvi rocki' anti
the treer. as an audience to listen to the
Imraise of Idaimo.
But this is another story.
In fine contrat't are llalley hot Springs
and Gtmyer Springs as smmnmmmmer resorts. At
time fornmer a large , well appoInted imotci
afformis luxurIous living , the grommntls around
tIme hotel being laid otmt on generotma limmea.
Guyer Springs , on the otimer lmand is thor-
otmghly a' family resort t'imrrommntied by
great forests of sprmmce anti cedar , wltim
hmretty mnotmntain lakes Imot far away frommm time
Imotol amili 1mm tIme snitlst of royai hmummting anti
fisiming. Fashion rules at halley whmile at
Guyer Simnlnga there is little pretemisioo to
dresi. , impon LIme part of tue wommisnm , Both
thmese resorts are supplieti from time
same subterranm'amm streamns , time avater
coining out of time earthm at a
temperature of about 196 degrees , containing
soda , iron , nmagnc'sha anti other desirable ingredients -
gredients , withie aiotmgside thteae streams of
hInt s'ater are niarmy aimmiost Ice-coid fotmnts ,
which , tmnmitimmg with the imot waters , afford unsurpassed -
surpassed batimtng facilIties , To time ieopie west
or Wyomnimig botlm timeso resorts ore favorably
looked dma , hut they are destlnod to have
a sntmcim wider comatituency as thmolr rmaerits
becommme known. But these are not the only
reiorts-not alone time healing waters. From
the stranke Iet'y-wrotmgimt nichmemmmicmu of time
mnountain sides all over time state burst forth
magical fountains potent in thimir health-
Within the past few years Soda Springs
hma lmecomtme one of tIme great resorts of time
west on accoummt of time remarkable mmmedicinai
iropcrty of time waters , Time Spantards know
of tlmemmO springs homag ago anti looked upon
ttiolmm tt'ithm special favor , siiaking pilgrimages
to them oftemm in searcim of Increased Imealtim ,
anti oven going so far as to believe that
witimin their delitims vims the fountato of
yoimtim. Time Indhanms , on time other imammd , iook
mipoim tlmo t'atern with time utmmmost veneration ,
regarding timcse bubbling mniracles as "big
mmaedicisme , ' ' refusing to drLn fronma timemn ex-
celit 1mm cases of serious illness , The springs
occupy a valley in a depression of time Waim-
atchm rasmgo at an altitmmlie of about 6,000 feet.
Time region Is full of interest , not only to time
geologist , but to thio ordinary aighmtscer , thm
nmmmnimer anti variety of wild flowers , time
contorimmations vhhch nature hmaa on tlhsplay
ntaking tlmtmm a wonder spot for thus tommrlst.
Next year a now resort will be added to
thmese timmtl others equally well kmiowmm , it
being I , 11 , Perrhne's intention to bulid a
imotel at lilue Lakes , spoken of In a ilnevious
letter , upon time plan of the Idaho state
bmmilding at tite Worlti'mt faIr , It wili be
higlmted by electricity from imoaver , furnlsimod
by the Snake river. Timis simnulci be a most
dcllglmtfmmh resting place , time simrroumidlngs being -
ing of the mnoat pIcturesque nature imai.
The Union l'acific is it heater in this see-
lion of time footstool anti time people as a rimie
are loyal to time company wimiclm , irm time
midst of tnotmbious tImes , hma maintained ( tie
rehmutathen for enterprise. During the fight
over the application for a separate receiver
on the part of the Amnerican Loan ammil Trmmst
company for time Oregon Short Line , time
newspapers anti public were almost a unit in
outapolcen lmostllity to time divorcement ot
time ro'md.'o wimo live in the east smmr.
roimmmded by many railroads can know little
of this helplessness felt by people wimo have
imut one road to depend upomm ; for time whmimn
or caprice of a general manager nmay melee
vital differences to timosri Ilvimig alosmg time
line , an amivancemmiont of freight rates , the
decrease in tile aumimber of passenger trains
heismg easy of accomnmphialmmemmt wlmon desired
to whip a peolo into line. In tlmhs case ,
however , the Union l'aciflc is looked uposm
whim emiminenmt fairness , Simoshmono imas suf-
fared omm account of tIme transfer of time almops
to l'ocatehio , but it is gemmerally understood
that time employes and nanny of the peopie of
the place mire to blamno for tIme anmokelesms
chimnoeys and deserted shops , The mnanage-
snent of time Usihon l'acitic imami ontimmmslastia
smipimort here , time attemnptotl elevation of Mn ,
higamm to the receIvership beIng looked upon
with tmreat disfavor. Under favorable condl-
tions Itlaimo mntmmit take Its place ammiong the
great states of the union. It has all time
advantages of soil anti climate , anti with
the toucim of vater upon timis magsmillcent cx-
panso of land Isaiah's millennial rhapsody ot
lmredictlon will find literal fulfillment , "Time
wilderness and time solitary hilaco will ho
made glad mind the desert places hbossrmn as
the rose. " _ . IL C. BNYIhiit ) ,
- p -
'I'rommlletI , vitim 1'.rioil u.n i 5)m.emm'ry ,
henry I' . Silvera of Lucea , Jsrmmaica , Vest
iindia island , says : "Since my ro : every ( rein
110 attack of dys 'matery some tcn years ago , it
come. on suddomly : at timneS on I mns'.ccs smmo
very weak , A teaspootfttl of Ctmamb nab's
Colic , Cholera and I.urrhmoia Itomnedy taken
in a little water gives me relief I cou'd got
a dozen testlmon'als from pooiIa hero wia
imavo been cured by timi. remedy. "

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