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r , ' . . . ' . , - . 'i" - ' - . . . . " ' - - - - - - - - - - -
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I'i - ' " . THEOMAHPAIEE. \ . . - : ,
y. , _ _ - . .
j , STAJLJSDED JUNE 1H , 1871. OM : A Ilk , : MONDAY _ , OCrrOnEU _ 7. 18U : > . SINGLE - - = = COpy JJ-'IYE f1EN''S :
- ,
Failure of Orops Reduce Her Laboring
, .1I People t Bore Strait
Ircl'I.1n/ tl' 1'iiiietit or . Debt
. Iiar , to 1.llel. I'ztrtte-1eider
' \11 GiSt tile SUnH ! 1(1".1 Ir
IIH' ) ' thlt Ic ! 1.11..1.
( pcdn1 Corrr'ponlrnce ot the A"oclnt',1 Ire R , )
MANAGUA , Nicaragua , Sept. 17.-Presld nt
Zelaya of Nicaragua has just ' appointed General -
eral Santago Calejas , his present mlnIter of ,
the trea8ury and acting minister of the Interior -
tenor , to go to luefe1ls , Hama enl other
Atlantic poilts of Nicaragua with full power
ti Inorce , I he cal , such order and decres
os he may nn,1 , neceSRry In an effort to try
to regulate RtstactorlY , to the government
of Nicaragua the political , nnanclal ! and
Judicial systems there. In other words an at-
ten'pt to cause the people on the easter
coast of Nicaragua , who all have grown up
under a civi and criminal Jurisprudence
copied or , moeled by one of their former
"suprcme court Judges , " Judge Jackson ,
from the New York state code , to adopt cud
comply with the unimproved Spanish laws
and Napoleonic code that has been used ,
abused and evaded . as conditions suited , by
the lethargic western Nicaraguans for many
years past.
President Zelaya oC Nlargua hu Issued a
decree granting free transportation of corn , !
rice , plalntnlns and vegetables over the
national railroads In an effort to reduce the
prevaing high prIces In western Nicaragua
of articles of food. The long continued , unseasonable -
seasonable dry weather has largely decreased
the crop the demand for labor and the wages
to all kinds of laborers Consequently a
majorIty or the middle and lower class ,
which constitute about 80 per cent of the en-
tire population of about 3GO.000 Nicaraguans ,
are reduced to living In the closest economy
I on such will fruits and berrIes as they can
-4 ( gather , sUPlllomentng thee by the small
, Quantt s of corn , beans plalntaln or rice
they can buy from day to day with their
small earnings.
The coffee plantations of the district of
volcanic formed sols , the largest cofeo producing .
duclng area In this country , Is not expected
to yield this year over one-half of an average
crop , and wi require not one-half the num-
her or laborer usualy employed to gather
through the three months when ripened , and
then the competition of the unorganized
laborers wi reduce most l'robably ' their
heretofore very low prices paid for this worl
The season Is too dry to clear more lands
, f and plant more coffee trees. Thus the pros-
pects arc that the present striened condi-
ton of the laboring classes wi become more
Un baa rab Ic.
The E Pueblo , a governmlnt subsIdized
daily In the city of Managua , announces the
discovery of "Trlchlnla apirails" In quantities -
ties ot the fresh pork sold In the cites In
wester Nicaragua. This Is not surprIsing
In view of the fact that hogs like buzzards
are permitted as scavenger In the streets
and In many of _ , tho'iiouses . and yards
of those cities. The EI Pueblo cantons the
people against the too free use of hog meat
but It Is R warning that will probably go
unheeded durIng the preset scarcity and
hIgh . prices tor aU kinds of feds there
The 400.000 peso ftllver ) foreign debt , which
was settled yesterday by the government of
NIcaragua , was contracted early In 18D .
during the administration of President
Zacc3s , with a London company named
"The Nicaragua Developing company , '
lImited . " and was I loan of silver pesos die-
trlbutCI largely among fOle of the mem-
hers of the national congress of NlcarapIJ to
bo r'pahl to the lender In gold. 11 had Interest -
terest lt 8 per cent Twent ' -nve per cent '
of the gross receipts of the U3 tonal road and '
steamboats and harts of other revenues were.
pledged to redeem In gold the prIncipal and
Interest of that loan of shiver pesos. In
June , 1893 , the Zacacls government was dethroned -
. throned , and the subsequent Internal and
external war IJrevmted the payment of but
a I'art of the loml.
The present go\rment of Nicaragua Ig-
noted the terms of payment of the debt and ,
the rate of the debt and Interest , and reo i
centy SecrtfalY of the Treasury Calkjas i
declared that the government , having received -
ceived silver would pay In silver , 60.000
peso In coffee bonds of the next crop (189G ( )
and 16.000 pesos monthly unttho total pay-
meat of the bJlance duo , with 15 per cent
per annum interest ou account from the begInning .
gInning of the debt commissions to be paid I
on such sums ns live been collected by the
NIcaragua Developing company , lmied , "
Those terms were agreed to yesterday by
both parties. ' The "coffee bonds" are really
permits to export , all are an export tax ot
2 cents sliver ( ) per pound on cole , which
will b' pohl ( to the holder of the bondo be-
fore the colee can be exported.
. ItitIhrait. l't..Je..t I. I'ern. I ,
LIMA . , Peru , Oct G-Vla ( Galveston.- ) ,
Congress has approved the project 'of a rail-
roall running from Lima to Phcl , traversing
a rich and cultivated district The construction -
structon of this railroad offers a grand O\Jen-
Ing for American capial _
The foreign department has caused to bo
, printed In the dal ) paper the statement I ,
, that assertions contained In the tele- :
grains sent Irom Sucre , Bolivia , to Duenon
A'res are uufounded. These assertions , as I
bas been stated In prerlols dispatches to
the eoclatell press , .wero 10 the efect that
I'eru hal ] ad'anceobjecton to that claus
In tit3 ( hilU-l3obtvtan treaty which granted to
Ibotlia two seaports on the Pacila ( coast between -
twecn Iqul'lue and INn.
Criv .r ni AhnlIII".1 Shill Saved.
PLYMOUTII Oct. G-The Indian lItter
Dnnra , from Calcutta for l.ontbon , has laniio&l I
hero nine of the crew or the ItalIan ship )
1'I1PO , Captain Mort ana , which left Cardiff
september 1 for luenos Ares and faUllerel ]
enrouto. The \"IIIIPO sprung \ a leak In mId
ocean and the crew worked incessantly lt
the Ilumps for three ( lays. but they were
obliged to abandon the hlp. Captain 1or.
taut , who refused to leave hIs ship . anti the i
carpenter were tIrone4. . The other oC thc
ship hall Q terrible experience In an open
bost. They had no oars . sals nor water . and
they were In Q raging dorm for thirty hours.
'l'htcy had aballon 1 all hOle when they were
lucked 111 1) , the Dunra ,
S"lllhur : lul' ( h'11'I'II. Co Culn .
1 A nRI Oct 6.--Tho government will
solid \ 1 freh lot of generals to Cuba to en-
able Captain General do Cmpos to recoin-
meuce operatIons ag\lnst ttw insurgents on
November 16.
Dispatches tecelvi here from Havana con-
trlict the report of the loss of the cruiser
CI'IJle de \flet\o . , which waK sent 10 m
I llrlllo of this cli ) on Sal\lay.
. AI\lcls ulo announce that a hurricane has
U\'agl' thA ' tobacco plantations In the IJrOV-
- inca of l'lnr del Rio , aml tenty are re-
stro'ell. portl'll ) 1llell anti IlnLers of house dc-
- - - -
U'elhl..1 I tu Ih1 ; \ I lie , \,11 h'l I.
SlING\\I , Oct. G-CIIU.Chl-Tueng ,
" "Irero of Nankiug , hag reclu',1 to receive
a visit from tte Irltsb admiral , flulier .
on the IJlel ot siehuess. ' , 'he BrItish cruiser
Alacrity I returnIng from the rang'he-
lClanl This Archer and the Undaunted : sri ' , it
Fee ( 'how .
Pit ( , II Illh , . ; \ ; I'I I"I III.
IiitttSsFLS . Oat C.-lJy a clsions btt'.w\'n
111 engine :11 a crowded passenger train this
cvthlJ near Wane , la ' e peroe ; t
hilled and forty injured . be\'erul of them
seriously . Assistance hu been dispatched to
the = CCDc.
- - - - . ' - , . . - , - . .t . " _ _ " r"
l'OlTgn'HI 1 TO II J.I ; U1XT.
Aiiuhiiisssid ors otth.t-lnreIgji I''l'r"
tIiksStrong bIetirs..istiitioispi .
CONSTANT1NOI'LE . , Oct. 6.-0n Saturday
Sir Philip Currie the Irltsh ambassador , had
an Interview wIth IClalel Pasha , tae grand
vlzher In which he matte Q strong representa-
ton and forcibly urged upon him to cease
making arrests of Armenians 1lalel Pasha
In reply expressed his anxiety to Improve the
situation. I Is expected that he will advise
the sultan to grant amnesty to all Armenians
who have been ; arrested In connection with
the riots since Monday.
Tie ambassadors of the power held a con-
ferenco today and drew up a collective note ,
which will lIe Ilreente 1 to the Porte tomor- I
row. Afterwards Ihey went to the Porte per-I
sonaly and made verbal representations on I
the sUbject of Armenia. The foreign menot-
war which are acting as guardship have !
been ordered to moor In the harbor fur the I
winter , In order to Ilroicct . foreigners In case ,
of need. !
Sir Phip Currie has asked leave of the '
government to visit the Armenians now In
prison In order to draw UII a report.
UIJ to 1.'rllay , eIght bottles had been registered -
terell as victims of the Ilsorler. all of whom
'la,1 been terriblY wound " . Some of them
conlalnel over t\\enty Japes , besllcs bullet
WOUlls , ant others had been battered with
bludgeons so as to be unrecognlzab'e. All
accounts concur that the number of victims
thrown Into the sea was only three. The
gen d'armes Idled a fw of tie ( wounded.
CUIAGO , Oct. G.-In his ulcnlng , lecture
at the Grand opera louse today before the
Society for Ethical Culture , MI lanpaslan ,
tIm Armenian leader of that organization , In
regard : to the Armenian massacre said he
would suggest that the Armenians withdraw
their petition to the Christians for sympathy
and aPPEal for hcll to the snltau of Morocco ,
the ameer of Afghanistan , the Ihedlve of
Egypt , all the shah of l'ersla.
"The Christian world , " he said "Is per-
baps waIting to , see the Armenians embrace
MUhamniedanlsni , that I may send mission-
aries to reconvert them one by one and at
great expense "
Next Sunday Mr. langnsarlan wIll lecture
on "Tho Religious Aspects of the Uprh Ing In
Constantinople. "
LONDON , Oct. G-A Constantinople d19-
patch to the ( Daly News says that the Armenian -
menian patriarch has received a list of the
names of ,100 Armenians who have been miss-
Ing since last l\onday. \ excuvc : of the
ninety-two bOles which have hen sent to
the Armenian hospital .
BOSTON , Iass , . Oct. G-At ( a mass meet-
Inp of the Armenians of Boston and vlclnl )
this afternoon the ( topIc of general discussIon
was the recent atrocllel In Constantinople
and the delay of the European ) owel In
demanding redress of the Turkish gover-
mont for those which occurred over a year
ago Resolutions were passel , by the meet-
ing expressing sympathy for their compatriots -
patriots suffering In Turkish dungeons and
advocatn ! revolutionary measures as the
only way that the Armenian nation can be
saved from ! externilnation . The resolutions
say In part :
\Vhercas. The Turkish government seems
dpI'rmlnell to solve the Armenian queston
by extermination . anti
\'hel'as. The gUlopean powers have not
been determined enough In their efforts to
make tii . , Porte put In force the proposed
reforms : therefore be It
nettolved That we express our sympathY
for the revolutionary measures anti con-
shIer the atrocities In Constantinople as a
signal for a general uprising throiihout the
Turkish emptro anti although the deaths
anti tortures In Turkish prisons thal have
been mercilessly Inleted upon our p'-
tr/otR / causes distress , yet we advocate revo-
lutonary measures In the belief that nn
hon.orll.leath ! under , such , Indtons ! its I
lrererauJ , 10 ignominious nnniniiution . and
we therefore pledge our support to our
countrymen at home
ChllAI' " II thc' Turl..h Cnhl.c'C.
CONSTANTINOPLE , Oct. 6.-Said Pasha
has been appoInted minister of foreign affairs
to succeed Tnrldln lashn , who was appointed
to that office to succeed Said Pasha when the
later Was made gram ] vizIer.
- '
Cruvilp . Gnthor to Sc's' I ass JiM .Jour-
n. ) ' 'I'Jiroiighi ' Stitit itisisist .
KNOXVILLE , Tenn . , Oct. G.-Old Liberty
'bel passed through the Switzerland today
and tonight finds a resting place In Knox-
\le , the leading city of this section. From
the time the famous old relic was turned
over to the Southern railroad nl Bristol this
afternoon at 2 o'clock untIl It reached Knox-
vle at 7 o'clocl . ovation aCer ovation has
been given ; I , and Mayor 'arwlck has practically -
tcaly lost his voice rehearsing the story of
how It rang out merlca's frcedom. At
Bristol , Johnston CIty Oreenvle - al down
the line , special programs were arranger and
carried out. In Knoxville fully GOOO people
awaited the coming .of the train , 'whose ar-
rIval was signaled by the firing of rockets
A mighty cheer rent the air as the train
came to a halt , and aCer greetings had been
satti . the ell relic was moved to n convenient
spot where It could be seen by the gathered
tiiousantia. A delegation from the local cbap-
Iter of the Daughters of the Revolution burled
the ell relic In floral emblems , and I was
left to spend the night under the watchful
eyes or policemen. The bell proceeds on Its
way at 8 a. m.
IH : OXCI':1 , MISl'1'I1lt 'I'EItttI3IL.
.iriiiviitsin . Iii ti ; ii'itgo ; n"11111 lilt ,
CHICAGO , Oct. G.-At a largely attended
mcetng of the ArmenIan National union of
Chicago held tonight , the actions of Mr.
Terrel , United States minister to Turkey , In
connection with the Armenian affairs . was
hotly discussed. Finally a set of resoluton ,
was adopted charging him with over and
again IgnorIng the urgent requests made by
loyal missionaries anti that he , has In his
dispatches to the Stats department totally
misepresented a just came and has been
against his Ilersecuter fellow citizens In Tur-
key because of a "decoration to his daugh-
ter "
The resolutions go on to denounce Terrel
In the most vigorous manner for press negl-
genco In his duties and Intentonaly trying
to hurt a noble cause nt the crucial moment
for the people. A demand Is made , for his
removal anti the sending of n minister to
Constantinople who shall be "an honor to
the nation at large and to the just cause
c te : mlsonarlcs ! aed e c ppesol Ctr stIa's. "
1.\\1 ' 11' : : ICUH11 TO ' 1Ig lNlIANS ,
I'nrty ' or 'lhl'l Clllll..1 ; ; Ne'isr " 'Iiere
th , ' lttnilen ' \ ' . . , . . . . .1111. '
SALT LKId. Oct. 6.-A special to the
. .
Tribune from Idaho Pals , Idaho eaya In I
further Intprvlew with Mr. Wison conc rIng
tog the killing 1 ot Captain Smith , and two
companlonK In Jaekon's Hole on October : .
ho says the bOllles were found on the South
fork of the Snake river , anti encamped , one
mie below them wh'e slty buck Indians.
Constable Manning and ' tlr Wison Inlne-
dtately nottell the trolu stationed In Teton
Basin and ccmp3nles C anti D were Imme-
diutely dispatched to te scene. under com-
maO of Captain ! ColilaVhisou bus been em-
ployt ae a KCOUt for the Irool ! sllce last
July. , .
- - - - -
01.1 1:1111. : ) , . . " lCs'ett : 'I'h.lr I..IU.I" .
SJ ATTI.I . Wuh. . Oct. 6. -C. J. Smith .
receiver of the OrElpn In1nrovement com-
pan ) ' , today Issued lila first order under slate
of Octob 4 at . "
r , initbnlgtit "Al otllcera.
agents antI el\lo ) will remain In their (
Present position and wl report as hel'eto-
fore. "
- , .
:111"'II'lt. I of f..11 St"II"I' " ( let. ( I.
. \ 'Xel Vork-rrivetj--l'ai'is trum South-
dmlltol aple5. j 1 rltu1la trout Msrieteb a 11
At lboetoii-.trrlved -C'pliabonia from 11\-
eruoJ.A Jlawarc Iireakwjtcr--Arelvei-Ijcl. \
! ernrl fn)1 1,1\/rpuol the 1'bhlatliiiiila.
New . \t York lIayre-Arrlvd . -I. ( halt'ole ' fl't'll ,
At Glasgow-Arririd-Scanjlmmavan , ! 1101 :
10trl ; l'nttierattian from Montreal.
. \t ( , . . . , .
(1uEbce--ArLvtI-SI caine : r : Iolgllan ,
( room IllrpoC. .
London At MozztrCat-Arriyec-igtto . Videau . from
- - - - - - -
- - - - - -
Stringent Order Concerning Product Intended -
tended for Export ,
Slll" " 'InlhlA 1'lt.hlel 11"0 s.t
COiuuihi'Si wih thI . . lteuiuiirc-
ment" , ' 11 Sot lie
( rllt..1 Clearuuuice i .
- ,
WASHINGTON , Oct. G-In accordance with
section 2 or the act of congress apIrcvll
March 3. 1891. antI as a/Mltlell ta the act
approved March 2 , 189 , Secretary Merton
has , , issued the ( following :
"I Is ordered that all beef offerci lor ex-
portaton , whether freshsalted , canned , cored
or \acledshal be accompanied by a certificate
or an Inspector of this department showlrg
that the cattle from which It \IS prruccll
Were free from disease anti that the JlJt
wns sound and wholesome. , \nt In order
that I might b determined whJt'ler rul lee
exported has been so Insoet 'imid founl
free from disease and wholesome , It Is fin ther
ordered that the meat of all oler : ! sllecln of
animals which Is packed II barr"1 , cael : or
other packages Ihal be legibly marked In
such manner as to clearly Indicate the : fc -
des of animal from which the meat WIS
P . Meat which Is not so marked antI
which Is not accompanied by n certrntr ot
inspection will be subjected to unpacking and
examination In order to ascertain Ir 11 Is
unInspected before.
"Notice Is hereby glv'n to exprtera uf
beef , whether said beef Is f'Hh , sal' I. I
canned , corned , packed or otherwise prepared ,
anti , to owners and agents If veSI.)13 upon
whIch saId Leef Is exported , that : " d.IN'Ie
can he given to any vessel Ilvln 01 bnl ]
said beef , unLl3 the provisices ef thl cder
are complied with As reliable evidence has
ben submitted showng : that I large quantity
of uninspected he1C ! ' , f lien : ( r'IJf'l I fo-
export , the IdemlV If which his been lost In
the process of curing . anti that the , nlllel-
ate enforcement of this order \\JII I r e'pnt
the fulfillment of ninny cttras nnw 14t-
standing . and as I Is nlso 1\1llnt : hat / tt.e
inspection force of thIs d"1u' mc'lt mrt : be
Increased before the affo'ed trade can be
properly accommodated , It Is , ] Ir'cted hat
this order shall not bo enforJd untIl January -
ary I. 189G.
"All orders and regulations of this depart-
ment Inconsistent with this order are hereby
revoked. "
ISII"S I1IGII'I'S " ' 0 II , T [ S'IID.
( llCHtol of UlntlA Irh'n.A' " ( I
lit' Ic'I'llnelt ) ' S'UI..l.
WAShINGTON , Oct. G.-The government
has taken steps to test the Bannock Indians'
right 'under theIr treaty to bunt on unoc-
cupIed public lands In the state of WyomIng ,
the governor of Wyoming , the secretary of
the interior and the attorney general havIng
agreed to submit ( lie questions to the courts
for determInation. To establish a basis for
a test case , Indian Agent Teter at Fort Hal
reservatIon , with two Dannock Indians went
upon unoccupied government lands In
II Wyo-
ming to hunt , and , according to the require-
monte ot the test t1i . Indlns wprn nrnmntv
arrestet- an-I t " -cn't Evanston : ' where , . they
were charged with vIolations of Ihe game
Jaws of the state In further pursuance of
the agreement , Attorney General Harmon to-
day telegraphed the United States district
attorney to apply at once for a wrIt of habeas
corpus for thl release or the prisoners Thus
the question will be squarely brought before
the court. I Is the contention of the govern.
mont that the tr. ' aty of July 3 , 18G8. with
these Indians secures to them the right to
hunt upon unoccupied government lands In
the state of Wyomln . anti that this treaty
Is SUIJerior to the laws enacted by the state
which arc In conflict wIth It.
Pnt'nt. t- ' : I"I'ntlr"
WAShINGTON Oct. G.-Spclal.-Iatents ( )
have been ISIUelas follows : Nebraska-Jesse
Griffith , assignor one.hnlf to L. Holse , St.
James , match box ; David Neahe . Fort Cal-
hotun shore or bank protector and apparatus
for constructing and placIng same : Emanuel
Oehrle assignor one-hal to II. D. heard ,
On.ahia shutter worker : William g Scitrol
South Omaha , refrIgerator crate : Wihliatti
Stne , Omaha electric motor for Wilam :
George Willing , tire and folly clamp Iowa- !
Carl G. Uoscb , Davenport , malting
machine : Waler II. Cox SIoux maltng ,
automatic type distributor
1ltom1lc and holder :
John L. Dean , Winterset device for
binding corn shocks ; .John DOIlns.
Onawa. watch bezel reamer : Jerry II. Harvey -
vey amid. J. H. Hoover , lubbard , apparatus for
maintaIning all reulatnp vacuum ! In cow
milking machines ; Lewis H. IClmbal. Jack-
son county , seeding machlno : William Lou-
den , FairfIeld , sIngletree ; ; Adam S. Iurchl-
son. WillIamsburg . fence wire stretcher and
repairer : Lewis l'eterson Madrid , washboard :
Henry , T. Richmond . assignor three-fourths to
W. I. Evans and others , 11alverl , neck-
yoke loop. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
"IUJ Yn , ' 11 G. to Spain .
WAShINGTON , Oat. G.-Mr. Yang Yu , the
mInister from China to the United States ,
nccompa led by four members of the legaton ,
left here this mornIng at 1 o'clock for New
York City. Mr. Yang Yu Is also the accredited
representative or his country to the Spanish
government , but he has not yet visited there
In his diplomatIc capacity . The party vlhl
remain In New York until the 12th : wi .
wheu they wi embark on hoard a rench
lne teamer for Have and from there will
go to Spain. Whie In New York they will
be the guests of the ( Chinese consul During the
minister's absence Mr. Hoe will be In charge
of lie legaton In this city . The minIster
expects to be absent two months.
: : .n'.m..uC. .t th. . I'I . . II CI , Inti.
WASHINGTON , ' Oct. G.-\mong the naval
movements reported to the Navy department
today were the arrival of the Monocacy at
Shanghai and the departure of the ( Machias
from Hanlow for Shanghai and the lachla treaty
ports , While no reason Is anl fpled by the
commanding officers of these vessels for the
movements , It Is assumed to be a desIre of
the admiral commandlug the staten to have
them In southern China , where they may be
readily available In the event of trouble such
as has been experienced during the past sum-
mer In the loorng anti ! burning or misionary
pl'ollerty. 10th the Iaehlas and the Monoc-
acy are of light draught and adapted for navigating -
gating the ChInese waters.
Mis I ; . ii c's C.laIU.1 I M arc' 101' ' ' " " '
WASINGTO : Oct G.-The conlHlon of
ex.8enator William Iahone of Virginia shows
no particular change from that of yesler-
da ) ' . lie Is simply clinging to life by a
slender threat ] . which his physIcians think
mar be severed at any time. ' He remains
In a coma lose condition , from which he Is
aroustll enl ) with an effct , and his digestive
organs are also failing . which adds to the
hopcleless of the cave.
'n..tlll..1 iut " ill hi tmlry ' IINtrll'CU
WASHIGTON , Oct. 6-Flrst Ileutenant
W"1lo E. 4er . Twelfth Infantry , has been
detailed as military Instructor at the Ohio
Wtsle'an In'erbly , Delaware , 0. relIeving
First LIeutenant George Palmer , Ninth In-
( entry , ordered to Join 0 tile , company
Ir'ul'hrl' " . " 'n.I'hlA Post .
LONDON . Oct. G.- ' / correspondent of the
Tlmes.at ntanarh'o , writing under date of
September ' 23 , says : "Tie French are thirty
miles off slid arC advancing fast The
Briish cemetery md the I relch obsen'a-
tory hero have been wr ' eled. The queen In
: speech 'eitcrtlay salll : : 'The French are
clo.o upon us : you elhl you would fight for
11 hut ) 'OU would nut nght. I shal die at
the I.alncc. . '
I 1'ho IO\11 are prearln to make the lat
btmd lt Am ohemID&u"
, , . . " . -
. - " . - - , -
JCSOCICNn OUT TI I ' ' IJ4T i. ' 1'10'
I'ross'cutlsmn urr " llil Not
l.rl..eut.l CI "c Ull : .t
AUal' the . . . .thre.
SAN I IANCISCO , C 6-The : Examiner
says : One of the grel t sensations In the
Durrant case , anti one ' ch comes now as a
climax with crushIng Isht' upon the ac-
cuell student has bec e the property of
the prosecution. Theotl Durant not only
confessed to a classmate al lie had no notes
of Dr. Cheney's lectur nt b begg.sti his
frIend to take his notes , his lother , Mrs.
Durrant , that they iiilgl1be , N led
"I have no notes of tl. ictt I e , " the BC-
cusell student said . "andi I on1 . ne' thom
to complete my alibi. " t
When the student to wpn eazt made
this confessIon takes the vltne stand the
crumbling fabric of the detuse 'I tail . 'fhe
student to whom IJurrant adee faUI cc-
Imowledgmelt ts his clas ttatcaud friend ,
ir Gilbert F. Orahnm. I aa't . GI , IIRm's
purpose to tel what ho k aw,4r the sake
of nn old friendship. For t ( trnory of his
college days with Durrant , ! ra1n had held
back part of his story. lie hadfoi'med the
police that Durrant hat njk'Jlhm for his
notes , bit he did not wish t\ \ teIte : prO&CCI-
ton ( the whole story anti r \et,1 $ Ilrrant's )
confession that he hat 10 not\ t that lec-
( nrc . LIke Charles A. 1)ukestjii.l nlt wish
to Injure his classmate's cusr'ut now ho
has destroyed its last caItt ! has 11\'en
to the pl'OSeClton what they eghit E long
In vain. lIe supplies , through h Dait : Himsel
the proof that the acc'ivnl stt.j't t1p t not
at the lecture delivered b ) Or. I j F. Chl'l'ey
on April 3. lIe explains V 4 I 1 m"lnt
"quizzed" with E. P. Glazer Oitbril 10. lie
reveals uDrrant's purpose In flsg ! Charles
A. Dukes to say that hIaw hit-it the Ie-
ture. lie tells why nn attor.le'r the lIe-
tense copIed Glazer's notes to f1later they
had been placed In lie est'JJr : the prtp-
erty clerk of the police ileirtrtuuit ] . HI \ unCOVers -
COVers the motive which InCIireQurrauit to
plead , with C. V. Cro'ta unll aihhtn . 10 i e-
member that they talked 0 ; ) steps or
Cooper college until they were . .1 a for Dr.
Cheney's lectlre , I
Graham comes Into the casa D8n'itncs of
the greatest possible Imp'J.tullcfo : dtstroy
the only possIble alibi which D itlt has attempted -
tempted to prove. For the sake I . us friend
Graham hell back the moot 1m Lant part
of his knowledge of lie ( ease but v-h iels
It all just as It occurred , la nd,1 jllS tn that
ho repeats a conversation \ \ liich had with
Attorneys Dickinson and Dctipre3 few lays
ago hieshias even Informed them the Important -
portent confession which Durr\t \ ntabo to
him , Durrnt made his Iamagln/equtst / of
Graham when the latter visited 1:1 : In jail.
cox'I'nAc'rolts I'RESS A . DI , CI.\DI.
Colnmhilu Goveruiuient A"i'l to 1'n'
n l'ery lnrJc Sum
NEW YORK , Oct. G-A diapatto a local
paper from Panama says tliq clh against
the Colombian government b'EiIshi I railway -
way contractors continues to the ala
absorbing topic of dlscuslo" hhe press
and of excitement among all cIes. ! The
contract for bUiding tbe Santan railway
was similar to that for the bul g or the
Antoqul ralwa ) The same oiictors ro-
jectEd It suddenly a long 1me.a : alleging
through their ( legal agent , Spene that not
havIng the necessary funds and' unable
to raise a loan , they were In cap : of ful-
filling their obligatIon. The , ' 'arnrnent '
agreed to repay them a email am4t which
they had spent In prelmlnnry wo In No-
\embor. 1893. ' Spencer was autbor ( by the
contractor to settle all the claims Unst the
government for GOOOO : no\'the ; ( ' claimed
Is 640,000 . equivalent to abou l,500,000
pesos _ . in I slver ! cu ! encr. L'
ur. 1unrsen , tne erman 11ter woo
was obliged by orders of hi , kov4iment : to
retire from the ( arbitration /COttpe ( , of
which he had been preshlell 611 ( lrlaY. ! Is
preparing a circular letter tQ'f' , , , AS. This
letter I ! not It Is saId , to ! wm1Ltcn : In the
pleasant terms The ' oqa : tindlng of
the British mInister , 0. P . ! , who
supports tbe ( claIm of the tralturs , Is not
enviable. Socially he Is ludated ! : gen-
orally all opinions are un.trnously against
. '
him. 1'
. .
- - - - - -
-r-----r .
SIlO'S' UO'V ' \ IliSQI-I-L.tW. '
( llurr'l'n. . the ltstst if Pnml ) '
Ilffereii "
" (
PLATE IHII'r"nc' , 10. , 6.Jacob Ox- '
ford , G2 years of age , wI o G-JaCob five
miles north of this plnc WM shot and
Idled today by his son-I w. James Itt .
Frazier , at Frazier's farm Dr here. Two
months ago FrazIer and b wIfe quarreled
anti she returned with he hUdren to her
father's bome. Today Pta r sent for his
wlfe's father Oxford , roquting an Inter-
vIew. Oxford anti ohe of bus went to
yeOxord } anllu , le _ OJS 'ent
'razler's place. When tl 'rrlved there
Frazier came out with a g. 'le told the , I
senior Oxford that he had t t for him that
he mIght shoot hIm down Ill a , flog. Without I
further warnIng he shot a killed the old :
man. Youiig Oxford was m luirnied. Fra-
zier bas been arrested. 1Iqhij's ' frequently
accused old man Oxford or ling . caused all
his family trouble. I ,
, "
Three Men h'I"'I'OI ( j , . Gu" .
TOLEDO , 0. , Oct. 6.-At cnibervh1ie this
afternoon a water well thlr11 feet deep
was shot with dynamite to else the few
of water. Two hour after 11 shot Henry
apel descended to note t uffect. After
being In thQ wall some time 1 no response
being given to repeated sl 41ng Louts
Wtgman decended to brllgi ito the sur-
race. lie . too , failed tQ spnd to the
calls of hIs friends and his other Charles ,
was then lowered Into the hO , Ionly to meet
the same fate. The men ' o e overcome
by the poisonous gases In t well and all
were taken out dead I.'apl d Louis Weg-
man are marrIed and Cha e Wegman's
marriage was to have occu ed wlthL a
month ;
G'nl'rnl Carey ) ' Seleetes n" OruCnr.
CINCINNATI , Oct. G.-Ge ril Samuel F.
Carey has been selected sa orator at lie
unveiling of the Harrison 1 Iment In Oar-
field park , thIs city , next I cember. General -
oral Carey bas served In Ct 'ress and held
state offices. lie Is the 01 , at. resident of
Cincinnati and probably the / II ) man In the
city who votE for Oenera ' 'tlam Henry
Harrison for president. 'hles this the
general was a warm DersO I frIend of Tip-
pecanoe and stumped the cc nity for him ia
both of his memorable I esldental cam-
paigns. lIz-President Han ton . the grandson -
son of General WillIam H. arlson , will bo
here to wines the cerema les.
* _ -
Slltu Pl' n'ellr ' CI'nr.
DENVER , Oct. G.-Tho Lky MountaIn
News says : "I relght drcl ' ot Denver are
excited by a rte war about hi Inaugurated.
Tho-IndIcatons are that toulorrow the Santa
Fe will quote any rate that hlppers are pre
pared to itay Unless peotj , Is ; patched up
there will bl a hot fight ox : .The Transmls-
sourl association has been (4tterliig for many
months , and freight men afeo , that little at-
tenton ( has been paid to II d1tates. From
the Denver standpoint I pears that the
Santa Ire management get tired tthrougb sus- ,
pectEII rate cutting and , potl.M to declare
war to the utterrnost. " .
_ _ . '
Il' 111..1 II thl" NIht.
SIOUX FALLS , S. D. , tGSpeclal- ( )
Nels hanson , who came t this county
twenty-two year ago from . Wisconsin - , died ,
quietly In bed last night lie must have :
died wIthout a struggle , ns his wife was not
awakened and dId iidt know tiere was
anything unusual tie matter until she woke
anti found her hu bJnd's dead body beside
her. About I year rgq he had a 'ntrke of 1
paralysis and hn ben a suferer since.
He leaves a wife ant five clll\dren. \ le had
considerable property and r , ady money ,
. - S ,
' ' ) 'h'j t. ' " gree _ tU : u ' 'I"I.t.
NI \ YORK , Oct G.-The' representatives
of the republicans. state lemocracy . and
Chamber of Commerce held a conference
which lasted until afrr mllnlght , trying 'A
agree upon a ticket against ; Tainniany. The
republicans are willIng to ; : only three
minor positions upon the ticl et-three jUdge-
ships-to the other elements , They agreed ,
however to endorse the excIse $ plank : of the
slate democracy which meets the views ot
the German reform elernent
. , ' ,
- - . - '
Floor Suddenly Gives Way with a Large
Number of People
C.ltrnl.t.r lu.1 1..u , i'url'e flint
tlitt .I..r . ' \'U" I umsecuire . limit lie Iii-
"I"C..l It " ' 1" l'I'iltStruii
1 1"Ijh to 10ie the l'eopbe .
LORAINE , 0. , Oct. 6.-While a great crowd
of people was assemblCI this afternoon to
witness the laying of lie corer stone of the (
new St. Mary's cathedral a telporary floor
on which ninny of the people were stanling
sUddenly gave way , precipitating many loon , ,
Women and chMen into the ( basement. One ,
was killed outright , ten were fatally Injured ,
and between thirty anti forty others were
badly hurt. The servIces were just about to
begin when the accident happened. Fully
3,000 : people were assembled on anti around
the platorm , which had been constructed
across the foundation of the edlnce. The
boards forming the temporary floor hall
been laid aCrot'3 the Joists , which were supported .
ported In the middle by uprIght posts. These
supports broke anti lie floor went down
with a crash. Fully 300 parsons were thrown
Into the pit formed by the ( sagging In the
middle of the noor.
For a moment everybody was paralyzed by
the calamity . but soon there was a rush
forward by those wiling to lend assistance
to the crushed and struggling people. This
mall maters worse , for fifty more persuns
were crowded forward upon those who went
down with the noor. When the confusion
had subsiled somewhat many of those who
were able to extricate themse'es did so by
walking or crawling over the less fortunate.
The work of rescue was begun at once and all
were finally taken from the pit.
Following Is a list oC the killed and
woundeti , Kllcd :
MARY WEBER , 3 years old , laughter of
Mr. Fatally and Mrs. Injured Mat : Weber of Slieflield .
ROSE M'OEE. skull fractured.
KATIE GRIFFIN , 8 years old , hurt In-
ternal )
crushed anti hurt Internal .
MRS. JOHN EUSTIN , left leg crushed and
chest Injured.
jured anti left leg crushed.
MARY GAIEH , severely crushed and hurt
MRS M. KELLY. injured internally.
allis. KATE DIEDItICIC . both legs broken
and hurt iOternaiiy.
JOHN 131)C1MP I . hurt Internally.
naly ,
are Those : badly injured , but who will recover ,
NellIe Dolard , head cut.
Nlohiola ! Wagner , skull fractured.
Lee 10bald. 3 years od ] , hoa,1 , cut ,
Colonel W. I Brown , leg and arm bruised.
Mrs , John Fox . both legs brolen.
Mrs. WillIam Dnfurget. hurt internally.
Mrs. Mary Latmer , rIght leg crushed .
Mrs. Jacob Keefer , hurt Internally and leg
will have to be amputated.
'John Martin , leg brolen.
John Eustin . . back hurt.
' -Jrs"M : ; DM ; lnkle 'broken. ,
Willam Ryan , leg broken. '
Many others were severely brutseth 'I'i' .
old CatholIc church was at once turned Into
a hospital . A score oC doctors were called
and they were kept busy for hours caring
for the Injured , several of whom wi lie
before morning. The accident was due to
defective timbers. The COl tractor was told
defect\'e tmbers
yesterday that the platform wat Insecure ,
but he said I would hold all the people that (
could be crowded upon it. There were be
tween 1.GOO and 2.000 people on I when tt
gave way. Despite the accident the services
were continued antI the laying of the corler
steno was compteted. .
Necuth'e Olhleerslssuie 11 Appeal to
hue' Ctlltr ) ' .
NEW YORK , Oct. G.-The national officers
and executive committee of the I'lsh National
allIance Issued today the following appeal :
ANCE , NEW YORK Oct. S-To , \1
Friends at Irish Inlependcnco : The eon-
vento which ! ! recently , ! _ f , I ? Ie. _ _ ! : , ;
cage \ne Jlsn ! UUUIU UIIU' , " ' . , " " I" . ' '
Its guidance and government In the hands
ot the undersigned for the ensuing two
years. The purpose ot the alliance has oh-
really been proclaimed-to obtain the com-
pIe to Independence or Ireland from England
by any means clnslstent with the laws of
nations . Organizations . like governmetits .
have to depend upon their venue for the
successful accomplishment of their ohjects.
"The sInews ot war" for both are absolutely
-ecessar ) ' . both for organization and proIJt-
gatlon. England the arch-enemy or Ire-
aton has at her disposal Immcnse re-
sources-tho accumulation or centuries of
conquest and piracy. She has It In her
power to control or mould public opinIon
In her own Interests. Even In free America
she possesses hat power to an astounding
extent. Her stile 0 rower Irish question has
filled the American mind for a quarter or n
century , ever since Ireland's friends at
home and abroad committed lie costly
fault of ( rusting to Parliamentary agia-
raul ton to achieve the liberty of their molher-
Now however , a totally different policy
has been tnaugurated. The absolute claim
or Ireland to a distinct national life has
been placed forcibly before the world by the
unanimous voice ot the reeen IrIsh national
congress held In Chicago. Provincialism has
been cast aside antI the national demand of
Ireland . which slumbered hut did not die , ts
again In the ascendant. We are determined
that It shall so remain antI that no effort
ot ours no sacrIfice on our part wl he
left untried or unperformed until victor
crowns our sacred cause. \Ve appeal , there-
fore to all friends of the Indeplllencc of
Irllnnll to ail us tn this good work Iy rlnc-
lag at our dlpposal the means required for
its accomplishment. You arc asked to sub-
, ' anti
scribe In accordance with your means
to forward your subscript ( ons n. soon as
possible to the secretary at the Irish Na- ,
I tonal Ilnnc ! lion , 1' . Y. Fltzgeralll , Flz- '
patrIck . 11 Twent-sccond street , Chicago
Ill God save America and Ireland. Signed
11 William Lyman presIdent Irish National
association : J. J. Donovan Masschusets ;
Martin Kelly . Tennessee ; J. J. SheehY , Call-
tornla : T. J. Ltintbon . Ohio ; J. Lawler.
Texas ; Chris Gallagher , : llnesola : Captain
M. Mangan . Wisconsin ; G. N. Kenned ,
Montana : J. II. Gleery , Pennsylvania.
Plans of organization are being Ilerfected
and wi be Issued In a . few days.
Hn1X'UO NO'I' WAN'l' 'VIlE lLtli.'I' .
1""lc' till AIIII'11 * othit . "oh'r. ot Se"
Y.rl , , \IIII.t F'ciiiiihi' SICrrl " .
ALBANY , N. Y. , Oct. G-The special state
committee of anti-woman sufragists , healled
by Mrs. John V. Pruyan of this city , has
issued the following address to the electors
of the state of New York :
"The commitee of women organlzeJ In the
state of New York to oppose the ( amend-
meat to the constitution striking out the
word 'male' In the qUllfcatons of voters .
address this appeal 10 the ( elector of the
state. The members of the committee are
perfectly aware that I Is unconstItutIonal to
ask for any person seeking nomination or
election to the legislature any pledge to hIs
discharge of the responsIbIlity of his pOll-
ton. ( They are anxious to urge upon the
voter of the state that they should take
Ito I
pains to secure the nomination and election
to the legIslature of men known to be op-
posed tl the impositIon upon women of the
unwelcome and unsuitable responsibilIty of
the ballot. I I not thought wise or necessary -
sary to enter 11\0 any appeal against so radI-
cal and fundamental ( a revolution In tbe ( ss-
tem oC elections. "
'I'C'ltlj C us' flights .r the limupuumoi'ls ,
CIE\J NN , Wyo. , Oct. 6.-JudgJ O\on
Clark , United States attorney Wyumlng ,
has received formal Instructions from the at.
torney general to applY for writs oC habeas
corpus for the release of the tWD Danuock
Indians arrested at Evanston for violation of
I the ( state game laws , tbusmaktng , a test cue.
I stn 'I'S A'I"l'ACiC S.tN'V.t CI.\I\ .
III ) ' si' " it IsIs S..II.r" Itll",1 11.1
' 111'lrrlu , Capt mireil.
T. IIA. Phi , Oct. 6.Paseengers arrh'
lag from Cuba tonight report the landing :
Thuulla or an expedition In Honda , forty
mIles wes of havana , comllosel of 180 \ \ el
armell titi . supposed to be commamlell by
Coluo or Corillo. Martinez C3mpos reached
la\ana Thursday morning front Santa Clara.
That night at 8 o'clock the Insurgents under
General Sanchez entercil the cIty 01 Santa
Clara. entering as far as Central park , killing
many Spanish soldiers , obtaining their arms ,
ammuniIon ane ] 11ro\llons all returll to
the ( country I \ sas I most llarlnp attack
and caused great excleuiueut. ( Campos upon
bearing of the boll stroke left Thurlluy at
mlllnight for Santa Clara without having
gLven al < lelce to any one Ills sudden de-
arture frm havana created consternation
there. Hal communIcatIon wih ( Santa Clara
Is huiiposslble. The IIJsurgents have destrO'ell
the track and the st'JrU on Tuesday serlonsly
dalage,1 , all the bridges leading to Ilavniia .
Over IG.OuO bales of tobacco are stored 11
RemedIes all Banta Care , but the ( Insurpents
IJrohlbLt their removal.
1.'rOII Cl I Pueblo Oyo Colorado thIrty leading .
Inp men joined the ( Insurgents after being
enlisted and equipped as Sanlsh'olunteer.
'he arc polng out TUEsnay under Alredo
Moo ( . Prom Alquez Thursday night thlrt-
five men jolltl the Insurgents. This Is forty
mies from In\'ana.
Iii the city of 11utanz3 the hOUSES of prom-
Intuit citizens \ \ ere searched for arms , un-
suiccssfulIy. Captain Jose La Crete his
hurtl ncruldu I , which Is near Sagna Ia
orallle , and destroyed tIme railway staten
and the tracls. The large PlantatIon In CI-
enful os of Marquis Apletugul , a Cuban who
anlated with the Spanish , was entirely
bured hy the Insurgents Monday . lIe offered -
fered ammuniton and money to save his
property , but without avail.
General Melo , with a Spanish Illtnchment ,
left Pue Geunto PrincIpe for Santiago pro\-
hlc some ( line ago. Nothing has been heard
from hIm since and fears that the whole
detachment have been lost are entertatned.
The storm anti rains rimineti newly planteti
tobacco. The auth orities are taxing' ( lie utter-
chants of Havana for assessments to aid in
( lie hmurehmase of new warships.
The Spanish solthlers' rations for several
days consIsted of a idece of tirteti beet anti
pilot breati , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
W'ItOIE ItMiLI ES 'II'I3i ) otI'l' .
.11st Ilugluinhiug tsIteiillze ( lie Mogul-
tumsie of the Cation PIssls ,
HAVANA , Oct. 6.-General MartInez tie
Campos has requesteti the governunont to
Issue extraordInary credit for ( ho pur ese of
aiding ( ho people of ( lie inundated districts
of Vuebta Ahajo. ito bias also Itersonalhy
hteatied a public subscription inteaded for a
sinillar purpose.
Lieutenant Cunlon , in commniit1 of a column
of forty troops , went In pursuit of a bantl of
insurgents near Daiquiri , province of Santiago
de Cuba , and was surroundeti by 300 Insiir-
gents. Lieutenant Aiere , with a force of
twenty , vent to his assistaiice , anti ( lie Insurgents -
surgents , thInking it was a large force , re-
treateti , leaving two killed and four
woumideti , The troops lost four wounded.
Word has been received here that forty-five
umioro bodies have been recovered fromn the
Inundateti district in Vuelta Abao , ( lie damage -
ago from ( lie flood and cyclone having now
reached ( ho dimension of a great disaster ,
Many more persomis , anti in fact whole fain-
liles , are missing. and as the flood eubsldea
amid the district is gone over by searchiiuig
parIe ( it is ( eared that the death Ist wii ito
greatly increased. The money loss to the
railway company at ( Imis time is estimated to
be nlpronchmiiug $300ObO. A cdnimliomI ot
clvii engineers bias seat to Arirnisa to
flnneaVOrtt ) rievisu-n beqn uTtItiui , . , , , . . , . . .
perIls to t'Iiichu ( hash dis11cts arc now subJected -
Jected may be avoid.e.t1 in 'the future. The
tlamagt' anti loss ( oirOperb' in that region is
imlOesibbc to calcu1atoitccUratelY , but it is
believed that It rissiInf . . , ( lie millions , .
_ _ _ '
Levi .Joumes Itemuehi's Albiiii' on
. 1(5 the 1'sttlun'n Capitol ,
ALBANY , N. Y,5 Oct. 6.-An aged tramp
came into Albany toriibt front over ( ho
Schenectady turititika anti Journeyed on to
find a uface In ( lie fields beyond to camimp
Ills gray hair huuig down over lila shouhtlema ,
btut lie held himself erect to the full stature
of six feet , and thought he wahiceti slowly. lie
steadIly covered ground. lie says his name Is
LevI .Iomies , and that Ito started last March
front Denver , Cob. , to walk to New York and
go thence to Washington any way he pleased ,
so long as lie gets ( hero by the tiiiie coi.
gress couiones , it Is for a $ iO,000 wager i nti
hi says that when the bet v.aS mnado lie
weighed 300 1otinds. By the terms 'of time
wager lie says lie is to have no rnoiiey nor is
he to sleep tinder a roof until Now York lit
reached. Accordingly Ito carries a roll of
old quilts and bhauikets under his lift arnt
anti a gunny sack with cookIng utemiells eli
his hack. while in lila hands Ito carri a cmi
old ( In can over half toll uf tea leaves t'at )
have been used several times. That lie cilti
not ask for money to help him along and
rather sought to conceal than reveal lila itieit-
tity lends color to his story. Jous says Ito
has twice hoofed it over ( lie mountains to time
City of Mexico and has camped almost all
over the Rockies as a mnimmimig proipecttr. lIe
has reduced hIs wclgbt to abptit 180 peunds.
' fluilluling.
Guttesi a Fomur-Stor'
DENVEI1 , Oct. 6.-FIre broke out at 5:15 :
p. no. today on ( he top floor of ( ho tour-story
brick block , 1636 to 1644 Lawrence street ,
burning fiercely for several hours , For seine
time ( he Markham hotel , at ( ho corner of
Seventeenth street , anti ( ho immense dry
gools emporium of Daniels & FIsher , extemiti-
ing from the burnitmg building to Sixteenth
street , were lii great dangei' , but ( lie fIre de-
partmen ( succeeded 1mm confining the flames
to time structure in which they started. ThiV
losses arc as follows : Leonard & Montgoni-
cry , building. $30,000 ; Cooper.lingus Furniture -
turo coimipitny , goods , stored 0mm third and
fourth floors , $15,000 ; hirunswick-IlahkC-Coh.
hismider company , billiards and bar fixtures ,
20,00O ; Troxel Bros. & Clark , bicycles and
rhtiimmg acadeiity , $3,000 ; Illinois Glass coat-
paiiy , wholesale warcrooumie , 10,000 ; total ,
$7so'J0. Thmo last thimee dims suffer prin-
cipaily ( rotavater. .
Dt'sl ro Amuierlemumu hte'sguit tutu ,
BALTIMOItE , Oct. 6.-In vles' of ( lie ic-
cent nnnotincemnent of thio organIzation of mm
itrovisional gos'erimment Iii Cuba , ( lie Standard -
ard bias secured nit interview with Mr. J , V.
Fuentes , prcstdoiit of ( lie Cuban club of Beaten -
ton , Mr. Futntes said : "The revtititloniste
have forimieti a goveriiiiieiit and are now perfecting -
fecting it before i'endiimg out ugents to time
various countries to secure recognitIon. Thmo
first chuntry ( lmat ve uibmall apply to Is ( hue
United States. We care mnore for ( lie Uzilteti
States' recognition thami anythIng else. After
such recognItIon Is obtatruoti evcrytlmItmg will
be changed. I'olitlcahiy we belcuig to Spain ,
but In every way we belong to the Umulted
States. We are fIghtIng for liberty and we
wIll have it If % vo have p fight for years. "
lelmiet1 F'imsunIng hltlli'is.
NE\\ ' YORK , Oct. 6.-Thu seamnor City of
l'aris , about timiry.six ( hours overdue , mtss
docked at ii o'clock tonight. The oiilelals
at Qmmnraiutinc mutatie an exeeptinui in favor of
the Paris , allowing it to iias iii ( list imighit eu
account itt her being hthttteti , Time delay wan
ittie to trouble lately developed of puimimig or
foaming of ( lie boliers. Itepaira were mutide
timirlng lic'r stay iii Southampton , whIch were
exluttcteti to remmicciy the .iimcul ( ) ' , bitt as soofi
as hio % vas sveil started the itrimnhumg again
started anti eouitiimieti all the i.iy acioss.
There was nO liteakilown anti no stormy
weather was esicouiiterptl , the Icelt of dry
ceaiut being ( lie emil ) ' dIfficulty.
- .
. S'it iii tue hlultsiisi ,
'i t % ( , Scluouuiers '
DETROI'I' , Oct. 6--As a result of a coi.
Usion whtehm occiirrei lii time northeast bend
at the St. Chair lusts last night , this schooner
Ifliatia lies at time bottom of St. Clahr river
and ( lie schooner Mary lies on liar beaiuu
end , suqk In shallow water. The eclm000ert !
were bound up iii tow of thi8 'Canadian tug ,
Kitty Ilaight , when they were run ibown
by ( lie hirepellor l'arh Foster , botmnti down.
The collision resulted from a iiiiuiidei sinai-
leg of sigmiale. The crews were rescued ,
Strangers Call Mr. Bchnolle to Hue Door
and Attack fun ,
Irs. Sc.li uueile l'mursmit-sl train tier II imps-
lauiuuti'p , Subs' to Cli. . hisumupse of 11cr
.lothui'm'-Nu iisitlvc
iCiusiiiii ,
La ( night about 8:15 : o'clock ( hreo on-
known mcii entered tIme house of Charles
harmon Schinelie , 3026 1)avetiport street , anti
attacked hihmit , ills face was batlly bruiseti ,
both eyes beIng closed , amid a gash of three
inches was mantle in ( ho front luart of lila
heati. Mrs. Sehmnelle chased for over it
block by one of tIm thugs , antI only escapeul
by runmuing Iuito ( Ito house of her niother ,
Mrs. llenry hiusch , mhio resides at 315 North
Thirtieth street ,
Mr. amid Mrs. Sclmnello have recently moved
into ( lie house , anti have hot yet bocoimie ftuily
settlcti. They vero sittIng in tIme library
Inst evening itlayimig a gamtio of parciiosi siheui
( hey heard mmoises on ( lie outaitle , Thu
Inmebanti said it mnust be ( ho wind , amid the
gemini proceeded. It % mas not long before the
behi ramig , amuti Mr , Schumello arose to answer
It , Ills wife , fearing that It Smas some otto
who called for no gooti Piirhiose , said :
"Charlie , talto your revolver , " This lie did
riot do , anti opemieti tIme door ,
lleforo lie hiati aim opportunity to greet liii
callers Ito was grabbed anti thrown to ( lie
floor of his hallway. Ito coimlti not see hits
assailants , but lie had ( into to notIce that
0mb of ( rieuui hiatt it revolver in his hmimrmd ,
This was probaby tue imistrument witlu which
Schmimello was struck tipoit ( ho head. Ills face
was Iouuitied so fast that It seemed to hilimi
( lint ( Ito bhows milust be eouimImug from all six
fists at once. Blootl streaumieti from hits head
tumid face and hin was left tupomi ( he floor iii mtn
almost insensible comitiittouu , whIle the in-
trutlers turmied ( heir attention to lila sife ,
As soon as Schinello was seizeti ho cried
out : "Rumi , Tille , run , ' ' It was her ap-
Proachi in ( lie hall ( lint doubtbcs induced ( ho
rufhians to heave her hiusbamiti.'hmen sIte saw
tIm awful sIght In ( lie haIl sIte screaumieti anti
rushed to ( lie back door , Neither Mr. or
Mrs. Schinelle , sslio were alomie in ( lie large
hioue , remember exactly whmathiappenetl at
( lila ( line , but at least olme of ( lieni ran after
her. lie followOd her out of tIme rear door and
chiasmi her over a black , "At one ( line , "
shio said , ' 'I thought lie mmouhd stmrely catcim
tile. lIe was right on miiy heels. ' ' But just
as her imursuer was about to overtake her
she reachieti her mother's house anti stujubled
inside ( Ito door ,
TIm neighiltore were quIckly arotmseti and a
scaichi for ( lie ( hugs iumatle , butt in vain , as
they Imati matbe their escaiie after doing ( heir
fotul work , anti befot e an alarm comulti bo
given. Mr. Schuehlo was fouuuid in a helpless
Couiditon gruptmmg about thmo house and caihimig
fom' aiti. A tohehthione unessage was sent to
( hi police station by Mr. Ross , a neIghbor ,
amiti ( lie officers were on ( lie scene withmiit
Ilfteemi mniimumtes after thu assault took place ,
A predecessor of time gamig is thought to
have made lila iiispeclon ( of tIme house and its
interior arramigenient on Friday morning. At
( lint ( tune a young maim of good appearance
stopped at thi back door and asketi Mrs.
Sciinehhe for sonietling to eat. Ito wan taken
! ; fli''sfimiuig. Atcr (
ho hail lintahic'd his hrcahcfast lie thmi'ew lila
head down on the table anti appeared to be
asleep. Mrs. Schinelle , thilmuleing that ( lie
young maui mait tired as well as hungry , dlii
not disturb him. lie lmreteuidcd to sleep untIl
Miss Relay , whuo lives with ( ho Schmmelles , iou-
expectedly catered the kItchen. Time mmiami
started up suddenly and hooked chiagrineti ,
hio arose anti walketi through tht- first door ,
antI meeting Mrs. Schmnmelio in the parlor said :
'Latly , is there anything I can firm to show my
' ' Iriforuiied lila services
( hiamiks ? hieing that
vere not uioetieti lie leisurely walktd back to
thio rear door anti bade time vnmmien good
morning. Ills careful Inspection of tIme house
attracted ( lie atentiomi of Mls Remny , who
spoke about ( lie matter at ( lint time ,
No niotive for ( hiecrlimme is known. It was
clearhy not robbery , as bundles of silverware
anti hiousehohti goods were loft undisturbed ,
Sclunclho has Ilveti Iii Omaha far eight years ,
being enmployetl by ( lie Champion Iron com-
tinny. The couple hiava ilveti across tIme
Street for a number of years , anti only re-
cemmthy moved into thIs nco' residence , It was
saId last cvenlng that ( ho assault aught have
been mittlo by parties who wore very mtmch
uilsappolmitcd in theIr failure to obtain the
residence secured by Sclmnchbe. Both Mr. omnd
Mrs. Schnohio emphatically deny ( hint they
have any enemies , anti they can thmimik of no
one who could have the slIghtest excuiie for
committing such a deti. A piece of mope was
found by time 1)011cc iii ( lie hallway near
\mhicro Mr. Schinehio was lcuiocked dot'ii ,
' -
Iefmummhtimug Ilupres5CoflifltiflCfls1ifeW
Citmuilut by the Deh'utli'i's ,
BALTIMOIW , Md. , Oct. 6-JoItnilon Far.
don , alias T. J. Frauikhin , was arrested In
lIaltimore today for steahluig $16,000 from the
office of ( lie Adanie Exhtress company at
Terre Ilaute , tad. The arrest was brought
about by 1Iumkerton Detcctivo Johin It. Seville ,
mvhmo has ticezi working emi ( ho case slitce the
larceny occurred , September 6. The detective
says Farden cunployetl as cashier of ( lie
express company amid ( lint nit ( Ito date tilted
lie put a puckage containing $10,000 in liii
pocket anti disappeared. lie was traced to
Washington and then to liuhtiniore , Detecttve
Savthhe , with time assletaitce of Sergeant lCd-
feschm , fotmntl him in a hoardhmmg hiotise emi \Vest
Fayette street , . whein they arrested him.
Farden adnmlteti ( to Marshal leroy tlmat lid had
taken the inoumey anti said lie was willing
to return to Terre haute without the formnai.
iy ( of reqtulsitmoii Itaitera. Detective Savlilo
mviii probably leave for ( lie west smIth hilts
lrlsomuer to'morrs'm' .
Fardemt stilted to the authorities ( hint lie
hind spemut every cent of lila share of the
* 16,000 iii fast living. lIe vas wihmout ( a
ccitt , lb asserts that lot was cashier in ( lie
Atisuna express ollico at Terre Haute anti for
fourteen niotilhs ho hiati been putting up
uneasy for ( lie express ctimnp.tuiy at ( hat place ,
when it was dic overetl that Ito was uuhuort
in lila accoumits. 'V.'hen ( hue auditui' of tIme
coifllaiiY would vibit time uliice to caiiiino ( he
books Fartien would temporarily place money
lao hiandleti In the agent's drawer to balance
( lie accotmimli. In Septemmiber last lie hut in
II , package containing $16,000. The agent
cut It open and at tIme same ( Imsie IProposed
( hint ( hey dIvide ( hue smmoiiey anti leave the
state , The agent gave Farden 5,000 and
retimlitci ( lie renialnimug $ il,00d hmimuiselt.
Farden deserted Iii wife atid children amid
left ( hue do' . goingto New 'orhc , whierus lie
slieiit somits.time. . . Fromn thmero lie traveled
In Nemi' Orleans , where tie reinmmimtet.a timu its
left for ( lila city , arriving here last. F'rittay ,
Fardemu alsO weld ( list this express agent In
thm case left Tetro haute emi the sumuis day
lie ( lit ) . Time formuier went south , he.srden
was traced to New \'orh , thieiu to New Or-
leaims aumd finally to ( liii city. Iii every place
he vent tIme accused is eald to have beemi a
hIgh roller amid to hiam'e spent miiomiey like
svater. Farden was foriicrhy , einpioyuti In
time 'l'rCaelmy tleptrtmiient \'staImimigton anti
afterward was tin examnlumer In the peiislon
deparimuiemit. lie Smut fIrst emmipboyad by the
express COiiitauiy about three years ago ,
- - - -
SI iii 1,1) ' hIm. mu A si mu u fa'oiti hioumc ,
tmEN'EIt , Oct. --henry .lier , limo boy
mlio Fought poli'e it' ' ott'IiOti iii C'Iiicago ,
clainsimig (0 ( have hec'n kithnaped at Ienver
hi ) ' Ii traimup , left lilt hmonie hicro iiipril , 1891 ,
iii commiliammy with ( we sillier lrnys , one of
ivhiOmii canto hii.ek frcimmm Omaha. ilemmry'a father
siteti several years ego , iitl hits iuiothmer mar-
rit"i .Ioli mm lienton a muminer. 'iii ' a. I Ic nba hiatt
not hunind trmu her can since hmi tllaiiplit'ar.
emmett until uta ; of lmliui citnu iii ( he Ascii-
elated press lls1uAee's ) 'CtStla ) ' , lie hiss
two si 'era living Iii fliinver also , lilt uior
of behne lIl'tapad : is oat credited lieu ,
, . . . , .

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