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8 1'Jl1 0M.AIiA DAILY fEE \ : FHIDAY : , NOVEmlfilElt : 8 , lSHr ; _
Enm Rillnoy ; Who Assaulted Officer Baldwin
Will Go to Prison ,
Ore lit the Assnlhuits lit \.111111 IIitNN
Aelulll".IA' . . . . . Ills ( hili' 1II1t1
h. S .lIti.II..1 It ) ' Judge
j Alllltrll" .
1'ho trial of Sal11 Sidney , the nero ! ; who cut
, Olllcer Balelwln while the latter was trying to
I arrest hIm , tlll , not take much lime In the
crlmlanl court yesterl13y. By noon t1w
I cafe was placed In the hands of the jury , with
i , the chances In favor or 11 verdict of guilty , as
I the cvlrlen teemed to be largely against the
On the evening of October G Sidney was
'I ' somewhat IntoxlratElI and threatened two colored -
orell women , living I1t 1122 Chicago street ,
and finally beat them severely. The women
complained to Ollleer Baldwin , and about 9
o'cloek the olllen met Sidney , and at once
proceeded to place him under arrest. Sidney
resisted , Baldwin finally threw hIm to the
ground , hut In the meantime the negro was
Inllustllously ulnt a razor on Dalelwln's
throat. When the officer and his prisoner
tV arrived at the police station ! It was found that
Baldwin hall 11\0 long gashes In his throat ,
ci which were at first thought to bi ! serIous.
4 I The deCense did net spend much lime In
tryIng to disprove the facts In the case. It
I H was strongly urged , however , that the officer
r hall no right to arrest the man on the com-
plaint of the women , without a warrant , and
, that therefore , Sidney cut the olllcer simply
In defense of his liberty
Yesterday Torn McCarty , a member
I" " of the lcCarty gang which made an assault .
sault upon Adam Hus In Sarpy county some
J , lime ago was before Judge Ambrose , I
and wltllllra\\lng his former plea or not
guilty , pleaded guilty 10 the charge of as-
inuit with Intent to kill
I , t Without going Into the details 'of the al1-
r , sault , which , as described In the trIal of
: ; the prisoner' ! brother , Vie McCarty . Judge
I Ambrose ! said It was the most dastardly In thc
( annals oC Snrpy county. Judge Ambrose
, sentenced l lcCarty to fifteen years In the
t " penitentiary at hard labor. I
I The attorneys of the lcCarty : gang say .
that the other two members , Gallagher \ and
Chopin , will not plead guilt . but will stand
trial It Is understood that the pIca of
guilty on Tom \fcCarty's ! \ part was to sound
the feeling \ of the court If he lad been
given lighter \ sentcn the other two would
Ifist probably have also entered a plea oC gulllY.
Ol 1\"I'gngS'l' : 'I'U ' 1'\\0 1I.\\IS. :
Property , IIII.,1 ) : II'rrly In Ilmc Mud
of one tllll.
In Judge Feruson's ! ' : court room the First
National bank of Hastings ] 19 endeavorIng to
recover $73G from the Nebraska National
hank or this city on a draft The draft was
Issued by the Nebraska Loan and Trust
company of Hastings to Martin Dugan , all a
) tit loan on some real I'state. The loan was ne-
' gotlateel by A. 1If. Swarlzenbrugcr of Colum-
dI lJus. It Is alleged ! ; that a year after the
transaction , In 1892 , It was discovered that
t/ Dngan was a /lctilloU / personae ! , and that
/ the Property that was pledged to SEcure
' the loan I'xlstcII on paper only In the
1 meantime , however the draft had been pal } (
and had been returned 10 the Hastings bank ,
on which It had originally \ been drawn after
having passed through ! the hands of the
Nebraska National bank The loan company -
pany made a demand on the Hllstlng" bank
for the money and It was paid Now the
i Hastings , hank Is seeking to recover the
! amount from tll3 local bank : , as the draft
" was endorsed by . the latter.
t I The defense Is nllllie that a9 the draft
d WILl ! put on the market as genuine paper by
I , Swartzenbruger who at the time was an
t I agent of the loan company the plalntilTs
, must seek to recover tram the loan com-
j SIIIIIII1 1lrnit ' s Some 'I'hhl/-
Samuel J. Ceffman has answered the petition , -
'j tlon for a divorce , wherein suit was brought
1 a few days ago by his wife , undo Coltman
t lie wants mho rase ellsmlss and denies that
ho Is guilty ! of the charges brought against
him hy his wife tic Ears that on the otter
. hand hid wire has frequently called JIm ! vile
allli abusive names In trio presence of his
rhlltren. 110 also desires 11 few things
In tie frat place he desires a clear title to
sumo properly which Is now In the name of
his wire tie says that the properly was
trantferred to har as D matter of con en-
Il'nce , but that she never paid a cent for It ,
tie denies , too , that he used her property ,
borrowed any of II , or mortgaged , It , except
under \ her Instructions , and that If any of her
property Is gone It Is due to her own extravagance .
gance tie alleges that she has a consider-
tlblo nlllount let ! and thinks that , therefore ,
she ought not to he awarded alimony , or that
he should be rom\lIctl \ to pay the costs of the
divorce snlHe \ aha desires the custody or
I their three chllliren ,
At "n Aeeouul "r II \1111I. :
The Nebraska Clothing company has called
J , . D , LOHY Into court to show why ho
should riot he punished for violating are-
l'tralnlng order.
Some time ago Loevy was using the name
"Nebraska Clothing Company" as the name
of hln firm , whlrh did a clothing' business In
SOlllh Omaha , The NehraNlca Clothing COI1\
pany obJected to this and succeeded , In oh-
talnln nn order realrJlnlng I.oevy from
I I further 1I"n : the name , It Is alleged that
J.oevy has changed the name to the "Ne-
braska , " thereby conforming to the form
of th order but not to Its real Intent , and
has persisted In claiming that his store was
a branch oC time local IIrm's ,
. .
- - - - - -
Sued for insurnuve.
In Judge ! : 111.111'court a suit IR on trial
Karl lo'.11t1nat against the Omaha Fire Insur-
nnce company , 10 recover $ S00 InsUl'ane on
a policy that ! covered a house and contents
: whIch horned III , August 1S9 II I , The Insurance -
ance company \ refuses \II \ pay , and allrgell
that the policy was not 11'u11 with knowledge -
edge of its ollll"'rs , but by soup lrresponsl-
. ble IIgenl. It ts alleged that slim application .
tlol\ rims first made for I' policy , It was re-
I freed because tt was found that 1".11t1l1at IHd
! . nut own the land on hlch the house ( stood ,
but that he was u squatter.
_ .
loved : - run II X..w : - 'I'rlnl.
A motion for a new trial In the Snyder civil
suit has been made hy the bOllll8men of Sny-
der. The motion chargeserrors on the part
of the prosecuting attorneys and the court
It Is further charged that the court refused
I each of tae defendants , , Bn'llpr and his six I
bondsmen \ , three clialienges of jurors apiece ,
t lIl1ur lulh'cN tn Court
I The mallllamus proceedings In the county
poor farm cases : art occupying the attention
of Judge Dufile
, Sprague . Warner & Co have begun an at-
' tachmonl suit of $2GO against Hobart Wt- !
I' IIl\lI\s on an aceollnt
'I '
, The Creighton will \ case Is still \ on before
'i Judge Keysor. Yl'lterdl witnesses were
introduced to show that Creighton was f1er-
fectly sane when ho I11I1e < the will.
i Mary M. and : ! Nina Marshall have been appointed -
pointed I\lhllluh'tratcrB of the estate of Mart -
t tin Iarshllll , and ItebeccaI'mstroug alI-
I mlnlstratrlx of the estate of Thomas 1' .
I , Armstrong /
In , 'nn amended : petition the Minneapolis
! Piro Insurance complln bas decreased the I
, I amount of Its alleged ! claim against the I
: ! Omaha Fire Insurance I'onliany ) to $130'1
, This amount Is alleged to bo due on a re-
\ i Insurance compact \ : entered Into between the :
I two companies
: " .
, I Columbia 'Netal Polish Croas Gun CO.
'I ' . ' , . . . . . ( 'cll.\ni ) lloyllS
I I , . Special ' Lnllli - IhcurNiOU Su.mh'r
. . . , . 'lull [
! i A special \ Orchard home Land C ours'on
leaves Omana November 16th for the Muth
I Special facllltle given this party to see the
, country. For 1 rates apply to
GEO.V . AMES , Gen Agt . "
1617 Farnatn St. .
Omaha , Neb
Du. Nichols & Nichols , specIal attention to
dIseases of women and children , 1493 Farnam ,
Minstrels Solos and Drllll at k.Sar-Den :
I Jubilee
- . - - j
lIa'deu Broa ' ad I. "D page 2. . ,
, . ' - . . _ . - - ' .
' 1'IIn U. S. GI.XSt1S tll1II.I'rIS /
( lh'r" fh , ' J"lIlIu'huc 1)lIfll.
"Truck farming , although ! It consists In the
production of green vegetables ; for market III
dlstlnJulllhed from market gardenIng by the
fact that , while the market gardener lives
near a marklt , and delivers his products with
his own teams , usually producing a general
variety of vegetables , the truck farmer lives
remote from market , Is dependent upon
transportation companies and commission men
for the delivery and ale of his products , and
usually devotes himself to such specialties as
are best suited to his soil and climate
"I ' or various reasons It Is shown that at the
present time a very considerable portion or
the vegetables consumed ! In cities and towns
are produced from GOO to 100 miles away
It Is also InterEsting to note that instead of
havIng vegetables only In their respective
seasons , the , larger cities and towns now con-
sume them the year round by drawIng on dif-
ferent sections of the country for their sup-
ply For instance late In the Call and early
In the spring , the eastern and central cities
are supplied lIy Florida soil the lower Missis
slppl valley while California supplies those of
the Car west and mountaIn sections As the
season advances , at the rate of about thIrteen
miles a day the growth and consequent sup-
ply Is started , up along the Atlantic coast and
the great Mlaslssippl valley. The midsummer
season of the north continues the supply until
the autumn frosts drive the consumers to the
south again for their supply where a freslu
crop Is ready for the market"
These cOlllllttons make the vegetable and
fruit farmer If the Orchard Hones region the
fastest , surest money-msler In this country.
See Orchard 1I0mes. It will pay you to 110
so Gee W. Ames , general agent , 1617 Far-
flails street , Omaha , Neb ,
- . 1.t7.1 ; Wlthllllt " ' ; I i---
Eliza Watson 70 years of age , was arrested -
rested Wednesday nIght at the Union depot and
taken to the station. She stated that she
lived In Logan Ja . and started a week ago
to visit some friends at Plattsmonth. When
silo arrived there she found the house closed
and her friends absent. Being without
money and a stranger she at length pre-
vailed upon n kind hearted conductor to
bring her . to thIs city She went out to the
poor farm for a few days but
came down to the city to try and find work ,
'l'ralwportatlon will be obtained for Mrs. Watson .
son and she will be sent back to Logan.
1111)\1 . Urns .
Matchless bargain sale
Dress goods ,
Silks and velvets. '
Sateens and calices.
Wash dress goolls.
Linens and white oods.
Muslins and sheetlngs.
Blankets acid comforts ,
Flannels and casslmeres.
Furnishing gool1s.
Cloaks , shawls , snit .
'Ien's and boy's clothing.
Notions and fancy goolh.
See advertisement on page 2 for prices
Take the Burllngton's 9:48 : n. m. train
for St Joe and Kansas City. Over an hour
raster than the fastest day train of any other
IIno.City ticket olllce , 1324 Farnam street
S'w ' 1'111I" Cur,1 tin the " 1 ( . C. "
See time table column on another page.
l'gIlSIlUl'AIlHUAI'HS. : .
T. T. Mayors of Peru was registered at the
Mrs . M. E. Jakway of Kearney Is at the
I'axton '
1m A. Barnes of Grand Island was In the
city ycsterday.
A. W. Nlcltell oC Beatrice was at the Arcade -
callo yesterday
A. E. I Coddington of Kearney was In the
city yesterday
T. Kalow of Toklo Japan , was a Merchants
guest yesterllay.
Mr. and Mr . O. M lcConnel of Topeka
are at the Paxton.
District ; Jucge.elect Dickinson of Tekamah
Is 'ut the Delloue. .
Dr ; ' and \ Mrs H. S. Summers of West Point
are at 'the I'lIxton.
: Mrs J. 11. Cessna of Hastings was at the
Millard yesterday
Prot. IIcrrmann's company Is making the
Darker headquarters.
Judge Norris and II , T. Donnell of Ponca
are guests at the Dellone.
John W . Hancher of Hot Springs , S. D"
was a Mercer : guest yesterday
Judge James lIasl'Ctt and A. W. Clarke of
I'aplllion are nt the Merchants ,
A , W. Clarke and James lIassett of Pa-
pillion were In the city yesterday .
George C. BurnelI allli C. McClenahan arc
New York arrivals lit the Barler.
Dr 11. S , Summers and Irs. Summers of
West Point are guests at the Paxton
H. p , lIauptmsn , a stock man of Swanton ,
Neb" , stopped lit the Arcade yesterday .
olr , and Mrs , J. I. Jordan of Iron Moun-
tale W'O" , lire guests ! at the : Merchants
John S , Wlesmllll and II , J , Whitman of
Lincoln were registered at the Merchants .
J. 11 Warren and who and J. C. McFar-
land ore Chicago arrivals at the Darler.
Mrs. Q.V . Berge and Miss Josephine
Widener of Lincoln were III the city yes ter-
da ) ' .
D. J. Sheehan , a prominent cattle man of
Ranger " 'ro.as In the city at the Merchants -
chants yesterday
Jude ! W. F . Norris of Ponca and Judge
Charles T. Dickinson of Tekamah are registered .
tered at the Dellone
r. . J. Dolsen , traveling passenger agent
or the Missouri Pacific f\4I1road : company , Is
stopping at thin Barlcr.
Mr D 11. Wheeler , one of the old time
advance agents , now ahead of "Tho Dazzler"
ccunpahy \ , Is a Barker guest.
F. Sonnenschein , United States conmis-
sloner for the First Nebraska ; district , came
In this morning from West Point
Ell Levels , jl' . , roC Kansas City , general agent
for the United States and Pacillc Express
cOI1l\1anles \ was III the city 'estertlay.
S. E , Olson oC O\son \ & Co. . Minneapolis ,
purchaser of the Morse dry goods stock Is
In the city : to remain a few da's. lie
Is lit the olurray
At the Murray : T. S , Miller , Newark ,
N. J. ; Nelson T , IIroolto , Boston ; S. E , Olson ,
Minneapolis : II , E , FIsh , S , L , Hopper , Chl-
Clgo ; , \ . lC Leman , Norfolk , Neb ; H. I. I
Scott ! ! , Davenport , la : Edward L Bloom and !
wife , New York ; Arnold Shawl , Kansas City , I
r\ebrarknns registering at the hotels today
arcV. : , A. lc\IIster ! , C A. Wo031ey , Daniel
S'hr3111 , Columbus ; W H. Morse , Clarks :
John H. 1I0npr. . Gra.l . ; : Island : F. . A , Stevens ,
Grand Island : Matt Miller . David City : lIIrs.
Nichols , Clarks ; John A. Cato : , Hastings ;
John L , Wilson , Tekllmah ; S , C , Dilley , fled
X..ltl.ItMt.ItIlM IIf the hotels ' .
At the Paxton-II. W , I1rlsl' , Ullrralo.
At the 1I1111ard-I , J , . Vance , Pawned
City ; E. McIntyre , Seward ,
At the Arcade- . Mntt Miller \ , David City :
S. Hacler.Inswurt ; John " ' . Sautee ,
Niobrara ; J. HIIHtle , Auburn ; C. F. Katie ,
Madison1' : . 11. Bennett , Fremont ; AV. .
JIcob"'II'ne. .
At the Dollono-S. A. Dilley , Iced . Cloud :
U. 'I' . Uunnell 1'0nca. : John LVllson , Tc
Immah : John A , Caste IIn5I1ns : : J . 'I'elil-
patty , Port Hoblnson ; C. llostetter Central
City ; p C Catlin , Columbus U. II Osler-
bush , ( l:01uml1ll5 : J. F. l'urldn , 'ceplng
'nlel' ,
At the 'Ierchants-John n , Denser Grand
Island ; Daniel I : > Sehrane Columbus ; John n.
Pler on'ol'k ; James Leonard . North
Platte : R Suiah 1 : . Kem 1 ' nev : John North p ,
I.InwoOll , Ne" : J , S. Uavilison/ Long Point ;
1' . S 1 : . Fuller Blue Springs ; \\h II Uurne .
1\lIrtlnsloll ; , \ . E , Corey Pawnee ; C. B ,
Pierce , Pawnee - ; l. : 111. . . Berry , Dookwalter ,
LOC'tL lihtC1'r1ES
Burlington traIn ' No. 3 was over three
hours late yesterday afternoon because of a
wreck III Iowa ,
This evening the social committee of the
Lowe Avenue Presbyterian church will \ con
duct a house warming III the new parsonage
4215 NIcholas street
Joseph UrOb11l11l1 and Joseph Flala 1 : of 130:1. : :
South Thirteenth street flirt In Ilersonal
combat last evening. rJala was bruised :
about the face allli sought redr.as by havIng
Gr0519an srrested. .
Tht Salvation army pecple will give an
oyster supper In the barracks , SeVenteenth
and Davenport streets , this evenlnJ ' . Tile
proceeds of Ihe supper will go toward buying
It stove for the church
. -
Itcurro seats for Ak - Ssr - Ben jubilee at . \ .
re'er'l mule store , November S to 12.
Ifaydgn Bros ad II QI1 page .
Clltt..cllnn of Unique SIhn"II" * nt
the I'lIltll Library ' . - II
When AUbrey Beardsley the poor prlnter's
apprentice In London , Ilrow his first picture I I
In black and white , ho little imagined Its I
posolbillties as an advertisIng medium Ills ,
wasp-walstell girls and grotesque figures
have become a fad throughout the land To ,
appreciate this ono should visit the art gal-
lery of the Omaha public library and view
the poster display , The collection on ex-
hbltlon : embraces more than 100 desIgns ,
printed In every color of the rainbow .
There are girls In hurt sleeves of colossal
proportions , unicorns and the ever present
Napoleon on his white horse wIth Its flowing / -
Ing mane , while the mythical sea serpent
wriggles through a green ocean formed by
the background of the gallery wall and the
golden haired maiden with form protruding
from a hunch of bull rushes , tosses kIsses to
the modern youth In creased trousers on the
opposite side of the room.
The posters represent the advertising de-
signs of a large number of publishing houses ,
both In America and abroad , and present an
array of talent Each design sets forth the
name of a book , newspaper or periodical and
every letter emblazoned on each announce-
ment Is entirely different from Its neighbor .
Hanging on the wall arc specimens from the
presses of The Century company , Scribner's ,
1.lpplncott's anti enlarged covers from the
Sunday editions of the NV York R'orld
There are dainty photogravures tram Truth
and unique black and white designs from the
covers of the Chap Baal . Some of the most
clever work on this last publication Is done
by W. H. Bradley of New Turk The artistic
parts of the World's Sunday editions are
drawn br a host of artists , but the most
clever designs ! are by Hasldll and Shaw of
the regular ! staff
In the collection there are several French
designs one announcing I.e Pole Nerd at 18
Hue de Clench , and another the Salon des
Cast 3 Expesltlon. There Is also a picture
of the Jardin des I'arls representing a small
lake with a toboggan ! slide In the distance ,
brilliantly lighted with electric pendants
The coloring In this picture 1t1 so real that
It leaves little to be Imagined for the gelm-
Ino article
The poster exhibit will be open during the
day . to the public the rest of the present
week : Saturday evening from 7 till 9.
The posters were lent for the present ox-
hlbltlon and are the property of Messrs. Victor .
tor Hosewater , James Listen Houston and
Mrs. Lewis Hpetl
A 11I.h'rll Scl"lIlIe Jtnlh.u .
One of the finest illustrations In the world
of the perfection of modern scientific rail-
reading Is furnished by the ever popular
New York Central & Hudson River railroad
Traversing the bank of the famous Hudson-
a river endowed by nature with some of the
flllrEl scenic pictures In eastern Amerlca-
the road possesses natural advantages of peculiar -
cullar attractiveness. Added to these Is one
oC the most carefully \ constructed lines In
existence , guarded by competent men and
equipped with the very latest devices 10 In-
sure safety , and boasting rightfully roiling
stock which embodies every modern Improve-
ment of value In securing luxurious comfort
for travelers The New York Central affords
fast direct routes between the most Important
commercIal centers of the United Stales and ,
Canada , and Is the only trunk line enterIng !
New York City. All trains arrive at and depart '
part from the Grand Central station , In the
center of the metropolls-Outlng.
Li7SSIE LASIII.LI. ; gsns ngu 1.1Io'E.
\\'reelc or II \'lIlIInll Ph,1I. Surcease
fir \Poe III lllIrlhlll" :
Eight years ago Lessle LaSelle , alias Lesslo
Green , a white woman whose rooms lit
Ninth street allli Capitol avenue n few
months ago were ono of the most notorIous
In Omaha resorts of thieves , she acting as a
"fence" for the gang ! , Is dead. She was
the mistress or 'Vyman Saunders a negro
convIcted of burSlar" and now In mho pent-
tentlary at' Lincoln ' : A-ern Saunders' ; . conviction .
viction the woman took 10 drink and even-
tually drifted from place to place until sHe
moved to the hovel whore she died.
Wednesday evening Officer Baldwin was
notified that a woman was dying In the rooms
of an old tumble down house on Captlol
avenue and upon going ! to the place he found
I.esslo LaSelle suffering from the effects of
an overdose of morphine. A doctor was
called and an emetic glvpn The woman
recovered and seemed to be on the road to
recovery. Last night the olcer In going
past the house looked In and found the
woman In bed , dead The body was removed
to the morgue , where an inquest will be
held today
Not much Is known of the woman except
that her true name Is neither of the aliases
by whIch she was known to the police. She
came to Omaha from central Iowa about
eight years ago. At first she was employed
In a store Is saleswoman. Falling In with
a Cast set , she sinned and sank.
JWlJ.lXG'roOU'rE. : .
P'r"nJln ) ' Co , ,1lh',1 gxeurMhn" 10
From Omaha every Thursday mornlng-
through to Los Angeles without change
everything IIrst-class but tickets.
Fast tlme-'ou reach San Francisco Sunday
evening : Los Angeles Monday noon Experienced -
perlcnced excursion conductor accompanies
each excursion-uniformed Pullman porter
with each car. Only personaly conducted
excursions to the Pacific coast which pass
through Denver.
Cal at the city ticket olllce , 1321 l'lIrnam
street , and get full Information , or write J.
Francs , general passenger agent , Omaha.
- S
Cradle mud the Grave .
The following births and deaths were reported -
ported at hte health olllce durIng the t'enty-
four hours ending at noon yesterday :
Births-Charles Martou , 301 Pacific street ,
girl ; Charles Hosengreen , 2307 South ThIr-
teenth , , girl : Chris NIelsen , 2626 Bees , boy ;
Britn B , OrJlths , 522 North Twentr-thlrd ,
boy .
Deaths-Ituth [ Shonqulst , 2 years . 122
North Twel r-lrst street , croup , Mount
Hope ; Helene Bantch , G9. 1212 South Fourth ,
Laurel Hull ; Charles Jaeger , & 9. 911 North
Eighteenth , old age Laurel 11 : Agnes
Beard , 2G : .102 North Thirtieth , Bright's dls-
case , Interment at Kansas CI ) ' .
_ _
A J.I.1'IIChlrl.'l
Is onb who enjoys privileges not granted to
othrs. Such Is every traveler vIa the Union
Pacific "Overland Haute" to Colorado Utah
and California.
A few of the privileges :
You get there quicker
You have 10 change of cars
Timrough Pullman Sleepers and Dining Cars ,
Trains healed by steam and lighted with
Plntsch Light. A. C DUNN ,
City Pass & Ticket Ag ! ,
1302 Fnrnam St ,
't'ent llnley's I'Ictnre.
A letter has been received by Chief
Sigwart fem the American Detective agency
asking for n photograph of Edward Haley , I
former. Omaha crook , Haley Is at present
serving a sentence at Fort Madison for 1,1
lug two Dubuque officers. I Is thought other
crimes of a serious nature have been discov-
creel In which be huts bean Implcated ,
Haley's accomplice , James Van Ness , who
was with him at time time when the murders
were committed , escaped and has lately bsen
located I : at Rotterdam , Holland .
. 5
Arcutng the Casc XI1' .
Argument was rEsumed yesterday In the
Union Pacific headquarter over the account
of the lnver & Gulf and the Union Pacific ,
The accounts under controversy are those relating -
latinK to trllUc between the two roads before
the Union Pacific went Into the hands of the
receivers In all probability there \.1 be no
13tbfaclory settlement reached wl hln a week
The amount of money Involv dot the adjudl-
ctlon Is not known at this'lime.
- - - -
fAl-BPN. .
'I'Iicy' " "lt.1 Mum 11"1. .
Earnest Wlmlhelm , the lan who was arrested -
rested last Tuesday morning for drlvl' ! off
with five bushel. of apples which he had
pyrchued of a peddler at Tenth and Harney'
streets , but filled to pay for was brought
up before the insanity bond yesterday
and adjudged Insane lie will be cent to
Lincoln . .
'Jlkt"1 ' 1 J.lnuIIII.
Yesterday Deputy Sheriff Rosnzweig
took three long time prliomn to the pmt-
- -
- . . .tt-
tentillry. They were rank I Whitney , sentenced -
tencell to seven years ; larry Paxton , to .Ix
years , situ M. F . Martin , alias Elliot , to two
ycan. Paten end 'Whiney ' ire the two
men who robbed the 1llherty residence of
$ ,800 worth of diamonds , and Martin Is the
aCeblower who Is suspected of being the
man who attempted to blow 11 safe II 1.'lor-
tCl and who was convicted on the charge
of brInging burglars' : tools Into the state.
I'IILS'r ILAIN'ES : . . 'IAS\ VA \'S.
\ 'esterdti'M 1)rlsile III ( iunha
, \IIIItllf',1 tl half miss Il'h.
The rain of Wednosay was the first of
any consequence In Omaha since Scptem-
her 22 , Less than hal an Inch tel , The
state In general has had more moisture dur-
Ing that time than Omaha , but not suUclclt
by several Inches Cor the good of fall seed-
Ing. The rain of yesterday was quite general -
era ! In the stale
As n result of the dry weather the small
grain acreage In Nebraska will be somewhat
contracted , but-that will only contribute to
a larger acreage of corn next spring , In
some localities the drouth has seriously lam-
aged the winter grain , but only In a Imltel1
number of fields , and those will be plowed UII
ali utilized for other agricultural purposes
II the event the grain Is found to have been
wholly ruined. The droutii however has
done much to ripe sugar beets , and add
largely to the saccharine substances of the
enormous crop of that . vegetable
--a. -
XII 'l'nl"ll'IIII'M. .
Senator George O. Vest of Missouri was In
the city a few hours yesterday lie came
here to argue a case bore Master In Chun-
eery CornIsh c the Union Pacific , but found
that the mater had already been decided In
his Cavor.
10 wal asked what he hat to say regarding
the general result of Tuesday's electon In
the states lie was very emphatic In declaring .
clnlng that he hall nothing . to say.
IHll.I\I''O\ : : 0UTE.
1'aster Tine to Knnsns ' .
InMh'r 1'hlo JCnt" . CI )
New time card In operation-schedule to St ,
Joe and Kansas City qulckened-ovcr an
The Burlington's 9:18 : a. m. train Is now
over an hour faster than the day train of any
other line to Kansas City ; forty minutes
Castor to Atchison uty minutes to Leaven-
worth : three hour to St. Joe.
The evening traIn for St. Joe and Kansas
City still leaves the UnIon depot at 9i5 : p , m
Fastest and best Ight train for ail poInts
City ticket office 32.1 . Farnam street
vilify Club ) h'"UIIA.
The Unity club will meet this year on
Saturday night , Instead ot Friday night
os heretofore The meetings are held In
the parlors of Unity church , SevCJcenth
and Cass streets and are open 10 the pub
The chubs will work In two sections , one
pursuing Enqlsh civic history . under the
direction of d. S. Lobingler the other maltIng -
Ing n study of Molere , with Dr. Mann ns
At the opening meeting of the historical
section tomorrow evening under the head
of "Settlement und Unlllcntlon , " the follow-
tog papers will be presented ; 'I'he Anglo-
Saxon Migration and Conluest , " hy Mss
Ilnmilton ; "Survival at Pre.Saxon Elements -
ments In Entlsh CIvIization , " by Dr. Yarn
and "Ethnic Organization of the Anglo-
Saxon , " hv Dr , Franklin ,
The two spctlon8 or the club meet alternately -
nately the Irst meeting of the literary sec-
lon occurring next weel" "
Hayden Bros' . ad Is . on page 2.
' Shoved 11' the Siums.
A , F. 'Irvine who has been conducting n
mission for the reclamation of the residents -
dents of the lower pats of the city . gave
n stereopticon exhibition of the slums of
New York and Omaha last evening . Almost
all of the pictures were of things wih
which ho had been associated In his work
either In New Yorker ] In Omaba. lie Iliue-
trted the destitution of the poor of the
great city and the regeneration which was
wrought In the cases , ot many who had
heon Introduced 10 an idea of what a lle
edit Ire . . In rplnrl' tn the , work of Dr
; ri'- ! rst ; " ho " sail that - no " man - ' had ' d i
so much to lo IWI.lh the dens of the
most hideoUs ] vice and clmuehery. "These
pictures are not half bad enough , " he sall
"I cnnnot photograph smels or stenches
and I would not duplicate the language 10
he heard In any of these dens of miser ) ' If
1 could : , "
. I
held fll thin District Court
Three of time nine members ot the Bruton
Jang , Stanley Cla'come , Henry Denne and
' 'llam Glasgow , were before Judge Berlm
yesterday afternoon charged with grand
Inrcen ) ' , The trio was bound over to appear -
pear before the district court In the sUn ot
$1,0 each These arc the men who stole I
600 pounds of feathers from the Doup mattress - ,
tress factory two pars of bullion from a' '
Union Paclne freight car anti participated
In other robberIes hr the city partclpaled
) lore Fish til' X'hrnMI
On October : 'd Captain T , C , Penrco loC
\'nrJllngton with Untied States fish car No.
1 , wh\ch contained ' ,0 carp , 1,00 ten'h
and 462 sold lisp. lie "rent direct to Hl'lcna ,
? Mont from which place he worked this
stay . distributing the fistm. 'I'ho ear reached
Omaha yesterday and 1,00 lench and :10 :
gold llslt were turned over to State Fish
Commissioner May . who sent them to thl
Scuth Bend hatcheries In charge of Assist-
ant Superintendent O'Brlen ,
" ' 0 III I II Killed . Lot lie Cli lid Saved
WICHITA , Kan. , Nov . 7. Mary Elsworlh ,
61 years of age , living ncnr Colwlch , In I I
thIs county took her little grandchId In . :
her arms today mil jumped Into a thlrt- I
foot w'I , She was Idled , her brains being
dashed out against the stone lining ot the
well , but the child Will uninjured multi was
resell . The old lady had been considered
insane for some time . a
Trio : \'rnil" " { .lh II Gmnt .
Earl P. Bell . r. Hensel , Oscar Nast and
" 'lllm Greek were In the house at Ill-fame
kelll by Gladys Busch nt 90 Capitol avenue
at Ildnlht : last night when hell discharged
a revolver 'fhe weapoll was In his pocket ,
and he shot right through it. lie will report -
port to Judge lerlm this morning Instead
of to his conlnanollJ olcer ut Fort Omaha
. \-SI 1'-11 Inltiauomi.
At the meetll of the executive committee .
tee of the Knights \It-Sal-len I was
decided that the den should he occupied by
n Sl'norl meeting on November 18 , for the
initiation or cnlllfte , , 'ho twelve members -
bels or the eXl'cutve committee have taklu
three boxes for the Jubilee , and will be
there , with their ladles
- - a-
Lavyer Sentenced for AssammlI .
PERRY , Old. . Nov. ? , -A. J. Inddlson , n
' of Pnwnee , has heell
leadinG lawyer sen-
tenoed to one year In the penitentiary for
assault with Intent to murder Prosecuting
Attorney 10uston of Pawnee county during
n lght while l'Illell , In a law suit , Bid-
dlson has appealed , to . the supreme court ,
Caught In . \Vr'ele. .
Herrmann was blhdd'to ) ' exhibit his magic
powers In Lincoln , but lerrmnnn dish not
get to 1.lncoln He 'al' caught In n Burlington ,
ton wreck In weslern Illinois yesterday
mornIng and did notr'ch Omaha until late
last night. .
UI"UI luh" ' fur Trial .
M 1 , 0 , Daxon , on trial before Judge Berka
chargell with embezzlement by the Gar-
r.uU ) ' & Jefr ) ' cOmpany or Chicago , was
bound over to appear before the distrIct
ceurt. 'fhe bond was fixed ut $300.
Highest toner - \Vorld's Fair ,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder F.c )
; rom Ammonia , Alum or any other adulterant ,
40 'prs . THE STANDARD.
, .
- - - -
- , - -
'ui ' M'l'IlltI' SUltIIIt'NIS " 'lt. : . tVF.thlt.
lul ' , ' Nehru invesllgaling the tllh- ,
hllJ ut h'Uulllrl'l
NnW Y01h1 { . Nov 7.-No light has yet
brew throwl uron the stabblnl of John 1.
McOohlrlck , the Tammany leader err Iec-
tlon nlJht. I has been charged that cer-
tnln of the police are trying to keel the
mater quiet When the police board mel
today , Commissioner Hoose\cl ordered Act-
Ing Chief Conlin to secure a detailed report
from Patrolman Madden as to his connection
with the ease. Madden sUb > quently called !
at police headquarters and reported to II- ]
pector lrOoks that he was patrolling his
bent on Seventh avenue on the mornlnl of
the ptabblng when a citizen told him that
McGohlrlek hall been assaulted II the rooms
of the lequoll club. lie arrested ] \owIU ! ; .
Soon afterward lcGoldrlck staggered out of
time club honse. le was confronted by
Dowln ! but refused to make II complaint
against him thcn , saying that he would a\1- \
pear. against him In the morning. McOohl-
rick raid at the time that he had been
struck wIth a bottle . Madden said Il took
the prisoner to the station house ali later In
the morning went tor. . Shunl's house to
learn McGoldrlck's condition. lie then
learned for the first tints that lcGoldlck
had been slabbed When Madden subse-
quenty visited lcOohlrlclt at his home the
latter refused to make I statement rl'ganllng
the nlTalr. McOoldrlck . will probably recover
Cunh'.f III Sigh nt U"I'r.
DENVEH , Nov. 7.-Tho electon In this
( Arapahoe ) county was very hot ) . contented
I and will undoubtedly reul In one or more
: legal lghts , The only material opposition to
I time republican ticket was a nonpurtsan or
"taxnayerz" ticket , whose supporters charged
bery. The republicans elected all their can-
berg The repuhlcans elected nl their can-
dillates except assessor and treasurer The
taxpayers' candidate for the former of the
two olllces was elected , and the latter Is still
In doubt The ballot boxes arc now In the
court house awaiting the olcial canvass
with nine watchers from each side on ! ; uard ,
Evr'thlng Is quiet but friends of each side
say the case will be contested In court If
the count Is against ! tlmeus Illegal voting Is
charged by both sillep
- S
lI " , 'r3' iny.
Double daily servIce to San Francisco and '
all California points via Union Pacific . I'
Through Pullman Palace Sleepers Pullman
Colonist Sleepers Pullman DIning Cars and
Free Reclining Chair Cars ,
The shortest line ; the quickest tlmc.
A , C , IUNN
City I'ag & Ticket At. ,
. 1302 I'arnam St .
- -
Reserved seats for Ak . Sar-Ben Jubilee at
Ie'er's music store ,
1'llIlIlIhl/- 1" Iefeuf Cauu ' ron .
Pll.ADELPIIA , No\ . 7. Frank Wiing
Leach has declared for a Phiadelphian for
United States senator to succcell Senator
Cameron. Owing to his closeness to Senator
Quay his declaration Is regarded lS slgnln-
cant. It that ' ' ' all-
may meall lenns'I'anla's slyer
yer senator will have to light as he never
fammght before IC he II desirous of returning
\Vasltumgtcu . Mr. I.euch tool a trait for
FlorIda , where ho will be Senator Quuy's
guest for about three wceks lie said : "I I
have no personal choIce , hilt any one of the
following will bring credit to the office . the
city and the party , namely : John Yana-
makerOeorgc SOraham , John Russell Young ,
Boles Ieuro e or Charles C. Ilarrlson . "
Beecham's pills are for bilious.
ness , bilious headache dyspep
sia , heartburn , torpid lvcrdiz.
ziness , sick headache , bad taste
in the mouth , coaled tongue ,
loss of appetitesallo\v skinetc ,
when caused by constipation i I
and constipation is the most I
frequent cause of all of them.
Go by the book. Pills roc
and 2SC a box. Book free at
your druggists orwrite B. F.
Allen Co" , 36j Canal St ,
New York.
Annual sle more than e.O 000 bo : . I
-"r. . . . . . . -
r'"r. _ - , - ' - . - - - - . . - - - - . ' - - - - - ! , - - . - . , j " .
The Echo of Our Doing . 4
We often hent lip echo or cup Iiolll ! In the far west anti the
\vi'ke(1 'cm east , the sutuiy ! olth tool the ll1tl : ' north'e h'nl' ot
) II the ' Il'hhlol'll1 I'lmmlnwcalh ! nttl see ' ( n I-Ijht i under our
lhOSO'u see 1111 hear or ourselves copied ntll hultiltel ( .
, ,
Bul out ) lhlug-"sccontl ' . " .
010 thlllecotll 111'chaI.
Ate that Is left tulcnpied-tlllulils-nltli9 ' , not bccnuso ft 19
Il'C ute01Jll'll-thatl ! -tJttk 'Ol Iot I
hit rtl , -
10 '
spell but fur
hm'e 811el blt the 8111n on tit npt'ves .
' Wc often ' before . spoke or Into season ) lehnsl . ( 'omm'rnlr called
stconelll'l'hn8s. I Is when the nln'mfuetnrer Is thollh wih 81al
credit Ill'I'thantl multi hits a hamlet' or stock to IIt rid or. I Is when
ready cah : Is hatiiy neell11 n9lpil ' to inereluuits like '
lUlly ! whll they ' Icl'chnnts ltl' \ -
seh ' ! ! who , wlh a blt'l'l'l or gold ! alll's mud . n lat'lwt for large quantities -
tities , Cnu 111l'tatc the
ttes l'nl Illcebeeale buy's or this kind : 'U rare--
sau'CCiy' tn ! In n Inndred ) .
tug. Ale thnt's why Wc often sell clothing below actual value or Rusk-
Wc show you n 'I'l'N I'IF'I'\ suit . tOllay thntl 11'1\0 11. Inlrs
not how 111l' one Iwow/ of cloth O. the ( cost of tn I 011 I I-fl' hint
tnltltpr-It will suggest to com mOi Hele that n suit nl flue nH this
Cotlltht't hnrdl3' bu iundu for lint ppiceIt vihl ' '
'ollll't Inrll tnllu (0' thnlll'lce. I wi prove ( lint the worsted !
hi the suit Is II'clsel ' tl' HalJ ; . its II nny $18.0 0' $ : OO suit , the
lining null trlmlllgs not tufe'lor , mind We chance the : Hertol that
< 1 II bettor talo'lll
1l'l'tr deslgus-too-bincil . ball'll'olll wih I . silk ( blue ) 11\181110
plaid-siugle ) ' . '
bratsted-ltug cut--8-button
1)lnll-sllgle.bl'eastct-lot . cul-I-luton cutasvny sock 'ho very
latlst. . .
Time els of the Seng011. COIO qulclt. '
. . G
er e )
. .
. ' : . ' ' . " . ' ' "d' , . ( ; : i " ' . , , . " _ > . " .f' '
- . - -
r caoonoa a c oc a . ; n
o . - 0
. U
g n
One Gives Re1ie.
Relef. B
o , . 0
o I is so easy to be mistaken about 8
J indigestion , and think there is some D '
I7 Li other trouble. The cure is Ripans 0
1 I7LI Tabules. One tabule gives . relief [ ]
n Ask any druggist .e
B . 8
nlpan'8 Tabulrl Fold by rurlft ! , or by mall B
o It the price 11 cents a box ) to ' sent . to the Ili-
. .
pans Cla'mlcnl Compaby . No ) ID g.uce It. , N. Y. _
DC7DL ii _ ( ODr1E ELmC1ruCl }
. ,
I 1.
h ll n TM'
' 1
a Y ' ,
' 7 '
e1) i
. , ? Guaranteed
Guarantee M L
to Heat c to Heat
x 114
: . "
' l + l C\ aige on.y
! gat i if
h I t
" 2 , , .
ry ; h. J1
OnS © t COaI. v - J1r Tons of Coal.
) To New Beginners in Housekeeping.
/ We Furnish Your Home Complete f
! If 110t Convenient to
_ pay cash ve will snake
terms to stilt.
, ,
r0 'i 1 IDl
r . t { 1rr
l' ' ,141
. .
I I s 1
y r
I ,

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