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British Middle Glasses Extremely Weary of
Teutonic Oompot'tion ,
Encroachments in AfricaSnfficientto Secure
Harconrt's Assistance.
Movement Against the Khalifa Not Di-
reeled nt the Dervishes.
Bfcnily AKHrroiMloim at the Germnii
McruliiiutH "ml IiitrlBiioM of the
or Ilnvv Hi-conic n
ScrloiiM Menace. |
( Copyright , 1W8 , ty Prcni Publishing Company. )
LONDON , March 14. ( Now York World
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) The ad
vance on Dongola and against the khalifa's
( Jcrvlslica has taken most pcoplo In Great
Britain completely by surprise * . On the same
day that the Cairo correspondent of the
Times made public this sudden move of the
Egyptian government , Lord Cromlor's report
was sent to Parliament , In which he de
clared that the dervishes wcro maintaining a
strictly defensive position.
The British ministry , pending Mr. Cham
berlain's promised statement on Monday
night , allows twp quite plausible explana
tions to bo seml-ofllclally announced. Ono
that the success of the Abyssinian king
will most likely encourage his neighbor , the
khalifa , to a descent on Egypt , and that It Is
b"st to strike before he Is prepared to do
The other Is , that England la disposed to do
Italy a friendly turn by. diverting the
dervishes from their threatened union * with
Mcne\ck. \
There Is another and very startling explana
tion , which comes to mo from a source at
least In a position to bo well Informed ,
which I quota with much reserve , but of
which several unusual recent events give re
markable confirmation. This is that German
Intrigues against Great Britain In the
Soudan have been brought to the knowledge
of the ministry , and that It has determined
to Inaugurate an Inatajit and effectual
estoppel on the kaker's hostllo plans.
Everywhere it has been the subject of
general comment that Sir William Harcourt ,
the liberal leader In the Commons , lina given
contrary to the general liberal policy , his
support to the new and great naval scheme
of tiio opposition. A picture of the pro
pped new fleet 'published In ono of the Il
lustrated journals today , amazes the reader.
It osems really that of a great nation's
entire na."r , and not merely , that olan _ , ad
dition to a present equipment. The' story
as It reaches mo Is that Sir William was
ready to oppose the enormous expenditure
necessary for all this , and so announced
his Intention to Ma followers , when rcpro-
pehtaffons were made to him by the minis
ters of such peril to the empire from Ger
many that ho unexpectedly and altogether
withdrew his opposition. Ho has since , If
my Information Is correct , guardedly com
municated his Information to some cf his
. colleagues , his reported counsel Is that " o
effectually obstruct the new naval scheme
might bring the country within 'rlrk of a
great catastrophe , " and ho has clearly In
dlcatcd that the kaiser's comprehensive plans
In Africa from a sufficient basis for minis
terial measures against them.
Of course , recent reports from Berlin of
the kalser'u hope to build a great ntvy , In
splto of the opposition of the Ilelcliprath , his
known coUnial aspirations and his overt
hatred and jealousy of England , lent further
cr dcnqo to the above report. It Is even
moro certain that If the danger I have out
lined Is made officially known to the British
people , the outburst of feeling for war with
Germany will bo far more Intense than
that niter William's telegram to Om Paul.
Ono must mix with the mercantile and In
dustrial classes to fully appreciate the al
most universal hatred of Germany among
them. Hero commercial competition almost
everywhere , oven In England's own colonies ,
lias been of the utmost Injury to English
manufacturers. Cheap German clerks , often
remarkable linguists , are crowding out young
Englishmen even In London and Liverpool ,
Glasgow and Sheffield houses. The favor
always shown by the queen , as well as by
her predecessors , to their German relations
in the British army and navy , have aroused
n decided prejudice , which perhaps partly
cxplalim the opposition led by the Times to
the proposed vote of a pension to the Juke
of Cambridge.
If my explanation pf Sir William Harcourt's
action Is correct ho has cither not communi
cated It to the Irish members of Parliament
or to Labotichere , or else they disregard It.
Irish leaders are arranging for n 'resolute
resistance to the passage of the naval scheme
through the Commons. I may add , however ,
that It Is not at all unlikely , If their obstruct
ive tactics bo persisted In , that the English
and Scotch liberals will be found supporting
the government on the navy" plans and that
on alliance between the Irish and the liberals
may be ruptured , perhaps for years to come.
The Issue of the campaign against the
dervishes Is by no means so certain as was
that of the recent bloodless Aslmntee expedi
tion. Experienced African authorities unite
In saying that the Abysslnlans1 victory will
Incite scml-barbarlc forces everywhere. Perhaps -
haps oven In India It will be vastly exag-
eeratcd as Intelligence of It Is disseminated
nmong them , and it was certainly complete
enough as It stands. The khalifa himself is
described by Slatln Psha and the late Major
Wngnto is a man who , In point of vigor ,
\UI | , courage and power of Inspiring the
desert people with fanaticism , Is a worthy
Buccesior to the late Mahdl , who died In
June , 1885 Throughout the campaign which
ended in the fall of Khartoum , Abdullah was
his chief lieutenant. Though serving Mahdl ,
he had a keen eye for the main chance. He
did not believe In the immortality of the
Eon of the prophet , whoever else did so , and
lie took care to have a proclamation Usued
by Mahdl , which practically assured succes
sion to himself.
' There ore 4,600 British troops In Egypt
ft'nd Sir Horatio Herbert Klchencr Sirdar of
the Egyptian army will presumably be In
general command , He was governor general
of the Iteil tea , territory in 188S-188S and Ad
jutant general to the Egyptian army from
18S8 to 1892 , when ho received his present
command. He la only In his 46th year.
Major General Knowles , Who Is In command
of the British troops , Is a man of Ct , who-
when quite n lad , fought In the- Crimea and
was In the trenches before Scbastopol.
Charles Dana Gibson , the famous New
York artist , spent several weeks In Spain
before coming to London and gives a lively
account of what he saw of the Spanish troops
oft for Cuba.
"While nt Honda , " ho fold , " I saw sev
eral railway cars full of recruits drawn from
tlmt neighborhood. They were all absolutely
green boys , the majority not moro than IB
years old , and not one could have been 20
years of age. Moreover , few , If any , had
over" handled firearms1 In their lives. They
were red 'jackets , round peasant hats , their
legs wrapped with straw , and wearing rough
peasant sabots. They did not seem to mind
the prospect , however , and wcro laughing
and alnglng cheerfully , while a weeping
mother here and there would lift up a boy's
llttlo slater to kiss him good bye , probably
forever. These boys were cnroute to cm-
bark forthwith at Cadiz , and the only mili
tary training they could have on landing
would bo the drilling they received on the j
troop ship. The officers , a captain , or lieu
tenant , apparently , In charge of these re
crults , wore a dirty , ragged jacket and
trousers , while his boots were bursting at
the sides. "
Lord Dufterln entertained the prince of
Wales nt the British embassy ns ho passed
through Paris on his way to the Illevcrla.
The only other guests were 'the ' young duke
and duchess of Marlborough.
The latest Now York papers received here
report the death at Newark , N. J. , In desti
tute circumstances of Major George da Bentley -
ley , at ono time grand master of English
Orangemen. William Johnstone , M. P. ,
grand master of the Irish Orangemen , said
today : "Do Benticy was grand master In
England thirty years ago , and was highly
respected. I knew him well , but had lost
sight of him for the past quarter of a cen
tury. I cannot understand how ho could
have fallen Into such poverty , and several
members of the organization here to whom
I hnvo been speaking are equally Ignorant
of the cause. But ho seems to have been
out of touch with them for years , and they
thought ho had died long ago. "
The New York story of an alleged heir to
the baronetcy and great estate of the late
Sir Edward Harland of the firm which builds
the White Star steamers , being a super In
"For the Crown , " now being played at n
New York theater , was shown today to Mr.
Woolf , Sid Edward's surviving partner. He
said :
"I have heard of this claim , but there
Is nothing in It. I have known all my late
partner's family and relatives for many
years. There Is not ono of them named
Robert , which this man Wlllet says Is his
name. The family of Sir Edward regard
his statements ns n hoax , and pay no atten
tion whatever to them. "
An examination of Burko's Baronetsy
bears out Mr. Woolf's statement , as among
nil the. collateral branches of the late bar
onet's 'family ( who himself left no children )
there Is not ono bearing the Christian name
ol Robert.
Proceedings have been Instituted by his
wife In the London courts against Augustus
M. Maltland Douglass Hamilton , late lleu-
terant in the British navy , now a resident
In New York , and supposed to be engagd
as an artist there. Mrs. Hamilton divorced
Mm last May and sues for permanent moln-
lenance. The divorce case revealed statu
tory grounds and the wife was only en
abled to Institute legal proceedings by the
aid of friends. The report has gained gen-
eial currency here that Hamilton is heir
Resumptive to the present duke of Hamp-
; on , Who succeeded last year a very (
tant cousin and who Is himself paralyzed
and unmarried. .The story , however , Is not
well founded. Hamilton Is a first cousin to
the present duke , but there are five or six
Ivcs between him and the dukedom. The
Judge In the divorce division granted the
application of the wife , who served writ
for maintenance on her former husband's
solicitors in London ,
Iluoycil U Ii > * Word from
toil , hut I'r nnrliiK fiu- the WorHt.
( Copyright' , 1SOO , by I'rcsa Publishing Company. )
MADRID , March , 14. ( New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) Optimistic
Impresslona are still prevalent In official cir
cles based upon telegrams from the Spanish
minister at Washington , concerning the
friendly disposition of President Cleveland.
The Spanish minister of war , and especially
the minster of marine , nevertheless are pushIng -
Ing preparations with a view , in the right
place , for a naval demonstration of the power
of Spain In Cuban waters , If the belligerency
resolutions pass.
It Is rumored In polltlcal'and financial cir
cles this evening that diplomatic soundings
have been made at Washington wlth > a view
to cflino to an understanding with the United
States by Spain furnishing a mora explicit
ministerial statement of her ulterior Inten
tions in regard to Cuban home rule.
LONDON , March 14. ( New York World
Cablegram Special Tele-gram. ) I have rea
son to believe , as I have heretofore cabled
you , tlmt the World's cables from Spain are
subjected to a rigid governmental censorship
and are greatly delayed In-transmission.
Ailriinre of tin1
CAHIO , March 14. The advance of the
British-Egyptian troops from Wady Haifa
up the Nile upon Dongola will bo commenced
without delay , according to statements made
In seml-ofllcial circles here. The Connaught
rangers have already been ordered to Wady
The British-Egyptian troops under orders
to proceed up the Nile In the direction of
Dongola will consist of 8,000 men. All
will carry arms.
LONDON , Maich 14 , A dispatch to the
Globe from Cairo , published this afternoon ,
says that the fast of Ramfdan ends tomor
row and that It Is thought tlierQ that the
dervishes will cause trouble and march
northward. The dispatch adds that much
anxiety is felt In official circles and that the
military authorities have been In consulta
tion all day long.
Aiurrlciiii Crook Si-lit I'll ' for Mfo ,
PARIS , March 14. Thomas O'Brien , the
American bunco steerer , who shot and killed
Kid" Waddell , another American crook , on
March 27 last , was sentenced today to penal
servitude for life , O'Brien afllrmed that
ho killed his victim In self-defense , and In
moment of frenzy , The jury found ex
tenuating circumstances , hencetho , sentence
of penal servitude fcr life.
.Move of AiiNlrlau IllmrtnllUt.
VIENNA , March 14. Deputy Sues * in-
tendo to Introduce at once into the Relchs-
rath , a motion calling upon the Austrian
Government to endeavor to solve the bi
metallic question through the medium of
an International agreement ,
Former Disasters in North Africa Do Not
Dampen Its Ardor ,
No Permanent Security in Egypt Until the
Mahdi's ' Power is Broken.
Writer in the Piold Speaks Disparagingly
of the Now Haven Grew.
Vetcrnn Cnntnlit of the Cunnril I.lnc
HctlrrN Lent HIIN n. UeiiroH
KfTcct on Thcntrlcnl
( Copyright , 1S9G , by the Associated Prcni. )
LONDON , March 14. Thcro Is much ro >
Jolclng In the Drltlsh army at the prospect
of another campaign In the Soudan , In splto
of the past experiences with the flcrco , tire
less troops of the Mahdl , ana the recent de
feat of the Italians by the Abysslnlans.
That a British-Egyptian advance on the Nile
from Wady-Holfa to Dongola has been de
termlned upon Is no longer In doubt. All
the British officers of the Egyptian army
who have been absent on leave have bfeen
ordered to return to tholr posts Immediately ,
A dispatch from Cairo nnnunces that the
Connaught rangera have already been or
dered to Wady-Halfn. The proposed cam
paign has been Impending for a year past ,
although It was understood to have been
precipitated by the crushing defeat of General -
oral Baratlorl at Adowa , which It Is be
lieved must have a depressing effect upon
the prestige of European arms , and may ,
ctnrequently , lead to an advance northward
of the dervishes. But the real reason for
the campaign now being prepared at the
British war ofllco may bo found Inthe fact
that Egypt will never be secure from at
tack end disaster w > long as the Mahdi's
power remains unehattered. Although the
relief of Cassala may ba the outward cause
of the British advance , the possession of
the fertile regKns about Dongola , which
furnish a wealth of supplies to the Khalifa , Is
what Great Britain Is really after , and there
Is Httlo doubt that an attempt to capture
the Mahdl stronghold , Omdurman , will fol
low.The plan of campaign , as submitted to
the cabinet meeting held yesterday , to that
five b'.aclc Infa'ntry battalions , seven Egyptian
battalions and a largo force of artillery and
cavalry , with about 100 British officers , will
compose the expeditionary force. The name
route that was taken In 1884 will bo fol
lowed ; but , owing to the low water In the
Nile at this season , the transportation of
ammunition and supplies must be by camels ,
of which a very largo number will be re
It Is proposed to reconquer the Ssudan
province by province. Dongola will bo first
taken , and then a "great deal will depend
upon circumstances.
While the campaign Is endorsed by the
unionists , the liberal and radical press loudly
protest against It.
Several prominent sporting writers Insist
that the National Sporting club has not for
warded articles of agreement to James
Corbett for a boxing match with Robert
Fltzslmmons , but there Is reason to believe
that the club's denial of the report that
It has put up a $10,000 purse Is Intended to
prevent the English authorities from Inter
fering. It has been learned that the Na
tional Sporting club has requested a well
known sporting editor to draft the required
articles , which , after being approved by the
club , will bo forwarded to New York.
The Field , commenting upon the announce
ment that a crew from Yale university
will compete at the Henley regatta , today
says that the Americans will be greeted
with every courtesy. But the Field adds
that there will bo no enthusiasm. The
Field also prints a letter In which the
writer deplores International contests , de
claring that a few- minutes over the Hen
ley course may do more to promote Inter
national enmity than "all the Monroe doc
trines. " The letter concludes with many
sneers at the Yale men , saying among other
things : "They could get no one to row
them In America , therefore they are com
ing to Henley , although no one Invltod
them. "
The secretary of state for war , the mar
quis of Lansdowne , has finally declined to
form a "regiment of gentlemen , " a propo
sition which hati been haggled over In the
press for sonic time past as the outcome
of a letter from a man who wax , accord
ing to ono of his critics , evidently of the
opinion that ho was too good to flght on
equal terms In the ranks with the de
scendants of men who fought at Waterloo
and Trafalgar. The writer's Idea was to
form a regiment of so-called "Gentlemen , "
otherwise men whose clear proof of utter
lack of real gentility would bo furnished
In their joining such a regiment. A gen
tleman , It has been claimed , can bo. a gen
tleman In the ranks or before the mast ,
and to have formed a regiment of so-called
"gentlemen" would have been , said ono
writer , a deliberate Insult to the rest of the
British army. Yet the proposition was
urged by Influential persons and by a portion
tion of the press. It Is true that they
mainly supported the proposition that the
ranks of the "regiment of gentlemen"
should be composed chiefly of those who
were physically and socially fitted to be
ofllcers In the British army , but who had
failed to pass the stiff army examinations.
The matter , It Is claimed , will not bo
allowed to drop , In spite of the decision
of the secretary of state for war , and it Is
said that questions on the subject will be
asked In the House of Commona next week ,
.In Parliament during the past week
there has been a remarkable renewal of
Irish activity In the lines of obstructing the
passage of different measures. This has
called forth some heated remarks from cer
tain newspapers. The Saturday Review , for
example , says : "The avowed policy of
both sections of the Irish party , as revealed
during the week , la to do everything In
their power to forcaa war by representing
that the Increase In the navy Is a menaca
to the Americans , whereas the naval pro
gram nag settled upon In November. "
Captain Unities , commodore of the Cu-
uard steamship line , has been retired. He
ilmtvlf wished to continue In active i rv-
ce and was desirous of taking the Cam
pania today , but the company raled other
and another sea dog , whoto face Is
familiar to thousands of Americans , will
now bo able to watch the flaafcra growing
In the garden of his residence Instead of
guiding a powerful steiunshlpUn her bat
tles with storm and wave. It 'was ' reported
a year ago that Captain ; Halncs had been
retired , and tliero word n-numficr of notices
In the newspapers referring In warm terms
of praise to the vcteraniseaman's long ca
reer at sea. But the report , then turned
out to bo Incorrect and arose from the fact
that some of the Cunard line captains were
transferred to other steamers of the line.
In speaking of the proposed plan of the
Bimetallic league to bring a motion before
Parliament favoring bimetallism , Sir John
Lubbock said to a representative of the
Associated press : "Blmctalllats have al
nays declined to commit themselves to any
ratio , but It is obvious thai the results of
a change would to a great extent ; depend on
the ratio which was adopted. At present
roughly speaking , gold is mono than thirty
times the value of silver. Tliero are some
blmetalllsts who would Insist on a ratio
approaching the market valucsv For practl
cal purposes , however , wo may at once dis
miss any such Idea' In France the legal
ratio Is still 15 % to 1 ( and no French au
thority has shown any disposition to accept
any material change. America would , I be
lleve , take a similar view. s
"Practically , then , bimetallism means a
ratio of 15 or 1C to 1 ; that to , that foreign
countries should bo permitted to send us
any quantity of silver at double Its present
price. BImctlllsts tell us-thit If there were
any practicable possibility W. the adoption
of bimetallism the valuoof ; silver would
rapidly rlee. I doubt , however , whether
this would be the result. We-Tihould rather
I think , see a great otlmjibjsf-given to sti
ver mines , a great Increase , 'pf ] production of
silver and all creditors woal.d do their best
to call In their debts , while'they could still
claim payment In gold. " 4
The theaters , with the , . exception of the
Haymarkot , St. James , Lyrlp and one or
two of the Strand houses , show the effect of
the Lenten season by a perceptible diminu
tion of buolncps. The above mentioned
playhouses are , however , icrqwded and the
same Is true of the principal muslo halls.
There has been another' ' change In the
plans of the Imperial Opera Company. The
Crown Lease Proprietary company , which
had undertaken to build \ he'niw opera house
In the Haymarket , has failed tocarry * out Its
agreement with the mortgagees. The Im
perial Opera company hasj hcrefore , can
celed the contract and decided to take Im
mediate steps for seeking another site suit
able for the purpose. In thojmeanwhlle the
opera company Is making larfangemcnts for
the forthcoming American-tour , which'com
mences on October 26 next at the Academy
of Music , New York. Th'ef company will
afterward visit Philadelphia ] IJoston , Chicago
cage , St. sLouta , San Franiteco and other
cities. It wlir-also take par } ; In the operA
festival at Cincinnati in the.fcllowlng spring.
George Alexander has accented a new flve-
aet play by R.'c. Carton.-jvhlch' will be the
successor to "The Prisoner it Zenda. "
u.Felix , Morris , well Itnowrt * ln' the United
States , Is meeting with 'croat. success in
"On "Change" at the Strana lheater. The
management has ecentli" been ' '
announce extra matinees/ < ' as
Llllto Belmoro of the Gay'ety theater has
been engaged for a leading part In the "Gay
Parlslenne , " wlien that play ,1s produced at
the duke of York'o theater : . The ca'st , will
also Include AOaReeves , VJo\ot \ 'Rablnsoii'and '
Messrs. Wheeler , Denny and iRlgnold.
Beerbohm Tree is busily engaged In re
hearsing the first part < of "Henry IV , "
which will be produced at ! armatlncc during
Easter week. Tree will , of course , play
Falstaff. These matinee performances will
In no way Interfere with tnp run of "Trilby , "
which still continues its eight performances
a week to large audiences.
The veteran Instructor , J auel Garcia , Is
about to relinquish the professorship of
singing at the 'Royal Aqademy of Music ,
which he has already held/for upward of
forty years. Mr. Garcia \ylll , In a short
time , enter upon his 92d vyejrt It Is close
upon seventy years slnca he made his debut
as a vocalist , In the part bfvFlgaro in "The
Barber of Seville. " Jenny L'lnd was one of
lila pupils. While giving , Up his academy
work , he will continue to' give private les
sons. , .
Chevallere , the English postqr singer. Is
a passenger on board tho. ' steamship Teu
tonic , which left Quecnstown for Now York
on Thursday last.
1'rcHliU'iU CFCHIIO'N SitKKCNtloii to tile
CoilKr < * NM Of Vvm-Kllrlll.
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CARACAS , Venezuela , , jfarcl1 J4 ( Nfcw
York World Cablegrams-Special TolcBrim. )
President Crespa has sent a special mes
sage to congress on the subject nf the rct-
tlement of Venezuela's "railroad debt to
various foreign companies. .He recommended
that the government borrow10,000,000 boli
vars from the Dlsconto Ge'eallEchaft ( discount
company ) of Berlin at 80 cents on the uol-
lar , bearing 5 per cent interest and pay
able In thirty-six and one-lialf years. The
message urged Immediate actluii by rrn-
gress In order to avoid trunblo.
President Crespo hns been quite 111 , and
Is Etlll confined to his bed. ' ' In conseq-iuico
there has been no cabinet ; meeting lor a
week. > *
CntiiliuiN Jluir it DjMBMlaii mill Arc-
Nhiiukfil to kvnru. Hie Trutli.
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BARCELONA , MarchrNew ( York
World Cablegram Special ( Telegram. ) For
forty-eight hours false now * cf a postpone
ment of the belligerency ! ' retaiutlons in con
gress -uncontradlcted hero. This was
either a government , jBr a stock exchange
maneuver. The report Is ) generally current
hero that there la serious thought of re
calling Weyler , owing ID jdbcontent over
the little progress 1m IB making. It la be
lieved , however , thst tbeo report Is prema
ture and recall Impossibles alj present , as the
nation would regard his iec ll 09 a conces
sion to the United Statei. Weyler Is popu
lar here. Ho Is a pronounce ! republican ,
and Catalonia Is rtrongljr republican ,
ItiillmiM IlitlHlu'v n JU-IIi-f Fund.
( Copyright , 1830 , by the AeaooJnteJ Prem. )
LIMA , Peru , lorch 14. { Via Golveston , )
The Italian co'ony ' of tfala city la raising
funds for the relief of the. Itallann wounded
and for the assistance ; o { " those who are
suffering from the lots of fathers or others
during the Abyssinian campaign ,
The Italians have already cabled to the
Italian minister for foreign affairs that they
have deposited the sum of 18,000 francs
in the Italian bank licre j Eubject to his
order , end they nro taklpg steps.to raise
more money as son ai pta.blc.
Hriiiovini ; ( lie EinfinrKo oil Ctittlt * .
PARIS , Mirth H. The minister of agrl >
sulturo , M , Vlger , haa iaupl a decree that
ii'poittd eattlo neoi notrjj ? killed on land'
rg. They w.ll , howjvor , OB specially tfstcd
A : , tuberculous-
Recent Visit of the Austrian Fromior
Strengthens the Droibuncl ,
Made Necessary bj the Recent Disaster to
the Italians ,
Two Emperors and King Humbert Likely
to Meet at Genoa ,
IlrlilKfNVitKhcil Airnr nml Scvcrnl
I.lvcn Lout Prince lllnnnirclt , to
llccclvc n Ileimtntloii on
II In Illrthilay.
( CopyrlRht , 1E90. by tlic Associated Prctti. )
BERLIN , March 14. All the surroundings
of the visit of Count Goluchowskl , the Aus
trlan minister of foreign affairs , to this city
testified of Its significance. Emperor Wil
liam personally showed him the greatest
consideration and closest attention , of
which the fact that he bestowed upon the
count as a decoration the diamond studded
cross of the Red Eagle was only ono proof ,
After the banquet Emperor William con
versed with the Austrian minister for about
an hour and a half In private , and naturally
It Is on the books that the Drelbund was
the main subject of their conversation. There
Is no doubt that the Italian crisis was also
dlEcusscd and a number of Important dis
patches were exchanged between Berlin and
Rome duiinr the stay of Count Goluchowskl
In this city. The count , of course , refused
to be Interviewed during his stay hero , but
the Associated press correspondent learns
upon reliable authority that the main objects
of his visit were attained , that in view of
the weakening o Italy the Austrian-German
understanding hts been widened so as to
embrace armed assistance from Austria , In
the event of n French and Russian attack
upon Germany. Italy's share in such an
event will bo a passive one. Count Goluchow
skl , the Associated press correspondent Is
also reliably Informed , has received promises
that Germany will , In the future , adopt a
more friendly attitude toward Great Britain ,
whoso entente with the Drelbund Austria re
gards as an Important factor In the situation.
There has been no'formal written expression
of this readjustment ot-the * alliance , and
none will bo made.
Both Austria and Germany regard the fall
of Slgnor Crlspl as an irreparable loss , and It
Is admitted } hat the new Italian premier , the
Marquis dl Rudlnl , Is only paralvely friendly
, to.tllfcDuulldJ. , .
The'details of Emperpr William's Med
Herranean trip ore still kept secret , but It
Is understood that he will Join the Imperial
yacht , liohtnzo'llern , at Genoa , where his
majesty may meet the emperor of Austria
and King Humbert. Emperor William will
then make several trips , accompanied by the
empress , , and the Hohenzollern will return to
Kiel about the middle of May , In order tp
take his ' majesty north again during' ' the
Germany throughout the week has been
visited by snow storms and heavy rains ,
and as a result there are floods almost
e\crywhere. There is much snow in the
northeast qnd center parts of the country ,
and telegraphic and telephonic communica
tion has been frequently Interrupted.
The Alsatian Diet has voted the sum of
100,000 marks for the relief of the sufferers
from the floods In the province , and the
Diets of Baden and Wurtemburg have done
the same for the relief of distress in their
provinces. Thirteen people were drowned
near Basle , Switzerland , andj several others
were drowned at Speyer , on tno Rhine , which
river , with the Main , Neckar and Moselle.
have overflowed. A bridge was swept away
At Freiburg , Baden , drowning nine persons.
The hereditary grand duke of Baden was
In danger of drowning. The Klnzlego dam
at Baden collapsed and whole districts were
flooded. TheVistula has overflowed and
there has been much damage done In the
Prince Blsmaick has consented to / receive
ceive on his birthday , April 1 , a big torch
light procession from Hamburg.
It Is announced that Prof. Koch .will
shortly publish his latest discoveries In
using tuberculosis In the treatment of con
Ex-Chancellor von Caprivl is writing his
memoirs , but they will not be published
for some time.
The hereditary grand duke of Oldenburg ,
who was offended at his recent "treatment
by the emperor on the occasion of the death
of the grand duchess of Oldenburg , has
resumed command of the Nineteenth cavalry
brigade ,
A formal Indictment for breach of the
law of associations has been found ngahmt
Herr Kuerr and forty-seven other socialist
leaders. Their trials will begin next week.
The seventieth birthday of Herr Llebknecht
will be celebrated on March 28 by the no-
clallsts throughout Germany. There will
be a grand conuners In this city.
The strike of 12,500 Berlin Joiners was
ended this week. The workmen have ob
tained higher pay and shorter hours.
The Chinese government 1ms purchased
80,000 Bavarian army rifles of the typo of
1884 for ? 1 apiece ,
At , the request of the department at Wash
ington , the United States embassy hero has
formally Invited all the German universi
ties to send delegations to the Princeton
celebrations In October. Some of them , In
cluding the University of Gottlngen , have
accepted. The univerHltles of Freiburg ,
Iloestock and Erlangen have declined ,
The United States charge d'affaires , Mr.
J , B. Jackson attended the banquet given
by Prince Hohenlohe In honor of Count
GoluchowsUI on Tnursday last.
Mrs. Prof. Kraus will give a big dance
on March 17 to the American colony.
Mr. Dean B. Mason , the United Stale ?
vice consul at Frankfort , 1ms received hi. '
exequatur ,
The military jubilee of Prince George of
Saxony was grandly celebrated at Dresden , (
He recelvW letlcra of congratulation from
Emperor William and Emperor Franz Josef ,
Herr Braun , editor of the Vorwaorts , hat
been declared Innocent of perjury In con
nection with the theft of the Emperor Wil
liam's amnesty proclamation ,
H Is raid that a Roentgen ray experiment
with Bmyeror William's arm has revr'tlotl
the nature of the malformation. The pho
tograph taken Is said to have been cuh
to eminent surgeon * , who arc said
Weather Torccast for Nebraska
Unsettled ; Slightly Warmer.
li Itrlton Wcarlm of the Teuton.
Ilrltlnh Army I * Not Disconcerted.
Drclbnnil Mnilo the StrnttRrr.
1-omlon Society UoUvon Tin Intercut ,
a. NlrnrnRiin'n Itrbeln Ktnlly lloutcil.
1'raro ItclRiiR In Old Knlnturk ,
Jlntllngtun llontli Nntnes Ills Army.
3. Nrhninkn Well Covered with Snow ,
llolcomb Uphold * Colonel Wllnon.
Dr. llrown Wnlt * for the Verdict.
4. MlilIrnt In Diunlin Hoclety.
1'rof. I.owin ( Iocs to Miisftitrhuitotts.
0 , Council IllufTK I < ocnl Mutter * ,
7. SnntPO Sioux Seek 1'orKlvenefl-i.
America Wind the Clicmi Mutch.
8. Frnnkllit'g Olllclnl Acts Criticised.
Ainimcmont Notes mul ( lonnlp.
10. Wonmni Her Wiijn nml Her World.
11. "Story of Anron. "
O\vnlo : Ills I.lfo nml Travels.
St. 1'ntrlck mid G'lxllltatlon.
IS. Kdltnrlnl mill Comment.
13. Olnry nt Work nml 1'liiy.
Not CM ! Women Component' Methods.
Tea In on thn Ciithodo liny * .
Waller Heady for the Committee.
14. Commercial anil Financial News.
10. General Grist of HportliiR ilonalp.
10. What the Wheel ItlilcraArn At.
Game Illrds Fust Ulmtpncnrlnir.
to have expressed the belief that a
operation will restore the partial If not
complete use of the arm.
The Dr. Peters cxporo of the Reichstag
resulting from the charges brought against
the former Imperial commissioner In Africa
by Herr Bcbol , had a great adverse effect
upon the colonial extension agitation. Dr ,
Peters Is the head of the colonial Jingoes
and ono of the leaders of the agitation for
a laree Increase In the strencth of the
German navy. A leader of the centrists
has already announced that the revelations
will considerably modify the attitude of
that parly toward the colonial policy of
the government adding that in. the future
they will bo unable to give the same sup
port to It as hitherto.
Dr. Peters Is now drawing 6,000 marks
from the exchequer yearly and is said to
bo doing nothing for It. Consequently people
ple are the more Inclined to bellovo the
charges brought against him , especially as
his book on the German Emln Pasha relief
expedition showed that he treated natives
brutally , and It Is pointed out that an
Arab would have been Immediately hanged
If he had been found guilty of much less.
UiimorH of Their Seimratlim or Even
( ItinrrvIlliiKr Cnteorlcnlllloiilei ] .
( Copyright , 1S9C , by Press Publishing Company. )
PARIS , March 14. ( Now York World
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) The persist
ent report in New YCrk that the Count
and Countess ( nee Anna Gould ) do Cas-
tellano liavo separated , Is absolutely false ,
eo far as may be conjectured from public
appearances , as well as from statements
of their friends that there Is no trouble
whatever between , , them , , ! On , , , . .tuo „ . .con
trary , the -countcsflx Js-ivcryitoYJnuly .do-
.IJfibtedi. wfh.her | hlg.hj cla | , position and
all i'h'at It Implies , while her husband is as
manifestly delighted with the Increased op-
prtunltlos afforded by his marriage in di
rections which cnly a large Income can
permit ft young Parisian of fashion to fol
low. Ho was never dissipated and ever
since his marriage be has done nothing
to excite unfavorable gossip. The young
couple are seen together constantly nt
theaters and other public places.
They lvo | together unostentatiously In
handsome apartments. Work on their big ,
new house In Avenue Malakoff is steadily
Cablegrams from New York stating the
fact of the reports there of domestic In
felicities , even to the point of an actual
reparation , have come to the knowledge of
the family , and today Marquis de Castellane ,
the head of the family , dictated ta the World
representative the following formal state
ment : "My son Bonl and Ills wlfo have Just
left me. They are now driving together In
a phaeton. They are living together on
the best possible terms. If people In Now
York say anything to the contrary , their
wish is father to the thought. You are
authorized to deny categorically any such
statement. "
American ladies in Paris who have Inti
mately known the countess since she first
visited the city as Miss Gould also deny
categorically that there Is the slightest
foundation for the report.
The civil chamber yesterday delivered
Judgment In the Terry divorce suit. Both
parties had applied for a divorce. Terry
requested guardianship of their 13-year-old
daughter , Natlca. The court condemned
him to continue payment of the pension
of $10,000 monthly to hlu wife , confided
Natlca to the lattcr's care and charged
the French consul In New York to examine
witnesses residing In America. Final Judg
ment ns to the divorce was nwrvod until
the consul's ruporb Is received. Antonio
Terry , ua is well known , desires the divorce
B ? that ho may marry Sybil Sanderton , the
American prlma donna. Ho Is n biothcr of
Baroness Blanc , the wlfo of a distinguished
Italian politician , and the son of Don Thomas
Terry of Cuba , who left a forttino of many
millions. Antonio's wlfo , formerly MliM Se-
cor of New York , has resided here for many
years , _
AhyxHllilan Triioim Well K < iull > l > f < l.
MASSOWAII , March 14. The negus lias
reviewed 300,000 of his troops In the presence
of- Major Balsa , the Italian officer who Is
treating for peace with the Abysslnlans.
The troops marched In good order and were
well armcl. Later the negus showed Major
Salsa his quantities of provision ! * , the
Italians having , some time ago , been under
the belief that the Abysslnlans were short
of supplies. In fact , It is said that this was
ono of the reasons which prompted General
Baratcir1 to make his disastrous advance
upon Tlgro. _
I'rt'NH llllll I'olllU'lllltH IllHlllctlNCll ,
LONDON , March 14. A Madild dispatch
to the Standaid saya keen disappointment
and displeasure are manifested there among
politicians and financiers at the action of the
United States -senate. The press reiterates
Its advice to the government to suppress
the rebellion at all costs. The government'
and Its supporters persist In the belief that
the storm will blow over through the peace
ful disposition of President Cleveland. '
Ooloinlilii'M I'rt-Nlilcnt
Copj light , 1890 , by I'm * I'ubllclilne Company. )
COLON , Colombia , March 14 , ( Ncw" York
World Cablegram Special Telegram. ) Senor
Care , president of Colombia , hie resigned.
Ilia reasons are not knorn , The number
of military candidates for the presidency
lu Increasing. _
.llnrlt Tvtiiln Evidently llctU-r.
BOMBAY , March 13. Mark Twain , the
American humorist , will resume his lectures
on Wednesday next and will leave India for
Africa oo April 1 ,
Princess of Wales' Drawing Room Leads Off"
the Season.
Princess Very Proud of Her Daughter and ;
Prospective Bon-in-Law ,
Grief Over the Death of Prince Henry
Weighs Heavily on Her.
Illcyi'lo Crncr HUM Struck
llnril nml American Klrinn llcnp
Injr it llnrvcut Opposition
to lloynl 1'ciiNloiiN.
( Copyright , 1SOC , by the Associated Trcm. )
LONDON , March 14. The eyes of tho.
statesmen of this country and , for that mat
ter , of the whole of Europa , have beca
, turned toward Berlin during nearly the
wholet week. There , It Is believed , tho-
Drelbund has been solidified and improved
by a bolter understanding with Great Britain ,
and to the great relief of King Humbert
of Italy , whose throne- was ) undoubtedly-
shaken by the defeat of the Italian army
under General Baratlcrl at the battle of
For society , this has boon a busy andi
exciting week , and with the mercury regis
tering CO degrees , the first drawing room ,
of the season was held on Wcdncs3ay nt
Buckingham palace by the princess of Wales , .
In the absence of the queen , who arrived
the iamo day at Ctmlez , near Nice. The.
turnout of pcoplo desirous cf criticising the-
toilets of the ladles going to and from the-
drawing room was exceptionally largo and.
more than ordinarily good humored.
Although the prince of Wales , who ls >
yachting In the Mediterranean , Is away , tho-
princess of Wales and her daughters , Prin
cesses Victoria and Maud , with the latter's-
flanceo , Prince Charles o'f Denmark ; tho-
duke and duchesa of York , the duke and
duchess of Saxe-Coburg and several other
visiting German royalties are In town , and :
all apparently In indefatigable search of
amusements of many and various descrip
tions. They have visited the horse show ,
the art galleries , the museums , etc. , and1
are still trotting around.
Possibly the most Interesting feature ot
the drawing room wastho , Introduction or
Prince "Karl , " as Prince Charles of Den
mark. Js generally termed , with Princess-
llaua to the court circle. The .ecroinony-
took placein the -throne room , and , It wa
ea'sy tote"o that 'th'c princess of-Wales' ' *
Was very proud. , of'the young people ; In
deed , so much so that in driving from
Marlborough house to Buckingham palaco-
the princess gave "Karl" nml "Harry"the
places of honor in her carriage , In order
that the happy pnlr might be seen by tho-
great crowds of people lining the street.
The departure of the queen on Mondajr
for the south of France has drawn forth
a pathetic account of the Increasing feeble
ness of her majesty. It Is said that shots
ts evidently grieving greatly at the loss
of Prince Henry of Battenhurg , who was
never tired of halting upon his mother-in-
law , and who no doubt had sincere love fop
sovereign. In view of the stoto-
of her majesty's health , much of the usual
state was abandoned and she was coro-
fully wheeled on board the royal yacht
In a specially constructed chair. Upon ar
riving , at Cherbourg there was a dense fog , ,
which did not tend to improve the condition.
The gangways , It was noticed , were deco
rated with white and black flags and by-
her majesty's command all floral .and other
decorations were removed. And so she was.
escorted ashore , a pathetic picture of woo ,
an almost heartbroken woman mourning-
her dead and seeming- take but lfttlo >
Interest In her surroundings , the funereal
aspect of which added considerably to th
depressing nature of this scone.
As a special mark of respect to the queen ,
the bandmaster of ono of the French In
fantry regiments In garrison nt Cherbourg
composed a piece in her honor. But- she
would not allow It to be played , though
she did not forget the bandmaster's thoughtfulness -
fulness , as a nice little present taken to
him by one of tbo gentlemen In waiting
The decision arrived at by Parliament
this week to allow the opening of museums
and art galleries on Sundays has afforded
delight to the majority of the people and
Indicates a rapid change In public sentiment
on the subject. It was only ton years ago
that Parliament rejected a similar motion
by a crushing majority , and Its action wan
upheld In most quarters , But the deter
mination to open the British and Kensing
ton museums , the National gallery , etc. ,
on Sundays la now received with general
commendation , which would seem to In
dicate a passing away of the xtcrn conserva
tism which has been n feature of the Brit
ish character for generations ,
The ameer of Afghanistan fjeems to have
been pleased , all reports to the contrary ,
at the recaption accorded hero to his second
son , Nazrulah Khan , for bo Is sending tbo
queen 120,000 worth of gifts In charge of
a special envoy.
The ducbess of Marlborough did not at
tend the queen's drawing room , although
It was announced tlmt slio would do to. In
stead the young duchess remained In Paris ,
where olio and her husband arc tbo fuesta
of the marquis of Duffcrln , the British am *
bassador , and where the duchess wao ona
of the guests Invited to meet the prince oi
Wales at luncheon who | | on his way to tbt
Qt , Paul'i cathedral , after having been
given the very cold shoulder b royalty and
tbo aristocracy for a long time past , Is again
becoming fashionable. The pflncos ot
Wales on Sunday last occupied the doa.n'8
pew and the duclies * of York during tlj
afternoon service of the garni day s t la
the choir. Among those who wore present
on the occasion were the United States am.i
baseador , Mr. Thomas F. Bayard , and Lord
and Lady Wolseley , who , prior to thoeervloK
had been In the amen corner bearing tba
choir sine sloes.
It Is reported that two now morqlncr lib
eral penny paper * are to be started short
In this city , and It la alto said tblt
Henry J , 0 , Cust , formerly editor f
Pall Mall Gazette , Is soon to preside ovt
( ho destinies of p. new afternoon piper M ,
be called the Mayfalr Gazette ,
The bicycle boom is Increnlpg ty Y

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