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8 . TflE O3IAITA DAILY : ThURSDAY , ty 23 ,
Wife Number Potir Granted a Divorce by
Judge Powell ,
TIit c , ( % % 'oflhI'U ) ( , % ( ' Thu t tnr.
Iitge ' * IIN fl IitIIsr , % IIIIC ii
1uurt Ii IIrit Ilefure AMIlilg
fll II Iteree.
t I Juilgo I'owcI h:19 : grantc(1 MrR. Pearl 1.
( iopkln , flee Tyner , a dRorco from Albert
. M. llopldns.
llopkln wa for icvcral years z ctirt re-
l porter In this dltrIct and figured very prominently -
nontly In the divorce court oti former cc-
caion , The last Mrs. Hopkins was No. 4 ,
anti all have been dlvnrccl except No. 1 , vliu
. dlcti , All Of the vlvc liavo told the anio
utory of cruelty on the pirt of lIOpklfl8.
Ilopiclns' flrst entree Into the rnatrImonIl
rIng In which ho lia been a star performer ,
nccurreil In Vnlparalso. IntL. where he mar-
rIeI Mhu I3c'8Ic StorrJ of that pace. _ She
( lied In abcdt Ix months , and about one
afterwarti llopldns married Ml Grace Oar-
: j risen , aho , ot Valaparho , lie decrted her In
. a few xnontli and came to Omaha , he alter-
warl tiIiig for and gettIng a divorce on tim
grouni Of de3ertlon. In Omaha IIopcIns
figured quite prontlnntly n a member of
thu Young lcn' ChrItlan ac3octatlon , and
of the Pre'bytcrIan church , takIng a proml-
t nent part In the ProccetIIIIis and alwaya
having a great deal to say.
iftc : ho had lIved in Omaha about four
- ,
years lie was marrkd to a young woman of
- good fiimlly , and tim young couple lived at
the home of the wIto'a parents for a ( ow
vceks , after which they moved Into a flat
down town , ibutit fuur months after the
marriage IIophIti aent iil. young wife hotne ,
, telling her ho was tired of her 011(1 that no
) nhlt leave him. lIe told her what to tell
her Parents , and lntructed her that ho
souId write her letters , beggIi her to
como back to tutu. but that If tthc caine
back lie would kill her. She wa lntructecl
by hIm how to answer the letters , anil Ii
drafted letters ( or her to copy In replying
tO his niTssIvc. i'tftcr the girl hati gone
borne she tolti her Iarents about
tue life she hah led. Hopkins had
continually taunted her , she Faki ,
from the very day of her wedding ,
about hib Intrigiie wIth other women ,
and had struck and abused Iicr in the most
shameful manner. Ho also reuzd ta proVide -
Vide her with enough to eat , They boardel
at a restaurant and lie sould frequently go
to iiI immoals and leave her aL their ronii.
This sort of thing veiit on during the entire
time they ilrid , togcther , she told her par-
cats , and When lie afterwardii commenced
proceedings to obtaIn a dIvorce on the ground
of ( lc'ortIon , 110 contest was made , tue only
provIsion being that the vite asked to have
Imor maIden name restored , which was done.
The experIence of the last wle had been
almost the samno as that of No. 3. Sue had
- been married to hopkins but a short time
when her troublw commenced and her life
was mdo miserable. lie finally deserted
ber whelm ho lest his pc'Mtlon as court re-
1 porter last faIl and cent to Chicago , whore
I ho is supposed to ho at thIs time. She corn-
, mence1 proceedings far a hIvorco on tli
grounds of cruelty and adultery , Both
chirgea were substautiatemi , and the decree
ae rante.l. -
VfAXAtN S Iciit is t , i Uiimx'r.
\'IIi,4 In the lIISVNIII t Ih'umig lit _ tgLI nsf
VUII Etteii.
Mrs. Julia Fiannigan recovered a jiidg-
mont against David and Emma Van Etten
amnouritimig to $1S31.fO , In Judge DickInn's
court yesterday morning.
Mrs. Fiannagan stied Van Ettcn for $2,000 ,
that being the alleged value of , tlio Flanna-
gami liouestcad , In lloyd's addtion. ! In the
nortliweetern part of the city , which had
btcn sold to Satisfy a Judgment obtained
against the Fiannagans on a note they had
signed for Van IJtten without knowing
what the note contained , neither of the
Fiammnagans beIng able to read or write.
Van Etten put in a cress petition , claiming
; g0o a , attoiiey's fees in defending the
case in which the Flaunagans were stied on
the hate given ac an accommodation to
Van Etton. The jury ignored the cross
t claini and returned a verdict for the plaint -
Mt's. T.Ii.gimt'1 ( sets ii IIvoree.
Judge ICoyser rendered his decieion yesterday -
torday In the Lingaflt divorce cate , grant-
F lug the petition of time wife , and gave notice -
tico tiit In case the partIo could not
areo on tlio amount of attorneys' fees and
alimony time enurt would fix It. In passing
upon tito case the judge stated that time
allegation of the plaintiff had not been sue-
tafnod iii regard to habitual drunkenness
of tim defendant , but It tad been clearly os-
tabilsimed the defendant becanme Intoxicated
at times and abused his wife and family.
The judge alsa took occasion to score came
of time people In time neigimbarhood for spy-
lug lute time famIly afairs of time Llmmga-
( cite. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Ilolin Nit Yet Out of Jail ,
henry bun imas not yet been released cmi
bail , his ball bond not having been per.
. fectpd. hits brother arrived In time city
Tuesdoy afternoon fromn Blair , amid ar-
I rangonments vere muado to have iilmn anti
lions Beckman , henry's father-In-law , give
thu $ iO,000 bOnhi required by time supremno
court. l1iImi atated yesterday Immorning the lie
had not been able to sea his attorneys to
have time baml nmaml'i up and taiccn to Llmmc3imi
for approval by the cleric of time supreme
: iii 11am' 1i , t i'r I ii Con i1 ,
The imlt of George ii , McArdic aguInt
Iaytlmn ! hires. i mi trial In Judge Dickin.
iqn's court. McArmlle sueu for $10,000 tiammi.
ages for injuries received by failing down
time siioft of the freight elevator whIle en.
gaged In loading a i'iano lno a wagon ,
' Rachel V. Truasell ha3 appiled for a mhivorc
from her husband , Loreuzo J , Triirmeil , cmi
the ground of deertton. Time parties s'ere
mmiarrcm1 In Cincinnati , 0 , , In ISGI , ammtl time
iammabantl deerteU the wife In May , 1886 ,
liico 'imich time imo says sIn , luau ! ben
Ignorant of his whereabouts ,
The jury In time Eiiegan case found time
defendant guilty of beimmg the father of the
little yellow baby of Cora Dmmncan , anti time
defemiulant vam remimmimided to jail to avait
sentence. The defendant Is a negro boy
about 18 yearg of ago and time commiplaimiing
witness colored girl apparently of about
time tunic age.
The trial ofS'altcr
0. Fayc wa coin.
menct'd In th district court late yecterday
afternoon , Fayc Is charged wIth forging
aiim ! counterfeitIng a bond for $1,000 of time
school district of Cook county , Illinois , and
wIth uttering and ixissing limo saimmu Febrti.
ary 1 , lSti5 , Iii thk , city in tbo Oiiialia
iirowlmmg association.
flu Nut Do ThIN.
na hot bo induced to buy any oilier It yom
have immado up your mind to take h1ood'
Sarsaparlila , hiemember that Hoed's Sir-
saparlila cures when alt otticra tall , Do not
give up In despair becaui'e other mnedlelmics
have lulled to help you. Tske IIooU' ear.
saparilia faithfuiiy amid you immay reasommatiy
expect to be curemi ,
hIo4'e Pi'is are Purely vegetable , carefully
preparel from time best tnrodients.
, - - -
- YOU OnAlit ( U. See
the buixiess the Burlington' , "Vestibuied
L'Iyer" Is doing nowadays.
' .Vonderut-sImplj Wonderful ,
Extra coaches ucti sleepers every day last
week ,
. -
You ought to seb It. Y9u ought to trevel
1mm It ,
1.eavc Omahia-5OO : P. M , Ix.f1y ,
Arrives CiIcago-8:2O : A , M , NO LATEIt.
. Sieeper.chaIr care-diner ,
- Ticketa at 1502 Farmiam street , ,
- _
! lx TIiIrt 1' . .l , TraIn
of time
N1I.4'AUCEhi }
& ST. I'4UL flY ,
. Best service.
I.L.flCThtIO 1.10111'S ,
. 1)Imiing ear.
CII ) ' Omee , 1501 Furpaui.
tiiiTij : :
ilocic IS1.tI'S MAMMO'rhl 1NiINflS.
Tiai.'y , tre flieet'iItn In onmc IIiild
It a ii milng.
The hock Island road has juct had constructed -
structed at Its own shops two eight-wheeled ,
American tflio engines that are expected
to develop some phenomenal speed and
Power. They are numbered 1101 and 1102 ,
flfld are being broken in In the frelgimt
service of time rosul , They imavo already
shown tinut timey can run eighty mhlc' an
hour , and when placed In the passenger
service they are expected t maintain a
rapid rate of speed. Tmm have beemi con-
strueted WIth ft view f suPpassing all
prevIous records of AmerIcan or forei.n
typo of engInes , conaltiering speed , power
and econommilc operation ,
The engInes were buIlt under the Imme-
dlato Mmpervlsion anti on the plans and
specIfications of George F. 'iisoim , stiporln-
tcimdent of motIve power and equipment.
These itlans vcro decided uipoti by imlmn
after a long amid coimipleto series of tests
tamon ) from experimental results ( It differ.
emit patterns of locdmotlvo building , Time
enormnnims size of the engine and a view of
its capabhilties may he seen train limo tel-
lowing dimnensloims :
Cylinders , 19',4x26 Incimes ; boiler , 61 Inciies
in , liamee ! : , wIth 1PSS square feet of beat-
lug surface 811(1 215 square feet of grata
surface , time fire box being 9 feet Inside ;
total weight , 123,000 pommimds ; driving ulieel
base , S feet 6 inches ; driving wheel uliamneter ,
I ; feet 6 incItes : tender , water capacity ,
4,300 galiomms ; tender , cccl capacIty , 7 tons ;
butler , eiiImt loaded , 76,000 hounds ; mmum-
tier of flues , 260 ; wheel base , Including tammlc ,
48 feet 5 % Incites ; tank , 20 feet 2 indies ;
length over all , & 9 feet 8 Inches
These engines follow In time wako of ( ho
spccdcrs of time New Yorlc eommtral , No , 9ti ;
of timu ilurlington , No. fO ; of time Northi-
western , and of time Cincinnati , llanuhlton &
1)ayten , No. 210 , and a comparison of their
work with time records made by these en-
glues will be himeiesting.
( ) I'i'OSii ) 'I'o SUXIA' 1XCtTISIONS ,
huh vnmiii iii' , , Sii 'I'hl ( ' ISo % nt liene-
lit the I'eople.
A'sIstant General I'aserger Agent Smith
of time Iitirlington imas returned from 1Caicns
CIty , where lie Timesday attended a meeting
of time roads in the tranamissouri territory of
( Ito Western Passenger association. Time cub-
ject of reduced rates for summer picnlce out
of Onualma and other large cities was consid-
ered. Owiimg to time absence of reiirc'cnta-
tives of a nimnmber of the lines , however , no
definite conclimsions wcro reached. The opin.
Ions of thce roads viil tie sought before any
ammnoumiccmncmit of ratea Is made. Gemmeral
l'assoimger Agent J , E. Lockwood of time
Kansas City , Fort Scott & Memphie presided -
sided , aflmi Aasistammt General I'auuaonger Agent
I'ayne of time Missouri l'achilc acted. as see-
rotary of time mectimig.
It Is umnaermtooti timat a number .of limo lines
arc opposed to low rates for Sunday picnics
out of time large citlen to subumrbamm towmis. A
reprcsentative of a local road said to a lice
reporter yesterday : "Such excurIorms dci no
great ammmount of gOoJ. If they took people
into time country towns iii order that they
itmiglit make purchases or in some way benefit
the people of timese towns , it ouid lie a
dlfferemit matter , bmmt they don't. The roads
have dIfficult work in maIntaining theIr
tarIffs anyway , and we do not think it vise
to break away from timemninumis case. "
Au Adv'r ( I , emieiii Cimmises 'rroiiiiie.
There has been troube among tIm local
tici.-et agemiti for time last low days on account -
count of certan ! athertisements of two
Omaha lines that have appeared In the
daily paper. It ha an unwritten law of
raIlway etiqtmetto that no advertsement of
any road alma ! ! reflect cn any other road.
Th city ticket agents of several roads have
taken offense at time advertisemnenta of tin-
oilier road concerning time voitlon of its
trains at time imniom depot. One of limo
offended ticket agents hmac gone so far as to
report time matter at headquarters amid a
conference on time subject between the general -
oral moanagers of the two reads is not Un-
likely. The other advertsemen which. has
caused bad blood to boil amommg the "low
joimmts , " Is one timat refere to time dlvcion
of time various Chicago roads into two classes.
htzuiivzt Notts tim , , ! l'ersonmils.
S. C. Ifayeui , a ccnductor on the Unon
Pacific. lo.st a hand cn time rail laet week ,
Seventeen machinists from Denver have
jtmst secured emuployment in time Union I'a-
chile shops at Cheyenne.
w. j. Scanlon , a Union Pacific brakemnan ,
received painful Injuries about the head time
other day. It Is smmpposcd ilmat a brake was
released batore lie was aware of it amid struck
itlmmi iii the head.
I. It. Burgeon , general supemintendemit of
time Utah Central , has been appoimmted general
superhmutendcnt of time Ohio Southern , witim
lioadquartero at Springfield. Before goimmg
to the Utah Central Mr. Burgeon was for
sommio years connected with the Indiana ,
I3locmzmiington & Western.
Ciii' , , uiti Iletititiclie ,
As a remedy for all forms of headache
Electric Bitters has proved to be the very
best. It effects a permanent cure and the
most dreaded iiabtuai sick headachea , yield to
Its influence. We urge all vimo are afihicted
(0 ( procure a bottle and give timIs remedy a
fair trial. In ca'cs of habitimal constipation
Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed
tone to ( lie bowels , and few ca'c.m long resist
time use of tlmi medicine. Try it once. Only
fifty cents at ICmthmn & Co.'s drug etore.
Tim National bicycle cannot be beaten on
time road , and for tricky track tactics It is a
( op netchor.
- p
rrnlmi 10 ) 1.0(10
feet down , gold is found In abundance ; time
deeper you go time richer the ore. These art'
facts concermiing Merctmr , Utah , T.e ! Union
Pacific is the only all rail line to Mercur.
For Morcur leaflet giving full 1)artlcularo
call at City Ticket Office ,
1302 Farrmamn street ,
0 am a it ti-C ii t cit gup et' ii L
Train to
. . for
- Oninhm
travel excitmaivviy
aio : : every night.
U , -
id ) Ilmirry 'i'Ihi a ttt iiI ci.
Spend all day 1mm Omnaima anti leave via
ChICAGO SPECIAL at 0:10 : p. am , ( dining
cur. )
Then there's commsideablo hurry , for time
train arrives at Chicago early next niorimlug.
This train is equijipeti with E\'tItYTIIINQ ,
and words are very lmard o find ( lint do It
Jtmitico , If ytni mmmtis ( leave earlier , inquire
ubotmt ti'o 4:4r : , p. in , Overland LImited ,
City office. 1401 Fartmamn St.
'i'hie ( laily 't'tim- _
to go to Califormmia i itimout. delays or amincy.
anccs.antl in conmfort , Is via TIlE UNION
You don't have to change cars , and you
get timere several hours aiicat of all other
ilmmos ,
For tIme tahmtos or other , iii formaticn , call
on A. C. Dunn , City I'aesenger anti Ticket
Agent ,
1302 Farnm stre"L.
'I' ii ii " 'l'i'mt I ii mm ii hi i' S . 'e , , mm ii 'I'rti t' it' '
Is time I1urlirmgton's ° Vestibuled Flyer" for
You dOn't hav to cilnmb. over car pint.
forms or fall over baggage trucks to got to
I'mi " ( ho ( ruin on time ecommd tr.mck. "
EasIest to roacim , Best to imiake. thto trip
J.ervea Omnaba-5:0Q : P , M.-EXACTLY ,
Arrives CimicagQ-820 A , M.-NQ LA'rER.
Sieepero-Chmair Carm-Dimmv1 ,
! J'ieheta at l&02 Farimanm atr cjt
Sitimi miter ii esir ,
There are many cit them on tim itimmi of
TIlE UNION PACIFIC. aii before armanging
for your sUmuuucr outing you ahmouU make
inquiry as to rates and routes. For full in-
formnatioa call at City Ticket 0111cc ,
l202Parnamtret ,
I ' -
Fhu enormous enin'i .Ut baul "Time
Nprthwesterzt Limm' . 9MAIiA.Ci1ICAGO
Si'ECl.l east at 6:30 : every evening ( Union
i'acillc diput ) aril info rhicago at tiQ : imest
umori'ing--vcii worth tmtiupg a little ( line to
, - C , I Ii imi - a r.t lung I t t his coutu I ry like themim
-imeari as hmi'im % he deimut , but not
qUite as iog. City olilce , 1401 Farnani
- - - - - - -
Positively the Wind-Up of the ] 3iggcst
Bargain Giving Sale ,
Nittiihtig ( , - CinnkN _ Stis
Cit imeN-.Vniwts.--nt lie
- - - limaNt lt'Mhier-
15(0 l'rlces liver Nzmiti.l far tit
lin.l of ( otIiN ,
You'll be sorry it you don't take in tlmn
last two days of thIs sale-and there's peal'
tively orly two days of it-we Imave to move
out of time V. M. C.t. . building at C o'clock
Frimlay of ( his week-Thturtsday atmd 1m'lday
are time last days of it-we don't care very
much for mnommcy mmou-We do care for the
imiovhlmg-we can't immove timeni-wo don't want
thenu-Umoy nrc ours anti If you cami real xi
it yell surely cati see that no ouch bargaIn
giving sas over atteimipted in the history of
time cloak btmriness ,
All of Weinberg's $ S.10 capes , $2.95.
All of Weinberg's $1350 capes , $3.95.
All of VeInberg's $ l1.00 capes , $1.85.
MI \'einberg's $18.00 capes , $7J.0.
All of Weinberg's $25.00 capem , $10.00 ,
All of Woinborg'c $2.00 wnist. , GSc ,
All of Weiitbcrg'a $2.50 waists , USc ,
All \'elnberg's $3.00 waists , $1,10.
Al of Wolnberg's $1.00 waists , $1.40.
Wohmmberg'o $0.00 black cassimmiero shawls ,
$1.95 ,
Time $9.00 all wool beaver simawlat , $3.00 ,
Time $10.00 camel's haIr ahmawis , $3.50.
Weinberg's $30.00 broclmo shawls , $10.00.
All of Vclnlmcrg's $2.50 wrappers , 85c.
All \Veinberg's $3.60 wrappers , $1.20 ,
Au \'ciimimarg's $4.00 wrappers , $1.40 ,
Weiimberg's $2.00 duck suite. 8e.
Weinberg's fine $10.00 , $12.00 and $20.00
suits , go at $4.00 , $5.00 and $7.45.
Weinberg's $5.00 , $8.00 and $10.00 Infamut
long coats in tan and creamn go at $2.00 , $3.50
timid $1.00.
All Weinberg's nuacklntosheum , an ehegamit
line , for a timird of Weinberg's cost ,
All fur capes and wimmor goads at any price
to close. TIlE STATE ,
V. M. C. A. fluildlung.
Closing out Weinberg's stoclc iii two days.
Wanted , large couthcast front room , well
fuirmilu'imcd aimd goad bath. Must be con-
trahiy locoted , on car line. Ad. It 3 , Bee.
Samn'l Burns lta fitty-to many-toilet
sets amid waumts to get rid of themmi at i ,
ririce. See his east window.
e -
A. L. Deamme & Co. , 1116 Farnam street
sell Union amid National bicycles.
Stteimgerf'st Olileimmi Itomife to Pittt-
Pennsylvania Short Lines from Cimicago
omelal train will leave Chmlcago Uniomi Sta-
tlon 7:30 : p. mu , , Sunday , J0i10 7 , over PanHandle -
Handle hlommte. Exctmrmion tickets will bc
cold at $10.50 via I'an-llamidle ltiUtmi and
$12.00 via Fort Waymie rtouto , Jimime 6 , 7 ,
and 8. Solid trains fromn Chicago Union
StatIon to Pittsbtmrg Union Station. For
particulars address lierimig , 248 South Clark
street , Chicago.
Stumimiiiem IO-etirslmtm , , to Colorado.
Tim "flock Icland Rotmte" has now on sale
tourist tickets at greatiy reduced rates
t9 DenverL Colorado Springs and Pimoblo.
flcniemnber this Is tIme only line running
Its own traIns witlmout change from Omaha
to all of time above points. For full infor-
nmaiomi call at flock Island city ticket 0111cc ,
1602 Farnani street.
v1I la o'I' MONEY.
, Iiiilge SiiirnN Ieeide Agztiiist ( lie
1ViiIou- ( hit ( lid , Zhmijimmermimmimi.
In thio federal court ( ho jury in time case
of II. S. Woodworth , charged with semidimmg
lotkry' adlertisenments through the mail ,
returned a. rdit of not guilty.
Jtmdgo Shuiras decided against the wife of
time late Cottliob Zimmerman in ( ho umlt
brought by her cmi two life imusurance poi-
iciai for $1,000 and $2,000 respectively , issued -
sued by time Masonic Aid asockmtion , of
Dakota. Time policies provided that no pay-
nient slmcmuld be made on them in case time
insured took imrs own life. Zimmerman
was found dead in Syndicate park , South
Ommiaha , about a year ago. with every In-
dicatiomi thmat death was ( hue result of sut-
Pcrmnisslon was granted Milton Dialittlo ,
receiver of time North Platte National bank ,
to sell real estate belonging to the bamuk
and apply time proceeds to liquidating
claims amain.'t time bank.
Frank Goodwin , Jolmn hammond anti
Freult Itosm of Decatur have been brought
Imi on Indictments charging them with selling -
ing liquor to Indiamms. Cimaries Itebeck ,
Cimarles lawton anti Walter Cutler Imav
also been brought in , clmarged with cuttimmg
( imumber on time Pine Ridge agency.
Dtlrrng time afternoon time trial of Hemiry
II. Rye . of Gordon , charged wIth unlawfully
having hi his pos005sion Indian cattle. , was
taken up.
Time $25,000 damage stilt of M. 0. Daxon
against time Gorniuliy & Jeffrey Manufacturing -
turing cornpatiy was timrown ou of time
United States court yesterday emi a umotion
to quash the service. limo ground of time mo-
( Ion being that notice was served upon a
man alleged to Imave been time managing
agent of time comnpany in Chicago , evidence
being introduceti to show thmat the man
in question was not such managing agent.
Ai'gmletL Smilve.
Time beet salve In time worlml for cults ,
bruises , sores , ulcers , salt rimeum , fever
sores , ( otter. chapped hands , chilblains , cormms ,
and all tkin eruptions , and positively curc
piles or no pay required. It Ia guaranteea
to give perfect muatisfactiomi or mmioney rot
rumuuicd , Price 25 cents per box. For saic
by Kuhn & Co.
The Ummion bicycle never was known to
- , * -
" ( ) 11lm ii U - ( I Ii I eu go Li am I I e ii. "
Built for speed ,
Comfort nun safety ,
Short iine ,
Block sym'temi ,
Eiectm'ic liglmt.
Finn Cuisine.
City ( icluct aflce , 1501 Farnam street.
Far itt'iintcI , unit's.
To till rumimmer resorts call at hlocIc Island
City Tlclet 0111cc , 1602 Farnani St.
4t. 311N ( ti.t' Stii'vimm're.
A ststemmment iii yesterday immorn.
lug's ( lispatchics from \Vashuimmgton , that
Senator Tlmurstomm was about to
leave for imommio cmi account of time
serious ilirmese of his fatimer-Imu.aw , seems
to be unfoimmideil , Imiquiry at the residence
of Senatom Thurstomu in this city elicited
time information that there must have been
semite mistake. Imr , Polaimd Immmd hmeen indIa-
posed for a week cm' mimoro , bitt hue Illness
was iii Ut ) WOY serious , and lie Is now mmitmeim
better. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
It is a well authenticated fact timat a spraIn
mmmay ho cured wIthin timrea or four days by
mipplylmig Chamberlain's I'aimi Bairn freely ,
Amty one who line been laid up tor three or
four vcekmm with a sprained ankle will be
likely to reniotmibcr timla. Time 25 antI S0-ccnt
sires are for sale by druggists.
MhI i'rit lNi'i'If , ' 10 'rAiiI I'.titI' ,
iCmIiKhtM ( If . - ; ; ; ; , trrnuiglrg for
I ii t' iP ii h'n rod e.
At time regu1ameeting of the Hoard
of Governors. iCn gbtnof Mc-nr-flen , ycater-
day a communicallon was received froni Ci.
\v. Suet' , Suggestitug that time militia conipa.
nlem of the state be ipviteti to take part in
time nihiltary and civic parade of September
1 , lIe bellevel that the Ornalma Guards and
the Thurston hilfies cmmltl ho interested in
the immatter , one looking after time First regi-
nient anti time other the Second regliiietmt ,
as they are members. There ate a number
of vacant buiidimigs the city the Use of
wimlcim coimlil be sectmred amid these , if fitted
with cots or straw shuts-downs , would make
atimirablo quarters , the visitors furnishing
timeir own meals. The idea niet with
imeam-ty exprescionim of approval anti referred -
ferrod to time parade committee , whichm ha to
act wIth Mr. StiCs ,
Time treasurer was Instructed to keep imp
the insurance emi time floats and paraphernalia
at time den anti to immcrcase it from Utile to
tinie as the building went on.
Time nuattor of costumes for limo fall pa-
rules was timorougimiy discmmrecl and time para -
ra Ic conirnittee iiistrtmcteti to report time prc.b-
able cost at the next meetimmg , They ate
to be ninilo from special ( leMgtms , of the
finest material amid will iii ninny respects
outshine timoso of last year. lieritles the
large number required b time nurmakers cmi
the twemity floats there will be tweive ci-
pecially designeti for the nmarslmale.
Mim1i satkfactlon was expressed with time
imianner in which time ranks of the icnlght.o
were being Ilileti up this year. Another
large clam's went tbrough time "machinery"
last Monday night at the den , anti to a mitan
exprersed their satisfaction with the fumi
they imiul. Tlii Immitiation is hot altogether
for time purpose of maimitnttuing a secret society -
ciety , but to bring our best bucimmera macmm
together iii the bommuis of goodfeilowsimip , for
,1 mmieetlrmg togetimer where , once a. wcelc ,
they can east dull care aside , have a good
laugh anti go Imonse arm iii arm disctmssimmg
time best interests , of the town. There is
natimhmig like it anywhere 1mm time United
States amid time lively interest mmuanife.tett
after omie year's trial elmouva that it is tip.
predated by all who have taken imoiti of it.
U ,
A printer In thmo office of the News at
Morgan , Tex. , suddenly disappeared from ( ho
omce. On his return a few mnintmtes later
lie prcduced a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. ITo imati a severe cough amid cold ,
anti In explanation said , "What is the use
of niy coughing my head off , when Cimanmber.
lain says his Cough Itemmiedy will cure mne.
lIe says so himself , and pays time news-
oaoor to say so. I have set up his advertisements -
tisoments in twenty different states , and it
mnuet ho so. " It did cure him , timen Ime
know it was no. It always ctmres. Time 25
and 50-cent bottles are for sale by druggists.
YiSIIII.E SU1'i'i.Y OP ICE ltfliUCEI ) .
3otmtlm OhlimiluiL IceCommipit mii's I'iimmm C
I ) i's C m'oeI by Fl
Thmo manimotim ice house of the Soumtim
Omahma Ice and Coal company , situated near
Sixth and Nicholas streets , was struck by
hightmmtmmg yestertlay ujorning shortly before S
o'clock. TIme building was completely destroyed -
stroyed with the oxcsptiomi ? of timat portiomm
upon which the Ice was stummitlhmig. It was a
well buIlt structure and iii said to have been
tile largest in time city. It \j aboimt S0x125
feet in size. It was owned by time Ummion
Natiomiai bank antI valued at $3,000. There
was no immsuranco. Time house contaimmed
about 5,000 tons of ice , according to Mammager
Doe of the comtmpauy. TIme manager esttmate.h
this unorimimug that about 40 per cent of thml
would be a total loss. It ii , thommgimt that time
reniainummg 00 per cent cami he remnovemi in .i
saleable condition.
The buidlmig 'ins almnort Immediately en-
veioped In flames , at , the liglmtning seemned to
truCvorse the structure to time north. 4n
alarm wea turned In from Tweiftim and
Nicholas streets , but it wasomno ( line befcre
the department could get at work. Tim time
meantinme the flanmes spread rapidly , as a
strong w1ndm.'sas biowimig troun. tlte south ,
Dimeuuhty was encountered in obtaining water ,
The nearcat hydrant to the structure was at
Tenth and Nmchmolas streets anti it was fommrmd
nece.9'ary to lay ( Ito hose over a considerable
number of railroad tracki. Finai ) t\io
streams Were obtained , but these were weak ,
despite tue assistance of engines , as the
water had to travel a commsiderablo ilirtance ,
One tlmoimeamid to lmunuired anti fifty feet ot
hose was laid ,
The rain which was falling was of material
ascatamice in prewentng time spread of the
fire. There were fommr or five cottages just
north of the ice imumse. The failing rain
vetted time roofs elthmese structures , thereby
averting the dangCr produced by hying
sparks. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Aim IitmtiimiMIit,41. ,
Mr. L. Hayden of Waulonia , ICy. , is en-
thuslastic in imis praise of Chamberlain's
Colic , Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. lie
says Ito has used It in his famliy for years
anti Can safely recommend it to time iiubUe
as time best medIcine in the world for bowel
troubles. The 25 and 50-cent sizes for sale
by druggists. _ _ _ t- -
iirs. 111'EIimimt'mt i ii 'I'rtmlIt' Agimi ii.
The McEhliattOflR are in trouble once more.
This ( line Mrs. McEihatton has been ar-
retod nt the Instamico of Mrs. G. Smith and
Eti Dilnier on tile charge of disimmrlming the
uisace. All the patriots live on tue bottoms
in the vicinity of the water works pump
house. at the foot of Nigholas street , anti
vam. Is waging most of thiC time among tlmemim.
The Dricormis. the stlts : , COstello nnul
Coyles , all neIgimtori. have combined to
make life miseraile for tile MeEtluattons ,
at ienmmt scm time head of the McEiimatton tao-
lion alleges , amid all of the earticitmants have
higureti In police court a nunmber of times.
Tuestiny night Mcfluiintton himformeti the pa-
lice that Mrs. Smith anti 1l ] ) ilmer Imad
been hmurimig tOneS and vile epithets at him-
elt anti wife and he wished it stoppemi. Ha
also mthegeti thmat Dilmner tuitmi time Smith
snlan were hiving together without the
formality cit first hmaing married. Time urrest
of Mmii. MeElimnttomi is time cumimiut'on of
time micIgimborhtood stro.
iIimiI ? hiCi I Pt I ii Utiiil I'in.
KANSAS CITY , May 27.-A soecial to time
Star ( ruin Clovelatitl , Mo , , says : Despite the
verdict of the coroner's jury , whmielm imeiti
thmat Mrs. Martin Frost , wife of a farmer ,
drowmmed her cimildrcmi , Mary , Carrie and
James , and then cut bier throat in a fit ot
tcrnpoary insanity yesterday , thmere are those
who talk of ( emil play. No clew to substanti-
mite (1mm claimii is apparent , however , amid as
notiming In time Itemise in time way of valuables
was tilaturbod , there s000is to be no basIs
for It. Mrs. Frost was 30 years old and
time CiiillrOfl froni 1 to C years.
liii rry ( ouhIVLm'hm Ilomimimi Over.
harry Gont1riel hiuim ) mccju bound over to
time district court ii1y Jtmmlgo Cortloim on a
clitirge of imrcukiimg .into and emitering time
rom of "Generul7 mwashmimmgton Fioltis , in
time Drown imiock. Ho is alleged to have
taken several ImaiSs .ot pants be1ontiimg to
Fi&tls anti aftorivard soiti them to mm seconti
hmanti clothing dosaitir. Gootirhchm was hio'd in
miefault of $ SJ0 ( bCiids mmd Watt remnamtded to
jail to await trimtij
: ta rrtugr l.it.eiiHt N ,
Permits to svtuif iumve been issued to time
tcilwing parties ii ) ' ( lie cotmnty judge :
Name timid AdtlrtusH Age.
hures A. ItaiisitIt'k. Oninima , . , , . . . . , . . . .
Eiinor H. Nece , ( Jihiitl , I'u. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
[ 'imaries Carson , Onmuehma. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Emma Swansomi , idnimilma. . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . .
lupentm 7. . Arnmstroflg. Omnaima. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Annie H. 1tljbiStQfltauia 30
Raymo4 _ W1flSfldbYonl
4. A cithng gift hotid ! be something. Iasting-ike Gor-
ii arn'5 Sterling Silver-among 0111cr seIccttons we
have a spcia1 piece-a handsome open work fruit
bowl-s tcrl ing siIs'er-$4o ,
1Uyffloud , Jeweler.
I . 10im amid Louglmus.
- - - . ,
t-r-- _ _
- d
_ . -
: = - - - - -
b : Lththt bL4 t
lice , May 27 , 1800.
oo1 Kotes
. .
- -
Have you ever noticed , In time winter , when the days are colti ,
Time Iceman leaves a great big chunk-most all your box will hold-
L' ' But in summer , when it's hot emmommgim to almost fry your fat ,
2 ! . lie loaves about a spoonrul-hmavo you cyor mmoticod that ?
Spcaking of icc-have you scen those cool coats j
&c . arc selling for 5oc ? They are so cool that we
- - - ticed 110 1CC watct Oil the floor vherc tluiy are and
& our competitors have a cold chill vheimvcr they sec
eM one on a inaa's back. For 75c we sell coats that
- - - other stores get a cool $ I,5o fot' and flie coats we sell
for $1.50 arc not soid for less than 'scvcntecn tn:1 :
. ) , c over in England1 where they arc supposed to sell
- - - tliugs cheap. 'l'hcrc isn't a style or color of cool
coat made but vliat ycu vilI find here , hicluding blue
l. % _ and grey scrgcs at $1.90 , black and grey worsteds at
T $2.25 ; silk aJpaca at about $2 and mohair coats and
.t vests at prices that arc as light as the cloth. . Itt
G. A1 R. Sitits . ;
; : ; We offer for Memorial Day a teal indigo blue ,
strictly all wool suit in rcgulai and extra sizes , includi
tf ing complete set of buttons , for $6.75. We warrant
- ; ; these suits to be strictly all wool , fast color , and the .
! ' _ equal of any $10.00 suits sold in this town. Square i !
.L or l'ound cut , i .
Iegra4&a t'oti4i4 & h t .
. .
41c .
: iAL'd. ' I\ \ \
. '
h&'N &
- _ =
- - I
= 4f . -
1 _ ,
LJ. -
: 'i . " ! ! P ± J9L . . . . , .
. . A better way to gc'.t : our
trade quickly thait to get
: the best materials for you
' to select frorn
We sell for cash.
: That means that you'll
. . have no one else's loss to
. - . Pants to order , $1 to $12.
Suits to order , $ li to urSO.
- . Samples Mailed.
: 0
lirAmiclicS iii all Primicipuil Cities ,
207 South 15th St.
4 !
/ from a Bad"
. .
, t Liver and
I2i Cured by
r. J. H5 McLEIIN'S
3 A Certain Remedy for
: Diseases of the Liver ,
Kidney and Urinary
I Organs
Fit Druggists. Price , I.OO Per Bottle
. 7115 DR. J. H. McLEAN Mroictur Co.
, ' l htemxmejy CALTHOS rr' , situ 'I1
51 ieglgusrtmntteihmlitCALTmmOHthlll , , . , . , . . .
. 141 01' hIisIu.c.t . EnI..Ioni.
! etuiu : 5.rnIrrhea.YirlcocJ I
end mnsromimIot : Vigor.
C- and /av i/satisfied. I
I , 54rVON MOIIL. CO. , J
_ _
jig ONLY
. & Udc , 0. '
s. ; , . . ONLY
0 Years in
- . _ _ _ flock Ftc. , Conmultaltoim
- and Examination Ftcr ,
- - 14th and Farnam Sta. ,
' . . _ _ _ OMAII.t NLU.
' USC lug ( I for
t'MEi urmnaturai
I. I Wida , , . dirhargt. , jtmtlaiiimallen. ,
so QimirszIa.J to , tmnu. of Irritation go mm c o , U or ritemmiIraia ulcerahiuu , . .
et , , , . ; . tortaiao , l'ahtmieaa. a04 mmoi saliho.
S. rHIEcsCHIulcsLCo. gemmi or pOIautmuu. ,
cnhiINmm4Ti.o. oId by Jrughita. ,
, . , or sent iti pl&kt ,
I S. A . & wrapper
' /11 , P . , by I.ma. cxvres. r 3 bOttle. , prepahd , 12.75. , for
% tircuiar
stat vim ic'piva
, '
. . (
faty mamma uteti Wool Soap ) (0 ( wlsbemulne Mdl
It S'ool Soup is ueod n thtO laundry. Is
tiioctcanslntofwlntcr bmankotsmiunmmema and
all wooi fabrics boioro storing for thoseasco ,
' 1hu value of
is inestimable. Wmzstmcssihka , laces and afi
ourntTm"r himbrics myittmommt injury. ICqualhy
vatuablo ( or bath , houselmaid anti geuerai
laundry urposes. 8olth by all dealers.
Rawcrth , Scbodde Sc Co. , Makers , ChIcago.
-eWYOrhoOti1ccJeiLeOnard Ru. Uoston.iflhathamBt ,
752 RiVct
made of ttro rubber
liokis tile hill-Dog Garck
, A AtiY Hose toge1er.
hi ( holds the ordinary rubbe
, i-r garden hose together.
Tue strength of hose depends On these ru ) .
bcrrivetstecllnicailycahied ( ( riction ) . A shoi
rjvet Is stronger than a long one. Bull-Do :
rivets short.
Theory and results prove Dull-Dog sIrohI
est hosefor money made.
J3.'ton Woven hose & Rubber Co.
2 $ Devoiishire Si , . Boston , or ,
SOS Lake St CiicsOo , G Reaie st. , N , Y.
709 No. itti t , SI Louis , lOll Water St Cieveiancl.
l7aQAa.1'1JmQetDa/er. TrCmUt , SaumEran.
i Special
i : Sales
a at the-
c _ sii the Btittci'Ik P.ttttrng.
- - -
; -
" '
A Remai'1ab1e Sale
of.1Yen's [ and Boys'
Extra Fine Suits
1 , ThIs sale means to you gemitiemen's
i. stylisim and Perfect flimsiness Stilts , nobby
Caseiimmere Suite , testy ilommiosimuns , durable
c fancy Chmovlots-In the newest hmatteras of
- time season , timat will commiparo faverabiy with
time best that nmiy clothIng imotmso has yet
_ been able th otter at l5.00 , ammti yotm can
buy time sammie stilts M hinymiemu Bros. ttm1
c veek for $7.50. ,
- I This sale imicans to you time very finest
' Glebe siik mmiixtmmres and Emiglisim worsteds ,
_ Suits that represent time hmighmest imerfectiomi
of immodc.ra tailoring ; Stiita the like of which -
c misercimant tailors got 335.00 for , and which
- I ready made , were never lmoretofore eqimaled
I for less than 20.00 anti $25.00 , amuti
- . 3OU cami buy timse gmtms of ( lie tailors' are
- . this vc1t at hlaytiene' for $12.50 ,
, Boys' I.omig l'ammts Suitim ChmIs week at
- $3.50 , $5.00 amid $7.50 ; all regular $6.50 to
- 15.00 Stilts.
Boys' lCmmce Pants Stmitn timimi week at
950 , $1.50 , $2.75 and $2.75 ; all regular $2.00
to $5.00 Stilts.
Fast color \\'ashable Suits timis week at
a very special hmargaimm-laimyard and whis-
tie-for 35c , SOc , 75c amid USc ; iortii fromma
$1.00 to $2.50.
\Vaslmabie Knee Pants at lOc.
Special Sale of Men's
NothIng like It ever seen in time west ,
500 dozen men's lirhtIsim Sox , 'orth 25o
pair , go at Dc.
1,000 dozemu men's Neckwcar , cenio in
bantl bows , tccits amid four-imm-hnmmds , nmado
from elegant ilk amid beautiful Patterims ,
worth 25o to SOc each , cmi sale at 12 ½ o
each. I I
Men's best qimutllty Ceiuleid Collars , all
shapes and sizes , Sc each. 2
We will put on salC 100 dozen
mcmi's fob Negligee .Simirts , none worth less
than SOc. your cimoice 25c.
Mon's halbriggan Sldrtmo mind Drawers , iSo
each ; worth 25c.
Mcmi's fancy Latmmmtlered Simirts , worth 75o
and $1.00 , go at SOc.
Ladies' and
Children's Hosiery.
100 dozen chmildremm's fast black cotton
Hose , made with a double knee , only ISc a
Our regular 25c quality ladies' ( mill regular
made hose , fast black , 17c ; worth 25c.
100 dozen ladles Summer Corsets , 35c ;
worth SOc.
Ladies' and
Childrens Underwear
One case of chiFdremm's jersey ribbed \Tcsta ,
Sc : worth 25c.
Ladles' Jersey ribbed \Tecis , Do ; worth iSe.
Ladles' Lisle % 'osts , worth SOc and 75c , go
at 25c.
Silk Mitts \ /
500 dozen ladice' extra heavy Silk Mltt
lOc per pair.
One lot Silk Mitts , glove tlmuimmb , 25c
wortim SOc.
One lot of 5 and 7-lmcok ICitI Gloves , 75c
worth $1.25.
Ladies' real ICiti Gloves , S and 7-hook , iii
all colors , every pair warranted and fItted ,
only $1.00 ; worth $1.50.
Silk Specials
for Thursday
Striped Wash Siik , full assorinient , 21G
Checked Wash Silks , full aseortment , 21o
Corded Wash Silks , full assortment , 21o
Plaid Wash Silks , full assortment , 21o
Natural Pongee Silk , 18 Inclmes wldo , Ha
yard ,
Natural Pomtgeo Silk , 27 Inches wide 2
1-d i ;
- '
% , , .
. - tLiV.
New Velvet Capes
AL $3.75-"Juet Out" tashmiouma In Velvet
Caimos , imlain and jet triinnmctI , sillc jIned
tityhisim length maid full aseep , such as you
bOO elsewhere for $7.75 , at Hayden Bros. ,
Children's Dresses '
A full line of Clmhidren's Dresses , Tiioi
are mimadq kotn Imamuittorno dlmitita anti
iiwaa , witim whIte tucked yokes , ruhile over
shmouider , with enibroitiery unit lace trim-
: miings , sizes rormm 2 to 6 ycarsi ; time imrices.
are 25e , 4th , ISo , 95c , $1.25 up to $2.25.
Thu newest auth best are time cimemmlmest ,
Our New York
NotIfied us by t&egrapbu today that lie
had purchased at auction 250 iileces of Shik ,
oiaimi anti fancy , at prices much less timait
hail their value , Thmes will be on sait
In our Slut Departmnunt Moimminy mmtornin ,
arid we can assure our cdatoumtcrs that wu
will have Silks at pricco ( lint have never
been equaled In hhmls city , Full particu-
harm , in Sunday lmaIera ,

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