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Silver Party Convention Kosps Eight
Alongside of tbo Pops ,
IPiJrjnii mid s > v\nll VonilniUed for I'TCM-
" l'r.'Hlil.-n Amid
) . & > idt'l'l " " ! Vli'il'r.'Hlil.n
.Much NolMd nnil WiitlMB
of Liubi'ollaM.
ST LOUIS. July 21 It wan 10-41 o'clock
when Chairman St. John called the national
ellvcr contention to order this morning
Ilcv Dr. Covert led In prayer , nftor which.
G W linker of Cnllfornla took the floor.
Ho said the people's party convention had
appointed a conference committee and mot oil
that the contention defer action on the plat-
the nomination of a
foim nnd postpone
ticket until 3 30 this afternoon. The motion
prctaHcd A motion that when the con
tention adjourned It adjourn until 3 30 p.
m nlHO prevailed.
After a number of delegates had spoken
Senator Stewart of
on tire silver question
Nevada was called for. lie said he went to
Chicago with little hope that n Oliver plat
form would 1)0 ) adopted. Ho was agrcc-
ably disappointed There never was a more
patriotic bind of men on earth than the
C20 delegates who composed the Chlcage
convention Wall street had a corruptlot
fund but It was of no use The allvei
delegates wore Incorruptible They gate tin
how the pint
enemy no quaitcr Ho told
form was adopted , nnd related Incidents o
the democratic contention At length n <
Bpokeof the nomination of W J Hryan. tthc
was not n candidate At the mention o
llrynn'H name delegates rose and shoutei
nnd cheered anil flourished umbiellas am
lings Senator Stottnit then told of Iliyan'i
contention speech , which , lie said , was tin
greatest oration In history.
"I Know William J. Ilrjan. " the scnatoi
went on 'Ho believes what wo believe
He IH as true to his principles as a needli
' to the point He was not a democrat It
good and tegular standing , having sail
time nnd again that If the democratic part ;
adopted n gold platform ho would no
mippoit It "
In conclusion Senator Stewart said tha
ctcty trie silver man t.as an American
Kvery one of them ttns against the Knglls !
gold syndicate Consequently etcry one c
them muni come to the front and tote as
unit and elect n free sllter ticket The
must do this In spite of the "millions raise
by goldbugs to toirupt the toters of th
United Stales "
Under n resolution adopted yesterday th
roll of states was called to find out \in\ \
many old soldleis occupied seats as dele
gaits The poll showed 100 union veteram
eighteen confederate veterans and torn Me\
lean war tcterans During the loll call u
announcement was made by lira. Helen M
dougar of Indiana to the effect that Ihei
would be a meeting of women at the Lin
dell hotel today to oiganUc a woman s tin
tlonal sllter league
Miss Helen Mitchell recited an oilgins
poem , entitled the "Wall of William Wiill
ncy , " after which Judge C. n. Scott c
Omaha was called to the platform. In ad
dressing the convention he said :
„ "Oh , God , send pestilence , nnd disease , an
vermin nnd war , nnd famine among us
You will , but In Thy good providence , o
God delltcr us from another four years e
oppression under Grotcr Clot eland' ' "
At the conclusion ho called for Hire
cheers fni llryan , which weie giten
Major McKlter. an ex-confederate olUcc ;
next spoke for the union of forces of th
silver men and was giten three cheers o
he closed
A resolution offered by Mr. low no of Mil
ncsola. "that when this contention ho
completed the inpinbetshlp of the nation :
committee so far as It can do so , it shn
hate power to nil any vacancies that rental
or that may hereafter occur , " wan laid ott
until afternoon ,
until , i
The contention then adjourned >
P''nto delegates , as usual , came togethc
slowly for the afternoon session , nnd nt th
hour fixed , 3 30 , not half tveio In their seat !
nor were any of the olllceis present It wn
nenily 1 o'clock bcfoio the attendance 0 !
Burned Its usual appearance Spectatoi
veto slightly more numerous than at pri
vloiis sessions At 3 f > 5 p. m Chairman i b
John rapped for order and Introduced Re
Mr llagorty , who made the opening prayc-
At the conclusion of the Invocation (3 V
llahcr was called upon for a report of Hi
conference committee. Ho said the tlm
was too shoit to teach a natlbfactory coi
elusion There were not more than 400 me
In the conference and only two hours I
tthleh to dls uss the methods to bo pin
sued Ho icad the resolutions , which wcr
adopted at the conference. On motion <
Mr Turner of Kansas , the tcport was ai
ceptcd and adopted by a unanimous tote
The repoit of the platform commute
ttns then mode by Senator Jones of .Ne
vada As ho read the platform ho was In
quant ! ? Intel ruptcd by applause. Hi
platform reads as follows :
The national slltor party In conventlc
the following de ,
nHBembli-d hereby adopts
laintlon of principles- . . . . . ,
Tln > piinnnount Issue nt this time !
the I'nltid States Is JndlHputnbly the mom
mit'htlnn H Is between the pold stnndur
roltl bonds and bank cuirenoy on thu or
ftd o ml the lilinetnlHr Htundur.1 no bom
the otlu
Kotoinnient ctiiioncy "
omni'ltcH o
this Ihiuio wo
fa" r of u Istiuoltt e-ly Ann i lean Ihmncl
Byitom Wo aii > unalterably opposed
dcmiind tl
the Bliiklo gold Rtmiduid and
to the constltul on
Inmc eao lotuin ,
HI ml rd of gold and Hllter by the rostoti
to I I. . tblH Winmcnt. Ind , pemliiit ly . <
liny foreign po oi , of tinuiiristilcte
olnago of gold ami sliver at ho j
IP , to 1 and upon to inn of ovie-te quail
itn the * oxlKtcd prloi to 1ST I ; the silver cote
to be .i full legal tender equally with go
foi all debit. , nubile and pr yato , ami t
fator melt legislation an will pie-vent ft
the future' the donionetUatlon of any kit
of legal lender by.pitvate eontiact \ \
hold Hint the pott 01 to control and regi
ciurnioy Is lux. piinibln fro
i to n papci
Iho power to coin money itnil hetico tin
nil e-urre-ney Intended to elreulnto i
inoney should bo IfHUed. and Its tolun
ccnliollc-d. by the govcinmont only HI
hhu.ld . bo legal tomlcr Wo arc un.i Ite
nbly opposed to the li iu by the t nlti
bonds In tint. .
S itfR of Inlet est bearing
of miico. nnd wo denounce ah a blund
votVc than u crlmo the proHent tn-nbiu
imllet Cdiu-utted In by a rcpuDllran hotib
of piunMng Hto country III debt by liu :
ilrcdii of millions In the viiln nttrmpt
tnalnt.ilit the pold ntnndml by boirottlt
gold nnd tti demand the payment of 11
coin obligations b.t the UnUod htutoH i
provided by e > .Istliig laws In either gold <
t-llten eoln nt the option of the Kovotnim-i
and not at the option of the Me-dUor.
Tito diMitouctUatlon of filter In IS
rnormous ! > liu-nuhul the detn ind for uol
rnhanolng the puiolinttlng power and lo\
ol Ing nil piUc'.s iiicnHiued by Mint Mandiir
and t-lne'o that unjust and Imli'Tentiiblo n
tlio prices of Amorle in ptoduotH ha-
fallen , upon an ixtcrat-i1. nearly M per cen
oalitlng down with tlu-in proportionate
the * mono \alue of all ( jllur forms
property. fJuch fall of prliva has dostroyi
tbo prnfllt ! of ipRltlmato InduHlty , Injuili
tlio piodurer for Iho betipllt o ( the no
tiroducei , Incie'a.slng the Inmlrn of tl
ilclilor. gnelllltg Iho j : lns of the eredltc
painlvzlng the piodMCtlvo encrRlos of tl
Amotl"an pe > oile ) , relegating to Idli-no
tast numbcis of willing wotKers g ( < ndli
the Miadond of despair Into the homo
the honet-t teller , tllllnn the land wl
tninvoB and paupctH and building up cole
Bixl fortune > t r.t tlio nunu'V outitcra.
In the efTort to maintain tlio gold Manila
tha country hux. within th lunt two > cn
In a tlmn of pro'ound nenco. ami pleiit
been loaded down with KC2 000,000 of mb
tloniil liueicst-boiirlng debt under such cl
rinnstaiie-cs an to allow a uMidlcato of Ji
the- and for' l tt bunUois to tuallzo. a n
prollt of millions on u Hlnrlo eU tl
stands cniirv8kt'tl thnt the gold xtuiulu
can only bo uidiold by t-o dopli ting o
paper cuinucy ns to fore-o th > pil'ts
our produi t below the Kuioii. .m n \ i vi
bflotv the Asiatic level unj eitublw us
te'll In forclcn nnukelu. tlmi as ruvatl :
the very evils of which our people so bit
terly complain , de-grading American
labor nnil sti Iking nt the founda
tions of our civilisation Itself
The advocates of the gold standard per
sistently claim thnt the muse ot our ills-
tress la overproduction , that wo have pro-
dm oil so much that It has made us poor ,
which Implies that the Hue remedy Is tr >
close- the factory abandon the farm nnd
throw u multitude of people out of employment -
mont , n doctrine that loaves us unnerved
and cll hoartfnod and absolutely without
bopo foi the flit lire Wo nlllrm It to bo
unqiiistloiiid that there can be no such
e-ronomlo paradox as oterproduotlon and
nt the Mine time tons of thousands of our
follow citizens remaining half olothod ami
half fed and piloously clamoring for the
common m oc Hllli-s of life
That over and above all questions of
policy we are In favor of restoring to the
people of the t'nltcd States the time-hon
ored money of the constitution gold and
silver , not ono , lint both the money of
Washington , and Hamilton , and Jefferson ,
and Monroe- , and Jne-k"on , and Lincoln , lethe
the onel that the- American people matre -
re he' hoiu-Mt pny for an hone-st product ;
that the American debtor matllctulchitc
his JUKI obligations In an honest Htiindard
ami not In n standard that has appreciated
1W per en-lit above nil tbo great staples
of oui country , and to the end , further ,
that the llvor standard oountrle-s may be
de-pi hod of the unjust advantagethev now
enjoy In the ellfferonco In e-xclmiigo between
golel nnil silver an advantage which tariff
legislation e-annot ototoomo
Wo , thoioforo confidently appeal to the
people of the fulled States to leave In
abe'vnnco for the- moment all other ques
tions , how over Important and even momen
tous tliov may appear , to snndei. If mod
beall former parly ties and nfllllalloii"
and unite In ono mipromo effort to free
thotnsi-lve-s and their children from the
domination of the- money power a powei
moio ( le-stiuetho than nnv whle-h has otet
boon fastened Upon the cltlllzed men of any
raoo or In any ago And upon the con
summation ot our desires anil efforts we
invoke the gracious favor of divine Provi-
dene i
ItmHintich ns the patriotic majority of the
Chicago convent Ion embodied In the finan
cial pi.ink of Its platform the principle- !
enunciated In the platfoi m of the Aim-lira ]
Hlme-tnlllc party , promulgated nt Washing
ton 1 > C , .Imui.iry 12 ] < - ' . and horebv te-
Itc-inlod , wlile-h Is not onlv thep.niimouni
but the onlv real Issue In the pending cam
pilgn. therefore , leoognl/lng that theli
nominees embody those patilotto principleK
wo te'i'ommend that this convention noml
unto Wllllim J Hi van of Ne-btaaka foi
pieslilc-nt nnd Arthui Sottall ot Maine foi
vice pro lelont.
A motion to adopt the platform was made
Mr. HV-sa of Illinois objccte-el and a worclj
wrangle followed and ended In the adop-
tlon of the platform. It was decided bj
the chairman that the recommendation tc
gardlng the nomination was not u part o
the platform and should bo acted upon scp
Mr Page of Nebraska moved that the con
vcntlon proceed to the nomination of i
ptcsldentlal candidate. The motion pro
General Warner said It would be ncccs
nary to nominate a candidate rather that
emlois > e , in order to ntoid Lome the pc
culiailtles of state ballot laws
U ! ] . Little of Kansas nominated Wllllnn
J. lir > an of Nebraska He "aid that for i
long tc'im of tears this country had ex
peilenct'd a depression In business that hai
noter before been seen on this earth Hi
spoke of the denial of trial by Jurv to Amor
loan citizens and of the platform ndoptec
b > tlio icpubllcan national contention It
propositions. It carried out , would doubli
the de'bts of the pool It endorsed Cleto
land and nominated McKlnley Continuing
he rofeircd to the Wall street barons
"Christ. " he said "fqrgate the thief am
pardoned the courtesan , but the mono ;
changers he scourged from the temple"
In 1SCO the country looked to the WPS
for n president In tinio of trouble. It go
Lincoln. Today the country was In troubl
and again It looked to the "rottdv west'
and It would get a man who , like Lincoln
would lend them to prosperity This ma ;
was William J Ilrjan of Nebraska , wh
would bo the next president.
There was loud and tlgoious applause a
the conclusion of Mr. Llltle-'s speech
Colonel L C. I'aco of Nebraska secondoi
the nomination of Mr Dryan When h
came Into the hall ho said he was met b ;
the motto "To the Polls , Yo Son of Krce
doin' " and ho could scarcely refrain fior
exclaiming "All hall1" and when ho sn\
the stait , of the ( lag ho felt that the stui
of the hcateiib were over the homes of ul
the countty that needed a sat lor. Ho be
r lifted that the nomination was but forma
ns eterj delegate had but the one purposc-
0 the nomination of William J. Dryan H
said that In the nomiintlon of McKinle
all the bankers , all Huropo had a ham
while Brjnn went to Chicago with no It
flue nee behind. He thanked God that till
people could still think for Itself and till
It was doing In behalf of William J Hr > a
of Nebraska , whose nomination he seconde
in behalf of the great west.
A number of other speeches wcto mad
and then the mica ttcro suspended , emotion
motion of I1. V. Wise of Missouri , and Mi
Ho an was nominated by acclamation
The wildest enthusiasm followed Th
band "Columbia " " "
plajcd "America. an
other Stirling tunes , while the howling an
screaming delegates marched aroun
the hall , watlng hats , umbrellas and ham :
kerchiefs This was continued for tc
minutes Mr linker of California the
mated that the contention proceed to th
nomination of tlco president ,
Mr. Tioup of Connecticut placed the nam
of Mr. Arthur Sewall of Maine before th
contention. Hu made no speech.
II T Nils of Ohio seconded the nomln :
tlon He had known Mr Sewall for jean
and his father before him , and there coul
be > no fittet man than he for the place.
H was moved that Mr. Sewall be declare
n tlio vice pi evidential nominee by acclaim
tlon and the motion prevailed.
The band plajed "America" nnd the delegates
gates sang. Then they sang the doxolog
When quiet was restored , Mr Maker c
California meted that each delegation sc'lcc
a member of the committee to notify tli
nontlnecs The motion was agreed to
The toll of states was begun , but bcfoi
' _ It was half finished two-thirds of the deli
gates had left the hall and the \lsitoi
\tcnt out.
Colonel I'aco of Nebraska offered a resoli
tlon , deelailng It to be the sense of th
contention that as the democratic party ha
,11 ranged to notify Dryan and .Senall I
New Yoik , the slher party notify them I
llrjnn's homo at Lincoln. The motion \v.i
agreed to Thereupon the convention nc
journed nine die.
ItflMiblloaiiM Aililre-MKfil li > ItiC , !
Harrison nnil Otlu-ri ,
YOHK , Neb. , July 24 ( Special Telegram
Hot C S Harrison of Weeping Water an
lion George II. Van Houten of Des Molni
spoke here this evening. They talked put
republicanism and thu huge crowd appre
elated It Uov Mr Harrison believes tin
a preacher has as much right on the polkici
stump ns any other man when It comes I
standing up far protection to American li
dnstrles and for honest money. His spcoe
was brief , but U made democracy shite
llcorgo II. Van Houton occupied his time I
placing tlio tariff question before the pcopl
Hei BliavvL'd the valnn of high tariff to N <
hraska's Industilcs. Ho touched the moiu
question pointedly Mr Van Houton lu
traveled In nearly all the frco silver natloi
ot the w orbl and can testify from his pe
sonal c\pcilc-nco as to the condition of BUC
countilcs Mi Van Houton Is a forcefi
speaker and his clociuonco had a markc
effect In favor of sound money. His tal
was ftequently Interrupted with hearty a |
plnuso. A laigo number of ladles were prc
out and weie decidedly Interested In the pri
cicdliiRg Tlu > Grand Army of the Itcpubl
quaitct sang several tunes and were we *
H' Sli IKe * IH Spre-tid IIIK.
Niw YOHK July 21Tho tanks of H
sulking tnllortt In this city bate bor
swelled by U.OOJ "Knco pants" maker * li
Sunday moinlng the ntrlkcis in this clt
Hiookiyn and Hrownsvlllc , embracing j
I lane bos of the clothing Industry It
estimated will number in thu aggrc-ga' '
nun nnd women operatives
Mm rmontfc uf Ore'iuiO OH , July 11
At Quecnslown Arrived Campaula , froi
New YorK , for Liverpool.
Preliminary Steps Are Tnkcn for n Now
Democratic Convention
.tiiMimnl Cunt ciillon ( o Ho CnUe-d lit
that Timeto AsdiMiililp .Not l.ntcr
Tlmn Soiilviiilior U I'lnuu
.Not .Se-ttloil.
CHICAGO , July 21. The committee ap-
lolnted by the sound money democrats at
heir meeting last night to prepare and Issue
a call for another convention met at the
\tidltorlum nt U o'clock toi ny. Comptroller
"ckels arrived early this morning and wcnl
nto conference. It had been supposed thai
ilr. Kckcls would be the bearer of some
iort of message from President Cleveland ,
but he emphatically denied this.
After an hour's discussion n majority re-
mrt was prepared , calling for a convention
o bo held September 2. A committee ol
Iho was selected to arrange for state cotv
cntlons , to be held for the purpose ol
nominating ntato tickets. The national
committee Is to meet at Indlanapolli
August 7 to decide on the place for tin
national contention , which will be belt
lot later than September 2.
The majority report , ns adopted , Is ai
follows :
To the Conference : Your committee-
omincmls the adoption of the follow 1m
° '
n \lo w' of the ret olutlonary actions o
the recent Chicago convention. Its rcpucl
atlon of all domoeratli platforms and ntin
clples and Its condemnation of the nation. !
democintlc admlnlstititlon. Uesohed. 1 Irst
that It Is the sense of this conference , torn
posed of demeicrats finm the stales of 111 !
nols Ohio , Indiana , Wisconsin , Kentucky
Missouri , Michigan Texas , Iowa , Mlnno
sola and Nebraska , that a thoroughb MHIIH
and tiatrlotlc deel iratlon of ilomoeiatl
principles be onunc latod and that e-andl
dates for president In accord therewith b
2 That the democrats In the several stale
who are in sjmpattn t.lth this rccoinmenda
tlon and unaltombly opposed to the dee
laratlons and tendencies of the Chlc.ig
platform be requested to appoint n membo
of n national democratic committee
1 Thnt the national committee' thus sc
looted moot at tbe > elly ot Indl mapolls o
Prld.iy. the 7th day of August , IS'ifl , at
p m , for the purpose of Issuing a formti
call for a national democratic contention t
be hold not later than the 2d day of fecr
te-mber 1S % . at such p'nce. and to bo con
stltuted and coin one d In such manner , n
said national committee m iv dotoimlno
I That an oxecutho oommltteo of lit1
be appointed by the chalnn.in of this con
foionoo ( of which ho shall be one ) , wit
authority and dlioctlons to name a sun
nhle person In each tate , where ncoe- .
sar.t. to take npiropilnto steps to cms
statu meotlncs to be held with all coin on !
out spcod , for the purpose of solectln
mombois fo such committee ; or. If no c'orr
inltteomen be .selected in any hlnlo In tlm
for suld commlttoe mooting , to dcslgnnt
ii member to represent such btatc ten
per irlly
IlcFpectfully subnilttod.
r.DWAHD S liHAGC. Cnalrman.
GHORGn M DAVIi : , Seciotary.
A commltt"e of two , Henry S Robblns e
Chicago and W. D Hynum of Indiana , wa
appointed to open headquarters in Chlcng
and begin an aggrcsslto hard money can :
p.ilgn The committee then adjourned.
Later In the day Chairman Hragg ar
nounccd the names of the committee c
live , provided for in the report Oencrt
Edward S. Hragg. Wisconsin , W D Dynun
Indiana ; H. S Uobulns , Illinois ; James C
Ilroadhcad , Mlssoini , W. U. Ilaldctnai
Six of the eleven states rcprejEcntcd n
the conference named their members r
the provisional committee Illinois , Job
M. Palmer , Indiana , J. H. Wilton ; \ \ Uc-nsli
R 11. Usher ; Missouri , L. C Krauthofi
Minnesota , F W McCutcheon ; Nebiaski
Euclid Martin. The other states de-font
the appointment of their coniiHlttcemen.
NEW YORK , July 21 William C. Whl
ney was asked If , In his judgment , n thli
ticket would bo nominated by the gel
standard democrats. He replied : "I thin
etcnts and the course of the republlcn
leaders are making It Inevitable The get
eral situation Is far worse today. In in
opinion , than It was ton days ago Tl ;
republican managers and candidates ha\
shown no i call/ing sense of the situatloi
They hate failed to avail of a great oppo :
tunlty for benefiting the country. If tl :
present condition of affairs continues fc.
any length of time , sound money democrai
arc bound to organize , and It cannot I
prevented The truth . there does m
scorn to bo In the cast a realizing sense i
the- seriousness and sincerity of the frc
sllter movemont. You may call It a craz
but It has captured the Imaginations of tl
great mass of people throughout the entii
west and south , and it has a much strong !
following In some portions of the east , m
closely allied to large commercial center
than is generally supposed. It Is the rcsu
of reading and agitation. U has become
fixed opinion and an unreasoning one.
think it may bo accepted as a fact that tl
vast majority of the frco sllter belletei
are not cpcn to conviction. Their mini
arc made up , and they arc as little Incline
to listen to reason as were the delegati
they sent to Chicago "
Mr. Whitney aBscrtod that the rcpnl
Means should have sunk their partisans ! !
and hate brought ctcry effort to bear I
bring the gold standard forces Into a not
paitisan union. Hut instead of doing tbl
lie said , the republicans were contlnuli ;
to diaw strict patty lines "Mr. McKinle
continues to discuss the tariff , which lu
ceased to be an actual Issue in thld can
palgn , and the republican press and leadei
persist In deriding all democrats cmnasse
"It Is difllcult enough for a democrat I
contemplate the possibility of voting for Mi
Klnlcy or to look upon him as thu leach
of any great cause , and the present conn
of the republicans Is tending to make It In
possible If they continue In this line or
thing will oertalnly happen the soun
money democrats will nominate a thli
ticket and thus divide the sound money vo |
In the great battleground of the mldd
west , to savu the vote from drifting back I
the Chicago ticket. The republicans wl
need In November nil the aid they en
obtain from sound money democrats ,
they think they can hold their tmturi
strength thiough the middle west or oven I
some parts of the east by the slnglo tondcnc
to party allegiance they aio mistaken ,
free silver enthusiasm has obtained a hoi
upon republicans thioughout the west an
farming communities of the east quite t
strong as upon democrats and they eanni
bo diverted from their purpose by cither a |
peals to party lojalty or discussion of
dead Issue
"It Is evblent that the free silver vote
to bo united They are only differing i
St Louis as to whether they shall unite c
candidates or with dlffcient candldati
divide the tote by states. In either cat
the vote will bo united on election It shou
be opposed by t solid money vote. It co
never be If In addition to McKlnley dem
crnts must vote for McKlnleylsm and a
that It tc-prcEpnts. The Issues of the pa
should bo buried until the country has bee
rescued b > patriotic action from Its presei
peril "
Sndtlll Will < ; > I" HIIIIIO ,
NKW YOHK. July 24-Tho Kreoman
Jcnnml publishes Information to thu c <
fuel that the pope IIUH given Cardinal S
tolll his choice of returning to lion
or remaining In America and adds Hi :
the apostolic delegate has elected to r
main The re-port Is denied by Cardln
Satolll , and H is ottlctally Hinted ho v.
doubtless go back to Home at the assei
bllng of the next consistory
Iliiuucil for KlllliiK n I'lillfoiiiiin.
NUW OHLHANS , July 2t.-Jnmc-s Murr.i
( olored , alias Great ) Jim , wan hanged
the purlfh prison this afternoon , Murn
dcllbviutely murdered I'ollceinan Mlchu
Cotton July 1 , H31.
nlliiiNlnMiii llliiilnjrit1 In Mniiy 1'nrtn
of Ilio Slnto.
PLATTSMOUTM , Neb. , July 24. ( Special )
A very enthusiastic meeting of the Me-
Unlcy club ot this city was held last
Ight and the Immense attendance was
n agreeable surprise to the most sanguine
cpubllcans. The hall was completely
ackcd , and the enthusiasm displayed dem-
nstrated that the grand old party will
e right In the tan next November. A
clegatlon was selected lo attend the Hc-
lUbllcan League club mfcllng nt Lincoln
Utgust G. A marching elub of 2SO mom-
icrs was organized , and In about a couple
f weeks the uniforms will be purchased
ml the club will then to In readiness for
he campaign.
HASTINGS. July 24 ( Special. ) About
.00 people turned out to the McKlnlcj
Flambeau club meeting last night , which
tas held In the court house. The officers
ilcctcd arc President , Tom Crccth ; sec-
clary. Ed Krancls ; treasurer. Harry
laterlj ; captain , U. A. Iloyd ; first lieu-
cnnnt , 12 E Ladd ; second lieutenant ,
'ctcr Ncllls , executive committee , II. H
Vllllams , Iludge Hartlgan and .George
ASHLAND. Neb , July 24 ( Special. ) The
membership of the McKlnley club Is In-
renslng rapidly About 2CO hate signed
tlth more to follow
GOTIIENHUIIG. Neb , July 21 ( Special )
The republicans of this ttclulty organized
n. republican club of set only-live members
nt the cltv hall last tilght W 1) Gellln
\ns elected president. II. H. Doll tlce prcsl-
lent and II C Hooker secretary The fol-
owlng named gentlemen constitute1 the cx-
cculho committee appointed by the elub
) . Miller , E J. Spauldlng.W M. Stebblns ,
\ (1 Carlson and A. S. Ha > dcn A great
leal of enthusiasm U manifested In the
republican rank and file hero and the mem-
icrslilp ot the club will probably reach 200
The club w III use all honorable menus tc
iclp elect the national and 'state republican
: lckcts.
WA1IOO , Neb , July 24. ( Special Tele-
; ram. ) The republicans oijianlzed -McKlii'
ley and Hob.trt elub tonlgtft , which alrcadj
lias 200 members on Us list The lepub-
llcans seem anxious for the battle to begin
and the meeting tonight was full of ginger
If the Interest manifested is any criterion
democracy and populism tvlll bo far In the
roar when the ballots arc Counted this fall
In this county. It was ctedded to get dostr
to business without any dfclay and see thai
this county Is taken cntliely out of the popu >
list fold. The following offlcors were elected
President , E E .Lyle ; vice president. M
Newman ; secretary M A Pllclps , treasurer
J Klrchmnn The club sent a telcgran
to McKlnley pledging him Its support , anc
also stated Its belief that the party will b <
victorious In the coming election.
iM.i.uitv vNmhis'ov n\i > ij\iNS
Doiiti-H llial Ho Mailv
Shoot Them I ) < m n ! "
CHICAGO , July 24 The following tele
gram , signed E Ellcry Anderson , nddrcssei
to the Associated press , vfas receltcd hen
today from nanff , N W , fc :
I am Informed that n ilurnber of ttestcn
peib have copied an cifoneous Intervlctt
lloM'd to hate bom ItBld with mo , li
wnlcli I am miieV to lisc the e\prcsslri
"fliot them < 1 wn1" as Applied to the ad
\ooates of the tree cAlnaKO of Alltel
hate just --ent tr-o following to the odlto
of the Denter Itcpuhllcun , nnd I beg joii ti
c.iuse the simc to bo Inserted In the dls
ratehc.s of jour assoclatl.n.
I have been just Infoirnod that In you
Issue of the Ifith , jou nttrlbutu to me th
iu > e of the expression "upon provocatloi
we iwin shoot them down , rcferlng to nd
vocates of free tdlvcr I made UHO of iv
Mich language , and 1 hi ! * crror which ap
pcaicd in the Now York-"World was cor
looted In the Issues of the following day.
hate a deep , sympathy with the ttc.st nili
south , biibt-el upon n conviction that th
dlstilbutlon of the products of labor In thl
country dots not award n just s-hare t
these sections. I oppose' the frco coln.i
of sliver becniiFc. In my judgment It t\l !
Intensify the burdens of the west aii <
south. Instead of rolletlng them I am .
tlrm bellettr In the rule of the majotlt ;
and if flee coinage shall rcceltc the on
dorsenicnt of the people at the comlnj
election , I believe thnt Its advocates shouli
hate the surp-it ot the whole people li
earning into effect latts which ttill glv
expression to their tlews The langu.ig
attributed to mo would bo simply rldlculou
If It hud not been inferred to as a sorlou
c\pic"blon of mj opinions
rolltloalVllnlri lit Crouton.
CRESTON. la. , July' 24. ( Special. ) Th
icpubllcan county contention Is to bo hcli
In Creston August Iu , at , which time candl
dates will be named for the odlceb to b
voted foi this fall Theic will be no opposl
tlon to those already holding the offices , a
they are mo illy sorting { .heir first terms am
political precedent gitqs them the sccom
term The county central committee Intend
to make the day a big ono and In the even
Ing a rousing rally is to be he-Id , to be ad
dressed by Congressman Hepburn , Congress
n'an Hager , Hon. Smith McPhersan , Hcpre
sentathc Lauder and other prominent men
It has been decided to postpone iln > con
templatcd ratification until the county con
tention meets and make the day one gram
The democrats of Union county hate callei
their county convention \ meet In this cit ;
August 1 for the purpose of selecting si
delegates to attend the state convention am
six delegates to attend tbo congrcsslona
contention , which has not been called > cl
Another contention 10 nominate count ;
officers will bo held later. The ion
grcsslonal convention date 's drlayc <
purposely until plans hate been made vtltl
the populists fcr a fusion , lly this mean
the popocrats expect to Defeat Congressmni
I'ollllclnilN Mcronif MiorlH.
SYRACUSE , Neb. , July 24. ( Special Tele
gram ) Political discussions hate been run
nlng so high hero of latu that It was decldei
to settle tlio whole nyUter on the hal
ground today. Nearly oil the stores wcr
closed nnd Hie McKlnley and Brjan faction
were out In full force. The llrst conies
was a foot race , which w&s declared a tl
and another followed In which thu .McKinle
man was a winner A tug of war follows
nine men on a side , which went to th
Hiyanites , after a hard struggle , though
foul was claimed , on the ground that ni
extra flrjan man took hold at a crltlcn
The event of the afternoon , however , wa
the ball game. The nines were selecte
from men Inexperienced In "the game , ac
cording to their political convictions , 3
years of ago and oter , and a large crow *
was out to BPO the fun There were lei
men on a tide , but right here was the enl ;
point of equality , for tor McKlnleyltes wcr
outclassed. From thctr start- the Hryanltc
Inaugurated a free coinage of stores at th
ratio of 10 to j , which proportion was kep
up nearly to the end or the game It re
suited In a score ot 5-1 to" 8 in fator o
Dry an.
ltriiilillean | Hnltt'i'M In futtii Are Ken
ARION , la. , July 21 , ( Special ) In th
Omaha World-Herald of July 22 appeared ,
special from Row City gltlng the names o
republicans In Union totonxhlp who had big
nltled their Intention of rupportlng Ilrya
and Sotvall. The corre-spondent who sent 1
the special Is not trVy well acqualnte
with Union township politics or be woul
have left out a few of ( hoee names. High
of the persona who were uald to supper
Dryan and frco silver1 stand ready to mak
aflldavlt that they never expressed them
selves thus , and that they are hearty sun
porters of the republican nominees and c
the principles as laid down by the St Loul
convention. There Is no doubt but that
large number moro will express tbenisehe
In the same way There will bo a few re
publicans who will bolt the ticket on ae
count of the muucy question , but ther
\ , III bo sutllclcnt democrats who will ui
port the principles of republicanism to offse
this bolt.
Joliu linker fur llrjuii.
ST LOUIS , July 24. John Ilaker , a pron
Inent figure In politics In Illinois , made
speech to the Illinois delegation today befor
Iho contention met , advocating the union c
all stlter forces on Dryan and Bewail an
their combination upon the populist plal
loncst Money Men Denounce the Late Pro
ceedings at Chicago ,
HnnlncNH Alon of Hiirllimrloii TnUo ( be-
I.ciul unit AiU OtborH ( ci Join
\\Itll 'I'lll'lll ( II Hll !
' Movement.
11LIRL1NGTON , la. , July 24 ( Special. )
The following letter has Just been sent
through the malls to several hundred demo
cratic toters of this city and countv :
UUHLINGTON. In. July 21 , 1 0-Dour
SirTho undorslgncd , u committee ap
pointed at u meeting of some forty rep-
it'scntallvo deinocrntK , hold on Saturday ,
Jult is. tnko the liberty of iddrolng thli
comiuunlcntlon to 'Nou , nt n follow cloino-
ci.it , oiirnosftly desiring the triumph ot the
tine principles of the pnity.
The nctlon of the recent national con-
vetitlon of our party lit Chicago him proved
.i great disappointment H nominated for
sentiment Is more
president a man who In
of n populist than it democrat nnd has used
his voice- and Influence In Nebraska to
destroy the democratic oignnlzntlon there ,
nnd to merge It Into the populist pnrtt
Kor vice preside nt U nominated a well
known lobbyist at Washington foi bounties
to shlp-bulldcp , and an out-spoken pro
Hut. far wor o than the candidates Is
the declaration ot nilnclplcs. The pint-
form practlcnlh abandons any further
pretcnso nt favoring bimetallism , or the
use of both gold and silver as standard
money It demands the adoption of a
silver basis for our currency by mho-
e-atlng the free coinageof silver nt Ifi
to 1 ; which nieiins the unlimited coinage
Into lofal tender dollars of about fiO centu
worth ot Mlyer. This might result In bone-
lit to silver mine' otvtn > m , but It would drive-
on ! of cli dilation nil our gold , now amountIng -
Ing to about $1.20001000 , thus causing great
contraction , and our curie-net would nt
once be doproclatcd to the slltor basis of
Mexico and China The platform threatens
tb.tt If the partv Is swcessful the gold
receive for the todomption of our p.ipi i
money shall no lonpe-r be maintained but
that the eunonoy shall be redeemable In
silver however low slltoi may deprc-cl ito
In taluo. and thus virtually pledges that
the public debt hhnll lie roMldl itcO. He-
sides this. It thr.-ntens a reorganization
of the supicino court to carry out Its popu-
llsllo peliemos
Is this a democratic platfoim ? No ; It Is
the platform of pomillst ! ' . Henry Wnttor-
son avs of It : "It Is not onlv national
lopudiatlon nnd spoliation , but It Is nil open
dooi to revolution. If the Icnderi * of the
movement could come- Into power , those
of them who have any sense of accounta
bility , any conception of orderly ( 'ovorn-
mtnt , would bo quickly se-t aslilo bv the
wild elements behind thorn In this way
civil war , as fore-shadow oil bt the Chicago
outbreaks of lust year , could bo pieolplt.ited
on the country "
The noblesontlinonts of Goternor Hus-
sell In his eloquent but tain appeal to the
rons n and consoioiico of th.it contention ,
still ling in our emu His closing word1 :
"Mr Chairman I have finished my pro-
tost. Let mo follow Inr the example of the
senator from South Caioltnn , utter my
word of piophoev When this storm hn
subsided when the dark clouds ot passion
and proludleo have rolled nvtav , and thoie
coinc-s iiftr-r the turmoil of this convention
the sober second thought of democrats anil
of our people then the protests thnt ttc
of the mlnoilty hero make will lip hnilocl
na the nrk of the cote mint tthoro nil demo-
crals reunited , inns go to fight for the
principles and cairy them to triumphant
\lotory. "
The question , therefore , tthlr-h confront !
us , m democrats , Is this : Whnt Is oui
duty In the present emergency ? If tte sup
port this ticket and platform wo nbindor
thetp.nchlngs and principles of the time-
honored doniocratio pntiv and virtually b < v
come ne'tooatcs of tlio demoralizinglopir
dialing , e'lshonoat pollolos and vnijniles ol
the ponullst patty and accent Tlllman anei
Altgeld f r oui leaders , with the nlmosl
cortaln result of dls--oltliig our organiza
Heforo deciding to accept this ns the
onlv alternative ought we not to take
counsel together'
Any movement for Indopondcnt nctlon Ube
bo usi-ful , must come from the people II
Is to ascertain vour vIottH that this com-
munlcntlon Is aelelrr sed , and wo lespcc-t-
fully request you to send replies , wltl :
your signature , tn thetlnoo following
questions oil the onc-loscd nost.il e-iid
1 Ooou approve the Chicago platfoirr
and nominees'
2 If no' , do you fuvor an organization
of sound money democrats ?
3 Will you attend n conference for thai
purpose If ono Is called" >
Your name will not l > o published In UK
matter If you Indicate that ton wish II
kept confidential Yours tiult- .
WILLIAM o Mnucnn.
nroitoi : r HINHY
Pamuol Wadleigh la the well known
whole-sale and retail coal dealer , one of the
prominent business men of the stale.
Christian Mnthcs Is chairman of the board
of supervisors of this county , a member ol
the firm of C Mathes & Son , nnd secretary
of the Cascade Brick company.
William G. Mercer Is manager of the
Hufllngton Wheel company ; was many yeau
an alderman from the First ward , chairman
of the democratic congressional committee
and always active In the party manage
Edward Hagcmann Is tlce president of the
Io\\a State Eatings bank , a member of tlu
school board and ono of the trustees of tlu
public library , and has Just been elected
pnik commissioner.
William Carson , Jr , Is vice president ami
secretary of the Burlington Lumber com
pany , nnd was a delegate to the Uubuquc
John Dlaul Is head of the old established
houee of niaul & Sons , wholesale grocers
and active as a democrat
Momcr Mlllard Is secretary of the Casoadi
Lumber company ; recently democratic can
illilato for alderman , and was n de-legali
to the democratic state contention.
Seymour II. Jones Is treasuicr of tin
Drake Hardware ) company.
George C Henry , the druggist , has al
wavs been an aggrceslto democrat.
The movement also has the support of tin
democratic Durllngton Garctte.
sn.vnii no i c < > 'iT rA i i7s TO worn *
DON MolncM Iit-ndor ItpfiiHpH ( o Hi
Coi'iMl hj tVliKn Mrtnl'M KrlcnilH.
DI3S MOINKS. July 24-SpcclaI ( Tc-Io
gram. ) A committee from the Polk Count ;
Democratic club , a free silver organization
called upon the proprietors ot the DCS Molnci
I.eai'er. Ihe- only deniocratlo dally hero
today to announce that the Leader would hi
subject to a boycott If It did not cease Hi
opposition to frt-o sllter and come out to
Hiyan and Sewall The committee was In
formed that Individual democrats and filcndi
of the paper or Its proprietors would ulwaji
bo welcomed to tl'o ollleo to talk ovci tin
political situation and the paper's course
but that the proprietors had nothing to si : ;
to a committee armed with a bludgoonlni
proposition. The committee thereupon re
tired. It Is expected that the Leader wll
support a regular democratic national tlche
should ono bo named
Cniidliliilcx Conic lo IIIn H ,
COLUMniA , S C , July 24 At the cam
palgn meeting at Florence today Joseph II
llarle , candidate for thu United States scnati
to succeed J L Mlrby , and Governor Join
Gary Uvane , who 1s a candidate for tin
same olllcc. came to blows. Uarlo struct
K\ann first and Btans responded by a blov
under the eyes They were quickly sur
rounded and separated Several men heli
their hands on their pistols , but compnra
the quiet was restored and Governor ttvnn
attempted to continue his speech amid mud
disorder _ _ _ _ _
DI-IIM IH .Nut n Ciiuillilalr.
TEIUIB HAUTE , Ind , July. 24 Eugc-n
V Debs last night said bo was not
to attend the populist contention In SI
Louis , and that he would not accept th
nomination If tendered to him.
Weather rotccnH for N > lr ] < n
ac-ncrnlly 1'nlr , Slightly Warmer ,
i age.
I. slhrr Men Wind fp Tlirlr Work ,
feoiiiul Mniipy Coiitonlliin In Sight ,
lowu Di-iniM-riilH In Open Itovolt.
r i | > ull tf < Noiulnutu Ono Mnn ,
3. 1'ntiil Cloiidliuret lu I'olor.ido ,
1'ent il Authorities < I > l ippeilntoel.
Yiirdi-ltiilli-r'rt Apology lit III * Wife ,
rriihlbltloiilntfi of Soiilli Ditkotii.
4. IMIIorlul und Cotiiiiie-nt.
o. rroiiM-illiics of tito Cllj Council.
It. i : . I'l'inn I'lilallj Injiiroel.
AITuIrs ul son Hi Oiintli i
.Slrri-l Cur Mull s r lci' shn' y ,
II. Coillltll ItlllfT , l.lll-lll MllttlT4.
Progress of the six I ) ij It H-I- .
T. Cotiinioreliil and I'ltninclul NII ,
llll lneof l.tst VV c-ek Itovli'uod.
K. Models I'uio \chorllscrii ,
t ) . UiiiniMiiy lloj I'utiilly Shut.
( iordoii ( iolH After tlm OfToudorn ,
Kxponlllnii ( Jhnil u ( lodd l.lft.
L'eiiiinie-rohil l.uu I.i-ugiif Adjourns.
II ) . HOIIKI ; of tlio V nndc-rlilllM.
Some ! l'r < iek of theIliiiiuin Mind ,
11. story of llm ruinous Slicker Wur.
IHls of fViiiliilno ( iiiHilp.
IS. " \ | IH of thoNlglit. "
nm v.\ ii vs nut I.IMJD TIIIJ pi !
Anlborlroil Hit Nniiir to lie tVKIi-
< lrn\Mi II SiMviill ( iot l.i-fl.
ST LOUIS. July 21 The report curicnt
at the convention hall lonlght that Mr.
: iryan had announced his determination not
ID accept the populist nomination for presi
dent , In case of the rejection of Sewall , was
based upon the following telegram ex
changed between Senator Jones and * Mr.
: ir.Min
ST. LOUIS. July 24-W. J Hiyan Lin
coln , Neb . The populists will nominate
vicepiesideiit ( list If not Hewallthilt
Hlmll wo do ? I favor yout declination In
that case. Answer quick
; hnlriiuui National Ooinocrntli * Committee
LINCOLN , Neb. Jnlv ll ! Soimtoi James
K. Jones. Chairman National Democratic
Commit toeSt Louis , .Mo . I entile ly agree-
with you Withdraw my name If fowall
Is not nominated W J HHYAN
Senator Jones declined , when seen , to ex
press any opinion beyond that expressed In
Ills telegram. He said he had placed Mr
Ilryan's dispatch In the hands of fi lends
at the contention , but that ho had dune
nothing more toward wlthdiawlng Mr
Hryan s name. Ho also said he hud learned
of the adoption of the minority report of
the committee on rules end older ot bus !
ness , ovcrthtowing the usual order and
placing the nomination of the vice presi
dent ahead of that of the president Within
a few minutes aftei that the report waa
adopted. Ho Immediately Bent the tele
gram to Mr. Uryan and within an hour an
answer from the democratic candidate for
president came. It left no doubt as to
the attitude of Mr llryan In the en-nt of
the failure of the convention to nominate
Mr Sewall as well as himself
Soon after he receltcd the message , Sen
ator Jones had a copy of it made and dis
patched the original to Hon T M I'attcr-
con of Colorado , who was then at the
Auditorium. An effort was made to con
fine the Information to n few of the load
ers in the convention hall , but w Ithin hall
an hour It had spicad thiough the press ,
galleries and was known among many
The copy was sent to Chairman Charlci
W , Lone of the national committee of the
silver party. The committee was In scssloi
In room 4S1 at the Southern hotel with t
full membership present. When told thai
the populists v , cro accusing the democrats ol
being Instrumental In hating the Ilghu
turned out at the contention hull the icn-
atoi replied that he was sony the llgliu
were extinguished , thus preventing the pop
ulists from completing their work. Ho de
clined to say whether ho thought Mr. Iliyai :
might cl-angc his mind or lo discuss the
possibilities of the situation fiom any stand
It is understood since the adjournment
that an effoi t will be made to secure Iliyan't
consent to accept the nomination. The mid-
dle-of-thc-ro-id men tay that with llryan oui
of the way the fight will nariovv down tc
Norton of Illinois and Debs of Indiana.
ItoNuell ( i. Ilorr nnil Scnntor ] | ur-
loimlis lo SppnU Here August . " > .
CLnVKLANI ) , ' O , July 21 Chalrmai :
Hanna of the re-publican executive committee -
too announced today that no adtlsory com
mittee will bo appointed It has been be
llcvod all along there would bo such n com
mittee , as Is customary , and men close tc
Mr. Hanna have predicted who some of the
members would bo. Hanna would gltc nc
reason for his decision , but It Is said to be
because no satisfactory division of the ap
pointments to the committee would bo made
In New York state , owing to the relation'
between the Plalto anil the Itllss factions
The absence of an advisory committee It
deemed to be not of much moment , as 1U
duties arc laigcly nominal.
Kor the eastern headquarters of the cx <
ecutlve committee the Hotel Waldorf li
New York 1-as been chosen. Mr. lianni
will be there next week to confer with the
eastern eommltteemen. and will then gc
to Chicago. The opening meeting of tin
campaign will bo at Omaha , August 0
when Hon. Ilosvve.ll G. Ilorr and Scnatoi
Burroughs will speak Senator Sliermai
will stump the west In opposition to free
mi.icATis : IWIKT TO nnns
After AiUoni-nnieiit I'roHldciillal PON
NllllllllcH VllniKCIINICll. .
ST. LOUIS , July 25. At 1 o'clock till
morning the corildors of the LIndell hole
were filled with excited delegates and In
tere-stcd spectators The delegates were o
tl'ci gcncial opinion that Diyun would no
accept the nomination for president afte
the defeat ot his running mate. Who I
' .he man to lead us now' was Iho cry
Georgia and a portion of Toxaa , Wlsconsli
and Illinois were shouting foi IZugen
V Debs for president , tvhllo other
declared that the convention should declare
clare for Hiyan regardless of his olDela
acceptance 01 refusal lo accept the noml
notion of Iho "now united populist paity , '
as they are styling themselves. Hentlmen
Is not erystallUed sufllclcntly to predict an ;
considerable move to-surd Hobs and proml
ncnt delegates refused to permit Iho usi
of their names , wishing first to learn tin
sentiments of their napccthn dole-gallon
that are canvassing , cither officially or un
ofilclally , In secret.
I.nciUv llnlilttln ( o Ilc-llrr ,
SAN THANC1SCO , July 21 It Is probabli
that K. W. Ilaldwln will rctlio fiom tin
turf. Ills racing etrlng of the season ha
been a failure and hn Hays that unless tliei
Is Improtoment lie will abandon lacing an <
dctote his attention to breeding , lluldwii
has raced hoise-s for twenty years and ha ;
been one of the- most succer.sful men on lli <
American turf. Ills Santa Anita faun lia
l/ioilnerd more DciLy winners than an ;
similar establishment In the country oin
many a stake rare has gone to the bind
and Maltese cross. Santa Anita horse !
hate fltc times won the American Kerb ;
and finished second twice ,
rii-i-H of UKDii ) - ,
SAVANNAH , Oa. , July 21-riro enrl
this moinlng destroyed over IIOO.OW wort
of property on the ihe-r front. The lit
de-Htroycd the Planters' rloo mill. Its gran
ury and wharf find the largo Uuckwmt
wart-house , t gc-tlur with 70,000 bin-he Is c
riceThe mill pionerty wan valued ul JS-'i
OO. thu lice at fiO.WJ , while the I OK * on th
Duekw01 ill Vt.iielimiHc and UH contints c
Ci-meiit nait etc be-longing to C M Ol
but & i'o Is placed at fully (40.000 O
the I'lt.llUlh' rku mill and e-ontcutH ( lie li
Huranfo ainountx to ! 7 ! > , < idO. On Uilhtil
atoclc them was lisa tlmn ? 10,000 , Inuiiranc <
Convention nt St Louis Working Up to
Bryan by Degrees.
Leader of the "Wooly Hot Boys'1 Picked for
the Second Place.
Report that Ho Declines an EndorsomeuJ ;
Not Including Sowall ,
Mncimicilt OUCNo < Itie'lndeAll tlio
.Notion * t < l nciitcil | i > | | | , . | ) , . | , . .
KiitoH nnil IN I In-
of n
ST. LOUIS. Mo , July 21 Thomas C. Watson -
son of Gcoigla , who was a member ot the
Klfty-nrst congress and who. In the Kitty-
second and Klfty-thltd congresses , unsuc- 1
ccssfully conteslicl Colonel niaek's seat , waa "j
nominated for tlcc piesldeiil of ( he. United.
Stales by Iho populist contention on the
llrst ballot , Bluntly after luldnlght There
wcio Ihe other candidates , Sewall , Maun.
Page of Virginia , A. L Minima of Ten
nessee , Congressman Sklnnci of Noith Caro.
Una and Colonel Huikltt of Mississippi The
nomination was made unanimous before the
re-suit ot the roll call was announced. Mr.
Hiyan .sent won ! to Ills supporters that ho
would not accept a nomination at the bauds .a
of the contention under these elrcumBtanccs. |
Ho will slatul loyally to his i mining mato. 1 |
The opposition to Sewall practically
swamped Ihe Ilrjan foices nt the day ses
sion of the contention by making It Im
possible to prevent n division of the Chicago
cage ticket. The leadcis woie powcrlesa
to check the strong feeling against the
Uath shipbuilder and banker They had car-
iled the day In the committee' on resolu
tions lu framing a conipaiatholy moderato
platform , which thoj afte rward got through
the contention with ease Their strategy-
was skillfully displayed at other points.
Hut the Immense undcicuirent of fooling :
against Sowall was fatal to them Today ,
for the first time the
, mlddlc-of-thc-
road clement displayed gencialshlp worthy
of the name. Uecognblng the fact that all
hope of defeating Ilryan's nomination waa
lost , thot coneontiated all their efforts
against Sewnll They did moio , they de
vised a cunning scheme by which the con
vention was forced to nominate the tlco
president befoie the piesidcnt It was an
unprecedented thing , but It sorted to mass
the totes In fator of'n populist candidate
for ticc president and uncotei them In atl-
tancc. In the fear that , If Iliynn wcio flist
nominated , the enthusiasm might brcalc
down the opposition to Se'wull and stnnipedo
a majority of the votes for the Nebraskan'o
runnlni : mate.
When the proposition was made to Chang' ' *
the regular order of the nominations the
Hian men strained every nerve1 to prevent
It. They ete-n pleaded When the roll
was called they i allied otery tote nt their
Senator Butler of North Carolina was a :
powerful ally , wllh the ninety-five votes
ot the old north state behind him , and Con-
gicssman Skinner , the chalimun of the dele
gation , cast the solid tote of the state
against the change. When the vote wan
flguied up , however and he ascertained that
thcio was n majojlty of twontt-nl\ fqvop
of the proposition mulct his dlioctlon , after
n very pretty theattical exhibition fiom Mr.
Skinner , the tote of the delegation was
cast foi the proposition , and the antls
emerged from the contest with a majority ot
This made the defeat of Sewnll and Iho
nomination of a populist foi ticc president
Aftci that It was shown the conference ot
the joint committee of the two conventions
could coiuo to nothing and the hllver con
tention promptly nominated Dryan auej
Sewall and adjourned sine die |
The antl-Ilryan men , although they pro *
bcntc-d a minority platform demanding an
irredeemable paper eutioncy and crowded
with bitter denunciations of the deniocratlo
and republican parties , did not attempt to
press It after their vlctoiy The majority ;
leport , which is mode-iato and contains ftitv
indlc.il propositions , such as a demand foe
the gradual assumption by the government
of the ownership of the railroads and toe
direct legislation , through the Initiative nnel
referendum , was adopted without a division
and the minority report laid on the table ]
The managers consulted after It becainfll
evident that Sewall could not bo nom
inated , and Mr. llryan wax communicated
with by tclcgiaph Tom Patterson of Colorado
rado , who had possession of the telegrams
announcing Hiyan's position , at midnight
still declined to make' them public. The
domoeiallc leadei 11 de-elded thit Mr. Hryan
could not bo disloyal to lih running mate
ami word was sent to the leading Hryan
managers In the convention that the silver
knight of the west would not accept a nom
ination unlrss Sotvall was also nominated.
The convention for llto hours tonight
listened to nominating spec-den In piofound
Ignorance of this fact. Tom Watson at
Georgia. CongiosHimn Sklnt.cr of North
Carolina , Mlinms of Tenneusce , Huikltt ot
Mississippi und Mann Page of Virginia were
nominated. About 11 o'clock the Urynn
men decided to spring the sensation Sen
ator Stewart of Nevada was selected to
make the announcement , coupled with u
pica for iinltlni ; the silver foices. but the
antl-Sowall fiuvvd were In the naddle. 'ihey ,
howled down the venerable senator , and ,
after a lain led consultation , the le-adcra
decided not to pimlt the announcement to
bo made at that time It hi-cms undoubt
edly true , however , that Hiyan will not
accept the presidential nomination unless
Sowall U alee nominated. /
DAY / OKTII1C Mim ir-Tlir.-HOAI >
t I
Viill-llr.vmi Ciiind < ; < ( Control nnil
MniuiKON ( o K TI I ) , ,
KT. LOUIS , July 21. Not moio than hal ?
thu deb-gates to tlm popullu convention
were in thcl : tents nt 10 o'clock this morn
ing when the- massive foim of benator Allen ,
the jieimanent chalimau , appcurc-d on the
platfoim , Tour minutes later ho called the
convention to order. It wax dri/Jlin ; out-
tilde and there wcio not over 'M ) persona
In the gallciy. The deIegate-8 roai" and
stood with bowed heads whl'o ' Rev , Wilder
( ! . Williams of the t'nion Mcihoillnl c'hurcU
of thlK city Invoked a divide ble-nrlui ; .
\mong those on the platform tvcrn ex-
Got eiuor Wnlto of Colorado , Eonator I'nffur
of Kuntat , National Commlttccman Hrancb
of Georgia and Mif. Helen Clougar of
Chairman Allen Intioduccd Mrs , Marlon
Todd of Michigan , whu l.nn been conspicu
ous ns a populist speaker for several yearn.
She had a etrong face with < -lpnr brown
eyes lle-r dark hah wna streaked wltli
gray She iinnonnced the death of Mrs.
I ! M. l.'mory of Michigan , u pioinlnent
worker In the reform cause , and paid a
gln\\jng tribute to her memory , She off creel
a resolution t-xprciistng the regret of the
convention ( in Mrs Kmory e iinllinely cltiatb.
Ge-orge Galthor of Alabama ( IKO | paid ai
' ti Unite lo Mis Hmoiy's work , Buying that
i the inllueiuei of her book , "Seven Financial
u ion . KJUII had been greatly ri'sponslbla
1 for the tsiu-vth of populism In her ututu ,

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