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Englishmen Show Wonderful Indifferenc
to the Ohicago Candidate.
Confidently Loot Poncard to the Utter Be
pndiation of Tree Silver ,
Doubts if McZinley Can Garry Penntrrlvani
or Even Ohio.
tinMniincriiiriit nT tlio '
im Ojx-rn llfiiim- mill Kn-
Kf-M \ViiinleTful Onliixj
of .Mniicih.
( Copjrlcht , 1PHI b > Press T'uMlMilnr Cnmpnns
LONDON July US ( New York World C
Mcgrum Special Telegram ) If one cou
judge by tbe M-TJ Blight comment In t )
editorial columns of tlic English newspupc
and bj their equally brief news dispatch
touching tlir political situation in tlic Uulti
States the conclusion would seun obvlm
that but Blight intercut IB felt here In tl
result , I noted to tbe World this apparei
lack of English Interest a fortnight ago 1
outward Neemlnp it hub not Inertaned blni
then Several of the leading journals ,
fact , do not print what their press ubRocl
tlonK cable of actual political e\eutE at
ronfercnicE The American toriesponde ;
of the Times lets duvs go b ) without
word Todav's financial papers dlEmlBB tl
rubject brldly All this maj be explain )
by the conjecture which I have cabled
the "World before thut the English public
convinced thut Ilrjan and the bllvei pin
form will be effectual ! ) repudiated this a
tumn Another Buppertlou is that buch vn
quantities of American securities have be <
ncnt bncU In the lust twelve niontliB th
Investors here now lime tompaiuthely lilt
concern OB to the Issue
I find the utmost reluctance among tl
.hading pold niLii here to discussing the E |
nation for publication in the World's ct
limns Lord Furrcr IB the only consplcuo' '
man amonp them who has written to tl
London papers and he rather conpratulnt
the financial woild that the issue has
last bf.cn sharply drawn in the Onlti
States He believes that the large bodj
em-tern democrats who heretofore ha' '
fnrmull } advocated blmitalllbm to the fal
encouragement of foreign and English I
int'tallias but upon tin ( .audition of an 1 :
tornutlonul agreement , hn\e well knov
that bueh en agreement IB Impossible.
"Now thej are forced to oppose the who
ncheine " he writes , "and we may thank tl
Chicago oomentlon for clearing uwu ) Jal
issues and maKing It char -what the Issi
is " "The 1G to 1 proposal , " he uildb , "is
barefueed attempt to rob creditors for 0
benefit of debtors and ub huch it lb n
hurprislng that It meets with unqualified o
position not only train the creditors , b
from all persons In the ITiiltc-d Slatis wl
care lor common lionest ) "
Among those who ha\e responded to tl
Worlds requcbt for an expicsslon
opinion and who e responses have bei
Jorwarded bj mall was Bertram Cuirl
the head of a great London banking hou
and the president of the Gold Standard I )
fensc utBoclatlon The gist of his inle
view Is that the adoption of free silver
the proposed ratio will not affect Amerle :
trade relations with the gold stunda :
countries since "trade lb but the exchuni
or barter of commodities , and the mom
-with which the tranbactlnns ure adjusti
flnallj IB of minor importance. " Hut ]
adds "If in the phrase 'what will he tl
effect upon our comraerical relations wi :
the gold btundurd countries,1 you intend
Include LI edit mj opinion Is that the ado
tion of tree silver would ha\e u dlbturblt
effect on the public and private credit
the Vnltcd StuteE "
Moretou Frevtn , on the other hand , 1 eej
tip thu courage of the English bliuetallist
Mr. Urjau , he writes , is more likely the
not to be elected pretldent The ]
mo 6,000.000 of farms , and probab :
7-JOU.OOO of farmer votes in the Unite
States The farmer'b vote is the vei
backbone of the republican party in tl
north , the north ccutiul and the uorthwcs
era fctatcs , and the Issue for tlie sake ,
which republican farmers b ) the who !
eulo will bolt their party and te wit
the democrats is thtt Klhcr IBSUC , offen
today bj the democratic party us fice B |
ver , "
Li Hung Chang's freely given opinion c
the subject inuj be iuBtruc-tlvo or mere !
umuhlng , UK one looks at it On being set
by the World ceirre-bpundent In I'arls 1
tald " 1 know the New YoiU World \o ]
I amrrj grcatl ) Intel estid In the que
tlou of bllve-t and have had BOUIC urtlcli
from the \orld on the contiovurby In yet
countr ) translated and leud to me. Y (
lnothat we haves no coinage in Chin
Well , I um going to intiuduee it Iniined
ntcly It will be all Blher. We shall 1
diver inoiuimetalllhtb "
'Tour cxcellenc } , " ohsenud the corr
rpoiident "is going over to America. "
' I tliull btaj here a fchuit time longer
the Chinese ambastador responded , "then
bhull go to England for be\erul weeke. at
then to America 1 bhull ilklt New Yor
WaahliiKtou und Chicago , and go home 1
vnj of Vancouver "
Maurice Giau announces ofUclally th
cftenujun thut he has i-rtepttd the menu
Ing dlrertorbhlp of the Coeut Garden Ojior
end Is Given by the KjncUi.uU > authorltj
a dreree evirj thing ho hope-d for He hi
already engaged , or expeeU to engage , t !
flc llezskes , Aharer , I'lauron , Melba , Cuh
Nordic a uiid MUi Jlclnure Among tl
iiovelilLK to be promoted will be Glordauc
"Andre Cheinler" and Maucinelli c "He
ft Lcaudic" Mr Grau udds tnEteriousl
"eexcral suijirlBes may be in store. " ;
tddltion to blueing "Loliengrln" at
"Tjistan" In German. Jean dc Reibke'v :
ting next jeur lor the firet time , and in tl
original text Siegfried end Slegmuud
'lan rle , * lilt brother apjieaHnir also t
thu first tlmo us Wutuii in "VulUjrle , " ai
the Mundciw in ' 'Eieefrled" Mr On
< i n d Emma
Eames today lor her apjiea
* nce la hew York ii t teason
I'rlnre and Priueces ( the daughter of Ci
lii P Huntlncton ) Jlatrfeldt have Uki
Dr jcot , Earl Cowlcj's Wiltbhlre IIOUBB f
* tera el > tar . The utables accommoat
orty hunters and both expect to lollo1
he bound * regularly The shooting ground
comprise 4 " 00 acres.
John H DBA I * the New York banker ht
taken until October a house In Herefon
shire wherp hit daughter Lafly Tereni
illackwocvd and Lord Terence will ansli
aim Ladj Terence has been in deltcal
health all > onr
Crelghton Witib , who wan secretary '
the American ux-traordinarj mlsulon for tl
czar's coronation , returned to London t
hi * waj home Stories which ho\e bet
filtering through from Moscow , show th ;
the mission and the American legation the :
had no easy time of it with the high notili
and even the- minor rulers of Europe , seel
ing mainly for admission to the more L
cilUHhc of the ccremonicB Minister Brec'
cnridRe has manj Neores of American % 1
ItorE demanding lin Itatlone and enl } son
dozen or so tlrK-tc to distribute1
M Hlbot , formcrlj premier of France , wl
visit London Miortl ] , It is announced toda
and then go to the United States
Some three jiars ago 1 cabled to tl
World the pathetic rtorj of the last desccn
ant of Daniel IHfoe , a cabin bo } In i
Eugllbh bhlp then In New York harbor. Th
lad. who bore the name of the Immort
author of "Robinson Crusoe , " has just die
it IB anouunced here , in San rraticlico. agi
22 jeurb. BALLARD SMITH.
ICYIMU A - m\n ( ir THU
ICrvrclwcK iNfnrr on Ilt-linlf of II
rrm il llufliniMl ( .rrinnii Nittt-h ,
idipj rlcht IS'ir | i ) the Annulate d ITCKB )
BERLIN , Jul > 2S Emperor William do
not often ext-rclsi his preiogathe as Pru
blan Rummus e'plBcopus , but when he do
do so he shows "he parsonb with uuerrli
certain ! } that there Is a limit to the
powers. Receutl } Superintendent ZletU
of Animlu in Porneranla refused the rip
of Christian burial to the wife of a j
cpectable citizen who hud drowned herse.
The unfortunate woman had been pretiout
adjudped insane Dr Sclplo , a preacher
Stettin offered to officiate at the funen
but Zl tlow forbade him to do so The :
upon the widower sent a telegram to t
empe-ror stating the facts in the case. B
mnjest } immediately instructed the pi
Uncial authorities to forbid Ztctlow , und
poualt } of dismissal , to interfere with I
The emperor's plan to raise his unc'
Frederick William Louis , grand duke
Baden , to a rank of king upon the occasl
of the grand duke's bc\cntieth blrthdt
which occurs on September 9 of this jei
Is not received with much enthusiasm
the people of Baden , who are afraid th
the new title will mean an increased cl'
llct and heavier taxation , and his plan
annex Alsace and Lorraine to the gra :
duch } of Baden will not , it is genera ]
thought , be carried into effect , owing
the objections of Ba\arla.
Prince Max , nephew of the king of Sn
ony , will be admitted to the priesthood
the Roman Catholic church tomorrow. ]
ib In his twcntj-hlxth } ear
Dr Stoecker , the preacher-politician u :
Jew halter , has founded a new party , whl
he calls the Klrchlichs\zll. instead of t
ChrlsUlclnzIl , which latter name the ci
j > eror said was an idiotic title Thou ;
under a different name. Dr. Stoecker's par
will continue ) to operate on the lines
his original part } , in opposing all liber
measures and in backing up the Jewbaltei
Dr. Stoecker has rallied quite a number
respectable men to his purtj , and unuouuc
that he intends to prosecute aigoro
campaign at the appprouchlng pcsbion
the Keiehbtac
The Beilin cit } Eyuod , which has t
pationuEe of the imperial family , and esr
clally that of the empress , has published
report in v hich it is ubBerted that Berl
Is in need of thlity more chuichcb.
the face of this ib the fact that the exibtl :
churches aie nc\er more than one-thl
tilled and bcBlde-s two of the most beau
ful church edifices In Beilin arc used 1
btorape purposes , one for the Royal theat
and the other for u bookseller The sjn
ubks for a ciedlt of Ifi.OOO.OOO marks wi
which to build the proposed new church <
The clt } of Berlin hits refused to gl\e
single mark
The socialists aie losing one btrlkc aft
another Thehat makers spent 100,0
marks for the pleasure of fighting the
eraploers and in the cud were obliged
gUe up and return to work on the o
terms A like result follov ed the strike
the musical instrument makers at Kol
bus The textile workers the metal wor
ers , and the weavers of Eulengeblrge ha
now been on a strike for seven weeks a ;
begin to see that there is no hope of wi
iiltig Thebe strikes blue wasted 7CO.O
The law against undignified competttii
In trade hus cleared the windows of Berl
shopkeepers of the once familiar placu
which told of belling off stock below roi.t.
damaged goods bales , etc. , which , if th
were untrue , laid those dlsplaine the :
liable to punishment under the law.
Thuie has been considerable gossip
connection with the meeting between Prlu
Hohenlohe chancellor of the German cmpii
und Count Rudeiii , ure-cident of the coum
and minister of the Interior in the Austrli
cabinet. The newspapers published long u
counts of the important results of the met
lug , but it Is Beml-oillclally understood th
nothing of the flint importance was Be
tied at the meeting.
London I'lipcru Ilrtofc Mutlijuice (
AllllTllIU ! I'olltlcK ,
( Oiijij-rlglit , ItM lj l.ic Armiciatvd ITem )
LONDON , Julj 2D The London ue'WBj ]
pere ute demoting much bpace to Amerlci
polltlcb The Dallj News , for example , h
oumu sUetches of Go\ernor McKlnlej a :
William J Bouti , the former b ) Mr Chuu
tej M Depew and the latter bj Mr Moret
Frew en The Suturdu } Reilew has uu i
tiele b > Goldwiu Smith , in which the -writ
BUB that he helleu-s that Brjan will bi
ceed at the presidential flection Pn
Smith bajB "U is a social uud industrl
insurrection , ublug free fciher as its watt
word which Is the mobt formidable featu
of the situation. The ast has robbud t
west with Ub tariff , and the west is m
going to rob the cuu , If it can , in its tu
by lepudiation , under the form of debai
meut of the currency. Cobdin IB justifie
but the jubtiflcutlou which he would ha
de-Blred would not hn\e been one eutalll ;
dibuster to the American republic "
iM llonorrU lit I'rane-e ,
PARIS , Julj D. The American wrlt <
Fraucle Vlele Grltlln , has been uppoiuted
che\aller o the Legion of Honor
The American artist , Mr. Edward 1
Weeks , has been ajipoluted a the * alter of t
Leclon uf Honor ,
Crt-i-k lurond * in Mucedunliu
ATHENS. July 2E The representatives
the powers hu\o sent 4a urgent note to t
go\ernmcnt relative to Grttk inroads
Macedonia. The minuter of war has tuk
efforts to prevent further luroai
Tory Leader Gains in Popular Paver by tl
Political Soe-Saw.
Irish Land Bill SoemE Likely to Pass tl
House of Commons.
Oarrington's Porces Eaid to Be Inadequate
Crash the Mataheles ,
< . - TillH the Jxnn
lii 'i * rn Sniiliil.nTillH
Afrle-nii - \ * - . -inlloii Hint tlir llrlt-
l li \ \ tlloon lieMiiMerk uf
the7uinliiri. .
it , 18 % , tu tinAfsociuted Tress. )
LONDON. July 2.ri Public opinion , whlc
a wtek upo , WUB decidedly ndverBito M
A J. Balfour as a parliamentary leader , h
been rapidly veering in his favor.
The passage of the Irish land bill
the House of Commons s-ems now to
nssuiedVhlle this measure does not coi
pletely satisfy an ) one there Is a genei
disposition to rejoice that another step h
been accomplished toward diminishing t
strain In the apiarian situation In Irelut
There is still considerable uuxlety as
the fate of the bill In the House of Lon
whore efforts will be made b ) the lar
lords to secure amendments in their 01
interests These efforts may be expect
to command much bympath ) among t
pe-ers , but the chant es are the bill w
pubs in its present form
The eventK of the lubt week have demo
Btruted that Mr A. J Balfour is a me
capable pilot than he has recentl ) be
credited with being His leadership In t
House of Commons during the later da
has hhown that he possesses a tenaclo
grip which has enabled him to recover mu
of the ground lost by the failure of t
educational bill.
The Saturday Review sajs today "T
Irish land bill Is as peed BE passed , and I
because the House of Commons has recc
nlzed that the reign of shlll-shully is ovi
and that for once it has nt Its head a m
who knows whut iswunted uud means
have it"
The Spectator Ba > B"We will find tl
the close of the session will show that S
Balfour has secured n considerable succt
under very unfavorable circumstances I
dislo.vul followers have much less renson i
congratulation Mr Balfour Is reull ) t
cement of the adininistiation. "
The South African association hud a dl
ner on Wednesday , at whlih the marqi
of Lome presided His loruship , who is
son-in-law to the queen , made u remur
nble speech , in the course of which he su
he belie-ved the Brltibh would be just
much masters on the Zambezi before lor
nb they would be also masters on the Nl
He remembered a short time ago SB ) ing
Ccil Rhodes , "We mean to take the Nile
} ou will take the Zambezi. " to which X
Rhode-s had unswered' "Thut is c.act
what we mean to do"
The situation in Rhodesia is looked up
here with unxiety The force at the dis ]
sition of Sir Frederick Cairiugton IB i
gurded b ) military men us quite iuudcquc
to cope with the rebellion of the Mutabel )
The lute-Bt news from Buluwayo is to t
effect thut Sir Frederick does not propo
to again enter the Matoppo hills , but th
he will surround those hills with u se-ri
of forts , and BO hern in the Matubeles Tt
IB regarde-d here as un indirect admissli
thut In the fight of last Monday the Briti
tomes did not achieve a decided EUeeei
It is pointed out that the Matoppo hi
extend for seventy miles , which fact bhoi
that the fort idea is one of a very lur
The recent attack upon a w oman trovell :
in a railway carrlaga has renewed the ai
tntlon for the fcubstitution of corridor cc
riage-B for the compartment curs , now
UBC upon the ruilwujs of Great Brltal
Questions have been asked in the House
Commons looking toward compelling t
railways to adopt corridor carriages , u :
the Bourd of Trade IB now communlcatii
with railway companies on the subject
The wave of socialistic trouble , whl
swept over Lille , in France , Btirred up '
the arrival of Herren Liebknecht , Bob
Singer and other foreigners , attending t
HOCialist congress there thib week , w
reach London tomorrow. Though Lille h
a socialistic mayor and deput ) , it is ci
dent that the people of thut city nre n
pre-pare-d to cwallow such w hole-bale 01
bursts of socialism as were indulged in 1
the congress , and the result has been ric
of such a character as would if they hud ha
pened in Paris , sus the Times , have sent
shiver throughout Europe. The troul
Blurted with the posting of a placard !
the municipality Inviting the inhabitants
welcome their brothers from ubroa
Counter placards were posted b ) republics
Inciting the people to hits the procetBio
sdp when the socialist procession march
through the clt ) em Friday evfulng , it w
pre-etcd with cries "Vive la France ! " ui
"A Bas PruBse' " The line wnb broken ai
the ma ) or became separated from the pi
cession The musicians at the heud of t
procession were dibpen-cd. The crov
waved their tricolor flags , which the t
ciallBtB tried to belie and tear.
The international BoclnllEt und trude uul
congress begins at St Murtin'B town hi
on Moudu ) London will dcmbtltub ret el
all the anarchistic and soclallEtlc dema
BtratiouB incident to thlb eongreBE durl ,
the next week more culml ) than t
ebullitions of the congress at Lille we ?
received there nfc the presence of Germu
in London furnishes no political provoc
tton Preliminary to the congresb , the
will be a monster demonstration in Hy
park tomorrow of Boc-iallst w orkerg end tru
unionists "in favor of international pea
and umltj " There vlll be twelve pJt
forme and us many different chairmen , i
of the latter well known figures in lab
or political circles Two delegates from t
continent will speak in French and Gennu
The congress which assembles on Mou'd
hus four German delegations , tweiit-bov
French and four from the Vnlted Stat <
The uuurchlbtE. as distinguished from t
state socialists , wi'l hold a weH-omlinj men
ing of their own in a separate hall i
Tuesday evening Among the notable peoj
who "will attend the meetings during t
week -Hill be found Eluie Reel" * Prin
Krapotkinp Sebastian Foure James Kcl
Hurdle Tom Mann. Ben Tllk-tt , Louis
Michel and others They will -join in th
deliberations of tht congrec * Herr Llel
kne-cht , Herr Singer and other Jorclgn dele
gates reached London today.
Viitiltj Tiilr Miow 1rnti I Tr 'il fret
tli * Cltj tu Die Coiititrj.
rCoiHTlcht 1S"6 in th < - Awwlntfd TreRR.1
LONDON July 2n With the pre-aer
we-ek the London season comes to an cni
Incited , there has be-en already a larp
exodus of fashionable people to the couutr ;
where for some time to come Vanlt } Fal
will have full course The roval weddln
nt Buckingham palace was of course , tb
chief social event of the week Ou that do
all tbe big houf.cs uud clubs in Piccadlll
hud large lunche-on parties to see tinpn
cession The Bnchelore' club the duke un
duchess of Marlborouph und Mrs Bradlc
H Martin were among those who had Ktnai
A society paper snys Queen Victoria hi
token quite u four ) to the duchess i
Marlbnrouph ( formerl ) Miss Coimuelo Vni
derbllt ) According to thlb high authorlt
"Her maje-Bt ) lb nol peuerallj partial I
AmerlcuiiB v\ho cuptuie ju-oiile , und hi
cordlnllt ) in Ihe cnse of the duchebs i
Marlborough has been remarked upon I
court ciicle-b as quite unusual "
Dorotliea Bird s marriage to Henr ) 1
Irving , which took pluie on MouJu ) , quit
rivaled the wedding two dub laler of tl
Princess Maud and Prince Charlei of Dei
mark , in the public attention , uttrnctinp
crowd numbering into the thousands , whit
blocked the btree-t In front of the c-hurc
where the cereniou ) wub prtformed und :
the vicinity of the house vvhe < re subs
quentl ) a reception was E'ven ' The eiov
called "Trilby" until the bride appear *
upon the balcony and drank a plubB of chui :
pagneto their health
On Monda } evening Sir Edward Law so
proprietor of the Dull } Telegraph gave
fete in the Telegraph building blmilar
the Paris Firaro's celebrated parties Tl
three Danish princes , Ciown Prince Frc' '
erlck und his two bout , Prince Chtlbtlan ai
Prince Charles and the- duke of Cumbrldi
were among Sir Edward's guests who tot
prcut interest in the printing room ai
baw the paper go to press All tl
rooms were elaborately det orated wl :
flowers , and the baud of tlie Scots puan
fcupplied the niuUc The invitations reu
"Music , mnchluer ) "
The corieet attire for penllemeii at fas
iounble parden paitles conbibts of the ic-g
latlon long frock coat of . dark pra ) Tl
uewe-st waistcoats are drab and cut doub
breasted Gra } plov e-s are uuiversall ) w or
but neckties maj be of any color co :
sistent with peed taste
Among the passenpen , on l mrd the Amc
lean linci Parib which railed from Seat
ampton toda } . w ub Mr Charles W Boil } ng
the Culifoinia millionaire.
Mr Hurry McAlniont , the well kuov
horsemi-n and part owuenif the yacht Vt
kvrie III , was a passenger on board t !
Normandir , which sailed for New Yo ;
} Cbterdu ) .
I > oiiiliii I'lnj liiiiiM < * h vClur < ln * ltd nil ft
tlitluHic IIiiK * , .
( CojijTlcht 16 % In tlie AH8Cic--mtpa I'rctb )
LONDON , Jul ) 23 Most of the icai
lug " \Vefat End theaters are now close
the St James and the Lce-um fo
lowing suit tonight. The music hal
are consequentl ) leaping the benefit ur
the principal ones , uotabl ) the Empire nt
Alhumbra , nre doing u tremendous busineb
It IB pi enable the next piece , or itb in
mediate successor , at the Hajmaikct , uudi
Cril Maude's management , ib the ne-
comedy upon which Dr Couun Dole an
Junieb Pane have colluboruted Dr. Do ) .
Is now ut his countr ) pluce iu Sum.TV
acts and the prologue nre ulread ) con
F C Bernard and M. Lehmann hav
colluborated upon a new comic opera I
which George GrosBmlth will probably u ]
pear , upon the termination of his proviucli
tour The composer is Sir Alexander Mai
An agreement -HUB signed on Thurndii
by which Mr Maurice Gruu becomes tl
manager of the ioal opera nt Coveut Gu :
den ou a salary. Buck of Mr. Grau is
committee of subscribers , headed b ) Ea
de Grey and Mr Hurry Hlggln
TheBe gentle-men ure the real powers bc-hln
the throne , OB the ) were even when S
AugUBtub Harris WUB ullve und manugiu
the Roval opera house
E S Willard will open his American sei
son at Boston November 1C.
Henry B Irving has canceled his Ame
lean e-ngagement and will re-main In Lei
don Mr Irving was led to thin step I :
the fact that the contract of his brld
Dorothea Baird , with Mr. Tree has not ) i
terminated Mr Tree is coiihlderiug
proposition made by ChurlcE Frohman 1
make a tour of the United States , whit
w ill extend from October to February.
Ma ) Yohe ( Lad ) Francs Hope ) has bee
remarkably successful from a financial poll
of view in her nmnngemcnt of the ) Cou
theater. Robert Hlllliird who is spendlt
the summer in London uud Parlh , has , f <
the past week been appearing in u one-ai
curtain raiser , entitled "The Llttlebt Girl ,
ut this house Leird Francle Hope , who
devote-d to his wife , is nightly to be bet
attending to affairs in the front of tl
HiiHtiur I'lirtiKThliip llctTn-fii IMcri
liii Illurd HIM ! Ioril -iM-nfor < t.
( C r > rlclit ItHC Iu the Aiai * latea I'rtai. )
LONDON , Jul ) L'S A radnp purtnersh
hub been formed between Mr Pierre Lori
laid und Lord William Beresford Tl
horses will run under the .colors of e-ithi
owner , UE oecuElon requires Mr Lorillai
nitulns a stare in the management of tl
combined Etubleb.
The Derby entries for JtliS closed c
Tuesda ) The list of colts IE much long *
than usual The prince of Wales entei
two , Mr August Belmout three , Mr. Ollvi
H P. Belmont ones. Mr. Richard Crock )
two , Mr Pierre Lorlllard six , und a 111
number are entered by Mr. MeCalmon
Lord Rosebery , the duke of Webtinlnbt )
und Sir Tatton SkeE.
i KXCC > . > .I-I. in Crrir.
ATHENS , Ju ! ) 2S Newts has been r
telved from Hera 1.1 ion of a serious nutur
The Turkish troops mussed ftt the pates i
the city , but their endeavors to enter we :
frustrated by tbe government. They ai
committing the wildest excesses in tbe BU
rounding country Christians in the eas
ern provinces , hitherto quiet , nre usseu
bllng at Moledlzl and arc tailing lor imm
dlate bujjilies of rifles and mmunltlon.
Aklruiioiiicrk Ou So rlli.
( CnpyrlBht. lkie , b } tae Aiwuclbted ITess )
LONDON , July 25 A party of ostron
mere left London today for liadko. Ca ]
North , to obberve the ecllpbe of the Bun c
Augutt B uud 8. under the direction of t !
roiil ttbtrouomer .nd Sir Robert Ball.
Damping Parties Oarriod Awny by a Terri
We Tidal
Twenty-Nine Persons Known to Be Dead a
lir-rison and Golden.
One Child Eescued Out of Three Families o
Eighteen Persons.
I'lixnrltt' Miniiiicr - < > rl nt I > e-ii-\ -
1'fiiplc tli - * of mi A fill
LMniiHUT MIIIIJ Iloillt-i. Clone
llcj mill Ilvo > vrj .
DENVER , July 25 The cloudburst 1
the foothlllb west of Denver last niqht , rt
BUltlng In floods in which twent-nlne pet
sons are known to have perished , wus fol
lowed this nfternonn bj another tcrrlbl
storm , the Hie of which huE seldom bee
Been In this tlclnlt } .
About 1 30 p m dark clouds gathered 1
the northwest and lapldlj rolled towar
the citv A little betou 2 o'clock rain an
hall began to lull furlouhly According \
Weather Observer Bi uudenburg , ( .event
ouc-hundredthb of nn inch of vvater fe-11 I
ten minutes , bratlnp all local records Th
downpour continued with komewhat dimlt ;
Ished nevcrlt } for hulf an hour and It ralne
at Intervalb ull the ufte-rnonn The fton
was accompanied b } frequent severe flashc
of llqhtnint ; , liut so fur at jet known the-r
was no loss of life in this clt } and th
damage WUE confined principal ! ) to th
breaking of window llchts and the prow In
crops The btorm plued havoc with th
flowers and hhrubbe-r.v at the cltj park an
v arlous grreuhoUHi s throughout the clt
buffered severely.
At Morrlton be cnteen miles from Der
vcr , in the foothills , where tv\ent-two pci
sons were diowned In the flood last nlch'
people were terror-ctricken when thrjsa'
the nt fond bta-rn approaching this afto ]
noon Hail began to fall soon after 1 o'clocl
The rtorm continued with Btendll } Incicat
tng force until nearl ) 4 o'clock , when
black cloud of unusual dcnsitj began t
gather In the viclnit } of Mount Vernon ,
fev miles from Mnnison There the clou
burst and in an instant n wall of wate
came down the guMi full } blx fee-t hlchc
than was eve : been before Everything i
Its path wrs wanned awa > Tb ° : niii
torrent carried along w ith it bouses , barm
trees and debris of all kinds The flood i
this gulch last evening WOP but slight eon
pared to this It Is hoped but il is b } n
.incanEiCerlalu , that-.thc residents and camj
ers in the gulch , reallrlng their 'danger , hu
all escaped to places of safety before th
fined came
Every house in Morrison is flooded , watc
having spread out all ovei the place Rui
is still falling furiously and tbe clement
pie making such an uproar that it .Is Jm
possible to move around to judge Junt vhc
damage has been done Bilovi the tow
there have bee > n searching parties along th
creek seeking for the unrecovered bodies o
the dead in lust tiicht'b disaster , and thcr
are fears that membcis of thete panic
have been caught in this la > H tidal wave.
Morrlbon is indeed a stricken cit ) , un
fenr IB expressed thut tlic end is not yel
Tamllieb are afraid to occupy their homei
not knowing at what time they may b
overwhelmed in u flood Happil ) the rumor
of greater loss of life than that already re
ported in the floods lust night at Morrison
Golden and Mount Vernon have not bcei
confirmed The dead number twenty-nine
and include the following.
Dead at Morrison :
CHILDREN of Morrison.
Tiom Denver.
GRACE PROCTOR , 7 jcars.
EDITH PROCTOR. 2 } eais.
JAMES CASEY , 10 ) cars.
EDITH CASEY , B ) ears.
MAMIE CASEY , 7 ) ears.
ANNA CASEY , E } curB.
CLARA CASEY , S years.
EUGENE HERRES , 7 jears.
THOMAS M'GOUGH , 21 jeare old , Duy
ton , O , eouBln of Mrs. Cabey.
ANNIE HANSEN , 20 ycurs old , sen an
of the Proctors.
Fatal ! ) injured :
Child of J C Longnccker.
Dead at Golden
Numerous parties from Denver , campln
out at Evergreen , Idle-wild , Jdlednlo , uu
other places In the mountains near Mai
risen , are safe. Many hulr breadth ehcupc
and thrilling rescues are re-ported
Of the twent-two persons drowned u
Morrison , oul ) thirteen bodies have bee
recoveie-d Some may never be fouuc
having been carried many miles down th
stream and buried under debris.
Mrs A S Proctor and her four chlldrei
Mrs T. F Casey and live children , Mn
Anthony Hurrcb and four children , Ann !
Hunsru , servant , and Thomab McGough ,
cousin of Mrn Cube * } , eighteen in ull , wer
living in n large cottage on the bankb t
Btur creek A great bunk of vvuter struc
the house before the occupants realized the !
danger and can kid it bodll ) away All th
inmates perished except Ireni Proctor , age
ID , whose long hair esught in driftvvaoc
holding her until eld came
J C Longnecker's house WBB vatbod EV. a
and dabbed to pieces ugalntt a rock Mi
and Mrs Longueicker and three of the !
children weie thrown high uud dry on
hilEide One child was drowned. One i
those bimd was bad ! ) injured , but wl
The walls of Bear Creek conon at plaet
rise almost perpendicular ] ) bOO feet , an
nearly ever ) tummer it U the scene of
flood but in tpite of the danger it nab ! > ec
a favorite resort of Denver people Tb
damage to the Denver and Rio Grande th
Santa Ft > and the main 'me of the Gul
railroad -will be quickly : ep.urcl : but ther
r"orrr i < t for
Ixioal llHlnf Vuriiicr South "Winds
1. KtiglUli Opinion of Aiiirrlrnti I'olltlCK.
Arthur llrtHour l'p Acalu.
Colorado Cniiioti I ucllrr I > rownt'il.
Ilr.inii Niiiulimtinl b ) tlir I'opullHt * .
! l. TrxHit KliUrr * SIM-III In r.tiriirKU
Mr. ltosi > liter J-iicuks H ! "Vork.
IMiKlnlrr ( .lull In Nilil-ui-kH lluir. ,
IMmhil ; tlic ( "roi n i'rolilcin.
4 , t.nKt VV'ci'k in Iitirnt 'xiolnl Clrnlvt.
l riuii nn Oitmli * M < iniuii AlirttMd.
T > . * - tntiHlUHtlou ( 4. < iiO.OKl ( ( Short.
Itcnl ] : Htnt ( Vnlueo Are "set Hint ; .
Affulr-K H ! Snutli Oiiiiilm.
C. Council HtuftN I.niiil MHttrrn.
I'oiltliniH In flu Mx-I > H ) Kxeii.
( liiinlm t rlckcl em HI-HI Gut Cltys.
7. Wi-iUlj CrlHt I Sinrtliii | ; OO KI.
H. i : < hiii-t. from the- Ante Itoom * . .
111. "KllllllHllH' . " CllllliUxloll.
" \ CliiiHC'-il I'm IB. "
11 VV oniiiii HIT VII'M und Her AVorlit ,
IS , Ijttlt orl4l ; mill Ceuiliiii nt.
in. Conilui tin : H .Njitlorml ( 'HUiplllpn.
Aiiii-ri < iiii HlMnr ) In Stinc.
14. Ciiiulni ri IH ! HIII ! 1'inuncltil Ni-ui , .
N < - HIMDlrii t to tin OrlrnU
If , . Now COIOCH ( \luiiilnuin Vpii.
KuutliHlilorH < li ln H stronc 1'olnt.
Ki. In tin * M IK-I-UIIC World.
arc extensive wushoutE on the Gulf
brunt h in Clear Creek cam on und on th
Florence and Cripple Creek rend
The torrtnts which rushed down th
cauoiiB upon Morrison and Golden IUB
night were ttUBed b ) u terrific uiountali
storm , which extended for 100 miles o
more Fiom Boulder in the north , wber
the damage wab hllpht. all down the rung
west of Denver ulnuibt to Pueblo , the btorr
Bnept its debtructlve wu ) .
At Morrison and Golden the torrents tor
awu ) buildings uprooted trees , washed ou
long Btretches of railroad tracks , svxeji
av\a > bridges and spread unulhllatlo
thiough the towns Their work was brie :
UK the warnings the } gave were inadequate
and almost be-foic the citizens of the Btrlcke
communities knew what had happened th
floods passed leaving oul ) a diudl ) slle-uc
and blptiB e > f devastation everwhere Al
tliat could be done In the darkue-bs and con
fusion was done by the rescuers Mcr
women und children weie e\tricated fret
daiipt-rous predicaments , let dovvn from th
roofs of floating houfces , helped out of tree
and drawn out of the er ) whirl and deul
of the toiietils.
A t le-phone mcbFuge receiv ed from Golde-i
Colo. sayB that the * bodies of four wome
drov-ued in the flood last night were foun
this morning In Mount Vernon canon , nea
Morrlbon The bodies have been identlfle
as those of Mis'-es Delia and Mar ) Home ]
daughters of Judge Homer of Denver , an
Mlns , s Holmcb and Warrt-n , also of Denvei
viho have been camping out together.
PITTSBt'RG Julv 2i"i The greatest of a !
floods in the Meinonguhelaalle ) pweepln
dovMi that btream has caused the rivet
here to rc-nch a btage of twentv-flve fee
vihlch has flooded the lower distrlctb 1
both cities The general conditions througl
out the MonongahBTa'TclItjy ' "are crltlca
The lower end of Mcle bEport'"bj'fiH ' > dcd an
u fev" more Inchcr of water will rench man
of the v , arehouncB &long Its bankc ct tha
city DruperBbuiE in inundated , the wate
reaching the uucond ttorles of many of th
houses , Thib lost rise was caused b
cloudbursts and heavy ruins at the head c
the Monougahelo. In many places the
were the beavirKt known in tvveut-0v
) eurB. The amount of damage will jirol :
ably reach $ ] ,000 000
CINCINNATI July 25 Reports from Wes
Virginia , Keutuckv and Ohio bhovv that al
the UIbutarleb of the Ohio river are over
flowing the bunkh The damage to railroad
end other piopert } is general and vcr
gient The danger of n con
tinuouB rise of the Ohio is be-llevt-d todu
to be passed The Hoods ulong the trlli
utarics uie reported to have reached the !
height and the -weather is dealing
PARKERSBURG , W Va , Jul ) 2r Th
town e > f Auburn , Richie count ) , hns bee :
luld waste b ) tbe hcuv ) ruins Every star
In the * place WUB flooded The whole vul
lt > ) of Boone creek was devuhtatcd Th
Ohio liver will icach the danger poln
here tomonov\ noon
nvu niioncs Ktor THE UAJII
HOIIHC of A . -niil nt riiie Tinin Siij-
tluKxl'r < * niK-r Aus -HiiiiiKl1il < - .
CAPE TOWN , Jtil ) 25 The HOUBC of At
sombly has unnuimouhl ) adopted the te
port of the select committee on the sub
ject of the Jumeson raid on Johanuehbuip
The it-port finds that Mr Cecil Rhodes , wh
at the time wnb jircmler of Cape Colon )
wab full ) acquainted with the preparation
for the laid and that Mr Aided Belt ,
director of the Britlbh South Afilcu Chur
tered compan ) , Dr Jume-hon and Di Ruther
ford HurriB , also a director of the BrltlB !
South Africa company , we-ie active promot
t-rs of the raid The re-port further de
clures that there is no evidence that Mi
Rhodes Intended that thePitsana fore
should Invade the TrntiE-\uu ) uninvited , bu
that at the bnmo time there was an ubhenc
of an ) poiemptor ) command from Mi
Rhodes foibidding the raid Rhodes an
Hanlb , it IB deUured , diufted u telegiur
containing such prohlbltor ) commuuds , bu
thei uietiBuge wus never dlbpatched.
With tliene facu in view , the loport BUJI
the committee cannot acquit Mr. Rhodes ci
responslbllit ) The repoit fuither allege
thut ul ! the fund * for the raid were con
tilbuted by the Biltibh South Africa cow
puny uud with the knowledge of the Lon
don office * , the money being ufti-rwurd re
funded b ) Mr Rhodes In closing the rt
port baB thut the committee ib forced t
the conclusion that the action of Mi
Rhodes WUE not consistent with his dut ) u
premier of Cape Colon )
IlliiuiiKliiK- < JIMIllroiilihl AKiiliiM
Clulntlll iu lH < , ri > < - f-ull.
LONDON. Jul ) & In tl-e Yuide-Bulle
divorce CIIBC- , counsel for Mrt Yaide-Bulle
ojie-ned for the clcfcube today He Butd tla
e-iuelt ) and adulte-ry on the part of the wif
were denied uud that it would be prove ;
that the respondent wat not u drjLkin ,
womuu He ulto alleged thut Gadi.eu , th
co-respondent in this action , hud been ten
to Eugl&ud b ) Mrt General Kirkhuin of Su ;
Prancibco , mother of tbe rewpondent , t
protect the wife's inlerebt against the hut
A witness for the defeiibe , Mrs Goslir
toBtifiod that the hud committed adultu
with Mr Yurfle-Bullar This wltiiLtt' tei
tlraou ) WUB confirmed by that of Mri
Polioemen FV.OTO that the ) hud ee-en th
peitltioiier in company with tirotttltutcr
1'riilrlt * J'lr * In Soulli ItnUolii.
CHAMbEhLAIN S D Jul ) 25 ( fepw U
TeleBrum i Pruine fire en tbe Yuckto
re.berM.tlou burned roiibideruble buj an
dck'roved the Mtfurete cju BUJUI two tov\u
of laud.
Populist Party nt St. Louis Yokes the AES
with the Steer.
Norton of Hlhiois ns Practically His Only
Eesolution Adopted Sofore the Ballot that
May Upset the Ticket.
el Wiird It < > c > cl.il UK lo IVlivtlicr the
S -l - > t Ml Ctiiiilliliitv AXill A < < < ] > t
Hit- Honor Conferred on. Him
li ? lllh 1-rlfiulK.
ST. LOV1S , July 25 William Jennings
Bran of Nebraska , who wus nomlnute-d by
the democratic national convention ut Chl-
enpo n faitnlght npo WUR toda ) made the
btuudurd biaicr of the * popullt-t imrty by a
vote of 1,04 ! to 821. The democratic can
didate. WUB nominated in the fae-o of hl
own ptotest in the shape * of u te-lepium di
recting the withdrawal of nib name scut to
Senator Jones after Sew all , his running
mute had been ditched for the vice presi
dential nomination InU night and Thomas
E Watson of Georgia had been named for
second uluee on the ticket It was also
made iu the fute of an oppposltloii no bitter
thut , after the convention adjourned , tome
of the ladlcals held n rump convent ion
The lubt session of the conveuMnn whica
lusted from 9 SO thlt. morning until ultnost C
o clock this nfternoou , wub uiurKed by
beetles of turbulence nud iiolt. ) excitement
which several times bordere'd em uctuul llot
and which almost precipitated personal eol-
llrlous One fist fight did occur , a eleileg.i'o
v\us ejected and a West Virginia delegate ,
Inflamed b ) the uctlon of the couvcntlon ,
wulked hUlli.nl > out of the hull. Th * ktorm
eeiitet , UB on the three previous dns , was
In the Tcxab de-leputlou
But the real ! } dramatic fca'tncs of this j
wild ECbElon wete enacted behind the Bee-ties.
Rumcis of what was going on in the wings
reached the delegates , but they Ktie-A noth
ing definite 1) . and to the vei ) end a mtb-
biige from Mr Bian whlca might have
changed the rebult V.UB Kept f-om their
To utld to the other features of the day ,
the convention wub without music uud the
hull was litleied and Ijeilrewn with the
grime und dlit ot jesterduy's tv\olvo-hour
bitting It was not expected that the con
vention v ould last mure than three daB
and the contract made -with the local com
mittee cxpiied last nirht.
The populist Br > an inaimpein decided nt
the outset toda } to dlsrcpnid Mr Bryan's
telegram of lust night nnd to nominate him
end Rtrcightcn out the tangle afterward.
They htnrted out to rush his nomination
through before uii ) other candidate could
tie put iu the field , Ub a font ball team , by
means of a brilliant A ) ing wedge , Boine-
timcb forces a goal But the Intel ferenco
was too much for them and their line was
bioken. General Weaver of low a , the
populist candidate in 1BS2. placed Hrjnu in
nomination , Mid General Field of Virginia ,
who wub Weaver b lunnlug mute , ufter a
brief speech , moved to make the nomination .
Chairman Allen held the motion WUB in
order , and until that motion WUB de
rided the call of htulcs for nominations ,
which was the Older of the convention , could
not pioceed This ruling almost precipi
tated a riot. Some che-eie-d , some cuibed ,
came fought , and there would piobabl ) have
liecn Berlous trouble had not the Brnn
leaders wlbcly concluded to abandon this bo
re guided hlph-uandod piogrum
But in doing so they opened the flood
gates , nud for Elx hours the convention was
deluged with oratory. Almost ever ) ' Elate
and terrltor ) had itb inning em the plut-
foim Most of the BpcnkerB bccondcd
Bonn's nomination About flftj Eccoiid-
Ing bpeeckefi were made nnd some of them
were both eloquent uud blillluut. The
mlddle-of-tbc-road contingent iiiblbted upon
knowing at every opportunity , inluvv ot
his te-legrain , whether Bnun would Bland
on the platform uud ucccpt the nomination.
But ull these pointed qucbtloiib we-re neatly
pairled Judge Green of Nebraska uud oth
ers -vouched for BIUUB sympathy with pop-
ulihllc principled , but that WUB ull the butlE-
facllou the radicals could get The Texas
delegation then hent u me-Buage to Mr Biyun
at Lincoln , pulling the dliect question to
him To this no u-ply wub rticelveid
But the dunociatic candidate hod he-en in
cunblunt eominuuicution wilh Senator JOIIC-B ,
chairman of the democratic committee , and
word came to the convention that Jones
had u meiiBugc vhlch hewuuted the conven
tion to hear. It WUB then that upon the
suggestion of Senator Allen u motion van
curried iu the laufuUou jitbt befotc the bal
lot was taken that ma ) JHOVU the key by
which the eomplicatiou altendlng the de-
blred union of ull the bilver foiccE may bo
unlocked H WCE a motion conferring upon
the national committee plenary powers
ull the power , m. the motion fctuled , of the
convention itself Borne of the radicals
pricked up their cars when the motion WUB
put , and thcie vub a vague protest , but
it ib certain thut the rank und file of the
convention did not realize UB full Import ,
AB the roll cull WUB prociedlug Governor
Stone of Missouri uppeured on the platform
with the lirjun mc-usagc. but Senator Allen
would nut permit him to ic-ud it to tbe con
vention and Stone retired very much dis
concerted The populist IcudeiB had de
cided to go ahead , IncEpedlve of Die vviBbei
of the democtutic HIUUUCI-IB Huniorfc that
such a message wus In the convention
aroused the Lone Slur dclrgatct lo frenzy
and Stump At > hb ) deuiuuded to know if
theie wus a message fiom Brun on the
secrelar'c table Chairman Allen promptly
responded that theic V.UB not , but thut there
WUE Borne tulk of n "fictltjous" mexbuce
Bomcwbere He had not Been it. Literally ,
of couibe , Senator Allen was correct. He
said afterward , iu explanation of Lit action ,
that Brun was the overulicluilnE choice
of tbe convention , thet the telegram , - whatever
ever it was , wee not addressed to the con
vention or to a popullBt delegate ; that It
WUD jmtely a demociatlc nceotiatlon , and
something with which it pojmllut eouveiitlon
had nothing to do
WUtu the call wai computed U MM fouu'

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