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0 THE OMATIA DAIEY IJEft : MONDAY , AUfirST 17. 181)0. )
Men from Many Stnte ? to Discuss Sir-nsbcs
and Lobs on the Oouitc.
Fltn MC-II from Clili'iiirn Will
tvllli IOIMI , IvittisiiH mill
I'liiyvrk for Yiiliinlilc 1'rUcs
mill Uliify.
From nine to twelve players ( rnm out
side of XobrnftUn ulll inle part In Hie third
antiUHl Intcriitnlu tourimini-nt livid by tha
Oninlia club under llio ( inspires of the National
, tional Lnvvn Tennis ( nscoclnllon , Entries
close at noon today anil ( lie following players
have already t'\iicksod | their Intention of
tailing part : Krom Chicago , L. II. Walilncr ,
Wyuno Cnrvcr , W. D. Uoml , tlulph \ \ . Cou-
dee , anil P. Anderson , wild possibly one
other ; from Topckn , Kan. , George B. Stoltcrj
from I.nwrcnru. Kan. , Jnclln lloncrsork ;
from l.cnmrs , In. , Ultlianl NlehoUoti and
Colledfo ; : nnil llcldeu nml Jnync or Minneap
olis arc also expected to enter.
K these twelve men take pnrt In pliiKles
anil doubles It goes without saying Unit those
who are fortunate PIIOUKU to bu nblu to at
tend tlie Raines during the week will sec
tcnnU plnyed ns it wan never played In
Omaha before. Hut this will not bo thu
whole of the tournnmcnt by any menus.
Johnson inul Powers , llio Nebraska cli < ini-
pious In doubles , will be heio from llusllnna ;
Ilttlo Karl I'-nrnswortli. tlie boy chnmiilon of
Grand Island , will take piirt ; Lincoln mny
send a couple of men , nnil of uourso Omaha
will * put out thu bent Icitms tbut van be
Hey Austin showed on Saturday that his
control of the rocket nnd his Judgment of
balls huvu not suffered by lack of practice.
Those who saw him piny believe that ho and
Cnlllimluim will bo at least a * stronc In
doubles us when tliuy held the Kpectators
In doubt for half an afternoon as to whether
they would be nblo to overcome Waldncr
nnd Sloctim last Annual. Six weeks be
fore. Austin nnd Culllnglmm fell down IK-
nomlnlonaly In the western tournament at
Chicago , but they catno homo anil , prolHlng
by their experience , soon Rot Into the way
of following each oilier up and down the
court , Ktandlng side by side , at the net or
the back , according to exigencies of the
occasion , and they astonished every one by
their success.
Other Omaha men nro capable of making
mirprlHCB this year and It Is certain that
from Tuesday morning to Saturday nlghl
the courts on Hartley street will bo kept
busy with games which It will bo worth any
ono's while to watch.
The first mutches will be at 10 o'clock to
morrow niornliiK.
Today the matches In the state singles
competition will bo proceeded with , If
It does not rain. Hascnll nnd Hopkins
will finish their contest Interrupted by the
Btorm on Saturday. The winner will play
Austin , anil one of the three will then meet
Culllngham for the title. It may bo neces
sary to postpone the last of these matches
until tomorrow. The courts arc now In
excellent condition.
OItli\Al.S I1I101' AXOT1II3K OA.MK.
Oniiiliii llriMrliiKMNOiMntlnti Mm-
Talfi-K it I'nil Out of Tin-in.
Who'd n-thoURht It ? A Sunday gnnic of
huso ball nnd not a "holler" or a "kirk. "
Even people living on the outside of tin-
fence did not know n RIIIIIP was In progress
until they happened to look out of their
second-story windows. The playing was
fair , but the crowd nit.
Thn Originals uiul Onmliii Urchins CIHHO-
clatlon nliK-H played their first game yes
terday or a BcTlcH of three games , tha cluli
' winning the majority of tho'ijaiiics to take.
thu entire tn-t reci-lpti * . "
Thu Originals were Inlndlcnpped 1 > J" thu
absence of m.o t of their , team , uiul hail
to borrow flvu players. McAnlllTe pitched
nnd uftpr the llrst Inning settled down , and
all the HreweiH could get were three scattering
teringlilts. . Kleffner played a steady gnine
and showed good head work. JoliMi and
lit'WlH were- the only ones who seemed to
catch him Just right. Next Sunday the
name clubs play ut University park , and , as
there Is somuthlng at stake , a good game
may bo anticipated. Score :
H. 1H. SH. I'O. A. E.
Totals 37 3 5 1 27 17 5
Omaha. It. Ass'n..3 o-fi
Originals 0 0 3
Karncd runs : Originals , 2. Two-base hlls :
Lewis (2) ( ) , Jclcn. Stolen bases : . Liwler ,
Whitney. Double plays : McAulllto to Hayes
to Lewis , liases on balls : Oft Kleffner , 3 ;
oft McAulllfe. 3. Hit by pitched balls :
Kleffner , Jelen. Struck out : Uy Klcffnor ,
8. Tlmo : One hour and forty-llvo minutes.
Umpire : Welsh.
lM Mul.ex II Three SlrnlKlit
tvllh I InKiiliilM. .
MINNEAPOLIS. Aug. IC.-Mlnnenpolls
won Us third straight game from St. Paul
today with "Silver" llaker In the kox for
the llrst time for the locals. He proved
tmtlsfaclory. St , Paul was outbattcd and
did not play together. Score :
Minneapolis C 2 1 1 2 0 0 0 0-12
8t. Paul 2 0 0 0 U 1 3 1 07
Hits : Minneapolis , 12 ; St. Paul , 14. ICr-
rorn : Minneapolis , 3 ; St. Paul , fi. Ilat
trrles ; llaker. Anderson and Schrlvor ;
Frlcken and KraiiHs.
MILWAUKHK. Wls. , Aug. IC.-Score !
Milwaukee 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 3 1-S
Kansas Clly 10000000 1 2
Hits : Milwaukee. 9 ; Kansas City , K.
Errors : Milwaukee , 3 ; Kansas City , G.
flatteries : Hitmen and Spear ; Kllng and
] . .nkc.
CIHAND HAPIDS. Aug. Ifi.-Seore :
( Irani ! Haplds 6
Indianapolis & 13
Hlls ; Grand Hnpls , ; Indianapolis , 15 ,
Krrors : ( Irani ! Itaplds , 4 ; Indianapolis , 2.
Uatterles : Luther , McKarland , Hedge and
Donovan ; Maharfy , Knelpers , Damon and
DKTIIOIT , Aug. 1G Columbus-Detroit ;
no Sunday game ; postponed.
Played. Won. Lost. P.C ,
IndlnnapollH ! u rs 37 ci.i
Minneapolis yi r.u as i .s
Detroit jm r > 5 41 G7.3
st. Paul 100 M 41 OT.O
ICaiiBUK Clly US 53 45 M.I
Milwaukee 10,1 4'j 45M 4U.7
< > rand Rapids lot ! z& 70 31.0
Columbus 107 38 71 33. C
Games today : Indianapolis at Detroit ;
Milwaukee at St. Paul ; Kansas city at
Minneapolis ; CoUimbits at Grand HapldH.
Hi ( lM Will the SCHMOII'H KorlrH friiiu SI ,
l.niiU nml Tiikv Ihe l.eiul AKiilii.
CINCINNATI. Aug. IG.-Tho Heds made.
It twelve straight from SI. Louis In a game
marked by thn best batting they have done
for a long time. Miller's muff of Myers'
fly In the ninth was followed "by four of
the drives off Khrct , and the ncoro thus at
tained respectableproportions. . Score :
Cincinnati . , . 1 U 1 2 l 2 3 0 10
St. Louis . 5
Hits ; Cincinnati , 13 ; St , Louis , ! ) . ur-
rbm ; Cincinnati , 2 ; St , Louis. 3. ICarned
runs : Cincinnati , S. Two-base hits ; Smith ,
Irwln. Three-base hlls : Pollz , Hey ,
liurke. Home ruim : llcl'heu. Stolen
linBeii ; llnrki ) (3) ( ) . Miller , Mcl'hee , Smith ,
Irwln , Double pluyu : Kissinger to Cross
to Connor. First base on balls : Oft Kb ret ,
2 ; off KlsHliiBer , 3. Hit by pitched ball :
Hy Kissinger. 1. Struck out : Jly Uhret , 2 ;
by Klselnuer. 1. Hatterles : Cincinnati.
ICbrt't nnd Prltz ; St. Louis. Kissinger ami
Mcrarland. I'mplro ; Lolly ,
LOt'JSVILLK , Aug 1C. The Colts took
tlio last eamo of the series today In the
t'ltrhth Inning on u single by Donahue ,
Crook's uiuft of u thrown bull und Duhleii'u
threo'lmcccr. ' Ilrlpfrs pitched steady bull
nnd would linvo ihut the Colonelr. out Imd
U not hroii for t'onohue's wild throw to
sacoiul. Dolnn'n lUldlng wna n f nlure.
AlU'ndnnce , S.IOO. Score ;
LoilUvllle 0 ft- *
CMcnjco 0--r ,
1III5. Louisville. 6 ; Chicago. S , ' Mnois :
Lmil vlllc. 1 ; Cblcrtico , 3. lintncd runii
Chlcngo , .1. Two-base hlls : Cunningham ,
Itynn , Decker. Tliicel > iiflC hits ! Uahlon ,
Stolen bnsfs ; Miller. Double flays :
Crookft to Dolnn to Jtugetn , I'lret br.se on
balls : . Off Cunningham , 3 ; oft Hrlgpx , 2.
Strurk out. Uy UI-IKCS , C ; by ciintHiiRlmiii.
3. Wild pitch : llrlicfc * . lintfeilc * : Louis
ville , Cunningham nnd Miller ; Chicago ,
111 legs and Dnnohup. Umplie : V'tnsllc.
Played. Won. Lost. P.C.
Cincinnati us cs M K > .4
Kalilmorc HI iS ro fl-J.l
Cleveland ni SS 3il r.1.7
ClilciiKn 101 f,0 , -12 f.S.'l
Plttsimt-ff ! tt 51 41 M.S
Hoston n : . ta ci f.i.7
Phlluilelplila. m -II 47..1 !
tlrooltlyn M 42 M 41.7
New York OS 42 M 42.0
VViiftlilrmlon Dt SO M SS.3
St. Louis , . . . . . K 29 M sn.'i
Louisville M SI C9 25.S
Gnmes today : Chicago at Louisville ; Cin
cinnati nt St. Louis ; Cleveland fll Pllts-
buiu ; Itnlllinore at Philadelphia ; Brooklyn
nt Hoston ; Washington nt New York.
StfinilnlY nl Present.
TOOT KOniNSON. Neb. , Aug. lC-Spe- (
claf Telegram.-Vestcrdny ) the ball name
between Kort Itohlnson nnd Kort Nlobrnra
rt suited In u score of ir , to 9 In favor of
Fort Hoblnson. Today's game wns in to
22 In favor of Port Nlobnmi. The linn !
game of the scries will bo played tomor-
t ow.
New York life , ns It actually exists on the
cast side. Is what Manager Harry \VllllaniH
has prescnled lo Iho public In his successful
piny , "A Uowcry Girl , " which will appear nl
Doyd's llicatcr for three nlglils , commencing
nsxt Sunday. The scenes ot the play nro
laid In Now York City , and the story deals
with the denizens of what Is known ns the
great east sldti of the metiopolls. All
ot the characters have their living photo
graphs , und the authoress , Miss Ada Lee
llasconi. must be credited with knowing
ncaily all of them. "A TJowery Girl" may
be credited with having made last season
the greatest success of any New York play
yet written. H has been praised by press
and public ns a slrong , well-written melo
drama , and the company that Interprets It
this scnxoa Is far superior to any that has
been seen In the play. Florrle West , the
clever comedienne , will interpret the title
role , and her abilities us an nrtlst are too
\\cll known lo call for mention. A car
load of special scenery is carried by Ihe
company ,
The Woodward Theater company played to
standing room last night , nml closed its en
gagement. Mr. Woodward's two companies ,
numbering thirty people , go cast on the
Northwestern this morning.
Tec link-ill Objection In .Ucillciil Col-
leu < * ( SrniliiHlt'M KnllH to the C round.
The final notion of the Iowa State Hoard
of Medical Examiners was a complete vlndl-
eallon of the Omaha medical colleges. The
Iowa board had refused to recognl/.e gradu
ates of the Omaha Medical college and the
John A. Crelghton Medical college on purely
technical grounds. There was no claim that
the requirements for graduation in these
two schools were not up to the standard re
quired by the board , and In fact they have
been much greater than demanded. In the
Investigation which followed even the tech
nical objection was found to be untenable
and the graduates were accorded the same
recognition as those of other schools. The
whole trouble arooo over the a'dmlsxiau to
advanced standing in these sshoolu of stu
dents from the Council DlufT ) Medical col
lege when that Institution ceased to exist.
They were admitted to advanced sUndlng
on a1 showing of work dent by tin students
In the other school. Students from Ibis
school were admitted to adv.iined standing
In several of the oldest medic" ! colleges in
the country , the standing ot whose gradu
ates was never questioned , not even in this
Instance. When this was made clear to the
board all objection to the Omaha graduates
was withdrawn.
From the fact no objection W.IB filed
against these other schools which had < 7onn
identically as the Omaliit institutions ! i&d ,
It Is thought the complaint was made for
the purpose of injmlau tli ? schools. If Hitch
was the object It signally failed , for Hie re
sult was a complete vindication tor both of
tbo Institutions.
Clu/.Icrx Koililil I'lcnty lo Keen Them
| ! IIM > - Y ' -riluy t , .
Nothing was developed yesterday to ma
terially alter the estimate made Saturday
night of the damage done by the storm.
During the night and the early morning
hours llio windows which had been broken
were boarded up lo prevent further damage
should another rain come and many of the
prominent business blocks presented the ap
pearance of abandoned tenements. Some ,
more energetic than others , put a force of
glaziers to work nnd by night all evidence
of the visitation of hall had vanished. The
force ot men available was not sufficient ,
however , to obliterate the evidences of the
storm from all Ihe structures , und even If
It had been the supply of gloss In some
sizes would have been Insulllclcnt. It will
In all probability bo several days yet before
many of the prominent buildings will resume -
sumo their usual appearance. The Paxton
hotel was among Ihe structures which suf
fered Ihe worst , but by night yesterday there
was no evidence on the exterior ot the
building to remind the passer-by of the
storm. At the Hoard of Trade building and
several of the other largo structures the
windows were simply boarded up to await a
more convenient time lo repair the damage.
Oiniiliit IN I'riiinlHoil n Clear Slcy mill
Warm AtinONiher < ' .
WASHINGTON , Aug. 1C-Tho forecast for
Sunday Is :
For Nebraska and South Dakota Fnlr ,
followed by local showers In western portion
tion ; warmer ; southeasterly winds.
For Colorado Partly cloudy woollier ,
probably local showers ; easterly to south
easterly winds ; warmer In northerly por-
Fo'r Wyoming Partly cloudy , with local
showers ; warmer In eastern portion ; varia
ble winds.
For Monlann Local showers , partly
cloudy weather ; easterly winds becoming
variable , and cooler tn northern portion.
Local Itfoiiril.
OMAHA , Aug. IB. Omaha record ot lem-
peraturo and rainfall compared with the
corresponding ; day of thu past four years :
1K9S. ISKi. 1S9I Ifc93.
Maximum temperature. . . , 7S fcU 1U M
Minimum temperatlire. . , . K'l H7 til fi-1
Average temperature 70 7S 7S 71
Precipitation 03 .00 .07 .0)
Condition of lempernture and precipita
tion at Omaha for the day and since .March
1. ISM :
Normal temperature 73
Deficiency tor thu day 3
Accumulated excess since March 1 14 ! )
Normal precipitation 11 Inch
Dellclency for the day as inch
Total precipitation tdncu Meli 1..24.fiS Inches
KxrcHH hinco March 1 , 1K ; 3.44 Inches
Dellclency for cor. period , 1W. . . . S..11 inches
Deficiency for cor. period , 1M.11.S3 ) | Inches
U < > IIIII-K from Other Sliitluiix ill N p , in ,
pl ,
Omahu , cU-ur isfToa
North I'lattf. cloudy " " 78 .00
Halt Lake t'lty , ruin
92 .OJ
t'.iryeniio , pun cluudy Thi .00
lUplit fily. clouily
Huron , cloudy . ! < " 0
OileuKii | > rt cloudy .00
St. I < uuli , part cloudy 80
1'uul , clear 72
i > u\vni.ort , 78
I'Uy. clear
Helena , clouily . . . . CmBU
Jluvrp. part cloudy BUK
UlnmuiTk WlllUton'clear clear , , " , , 76" .00
clear 74) ) .CO
aulvmton , cloudy s : sc , ,01
T ludlcati'g trace of precipitation.
I * A , WUUJU. Observer.
Important Symptoms of Improvement Noted
iti Financial Affairs.
Hunker UlcMtn ( Itmi'rvt'N it ( U'luilno Hc-
em ! > of Coiilliliiu'iAIIIIIIIK Men
r MCIIIIN An Ion nor AIIJ-
I'omof llfjnli.
NKW VOIIK , Aug. lG.-llonry Clews , hend
of Ihc banking house of Homy Clews & Co. ,
wtltes of tht ! situation InVull street : Dur
ing the past week ( Inaiiclal affairs have de
veloped Important symptoms of Improve-
incut. There has been a distinct abate
ment of llio extreme unrest and distrust
which have BO completely controlled the
markets for so many weeks past. As In
dicated In our advices of lust week , calm
obHerve.rs hnvu reached the conclusion that
spiling'and thu fall In prices have gone
quite ns far. If not considerably further ,
than the real facts of the situation war
rant. Men of steady judgment reason that
llio demoralization has arisen from fear
of certain dangers estimated at their worst
possible consequences , and from rating ml-
verso possibilities as adverse certainties.
The counter possibilities have not been
talu'ii Into consideration at all , or else be
low their true value. The chances for the
outcome being far bettor than the appre
hensions have been almost entirely omitted
In the estimates of the situation , and val
ues have been largely adjusted to the
worst conceivable prospect.
This may have been a natural course of
fooling under such suddenly alarming con
ditions as have lately appeared , for there
Is nothing about which men are so apt to
rush Into rash precaution as their Invest
ments. Hut , however natural this process
of realizing may have been , It has certainly
been olio-sided and has gone to unreason
able lengths. It was only a question of
tlmu when holders of securities would be
gin to set off the hopeful chances against
the discouraging possibilities , nnd strike a
fairly rational imlalicu between thu good
nnd the bad in the situation.
Evidently , that stage In the demoraliza
tion hns now been reached. Strong men. of
sound Judgment nnd largo means , have
como to the conclusion that prices have
reached a level at which securities arc a
safe Investment. I irge holders who fore
saw a severe fall In prices and sold largely
of their holdings are now satlslled that
stocks have gone far below their intrinsic
value , nnd are now In the market as buy
ers of the stocks with which they parted
at higher figures. And , besides these , per
sons who have been long holding funds idle
In bank are now converting them Into
stocks and bonds under the Inducement of
bargain prices.
All this looks like a bona flde recovery
of confidence. It Implies that Judgment
has re-covered control of fear. It means
that the class who control the national
capital have carefully weighed the disturb
ing factors in finance and politics , nnd
have comito the conclusion that there Is
nothlnp In either , or In both combined , to
warrant a reduction of one-third In tlie
market value of our Investments. Also ,
this change of temper Indicates that the
shaping of political currents , in prospect of
the coming elections. Is viewed as growing
more hopeful for the perpetuation ot a
sound money policy. It shows how little
reality there was In the supposed local
apprehension about Mr. Ilryan's visit to
this city and his canvass In the eastern
states. The construction put upon the
youthful aspirant's visit has been that.
If he proved true to his platform and lo
his Chicago speech , he would so shock the
conservative and patriotic sentiment of the
country as to ruin tlie prospects of his
pai ty and produce a national revulsion
against the policy of violence which Its
platform represents. Thus , just at the
moment when New York was supiosed to
be standing in dread of the juvenile's thun
derbolts. It has cheerily welcomed him to
his exhibition of political hari-kari.
Equally , this change In the financial mar
kets may be regarded ns expressing an es
timate unon the general effect of the crea
tion of the third party.Vhlle , it Is con
ceded that the organization of the con *
Bcrvntlve democrats , wlt\ Its own set of
candidates , will carry off a large -number
of sound money democratV from Mr. Mc-
Klnley. yet It Is conceded that it will
draw from the Hryan ranks a vastly larger
number who otherwise would have voted
for him. In view of the fact that there
are very many democrats who whilst favor
ing free coinage , yet revolt against the
revolutionary spirit of the Chicago plat
form , this may be regarded as a safe con
clusion ; and Its effect is to strengthen the
chances of 'Mr. ' McKlnley's election.
These are the broader considerations
which account for thu marked change of
tone , tendency and prices In Wall street.
At the same. time , the Improved drift has
been encouraged by other causes. The
foreign exchanges have assumed an easier
tone. The supply of bills exceeds the
demand , and the market Is taltlng care
of Itself without help from the exchange
syndicate. The foreign markets are showIng -
Ing more disposition to take our stocks ,
London especially having been a free buyer.
The conviction that the corner In the sit
uation has been turned Is bringing Insti
tutions and capitalists Into the market ,
who have bought large quantities of stocks ,
and taken them out of tlie market , thereby
Miming business on a sound footing again.
While * weal ! holders have been driven out.
strong ones have taken their places , which
materially strengthens the situation on the
exchange. One very remarkable feature
of the late trying experience has been the
exhibition of financial strength through
out the nation to an extent never equaled
In any previous general financial disturb
IliiHliM-HH "Will lie lleKerfler the
Voti-H Arc Ciiiui < < * d.
NEW VOH'K. Aug. 18. The Stock market
last week was Influenced almost ex
clusively by Candidate Hryan and his pro
gram of speechmaklng , Heforo Mr. llryan
made his bow at Madison Square Garden
Wall street nervously apprehended that he
might say something which would Increase
his chances for success. But the hippo
drome proved to bo such a fiasco that nil
the apprehension on this account has been
thoroughly dissipated.
Wo have had as a sequel to this speech a
really buoyant feeling In the stock market.
Active stocks on an average Jumped up
llvu or six points on the disclosure of his
mass-meeting frost. For some time to
come , therefore. It can bo reckoned safely
that Mr. llryan as a bugaboo will not piny
much of a part , though before thn end of
the campaign we nro of course likely to
have other hippodromes much Ilka that
which hns just been dlwosed of.
Meanwhile prices for securities will be
governed by other things than politics. In
the highest banking circles of Wall street
It Is generally anticipated that our markets
will for the next two months bo rather
featureless waiting markets. If In Novem
ber there b the sweeping victory for Mr.
McKlnley and honest money which sane
men generally expect , thorn ought to bo lit
tle doubt ns to the establishment of a new
range of market values , reflecting the bet
ter times.which will be assured.
The most potent factor In the financial sit
uation , that which may be for the tlmu
helpful to the bear speculators , has to do
with the money market. Money Is tight
even beyond what Is yet disclosed In ordi
nary ways. The market for commercial
paper hns been practically extinguished.
The Tnoat Kilt-edged paper goes begging.
Merchants and manufacturers are on the
defensive on this account. Obligations
maturing must bo met. Extensions are
almost as hard to command as now loans
nr dltllcult to negotiate. Primarily the
lerison for all this Is a scare on the part
of thu ordinary banker. The bankers can
curu the situation themselves If they choosu
to net sensibly and In concert , but It Is by
no means certain that any such relief as
this can bo relied upon.
Much In still beard In New York banking
circles of thu Diamond Match smash In
Chicago. That rollaonB had relations Jieiu
of consequence beyond anything that has
been hinted , and sulllclent to warrant New
York bankers , they say , In taking a stand
conservative In the cxtremu as to all forms
of collateral not quoted regularly on the
New York Stock exchange.
Avaricious games played here have had
sequels far from encouraging to bmiki-ra
who have been Inclined to Join money lend
ing and speculation. Onu result Is Blioivn
In what iiracllcally la In some circles a boy.
cott of Chicago commercial paper. This Is
rankly unjust , but It Is IHIIIO the luxs thu
fact. In some Instances the antl-C'hlcaio
feeling has gone far enough even to Incite
money lenders not only to refuse ordinary
accommodation , but they have gone out of
the way fur enough almost to carry on a
crusade ngalnst the western city's ' business
Hankers ax a rule arc talking blue. Yet
every OIIH of them agrees that as soon us
the election campaign Is over we shall have
better times , easy money markets , and
opportunities for business profit beyond
jiny we have known In a dozen ycara. Gen
eral trade returns show dullnctiH. Hall-
roud earning * , however , are better than have
been anticipated All bear predictions on
that account have been wrong. The bears
were confident a week UEO that the liurllntr-
ton dividend wns to be cut down. "iet
thin week the regular rnte hns. been de
clared. Tills Is staanennt. It reflects
conditions that exist In many other.Mm Inr
quarters. The TjHJaS < s world really has
not como to nn emi , ,
. During the , nrxllLun nipnths whenever
there Is wertkiiostImTrie } } * tock market It
will be a weakness offering bargains. There
will be weakness undoubtedly over nnd
over again. The Jvjir party on Stock ex
change' Is strong ililt tnKrtrfssdve. It has
accumulated larcq..profits within the last
sixty days. In tlJcIr hammering campaign
the bears already have discounted the
worst effects that" could be expected even
It Hrynnlsm were victorious. With Hrynn-
Ism doomed every pros .icct for the" Investor
Is the prospect of HpflVrmcnt. Ualds and
sm shlng prices frtfrrll this time on ought
not to be dlscournin ! Incidents , therefore.
They will be really opportunities for getting
bargains. H. AhLiAAVAY.
KenliircN or tlie TrnilliiK nnd ClnnliiK
1'rlei-M mi Sn < > ir < lliy.
CHICAGO , Aug. 15. There was a dearth
of Interest In the wheat market today.
The volume of business was small nnd out
side Inlluenccs few , September closed steady
nnd unchanged at Kc. Corn was more ac
tive , closing n trifle lilpher than It did
Friday. Provisions sold off early on raiding
by the Cudahy crowd , recovering later on
buying by people .who got short early.
There was not much of a trade In wheat ,
the market ruling dull and dragging all
dny , with fluctuations limited to from He
lo U'A fairly firm feeling prevailed at
the start , after which a weak spell set In ,
but flntil figures were unchanged In Sep
tember , while December was up Vic Mod
erate northwest receipts , higher cables and
fair exports for the week were responsible
for the early firmness. Liverpool was up
Ud and thnn Argentine shipments w ro
moderate. The closing Uerlln cables \vere
a shade higher. Thern were no cabfcS
Irom Paris , owing to a holiday. The mar
ket rallied near the close on reports of
liberal cable acceptances at seaboard.
The corn tnnrkoti exhibited very little
activity , ruling dull most of the day within
a % c range. The fqellng displayed at the
start was easy , after which there was a
moderate rally , and final figures showed
a slight advance. There was little news at
hand. The movement Is liberal and the
weather good. Hecclpts were about as
looked for.
Oats were stronger , with a fnlr trade
and prices advanced from ic to % c from
the low point and closed at the top with
a gain of Uc , The feature was the mod-
etate offerings and the fair covering by
shorts. Some changing from September to
May was Indulged In at 3c difference.
Provisions sold off early , but rallied and
closed showing fair gains in everything
except September pork , which exhibited a
decline of 15c as compared with yesterday.
The Cudahy crowd hammered this future ,
causing the weakness mentioned As a
result of the early selling the crowd got
short , making It necessary to buy In later ,
causing the rally. There was some chang
ing of September lard. Yesterday offers
were made to curry It to January for 40e
and today at fromMOc toIS'.ic was paid.
There was a better cash demand for lard
and a moderate demand for markets. Sep
tember york opened at JG.So , broke to } C ,
rallied to Ji.20 ; and closed at { a.m. Sep
tember lard started at W-271 , ' ' , broke to
$3.22 % and rallied to from $3.30 lo $3.i2 A at
the close. September ribs opened at W.Si
bid. sold at that price and advanced to
J3S2' ' & at the close.
Estimated receipts for Monday : Wheat ,
110 cars ; corn , CM crirs ; oats , S0 ! cars ; hogs ,
23,000 head.
Tie : leauiug ( uturcs ranged ns follows :
Articles I O.I31. | itljfn. I ( t.v. .
W1.cnt.Xo. ' . ! '
Axic C-W
S-ept - - BBU
Coin.No ' - ' . .
Anp ssu
Sent JUJs
May 21IMQ27
Onte.Xo. 2. .
Sent nix 105S 15JSMIO
May 1UM ' < IHK
< ' ork.i crbul
Sept _ > . - ) fi 25 0 1)0 ) IS 15
Get nil , H II-JJ4 r nr > i ; ii'j'4
Jan ( ) . ' ! u im 7 0(1 (
Sent 27K S : i'Jt < 3 : i2M
Oct : i7hi
Jan 3 70
ihurl Illbs-
2.1. a 3v 3 ! 3 II'J'ii
( Jet U-IU 3 : iu 3III i
Cash quotations .We're ns follows :
Fl.OUIt KteaiJv
t'OUN No. 2 , 225ic"No. ; 2 yellow , ZK ; < - .
OATS No. 2. 16'4c : No. S white. 21'i021Hc ;
No. 3 while. laUHSO'ic.
HYK No. 2 , 29'.4fi3Ue.
1IAHM2Y No. 2. nominal ; No. 3. 2003lcj No. < .
17(7 2C',4c.
KLAXSEKD No. l.r C7'ifCTlc. ;
TIMOTHY SKKU I'rlmc. J2.X ) .
PROVISIONS Mess pork , per bbl. , J0.10O6.15.
I.unl , per 100 ibs. . J3.2716. Short rll > sldt" <
( loose ) . ? 3.30 3.10. Dry catted shoulders ( boxcil ) .
$3.7.r > g.00. Short clear bliles ( boxed ) , ? 3.c : > iti
3"r .
WHISKY Distillers' finished goods , per RH ! . ,
BUQAHS rut l ° n' . t" > . " 0'i Krnnulnted , $4.S2jJ-
n.OO : off "A. " J4.S7f4.H > .
POULTRY Htenily ; turkeys. 7' , ftlOc ; chickens ,
Si,453c : ducks , 6(891.40. (
The following \ > ere the receipts and < hli > menlr
lodny :
Oil the ln > line oxeliircra to l'iv tin butter mar
ket \ : creamery. U.jtl5Hc : Untry. 0 *
IHc. Kfc'fa. Htuaily ; frebli. ! > c. ChccBs , ( lull :
lie-tier I'eel I nil AIIIIIIIFV SpeenlulorN on
Tin- , iiiloii Slock KveliiuiKc.
LONDON , Aug. IS. The American market
has dominated the Stock cxchanee during
the past week. The settlement showed
only comparatively small accounts open ,
one small failure and some few African
plungers who recently turned their atten
tion lo Americans severely pinched. The
news of Hrynn's failure to make an im
pression upon the people of New York
caused prices to rebound ns violently as
they were 'Put ' down recently , while the
record of the gold qrushlng report from the
Hand put spirit Into the African markets
and Indirectly Influenced nil markets. Kor-
tlgnerH are linn , except Grecian stocks ,
which nro weak , owing to reports of an
entanglement of Greece In the Cretan
troubles. London docks have fallen sharply
on the statement that the Peninsular and
Oriental Steam Navigation company hns
bought land with the Intention of building
Its own wharves on the Thames. It IK
believed , however , that the company will
come to terms with the dock commission
nnd avoid the necessity for the new
uhnrvcH , Americans declined slightly on
Saturday on realizations , but the market
shows n general rise varying from 1 to 3
points on the week.
Mniiclu-NlfT-'IVxllli' Ilcvlrw.
MANCIII3STJ-it. Aug. IC.-Marketn here
have been dull during the past week , thn
eastern marjtcts 'being- ' still unrespoiiBlvo.
Yarns nro ubout a farthing dearer , but Im
port miles hnve aeon ninde. Cloths are
llrm. with orders mostly on the basis of
prices of a fortnUI Uruo. Toward the close
of the week a Uloii-rchccrful inquiry de
veloped , Increasing limits , Improving slowly
In proportion to pfijElncrcased bullet In re
ports of crops inaHsiiMost of tlio machinery
IH still busy on oinei * . Lancashire hollilnys
nro gradually endliit , pointing lo a larger
demand. Cotton mtrrltets In Germany art )
slow and llrm. Hero spinners nro fully en-
Kaped for three Pjilh | { to come , und prices
are reported as h.lvlilfran upward tendency.
Itoucn reports yarns actlvu and prlcea rla-
1Mb' . J ' ' > ' "
I.oiiiliiii TCv'i'lIll > rufK--t.
LONDON , Aug. 10. Ilapld prouress has
been mntlo wlh | fTTflinrvcst during the past
week , the bulk , ot-tlie product having been
already secured. 'Cno quallly Is reported as
excellent. The market for wheat ruled
dull and Inac'tly. ' . Wut WIIK occuHlonnlly
easier Them was not much change In price ,
buyers being very reserved , nnd bids being
Ecurce. The quuDUtv of wheat off ri'd was
only moderate. Onwornla pasfUKc U quoled
at 2Cs Hd. Hard Mulutli parcels , prompt ,
nro quoted at 24s VI ; b'lour Is slow. Maize
U dull , mixed , on' all steamers. Septem
ber , being quoted at 13s ft I ; parcels are
quiet. Hurley Is llunly livid. Oats are In
active , American western mixed , August ,
selling at 11s 3d.
rofTci' Marl.Tt.
oprneil ntrady at unchnnRt-d prkeu to 15 jMlntii
lower ; ruled with uny | local trudlim ; doted
ttrnily , with net unchaiiKul tu 10 points liluhcr.
rale > , 8.UO IIHKH ; January rloiicd at F9.1Cf(9,13 ;
ilurch , I9.10f9.15. Hliol corfce. llln. dull ; No. 7 ,
110.75. Mild , dull ; Coriloyu , HS.tHjffiC.JJ. Ware ,
home dellvrrle * from Nrw Vork yotenlay. 11.73S
tau ; New York ttock today , jr.s.l.'j ) liaKu ; 1'nlleil
mute * utock. 273.C03 ! > OIB , alloat for the I'nlteil
HtBtm. ! 2S.OriO biiKHi total vUlljle for the United
lale , CJS.C03 Liuga. ugulnut MSMO baga last
SANTOS. Auir. l-rCYWFKB Firm ; Kood aver.
UKU Snntof. IQfeDO reU ; rrcelpti , 23,00V bum ,
Hock , 321.060 l > a KB.
IIAMIII'HO , AUK. l . COFFii5 Quiet ; 3-Cld
lifeline : ralt , 7,000 barn.
IIAVIIR , Ann , IS.-lfollclay.
1 < IO , AUK. 13. t'OFFJSteady : , No. 7 , llio.
10.3M rt'U. e chuute. 5-K , rrcvlpli. 13,000
taKH : cleared for the I'nUed Htalc , II.WO I K
cleared fur i-'urot > c , lM Iioi ; , Hock , 2r > ,000
Cnttlo Were Scarce nnd the Yards Weru
Very Quickly Cleared.
llujerM IMi111 ( liMtil I'rleen fill' the llv < < t
StulV and lOvvn on UcnvlcN t'rlcei
AVeri- Well .tliiliiluhicd.
Slicvp I'lcullfiil.
Cattle. Hogs. Snerp. Horses.
August In < X > S.72S 2'ill
August H l.Ofij 2.00IJ 23J . . . .
August 1,1 l.BSS 3,777 ;
August 12 1,277 3K.t 14
August 11 l.fi.13 2,103 1,275
August 10 2,7 ! > l ti l !
August S 7PO 4f.47
August 7 1,170 4,20i ( . S13 .
August G 1,170 2G11 . . . . . <
The olllclal number of cars of stock
brought In today b > ' each road was :
Cattle. Itog * . Sheep ,
C. . M. St. 1 > a
Missouri 1'aclllc ' !
Uiilim Paelllc system . . . . ! > ! ' ! <
H. & M. H 1 U
C' . , 11. & tj I 1 1
O. , H. I. & ! . . east 2
C. , 11. 1. & P. , west 1 . .
C. , St. I' . , M. , t 0 3
P. . H. , t M. V 14 21
Total receipts 27 57 10
The disposition of the day's rccclpls was
as follows , each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head Indicated :
lluyers. Cattle. HORB. Sheep.
Omiilia 1'acklng Co 1" > U
O. H. Hammond Co r.7 . Ml )
Swift and Company m 1.1BS 451) )
Ciidnhy Packing Co 131 1,273 1,1"
.1. 1. . Carey r > l
AV. I. Stephens IS
Cmlnhy. Kansas City. . . . b > S . . . 27F
Hnlsted & Co I'M
I.ayton & Co 120
Planklnton PackliiK Co. ,
Milwaukee.Vls SS
Huston & Co 2'J
Other buyers 118 . . .
Total CIO 3,8'Jt 2 ,
The receipts for the year to date , to
gether with the Increase over correspond' '
Ing period of last year , are :
Ilecelpts. Inc. lice.
Cattle 27M40 ! 2.2JS
Hogs 7r.ifilS 7.SU.1 . .
Sheep 172.IUS u7D21 . .
CATTMJ The receipts today were only
(181 ( head , the usual light Saturday's run.
and out of that number there were SS lieail
consigned direct to the packers.
With KO few cattle hero the market wns
without feature of Importance. Values on
all kinds of cattle % veru without cliangu
and the buyers picked up the orferlngs early
In the day. The trade was soon over with
and thi ) yards deserted.
There wns one two-load bunch of corn-
fed steers good enough to bring $4.IS.
IIOCiH The receipts of IIOKS were 3.72S head , ns
ntraliibt 2.006 ycnti'iduy nnd 4,617 nt the close or
las > t N cek.
The market wna steady on the heavy IIOCB nnd ,
while not esperlnlly active , It was pufllclcntly
so tn effect an i-nrly clearance. Heavy hogs
sold lamely at S2.7ii nnd up to 52.80 , while the
heavy mixed liroiiKht } 2.SOf)2.8r .
The' inaiket on light ami llKht mixed hogs
was activu and stronger. The light mixed tioli ]
at t2..iOfI2.3. ( > and sonic pretty decent light welKhts
at t2.sr.i3.on. |
The week closes with the mm licit at thelil
point. The week opened with the bulk of the
hogs pcllliiK nt J2.7Sf2.liO. ( [ The market nd-
vaneed n Khade on Tuesday nnd Wednesday and
dropped hack on Thursday , when the most of
the IIOKS Bold at J2.7tif72.SO. That was the low
point of the week and the low point uf the
month to date. The demand for lions all the
week has heen Rood and the receipts have met
with quite ready t-fik- .
SIlKlSr The receipts of sheep were the largest
of the wed ; . The demand fur theep has been
coed nil' the past weelt. lint the arrivals have
heenlight. . The market him not shown much
change during the week , values licliin prac
tically unchanged since n week ago.
CnUle MnrU'ft CloNciloiiiliuilly
llllvlKT nnil Stemly.
CHICAGO , AIIK , JS. The caltla market closed
nomlliKlly Ktendy flt [ ro il J3.2r. to fn.7. > for grnssy
native steers ; nt 'from } 3KU tn (4 for medium
grades of drees Ijeef cattle ; nt from J4.10 to
J4.2. for fairly good to rather cholee heeves ,
and at from J4.30 ti > J4.C5 for cattle of the heller
clasH. The best are about as high IIH they
have been ut any time this season , but medium
to food grades closed from lOc to 15c lower than
li week ago. SaleR ttere mostly nt from J2.40
to J1.60 , with only a few feeders going as high ns
M.73. CannlnR cattle tell very badly , and most
of Ihc Texans go below 13.
llotc sales were moderatej heavy hogs sold at
from f2.10 to $3.20 ; mixed and medium weights
ut from (3 to 5.1.IW. nnd light uelKhtn nt from
J3.03 lo } 3.S3. 1'rlces were about lOc lower than
a ueek ago , the bulk ot the sales being at from
13 to J3.20.
Most of the sheep were wehtern rangers , which
sold at from 12.SO to (3 for klllciH und nt from
t2 to f2.rift for killers. The best Iamli3 ni
from $3.r > 0 to jri.75 , but cull lambs arc 2..c IcAer
than n week nco. with sales at from } 2 00 to
f3.23. Farmers are making H mistake In MTid-
IHK In HII many young buck lambs. The offer
ings arc too large.
Hecclpts : Cattle , 40 head ; hogs. 0,500 head ;
sheep , 2.COO head.
.St. l.oulM I.lvc Slock.
ST. I.OUIS. AUL13 , CATTLE Receipts , 300
head ; market nhotlt steady , but ns theru In only
the usual small Saturday supply sales arc light
und of a retail chatuctcr.
HOGS Ilecelpts , l.MO head ; market He higher ;
light. } 3.10 f3.30j mixed , J2.iwff3.SO ; heavy. J3.CO
t33.2.- . .
Sllisni1 Ilecelpts , SOO head ; market steady ;
muttons , $2.50jj3.2.lambs ; , t3.OOi75.CO.
IVIIIINIIM City Live SloeK- .
KANSAS OITV , Allir. 15. CATTI.K Ilecelpts ,
100 head ; ehlpinents , 3.100 head ; market steady
and unchanged ; only local trade.
HOC5S Hecelpts , 1.700 hem ! ; shipments. 3.iX > 0
head ; bulk of sales , (2.)5i3 ! ) 0 > ; hen Ufa. $2.3.00 | ;
p.ickers. J2.90e3.C.ri ; mixed , S2.'J.-i1i3.ori ; llnhtH , J3.00
4J3.10 ; Yorkers. $3.1)503,10 ) ; pigs , ! 3.uoiii3.1i > .
SHUni' KccPlpts , 1.000 hend ; shipments , COO
head ; market strong ; I.imbs , $ , J.50gj4. > ; muttons ,
Sloctc In
Hecoiil nf receipts ut the four pilnclpal mar
kets for Saturday , Augiibt 15. 1S % :
Cattle. HORS. Sheep.
South Omaha . rAn 3.72S 2.2:14 :
Chicago . r.f > 0 8.500 2.500
KnnsnH City . 100 1,700 1.000
St. l.ouls . SOO 1,500 200
Totals . . 1.5S9 15,425 0,9. ! I
Conilllloii of Trildi- mill ( tliolnl IOIIN
mi Sliijile nml Fancy I'rmliiee.
KOOS Choice stock , SQSV'.e.
HOTTEIl- Common to fair , "fl'Vic ; cliolco tu
fancy , country , HBlSc.
VIJAI , Choice fat. SO to 120 lb . , U quoted at
7 { ( So ; large und coarse , 4 jro.
CIIiiCSI3 : Oomentlo brick , lOc ; idam , per doz. ,
JCi.W ; club house , t-lli. jars , per doz. , $3.50 ; I. tin-
berger , fancy , per Hi. , D'.ic ; llofjuefort , Vi-lb.
Jars , per duz , , J3.CO ; Voung Americas , S'ic ; twins ,
fancy , Hie.
POt'JiTHV I.IVB liens GBd c ; cocks , 3o ; tur-
keyt > , Be ; old ducks , Oc ; sprlni ; chickens , 8v ;
bpilni ; ducks , 7jjSe.
I'tCJKONH Live , SOc ; dead pigeons not wanted.
HAY Upland , 15.00 ; midland. . ' ' < > : lowland ,
H.OO ; rje atraw , (4.00 , color makes the prleo on
hay ; light bales tell the best ; imly top eradea
bring top prices.
IIIIOOM COHN-Kxtrcmely eow ! Bale ; new
crop , delivered un track In eounlry ; cholco green
Fclf-worklni : carpet , per Hi.lie : choice green ,
runnlnc to hull , 2'.ic ' ; common , I'.vi. .
\VATUHMKI.ONH-l'er doz. , crated accordlny
to size , U'.00i2.25.
CJANTALOri'KS- 3-doz. crates , l.25.
TOCS 1'vr ' , ! j-l < u. butket , idiiWa ; ' , j-l > u ,
HUnS Per doz. , 25e ,
NKW ONIONH-Hood Hock , per bu. . We.
LIMA IlKANS-l'er Ib. , 4c.
IIKANH Hunt picked navy , per bu. , JI.401H 50
CAIlIIAQi : Home grown , per hundred , SOcJJ
I'er dor. . 25Q30c ; fnncy mammoth ,
rOTATOES New potatoes , per bu. , 25c ,
GIIAI'EH Home grown Jloorc'n Early. 2'c ;
lowu ( 'iinconlM , 5t\
CAMPOUNIA I'KACIIES Crawfordi. fc0085o ;
5 tu 10 box lot > , liiiWc.
CAMKOItNIA J'l.t'MH I'er bor , 11.3501 50.
CWLU'OIINIA CHAI'lCS-lVr case , rontuln-
Meau , Il..oai.lO.
Al'l'I.IW-Cooklne. per bbl. , il.COni.TS ; catlne ,
BOITTIIKHN' rKACHES-l'cr 4-bnbket crate ,
frfo nones. Kc ; rllner. 7Sc.
OAMFnilNIA I'KAIIH llortletl * . I1.C001.75 ,
Ilucne Hardy , J1.30J)1.:0.
l ( l'1-lii.-ltllIK.S-lvr Pit. | t. c f , 11.75.
NKCTAKIANB I'er rare. 11.75.
Titoi'icAL rnuirs.
OIIANOKH Itodl , per case , JC.60 ; Mexican
orange * . SI. 50.
I.KMONK Mrrnlna * . fancy. < [email protected] ; choice ,
JS.r < 0 ; California lemons , IS.CO.
IIAKANAB Cliolcn laifc nock , | /er liuncli ,
Telephone 103 ! ) , Oinalui , Nob.
I twin Jllli. JJoarJ of Trade.
Direct wire * to Chicago and New Vork.
Joha AWarrta b Co. . ,
I2.W1J.JS : innllnm-iltf.1 liunrh , ll.Mfll.W.
riNnArri.K8--s-i. niirpimt "wx.
Ho.s'ET-Pnncy while. rr Ib. , c ( ehotc * . Uej
Cdlllurnlit , nmtipr color , luc.
CIUKlt-Clnrlfled Julc , per half bbl. , ) ) : pn
bbl. , | S.
rilK.snnVUS--Ai'sorte.\ . palls , encb , J1.4B.
XIAIM.n SYIltir I'lvp til. cnn . moh , II.TSi
cnl , cnn , per dox. , tlij U K1"cam. . { C.K ; quitri
cun . J3.M.
KIOS Impnrlcd fnney. S crown , SO-II. . boica ,
Hci rtiKlcf. 10-1K bove. * . 3 frown. ! > | JlOi3.
NUTSAlniMicM , Cnllfornln , per Ib. . nirdlnni
l c. 10e ; TnirnioninlMunici ! ) . per lli. , IOIKP ,
ll'ir : KrnzllK. prr ) ! > . . te ; Knicllnti walnut * , prr
Ib. . tnncv " ( l Mtifll , lie ; nKtllnm Flip. 1V' ( ; ill.
1'ftti ' , per it ) . , lOtf : pconns , ppl | hrd mrdltnn. Sci
Inrce , Ifto. iionnntc , rnw , C'sfiio ' : iimntnl , "He.
HATKS llnllnwefn. j > * r IU , 6c ; fnrd . 10-lb.
boxes , per Ib. . 7c.
IIIJIJP Di-Mtnl Jlffrn , 100 lo COO Ibs. . ( flC'tC'
XNCftirii ilevn > , 4\/5'tc ; xmid rov\ii nlul hclfoiK ,
4'ifrt > H-- : medium cons nn.l liciri-i-s , ( ijfljc ; goo.l
foriviUiiilprK , POIVH mnl hi > lfii. , Ii irlr ; ROH.I
fi.rrniinrlerx. unlive nlccrs , 4VsiTic ; cooj hln. -
mini tern. roH und hclfcm. 7C'iC ; KCHI.I hli ' -
nnnrlMii. fleers. SViOi cow louiuU , GUc ; co
plnlP/i. / 3e ; lionclcps vhuekH , < c ; cnw chiiok 3ff
3 < lc : Mccr ehnrl : . 3\e ; ln-cf tfiidcrlolnj. Sue ;
tiorfiolK btincli'fs , 8c ; > irloln ImltK , bontlfus , 9c
loin bncKp , I'.nirloJH. 1 < V ; | on | Imoki , Jo ; cow I llj
No. S , 7e ; rmv Irilni" , No. 3. IV ; licff trim
inlneii. Sc ; rump luiltn. Se ; khouldripliidn , p.
MfTTON--Mref.ii.Hl lunih , ; c.trrrsril nnilttin
to ; racks , lOoi | CKJo ; fndllrs. So ; ulrws ! 'io
/lirep pliuk * . 3r ; nhpfn loiictiogi , per dor. . . ? . ' > c.
1'OIIK Hrejjod IIORH. < ! . , < : perU Inlnw , Ra
> pme rllm , Ic ; hnm Hiiud.ici' ? , linlts ! . 4 ! c ; polk
fhoilldcrn. 4'ic ; pnik choiildcu , .klnncd. 4(40 (
pork Irlniinlimn , 3c ; Ifjf lunl , not iriiilpird , to.
ICiinxilMII.V Mill-Let.
KANSAS fITV , Aim. \VIIi.VT-Acll\e
nlioul ' .te lowrr : No. 2 liunl. ICiflJIe ; Nn. 3. IJJi
4Te ; Ni. 2 red. notnlnully , Me , No. J , MHiMe.
COHN-Whlte , nlfiuly ; nilM-il , ie " lower ; No.
mixed , : i021'c ' ; No. 2 white , 52"i..e.
OATS Abiinl sternly ; No. i mHud , ICfflt-c ; No
J \\hlte , ! lCr.
ttVi-No. 2 , nominally nt I''e.
IIAY-Wwik : timothy , cholee. ; .MR7..0 , uiul
lie , choice , Jl.(10 ( (4 ( 50.
The following proposed amendments to llio
Constitution ot llio f-'tnlo of Nebraska , as
hereinafter set forth In full , nre submlttci
lo the electors of thn Stnle of Nebraska , ti
bo voted upon nt the general election to beheld
held Tuesday , November 3 , A. U. 1S9G :
A joint resolution proposing to ameiu'
sections two (2) ( ) , four (4) ( ) , and live (5) ( ) , of
article six (0) ( ) of the Constitution of HIL
State of Nebraska , relating to number of
Judges of the supreme court and their term
of olllce.
He It resolved nnd enacted by the Legis
lature of the State of Nebraska :
Section 1. That section two (2) ( ) of article
six ( C ) of the Constitution ot tnu State of
Nebraska be amended so as to read as fol
lows :
Section 2. The supreme court shall untl
otherwise provided by law , consist of live
( D ) judges , a majority of "vhom shall bi ,
necessary to form a quorum or to pro
nounce si decision. It Sliah nave orlglnn'
jurisdiction la case * relating " ' revenue
civil cases In which the state shall iic a
party , mandamus , quo warranto. habeas
corpus , and such appellate Jurisdiction , as
may bo provided bv law.
Section 2. That section four (4) ( of article
six ( C ) of the Constitution of the staiof
Nebraska , be amended so as to read as fol
lows :
Section 4. The Judges of the supreme
court shall bo elected by the electors of
the state nt large , nnd their terti of olllce ,
except as hereinafter piovlded , shall be for
a period of not less . . ' : r.n live (5) years as
the legislature may prescribe.
Section T That section live ( S ) of article
six ( C ) of the Constitution of the State of
Nebraska , be amended to read as follows ;
Section 5. At tlie llrst general election to
be held In the year 1E9J ( , there shall be
elected two Judges ot the supreme court
one of whom shall be elected for a term ol
two (2) ( ) years , one for the term of four (4 ( }
years , nnd at eac.h general bicctlon there
after , there shall be electefl one judge ol
the supreme court for the term of live ( B'
years , unless otliorwlso provided by law
Provided , . Tha't the judges of the supreme
court whose terms have not expired at the
tlmn of holding the general election of IKK )
shall continue to hold their olllce for the
remainder of the term for which they
were respectively commissioned.
Approved March 20 , A. D. ISM.
A Joint resolution proposing an amend
ment to section thirteen (13) ( ) of article six
of the Constitution of the State of Nebraska ,
relating to compensation of supreme anil
district court judces.
He It resolved by the Legislature oC the
State of Nebraska :
Section 1. That section thirteen (13) ( ) of
article six ( G ) of tbu Constitution of the
State of Nebraska bo amended so as to
read as follows :
Sec. 13. The Judges of the supreme and
district courts shall receive for llielr ser
vices such compensation as may be pro
vided by law , payable quarterly.
The legislature shall nt Its llrst session
after the adoption of this amendment ,
tbreo-nrtlis of the memoers elected to
each house concurring , establish their
compensation. The siompcnsatlon so es
tablished shall not IK. changed oftener than
once in four yenrs and in ; io event unless
two-thirds of the members eiccted to each
house of the legislature concur tnereln.
Approved March 30 , A. D. 1S03.
A Joint resolution proposing to amend
section twenty-four (21) ( ) of article five (5) ( )
of Hie Constitution of the State o' Nebraska ,
relating to compensation of the officers of the
executive department.
Ho It resolved and enacted by the Legis
lature of the State of Nebraska :
Section 1. That section twenty-four (24) ( )
of article live (5) ( ) of the Constitution of
the State of Nebraska be amended to read
as follows :
Section 21. The olllcers of llio executive
department of the state government shall
receive for their services a compensation
to be established by iaw. which shall be
neither Increased nor diminished during
the term for which they kliall have been
commissioned and they shall not receive
to their own use any fees , costs , Interests ,
upon public moneys | n ti > lr hands or
under their control , perquisites of olllco or
oilier compensation , and all fees that may
hereafter be payable uy law for services
performed by an olllcer provided for In
thin ' ) ! > shall bo paid . .In advance Into
the state treasury. The legislature shall
nt Its llrst session after the adoption ol
this amendment , three-llflhs of the mem
bers elected to each bouse of the legisla
ture concurring , establish the salaries of
thu olllcers named In this article. The
compensation HO established shall not bo
changed oftcnor than once In lour ycnrs
nnd In no event unless two-thirds of the
members elected to eacli honxo of the leg
islature concur therein.
Approved March 29. A. D. 1R93.
A Joint resolution proposing to amend
section ono (1) ( ) of article six ( C ) nf the Con
stitution of the State of Nebraska , relating
to judicial power.
Ho It resolved and enacted by the Legis
lature of the Btato of Nebraska-
Section 1. That section one (1) ( ) of article
six ( C ) of thu Constitution of the State of
Nebraska bo aincmlcu to rend IIH follows :
Section 1. The judicial power ol this wtato
shall bo vested In n supremu court , dis
trict courts , county courts , justices of the
pen.ce , police magistrate anil in nuoh
other courts Inferior to the supreme court
as may bo created by law In which two-
thirds of the members elected to each house
Approved March 20. A. D. IMS.
A Joint resolution proposing to amend sec
tion cloven (11) ( ) fit article tlx ( C ) of the
Constitution of the State of Nebraska , re
lating to Increase In number of supreme
and district court judges.
Ho It resolvL'd nnd enacted by the Leg
islature or thu Kttito of Nebraska :
Section 1. That section eleven ( II ) of artl-
cio six ( ti ) of the Constitution of the Stntu
of Nebraska bo amended lo read as fol-
Hec'tlon 11 The legislature , whenever two-
thirds of tbo inoinlieiH rle l I to each IIOUHH
shall concur therein , may , in or after the
year ono thou.tanil cluht hundred and
ninety-seven nnd not oflener than once In
every four yearc , liuireiitic ilia number of
Judges of supreme and district courts , and
tbo Judicial districts of tlie main. Hucli
districts shall bo formed of compact terri
tory , and bounded by county line- ) ; , lmi
such Increase , or any cliangu In the
boundaries of a district , shall not vacate
thn olllco of any judge.
Approved March 20 , A. D. , 1M 3.
A Joint resolution proponing to amend
section lx (6) ( ) of article one (1) ( ) ot the Con
stitution of the State of Nebraska , relating
to trial by jury ,
Ho It resolved and enacted by thu Leg
islature of thu Hlutu of Nebraska :
Section 1. That Bf'tlon nix [ C ) . nrticlo ono
: i ) of thu Constitution of the Slate of Nt-
riiMka Im amended to read aa follnwH
Section G. The right of tilal liy jury ahull
remain inviolate , but thu IvulHluturu may
provide ( hnt In civil odious five-sixths ot :
the Jury may render n verdict , nnd thn
IpRlMntin * by nlso aiitliorlrc trial by n !
Jurv of n Ics'j number than twelve men ,
In courts Inferior ( o Ihe district ooiirl.
Approved March 19 , A. U. , ISC.
A Joint resolution proposing to amend
section one (1) ( ) of at tide five ( E ) of tha Con-
stttutlon of Nebraska , relating to oinccr ot
the executive dcpnrtnicnl.
He It ie. olvcd nnd euacled by the Lee-
Islnluio of tliti Slate "I Nibuisii.i.
Section 1 , That section one ( ti of arllclo
live ( .1) ) ot the Constitution of the Stain
of Nebraska bo amended to lend 113 fol
lows :
Section 1. flic c.ireullve department dliiilt
consist ot n governor , lieutenant governor ,
secretary of slate , auditor ot public nc-
connls tleusurer , superintendent of publlo
Instruction , nttorncy general , coinmlsxlonct *
of public lands and buildings , and thrco
railroad commissioners , each of whom , ex-
i eept the said intlroniV cummlsslonorH , shall
j hold his oltlco for n term uf two years.
I from the llrst Thursday nfter the llrst
Tuesday In January , alter bis election ,
find until his successor N elected and quail-
lied. Kach i-ii 11 mad commissioner shall
bold his Dlllce for i\ term ot thrcu years ,
beginning on the rtrst Thursday after thu
Ilrsl Tuesday In .lnnuary after his election ,
nlid until his useccssor is elected nnd qunll-
llad ; Provided , however , That nt the llrst
Keneinl election held rifter the adoption
of this amendment there shall be electeil
three ralltond commissioner * , one for thn
period of win year , one tot 'he peiloil of
two years , and one for Ino period of thrcu
years. The govcinur. secretary of stale ,
auditor of public nccountaMid treasurer
shall reside at the capltol during their
term of olllce ; they gluOl keep tlie pilblln
records , books and papers there , and shall
perform such duties ns may be requited by
Approved Maixh SO. A. J > . . ISM.
A Joint rc.tolutlon proposing to nmcnd auc
tion twenty-slv Cti ! ) ot article live (5) ( ) of llio
Constitution of Hio State of Nebraska , limit.
Ing the number of executive stnto olllcers.
He II lesolvcd and enacted by the Leg
islature of the Stnto of N'oiir.tsL-.r
Section 1. That section twenty-six (2fi ( ) ot
article live ( ) of the Constitution or the
Slate of Nebraska bt > amended to rend aa
follows :
Section 2(5. ( No other executive utrito oin-
cers except those named lu section ono (1) (
nf this article shall lie created , except by
nn net of the legislature which Is con-
cuired In by not less than three-fourtha
of the incmberH elected to each house
thereof ;
1'rovlded , That any olllco created liv an
act of the legislature may be abolished by
the legislature , two-thirds of the mcmbom
elected to each house tlien-o ! concurring.
Approved March 30 , A. U. , 1SW.
A Joint resolution proposing to amen *
section nine OJ ) ot article eight ( S ) of the
Constitution of the State ot Nebraska , pro
viding for the Investment of the permanent
educational funds of the state.
He It resolved and enacted by the Leg
islature of the Stnte of Nebrnnkir
Section 1. That section nine ( PI of arllcla
eight ( S ) of the Constitution of the State
of Nebraska be ameiidcu lo read ns fol
lows :
Section 9. All funds belonging to the stntn
for educational purposes , the Interest anil
Income whereof only are to lie used , shall
bo deemed trust funds held by the state ,
and the stntc shall supply all losses there
of that may In any manner accrue , so that
the same shall remain Jcr JIT Invlolnto
and undlnilnlshed , and Sc.all IIP * be In
vested or loaned except nn United Statea
or state securities , or registered county
bonds or registered school district bond.t
of this state , and such funds , with thu
Interest nnd Income thereof are hereby
solemnly pledged for thu 'inrposes fop
which thrv are granted and set apart anil
shall not lie transferred to any other fund
for other uses-
Provided , Tbo board rrcairt ! < > y section
1 of this article Is empiwr ( > r d to sell from
tlmo to lime any of tin ? securities belong
ing to the permanent school Tund and In
vest the proceeds itrlsinir tliori'lrom In any
of the securities enuniTateil in tins sec
tion bent Ing it higl.er rate o interest
whenever an opportunity lor licttei' Invest"
tncnt Is presented.
And provided further. That when nnv
warrant upon the st-i ! treasurer regu
larly Issued In pursuance of an appropria
tion by the legislature nnd secured by the
levy of a tax for Its payment , shall bo
presented to the slate treasurer for pay
ment , nnd there ohall not br > nny money
In the propel Hindu pay such warrant ,
the board created by "action J of this .arti
cle may direct the state treasurer to pay
the amount duo on such warrant from
moneys in his hnnds belonging to the per
manent school fund of tlio state , and ho
shall hold said warrant as an Investment
of sabl permanent school fund.
Approved March 2 ! ) . A. D. , ISflj.
A Joint , resolution proposing an amend
ment to the Constitution of the State of
Nebraska by adding a new section to article/
twelve (12) ( ) of said constitution , to bo num
bered SQptlon two (2) ( ) , relative to the merg
ing of the government of cities ot the
metropolitan clans and tbo government of
the counties wherein such cities are lo
He It resolved and enacted by the Leg
islature of tbo State of Nebraska :
Section 1. That nrtlclu twelve (12) ( ) of the
Constitution of the Stnte of Nebraska b
amended by adding to said article a now
section to be numbered section two (2) ) , to
read ns follows :
Section 2. The government ot any city ot
the metropolitan class and the government
of the county In which It Is located may ho
merged wholly or In part when a proposi
tion so to do has been submitted by au
thority of law to the voters of such city
and county and received tile assent of a
majority of the votes ) cast in such clly ami
also a majority of the vJtes cast In the
county exclusive of UK. ; i cast In such
metropolitan clly nt such election.
Approved March 20 , A. D. , 1S03.
A Joint resolution proposing nn amendment
to section six ( C ) of article seven (7) ( ) of the
Constitution of the State of Nebraska , pro
scribing tlie manner In which voles shall
be casl.
Hn It resolved and enacted by the LegIslature -
Islaturo of the Stale . - , ' Nebraska :
Section 1. That ricctlon alx 1C ) of arllclo >
seven (7) ) of the Constllntlon of the Slate
of Nebraska bo amended to rend ns fol-
Secllon 0. All voles shnll hn by bnllot. cr
unch other method IIH may be prescribed !
by law , provided the secrecy of vollng b
Approved March 29 , A. D. , 1S95.
\ Joint resolution proposing to auicnil
section two (2) ( ) of article fourteen (11) ( ) of tha
Conslllullon of the State of Nebraska , rela
tive to donations to works of Internal Im
provement and manufactories.
He. It resolved and enacted by the Legis
lature of Hi" Stnto of Nebraska :
Section I. That section two (2) ( ) of artlcla
fourteen (14) ( ) of the Constitution of tha
State of Nebraska , bu amended to road nit
follows :
Section 2. No clly. county , town , precinct ,
municipality , or oilier subdivision of thi
stale , shall ever make donations to any
wcrks of Internal Improvement , or manu-
faclory , unless a proposition no to do shall
have been llrst submitted to the ( jimmied
electors und rat Hied by a two-thirds vote
nt an election by authority fit iawj Pro
vided , Tliat such donations of u county
with the donations nf mi.-li subdivisions In
thi ) aggregate shall not exceed ten per omit
of thn assessed valuation of such county ; .
Provided , further. That any clly or county
may , by a Uiree-fniiilliH voio Increase Htielt
Indebtedness live per com , In addition to
such ten ner cent nnd no iionds or evi
dences of Indeblednemi so Issued shall bo
valid unless ' Ham > < x.'mll have endorsed
thereon a c'-rllllcati signed by the uecre-
tary niirt auditor of slalo , show Ing that
llin same l Issued nurmiant lo law.
Approved March 29 , A. D. , ISM.
I. J. A. Piper , secretory ot stale of ti !
state of Nebraska , do hereby certify that
tlio foregoing proposed amendments to tha
Constitution of tbo State of Nvhratdta are
Iruo and correct copies of the original en
rolled and engrossed bills , us panned by the
Twenty-fourth session of the legislature of
ho State of Nebraska , air appears from
said original bills on fllo In thlu olllce , and
hat all and each , of Bald proposed amend
ments arc submitted lo the qualified voters-
of the state of Nebraska for their adoption
or rejection at the general election to bu >
icld on Tuesday , the 3d day of November , .
A. D , 1S9C.
In testimony whereof , I have thereunto
set my hand and alllxed thu great eal of
ho Blato of Nebraska.
Done at Lincoln , tills 17tb day ot July , In
ho year of our Lord , Ono Thousand Bight
In nil red and Ninety-six , of tha Independence
enceot Ihe United Stales tlio Ono Hundred
and Twenty-Ural , and ot this utalo th
Seal. ) J. A. I'JJ'KH ,
Secretary of State ,
AUK 1 JJtoNovS mpru poly.

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