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Everything in Readiness for the Qnadrenri
JjfL Transformation Bcono ,
Grower Cleveland Will Stop Out ; Willii
McKinley Will Step In ,
Calls at the \Hiito \ ? House and Eeceives
Call from the President ,
UctnilH of llic 1'ronnim for the Get
xuonlcH tlmt Murk tlic Heturu
of the Hcpulillciiii 1'urtjr
to I'o-ncr. |
WASHINGTON , March 3. The offle
ceremonies tomorrow will begin with the
parturo of President Cleveland and Preside
elect McKlnley , and Vice I'resldont-el
llobart , and the senate committee of arran
nienta and their escort of C.OOO troops fr
the while house for the capltol , where
oath of office will be admlntsteied to
new chief executive.
Major McKlnley will drive over from
Ebbltt house to the executive mansion
10:30 : , and will meet the president In
pilvate office. The presidential party , w
the escort of United States troops , Troop
of Cleveland and the UUtrlct National Gua
will leave the white house at 11 o'clock i
reach the capltol shortly before noon. Vi
Vrcsldcnt Stevenson will not accompany
successor , the vice president-elect , as :
Stevenson will bo ongagjd In presiding o
the session of the senate. Mr. llobart ,
Bload will bo accompanied by the senate cc
, consisting of Most
inlttcc of arrangements
Sherman , Klklns and
and other c
At the capltol the president '
dais , ths president and vlco nrcslde'ntjelc
will sssemblo In the senate chamber ,
court and the me
members of the supreme
senate and hou
bers of the
lining present. Vlco President St-v
will administer the
Eon office to Mr. Hobart and wll , at the etri
of the Hlty-fou
of 12 , declare the senate
adjourned without day. The n
congress of the sen
extra action
vice president , an
having been called , will then
oath to the newly elected senators.
The senate will then taks a recess and i
nroccEslon will move to the stand at the c
portico In front of the rotunda , Prcsjd. .
and Presidentelect
Cl vcland ,
etatid the * oath of of !
leading. On thta
will bo administered to President Mc-Kln
* President McKIn
by Chief Justice Fuller.
will then make hla Inaugural address ,
concluding hu will return to the preslder
room In the senate wing of the capltol
from there-ho will be escorted to the wh
parade , -which v
lic-uso bythe Inaugural
fccglii to move from the capltol , it is i
peeled , at 2 o'clock.
the capl
The parade will move from
Pennsylvania avcnuo west
by way
Washington Circle , thence.ea < it through
avenue , where the
Btroet to Vermont
ganlzitlons will be reviewed by Grand , J1. .
uhnl Porter and dismissed. Frum a stand
housethe president v
front of , the white
review the parade.
On the return to the white houso. wlv
President McKlnley will reach ahead of I
main body of the parade , a luncheon v
bo hastily served for him before he g
to the reviewing stand. At this time
leave of <
nnd Mrs. McKlnley will tuke
President and Mrs. Cleveland , who will ,
former probably going do
once leave , the
the river on a trip , and the latter to Prin
there will ie an W mlnat
nnd a display of fireworks In the \\asbli
monument grounds , beginning at .
ton bo h
o'clock. Tha Inaugural ball
In the pension building , doors being open
8 o'clock , and the ceremonies beginn
nt 9 o'clock.
The official forecast of the weather bun
day v
Is that the weather on
bo pleasant , with a moderate tcmporatti
leaving nothing to ho desired In that i
Important matter , H rained here this fo
but cleared beautifully during
Afternoon , BO that the public generally
Impressed with the accuracy of the offic
From'the host estimates obtainable It n
there will bo about 20,000 men
Appears the great parade tomorrow. Of thqsa abi
12 000 will bo military and 8,000 civic
ganlzatlons. Almost all of the latter ;
republican league clubs. Tills organlzat
numbers 8.000 clubs , scattered o\cr the coi
try , with an aggregate strength of two t
a half millions , and wa the great fight
force in the last campaign. The three cl
y divisions are composed almost wholly of
members. There are only about eight
tached organizations of any sort , ono
which Is the famous Old Harmony fire cc
pany of Philadelphia , and another the Ind
echool battalion of Carlisle.
The chief event of the day was the dcfir
completion of the cabinet which proba
will bo ent In to the senate on Friday
confirmation by that body , ns required
thu constitution. The last muno added
the Hit was that of C. N. Bliss of N
York , who will become secretary of tbe
terlor. He declined a obluet proffer BO
dayu ago , but yielded today to the press
of hla friends. It was reported that J
liltsA had consented to serve for six mon
only , but 'It fan bo Dialed on authority t !
the appointment was accepted without i
conditions , The now cabinet therefore \
be made up as follows :
- Secretary of State John Sherman of 01
Secretary of the Treasury Lyman J. Gi
of Illinois.
Bocrjtary of War Uussell A. Algcr
Attorney General Joseph McKcnna
California ,
Postmaster General James A. Gary
Secretary of the Navy John D. Long
Secretary of the Interior Cornelius
Elian pf New York ,
Secrutary of Agriculture James A , V
eon of Iowa ,
During the day Mr. McKlnley and 1'rt
dent Clove-land extended calls of courte
the former paying his respects to the o
going executive at the white house und
latter returning It within an hour by ci
Ing on hla aui-ceator at the ttbbltt hou
There was , of course , a large number
callers at the Kbbltt house , but compa
lively few * of them saw the prcnldent-cU
who loved himself as far a possible
the task before him tomorrow. In the ov
Ing he dined with John Hay , who will
the now ambit-sailor to the court of
Jutiica , and then retired early ,
Vic ; Prculdent-elect Hobart spent m
of ( bo day meeting his future Henatoi
associates and learning the rulc-u und c
tains of the Donate under the tutelage
Vice Pmldrnt Stcvenuon.
The members of the outgoing cab I
were busied with dealing up their dca
Their resignations ate at Mr. McKlnle
ccrvlcc , and most of them have explali
their dutlei to their sut'ceisors , who i
all here for thu Inaugural tavo Uovcri
Long of Mtt tachu tts ,
At the capltol congress worked stead
away on appropriation bills , gradually i
duclng the Items of disagreement betwc
the two houses.
On the streets there were the usual crow
and decorations and scenes Incident to t
Immediate approach of a great gala cvei
The number of people arriving , howcvc
was smaller than first estimates of the rn
roads. One very noticeable feature of t
Incoming of the organizations was the smi
amount of parade and music with whl
they signalized their entry Into town. The
woa a very general remark on the fact th
few of them paraded up the avenue wl
bands playing. A noticeable exception w
the Hlalne club of Cincinnati , which ma
a fine appearance In neat brown nnlfon
and high white hats as they marched
good style up the broad avenue about 4
strong , preceded by a vigorous band.
Tonight Pennsylvania avenue. Sever
street and the other main thoroughfares
the city presented an animated sctbe. T
amusement places and cafes nre doing
rushtnil business , hordes of street fakirs i
shouting aloud their souvenirs of the Ini
guratlon and a holiday spirit pervades t
capital. The final touches have been I
upon the superb decorations and the var
electrical devices flash from many bulldln
The streets and pavements are entirely fi
nnd dry from the effects of the early moi
Ing rain and the temperature Is at a v
comfortable degree , though growing cold
The hotel corrldois present the moat a
mated appearance of all public places , a
locomotion In them Is a trial to the pallet
of the mostl forbearing.
Many social events were on the progr ;
for the evening and the vlstors found
cordial welcome everywhere. Nearly all I
clubs and vlstors are now nere. Those w
will reach the city In the morning will
mainly from a radius of within a couple
hundred miles , who can start early and rca
the city In tlmo for the Inauguration |
rude. ,
True to the forecast of the weather burei
tomorrow promises to he a fairly f-atlsfact <
Inaugural day. The following Is the oftlc
forecast , made at 8 p. in. :
"Fair and decidedly colder weather ; br
to high northerly winds In the mornli
decreasing In force during the day. Tc
perature will fall lo about freezing In I
morning and will rise slightly during I
day. "
Of the social events of the evening , t
dinner given by Colonel John Hey to Prc
dent-elect McKlnley waa the most Importa
the attendance Including many of those w
will take prominent parts In the work
the new administration. Major McKtnl
left thcEbbltt house Just before 8 o'clock ;
the Hay mansion , a few blocks away. Tin
Invited to meet him at the dinner we
Speaker Heed , Senators Hale , Camcn
Aldrlch , Fryo , Lodge , Davis , Elklns , S
Mlllan nnd Ware ; Senators-elect Forak
Hanna and Plait ; Representatives Grosven
Hltt and Wadsworth ; John Addl&on Port
secretary o the president-elect ; Gonen
William M. Osborne. Horace Porter. Rua ;
A. Alger ; Lyroan J. Gage. Henry White , ;
slstant Secretary Rockhltl and Mr. A.
Hay. Senators Sherman. Cullom , Allls
and Quay were prevented from being presi
by the condition of. business Ip UIQ sena
The dinner lasted several hours and at
conclusion Major McKlnley returned to t
Kbbltt house.
Senator Sowcll of New Jersey tonlt
gave a luncheon In the loom of the sem
committed on military affairs , to V
Prcsldcnt-clPct Hobart. to which all the scr
tors were Invited. The alTnlr was glv
for the purpose of making Mr. Hobart b
ter acquainted with the senators.
StakcN IllM Iteiinlutlnii on n Fnlr J ) :
for tlir Ucrcmoiilcn.
WASHINGTON , March 3. The Jay befc
.Inauguration opened moist , and warm , a
by 10 o'clock'a slow , slcaay"Wlz le fict
Local residents who had anxiously watch
tlio gathering cloud ccadlttous fcare-l tV
the rain in the atmosphere would not
precipitated before March ) . To lay's dow
fall gave promise that the wet veathev wet
end before tomorrow inornlns , and when t
wind began to freshen' from the cst and
blow the Innumerable flags AtM trlpo
bunting out good and strong the Wahhlv
Ionian wro quite prepared for the olllc
forecast , sent out about 10 o'clock , after
consultation by the best weatlur forecast )
In the local service , that the day would
cool , clear and bracing.
Prof. WIUCs L. Moore , thief of the Weatt
Bureau , has Issued to Chairman Charles
Hell the following favorable prediction :
"It gives me much pleasure to bo able
state that the t'torm Is now central 01
western New York , moving rapidly IM
ward , giving heavy rnlu through New Ei
land , and the middle Atlantic states , but I
weather has cleared In the wet behind I
btornifl , with the rapid movement east of i
storm center. I am about to male the f
lowing prediction :
"Thursday Fair and colder ; threatenl
weather and rain will continue today , but
will surely clear before Thursday mornli
with colder , fresh northwest wlnOs. 1
temperature will be between SO and 3.1 durl
the day with a clear , pleasant , bracing ,
moi'Pberc. "
The railroads continued throughout t
night and day to pour constantly growl
flpcclal trains Into the city , and the ru
of military companies and civic organl ;
tlons has fairly begun , few of them huvl
reached here yesterday. Their marchl
through the main streets Ihcned up mattt
and added plctumriuoncjs to ( he nee :
Around the li > rge hotels there was u cm
and at the Kbbltt lioii'-e- , where the preside ]
elect Is staying , there was a perfect Jam
The presldcnt-elret retired at a late he
last night and ruse at an early hour ,
his ehort fclrcp ho had found much rpfet a
recuperation , nnd when he appeared at 1
breakfast table nt S o'clock he looked t
picture of health and xtrrngtli. The J
Klnlcy brenkfntit wca a honiHIko meal , a
beMdo the pre&ldcnt-olect and Mrs. McK
ley and Mrs. McKlnley , sr , , no ono was i
milled to the breakfast , After the bre :
fast Mr. and Mrs. McKlnley saw two
three friends who had Inti.'iiilcd tu come
with the prcfcldrntlal party , but weiu i
luyvd In their arrival. Mrs , McKinley v
much refreshed by her night's rest.
Hy ! ) o'clock the lobby o ( the Kbbltt n
crov/dcd by perioim anxious to meet t
preoirtent-elect , cither on personal buslni
or from curiosity , So many of them wi
Ohio badges nnd HIP mum ; of Ohio was
often uttered In the talk Unit ono wan
minded of the famous phrase , "The Unl !
States of OMo , " current In the days
Pronldcnt Hayes and applied to" U'ubhlngti
whllo I ho city was filled with asplrantu ,
Hut while many came few were success
In the efforts to reach the car of the pre
dent-elect. Mr. Porter , his secretary , ti
the near friends who arc looking after
comfort , realizing that Mr. McKlnley I ,
before him an cxhaiibtlng day , even If
confined hla receptions to ciisen eif great a
Immediate Importance , gave orders that 01
it chunca few bd received.
Senator-elect Hanna was among the ea
callers , nnd of coumo he found no dlfllcu
In making his way Into the reserved pi
of the hotel. About half past 9 notice ca
to Mr , McKinley that a delegation had cote
to meet him lo nuiKe a presentation ,
appointment had been iiiado In advance ;
this call on tlio prealdvnl-chcl , and he i
amide 1 from his robins to the second fii
of the hotel , where the delegation was
waiting Tlilri was headed by 1'oHnmt'
Griier.il Wlleon. and Included lion , John
Callers of the attorney gene-raCs olllco , R
William H , Capers f f Virginia. Hepretcntat
Harrison and W , D Urnilnp nf Alaban
Nathan Hrurd of Pennsylvania Judge Char
Howrltf of the court of cUlnia bench and
M. Aurtln of Ohio. They wire all mnibi
of the fix ma Alpha Enailon fraternity a
called to present a bailee of the order. 7
prr.ildcnl-eluct greeted liU ralleiu with t
greatest cordiality. He win In good splrl
and Et-eltiK Postmaster GcncTdlVlldon In I
van wn reminded of th : old dnya of th
sfrvlcv In the house of renrcHontatlv
TuKInt ; him by the hand he said : "I linnet
not seen you plncc the btorm of U t
vrinber. Come over by i hi window when
( Continued on Third Page. )
Ruler of Greece Does Not Propose
Retrace His Stops.
< lci ilnlon Hint 1
Tell * n Cre < nn |
linn Jicier STUTVCI ! from III *
OrlKltinl Intention fern
n Moment. ,
NEW YORK. March 3. A special to t
Ilcr&td from Athens eays : M. Ulonyio
the archbishop of Retlmo , accompanied
thrco Cretan deputies , has presented to t
king a memorial urging tlio union of Crc
with Greece and begging him to persl
In bU patriotic attitude despite the prt
sure of the powers. The Cretans , the niei
orlal pointed out , are unwilling to lay dox
their arms before their desire for union h
been accomplished. King George rcpll
that he was not deviating by a hair's bread
from the original policy announced.
An Albanian force of 1 200 troops with art
and ammunition , which recently reach
Janlna , line been sent thence to varlo
places In Macedonia and Eplrus. Elg
hundred Mohammedan Albanians ha
Rtartcd for l-lats-ona.
The Greek war ships under Admiral Mian
11s have at rived at the Piraeus. It Is ol
clally stated that the Greek troops co
ccnlratod on the Turkish frontier numb
20,000 men. Captain Sachlourla has sti
eucded Commodore Helncck In command
the Greek ncet In Cretan waters.
M. Minothcus , the Cretan archbishop , w
arrived nt tlie Plraeuu recently , died aft
landing. The former military governor
Crete , Abraham Kdhcm Paslu , has reach
the I'lr.ieus on his way to Constantinople.
LONDON , March 3. The Athens con
spondcnt of the Dally Mall states that
consequence of the refusal of M. Dclyann
the Greek premier , to send further rcl
forcementa to Crete , the minister of wt
M. W. Sinolcnlz , has resigned. M. Metax
hag been appointed to succeed him. Metax
Is not a member of the Doulo ( leglslatl
chamber ) , where the appointment la u
popular , but he Is said to be the nomlii
of King George.
While the latent news from Athens I
dlcates grave fears that Greece will refute
to comply with the demands of the powe
to withdraw her troops and fleet from t
Island of Crete within six days , datli
Iiom noon jesterday , It la generally reco
nlzed that the measures proposed by t ;
powers , Including the granting of autonon
to Crete under the suzerainty of the sulta
are the bes : that Europe could have adoptc
in view of ( he present complicated clrcui
stances , when the whole Ualkan pcninau
Is ready to ask a quid pro quo for anythli
obtained by Gieece.
There Is eqme comment In diplomatic cl
clcs over the fact that the powers decld
to present Identical notes to Greece , Inste ;
of a collective note , the latter being of mm
stronger character , the change leading
the Impression that the unanimity of t !
powers IB not so conclusive as the mini
tcrs , ' utterances seek to convey. The situ
tion qrcatcs fears that while Greece in ,
bb bent to the will of the. powers wltho
further coercion , fresh jealousies will arl
ab soon as the Greeks- arc ousted and tl
now regime } n. Crete Is Inaugurated. It
( suggested In some quarters that even th
may force Lord .Salisbury to desert the po
cert of the powers , and declare that Ore
Britain will not authorl/o the coercion
Greece. Hut It Is realized that this , Invbtv
an Instant , violent * diplomatic quarrel \vl
Russia and Germany , and possibly war wl
oneor both.
Premier Delyannls has long confert'nc
with King George daily and the cabinet
now setting to discuss the character of tl
reply to be given the Identical notes of tl
powerh , and the military measures necesc
tatcd by the situation. Thctsaly , where tl
Turkish troops on the frontier are takli
up an Irritating attitude , IB likely to pr
ducc a eollisioii-at any moment. Meanwhi
preparations continue for mobilization ai
dispatching furtlrer reinforcement * ) to tl
seat of danger. A monster demonstrate
has been arranged for tomorrow In favor
the policy of resistance to the. mandate
the powers. This is the dominant feeling
tha populace , and the belief Is unlvers
that even If Colonel Vatsos Is recalled 1
the government his officers will resign the
commissions and join the Insurgents.
SiiriTiilnlj .of ( In * .SiiUnii III Crc
MUNI I'ri'Mprveil ,
lectlvo note signed by the ambassadors
the six powers , which was presented to ti
Tuiklsh government yesterday , declares th
the poncio arc desirous of putting a at
to the deplorable condition of affairs In Cre
duo to the delay In the execution of the i
forms. They declare that complete aut
noniy Is impossible In Crete and the BUZ
ralnty of the sultan is essential , concludli
with the statement that Greece has bei
called upot to withdraw its forces fro
Crete. _
si'Miiiv civn , mi. i ,
Intimate uf Mn > To ( a \iiriiirlntloi I |
for ( InHi'HNloii ,
WASHINGTON. March 3. At a late ho
an agreement was reached by the confere
on the sundry civil bill , and the report w
sent to the house. The appropriation
$00,000 for a public building a ) , llutte , Mon
was stricken out. The senate aiuendrne
reducing by 25 per cent tl
amounts appropriated by thn house f
river and harbor ccntract works w
changed so no to make such reduction ' 12
per cent. The senate appropriation of J10C
000 for a branch of the Soldiers' home ;
Hot Springs , S , D. , was btrlcken out of tl
bill. The Bi > nato appropriation for a rev
nuo cutter at New York wan agreed to.
A rough estimate of the total approprl
tious for the tension tlxes the amount
J125.000.000 ,
At lisn a. in , the sundry civil bill wa r
ported to the house ,
At 1:30 : a. m , the house committee repo
en the sundry civil appropriation was agici
to and the liouto took a recces for one hour ,
M ( 'untie a I'VcluM IllorUuil
MILWAUKEE. March 3-OwliiK to
strike of freight handlers at Ludlngti
there IB something of n blockade of Ho
nnd other frelelit on the WlbeouBln Ce
Hal line at Miinltowoc. This morning 11
Central had about ( CO CIIIK , mostly load
with Hour , In transit to the prahonr
which was being1 held ulonK tint llnu in
at Mnnltowoc , licoause there hint not be-i
HulllcIiMit Htfumer facilities at Mnnlt
woo for handling fru'irht ns fast as
acoumu'atiMl. ' It li Htuted by tlio Kllnt
Pen > Mnrquotto olllcer- ) that the efffets
( lit ) utiIke are pretty wei : overcome , in
that bouts Irom I.ud imton to Mllwauk
nnd Mtuiltowoc this morning were load
Hand'.er-i from gnglnnw anil other poln
have arrived ut t.udliiKton to take tl
places of surh stiikers us Htlll refuse
return to work.
Movi'iiit-ulx of Ocean Vt'MKi'lM , Miiri-li
At Now York Arrived Amsterdam , fra
At Southampton Arrived Spree , fro
Ilrempiii & Paul , from Now York
At Antwerp Arrived Illinois , from Phil
At Ueyreiith Arrived Feur t Dlamurc
from New York on a cruluo.
At Rotterdam Arrived Hui'larn , fro
New York , fc'nlleil 8cvUiIam , for New Yor
At Southampton Sailed Havel , from Ur
itiun for New York.
At Movlllo Arrlvi'd-statc of Callfornl
from Ni'\v York for Gl.ibgow.
At Copi-nhngen Arrived Tlilnevall
from Now York.
At Liverpool Sallejl Germanic , for Ne
York. Arrived Pennsylvania , Irom Phil
IIMSS ron A < ; AmNnr ! ri.vci
Xow Yorker Accciifw Hfl1ncc Aiuon
McKliiler'n ; AilVlnorw.
WASHINGTON , MWch Sj-Corncllus i
Ullffl of New York has-been - teKdcred a poi
folio In the cabinet Mid hn4 accepted. I
probably will bo secretary ol the Interior.
Mr. Dllsa Is willing to take the rccr
taryshlp of the Interior/ though his frlcn
are strongly dcslrousrthht | he eht.ll bccot :
secretary of the navj'J The nAval portfoll
however , would compel 'iT'changc ' In the ca
Inct slate as mads up 'already and won
compel the shitting of ex-Governor Long
Massjchutctts. While. as stated , It U ti
definitely settled what position Mr. Dibs w
take , the probabilities me that It wilt
the Interior department.
Cornelius N. Ullss , When asked as to h
understanding of the portfolio that he won
hold , said : "As I understand H , the a
rangtment of the cabinet , a * has been a
ready announced , Is fixed beyond rccal
This would leave nothtlig but the Intcrli
department for mo to take. Tlio fact Is th
the arrangement lias been comsummati
within an hour and I have * had no time
think over the details. I have , as yet glvi
no thought to the seltctlon of assistant sc
rctarlcs for the department. "
Cornelius N. Bliss wns , b'orn in Fnll Hive
Mans. , about sixty yenrsrrffo. At the ni
of twenty he entered , , ! } ! father's coi
mission house In New , Orleans , nnd
1K1S Went Into business In. Boston. An
partner of John nnd. ' Eben Wright
Co. , ho opened a branch , ftore In No
York , which was pine-pa under hla ma
ngpinent and soon bccnmo thf big end
the tuslness. Today It Ma Blltts , Ftibynn
Co. , and Is recognized 'ijs one oC. the lea
Ing xlry goods firms. , M > - . IJllns was one
the founders of the New York Chamb
of Commerce. He Interested himself
hanking , and Is nt prefrui In the illre
torle.s of many llmtnclitl Intitltutlons. :
1S50 ho married Ml. 3 1'lummcr.
Mr. Ill'xs has nlwftysjtioon Interested
politics , but never hcltlinny political ofll
except the honorary one of n member
the Pan-American roiifcrciiQC. He wi
president of the Tariff * tongue for a lot
time , and was chairman of the repu
llcnti conventionsIn ISTIJ'nna 1S&S , nnd w :
treasurer of the national committee f
pome time. He ilerlln&I the nomlnntlc
for governor In 1SS.V when Ira Davenpo
was nominated , and wlu'n hla fr'cnds we
urging his nomination , tn H'Jl he went
Europe. He was chnlmrtn of the Uuslnc
Men's commlttpcvhul | trlcil to nomlna
Arthur In 1RS4 , and wus chairman of tl
famous committee of tills ? city In 18)3. ) A
though not In complete * harmony with tl
mate republican organization , Mr. 1311
has financiered the ilcpuhllean nation
committee In the last two presidential car
pnlgns. Ills acceptance or the position
treasurer of the committee Mat year wi
at the express nnd Urgent solicitation
Major McKlnley nnd Atl % , Ilaiina. Whi
ho undertook the work ho.nltercd upon
In a most thorough , manner. One of h
rules was that no obllgiitJn | ( should bo 1 ;
curred xmless the moneywhs In hand
meet It when due. Thla was rigidly n
hered to throughout Ihfc t-itmpalsn , and :
the close of each night chocks were nialli
for every bill presented 'and audited. Tl
result of this was that when election nlgl
catne- around nnd many republicans e
peeled that , they would * 1)6 asked to co
tribute toward making up the deflclcnc
they were amazed to be told that the r
publican campa'gn ' Itiid been closed wli
u surplus In thn treasury.
IMncc AiMinliitincii H < < > jinny Olllci
In the HniiilN of ( lie ftovcmor.
PIERRE , S. D. , MtfrcK 3. ( Special Tel
gram. ) The pppullsts Iti the bousetodi
pu'shcd'tbrougn" bill for the reorganize
tion of the IJoard of 1Cli4rltle37aud Cor.ro
tlons , which will carry jlth' ' ' ! ! theiapppln
ment of ths Jieads of ( ifefpcnltTSUllui j l
Insane csylum , the Wfbrnf' chool4the do ;
mute Echoolfand the'j > ! | nd asylum. Tl
jiext _ blriuhed ) Jh'rou" { - vaa tUe rcgeni
blllj 'which g Ve , the' ' gptornor the appoln
ment of a new board and the heads of a
the educational Ins'lllutlons. Several a
tempts were" 'madd to 'carry this , bill as 3
emergency measure , btit , each' felted , for
lack of a two-thirds vote , Jand It wag qnl
got through finally without the emergchc
clause , after thrua rcdopulderatlons. A no
bill was Introducea and will be rushc
through to provide for the terms of a ]
polntoss of the senate , wjhodrc. not continue
by the senile , this being necessary from tl
fact that none of their .bills for appoln
inents can possibly gat through before tl
last day.
Judge Scott of O.riaha this evening at
dresstd a Joint cession ol both houses on a
approprlbtluR for an exhibit ct the expos
It la Intimated today thrt Arthur Linn i
Canton will ho appointed commandant i
the Soldiers' home ; that 'L * C. Campbell i
YanktoiVI1I be oil Inspector ; that M. '
Dainvoody of Abcidecn will bo deputy li
uptctor for the Black Hills country.
nnoi.Aicn FAITH i.v"CMSVULAM
_ H
Michigan Ciolit H ( < iniliril ) nciuoc-rn
Icct /iiiivyiitlon. .
GRAND RAPIDS , Mich. March 3. Tl
state convention of gtyd 'ptandard democra
today was addressed by. Congressman H ;
num of Indiana , cbairmnrt of the nation
committee , A plqtfornwas adopted , wll
the following preamble : .
On this , the la t day of.tho admlnlstratli
of a president a recbrd .Ot whore acts w
bo regarded by posterity ; 1H one of emlnc
courage and Inllexlble nilherenco to dut
rhe dvmoer.itR of Mlchlgnn , In conventli
nHffcinhlvd , declare 'their .abiding faith
the time-honored principles of the dem
cratlc party.
The resolutions do" not , differ material
from the Indianapolis platform ;
Daniel E. Koo'to of Sa lnaw was noni
natcd for justice. of the supreme court nr
Levl P. Harbour of'-Dctrolt and Edwin 1
Sweet of GMmMlapldB' regents of the un
vcrslty. t
' * *
_ i
Name of NucccNHor ! ( ' , .Snnor Illucl
liurii IN .Ilil ilc Knotvii ,
LOUISVILLE , Ky , . . March 3. A. T. Wo <
of Mount Sterling wlll'succepd J , S. C. Iliac
burn In the Unltijil Stalesenat by aijnoln
ment at Governor Bradley ? to be , announci
probably tomorrow. . Tlioflappolntment wi
decided upon after tlie BoTvrDor had often
the honor to St. TJohn 'Bjyle o't this clt
who refused It. noylo was" the republic :
caucus nominee at 'tlio lait .session of tl
legislature and his ncllonj.'luaicatca ' that I
hopai to bo elected to servo the full tcr
by the cpeclal session 6t the legl latur
which Governor Uro.dlcy ulll call within
few dayp. . . ' -j _
C. M. Illlrli < ' , ' ( \ ( ? Aililrci
tilt ; l.fUlxfitto'rH.
SACRAMENTO , Qal. . Ma cli3. The Omul
delegation traveling In the 'Interest of tl
Trai Hmlwlssinpt and International Expos
tion were the guests of trio Assembly todn
Shortly before noon 0. 'M , Hitchcock a
dreieea thcae present life "the subject of tl
exposition to .bo held ti OtuAlia. Others >
the party addressed tpu assembly , explal :
Ing and exploiting the advantages to ba d
rlvoj for California If vhe'weio to send i
exhibit to Omaha ,
( | iiiiUiiinlirr .7 > u't on SlrlUe.
' "
NI3W YORK , Marph3. . One thousan
cloakin'akers , who "make up goods for Freet
men Hroj. . are. on Justriku for higher vase
Committees were cent out last evening an
ordered Btrlkrs at nil the. shops. U Is e- >
ptctecl that 10,000 cloalcmaktru will be ou
Slot-nix Dclny , ; IC HIIUM to Kiicl
NEW YORl , M fc | 3 , TJie Center Cftb
offlca haa aent out ttie followlnK notic
"Severe storms In England "nre eerlouely I :
tcrfcrlng with leUKraphlc comniunlcatlp
.The cable companies are accepting trail
subject to spine , dcay % "
Vvr > ' l.o v ,
NEW YORK. March 3. Jamea P. Ke
nochan uas reported asVolng Mill. alive , bi
very low , at C o'clock tula morning.
Woylor is Qivoa Seventeen Moro Da
Bcforo His Recall ,
Courxp of KventN In Culm Intlue.iici
lit Several UvMivrtn > > ' t' c
CliiuiKo of AiliiiliilNtrailoti
I nt Wa hliin oii.
( CopyrlRlit , 1837 , by 1'rcmi ruliUihlne Compan ;
HAVANA. Cuba ( Via Key West , Flo
March 3 ( New York World Cablegram
Special Telegram ) . The change of admin
tratlon at Washington Is likely to pi
clpltato ft change In the Span !
administration of affairs in Cubi.
ID predicted on high authority hero th
Captain General Woyler will bo recalled
Spain and that hla SUCCCESOF will bo n
nounccd by the 20th of thla month. Gcnei
Weyler Is expected hero tonight or tome
row. His campaign was a military fallui
Ho has done nothing In the Held except
devastate the country. The Cubans g
around him and harassed the rear of 1
There has been much fighting around San
Clara this week and the rebels held thi
General Lee Is pushing the cases of t
American prlnoncra. The trial of nil Amci
cans under arrest Is to be expedited , It
promised , and It Is hinted that all will
relcEscd. It Is believed that this Is glv <
out to placate President McKlnley , but the
Is no confidence that It will bo carried 01
Notice has been served that no moro Aim
leans must be kept "Incommunicado' ' long
than seventy-two hours. If this la not heed
General Leo will demand their release ni
If that Is not granted , he will have war shl
hero or resign.
Mr. Sherman should trJtnmou General I.
to Washington with papers. He will find i
ho ought to sec In the State departmci
Many are seml-odlclal and probably we
not filed. The senate committee on forcl ;
relations could learn a great deal frc
General Lee , who will not bo Interviewer
or talk here. Congress _ nnd the count
ought to know the shameful story of t
refusal of the last administration to suppc
the efforts to protect Americans here.
Spanish atrocities continue. Inmates
rebel hcapltals are murdered ; women ai
children are slaughtered.
Cubans are BO scarce now the troops wa
tonly shoot cattle.
A money panic threatens. The paper bli
are falling in value rapidly , while prlc
arc golni ) tlll higher.
The report of the death of Clcneros , prc :
dent of the Cuban republic , Is aild to 1m
caused General Gomez to return from San
Clara to Puerto Principe with n small c
corf , leaving hla main force to await 1 :
The Dallas , Tex. , cowboy expedition
reported to have landed safely In Plnar 0
Rio province.
General Carrlllo 1s now commanding
Mantanzas province.
HAVANA , March 3. The correpponde
hereof the Associated precs Is Informed upi
go''authorlty that positive orders ba
been Ispued to the civil nnd military nutboi
ties throughout Cuba to try with all pcoslt
lufste aria In the most 6atlsfactory.monn .
available all American" citizens who a
pow In jail and to expel thosd found gull
frojn the leland.
llrnrll nnil Uruguay Hnvc Eac-li n Hi
he'll I oil on Their IIiiiulH.
NEW YORK , March 3. Tlie Herald's co
respondent In Montevideo , Uruguay , tel
graphs that the country Is again dlsturbi
by news of the seriousness of the revel
tlonary movement on the Brazilian border
While the government affects a belief th
the uprising Is not serious. It Is roporti
that 3,000 men are advancing upon Cer :
Largo. The police forces of the republ
have been defeated In one encounter at Sol
The mobilization of the national gnai
of Argentina continues end many battallo ;
have already gone Into camp.
The Herald's correspondent In Rio Jancir
Brazil , telegraphs that a body of the Insu
gent fanatics , while reconnoIterliiK at Cam
ilos , had an engagement with the feder
troops. Captain Plnhclro of the Brazilian p
lice was killed.
I'liliicc OltlulnlH In Havana Hlillcii
ii N "ivMimu-r Story.
( Copyright , 1SS7 , liy I'resa 1'ublltililnt ; Compnnj
HAVANA , March 3. ( Now York Wor
Cablegram Special Telegram. ) The No
York Herald's dispatch yesterday rcportlr
that General Woyler had resigned Is in
true. At the governor general's palace t
night the reasons given for his allegi
resignation are laughed at as absurd ,
"Genc'ral Wcylcr 'Is In the Held , and 1
will never resign In front of the enemy
It was said.
General Weyler Is likely soon to be r
called , as the World'a Madrid correspondci
cabled two weeks sgo.
Kalln to 1'rovlilc for AK < M ! 1'arcii
AVIio Hail Dccilcil Him Tlu-lr I.iuiil ,
VERMILLION , S. D. , March 3. ( Special. )
Considerable- Indignation has been creat
naar Meckllng among the neighbors of
family named Jorgensen. About nine yea
ago Peter Jorgensen and wife gave their lai
to tholr son , Andrew , with the understan
Ing that he would provide for them In UK
old age. The son gave a contract to th
effect , which stipulated that ho was to fu
nlsi ! all the necessities of life , Including ( lot
sugar , kerosene and salt , these four artlcl
being especially mentioned. Tlio contra
was signed by the son only and was not f.
cured In any way. From the time the co
tract was made the parents have bei
treated pretty roughly and have been mate
to do the greater part of the drudge wo
about the farm. The endurance of the o
people has finally given out and they ha
begun to complain. A few weeks ago tl
son told his parents to Icavo the plac
Their friends advised them to enter ei :
for wages for the nine years' work and c
fored to help pay Jbe expense. An appe
will probably be mi Jo this week to tl
county commissioner ! ! .
I.CIIVCM HIclicH for Many Hclrx ,
VERMILLION , S. D. , March 3. ( Special. )
Upon the death of Allen Smith , a 'bacliel
residing at Qayvlllo , Hans Myron , llvli
about nine miles south of this city , w
appointed administrator of the oatat
Smith's estates are valued at about ? 3S,0 (
mostly In real estate. In all there are 1,2
acres of land In this state , 091 acres of whli
are In Clay county , There are jnany he !
and relatives scattered throughout the cou
Kyle KII Iloule to WnnliliiKrloi > .
VBRMILLION , S. D. , March 3. ( Special
Senator Kyle passed through this cl
this morning , en route for Washington. 1
wa In a talkative mcod. Doing ( jueotlom
concerning the ) charge against him of uavli
jold himself to the republicans , bis on
answer was : "The only money that I kno
of tpcnt Is $3.25 , which wan puld for ) ia <
lilre and ilfayage expenses. "
CHICAGO , March 3. John Corwlnc , tl
United Stnte-s navy paymaster , who a fo
days ago suddenly left Newport , H. I. ,
mined of bv\ng an embezzler of governmei
funilH , wan arrested In this city thla cvn
Ing. When urrt'iited he confessf d to the p
lice of mivlnf ? robbed the government i
I10.COO' during the two years that ho bo
the position of paymaster. He could offi
no excuse tor his peculation * .
SAN FUANCISrgWrch 3. The suprer
court this aftcrn Mfirmed ( the declsli
of the lower cou/Bj / Blho case of Theodo
Durrani , found t Bof the murder
lUancho Lnmont HBinamtcl church almo
two years ago. j Hppcale-d from the vc
diet of guilty , J mz errors In the rulln
of the trial lugH Bid filing n vohtmlno
bill of exceptlous The trial judge , hoi
ever , was affirmed In all disputed I
stances. The case will now be sent back
the superior court , which wilt fix a da
for Durrani's execution ,
Friday afternoon , April 11 , 1S95 , the boi
ot'Mlnnlo Williams , a young girl , was tout
In a closet In the pastor's study of It
mamicl Baptist church , The girl had bei
outraged and murdered , the nrtorlce In tl
wrists being cut. Two days later , just b
fore church services began , the body
Blanche Lament , who had been missing f
several dayawas found In the belfry
the church. She had been strangled
death. Theodore Durrani , a young medic
student , who was superintendent of It
mamicl Sunday school , had been on friend
terms with both the girls and wan su
pcctcd of the crimes. Ho was arrested whl
on a trip to Mount Diablo , with the sign
corto , and although ho had been warm
with a heliograph by his comrades of tl
signal corps from Telegraph hill he paid i
concern and calmly awaited the arrival
the officers. In hla overcoat , which h :
been left at home , was found Minnie WI
Hams' puree. A pawnbroker Identified Du
rant as a man who had tried to sell hi
a diamond ring which had belonged
Blanche Lumont. It was proved at the trl
that Durrani accompanied Mies Lament
and from school on the day pho disappear )
and that ho mot Minnie Williams at tl
ferry on the evening she was miirderc
That evening Durrani arrived late at a mee
Ing of the Christian Endeavor society. I
was flushed and disheveled. He asked pe
mission to brush his hair and wash his ham
before he entered the meeting.
The discovery of the murders caused tr
mentions excitement , and after a long ai
sensational trial Durrani was convicted
the murder of Dlancha Lamont. He wi
sentenced to be hanged a year ago la
February , but has been granted several sta ;
of execution , pending the hearing of h
appeal for a now trial by the supreme cout
All this time he haa been confined In U
county jail , where ho has maintained h
usual stolid composure , devoting his time
study and religious reading.
When Durrani was Informed by the hei
Jailer of the supreme court's decision , I
burst Into tears and said this was n vci
crual world. Ho said that some day tl
truth would prevail and ho would bo vlntl
catcd. Ho seemed to take eonio comfo
from the leporl thai Chief Justice Bcalt
would In a few days file n dUsentlng oplnlo
Durrani has ever elnce his arrest manifest )
the most supreme confidence In his ultima
aciultlal and when he was convicted In tl
superior court declared that the supren
court would granl him a new trial.
FulullttcH Attciiilnnt t'l'on ' a I > <
Htriiftlve Klrc I" IMilliuU-liilin.
PHILADELPHIA , March 3. The hi
power house of the Union Traction con
of Thirteenth an
pany , at the junction
Mount Vcrnon streets and Rldgo avenue , wi
destroyed by fire tonight. Two men lo
their lives and several others were slight !
Injured. The dead ; .
A. A. BINDER , aged about 3 , knockc
< lown nndtHinover by a fire eng'lno.
U.NKNOWN MAN , killed by a fallln
wall. " :
The damage from the Ore will araoui
to about $250,000 , fully covered by. Ism :
anco. Nearly all the principal street ci
lines In the city are tied up. The fire wi
the direct result of the blowing out of It
eight dynamos In the power house. Spari
flew In every direction , and In an Instai
the place was In flames. The house Is
three and one-half story brick structure.
The building was valued at about $100,00
and the electrical machinery constated nili
clpally of four big dj names , valued at aboi
$20,000"each ; four smaller ones , $1E.OOO eac !
switchboard , $75,000 ; testing machines , $10
000 ; thirty-ton and fifteen-ton electric trave
Ing crane , $12,000 and $8,000.
"WHEELING , March 3. Early this mon
ing inmates of Mrs. Mary Forrcl's boardlr
house on the south aide were aroused I
screams from a room occupied by John Hei
derson , 45 years old , a potter , and hla T ,
year-old son , Percy , and James Brady , ai
other potter. The house was filled wll
smoke and Brady burst through a door ai
dragged Henderson and the boy out. Hei
derson and the boy were both terribly burnt
and both died before 9 o'clock. Brady wi
severely scorched nnd It Is feared he will d
alto. An examination showed that the fli
was the work of an Incendiary.
TcNllmoiiy AKalimt Tri-ni
incl on Trial for .Murder.
CHEYENNE , \yyo. , March 3. ( Speclal.- )
Few criminal cases have attracted more al
tentlon In this county than that of th
Tremmel murder trial now before the dli
trlct court. Very damaging testimony wa
given against the defendant. One wltnesi
Engineer J. V. Ellis , Eaw the shooting froi
his engine. He sam Tremmel and Stable
standing together between the tracks ahca
of him. Stabler had nothing In his hand
and was making no demonstrations c
threats against Tremmel. Ho was stoopln
forward a little nnd seemed to bo talkln
earnestly. Suddenly Tremmel whipped
gun out of his hip pocket and fired twlc
at Stabler In quick succession. At the sei
end bhot Stabler fell to the ground betwcc
the tracks and Tremmel ran away. Ernei
llcenan , another engineer , saw the shootlni
His story was almost Identical with that c
Ellis , with the difference only that ho sa
the affair from another point of view 1
the Cheyenne yards. The first shot fired h
Trcinmcl ecemed to bo In the direction i
the witness ami he tried to dodge behln
his engine to keep out of the way of stra
bullets. Ho saw the second shot fired an
saw Stabler fall. He was certain that Stal
lor' had nothing in his hands and that li
made no hostile demonstrations towar
Trenlmol , _
' Caiiturril.
Jniiicd Cofft-f'H Slayer IH
BUFFALO , Wyo. , March 3. ( Special. ) '
William Miller , who shot and killed Jami
Cofleo at the Sonno ranch on Crazy Woma
creek on Monday last , baa been capture
by Sheriff Sproal and his posse , AJter tl
shooting Miller started for Montana.
snow came up and obliterated hla trail , i
that It was difficult for the sheriff and h
men to follow. , At Suggs word was receive
that Miller was on Powder river , and c
Friday Sheriff Sproal and hU men rcaehi
Preston'o sheep ranch at the mouth of tl
LX creek on Powder river. Before going I
the ranch house they visited the stabli
and found 'Miller's hotso. They waited unt
Miller came out to saddle up and arrcsti
him. Ho made no resistance , having loft h
gun In the hotiso , Miller was greatly su
prUedi at his arrest , thinking that ( ho uteri
had made It Impossible to follow him ui ;
that he wan safe. Miller Is now In jail ,
Governor Sparing "Mil ( litVeto. .
CHEYENNE , Wyo. , March 3. ( Special. )
Governor Richards has signed the foltowln
laws passed upon the latt day of the Ipgl' '
latlvo session : An act regulating legal prlii
Ing , which llxea the price to be paid fc
all county and legal printing at 8 cent *
line , first Insertion , G cetitH per line each ai
dltlonal tniertlun , brnvler , single coluin
width ; an act prescribing the methods of a :
eeiumcnt. taxation , collection and Olvlsln
of taxc-a received from live Block brougl
Into ( hi- state or moved from ono count
to another ; an act prnvldlnt ; for the ai
polntment of Bhecp ln pectorii ; a joint rc i
lutlon favoring International blmolallUn
The governor bat but ten actii icinalnl.u : I
his hands to bo acted upon , So fur lui lit
not vetoed any of tuo acts paiscd by It
legislature ,
Scnnto Fixes Up the Howell Bill Bead ; for
Many of the Author's Ideas Given Now
Will Bo Ohoson bj the People Instead of tha
Appointment of Pour ConiiulNsloncra
VcMlvil lit ( lie ( Jovrrnor nuil
tlio Mayor IM Kv-OMIclo
I the
LINCOLN , March 3. ( Special. ) Today
was Omaha charter day for the Plate senate
and the entire time from morning until even.
Ing adjournment was given up to the con
sideration of the bill which , It It passes tha
houac , will bo the fundamental law for tlio
metropolis of the state for two yc.ira to
come at least. The consideration of the
chatter wait of the most perfunctory nature.
Dill few of the senators paid attention to tlio
reading of the lengthy document , and tha
ttsslon was practically made up of Senator
Graham of Frontier , who occupied the chair ,
Senators Howell and Jeffcoat of Douglas , and
Ibo reading clerk. With but one or two ex
ceptions each section wap agreed to by com
mon consent and not once during the entire
day was there any division. Mr. Howell
explained several sections to one or two sena
tors who asked < iur < nons ! on minor points ,
The only thing approaching a protest was ono
rnltcd by Mr. Goudrlug , who objected to the
proposition to rcduco the salary of the city
treasurer below $5,000. Many of the sectlona
lo which the conimlttco on municipal affairs
had offered no amendment were agreed to
by common consent without reading and In
this way a grcal deal of time was caved. Tlia
charter , as It was finally agreed to this after ,
noon , differs very materially from the origi
nal charter Introduced early In the seslon
by Senator Howell. The original document
comprised seventy-five largo printed pugea
and the amendments reported by the com
mltteo on municipal affairs Include twenty-
one additional pages of printed matter.
As amended the charter bill provides for-
a spilng election day on Ihs first Tuesday-
In March. Hut aa It will be Impossible td
hold an election this year upon that data ,
the charter , ns It now stands , provides that
a municipal election shall be held on tin
sixth TuesJay after the charter goes Into ,
effect. The bill carries an emergency clans *
and If U receives twenty-two vqtps , ln tlie * .
senate and slxty-eevcn In the house , may-
go Into effect at any time within the next
thlrly days , providing Its progress Is not.
Unduly delayed In the house. The first elec
tion would then occur early In May. If the-
bill does not pass with the emergency clause-
the first election cannot take place until some
time In August. The city officials elected Ihls
under thlsrcharter will hold their offices ,
until the third Monday In March , 1800 , anu\
after this year the municipal election will
occur every three years. .
The city officials will receive annual txiU
arlcs as follows : Mayor , $2,500 ; treasurer. .
? 4,000 ; comptroller , $1,800 ; police judge ,
$1,200 ; clerk. $1SOO ; chief of police , $2,000 ; .
attorney , $2.500 ; ass'.stanl altorney , $1SOO ;
prosecutor , $900 ; engineer , $2,500 ; assistant
engineer. $1,800 ; building Inspector , $1,500 ; .
health commissioner , $2,000 ; lax commis
sioner $2.500 ; fire and pollen commissioners ,
eacn , $400 ; each councilman , $900 ; electrician ,
$1,800 ; plumbing Inspector. $1,200 ; holler Inspector
and flicmen , $75.
specter , $1,200 ; policemen
per month. Of the olllcers enunioratcd the
mayor , treasurer , comptroller , police judge ,
clerk , and tax commissioner are elected
the others appolnlcd. In the original charter-
bill the tax commissioner was to have been
appointed by the mayor ; but Mr. Howell
yielded lo the wishes of many property own
ers and agreed to an amendment making the-
office elective.
The senate made a still further cut liv
the salaries of the treasurer , police judge ,
attorney and engineer. Originally the bill
paid the trea&urrr $5,000. This salary was
on motion of Mr. Wateon cul to $4,000. The
salary of the police Judge was cut from
$1 500 to $1.200 ; the allorney from $3,000 to ,
and the engineer from $3,000 to
$2,500 ;
* Tho' senate made material alterations In.
the original provisions relating to the ad
visory board. Originally the charter provided
advisory bdard to consist of
vided fop an
comptroller , building Inspector
the city engineer ,
and flro departments
specter , chiefs of the police
ments and heolth commissioner , all of which
officers except the comptroller were to bo
appointed by the mayor , who was himself
to bo ox-olflclo chairman of the board. Thla
board was to perform all the duties now
assigned to the Hoard of Public Works , .
Hoard of Health , and the Hoard of Park
Commissioners. As amended the charter
provides for three distinct bodies , an ud-
vlsory board , Hoard of Public Works and
Hoard of Park Conimlssloneifi. The ad
visory board consists of the officers enumer
ated and Is given control of the public
health , of the disposition of garbage , of
plumbing Inspection , and shall alee receive
bids and lot contracts for all material and
supplies required by the city. The Hoard
of Public Works , as provided for by amend
ments adopted today , Is to conolst of tlio
city engineer , the comptroller and building
Impector. The Hoard of Park Commis
sioners remains a It Is constituted at pres
ent , except that the members arq to rccelvo
no compensation.
The new charter provides for a Hoard ,
at Fire and Police Commissioners , to con
sist of the mayor , who shall bo ex-ofllclo
Ihe chairman , and four members to be ap
pointed by the governor , iot more than two.
at them to belong to the name political parly
belief. The original
3i- hold the same political
inal charter contained a provlilon that the
chiefs of the pollen ana flro departments
khould bo electors of thu city when ap
pointed. The committee on municipal afTalra
iiibJtliuted the word "residents" for "elec
tors , " but Mr. Hansom registered a pro-
Ir-st and the amendment was rejected.
When the bill had been completed the
; ommlttco voted to recomnu-nd It for P BB-
ige as amended. The committee then roea
mil thu senate udJourni'M.
\VO.CI5NT ' KAlli : iTTFiTT CO.MKS HI * .
Uffort lo Forci * It Alii'iul In thu Kunato
11 Kjillnrc.
LINCOLN % , March 3. ( Special. ) The first
ittempt to advance radical railroad legl -
atlon was made In the senate this morning ,
Senator Feltz of Keith county moved to
make the 2-ccnt faro bill a special order
: or March 0 , While the attempt failed , the
oil call showed a strong sentiment la favor
> f the bill ,
Thu 2-ccnt fare bill IB designated on the-
ionatei records as file No. 28. It wan Intro-
Juccd nn January 12 by Senator Heal of Cus-
ler county and roadu as follow * :
It shall bo unlawful for uny railroad cpr-
[ lorutlon operating , or which ahall hereafter
upi-rate , a railroad In tlil iitalo lo cimrfic ,
uolloct. dunuiul nr receive for the traii -
nort.itlon of any p.mncnucr ovi-r 10 yrnru of
; ig . with bilBBiigc not cxercJlns,200 pjttndj
In uelehi. on any train over 1U line of road

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