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Board of Education Decides Against a Ton
Months' ' Session.
SecT -lnr > ' ( , Itrport Imllcntrn n 1'rolin-
MP llollclt of 8(1 ( , < > < > < > lit the
dune of tinrUcnl Vunr on
' Jill } 1 Next. >
Vhc Board of Education last night worried
through a longer meeting than It has held
for a considerable length of time and trans
acted a big amount of routine business , In
which there were also mixed a variety ol
matters of moro or less general In tor cot.
I'csalbly the action that will Interest the
public of the city most was the decision
to allow the school year to remain nine and
one-halt months Instead of extending It to
ten months. The resolution favoring the
extension , which was Introduced at the last
meeting and referred to a committee , was
unfavorably reported back , In view of the
fact that even with the present length of the
school year there will be an Increased dcfl.
clt In the school treasury at the end of the
> car. This unfavorable report was almost
unanimously adopted , Van Gilder being thu
only member to vote In the negative.
In connection with this matter Secretary
Glllan submitted the following report with
regard to the- condition of the treasury :
The expenditures since Julv 1 , 1S36 , Up to
April 1 , 1W7 , embracing the llrst iilno
inontl.f of the- school yenr , have nmounted
1o J24l.Ni7.Sl. The expenditures for the
llrst nine- months of the preceding school
jear amounted to $2j7'jll , ! SI This shows n
H.ivlMK during the past nine months of
3in,121C3 In addition , to this the board bus
plaee-tl JMKX ) In the Insurance- fund , and n
bill of over JlO.COtf for paxlnjy around the
lllgh school has also been pnld during the
jmst nine months Addlrg these sums to-
irethtr It imy be seen that the actual run-
uilng expenses of the school district Imvn
been about Ktf.COO Kss during this first nine
monthH of the present school ye.ir than
during a like period of the preceding year
1 estimate our receipts and expenditures
for the remnlner of the .school your as
Warrants outstnndlnt , ' April 1 , 1K97. $ 1C.74113
Expenditures April 1 to Julv 1
H97 ( school co ! Ing June 11. 18i7) ) 121,0 0.00
Total J140.741 n
dish on hand April 1 , 15s'i7 $ 9.7U.4I
HcotlptH April 1 to July 1 _ , 1SOT 4r > , ooo.oo
Total $110.741.13
The board determined that the school dis
trict should bo fully rcpicscntcd at the In
augural celebration of the exposition on
Arbor day All the schools were ordered
clcaed throughout the day. The High
Kchool cadeln were given permission to take
part In the parade Finally the members
determined to be ono of the sections of the'
parade themselves. They will ride In car
riages , the cost of which they will pay out
of their own pockets They were Instructed
by Grand Marshal Wlleox to be on hand
nt their place In the line at 1 o'clock
promptly. They will meet at the boaid
rooms and go to their pluco at Nineteenth
and Farnam streets In a body.
The examining committee , which was In
charge of the teachers' examination on
JIarch 30 and 31 , and April 1 and 2 , reported
that the following numbered papers had
reached the passing mark : Primary grade ,
New. 7 , 89 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 14 , 15 , 17 , 18 , 23 , 27 ,
28 , 29 , 30 , 32 , 33 , 34 , 30 , 37 , 39 , 40 , 41 ,
CO , 52 , 53 ; grammar grade , Nos. 34 , 54 ,
HUh school ( literary ) , Nos. 31 , 59 ; High
school ( mathematical ) , Nos. 57 , Gl ; High
school ( scientific ) . No. 68 ; High school
tLatln ( ) , No. GO ; High school ( special chcm-
Ifctry ) , ' No. 62 , Teachers' certificates will bo
Issued to the'ovvnera of the papers.
In view of the probable alignment ot
Lieutenant Clements , Instructor of the High
echoo ! cadets , ; to another point at the openIng -
Ing of the next school year , a resolution was
A passed requesting the War department to ap
point First Lieutenant Edward C. C. Ord as
the succeeding Instructor. Lieutenant Ord
ts the eon of the" late General Ord , at one
tlmo eomrrander of the Department of the
Platte In this city and was for three years
a student at the High school. Ho Is now
etatloncd at Fort Crook.
Several learned disquisitions on trees and
tree- planting were delivered by various mem-
bcis when n request was read from the Real
Eistato eichaiiRo that the board plant trees
nbout school properties , and especially the
High school After tome discussion author
ity was given for the purchase oil 200 trees
Of the number 100 will be us > ed In replacing
dead trees nbout other buildings and the lest
will be set aiound the north , west and east
Bides of the High school between the side
walk and the curb
A new course was added to the school cui-
rlculum It was Incorporated In n resolution
by Johnson , which was as follows
"Resolved , Hint the committee on teachers
and examinations and the superintendent of
Instiuctlon bo authorized 10 icquostall teach
ers to glvo the pupils In the public schools
of Omaha particular Instruction In the prin
ciples ot morality , ttuth , Justice and patriot
ism. "
A motion to table this resolution \vas lost
and It was ( hen adopted.
Stcietatj Glllan read 4 note from Harloj
M. Eller , William II , Slevers , II. Allen and
J. J. Kenlgan of the manual training school ,
which accompanied a handsome oaken read
ing desk , presented to the secretary by them ,
and offered their compliments. The desk was
an excellent specimen of carpentry and was
the handiwork : of the lads. The secretary
uted It during the meeting. A resolution
was passed , complimenting the makers on
thctiskill. .
The principals of the various schools were
given authority to arrange with the proper
committee of the Grand Army 6f the Repub
lic so that members of the army may
address the schools on the Friday before
Memorial day.
An Invitation wa extended the Western
Drawing Teachers' association , which meets
this jear In St Louis , to hold Its meeting
of 1898 In ttls city
II. E. Palmer & Son were authorized to
wrltu an Insurance policy of $2,000 on the
supply house' and Its contents to run for
three years from March 15.
The > committee on finance icportcd unfavor
ably upon the proposition of a real estate
eompany to sell the board several Iota ad
joining the Walnut Hill and Dupont school
Kites on account of the financial condition
of the treasury.
About twenty applications for the positions
of school census enumerators were received.
A number of applications for positions as
janitors and teacheiH werp also handed In.
The board was Invltei ! to make an ex-
oxhlblt of manual training echoo ! work at
the next meeting of the American Manual
Training association nt New 'Haven ' , Conn. ,
July 1 and 2 , The matter was referred tea
a committee.
Teacher Jennie R. Barker was granted ono
year's leave of absence on account of Illness.
Claims amounting to Jl.923.92 were al
lowed ,
The Hampton Lumber company was
awarded the contract for furnishing lumber
for the ensuing
Highest Honors World's Fair ,
DR ;
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fr
( rom Ammonia , Alum or any other adull 7f r *
40 Years the Standard.
9.1 , tf-2 , ? i snons AT IDC , znc , nnc
Mnrnlnit IlralnN flrnnilput
MciiKtitlonnl Simp Shoe Snlc H\cr
Wo buy a (20,000 shoe stock out ot town
and put It on sale
Every kind and style of shoe and oxford
tic worn by man , woman , boy and child will
bo In from this stock , and every pair will
be an Immense bargain.
4 , J3 , $2 OXFORD TIES , IOC , 29C , 30C.
In this stock there are , however , about
3,000 pairs of ladles' and misses' oxford ties
and slippers which cost originally ft , 53 , !
and $1 a pair. Thcco will bo on sale to
start the ball n rolling , at
190 , 29C AND 390.
Everything else In this Immense stock
will bo sold almost as low.
Be sure to attend this greatest of nl
shoe sale's on Wednesday , April 21st , at
ICth and Douglas.
Sam'l Burns has placed In front window
hand painted Glangcw China dinner set , enl
Feature of KiiMter Si-ri lorn n < ( lie
Church In Slieele.v ( IMMI.
The Easter mass that was being celcbratci !
In St , Wcuccslaus' Bohemian church
at 1412 South Fourteenth street , was
disturbed and almost broken up by a
tumult that did not fall far short ot a free-
for-all tight.
The Individual who proved to be the dis
turbing clement was Jan Slansky , a joung
Bohemian ot pleasing appearance. Slausky
has studied for the prlcathood and has also
been a student at the State university at
Lincoln. Ho came to the city last Satur
day evening and was the guest of Join
Roslcky. He arrived late , but decided
nevertheless to take In the mass that waste
to be celebrated at St. Wenceslaus' church
When the > oung man reached the churcl
ho found that the congregation filled It to
the doors. Therefore he went aroun I to
the sacristy doors to obtain admittance. He
felt that his priestly studies entitled him
to admittance In this way. Father Vratiek
who was In the sacristy , thought othcr-
w Ise.
"You have no right In here , " stated that
reverend minister , and he pushed the young
man roughly toward the door.
"I have a right , " replied Slansky , whose
temper rose nt the Interference.
Ho did not feel like standing the resist
ance , and some of the spectators say thai
ho took a poke ut the reverend father , but
did not land.
The fact that the priest was not struck was
not considered. The blow aimed at the
lev eiend man fired the joung acolytes who
attended him In ecrvlco. They turned upoi
JOUDK Slan ky and assaulted him. He was
beaten In the face repeatedly and the blooi
( towed from his wounds In goodly streams
Ho finally made his escape and then left the
church without attending mass.
The news of the affray soon spread among
the members of the congregation and Fathc
Vranek had considerable dllllculty In holding
their attention to the holy work la hand
After the services were concluded , the mem
hers of the congregation gathered about the
doors of the church and talked about the
affair for some time. It would have gone
lather hard with Slansky If they could have
placed their hands on him at that time.
Slansky was In police couit jcsterday
to sec If lie- could get back In a legal wa ;
at some of his assailants. He bore upon his
face full end conclusive evidence that he
had been the victim of an assault. He was
however , utablc to furnish the names of anj
of his assailants , and therefore did not sue
cecd In seeurlng a warrant for the arrest o
any one.
"The priest Informed the congregation
against me , " said Slansky. "The people
were like teirlble wild beasts , without civ 111
zatlon. Thcj struck mo across the face am
made mo. bleed : "
Later In the day Slansky appearcc'
with an addition to his story , which was will
difficulty understood , as ho talked very pee
English. The gUt of It was" that ho was the
victim of an assault In Shceleytovvn
Sunday afternoon shortly after 4 o'clock. Ho
was trying to argue with a small audience
upon the "bad people" In the world when
somebody struck him in the face. He hat
trouble In getting away. He believes tha
the assault was committed by some ono o
the congregation of the St. Wcnceslaus
Slansky alleges that he will be able to
Identify the man who hit him and a police
man accompanied him to Sheeleytown In an
effort to locate the Individual.
"A life on the ocean wave" and a quart o
Cook's Imperial Champagne , extra dry. Is the
acme of happiness.
Why send to other cities for flower , grass ,
vegetable or field seeds ? The Nebraska Sect !
Co. , 520 N. ICth st , can supply you with bet
ter seeds than any house In the country.
TIIK MHirilU nVl'UH. > LI.M3
Extraordinarily lovv excursion rates at
various periods during the next few months ,
cast , north and weal Eastern excursion
tickets are good on either the "Overland
Limited , " it 4 45 p. m. , or on the "Omaha-
Chicago Special , " at 0.30 p. m. , arriving at
Chicago at 7.45 and 9.30 next morning
respectively alwa > s.
It la difficult to Imagine better or more
complcto equipment than these trains are
supplied with.
City office , 1401 Farnam street.
] 2&ciirNl < m ( o 2Vew York City.
The Nickel Plato road \vlll sell excursion
tickets , from Chicago to New York and re
turn for all trains leaving Chicago on April
23 to 2G Inclusive , at rate of $24 for the
round trip , being less than via other lines.
Tickets will be valid for return passage from
New York to and Including May 4 , 1897.
For particulars call on or address J. Y.
Cafahan , General Agent , 111 Adams street ,
Chicago , III. _
Via tinIValniHli. .
On Tuesday , Apr. 20th , the Wabash will
eell round trip tickets to nearly nil points
south nt very low rates For tickets , time-
: able and further Information cell at Wa-
iash olllco , 1415 Farnam street ( Paxton
Hotel block ) , or wrlt .
0 N. CLAYTYON. Agent.
Six-Thirty P. M. Trnln.
of the
Best service ,
Dining car.
City office ; 1504 Farnam.
LOCAL iuiiviTiis. :
Judge Munger and Clerk Hlllls arc at Hast-
nRS holding a term of the United States dis
trict court
Chief of Police Slgwart yesterday swore
n thlrty-flvo special policemen , who will
> e on dut ) about the polls today ,
Thcro will bo a mars meeting of Baptist
hurches at the Young Men's Chrlstlon Atao-
latlon auditorium Wednesday evening.
Deputy Marshal Tomllnson arrested Joseph
Mead for the burglary ot the postoffice at
Vaco , Neb. , but the prisoner was released on
:5,000 : bonds to appear at the next term of
ho United States court. .
Articles of Incorporation of the Guthrlo
Irothera' Live Stock Commission company
mve bi'en filed with the- county clerk , The
apltal stock Is $20 000 , the IncorpoMtors
> elng W. E. Guthrle , S. A. Guthrlo and E.
[ Gibson
There will bo a public Inspection of the
) tuaha letter carriers on Thursday morning1
> y Postmaster Marl In The carriers have
nearly all new suits anA expect to inaKo a
ory preseutulilo appearance when ( hey line
up for InupeiUon ,
Otto Mererhelra , a C-year-old boy , was
mocked down by a rig at Hixte-onth and
.ociiBt streets Sunday afternoon at 4:30 :
I'clock. When bo was picked up It was
ound that he waa badly brulmnl , but was not
erlously injured. The lad was removed to
U home
BUI Carter was fined W and costs In
lollco court HBterday for asmilt and
lattery upon Llszle Carter a few days ago.
ho testimony showed that Carter went
fter the woman with an ax , but the
veapou was taHeu a\\ay by a little girl. Hu
hoa fiUppti the womau'i Juce ,
Postofiko Officials Produce Evidence Against
Him Which Seems Indisputable ,
Attempt to 1'roie nil AllliI for the
.Mail Who Ilclil Up the
I 1'ii-tt Mull Proton .
, rutUe. , I ,
Jnmcs True , ono of the two men who BO
boldly held Up and robbed the mall cnrg on
( ha Union 1'acinc's "Past Mail" train neat
Ulntah elation , Utah , last October , lias been
examined before a United States commis
sioner at Sacramento , Cal. , and on the
strength of the evidence there developed lm
been bound over to the next term of the
United States district court. Information tc
this effect was recalled by Chler William T ,
Canada of the Union Pacific's special sen Ice
department yesterday.
Thomas Hobbs , the other suspect who was
arrested by government detectives last week ,
was discharged by the commissioner because
of lack of convincing evidence. The licarlns
waj held at Sacramento last Saturday after
noon. The next term of the federal court
thcro will be In September , at which time It
Is thought by ths postolllco and railway
officials that True will be given a lengthy
sentence In a federal psnltentlary. The cane
hoa been conducted principally by the olll-
ccrs of the I'oslnnice department , as tha
robbery of the registered mall sacks W.TS a
crime committed against the government.
The government detectives have , however
been greatly assisted by the Union Pacific
The hearing developed the fact that Tru 'a
description corresponded almost exactly to
that given by the train hands and the ex
press messengers of the man by whom they
were Intimidated. Inspector Watcrbury ol
the I'ostolllce department located True at
Nevada City , Cal. , tome time ago , and ho
has been under surveillance ever since ,
though not arrested until last w ° ek. Tes
timony was offered proving that he had been
spending money very freely In Sacramento ,
San Francisco and other California points
soon after the robbery ft was proven that
ho was an ex-switchman of the Union Pa
cine , with whom the road had had trouble
before. J
Letters were Introduced to prove that Mrs
True , the wife , had endeavored to estab-
Huh an alibi for her husband on the night
of the robbery. She wrote to Mr. and Airs.
Wadman asking them to swear that the }
were at her house playing cards on that
night and that True was there This the }
refused to do. The wife swore that she had
bold her carpets In order to raise $8 foi
True's transportation , but the commls&Ioner
did not think this statement harmonized
with the fact that True had been spending
money lavishly as soon as he reached the
Golden Gate. The attempts to establish an
alibi failed completely , and much damaging
evidence regarding True's actions and gen
eral talk after the night of the robbery
was Introduced by the government.
ymnirr KAIIW\Y on.NGKS HANDS ,
TnniHfer II lullif the MUCH In SI.
Loiil * .
The largest street railway deal In the his
tory of St. Louis was completed last Sat
urday , when a controlling Interest In the
Missouri Hallway company was transferred
to parties who represent the Lindell Rail
way company. Nearly $2,000,000 Is represented
sonted In this transfer. Edwards Whltalte
and Charles D. McLure are the purchasers
The Missouri Hallway company operate
three lines the Olive street cable , the Mai
ket slrect and Manchester road electric am
the Lacledo avenue electric. Its authorize !
capital Is $2,600,000 , of which about $2,200,000
has been Issued. The par value of. the
stock Is $100 a share , but It has been selling
at $150 recently. The price at vvhlcn thl
transfer was made Is said to be $1C5.
iiii-jc'ifH < ; r : ! ? .
CHICAGO , April 10. The Denver & III
Grande road gave notice to all Its connec
tlons today that for the present It Intend
to observe strictly the law signed by Gov
ernor Adams of Colorado on Saturday , pro
hlbltlng the roads charging for the tranapor
tatlon of blcjclea when accompanied by pas
sengcrs The Denver & . Ulo Grande will n-j
check an > bicycles through the state , hu
will deliver them unchecked to connection
at junction points. _
Itullviay > ntfN mill PerHunulH.
W n Everest of the Great Eastern Fas
Frelpht line stopped off In Omaha jcsterda >
while on his way to Denvtr.
Western itllroads have "Individually an
nouneed a rate of one Taro for the roum
trip from Omaha to St. Louis for the Na
tlonal turnfcst , May C-0.
General Passenger Agent Mi C , Tovvnsem
of St. Louis and Land Commissioner G. A
A. Dcano of Little Hock , Ark. , both of the
Missouri Pacific & > stem , jvere In the city } cs
The Union Pacific measurement of the
water of the Missouri river , taken at (
o'clock yesterday morning , showed a fall
of twelve inches In the preceding twenty-
four hours.
Assistant General Freight Agent Wood o
the Union Pacific and General Freight Agcn
Morchouso of the Elkhorn went over to Chicago
cage last evening to attend a conference o
western freight olllclals.
On the occasion of the dedication of the
Odd Fellows' temple at Council Bluffs , nexl
Mondav , April 20 , all western roada will
sell round-trip tickets from points' within
100 miles of Council Bluffs for ono and one-
third icgular fare.
C. II , Spencer of the Qulncy , Omaha R.
Kansas City has been transfeired to other
duties , and the olllco of atststant genera !
manager Is abolished. C. E. Soule , after an
iibberica of several months In mercantile pur
suits , returns to the service of this railway ,
and la appointed superintendent , with olllcc
at Qulncy.
The confarcr.co between the general mana
gers , general freight and passenger agents
and superintendents of tin1 Union Pacific anil
: ho Oregon Short Line , which has been on
for several dtjs at Salt Lake City , came to
an end yesterday and the Union Pacific
men have started homeward , It Is under
stood that the object of the conference waste
to tighten the relations existing between the
larent road and Its offspring. Another con-
'cicnca will probably bo bold hero within
the next fortnight. _
Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup has nlnajs been
kept up to the standard. It Is the tame It
was forty years ago , the best sold.
Permits to wed Imvo been Issued to the
following parties by the county Judge ;
Name and Residence. Ai
iudolph Larsen , Omuhn . , , . , 29
ilna Jensen , Omuhn . 27
Cdwurd Shields , Omaha . , . 29
U-glnii Hoyd , Omaha . . 29
loliu II HJIT , Omaha . 37
Mia , Mnry'C. Goodman , South Omaha. . . . 35
Jesse O Polsley , South Omaha . 2G
lurenco May Svvlckanl , South Omuhn. .19
Fire lliiniH it Hum.
A tire In the barn In the rcur of 2G22 Hurt
street called out the ikyurtment shortly
after 7 o'clock lust night Thu burn vvns
owned and used by Aaron Hoc ) . The loss
was between (75 and (100 , It la not Known
lovv much Insurance nus carried ,
Unsurpassed for fine Linens ,
Muslins and Laces.
inns i.A cni.uuT 'run CITY JAM
ttxccnnUr VHP ofl. Morphine Cnuno
Mr * . Trrvn'n Dentil.
Mrs. Terrsll , & cltn prisoner , ellcd In on
of the cells at the police station jrrstcr
day. The cause of 'the ' death Is stated te
ha\o been heart failure , induced by the ex
cesl\o use of inon > hEno and Intoxicants , t
both of which the dead woman IN an addicted
At the tlmo of lior ideath the woman wa
being held on the ithirgo ot larceny fron
the person She was arrested arly Sunda ;
morning on complaint ot John Unrtcll , nhi
accused her of robblnK him ot a dollar In i
house at 103 South Klghlh , street last Sntur
day night. Doth man and woman were ar
Mrs. Terrell jcsterday complained ol
being very cold She * nas also In a d cldedlj
nervous condition , bnt this WAS believed ti
have been brought on because she wns no
furnished with morphine. She was able ti
go to the police court room about 10 o'clock
whcro eh was arraigned and pleaded no
guilty Her case nas set for trial In the
After being returned to her cell the
woman was visited liy members of the
Visiting Nurses' association Several drops
of brandy \\ero ghen her to strengthen net
nerves and the visitors left. This \vas ten
minutes before her death. The woman be
gan to complain and n message was sent
to the city physician. Before he arrived
the woman expired. The remains have
been removed to the morgue , but It wet
stated by the toroncr early In the afternoon
that no Inquest would be held The city
phstclnn stilted that there was no need
of an examination , ns the death was clearly
caused bj heart failure.
Mrs lerrell was known to the police as a
disorderly woman Although she wai white
she was the wife of a negro named Ter
rell. Terrell was sent to the penitentiary
nbout a > car ago on the charge of burglary ,
having been convicted ot looting n chicken
coop. Ho was sentenced to n term of two
jcarq and ts no\v In the penitentiary at Lin
Hcccham'g Pills for stomach and liver Ills
A lot of very speedy horses , vvi'll broker
drivers , line carriage ttatns , and royally bred
colts will be sold at the line horse sale bv
Wnlworth Proctor Co , April 23 and 24 , at
the Union stock jards. Write for a cita.
lIiiiucNfrkrrM' I"\i-iirnlon.
On Tuesday , April 20th , the Missouri Pa-
clllc railway will sell round trip tickets at
very low r.itcs to certain points In the
south , southwest and southeast. Stopovers
allowed on the going Journcj For Informa
tion , land folders , pamphlets , etc. , call or
address compauj's olllcc , KHIi and Fnrnain ,
or depot , 15th and Webster streets , Omaha ,
Neb. T V GOUI-UKY. P. & T. A.
J. 0. PHIIUPPI , A. G. F. & P. A.
US lloiirn CltltMiKii (11 NCMVofU. .
$24 for the round trip via the Nickel Plate
road , leaving Chicago , April 23 to 28 In
clusive , geol returning until May G Inclusive ,
Thin rate Is lower than \la other lines.
City ticket otllcc , 111 Adams street. Audi
torium Annex. Depot , Clark and 12th stieel
viaduct , Chicago. Telephone main 3JS9.
A PnNt Train for Mimtnmt
and the Pacific Northwe ° t leaves Omaha -via
the Burlington Route nt 1 3.1 p. in. dally.
It Is vcstlbulcd , carries sleeping and le-
clltilng chair cars und Is nearly a whole hall
dny quicker than any othei train from Omaha
to Helena , Unite , SpaKane , Seattle and Tacoma -
Tickets and tlmo tables nt 1502 Farnam St.
TotirlHt blt'curri
Leave Omaha dolly for Ogden , San Fran-
clsco , Portland , Ore , and other western
points , via the UNION PACIFIC.
Ihls Is an economical and comfortable way
of traveling.
City Ticket OlTlce. 1302 Fqrnom St.
Crttitl llomiinriit CiTfiimiilul nt
% orK.
Tal < o the twenty-eight-hour trajn on the
NftfKi > 1 Plate road. Solid trains bet > veen Chicago
cage and New York. * Meals served In dining
cars. Coaches lighted with Plutacli gas , and
In charge of colored porters. A trip over this
line will convince you of Its superior ac
commodations. Kate lower than by other
J. Y. Calalian , general agent , 111 Adams
street , Chicago , will take pleasure In furnlah-
Ing all nccce&ary Information.
Dr. T. W. Leeper , Oakland , Is In the city.
A. B Cady , St , Paul , Is an Omaha \lsitor.
J. II. Temple , Spokane , Wash. , is a IJarKcr
II. Q. Jloel , Chadron , Is reg'otered at the
A. L. Hanlson , York , Is a guest at the
W. II. Severs and wlfo , Noith Dtnd , are
In the city.
H M. Adams , St. Louis , Is registered at
the Mercer.
II. H Spelman , Carroll , la. , Is stopping
at the iMercer.
H. A Davvson , Pine Hldge , S. D. , Is stop
ping nt the Mcrtei.
John Roberts of South Omaha left last
evening for Llticoln.
Frank II , Daly , Chicago , and Joe Tlmmons ,
St. Louis , are at the State.
D. M , Kugcr and W. M. Dame are regis
tered at' the Barker from Fremont.
J. W. Jockson , a commission dealer of
South Omaha , left last evening for Chicago.
J. H. Mallalieu , secretary of the repub
lican state committee , arrived in the city
lust night. i
J. L. Spring , n. L , D. Voorhees and
Charllo Kuascll oru Llncolnltcs stopping at
the Barker.
R. S. Brlgham , manager Crawford's
theater , St. Joseph , Is stopping ut the
HarKer , accompanied by his wife.
Mrs. Carrlo Htiltmnn has been vlnltlns her
son , Hcv. P. O. Hultman , this winter She
leaves this evening for her home In Essex , la ,
J. F. Tilly , who has been superintendent
of government work at Fort D. A. Hussell ,
Is In Omaha on a vacation for a few wcuKs.
Mr n S. Brlghara , manager of the Craw
ford theater at Bt. Joseph and wife are In
the city. Mr. Brlgham Is en route for Cali
W. II. CopplB ami 0. Hewitt , Bancroft ; T.
R. Woody and William Gleek , Waynoj J ,
Hyrne , Mlndenj K. . Hall , Lincoln ; I ) . A
Smith , Auburn , ana C. Walberg , Bmnlmm ,
are Nebrabkans regjstcred at the State.
Ncbraskans at the hotels ; D , T , Cornell ,
Holdnrce ; E. ( ! . > Dey , Lincoln ; William
White , Table Rock/IS. ; D. Gould. Fullerlon ;
John W. Tcmpleton , St. Paul ; I" . M Mor-
rloon , Wllber ; JJH H. dlcCovven , Hastings ,
C. J , Anderson , 'Nellch ; N , Hall , Lincoln ;
P. Janscn , JansenjJohn L. May , Lexington ;
\V. A. Johnson , Wood River ; W. F. Haupt-
man , Svvanton ; Vt'f J , Robinson , Gothen
burg ; N , W. Wells ; Bchuyler ; II < O. Paine ,
Humphrey's ' No. 10.
BoM by ilniKKlntc , 2Sc , Hunip1in > n' Mol. Co
iormr William and Jphn Kit. . New York
Bankers'Building ' and
Loan. Association
102 * Capitol Avc.
Has money to loan at all times on first
real estate mortgages. Monthly pay-
mciitH , TO cents per uharo. I ouns can
be repaid by giving SO days' notice.
Tor further Information apply to
M. F , POSKHOOSER , Sec'y.
Event Promises to Bo Ono of the Qrcatcsl
Demonstrations Ever in the Oily.
nxtetiNl\c 1'repnratloux Ilrltifr Mmlc
for tlip Work Hint AV111 lie Per
formed .Next Tliurmlnj Mnrk
the Arch of Sluton.
Preparations for the Inauguration cere
monies of the Transmlsslsslppl Exposition arc
nearly completed and there Is every Indica
tion that the affair will be ono of the greatest
demonstrations ever wen In this city. He *
HpoiiEes continue to be lecctvcd from various
organizations , giving notice that they will
take part In the parade The latest notice of
this kind was that received from the Mer
chants' and Manufacturers' association of
Council DlufTs , slating that that organization
would bo In line with a large representation
atU would probably be accompanied by a
band. It Is estimated that there will bo
about 10.000 men In the parade.
The work of laying the foundation of the
\ich of the States , the cornerstone of which
will bo laid on Arbor day , np\t Thursday ,
was commenced } estonlay It Is the de
sire of the exposition manHgement to make
this aich a permanent Btructure. and with
this Idea in view , Architect Klmball has
been in cur-re t.ondetice with various mami-
factuicrs of brick and with owners of ston
quarries with a view to having them con
struct the arch. One plan suggested Is to
build the ntch of cream colored brick It
haa been urged that this would form a beau
tiful contrast with the decorated frieze and
result in a landmark which would be a thing
of beauty The plan of the urch. an agreed
upon contemplates having the frlczo dec-
oratoil will the coats of arms of the Males
of the1 union , done In colors , the transmlbsls-
slppl states being represented on the north
and Houth Pices , the thirteen original statwi
OH the ° pst face of the frle/e and the re
mnlntng stjitrs on thr west fare The nrch
will tlii-n hp what Its name Indicates the
Auh ot the States It will span Twentieth
street nt the south entrance to what will
bo known aftei the exposition as Kountze
park , and will form n most ttrlklng land
mark , vlslblr In every direction. The design
for this stricture thows an arch on thi >
order of the famous triumphal arches of
European countries It Is massive and Im
posing In appearance and in u most pleasing
architectural conception Eastern papers
have commented c\tt > nt > lvcl } and favorably
on this arch , bomo of them printing sketches
of It.
The cornerstone of this arch vslll bo laid
Arbor day by Grand Master Pheljw of the
Free Mccons of Nebraska , assisted by the
ofllcers of the grand lodge. The ceremony
will take place after the parade has reached
the exposition grounds.
Van Court & Wlnn , the contractors who
will do tile grading of the lakes and lagoons
on the exposition grounds , have commenced
moving their grading outfit to the grounds
and expect to commence work the first of
next week.
Wo heard a mechanic say that lie would
not be without Salvation Oil. It kills pain.
J24 Chicago to New York and return
Less than via other roads. Llmltwl tweaty-
elght-lmur train via the Nickel Plate
Tickets on tale April 21 to 2G Inclublvo , good
returning" until Maj 5 Inclusive For r ° s ° rva
tlotis In sleeping cars or any other Informa
tion , call on or addiets J. Y Calahan gen
eral agent , 111 Adams street , Chicago , 111.
tlrNlilp IN fij I'orlnl.
The nlishlp that has been infesting these
and neighboring parts Is a nightly visitor
at 1'ortal vvhenevei the weather Is line.
The- residents of that little place- , which Is
but a few miles from this city , would be
unablu to sleep If the- airy inonstc-r dlil not
put In .1 regulai uppeaiaiice. So h.ijs Mrs.
John McCarthy , who llvis then * and who
has friends In this city. The ship appears
on every night when it Is flour. It hccms
to come Invailably from the direction of
Seymour pailc. It .slgyngs across the heav
ens and shoots up or down with equal
facility. According to the- people who lmvt
viewed it through glasses It is long and
oblong , and Is p-ovliled with huge wings
Lights are hung front and aft.
Science has invented a
nou-fiinkablc life boat : Fill
it with water and it actually
bails itself out in less than
a minute. Science finds a
way to save lives that seem
beyond savins' . When the
good ship of Health is
stranded on the k-e shore
of Consumption , science
comes to the rescue with
Dr. Pierce's ' Golden Med
ical Discovery. It is the
non-sinlcable lifeboat of
medical science.
It makes red , rich
blood that drives im
purities out of the
circulation , stops un
healthy deposits in
the throat and lungs ;
. heals up the tissues
jand restores vital en-
\cry \ ) and solid flesh.
Its nutritive proper
ties are far superior to any malt extracts or
cod liver oil emulsions , as it does not make
soft flabby fat , but genuine muscular power
and nerve force. It cures all diseases that
result from impoverished blood and all
weak run-down conditions.
J. W. Jordan , Hsq , of Corbln , Whitley Co , Ky. ,
writes : " About two and n half years ana when
I was nt Pint I.lck , Ky. , I was taken with severe
pains In chest , after which I began to spit up
blood and vvns also troubled with night-sweats.
I was so short vvladed that I could hardly walk
half a mile at once , and if I got the least bit
ncnried I would have an attack of phthisic ( as
thma ) and almost die for about twoor three days
I concluded to try Dr. R V. Pierce , anil I related
my case to him. He wrote me that I should taVe
his 'Golden Medical Discovery , ' I began using
it and used nbout six bottles. I brgan to see that
it was helping me. So I concluded to continue
the 'Golden Medical Discovery. ' I did so
and I have improved both In strength and in
weight. I have not had the phthisic , nor spit up
any blood since last spring. "
Dr. Pierce'a Common Sense Medical Ad
viser is the most popular medical work
in the English language. It contains a
thousand and eight-pages , and over three
hundred illustrations. It is a great store
house of valuable information , A copy
strongly paper-bound will be sent free on
receipt of twenty-one cents in one- cent
stamps to pay the cost of mailing only.
Address , World's ' Dispensary Medical As
sociation , Huffalo , N. Y. If a handsome ,
cloth-bound , stamped binding is pcrferrcd ,
send ten cents extra (31 ( cents in all ) to pay
extra cost of this handsome and better
binding ,
Bco , April 19 , S7 ,
In Spring Overcoats
Merc's a chance to own a stylish light weight over
coat for about half price , Our New York man re *
ccntly closed out a small line of Covert cloth coats ,
which we put on sale today at less money than coats
of equal quality have ever been sold for before , They
are handsome , light colored garments made from
genuine Covert cloth , cut in the stylish lengths 40
inches and have fly front , horn buttons , full picco
back and overlapped pocket and side seams. Going-
by all the values ever offered in Spring Overcoats in
other stores these garments arc really worth ten or
twelve dollars , but to make short work of them wo
name a price of $5 75 each while they last. All sizes
from 34 to 40. This ts a case where the early bird' '
gets a worm and a half ,
Largest Stock and
Lowest Prices
12th and Douglas.
0 F El
& I iat
A vnti- for him Is a vote for buMm > f > H inpthodd
In the comptrnllcr'H nlllce , us his butlntFs icconl
In this ilty will attest.
. . .FOR .
- - .
A nd ask your friends to do the sumo
VVcakneu ft Unorder ot
0 Veari Eipenence.
U Yean in Omaha.
flock Free. Coniultalloo
and humiliation Hct.
I4lh and Farnam Sls _
Alt , IIAIM.S UOII > K.N -.1" )
it cnn l > o Kltpn uliliiiul the hniMrlriler of
( lie pullpiit IncolTtr , Ira or cirlltlMiif fm > .i "III
tflrct u ptrmituint Anil rpiiily cum , ulirllur tha
pillcnl In u mmlcrHli' ilrinkcr or HM Hkulinllc wn'ck.
Ilnok of particular' frnIn hn huil of
Kuhn A. ( la. Iftlh < l llourlao M > . Omubii. Nth
GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO , Prop't. Cincinnati , L > ,
7rlt if ll'tll ' ! * * oo Morphine JUUI mili > 4 fr *
Tlin only rollubln remain rrgulnlnr
Nnvrr I'lilln. holdbyilrugglbU W'-.0l (
8Mid 4o fnrVomHN'ft Nufecnuril ,
U A New
From top ( o to *
that's when
you're dre& > td
in one of
Spring ;
$ J5
to $40
The quality is best.
Everything to measure.
Samples cent out of town.
207 S. isth St.
Branches In all principal cities
Are Hindu of eolit
Kcild , which In 2'lc
\1SUU fo" CsmaVl
Krrouim. JO 00 fop
] i Bicuspids and
{ * . mid JH.OO
V Crowns apjillod
' painlessly ; touth
uxtrticte-il xvltliN
out the Icaht pain by localuppllcutlon to th " . .
Bailey , the Dentist ,
Lady Attendant ,
4 LI , > rri ! < / > ( * * * Falllntf Mom *
or ) . Jmi otmicKlf > * i lfMneBi ( itc .uiufcej
by Altukuuud nllmr \ iiwunui flnd Iiidlt-
cntlonvArjy t/tiir/ty ami * urr/ir
iittorit I/ > -l Vitality in old or jouiu . uuj
( U a man/urUu.ly liuiitinbuor inurrUu * ,
„ , _ . J'rt-vrnt lni > umty unu Consumption if
taktm in time Jhelr tun uliowi linineillnlo Improve
ment unil utfectfl u CUUU where all other * lull In
sUt upon liuviittf tlin itpnulno Ajitx Tablets 'iht > jr
IIIITHcuiI tltouHiimUnntl will euro youM ulve a
punitive written KUHnintbM to * ffett u cure In each cua
or refund tha mono ) J'ricufiO r nu tor imiknueor
fell luitkuKe * ( Tull trHatmvutJ fur $ JW iJy mull , it *
plain wnipfM'r. ujon ri rlnt of \ rlco. Circular Iff
AJAX REMEDY co. . , ; : ; ; ; ' , ? '
Tor Bale In Oinalia by Jumcu Foreyth , ! 03 N , I
ICtli Mrtrt.
Kuhn ti. Co , llth anil Douglui Strceti ,
At Mrs. Benson's Old Stand , 1519 Douglas Street.
Consisting of $100,000 Worth of WATCHES , DIAMONDS and JEWELRY ,
Will be sold at Pubic Auction to the highest bidder without reserve or limit , Every
article warranted as represented or money refunded. Sale
Every Day This Week.
af 10 3. HI , 2 p. mi and 7 pIHi , a"d will continue until the entire stock is sold Ladies fc
are especially invited to attend this sale. 4
Mrs. Benson's Old Stand , 1519 Douglas Street.

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