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tensions and divisions that unfortunately
exlft In the democratic party , " ho began.
"It would fcom that the minority might ,
without friction , unite en some policy. When
we oo our great opponent united on all ques
tions , sotnetlmffl against Its judgment , and
turn to see our side hopelessly divided on a
mcro quofitlon of parliamentary proctdure ,
U Is a pitiful light wo present to the coun
try "
He had striven In every way an honorable
man could to prevent dissensions He re
lated liow Hit democrats had fought off con-
Kldcrlig slxlien amendments to the Indian
approprlatlr.nl , when It had afterward * dc-
velop d that the develcpmcnts were of no lit
tle Importance , that there had been a divi
sion on only three of lliem Today the demo-
cratn hid quarreled over the bankruptcy
bill. The republicans could not refuse to
consider 11 without reflecting on their col
leagues In the- senate , for all of the eight
vote against It there had been can by
democrats , five of whom v/cro opposed to
nny bankruptcy bill. The nonato had passed
a geol bitkruptcy bill , co the republican1)
were In no haste to allow It lo be consid
ered. When ho had almost secured an agree-
went to take tip the > bill the democrats had
ntlrrcd up this unseemly discussion. Mr.
Dalle/ had wondered , ho said , when ho had
seen the speaker assailed from day to day ,
that he had not sooner Invited a resolution
which would nhlft the responsibility from the
npcakcr to the house , The gentleman from
Kansas ( Mr. Simpson ) had refused to Intro
duce such a resolution when the apeakor In
vited him to do so , because ho did not want
the comml'tccs appointed.
"There Is not a man on this nldo of the
housu who wants the committees appointed , "
Mr. Halley asserted
Messrs. Lcwln. Barlow of California and
Simpson declared that they did.
"Th n there are more unwise men on
thin sldo than I thought , " Mr. Ualley re-
Mr. Slrtpfon Interrupted to say that re
publican leglilatlon was no worse than demo
cratic , whereupon Mr. Halley paid , with a
wine of hla hand to the democrats. "I com-
moml that to jour followers on this sldo of
the house. " Incidentally , ho said , the coun
try would never take the gentleman from
Kansas seriously.
Mr. Lewis had said , Mr. Halley continued.
that he desired the free coinage of silver ,
yet ho knew thcro was no more chance of a
committee of thli house reporting a free
silver bill than for an Infidel to enter the
Kingdom of heaven. Prosperity was what
every one wanted ; If the rcpubllcan gave
prosperity , they would bo given a vote of
confidence ; If they did not , a return to bi
metallism was assured.
Mr. Cochran , democrat of Missouri , spoke
briefly In favor of free coinage
Mr Slmpcon put In a few more remarks.
The adoption of a resolution he deemed un
necessary , because the speaker would defy
that no he had the rule of the houae. He
Itad thought when the democratic party
kicked out the goldbuR gang Whitney ,
Hill nnd rtl'ers. who had come to Chicago
on a special train that It had reformed , but
when ho taw It acting as a trailer to the
republicans he despaired of Its reformation
Itcpubllcans would vote against the resolu
tion , because they feared that If they did
not the speaker would not give them good
commlttro Mfllgnments Nero could have
said Unit the Romans had the power to di
rect him to change his policy as well as the
czar of the house ,
A substitute wna presented by Mr. Fleming ,
democrat of Georgia , for the resolution , re
citing that under the rulra already adopted
It was the speaker's duty to appoint the
The only speech made for the republicans
was by Mr. Dlngloy. Tlio Issue , If It vag
to be presented at all , should bo frankly nnd
squarely stated , ho said. Thc > resolution/ ?
presented made It uncertain whether the
upeaker was directed to appoint the com
mittees at once. He took Issue- with the
contention that the speaker should do this
An extraordinary s"sslon had been called for
the ono purpose of providing revenue for the
government The house Ind accomplished
Uswork and was waiting for the action of
the senate Ho did not believe It was wise
to onte upon general legislation OP do more
than take up such Incidental matters as
might arUo connected with the revenue.
To make the lame clear , Mr. Dlngloy of
fered a substitute amendment for the reso
lution , which was :
"Hesolved , That tlui speaker bo directed1 to
Immediately appoint the committees of the
bouse. "
Mr. Lewis , In closing the delntc , expressed
surprise diet .Mr. Bailey , nftei * approving the
icsolutlon when It was presented to him , per
sonally , had seen fit to oppose It In debate.
Tlilg aroused Mr. Halley to a hot. . rejoinder
tint the resolution which , Mr. Lewis pre
sented to the house was not the same he had
shown him
The Dlngley substitute was adopted and
the vote on the resolution as amended wis
taken by roll call and resulted : Ayes , 52 ;
nays , 124 ; present. 13. those ansnenng pres
ent being paired. The Vote nas chiefly In
teresting because displaying the division In
the democratic ranks and that division was
nearly equal , thirty-three voting against the
resolution , under Mr. Ilalley's leadership , and
thlrtj-two with u\Ir. Low Is for It. The only
repiibllc-in who voted for the resolution nas
( Mr , Low of New- York All of the populists
nnd fuslonlsts voted for the resolution , and
the silver republicans refrained from voting
The democrats who voted for the resolu
tion vveiv Mlers , Noiton , Ogden , Pleic ,
Kim , Illchardeon , Rlxoy , Settle , Trny ,
Zenor , Allen , Denton , Hrundldge , liurkc ,
Cochran , Cowherd , Divey , Do Armond. Dock-
ciy , Fleming ! rox. Handy. Hunter , Kltehln ,
lamb. LiUlmer. Lenlz. Lewis , Love , uMc-
Dowell , MoMlllIn , Mcltue.
The demirtrai8 who voted against the icso-
lutlon weio Adamson , Bailey , Balrd , Bell ,
( Bankhcad , Brenner , Brewer , Campbell , Car-
mack , Clark , Cooney , Cooper , Crnnford ,
Davis , D Oraffenrold , Devrlcs , Hay , Henri
( Toxns ) , King. Kleberg , Lewis ( Georgia ) , Mc-
Clellan , iJlagtilro , Mecklson , "Meyer " , Hoblncon
Siyors , Slajden , Stephens , Sullivan , Tale
Wheeler ( Kentucky ) . Williams.
Mi Cannon , republican of Illinois , called
up the sonito resolution to
appropriate $50-
000 for the
expenses of the COIHTCES of the
Univnranl Postal union , which convenes In
Washington this week , and It vvarf adopted.
At S'28 p in the house adjourned until
CimiUnn.Senator '
- I'li > licn Into
Mnrtvnii ofliiliiiinii. .
WASHINGTON , May 3. Senator Tlllman
of South Caiollna wa heard from briefly
and pointedly In the senate today after a
allcncu of many -weeks , and as usual his re
marks served to
nrouso a lively contro
versy. it occurred during the considera
tion of the "
"Krc-o Homestead "
Bill. Mr. Mor
gan proposed an amendment giving all pub
unoccupied by 1000 lo the several
stales anu territories. Mr. Haw ley declared
this to bo a startling proposition
and Mr. Tlll
man Bought to oppose It
by a series of mies-
t ons addressed to Mr.
Morgan. Someof
( jueitlotm referred to the amendment
a proposition to " "
"gobblo" and "steal" the
Interest of states In public lands. .Mr. Mor-
Kau lu , jurn made a sharp and
Jolnor and for a tlmo senators and spectators
vvoro Interested In the animated flre
After Mr. Morgan bad protested against the
interruption as a breach of the privileges of
the bt-nato , the Incident was closed by a
statement from Mr. Tlllman disclaiming
purposeof being discourteous to the Ala any
bama senator. The .Morgan amendment was
withdrawn and an agreement
llnal vote on the free homestead
at 3
n. tomorrow , liarly In the day Mr. Morgan n
endeavored to secure a vote on the Cuban
resolution. It went over , at the
request of
Mr. Halo of
Malno , In order that speeches
In opposition may bo made ,
At 2 o'clock the
bill Kuovvn as the 'Troo
You don't
where you got that cold. Do
you know where you can get the
cure for it ? Every drug store
keeps Ajrer's Cherry Pectoral.
/ / cures coughs and colds.
Homestead bill" was taken up. The bill re
leases settlers on pUbHc land acquired from
Indians from the payments now required by
law , and also given frco homesteads on such
lands not now occupied.
An amendment was offered by Mr. Morgan
Riving all public lands , not taken up by
homestead entry on January 1 , 1903 , to the
feveral states and territories for educational
purposes. Mr. Morgan's proposition aroused
much opposition
Mr. Haw ley , republican of Connecticut ,
ctiarncterbetl It as a startling reversal of the
policy of the government. Involving the coni-
plcto disposal of all public lands , with their
Incalculable wealth of mined and forest.
The debalo was enlivened by a sharp ex
change between Mr. Tlllman of South Car
olina and Mr. Morgan Mr Tlllman advanced
down the aisle until abreast of Mr Morgan ,
and then In hl.i characteristic explosive rtylo
with Index finger aimed at the Alabama sen
ator began firing a volley of questions on
the Justice of giving all the government
lands to states , thus depriving the other
btates of federal aid to education
"Don't } ou suppose , " said Mr. Tlllman ,
that wo have as many poor children needing
cducatlonljs you have , and as a matter of de
cency do Jou propose to gobble up all of these
lands ? " ife
"I am not a gobbler , " returned Mr. Morgan ,
"so that the rulra applying to gobblers do
not apply to me. "
Mr. Tlllnian Insisted that.the Morgan prop
osition meant that one class of states wet ]
to gobble up all the lands. Ho added that
hl.s state already had douo much for Mr.
Morgan's state , peopling It and redeeming
It from ( ho Indians. "If so , " replied Mr.
Morgan with a touch of sarcasm , "I am
willing to vote to return to South Carolina
all the people she over gave to Alabama. "
"I have never heard It Insinuated they
were not respectable people , said Mr. Tlll
"Respectable and poor , " observed Mr. Mor
gan."Yes , poor , God knows , continued Mr. Till
man , "and because we are poor wo protest
against your stealing what they have left. "
For the first tlmo Mr. Morgan ( showed
signs of In Ration and turning to the prcsid
Ing olllccr , Mr. Mantle being temporarily lu
their chair , he protested against the use of
the words "gobblo" and "stealing. "
Without waiting for a ruling from the
chair the colloquy proceeded.
"If It Is not stealing It Is very much akin
to it , " remarked Mr. Tlllman.
Mr Morgan said It was not surprising to
hear of stealing from a senator who had pro
posed to relieve hU state from the federal
taxes on liquor.
"Wo have made the liquor lawa of South
Carolina so as to benefit the poor , educate
the children , reduce drunkenness one half
and shut up every barroom lu the state , " re
sponded Mr. Tlllman.
Mr. Morgan , somewhat milled , said he
would not have entered upon this subject If
ho had thought It would lead the senator
( Tlllman ) Into such an Intoxicating strain.
"I have been hero a long time , " continued
Mr. Morgan , "and this la the first time a
senator has attempted to take me off my feet
by remarks personally offensive , even though
uttered In a spirit of levity .ind badinage "
After Mr. Morgan had discussed the merits
of his amendment Mr. Tlllman secured the
iloor and disclaimed any purpose to i.peak
flippantly or discourteously to Mr. Morgan to
take him off his feet. This closed the Inci
Mr. Morgan finally withdrew his amend
ment in order not to embarrass the bill.
An agicement was then reached that a final
vote on the bill be taken at 3 p. in. tomor
row.The senate then , at 3.10 p. m. , adjourned.
HKPOirr o.v 'inii MW TAHUT uii.i , .
for Holding It Thrown
Uponi Join's of AoMiiln.
WASHINGTON , May 3. Senator Allison ,
chairman of the republican subcommittee
which Is preparing the tariff bill for the
senate , had a conference today with the dem
ocratic members of the finance committee
and arranged with them a. program for get
ting the bill Into the senate. According to
this agreement the bill will bo reported to
the full committee tomorrow , if the repub
licans find they deslro to hold it no longer ,
and It will then bo passed on to the senate
as soon as the republicans make It manifest
that they have a majority favorable to its
being reported. , >
Mr. Allison renewed jhe effort to secure
consent to having the bill reported after
tomorrow's meeting without conditions , but
the d mocrats refused to accede. They
would only agrco not to Insist upon holding
the bill in committee for detailed Inspection
after the republicans had shown that thej
had a clear majority In committee favorable
to the bill. Senator Allison accepted these
This arrnnpement will throw the responsi
bility of deciding the length of the time the
bill shall bo held upon Senator Jones of
Nevada , sliver republican , who holds the bal
ance of power. Ho was opposed at first to
an Immediate report , but the Indications
now are quite decisive that ho will not lend
himself to any prolonged consideration of
the bill In committee IJQ has practically
said as much to his friends. The democrats
expect that the bill will bo held In committee
for two or three dajs , but do not count upon
retaining it for the two weeks , which is the
tlmo they first asked for. After It is re
ported the bill will bo allowed to Ho on the
table for ten days or two weeks before bclnx
taken up for debate.
TLoro Is determined opposition on the part
of a number of eastern senators to the
proposition to plnco hides on the dutiable list
This movement has taken definite shape. It
Is led by Senator Ledge of 'Massachusetts '
and Senator Fryo of .Maine. Both these sena
tors have had frequent Interviewj with the
sub-cominlttco with the hope of provalllns
upon them to alter their decision. They have ,
however , received no assurance of acquies
cence and the Impression Is geneial in the
aonato that when the bill is reported It will
to found to contain a provision for a hide
duty of 1 % cents per pound. Some of the
opposition senators nnrcunco their intention
to carl } the fight to the Be unto and they hopa
to gain the a&slstanco of domociatlc senator ?
who oppose a duty on raw material.
Tiru.vfj TO"GIJT i.vro Tim IIOUM : .
llofenteil for ( lie Semite , Hunter AVI1I
I'ri'MH HIM ContvHt Cane.
WASHINGTON , May 3. Despite a heavy
rain the president had a large number of
callciE. Dr. Huntpr , the republican candi
date for senator from Kentucky , who was
forced to withdraw , had a brief talk with
Mr McKlnlcy about the Kentucky patronage
which has been held up pending the result
of the senatorial election. Nothing , It Is
announced , will bo done In the matter until
the arrival hero next Wednesday of Senator-
elect Deboc. Dr. Hunter says ho Is not a
candidate for any position lu the gift of the
president. Ho will prcos his contest against
Congicssman Rhca for a seat In the house.
It has been definitely decided that Na
tional Commlttccman J. K. Boyd of Noitli
Carolina will bo appointed solicitor of
Internal revenues , and his nomination is
expected this week.
Congressman Nortbway of Ohio presented
General Robert U. Sampson of Arizona , a
former resident of the Buckeye state , who
aspires to bo consul general to Mexico. Tor
this post thcro are already ninety applicants
The president Informed Mr. Northway that
further consular appointments , as a rule ,
would bo postponed until after the adjourn
ment of congress. There may bo appoint
ments In exceptional cases from tlmo to time ,
but the general policy of the president will
bo to hold up this class of appointments
until after the tariff bill Is passed and
congress has adjourned.
Senator Martin of Virginia accompanied a
delegation of thirty-four , headed by Mayor
Williams of vVlnchrater , who formally Invited
the president to be present at the Stionan-
dah Valley Agricultural fair next September.
Inasmuch aa Mr. McKlnloy received lib Ma-
sorilo degree at Winchester during the war ,
and as u Masonic delegation will call next
week to urge his acceptance of this Invita
tion , the Winchester delegation liavo strong
hopes that he will accept. The president
said he recalled his experience at tho'Win-
Chester lodge , but would communicate his
reply to the Imitation later.
IVtnv * ( or ( ho Army.
WASHlNOTON.May 3. ( Special Telegram. )
Order requiring Second Lieutenant Herbert
A. White to report at West Point has been
Major John W. Pullman , quartermaster ,
ban torn ordered from Fort Monroe to Buf
falo , N. Y. , to superintend construction of
buildings at Fort Porter.
Order detailing Second Lieutenant William
Brooke , Fourth Infantry , for Instruction at
Fort LcAVeuwortu tcbool , tuu * been revoked.
Ono Way of Explaining the Hiso in
Superintendents' ' Salaries ,
oiicd Illll VVtiw So ( VniTfd \ lth
K-iiilnicnlM Hint It foil III Not
lie UHI-I ! anil u I'rlnlcil Illll
AVlIM SllllvtltlltlMl.
LINCOLN , May 3. ( Special ) An effort Is
being made by populists today to explain
thf error made In the enrolling room where
by the salaries of the superintendents of the
thrco asylums were raised $ " ' 00 each after
the salary bill had passed the legislature.
U la claimed tint the engrossed copy of the
bill was so changed and plastered with
amendments that It could not be uocd as
copy In wrlttlng the enrolled bill , and that
a printed copy of the bill waa used , the
amendments being Interlined. The person
who corrected up this printed copy failed
to change the amount of the superin
tendents' salaries to Hie figures agreed upon
by the house nnd'senate committees. These
who know something of the strong effort
that watt made to keep the salaries at $2,600
a > car do not hesitate to say that this Is only
an attempt to shift the responsibility of
making the change from an empiove to some
member of the house , the preparing of the
extra printed copy furnishing an excellent
opportunity to make desired changes In the
The officials whoso salaries are affected
have not expressed themselves on the sub
ject since the discovery of the change was
made. During the legislative session Super
intendent Damcrcll of the Hastings asylum
stated that ho would icslgn If his salary waa
cut below $2,500. He said that the furnish
ing of the living expenses of his family by
the Institution was no advantage and that
he would gladly furnish this out of his own
pocket If a separate residence could bo pro
vided conveniently near.
Governor Kolcomb today gave to the pwa
the followlrg "Apropos of the salary ap
propriation bill , as enrolled , carrying 52.509
per annum for the three superintendents of
the hospitals for the Iraano , Instead of $2.000
each , which It Is claimed was all that was
appropriated by the legislature , the error
was discovered and discussed in this office
when the bill was before me for conulclera-
tlon. At that tlmo nothing could be done ex
cept to approve thrto Items as presented In
the enrolled bill or disapprove them , and
thereby pi event nny appropriation whatever
for salailcs for superintendents for these
thrao Institutions for the blennlum The bill
was approved upon the theory that the ap
propriation for salailos for thcso three su
perintendents was the amount actually
passed by each branch of the legislature ,
viz. $2,000 each per annum. Tills view Is
clearly supported by the decision of the
supreme court In the State ex rol Casper
ot al against Moore , 37 Neb. 13. As to
how the error came into the enrolled bill I
am at this time unable to express an opin
ion. "
The bond clerk In the auditor's office is
of the opinion that the sending out of state
ments to county clerks notifying them or
the amount accrued on county Doiuls is utu-
Ics3 , the clerks relying on their own booKs
and paying no attention to the statements.
An instance is given where the bond cleik
In 1891 certified to the clerk ot I'latto county
that the interest on the $ SC.OOO refunding
bonds of that countj was $3,7SO , when the
amount should have been $3S70. The same
error appears in the statements every voar
slnco 1891 , and no word of complaint has
been received from the holder of the bonds
or from the county clerk , which goes to
show that the statement Is disregarded , and
the lovj Is made for the true amount from
the county clerk's books. Another error
found by Bond Cleik Simpson today affects
rierco county. In 1S90 that county voted
bonds to the amount of $25,000 to build a
new court house. The proposition called
for twenty-car bonds , and provided that no
levy should bo made for the payment of the
same until 1S91 , at which tlmo a10 per
cent levy should be made , and the same
each year thereafter until the bonds were
paid. In 1894 the bond clerk sent a state
ment to the clerk of Platte county , giving
notice that a levy of $1,250 must be made
for the pajmont of bonus iho same error
was repeated In 1S95 and 1S9C , and no objec
tion has boon made 'by ' the countv clerk.
Sheriff S. Knudsen of Phcips county was
hero today to land four prisoners In Iho pen
itentiary. They were all sentenced at the
April term of court. C. Christiansen goes
up for two years for embezzlement , D. M.
Conard three years for attempted wife mur
der , C. W. Rogers and John Wilson each
three years for burglary.
The state auditor has been mandamused
to compel the payment of the salary of W.
II. Wheeler , stenographer for the Judge of
the Second district for the months of July ,
August and September , 1S96 Wheeler claims
that Tom Chapman , the son of Judge Chap
man , was appointed to succeed Mm lu
Octobbr , and ihat the new appointee diew
all the salary for the three months named.
Local wheelmen are making strong protests
against the enforcement of the ordinance
against riding on sidewalks. Mayor Graham
declares that ho will remit no more fines ,
and bicyclists who persist in crowding pedes
trians off the sidewalk will hereafter do eo
at their own risk. Sidewalks were made for
pedestrians and not for wheelmen.
County Attorney Mungei has filed an ac
tion In the county court charging Otto Stan-
key with Inveigling two young men , Ray
Frey and Eugene I'arks , Into his gambling
rooms and fleecing them out of amounts of
money over CO ccntH. This Is ono of the cases
dismissed In justice court.
There will bo a base ball game on the Uni
versity campus tomorrow afternoon between
a Council Bluffs team and the University of
Nebraska team.
Ed Buckner was very severely brulued this
afternoon by being thrown from a buggy.
Ills horse became frightened and ran away.
Dr , C. P. Pall of Beatrice and C. W. Brled-
onthal of Wymoro are Lincoln visitors today.
Omaha people at the hotels : Lincoln
Frank Irvine , A. M. Jeffrey , E. Rich. Lin-
doll J. A. Epeneter , Henry Becrn , J. F.
Coad , Jr. , W. If. Brown , H. M. Waring.
Tiiutn OK TIII ; .ii/nciis cuosnv.
Murrjn. . Illinium > iuni-il n * ( lie .Short
'IVrmrr of ( he Municipal ( 'oiirl.
LINCOLN , May 3 , ( Special Telegram. )
Governor Holcomb this afternoon completed
the list of Judges of the Omaha municipal
court by the appointment of Harry E. Bur-
nam to bo the third judge. '
r. M. Davis of Beatrice and Charles Brled-
enthal of Wjmoro came up today to protest
against the action of lht > Board of Public
Lands and Buildings In appointing Dr.
Givens of Winore to take the place of Dr.
Fall as superintendent of the Institute for
Fceblo Minded Youth. The hoard Informed
thorn that Us action was final and would
not bo reconsidered.
Dr. Tall was In Lincoln , but was not be
fore the board. The change ordered by the
board Is to take place May 5 , but the Indica
tions ara that Dr. Fall will refuse to recog
nize the right of the board to remove him
without u hearing ou charges properly pre
Sirlnulolil | Oriiiuiidii Company.
SPRINGFIKLD , Neb. , May 3. ( Special. )
The Springfield Dramatic company , under the
management of Mr. Charles C , Lowe , closed
a two-nights' engagement at the opera house
hero Saturday night , presenting the beauti
ful four-act comedy drama , "Over the Hills
to the Poor House. " 'Hie plcco was pro
nounced by all who witnessed It to bo the
beat effort the company over made. The
play will be given at the 1'apllllon opera
housu Tuesday night , May 4.
for Cluii'ch U
NORTH LOUl' , Neb. , May 3. ( Special. )
A unique supper , follow ed by an Interesting
program , waa given In the town hall last
Saturday under the auspices of the Epworth
league for the purpose of raising funds for
church cxpenbca. Tbu unique feature of the
supper was In the menu , which consisted ot
such Itema as "Women of Orlt , " "Tearful
Subjects , " "Spring's Offering , " "Boston1 !
Overthrow , " "Lay of the Lut Minstrel , "
"Nonh'n Son. " "A Cold Vovrel , " etc , being
respectively , hanftvlcho , horse radish , water
tea , CKRS. h-fm , Hcd tea , etc. , and the mto-
takes made In ordering gave rlao to much
merriment Presiding Elder Erastus Smith
of the Methodist Episcopal church was pres
ent and was sfrrfitnarlly placed on the pro
gram for "stories , " several of which he gave
In his Inimitable stvle , Including several of
his experiences during the war. About $10
was netted. . . . ,
TOM n of tfiitrh' , ronniTlj 1'rolillil-
( loiilHlu > < tM After HIM MIII ' .
CLARKS , NelMiMayl 3 ( Special. ) At this
spring's elecUun.itho people of Claris voted
In a license board , and the Indications ore
that the town will bo well supplied with
saloons for the ycir Henry Horstman baa
already been granted a license and two more
petitions are on file , one by Moore & Snider
of Central City , and another by S. A. Donel-
son of DavKt City Doth petitions will prob
ably bo favorably considered , as there la a
pretty strong feeling In favor of granting
licenses to all who can make a proper1 show
ing There Is a strong temperance clement
here , but the town lias had such a discourag
ing experience with "bootIccBl s" when
saloons were shut out that the majority of
the people have concluded that saloons are
the lesser of two evils ; and as they are to
have saloons , they flturo that they might as
well secure all the revenue and benefits pos
sible. A good marshal will bo employed and
an effort made to keep str.ct order.
Attend u Clutroli Service mill Dcoorntc
( iriivcft of Drpiirtoil llrcllircn.
ST PAUL , Neb , May 3. ( Special. ) The
members of fit. Paul lodge No. 31 , Ancient
Ouler of United Workmen , assembled this
morning In their lodge room in Masonic tem
ple , for tha purpose of attending a memorial
sarvlce. At 11 o'clock the members marched
to the Presbyterian church , whole a sermon
was preached by Rev. George A Ray , after
which , In the aftcuioon , the brethren went
to the cemetery and decorated In n suitable
manner the graves of their dcparte-d brethren ,
DAVID CITY , Neb , May 3 ( Special )
Iho mombeu of the Ancient Order of UnlteJ
Woikmcn observed yesterday as memorial
da > , A largo number visited the cemetery
during the aftcrncon and by impressive cere
mony laid flowers on the graves of their de
parted members.
I'Vrv llrlprh ( IJnj * llnvi * I'ut Kami
Wet ! . PorMiirtl.
CLARKS , Neb. , May 3. ( Special ) A
great deal of corn will l-o planted around
hero this week Last week wan very favorable -
able for farm work and the farmers , pretty
generally , have got icady for planting. It
Is rather early , but thia will not deter many
from setting to work
l ) > liiK from u Sci'iKi'h on ( he IIiiiul.
NORTH LOUP , Neb , Mny 3 ( Special )
John Maxson , an aged resident of this place ,
has been lying In a critical condition from
blood poisoning at the homo of Ills son In-
law , XI. W. Green , for the past week. The
dlsoidcr vveo superinduced Jy a slight abra
sion of the hnnd received In a struggle with
a fractious colt , and has spread with such
malignancy that his life has been despaired
lliirKlnrH In' Oeonce l'oMolIli'e.
OCONEE , Neb , May 3 ( Special. ) Burg
lars visited this town last night and broke
Into the store and postofllce , getting shoes ,
gloves , cigars and a few stamps and a llttlo
money. They also broke Into the elevator
oillce , opening" a desk and picking the safe
combination , but there was no money for
them to get , so thqy scattered all the papers
over the oillce and left.
< lunrrel CoitM Klvc Dollar * .
OSCCOLA , 'Neb ' , May 3 ( Special. ) The
other day Alex Hurst of David City came
up Irero and while lie was In the city W. II.
Myers , hardware dealer , presontci ) a bill to
him that canned a dispute. The result was
that Alex went before the county court ,
pleaded guilty to assault and paid a fine of
$2 and costs , amounting In all to about $5.
Clnj Countv Ti-iu-IierN.
CLAY CENTER , Neb , Miy 3 ( Special )
The Clay County Tcacherb association held
an Intelestlng meeting here Friday and
Saturday. There was a large attendance
and many of the papcra read were above the
average. Dr. II , K. Wolfe of the state
university had an attentive audience to his
piper on "Child Study , " Saturday afternoon
> iinilny School AMMiu-intloii ill ClurKs.
CL \ RKS. Neb , May 3 ( Special ) The
Clarksville Township Sunday School asso
ciation held its tenth annual convention ye -
tcrday nt the Congregational church of this
place , The meeting was Interesting and was
large ! } attended.
Semi Him to ( lie AMjliim ,
CLAY CENTER. Neb , May 3. ( Special )
On Saturday afternoon John W. O'Brien of
Glenvlllo township was brought before the
commissioners of Insanity and after exami
nation was found to be Insane. The sheriff
was ordered to take him to the asylum at
M < -tlioillx ( Ofliiferenee Thin MoiiMi.
CLARKS , Neb , May 3. ( Special ) The
meeting of this district conference of the
Methodist Episcopal church will be held at
darks May 18 to 20. Arrangements to care
for the visiting ministers are being com
pleted. A largo attendance l.s expected.
Fruit In Injured liy KroN ( .
DUNCAN , Neb , May 3 ( Special ) There
was a light frost hero this morning. Fruit
has been damaged considerably , but will still
make a fair crop Small grain looks well
Farmers are plowing for corn.
Ilimiliolilt IIiiiul OIUMIN ( lie SCIIHOII.
HUMBOLDT , Neb , May 3 ( Special ) The
city band opened the season ot Its concerts
jcsterdaj evening In the public square. Prof.
Louis Wotzek Is the leader. Some very fine
music wa.3 tendered.
Par n il l of ( lie Unemployed.
DETROIT , May 3 A parade of the unem
ployed had been largely advertised for to
day , hut of a crowd ot 2,000 idle men who
gathered at the rendezvous In front of the
city ball only about EOO or COO consented to
bo marshaled Into the procession , These
who marched were all foreigners' They
carried rude banners declaring "Wo want
work , not charity. " It was a quiet , orderly
Will Colonial KiiMern. Pnrmi-rfi.
CHEYENNHWjo. . , May 3. ( Special. ) A
party of Kansas jClty Investors have pur
chased 10,000 acres of land on Lower Horse
creek , forty miles from this city , where they
will establish i' ' cJlony of eastern farmers.
Lai go rcEcrvotrp are to be constructed and
the entire trace tyuced under Irrigation and
cut up into sfaalP farms.
'I'minn Ilifroiu Illx Injuries.
CHEYKNNB , Wyo. . May 3. ( Special. )
W. S. McGulrc jo. jramp who was struck by
a Union Pacific englna at Sherman several
mouths ago , dlfttjflldlio county hospital hero
yesterday fromPMs-lnJuries. McGuire has no
relatives or friends and will bo burled by the
VlrKlfili TOM u Slinkeii ,
RICHMOND , Va. , Mny 3.-The town of
Pulaski waa sevarely shaken by an cartli-
quaku BOOH after upon today. No dnmago
resulted , but the people were terribly fright
ened. ,
Goodmanson's Trump Card Oappod by
Evidence in Rebuttal ,
It. C. Melllrott Deelnren It Imii | > nl-
tilu for .Mm. .lonrn ( o Iliivc
ISettilint She
, Swore 'I o.
PONCA , Neb , May 3 ( Special Telegram )
All the testimony in the Goodmanson mur
der case was supposed to have been sub
mitted last Saturday at 3.30 p. m with the
chances all In favor ot acquittal , but the
testimony of < Mrs W. H. Jones of Pendcr
has caused consternation In the court and
particularly with the citizens of Pendcr nnd
they are truly very Indignant over the mat
ter The state has taken Immediate action
and today placed witnesses on the stand to
rebut this unexpected evidence and Mrs.
Jones on Saturday evening testified that on
the day of iho death of the deceased , from
ono of the rooms on the west sldo ot the hall
leading to the defendant's oillce In the McIII-
ron building , she observed the deceased open
a small paper and Uko a ( quantity of whllo
powder , presumably strychnine Deceased
waa at the tlmo on her way to the defend
ant's olfico and she stopped to take the
powder at the head of tno stairs , at which
place she died She also made the state
ment previously that she knew nothing of
Iho case. The state will endeavor to prove
conclusively that li would be Impossible
for her to wltncus silcli an act from this room
and that the room was occupied by Jeweler
Holzworth of Pendcr , and tint on this par
ticular day the room was locked and Holz
worth had the hey In his pocl.ct. The witness
said that for fear she vvfuld bo called upon
to give evidence In the case she had said
nothing about her observations. This cvl-
deuce will possibly have but little weight
with the Jury and will only bo damaging
to the defendant.
The final witness called by the elate th's '
morning was II C McIIIron He was placed
on the stand for the express purpose of Im
peaching the testimony of Mrs. Mary L
Jones ot Pendcr. II C. McIIIroii is the
owner of the block wherein the defendant's
office is situated Ho testified that prior to
the 9th day of September the Jones family
had occupied these two rooms as living
apartments , but slnco that tlmo ono of the
rooms had been cleaned , locked and the
other one , since about this time , was oc-
.cuplcd by Jewolr Holzwoith end wee also
locked McIIIron also testified to the num
ber of kejs to the several doors of the
building and said ho had both ke\s to the
doo'-a of this room and that Mis Jones had
never made a demand for them at any time ,
that the rooms contained no papers or cai-
bolto acid , ao Mrs. Jones testified. Other
people might have had kejs to unlock the
doors , ho was not positive about this. Ho
also testified to other ourrounding chcum-
srtauccs and said that ho came to teatlfy of
his own free will mid had not been sub
poenaed until ha reached I'onca on Sunday
Cross examination elicited that ho had no
particular prejudice against Goodmanson
The effect of McHlron's tc.sttmony , which
was the only rebuttal testimony offered by
tbo state , goes to show that It was utterly
impcalblo for Mrs Jones to obseive the cir
cumstances to which she testified , and her
evidence will piobably have but little vvclKh
with the Juiy.
Counsel ibis afternoon Introluced their
arguments The opening was conducted by
Hon W. P. Norris on tbo part of the prose
cutlon. The case will icach the Jury aboul
Wednesday noon.
South Omaha .News
Councilman liarrott haa been working for
some time on a scheme to open Q sheet fron
Twentieth east to the Thirteenth street bouie
vard. Thla street from Seventeenth street
east 1-as never been dedicated , neither has
the grade been cstabl'shed ' Mr. Barrett hab
obtained from 1) . Jettcr the promise that
the necessary land will bo dedicated to the
city for street purposes , thus the principal
obstacle to the work has b en overcome.
Mr. Jettcr owns a largo tract of land In that
section of the cltj.
Councilman Ilarrett's Idea Is to have Q
street placed In good condition for travel and
oxpeets to bring Sarpy county farmers Into
the city over a good road , instead of com
pelling them to go through the Albright bottoms
toms and over a road which It appears can
not bo kept In rrpalr With the opening of
tlio boulevard a good road from the business
part of the city would be a necessity , and
as there seems to bo some doubt as to the
tlmo when N street will be opened , Mr Dar
rott has concluded to push the Q street road
The city engineer will bo Inatrueted to make
the survey as soon as the land has been
dedicated ,
Owners Well PJeiiNed nidi ( lie South
Omnliii 1Inrlii * ( .
A. E. Murdock and L. C. Stiles arrived
from Amcdeo , lessen county , Cal. , yester
day with a train of sixteen cars of hay-fed
cattle for this maikct. This Is the ilnat ot a
thirty-car bhipment which was started April
23 and the first shipment lo this market bj
these cattlemen.
Messrs Murdock and Stiles have been In
the llvo stock busineta for a good many years
and were well pleaded with bath the signs
of energy and life displayed in the market
and with the prices received. There were 709
head In the shipment , C34 belonging to Mr ,
Murdoclc , being the last of a druve of 1,450
head fed by him last winter , the other
soventy-flvo head were the properly of Mr.
Stllcj , who raised as well as fed them. The
cattle locked rcrnarkabl/ well , considering
they had Just completed an l.SOO-mllo lido
and bad been driven two days before load
ing' . Although i ever having been fed any
thing but hay , these cattle compared favor
ably with corn-fed cattle under the pamo con
ditions. Mr. Murdock said that San Fran
cisco was his usual market , but prices there
were so low at present that ho decided to
como east. By so doing ho made a handsome
UATTKUS iinFonn cirv
Proponed 1'Inii for GoiiNollilntliif ? Cly
The city council will meet tonight In reg
ular monthly session. Besides allowing the
bills , a largo amount of business Is to bo
transacted. In refeicnco to filling tbo office
of building Inspector , the mayor and mem
bers of the council Imvd about decided to
add the duties of the Inspector to those of
the city engineer and thus obviate the ne
cessity of making any appointment. If this
1s done , all fees received by the engineer
for permits , etc , , will bo turned Into the
city treasury. Whllo the total amount of
fees will not be largo , the plan Is well
thought of and will mean a considerable gain
lo the city In Iho course of a year.
The liquor license will remain the same
as last year , namely $ EX)0 ) for the license and
an pccupatlon tax of $100 , The Sunday clca-
Ing question will also come up aga-ln. It
Is understood that enough members of the
council have agreed to oppose Sunday clov
ing to defeat the resolution when It Is sprung
It Is not expected that any action will bo
" Under eminent scientific control.
The Best Natural Laxative Watey.
"Steedv. Sure , and GtniU ?
taken on the protested license cases aa It
la the Intention of the council lo sot A spec
ial datetor the hearing of the cases.
Pnil In Dinner I'nrllex.
A progressive dinner parly was given last
evening by the members ot theOJde l ot
Oddlllrs club. The first course was enjoyed
at the homo of Miss Mabel Gray , Twenty-
second and O slrccts ; the second with Mkis
Edith Carpenter , Twetitv-'econd and H
streets , and the third with Miss Florence
Smith , Twenty-fourth and N streets. Next
came a tally-ho rldo to Council Bluffn , where
desert was served Those who onjoved this
novelty were : Misses Edith Carpenter , Grace
Gray , Mabel Gray , Jwsle Carpenter. Flor
ence Smith , and Messrs Frank Merrill. Tom
Parker , Sam McDonald , Olio Brown and Erie
John WhiteAlvo , Is In the clly , the guest
of friends.
Prod \Vhonn Is confined to his homo by
Iho mumps.
Ml S3 Jean Doyd Mullen is conflnci ] to her
homo by Illnrra
A number of shade Irees are being act out
nt the stock yards.
Mm Hlbbard Twenty-fourth and I streets ,
Is dangerously sick ,
AndrewMjers of the Martin Lumber com
pany Is quite elck.
The now fire horse nt No , 1 house has
been sent to the hospital.
J. II. Itoaojranz , Ouray , Colo. , was a visitor
at the exchange lesterday.
Jack How ell Is putting up a store building
at Thirtieth and U streets.
J W. Skclton , Arapnhoo. was rcglalercil
at ono ot the hotels jcsterday.
Heed's new street sprinkler was placed In
servlco for the first tlmo jcsterday.
Next Sunday will bo Young Men's Chrls-
llan association day at the churches.
Mrs. P. Mulroy of Chicago , an aunt of J.
W. Wo'sh of this city , died jrstcrday.
Mm. 15. O. Klnser , 1'crry , la. , U here , the
guest of her sister , Mrs. H C. Young.
A buckskin pony belonging to William
Strcator , Avcry , was stolen Sunday night.
Ilov 1) . W Morlarty left jeMcrday for
Washington and Baltimore to visit friends.
A daughter has been born to Mr and Mrs.
George Thorub , Twenty-third and N strecla
S J. Welsh , who has been on the sick list
for sonic time , Is able to bo at work again.
I'd lljan , engineer for the Omaha Packing
comptny , is building a reiidcnco In Corrlsan
The police made eighty-five arrests during
April Ot this number twenty-eight were for
Nelfl Peterson was arrested yesterday for
stealing a gate from Gils Rkborn , his former
T. II. TePoel , a prominent Tckamah far
mer , was In the city jcsterday looking after
property Interests.
At the present tlmo the city la full of
tranipa and the police ate kept bu.sy nights
loundlng them up.
Mrs. A. J Miller , Twcut-first and M
streets , entertained the Monday Night club
at her home last evening.
A. J. Honey and his son Charles , both
well known Wayne eotinty farmers , were vis
itors in the elly josterdaj' .
Huv. Annlo U. Woodboy of Omaha lectured
at the Tim Baptist church last night on
the topic , "The Pen of Iron. "
Prank Kuccrek , the boy who died of brain
fever Monday , vvro burled yesterday from hio
home , Twetity-flist and Q streets.
The degree teim of Washington tent , No.
C" , Knights of the Maccabees , will give a
dance at Masonic hall Wednesday night.
The phjslcal classes of the Young Men's
Christian association will cloao for the sum
mer May 15 and a bicycle tlub will bo organ
During the month of April the flic depart
ment ans.vrcd three alarms , thu total loss
by fire amounting to ? 300 , fully covered by
A total ot 101 cars of feeders were shipped
from this market to the country last week.
Of this number fifty-four cars v.ent into Ne
braska. The total number of cattle shipped
was 2,934 head.
Mlllard , the 13-j car-old son of Mr. and
Mrs Kilmoro Conrad , Thirty-sixth and W
streets , died Sunday from Inflammation of
the bladder. The funeral will bo held this
afternoon from the African ehurch on 1vcu -
ty-slxth street , near N.
Local lee dealers have decided upon the fol
lowing prlccu to be charged private famil
ies this summer , the quantity taken eaeh day
regulating the price : Fifteen to twenty
poundu , CO cents per 100 pounds ; more than
100 pounds , 40 cents per 100 ; 100-pound lots ,
30 cents This Is tlio same late which is
now being charged In Omaha.
Sunday night Manager Mclleynolds of
Stott's stationery atore noticed a man com
ing up from the basement and as that poi-
tion of the building liaJ been vacant for
some tlmo he investigated. Wrapped up in
an old coat were a number of earpenter toils
which had evidently been stolen.
Only ono dozen dog tass were sold jester-
day by the city clerk. The owners of doss
are evidently holding back In hopes lint tlio
mayor will fall to order policemen lo filioot
all tuntagged canines found running at largo.
Major Knsor Intends instructing tlio police
to begin work as soon as residents have been
given sufficient notice to procure tags.
IlllHlllfMM ' 1 rOllllll'N Of II 1)11) .
NEWCASTLE , Pa. , May 3 Upon applica
tion of the Croton Limestone company , Judge
Wallace appointed Edwin N. Ohl and Wil
liam Heis ot this city receivers of the big
Atlantic Iron and Steel company , which owns
the Atlantic furnaces and rolling mill In
this city , as well as having leased works In
Sharon and Greenville. Iho court granted
the iccelvcrs premisslon to operate the plants
mil a shut ion n Is not probable.
1CNOXVILLK , Teim. , May J. An applica
tion for a receiver of Iho Interstate Library
association , with hcadquaiters in this city ,
and having 100 branches in six southern
states , was made In chancery court this
morning. Charles Wai Ing , Jr. , was appointed
receiver by Judge Lindsay. The liabilities
of tlie association arc not given In the bill ,
hut It Is known that It3 affaire are very much
Involved ,
OENVIW , May 3 The banking house of
the J. H , Wheeler Hanking company failed
to open today. The following notice was
I > o3ted : "This bank Is closed and In my
possession. W. L. MeNalr , Assignee for the
Benefit of Creditors "
Poor business was the eaupo of the failure
No statement could bo obtained up to 1
o'clock regarding assets or liabilities. The
„ my throat vras
filled with bores , largo
lumps formed on my
neck , nnd n horrible
ulcer broke out on my Jnw , snys
Mr.O. H.Elbert , who resides nt cor.
22d St. nnd Aventio N. , Galveston ,
Texas. IIo was thrco times pro
nounced cured by prominent phy
sicians , but the dreadful disuaso ttl-
\.vays returned ; howasthen told that
was the
His hair
had nil
f n 11 o n
out , nnd ho was in n sad plight ,
After taking1 ono bottle of 8. B. 8.
lie began to improve and two dozen
bottles on red
liini completely ,
BO that for more
1ms had no sign
of the disease.
Rook on the disease and IU tre&tment mM'.od
free by Swift Bpecltlo Co. , Atlanta , Oa.
Will find in
The Omaha Sunday Bee
A complete compendium
Of all the events
In the Wheeling World.
Better than any special
cycling .
paper. , ,
company' * ! bank at Mnnltou wns also closed
KAN8AS CITY. Miy 3 The Joseph Calm
Clothing company , ono of the oldeil whole
sale houses In Ihe clly. failed today , giving
a mortgage to secure an IndebtediieM of $30.-
000. Later Swoftord Hros. ' Dry Ooodi com
pany applied for Iho appointment of A re-
colvor and ono was appointed The liabili
ties are placed at $00.000 ; ns cts not stated.
Oahn owns considerable real e lato.
MILWAUKEE , May 3. V. Hlchter &
Sons , foundry and machine shop , made n vol
untary assignment this afternoon lo r. II
Magdeburg The bond Is In the sum ot
$160,000 They were the original promoters
of the beet sugar enterprise at Menomlnto
Palls , which failed Saturday. They put money
Into iho sucar plant and also supplied come
of the machinery from their shops.
COLORADO SPIUNaS. Cole , May 3. The
lanklng houses of J H Wheeler & Co. , both
lu Manltou and Aspen went Into thi hands
of assignees this morning Tilts action vvns
taken under Instructions from Mr. Whcolcr
by telegraph from New York , where he ro-
Bides M. A I.eddy ot Manltou was named
as the assignee of the bank at that place
and W. Ij. McNalr at Aspen
The last statement of the Manltou bank ,
published January 4 , showed a sets and lia
bilities of $99.G3G 48 When flip bank closed
Saturday It owcl deposltcrs about $19,000 ,
nearly all of which was deposited by stock
holders of the bnnklng coinpanj , while Its
loins and discounts jvcro placed at about
$55,925. The a scls of Ihe Aspen bank are
estimated at $100,000 , and the liabilities half
that sum.
linlliiii'M I.lfo III DniiKcr.
PIEIWE , S. I ) . , May 3. ( Special Tele
gram ) Deputy Marshal Holsderfor loiliy
brought In an Indian from While river , who
gos by the name ot Dumb. He was ar
rested on a charge of atalulory nsstull. Ho
was given a hearing before Court Commis
sioner Howe at Port Plcrro this afternoon
and bound over. Thl.s U not his first affenso
In that line and strong cfforls will bo madu
to secure a conviction , Tlio offense \a \ pun
ishable by death under the United State : )
IINK | | > | > Tallin ! Appoints u ( "lirato.
SHEIUDAN , Wjo , May 3. ( Special )
Dl.shop Tnlbot of the Episcopal diorcoc of
Wjomlng , has appointed Hev Thomas H ,
Johnson , who for the past three Kara has
been a student In a New York divinity school ,
to the curacy of the Sheridan parish The
new curate will reach here June 1. Ilu Is
a brother ot Archdeacon Johnsun and U
highly educated.
is found in Doctor
Picrce's Golden
Medical Discovery ,
to perpdinl health.
It : s the only mod-
_ icinc used in thou
sands of families. It cures many difleicnt
clisc-nscB because all disease lias iti origin
in the Mood. Pure blood is .1 safeguard
noninst ; disease. No germ can exist in n
perfectly healthy body. Dr. Piercc'H Goklcn
Medical Discovery mal.cs the blood pure.
It kills disease germs of whatever kind
wherever they are found in the bodv. It as
sists in the digestion of the fooU _ It stimu
lates the action of stomach , liver , bowels ,
and Uiclncjs. It sends rich , vitalized blood
into every fiber of the body and makes firm ,
solid , healthy flesh.
Any man or woman who is losing- flesh
and vigor should waste no time in Inking
this most marvelously effective of all med
icines. It will save hundreds of dollars of
doctors' ' bills , and hundreds of days of
misery. All good druggists ell it.
Mrs W 11 Dime-ill , of Arlington , I'helps Co ,
Montcs "My liu hand look four bottles of
Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical .Discovery when lie
was (23 ( lie tlmctijlit ) almost into consumption , nml
weuercverytlnnLftil that such n medicine could
be found I wish nil persons troubled ulth cough
would take it. 1.0111 ; may the ' Golden Medical
Discovery'and 'lavontc Prescription' benndc.
I sin 11 nlwajs recommend and praise these
medicines "
Any voimn w bo feels that she ought to liav c n
liandv , plainly uorded , well illustnted medicnl
book in the lioine , ( and what woman does not ? )
should secure Dr. 1'ierce's Common Sense Med
ical Adviser. lr Fierce iiso well known as chief
consulting physician to the Imulids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute , of Iluflalo , N. Y , it isn't vrortli
vvlulc toKiy a word about him. The txiok'ntlie
tiling. Until recently this book lint sold for Ji 50.
At that price , GSo.ooo copies were told Now there
is an enormous edition of this book , bound in
heivy piper , tint will be given away , fern lim
ited time alxiolntciy free to whoever will nst.
The bool : coutnins reeS pigea There are 300
ilhistratio is betid 31 one cent stamps , to pny
cost of iiMillng only. Cloth bound book nny
be bad for 10 cult extra 31 cents in nil World's
Dispermrv Medicnl A"crciitioi' Pnpaio N V
Are You Interested ?
All Omaha is Concerned !
Turn Out and I'.iek the House !
To be given by tlio
22d U. 5. Infantry Band
AsslMcd by
and othenj.
fhursday Evening ; , May 6 , ' 97.
TIcltctH , 50c. No oxtiii rharBP for re-
ieived Bi'.itH
The entire proceodn of this entci t.ilnmcnt
; o tovvaid ilelraylriK cxpriiBo of Omaha
l.odKO of KIltH. In connection with thu ( f-
'ort bclnff mndn to sccuro th < > meeting of
ho Grand Lodge of 131kH of Amcilc.i for
in ] Wi
Friday , May 7 ,
Tlio World ItinoHiied Hnprnno ,
; IOH < .III.I.\ i.\i , rinniHt.
iA\1IIIlIAN DICK , Violin Miliiiino ,
Under thu aufplcoa uf the. \ \ ojnan'o Clulj nnj
ho V VV C A
Kcnts now on nalc I'rlce , Jl Ofl
' ' ' " ' " :
LJr M AS K- | | . .
KVN..Sf : ,
TOMIillT ,
Hxtra for tonlhlit only ,
Charles E. ( Parson ) Davies
Mil Intrnduta lo Iho all Ilcnrc I ic great ;
Hio will IIOX TIIIlii : : HOI NIH Mich with
> uil O ! > ponuit und will iiUo ( diu un tulillilllon
Till ; TltllHill VI'll , nhrmlni ; Iho CoiUtt-
Liurtnpy price lln'il uml otlur | > lctuif
OM.V ioo , 'Mi' , : iou O.M.V.
VVlun > ou come to Omaha Mop at Iho
2.00 a day house in the West ,
K ) room * 1200 per da ) . 60 room * with bath ,
CO per day , bpeclal rutei by the month.
XVI.MC TAVI.OIt , Mil n litter.
iuirrii.vrii AM > JOMS yruiiriM ,
140 roonn , liatin , ilcam heat und ull uioJtrn
nvcnlences. Kutti , tl U > anil 12 00 per day ,
iblu unexcelled. Bj'iclal low rutci to regulai
larder * . DICK H11IT1I. Wan nr ,
108-10-ir Uouglai W. M , IIAIlIt , Manuntr.
) well furnUhed roonu Kuropcjn ur AuarUnu
ItAirJS tl 00 AND tl U ITU DAY.
lr * t car llnei connect to all parti of tb * ell/ .

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