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Frlghtfnl Loss of Life Caused by Tire in a
Paris Bazaar ,
It is Feared That a Hundrol More Lie
Buried in the Ruins.
Nearly Two Hundred Other Persons Receive
Serious Injuries.
Kllte of Krcneli Capital Penned in
llliixluir Sriielurc mill HoiiNteil
AVlille IHterhiK AKo
Crle-M fur Help
PARIS. Hay 4. fire broke out at 4 o'clock
this afternoon ID a crowded charitable
bazaar In the Iluo Jcan-Qougon , at which
the Duchess d'UecB antl other well known
patronesses were present. Many people were
burneil to death and there was o terrible
panic , during which a number of persons
wcro Injured.
The building in which the flro broke out
was a temporary structure ot wood. The
names weru llrst discovered above the stall
occupied by the Duchcra d'Uses , mid while
the place was densely crowded. The baraar
la nn annual function presided over by the
leaders of Parisian society.
A terrible panic and crush followed the
alarm of fire. There was a wild rush fet
the exits and the weaker persons were borne
down und trampled upon. The Inflammable
nature of the building and contunlR caused
tin ) flames to spread with great rapidity , and
In acry short.time the bazaar was a mass
of flames.
The bodice of thirty victims of the con
flagration , mostly women were afterwards le-
cou-red and laid out on the sidewalk where
the corpsra forim-d a ghastly spectacle.
Many people , however , are still missing and
It IB feared they are burled In the ruins.
The number of lojured Is greater than
wab at first estimated. Over 100 persons
have boon conveyed to the Hotel du Palais.
In the Cour d'Ln Heine , but many of the
critical cases ha\o been transported to the
hospital acauAon.
A policeman who wan on duty at the doors
of the bazaar says that from l.fiOO to l.SOO
jicoplc wore In the building when the tire
broke out. He adds that the alarm caused
a general panic , follow rd by n terrible rush
I ! < for the doors , which were soon choked with
people , thus preventing the escape of many
who might othciwlBQ have been saved. The
strong tinniplocl upon the weak , the joung
crushed the old to the floor. Heartrending
ing cries of fear arose on all Bides , soon fol
lowed by shrieks ot agony as the flames
avveut onward behind the crowd struggling
for the doois.
Ills managers of the bazaar had arranged
the. stalls BO us to represent a sticet of old
Paris and It was opened jcstcrday.
The proceeds of tne sales nt each stall were
devoted to a separate charity. The stalls
wcro presided over by Mine. Fcvrler , the
wife of General Tcvrler , the Marquis do
Jj'Algle , Mine. Mncobs , Uarojonc , del La-
l.ucettc , the MarQiilno do St. Michel , the
Duchcbse IVUzcs , Mme. Mlgnotto , the Har-
ronne I ) . St. Idlci , the Comtesse do Zaljnska ,
the Marquise- Ooustler , the Marquise dl
Algence , the .Marquise cle Plttl , the Uuchesao
D'Allencon , a member of the Orleans family ;
Mme U'Aalu , Mine" Ilolsseaux , the Haronne
1' Dec Slckler , Mine. Moioau , the Marquise
Costa do llcauregard , her rojal highness
theDuchcsse do Vemlume , the Marquliic
D'Malson and the Comtcsso do Greffuf , nee
La Rochefoucauld , Mile do Flotcs presided
over the refreshment stand Tlicse ladles were
ceslstcd by many equally well known so
ciety ladles
It Is Impossible as ) ct to Identify the vic
tims At G.30 p m. , when these details arc
telegraphed , the bazaar Is a heap of smoking
cinders and ashes. Ambulaneis nro con-
\ejlng the recovered bodies to the Palais do
The bazaar was 300 feet long by ISO feet
v Idu and constructed almost entirely of
Hiiormous crowds of people are gathering
around the hccno of the fire at 7-JO p. in.
Amont ; them are a large number of llvcilcd
servants Inquiring for their mistresses , and
the Indications are that among tliu dead are
n numbcaof the Fiench aristocracy. Twenty
coipses and a , number of the most seriously
Injured are now In the right wing of the
Palais do L'Industrle.
Admiral Ucaimrd. the Minister of Marine ,
arrived upon the scene shortly aftci 7 o'clock
rurther details just obtained chow that before
the 111 emeu could arrive the roof of the
bazaar ciuthcd In , bur ) lug numbers of those
who hid been unable to make their cgiezs
from the building.
Very soon aft < r the alarm was ghen as
sistance was hurried to the binning bazaar
and effective help was rapidly organized be
tween the flrcme'ii nml the policemen. Al
though a general alarm was sent out with
reasonable promptness the whole wooden
fctructure was blazing before the firemen
could approach. Tliu roof and almost the
whole building collapsed , falling upon the un
fortunate people , man ) of wham aie supposed
to ha\c previously succumbed to the stilling
t > mol > ( . In spite of the efforts ot the fliemcn ,
snmo. tlmo elapsed before ) the charred bodies
could bo pulled from the Miickc and burning
> uacs of dcbr.'a ,
The prefect , M Lcplnc , was one of the first
clllclals to reach the Beetle , and ho directed
the opviatloini for the recover ) of the bodies
and dUitrlhuud the Injured nmong the vari
ous house : ) In the vicinity. In the meanwhile
the puniv | ) plajcd on the burning ruins. As
the work progressed and th ln < | iilrlcs ho
eamo more numerous and pressing , It was
ccen that the death rate would bo much
hUhcr than at first rtitlmatcd. The police
olllclals eay they bolluvn It to bo certain that
the ntimbei of deaths would exictd 100 , ex
ceeding the tcrrlblo flro at the Opera Comlquc
Among the Injured are tliu Duchcsie de La
Terre , princess Kotchonbuy , tliu YUcoin-
te o d' Avrcl and Mesdamea Morcau , d'Au-
brlt , Male-tie ux , Huguuo , Challcmel , Hecamler
and St. Uliller.
The missing who are bupposcd to be dexU
Include General Mcunler , the Marchioness ( in
Qalllfet , the Ducbcsi , D'Alcncon , the
Countess de Mun and St. Pierler , the
Marchlness do Florcn , the Viscountess Ilunut
Btoltrln , ilarnieis Kolteln , wife of the
leader of the Imperialists In the Chamber
of Deputies , and Madame Morlaunamen and
her eon ami two daughters. One hundred I
corpses have been laid out In the Palais do
Industrie. It Is believed another hutvlrcd
are beneath the ruins.
The building was erected In the fllmsleit
manner , the nudity of the icaffoldlng In-
fildo bclug concealed by Upcdlry hangings
of the moit lallamiUBblo description. More a
over , there was only one exit. The bazaar
xvns In full swing when luddcnly , about 4
o'clock , the cry of flro rota In the > quarter
where the klnetematograpli was being ex-
Itlbltcd. One of toe lurvlvarn tells to the
correspondent of the Antedated preen his
ojr.erlenco ; !
The place was crammed full of pooilo.
nnit thu heat was utitlliiK. living very 1111-
cDdfortublu , my frltndu and 1 determined
to leave , but somehow wo could not make
much headway through the throng to the
door. I lugged n little behind , nt I wn9
offered n nos ° gay l > y n stallholder , when
In n midden , the shout of fire wag raised
Instantly nil wan commotion.r tried ti
keep tool , but the rush from behind force-i1
us forward , nml we were Rcp.iraUd. Thei
I tried to work my way back , hut I was
carried off my feet and enrrled Imckwan
mid forward In theBwa > ln crowd , then my
co.it was lorn off and then my waistcoat
All thin happened In a fewminutes. .
Immediately the full extent of the enlnnv
Ity dawned upon us till. The flumes cprefu
with nrrnt rnpldlty throughout the build'
Intf. which rumbled likeu H\lnie furnace
but the uproar of the conflagration rotiU
not drown the groans iind cries of the
ngonUed crowd ( Jrndunlly I found in ) sol"
pushed back ngnln > t the wnll of the build
Ing , tmd flnnlly succeeded In scrambling
through nn opening made by f ome of thosi
who we-re near me. Two nee-onds l.ttcr
would liuve been \lotlm , for hardly lint
I struggled through the holr before 1 heart
n dreiulful crnflh ns the blitzing roof fell In
I rnnnot describe the stniggle for lifehlel
ensued. No wordt can depict the- horrors
of the scene. It seems , ns I look back lipoi
It , like a hideous nightmare. The whole
thing wns over In twelve mlnut"S , nn <
nothing remained but the charred urn
blackened ruins of the bazaar.
The dead were piled In heaps , and cspe
dally near the exit , where the chart rd re
mains were five feet deep. In POIIIO cases
only the trunks remained with noestlgo o
clothing. The firemen arrived at C and a
company of Infantry followed to clear the
lulus and search for corpses. The ncvvi
spread like wild fire All the cabinet lain
Istcrs In Paris went Immediately to th <
Kceno. HmiiliedM of equipages streamei
along the Champs de Hljsees , and with tear
stained faces the orcupants Inqulied for their
friends. There were many heart-rending
scenes of grief. One woman rushed aboil
frantically calling her daughter by name
Somn ono told her the girl was safe , where
upon she Jumped , danced , sciearned , then
rushed to the coachman to tell htm to drive
home , and fell In a dead swoon. Another
woman went Insane. Another imagined In
her frenzy that she recognised her daughter's
dress and historically called upon her him
hand to tell the police to prevent the child
from going to the ba/aar The cabinet mln
Istcrs , ambat adors , noblemen and member' '
of the highest social and financial circles
were side by sldo with the lowliest nnd the
poorest , anxiously Inquiring for tholr missIng -
Ing relatives About thirty weie saved by
Pero Ambrotao and Pere Uallll , who helped
them over the wall with a ladder tn the
printing room of the newspaper Ua Crolx
The etaff of the Hotel lu Palais lent valir
able assistance and raved 110 persons througl
a haired window overlooking the bazaar
vvhero , while thehotel rmplojes were carryIng -
Ing away the bwtfes , they saw three persons
burned to death.
Policemen , their hands covered with gloves
have been deputed by the prefect of police
to pick out the portions of rcnnlns and to
wrap them In pieces of cleitli to be trins
fertcd In anibuhncps to the Palais de L
Industile. The remains present a horrible
spectacle of limbs burned and twisted Or
all sides can be seen stretchers pllel will
mutilated coitises. with skull.- ] split open am !
brains e\udlng. Just behind a pile * of posts
lies alouo the body of a woman , the face Is
donnvvaid , the head burned , the brain ex
posed , and from the socket ot the right cje
the btalns are slowly oozing. The arms an
legs ore burned off A little further ofl
Is the body of another woman , nude , the
entrails protruding and the head missing.
It Is a ghastly sight
The building was constructed about bl\
months ago. At the tlmo It was remnrUec
that It would burn like match wood. Ihe
Interior was divided Into shops a la olt
Paris , constructed of prettily painted can
The correspondent of the Af oclated Prcs
has had an Interview with JIIss Elsie lltish-
beck of Philadelphia , who , with the Misses
Ifnutlioine and Ilushbeck , vvns one of the
few who escaped , although not unscathed.
Miss Ilushbeck said :
I vvns a saleswoman nt booth No. 15 ,
near the place where the lire otlglmtted.
I happened to turn around and saw a
nicker In the corner of the wall , lltte'cn
jiutlM away. Hardly had 1 < lone > so when a
gentleman behind me cried "Flte , ladles
hasten out , " and pushed mo tovvaid the
dooi rathnr roughly , but fortunately foi
me. As this was niv second expeiienco un
der hiirh circumstances 1 advljfd my two
friends to r.il c their bklrts in the Iront so
they would not stumble ovei themS e
vve-ro then Just stepping on the llrst of the
thioo steps lending out of thu building.
Turning my head to look back , I KIVV the
vvholo place In ( lames. At my luft I citu 'ht
u gllmpbc of an old woman emerging fiom
an ndjacent dooi , nnd K ivv hei tUumblo
on her skirts The next Instant quite
twenty persons piled on top of her 1
crossed the street and turned round to face
the Hie , but already the beat was so In-
tentc' that It scoiUnd mc > . and 1 was obliged
to raise my hands to pioteet mj fact.
When the roof fell In with a torrllle. clash
certainly not mnru thiui 11 % o minutes hail
elapsed from the llrst nlaim. Such was the
Intensity of the heat that I saw a flrcmiinM
Jickct ignlUt ] and several of the hordes ,
we're badly slngsd Out the >
oC pile of pe r-
hens who fc'Il ni'ii tht door nonivciotimcd
All weio burned In a mome-nt Of the four
nuns ut my booth two weio saved and one
of the three blind glrln who wore engaged
there- The vlhltors were for the most pait
Indies , gorgeously dressed
The Duchesse D'Alencon , sister of the
Austrian empress. Is among the Injured ,
thu Hot of whom Includes the DuclUbU
I ) lUcs , the Comtcsso Savlgny and Mile Uo
La Uouliijo. In the btrocts adjacent to the *
Uazaar were long lines of oumptuous equi
pages. Man } of these rctuined empty , tlicii
owners were dead. The others were been
moving off with occupants Injuied In header
or limb , In many cases with faces streaming
with blood.
Ihe search In the debris will continue
all night. U appears that the fliu orig
inated on the left r < lde of the Bazaar , The
Illuminating apparatus of the klnomatoginph
exploded and set lire to the Turl.lsh cur
tains and hangings.
In a few moments the flames spread along
the whole side of the bazaar The public
threw theniBClvcb Instinctively to the light
of the building , which hacked on the high
wall of an adjoining edifice , 'Hie ba/aar al
together had eight doom , three In ft out ! and
one on the left. Four were like rreneh
windows , which were specially toscrvcd for
the employes. 'Hie ctowd near the mala
entrances were able to escape , but thoio t
the other end , not knowing or the doors re :
served for the emplo > es , found themselves
hemmed In as In a cut de sac.
As the flro spread the pleasure In the right
side , where there were no c.\ltn , kept steadily
Increasing. Hero u number of victims were
crushed to death. Happily the wall of the
hotel On Palais , against which the bazaar
bncki'd , furnlbhed a barred win low. Im
mediately on the alarm being given the
ecu ants hurriedly broke the bars and were
uble to rescue a large number of persons.
ntw.N'un AUVH
Suddenly aboCo the rear of the flames were
heard cries of terror and despairing appeals
for help from the cul do eac , wheiti the un
fortunates were being buincd alive. The
firemen threw hundreds of buckets of water
upon them from above at great risk to themselves -
solves , but their courageous efforts vvcie' all
In vain. The flro made furious headway
Cries of despair arose outside In tlui avenue
Montalgue , the Place Alma and the Hue
trancolu. adjacent streets. In all thcte
tboiouglifarcs there was a > critable flight of A
maddened people , moctly women without
skirls , petticoats or hat * , their feet naked
and their clothing either burned off or torn
ofi. Uvery available flticre was taken by
Iho whole of the highest society In Tarh ,
In a horrible pell mell , a prc > to the deep-
ebt despair , husbands seeking and calling for
wives , aud fathers necking and celling for
daughter * . One joung woman , still weuilup
on her breast the badge ot a stall attendant
was neci rushing about la her petticoat , her
drew having been iron off to be tlrovvn p\er
woman wlm was In flames. Her one anx
iety waa to Und her parents and tell them of
her safety. of
inuxTirvixo THE DEAD.
\Vonfl ! would fall to detcrlLo the horror ot
the ecene at the * Pslaif de 1' Industrie , where
the boiilcs are cxpoced on the ik'c next to the
Aunuo Usi tonIn a portion of the building
now in couue of demolition. Here , lu a
( Contluuixl on Tlilrd PajeJ
Greek Ministry Eeportcd to Bo Ready t <
Oeaso Operations.
llcelilou Arrived nt n * tlesult of Vlnl
to I'liurNiillii ( ireiit llrllnlu Hu-
JoliiH Aetilrulll ) on Iln
LONDON , May 6. The Athena coirespond
ent ot the Dally Mall says the mlnUtors o
wir and of the Interior have returned from
Pharsalla and made their tcport to the cabl
net. It Is understood that as a result ot thcl
Inquiry the war will bo discontinued.
A dispatch to the Dilly Chronicle from
Pharsalla , dated Monday , sajs It Is rumored
In the Greek camp that peace will shortl }
bo proclaimed.
A royal proclamation was gazetted this
ovonlng , enjoining upon all Drltlsh subject
strict neutrality In the war between Tttr-
l.ey and Greece.
unit CROSS woitivuits MIIJ rrvns
MUs rinrn Iliirlou IKNUCH nil Altitun
lo Aiiierleau Women.
NEW YORK. May 4. Clara Barton , prcsl
dent ot the American Red Cross society , hai
appealed to the American people for aid ti
the Greek Red Cross society , and publlehc :
tht > following cihlegrams from Athens
\\'t < prav Iho American Heel Cross soclotj
to glvo It" assistance , In accordance with the
appeal of the union" of Greek women under
our auspices. Wo do not need surgeons or
nur es , hut only funds , for the purchase o
ii-iiterlals needed In the hospitals.
Piesldent Greek Rod Cross.
The unions of Gioek women , under the
prosldencv nf her mtijst ) , tlio queen , hav
ing In charge the dcp.utmont of war am
co-opcintlmi with the Heel Cross , earnest ! )
pray for immediate urgent help Our rep
reFontntlvo is Mr. SalonJ Vlasto of New
P linLHV OU1VA. President
CALLinnilOn PAURIN , Secretary.
Miss Barton adds that all funds will bo
cabled to Athens
The metropolltnn of Athens cabled to
Rail ! brothers ) esterda ) to know It $3,000
collected by thn New York Chamber of Com
mercc could be used otherwise than foi
Cretin refugee * , as the families of Greek
soldiers sent to the front were In urgent
nued. Mr. Woodvvorth , treasurei ot the
Chamber of Commerce , cabled In leply thai
the fund could not bo diverted from Its
original pi.rpose
In view of this condition of things the
Gioek committee of Greek woman oppea
urgently for moro funds. They caMed yester
day $ r > 00 for general relief of Greeks and $50 (
tor Red Cross work. Tor the week cndci !
May 1 the contributions amounted to $1,935
eitinivs : SIIOWTIII : M amit MMKIT.
llattlc of VeleMlluo Won AKalunt'er >
HI-HI ; Oililx.
LONDON , May 4. 'Iho conespondent of
the Dally Telegraph at Velestlno under date
of Saturday sajs : In the battle here yester
day , which continued throughout the day ,
12,000 Turks made lopeatcd assaults on the
Greek position at the railway junction. They
wore finally driven from the field. The chief
feature of the engagement was a brilliant
ohar.ip of 1 GOO Circassian cavalry , In order
to cipture a field battery , which was sup
polled on each Hank by strong bodies of
Gicck infantry. The Circassians nearly
leached the guns , but swept by a flanking
musketry fire , they were foiced to retreat ,
the battery shelling the reti eating horse
men with such execution that the wheat
fleld were covered with the bodies of men
and horse's. The Greek troops have entirely
recovered their morale , and their splendid
condition shows what able commanders can
do with the tioois. The Greek losses were
chlelly duo to the Infantry force. Very few
of the Turkish shells exploded. The enemy
retreated out of sight toward Larlt > a during
the night. An Inspection of the battlefield
reveals a long line of wheat fields strewn
w Ith corpses. The Turkish attempt to out-
flink fie Greek right proved very disastrous
owing to the murderers musketry fire which
pourel down the slope held by the Infantr )
and Hv/ones. The Turkish cavalry charge
on the Gicek left seemed an act of sheer
mildness for the horsemen had to ascend a
long steep Incline In the face of two strong
Intrenchmcrts of Infantry.
llilliem I'llNlin Inspected ( o lliiKe a
llo\e In 1'uri'O Soon.
LONDON , May4 The difficulty of saying
what hab actually occurred at the seat of
war continues , but the presumption from the
known facts of the military situation Is that
Eelucm Pasha Is feellnp , the Greek position
at Pharsalla pieparatoiy to delivering a gen
eral attack. Uelhcm Pasha's repeated assaults
on the wings of the Greek formation hive
probably the object of compelling Prince
Constanllne to send them reinforcements and
thus weaken his center at Plmniilh. We
may soon , therefore/ , expect to hear ( hat
Rdhcm Pasha has struck haul at this weak
ened point It looks as though Greece were
giving up the game In Crete and the recall
of Colonel Vaseos can only be legarded as
making a way for peace and Is appaicntly
the first step In that direction , Greece may
thus regain the friendship of the powers ,
who have always btlpulatcd this amende
before using their gooj dfllccs at Constanti
nople The appointment of a nominal auc-
ccE.sor lo Colonel Vaesoa Is undoubte'dly enl )
a blind to allay popular protests.
luterlcriMiec lu Kuvor
of MriiK ; ll"lI nreoe'i * .
Nn\V YORK , Maj I. A copyrighted dl-
i.itch from London to the Journal cays : That
ho princess of Wales 2s lulug her utmost
nllurnco to bring about nnglish Intervention
n favor of Qrecco in the east Is cor
roborated by the Ixjndon press. The pilnciss ,
accompanied by the prince takes the un-
irececlenUM course of asking the assistance
cf Mr. Gladstone , They have made an en
gagement to visit the ex-premier at Havvardeii
May 10. >
Mr Gladstone Is In splendid health once
norei and walked home from church > estcr-
day to Hawardci castle , a distance of half a
nlle , in a bolstcirus storm.
TIioiiHiiuil ( Ireekn nro
( lie bnlliiii'M KoreeN.
LONDON , May 4 , A special dispatch re- 1
celved hero from Aria this afternoon sajs r
that a force ot 0,000 Greeks , commanded by
Colonel Uarachterls , whllo advancing on Pen-
teplgadla , line been engaged by the Turks.
battle , according to this dispatch , Is now
In progress.
Itejtort Unit tlio TurU * Hud Taken It u
U C'onlrailloti'il.
LONDON , May 4. A dispatch to the
Times from Larlusa eajs It Is alleged there
that the report that Vole hft been occupied
by the Turks to not true , and that the >
Greeks have resolved to concentrate their n
forccb there and make a eland ,
Speculate * In Ilom ! .
PAUIS , May 4 The Gil Ulaneajfi the king
Greece used the crisis In Ihe affairs ot hU
country to speculate In Greek and Turkish
bonds , with the rctiult that his majesty has
cleared 30.000,000 to 5,000,000 fiauci.
KllllHilrllt * .
NEW YOUIC. May 4. The American lliif r
St. i'-.ul. which will nail tomorrow , will
ouaceu or llvcr.
l.im nn < o Hnllvvnr IH-nellclnrj Order *
Sinful * Unclinn r < K
DBS MOINKS , May 4. ( SpefUU Telegram. )
The editor of the ilew coJetw * elected by
the two legislative brSnchor In Joint con
vention this evening'T ? . S. hhcrsol ot To
ledo , Tama county , we4 tlie only name placed
before the convention C. p. Djrklt , ex-
deputy secretary of State , Ijad withdrawn
earlier In the day and , fticro * as no contest.
Kbciaol rerelred 111 totes , iall that were
cast. Ho was for two terms reporter of the
cuprcmo court , and has a trigh reputation
for work of this cltos.
The senate elected Senators Trcwln and
Kills as members of the coco publication
BUjcrvlslng | committee for the upper house.
The conference report on the Temple
amendment , recommending 160. recession ot
the house from the Temple amendment and
of the senile from the Itcrry substitute ,
leaving the old law unchanged , was adopted
by the senate , 32 to 11. In the house the
report was adopted , BO to 33 , the negative
votca In bath bodies bqlng cos : by members
In favoi of the Temple , amendment.
The conference committees reported an
agreement on a compromise on the library
bill. The point at Issue was whether the
appointment of state librarian should be
left with the governor , as at present and
as desired by the houco , or would bo placed
with the trustees ot the library , ns desired
by the senate. The compromise allows thn
power to remain with the governor till 1900
when It will go to the trustees. This will
leave the appointment with the present gov
ernor during the two terms H la presumed
he will remain In office.
The house elected Representatives Par
ley , Finch of Llvermorc , I * 11. Cornwall of
Clay county , and J. T. l > r Power of Keo-
kuk as liouoj members ot thu legislative
committee on revision of the code. Power Is
the only democrat from either house. He
defeated Walter I. Hajes , the democratic
member from Clinton county , by reason of
receiving the democratic caucus nomina
Red ( Ink Will Iln > e it I-Vee Ilellor > .
IinD OAK. la. , May 4. ( Special. ) Postofflco
Inspsctor C. II Favvknor of Chicago has been
heio for several days talrtlng with the busi
ness men and citizens In regard to estab
lishing a crrrler delivery system in the !
city. The oflice does a business of about
$2,000 In excess of the required amount to
secure the nvstem , and the only objection
heretofore found has been that a few o
the moicharU have thought It would Injure ,
their buslnetp by stopping people from pars
Ing their places on their way to and fron
the pcotofllcc. This has been overcome , am
.Mr. Favvlcner left this morning for Chicago
prepared to make a favorable report to the
department. t
V.'lll Pl ( Up ( he Siiiiltnrluiii.
HDD OAK , la. , May 4. ( Special. ) Dr. G
II Tovvle of Albany , N. Y. , has made ar
rangements to purchase the sanitarium prop
erty , which has been. Idle for several years
and will remodel and thoroughly fit up the
building preparatory to establishing a mod
ern medical and surgical sanitarium The
building la n large three-alary structure
located on a beautiful hill , covered with
shrubbery aud timber , half a mile south
of the city , and was especially constiuctee
for the purpc e Dr. H. T. Adams of New
York City will assist Dr. Towle in the cn-
Injured hy KNonplugr btr.nn.
HUD OAK , la. , May jl. { Special. ) The
c } Under head of the large Corlln engine
used in Replogle & Co.'s ' "mill blew oul yco-
lerday. J. H. Replosle , ) jowas standing
near watching the perforniauce ot theieji *
glne , mad soveielv scaldfc < by the'escaping
steam on the sldo and. slioulder. Medical
attendance was1 secured , and It Is thought
his injuries , although Very painful , will re
sult In nothing serious.
Will UnliirKt * ( lie lri vrrr I > | nu ( .
CCDAR RAPIDS , la , May 4. ( Special
Telegram. ) Albert niatz of Milwaukee has
purchased the George Williams brewery
plant In this city nnd twill enlarge It until
It Is the largest in the state It will have
a capacity of 300 bauds a day , and will
glvo emplojment to 100 'men. ' The work of
enlarging the plant will be commenced In
the near futuic. .
Iov\n MenilHlM nt DeN Moluo * .
DCS MOINES.May 4. The State Dental
association met liero today. An address of
welcome was delivered" by Mavor McV'Icar
and a response by Dr. Abbott ot Manchester.
The attendance Is about . ,100.
T OF A ; IUII JIM ; .sTitiicn.
Trouble Start * Iletweeii Mnrlile
Worker * nml Thole [ : in | > lo > er * .
NEW YORK , May 4. A general strike In
volving about 20,000 mechanics , members of
the building trades , may J > e ordered as a
result ot the trouble between the Marble
Industry Employers association and the
\Vhtto Stone association of marble workers.
CHATTANOOGA , May 4. Advices from
upper east Tennessee and .southern Kentucky
show that a general .strike In all the coal
mines In that section wllj probably occur
during the next few dayo. Already the
miners at Jelllco , Glen Mary , Robblns and
Helen Wood , numbering (2qoo ( ; , are out and
the Indications are that every-mine between
Chattanooga and Somerset'Ky. , will soon bo
abandoned. The cause of Hue trouble- a
geneiul reduction of 10 per cent.
OK ItOlllMAp Till : STATH.
Warrant * Are SM orn Out for Promi
nent CltlreiiN oC
FRANKFORT. Ky , , May -4. The warden of
the penitentiary , under the advice of the
attorney general , hag sworn out warrants
against Robert II Sutler , K. H Etherlngton ,
Ambrose Utherlngton , William Sharp and
Wendell Trust , all promlnept citizens , charg
ing them with collision and defrauding the
state out of large bums of money on bogus
claims for lumber cold to the penitentiary
clmli factory. H Is claimed that tlio alleged
frauds amount to $17,000. J
Delioe' * CrtiittMUlnlH llenily.
FRANKFORT , ICy. , May 4. The dela > cd
certlllcale of Hon W..J : Deboe's election as
BCiiator reached the governor this morning
and ho completed the preparation of his
credentials Iwo mlnqtea before departure of
the train , accompanied byja number of ap-
illranlH for oflice , and waa hade goodbye
y a host of other anpllcrfata who were ut
the station. { {
I'olHuneil Ity LeTuioniiile.
WALNUT CRECK Cal'.y May 4 , Elght-
ear-old Emily Kllesllng < drank lemonade
which was Itcpt In a tin bucket over night ,
and died at Danville today , Eighteen school
childicn who also drank of the stuff arc
very sick , Thn women pf Kebekah lodge
tee-d part of the lemonade at a social , The
remainder ( wan presented to the school
children ,
Dultol * Slnrtx
BOISE , Idaho , May 4. Ex-Senator F. T.
3ubols has been elected president of the
Payetle , Idaho , Construction company , or- 31
sanUed to construct 1G miles of railroad
rom Payette to the S veu Devils copper
mining region ,
A inter no ii In MluNluur.
CHICAGO , May 4. DwlRht W. Andrews ,
ex-chief grain Inspector whoso 'alleged
criminal manipulation of state pay rolls has
ren under Investigation esinnot bo found. '
Us olllolal bond for $50,000 $ la regarded oa of
doubtful quantity.
llullot W.llhout Itemill.
TALLAHASSEB.TIa. , May 4. The Lallot
or United Staled senator resulted today ; '
Call , 37 ; Chlpley , 30 ; Raney , 22 ; Hocker , 3 ;
catterlng , 3 ; lolal vote , 32.
Gold Hoe * to < ! rrutiiii > .
NIJW YORK , Muy 4.-The steamship
jihn , which sailed thU mornlnir , took out .
1,450,0(0 In gold coin consigned to Bremen
bankers Thu eiiKUBeiiKiu pf tlilu fold for
wtyort hnu been prcvloualy reported.
Mtosuro Reported by Pinanco OommiUo
Chills Expectant Beneficiaries ,
CliiuiKON from ( lie Utnirloy Schedule
All Cull fcir CrlllelNiiiH friiiu the
Mimiiffivtiirfrfl ur Producer *
1 mm pel In I el- lute rex toil.
WASHINGTON , May 4. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The tariff bill , as reported to th
senate today , sent cold shivers down th
backs of eastern manufacturers , becaus
they sec In It Important reductions In dut )
upon manufactured goods which they pro
duce. U has nUx > given western Intercuts a
shaking up , and there are heard crltlclam
as to the manner In which wool , lumber , coa
and other commodities are treated. Ne
braska has been In the main well taken can
of by the finance committee of the senate
Upon the question of a duty on beet sugir
Henry T. O\nard said. "The rates are no
quite satisfactory , and beet sugar produceirj
might to have had a little moro protection
\Vo presented a specific schedule to the com
nilttco and asked for the houpe bill with a
half-cent bounty added , 10 per cent to geoff
off each > car. Such a bill would have In
to the speedy development of beet sugar In
duntrlcs. While this bill provides sufllclen
protection for existing factories , It does not
in m/ opinion , supply suaiclent Indiicemcn
for the development of new factories. Th (
house bill with a half-cent added would havi
developed the Industry rapidly on a perma
nent basts. The abrogation of the Hawaiian
treaty la a strong fcatuic of the bill , which
especially commends Itself to mo , as I hai
alv\a3 feaicd serious competition from tha
quartet. "
Chicory Is placed at 2 cents per pound , as
against 3 In the house bill. Straw Is made to
carry a duty of ? l.GO per ton gross weight
Tlax , not hackled or dressed , thrcc-quirters
of 1 cent per pound ; flax , hackled and knovvr
aa "dressed" line , 2H cents per pound , hcmi
and tow ot hemp , $20 per ton ; flax straw , $ r
per ton
W. II. Alexander of the Omaha and Grant
smelting works , who leaves tomoirow for
the west , Is disappointed over the lead
schedule ofV cents per pound , being half
a cent Increase over the house bill. Alex
ander made a strong fight to hold the Ding-
ley bchcdule , but the miners were too strong
for the smelting Interests , Jones of Nevada ,
who has been a miner himself , standing
with his friends.
As to the tax on beer. Increasing the
same Rl'.fc cents per barroll , there Is a ircat
divergency ot opinion. Praise Is heard as
to the omission of the retroactive feature of
the house bill , many senators contending
that it simplifies matters very considerably
Senator Warren reported from the public
building committee Senator Clark's bill to
erect a building at Hvanston , W > o , at a
cost of $100,000 , not more than $15,000 to be
spent on the site.
Iowa poctmastcrs were appointed today as
follows : Geneva , rranMIn county , C. 11
Tldil , vice II. J. Bohlcn , resigned. Hllls-
bore , Henry county , W. 13. Frerrce , vice T.
G. Cooper , removed.
Secretary IJllss has affirmed the commis
sioucr's decision In the case of George W
Harris against Jonathan L. Given , involving
land embraced in the lattcr's timber culture
entry In the Chamberlain district , South
Dakota. Harris' contest Is dismissed on
the ground that his allegations that Given
had not complied with the law were not
Secretaiy Bliss has approved for patent
to the State of Wyoming n list of lands
( .elected under the educational and charit
able Institution's grant ; embracing 3,046
acics In the Buffalo district
Brad. D. Slaughter , Lincoln , Is at the Wcl
llngtan ; C. F. Tajlor and O 11. Ames of
DCS Molncs are at the Rlggs ; II. C. Wicker
of Omaha Is at the Hotel Lawrence.
OF Till : MClIICAIj M1V.
e NuuilKT of I'roiiilni'iil People
III tinI'nifi'NNloii 1'rcnrlit.
WASHINGTON , May 4. About COO mem
bers of the medical profession , among them
some of the most distinguished specialists
In the country , are In Washington to attend
the fourth triennial congress of American
Phjslclar.s and Surgeons , which convenes
this afternoon at the Columbia , theater and
ccntlnues until Thursday evening. The con
grees will open with a business meeting of
the executive committee , following which the
chairman of the committee. Dr. Landon
Carter Gray , will call the general body to
order. Tonight Dr. William II. Welch of
Baltimore , the retiring president will deliver
the triennial address , and later a reception
will bo given the delegates by the members
of the local society at the Arlington hotel
The congress Is dlv Ided Into fourteen distinct
associations , each at whose president Is ex-
offlclo vice president of the congress. These
associations will hold dally sessions at their
respective headquarters In addition to the
regular meetings of the congress. A largo
number of Inteiestlng nnd Important papers
will bo read and discussions on thc'ni follow.
A statue of the late Prof. Gross , the eminent
J physician of Philadelphia , will be unveiled
Wednesday afternoon. The statue Is erected
on the igrounds of the Smithsonian Institu
nirosns IHITV ON HAWAIIAV .suout
niffct of llu > S < MIII | < > Amendment lo
Tin iff 1III1.
WASHINGTON , May 4. The effect of the
action of the finance committee ot the senate
In striking out the house provision 14 refer
ence to the Hawaiian reciprocity treaty has
been the tubject of some comment. One of
the members of the committee sajs that It
U the Intention of the committee to deal with
Ilia matter hereafter. The effect of the bill
as It stands , ho saja , no doubt would be to
Impose a duty on Hawaiian sugar. Some
amendment to regulate this will be- prepared
but just what form It will take has not been
> . < flip the Army.
WASHINGTON. May 4. ( Special Tele-
gram. ) follow Ing transfers are made In the
Sixth Infantry : Captain Stephen Baker ,
from company IJ to company I ; Captain
lleuben II. Turner from company I to com-
ar.y I ) .
Following transfers are made In the First
cavaliy : Captain Herbert B. Tutherly. from
troop M to troop D ; Captain Oscar J. Brown ,
rom troop D to troop M , a
T. Alexander , assistant surgeon
general , has been placed on the retired list.
First Lieutenant Halpli Harrison , Second
cavalry , Is detailed as professor of military
science and tactics at the Kansas State
Agricultural college , Manhattan , Kan. , August
, relieving Captain Harry G. Cavcnnugh ,
Thirteenth Infantry , who IB ordered to join
ila company.
Leaves oj absence : First Lieutenant John
. M. Taylor , Twenty-third Infantry , four
months ; Second Lieutenant Gcoreo P. White ,
Third cavalry , four months ; Second Lieuten
ant Thomas F. Schloy , Twenty-third Infantry , be
hrco months ; Second Lieutenant HarrUon J , :
'rice , Twenty-fourth Infantry , three mouths ;
Second Lieutenant George W. Klrkpatrlck , >
Eighth cavalry , four months ; all to Uke
effect September 1 , Second Lieutenant An
drew Hero , Jr. , Fourth artillery , four montlu
rom July 14 ; First Lieutenant Bentley Mott ,
'I ret artillery , aide de camp , two months ,
with permission to go abroad ,
I'liNlinaxIcr Mu t ( Jo , Too.
WASHINGTON , May 4 , It 1s probable
hat tbo recent embezzlement of $15,000 at
ho St. 'Louis ' postofflce and the subsequent
arrml of CusUler Hays aud recovery of the
money it 111 be followed by a cliaui ; In the
poslmastershlp. Cashier Hays was rcmovei
by telegraphic Instructions from hero Satur
day. The Inspector's rrport on the affair ha'
not reached here and until U docs furthci
action will bo deferred. The present post
master Is James L Carlisle and his term doci
not expire unltlM h 19noxt.
TAKH tI ! ' ' ' "MjIpS"1 V CIV1I , 1111,1 ,
Ai > | trotrlntlitn aiL2vcr liniirov emeu
Mitde liiiinjJ-JyT-ly A nlli > lile.
WASHINGTONEJE M. The senate today
took up the B\iii fcj ll appropriation bill
When the Item IfSjrlntlng $2.333,333 to
continuing the ff y emcnt of the Missis
flppl river fronifcfegcad ot the passes to
the mouth of thMlf'iV river was reached , I
was amended aoMittjfuake the approprlatloi
Immediately n stftyr
The senate PTB Hno bill to provide frc
homes on the 'BUBK ' lands for actual am
bona fide settlers , known as the "free home
* lead" bill > cas , 42 ; nays , 11.
sioux cmnrs VISIT
I'reneut Tlielr Rrlptniu'rn lo hecreturj
Mils * .
WASHINGTON , May 4 American Hors-
and Hod Cloud and other Sioux from th
Pine llldge Indian agency In South Dakota
luvo had on Interview with Secretary lll ) s
In which they paid their respects and ahei
alleged grievances. A delegation of Wlchlti
and C.iddos from Kniifns also arc hero will
the object , It Is stated , of delaying the work
of allotment on the Wichita reservation , nov
well under wa.v. They are necking a cast
pa > mcnt In advance of the allotment am
are accompanied by Allotting Agent George
A. Mills.
ItiilNliicr the Duty on Kin * .
WASHINGTON , May 4. Senator Pettlgrevv
of South Dakota has presented the following
amendments , Intended to be proposed to the
tariff bill :
Flax : straw , $7 pel' ton ; flax not hackled o
dressed , 2 cents per pound ; flax , hackled
known as dressed line , D cents per pound
tow of flax , not rettc'd , three fourths of .
cent per pound ; tow of flax , retted , 1 cent per
pound. Another * amendment proposes adding
to the free list sawed boards , planks , deals
and other lumber of white pine , when no
planed or finished.
.Selling Ciiiuil 1'roiieHy
WASHINGTON , May 4. United States
Consul O'Maro at San Juan del Norte reports
to the State department that the government
of Nicaragua has sent an agent there to buy
from the Maritime Canal company of Nicara
gua such Instruments , furniture , etc , as the
government may require The agent has
bought about ? S,000 worth of stuff for J3.C3C
and but little remains to be sold. Meanwhile
the order forbidding the sale ot the com
pany's property has been rescinded.
Vlellm of liuoeltiiut Drops.
WASHINGTON May 4. William M. Kores-
nian , a railroad man of Madison , WIs. , was a
victim of a knockout drop robbery in the
disreputable quarter of the city last night.
The robbers secured $7fi and a railroad pass
for Forcsmnn and his wife between Wash
ington and Chicago. His assailants escaped.
Dnllj TrciiHurj Statement.
WASHINGTON , May 4. Todav's statement
of the condition of the treasury bhows : Avail
able ) cash balance , $232,151,171 ; gold reserve ,
1'iiflloiiN ii ( > nlloiiiil Contention
in K-'IIMUH eij. ;
KANSAS CITY , Mo , May 4. The police
department was called upon to hold the door
of today's convention of the American
League of Musicians against tha delegates
who were sent by unions of the league , the
chartcrb of which were revoked on account of
their affiliation with the American Federa
tion of Laboi.
Tim conflict between the musicians of the
United Strtcs , assembled today la Kansas
City la a bcw llderlng affair. One faction , the
Now "iork anti-union labor faction , kept the
other , or union labor faction , out of the con
vention , called for police protection , and
then proceeded to adopt a new constitution
to forever bar them out. The union labor
faction v 111 probably oigaulzc another eon-
v cation , claiming to ho the only genuine
\meilcan League of Musicians , and appeals
to the courts may ensue
After tv.o hours of excitement the con
vention of the American League of Musicians
was called to order by President Bremer ,
who Is also president of the Musicians' Mu
tual Protective union of Now York.
The delegates of the Federation of Musi
cians presented themselves for admission ,
hut only those who were members of the
commmltteo on credentials were let In. I
J. Masten of Cleveland , first vice president
of the federation and delegate from Clovc-
rushed Into the Imminent breach and by
main strength shut the door The federa
tion men gathered In groups ind declared
themselves. "Wo proposeto go In , " they
Soon thereafter the federation met. Mr
Currier of Chicago , President Miller , Secie-
tary Schmal/ , Harry Muze of Buffalo , Messrs
Halm and Drucli of Chicago set out to se
cure an Injunction , They went to see at-
toincjs , but they found that an Injunction
or restraining order could not be obtained
They icturi cd dusty nnd angry , to find that
the committee on credentials meanwhile had
made a report seating the delegates from
those unions which had not affiliated with the [
American 1'cderatlon of Labor.
John A. Hlbbaid of Plttsburg was elected
secretary on account of National Secretary
Beck's union , No. 2 of Philadelphia , having
been expelled. It developed right away
that C. H William Ruho of Plttsburg and
President Uromcr of Now Yoil. wcro the
leaders against the luboi affiliation move
ment. 'I hey laid before the convention anew
now constitution , which In express tnrms
prohibits ainilallon with any other organ
ization , enacts that its own provisions shall
not bo changed and limits membcishlp to
professional Instrumental musicians
Mr. Meyer of Omaha made repeated fiery
speeches opposing this organisation until '
other organizations had been hoaid from
Points of order , sldo arguments and appeals
from the chair came thick and fast until a
recess was taken The new constitution , If
adopted , would wipe out the contention of
the Federation men. It la evident that
this now constitution will be adopted.
At the afteinoon session u new constitu
tion , em the lines proposed by Mtssm , Ruhe or
and limner , was adopted by a decisive vote.
UK ; none hTiA.sin > TWO OAKS.
Si-vc-inl I'erniuiH Are Hurt In n I'e-
0111 In r , AeeMenl lu Oli
CHICAGO , May 4. A ponderous rock.
vetghlng ten tori ) , while being swung fiom nr
flat car , crashed tluough the sides of two
ears on a westbound Chicago & Alton pas
senger train today , wrecking the cam and In
urlng a number of people.
The Injured Alics Hajea , San Antonio
Tex. , head cut and body bruited ; Mrs O I ) a
V'llunn , CL'Iciigo , nervoui prostration from
fright ; Dr. G , It. Van Home , Ilockford , HI. ,
back seriously sprained ; T J. Murphy , Chicago H
cage , cut about tbo head ; Mr James Mills ,
Lincoln , head and hands cut , face bruised.
Comiiilixloii 31 mi UoiunillN Snlelilr ,
ST. IX3UI8 , May 4 , A man supposed to
Aaron Landuucr , president of the Lan-
auer Commission company , committed t < ul-
cldu In Forest parU. thin afternoon , The or
ody vvns found ue-ur Hylvari hike , with u
bullet hole : in the head. Two letters nd-
IrtHseet to Am on Lundauer were found In
ho dead nmn'tf pocket. No cannc for the
Joed U known ,
of Ocruii Vcucelc , Stay 4 ,
At Philadelphia Arrived Illinois , from
At New York Salle-d l nlm , for llremen ,
At Iircmfn Arrived Frtdrlch IMr nrosue ,
rom New York. >
At Stettln-Salled-Slclllan , for Nhvv York.
At Naples Sullcd California , for New
At Lechoui Sailed Britannia , lor Now
York. nn
Measure tia Amended in the Oommittco is
Submitted to Senate ,
Many Changes in the Bill as Originally
Passed by House. i
Senators Allison and Aldrich Say it Will
Haiso Suffloiont Eoveutu.
Hides Are Truimferred to the liitlnl > l < r
I.lxt nml < Ue Tux on lleer In
InereuM-il Oilier lui-
WASHINGTON , May 4. The tariff Mil VVM
reported to the senate , loJay to the surprise
ot senalors and the public. When the senate.
Hnanco commlllce met today the Idea pre
vailed that the bill would bo held In torn-
mllleo for two days. All ( ho members ot
the committee were presxnt. The democrats
examined the bill for ncarlj an hour , making
running comments on It. They announced
that they were against the bill as a w.holo.
Thej teen understood that Senator Jones ot
Nevada was going to vote with the repub
licans , and realized that Ihere was no pos-
slblllly of changing the bill. They hud no
desire to make any factious opposition , and
when a motion was made by the republicans
to put Ihe nucsllon Ihe vote was lakcn
promptly. All the icpubllcans , with Senator
Jones ot Nevada , \otc-d for the motion und
all the democrats voted against it , tlio vote
standing C to 5. Later In the day Senator
Aldrich announced that he would call up the
hill Tuesday May IS. The republican mcm-
beia ot the committee say there Is no btnto-
ment to bo made now as to the bill , the
amount of revenue to bo raised by It e > r the
reductions. When the bill Is taken up lu
the senate Mr. Aldrlch will make auch a
statement In the opening > , pcecli.
"It will raise revenue enough , " vvns the
comment of Senator All'son ' , assented to by
Senator Aldrich They estimated , however ,
that the Inci cased levenue to he raised from
beer will be $13,000,000 and fiom tea $10-
000,000. Senatoi Jonen of ArKansas , the
demociatlc tariff leader , said that ho cx-
jecled then. would bo about sK weeks de
bate on the bill. Sevcial sections in the last
part ot the Dlnglcy bill which re-enacted the
present law are stricken out. This will have
the effect of leaving the present law stand
and avoid d'bcusslon ' to a great extent.
'Iho comments on the bill aie , of counie ,
paitUan. I Rome fe'aturca are very much dis
liked by even republicans , hut upon the
whole \ the le publicans commend and the
democrats condemn it. The members of the
committee ( suy that the subcommittee has In
many particulars Improved upon the Dingier
Tlio hew bill Is radically different from
the Dlnglcy bill , piacticaliy amounting to "ci
another meaiuro Many Important chcdules
were re-written ciitiiely.
The time for the bill to take effect Is made.
July 1 , 1SW7 , Instead of Maj 1 , us provided lu
the house , and the woidj , In the flibt paia-
giaph , "Or withdrawn for consumption , " are
stricken out.
The sugar bchcdule Is as follows : Sugar *
not above No. 10 , Tlutch standard , In color ,
tank bottoms , sjiups of cane Juke and cf
beet , mclada , concentrated mclada , concrete
and concentrated molasses , testing by the
polailscope above S7 and not above 88 de-
grrcri , .70 of a cent per pouod , aud for every
addltloinl degice shown by the po'.arlscopio
test , .02 of a cent per pound , and fractions
of u degree lu proportion. Sugar above No.
16 , Dutch standard , In color , and sugar
that has gone through a process of icflnlng ,
1 1(5 ( cents per pound ; and in addition thereto ,
on all the foregoing , 31 per centum ad vale
rem. Sugar not above No 115 , Dutch stand
ard In coloi , tank bottoms , oyrupa of cane
Juice and beet Juice , mclada , concentrated
melada , concrete and concentrated molisics
testing by the polarlscope not moro than
87 'degrees , 75 per cent ad valorem. Mo-
lawefl testing above 40 and not moro than
5C degrees , 4 centa per gallon ; testing r'0
degrees and not more than 70 dcgues , 8
cents per gallon.
Machinery purchased abroad , Imported and
erected In any buct biigar factory , and
actually used In the pioductlon of sugar In
the United States fiom beets produced
therein , within two years from the Ut day
of July , 1S07 , shall be admitted free of duty
tinder such icgnlatlons as the secretary of
the * trcawrj may prescribe
Maple tupar and maple njrup , 4 cents per
pound , glucoko or grape sugar , 1 5 cents per
louud ; migai cane In Its natural state or
unmnnufattuicd , 10 per cent ad valorem :
sacclwi Inc , $1 per pound and 10 per cent ad
valorem , .
Sugar candy and all confectionary valued
at 15 cents per pound , or ICSH 4 cents pi-r
umnd ad vrlorem.
A duty Is levied on tea at the rate of 10
cents pc-i pound until January 1 , 1900 ; after
1900 It U admitted fice of duty.
Ihe following Is the provision In regard to
hides which are transfencd from the free
hi Hides of cattle , raw or uncure'd , whether
Iry , salted eir pickled. 1 % cento per pound ,
provided that upon all leather e-xported innelo
'rom Imported hides thcro iihall bo al
ow cd a ill aw back equal to the amount of
duty pi Id on such lildeK ,
Coil and Shale The word bltumlnoua Is
htrlclun out and all coal made dutiable at 75
cents per ton with a proviso added that the
luty on coal and nhalo shall be CO cents per
on and on coal , slaek or culm , If. cents per
on when Imported freim anv country , colony
dependency that docs not Impose upon
coal eir lack or culm a higher rate of duty
ban thrse named In thl proviso
Heir Tax The senate has Increased the
ntcrnal revenue duty on boer by changing
section 3339 nf the revlecd etatutcn to read an
follows- Until January 1 , 1900 , there Hlmll
)0 paid on all beer lager beer , aln , porte-r
mid oilier blmllar fermented liquors , brewed
manufactured and sold eir removed for
ronmrnptlon or sale within thu United States
ly whatever name such liquors may ba
ailed , a tux of $141 for cveiy barrel con-
alnlng not more than thirty-one gallons ;
and after January 1 , 1900 , there shall be paid
tax of $1 per bane ) on every barrel of
such beer , lager beer , ale , porter and other
similar fermented liquors ( the present rata
II. )
The retroactive clause of the Dlngley tariff
ill ! Is Btrlrlter from the cennto bill.
The entire house provision relating to recU
iroclty has been stricken out nnd thu foi-
owing section gubntltuled :
That whenever ny country , dependency
colony shut ) pay or bestow , directly or
ndlrectly , liny bouiitj or grant upon tha
nxportutlon of any article of mrrUmndluo
rom such country , dependency 01 colony
ind such article or merchandise IH dutiable
indur the provisions of this act , then upon
ho Importation of any such article or
itrchandlse Into the CnlUel States , whether
lui same shall bo Imported elliettly from
he country of pioduuunn or otherwise , and
whether inuli article ) or merchandise la Im-
lortcil In the njinu condition UK when cx-
ortrd from the country of production or
uiu been , changed In condition by munu *
uc'ture ) or othcrwUo , there Hlmll bu levied
aid nild In nil such CIIHCH , In addition lu
he milieu othcrvvlro Imposed by thin act ,
additional duty equal to the JiU amoual

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