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Present Collective Memorandum to the
Turkish Government ,
Call on tbo Porto to Arrest the Progress of
Troops in Greece.
Gives it Out That Ho Desires to Negotiate
Directly with Cweoo.
I'orte Annniineen Thnt It Will Hold
TheNMiily Till ThU Amount U
I'll Id Autonomy Mny Aut
i Tiielfy Crete. , \
CONSTANTINOPLE , May 12. The ambas-
cadors of tbo powers held a prolonged con
ference today , at the close of which they
presented to Iho Turkish government a col
lective memorandum proposing an armistice
between Turkey and Greece on Iho basis of
the negotiations for peace now In progress
through the powera. The memorandum ,
which was presented to Ahmed Towflk
Fosha , the Turkish minister of foreign af
fairs , by the dean of the diplomatic corps ,
Itaron do Calico , the Austro-Hungarlan am
bassador , enumerates the conditions which
have been accepted by Greece and begs the
porto to Issue the necessary orders to ar
rest the progress of the Turkish troops.
Uneasiness prevails hero on tlio sub
ject of peace negotiations. It Is feared
that the reported conditions will render an
agreement dllflcult and cause further com
plications. It Is expected Russia may pro
pose concessions to the Macedonians.
The director of the Deutsche bank of Berlin
5s expected hero shortly with proposals to
reorganize the Turkish finances , conclude a
loan and secure railway concessions.
LONDON , May 13. The correspondent of
the Dally Telegraph at Constantinople says
the sultan resents thn mediation of the
poworu and doslrcn to negotiate with Greece
directly. If this is refused the Turkish de
mands will bo more exacWng.
The Berlin correspondent of the Dally
News says the Turkish government demands
an indemnity of 3,000,000 and the right to
occupy Thcssaly until It Is paid.
A dispatch to the Chronicle from Constan
tinople says : An Irado has been Issued di
recting military powers to give preference
to natives wherever possible In making offi
cial appointments. In Thcssaly the condi
tions are not favorable.
A Turkish reconnaissance In force at Domo-
Iias has been repulsed and the attack on
Arta , which promised to be successful , has
also resulted In a check. It Is believed that
Edhem Pasha Is developing nn outflanking
movement with the right and left wings
with a view ot rendering the Greek position
at Domokoa untenable.
The Times correspondent at Athens says :
"Anxiety Is felt hero because of the absence
of General Smolcnskl's column. During the
day , In arranging the armistice , the govern
ment has addressed a strong protest to the
powers declining to bear the responsibility
should further bloodshed occur and lead to
ecrlouB complications. As M. Halll explains
to me , the government la In a serious pre
dicament. In order to secure mediation It
has compromised Itself In tbo eyes of Greeks
and Cretans without receiving a guaranty
that Turkey will cease hostility. Should
war bo resumed the position of the govern
ment would bo unenviable. "
ATHENS , May 12. The fact that there Is
no news of renewed lighting must bo re
garded as good news , but an uneasy feeling
exists here. Tlio Turks are trying to out
flank the Greek position at Douiokos and the
delay In the portc's reply Is also Interpreted
to mean that Turkey docs not Intend ( o
ccasu hostilities. Telegrams from the front
report that both armies are concentrating In
anticipation ot an engagement. The city
continues quiet , although it is believed that
the numerous Italian volunteers and social
ists now hero will endeavor to foment a
revolution leading up to a republic. But.tho
Greeks are devoted to the monarchical form
and the worst that Is likely to happen would
be the change of sovereign. If this should
happen the elevation of Constantine would
cpusci a disturbance.
It Is ofllclally announced that the powera
liavo notified the Greek government that
the Greek troops nuy leave the Island of
Crete , and the admirals of thu International
fleet will release the steamers which have
been seized during the blockade.
It U now olllclally denied that German
officers wore found oa board the Turkish
transport ship captured yesterday by a Greek
torpedo boat off the Turkish Island of
Tunedo * .
LONDON. May 13. The Tlmca' corro-
npondcnt at Candla eays : "It Is feared that
autonomy will fall to pacify Crete owing
to the opposition of the 20,000 Cretan Mo
hammedans on the island who fear that
auloiomy will end in uniting with Greece ,
and they actually talk of resisting the dc-
partiuo of the Greek troops , "
The Horn' ) correspondent of the Daily Mall
eiys ; "I ascertained at the Italian foreign
ollleo that Turkey will certainly accede to
the request for an armistice , and will place
itu'lf In the hands of the powers , The gen
eral conditions of Indemnity and a strategic
rectification of the frontier upon which Tur
key Insists have been already acquiesced
In by the powers. It h probable that the
powers will land additional troopj in Crete. "
LONDON , May 13. The Athens corro-
cpondont of the Dilly Chronicle telegraphing
shortly before midnight last evening , cuys :
"The government la becoming scrloialy dis
contented with the situation , and the 1m-
prcuilon Is gaining that it would bo better
to prolong the struggle. Some of the poweru
arc suggesting a modification of the trail-
tier. But thU would never be accepted by
Greece. It processes the right to veto the
decision of the powers. In their original
note tha powera called upon It to abandon
Its Intercuts to them , but this form was re
jected and the word "Intrust" wai nulutl-
tutej for "abandon. "
The Athens correspondent ot the Dally
Telegraph gaya ; "By the czar's oxprciu
command Count MuravlefT , the Russian min
ister , has Instructed D , de Nelldoff , the Rus
sian ambassador at Constantinople , to Insist
peremptorily upon a ceaiatlon of hostilities
by Turkey , I also learn that Count Muravleff
lien decided to have an atscmbly 'In Crete In
order to ascertain the true Cretan opinion ,
If the Cretans reject autonomy the entire
question will bo reconsidered. This n't ' nle
Is full of hope for Crete and Greece , "
KS OAl'TUIlK A TDllKIHII hllll' .
"VVim Ciirr > lnir Tree | > H mid n I.nrire
Amount of Military htoreu.
ATHENS , May 12. Advlcea received here
today from the Island of Sklatlioa , off the
coitt of the Vole peninsula , eay that the
Greek gunboat Venus and the ( Jrc-ck torpedo
boat No. 14 captured yesterday off the
Uland ot Tenedos , on the weft coet of Anla
Minor , a TurkUli steamer having on board
100 Turkish soldiers , elx officers , 300 Martini
rlfloi , eoveral thousand cartridges , elx quick-
firing gum , various military stores and C4.000
In cub , The money wau found upon a Turk
tsh major , who vtaa ono ot the oUlcers cap-
lured. The Greek war ships took the prize
to the Island of Skhthos.
oitunics iiAVii i-i.n.NTV or MIJAT.
Ilrend In Senree , Houeirr , it nil Sol-
dlerH Are ( 'InninrltiR for It.
< Cop > rlRht , 197 , by 1'roM I'ubll-hlni ? Compnnr. )
DO.MOKOS , Greece , May 12. ( New York
World Cablegram Special Telegram. ) Bread
Is tcarco In the Greek army , and there Is
some clamoring for It. But meat Is plentiful
The crown prince nald to mo today that
he thinks It Is not likely that there will bo
any fighting here. Ho looks for an armis
The line of retreat Is Intact yet. The ru
mor of fighting at Lake Xcnlas In the rear
of Domoko < i Is false. The Turks have not
moved from the pcaltlon they occupied yes
terday. Their extreme advance guard en
countered a Greek scouting party yesterday
and there was a skirmish. In which , several
were wounded. SYLVESTER SCOVEL.
oiusAM'/.n A CIVIL ( jovnnx.Mi\T.
Turklxli OlllclnlH Appointed for Cnp-
tiired ( SreeU Terrltorj.
CONSTANTINOPLE , May 12. A decree
Issued today by the council ot ministers or
ders a battalion of gendarmes to Larlssa
and also appoint/ ) the former Ottoman con-
ouls at Vole , Larlfcaa and Trlkhala to bo
kalmakama or administrators of thase dis
tricts with power to organize Turkish admin
istration In thetKj parts of Greece. The sul
tan will personally defray the test ot the war
medals which arc to bo presented to the
Turkish troops which have taken part In
the campaign against the Greeks.
" "
GcorKe W. Stone .MnkeH n Siieei-XNful
nxtierlmeiitNeur Camper.
CASPER , Wyo. , May 12. ( Special. ) The
newest , and what promises to bo a very
profitable live stock Industry In central Wyo
ming , is goat raising and husbandry. George
W. Stone , one ot the big wool growers ot
Natrona county , has recently made a pur
chase of 2$0 Angora goats , which he has
been running on the range with his sheep.
The goats were bought as an experiment ,
and after careful study and ot-aervatlon Mr.
Stone Is sanguine that he has struck a lead
that will bring at least a modeiato share
of fortune. Mr. Stone says Angora goats are
hardier , easier handled , and suiter leea less ,
and are withal more satisfactory than sheep
as range stock. The Increase is greater
than with sheep , but the herd requires more
attention , a mounted herder being necessary
to keep them together on the range. Tills
bunch of Angora goats was first brought
Into central Wyoming by State Senator Rob
ert Taylor , the big flockmastcr of thte
county , whose foreman sold them as a fancy
nuisance with a big sheep outfit. Mr. Stone
bought them and hU investment hag been
exceedingly profitable. His herd has In
creased 100 per cent and his clip has aver
aged three pounds per fleece worth 50 cents
a pound. In a few years Mr. Stone esti
mates that he will have several thousand
head of Angoras , which will bring him In
a much larger revenue than the same num
ber of sheep. A number of flockniastcrs In
this vicinity are taking great Interest In
the experiment and are inclined to venture
in the now Industry.
Trouble IN I'roinlHed Thin Summer
Around Klrliy Creek.
CASPER , Wyo. , May 12. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Some tlmo this spring the settlers
In that part of the country around the head
of JCIrby creek , about forty miles north and
west of Lost Cabin , established a dead line
and sent out notice that no sheep could be
run In the Ktrby creek country. The Wood
ruff brothers and Arizona Sheep company
have lambed thcro for the past eight years
and started In there this spring. Last Sat
urday sixteen men visited one ot their
lambing camps and took the heider out to
Chandler In custody and drove the ewe
herd acrcro the mountain , leaving the young
lamtft behind. This means a loss of over
$0,000 to the Woodruff Bros. company.
Hon. J. D. Woodruff left here this morning
for KIrby creek. H la hla Intention to take
the herd back to KIrby creek and see that
It stays there for the summer. Lively times
may bo looked for.
nv-l'iiNtmiiHter of Clie > emie PIciidH
Guilty and In heitteiieed.
CHEYENNE , Wyo , May 12. ( Special Tel
egram. ) George A. Draper , late postmaster
of this city , pleaded guilty today to * the
charge of embezzling postal funds and waa
sentenced to ono year and eight months' Im
prisonment In the penitentiary.
SeckH to hiieeeed WnNlinhle.
CHEYENNE , Wyo. , May 12. ( Special. )
Among a number of Arapahoe and Shcshono
Indians from the Fort Washakle reservation
attending the present term of the United
Statcj court In thla city Is Bishop , reserva
tion Judge of the Shoshonos. Bishop Is a
candidate for tile head chlcfshlp of the
Shoshones when Washal.le , who Is very old
and feeble , shall die. His only opponent
Is Dick Washakle , a son of Chief Washakle.
Judge Bishop Is an advanced Indian In his
Ideas. He aids the work of 'the Indian'
schools , encourages the Indians In agricul
tural work and la proud of the fact that he
has always been a friend of the whltea and
of the government. He Is an advocate of
temperance and his presence at the United
States court Is duo to the fact that ho wan
offered whisky by a Mexican trader and
ho considered It his duty to have the Mexi
can arrested for the offense and he Is now
on trial.
DlNtrlet Court nt lluffnlo.
BUFFALO , Wyo. , May 12. ( Special. ) The
dtstilct court for Johnson county , which IIEU
been In session hero for the past week , has
disposed of a largo criminal and civ It docket.
The first case tried was that of William
Fisher , charged with stealing a calf. When
thu testimony of the defense was given the
county attorney decided to dismiss the case.
H , J. Dalzell , charged with having illegally
killed a steer belonging to Mrs. W. F. Wil
liams , was found guilty. Richard Pnnlln ,
charged with assault and attempt to murder
George Roberts on Marcn 10 last , , was con
victed of felonious assault. Ed Klnnoy ,
charged with burglary , pleaded guilty to the
charge of petty larceny and was sentenced
to ninety days' Imprisonment In the county
Jail. Terranco Smith , charged with the theft
of two calves , was found guilty of petty lar-
ccay. Hon. Joseph U Stotts , the newly ap
pointed Judge of the Fourth Judicial district ,
la presiding at the prcaent term.
I.eoiiu'H VletlniM Hurled ,
NCW YOIIK , May 12 The bodies of the
twelve unidentified victims or the l eona lire
were Interred tonight In Mount Olivet cem
etery , the Mallory Stt'iunshlp company de
fraying the oipenstH. The Inquest was not
held todny , thirteen of the piiBbcngerH whom
the coroner Intended to milipoemi , ix vvlt-
iitHnen having left for ( lahcHtou.
rive Hundred Irlnli LnxNleN.
NEW YOHK , May 12.-The Whlto Slur
line Htriunshlp Teutonic arrived tonight ,
Among1 the sttcraiio PUKSUIIKCIH vvftc5.V )
young women from Ireland. Their HKCH
rangu from IS to 25 yearn old and they are
moxlly Kood looking. They are going to
various partti of the country.
Movementx of OeeiinH el May lit.
At New York Arrlved-Teutonlc , from
Llveriicol ; Bolivia , from Nnpli-n. Sailed
St. Louis , for Southampton ; Noordland , for
Antwerp ; Germanic , for Liverpool.
At Southampton Sullnl Trnve. tor Now
York. Arrived St. Paul , from New York.
At Qucenstovvn Balled Aurnnla , for Nevy
York Arrived -MnJiEtlc , from New York
for Liverpool.
At Llvcipool Sailed-Hrltnnnlc , for Now
At C\p rlm-e Arrived Norec , frani New
At ItJtterdam Arrived -Vccndam. from
Mi u' York , Suited Werkenaum , for New
Herr Bebel Speaks Oat Plainly in the
Officer CnltN Him to Time
ami WnniM Him Ant In IndtilKO
111 Further
BERLIN , May 12. In the Reichstag today ,
before the dl'cueslon of the motion ot Ilerr
Uucr , socialist , to repeal the clause ot the
penal cede dealing with Icse majcste , Hcrr
Singer , socialist , cald that a number of ofil-
ccrs of the criminal department were In the
galleries of the house and ho expressed the
hope that vUItors would abstain from nuk
Ing rcmnrki ] which might bring them Into
trouble. Baron von lUiolberenberg , president
of the Hclchstag , declared that hoould deal
severely with any disturbance.
Herr Debel , the racialist leader , opened the
discussion. Ho declared that the majority of
the prosecutions on the charge ot Icso ma
jestic were the work of Informers and per
sons seeking private vengeance. Ho re
minded the house of the various expressions
uiwd by Emperor William , notably his refer
ence In lib Brandenburg speech of February
Inal to a "pack of fellows" nnd the words
" " to have
"men without patriotism" alleged
been used by hi * majesty In n dispatch to
hla brother , Prince Henry of Prussia. Such
utterances , Hcrr Bebel asserted , were , calcu
lated to umleimlne the good name of the
German people.
The president of the Reichstag at this
stage of the debate called upon Herr llebel
not to draw the name of the head of the
state Into the dlscurslon nnd In no ca ° o to
11.50 offensive language. In concluding hla
speech Herr Bebcl said that In cases of lese
majestic the person Insulted should prooe-
DlneiiMNton of riniiiiclnl Question
Stlrn Up CoiiNldernhle KeelliiK.
LONDON , May 13. The Homo correspond
ent of the Times says :
A fierce storm arose In the Chamber of
Deputies tolay during the financial discus
sion. Signer Sonnlno , who was minister ot
the treasury In the last Crlspl cabinet , In
terrupted Signer Luzzattl , the present mln-
Irtcr cf the treasury , and accused him ot
having degraded the army and humiliated the
country. The Marquis dl Rudlnl , the pre
mier , shouted : "It was you who led the
country to disaster , and you are responsible.
I protest against what you ore saying and
as premier I have the right to bo re
spected. "
Slgnor Sonnlno retorted : "Your conduct
since the disaster has been disgraceful. "
The premier , visibly agitated , shouted :
Then my disgrace Is my glory. "
General uproar ensued , In the mldiit of
which a deputy shouted to Slgnor Sonnlno :
"This Is your gratitude after escaping Im
peachment. "
The whole scene was bitter and produced
a painful Impression. _
IiiHlde Fuels Concerning ilie Ilrench
of Krlendly IlelntloiiN.
LONDON , May 13. The correspondent of
the Standard gives today the history of the
discontinuance of the relations between the
Porto and the Vatican. Ho says :
"Last summer the pope In a autograph
letter begged the sultan to protect the Chris
tians In Crete. The papal delegate obtalnfd
a conference at the YHdU kiosk and formally
read the letter.
"Tho sultan , evidently Irritated , said In an
undertone In Turkish : 'Who's this pope that's
always meddling In the affairs of our state , '
nnd then aloud In French : 'Tell his hollnois
that It Is my constant care to > attend to the
welfare of nil my subjects. '
"Tho iiopo , deeply offended at seeing his
pirns for the eastern churches upset In this
fashion , tried another letter , last October.
Tula bad a better reception , but was never
answered , and there has been no direct com
munication between the Vatican and the
Porto since. "
H 110 TV anil Hull In heotliiiid mill Ilemy
rriiNl In niiKlnml.
LONDON , May 12. Very severe storms
have prevailed over the counties of Berk
shire Lincolnshire and Herefordshire. In
Scotland thcro have been heavy snow and
hall storms and the weather has been as
cold as during the month of Noember. .
There was a sharp frost in this city and In
the island counties during the night.
The continent Is suffering severely from a
heavy snonfall , frosts and storm * . In all
the mountain districts of Austria and Ger
many the damage to fnilt trees has been
very great. Yesterday a heavy snow storm
rtwept over Hamburg , Cologne and Nancy.
Widespread Injury has been done to tlio
vlreyards In the districts of Bordeaux , An-
gulomenu and Burgundy. In most of these
rcctlons the temperature this season has
been eleven degrees below the average.
CniiHdn. IleMreN Heal Hcc-lprnelty ivltli
This Coiiutr ) .
LONDON. May 12. Sir Donald Smith , the
Canadian high commissioner , In an Interview
with a representative of the Associated press
today , said ho was hopeful that fast steam
ships between Canada and Great Britain
would be running within two > ears. In re
gard to the tariff propositions submitted to
Parliament at Ottawa , Sir Donald Smith said
that It was nothing but the accentuation of
Canada's attachment to Great Britain , with
which counti y It desires the closest possible
comtneiclal relations. "Ccitalnly , " lie added ,
"It wau prompted by no feeling of hostility
to the United States , with which country
Canada Is eager for real reciprocity , "
Gliiiiuherliiln'N llltlnialiim Him Little
IJftVi-t on Him ,
LONDON. May 12. A Bpcclal dispatch
from Capetown sayo that the reply of the
Transvaal government to the strong note ,
said to amount to an ultimatum , from the
secretary of state for the colonies , Joseph
Chamberlain , Insisting upon observance of
the London convention , Is defiant In tone.
It Insists , the dispatch sayu , upon the right
of the Transvaal to demand arbitration of
the question In dispute and aluo upon Its
right to pass the alien Immigration Jaw ,
and asserts that If tills right Is disputed arbl-
tratlcu Is the best means of arriving at a
settlement of the question.
Oeiiernl "Ml I CM lleiieheN
SOt'THAllPTON , May 12. General Nelson
A. Mllis , U. S. A. , who arrived here today by
thu steamship St. Paul from Now York , on
till way to the scene of the Gracco-Turkleli
war , was caU'd whether the conclusion of
peacu when brought about would change bit
plans. The general kald It would not , th-f
he Intends to see the Turkish army ami the
armies of Europe generally before returning.
Appeal for Mi'x. 1'nriiell.
'LONDON May 12. An appeal signed by
the lord mayor of Dublin , John Iledmond ,
M , P. , and other Influential friends of the
late Charlei Stewart Parnell has been lasued
In bebalf of donations to a fund to asilsl
Mri. Delia A , Parnell , mother of the Irish
leader , and other needy members of the
family , by freeing the Parnell rotates at
Avondale from debt and other obligations.
. < * j
Trio of Writ Cniilnrrd'ht Dcmltvood lij
Undo Smii'n-i Ollloqr * ,
DEADWOOD. S. D. , JMay j . ( Specls
Telegram. ) Hlchard Flick , Gtty Flick am
John Burns were arrested today by Specla
OfTlctr Wlloon of the secret itrvlco of the
United States , charged tofth mulflatlng Unlto
States gold coins. For the par4 month this
city has been flooded \ \ llllglilwclght \ goh
coins , some of the $20KoId ! pieces bolng
Dhoit from $3 to $5. The work was fHed upoi
the men named beyond a doubt. They uscc
a bath of muriatic and fulithurla acids , ( Imply
the chlorlnatlou procers on a small scale , an <
melted the prcclpatlons. The Flicks arc
yourrg men , who are well connected. One o
them , Richard Flick , graduated but A olior
tlmo since from the State School ot Mines a
Rapid City and holds an * atsayer's certificate
from tint Institution. Burns was the cap !
tallst of the trio and1 liai always held an
unenviable reputation In thU city , having
been connected with dance houses .and llko
establishments here for the past twelve or
fifteen yearn.
fr a ml LodKe lit Ynnktoii DccldeH ti
Meet .Ne\t nt Sloiiv Fnllx.
YANKTON , S. 1) . , M&y 12. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The grand lodge of the Ancient Or
der of United Workmen selected Its officers
for the ensuing year this afternoon. They are
as follows ; F. M , Craln , past grand master
workman , Doland ; J. T. Smith , grand mas
ter workman , Yankton ; J. I ) . Howard , grand
foreman , Sioux Falls ; Henry Court , grand
overseer. Spearflsh ; J. D. Lnvln , grand rec
order , Aberdeen ; 13. 1' . Farr , grand receiver ,
Pierre ; S. C. Cornell , grand guide , Arling
ton ; John Hlerson , grand InSldo watchman ,
Mitchell ; W. G. McPherson , grand outside
watchman , Mllbank ; Richard Williams ,
grand tructec , Langford ; J. D. Lavln , II. E.
McNutt , Aberdeen , nnd J. T. Smith , Yank-
ton , supreme representatives.
Sioux Falls was selected as the place for
the next meeting. The lodge finished Its
work for this session tonight.
South Dnkntii Supreme Court.
PIERRE , S. D. , May 12. ( Special Tele
gram. ) In the supremo. vcoiirt this morning
opinions were filed in the , following cases :
By Corson George K. Knott against Coo
Ktrby , Mlnnehaha county , affirmed ; G. D.
Rochford against John Fleming , treasurer ol
Lake county , Mlnnehaha bounty , reversed ;
Patrick KIrby against circuit court of Mc-
Cook county , original action , order of cir
cuit court affirmed.
By Haney R. W. Bourner , receiver First
National bank of Rcdfield , against George F.
Johnson et al , Splnk county , affirmed ; W. E.
Benedict , administrator , against Wood Smith ,
Custer county , affirmed ; Joseph T. Morrow
against Minnie D. Letcher , Davidson county ,
Oiilj- One LlceiiHe In Pierre.
PIERRE , S. D. , May 12. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The city ordinance passed some time
ago , setting the city llcen.so at $300 per
year. was vetoed by the major on account of
a question as to the legality ot Its passage
and a new ordinance passed by the new coun
cil , placing the city license ) at $300 per year ,
which , with the state and county licenses ,
makes $ l,000jper year. One 'application for
license was approved , which will probably bo
the only one taken/out / undqr the amount now
demanded. { / *
, . .
M < < < ! MET of' Urn ml Coililiilnxloii Cnlli'il.
PinilRG , S. D. , May 12. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Secretary Rodlcy" has called a meet
ing of the State BrafuUTcomralsslon for the
14th ot tliffc month , whe a ! . ! brands , filed
up to that < date will be , passed Aipon. - " <
. I
Tlii'lr lIoilIc-N Foil ml DmiKlliiK from
the I.linl. of flu Oulc.
IIUNTSVILLn Ala. , May 12. The corpses
of two ncgresses , Nellie Smith and Mainly
Whit , are ( Jangling from the limb bf a live
oak Just oa the outskirts ot the village of
Jcfi' . They were hanged last night for pois
oning 'Jctm Kelly , a well known citizen.
They confessed to two attempts on the lives
ot the Kelly family. The first attempt re
sulted In the death of , Mr. Kelly. Sheriff
J. P. Powell lias gone to tfic scene to cut
down the bodies.
Nine wteks ago the first attempt on the
lives ot the family was ipodo. The family
sickened shortly after eating supper and
Joshua Kelly died twenty-four hours after
ward. On May 1 the family and tenants of
the deceased were polsdned again In some
mysterious manner. There were six whites
and eight negroes affectqd. , Messrs. D. E.
and Lamson Kelly became critically 111 , as
did Mm. E. Kelly. Oikley Wood , clerk In
a store who came near dyln from the other
poisoning , and a Tennessee i drummer , who
spent the night with them , were two other
Incriminating evldenco was found on Sat
urday at the Kelly home or Jtff and a clew
In the shape of a. box of pole-u led to the
detection of the negresses. ' The promises
were searched and a box df poison wan
found. It was stampfid'-w Itb. the trade mark
of D. O. & J. E. Kelly , the srocero at Jeff.
The poison , which was rough on rats , was
placed In the biscuits , of which all who were
affected ate. The Ijnching was participated
In by a mob of seventy pr olghty persons.
Her Own Life < o Avoid tin-
niNKrnei- Arr - | .
AKRON , May 12. Mlse N.bttlo M. Lclb , an
Insurance and real estate , " agent , who has
been In business hero about-four years , com
mitted suicide today by jaklnff carbolic acid.
Uvldenco tenda to prove nho took her life
to avoid disgrace.
Mlin Lei ! ) had apparently been successful
In her business ventures. She was 24 yearn
of ago and ot marked ability. In the course
of her business transactions she was en
trusted with SlOO by Rosa Albertbon. She
devoted the money to her ovn use and when
asked for an accounting w' & unable to sat
isfy the claim. An aflWavlt for her arrest
was filed in Aprl. | but A satisfactory settle
ment wan made. Miss. Lclb agreeing to pay
all the. costs. She failed to do so and an
orJcr for her appearance Inlcourt this morn
ing was iFsucd. She 'fill ad to appear and
the jiollco endeavored to locate her without
success. This evening 'Lori dead body was
found In her room , '
I !
( rnrriil ' - Let Clmr
I'I-OIIOKCM to file fH
AKiiliiHt Lieutenant O'JIrleii I > roji.
ATLANTA , Ga , , May ,1 ? . General Wcaloy
Mcrrltt has issued aifordet refusing to ap
point a court martial ? to try charges against
Lieutenants O'Brien 'and Balnford , preferred
by Captain Romcyn. In ! dismissing the
charge * againat O'Urlen he atatcs tjtat the
charges grew out bt a fvpllng of personal
iplte and that military tribunals could not
bo made vehicles of private revenge. In
pacslag on the charges agajuit Lieutenant
Lumford , whlih grew out of hla conduct
with reference to bis repprted engagement
to Miss Nina Romeyn , QtnCral Merrltt stated
that they are not a proper bubject for an
Inquiry , and he feelsthat - tlie phjdlcal con
dition cf Captain Rpmeyn can explain hla
< ictloi In filing them.
< * illioll < i KuluM * of Anierlc-ii.
MOBII.i : , Aln. , May J2 The second BCS-
rlon of the biennial council of the Catholic
Knlghta of America was tnUen up with the
rending nnd dlscunslon of the report of tha
commit tec on by-laws. The first itport sub-
mlttulSK that of. the committee on sup
plies. repotting that tomu 40uuJ coplcu of the
resolution bu prlntcil in KnglUh.
llnrileiiH Arc Too Ileuv- ,
MOHEHLY. Mo , TltHj' 12.-IL L. Ixe , a
prominent citizen of Moberly and n member
of the rlty council , kl'letl hlmie'f last nlfht.
After retiring1 hu arose nt roldnlghti wrote
u note to hl wlfo who nan HlrrjilHK In an
ndjolnlnt ; room , then returnrd to bed and
fired n heavy bullet Into Jilu bruin. Finan
cial troubles wtru the cause.
Will Hand in the Conferees' Aotion on
Indian Supply Depot.
Xetv York'n ItpiircNrtitnllvf * IJoeim't
Propone to Miliiult , nnd Kiilln n
the ANHlHlnncc of Air. Ilalluy
i of Texan.
WASHINGTON , May 12. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The conference report on the Indian
appropriation bill will bo presented to the
house tomorrow. Heprcscntatlvo Sherman ol
Now York , chairman ot the house commit
tee on Indian affairs , will present the report
and move to nonconcur In the amendment
for the supply depot at Orealia. This may
precipitate a row ot considerableextent. .
Bailey of Texas was active today In lobby
Ing with members against the measure , with
success so far as his follow era are concerned ,
but It has had the effect ot uniting the
friends of Omaha to make a good fight. Ne
braska senators will labor with the senate
conferees to hold out for the amendment
at least another week , In which tlmo cer
tain Influences now being worked upon may
bo found supporting the amendment.
President -Milton Barlow of the United
States National bank Is In the city and will
call on Secretary Gage tomorrow with Sen
ator Thurston In the Interest of Omaha de
positories. It Is thought the secretary will
do nothing at present to reduce the num
ber of governmental depositories In Omaha ,
contending , however , that the Omaha Na
tional should be restored to Its former place ,
from which It was taken during the Isal
The Indian bureau has determined to holii
Its annual Institute for 1697 for middle-west
ern Indian school Irstructors of all kinds
at Omaha from July 12 to 17. About 300
teachers , superintendents nnd others con
nected with Indian schools will be present.
The secretary of the Interior today af-
flrmcfl the commissioner's decision In the
homestead contest of Allen Gccr against
William J. Snjdcr , from the McCook district ,
Nebraska. Geer's entry Is rejected for fail
ure to present the same within thirty daja
after successful contest against Muses M.
J. P. Frostrom has been appointed post
master at Malino , Saundcrs county , vice C.
E. Brandenberg , removed.
Iowa postofilce appointments : I. L. Lc-
fevre , Downey , Cedar county ; W. B. Bar-
stow , Manilla , Crawford county Frank An
derson , Pacific Junction , Mills ; J. E. Smith ,
Randalla , Fayctte.
Postmasters commissioned : Nebraska
Harry Sprecher , Scotia. Iowa Henry Fulton ,
Bcntonsport ; Thomas O. Boyle , Clare ; Min
nie A. Witter , Jamaica ; Burton C. Fuller ,
Knlo ; Jesse F. Lusec , HOES ; George G. Scott ,
n. O. Mayfleld , employed In the house
ot representatives , leaves tomorrow for
Omaha with his family oa a six weeks' va
Frcnldeiit Submit * Olllelnl Corre
spondence ConueriiliiK Culm.
WASHINGTON , May 12. The president
has.sept Jo the senate a report bythe _ sec
retary of state containing the Stale 'depart
ment's translation of the letters of General
Gomez to President Cleveland In February
last nnd to President McKlnley In March , ap
pealing for the sympathy and support of this
country. The letters are the same which
were published six weeks or two months
ago , differing only on account of the fact
that the translations were evidently made by
different persons.
In the same communication the secretary
takes up the report that Cuban authorities
have refused to permit the United" States
consul at Sagua La Grande to communicate
with the minister by means of cipher dis
patch. He said that the council did re
ceive such prohibition from the major of
the town , but the ma\or was promptly rep
rimanded , upon a protect by General Leo
to the governor general. A copy of the
governor general's letter is transmitted. He
says the mayor misinterpreted his Insiruc-
tlons not to allow personal cipher dispatches
to be sent without seeing the cede used but
In order to avoid a repetition of such acts ho
hai ordered that the mayor DO severely rep
rimanded and that the governors and
mayors be hereafter Instructed not to
obstruct official tehgrarrs addressed to UnlteJ
States commercial agents or consuls In the
island and their supcrlora or Inferiors. The
secretary says this terminated the Incident
and that aluco tl.ls occurrence neither the
department nor the United States consuls In
Cubn have experienced any difficulty In the
matter of telegraphic correspondence.
Home OdlelnlN Tiike I > eiiNloii Money
of tlic liiiunteN.
WASHINGTON , May 12. Complaint has
boon filed at the Pension bureau against the
Soldiers' homo at noseburg , Ore. , alleging
that It Is violating section 4705 ot the revised
statute ? , making It a misdemeanor for any
one pledging or receiving as a pledge the
mortgage , sale , assignment or transfer of
any right , claim or Interest in any pension
certificate , or to hold It as security for any
debt or promise. Some Inmates of the homo
cullud attention to the matter and It wcs
taken up by several Grand Army posts , one
of w hlch , at Itoseburg , has made formal com
The bureau has made an Investigation and
exonerated the management of the home.
There are legal authorities both ways and a
decision coiutrulng strictly the statute cited
would , It Is stated , bo not only unjust , but
lead to serious consequences. The evidence
ono that the homo directors have icqulictl
all pensioners to turrendcr their pensions to
the treasurer of the home. Four dollars a
month Is then allowed each person for per
sonal experses and 1he remainder Is paid to
dependent relative ? , or If there are none , the
money Is accumulated for the benefit of the
pensioner. This practice Is substantially
similar to that In operation at t\\enty-onu
other soldiers' homcu , 1'liu Pension bureau
takes the position that it la not expedient to
Intervene In. the case , as the act ot March
3 , 1S93 , by Implication , sanctions the require
ment which has been In force In most of the
state ooldlers' homes.
for tile Arm ; ,
WASHINGTON , May 12. ( Special Telegram -
gram , ) Captain C. Hi Murray , Fourth cav
alry , has been relieved from duty at DroAn
university , Providence , H , I , , and detailed
to duty at Storrs Agricultural college , Stone ,
Captain Daniel T. Wells , Eighth Infantry ,
having been reported unfit for promotion on
account of physical disability , has been
granted Indefinite leave of absence.
Following alignments to regiments of of.
llccru recently promoted are announced :
Second Lieutenant John J , Bernard , to Fourth
Infantry , company K , Fort Sheridan , III. ;
Second Lieutenant Paul Qlddlngs , to Third
Infantry , company I' . Fort Snelllng , Minn. ;
Captain Edward H , Browne , to Fourth In
fantry , company O ; First Lieutenant Paul A.
Wolf , to Fourth Infantry , company B ; Second
end Lieutenant George L. Byroido , to Third
Infantry , company K , Fort Snclllng , Minn.
The rcilgrallon of Captain Nathan S. Jarvis -
vis , ucslstant surgeon , baa been accepted ,
lo take effect July 1.
Leaves of absence : Captain Carver How-
land , Fourth Infantry , one month ; Lieuten
ant I. C. Jenks , Twenty-fourth Infantry , two
months ; Lieutenant F , L. Wlnn , Twelfth
infantry , four months ; Captain William
Davlu , jr. , Tenth cavalry , six months ; Cap
tain L. S. McCormlck , Seventh cavalry , one
Private John II. Crook , company D , Twelfth
Infantry , has been ordered to Fort Crook
for medical treatment. Private Andrew C.
Milter , company C , Twenty-second Infantry ,
Fort Crook , has been ordered discharged.
Supreme Court Mny Hnnjffl jflti n De-
el it oil I" i ] 7 tB
WASHINGTON , May 12H5 { il Tele
gram. ) There perms to IxrWxM' 'or be
lieving that the supreme Cllmji f on Mon
day hand down a decisionMBjjjBjmaximum
rAlo cases , and favtrsM * ° 'no
railroad companies. TKf.r-Jfs'nco | ol
J , M. Wool worth ' " /JW-S / c'ty ' " '
this tlmo Is thought VfciSW1 tbo nn
turo ot a verification of tlil jjjlV that such
a decision will bo wmle/B / B understood
that the court decides thoni Wn the showIng -
Ing made of the original valuation of rait
road properties , and not oa the proscnl
valuation. It Is also rumored that the courl
will stand five to four In favor ot affirming
the court below.
Allen AVnntn Cliniiiiinu llrimnlit U
lli-fore llnr of Semite.
WASHINGTON , May 12. In the senate to
day the sugar Investigation of 1894 was re
called by the Introduction of a resolution by
Mr. Allen oC Nebraska , vccltlng the circum
stances of the investigation , the refusal of
Elvcrton R. Chapman to testify , his couvlc
tlon In the courts and the present efforts to
ward his pardon. The resolution proposal
that Chapman bo brought to the bar ot Ibo
senate to pnrgo himself of contumacy as a
prerequisite to pardon. Mr. Allen sought to
sccuro Immediate action on the resolution ,
but it went over on objections of Mr. Ga > >
linger of Now Hampshire and Mr. Hoar of
Mr. Morgan of Alabama made a statement
relative to his resolution on Cuba. He said
the committee on foreign relations at a meet
ing today had considered the question ot
referring the resolution to the committee
and had not reached a decision. Ttio com
mltteo desired , however , that the resolution
go over to noon tomorrow with a view of
having a statement of facts laid before the
senate at that time. On Mr. Morgan's re
quest the resolution went over.
A resolution by Mr. Butler , republican ot
North Carolina , requesting the president for
Information relative to the Union Pacific
railroad , was presented and went over. Thu
senate bills for a public building at Deadwood -
wood , S. D. , to cost $200,000 , and one at In
dianapolis , Ind. , to cost $1,000,000 , were
The senate then took up the calendar and
passed bills as follow- ; : For the relief of
certain citizens of Montana , claiming the
benefits of homestead laws ; granting to Mon
tana 50,000 acres of land In aid of an asylum
for the blind ; appioprlatiug $171,000 to
Charles P. Chouteau for extra work on tbo
ironclad Etlab.
Thu Immigration and the klnctoscopo bills
were reached , but went over on objection. At
2 o'clock the senate held an executive ses
sion , and at 2:45 : adjourned.
Old Coiiiiuniider of Seventli Cuiiilry
Made Major Geiiernl.
WASHINGTON , May 12 The president
today sent the following nominations to the
senate :
War Brigadier General James W. For-
sythe , to bo major goneral.
Postmasters Illinois , Daniel Gulnn , Kln-
mundy. Texas , Mrs. Mary Morrow. Abilene.
General roisytho was born In Ohio iinil
graduated from tlio military academy in
IKfl. During the war he won brevets In
every grade up to nml including1 brigadier
general. He was brevettcd for gnllnnt nnd
meritorious services In the battles ot Chlck-
amnuga , Opequnn , Fisher's Hill and Middle-
town VH. During- his service In the war ot
the rebellion lie was on the start of General
McClcllan during the Peninsula and Mary
land campaigns , and chief or ht.iff ot Major
General Shuidnn during the lUehmoml cam
paign , find participated In inn famous raid
from Winchester to 1'etcrsDurg In pursuit
of Lee's forcefi.
He accompanied Genciai jjhcrldan to
nuropa as nn aide durlni ; tne Fianco-Prus-
blan war. Since 1873 lie has been stationed
mainly in the west and has been of con
spicuous service In the expedition of 1X73 ,
In the Bannock campaign at Fort Walla
Wallu , Washington , and In itrtloiiH with In
dians nt Wounded Knee Creek and Catholic
Mission , S. D.
Confirmed Iiy the Semite.
WASHINGTON , May 12. The senate today
confirmed the following nominations : Gcoigo
A. Farr , collector of customs , district of
Michigan ; James A. Coyo , surveyor of cus
toms , port of Grand Rapids , Mich. ; Tama
Blxby of Red Wing , Minn , to be a mem
ber of the Dawes Indian commission ; John
N. Quackenbush , to be commander In the
navy ; A. r. George , receiver of public
moneys at Crookston , Minn. ; M. C. Bar
row , receiver of public moneys at Douglas ,
Wyo. ; E. W. Hoyt , rcglrter ot the land of
fice at Sui'dancc , Wyo ; 'Porter Warner , re
ceiver of public moneys at Hapld City , S.
D. ; S. Jamco , Indian agent , Pottowatomle
and Nemaha agency , Kansaa.
Postmciiteis : Idaho J. C. Garber , at
Grangevllle. Missouri H. C. Turley , at
Natchez. Iowa H. L. Chosloy. at Suther
land ; F. C. Downey , at Dexter ; C. J. Wonser ,
at Tama ; H. L. Brotherlln , at Tlpton ; J
A. Mclntlre , at Sidney ; J. W. Jatnagln , at
Montezuma ; J. Morris , at Hcdrlck. Texas
J , W. Bell , at Beavlllo ; Thomas Brecn , at
Mlneola. Colorado J. C. Scott , at Ster
Work of the I'oxtul
WASHINGTON , May 12. The ways and
means committee , of thp Universal Postal
congrccs today practically completed the pre
liminary consideration of the amendmcnta
which have been pinponed to the Interna
tional treaty. The amendments which liavo
received thp assent of the committee were
none of them of vital Importance , but treated
mainly of details of an unimportant char
acter , which It was apparent were essential
and proper and which experience has dem
onstrated were a necessity In the tranomla-
sion of mall matter. The more Important
questions remaining iindMpuscd nf rclito to
the universal postage stamp , the proposed
establishment of tha gold standard us a
settlement of all balances In postal rntei
and the proposition for a i eduction in thn
pay of malls In transit. Thcno mattcis will
begin to receive the attention of the com
mittee tomorrow ,
To llnr Coii > lct Made ( Joodn.
WASHINGTON , May 12. Senator Gal-
Hngcr of New Hampshire today pnscnted an
amendment which ho proposes to offer to the
tariff bill against goods which were the
product of convict labor. The amendment
Is as follow : \
"That whenever complaint Is made tn\the
eecretary of the trcaaury that manufactured
goods Imported Into this , country are flic
product of prison labor. It shill be tlio duty
of the secretary of thu treasury to formulate
the necessary rules and regulations to pro
hibit the further Importation of such goods
except upon the aworn statement of the foi-
clgn manufacturer or Ills ugent , made before
r. consul of the United States , that such
goods are not being produced by Iho labor
of prisoners or convicts. "
< | iin > ' I'ropokeN Itiidlenl
WASHINGTON , May 12. Senator Quay
today gave notice of hln Intention to offer
amendments to the sundry civil appropria
tion bill removing npeclal Indian agents ,
deputy collector of Internal tevemio , utore-
kccperu , gangers and examining surgeons In
ll\-j pension otllce from the clwsllled service.
The amendment provides for the nomination
of the special Indian ugcnta by the president
and their confirmation by the senate and
Tor the appointment of the other officers men
tioned by the heads of ( heir rcupectlvudu-
partmcnts , with or without examination.
Dully TrciiMury .Htiileiiirnl.
WASHINGTON , May 12. Today' * Mato-
ment of the condition ot the treasury uhoun1
Available cosh balance , f229,5G5,620 ; gold
reserve , tH7,995,08L
Mystery of an Iowa Bank Eobborj i ?
Cleared Away ,
Confesses His Share iu the Crime to Pinkerton -
ton Detectives.
Men Who 1)o the Work Leave Out Their
Local Asiistant ,
TellN HIMV He ArriuiKi'il ' < > llreulf
Into the 1C III n ii IliinU nnil
Curry Aitny ( lie. Cuxlt
Held There.
OTTUMWA , la. , May 12. ( Special Tele
gram. ) I'lnkcrton detectives have succeeded
In clearing up the mjstcry In connection
with the robbciy of the Bradley bank at
Rldon on the morning of February 1 , when
the safe was blown open and J6.200 taken.
The Instigator , Stevens , the city marshal of
ICIdon , has confessed , and ) i under arrrat
with Dick Dodd , a gambler of this city.
Stevens also Implicates three Chicago crooku.
The sheriff Is In Chicago with requisition
papers and expects to have the men under
airest this evening.
The confession of Stevens was made when
ho was confronted with some of the evi
dence by one of the I'lnKcrtons. He nt flrat
tried to tell a Htory of three men forcing
him to aid them In committing the rob
bery , but afterward went befoic the grand
Jury and told the story without restraint.
He and Dodd were then arrested. The city
marshal's story Is as follows : He first
conceived the Idea of robbing the Eldon
bank In 1S9C. He tried to get a crook from
DCS Molnes to aid him , but the crook de
clined after looking the ground over. Ste
vens then got Dodd Interested , Dodd agree
ing to get the cracksmen. Dodd went to
Chicago and made arrangements with thrcu
well known crooks to < lo the work ot blowIng -
Ing the safe. These men came to Ottumvva
and visited the scene twice before consum
mating their object. Once they decided that
the roads were In too bad a condition to
allow them to escape with . .tholr booty , and
the other time they were frightened away
by a man sleeping over the hank. They
icturned to Chicago and in a few days were
given another tip by the city marshal.
They came to Ottumwa , where they were
met by Dodd. The party went to Eldon and
was met there by Stevens. Stovcno guarded
the bank while the men robbed It , and then
aided them In stealing a team and buggy to
get away with their booly. The crooks re
turned to Ottumwa , were met on the out
skirts of town by Dodd , who took them to
his house and kept them In hiding for sev
eral days , when they went on to Chicago.
The money was divided at Dodd's houso.
Dodd received ? GOO. Stevens' share was to
have been left with Dodd , but the Chicago
men skipped with the rest of the cash.
Stevens came to Ottumwa and when ho
found out that ho had been deceived ho went
to Chicago and tried to find h's men , but
was unable to do so. He then came back to
Eldon. Stevens has always borne the very
best of reputation , has been an officer at
Dldon for years and the people of that plnca
will hardly believe his own story of the
IloIi-H and Cnldvvell Are Prominently
Mentioned fur < ioernor. .
DBS MOINES , May 12 ( Special Tele
gram. ) Representatives of the ellver repub
licans and populists , meeting with the dem
ocratic state central committee today ,
reached an agreement for fublon. Three sep
arate conventions will be held Iu DCS Molnea
Juno 23. No definite action was taken re
garding the division of the ticket , but It U
probable the democrats will receive governor
and supreme Judge ; populists , lieutenant
governor and railroad commissioner or state
superintendent , and the silver republicans
the ollleo left
Thcro was considerable talk of compelling
ox-Governor Boles to accept another nomina
tion for governor. Judge Caldwcll of Tain.i
county was favorably mentioned In case Bolc.i
should decline. Alfred White refuses to bo
a candidate and will ho temporary chairman
of the democratic convention. C. O. Holly
ot DCS Mnlnes will bo temporary chairman
of the populttt convention , and thu silver re
publicans will chococ a populist a temporary
chairman to show that huimony exlsta.
The Chicago platform will bo realllnned
and frco silver at 1G to 1 will bo made the
rallying cry. State planks will deal with
the scandal developed dm Ing the past few
months , endorse the Temple amendment to
prevent the acceptance of Insurance bcnefltH
from associations run In connection with rail
road companies from bilrig a bar to suits for
damagcu against such companies , and declare
for a more liberal liquor manufacturing law.
s.vvs .unions AIM ; NOT CHIMI.NALS ,
Attorney AM.H Tluil Tliey He Allotted
to ( in Home for Hie .MKlit.
CEDAH HAl'IDS , la. , May 12. ( Special. )
Novel Instructions wen given by Judge
Thompson In the Linn county court at the
conclusion of the arguments In the case In
which Oeorgo 1 loverly sued Douglas & Co.
for $10,000 damages for Injuries received :
while In tholr employ , The rase had been
on trial for five dajn and a great mass ot
Lon/lictlng / testimony had been Intrnducsil
and It wia prcfiumed the juiy would not
arrive at a verdict for &ono : time , The Judge
had Just finished Ills charge to the jury
when cno of the couiii > el for the defendant
asked the court to direct tlio Jury If It bad
not arrived at a verdict by 10 o'clock that
evening to dUilmnd , go to their lioniou and
gt their usual rent , icconveiiltiK the next
morning. Ho declared ho had never been a
believer In making the Jury room a prison
and believed that juiors ( should bo treated
as men and not as criminal ! ) . Tlio court re
plied that ho cculd only give such Instruc
tions with the consent of both partleu. The
counsel for the plaintiff agreed that mich In
structions should be given and It wan done.
The Jury , however , agreed upon a verdict lo
two houra , finding for the plaintiff and 01-
the damages at $500 ,
'I'lioni ; MfiiiiiKerx Aol AplirelieiiNlte
JUrraUSON , la. , May 12. ( Special Tclo-
gram. ) Tlio manager of the Mutual Telephone -
phone company of thta city , which operates
In tbo central and northwestern parts of this
state , has communicated with other mana
gers and finds that no apprehension U felt
cgardlng tha telephone dccUlon , They claim
their Instruments do not infringe the Bell
patents and will defend In cuso of a cult.
. i
Koiir-Venr-Olil Girl Him ( Her by Cur.
DUBUQUR , la. , May 12. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Katlo Mullen , 4 yean old , wau killed
olay ; while trying to crota Ibo street < n fronfc
of an electric car ,
Cold 'Mulitx ' In Iimu.
JKn'KHSOtf , la. , May 12. ( Special Tele
gram ) - 'Iho temperature this morning very
tu-arly reached Hie freezing polut It 1 * clear
and cold luulgUU i

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