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H *
UI : > TIO\ .
Smith , plumber. 2401 Ave , A. T < M i31.
PASturage. L P Judcon 829 Cth avenue.
Miss Petcrton , llhrarlau of the public
library , repoits that a" " the * present time the
demand for book Is lighter than at any
prilcd of the j-iar.
The Merchants' nnd Manufacturer * ' afsi-
clnllon of this city ha * hern Invited to hcnd
dtUgatcd to the Trntwmlvilfsliwl congress
which incctn In Salt Lake City July 14.
There nuvpr wen a time when wo li&t
elono BO much family work , and we never
Imvp done the work BO well as this spring
Wo have made an art ot the laundiy busi
ness nt the "iagle. : " 724 Hroadwaj
The ouprcme e urt has affirmed the deci
sion of Hit loner1 couit In the case of Peter
\Vc\t \ ngalnst Morrl/i Drew. , Joint T Hazui
ftnd othviH The ca e wan Ulul brfoie Judge
Smith and was decided b > him In favor of
tliti defendants It was n milt en a prom'sory '
W note The CouiiPll Ulufffl Roadster club has per-
ftPlpd arrangpmcnts foi Its opening matinee
of the hc.Ton at Union Driving park next
I'rlday afternoon Adrnl lnn will be free.
An excellent program of roadster races has
been arranged and a band has been engaged
to fnrn'fh imnlc for the occasion
Cluirlos Ilale'i hrs been arrested on an In
formation filed In Justice Vlen's court charg
ing him wlih larceny The Information
alleged that ho had stolen biass and other
nvtalfl valued at $21 SO from a building at
Minhatlan bench The ca e Is scl for Irlal
tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock
Council Illuffs and All Omaha played ball
nl the Field club grounds vpsterday after-
n Mill In thu prudence of a good sl/ed crowd
of cnthu.'laBtfl In the flr ° t Inning Council
Itlulfn mode twelve runs , nnd when the
crowd became tired watching the game the
i.corc Htrol 27 lo 17 In favoi of Ihe UlnfTs.
The bad plajlng was largely due lo the high
Ulshop Cosgrove was > a guest last week ol
tht St Fi anils academy Nexl Sunday he
will return and administer conliimatlon a *
the conclusion ot high mass * . Me will hu as-
Hlntod bj Fa'licr Longlnui of St Pelcr's ,
Falhcr Fcclcy of SI Dornard'ii hc , pltal ,
Father Jcinnelte of SI Jcseph's hospllol ,
Ornalm , Falhct WalsMi ot SI 1'pter's church ,
Umaha , and Father Smith of St. Francis
Xavler's church
The wagon and team found In the poshes-
slon of Hre-stman and McKnlghl , the mcr
taught In the acl nt passing counterfoil
bllver dollars , weie * ent to Omaha ycs'er-
day afternoon nnd turned over to Ihe fi lends
of the m ti The men directed Ihe driver
to take the team to a house on Seventeenth
and Lcavenworth s'reets. The driver re
turned with a receipt signed by Mrs Elfie
Kelley and made a report that led the offi
cers lo wish that a closer Inspection hail
beta made ot the prcmls-es.
C. n. Vlavl company , lemale remedy. Mod
Jcal consultation free Wcdnesdaj * . Healtl
book furnished 32C-327-32S Mcrrlam block
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 250
Free .Sodii AVntt-r
With every 25c or more purchased % out
elore. Deelkcn & Whuley. I1C nroadvsy. .
Jl 00 bollle of Ihe bcsl earsaparllla for COc
2ii < ; boltlo of the bent little liver pills , 15c
2ic botllo of the best laxative plllt. IGc.
2."c tooUi powdei , fragranl and anllseptlc
2fio tooth urns.i , lOc cream soda , all for 2Gc
41G Hroadway.
Iloiiril of Siiiirv INOTN Orniluiillj Get
llliK' tin * IloiulM Into SliniM * .
Colonel Haktr and the olhcr members o
the special committee of Ihe Hoard of Count ;
Supervisors who have charge of the road
Making experiments that arc now under wa :
nro very much elated with the success tha
has followed their efforfs to make a gooi
road out of the almost Unpayable hlghwa :
known ( ft the old Chnutnuqua road. For th
Insl week a force of men and learns has beei
at work on Che road , cutting down the hill
and filling up the hollows. The plan adopte
In the experiments made a tliort time pre
vlous In the eastern part of the count } ' , wa
followed. A heavy Iron roller was used con
utantly In rolling the loiso earth , oa fast E
It was deposited In the localities lo be fillet ]
The surface was kept smooth and level b
running a heavy harrow over 11 while H wa
being rolled. The reiult Is a piece of ex
ceedlngly smooth and firm roadway , eve
"where " a fill of several feet has been mad <
This fresh earth has been packed down s
firmly that the heiulrot wagons do nol male
a Irack ona \ surface. The roadway Is abou
thirty feet wide and Is built In creiwnln
vhapo , so that It will permit the water tha
fallfl upon H to Immediately flow a\\a ;
Colonel Halter U confident that this melho
will give smooth and firm roads lhat can t
maintained1 In Rooil chape at little cret.
There Is a etrelch of roadway on the othc
Bldo of Hie hills where Ihe work has bee
done lhat will require the use of Ihe grade :
nnd It will bo put lo work Ihero this weel
Thu plan \a \ to raU < o Iho surface of thli roai
way at least four feet and roll 11 down I
the same firm and permanent manner , wil
deep dllcheu on the tildes to carry off th
water and numerous culverts In the embanl
mcnt to prevent any water accumulating o
the upper side.
- 1'or 111 effects of over-callng lleecham
Geo. S. Davis carries the largest stock
pure vvhllo lead , Unseed oil , mixed pain
brushes , etc. , In Council DlulTii and , quail
considered , makes the lowest prices. No d
ceptlnn prncllccd. Wo personally guarand
thu absolute ) purity of all the goodi we so
If jou want thoroughly reliable goods It wi
pay jou to trudo with us. " Goods dellven
tn any part of the cltj or railroad depot fn
of charge. 200 llroadij - .
Combination book cases this week , $10.7
at Durfco Furniture Co. . 205-207 , Hroadway.
\V. O. W. Mcniiirlnl .sr ! < .
The WooOmen of the World on Sunda ;
June 6 , will unveil the monuments trecleil I
the order to Iho memory of departed sove
elKH M , B. Uenncr and Juieph Parady1
opproprlate ceremonies. The camp will u
Itsiie InvItatloiiH lo outside camps , as wi
ilnno last year , but Augusta grate , No.
'Woodmen Circle , will Join In the exercise
'At a meeting ; ot the camp Consul Command
C , A. Morgan made the following appoln
metita for the day Captain , James ( ! lira
ley ; mauler of ceremonies , Qcorgo M , W
con ; orator , W , 11. Lacke > ; reader of poet
Co-a Hitchcock ; aide , U. P Chase , Mus
will be furnUhcd by the camp quartet ai
JlcTaililcn's drum corps. The exercises w ;
begin at Sovereign I'arady's grave In tl
Soldiers' ccmetiry at Kalrvlew al 3 o'cloc
Ft cm there the camp will go to Walnut II !
cemetery , where the unveiling of Sovereli
Uciiner's monument and the decorating
other grau's win take place.
Pimples , blotches , blackheads , rotl , rou li ,
oily , motliy skin , itching , scaly scalp , dry ,
tUfn.anJ fulling hair , and baby blcmUhus
presented by CUTICUKA SOAP , the moat
effectiTO skin purKylns and boautlfyliiR
eoap in the world , HS well as purest and
kwootcst for toilet , bath , aud nursery.
Bo r l tall IhrooiKeut th ( vorli forrit Oica
> r > Ciu coir , ioUProp .no lenU a A
vtl > i iul rat Uum ri , * > maU > 4fn * .
Oritno of a Crazy Mnn Qots Him in
Serious Trouble
Trlril lo A'lftlml/i * llonnlliiK Iliiti
nnil Ilutvl K * iin-r4 nnil riually
In I'll ! I ml or Arrrnt
nt MlilnlKlit.
Prcd C. Harrison , who U eilil to
nflucntlal frknils In Lincoln , U ocrvi'ijinp
a cell In the city jail , chained nlth a eouplc
of forgtrlis. He was arrested litUSLen t :
and 1 o'clock jcsterday niurnlng at the Kansan -
san City house ou Lower Main plrcrl , when
ho had presented a check for $3 tn which lit
had forged Iho name cf A T. I'llcklngcr.
Harrison has been aiound to\\n for sev
eral tlays. Ho was ; \M ilre scd and spcnl
money quite freel > . lit boatdcd for severa !
daj lost week at the boarding house ktpl
by Mre L Shcnsood on Upper llioailway
111 pi > mcnt for the accommodallon hu hat
received ho gave Mrs Sherwooil a check foi
on Saturday afternoon The check wa <
signed by hliroclf and was drawn upon ai
Omaha bank. U called for n irlilc mon
lhau the amount of hli bill , nnd ho bccami
\cij Indignant when Mrs Sherwood icfuscc
to acupt It and pay tht > difference Shi
agreid to hold It until Monday and If I
pio\ed to be good to pa > the difference aftei
Bho had cashed It Harrison left and ni
hour later appeared at the Xcumeyer hole
with a check for $1 signed b > Henry Teller
Ho wanted to pay for hli night's lodglnf
In nihanco and collect the dltferance > 'cn
meyer Is familiar with Toiler's signature
and Immediately saw the thcrl : was a fOr
gery Harrison left before the hotel kccilei
could communicate wltlulhe police. OfllciiK
started lo hunt for the- man Inter In thi
evening and visited about all of the hoteli
In Iho city befo d , they called at the Kan
teas City house Atlornej > fllcklnger's slg
nalure Is qullo well Inown , to all of tli
police olllcers Harrison had Rhen the thecl
to the night clerk and Imd gone to bed , say
Ing he would get his change m the morn
Ini ? It waa clearly a foi gery , but to Ieav <
no doubt Mi Kllcklnger was called up b ;
telephone He declared that he had ghci
no such check. Harrlnon was pulled out o
bed and taken to the police stallon.
Harrison was once commHlcd to the asylun
In Lincoln and was rcceatl } discharged a
mill IMnnlliiK lorc I.niii
Tlinii i\cr Iti-foi i * .
LANDKU. Wyo . May 23 ( SpecialVII )
Ham ShiKcfpeare , anrnpahoe Indian o
iho lower She hone agencj , leports to th
Indian guide of Kort Waahakle lhat Ihe In
dlano on the cub-agency are working on thel
farirn more Industriously this jear than eve
Ibefore They nrp breaking up a largo amoun
'of ' new land .md where last year Ihe sag
brush wna thick there aie now good farms
Ho says "The' old Indiana alv\a > 8 used t
lalk ot going to wai and now thej tal
different , lliuy loll u > about farming and hoi
to farm and they tell us young men to wor
hard it fain'lng. 1 have In about twelv
acres of wheat , live of oats , one of polatoc
and a big garden of vvatoi melons , squash an
other vegetabhs I have twenty-two acre
this year Instead ot ten last and all th
other Indlnni nro the same way , plowln
much mo , < > lund this year than last. "
The- entire IFSUC of send to the Indians o
the agency to the present time thla reporli"I
Is as follows : Shcshonce , wheat , 28,7 :
pounds ; oats , 21,395 pounds Arapahoe :
wheal , 43,100 pounds ; oals 13,725 poundi
ItcMd'-a Ihls over C07000 pounds of seed poll
toes have been planlcd. The agent has bee
obliged to caution the Indians not to plo
' moro land than lie could supply them wit
seed foi planting All of the seed this > es
has been lotned them by the government an
will be returced from Ihclr crops.
Their Aim Wlln I'miKj.
CAIUJON , Wyo. , May 23. ( Special )
shooting controversy took place near Hanr
jestcrdiy over a sheep. Jack Shaw charge
Frank Hewitt with killing ono of his bud
and went after Hewitt with a rifle to avcnj
the death of Iho animal. Three shots vvei
fired during the quarrel which followed , bi
.ho shooting was poor and uo one was Ii
Specliil Hlrctlnu to Di-c-lilc CuiitcHl.
LAIIAMIH. W > o , May 23 ( Special. )
tea been decided to hold a special city elei
: Ion here to decide- the contested case i
John Uamford and Lawrence Tec , who ri
cclved the same number of votes for aide
man at the recent city election. The specii
election will bo held Juno 8.
AVItli ik Itollliitr Tin anil llutolit
Knife a Woman I.alil Ou < it Hoar.
Miss Marie Hoblnson , who lives two mil
from Tort Pierce , Da. , on Cedar Hammoc
was In the kitchen rolling oul bread tl
other day when she was startled by the a
pearanco of a joung black bear close besli
her , standing on Its hind feet. liaising a b
hardwood rolling pin bho brought It tlov
with a tremendous whack on the bear s truy.
Hniln did not lllio this treatment , and 1
advanced loward the girl , fencing with h
Again Miss Hoblnson delivered a blow
her advancing foe , but the bear had learm
wisdom , and ho deflly parried Iheblc
wllh his right paw. Ho then caught M1
Uobhuon'o dress with hla oilier paw , learli
It from her shoulder. In return she ga
him a straight right-hamler with the rollt
which caught him under the car and set hi
Druln scrambled up from the second roun
and ho waa pretty mid. lie s bullied up
the gill , warily keeping both forcpaws e
tendeJ and growling angrily. Mlfs Uoblnsi
again landed a right roller , hitting hi
squately between the eyra. As eoon as :
ri'covcred from the slunnlng effects of t'
blow ho endeavored to grasp the girl In I :
Seizing a big butcher knife that lay on t
table , Miss Hoblnson lunged forward with
Its blade penetrating the bear's neck ,
bright stream followed Us withdrawal , n
Uruln was becoming groggy. Illow after blc
with the rolling pin fell upon hln head , a ;
after a few minutes the bra\e girl had t
KitlHfactlon of seeing Ihe animal roll ov
cti bin side and expire.
Miss Hoblnson has an enviable record ta
"woman's rights woman , " as this mak
the third bear she has Killed , the othc
being shot with her rlflo while they we
carrying off her father's hcgj. She has al
killed a panther and snakes Innumerable.
III ! ) llllllKN IHlllHClf ,
CAMDRN , N J. . Mn > 23 William I
HOSH , the 15-jeur-olil nan of Mr nml Mi
W. A Hoas of Stockton , committed sulcl
today by hanging- himself The boy v\
In good spirits when lib imrtnts Htnrtcd
church. On tlulr return thy found hi
hnngtiiK llfelens lie UIIB uildlcted to t
HBO of clinirettei ) for which ho wits chid
liy hlu father It IH supposed hu cou'd n
lirrak ore the hublt , and In despair , to
his life.
Jiuuc * ( iiirilita lliaiitl ItfUiniM ,
NKW YOlUf , Muy 2.1--James Gord
Ucnneit , proprTi-tor of the New York Hi
ild. arrived this afternoon In his ute.i
vr cht. Numounu , from Toulon. France , ca
IK ut M lull-r la Las Palinus nnd liermut
The Numounu nallid from Toulon May
touching at Madvrla on the 9th , I'almua t
19th and Bermuda on thn : ist. Tno r
frain liermuda ao this port was made
flfty.thrvo houra.
IMult liilK ! uiai > Illiimfir ,
NKW YORK. Muy S3 The World tomt
row will publish the following ; Ilefore Sc
ator Thamaa C. Platl left for Washlnirt
yesterday afternoon he ald to a reporli
"I Imxo no doubt thnt -
Qulgg- will bo elected president of the
county committee- Tiicmlny nlKht'i mrvt-
Ing. 1 fim so AMured bv the le ulcrs nnd I
think the ( "election n Rood e e"
Thnt wns nil thft senator would say nbout
the uonferencet he lias been holding with
Btito nnil county representatives.
of lilt * Ttirliliii * Metlioil ol
llipljlitK sirniu l'on * r.
The steam turbine-driven boat Turblnla Is
reported to have made the speed of 32i
knot * an hour In an official trhl In England
on April 10. This IE abcut 37V , statute mile *
an hour.
The New York Sun's engineering writer
comments upon the newcomer In this way :
When a brief cablegram reached this coun-
trj from England Ust December saj Ing that
a little 100-foot steamer called the Turblnla
hid attained a speed over a measured couroo
of 23 G knots an hour , driven by turbine
steam engines , there were a largo number
of well-informed persons who refurcd to
credit the accuracy of the report , although
It purported to conic from men of high pro
fessional slamllng. Again , on April 1 , It was
m first at a speed of 31.01 knots , about
< | iinlltiR the hlghcrt speed ever attained
pen the water , and Ihls only by torpeJo
itrhers of five or fix times as much ills-
lacement and double her length Thlf
roused even greater doubts than the firsl
lory , but the climax was reached when It
as asserted that the Turblnla had actually
ovcred a considerable distance upon Hits
ime scries of Irlils In April nt the rate of
2 Cl Knots It was known that the Trend :
orpcdo catcher Forban hod made a run ol
oincthlng above 31 knota an hour , and thai
no ot Ihe newer English boals had exceeded
Ills by a trltlc , but none had reached any
uch speed as was claimed for the Turblnla ,
t was also ehown that the English govern-
ncnt had contracted for a lot of new tor-
cdo boats , which were all to make 30 knot *
n hour , and thai two of the newly ordercil
oals , Ihe Albalrors and Express , were le
\cccd Ihls speed The AlbalrofB Is to be
uarantecd to reach a speed of 32 knots ami
lie Express a I'pced of 33 knots I3ut ther
lie-so boats will be about 215 feet long am' '
f 300 tons displacement , while the Turblnla
s but 100 feel long and of forty-four ana one-
alt tons displacement. It did not seen
osslblc that a boat of these dimensions couli
o driven al such a lerrillc rale of speed b ;
ny sort ot engine that could be floalcd li
vr , and Incredulity wan felt here until i
cport of the proceedings ot a meeting of thi
nstllu'lou of Naval Archllects , held In Lon
on at the beginning of the second week li
\prll , was received U contained a pape
nd before the Institution on April 8 , bj
ton. Charles Algernon. Parsons , the Inveuto
'f ' the engines which were used In the boat
nd he give a detailed account of the Tur
in la and her performances.
Mr. Parsons Is an engineer of high rcputi
vml comej of an anccslor who did much li
Is tlmo for science. Mr Partorn Is th
oungesl biolher of the carl of Hesse * and i
on of the third carl of Hosse , the builder o
be greatest reflecting lelcscope that was eve
onstructcd This waa the great star-gazlni
fislrunient , so big that a tall man couli
upright within its tube , which was ee
ij a generation ago at Parsontown , Ireland
he seat of the carl of Revise. Among thi
veil known men who listened to the rcadlni
> f Mr. Pareons' paper was Mr Yarrow , Mi
rhorncycroft Mr Ramage , Mr. Henwood
Mr. Corrlc , Mark H. Hoblnson and Leslt
"l ( blns-oii and Mr. Swlnlon. All of Ihen
ook part In ihe Inlercsllng discussion vvhlcl
'ollowed the reading of the paper.
Mr. Parsons said that his paper might b
considered somewhat premature as the Tur
"ilnia had not completed ner trial trips ; bu
his might bo excused , because the result
so far obtained were in some respects re
narkabli * . Ilcforo going Into the details c
Mr. Parboil ! , ' description of the boat an
icr doings , It will perhaps be of Inlereal I
lescrlblng the etcam turbine engine whlc
the Turblnli was built to test for marln
purposia. There are three distinct style
ot these engines that arc known and In th
narket. Two of them , Ihe Part > oiis and Doi
lurblnes , are not very unlike In principle c
operallonbllo the third , the Do Laval en
Inc. Is very different All are alike In thli
[ hat they are adapted to run at euormousl
lilgh speeds , such as are not even attalne
practically by the electric motor. Jfr. Pai
sons first described his engine In 1SSS , oi
though its manufacture was begun In 1SS
for the purpose of drlv Ing dynamos. Up t
1S92 Ihe turbine consumed so much steal
In proportion to the power developed that
was not considered available for such
purpose as driving a boat , although It ha
proved of high value for very rapid worl
In 1SD2 , Mr. Parsons said , a compound tin
Ijlno adapted for condensing waa conslructe
by the Cambridge Electric Supply compan
and when this was tested by Prof. Ewtn
It developed power at the rate of one Ir
dlcated horse power for each 151 pounds i
sleam used per hour , wllh a boiler pressui
of 100 pounds In Iho Inch and the steai
stipcrhealcd at 127 dcgicca Fahrenheit abov
the point of saturation. Mr. Parsoni
steam turbine engine as made for 01
dlnary stalloniry purposes consists <
two series of what are known as paralli
flow or Journal turbines mounted on ellui
end of a common shaft eo that when stea
Is admllled at the Inner cndo of the turbli
series at tbo center of the shaft's lengl
the pressure will be balanced and the sha
will have no thrust either way. Each eon
pleto turbine or eerlcs of turbines , as thi
are In fact , Is made up of alternate- revel
Ing and stationary plates , through whl <
slanting perforations have been made
opposite slants < n each class of plates. Tbn
plates are mada of circles of brass turn *
so that their outer edges fit Into a clrcul
casing and their faceo fit clcwely togcth
and are perforated. The plates , which ate
to bo stationary , are cut Inlo two parts f
convenience in pulling Inlo place. Tl
turbine Is made up by taking flrat a revel
Ine plate and keying thla fast to the shal
Next to this Is placed a stationary pi a
held In place by lugs filling Inlo the out
case ; Iben anolher revolving plate and thi
a stationary plate aiV3 so on until the who
turbine Is made up.
When this la completed and the engine )
at i ( at the passage fnr the Etcam tbroui
the opening } ot the plates will be all ope
but each set presenting a zigzag court ;
Now , If steam be admitted , aa It rush
through these passages It has the sail
tendency to straighten out the passages
would n bar of metal driven through Ibei
Thla setfl the platra fast to tbo shaft r
volvlng In a direction opposite lo the sla
of their orifices , with a power which h
been estimated as e'tiual for each plate
89 per cent of the expansive power of t
etcam , urd a power for the whole Is 87 p
cent ot the etcam force.
No honest dealer will try to sell what 1
l > rnws the customer did not order and do
tint want. Substilullon thrives for a tin :
li'lt In tbo long run It ROCS to the wall.
roiiMiilrliiK' to llrllic"o ! Crime.
FRANKFORT. Ky , May , The IndU
ments against Dr AV Godfrey Hunter , e
Congressman Wilson nnd K. T , Frnnkn we
.ilirutd on ilemuirer yesterday before Cl
cult Judge C'.intri'll nl Georgetown nnd II
motion to quash vvnn tnkcn under mlvls
nit'iil by Ihe courl The attornejH for tl
dcfcnsibiBo their demuirers on fie eroun
that while there IH ti Btntutory penalty
this Htato for bribery 01 ut tempt to brlt
there Is not for "conspiring to bribe , " t'
offense charged In thu Indlctmentu.
Di'itiiiH of t * . DID ,
I'OUaHKniPSI17 , N Y. . Muy 23.-Jo ]
P. Atvvnter , the last surviving member
1831 , of Yule college , died at hU homo
this city today. Hu wua horn in 1813
Carlisle , Pa , where his f.ither , R v Je ;
ml' h Atwaler wa nr - lilenl of nicking
c Ileu3 Ur. Atwat rlliollnCI cluna I frc
1S37 until ISOt , ami removed to PotighKeeiK
In 1870. Hu was one of the early pi
chasers of real catalc In Chicago , a
owned much valuable business proper
there ,
_ _ _
Auollirr ( iriiCHOinc * I'luil ,
CHICAGO , May 21 Charreil bones n :
some old cloUilnir , said to be blood-Btalm
were tnkf n by tlm po'Ic' today from a bul
Intr In the homo of Adnlph Luetgert , t
vvejilthy miusage manufacturer , who Is t
ctisul of wife murder. The bones vxi
examtnrd to determine If they were of
human body , and the Htulns on the c'otli
will be put under chemical test to ai.ci
tain whether they nre blood mains T
police attach great Importance to this find
MnniuU Ito lit Wlniilu-Hr ,
WINNIPEG , Man , May U-MarqulB I
the ex-premtcr of Japan and gp < .xIal env
to her inujeaty'a jubilee , arrived here ted
by the Canadian Pacific bound for Ni
York , whence he will sail for Enuland.
Some Analogous Featnrta of Uio Eccont
Failures in Nebraska.
_ _ _ _ _ /
I'tilillc Money In KXCOKH of Li-Kill I'ro-
vlMloiin IMnrril In IJpjtonltorlcn
mid liMoUoil In Sulixe-
LINCOLN. M y 23 ( Special ) Certain
facts In connection with the relations that
existed between ex-Stato Treasurer Uartloy
and three banks that failed recently nt varl-
us points In thin state have just been made
lUblle hero and throw considerable light on
ho financial deals of the ex-state official ,
ho cannot satisfactorily account for all the
monej s that should ha\o been In the state' :
! xche < iuer when he gave up Ills office
In the case of the bank at Orleans the
link , as n state depository , gave a bond foi
33,000 Tills bond entitled the bank to re-
: el\o not over $17,500 of state money on de
posit. As a matter of fact , $20G41 of staU
noncy was duo the state from the Orleans
ank when Hartley went out of ofllce. Whcr
ho supreme court decision on the depositors
: unds wag handed down Treasurer Meservi
row on the bank for $500 , but the draf
: amo back to him dishonored. About tlirci
leeks ago the Orlcan bank finally pnU
'Ver ' to Treasurer Moscive the J541 , lca\ltif
, n even $20,000 of state money still owing
The situation with respect to the fallei
Drlcana bank Iscry at.alagous to that o
ho failed state depositor } at Alma , alei
n Ilarlan county , not n great distance fron
Orleans. Several remarkable coincidence :
i\ould seem to pro\o that the same method
i\cro cmplojcd by the lwo banks of Or
.ems anil Alma. The Alma bank foiled tin
day after Treasurer Mescrvo canio Into of
flco wllli $10,000 of state money on deposit
As It hail given a bond for xmly $50,000 , Hi
greatest amount U v\as legally entitled ti
ccelvo as a state depository -was $25,000.
In the case of the State bank at Atkinson
an lincstlgatlon Into Its affairs discloses Hi
'act that although the bank -was not i
lalo depository It held eleven certificate
jf deposit from Dartley , each for $5 000 I
is believed that the $53,000 represented b ;
: lie eleven certificates of deposit by tlartle :
S all Btato money. 12vcry effort will b
made to prove this and If It can bo provei
hat the $55,000 In question Is Btato mono ;
.ho state oincers will at once proceed ti
use every legal means possible to collec
ho debt ,
cA'NMvr SUM. 'run HOMJS
A d a HIM County llfiilert tin-
LINCOLN , May 23. ( Special. ) A coupl
of weeks ago a committee of count
ifflcera from Adams county came t
. .Incolii and mot with the Hoard of Educa
lonal Lands and Fumlsv where U aske
hat Adams county might ibe allowed to re
lecm an amount of county bonds now liel
by the state , and which do not mature for
number of years. The Adams county peopl
desired to do this because Under the new di
posltory law- the banka of that cmmty cannc
take all of the county funds./ The baar
. eferrea the matter to the attorney generi
, \ho has just given the following opinion :
To the Honorable the Vonnl of idum
lonal Limit and Funds : At si former meel
nff of the board It appeared flmt a part c
.he permanent school fund was Invested I
registered county bonds ot the countv o
Adams , that these bond- * will not m itur
for many years , nnd thrlt thn county d <
sires to redeem them , or a part of them n
once. Upon that Bt.ite of Tacts the qucstlo
.nose. Has the board at thl * time rower t
change the terms of contract of invostmen
and to permit of the redemption of th
bonds befbre they become duo ? You hav
submitted that question to mo for m
opinion , which I have the nonor to now la
befoio > ou.
The statute gives the board the power n
_ ts regular meetings it make neeessir
ordeis for the Investment of the fund1
Tills Is the only power whloh the board I
given ever the fund. It carries with it n
incident thereto all the powers neci-ssary t
mnko a prudential Invcstmont. Is the pout
'o cluingp the contract of Investment aftc
.t bas been consummated and acted upon
pcwpt incident to the power to invent"
think not "To Invest" money ine.ins > t
clothe it In Homothlnir , is to Invest It I
countv registered bonds It iloos not nicin t
withdraw money from the clothing in vvhlc
"t has been Invested The power to Inves
.s not the power to divest It rmv be put
eested thnt when this Invcstmsnt was mail
the board could have glvm the county tli
ontlon to redeem at any time , mil hone
w'hat the bonrd had the power to do the
H , -with respect to this investment , has tli
uowe-r to do now. That does not follow. Th
board had the rower to m ike the inves
mcnt on such terms as it Oeomed wise , bi
once having m-ulp the Investment Its powci
to change the terms thereof coased.
Some years ago the supreme court di
cldcd. In re school fund , 1" Neb , CM. tlr
the boird did not have thf power to be
3 per cent United States bonds for the pu
pose of Investing th < proceeds In 0 per cvi
county registered bonds , 1 rnd that IV
power to Invest did not carry with It tl
power to chantre the securities The poll
there decided Is not the name as the or
here presented. Tlicra tue question w :
whethtr thu l > oard had the power to sell
security. Here , -whether tno bo ml had tl
power to change the terms of the contrai
of investment Hut , nevertheless , thnt cai
Is valuable here In that It sho.vs h < i
slrlctlv the powers of the boird , w- r
spect to the invpstment of ihe funl. tre
be construed The constitution nmKps Ih
fund a sacred one ami carefully limits tl
securities In which It mav ho Invested Tl
statute Is not less strict. The punron
court has shown no disposition to cn'an
by construction the terms of the const' i
lion or the statute.
I am therefore of the opinion th.it tl
powers of the board with respect to th
fund aio to be construed strictly nnd Jher
fore fh.it the boird Is without authority
acctdo to tlm dpslro ot Adams oonnlv II
Hiectfully submitted , C J SMYTH ,
Attorney Central.
Aurcil Woman Vlc'lonx ! j AHHilllIIrd ,
SYUACUSn , Neb , May 23 ( Special Tel
gram. ) Between 7 and 8 o'clock last nig
Wllliim Shreeva entered the homo of M
Morgan and attempted an assault on hf
She repulFcd him with a butcher knife , whl
bho happened to have In her hands at t
time. Her asallant went out doors , b
relumed In a few minutes anil renewed t
assault , but the strong ; resistance slio ma
foiled the efforts of her assailant , and h
lusty crips for help soon brought In t
rclrhbore and she was Immedlitely release
Mrs Morgan llvfB alone and Is bctnei
75 and SO years of age. Shrcevo had bei
drinking considerable yppterday and r
malned In tonn until thla , iinornlng Tl
outrage did not become kno'wn ' to the a
thorltltH or the genera ) ' 'public until la
thla forenoon Steps wdr6' Immediate
taken to apprehend the culprit.
r II Vrf
I'ollrciiiiin Ilinlljilfoiiniloil ,
PnnMONT , Neb. , May J Z3 ( Special )
About 10 o'clock lest nlglit/PoIlcemin / Lydl
went Into a saloon on Maiirotreet to stop
drunken brawl In progress ' ( h'ere. As oci
ho entered the place a fung ot tcug
jumped onto him anil for ift few mlnut
matters were pretty lively. When Alaivh
Stiles cjmo to Ljdlck'B aHSlsjHnco the leadc
of the gang skipped I0il6fof | them , Ji
Young , was arrested lateami , another , Hai
Kendrlck , will bo oa 15009 ai ho can
found Officer Ljdlck Ui a , capable and e :
clent onicer , but the ieug nas laying I
him and he had no opportunity to defe
himself. He wa-s badly1 ,
AIICADIA , Neb. , May 23. ( Speclal.- )
tlmely rain , amounting to 0.75 of an Int
fell In this t-ectlon Friday plght. Wheat ni
other small grain and gardens were begl
nlng to stand ritlll for want of moluture
the surface , although there was moisture b
low. The rain cf Trlday night will cc l
carry the crops forward until June 1 , wh <
there \a \ an absolute certainty of a hea1
rainfall , which lias been demonstiated In i
former years With ( tie e conditions
would teem that the outlook Is very gofer
for a heavy crop of tmall grain ,
1'riMllC Of 11 IllUlf )
ARCADIA , Neb , May 23 ( Special )
Oliver Dubry of this . place bas a hon
locust tree growing In hla yard that h
made a rather remarkable growth. The tr
had grown to about four Inches la dlamet
at the base before the dry sea-cm bega
U then began to die for want ot moisture.
Lust ( iprlng Mr. Dubry cut It down to within
about a foot of the ground , It tcok R now
start and sent out three shoots which grow
to be about five feet In length during l ut
summer. This spring those Mioota luvc put
out nn abundance of fragrant Mwoms ,
which Is probably accounted fcr from the
fact that the shoots grew from the old
uocic coi'vpT's COURT HOUSI : .
Iniliiirlnnl Point Decided by Dlnlrlot
Court nt llnr-nctt.
I1ASSBT , Neb. , May 23. ( Special ) A
special term of the district court was held
here yes'erday with Judges Westover and
Klnkald silting together , for the purpose ot
having determined the < iueitlon of the right
of the county board to UPO Insurance money
In the sum ot $3,920 In the rebuilding of the
court house vvlthoul flrsl having the money
appropriated for that purpose by a vote of
Iho people. The facts , briefly. In the case
arc FIB follow A
The court house In this ( Hock ) county had
cen built eight j ars ago from ths pro-
ceds of bonds voted by Dastctt precinct and
onMcd to the county The building
urned down last March and Insurance to Ihe
mount of $3,920 w o received by thu
ounly The county board proceeded lm *
icdlalcly lo tcbulld Ihe court house and to
nat end gave notice tor bids for the "re-
ulldhiK ot the co.irt house " Citizens of the
own rf Newjxirt applied for an Injunction
cstralnlng the l > oard from using the Insui-
nco money or any o'hcr fund * for Iho erec-
Ion of Iho court howe in excess of $1,500
vlthout first BUbmltUnt ? the proposition to note
oto ot the people. It was the Intention ol
ho board to u o the brick tounilt'lon anil
wo vaults of the ) foiraci * court lieu ° o In the
icw struclure
In Iho trill of the case je tcrday the np-
illcallon for perpelual Injunction wcs do-
.led , Judge Klnkald glvlnp as his reason
hcrefor the fact that the bonrd was nol
coking lo erect ft court hou i but vvnt
nercl > repalrlui ; the old building and thil
here Is no stalutorj limitation on Ita ati-
horlly to use county money for thai purpose
f the finances of the cr-unty would permit It
ven In excess of $1,500
Judge Westover ba : * d his Judgment or
he broader principle thai Iho money was
pproprialed when Iho bonds were voted
nd that the Insurance money Is the sami
jropcrty which the precinct donated to th <
Bounty , only In n different form , and that nt
ole of the people is nececsaiy to authotln
ts u.-e b > Ihe boird In Ihe rebuilding of tin
ourt house at a cost of more than Jl ROO
This qutstlon has never bscn passed upoi
by the Nebraska supreme court and wltbou
a doubl that courtt will now- get n chance ti
settle the law on thlfl Important point
YOU.NG pr.OPI.13
clirnska HlKrli holioold Turn Oil
Hurt * Youthful < irndunlo .
MASON CITY , Neb . May 23. ( Special ) -
The High school closed Trlday evening will
ipproprtato exercises. The class of ' 07 con
Ists of six joung women nnd one jouni
nan. Prof , llarnuby has given exccllen
\ork and the pilrons are well sallsflcd.
nENNBTT , Neb , May 23 ( Special ) Th
graduating exercises ot the Dcnnell Hlg'
school were given Friday nlghl nt th
'resbjlerian church. There were Iwclv
ncinbers of the class. This class has con
lucted Its graduating exercises like a col
ego clas A baccalaureate fccrmon wa
preached last Sunday evening by Re\
Mr. Wilson. A reception was give
> y each member of the class. Count
Superintendent Dorr was present Trl
lay night and made an address after th
orations were delivered.
HAY SPRINGS. Neb , May 23. ( Special
The tblrd annual commencement of th
Hay Springs High school was held In th
lew opera house Friday evening Ther
vcro four graduates this jcnr. Chris Dewej
"leorge Hand , Mlsa 7 Dlppery and Charll
I'lantz. Principal Emma Hooso and her cf
slstants , Mies Dlppery , Mls Sage and Mir
Mooro. deserve great credit for the goo
work they have done In the schools Ihl
year.MICADIA. . Neb , May 23. ( Special. ) Pro
\ . U. Falrcblld , treasurer of Uoano collegi
3rete , Neb , recently delivered an addrc
on educational matters at tlilpli < 'e , and c
Ihit lime ho offered a slx-jears' scholarshl
at Doane college to the member of the grai
uatlng class of the Arcadia High schoi
laving the highest average standing. Thet
las been a lively contest among the membei
of the class In final examinations for tli
scholarship , which -\vas won by Clarenc
Beard , who la only 14 years old. Tli
scholarship" won by a general averag
of 90 4-7.
Piirmrrd ( < ratl > Kiico
DENNETT , Neb , May 23 ( Special )
heavy rain fell here Friday night , the sccon
good rain of the week The farmers ai
much encouraged. Crora are looking flm
Nearly all the corn Is planted and some !
up nicely.
The Grand Army of the Republic post he :
la making extensive arrangements for Mi
mortal day exercises. The sermon will t
preached by Rev. n. E. Wright nt the cam
ground on Sunday and a program will I
delivered at the same place on Monday aftc
IloolIfKM Mifo Il
miADSILVW. Neb. , May 23 ( Spccli
Telegram. ) Safe crackers got In their wor
lost night on a small safe used by the Fin
National bank of York In this place , vvhei
Ihcy have rtcenlly opened business. Nell
ing of value was secured. The hanimcn
punches , etc. , used wore taken from a blacl
sinl'h shop nearby. Entrance to the build In
waa made by unlocking the back door. Tt
Job woa evidently done by greenhorns In U
Corn I'lniitliitr In Under County.
DAVID CITY , Neb. , May 23 ( Special )
Corn planting Is nearly finished In this vlcl
Ity , some of the earliest planting Is u
Cut worms and wire worms have damagi
some pieces , but the showers of Friday nlgl
will put an end to their work.
Nclirauku JIIMIN .Notcn.
A new bank la to be started at Ogalalla.
Madison people are discussing the advls ;
blllty of pulling In an electric light plant.
At the recent term of the Knox counl
court there was not a Jury case for trial.
A Duslncru Men's club has been organlzi
at Mlnden for the purpooo of booming tl
Fred Freeman of Spring Green , Furni
county , was killed by lightning one day la
The regular weekly butter t'liljinicntH of tl
Ncllgh creamery now amount to a little ov
4.000 pounds.
Without exception the roporlo from i
parts of Nebraska Indicate there will bo
bountiful fruit crop this ) i'ar.
Reports from , over the itato are to t
effect that an unusually largo proportl
of corn Is being listed thin year.
C , D. Sharder , formerly n member of t !
legislature from Logan county , was kicked
the face by a hone last week. Ccnslderat
damage was done to his upper Up ,
Lightning eet fire to the barn of Phi !
Liber near Papllllon and the building a
contents were consumed. Loca , $2,500 ,
Luclen C. Mills of Deucl county has cm
forty promlnenl cltUenu of that county I
$12,000 damages for defamation of charact
George L. Damme , a farmer living ne
Dnrr , was kicked on the head by a nor
and only lived a few hours after the aci
Ono brick store bulldlnv la now In cour
of coiunruction at Rusnvllls and work w
scon commence on auoluer double fro
Some one tried to gel Into the safe of
If. Ju'dd & Co of HlflltiR City one nit
last v.eek , but failed. The lock was rulm
The Duller county jail has become to i
tested with vermin that the prLsonera ha
been moved elsewhere while the authorltl
Institute a war of extermination
Sarpy county farmers report that < jua
and rabbits are more plentiful tbla aprl
than for many yeara. T" < fields are fall
alive with both varletl < M ol game ,
A boy nam < d Stephen Mach of Dubola w
bitten laet week by a doe which was BL
posed to have been mad. He was taken
Wymore to be treated by a madntone ,
Chauncey Jones of Aurora , while dlggl
a ditch to let the water on around hlu houi
found a gold watch and cbalu. that bad be
secreted under the cro walk. It seemed
to be * a pretty good watch , and not much
damaged. The > w tch proved to be the prop
erty of J. C. Osborn nnd was loet there three
) earn ago.
The land office * t O'Neill received nine
teen entries Ust Tuesday. This land wa
what was known M the "Threo Mile atrip"
In Boyd county , which was opened for set
tlement on February 19.
Last Friday afternoon Itevlllo llenjamln ot
McCook had the misfortune to fall from A
wagon onto ix fork11 three tines entertfl
his body , making painful but fortunate ) )
not dangerous wounds HCVP will not be
able to sit down with much romfort for n
little while , but his early and complete re
covery li expected '
Fred Hodlngloit of Ohio , general appraiser
of abandoned military reservations , -WAS In
O'Neill Thutiulty and left the eaini * dav for
llojd county , where he went for the purpose
of appraising the old Fort Randall reserva
tion Ho has appointed Seth Woods of At
kinson and M. V Hornbook of Spencer AS
appraisers to nss'st him In the wsik
All west end train and cnglnemen running
Into Sidney have received petsonal letters
fiom the tntperlntciidcnt proMblllng them
from making pmchdscu of bultcr , eggt and
other farm produce In Sidney and earning
It with them to Chojcnne This order will
affect Sidney merchants very materially , AS
they enjojed u gocd trade from the railroad
There seems to be eomo kind of strange
fatality connected with the county treas
urer t ofilce of Nanco county. It 1ms mined
every man ilniinclallv who has ever held It
except II. E. Knapp anil the- two last have
died during one tciin of Iwo jeir * When
ihe board appoints n successor to Mr Lcnkcr
It will be the second man appointed dur
ing the one term.
W II Gilderslceve ot Wavne sold to
Peiry .t Porteifield nlnetv two head ot steers
for $5.13" "S These cattle Mi ( llldersleevc
bought lesl fall at ? 3 25 and at thu price
nor which the > y told brought him 65 cuntu
PIbt'tihel for his corn Tlmt the cattle
erdlng business Is a success If propetlv
raked after cannot bo questioned , ami for-
unatilj more cattle are being fed InVavni
lounty now than in any other county hi
he state Thai this Is Iruc Is conclunlvt
vldcnco that tl ts Ihe garden spot foi nilln
.lound , nnd la so conceded bv monevrd mei
verjwhere II Is onlv a question of a few
ihort months until silver and gold nnd othci
nonejB will rcarh Wajne In goodlj amounts
Glldcrsleeve undoubtedly cleared t leasl
2,000 on his cattle
"False In one , false in all , " la an anckn !
egal maxim Remember It lo the dUad
Mntage of anv trade'inan who tries to sub
tilule one arllcle for anoeher
Tin ; IAIK AMI rrm : DOMIMI : .
IioiiKlit IIi > AVnx Doliiir Ilrr 11 Pavoi
mill She lllil Not I ii.leci-U f Him.
She wan a most modesl appearing girl , am
as pretty as a girl well could be. Her greal
blue eves looked out from under her new
Easter bonnet In a way liable to bewllph anj
man. She came Into the Union Htallon vcs
crday afternoon , relate * the St. Lou Id Re
mlilic. and slowly descended the steps , ap
i > arcntly unconscious of the many admlrlni
lances cast In her direction. In her anni
ACTO many bundles , all of them smill , bu
of such odd shapes thai they were dllQcul
to carry.
As the joung woman took her foot fron
Iho last step of the long stairway a lool
of perplexity flitted across her fate Then
as she. btarted to cicss Iho walling room
those who were watching her saw somctltlni
on the floor , whcro she had dropped It. /
doren men started forward to pick It up
saw what It was , and then maneuvered s > i
hat It would appeir as If they had nol no
tlced U. The > oung lady , aware of her loss
kept straight on and never looked behlm
Hut Ihero was one man there who hai
eon the arllcle fall and he went after It
Ho wore the .stralghl collar and pcculla
garb of Iho clergy , vvhllo glasses told of tlui
nest embarrassing of nllUctlotia , nearslghl
dncfa- Running quickly lo Iho Iltlle oh
Jecl lliat laj so harmlctsly upon the floor , h
picked It up and hastened after her H
touched her on the arrr. , and , lifting hi
hat , ho said' "I beg your pardon , my dca
joung lady , but jou dropped jour "
It was then that he saw for the first tlm
what ho had picked up Ho waa holding th
Iltllo band of black with a red bow on it I ;
full view of Ihose who were In Ihe wallln
room , and1 ho did not know what to do will
t. The joung woman's hands were occu
pled with bundles and he felt It woul
scarcely bo right either to drop It or pu
it In his pocket. For perhaps a moment h
ttood Ihcie blurhlng. He Irled to speak , bu
Iho best he could do wab to stammer ou
some unintelligible syllables. In Ihe mean
tltno Iho girl stood speechless. First sh
flushed and then grew pale. Then her fac
seemed to Indicate that rfhe nas amused a
the clergyman's embarrassment. Then , wit
a sweet smile , she dropped her bundles o
s feat , and , taking the circlet , she said
"It's so good of jou. My brother Tom woul
never have forgiven mo If I lost one of th
sleeveholders his fiancee sent him. "
And she gathered up her bundles and let !
The bladder waq creitcd for ono purpose
namely , R receptacle for the urine , and a
such it In not liable to any form of dlseas
except by ono of two vvajb. The first wa
Is from Imperfect action of Ihe kidneys Th
second way Is from careless local treatmcn
of other diseases.
cmnr cirsi : .
Unhealthy1 urine from unhealthy kldnejii I
the chief cause of bladder troubles So th
womb , like Iho bladder , wai crealed for on
purpose , nnd If nol doctored too much Is nc
llnblo to weakness or disease , except In rai
cases. It la situated back of and very cloa
to the bladder , therefore any pain , disease c
Inconvenience manifested In the kidney :
hack , bladder or urinary package \ often , b
mistake , attributed to female weaknecu c
womb f rouble of BOIUO sort. The error I
cosily made and may bo as easily avoided. 7
find out correctly. Bit jour urine aside fc
twenty-four h.urs ; a sediment or BCttlln
Indicates kidney or bladder trouble. Th
mild and extraordinary efToct of lr Kilmer
Swamp-Hoot , tlio great kidney and bladdc
remedy Is t < eon realized. If you need
medicine jou should have the lje.it. A
druggata , fifty cents and ono dollar. Yo
may have a sample bottle and pamphlet , hot
eent free by mall Mentlm Thu Umuli
Dally Dee and Bend jour address to U
Kilmer & Co , Illnshampton , N. V. Tl
proprietors of this pjper guarantee the gei
u lures of this offer.
A written Gunrnutco to CfJKI ! ANY
OnrcureUpmnanenta.ndnotap tcblnirup. Ca *
treated ten ytmtga tis.ronerrrttta ttivmplom line
llydeccrlblnir your care fully no can Ireat 7011 by mil
anil woKlvo Ihwiaino Mronpiruaraulpe locuteorrelun
all money. It your flnplum ar < n > ltn ! > lr > "n fatt
ere Ilii-oat , unicaii * uiilrhc * In moulU. run
nuitlim In bonei and julnU. hullfullluiioiii
eruption * on any part ol the body , fceilng c
Kenerul ileprenlon , nalns In he tl orbonea.yo
ire no lime Iv nHe Tbbin w bo ire constantly UI
lugmercuryandpoui-ht'ioiilddliirontlnuelt. coniUi
u of I hem druc * mil tmcly brine oicu una ntln
ulcer * In tbtend. DuVt fnll to trrlie Thatevrliupn
fcr to come htro far ticalment cm da o uid wewl
p yr llro d fare both waytand betel Hill ohlle hti
if wa faJI lo cut * . We cji.llenge the porlti for * cm
that our Binglc ncmcdr will not cure. Write fc
full particular * and act the evidence We know thi
you are akrpilcal , Juilly ta too , u the inott emlnei
pliTtlclana bar * ntrer been able to ( l > e more than ten
puranr relief. In our many jean practice wltb tb
HIUBlp ilemedy It baa been inoit d.lTlcult to eve
coma the f iejualcc agalnit all to-called > pecinc * . Di
under our atronir guaiantee jou Mbuuid not lievllato t
try thia remedy. Vou take no chance of loilng rnu
money. W iruaranlce to cure or refund etery i"IU
and M wo liave * reputation to pru'rcl , al > o ill f .n
backlne of fSnoo.O oo , It lo perfectly uf e lo all wb
vlll try the treatment. Heretofore you haw oee
puttlnK up aud paying out your money for dlfferei
treatmenta and bltbouffh you are not yet cured uu on
bu paid bclc your uoner Do not a le auy moi
mouiy until you Iry ui. old , cbrunlc. deeii.aeute
cuiea cured In thirty to ninety iliiya. Invest
Kate our ilnancUl Handing , our rriiulatlon ubuilnei
men. Writ * ui fcr name * anil addretse * of tboie M
bare cured of Dfpbllli , vrbo bavn Klven ixrniluloo t
relertotbem. It cent * you only pottage todutbla i I
will aave you a world of lultertnii from mental itralr
and If you ar * married wliat may jour oaiprlng tuff i
tbrouKn your uxn n licence I All ourr pund m
aentrealeo In plain enveiopca. Wclnvlttbmuvtrlirl
loroUKatlon and will da all In our power lo aid you I
U. Write u * fur our 1OO page Uoolc HH.
abaolutc prvof * of cure * .
prlntr the .Mont DnnKcrnnn nt Iho
This Is the moot ilnncerour season of the
car. It mny be pleasant , nmy often rccm
ttractlve , but back of nil the plea-wilt
tmosphcre there It ilnugcrl This danger
omen In pome form of slcknom
Almost any Mcknenn starts with n uoUl or
chill cnu'eil by the plugRl h notion of the
j teni That li why so nmn > people Juit
on complain of tired feelings , pnlns In the
uiMclct niul bonp < < , loss of nppetlle. spring
over and similar troubles.
The following U peed niUlec from n prom *
ncnt meillcnl Journal "Pneumonia and.
ther dangcrouq complnlntR , which result
rom n neglected cold , cnn alwun bo
uilded If a timely remedy Is taken When
lillly mnsiillotis nrc felt they Oiould bo
topped Immcd n'cly 01 ecr OUM o'Tsfquencitj
III follou Tliero Is onlv one \MIV known
o the world of avoiding a cold or chltto ,
nd that N the ino of n ( rood , pure , tUrotiK
tlnnilnnt. Nothing ordinary will do H
mil be RomethliiK uire In Its action and
clcntlflcally prepared Tor thin reatoti
othlng 1ms e\cr equaled Unity's Pure Malt
Vhlskey , which la tic-know lidged today b >
h ) * ! ( I in * and selentllle nun to be the on y
uiio medlelnal whlko > on the market "
nuif > 'H 1'ure Malt li ah\a > a relliblo and
fftellvo 1'cople should not , however , pei-
ilt nil ) dealer to milHlltute otnethltir
\hleh la claimed to be "Just as good" or
about the "ame thing" "
Stand up for Nebraskal
Do it by subscribing
For The Bee
And sending it
To all your friends.
The Bee is a thorough
Nebraska Newspaper.
K racialists In
All Private Ulscnsel
and Disorders of Mod
Tteatnicttt by mall
Consultation I'rco.
Cured for life.
xnss AM > nisuAsns OK U'OMH.V
Cotarih. nil Diseases of the Nose. Throat.
Chest , Stomach , Liver , Ulood , akin and
Kidney Diseases , Lost Manhood. Hj droecla
Vnricocele. GonorrhPa , Oleci , 3 > r'illls nnj
Piles , ribtula and Ilcctal UJctts cured without -
out pain or detention riom tjuslnpss.
Itrlglil's Disease , Diabetes and Ulmlrcd
malndlc ?
Call on or address vvlth stamp ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
CAPITAL , $100,000
\ VT\/\XN * *
ruuir , I-AUM ANIJ
( or'fcale ur rent. Day & lieu , 2 } Pearl
ri\cr IrontiiKe and bant lunilllil , ' lu r ilxpofl-
tion gruundH fiultnblc for pl nfin * rcFnrts. In
tnc 8(0 > > ut ! : iil > n ( > iMnlnuol t.mlicr , nliundant
HovvInK M'rlrKH , willi tull clrnt full ftr Mjilnill la
raint in iitoM , wnUr for ( uuntnlnii and uupply ;
bank Miml nnd Kruvi-1 ( or walkn nnit drives ;
tctiutlfu ) nnlurnl pniKs of plaUHUB , Millf > J
nnd Mi IT8. on C & N. W. II It. , Z" , mile *
ii'Hii ( I'MiicI' IlluTs , anil ulioiit 3 % miles
nortlirnft from h ipcHltlon irounils L. 1' . Juil-
bcn U2'J bixlli i fnue
vvltii mi'tilor brick clay uiulerlliiK parnc ;
abuut 3Vi inllcn noitlieuFlirly from Omulia ) Jx-
piKltion irrcunil ? , and two in leu i o ( h o' Council
Illutn , cr MlB&ourl river , nnil 01 C fc JVV. .
It It Ik I' JuJson , 1C"0 SIKh avenue. Council
roil SAi.n , Aitoi'T ' < oo ACIUS or CIIOICH
tililnnil fruit , \CKt-tnblc and pnrk lam ] , IHO
BLieH and iinwnnl at J3S lo } .0 per ncre utcnnl-
iiu. to location ami nininitil. about three nillfi
uuith of clt > and about uninc iilxlatice from
I'xpoMltlon , ofir > r lamlx anil Council Illufn
loth nt low prlcrn II1. . JudBim , t : blith me.
nuc Cc'jncll Illurfs.
leaves IllUltLI.saTON & MO JtIVl.lt | Arrlvta
_ OliKLmUnluM | Deiiot , lOt'i ii Muton btj.j Oiuuij
i 3'am . Denver UxiJret * . u jiiilil
4 Mpni lllk llll'v , Mont & Pun t Hml Hi 4.W | > m
4 3il > tn . Denver i\preuii. , . 4 O i n
1 Irapm. . . . Lincoln I oral I'K , Bunduj ) . . , , 741inn ;
2 Ui > m. . . Lincoln I ocal ( ex. bunduy } . . .H.JOuiii
( jiniUinltlnluii Depot , Will & Muaan Bl ' Onmiia
f , 05 | > tn . Cr'caso Vettlliule . oTodani
9 ISnm . ChkuKo Kxirei | > . . . . . , 4llpia :
7 & | iiu. . . Clilcucu & . bl. L < jul Kiurcii. . . fc-.tujm
11 ICuin. . . . I'acll'c junction Local , . . , 6.10pm
ji.il. . _ . _ .I'HBt Mull . . . . . . . . . . . . . ijtOp
.C'bri'AUI. . | A > rIv7
Omnliu ] Union Depot , 10th & Mm.ni ] Ktn | Omulia
( 30pm . Chlcaira I.lmlleil . S.O.'arri
11 jnum , Ctilcaiqiiiire s ( is , HunJnjj. . _ 3:2.'ii'H :
OinnliiiUnion ] Depot , 10th & Mi win Hid | Omaha
JO 4'iini * Kibtirn l.inieiu , . , , 3Mpm
4 ( Spin Veitlbulnl Llm teil" IMlpm
5 S'jimi. . . bt I'aul l.'iprim t.10m )
C , < 0im bi 1'uul l.linltcii : o.'pm
'i zoain Hlnuz Clly l > icul , , , . ll.U'yin
I . .Opm . . Omthu-Chlcaiiu Bcclil | . . . , 8.00am
, . Mlisourl Valley Uncu ] . S.SOam
Kxceut t-uivduy Eictpt MunJ )
I pa\ea ICIIICAOO. tl. I , & rACll''IcJArrlvr | 4
OnialiajUnjon Depot , lOtll & _ 1'uion Kfb J Uriuhi
1 fl0.in7 Atlnntlo r.iiMfus ( t-x rfumln > ) 0.21pm
7 0"inn . Nifht I xpre t . , , . i U.im
4 Mpm C'lilcofo VcCtliiuleil J.lnillnl .1 20pm
J.Mnitn M I'aul Viellhulei ] Limited _ . 1-Apin
1 2pm Colnrndo Mmlteil 4'OSpin
| J".il > cn aiaix City IviMeta ux Hun ) .ll.jiium
t 15 nil Hloui OilArcoiniiioiiullon 8 ( Xlpnl
C 15pm . . bl 1'nul UmlteJ . . J.lOjin
Uu\e * I T i ; & MO \ AI.I.I'IV lArrUet'
Oinalm | _ Ucpol , lltll & WebilT Hjg. | Omaha
3 OOmn . Knil Mall anil K | iriai
t ( KJptn ( ex Hut ) Wyo ix : UK Kn
7 flUtn rremon * Lucul ( bumluii iinly )
" .Mair. Norfolk Kxpreiii lex nun ; lu.z am
fa\ * 1 if C'ToT. J i C. 11 lArrltei *
OnijIiaJUnlon Iirpot , lOlb & Mwon Hi * | Omaha
P O'am Kantu * City I'-iy 1'iprex . C.lSuni
lOOflpm K C Nlgil a * via U 1' Iron * . e.JOaiu
I MISbOUHI I'ACIflC. " jArrlie ?
jj " IJepGt. 15IIicljilfr 810. J Omaha.
T uopm Netmika & Kuinun I.imlteJ nXpm
f :0im | . . . Kama * City Ki | > rea < . . . , 1,00am
8.Upin..N < braika Local ( ex Hun ) . . t OOain
Uiue | SICUX CITY . I'ACIKIC lArihca'
pinaba ) l > pot , lilli & Webiler Ht _ | _ OnuIia
Cii.p-n. ; . . . . . . . . , Ht. I'aul l.linllid . . . . tilOam
jTiT * . I SjOlJX ciTV & I-ACU'IC lArrlve ?
Oiujtii JUnlpnltp < jt , 101 h & Maon ( it * | Omaha
e ( Ojm..7 fit I'aul riixenztr Il.lOpni
' '
t Mpm bt Paui l.lrnitid 1 JOjin
| enveT WAIlAbll ItAII.\VAV | Arrl.e *
jUmnhaUnlqn | _ Depot , 101 h U MakpnEtij Omaha.
* 4 30pm 7. Canon H ll T. . . . . . . . .11 .Vum
iJtuve * 1 DNToN 1WWIC 'Arrive/
OrnnliulUnlcin IVpol , loth & Mason BU j Oitialia.
I 20am Overland Limited . . . . ,4 4&pn
> : SOprn I'nt'ce & stromiu'c K ( ( ex Hun ) . > Vtfiin
f pm..Orand IiUnd Ksprea * ( a Bun ) , , I.Mpia

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