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8 THE OMAHA DAILY 111313 : PAY , JUNE 21 , 1807. A
Numerous Novelty Exhibits Already Secured
for the Transmiwiesippl Eipoaition.
Srcllon < HP or t'niiMinl
ti-ri-M _ M < ir < t KnlrloN XIMV
Tlinii at Atlanta .Mint 1'ro-
VlUUH tll.OlXMlllltf.
Everything now Indlcntoe that the nmu c-
jnent features at the Transmlssltslppl Ex
position will he or n high order , and that
they will ho fully as rmmcroiw as nl the
World's frilr. Already mnny concessions
liavo been Bruited and hardly a day pnrsefl
that applications are not filed with Manager
Jlcrd of thi ! Department of Concessions and
haul Week a concession was granted to It.
J3. Slior.iion , n drnuKlitstnnn In the office o (
the recorder of deeds of Cook county , Illi
nois for permission to erect and maintain
durlni ? the exposition a gigantic umbrella ,
jvhlcli Is to ccll | e the Ferris wheel. Mr.
tiherman , who flits the application , Is n ivul-
dent of Chicago and la the Inventor of the
The tniur.nioth umbrella will stand on a
bluff at the head of the I'lalsanco or Midway ,
facing the Missouri river. This bluff rises
225 feet above the river , and when the arms
of the umbrella arc extended the passengers
in the cars will bo 575 feet above the Mia-
eourl. Inside of the Inclosuru on top of the
bluff will bo a palm garden , the ground
upaee occupied being 300 feet square.
The vertical Htandnrd of tlio umbrella will
lie 3.10 fict high , made of Btecl and Iron , am !
anchored In a stone foundation thirty feet
deep and acvcnty-ftvo feet square. It will
be lorty feel In diameter or 12C feet In cir
cumference. On tliu Bides of the standard ,
running from the bottom up , will be forty
rails , forming ten tracks for the lower plat
form to. move up and down. On this plat
form will bo a circular track on which an
other platform Is to revolve , the latter plat
form holding the standard which supports
the arms of the umbrella.
The arms are to bo 110 feet In length , nl
the extremities of which the cars .are to be
suspended. From the outer end of tlio arme
cables will reach to this top of the standard ,
connected there with counter weights , whlcli
travl up and down on the Inside of the
Btiinilard. The cars will bo constructed on
the same principle as those of the KerrU
wllpel , hullt of Iron and steel and will hold
forty passengers each. There will be six
teen of these cnrs. The lower platform will
nlso bo need for passengers , having a carryIng -
Ing capacity of about 200 , This plafonu
will rise to. the height of 1MO feet.
The whole machine will be operated b >
electricity. " Each car will be lighted wltli
different colored electric lights , and on the
top of the standard will be a searchlight
which the exposition company will provide ,
The umbrella will make th--cu trips an hour ,
11. II. Hlnchliff of Chicago , who wao con
nected with the construction ot the World's
fair buildings , Is the engineer who will super-
\Isu the erection of the Sherman umbrella.
On Chicago day a free ride In the umbrella
will be given to every Chicago person at
tending the exposition.
Klcclrlilty , applied lu different ways
Bckntlllc , Industrial and decorative , wll
form the most attractive feature of the ex
position. Already active rivalry exists be
tween prospective exhibitors In the olectrlc.i
section , for Manager 13. E. Ilrncc of the Ie
partmcnt of Exhibits , has announced spccii
prizes gold trophy , silver cup and gok
medal for the best electric light servlci
and dlr > play. The manner In , which uppllca
tlons for space are ccmlng Iri'ls a source c
satisfaction to the manager , of. the depart
mcnt and his active lieutenant's. More spaci
has been allotted to exhibitors than wa :
taken at the Atlanta exposition up to throi
months prior to the opening of the gates
Every mall brings a batch of application :
from the east , and It la wholly within bound !
to predict that the Manufacturer building
and particularly Hie electrical section , \vll
bo fully representative.
I'rof. II. D. Owens of the University o
Nebraska has been appointed commissions
of the electrical section of the exposition
I'rof. Owens' appointment as commlsslonei
for the electrical section is regarded will
much favor. He is said to ba well quail
fled for the duties of this responsible posl
tlon , and ho will have full charge of tin
work ot organizing and superintending tin
electrical department. Beuldo the conven
tlon of the National Electric Light assocla
tlon , the professor will endeavor to secur
other meetings of technical societies for 1S9S
ns of the American Institute of Elcctrlca
Engineers , American Society of Mechanic.- !
Engineers and the American Street Kallwa'
nsojclatlon. Jt Is the Intention to make th'
exposition an Irresistible magnet of attrac
tlon fur every person Interested In the sclen
tlllc mid practical study of things electrical
Colonel W. R Sapp , ono of the promlnen
business men of Council Uluffs , was over ti
Chicago the other day and was caught fo
an interview bx a reporter for one of tin
papcrd of that city. In the course of tin
conversation the subject of the Transmlssls
elppl Exposition was brought up , whei
Colonel Sapp said :
"you see we on the Iowa side of the rive
are Juat as deeply Interested In tlio succcs
oC the exposition as our Nebraska neighbors
In fact all western Iowa expects to reai
sumo nf the benefits from the onward marcl
of visitors to the Transinlaslsalppl. W
liavo met with encouragement In nearly al
of the state ! ) west of the Mississippi , am
Illinois has got Into line and will have ,
good lepnjsentulloii at the exposition ,
"Iowa was the first state to make an up
prcprlatlon , and as this action was taken a
the request of Council f ) luffs business men
we are with Omaha In the Interprlse flral
lust and all the time. There are many dia
couraglng features to be overcome , bu
Oinah.i and Council Uluffs expect to comn on
on top and have a grout show there In 1S9S.
" 1'laiiH ore almost perfected for 'tlio con
nectlng of the two rlllus by more rapid tr n
elt , and Council HluffH will get her full sliar
of visitor * who will bo within a half hour'
ride from thu expedition
LOW ll.rri : * 'n T.I-JW V ( lit 1C
Till I lit- lluKlmiuM- Ohio It , It. .Musi
Jimo 21 to0 , inclusive , the llaltiinoro t
Ohio Railroad will se\l \ Excursion Tickets t
New York at rate of n faro and u third fo
the round trip on the certificate plan , at
count above meeting. On this basils th
round-trip fare from Chicago will bo $23.7 <
Tickets will bi < guod for return leavln
Now York until July 1 , 1897.
The n. . 'i O. Is the only Una via Washing
ton ,
Stop-over of ten days will bo allowed e
.Washington , l > . 0. , on return trip , by dt
positing tickets with D. & 0. Ticket Agci ;
at Washington.
For further Information call on or addrct
11 , N Austin , General Kiuenger Agent , Ch
cage , 111.
, Vln ClilOHCO , Mllvmikt'i- St. Paul It'
A long list of rxrtiitdon points to whlc
round trip tickets will br geld at greatly r
durcd rates The conditions for suninii
tourists were never more liberal than the *
for this season. For full Information as i
routes , rates , limits , selling dntc-s , etc. , a ;
ply at the city ticket olllce , 1501 Karnnm e
' General \Vcetcm ugcut.
llllldll I'lll-lllc
has been selected by the Nebraska ChrUtl :
Kndeavor committee a * the OFFICIA
JtOUTK for the V. P. 8 , C. E , convcntio
Ban Francisco , July 7-12.
Special excursion train , consisting of l'u
man I'alace Sleepers , Pullman Tourist Sice
i'r . Chair Cars , will leave Omaha Wcdne
day , June 30 , at 3:30 : p. in ,
For Sleeping Car reservations and fi
Information ivgardlng this excursion call
A pcrauually conducted party cf tnrbf
nd friends IhU nummer. Low ratca. K
elusive , NorlbwMtern Lice , 1401 Firoim t
Pnxtor nf People' * Clitircli Crlctirnlrf
111 * VlKlnlcmilnl.
Last evening , the twentieth annlvcrsnrj
of the entry ot Rev. Charles W. Savldge. .
pastor of the People's church , Into tin ? min
istry , was celebrated with fitting ceremonies
The edifice at Eighteenth and California
streets was handsomely decorated In honoi
of the event and the church was filled tc
overflowing by the many friends of the pastor -
tor , The evening's program consisted of shorl
addrcssrfl by a number of pastors and lay
men , who tmvo been arsoclated with Rev. Mr ,
Savldso In his evangelistic work In this city ,
Hotwcen the speeches a special musical pro
gram , under tlio direction nf Prof. Lampmon
was rendered by the church choir , largclj
augmented for the occasion.
Rev. Samuel Lindsay , lately ordained
minister of the People's church , spoke flrsl
upon the "Temperance question In Rclatlor
to the Hallot Ilexes. " His ml dress was con
fined to exhorting those present to lend theli
energies to the prohibition cause. He avcrr-M
that the solving of the question lay In tin
ballot box whereby laws should bo enactei
to do away with the liquor trafllc.
Ray Jester talked upon the subject of "How
the Young People's Society of Christian En
deavor Should Help the Pastor. " Mr. Jea-
tcr outlined the history of the society It
the People's church , the mnny good result !
attained by It and Its present large member
ship. Ho concluded by saying that the so
duty should work as n unit along the line :
ot religious duty set forth by the pastor o :
each church.
John W. Dale spoke at some length upot
the work of the churches , with special ret' '
ercnco to the field covered by the PeoploV
church. Ho complimented the pastor of UK
People's ' church upon his untiring zeal It
bringing to the front the sect of which IK
stood at , the head , and dwelt upon the man :
acts of charity and Christian work performs
by Rev. Savldge.
Judge Keysor spoke upon the "College Life
of the Pastor. " This well known Oman :
Judg. . Is a former co.llego mate ot Rev
Savldge , when both attended the -Mlnncsott
State university. He told of old times on tin
campus , of the sincere manner In which lib
ministerial friend had always performed hli
college duties , of his value as a friend am
of his successful career In his chosen call
Ing.Rev. . Savldgo concluded the scries of ad <
dresses by a short speech In his UEii.il char
acterlstlc strain , thanking his friends foi
their kind manifestations of good will. Hi
spoka of his long service In the work of tin
Lord and stated that It was u proud momcn
In his life to know that they had ben sue
cessful In a measure. Rev. Savldge spoki
of the organization of the People's churcl
e\x \ years ago and ot Us subsequent strng
ghs , until at the proscnt day It numbered It :
congregation at nearly 200 members. Tin
services concluded with a short social ECS
slon In which a largo number of those pros
cut tendered their congratulations lu per
son to the pastor.
DANISH imoTiiioiinoon . i ,
Crnml I'lfiilr n Illlilr ,
Juno 27. Train leaves Webster street dcpo
at 9:30 : a. m. , returning the same evening
Fare , GOc round trip. Music , games , races
refreshments. Secure tickets at the depot
lllliik Stork for Sale.
Union National Hank stock below par. Sei
want , column ud.
For tinWulinsli ,
Commencing Sunday , Juno 13 , the Wabash
by leatc of the Gtand Trunk ( Great Westen
division ) , , will extend Its line from Detroit li
Uuffalo , running Its own trains solid frou
HulTalo and New York , St. Louli
to Niagara Falls and Uuffalo. wltl
Wagner sleeping cars from Chicago am
St. Louis to New York and Unaton. Al
trains run via Niagara Falls , with prlvllcgi
of stopping over on all classes 'of tickets
For tickets and further Information , or i
copy of "To the Lake Resorts and Beyond , '
call on any a&cnt of connecting lines , or n
Wabash office 1415 Farnam street fl'axtoi
Hotel block , or write. G. N. CLAYTON ,
N. W. P. Agent , Omaha , Neb.
Vlu Mlss.iurl 1'nrlllc llnlltrny.
Homc-ceckcrs excursions , Juno luth.
To Plttsburg , Pa. , Juno 11 , 12 , 13. 14th.
To Nashville , Tenn. , dally.
To Toronto , Can. , July 12 , 13 , 14 and 13th
To San Francisco , Gal. , June 29 , 30th
July 1 , 2 , 3rd.
To Chattanooga , Tcnn. , In July.
To Buffalo , N. Y. , In August.
To Fourth of July , rates as usual.
St. Louie Limited Train leaves Wcbste
street depot dally at 3:05 : p. m.
K.-uisan City Night Express , 0:30 : p. m.
Call or write for further Information a
city ofikcs. N. E .corner 13th and Farnam.
J. O. PHILLIPPI , A. G. F. & P. A.
HnllroiMl ItntcN.
Half faro $10.40 to Dakota Hot Springs an
return June 2.1.
You may think It Is hot at Hot Springs-
lot so ; not so.
It Is delightfully cool there ( Hot Spring
is 3,500 feet up in the mountains , with at
like crystal , laden with the odor of a mllllo
jilncs ) . 'fhe largest , plunge baths In Amerlc
are there , supplied with magnetic bcallri
ivatcrs , where overheated and worn on
human frames are quickly renovated and re
paired. Call at the city oliice , 1401 Farnai
street , or Webster depot. It Is only a shot
run there. Omaha 3 o'clock p. m. He
Springs for breakfast.
( ! rtN IliTorclK of ( InKlrnl CIiiHH.
VHKMILION , S. D. , June 20. ( Speclal.-
An Item ot interest has come to light I
reference to the early records of the Unlvei
slty of South Dakota. Tim first collegia !
class graduated in 18SS , but the record
made reference to a class graduated from th
normal department in 1SS7. All further rcc
ord of this class was lost , however , an
the members were not known. Inquiry wa
Instituted and one of the members was fnun
from whom thu class roll was obtalnei
They are seven : Catharine Hudson , Ann
'Uurklnnd ' ( Malscn ) , Alice Cape , A. /
Hoilgln , Ella Peterson. Mary Sponceley ( Ilai
uctt ) and Mary Vlzenl.
I'ratri-iiiil OriliTH CrtlliiK
MASON CITY. la. , June 20. ( Special Teli
gram. ) The Odd Fellows Knights ot Pythlai
Rebckahs and Rathbono Sisters orders unite
In memorial services here this afternoo !
Dr. W. F. Barclay of Cedar Rapids dell\
ered the add : us , dwelling on the dcvelopmei
of u broader fraternal feeling and u true
unit higher brotherhood nnd sisterhood In a
fraternal Eocic-tlea.
AVUI MnUiovtn WlriSiirlnpTH ,
CHEYENNE , Wyo , , Juno 20. ( Speclal.- )
J. R Phagan of this city has received a pal
cut foi woven wire bed eprlnga and will a
once remove to Denver , where a factory t
manufacture the article will bc < placed ui :
tier Mr. Phaean't charge.
C. C. Klmball of New York Is stopping i
the Barker.
F. Hastun of Milwaukee Is stopping at tl
Hotel Brunswick.
J. Francis Klrke and his comedy con
puny are registered at the Barker ,
James F. Lansing of the Lansing thcati
at Lincoln spent Sunday at Iho Barker.
John A. McShane left last night for Ch
cage , where he will remain for a few days ,
L. H. Martin and wife have- gone to DC
ver. wjicre they will paos a fortnight wl
J. A. Munroc of the Union Pacific left f
iho east last night \\licrt' ' ho goet > on but
ncsb connected with ( lit road.
Mrs. C. F. Wllklns , wife of CatbleiW !
kliu of the Pullman rompan.v , left yestcrdi
on an extended vlall ultli rt'latUcb In Mass
rluuotts. Shu ' .viib accompanied by h
\iu-.tilcr. .
AK. . Brown , Chicago ; C , E. Harry. liui
moud , In.l. : E. II Talbott. Mr. and Mrs. 1
B. Hit' Chicago ; W 0. nienii , Denvc
William H. Pauldlng , N 'w York ; New ;
Settle. Los Angeles : J W King. St Loul
Mr * 1) . H , Tiiuuip.ou , Ucuvcr , are at t
Many Have Been Sicured for This Oity in
Exposition Year ,
AToiv OrKnnlr.lnp ; tit ( So After Homo ul
the 1nrKcriitloniil ( intl
ivllh ( iooil l'r < iKiL-o (
, . for Winning.
When the TransmlsslsslppI Exposition di-
rcctoni , the Commercial club , and the so
cieties of the city started In several week !
ago to secure conventions for cxpoaltlor
year , they felt that they would do well II
they succedcd In landing half a dozen. Al
ready they have passed the limit they scl
and at this time they feet that the work hai
hardly been commenced.
The annual convention of the Travelers
Protective association was the first securcO
and this cuccess naturally caused a genera
good feeling , as It Is known that the meet
Ing will be In session fully ono week , and wll
bring not kss than 1,000 delegates to tin
city , besides an equal number ot friends.
The Swedish Evangelical conference de
cldcd by a unanimous vote to meet In Omaht
next year. This conference Is usually at
tended by from GOO to 750 ministers and lay
men. The conference continues for om
One of the Important mcctlngfl of tin
year will be the general assembly of the
United Presbyterian church. It Is estimate !
that the attendance will be between 1,50 (
and 2,000 , nnd that the meetings will con' '
Unite over ono week. Aside from the churol
people there will be a largo number 01
agents representing book concerns.
The American Institute of Homeopath ]
will convene In Omaha during cxposltloi
year , and will be In scslon for from nni
week to ten days. Usually the meeting !
are attended by from 300 to 400 doctors , am
half as many more appliance and Instrument
The annual convention of the Amerlcar
Nurserymen's association will bo held hen
during the summer and will bring fruit ant
shrubbery men from nil over the country
The meetings will be attended by not les !
SOO delegates , and will continue six days
nnd possibly two weeks. So far. as UK
"armew are concerned , this Is considered thi
nest Important convention ot the year.
The National Eclectic Medical society
ivhlcli has just concluded Its annual mcctliif
at Lake Mlnnctonka , Minn. , voted to comi
to Omaha next year. The last meeting wai
attended by some 200 delegates and n larg <
umber of medicine and Instrument men.
The Danish Lutheran church of America
ivhlcli hold Its annual meeting at Marlnctte
WlE. , last week , voted to hold next ycar'i
meeting In Omaha. The meeting that Jus
adjourned was attended by 100 delegate !
and continued In session ono week , It I :
said the attendance will be larger nex
The annual convention of the Association
of Railway Postal Clerks was held In Phila
delphia this year , but nxt year It comes tc
Onialn. The last convention was attendee :
by 750 delegates and lasted , four days. This
ii considered one of the desirable conven
tions , as It usually brings a large contlngenl
of postal men In other lines aside from the
railway mail service.
Through the efforts ot W. L. May of tilt
Nebraska Fish commission , and other Omaha
citizens , the next annaul meeting of the
American Fisheries society has been cap
tured. The convention will meet on the thlrt
Wednesday In July and will be In sesslor
four days. There will bo something like GOC
ilelegates. and about as many more visitors
and supply men from all parts of the coun
In addition to the conventions already so-
cired ) , citizens and members of soclctlrn art
bending every effort to bring- more , some ol
which will be attended by thousands of dele
gates and visitors.
Among the conventions in sight and those
which It Is hoped may bo brought to the
city U the National Educational association
which mets In Milwaukee this year. Till ;
meeting will be attended by from 15,000 tc
20,000 teachers and educational workers.
A strong effort is being made to get the
1S9S meeting of the Epworth league , whlcl :
meets In Toronto , Canada , this year. Tin
churches and ministers of the city are hand
ling the campaign which Is being made tc
locate this meeting , and at this time thcj
feel very much encouraged. They estlmatv
the attendance at 30,000.
This year the League of American Wheel
men will meet In Philadelphia and an efforl
will bo made , to have the 1S9S meeting heli
In Omaha. Omaha will send down a strong
delegation and the members will have tht
support of the city , several of thewesterr
states , and all of the railroads centering a !
Omaha. The meeting will bo attended bj
about 15,000 wheelmen this year and all o
the blcyclo companies will liavo agents am
representatives In attendance.
Omaha will send a delegation of 200 t (
Minneapolis to capture the next annual meet
Ing of the Elks. The delegation will go 01
a special train , taking a band and plcnt ;
of matter advertising tlio exposition. Thli
meeting Is the session of the supreme lodgi
and is attended by about. 1,000 Elks.
Everything is working In good shape fo
the securing of the next annual meeting o
the National League of Republican clubs am
a strong delegation will be on hand to pres ;
the claims of Omaln. The meeting Is at
tended by more than 1,000 members.
The meeting of the Association ot Ixica
Freight Agents of America Is another con
vcntlon that is on the string. The railroad
centering hero are working hard and the ;
give out the assurances that Omaha will win
The convention Is usually attended by abou
750 freight men and nearly ifi many mor. .
railroaders who work In other lines.
Itlfh Ore In ( lie Illtr Hnrrt.
OTTO , Wyo. , June 20. ( Special. ) Wllllan
Kerwln and associates , who liavo been pros
[ icctlng In the vicinity of Wood river In tin
Big Horn mountalna for several years , re
coritly cut a large vein of ore , samples o
which were sent to Uiramlo and Butte am
Livingstone , Mont. , for assays. The repord
are aa follows : Laranvle , gold , $11.44 : tllvor
C7G ounces to the ton. Butte , gold , $50 , sll
ver , 89t ) ounces. Livingstone , gold , $44 ; sll
vcr , 503 ounces. Theeo assays proved a grra
surprise , as the ore , though known to bi
rich , was not believed to contain such :
bonanza as ( lie assays indicate. Since ( hi
ccnays have been received 'Mr. ' Kerwln hai
been engaged In sacking a large quantity o
the ore , which will be cent to Omaha. I
Is believed the result will bo the establish
mcnt of a good mining camp In tlio Wooi
River district.
CurroliorntcN lyrmvrll'n filorj" .
CHEYENNE , Wyo. , June 20. ( Speclal.- )
The coroner's Jury In the Erswell CJHO ha
commenced lt work. Three witnesses wer
examined. The only testimony of Impor
tuncu was that of Huckman Rabou , wh
drove past the place where the row occnrre
ubout the time of the trouble. He tcritllie
to et'clng a crowd of soldlero pursuing
civilian , who was running with a blcycl
In his hand. He heard , < rmu one call : "It
Erswell , " and another man said : "Stop o
wo'll 1:111 yon. " A fc.\ seconds later h
heard the report of a plslol shot. Rabou'
story corroborated the version Erawell ba
given of the affair and Indicates that be wa
attempting to escape from the soldlera be
fore be did any shotting.
r NoiM | Olf at Clniinip. .
CHEYENNE , Wyo. , Juno 20. ( Speclal- )
Phlllp T. Colgrove ot Hastings , Mich. , th
supreme chancellor of the order of Knight
of Pythias , accompanied by bis wife , rcache
Iere ) yesterday from the west , and accom
pained by Mayor Schnltzer and other clt
nfllcers visited Fort I ) . A. Ituftiell and othe
points of Interest about the city. At
o'clcr.K a reception was held In Ihu par ! 1,1 o
the Inter Octan hotel In honor of thu vlslto- .
A large number of Iho members of ( ho or.lt
and their friends called and paid their re
tippets. Mr. and Mrs. Colgrove left for th
cast In the afternoon.
Terrlblo Accident It u a ter'iblo n-
dpnt to be burn d or rraidtd. iri i o vz
and agony anl the IrlMilTul ili ljur i-jni
csn be nulckly overcome wHls i lc.v uc
scar by uulog Da Wiu'VHcu Hizel
. lU-v. C. M.
Aimlv < > r nrSriiimn l.y
The anniversary colflhratlon In honor of the
completion of the nivtntyfUth year of the
South Tenth Street -Hethodlst church was
concluded ypsterd j- morning by R sermon
preached by Rev. XX M. Shepherd of Lin
coln.Tho preacher toAH for his text Hike x , IS :
"And ho said unhrtbcm I beheld Satan as
lightning fall from shetven. " At the outset
the reverend speaker Hold down the propo
sition that Christianity Is Invincible. He
asserted that the lessons ot history prove the
truth of this statement. Ho raid that mor
tals may have grave doubts at times as tc
( he power of the religion ot Christ to over
come the power ot evil , but ho Insisted thai
convincing proof exists that this power \f \
Invincible. H was nothing new , he said ,
that people should be astonished at the won
derful power ot this religion , aa there are
numerous examples In history of Instances
where astonishment has been expressed from
sources whrro such doubts 'votlld be least
expected. As nn Instance of this ho cltcil
the seventy disciples tent forth by Jesus nl
ono time to spread the gospel of Christ
When they returned they expressed pnrprls (
that "Even devils arc subject unto us
through Thy name. "
The speaker said that Christ was destined
for a grander mission than the rcdemptloi
of the race. Ho aosertcd that It man liai
never fallen Christ would still have come
He declared that the Savior la the medlatoi
between Oed and man , and If man hai
never fallen Christ would still liavo conn
with a revelation of God's power. Man wnf
created perfect , but lie fell from this perfec
tion and fell so far that no hand hut thai
of the Son of God rould lift him up agnli
and place him where he could travel aloiu
the straight and narrow road.
The reverend speaker declared that bis
text stands as n prophecy ot the warfare be
tween the power of God nnd the power cl
evil. He said that God ordained the Churcl :
of Christ to never suffer decay , and he pre
dicted that the tlmo will como when nil
things will bo guided by God's power nnd in
wrong will be committed. The hosts nl
God , he declared , will see the Satan of tht
rum traffic fall from power , Ho asserted , how.
ever , that the rum tralllc was not thi
worst curse which blights civilization. Tin
social evil was declared to be the greatcsl
curse upon mankind , The speaker said thai
the tlmo will yet como when , through tin
power ot God , man will be- pure and womai
will bo suffered to walk the streets wlthoul
having the linger ot scorn pointed at her.
In conclusion the speaker said there wai
no sin so dark that Christ has not thi
power to rend Its chains , and no life Is w
blasted but that the light of the Son of Ooi
can clean It out and lit It for the temple oi
the king. _
1 < "lrHt CoiiKrt'Kiill-oiuil Chiil-fh Will III
V'HIM ! Xr.vt YIMII- .
Mcnibcrs of the Woman's club have giver
up the Idea of building a club house , a :
least such a building will not bo croctci
this year. The lease on the quartern nov
occupied by the club expires soon , and tha
the club may not bo thrown out In the eoli
during the past week or two members o
the building committee have been lookinf
about for rooms In which to hold meeting !
during the next year. Several halls wer <
visited , but none of them were satlafactory
Saturday , however , the members of the com
mltlce Golved the problem and entered intc
a lease for the occupancy of the First Con
gregatlonal church for ono year , commenc
ing with the beginning of the next clul
year , which will be next September.
The Woman's club will occupy the vestrj
rooms of the First Congregational church foi
committee rooms and will occupy the au
ditorium for the holding of the genera
meetings. The church Is well arranged foi
the purpose , as the auditorium Is commodi
ous , capable of taatlng something like 50 (
persons , while the v < stry rooms are well
lighted-and airy. The church Is located
clcae to the business portion of the city ami
at the ii-anic' time It ls--far-enough' away oc
that the meetings of the club-will not bt
annoyed i by the trafllc of the downtown
Twriity-Tlilril 'Aniilvi'rsnry of tlit1
Orilrr'N OrKnnl/.ntloii.
Rev. J. 0. Staples of Grace Baptist church ,
who Is high chaplain of the order , last night
preached the anniversary sermon to the In
dependent Order ot Forresters. It was the
twenty-third anniversary of the organiza
tion of the order , and about 100 members ol
the society turned out to hear their brother ,
The church was prettily decorated with
floral dcslgna nnd emblems of the order , and
with the national colors.
The preacher took as his text. Proverb-
xxvil , 19 : "As in water face answereth tc
face , so tlio heart ot man to man. " He di
vided his subject Into two sections. He
showed that man In paying his as cssmcntc
In the hope of his family receiving a retun :
after his death , thereby showed his depsnd-
ence ; while the hearts ot the brothers beatIng -
Ing together In social and fraternal spirit
returned dividends stronger than gold or sil
ver. He paid a high tribute to the ordei
generally , and Impressed upon the member ;
that the success ot tlio organization dcpcndec
upon their Individual efforts and moral stand-
lug. _
Vlll Hie Itiilllmnrf & Ohio It. It. Rio-
cutliiiilnlt. ' .Vudoiui ! AMNOolutloii.
Juno 24 to 30 , Inclusive , the Baltimore E
Ohio Railroad will sell Excursion Tickets tc
New York at rate of u faro and a third foi
the round trip on the certificate plan , ac
count above meeting. On this basis the
round trip faro from Chicago will be $23.70
Tickets will be good for return leavlnf
New York until July 7 , 181)7. )
Tto n & 0. Is the only line via Washing
Stopover of ten days will bo allowed al
WttPhli.gton , D. C. , on return trip , by de
positing tickets with D. & 0. Ticket Agenl
at Washington.
For further Information call on or addrcs ;
B. N. Austin , General Passenger Agent , Chicago
cage , 111. _
lluiriilo , Ncrv- York , UoNloii
and Now England points are reached In tin
meet comfortable manner via the Lake Shon
and .Michigan Southern railway. The sum
mer train service via this line affords morn
Ing , afternoon and evening trains from Chicago
cage at convenient hours , a complete a heduli
of which will bo furnished on application
Tourists tickets to < the many cool and do
llghtful resorts of'the ' eaet , Including Chau
tauqua lake , are now on sale , A handsomi
Illustrated Tourist'Book ' , showing routes am
rates to tliene points ; 'will be sent free on re
quest. If you contemplate an eastern trl |
this summer the printed matter referred ti
will bo of InteniUi. Address B. P. Hum
phrey , T. P. A. , Kansas City , Mo , ; or C
K. Wllber , A. O. P. A . Chicago.
CliIlil'H Aruininil lt'ic CruxlitMl ,
Jesslo Uorfthu , tli 14-months-old child o
John Horehn , llvlng neur Fourth and Jlasoi
Btreele , was playing' ' In the shadow of sonv
Burlln"on ( freight .cars not far from hei
homo yesterdiiy ( when a switch englni
lmck < > < l dc A n th track and In ome mannei
knocked the child l > eneatli the rniH. : Thi
right hand und l iwvero badly crushed. Tin
cliald wa picked up ; and tiikt-n to Its homo
and Inter rcmovedi U the Presbyterian hos
pltal. where It IB probable that both the in
Jured members wfll be amputated.
Siiniiiirr IdiMirNlonu
HomcBctkcra south June 15. Nashville am
return evtry day , Chattanooga In July , To
ronto In Ju'.y. Buffalo In August , and all thi
summer resorts of tir > east and , sjuth. Cat
at Wabssh otllci. 1415 Farnam atrfet , or writ
G. N. CLAYTON , Agent.
I.OOAI. Hitivrrirs. :
Andrew Seow , while returning fron
Kuser's park nn a Leavenworth street mete
last evening , pro.luced some excitement b ;
! ; icklng Ihe htadllsht from the car. It WE
badly smashed an-l Scow was arrested fo
'jelng drunk and disorderly.
W. B. Gordon and Christ Hanscn wen
Into the hou < kept by Irene Huntlngton. o :
' 'apllol avinut. las ; nlsht. en I engaged li
a drunken law lJurin ; the trouble a larp
, iano of glass was broken. The luin wci
arrested for mallcloua destruction of prop
Annntil Lengno Meeting to Bo Held in
Omaha Next Weak.
. Men t HiCliiiMriiVlio Arc lli-Mt Flltril
to Sroiirc Xlidonut Cimvrn
tlou for Till * City
Jfo.xt Your , ,
The annual meeting ot the State League el
Republican clubs will be held nl Doyd's thea.
tcr In thla city Tuesday evening , Juno 28 ,
The convention will elect officers for Iho next
year and select delegates tn the national con.
vcntton which will meet at Detroit July 1,1 ,
14 and in. The rules of the organization pro
vide that the uHlccrs of each club shall be
delegates to the state convention and each
club is entitled to nn additional delegate foi
each flfty members or major fraction thereof ,
This would mean upwards ot 1,000 dclcgat
If overs republican club In the- state should
send Its full representation. As this Is an
oft year In politics It Is not expected that nny-
where near the full representation will be
In attendance. As there Is nothing at It-inn
except the honor of representing the ttato In
the national convention many who would
otherwise attend will not care to piy I belt
expenses lo Omaha and return , and 500 'Inlc-
gatia will be n very large attendance nndei
the circumstances.
Nebraska Is entitled to six delegate * nn-l
six a'trrnntcs ' , and also four delega'ss and
alternates for each congressional district In
the national convention. Omaha Is conceded
at least cne delegate at large , and Douglas
county wilt probably get at least , three ol
tiic four delegates from this congressional
district. So far the candidates for repre
sentation on the national delegation ure ex-
optionally scarce. The only thing that ope-r.
ntca i a Induce Nebraska republicans to take
any particular Interest In the iuitlon.il con
vention this year Is the movement to < ceuro
the 1S&S convention of the league for 0nnh'\ ,
I' , hns hecn Intimated that John L. W b-
ster Is nn n still hunt for the prcsldem-y ol
the national organization , but this Is 'lonled
by his Immediate friends and no nppare'tl
olfort Is bring made In that dlrectio-i. .Mr.
Webster will not even be a candidate for n
place on the delegation , as he expects to sail
for Kurcpo early In July.
So fur culy five local candidates arc In t.u
field for i-iaccs on the delegation. Charle-
J. Greene , W. F. Gurley , A. J. Liint ami K < ]
.1. Cornish are candidates and J. H. Van
DUBCII Is also prominently mentioned. Oth
ers are likely to appear before the olatc con
vention meets , but It Is more than likely thai
the delegation will be mainly made up from
the list mentioned above.
The general feeling Is that the Douglnt
county delegates should be men who will 1
able lo exercise a good deal of Influence or
the floor of the national convention. Some ol
the larger eastern cities want the 1SUS con
vcntlon and It Is expected that If the plun :
is secured for Omaha It will be after a llvclj
fight. Consequently there Is a tendency U
name di-legates who will be able to hold llieli
own In the convention and properly Impress
the other delegates with the desirability ol
locating the next convention In this city.
I South Omaha News . &
r3 _ .
? $ Fuaffi\x& „ - -
Street Commissioner Ross Is doing sonic
good work tbcso days by compelling property
owners to repair dclnpldatcd sidewalks. The
city cleric has advertised for bids for laying
sidewalks for the coming year nnd It is ex
pected that there will be quite n spirited
contest for the contract. Some of the prop
erty owners are going ahead and making the
repairs without complaint , but In a number
of cases the work will have to be done by
Iho city and the cost charged up against the
property as the owners have cither neglected
or refused to order the repairs made.
A number of new wooden .sidewalks have
been laid In the- permanent sidewalk district
and EO far no attempt has been made to en
force the ordinance relating to the repairing
ot worn out wooden walks In the business
district. Some of the councilmen feel that
permanent walks should be laid , but as t linen
have been bard and money scarce they do
not feel like stepping to the front and com
pelling property owners to put down walkt
ot brick or stone.
The walks on N street ore at III In n di
lapidated condition , the owners or occupants
of property being permitted to nail boarde
an inch thick across holes and on top of the
rest of the walk. This makca the walking
bad , and is liable to cause an accident , c.i-
pcclally at night.
Will I.iiy ( In- Corner .Stone.
Next Sunday the corner stone of the Afri
can Methodist church , at Twenty-seventh and
H streets , will be laid with appropriate cere
monies , H. K. Hillan. master of Acaclo
lodge. No. 40 , Masons , will have charge ot the
ceremonies and will be assisted by M. 0 ,
Rlckctts , master of Kxcelslor lodge , No. 110
It. B. Rhodes , master of Rough Ashler lodge
No , 74 , and Rev. J. C. Owens of St. John'f
African Methodist church of Omaha. Lodgei
at Lincoln and Nebraska City liavo been In
vited to att ( nd. Music will be furnished b >
a hand and the choir of St. John's African
Methodist church. Pastors of the local
churches and their congregations have been
Invited , also the members of the Young
Men's Chrlstlin association. Mayor Knsor Irt
promised to be present and deliver an ad-
drcts. Mrs. Lena Mason , tlio well known
colored evangelist , will tpcnl ; . Rev. Jordan
Allen Is the pastor of the church and liac
In charge the work ot raising subscription ! ) ,
< ) lijci' < lo Ciunij IT'M Sou.
The old soldiers here continue to Kiel ;
against the appointment of Charley Con-
oyur's eon to a place In the Bureau of Ani
mal Industry. In the meantime the young
man con'lniics ' to draw u man's pay for doing
practically nothing , The protecting in not
alone confined to pen.'OiM ' on the outa and
lo.klng for a government job , but a number
of the old employes of the department arc
objecting also , One old veteran who ranke
high with his party Is of the opinion that
If a job of that kind was to be given out
to any one's sen he ought to bo given a
chance tq get a place for his sou , He con
sidered tha appointment of young Conoyer an
Injustice , and In order to s-ce what could be
done about the matter took a trip down U ;
Arbor Lodge * the other day and laid the
matter before J , Sterling Morton. The re
publican veterans mailed their complaints
direct to Washington and are now waiting
for replies ,
Preparing I.HN | | of VoterN ,
The school enumerator are preparing a
complete Ikit of voters In the city. Thle
work has been done along with the census
and will bo valuable Information for the
county and city cominltiees of both parties.
The name of each voter , along with his red-
Ideiicc- , will bo Uiown. Several well known
politicians are already dickering with tht
enumerators for the lt ta. The enumerators
liavo done thla work on their own account ,
not having bad liuiructlons to tlut effect
from the Board of Education , and when the
work is completed they will have Informa
tion for dale. The registration last fall waa
3,312 , the largest lu the history of the city.
( iooil OuUooU for Criiiix ,
L. L. Wyott , ono of the traveling reprc-
rontatlveo of the stock yards company , re
turned yesterday from a trip through north
ern Nebraska. He reports crops In line con
dition , and says that farmers now have
plenty of young pigs , which they arc rftlh-
Ing for this market. As a rule , the farmcre
and btockmcn In that section of thu state
feel greatly encouraged and look forward tt
3 bounteous crop.
Arelili > etiVorl > lnir < ui I'lunx.
Private advices from Washington arc tc
ihe tfTi'Ct tlut architects In the Treasury
department are working awjy on the plant
for the postolllce building In till-1 city. I'
11 cx'etd that notice will be nerved tn
Trn Geary In about ( hilly day > lo remove
his building from the iuu. When thi * to
dooo the contract ( or eicavatlag for the
llc-o , JuneJl
buys n pair of two legged 'Waih
Pnnts for boys ,
For Yourself
We sell Wash Suits for children as high aa
90 cents a suit. You can pay more than that
somewhere else. You can a'so ' pay a dollar
liming for Paincs Celery Compound but some very rc-
own trunk , spectab'e drug stores are selling it lor 69 cents.
Some folks would tell you the 69 cent kind
'aint as good as the dollar kind , and some
folks will tell you that our Wash Suits at yo
cents aint as good as somebody oho S3ns for
Take . . You know about the medicine
It with $1.50. argu
of n grnln suit. ment , you dent know about tlv.se Suits. We
want you to liiul out. Dent take anybody's
word for what you can investigate personally
when your pocket is concerned and the chances
are you'll be richer in the end. We are m ak
Find Find out. out. ing- some very good friends by selling good
Find out. Wash Suits for the lowest prices ever quoted
ii ; Omaha , to-wit : 250 , 350 , 450 , 65C , 750 and
93 cents , The saving is anywhere from a
quarter to a half. Do you perceive ?
\3xk-iiJSi K2S32SSS3
Turkish , Tansy aiul Ponnyroy.il Pills most cllcotii il FUMALK
rills will UKLriiVi ; SUlMMtliSSIJU , KXCIJSSlN'li : , SCANTY OK
PAINFUL .MENSTRUATION-Will hrliii ; menstruation sure to
the day. Sent by mui securely packed , SI.OK ; i box.
HAHN'S PHAHMACY.lSUiuml KtmmmStd , Onmlm. Nob.
foundation will be let. Huslueys men here
would like very much to have work on this
new building commenced thi ? summer. The
survey ot the site made by George Mellrlde
has been accepted ami paid for and the
arcliUecto are using the data in drawing the
plana. .
Complaint Atialnst Union I'll o I ( If.
Ilesldcnta In the southern part of the city
complain that the Union Pacific U dumping
manure from empty stock cara along Iho
of Twenty-fourth
track near the Intersection
and V streets. Far a distance of aevcrnl
hundred feet along the track there lies great
piles of manure and refuse which have been
thrown out of stock cars. This ground is
within the city limits , In fact , only about
100 feet off from Twenty-fourth trect. The
warm weather the p.vt week caus > ed a ter
rible stench to arise from this long pile of
rubbish and the people in that vicinity have
not hesitated to make complaint.
Think Tlu-y Ar - OliloUon Thli-vcM.
Sam Manlcy and John McCroskln are
locked up at the city Jail on n charge of
being susplclouo characters. The men were
caught milking a cow belonging to a ninn
named Hughes , who lives In the vicinity
ot Forty-fourth and 7 streets. A couple
of dozen chickens were found in possession
of the prisoners , and the police are Inclined
to think they are the men who have been
robbing hen roosts In the western part of the
Clly COH.SI. | | .
The Equestrian club meets for drill this
An Important meeting of Phil Kearney
post will bo held tonight.
Mrs. John Gorman , Twenty-third and J
streets , is dangerously 111.
Tomorrow evening the Masons will Install
their recently-elected officers.
Hnrry Carpenter spent Sunday at Tarldo ,
Mo. , looking after some business matters.
The committees In charge of the celebra
tion July n , all report progress nnd predict
that the celebration will lie a grand suc
\MV ItOIIU * .
Commencing Sunday Juoo 13 , tlio Union Pa.
eltlc will Inaugurate Through Tom 1st Car
Service between Omaha and Portland , Oregon
gen and Washington points via Union Pacific
and Southern Pacific railways , thereby giv
ing passengers the benefit of two tourlut
routes via Ogdcn to Portland. Tills route
will take them up through tbc beautiful
Sacramento Valley , disclosing all the notable
features along the Shasta route , from Sacra
Kor rates , tlma table and full Information ,
call at Ctly Ticket Olllce , No , 1302 Farnam
Fair In \ iIpriiBliaVnimor | ) Hunt lo
Sniillii-UNt Winds ,
WASHINGTON , Juno 20.-Forecast for
Monday :
Kor Nebraska nnd Iowa Oencrnlly fair }
warmer ; cant to tvnithonst wlndi * .
For South Dakota Fair : pouthcrly wlndn.
For Missouri fJenorally fuir ; probably
sllKlitlv warmer : pautheantrrly wlndn.
For ICnnwis Fnlr ; vnrlnb'e w"d ! .
For Wyoming Fnlr ; southerly winds.
Loral ! t < * roril.
OMAHA , June 20. Omaba record of rain
fall nnd temperuturo eomparod with cor
responding day of the past three years :
1S)7. ! ) 1KM. 1SD. > . 1KH.
Maximum temperature . . wj SS M M
Minimum temperature . , 01 as rS G.
Average tcmperaturo . . . . 78 7X 70 711
ruilnfull 00 .13 .00 .01
Heooril of tpmpernluie nnd precipitation
ut Omaha for thlH day and Hlnco March
Nonmi'l tPinpernluro for tlio day 71
Kxccfft for HID ibiv 4
ArriimulatPil iledclciipy Hlnco March 1. . r > S
Normal rainfall for the day 20 Inch
Dcfli-lem-y for tl > ilay 20 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1 9.79 Inches
Dolldenry Hlnco March 1 2.SI Inches
HxpecH for cor. period , 1KW 387 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period. H9S..I.27 Inches
lUMicrlM from SlatloiiH al S p. in. ,
Kcventy-lHIh int-rldlan time.
Omaha. , clear . .00
North I'latlc. clear .00
Salt 1/iUe City , eloor .CO
. c-lciufly l-ll .110
pl I city , purl cloudy Ul Si'l
Huron , clenr 70 tO ! .00
ChU-uKu , cli-ar HI I M .00
U'lllUtcn , pnrt olouily 1SI l . (0 (
Kt. UiulD. pait cloudy k2 | Ski .on
Kt. Paul , char 72j 7 < | .W
Pnvrnport. part cloudy 70 | "f. | .m
Helena , prut cloudy . . . .
f'lty , cl < r M .14
lUvre. M | .00
Hlpmnrrk. clear .1 tw , .UO
( JuHtHon , clear I IG | S2 |
T InJIciKB Ira-f of prcclltatlon. )
L. A WKLSH. tco | Koreuit Olllclal.
of Hires Rootbccr
on n sweltering hot
iluy is highly essen
tial to coin foil anil
health. It cools the
blood , reduces your
temperature , touca
the stonmch.
should bo in every
home , in every
office , in every work
shop. A temperance
drink , more bctiHh-
ful than ice water ,
more delightful and
satisfying than nny
other beverage pro
1 > ! - ! < oi.lt l.r ll'c rtiirtc-r n.
HIT. C. . l'lllilrlllj. A | > rk-
Kf - jikci ! i clouf fcoM ir >
Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Transportation C (
Oun Thi-Ni w HIcdKlciinxhlpMunlluu.
SailltiGO From ChlcnRo.
Kor Mctlnac ItUmt. Dvlrolt.Cleveland , IlnfTMo.Tnr-
OIJto.rt : Tu * . A M.Wril VI * M.llifl II A M.hlt 41'M.
Fur Clmrlovnix , jliiihnr Hprlntfj , 1'cUnker. etci
Tucs. SA.M.TIiur II A M.Sftf 4 I'M. f
Knr Mariiut-tte , Ifniu-u'-lf , lloucuon , AM nil.
Dulutli.rtV < -.9 , | ! ' M
lltuitrittci ! paiiipl.lov matlej fr on Kpr'UcAtlnn *
l.riue lilt KLINOTOr : * MO. IIIVUU Arrives
OiiiuhaUnluii | Lliput , 10th A : Muton titi. | Omaha
< . . . . . . . . . . .
4:3J : | > m.Ulk lilt's. MMH A t Km ) ix
:3im : , . Dcnvtr - .
7:03iim..Uncoln : l ucal ( ex. Hunday ) . . . . 7:4Siim
JwLm..UncoIn Sunday ) . . . . II : > luin )
C avci'lT'HICAOO , IIUHMNiiTON & Q | Ar.'lv 7"
O miijiullInluii IJcyot , let ! * , & Muaan BID. ' Omnliu
T-OSpTn. . . . . .chlciifo Vi'fctluuie . 7:6Jam :
8 ; < 8uin . C'lllcuEul < ri > . 4luilil |
7Wjm..Clilcnio : & til. l.uuU Kxprcus. " .CS.uii
ii40um . I'oi-liic JuiiL-llon Local . CilCpm
/.ouve / i'lilCA ( Jt r'MlI. . & f'l. I'Afl.Arrives |
OiilulmUnlGn | Ui-pot , Ibtli & Mlmi.ii Ktn.j Uiuuhji
i , " . " . . . .Clilciiifri Ltmneil SjO..ttin
isprc : a lex , .Sunday ; . , 3:2-jnji :
& " "NOIITIIWEHT'K | Arrfv < "
biiiuliaUnloi. | l vnt , lum & Miou tin , , Omaha
10-4'.nin Kai-trni r.xniebt 3Wpm
I'Kniii . . . . . .Vei-tlliulril Umin-il * * 0:40(1111
6tVni , HI l'ul Kvim-ts. : Man
6HOnin . . . . .fit. I'aul Limited - : 5 | > in
V30am. ! titnuK Clly ixica II lupin
6-3CIHI1. . .Omului-rlilcuuo Hiieclal 80fiiiv | ,
1 . . . .MlMourl Valley l coi . . . . : JOaio
Except riinxJiiy. " tixn-pt Monna >
ijeove * | dififACb7 ! ur l. & PAPrKKIIArrlvn
Oiimhallliilu" Di-put , IDIIi & " Uimon | ifh.i Omaha
clAtiT. _ _
'lloonm..AtlanticJ't"f' ? < Sunifny ) iMpm
70inm Nlfht l-rii.i * liani
4-Wpm..ClilcaBO Vct-tlliulfu Limited . . .liZCpm
; tOpm..St. I'aul VfMIIJUleil Lira ( it ! _ „
" "
lii'Spm . _ .Colorado _ Llmirea .
i Tvprr-i-'n-r & MO. 7ArfIve "
Oinalial cf"t.l _ h
siodpin" r t Mall end fcxir ( < - . . .
I-OOpin. . ( * soit.l Wyn. Hx. irx. Mm ,
TWam..Kri'inoin. i > cnl ihundnK-x.-r-'y ) . .
i ! .1-1 - fuk | Uxpree * icr. Sun . . . .JOiZJjm
.HI. I'aul Kxprcn U.IOaiu
| j > v I K. L' . , 5T. J. & C. II. Arriv 7"
OmchalUnlonIrt-ot. _ lOlll & Miutoii Bli.J Omh
. . . *
JOiOpm.IC. ( , C. Ks..t ! Ex via U.l _ . _ 'Irdn . . _ J.Miitn
IxuVfi'l JIISSOUII1 I ACII'IC. " jArrlvfT
Omalia | _ epoi. If-lh & % V Ut r t > t § . ± Unmlm
T-05iin. . . N 'l > ru7ku & KUIIIUII Limited. . 12i5pin
< ) : Ciiii | . Kania Clly Ijxprcn . . . C.jjUma.
Uuveil SIOUX CJTY & I'ACll''IO.
JJepotc UthV b tr Hl . | Oii
. . ' . . . . Bt , I'aul l.linhcU . d-I
f BiOUJf tilTV & I'ACIKIC. | Arrlv
iabalUnlon Depot. lOlll & MuconUlj.JOinaha
' " "
. . . . . . . I'u'ul F uerir. | . . . . . . . .llilSpin
7iOam . Bloui Cll > I'mecnufr . lOCpii : )
t:65 | > in. . . , . HI I'aul l.lmili-'l . ; t0 m
Uve f \VrAilA SH"ltAflAviAV [ ArrlvTT
OinuhalUnluli Ufpi't. 101 li It Munpn Hti. | Omaha
i ; 80pm . . . . TC'anun lall . . . . . . . . . . .
u-uvci r - , " , . . . . , , . .
OinuliaJUnlon [ > tvt , Kill & Wa onj6li. | Om h
SrOam : Ovrrlnnil I.llnifrd . . , 4:4Spm
I:1Ciin.Ifiit'ce : & Htromilj'K Ex ( t-x Bun ) , 8:00pm :
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