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JC. JlOSKWATKIl. Editor.
Hnlly Il e ( Without Sunday ) . On * Ymr..J OJ
Dally lite ntul SutiJay , Una Year . ' JO
Klx Month * . * JS
Thr Month * . * J * }
Hunday Ike. One V r . J J *
Saturday Hee. One Yenr . J *
Wttkly llc . Oii Vear .
Om h : The Ili-e IlullJInr. .
Kouth Omnlrn : Sinner Illk. , Cor. .V nJ 2Uh St .
Com ell Ilium : 10 Pearl Street.
ChK-jKu Ollli-e : J17 Chamber of Commerce.
New York : llooiiin 13. II nn l 15. Trlbun 1)1J )
YVainlncton : 601 Kuurteenth Street.
All cnmnuinlcHtinria leMlnic to " ' " " ! ? , , ? di'
iorlal matter huiiM 1/fl niilr ! lTo the bJltnr
All ImMtieM Ittttm nml rtmlltanrn nhoulil b
< MieMr < l | . The IKe 1'ul.iUhlnR l'uinp.iny ,
Omiihn Pi aft * . check" , exptens end poitomct
moni-y t.r.lcm to Le made | i > bli In th order
lie ' - 'j' ' . , , . , pujUsniNO | COMPANY.
fitnle ot Nebrmkn , Douglas County. t :
Ucflncr II. T * rhin.lt. Secretary nf The lice 1'ub-
UMiliiK lutiiiiuny , tit-Ing ilul snurtt , ay tnnt the
nctual number of full nnd cuinpiele copies of The
Morning , livvnlltit anil Sunday lien printed
the month of June. IKli. u us follows : |
( inoitnn it. Tswnii'CK.
Sworn In lir-r ro me nml dili c'riboil In my pros-
* nce thin : il Uuy of July. 5Vi7.
v vvljf
t " >
Notary "Public.
THIS linn T
All riillriinil IIITIIIH nrf
Hitppltvil ltli < -iioill-li lli-c
ti > HiTiiiiiiiHiiInd' rvrpy pnn-
m-iiBi-- ' ' n-lni TJiintt to roml n
lllVSIHll'r. . lll.HlNt IIIIMI | lllH-
ItiK 'I'lir llpp. If J-iin rnniiut
Hrl n Ili-r mi a trnlit from tlic
iHMm niri-iit , plritNi * rrpoi-t
tin- flirt , ntiiMiiK ( In * Irnlit nnil
rnllriinil , to ( lie CI ri-iil" I loll
Di-liiii-linoiil of 'l'b - Ili-r. 'I'lir
llrr It lor mile on all ( ratlin ,
ifriKS i.iOAVi ? > ( i KOII Tin : SUMMHU ,
I'nrllrn Irnvlni ; il" ' 'lj- ( for
( br niiiiiiiirr rail lin\r The
IliiMint to tin-in regularly
ll.v ilollr. > IIIKT Tin * Hee lillsl-
III-KH olllt-r 111 IM-I-.NOII or ! > >
mall. Tlir nililrcHH rflll lie
l UN fifli-ii an ilr ilrril.
Calamity Is a fireat t-rct-il for
era Is and pessimists.
Noiu > luit chnuiir kii-Ui-rs hiivo fault
to lind with this weatlii-r.
1 Under III-CMMI ! . iii-in-s it is almost as.
well to own armor plate as silver plaU-
tlit'su days.
' . ' . " ' ' .i-'Js "Rv snllnii only wants to iu >
coaxed with a IVw inodcinwar ships an
pi'i-snaiU-i-s. . .
The son serpent is once more on Hie
lioarils and Hie airship shelved with the
other liael ; nnmliers.
There tire several hundred thousand
more f'iild deniderals in the ciiuiilry than
the Kilvei'ltes would like lo have.
When the merchant says "business Is
bolter" our amlalilo calamity howling
] ) opoeratlc coiitempnrary stiys "I'm sorry
to hu-ar it. "
Four slates elecl governors this year
Ohio , Massachnselts , Iowa and Virginia.
Of the four , three ( ingiu lo lie not down
lit the republican column.
Compared wllli the senate Ihe hnuso
haw made a poor showing in Ueeiiliif.- )
lip its end of Ihe foii res-ilinml Itecord
( Inrlnir the iitist few mnnlhs.
1'eople who ai'eept cive-away adv < ills-
Itiif s'pa'i ( > In readerless sheets expeet
iiuthliiK from It and are nevur
polnted In their expoctatlons.
The Itoek Island railroad has come up
handsomely with its exposition subscrip
tionand , the friends of the exposition
will mil forget or fail to appreciate its
The sultan l.s havlnv : no dflllciilty In
proem-Ill } : all the advice he can wish ,
1ml he Is encounlerhiK a heap of trouble
to procure UIL- kind of advice that he
wauls and Is willing to follow.
Worse differences have boon adjn.sled
by conference committees than have yet
> been struck by Ihe men who are trying
. 1o brlnu the house and senate harmoni
ously together on the new tariff bill.
After the council eradicates the spit
ting Mend It might I urn its attention
to the protection of ; ii > do < irlans from
blcyellsls who persist In nnhig th ,
Klreels at night without eliher lanterns
or gongs.
Thdlsmlsfal of one delecllve win
ought lo have been dtsmNsod long ago
Is a step In the right direction , but It
does not constitute the refoiin which the
taxpayers and clll/.ens expect from the
police board.
The Union Pacllle depends entirely
upon the truiiMulstlsslppl country for
Its lesotirces. That is whal gives the
marked Improvement -Imwii In Its last
month's financial statement special slg-
lllllnice for Ihe people of the western
If the executive committee of the Na
tlotinl educational association that has
the Until tlelerinlnallon of the IS'JS
meeting place can only be Induct d to
vkslt Omaha during il.o AU-Sar lion fes
tivities the great educational conven
tion can be put down a * oiin > .
The opponents of Hie exposition who
\VllU a view to defeat the uiilire. project
had the Nebraska e\m | > hlon bill muti
lated by inserting a condition requiring
? L'HMH ( ) ( > lu cash to be raised and paid
into the exposition association before the
Ktiite appropriation could beeonii' availa
ble arc In a fair way to have their hopes
ro.VF//i'T IX T11K
It wns expccti'd Hint thure would bo
conflict bolwet'U the lionse and senate
conferees on the tnrllt bill , but it was
not thought It would assume quite . < >
aggravated n form nx It soctns to have
ilono. The belief was that n spirit of
compromise would be shown on both
sides and while such a sp.irlt Is not en
tirely absent It Is mil very pronounced ,
partleiilaily on the part of the house ;
conferees. The-m appear disposed lo in
sist that Ihe more Important features
of the house bill wh'eh ' were changed
by thu senate- shall be restored , urging
that they Imvo received more general
approval from the public Hum the * „ !
ale amendments a claim that Is un
questionably well-founded. It Is e. je-
dally ( rut ! lu regard lo the sugar sched
ule and the wool and woolen schedule.
In respect to the former It Is felt that
the senate bill Is nttidi too favorable to
Ihu trust , while as lo the lailer U Is con
tended that It would operate to the uui-
advantnge of manufacturers , wlms" In
terests It l.s desirable to safeguard
equally with those of the wool grow
ers. There is radical disagreement as
to other Items , but a compromise upon
these may be more ea y of attainment
than upon the leading schedules.
As everybody hi aware , a considerable
number of th" amendments to the house
bill were made as a concession to votes
necessary to the passage of Ihe tariff bill
lu the senate. If these amendments are
abandoned In conference Hie votes con
ditioned upon them are likely to be hist
and the measure thus jeopardr/ed. A
general restoration of the fealines of Ihe
house bill that imdei wont -hatiges In
the semite would certainly lead to a
prolonged discussion in lilt- latter body
and there is reason to apptolionn might
provo fatal to the measure. 'I his danger
Is of course apparent to the house re
publicans , but It. does not appear to have
very great weight with ( him. Perhaps
further deliberation will persuade them
that It Is expedient to maUe concessions
In order lo Insure the passageot inc.
lilll that a si-use of the. urgent neces
sity of giving the country a new tariff
law as soon as possible will override me
feeling that the. work of the senate has
not improved the. house bill , but the
There was if. financial and business
circles a very general feeling of relief
when ihularllf bill passed the senate
and H was coulldently hoped that within
ten days or two weens the matter would
be disposed of and tariff agitation ended
for at least four years. It now appears
probable that the bill will remain in
conference several weeks , with the pos
sibility thai no agreement can be
reached and that if the conferees do
agree thy lerms will be such as to bring
on a piolonged discussion In Ihe senate
that will postpone tinal action for
mouths and render Ihe outcome uncer
tain. Such an outlook is anything but
reassuring. It keeps alive a feeling in
industrial and business ! circles that Is
unfavoiable to enterprise and holds In
check those conditions which are nei.-es-
snrv to a restoration of prosperity.
Tin : /A-DI.IA / rHM'iiKttfr.VSTTPTK. .
'Omaha ' extends a cordial welcome to
its visitors who are attending the In
dian Teachers' Institute In session here
this week. Too little is known about the
work which the Indian schools .ire doing
and- the inlluence whl"h they are ex
erting upon the pi ogress of the red man.
While the institute is primarily for the
discussion of methods empluyed in in
structing the Indians in the government
schools , it will serve at the s.ime time to
draw public attention to the Importance
of these institutions and strengthen
them with the public.
According to Superintendent Ilail-
manu. the aim and object of the Indian
schools is to bring the Indians up lo the
point whote they can be made to lit into
the public school syscom and share with
out discrimination in the education that
is provided for the children of .iil our
citi/pns. With a handicap of more than
L'.OUO years against him and in favor
of the white pupil , the Indian will for
some time yet require special attention if
not special schools to bring out whatever
natural aptitude for learning Is in him.
So long as the government maintains a
iliMinet department of Indian edncai'oii
it is imperative that the Instruction b.
of the most systematic and practical
character , and n the furtherance of lids
end the annual institutes for Indian
teachers are performing a most useful
The cash balance in the national treas
ury Is well maintained and the gold re
serve is not decreasing. In fact the
condition of Hie llnanclal department ol
the government is very satisfactory , be
ing marked by fewer perturbations than
have occurred at this time of year for
half a doxeti years past. There is no
feeling of anxiety , It Is said , as to the
reclining deficit and I liens Is no aiipie-
henslon In regard to the gold reserve ,
which is larger now than a month ago.
The treasury has gained steadily by t.ie
deposits of new gold at the mints and
probably will continue to gain from this
source during the .summer and autumn.
A significant fact Is tint the produe.'rw
of gold am willing to accept paper cur
rency In exchange for it , although they
are not bound to lake anything bill the
gold coin into which their bullion is con
verted by the mints. This attests in
Ihe strongest p isMble way the cnniidonco
lhat Is felt In the legal tender notes of
the government , tin * withdrawal and
cancellation of which l being persist
ently urged by the so-called currency
reformers. The public manifested Its
prefeieiice for Mils paper currency Im
mediately after the last presidential
election by taking gold to the treasury
In exchange for the notes and even the
producers of iho > yellow nmlal prefer
them to coin. It ought to be obvious that
Iho people will not consent to the re
tirement of a currency thus favoied and
the substitution for It of bank note * , un
der whatever conditions the hitter should
bu Issued.
The treasury makes large disburse.-
meats during ihu present month , as us
ual at the beginning of a fiscal year , and
these will reduce the cash balance ,
but not to an extent Hint can cause the
slighter embarrassment. A detlcit for
Hie month and for some mouths lo come
is to bo oxpivtrd. for well understood
rcusuuu , but ihU will cause no distrust
or dlstnrbancn. such as was produced by
deficits under the preceding administra
tion , because the country knows there
will be legislation lo provide adequate
revenue and that the government will
not be forced to borrow to meet Its ob
ligations. The situation so far as the na
tional treasury Is concerned Is from all
points of view rcasMiilug.
The impression that the national treas
ury Is annually robbed of a large amount
through undervaluations of merchandise
by Importers Is erroneous according to
the retiring appraiser at New York , lie
sa.VN the gieat body of merchants arc
honest and Ihelr merchandise Incorrectly
Invoiced , undervaluation being the ex
ception and not the rule. Yet he re
marked that constant watchfulness is
undoubtedly required on Hie part of ex
aminers and there is stilliHont under
valuation to require the closest scrutiny
of Invoices.
It Is quite possible that there has been
some exaggeration lu rogaid to the ex
tent of undervaluations , but It Is un
questionable that under the op 'railon of
the present tariff law the government
has been n heavy loser through Ihe dis
honesty of importers and It must always
be with a system of ad valorem duties.
They are an Invitation and an Incentive
to fraud and should never be applied
whore II Is practicable to have spocllie
duties. The experiment with ad valoiem
rates has cost the government many
millions of dollars since the present tariff
law went Into operation , besides adding
largely to the expense of administering
the law. The penning tariff bill Is a
decided Improvement In this respect.
srti.r. DuiHiixi ; TIIK QUKSTIUX.
Having treated Its patrons to a re
hash of exploded city campaign lire-
works as an answer to the question how-
Its owner came to have a memorandum
slip in the cash drawer of the default
ing city treasurer , the World-Herald
now repeats the pel forinance In answer
to the question why Umbex/.ler Hartley
came to its rescue. Kverybody In these
parts who knows anything about the
matter knows that Mayor Moores has
counter claims against the county and
city , which lie asserts greatly more than
offset any money said to be due from
him to them. It Is also apparent that
Hie depositions taken before Notary
Ilordman present only such features of
the case as are designed to mislead the
public and bolster up Itroatch In Hie
idea that he stands some chance to oc
cupy again the place of mayor to which
Moores was elected. The fact that the
attorneys of Mayor Moores took excep
tion lo the right of the notary to take
these depositions and their refusal to
participate in the hearing for Ihe sea
son that the supreme court had yet
made no order In the case Is pur
posely suppressed.
The cuttlefish seems to think that
shedding Ink over Moores affords a
chance for it to cover up its own tracks.
H Is hardly probable , however , that
these gyrations and hysterical contortions
tions about Mayor Moores' disputed
claims will count for much wK.i thu in
telligent public , nor "are they liktl.1 to
figure very extensively in next fall's
campaign when the people aiv called
on to elect a judge of the supreme court.
On the contrary , we may saily predict
that the fiisionists will have no Inclina
tion to light the llowell-Ilansom cam
palgn of this spring over again.
Omaha , we are glad to say , is enjoying
more than the ordinary degree of re
vlved prosperity , but Omaha is not tin-
only pebble on the beach. I'ick up any
of the popoeratie press and it always
makes an exception of the particular
place in which it is published.
The Denver papers say Denver
Is the great except Ion to the
leigu of despond , the St. Louis
popocratie press insists that St.
Louis' material progress is unique , the
( 'hicago silver Journals hold Chicago up
as leading tbe procession , and so on all
along the line. The trouble with HIP
calamity editor l.s that he can not SIT
beyond ills nose and imagines thai
everything lie can not see must be
The mortgage records in many Ne
braska comities are making a most graii-
fylng showing for Improved business con
ditions. When th' . ' release of mortgage *
amounts to several times Hie amount
of tlie new instruments recorded we
have proof that the people are paying
off their old debts rather than contract
ing new debls. Kven though Ihu fig
ures are admittedly defective they are
approximately correct and Indicate the
general trend of the mortgage extin
guishing movement and that communi
ties that are paying off mortgages are in
promising circumstances.
State IJeprcsenlative Velser says lie Is
a-giiuning for a reduction lu telephone
tolls and further expresses confidence
that the State Hoard of Transportation
as now constituted will exercise Hie
power conferred under the new law to
bring this about. lint the state board
as now constitnied has at all times been
empowered to reduce railway rates , but
bus not o.xoivlsi'd its power to anv ap
preciable extent. The people will hav- *
conlldeiice In Hit' board when It does
omothlng and not before and they want
something more convincing than gallery
plays. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The railroad lobby will make a grand
desperate effort to have the Harris reso
lution ordering the I'lilon Pacific fore
closure proceeding slopped passed by
senate and house he Tore the adjournment
of congress. The railroad lobby has a.
yet accomplished nothing tangible dur
ing the extra session and It wants to
show something for the money squan
dered on it.
A woman lias been Indicted In New
Jersey as "a common scold. " Her po
litical preferences are not stated , but It
Is safe to say she would make a valu
able addition to the popocratlc calamity
howlers who never cease telling how
everything is going to the dogs.
After the state labor bureau gels
through compiling the answers to Us
circular Inquiry as lo whether farming
I pays , it ought to take the testimony of
I the fusion citato otlk-urs who Inhabit me
state house on. t.lip question , Does farm
ing the faniuVi ; i y ?
tlrmtrminlllnrlr - . .
liill rl rlU Journal.
The Juccs'Bfti ! Irhnspnrtatlon across the
continent of tfjpOArlny of Christian Knileav-
Orel'sAt eh'raeterlstlc of the nine
teenth eenturynlHhods as HIP Rrowth of
the o-g.i . ' . ulon'ltMiUf. As rlvllizers the rail
roads nre only fecctJnd to the ehurch.
. . L i-'l
! ; ! li | rtirnit Money.
I'lilCfiRn Inter Oci-nn.
Over his own .signature I-'red White , the
uemccratlc1 randldato for Rovernor of lown ,
says to thu IX * Alolnre Leader : The
cheaper money Is the better. " Krcd ought
lo have been dvh in the confederacy about
thirty-three or thirty-four yoirs ago , when It
was so cheap tlut n innn paid J200 for n
pair of boots nnd called It a bargain.
( ) \ em nrk loir l.nnmlrlcx ,
C'hlenco TlniP1lrn1il. .
Two local rclestlal faction * are at war
concerning the Chinese c nce.sJlon at the
Omaha expedition next year. Apparently they
are iiuarrellng tn see which sb.ill have the
privilege of bringing Into the country sev
eral hundred Ohlnew "actors' ' . " who gradu
ate Into the laundry bualnees as soon an
they succeed In evading the exclusion law.
Tlui World's , fair , Atlanti and Nashville
should furn'dh an object leivon to Omaha.
U'orli of Mir Indian Sellouts.
Siniix City .Iniirnnl.
The annual Irntltutp for Indian school
teachers niul oihuiH connected with the In
dian servlc-e Is bflng held In Omaha. One
of Huso annual Institutes was held In Sioux
City , and served \vell to draw HIP attention
to the greil work which Is being done by
the goveitimcnt for the Indians. The Indian
vrhoola havj been Increased In numbers lap-
Idly , ud the teachers employed In llu-ta tire
given special training , lilting them for
their work. If the Indians do not Improve
with the treatment accordd them by the
government there is no Bitch thing as
progress in them but , In fact , they are im
proving and will .soon become Independent
and self-supporting.
DlHimloii mill Drfrnl.
riiUiuli-lphl.i Times.
The democrats could this yer carry even
more than all the democratic and doubtful
states of the union if they were united on
the faith that created the party and gave It
power , tint commanded for it publif nspo'-t
but In Its present condition there is liltlo
prospect of n covet Ing any domn-ratlc state
in the north , and the only place whpre nil
apparently hopeful battle ran be made is In
Ohio , where the republican defection brlnjM
democratic silece within the ranee of pos
sibility. In short , democratic disintegration
will go on Increasing with each year until
the democrjcy shall turn to the faith of the
patriot.s who founded It , and cease following
mad vagaries which can bring only defeat
with dlshono : .
I'ollllenl Conilll Inns oil I InWillie. .
Drtinll Krce rres .
Uncle Horace Doles spoke with the shrewd
Judgment of a man who has had an ex-ended
experience In politics when he declared that
the fight for free ( --liver wnuld never be feught
again under conditions < > o fivt.r.ible to the
10 to 1 advocate ? .
The national conference of the people's
party , now belly ; Jieljl at Nashville , confirms
In one particular the ex-governor's predic
tion. The second battle for free silver will
not see smell ail extraordinary coalition ' -f
political forces ris marked the contest of lift
year. In their addresses tbe populist repre
sentatives at NBshvlllc come nuI une mivo-
oilly against fusion .mil plice the annihiU-
tlou of trusts , cpmblues and rin .i . before the
ftee coinage of silver.
In turning away from the rennrkuble al
liance the populists rast mi longing , linger
ing look behind ; What they e-ist upon their
late comrades sounds moro like aspersions
and denunciations , t
In Iowa the populists , or at least a portion
of thnni , have broken away from the fusion
deal tint was fixed up for the s'atp campaign.
In Ohio p3pull"t < : . silver repub'h-ani ' and pro
hibitionists will'go ' their separate ways , la
both states and In Kentucky th ? golil clcim-
cratn will stand sturdily by their colors , and
If the result In'Michigan Jast spring Is any
criterion they \vill make a much stronger
PhowlnR than th y did lant fall.
The silver republican- have organized for
ludepcndont effort and not for fusion. When
the llryan democracy again winds its silver
horn the Indications are that ( ho patty plans
that will respond will be woefully fewer
than last fall.
Strvi ) novnv
Sl nl lleni if Their l > rtri-iiiliiillin
lo Sdiiiil ( ) u ( for l'rinelile. |
St. l.ouls Cilolic-Di'innprnt.
The piiTpa.se of the gold democrats to con
tinue their organization Is a ract of grout
political significance. It m-.ins that the
Breach In the democracy H not going to be
lurrowed while the Rllvrr issue remains. The
only way , of poiuc. that this element , or
any other political faction or [ larty , couh !
maintain lUelf as an organization l.s by
nominating candidates In every canvass lit
ita locality , and by supporting those candi
dates vigorously at the polls. Iowa has al
ready put up a gold ilcinunratle ticket to bo
voted fnr In November , Kentucky ia about
to take similar action , while Ohio , it is un
derstood , will move in the sntne direction.
Heports have been beard of a similar pui-
pose In other states which have clue'Ions
this year.
That the national lenders of the iold win ?
of the democracy want 'that element to au-
scrt Itself in every canvass Is well known.
"I believe the very existence- true de
mocracy aa an agent of good to the Ameri
can pnnnle Is In the hnmln of those who
are willing to he guided by the declaration
of piincitdos announced by the na'.li'ial '
dr-tiioirtlc party. " This is an oxtr.iM fr < m
a letter written by ex-I'resldent Clevid.ind
to the Iowa gold democrats , and r. ad at theh-
convention. It undoubtedly vuicrs the ( cntl-
ment of Palmer , ( Vullslp. lir'tui ? . llicl : < r.or ,
l-'lower. Hynum and thr rc t of Ihe nonnd
money democratic chieftains throughout the
country. 1'urll.ile's sentiments and i.'irporto
ire revealed by the elrcnmtlanjeIliat he late
to D-resldo at the coming pinto i-oiiv.'ini'jn of
Ills faction in Kentucky. ivcn Hill , who
ouuosed silveriMii In the Chicago convention
of hSri' ' ! , but who hid hlinxelf during Ihe
camralKii , has reeuitly , on Hi'Ver.il ncc'i- '
sions , denounced the dratriiPtinnlsU who
seized Iho machinery of Ihcl pany hut year ,
who put up llryan , nnd who show a desire
to repeat the'r fully In lano.
It ls easy to grasp the Importance of this
purpose of the CIeveland . flarllMes niul the
other gold democratic leader * to continue
their fight ngihust the conuplriitor * who
wrecked their party , nnd who attempted to
wreck Ihe country. The ( titlmato that Ihe
gold democrats cast 1.000,000 votm in le ! )
fceins reasonable. J'ulmer received 13.'J.OOO
of thenn and the rpijt of them were given
to McKlnloy. T ( | be jitiro this 1.000.000 votis
represent less thau. quarter of the demo
crat IP strength of Ibp country after deducting
ing the populi-st 'yqtf , which went lo llryan
last year , but whir ) } yvill not b < : : . ( again
for nny Hiket , pllvt.rltu or other , bea-inii 1
thn denm-ratlc lnbe | , The gold eleuient'H
power , however. Is prenter tl'iin Its numeri
cal strength would Indicate , it cmnpriiseii the I '
v.-calth , brains ailll iliaractcr of the democ
racy. Po loug as"Hiai element st.iyo ninirt | '
from the regular firfijnlzation die democracy |
will bo as j.iowerU'tl-Its . - It woe In 1SGS or
1S72 That this > lenwnt will be hostile to
the llryan nnd Tllliwan branch of the party
three years In ncl > 'If'last ' year's Ifstun nro :
up again. Is tu cxri.Ua at any event of the
futurn not governed by physical Inwu can be. ;
im i
IOWA - *
Sioux City Tlirti'v"- . K. WrlRht. rdlto' I i
and proprietor of ( tol'harlevi : Pity Advocate. !
ban the democratic fusion ticket at the hind
of hl/ < editorial eoliimnii. Wright IK Known , | I
and knows himoelf. rn "Ihe futher of pro
hibition In Iowa. " He was also for xpveral
years the t-halrnian of the third parly pro
hibition state central committee.
Sioux City Journal * It Is Incumbent upon
the republicans of Iowa to put their brut
fool forward this year. They must tt ready
for a light. Their wlrost men are needed for
advhw. The party nhouW adopt the- best
possible platform and put forward thu strong ,
irit po. lble tli-ket. The elate IM t-ntltle.1 to
it. The situation ( Iftnanda It. No mistakes
should be made.
Davenport Democrat : The Iowa State.
Hoard of lUalth has Iraued a special hot
weather bulletin davuted to rti-ep. Take
plenty of It. Including in afternoon nap.
The advice. Is all rlnht aiid worthy of all
acceptation , but will thu Hoard of H.-alth
drat tell allllcted humanity how to keep cool , i
It la not an easy ihlns for most jurtoud to |
ulcep while beiiiB blowly roastt-d.
McKinley Holds Back His Message for Op
portuue Tim ? . j
Clllilliel Mcedour l.ni-K } - DIM ill I'll In |
11 a it n 11 a n | ii PI 11 o M I'rexlilt-nt
Drxlrrn Prompt Action
mi tinTrciily. .
WASHINGTON , Jtily 13. llcwtiec some Of j
the details of the order were not complete >
Secretarj Hlln * was uiublo to lay before- the
cabinet nt today's meeting Ms proposition to
levoko lite inler inaJo by President Cleve
land cIcMlng some of the puifllon agencies. *
There was a Rood deal of talk OVIT appoltit-
inttita , and as a result the sending of thu
blK lUt of consular iminliutlnns to th ?
eoiiato wis > delayed In order thai n few n.imes
might be added. The currency coininlsslon
tncM.igp illd not CMIISO any dlreussloti. be-
eauso it lo n > w understood tli.it the president
l.s svltled In his determination to send It to
roiiKrcM ! , and only nwalts notice from the
patty leaders as to the Unit ! when lh' ' can
be done without interfering \\lth the pro
gram nrraiiKed lor Hie dlsprwltlon of the
tarin' hill. 1le president hluioulf tlocj not
bellcvo tlut the KeildlnK of the
messiiRo nt IhN time would delay ai-tlon on
thu tariff bill In the leasi. holding that the
dliK-usslon In opici Honaic nnd house eouM
bo conduct ml diil-lnp the llmo the confeiora
on th ? larlff bill arc at work In ihelr room.
Hi ! la , however , willing to defer In till *
Matter to the opinion * ! of erttain ropublleun
( --tKieuinien who take n contrary view and
will not Mini In the message until advised
that It will tint jeopardize the tariff men *
Foreign affairs ami notably the Hawaiian
Mtiiaiion ale believed : o have abiiorbeil the j
attention of Hie ii.optinR today and while
I' Is stated that Ihirhas been no pemlble
L-hanio In the sltuallnn nn to Hawaii In
known Hint the president very mueh desires
si.eedy action nn the .iimcxntlon treaty , feel-
Ini ? that Its auprtval would do mueh to 10-
inovo rompliratIOIIH Hint ni ibn > aten.
III MVCTON 'I'll CO TO 111) (11,1 | , r ,
HfliiKI'lldil On ) toal.i | > I In- I'liuiof
tinllarlun. .
\VA8IIINaTON. July III. The lleuninR-
ton. now on the r'nllfornla co.ist. is being
lilted out to take te ! : planof i'\v old cruiser
.Marlon nt Hniioluln. The Marlon was or
dered home sonio time nio , but an nci-lden-
to her machinery delayed her for several
months , and the order has imw been rr-
1'i-ulo'l. ' ThoiiRh there has ijei-n talk of aend-
iiiK the liatlraliii : ( ( Iri-Ron to llonoliilii to
rciufou-c the I'hllQdelpiiia. it is tuid aL the
Navy department that no nuch or.lrrs have
been tsFticil. anil , It li more prolmble tint
she will b [ > kp't In the nol hborliooil of San
1-Vati'Clseo in perfi.rt eonditlon and 're.idy fur
HOI orlers at short notice. Admiral lltards-
leo will soon bo relieved at Homdnln Dy
Admiral Miller. If the latter , now on his way
home from Kngkiml on the llronklyn , does
not ask to lie relieved nt Ms orders In view
of his domesticollllctlon. . It la sail thru j
Admiral llenrdslee haR not been bent any
ordrrs rcvently. Vhen he went out to Mono
lulu some months a o he. was chaim-d to
niAiinaln the status cun | there , having In
mind the fact that the pivdlilent inlcnded ai
hia ronvrnlonee- unbuilt an nnne.vition
treaty to the senate.
xo sno\v DK . .u"noox rniHKxov.
rin-iir inn om . .f iu > \ \ - , , \ ( ; . > niri-sN
Will AilJ.inrii.
WASH1NOTDN. July 1. ! . Representative
HiMtwnle of Minnisoia. who , In the last and
present eoiiKivssfs , introduced a bill for a
currency commission , has breri consiilthiK
wth | mcmberH of the conimltteo on rujes and
other leaders of die libusV as lo a special
order for considering a bill in cuoa eont-
mUslon slioulil be reeommendeil by the prusl- !
dent. The lateness of tin- session aril the
poor prospn-t of any action in the seiuto
do not .Mr. lleatwolo thinks , give niiirli en-
uoiiiaKuineiit for hiillcviiiK that any linamial :
plan uoiild be eonslilered ill tinliiinse until
next 'hcaslon. The feeling in the house
inrins to be that , with the tariff bill out of
the way , llttlo or no other business will Do
transacted al this session.
I'minoHoiis In Mir Army.
WASHINGTON. July 13. Tin- president
today brnt the following nominations to the
hcnato :
War Jauknnnt ! colonels to be colonel. ? :
Ouy V. Henry. Third Cavalry ; I , . II. Car-
pr-nter. Sovrnih cavalry ; Samuel II. M.
Young. Fourth cavalry ; John .M. liaeou , First
cavalry. Majors to ! > lieutenant colonels :
A. II. Cliaffeu , Ninth eavalry ; Michael Cnoney ,
Fourth eavalry ; James Jackson , Se-c-ond cav
alry ; Louis T. Morris , Third cavalry. Cap
tains to be niajws : W. ( ' . Korbush. Fifth
cavalry ; J. A. Angnr , Fifth cavalry ; William
A. Thompson , Fourth cavalry ; J. S. Loud ,
Ninth cavalry.
\IVM-M | | AKiilail a TIHci'f.
WASHINGTON. July IS. Chairman Tnwno
of the silver rrpnbltcan organlxation has
sent a trlegram to tht chairman of Hie com
mittee in Ohio advising against putting a
ttcpante ntate ticket in the. Held. In mi In
terview he fetatcfi that no tlcKnl will by
placfcd in the Held anil that the silver ro-
publiraim of Ohio will support ( he party
declaring for silver.
Dully Treasury Sin li-ini-ii I.
WASHINGTON. July 13. T.jJjy'x state
ment of the condition of the treasury shaws :
Available c > n > h balance , JJ335SU'U ! ; gold re
serve , ? 112,7.nMy.
llolliini Snilili-iil.i HI-IIIIN Out iif UN |
l'ri > Hii- ( > l Hull- ,
fJIlll'I'LH CIIKI-1K. Cnlo. , July 13. I'liotog-
ruplicr Veltnn today ictiirned from a trip to
liitw inuuntalii , about t.ix mileri east of tliU
city , wher.he had been to obtain views
of a inc.U remarkable cavern , dl cnvenrd by
sinking a prospect shaft. The cavn was dis
covered by part Ira who were doing their
ami sment work on a group of claims on
Cow mountain. A man uaa ph-klng In the
bottom of a tnn-foot hole when he suddenly
Ktruck the point of hid pick through the rock
Into apparently unlimited riici > . Ho cau
tiously Investigated nnd gradually opened up
a. pit that led lo the other world , to all
appcararictfl. Ilock dropped into thu hole ,
j linwpvir , struck bottom In about two bcc-
end * or less , Hhowlnp ; Ihat ( ho rave was
not no deep at that point. The men got a
i rope , and fastening It fccruroly above , do-
i-tTiidu.l lo explore the Immense cavern ,
which proved lo be a veritable. HtGre.hoiiNC
of lee stalactites acid columns of pure Ire
t > teed llko cypr sri trie * from the lloor and
hung lIKe : \ ghostly trlngo from the cnll-
Ing. Kxplorallon wao not carriid very far ,
nn a yawning abyss -was incutinKrrd at a
dietance of about Ilfty feet from the rntrunce.
Chunks of leo thrown Into thin a by en could
be heard rattlli.g nnd cltinkliig on thu Klilox.
hut never a nound of the bottom being
touched. Photographs wi-re taken by Ilinli-
ll'-jlit , and the plctnnn revrul the leu in
crystal , foniMifi moat fanciful figures. An
effort will be made to open the cave to a
more Ihorouph exploration. The chamber
where thoi iiliturttt wen * Uken la tevcnly-
live feet high and about llfdcn ftit wide.
neyond this lh < > cavu widens , and the. Inteilor
8c-cirti abyEsmal.
Tmi Clilliln-ii Siiiroi'iiliMl ,
NKW VOHK July lTwo l children of
Wllllnm y.elKler wt'te suffix'aati < l to death
early tblf Mv.niiii ; : In the tenemenl In .Icr-
nt-y C'ity , which tbw funilly occupied The
lire brnke nut In the liaU.TV 01 Kilwanl
Munzer and fprc-id xo qnlrkly tnat / lnlr
hi.- wife ami ibH-e children were oveicome
bt'foie I hey km w thi"r ilunisei.Thu Illrrneii
re.--.cu , J .Mr. and \lrn. elKlernnd their oldest
child , need 11 yearA child of 3 years nnd
nn Infant nf fi munthw were ileud when they
wire removed from their cots.
( 'oiifrilrrafr Vrli-niMH Will Allrinl.
ATJ4.\NTA. CJn , July 13-aeiic-ral John II.
Goiciun. cuininaiiclcr-ln-cli'i ' f of Hie l.'iilte ]
rcnifi di-niie v.-u-iaiiH. today Issued an ad-
ilri" ' a c'ipiins tbe Invitation recuntly ex-
leiKlxl Huorguiiiz itlim by tli > - I < n < : itii Al > mu
nici.i uu > lutloii "f I'hl'-afu tj | ) artlcptle |
In Hurtiilmt. : . . Juy " - , of tbtt inunuinent
of U.iu-ral John A. I.oiaii. ;
run IMM-M or
Now York Mull anil Kxprcss : It looka now
as though the next number nn the program
of HIP Kuropean concert might be a sort of
ntivll ohm us. with a cannon ( uvcunpanlment.
Thn sullen has held the center of the st.ipc
with Ms heavy dr.uiutle oln long t-ntnigh.
and It Is time he wcrr made to glvo way for
something with R little moro of the allegretto
In It.
Indl.tnapoltM Joiirii.il : While- the assemble. !
wlfdom of the teachers of the land dceldetl
In favor of moral sti.islon. the Kurnpcan pow
ers do not seem to be making .1 gteat sue-
cess of It In dealing with the Turk. Having
hod so little to do with morals of any kind ,
those nhii oppuse force can nulni.iln that
HIP Turk Is .in exception for whom nothing
but fore" , ntul a great de.il of It , will sulllro.
Philadelphia Ilecord- One by tine iho or-
g.im of the powers have given their semi-
oflieial warnings to Turkey ; but the sharpen !
of all wn. thai Riven by the St.
iviprtiiurq Novo" Vicmyii. whleh wound up
l ! iidmonltirti to the sultan with ihose plain
no'is ! : "A final i-lutti of the liegiulattous
,11 Constantinople would prove the necessity
of h.nliiR Oone with Turl-oy is n Kur pp.ih
state forevprnioro. " The volro ofariilni ;
enuld hordly go further than lo Ihroatcn the
obliteration of Turkey from the map of
Kiircpe. and unless the sultan tmtl llnd n
graceful w.iy . of harking down f-om It's posi
tion the powoiR iniut f.-llow up their ( lanrr
bullets with ntlesllet ) of moro pcttelrallve
powtr , nr admit before the world lhat their
"concert" h n meie rope of sand
I'uhllp Intereflt In Amlreoa balloon trip
to the north pole I'linbled with the merrurv.
I2x-Presldeiit Harrison nnnoiinri-s hlm elf
In s.Miipntliv with the movement 'o banish
snlniuis from the rogldiut portion of Indlnn- ,
Thp regular semi-annual failure of Ibo
Delaware peaeh crop Is nmuiitneed. Tills
explains the abundant cupplv nnd tlio mnr- ,
veloua bltiflh on thn clpek , if HID fruit. .
As soon na Chlcafio disposed of Its heat
prralratlons the nenFpaperH Immedhtely lie- I
uati dlsrusaltiK "Chleaijo na n Summer Ite-
snrt. " Isn't that iTDwdlni ; the under i
takers ?
l > r. James I.ycnrciM Ord , who was the !
Iliut man to rend the Iielnntlon : of Inliperd-
nice in California , In ISIS. IK still halo aid
hourly nnd ro.id that Instrument in Pacific |
Omve. Ca ! . . nn Monday.
Kmpiror William has letlrod llfteeti morn
KenornlA. mulling thirty ihit : have been |
bowed out of p.iwer by hla majesty within
thrco ipontha , the eldest uf the retired of
ficers being but 5ti years old.
One of tin * flmt netof Prrrf det't mid
Mrs MeKln'py on their return home to
Canton was to drive to the graves of Hiclr
two little chl'dren , whom they lrt , twenty
ye.irs ago , nrd deeorite Ihi'in with llowers. j
At leaat ten years ago Aimer .MeKlnley , j
brother of I'l-rshb-nt MeKlnley. perfected .1
typewriting telvgraph. wl-ich bus been eon-
eeded n great improvemrnt over Hie old
.Morse system , but It IIUB never been Intro-
Fred I ! . While , the drelbnnd leader of
lo-.vn , alrejily realizes the truth nf Ihe say-
liiK. "If you wnnt to learn all about ymir-
seli' , run for nlMce. " White i Issuing ex
planatory cards , although the ratupnlgn Is
but Iiulf : i month old.
'ji'i'eT.il John II. ( Jordan declares , ap.'opos
e , ' tbe talk about eleellng him govc-nnr of | | I
Cioorgln , that his politienl eurcer 1 at an i
end , and that be will devote the ron.ai.ilni ; I
days of his life to tenrhliii ; the people of I lie
north and south to love each other.
Tl.i fiftieth annlvetnary of the ineorpora-
lieit of New Iledford. Mass. , will be eele-
br.ited on Oi-tuber 10. On that day , which
v .11 be Sunday , ancolal servlrm will be
luld in all Ihe ehurchifi On .Monday the
feXhltles will begin and will continue tbice
In formula county. California , women are
taking an active part in public life. One
Mntnan is postml-tress at Sonoma , another Ui
an attorney Ht Santa llosa , two are phjijt-
ciiin.s. one a sign painter , one an iitidirtakcr
and anothi.r ti number of the Hoard of lidn
coition In Pc'aliima.
AH I'ec-grabblng mills the justice courts
of Indiana aio amazingly effective ami | n-
( liht : : tons. .Any person rubbing up against
thoia can imrchasp liberty for $1L' . of which !
sum the otllcers sequester $11. It in said
the state gets Hie other dollar , but the i
statement is not supported by un allldavlt.
One of the icafcoiiK urged for the pardon
of Cole Younger Ihe bank robber , is that
he wa.s trained for the pulpit ami IN nnxlon.s
to return to his lirst love , after twenty
years n' meditation and prayer on the ruck
pile. Possessing gcnliss for "rocks" in addi
tion to his early training would make Mr.
Younger an exceedingly tiueful leader of a
debt-burdened church.
In paying for a drink In a Kentucky town
the Ikiucnant governor of Arkansas not long
ago drew oul live $100 bills. The result
was a whole lesson In finance- . The bystand
ers had uover seen &o much money before ,
and the police were Immediately notified
that a. counterfeiter was In town. The lieu-
teiiHir. governor had to tell who he was be
fore the/ people would believe ho woa
"straight. "
Colonel John T. Crisp of Missouri ran
against a boastful foreigner who omitted
verbal diagrams of what the Ilrltlsh navy
would do lo this country In event of war.
"We wouldn't do a thing to yon , " rrrjpomh d
ihn Ml-'ijoiitl colonel , "but before Kngland'a
navy hiid ours whipped our fellows would
lm\e tunneled Ihe Atlantic ocean and
marched Into London on horseback. " At HI'H
point the conversation lagged.
V l'iriSllvrr lOdllor OIM-IIN III * Cnvi-
mill Mli-L HIM Pool In.
Klonx City Journal.
The Dnbuqiie Telegraph la a radical wllvor
orgin , but it turns aside to congratulate Die
pi'blhon the fal ) of the price of flrst-elaAJ
blejcbvi from $ H to $75. and even to ex
press tnr- hope that It will go still further
to $ ° ii > . Hut H this not rank hernsy , on Ihe
bssiln ( if tlie argument of the Itryanltr * ? Is
II n t th burden of their cnmplaliils that
pi ices are falling ? Do they propose meiely to
ai'vum-p ' fiiimc prices and to reduce other.- ?
And do they Intend to curs ? the gold
HI mi nil bei-aiiKe one price ha.-i fillen and
to bU.-s itfau.se ' nnotlicr has fallen ? What
line will n j' hew to ? How are they to
draw th * line ? What logical ground will
Ih'y occupy.
Well , now tl-o fact l that they are logical
I'MiiighAir n It cornea to talking about
some priest , the price of blcyclts , for ex-
smple. Th'-y say that cninpetltion , inven
tion , the lil-voviM-y of IIBW methodfi and
proieohcn , and the natural development , of In-
dmtry , recounts for all the fall of tbe prlci >
11 blcyi-'cfl. ' They do not rume. the gold
standard for It. Indeed. If the gold atandard
had anything to do with It which It had
not. beyond being a filaldc ctsndard they
must pra'rc. ' It , for they ( \iy that the redue-
tl'Mi of the price of bicycle. * Is a good thing.
They will pdinlt that the reduction brings
blcynles within the reach of more people ,
within tliu reach of tliimsind. ? of Iowa farm
ers , their . .ns and daughters. Ho If there
is anything In the nr-rlt of reducing the
price of a thing which many pioide want
4nd tx'cd. a standard of values which wnuld
prevent reduction if puch a thlnir were piH-
klblv wnnlil necefi rlly bo a bad thing. Ho
far , co ir.'Oil.
Hut , as the Journal has heretofore pointed
out. the. HryanilcH will not slick In their
logic In Hilcli n cane. Their lucid Interval
Is of dhort duration. They will not follow
their logic whin It comes to the price uf
wh'Mt , for Illustration. They don't want It
to follow the law uf Industrial proKrriw and
development. And yet the apparent reduc
tion of the price of wheat In the ultimate
market can b much morn clearly accounted
for than that of bicycles. The cheapening
uf transportation by reason of the railway
and the HtcaniHhlp , the cheapening of cost
of production by machinery , the cheapening
of other elements of coat Hunt ) and many
other conditions have made It possible. uiM
Indeed Inevitable and necessary , that the
prlco of wheat In the ultimate market
should go down. The Htandard by which
the prli-u Is measured hud nothing to do
with It , any moro than with the price of
IdcycIcH. As a matter of fact the profit to
thn producer of wheat , the uamo BH to the
original pioducor of bicycles , may well bo
gre-itcr upder the lower than under the
higher price. The original producer as well
an the consumer , In the long run and on
the average , will alike be benefited. That
Is to say , both will share In
the economy of Injjiroved machln
< ry and procisces. And , to go a Htep
further. what kind of a stand
ard would that be which would neutralize
the progress of Invention and Improvement ,
being one thing thin month and this year ,
and a dltlertut ttilui ; uent mouth and next
year ; ami , nt one and HIP name- time , on-
hnnring the price of one article and reduc
ing the price of another ? That Is just the
kind of a standard which the world IA
vitally Interested In not having. The least
varlablo Mibsianco Is the thine the world
unlit * ns a standard , whether the thing
measured be cvteiiBlnti , density , value , or
whatever. To measure the price of wheat ,
bicycles nnd everything pise , the world
wants a standard which will bo an nearly
OR pwslble the same for long pcrloda of
i.\nmiM : ( i.v.s ,
Yonl < pr < Stalpfluan : "Whrro's your bus-
i band ? 1 never see him iu , v ? "
"Oh he's hottip with the rhcutvmtlsm. "
"Is IIP dolns anything for It' . ' "
"Yes ; limping. "
Uptrolt ! ' "roo Pro : "Slowly tells me that
he fin iltviw hi * cheek for Jtoo.ooo "
"So he can. lie can draw It for a billion ,
Hilt If ho owe * you us much us M cento , In-
slst on having the ivln. "
i Tlt-Ultf : l-'lrst hidy-Thrro ROCS ynuti
, Mrs. pMllKtve 1 uppo.sp she bores
to death telling the W-lght things ber llttM
boy rnyf !
, Second l 'i > ly O , no ; foriilnnte'y he ? S > H
such di-omlful thing * they cnn't repeat ibrm.
I Iii.iInnap-'M ' Jntitnil : "Say. Tlmmlnp , "
said Hie i'4inlld friend "why don't > uu ijult
thnl mlseriililo nffeetiillon of looking lurnl
pvrr * ilmo you bortr a compliment on your
| XMIlll ? "
"lltii. " mild Ihi'-unhiippy T1mmlm\ la
not itfTViMittiitn. At KUI-.I times 1 urn re-
icil of my salary. "
Waihinsliin Slnr : "l > n you regard lhat
| v > lltli-inn us a i-islbibi ! > man ? " Inquired Srnn-
tor SurRhuiii's frleril.
"H'li'iblrechoed the fpnntor. "I should
ray n If ( list mutt weiv to ttlvo mo n tl i on
the market I'd Inu-U It with my lnt dollar ! "
Clevel.ird Plain llciilor : Ho lifted hlR
Mii'-klmnv ' from hi ? Hlowlnu br.iw nnd in-rv-
oii'ly dnlibed his hnni'.kerehlpf at bis moist-
enr < l balr.
"llraven Imhi nnbe murmured , "lhl Is
my I.IKI reeort1"
Then he added In n ron triiliipi1 lone :
"All the other landl.mis UHKAmo ! "
Soinervlll" Jonrn.il : " ( ireat Vnlups In
Shirt Wiii t ! > . " i-end lliirr * rrom n dry goods
niH-ii-tlccmeiil , niul then He added inuslnglv :
"Well , there will be. when HIP girls who biiy
thun put them on. "
JCow York T--OSU : Klist Vnilerl.iker benr
Ibp t'ollln trust Is outtliifj rate-t out yuur
' \\ay.
Si-co'nl llndurlaker Yes. Thero'n stiff
Wasblngton Star.
She Is wnlllmr on the doorstco with nvl t-
ful. plendlng eye ,
Kor some one who has told her he was com
ing by and by ;
And her pml , swept faoo with welcoming
smiles ifrows rn.lliint In n trice
As iVio benr-i the l.illerlng fun-te | > of the
man who brings the Ice.
T1IK CM.AIMTV IK ) \ \ I. nil.
A fool tboro wns who would kick and --wear ,
( Kvon us you and 1) ) .
lie ei iildn't stiiml life with Its wear ntul
tear ;
lie had trouble * to burn nnd ( jrlef'i tn "inro ,
And be clnlmed Hint tbe world wasn't run
on the squ-iro :
Yet be woiililn't lay down and die.
All day bo would sll on a box and plt ,
And him I of a ruined l.inil.
He swore that the eurso of the world wan
Ko'd. '
And i-uisoil the OIII-RO llmt he did not huhl ;
( And we could not undcr-tand. )
Tbe fool remained on hit folly Intent ,
( Kven as you niul I ) .
Ho followed tin1 trend of his nntiinil bent ,
Ami there on his box all hi. " lime be spent ,
And ili-nianded to know where the money
went ;
Tlmt bin pocketH were always dry.
Honest toll be spurned , but for Hindu ha
yearned ,
( .Most glnrloiiK things be planned ) .
\Vbi-ii the "pops" were In power and ? llvor
And given olilrlght lo such us In ; ;
All over 11 liryanlzed land.
So the foul wun stripped lo bis foolish lildo ,
( Yet be vowed be didn't know why ) ;
Thiiuub bu urgueil and talked till be nt-arly
died ;
Ho gut ioor r and poorer , the more ho
Anil the poi-rer be got the louder be cried ;
( lint we giioswil , even you nnd I ) .
For It Imi'l the guld or the poverty o.dd ,
Tint makes him lallt nil day ;
He believe" not himself In his silver dream ;
lie lacks vlpiuto hiMie i > n nny selieme ;
So IIP spits nnil hewN for the em rent tliuino ;
lii-c.iu.se be Is built that way.
Missouri Valley , la.
\V. T. lA'SIC.
Cut Into-
That is what we have clone
with all our Straw Hats , both
men's , boys' and children's.
VVc have quite a number left
and we make it a point never
to carry over a Straw Hat
from season to season , Kvery
one must be sold hence you
a chance to buy
f.0 ( ! STIIAW HATH for ZXa
7.-.I ! STIIAW HATH forIOo
II.Oil STIIAW HATS for r.llo
Ijtl.r.o STIIAW HATS for 7. > o
( ii'J.OO STIIAU' HATS for II. < K >
* : i no STH\W HATS for yi.r.o
Those wlio are going1 to
w.int a Straw I-Jat this sum
mer would do well to look
over our line. Just half price
regardless of cost.
8. W. Cor.
IHtb and

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