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Men of Wcsloyan Give Promlso of
Eelng Corners.
l''urnlNli Ciiiu-liiNlv c IJ lilrncc ( lint
'I'l-ant Work N ni HiiMoiitlnl lu
l > cfuii I c nn lit ON
1'lnj liitf.
burins the oust week local enthusiasts of
the modern Intercollegiate Rama of foot ball
l.ail a few opportunities to sea same gomes ,
which though one-sided bid some Interesting
features Attache J to them. The gaino between
the elevens representing Weslcjnn university
at Lincoln , Ncli. , and Tabor college , Tabor ,
la. , licio on Monday demonstrated that In
In Is In rxid commolivvcaltii tlieru Is another
strong foot boll team besides that of tlio State
university. Slnco Iho good exhibition given
here by Wcslcyah i now Intercut attaches It
Belt to the game between Wesleyiin nnd Nc-
braikn Statu university at Uncoln on Satur
There la going to bo a largo crowd of foot
ball cranks from this city go to Iilncoltt to
see that game and all Indications are that
they vvlll bo re.lid. ] Ccach Charlie Thomas
has not only developed good Interference on
the part \Vcsleyan , hut ho has succeeded
In perfecting team work In defense , an ele
ment tliat cannot bu ovci looked If a team
expects to kioji Its opponents from scoring
Tim best foot bill students nre Just coming
to rcallzu that team work Is just as essential
In defensive as In offensive work. The time
has goneby when the only object Is to de
velop strong offensive work and Uio piincl-
1 1 vvoilc of the best teams today Is toward
Introducing team work Into the defense
Thomas lisa bten hard at work on this for
some time , and the nrst fruits of his work
were evidenced In the game here on .Monday
It did not succeed as It vvlll later , after It
has had moio trial , for the reason that on
Monday thu men assigned to do the tackling
were too Impatient to get their men and
would not stay out until after the Interfer
ence had boon smashed. This fault can only
bo remedied by patient practlro and practiced
The T.ibor team did not show up strong and
the fact that It had never enjoyed the
services ot a font bill coach could be gleaned
from the plavini ; The Tabor players , however -
over , deserve all the credit given them and
moro for coming to Omaha lo 1111 In a va
cancy caused bj the failute of the Mlbsourl
StJto university team to keep Its promise to
play Wcsleyan heie. On Saturday next , No
vember 13 , Tabor vvlll appear hero again , and
will line up agiinst the Omaha High school
twin. Two ivcclts ago the High school team
went over to Tabor and was badly beaten
Tlio return game hero vvlll bo watched with
Hi oat Intel cst , and crowds ot Omnhans should
be on hand to welcome Uio visitors and en
courage the homo team.
During the last week several of the High
ocliool aiuiunl have returned to glvo the High
school team the benefit of their coaching ,
Ktank Crawford hag returned and from now
on will ho'i | Ihu local scholastics to his bcsi
ability. His name has been connected with
the development of the best foot Mil elevens
that over represented the Omaha High school
The fact that Harry Krank Cornell ; Gordon
Clarke and Hilly Gardner Chicago , and other
prominent college plajers are all his proteges ,
rellects great credit on the s > ttem of coach
ing that has been used by that past master ot
thu game. It Is to be hoped his services to
the present H'gh ' school team will bo the
means of putting the team in such condition
as to wlpo out the memory of the defeats by
Tabor and Council DliilTs Apropos the work
of tbe present High school team , It may be
said right hcio that there has been no dlspo-
bltldnto unjustly criticise the work ot the
cloven or to discourage the players. The
criticisms have been made In good faith , and
with the hope that they v\ould bo the means
of remedjliig several faults. H has been
with the hope that the real condition of the
High school team could bo made known , and
that the work of both coachc'rs and p'ay-
crs might be Improved , that the criticisms
have been made. That the present High
school team Li the pooiest that lias repre
sented that ii-fitltutlon within the last three
years Is no dagiaee to the pluvcrs ; they are
walking just -as hard as though It were the
best team.
Hi-KiirilliiK I' < > ol Hull ( iiinu-N that
lll-IMl I'lllJM'll ltl-C > CIlll > .
The following are u\cerpts from the best
foot ball criticisms that have been written
this week-
Burr W. Mclntosh Pennsylvania hss the
best team In the country tojny Before the
season ends I cccitldontly expect to see
Princeton Lack Into the proud position , but
the recent slump she his been going through
has allowed Poniisv Ivan'a to pass her. Co.icli
"Woodruff may clearly claim to be the best
organizer and I'tiateglst of the day. Ills
"guards lack" formation , as played In the
Lafayette game , was the must complete ! }
and perfect y conceived and executed work
I luive ever hcen on a field , 'its great effect
iveness was enhanced by the life In the
team am ! the quickness la forming. Except
In Princeton's successful play last > ear , there
never has benn a play In which such aboo-
lluto snrc-nets and marvelous quickness are re
quired in the quarterback. Without an ex
ceptionally , good man many disastrous
fumbles would bo sure to follow. Pennsyl
vania Is certainly a great team. They are
very fond of their caj tain rcid that lias ocry -
thing to do with a team's success Several
of this team \illl be found on the "All
American , " possibly , the surest , being Boyle ,
on the other end from Cochranc. Ono thing
should not bo overlooked , and that la the
work of "Mlko" Murphy , who has them
In such excellent condition. It was n
d < iy for Yale v.hcn ho was allow oil to depart.
Hoibert Wlicoicr , Princeton The weok's
liractlco at I'rlncuton lui.s Klioun u\o things :
First , that thu team btaitcil In the \Mck
i\ltli 0110 of the greatest slumps known In
the hlstorly of foot bill at Princeton , and for
the llrst couple of dayi ? nlajcil with abao-
lutoly no Bt'ip ; second , that from Thursday
on a biaco was. talcon , and now the Tlgcru
are beginning to play In tholr old-time form.
The brace was taken for tlio llrst time In
the game nlth the Elizabeth Athletic club
In that game Princeton started In with al
most no Bjilrlt , but before the second half
vas over the Tigers plajcd llko (31ITere.nt (
men , 0111 } during the last ( he minutes of
play put up au excellent game. Princeton
has just begun to recover from s. . 'lump that
lias lasted for over three weeks , Kvory
jear the llgors ha\o a tpell of bid pUy-
f\nG \ , but this year the \\liolo season has
boeu poor. If this slump Is noj. leally o\er
Princeton may still hope to defeat Yule ,
although tlio brace lian como very late in tlio
Ellison , With hard , conscientious work from
.now on PrVicoton bhould develop a team the
equal of lust j ear's champions , Very fo\s
trlckB have toeeu tried as > ct , but next week
\\1I1 probably bo Unvoted t working tip new
plays , as Princeton IMS very few plays by
which Bin ; can gain ground regularly. Quito
a number of now eoachers have arrhed thla
week to help get the Tigers In goad trim.
Stephen llrooks Harvard There lias been
good foot ball and bad foot ball on Soldiers'
Mold this week , Pcot lall vhlch did the
heart gooJ lo see , and foot ball which re-
Bumbled tlddlo do-wlnks mora thin anything
clso. It Is getting to bo the same old liar-
\itrd story. The team plajs well where there
teems to lie o strong tewsn to face , but lu
practice and with a flimsy line cpposlng thoai
tlipro Is a llstlJEsness nhlcli Is absolutely
discouraging. What Is the condition
of thB Harvaid team today ? The
old foot ball pla > er will tell > ou
that lie Is not nulto sure Just what the
matter Is , olthough ho Is sure that there Is
soiiu'tliliij ; the matter. Pometlmea the whole
oloMMi scums half asleep ; and the second
team boats them. Then , the backs at-an
other tlmo are active , but dud no holes any
where before them. Again the line opens up
holes largo enough to parade through : but
before the backs get started oe\ui ! men
from the opposition bung up that hole. The
proper descrlplUn cf 41m Harvard team tolay
Is to say that It lacks maturity. Ttio eleven
decs not play like a veteran team. There Is
lack of team work In the llnu , worse lack be
tween the liuo and backs , aiid not enough
learn work among the Laelts themselves.
Hnrran ) h s not * o many men who nro really
start In their positions ; and the eleven has
not yet developed that unity of play -which
can take the place of Individual ability In nn
emergency. This Is the more surprising ,
since the 'varsity was picked aC Iho opening
of the eeftxon for the express purpose of
avoiding the difficulty of last year , which re
sulted from uncertainty of choice of players
till laic In the season. The only excuse Is
that the Harvard team of today Is hardly
the same that was picked at the beginning
of the college jcar. In the game last
Wednesday raoro than half of the players
were not those who intdo up the first 'varsity
line-up ot the season. The old , old Harvard
story of Injuries Is , of course , largely re
sponsible lor those changes. Ot tlio eleven
men who played In the first game of the sea
son there Is Just ono nun on the 'varsity
who has not been laid oI ( for Injuries ; nnd
even he has been laid off on account of over
I'ri-illotlnti Hint tin * I'luoky llo of
I'rhiertmi Will AVln.
Before many < lajs something vvlll drop at
Yale. The usual list of excuses for the
wretched condition of the team has been ex
hausted. Lack ot material for some posi
tion , unusually big hospital list , failure of
the old eoachers to como to train the eleven
hive been pleaded , and today the team Is In
a state never before approached by a , Yale
eleven two weeks before the big games , ox-
coot In IS1) ) ! , when Harvard defeated Yale ,
but even then Yale afterward got together
and Captain Uhodcs trained his men so tlwt
they whipped Princeton 32 to 0 the next
Thcro Is no nso In further disguising thf >
fact that Yale docs not know foot ball this
) enr. nor did she last season. Walter Camp ,
until two years ago Yalo's head coach and
athletic adviser , hit the nail right on the
head when ho wrote , In speaking of the
Drovvn-Yalo game , that "It was but ono more
example of modern foot bill against the simple
straight running game. " Yale clings even
now to the running game. The latest blow
to Yale foot ball Is a split between Mr
Camp and the coaches In general. It was an
open secret last year that Mr. Camp and
Captain Murphy did not null together , and
the Yale-Princeton score told the tale of lack
of harmony hotter than any other testimony.
This year Mr. Camp haa not been out enc
to actively assist In the coaching.
The t > ast week ho has made the step , per
haps never before taken by a former Yale
head ccach , of using the sharpest language
toward the present Yale policy. In his signed
article In Harpoi'e Weekly ho uses the sen-
tcnco that ban now bccomo somwhat his
torical , "Yale's defense has become a thing
of thn past. " Ho continues : "Yale's name
Is becoming no moro ono to conjure with In
matters athletic and in foot ball Its fall has
been almost headlong for ifireo years. " He
says In comparing Yale and Harvard
"Harvard Is still leading , especially In the
dufensc. Yale shuts up like a beaten horse
when driven down hard. " This Is galling
language for the Yale management to swal
low. In an article In Outing Mr. Camp puts
himself cci record In saying"Tho Yale-
Harvard game vvlll bo pliyed In Cambridge
Hero Harvard should win. With this pres
tige Harvard should go to Pennsylvania with
better chances of success from having been
tried out. Yale , defeated , will meet Prince
ton , winners of the jcar before , and the
aftermath of the Harvard game will prob
ably be tint Yale will again be snowed under
by Princeton. "
Mr. Gimp's words have raised a rumpuft
on the campus. The management Is sour ,
and ono or two coaches , supposed to side
with Mr. Camp , have left. The others have
'o ( rlends In the city , expressed their disgust
at the condition of the team , but there seems
nobody but Hay Tompklns and Foster San-
ord to suggest working up the close mass
fornjation p'a > s , which have swept the decks
cloin for Princeton and Pennsylvania.
Ono of the games of last Saturday that was
overlooked In the telegraphic reports to the
west was that between the freshmen elevens
ot the University of Pennsylvania and Cor
nell at Philadelphia. It was a well played
game for freshmen , marked by hard Indi
vidual plajing and much creditable team
work. The game went to the little boys from
Ithaca by the score ot G to 0 , after a hard
struggle. The Philadelphia papers describes
the game as ouo of the most Interesting
played there this season , and as the best
exhibition of fteshman foot ball over been In
the Quake.City. . This Is encouraging for
Loth universities , as among the players on
both elevens aio undoubtedly many future
'varsity stars. After the game the Cornel !
freshmen were banqueted by the Philadel
phia alumni , and Coach Tausslg ( the famous
llttlo end on the Cornell 'varsity elevc'n from
ISO ! ) to 18915) ) was presented with a handsome
pair of silver brushes.
AVork fur lowii-Nt'liriiKKii
The Field club of Council Dluffs Is making
an energetic effort to get the Iowa-Nebraska
Thanksgiving day game plajed there thb
year. Manager Harry Oury of the Ncbraslci
team Is pulllLg hard for Lincoln , and the
members of the Iowa team are said to favor
Council Bluffs Omaha does not appear to
stand a very good chance for the game , at
thlavrltlng. . Those who want to see thu
gome , however , can And either of the above
named places accessible. Should this game
that 1'as for a number of years been an
annual attraction hero bo lest to Omaha this
> ear 'It may bo positively asserted that a
more Interesting nnd exciting game will be
played at the University club park here. It
will prohibly be betwean Wesleyan and
Ames , though Grlnuell or Minnesota may be
substituted for the latter It Is sure that
"VVesleynn will play some strong team here
( I n n KITH AllInut I'lnjrri.
In the cast the onward march of the sturJy
Pennsylvania playeis and the dull drop of
Yale are the only exciting topics of conversa
tion on the foot ball field 'larval d and
Princeton arc about holding their own , and
either can today dofcat Yale , It Is doubtful
It any team In the country can defeat Penn
sylvania , and as neither Princeton nor Yale
will meet the Quakers this year , Peiwi is
reasonably sure to win all Its games with
handa diwn ,
COHrllp Hidl tllf ! ) ! Otl'I'K . ( ' ( Ill1)017
1111(1 < illlt.
Ariangemcnts are being perfected for
qulto a day's Bport for the local crack shots
on Thanksgiving day. The Dupont Gun club
had ono moro shoot scheduled this season ,
but It has been postponed from week to
week and It has now been decided to wind
up the season with .1 big turkey shoot on
Thanksgiving day. The Omaha Gun club
hat ) a handicap live bird shoot billed for
thff same day , and the winner will bo pre
sented with a Imnlsomo silver service ,
Tliero Is a good deal of talk among local
sportsmen of organizing a now rifle club
eirly In the spring. Interest In this clans
of sport has not bcen actlvo for the last
joar or two , but moro rocentl > some of thj
old timers are beginning to wake up agaiu
and the Idea of a now club Is received with
a good deal of enthusiasm. A number of
the marksmen are going out to Rimer's park
to take a few shots at the targets on Sat
urday afternoons and as they get back In o
form their anxiety to have anotnur season
of rlflo shooting begins to develop Thu
matter vvlll be taken up jvlgorously In a Co it
weeks , and It Is aEserted there will bo no
dllllculty ln > organizing a club of fully 1C }
members by Iho tlmu the daisies como again.
Tlio recent shooting touinamont held on
the Omaha Gun club grounds proved to be
a succ-tssful ono. Tills tournament demon
strated that If the professional Is barred as
was the case across the river , the amateur
will be there In goodly numbers and It la a
ciowd that makes a. successful tournament.
The managers of the recent tournament
.tried hard to got Charley Grim to come
down ami shoot Frank Parmoleo a race
for the championship of the United Statin ,
but Charity said he didn't want It , and hU
head was level , as 'he would have surely
gone homo without the castlrou mclal ,
which Jio now holds , and which represents
the championship of the United States.
Fred lllako , Mr , Towle , Colonel Dickey ,
Mr. Kenyon and several others have re
turned from their annual duck hunt up lu
thu raud hills , They brought back bhils
enough to supply all their friends and still
have plenty left.
II. Yale Doleu and Mr.TulauJ , both of
Philadelphia , were In the city last week and
Indulged In gomo trap shooting with the
boy * . Mr. Dolen Is ono of the crack nma-
teurs ot the country. HB Is one of the
Americans who went over to England and
showed the Englishmen how to shoot. A four-
cornered race was made up for $5 a. corner ,
20 birds , and resulted as follows : Uolen ,
17 ; Hardln. 1C ; making total of thirty-three
for Dolcn and Hardln. Parmelec and Toland
on the other side scored as follows ! Parmo
leo , 19 ; Toland. 10 ; making a ( total for their
side of thirty-five , and they took the money.
Mr. Goodly Drucker Is the owner of ono
of the best broken quail dogs In this part
of the country. Ho Is a lemon and white
pointer and Is n hardy looking fellow , showIng -
Ing that ho comes by his good qualities
naturally. Hilly Nason owns a full brother
lo him from which ho expects to develop a
Harry Allen nml Charley Isard have re
turned from a quail hunt out near Valley
They report the quail very plentiful.
How about "Samaha" and "Hkalb , " they
were to have a llttlo argument on a hundred
live birds ? Get together bovs.
George Fox nnd Walter Clark put In a day
or two at Lake Qulnncbog last week and
came away with a fair bag , Fox brought
down fifty-eight ducks and Clark was a
close second ,
John and Henry McDonald 'and ' C. W.
lllshoi > loft yesterday for a few days with
the ducka at Wood Lake.
The regular meeting of the Dupont Gun
club will bo held lat the store of the Croes
Gun company Tu'sday night.
Fred Goodrich , L. M. Davis , Captain Tay
lor of No. G engine house , and a number
of others are camping for a couple of weeks
shooting at Lake Qulnncbog.
Talk ( if ( lie Truck.
Star Pointer has been retired for the sea
It Is said that the guldelcss pacing marc ,
Marlon Mills , earned $10OQO this year.
It Is said that motor cars and horseless
carriages are already "playing out" In Eng
Adam Thomson of this city has bred Delay
Uaker , 2:30 : , by Llttlo Crow , 2:2S'i : ; dam by
Wapslo , to Pat L. , 2.09V1.
Mrs. J. II. Conklyn , the feminine reins-
man , drove eight dlffeicnt .horses . to records
better than 2.30 this season.
II. E , McCormno of this city has pur
chased Harry G , a pacer , owned formerly by
Judge Snjder of Osceola , at a good price.
World's records at the Lexington meeting
were made by the 3-year-old gelding , Preston ,
2-13V4 ; 2-jear-o'd lllly , Janlo T. , 2:14 : ; l-jear-
old gelding , The Monk , 2 OSH-
The season of the > ear for horse shows Is
at hand. Such exhibitions will bo hold In a
considerable number of the larger cities this
Mil. The big ones In Chicago and New York
will occur th's ' month.
Joe Patchen now holds the world's wagon
record , 2 O-l , which ho made at Jollet re
cently. Ills attempt to lower the record of
Johnston , to a high-wheel sulky , 2:06'/i : ,
failed by half a second.
There are some sixty-four now 2:10 : per
formers this season , and It has been figured
out that twenty-three of them are descended
from George Wllkcs , through the direct male
line. Electioneer comes ne\t with seven
The Monk's heat In 2OSU : at Lexington
recently broke several records. It was the
fastest mlle over trotted In the Translyvanla ,
the fastest ever trotted by a 4earold geld
ing , the fastest trotted by a gelding this
vcar and the fastest record ever scored by a
pei former In his first public season.
At Los Angeles. Cal. , Saturday , Search
light , the 3-j car-old son of Dark Night , has
beaten the world's pacing record of 2.00Vi ,
for 3-j ear-olds , going the mlle In 2 07 flat.
The first quarter was In 0-31 % , the half beIng -
Ing reached In 1 02V4. At the three-quarters
the watch showed 1 35',4 , and Uio mile was
reached In 2.07.
James A. Murphy , the owner ot Star
Pointer nnd Gulnette , offers to match the lat
ter against -any horse In the world , except
two , for $10,000 a side. This looks llko a
chance for Lewis Towksbury owner of John
H. Gentry and Robert J. Gutnetto paced a
mile recently at St. Joseph in 2.03 % , and
looks llko a coming two minuter.
H Is piedictcd that the race for the Prince
Solm's , pri7e of $8,000 for 1-jear-o'ds , to bo
decided at the Daden , Austria , meeting In
July , 1S99 , will be the greatest colt race over
fccon on an European track. A largp number
oT the nominations are the get of American
&ircs. A considerable number of the breed
ers of America have enteied colts. The dls
tanco Is 3,000 motors , nearly two miles
American lie le , who may bo callfd the
of the ' the blooil
crack 3-year-old year go's
of George Wllkes very far back In her pedi
gree. It reads Uj Kox Amerlcus Beautiful
Chimes , 222V4 ; , by Chimes Maid of Honor ,
dam of Ed Easton , 2 09 % by Mambrlno King
Hetty Mac , by Hod Wllkes Liz y Wlthor-
spoon , dam of Fannie Wltherspoon , 2-lCVi , by
OouRh's Wngner. The Ilelle , therefore , ha-s
George Wllkea as her grandsire en her cilie's
side , and as her great-grcat-grcat-great-
grandslro on her dam's side. Few trotters
have the blood of the old horse live genera
tions back.
WITH THOM : \\iio wnvn THU MIT- .
Vllr niul .Hi" Mn > Como
A prill n.
The sporting world is becoming moro ami
moro agog over the tumor tint Fitz ami
Corbett will meet again. It Is given out
that all the talk between the two pugs has
been for advertising purposes , the pair being
under contract not to fight within a year
after the slugging match ot last spring. From
a "reliable" source It Is stated that the two
will como together again next j car , the jaw
practice being slmplj to ht-sp public sportlns
intoicst alive. Regarding Uls W K Whee-
lock , Han Stuatt's agent on the Pacific coast ,
haa this to bay
"We aio going to have another good time
In Nevada , " Eald Wheelock , "but I don't
think the carnival vvlll occur until quite late
next summer , It , Is coming , as you can bee
by what Mr. Stuirt v\rites me. 'Kiore it little -
tlo question that Corbott and FlUslminons
vvlll be tht > great attraction , Tncio Is no
doubt in my mind that the newspapers will
force KHz Into the tins , and I really think
ho bis mada up his mind already to give
Corbett 'i clunco to redeem himself. You
see. It Is the rule to glvo defeated.rivals the
second trial. Nearly every champion has
duuo thld , and FitzsimmonB will not bo an
exception. I can't say what the Nevada pro
gram vvlll bo exactly. There Is the feathcr-
erwelgat championship that Is not clearly
established , Wo may hive this decided ,
Though Lavlgno Is clearly the lightweight
cimnplon. wo may have some shining aspi
rant for him Of courtc , It Is too early to
pi edict what the card vvlll be , but It Is safe
betting to wager that there will bo a fight
between Corbott and KltzsimmonB , anyhow "
iMavbo they will and maybe they won't.
Ill would take an o\ team to draw flioni to
gether and then not fifty pe-oplo outside of
CaiEon City would go to sco them scrap.
"Kid" McCoy , according to recent meas
urements , hai > a physical makeup to beat both
Kltzslmmona and Corbett , His reach Is ono
and a quarter Inches longer than Corbett'a
and a half Inch longer than ritz's. His
trunk measurement is verj nearly one-third
of an lnh larger than Flu's , but ono and a
half Inches sn.aller than Cornell's. In head
measurement the Kid beats them botj by a
good deal. In other respects the Kid U right
tn It with the clumplon and ex-champion.
The following are the exact measurement. ! :
HelsUit 5ft. 10-Hln.
Outbtrctulied tirms. , oft. 3Mln.
Trunk 2ft. ll'Mii. '
Hcud , length M'ln.
Ili-iiU , width olfjii.
ItlKht car. length , 4'-in
left foot , i > in
Middle ( Inner < % n
I Little llngiT mill.
Forearm 1ft. sin.
Weieht impounds
The Circtnnatl Enquirer says : "Johnny
Grillln U probably out of the ring for good ,
his beating at the hania cf Solly Smith hav
ing completed the ruin cf his ambitions ,
FO.V men know the cause of Griffin's down
fall , tl o llttlo dentist having seldom revealed
the fact to his closest friends. For jeara
hU cca have been falling , They vvero bad
whrn he tlrat met Smith at Hoby , Ind , Ho
was then so near-sighted that ho could not
judge distances , the result being that he ran
against a wild , despairing swing which was
Smith's final effort and ha ! vision lias been
growing moro limited ever since. Ho can
cow hardly distinguish faces ten feet away ,
and the ensuing hi&Stcip to Ills fighting
chances can readily bft Imagined ,
Joe Qoddard , Iho ibSetfe-brnwcd champion
ot the Harriers and his .
, Iron-muscled , p.tl-
vanlted-nerved contemporary , Tom Sharkoy ,
arc to have It out for twenty rounds or moro.
f this match bo nbovb the rose anil strictly
on the level tt will develop a healthy case ot
mutual assault and battery , dapplnl with
draped orbs and watered with lagoono of
claret , " says the WAshlnjrton Post. The
Barrier bruiser And the1 sailor are as familiar
with pink itca otlqucUt or the leadership of
a cotillon as the Queer)8berry ) rules , and both
iavo n sneaking penchant for kneeing , ROUB-
Ing and other form * of slaughter-house
etiquette. As a blood'letter , this meeting of
Ooddnrd flrvd the sailor ought to eclipse the
average barroom cxchange f bottles , spigots
and cuspidors. For the Ilarrler and the
sailor are as willing a team ns ever frescowl
an optic or bled ft problscls. Thcro ere plenty
of rcdhots who would rather see a prize
fight than cat , but It Is very questionable
whether these two notables vvlll gather In
much of the long green from this go. They
smell too bad on account of their past fakefl
and about 999 out of every 1,000 followers
ot the ring \vlll sizeup the match as "fixed"
when It comes off.
WITH TIII : OAH AMI THIS siini.i < .
Men Ar > AH Llnliipr Up for Kull
I'rnetli-i' ,
Intercollegiate aquatics arc already boom
ing. At several of the universities fall prac
tice has been begun , and early Indications
are to the effect that next spring will see
t4ie strongest aggregation of American col-
leglato oarsmen who ever went out In ono
season. It la pleasing to note that Pennsyl
vania his determined to retain Kills Ward ,
the coich for the past two years , and It la
believed by all who have watched Pennsyl
vania's struggle against adverse circum
stanced that the coach Is not held blame
worthy for matters contributing toward
Penu's defeats , which ho could not control.
At Cornell Coach Courtney Is making
progress with several trial crews. Neither
Yale nor Harvard has done much on the
water this fall , but It Is announced that Ru
dolph Lchmann and several other prominent
English oarsmen arc soon to begin actlvo
work with the candidates tor Harvard's
crows , At the University of Wisconsin fall
practice was begun on September 30. Four
of the old 'varsity oaismen nre at work , and
six out of the eight freshmen of last spring ,
The 'varsity oarsmen now at work are : Cap
tain Alexander , Olson , Sutherland and Ander
son.No arrangements forun Intercollegiate race-
have yet been perfected , and probably vvlll
not be until the close ot the foot ball season
allows the athletic mentors of the big east
ern Institutions tlmo to turn their attention
toward that other branch of amateur sport ,
aijuatlcs. There is much hope for a grand
intercollegiate regatta on the Hudson , which
Is wide enough to accommodate the crews of
Cornell , Yale , Harvard , Pennsylvania , Co
lumbia , Wisconsin and Uio Naval Cadets Of
course , Yale and Harvard will never consent
to such a multiple arrangement. They con
sider It would bo bad form to .mingle with
so many colleges
There might bo some surprises to the
egotistical collcglscis who believe that the
sun of the college world rises and sets In
Now England. Yale has not vet decided
whether It would bo In accord with "Yale
policy" to challenge Cornell for another race.
Ono thing is certain , Cornell Is not running
around se-ck'dg a ra9e with Yale. There
was a race lacit year , and the world knows
that Cornell honorably won a championship
lu rowing. If Yale w.ants to retrieve some
of its lost laurels It can step up and ask for
a race , and there's nodoult ( } but that It will
be accommodated.
It Is reported on good authority that Ru
dolph Lchmann , th6 Englishman who
coached Harvard last sprliig and will soon
begin work with the candidates for the Har
vard 'varsity shell next year , will bo as
sisted by J. C. Gold , the stroke of tbe Ox
ford university and Lcandcr IJoat club crews
for the past four jcar . '
Lchmann has succeeded In getting Gold
to come to America on a unique mission.
Lehmann's flan Is to have Go'd row stroke
oar In the Harvard shell until the Crimson
caramon have fully mastered the principles
ot the English stroke. It will be remembered
that Lchmann was greatly puzzled by Har
vard's defeat at Poughkecps'o ' In June. Ho
wen unable , to explain It save by the state
ment that after the first mile the Harvard
oira rowed a stroke that was far from the
ono he had taught them Lehmann afterward
decided that the Crimson oarsmen had not
fully mastered the English stroke.
S'nco ' his teturn to England he haf de
cided that the best way to teach the English
stroke to Harvard la by a practical a plica
tion ot the stroke to the Crimson eight
Gold Is a pupil of Lchmarn's Gold learned
to row at Oxford under Lehminn and has
rowed In the Lcamler eight untlei his ( cach
ing. Ho is considered the best stroke oir
In England today , and the fact that he is
coming over to assist Lehmann. In his work
at Cambridge this year shows the determina
tion of the latter to produce a winning eight
for Harvard.
CVllI ) OF OllNlinTI , FISH.
I'llllltlTH HOW < > IIII Ut > II HflllHHllOllI
Aiiuarliini it . ! < > > F < ir - \ or.
The Nebraska State Fish commission has
Issued a neat folder entitled "Pointers on the
Care of Ornamental Fish , " which gives > the
following excellent advice on this subject :
"A well regulated aquarium attracts the at.
tcntion of either joung or eld , rich or poor ,
yet nil seem to bo 1m Ignorance as to how
they can successfully manage the same. We
come to this conclusion from the many ques-
lions asked and the largo number of dead
fleh reported Hence , we propose to offer a
few useful hints en the subject.
"First of all , the vessel In which the fish
are to. be placed should be clean and the
water as pure as the water wo use for house
hold , purposes ; two fish from two to four
Indies long to each gallon ot water ; smaller
( ish ma > be more crowded , but the placing
of too many fish In the globe or aquuilum
la the means of killing moro fish than any
cue thing else
"Tho prevailing Impression that Jho water
must bo changed every day Is erroneous , and
In cold weather the frequent changing of the
water , causing sudden changes of the tem-
ptrature , Is Injurious , Of course , where
fish are kept In a dark , poorly ventilated
loom , 11 is neccbsary to change the water
often ; but when the glo < ho or aquarium IH
placed where there Is good light with one or
tno small aquatic plants and a little an ml on
the bottom for the plants to grow In , and If
the Csh are not crowded , there Is no occasion
for changlrs the water except when the
aquarium Is to bo clcsccd. This Is moro a
matter ot taste than a necessity
"Some object to the formation of algae on
the glass ; others prefer to see the glabs
covered with algae anii a p.ofuso growth of
plants' giving the aquaiia a more natural
appearance. It will be observed that good j
ventilation , gcod light , healthy aquatic
plants , and , mst Important ot nil , a proper
propoitlon of fish to the quantity of water ,
are absolute neccfoltles to the successful
management of globe 6r aquarium. A few
snails or mussels are useful in the aquarium ,
as they consume the decaying vegetable
matter and pinvent the formation of algae on
the K\SHI \ I
"F.'ali , Jlko 1 uman beings , ore often killed
by hlndi.oss In overfeeding them The only I
info diet Is the prepaied fish food which can '
bo procured at any flriH class drug ntore , and
three times a week Is pfteu enough to feed
them , and then only In such quantities us
the lls'h consume at once ,
"If the llali remain down In the water It U
an In Icatlon that all la right , bui when they
come to the top ard gasp , for air , It li an
Indication that the untor Is becoming foul
and a change of water should be made. If
the fish swim about In a lUtlt-ss manner with
the doratl or main fin on the back folded
down against the body , It Is an Indication
that the fish Is not fueling well. In. . this
event , mix a tablespoonful cf silt In a i
gallon of water and place the tick fish In it.
Leave It In tbe salt water until It tiurj.i on
Its side , then place It back In the fret.li
"Of all the various house pets , flsh are the
least trouble and expensive. If their care and
management la .properly understood , "
.HirsnAV HAM. scon MS A vicrouv.
llril IlotH iiri-t TIiL-lr Vlnyor In n % i'vv
York Tim n ,
The question of the constitutionality of the
laws which have been pawed In several
states to prohibit Sunday ball Is a subject
of more than ordinary Interest , both to club
managers and to the public. The prospec
tive decision of the supreme court of Ohio
In the tuso which has recently becu ap
from < ho decision- Judge One ot
Cleveland promlsta < o go far toward set
tling a controversy tbit baa been dlsMitrou *
to the finances of clubs and oxa per itlng to
their patrons ,
Judge Ong decided" that the law In ques
tion was not constitutional nnd It Is generally
expected that ho vvlll bo sustained by the
supreme court. The same question U being
extensively agitated In other dtlos , and It
lo worthy ot notlco tint last Tueidny James
K. McQulro was elected mayor of Syracuse ,
N. Y , , on the Sunday base l > ill Issue. Me-
Gulro came out and openly declared
for Sunday ball , while his republican op
ponent took eta radical a stand In the op
posite direction. Tbero Is n normal re
publican majority of from 2,000 to 3,000 In
Syracuse , but Tuesday McGuIre was elected ,
and -It Is slid that his success was almost
entirely duo to the fact that the town WAS
rod hot for Sunday ball. Hundreds of re
publican ball cranks pulled their coats and
worked agiinst their own candidate solely
on account of his opposition to their favorite
paallmo. The result Is cvpected to Insure
the success of the Syracuse club next season
and. the fans arc jubilant.
Hot from the lint.
The University of Pennsylvania team quit
the season About $4,000 loser.
Anson made exactly thirteen , errors at
first base last season , and Is therefore alleged
to be hoodoonl.
Kid Nichols Is said to be suffering .from
a strained arm which ho vvlll train , sjste-
matlcally this winter.
Sexton of Now'Bedford and Baldwin , two
ex-leaguo pitchers , ere attending the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania.
"Scraplron" Holllngsworth , who used to
cut a caricature at the Charles Street park ,
Is runinlnu a street car In St. Paul.
Accoidlng to ( Alison there arc four players
whom no money can buy from Chicago. The
"big four" are Lange , lahleu ) , Grlinth and
Fred Pteffer , Gus Schinclz , the old Wash
ington manager , and Charley Cushman are
mentioned as managers of next } ear's Min
neapolis team
Urcsnahan , the pitcher signed by Washing
ton for next year , Is the youngest plaver In
the league , being but 18 years of ago. iMllls
of Dooton Is but 22.
Qulnn. of Daltlmoro has earned the some
what unusual distinction of bending the Hat
both of third basemen and shortstops In the
National league. Jle played thirty-four
games at third base -with an average ot .952 ,
and twor.ty-one games at short where his
average was 9C7. Patsy Tebeau of Cleveland
leads the first basemen with .904 , having
made only five errors out of 939 chances in
ninety-one games. Ul&ly iMcPhee of Cincin
nati heads the second bnsemcn with .905 , and
Nance of LauUvtllc appears as the king of
the fielders , having accepted sixty-eight
chances without an error.
It Is asserted that Milwaukee and Indian
apolis aie the only "Western league clubs
that clcareu a dollar last season , nnd tholr
combined profits 'were less than $10,000. St.
Paul , Columbus nnd Detroit succeeded In
hi caking even , while Grand Uaplds lost
$3,000 , Kansas City , $10,000 , and .Minneapolis .
\o I. I'll mi c Team for Aoit Your.
It Is pretty definitely decided that 11 the
pleasant anticipations that have bobbed up
from tlmo to tlmo of a base ball team In
Omaha In 189S will not be reall/ed. The fans
vvlll have to pet along without tholr favorite
amusement and be satisfied with an exposi
tion with Its Midway and Streets of Cairo
attractions. There are several ambitious
managers who are perfectly willing to locate
a Western League club In Omaha on cer
tain conditions. These nre mainly that some
patriotic citizen will put up the money and
allow the ambitious manager to handle the
profits while the aforesaid patriotic citizen
stands good for the losses. Hut since there is
a notable scarcity of buckers In this particu
lar region the man who have been talking
confidently of putting In a team next year
have turned their attention to moro promis
ing fields.
The CinniNt lllMi-m ur > Yd.
W. M. Keplne , editor Tlskllvva , 111 ,
"Chief , " sajs : "We won't keep house with
out Ur. King's New Discovery for Consump
tion , Coughs and Colds Experimented with
many others , but never got the true remedy
until we used Dr. King's New Discovery.
No other remedy can take Us place In our
home , as In It we have a certain and sure
cure for Coughs , Colds , Whooplcic ; Cough ,
etc. " It la idle to experiment with other
remedies , even If they are urged on > ou as
just as good ns Dr. King's Now Discovery.
They are not as good , because this remedy
Ins a leccrd of cures and besides Isguar
anteed. It never falls to satisfy. Trial bottles
tles free at Kuhn & Co 'b drug atorc.
MI-H. tlcKlnlc-t Ciit-NHiMl tinA
Color fur llllij'n Hoot * .
A week previous to her departure for Can
ton with the president , i elates a Washington
correspondent , Mrs. McKinlcy began a dainty
piece of knitting. She was fashioning a tiny
pair of Laby's socks. It was on Thursday
aftrrnco-i that Mrs. McKinlcy rang the silver
bell that stood on her dressing tible.
"Mrs. Thurn. " she said , as ths maid ap
peared , "will > ou please hand me those baby
booties which arc lying en the top of the
things In my knitting basket ? "
-Mrs , Thurn compiled , and then the presi
dent's wife nsi > ed for a pasteboard box , a
pleco of string and a , shoot , of manlla piTor.
She placed tlie little soJcs In the box , wrote
a note and deposited It with thorn , wrapped
the box In the paper , folded It neatly , and
tied It with the twine. Then she dippe.1 tin-
pen In the Ink ind wrote on the box : "Mrs
Grover Cleveland , Princeton , N , J. " Soon
the- postman bore the box away , iind It must
have arrived at Princeton just abnut on time ,
On Friday evening , when she hid read the
papers and learned ot the eve it at Princeton
Mis McKlnloy smiled , but her smile hid a
trace of discomfiture The booties which she
Lad sent to Mi3. Cleveland wore blue , i nd ,
as all the world which has had experience
In such things well knows , blue boots aio
for girls and pink for boys
With all the culture of the ancients they
had no champagne If they had only known
Cook's Imperial Extra. Dry !
& Searles.
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h Ilisordorn of Mou ,
'I rcntniciit by Moil ,
Ct'iiHiiltntioii ' Tree.
Cured for llfo nnd the poison thorouehly oloinsod
. Seminal Weakness. Ix > t Man
hood Nlht Kmlfsloim Dccivul J'aou tloa I'D.
male WimkntHb ami all ili-lliMto disorders pecu
liar to cllhur Bx , ii'isltlioly cured I'lLKS
' inuntly nml successfully
cun U Method now an il unf.ililne .
by now method without pnln or cutting. Call on
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Ulght Days by the use of the 1-amous'
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lUm In ( torn ono to fire days. fhurp , liootlnu pains
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IIUDTAN Is tureneM of dl .
he KM-atett n. chares In U
mtdlo treat- d > s. HUD-
fnt that hai TAN eurei
> en produced losses. HUD-
by any combl. TAN onrti
nation of phy- tlrahw , a ti il
Iclnn The HUDYAN
= 1UDYAN r m. : ures pimples
idle treitment II U D Y A N
: ures the de : ure il'pr-n.
bilities and ills , dun of | < lrlli ,
fuses ot men , bas.ifu1ne B ,
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remedy for look finnklr
men HUD. into the eye *
i'AN euros of another.
ir eaknesn. H II D T AN
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ears , vrfnk memory , lose of voice , taste or smell ,
HUDYAN cures sunken eyes , Blunted gronth ,
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ness or pains In the small of the back , loss of
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1IUDYAN can be had from the Doctors of the
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centers of the brain. You need HUI1YAN when
there Is a decline of the * ervo force , because till *
decline shons n lack of lerve life , and may de
velop Into neivcus debility and then Into nervous
piostrntlon. If you have harra tied } our nerves ,
If you have knotted or knurled them If > ou hnv
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Omalia Medical and Surgical Institute.
8. W. Cor. ICth and Dodge.
Chklltilrr'/l Krcllsn I'UimunJ limnd.
Ifjnfat.itimitations ruilliltifr ) ea&-Sc.
\1 \ Ktumii fr pTttcuuri lotlirtDUli a1
" 'Iriur fbrl.udlesn ( ( > ( r.li/rptnm
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Pieced , Stamped nnd Japanned Tinware , Oran *
Ito Iron , Hollow Ware. etc.
1003 rarnam St. OMAHA.HCn.
viNnr.Ait AND
Manaufacturcrs of Vinegar. Pickles , Cutsupj ,
Mustards , Celery and Worceetershlre Since.
Tor a gooJ substantial vehicle ot nny dcscrlp.
tlon , for repainting or rubbT tires on new or old
wheelu , thu beet uln.ce Is 27th and Leavcnvortu
: ; UIMMOM ; ) CAUUIAUI : co.
Cheap , medium prucd nnd tony carilncts.
Any thing you want , second hand or new.
Headquarters for Rubber Urea , warranted. 181 li
and Hnrncy , opposite Court House.
A ] J. SIMl'SON. "
1-10U , 1-111 DoilHf.
1M11 line of Curriacea , Ilugglen , I'hnetons , Pony
Carts , Wbeelu rubber tlird. The beti U ( hi
III.M ; ft co.
Largest fnetnIn thu west. Lradlng Job
beiB ot Omaha , Kans.ia City , UricDln and HU
Joseph handle our goods , 1WJ I'arnam street.
f trot in Improvement
and all
ftigb Grade
Durable ] > Iacbim jviade ,
Che Smith premier typewriter Co. ;
Byr cuB , N.t. , O , 8. fl.
Omaha Branch Oifice , 17th and Farnam Sts.

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