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0 THE OMAHA DAILY 31313 : HUN I ) AY , NOVEMBER 7 , 1807.
l nr
1 MIMHI > irVriO. > .
Cofpor , Tire Ins , C 1'earl , tcl. 372.
Hurry Murphy , coil and wood , 3 ? Main.
Schmidt' * bar relief plintiw are the latest.
( ilJi Shrlver , dentist. Morrlam blk. . ram 246
'Th mas Hvans linn gone to llcairlco , Neb ,
tb attend the corn eai nival.
T II I'cttlt & Co Hard and toft coal.
2i21 West Ilroadway ! Tcl. 330.
'jjlm Tolltr has returnoil from a business
lid pleasure trip to Mlnnnnota.
' ( McPherson S. llccd , tut flowers anil dc-
efgre ; office 0 I'carl st , IH. : i7J.
Lewis Hamcr. Jr. , nnil IMward Klllott havn
Cone on a hunting trip In Nebraska ,
Satisfaction cuarantccd at tlio reliable
Bluff City steam laundry. Phone 314 ,
Itrv. J. Van Derail has been called to Port
Wajtic , Ind. , by the death of hln father ,
C. 0. Hazcn , dcntlot , rcmovod from the
opera house to the Ir. Plnney office , 214 I'cnrl.
Daniel Arkw right , vvlio has been visiting
In KnRland for oevcrjl months , has returned
to this city
Mr. and Mm.V H. Hates and daughter
have rctuined from o month's visit In their
old home In Htgln , III.
David Evans , who moved from here to
Vail , has returned to thla city and will mnkc
thld his permanent home.
Carlson's freshly ground cornmeal , best lo
bo had ; call for It at your grocer's or at 0.
Carlson's Wash , Ave. mills.
James Scguln will leave Monday for Wvo-
mlnp , where he will construct two bridges
for" , the Union Pacific company.
IJ'cclion In over. Wo breathe easy once
more. Better take tlmo now to send that
bundle down to the Eagle Laundry , 721 nway.
The Woman's Relief Corps , No. 180 , will
meet In special session on Wednesday at the
home of Mrs. Talbot to complete arrange
ments for the coming convention.
Council Bluffs people can obtain copies ot
the International art series , "Ireland In
Pictures , " by calling at the Council Bluffs
offlco of The Bee , No. 10 Pearl street.
The rooms occupied by the Omnha & St.
Louis Railway company In the Snpp block
have been rented by the Council Bluffs Gun
club and will be ftirnlshcU and opened for
the benefit of the club members and their
friend * .
Arthur Ilauman of South Omilui and Miss
Itamlo McKcan of Omaha were united In
marriage by Justice Ferrler yesterday. Dur
ing the day the justice also performed the
ceremony for another Nebraska coup'c , E
II. Howard and Mrs. Martha Geode of Fre
The Infant eon of Mr and Mrs. Y.inccy died
yesterday afternoon after a short Illness
The funeral will take place from the res
idence , 2132 Avenue B , this afternoon at 2 30
o'clock. The pastor of the First Congrega
tional church will officiate. The burial wl'l
bo In Walnut Hill cemetery.
J. C. DcIIavcn has received a letter from
the brother and ulster of the late George A.
Holmes , In which the Information is con
veyed that Mr. Holmes' parcntH are living
In Clmarron , Co'o , nnd that they desire to
express their gratitude to the friends of their
eon In this city who took such kindly Inter
est In his welfare during Ills last Illness.
J. W , Ferrler , impciial high potentate ,
Hcdjad II , has Insued a call to the nobleo of
Alfarn temple , No. 1 , Arabian degree klin
to attend a Icvco of his majesty which w IU
bo held In Knights of Pythias hall on Tues
day evening In the temple of the order. The
levee la for the purpose of raising several
candidates and such other things as are pos-
elblo without destroying the walls of the
temple. Serious trouble. IH promised for the
noble who disregards the mmimons and
plenty of fun and refreshments for those who
tarry at the oasis.
A farmer named C. E. Brown , who lives
near the Iowa School for the Deaf , hatt asked
the state to pay for a dog that recently lost
Us life through the machinations of some of
the pupils of the nchool. Ho has filed his
claim with Hon. A. T. Fllcklngcr , trustee
and H. W. Rothcrt , superintendent of the
Institution. Ho alleges that the dog was a
valuable brute of some rare strain and that
ho had raised It from Us puppyhood and was
familiar with all of Its good qualities He
alleges that the market value of the dog at
the time of Its death was fairly ? 10 , but ho
Informed the state olllccrs that he would
compromise hla claim and take $5.
C. B. Vlavl Co . female remedy ; consulta
tion free onico hours , 9 to 12 and 2 to 5.
Health book furnished. 32G-327-328 Mcrrlam
N. Y Plumbing com&iiny. Tel. 250.
Money to Loan Reduced rate on first class
Improved farms and Inside rlty property.
Apply to Jas. N. Casady , Jr. . 236 Main St.
AplillcN for IVriiilNMlou ( o hfll.
The receiver of the Council Bluffs Fire
Insurance company made an application ! n
the district court yesterday for an order for
the sale of flvo lots In Priests' addition to
the town of Shumndoah. The application if
the receiver represents that there was a
mortgage on these lots and certain other
lots In Council Bluffs ma do by J. Q. Andcr-
ion and W , F. Sapp to secure a numbci
given by them. They subsequently deeded
all of th's ' prrperty to the Insurance com
pany , thus merging the title ot the prop
erty In the company By some means tlut
Is not explained in the application some of
these notes got Into the hands of Charles
" \Vootz , a banker In Grand Island , Neb The
receiver asks that he be impleailed In the
tiaso and required to appear and defend , and
ehow cause why the title of thepropcity
should not bo quieted In the conioany , acid
the notes for which the mortgages were
given canceled.
( V What beautifies and brightens a homo
' more than beautiful pictures ? Kings have
parted with forgo fortunes to obtain a slnglo
painting with which to adorn their eahtles.
Castles have become famous throughout the
\\orld \ for their collections ? of art.
Whllo these conditions existed centuries
ago , and do yet to a certain extent , the
genius of man In these latter years has
been able to Invent means whereby these
famous paintings can be almost perfectly reproduced -
produced , and the humblest of homes aie
permitted to enjoy their refining Influence
at a small expense.
The Council Bluffs Paint , Oil and Glass
com piny of this city has just received a
line awortment of pactclH. water colors ,
chromos. lithographs , etc. , which they will
add to their largo stock , making It the larg
est stock Ire the wevt. They have also a
com'loto line qt artlbts' supplies. In all ,
making a stock of which the west has great
reason to bo proud. They most cordially
Inylto the people ot Council Bluffs and the
west to call and ex a in I no their stock and
will bo glad to welcomeyou. .
DIIH Mile < < > I"1 from I he lima Sohool
for ( li < * Deaf.
Commencing on Monday , October 18 , 1897.
M , E. Wcatherbco will run a 'bus line to ami
from the Institution , leaving the city at 9 a ,
in , 130 ! p. m. and 6:30 : p. m. each and every
day , and leaving the Institution at 11:30 : a.
m , 3'30 p. m. and 7 p. m , each and every
day ,
Parties wishing to go to the. Institution
will meet 'bus at Atklrs' drug store , Gram !
hotel or Kiel hotel at times named. Fare ,
15 cents. M. E , WEATHEHBEi : . Prop ,
The Council Illuffs' High school eleu'i
won another well earned victory on the
gridiron yesterday afternoon. The game war
played at thu Field Club vark , and was bo
twecu the Red Oak High school boys and the
local team. The Council Illuffs team was
outclassed In weight und ago of the. players
but made It all up by generalship and skill
Vho game was hotly contested from star
to finish , and resulted In a score of 24 to
IS In favor of the home team ,
Do not forget the Augusta Qrovo No , :
lecond social hop on Nov , 18 , 1S97 , at Wood
man hall ,
Tilt * MurrliiKi * Ilrt'oril.
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday to
the following named persons :
Name and Residence. Age-
II. A. Summit , Council IIHiffH 2 ?
Lola 1-hllllpo , Council Bluffs , 23
IlDAnid Sprngue , South Omaha 44
CMm. Mnrtlu Good , Omnlm. . . , 4.
W , a. M. Slmpion. Council Uluffs , . , , , , , , 2t )
pornellu Karsun , Council jiluffa K
Arthur Ilaunuui , Fremont , Nt > b 23
Jlamlu UcKcun , liiodd Albion , N. Y , ; ,
Predicament of Finny Donizjns of Big Lake
Attracts Attention.
IVriitlnnlnii MHJ Hi' ( irnnlril In TnKc
AIIJ- Men UN DcNlml ( o Secure
the riih from I InSlinl -
lim 1'iiinl.
The Board of Park Commissioners met In
regular session In the office ot City Clerk
Philips yesterday afternoon , for the purpose
ot auditing and allowing the monthly bills.
The ctpenso Incurred for the care ot the
parkh wax la > s than $250 during the month.
Iho city clerk , who Is also clerk of the
boaid , was Instructed to separate the bills
for regular monthly expenses from the
amounts expended In the prosecution ot the
work of permanent Improvements In the
Kirks and have the reports ready fov the
meeting of the city council on Monday even
A. C Graham cnmo before the board for
the purpose ot securing permission from the
commissioners for Gilbert Bros , to take fish
from Big lake and place them in the big
reservoir constructed In LaUevlew park. He
explained that It was for the purpose of
stocking the deeper and cleaner waters of
the large artificial lake and also for the
Viirposc of preserving the fish. There was no
objection and the order was made ,
During the discussion Mr. Graham called
attention to tlio fact that nig lake was full
ot fish that were certain to perish during
the coming winter. Ho wld he taw a five-
pound black bass caught there the other day
in water that was so shallow that the fins
of the fish were exposed. In no place was
the water more than two feet deep , and It
was nllvo with luvs and pickerel , some ot
the lattci three feet long. Ho urged the
commissioners to Issue an order permitting
the people who desired to secure a mess of
fine fish to go to the lake and take them
In anyway they de-sired , ' but to positively
exclude the pot floliciinrn who would clean
out the lake 'n a day If they had a chance
IIo declared tbat all of the larger fish would
perish and urged the commissioners to per
mit them to bo taken by the general pub
lic under proper restrictions The commis
sioners entertained the iccmest , but refused
to make the sweeping order that Mr Graham
asked for until they had a ihance to Investi
gate a little further. If they are satisfied
that the big fish cannot burvlve they will
permit them to be taken
One of the bills allowed called foi the
payment of JO 13 woith of nuts which had
been fed to the squirrels In the parks dur
ing the year Heretofore thcbe bills have
been paid from the personal Income of Park
Policeman Lamb , but the commissioners
have 'Concluded ' that the aggregation of birds
and animals which he has collected is too
Important an attraction to permit the burden
of Its stiypoit to bo borne by one cltl/.en ,
and hereafter all ot the cost will be paid
from the regular nark funds
October was the first month that the com
missioners have ever drawn ray , and among
the last bills allowed was the monthly portion
tion of their $100 a year salary.
Piic-ls Vliont PlrOicx.
Ichthyology as a study has filled the minds
of some ot our gieatest students , from the
time of Arletotlc B C. 350 down to the
present lime. In the Old Testament wo
learn that the food of the ancients con
sisted largely of fish At the present time
some of the polar tribes live almost entirely
on fish.
It Is Interesting to notice that while fish
liave eyes , they have no eyelids. They have
neither eais. nor nostrils , yet they hear
and smell Fish have been found In the
ocean at the depth of 1C.BOO feet , or over
hree miles. These fish , when brought to the
surface , nearly fall to pieces on. account of
he reduction1 of pressure upon their bodies ,
which at that depth Is more than , two tons
to the squire Inch. A good .idea of the va
rieties of fish cam be obtained by calling at
Sullivan's fish market. 343 Broadway He
iccelvcs his fish by direct shipment from
the fisheries , therefore they are always
fresh. Tel 101.
imvih or I.VST
IvoilnU riviiilN I'roinrsv ( o KHtnlillNli a
CilliK-rii Club In tlif Cltj.
The first steps will be taken tomorrow
evening toward the formation of a camera
club In Council Bluffs. Annteur pho
tography has reached a high state of per
fection In the city and there are several
hundred fully developed camera fiends of
both sexes Many of the camera owners
have been lamenting that absence of an organization
ganization- where they could meet regularly
and dlscuw matters pertaining to the art
Several Ineffectual attempts hive been made
to form such an association , but they have
been falluies. Tomorrow evening a large
number ot the enthusiasts have agreed to
meet at the residence of Dr. Seybert for the
purpose of completing thu proposed organiza
tion. The plan contemplates the arrange
ment of a tnilte of rooms fitted up with dark
rcoins and all of the paraphernalia of a flmt
clafs photographic Ktud'o , which will be
maintained at the expense of the members
and for their exclusive use
On Wednesday oven'ng Mr. and Mrs J.
R. McPherson gave a dinner In honor of
Mr Mcl'herson's nephew , Mr. D. J. McPher-
eon of Deadwood , S. I ) , who Is visiting
them. The dinner was one of the pleasant
racial occurrences of the neighborhood , and
was greatly eajoyed by a large pirty of
young people. The Council Bluffs Mandolin
club , consisting of Messrs. W Woodward ,
Fred Series , Bert McCormlck and Will Mc-
Phcrson , furnished the musical features of
the evening. Another Interesting social
event will be connected with the presence of
Mr McPherBon here On Wednesday of thl
week ho will be united In mirrlaRc with one
ot the popular young women of South
The women of St. Francis Xavler's church
have decided to give their annual fair late
In January. The presidents ot the different
tab'ca have been selected as follows Mar
ried women Mrs. J J Brown ; young women ,
Miss Mary Paschel ; girls. Mies Manic O'Don-
Air. Edward I' , Scnoentgen reached homo
yesterday afternoon after an absence of sev
eral years In Europe completing his educa
tion and preparing himself for his profes
sion architecture. IIo will remain here only
a few weeks , when ho will return to New
York or Boston to begin his work.
Mr. Ohninbe.-s Kellar of Deadwood , S. D ,
vl&'ed ' the family of William Moore on
Tucsilsy ,
\\.dnesilay the Misses Schoentgen en-
ten tallied at dinner In honor of Mr. Davvnnn.
The guests were : Mlsa Key , Miss Oliver ,
Miss Thompson and Miss Keating , and Mr ,
Daweon , Mr , Everett , Mr. Woodbury , Mr.
Metcalf and Mr. Douglas. The rooms were
prettily decorated for the occasion , rod beIng -
Ing the prevailing color. On the dinner
cards were engraved the American and Bra
zilian flags , and each was adorned with thu
Brazilian cottt of arms. The dinner was
served In twelve courses.
On Thursday evening Mr. Fred Empkle
entertained Informally a chafing dish party
In honor of Mr. Palmer. The guebts were :
Miss Farnsworth. MUs ISadlo Farnsworth ,
Miss Keating , Miss Bennett , Mr , Palmer ,
Mr. Jossclyn , Mr , . Douglas and Mr. and Mru ,
John Jay Hess.
On Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Stlllman entertained Informally at a
chafing dish lunch for Mr. Daw son ,
On Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Test Stewart entertained at dinner In honor
of Mr. Dawson , Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Hart.
MUs Key.Ml s Keating , Mr. Wright. Mr.
Dawfion and Mr. Mctcalf.
On Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. John
Pugh entertained at high five. The guests
were : Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Bradley , Mr and
Mra. 0. E , Urock , Mr. and Mrs , Joe W.
Smith , Mr. anil Mrs. R. H , Bloomer , Mr. and
Mra. R. II. Williams , Mr. and Mrs. A. I ) .
Nlcbo'as , Mr. and Mrs. J. C , Mitchell. Dr.
and Mr , U 03. Jeoolugi , Mr. and Mm , SUv-
ctis and Mr , and Mrs. W. II. Dudley. Mra
Slovens won the woman's prlre , n doylle of
Mexican drawn work , and Dr. Jennings the
gentlemen's , a pcarl-h.indled paper knife.
The engagement of Miss Mary E.rlght
to Dr. Bralnerd , president of Mlddteberrv
college , Is announced In eastern papers. Thr
wedding Is to take place during the holidays.
MM ! Wright was formerly a teacher In the
Council Bluffs High school , and a sister to
Mr. U. II. Eastman , formerly principal.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Smith entertained a
pleasant card party on Thursday evening.
The bright cottage homo was handsomely
adorned for the occasion. A delicate
luncheon was served. The guests wereMr ,
nnd Mrs. A. W. Rclkman , Fred Spooner , W.
13. McConncll , R. H. Williams , John H.
Plilmcr , W. A. Gronetteg , W , C , Estcp , A. S.
Hazclton , Charles Bcno , E , A , RUser , MUs
Meyers and Miss Laura Meyers. The women's
prize was won by Miss Laura Meyers and
the men's by W. E. McCounell.
Mr. and Mrs F. J. Schnorr ore spending
Sunday In Lincoln , Neb , the guests ot Mrs.
W. J. Manley.
Mrs. J. J. O'Rourko of Pattonsburg , Mo. ,
Is In the city , the guest , of her parents , Mr.
nnd Mrs John McDermott , on HarrUon
The women of the Broadway Methodist
church ore arranging for a bazar to bo given
on the evenings of December 9 and 10. The
building on Broadway , formerly occupied by
the Durfoo Furniture comtany , will bo used ,
and a flno display of fancy and useful ar
ticles will be offered for ealc. A dinner and
a supper will also be served each day.
Mrs. C. S Lpfferts entertained the Women's
Aid society of St. Paul's church on Tues
day afternoon , An afternoon tea was the
Mrs. J. W Sackrldcr Is entertaining Miss
Hattle Carson of Mlndcn at her home on
Stutsman street.
Miss Fannlo Reynolds Is In Denver taking
a course In a nurse's training school.
On Thursday evening Fred Empklo enter
tained a number of young men at his homo
on South Sixth street. Ono ot the features
of the evening's amusement was a new com
pound triple-expansion punch bag , which af
forded an Immense amount , of amusement
The novel event was so entertaining tint
punch-bag naitlcs promise to bo one of the
features of the winter's amusements at se
lect social parties.
Miss Montgomery and nor guest , MUs
Hoirans of New York , went to St. Louis on
Wednesday for a visit of several weeks' dura
tion Mtes Maggie Ryan , who has been visiting
friends' In this city and Omaha for scvoi il
weeks , has returned to her home In Vail , la.
-Mr. and Mrs J. C Moian have returned
from Chicago , and will make their homo
during the winter with Mrs Moron's parents ,
Mr. and Mrs L Tamlsea , on Eighth avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stevenson , who have
been visiting J. H. Arnold and family , have
returned to their homo In Hancock
Mrs. Hughes , who has been spending the
summer with her daughter , Mrs Oswald
Ewall , has teturncd to her home In As
toria , 111.
Mrs. R E. Woodford of Shenandcah Is
visiting In the city , the guest of Rev. Dr.
Frinklln and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Baldwin are In Ken
Mrs G A. Roblnscti Is visiting In Ash
land. Neb.
Miss Cora Woolsey of Oniwa Is visiting
her aunt , Mrs. Taylor Woolaey.
Mr. Guy T. Dahl and Miss Claudia R.
Coehran were united In marriage on Wcdncs
day evening .it the home of the bride's
mother on Washington avenue. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. V. C. Roho
and was witnessed by only the Immediate
friends of the parties
The whist clubs drew their usual amount of
attention during the week. On Tuesday after
noon Miss Mnllle Rice entertained the Lndl-s'
Whist club In a most delightful manner. On
the same afternoon Miss Patterson enter
tained the Hamilton Whist club. A feature
of both -pirtles was the discussion of the
challenge that has been arranged for , when
the two clubs expect to meet In a number
of contests that will cover several months of
the winter , nnd determine which club con
tains among Its members the greatest num
ber of best players.
Miss Addle Kane entertained a small num
ber of her friends at a noonday luncheon
on Saturday.
Mi. and Mrs. S G. Underwood are en
tertaining Miss Hurlbert of Fontanelle , la.
She will be their guest during the week.
Miss Bertha Clutter , who left here some
tlmo ago for her home In Moberly , Mo ,
s to be married this month to Mr. Robert
Amlck of that city.
Mrs S. M. Stephens and daughter , Mabel ,
who have spent several weeks In this city ,
the guests of Mr. and Mrs Frank Durand ,
: iave returned to their home in Boone , la.
Mrs J. A. Hirsch nnd granddiiughter ,
flelen , have returned to their homo at Fort
Dodge after a pleasant visit of about foil-
weeks at the home of P. J. Hlrsch on Benton -
ton street.
Miss Sylvia Mcssmoro Is spending a short
vacation with her parents She Is teaching
school In Little Sioux.
Mrs H. A. Messmoro and daughters. Miss
Sylvia and Miss Gnice. hr e gone to Boone
to attend the wedding of Miss Luna Stcphen-
FOII of that city.
Miss Elizabeth Cayne , niece of Miss May
McMenomy , who has been visiting In the
city the past three weeks , has returned to
her homo In Nevada Mo.
Tha Art club will hold Us second meeting
on Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at the Grand
hotel. The first program consists of the fol
lowing papers : An Introductory paper on
"Characteristics of Greek Sculpture" by Miss
Caroline Dodge ; "My Tncology , " Mrs. Met
calf ; "Mediaeval Art , " Mrs J. L Reed ;
"Early Christian Sculpture , " Mies Maud
Smith ; "Metal Work , " Mrs. George Brown ;
"Mediaeval Gothic Cathedral , " Mrs. Russell ;
"Famous Examples of Mediaeval Gothic Ca
thedrals , " Miss Nellie Moore ; "The Rise of
the Italian Cities , " Miss Carrie Morgan ;
"Guelphs and Ghlbelllno War of Investiture , "
Mrs. C. II. Judson
Tne concert given by the Young People's
Society of Christian Emlravor In tno Oclil
Fellows' temple on Wednesday evening par
took largely of the nature of a social affilr ,
as it was designed more for social entertain
ment than for the financial gain of the associ
ation. Some of the best local talent In the
city was represented on the program. The
Harmonica quartet , under the direction of
Mr. Wilson , was particularly enjoyable. The
"Election Maic'h ' , " bv Mr. nnd Mrs. Atkins ,
was heartily enjoyed and appreciated the bet
ter for the Information that the composition
was the result of some of the spare moments
of Mr. Atkins. The piano performance of
Miss Snyder and the Mlascs Worloy drew
hearty applause , mil Mrs. Wollman , whenever
never falls to please or lend her talents as an
elocutionist , made a decided hit In her recita
tion of the "Newsboy's First Experience ; In
Church , " Will Van Arnum of South Onuha
contributed a great deal of Interest by Jils
dumbbell and club swinging ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. H. Bates and daughter
IMVO returned from a month's visit In Elgin ,
111. , their old home.
Mrs. W. H. Ilrown , who has been visiting
for some tlmo with her son. W. 13. nrown
of Kansas City , has returned.
Tom Evans went to Beatilce to attend the
corn carnival In that thriving little city.
Owing to 111 health , Roscoe Leper left
Friday for > J fcouthcrn trip. He will be-uc-
companied as far as Fort Worth , Tex. , by
his aunt , Mrs. Moxley.
ltrnl i : lnt <
The following trmmfiTH are reported from
thu title and loan ofllce of J , W Squire ,
101 1'c.arl street ;
John T. Clark , guardian , to Mnry A.
Waldo , 10 lota in Crebcint City , g d. , $ 100
John T. Clark ot nl to Mary A.
Waldo , mime , q c d . , , . . , . . . . 1
Mnry A. Waldo to James Peterson ,
lotH 18 , 19 am' 0 , block 112 , nnd lots
11 , 12 and U , block 125 , Crescent City
w d . COO
Sheriff to Nashua Trust company , lots
3 and 4 , block 1 , Jackson's add H d. . 2,492
Sheriff to Philadelphia Mortgage nnd
Trust company , lot C , block 7 , B.iy-
UBH' 2d add , H d . 4,251
Sheriff to Nashua Trust company , lot
4 , subillv of out lot "K , " John John-
Hon'H add , a d . 2,229
William Christian 10 Hlnrluh Fahren-
krog , lots U nnd 14 , block 31 , Avoca ,
w il . ! 1,000
Luther H. Flowers anil vvlfu to Edwin
L. Klowe-rH , ' 4 ne1 ; 33-74-A w d . 1
Hoinin Ouren and vvlfu to Alexander
Uuren , ml * 20-74-41 , w d . 0,800
Nine transfers , total , . . . , . , . . . . . { 17,375 ,
NIMV Iliiuil Kxlfimlon l.udilrr.
The new fifty-foot hand extension ladder
recently received by the Ore department was
MwlttMb < U tf |
i J f.T'f 'W W
tested > estcrday inorntnb . The Hoffmajr
mills building was selected for the test. Tour
men pitted the ladder In thirty seconds , Its
efficiency wan most thoroughly demonstrated ,
for the building was RtirrMnVled by a network
ot telephone and fire alwirt.vvlrre , which arc
strung so close to the i/walh / that the big
truck ladder , or even fi single tvvent-foot
ladder could bo raised only wlth great diffi
culty. There are many fall ( buildings In the
city where such a ladder1 "would " be Indis
pensable In case ot flro , and the ease with
which It was run up to the height of fifty
feet greatly pleased Chief Templeton and
AliUrman Graham , chairman of the fire com
mittee of the city council , Hereafter the big
platform truck will be used In responding to
alarms only when absolutely needed. The
new and light ladder Is almost as efficient
for llfc-eaving purposes as the big truck.
Srrt Iri'N nl ( he ClmrrlicN.
ncv. George \V Snjder of St , John's Eng
lish Lutheran church will speak In the
morning on the subject , "Tho Power ot God
Thiough the ConeecrUed Individual. "
"Paul's Healing Work at Mallta" will bo
the subject , for discussion at the meeting of
the Christian Scientists at their new quar
ters In the Mcrrlam block. They have lo
cated In room 303.
Hev ; 13. A. Hndcrs , who has been conductIng -
Ing services during the last week at the
Second Presbyterian church , will continue
the services during this week. Hie mornIng -
Ing subject today will be. "What Is Mam. "
"The Last and Great Call"ill be his even
ing theme.
Rev. S. M. Perkins of the Christian Taber-
nacio will gl\e sonic "Lessons From the
LIfo of Enoch" as his morning sermon. "Is
the IJlblo an Inspired IJook" will be hlo
evening theme.
Rev. A. U. Caudle of Clwrlton , la. , begins
his work with the Central Christian church
today and will preach at the regular hours.
Rev. V C. Rocho of the Tlrst Baptist
church will speak In the morning on the
subject , "The Lighted Lamp. " His evening
subject will be. "Light Weight. "
Communion services and a short talk bj
the pastor on "Tho Meaning of the Lord's
Supper" will bo the order of the morning
exercises at the First Congregational church
today. The subject of the evening sermon
will be , "Lessons From the Story of Job. "
Evangelist \Vcbcr will conduct services to
day In the Methodist churches of the cltj
as follows , rifth Avenue. 10.30 a. in. and
3 p. m. ; Epworth , G p. m. ; Broadway , 7 45 p.
m. The evening service at Broadway church
Is to be a union service and no evening
services will bo conducted in the other
Methodist churches
HIIN > Iit } for riremrii.
The firemen wore called out between 3 and
4 o'clock yesterday morning to suppress a fire
that had broken out In the foundry of Klin-
ball Brothers' elevator works on Eleventh
avenue. The flro had caught In the roof of
the foundry , presumably from burning soot
In the smokestack. It was extlnju'shed be
fore any other damage had been done than
burning a few holes In the roof.
At noon yestciday flro broke out In > i coal
shed at the residence of Dr. O. W. Gordon
on South Graham avenue. It did little dam
age.The firemen were out last evening ; watchIng -
Ing a fire that had broken out In the grass
south of Fulrmount parR. SJPor a time the
hillsides were a mass ot flames. The fire
was beyond tue water UmltsCund the depart
ment was waiting for U orfiejt near enough
to be reached from some pf the hydrants
Several small buildings vjere placed In
Jeopardy , but were saved by the work of
their owners and the/neighbors who re
sponded to the call for help
NOIU'C Of nlHNollltloll.
Notice IB hereby given that the firm of
Pair & Weber has thlsdaybeen dissolved ,
G A. Weber having sold his Interest In the
business to E W. Fair , who assumes all
obligations of and will collect " all debts owing
to the firm. G. A. WEBER ,
Tomiternnpe WorU rN > fulcr uiUfforl
to Ilnno thp I.nW
DEADWOOD , SD. . , Nov. 0 ( Special Tele
gram ) Ever hlnco the new 'liquor law of
South Dakota went Into effect the city
authorities have winked at the violation of
that portion ot It requiring that ealoons be
closed from Saturday at 11 p m. until the
following Monday at C a. m The temperance
workers of the city for some tlmo have been
very active In accumulating evidence against
the saloon keepers , and yesterday every
saloon keener In Deadwood was Indicted anil
warrants issued for their arrest.
Imitro * litif Hix Coal Mine.
DOUGLAS , Wyo , Nov. G ( Special. ) Ar
chie L Vietch of this city Is making ex
tensive Improvements at his coal mine near
Glcnrock to provide for a rapidly Increasing
demand for the product. He has completed
a main tunnel for a distance of 200 feet , open
ing up two veins of coal , one five feet two
Inches wide , the other four feet wide. In
order to reach the line of railroad Mr
Vietch has built u bridge ten feet wide and
270 feet long across the Platte river. A
large force of men are employed In and
about the mlncn and steady work is ensured
for the entire winter.
Frank JOIICH IN Itcrnpturfil.
DEADWOOD , S. D. , Nov. 0 ( Special Tele-
gium ) Frank Jones , ono of the escaped
Belle Fourche bank robbers , was captured
this afternoon , seven miles went of Devils
Tower In Wyoming. When captured Jones
was nearly exhausted from hunger and ex
posure. His brother , Tom Jones , and the
alleged negro murderer , Moore , are still ul
larcc , but are being relentlessly chased , am
their capture Is only a matter of a few days
Will Drill fur Oil.
DOUGLAS. Wyo , Nov. G ( Special. ) Man
ager Toote of the Wyoming Valley Oil com
pany reports that a contract has been made
with an experienced well driller to put down
a test well on the company lands near this
city at once. The driller with machinery
nnd apparatus will arrlvo here during the
prcbent week and work will bo commenced
TECUMSEH , Neb. , Nov. G. ( Special )
Mr , Clarence Scott of Lincoln and Miss Etta
Hctallng , daughter of Mr and Mrs , William
Hotallng of this city , were married at the
home of the bride's parents In this city
Wednesday evening. Rev. J. R. Woodcock
of the Methodist church performed the cere
mony In the presence of a small company
of relatives and frlends1l ( H \
lliiisliifNH 'rronlilJ'H'I < if u liny.
NBW YOR.K , Nov /6 Oscar Hammcr-
Bteln'B counsel says0 that a Huhcdulu
of the theatrical irmnntfer's assets and lia
bilities will not bo ready for Bovernl days.
Ho in confident tint thVHubIlltlt'X will not
exceed J5COO , and ny&th < ) t hlH client vvll
doubtlcHs resuinu the management of his
enterprises as soon OH a'flcltlcment ° han been
effected. _ '
Iln > fiiii'j or lU-cov crlnur.
NliVV YOUK , Nov. G-Henry { O. llave-
meyer , president of the American HiiKiir
licflnltiK company , vvhd1 Uhdeivvent nn op
eration for appcndlcltlH lit Ills country home
In North Ou-enwlch , conn. , IH rapidly re
covering , according to'rpjiortt ' ) retelvi'd .it
his ofllco today. ' i
Had Slnrin | i filler Uric.
CLEVELAND , O. . Nov , G A bad storm
linn been raiflnu on Luke. Krle olnce yestei-
ilay afternoon and navigation has hcc'n
practically biixpencled , though no ilImiHleia
have been i e'ported
3ll \ < . | llt'lltH Of ( lOOIIII Vl-NHOlH , > IM. ( I ,
At Havre Sailed La Gaseogne , for Now
At Now YorkSalledtoblle , for London-
Aller.or Urrmen : I-u Tourulno , for Havro ;
Spaarndnm. for Kottcrclam ; AUKUbta Vic
toria , for Naples ; Furne sla , for CI.IBKCM ;
Southwnrk , for Antwerp ; Etrurln , for Liver
pool ; Slcllla , for Stettin ; Persia , for Ham-
burp. Arrived Rotterdam , from Rotterdam
At Amsterdam Sailed Amsterdam , foi
Now York.
At Liverpool Arrived Lucanla , from Nc'w
At London Arrived Kensington , from
At Phlladolphla-Sallcd-Ilhlneland , for
Llerpool , *
Attorneys for the IMjnse Spring Their
First Surprise.
Hint Primmer HUH liven Al
lowed rniiNiial Mlierllr He-
fiiMrn o S < > * III *
rntlicr mill llt Wife
HEU..R 1'liAlNn , la. , Nov. fi.-Tho alter-
nojs for the defense In the Novak nuirdrr
case sprung their first kurprloc today l > 5
HliiK n motion before Jiulgo lltirnhani to
IAVO the Indictment against Novak set asllc
) ecnuso ot the omission on the return of
ho Indlctrmnt of the names of two Impor-
ant \\llntsscs , supporting their motion by
ho afllilavlts of the t\\o vvltnoisos. Judge
lurnlinm overruled the motion and set the
case for next Tuesday. There was a sen-
cation In court when Itvas reported that
persons were permitted to enter Novak's cell
and play cards. Sheriff Mctcalf reported
to the court that no one has visited , the
irlsoner since Ills confinement In the Uenton
county jail except'tho one \lslt made by the
irlsonor's wife Inst month.
No\nk still refuses to permit his old father
o come nnd see him and has ordered his
wife not , to call upon him again at the jail
mill ho Is acquitted , A bailiff Is constantly
v Ith the prisoner In his cell day nnd night ,
s'ovak Is the man the detccllvcs captureJ
n the Klondike gold fields about three.
iionths ago , after chasing him half vvaj
around the world.
nunur.it LOOKS ovnii sioi.v cirv.
I.iirw I'liiiit Will I'l-oliiiblj HiIXul , -
llNlK'll III tlllll IMllOC SlMlll.
SIOUX C1TV , Nov 6. ( Spechl Telegram. )
Joseph liaumgartncr , a brewer ot Latrobe ,
Pa. , and his counsel , d. W McHcnry , are
In the city today looking over the situation
about the establishment of a brewery here.
If they arc satisfied that the Iowa law will
protect the business there Is scarcely a doubt
that the men will take a largo block of stock
In a companj about to bo organized. Mat
ters have progressed to that point where the
capacity of the plant and the machinery have
been discussed The plans considered are
Tor a plant with a capacltj of 40,000 barrels ,
the buildings and machinery to cost about
$150.000. About all that remains Is for the
men to bo satisfied that the manufacture ot
beer will bo protected by Uio laws of the
state and tint It will meet with the nppro\al
oC the citizens.
roi u MIN 1101.11 1p \ \ n > \ \ v TO\W
Plffj MIIKTN Vr > - ItdlllllMl OfVllKON ( III
I'll } 1)11.1.
DCS MOINnS , Nov. 0 Three colored
desperadoes , armed with a shotgun and two
big re\ohers , held up the mining town of
Marqulsvillo , four miles north of here , to
They walked Into the pool room and , callIng -
Ing on fifty miners to hold up theli hands ,
ono of the partj went through their pockets
The miners had Just been paid and quite a
Kiiiu was taken , but It Is not known just how
much After the robbery the desperadoes
strutted around town mid gloited o\er their
shots , but no one was hurt. The } fired manv
shots , ut no one was hurt. They are still at
largo and no trace has yet been obtained of
itiriitunn nvcic'io TIM :
VII ItlilH ItcjofU-il for CmlNtriK'llilK
I on n Memorial UilllllIllK ,
DCS MOINRS , In. . Nov. G The executive
council today rejected all bIJs on the me
morial and historical building and rofcricd
: he whole matter back to the general assem
bly. A spec'ul session of the general asem-
bly laht winter appropriated $20,000 for erectIng -
Ing a building and the purchase of a site.
The sum is considered too small to mik a
showing creditable to the state , and the
structure will wall the artlon of the geneial
assembly , which meets the seconJ Tuesday
In January , 1898 The amount appropriated
would build only a brick structure , which Is
thought an Inappropriate adjunct to the
state capltol , which stands across the street.
\tlniitlf IfniiKiT I.IIHCH III * Mlml.
ATLANTIC , la. , Nov. C. ( Special Tele
gram. ) R. G. I'helps , banker , among the
first to ad\ocate the holding of the Traus-
niisslsKlppi exposition , a prominent Iowa
personage In the national democratic con
vention at Indianapolis In 1S96 , was taken
suddenly 111 this morning and IB out of his
right mind , bast year he was treasurer of
the Cass county fair and while attending to
his duties on the grounds had a paralytic
stroke , from which he never fully recov-
. .Iiiilpriiit'iitNKiiliiHt SlorKlioliliTN.
SIOUX CITY , Nov. 6 ( Speclil Tolcgram. )
Judgments aggregating $46,000 against the
stockholders In the defunct Iowa Swings
bank have been entered on the court records
The money Is to be paid to the receiver In
thirty days anl a dividend will be paid the
dcpoaltors. This Is about the first glimmer
of hope the depositors of the bank have- had
for tiio recover > of their money slnee the
failure In ISOfi
\ < -i-lili-iil to CoiirliliiK I'urtj.
DAYTON. O , Nov. 6 A tallyho \\lth n
Loathing party aboard was run Into by an
electric rir on u hill near Mie fair gionnus
here this afternoon The party \VUH com
posed of H.uonoHs dp Hrounecltor of 1'aria ,
France ; the Misses I2ckHti In and Campbell
of Clnrlnnntl. MSH ! Mlllhall of lirooklyn
and Miss Yandoll of LouisvilleKy. . The
coach was overturned nnd the occupant *
thrown to the ground with considerable
force , HarotH'SH lie Hronnctkcr received a
b.ul cut on the right temple and was In un
untfoiiHclouH condition for hnlf un hour after
being1 removed to n 'hotel. ' Miss Campbell
was cut on the head and face and the
groomsman , Patilck Mcliale , suffered a
painful wrench to his right hip 'I he. vesti
bule of thi ! tar was dunollshed and the
motorman , Walter Hess , wan hurled to thu
Htree-t , fracturing two ilbs and Injuring
him Internally , HO that | io may die.
\alloiml Sloi'U r ro crN' Coin I'lHIoii ,
DiNVin , Cole , Nov 0 The National
Stock Growers' convention , which II.IH been
under eonsldcratlon for some time , Mas
called today for Janu irj 2" , 2tt and 27 , Ik'JS ,
by a Joint Hcwlon of eommlttccH from the
Denver Chamber of Commerce , and the Col.
orado Cattle Growers' association , All
derful appliance aud bclciitlilurem-
edlc * * out oil trial to any reliable
iii u n. A world-wldu reputation back of
thtsoffcr. Every obstacle to liutipy .uarrioil
Jifo removed. Full strength , development
nnd tone civ en toovory portion of tUu body.
Failure Impossible ; RUOUO barrier.
No O. O. I ) , sehemo.
Steel § Pennyroyal Treatment
ia the originnl f nd only FH NCH
ento und reliati euro on ui.1 inor.
ket. I'rito. $ i.Wlj sent by ruul
OenalneBnldcnh by
UycrclJIIIon Urue Co. . B. B. Cor ' Kth onil Far-
i\nn htrreti Onialm * * >
UM lilgU tor unutturil
dUcdirjci , lnn mini.l oat.
IrrltHloui or ulcrr tloni
( munom Dicmtrtnn ,
P ! I.H. Dil not itrln.
or Mat in plain wrtppjr.
far xprm. frtpftlJ. In
If U ) . or l botlli , M.7 .
arcsMM M ( HffM
utocls rroworV nMotiiion | In tito t nitc.l
Ht.Ucn are to be diked to * tnilcloKnlon , \ ,
iittil tlif ) brcodPM of line stock , government
nnd stntu ofllfpri will nl o be Invltcil to
ji.ciul l\u > inlijicls of tiujti inline , < 1l cnpr ,
ficdliis , slilpiilng cointnli < > lonrr < nnil till
ptVi unliJrctH of Inlctist m the vnrlout
of the liidtMtr ) will bo considered
IrinililiIn MTTiliin fl.trli-l .
] IKUIlti : , O. , Nov fi.In u Usht tonight
between nonunion workmen In the llellnlro
steel \voiks nnil sympathize is ot the Amnl-
Kninnttit association nun. who nre strlkltiK
for hlKhcr vvnufs , two of the nonunion ini-n
winurrlblj Injnre-il The polke could not
control the mob of nenrlj I.FWJ pooplo. It
Is Bild those * who raised the row c tine from
\\Mit VlrBliiln ami then . -u-npeil. It Is re
pot ud that the coinmn > will imk for | iro-
Jie'ilpn from ( Jove : nor Utn-hncll. More
troubln Is expected
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Anthony Hope's great slot's - "Simon Dale.
Crcn ii f Mni'tccu DrtmiK il.
1HM-TA1.0. N V. , Nov. G.-Thc Wcstclil
Transit COIIIPHIO'H Mteamor Idahd , vvblch
left lluffalo > isterday nfternoon for C'hl-
cage , laden with pnekago frolght , foundorcd
oiT lxtiR I'olnt , Ltku llrlo , duilng n furi
ous pale at 4 o'dock tbls morning. The
llrst male and imp sailor , who miviioiloi ] In
reaching the rlgglnp , vvero rest'iied by Hit
steamer Miitlposi lnti > this nftetnoon. The
lest of the ciovv , numbering nineteen , vvcio
undoubtedly drowned.
ItllllICO ' 1 III I'll It'll H til
KIJYVnST , Klu , ( via Jncksonvllle , 1'la ) ,
Nov. t ! . A leport from llnvanit savs thiil
Marshal IMunco tuning beeome illsgitstod
nt the attitude of thn directors of thu au
tonomist party tlirc.ttonotl to relit e If he
did not miiceed in effecting- change In
their position In view of this the atttono-
mltlH , it Is said , orfeiod to support tlie gov-
ment , but failed to state puelsoly what
kind of mippott they would glvo.
Thcic lane
no music like
the tiiLlotly of
health. When
every life-string
is in perfect
tune , nnil the
wire , rich , rcil
bio oil dnnccs
through the nr-
tcric s to the
quick - step of
health , life is
trulj- worth liv
ing But the hu
man body is the
in or. t uelic.itc
nnil intricate of
_ . all instruments
' , Just one little
\ striitfj out of
) tune w ill milcv
* n RCtieral
" / cort1' The body
> - . M * ' '
fc ' ' wv I > - nny apparently
be in the best of order in even- way , save
that there is a slight disorder of the dipes
lion. The sufferer hardly notices it , and
does not think it worth troubline ; about It
is just one little string out of order , bul it
BOOH puts every org-an in the body into n
jangling discord. The blood no longer re
ceives the of elements
proper supply hfe-iiving (
ments with which to build up new and
healthy tissue. Instead it receives the poi
sons thrown off by improperlj digested food
and the effete nntcrnl with which the in
testines are clogjjcd . Diseases of the blood
and skin or wasting diseases like consump
tion arc the result.
The best of all known medicines is Dr.
Picrce's Golden Medical Discovery. It
keeps every lifetrins ; in perfect tune. It
corrects all disorders of the digestion. It
invigorates the liver. It makes the appetite
hearty and keen and assimilation perfect.
It fills the blood w ith the v ital elements that
build new and healthy tissues , firm inub-
cles , and strong , vibrant nerve fibers. Acting
through the blood it tears down inert , half-
dead tissues and causes them to be carried
off and excreted. It acts upon every organ
of the body driving out impurities and dis
ease germs. It is the great blood-maker
and flesh-builder. It cures every kind of
humor from Ihe common simple blotch or
eruption to scrofula It cures eczema , halt-
rhctim , and all skin affections. It cures 98
percent , of all cases of consumption Thou-
fiands have testified to its wonderful merits.
All good druggists sell it.
Dr. Pierce'b Pellets rnrc rotintirntion.
. . . .
* * A *
Are you EomR in the Spring ? In order to make
your trip certain , address with stamp
The Seattle & fllaska Transportation Co.
47 and 48 Sullivan Building , Seattle , Wash.
of n common Coltl loads lo Grip , ntul
tnkns longer to "break up. "
H's ' bottoito "heart on " the first ohilt
or shiver \vlMi a iloio of " 77" and pro-
\oiit the Cold on , " or running
into Liv Gi'ippi- Pneumonia.
It will jiay you to keep " 77" handy ;
most persons do.
K the digestion IK poor , alternate \\lth
No. 10 for Dyspepsia ,
Indijpstlon , \ > rnk Moniiicli.
Pr lltnnplirej's Miiutliil of till Dlvcnsci nt
jout JliuiiKlst'sor Mulluil I're-o.
Nld by ( IriiBirNts nrsftil ou-n-e-olpt of SHiMi ,
oOoli. in Ji liiiinpliruy'a Moil. Co. , cor. WIN
Hani tinil .luliu Ms , .Sow YnrUi
ot HhckUrmlH , IMinples or miiKli Skin If you u
VVoiHllmi > ' ijraml folia Oinliltiiillon. A mm-
| ilu of cnch \\-oodliury'K Piulnl Scuip , I'm ml
riouiii. l > iclnl Pumlri iiiul Urntiil Orpiun with n
n-iike book un linn to uiiv a biul rkln 01
imitrct n KOOI ! coinpli n nmllpd nn iticlpt of
-'V. ' 'llniriuilnr cl7o solit n\er > wlicro , rrc.
JOHN 11 VUJOIMU IIV UtrinntolOElBt , UTVist
* iul St * N " % A OIK
* 'V'NX\/\/\/w/\/\/w > \/\\/X/VVWV > >
Octitln r 20 ivt ;
rott HI..VI .svi.i : on IIIVDJJ nv
I.ION\UI : ) ivinii : r
POIt IIKN'l lloupis in c'ouiull Hurts
Jl 1 110 PIT iiuintli ( litm HIM nna one imo of
urouml flint niu ) Kaiilpn
} 12 BO I'll lliontli Nrw store room , TOsfO on
} 'i ( "I prr mouth-in. 1 hliil t r roonn nn 1 Imrn
J8ii > pu immlli-r.th HI iiiul V\i. H. BUoil Mm
< i 00 pel inontli vllil llrimihuij ntirc roimi
JO (0 IHM niorVid Ornli un n\omie , ( , uiom
Ji 00 pci men rc niiljr * Mud iViiiom | iou p.
' ' " | v" "
} " > 31 ppr mmitl'i V MII - Irnr-.oil 5 ncics 2 milt *
fnini to\\n win tnil om-liuir Of Hie tent In
I eIl SAI.K-t'ltv 1'inpcrtv
HOO-doiM llOHV III. . ' ' Mllfi t\MI lot * 5'H
Pirth axt inontlilv ia > ntem , J7 prr month
J20l > ( .noil liium * mill lot mitnup II lu'lnnn
I iRhtli iiiul Ninth SIK t' < pu month
J.'OO ( inoil IIOIIHI' iiml lot on Clh imntie lipt p n
: " > th iiml cnii sts . monthly ptummu tt > i > ir
15 lot * In VsilOit'H mill for nlo nt n v.n low
rvuM < 5 roit AI.I-
J'i per nut * JIOicri * fnim 1 mlk-s c t > ( Oils.
\\olil tnstirn put of rnttnnntlimli count )
J2" > per mre 10 acres of KOO I fat-mine Iiml n ith
of Nooln
} 21 piriicn \Vt-ll Improuil no acre fnim tntt if
I.o\ plain ! rottu att.imlp lonntj
$2" ppr nrip 4) HUPS of tfnol farinlin ; or fruit
Inml 3 miles from Sllnpy , riommit poimtv
} J5 per line 30 notes of goo 1 finlt Hint | ili
tmall hoii c. north of IlamhuiB Turn nt
lOUIlt }
t i per UUP 40 ncns of ROOI ! bottom laml pome
timber i mlp | poiith of illy HmltH
SM per iicrr SO nups of ROOI ! bottom laml J
milts ninth of i-omull ItliifTi'
10-iicie tiacts if Inml 2 mllt south of South
Oiiiiili i win take part injment In cits tmi > -
ert >
Oooil films foi lent \pplv to
LiO.VAHl : > RVKKiriT. 10 IVitl St , r.inncll
ItlulTB , I cm ii
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toutit )
l'l\e iiml ten-lit re tracts near the clU foi cilu
Uooil chtip .N'tbiasKn Imuls for pain
v\lll tpll mi ) of Iht. aboM > propcrU on unnll
| i.iinenl ilown , bilincc In ten nmm.il pis-
Othei ROOI' ' fauns foi s illWill take pnrt trail. '
In tlt > propertj 01 smallu farms , bilame lonG
time umiinl pa > mints
mviir.iN'as rnuir , rAiui ANW GARDUN
lands for sale or icnt. Diy .1 llesj sa Pear !
The Hohlnoon Con iraturs. . Coun
cil Illuns , In Ponce ! Mithoils Ues-
tons , r,0 cents nnd upnnrd Wrlto
for prope-tns
DR. L , E. ROE ,
Ilootii : tllMitrliiiu Illnok.
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in the
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John Under ,
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It you are v\o have everything In a tree
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trees a Inrgo stock now on liaml at 18th
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ilellvereil , Now IH tuo tlmo to ilo your
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Till } I.MPROVKI )
I'or sti am boilers , furnncei * , etc * .
Tlilti giuto IH being large ly uxoil In
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Httam heating plnntx , or any pluco
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Council HIiillH , low.i.
Non-resldeutB of Iowa tiow hnvs uo exemption * * under tlio new
Code which wont into effect October 1. Wo can COM.HCT HAD AC
COUNTS UB of old , asalust MAIUUI.O or SINOLE employes of Hull-
wayfl , Express , Telegraph , Telephone nutl Sleeping Cur companies.
NASSAU INVESTMENT CO. , Council Bluffs , la

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