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- SjSPR t- * -w irxfff' * > - * a T-i w
K * ' Cocper , Flro Ins. , 0 Pearl , tcl. 372.
r Harry Murphy , coil and wood , 87 Main.
* * Schmidt's bar relief photoa are the latest.
Epconcr Grocery Co. , 323 Bwoy. Tcl. 314.
In Phrlvcr. dentist. McrrUm blk. . rom 246.
John Carey of Atlantic was n guest In the
city yesterday.
August Oldroy of Treynor was trading in
the city yesterday.
Hon. Smith McPherson of lied Oak arrived
In the -flty last evening.
Max Mnndcl of Neola Is visiting for a few
days with T. B. Lacy , Jr.
C. 0. Holnes of Sbenandoah was In the
city on business yesterday.
George F. Carey of Grant was among the
guests In the city yesterday.
Mother Vincent , mother superior of St.
Bernard's hospital , Is qulto 111.
C. F. Good anil Charley Fry of Tabor wcro
trading In the city yesterday.
There's no nlaco llko homo If your work's
done at the Bluff City Laundry.
Mcl'hersor. & need , cut flowers and de
signs' omco C Pearl st , , tol. 372.
John Pullman of Sliver City was among
the callers In the city yesterday.
Mrs. D. G. Gates , Miss Nina and'Master
Reynold have returned fromChicago. .
Girl wanted for general housework ; good
wages for the right girl. S03 7th avenue.
Hon. John N. Baldwin and Mrs. Baldwin
have returned from an extended eastern trip.
C. 0. Ilazon , dentist , removed from the
opera house to the Dr. Plnnoy office , 214 Pearl.
Buy your Thanksgiving shelled nuts and
candles at the Purity Candy Kitchen , 534
B way.
Officer Ji M. Murphy Is confined to his
homo on Bcntco street by a serious attack
ot Illness.
C. G. Saiindcrs and family will spend
Thanksgiving with Mr. Saundcrs' mother In
Frank Anderson and C. F. Davis ot Pa
cific Junction wurc In the city on business
C. M. Martin nd J. E. Harris of Thurman
Drought In two loads of turkeys yesterday
for the market.
F. C. Conrad of Mnryvllle , Mo. , stopped
' In the city yesterday and bought cattle In the
yards at South Omaha.
The bcsi is good enough for you. Noth
ing less. Send your work to the popular
Eagle Laundry , 724 Bway.
J. II. Stickler and A. T. Chambers of Far-
ragul wuro in the city .yesterday on business
with the Implement men.
Carlson's freshly ground cornmeal. best to
tie had ; call for It at your grocer's or at C.
Carlson's Wash. Av . mills.
A meeting of Command No. 14 , Union Vet
erans' union , will he huld tnla evening at the
court house In the library roorae.
For two Cays Madames Clerk and Wotzel
of I. 0. O. F building will sell silks at
35e and C5c. Center pieces at 25c.
Walter J. 'Sheldon and Luella C. Frank
lin , both of Fremont , Neb. , were united in
marriage yesterday by Justice Ferrlcr.
Carl Burrltt has Just completed a portrait
trait In oil of the late Dwlght A. Haggerty.
The painting is full life size and Is. done In
black and white.
After a few days visit In Chicago Mrs.
D W. Flagler will arrive In the city this
morning from Michigan to spend the winter
with the family ol her son , J.M. . Klagler.
( a the district court yesterday Judge Green
rendered his decision in the case ot tlie
Manchester Savings bank against Dan Car-
rlRg and others. The plaintiff Is given a
Judgment for $23,000.
The funeral services of Thomas Green ,
who was killed on a .railroad ncar Echo ,
Utah will bo hold from the residence of
the parents of Uio deceased at G28 South
First street , Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. :
The body will bo Interred in Falrview ceme
tery.A reception has besn arranged for Thurs
day evening for the foot ball teams of the
lown and Nebraska State universities. A re
ception commltteo has been selected , consist
ing of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hess , Miss Carrie
Schoentgcn , Mlsa Lulu Pinncy , Miss Sadie
Farnsworth , Miss Gertrude Bewictt , George
S. Wright , Bert Plnney , Fred Empkle and
Will Squires and will have charge of the
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hansen received
word yesterday of the death of their son ,
Julius , In Mills county yesterday morning
nt 9 o'clock. The boy was 15 years of age
and suffered three weeks with Inflammation
of the bowels. The body will bo brought
to this city and taken to Lewis township
for burial. The funeral services will occur
from a church In that township Thursday
morning at 10:30. :
C. B. Vlavl Co . female remedy ; consulta
tion free. Office hours , 9 to 12 and 2 to D.
Health book furnished. 32G-327-32S Merrlatn
N. Y. Plumbing comt > iny. Tel. 250 ,
l SUM MIxMlns ? .
Justice Burke and his court officer , Consta
ble Balrd , have received no tidings from
John Russell , the prisoner who was carried
away by a. Hock Island freight train Sun
day afternoon whllo the officer who had him
In charge was left standing on tlio platform.
The last beard of HuEscll was that ho left
the train when It slowed up before It reached
Westou and that ho had started to walk back
to Council Bluffs. Constable Balrd waited
arpund in the vicinity of the railway yards
until 11 o'clock in the vain hope that the
tnlEslng prisoner would show up. The crime
for which the young man was held to the
grand jury was a felony that would send him
to the penitentiary for several years If con
victed and it looks aa If ho had made good
vso of tbo opportunity that was providen
tially placed In his way.
William 13. Altchlson of Council Bluffs and
Mies Eliza Mary Howe , formerly of Mad ! on ,
Wis , , were very quietly married Sunday aft
ernoon In tbo presence of immediate rela
tlves and a few Intimate friends only. Miss
Howe , who was nil old schoolmate of Mr.
Altchlson , has been in tbo city for two
mo n tli B past , caring for him In his recent at
tack of typhoid fever , from which he Is now
convalescent , The ceremony was performed
by iho groom's father , John Y. Altchlscoi ,
D. D.
Hot Blast
gives even heat
with soft coal.
with soft coal.
Huse Heat
with soft coal.
equals 1 ton hard
coal ,
Does tlio work of
Holds Fire
lko a BUBO
only steve made
to ijivo tlioso tv
en ) IB ,
Bee It Running atCOLU
il Main St. , Council Bluffs.
OEO. W. niUOGS , South Oaialia.
MEATS Fine line of Moats and
Dressed Poultry for Thanksgiving at
Letohford & Graf's Market , 007 South
Malustrcot. Prices right. Tel , 170 ,
Judge McQeo Decides His Application for
Mandamus Favorably !
Count ) ' Ilonril Wan WrniiK lit
to Count tin ; VetcH from tlid
Second I'rrcluct uf tlic
Sixth \Vnri1.
Judge McGco decided yesterday morning
that the Board , of County Supervisors must
count the vote cast In the late election In the
East Omaha precinct , and ordered the board
to cancel the certificate of election Issued
to Prof. Paulson and reissue It to Prof , Saw
yer , showing his election to the office of
county superintendent of schools.
Judge McGco's decision In the mandamus
cnso was awaited wlth great Interest and
there was a largo crowd In the superior
court room yesterday morning when It was
announced. The decision sustains every
contention In every part brought up by the
attorneys for Sawyer and Is a victory for
them that called for some hearty congratu
lations from their fellow attorneys. The
board convened nt the usual hour In the
morning , but did llttlo business whllo waitIng -
Ing for the opinion. When it was received
Paulson was made n party to the eult by
agreement , for the purpose of preventing the
necessity of another action In court com
pelling him to surrender the certificate of
election. The decree was not officially
served until afternoon and the board went to
work to canvass the rejected returns. The
work proved to bo a little bit more than was
anticipated , ns It Involved the necessity for
constructing a new abstract of the entire
county vote. This was moro than Auditor
Matthews could accomplish during the aft
ernoon and the board adjourned until this
morning , when the process of counting Paulson
son/ / out and Sawyer in again will bo re
It was authoritatively declared yesterday
that the matter would not end with the an
nouncement ot the result by the canvassing
board today. Immediately after the an
nouncement Is made the board will be
served with notice that Paulson will contest
the election , of Sawyer. This \vlll necessi
tate the scanning and cumtlng of every vote
cast In the county by the members of a con
test board provided by the statutes. This
board will consist of the chairman of the
county board and one man to bo selected by
each of the contestants. These men will
presumably bo the attorneys Interested on
either sldo of the present case. Paulson re
lics upon the fact that among the 700 or SOO
republican votes that were cast for Sawyer ,
which were of necessity all scratched , there
will bo found a sufficient number Irregularly
marked to extinguish Sawyer's plurality ot
eight. It Is probable also that there will be
losses on the other sldo. In one of the city
wards there wcro forty votes cast that had
"yes" written in on the poor farm proposi
tion. These votes were all for Paulson and
if the contest board holds that they are
marked ballots and rejects them It will cut
down Paulson's vote seriously. There Is also
ono precinct In the country where Irregu
larities are alleged to have been committed
that will compel Its rejection.
F'ottinvnt ( mute Ci > nn < > * I.c'KlNla ( < ir
Already Ijiiyliipr Tlielr 1'IpeN.
The committee appointed at the last meetIng -
Ing of the executive committee of the Coun
cil Bluffs Transmlsslsfllppl association to
wait upon the management of the exposition
In Omaha and secure the rescinding of the
charge for the site for the Iowa building
has completed its work and prepared Its
renort. The report will be submitted to the
association at Its next meeting and will show
that the request made by the resolution has
been compiled with. There will be no charge
made for a site for the Iowa building and
all of the funds placed at the disposal of
the Iowa exposition commissioners will bed
d to defray the cost of the building and
the exhibit that will bo made. The commit
tee , composed of Senator Pusey , William
Moore and W. A. Maurer , received a pleasant
welcome from the exposition management ,
and before the chairman had finished mak-
Inc'tho statement of the object of the visit
assurances were given that no charges of
any character would bo made by the expo
sition management.
The Council Bluffs commltteo accompanied
Chairman Packard of the executive commlt
tee of the Iowa commissioners and the as
surances that the management had reconsid
ered the matter of exacting the 'Charge for
a. slto were given directly and officially to
Whllo the commltteo was in Omaha the
members assisted ex-Governor Packard In
locating the state building. The site selected
is one of the most prominent on the grounds ,
close by the main entrance , and the building
the state will erect will bo one of the first
oblects to meet the eyes of the visitors on
entering the gates.
Speaking on the subject yesterday Sena
tor Pusey raid : "Wo were greatly pleased
with' the reception accorded us. Although
wo had no reason to expect any other kind
of treatment , yet a committee , bearing a
grievance naturally expects some rebuffs. We
wcro given to understand right at the start
that every man interested In the manage
ment of the exposition and In Its success
was anxlqus to show the' Iowa representa
tive and the Council Bluffs commltteo every
possible consideration. The action will re
move many ot the obstacles from the way
of the largo appropriation that we will aok
from the legislature this winter. All of the
members of the Pottawattamlo delegation
In the legislature will , figuratively speaking ,
pull off their ccats and go to work from
now on and get things In shape for the con
test when the legislature meets , Iowa ought
to make oven a more creditable showing than
was made at the Columbian exposition , for
the reason that moro Immediate and greater
ultimate results will follow , The exposition
Is going to ho all otthe great success that
its originators have planned 11 to be , and
tha natural force of circumstances will com
pel the state to make an extra effort toward
a fine display. Among the transmlsslsslpnl
states Iowa stands first and her exhibit uiuat
not bo second to any , "
.Wrroliniitx Illtleu Apri
Three merchants discovered the fact yes
terday afternoon that they bad been caught
upon the venerable bogus check deal , and
each was out { 12 , On Saturday night a
roughly dressed young man eamo Into the
Boston store end purchased some gooda. In
payment ho offered a check for $1- and
received the amount pf change duo him.
The check was drawn on tbo Council Bluffs
Savings bank In favor of John Connors or
bearer and was signed by James O , Morcler.
In the lower left hand corner a rubber stamp
had been uced to stamp ia the words : "James
O. Mercler Pay Check , " The check was
numbered 47 , and the bearer explained that
Mercler was a now employer of labor , who
had not been long In the city. At Gold-
grabber's dry goods store the man presented
another check ot tbo same character In pay
ment for a small purchase and received the
remainder In cash. The third check was
passed on the Knowles Shoe company. The
checks were not banked until late yesterday
afternoon , near the close of business , and
their sourlous nature was not detected until
thev were sent to the bank for payment.
The police were not notified until after dark.
The deficrlptlcn of the man given by the
merchants differ Eomewhat , but are all close
encniKh to establish the fact that he Is the
same fellow who passed a number .of similar
checks In Omaha on Friday , There Is no suth
tmn known in tbo city arf James a. Mer
Tlinrmluy'N Koot Hull r ntrnt.
Jake L. Shourtnan of Iowa City , manager
ol the Iowa 'varsity loot ball team that is
to tattle with the Nebraska state university
team In thin city Thursday , roichcil here
last evening , The lessons received .In the
Kansas E-imes , ho says , have been or great
oroflt to the Iowa City bays , and when they
cot Into the game they are going to saw
wood from the start. Manager Shcurman
took a run down to the grounds In the Field
Club park last evening and expressed himself
as greatly pleased with Iho arrangements
for the accommodation or the crowd and the
excellent condition of the grounds.
Call and sec our special Thanksgiving art
display this week. C. B. Paint , Oil and Gloss
Co. , Masonic temple.
Colored lllHlnnl IInHMnm < Rer lilt In
( In ; llnek by n llullei.
OTTUMWA , Ia. , Nov. 22. ( Special. ) Early
Sunday morning a quarrel broke out In a
billiard hall at Main and Green streets , owned
bv Walter Davis , colored , and as a result
another colored man , John McKcnzlc , drew
a revolver and deliberately shot Davis In
the back. The bullet struck a bono and
turned Its course outward and downward ,
lodging below the elbow. It Is not known
how the quarrel started , McKcazle was
arrested at once. Davis will recover Unless
endangered by blood poison.
Stock IiiNtlditlonx.
DEB MOINES , Nov. 22. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The members of the legislative com
mittee to Investigate state Institutions are In
town on their way to Ames to overhaul the
Agricultural college. They have thus far
gene through the Institutions at Independ
ence , Fort Madison , Iowa City , Marshall-
town , Anamosa , Clarlnda and Mount Pleas
ant. The commlttcemen are : Senator T. D.
Healy of Fort Dodge , Representatives C. U.
Porter of Ccntcrvlllo and Frank Merrlam of
Manchester. The committee has more than
half Us work to do before the convening
of the legislature In January and will work
night and day henceforward. It Is given out
that the report will bo a strong argument
In favor of the state board of conjrol plan
of managing state Institutions ; that Is hav
ing a board ot probably three well salaried
commlstoncrs to manage all Institutions In
stead of n separate board for each estab
lishment , as at present. Ilealy and Porter
are strongly favorable to the plan , whllo
Merrlam Is opposed to It. The committee has
an expert accountant going through the books
of each institution for several years past ,
and has taken voluminous testimony.
SI. nix Clty'H Ncniiilnl. '
SIOUX CITY , Nov. 22. ( Special Telegram. )
The sensational disclosures mode in this
city on Sunday over the city clerk's ac
tion in dating back a notice of damages has
been the leading topic of conversation in this
city today. The local papers have followed |
the matter up very closely and it looks very
much as If there would bo an official In
vestigation of the scandal. City Clerk Jack
son -today annotticcs that ho will not resign
and says ho will not go out of the office under
a cloud. The deputy clerk has taken sides
against Jacknon and avers that n lie has
passed somewhere. The city attorney had
the deputy clerk some weeks ago mutilated
the clerk's official stamp to catch Jackson.
The stamp on the Sachs notice shows this
mutilation , which la slight. An evening
paper editorially roasts the city administra
tion and directly Implicates Aldermen Moore
and Marshall In the deal. It says that
the clerk should be forced to resign.
AfJrr till * Si
DE3 MOINES , Nov. 22. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Representative J. H. Funk ot Hardin
Is hero In the Interest of his speakershlp
candidacy. He claims pledges enough to
control the republican caucus and spare sev
eral. Thirty-one will be necessary to con
trol. The anti-Gear people have been fight
ing Funk on the ground that his election
means that the house would bo managed
in the interest of the Gear candidacy for
re-election as senator. This Funk ' denies ,
siylng ho will not bo under any pledge's
If elected. The opposition to him Is growing
moro bitter.
ArrenJ ' < i for IIlc-Kiil Voting.
ATLANTIC , Ia. , Nov. 22. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Michael Conway , living In Pymosa
township , who left the county last fall for
Illegal voting , returned within the last few
days and wag arrested by the deputy sheriff.
ire Is now out on. a $500 ball bond.
lorrn I'ri-HM Comment.
Docornh Republican : Senator Perrln ran
100 ahead of his ticket In hla home county
Chlckasaw. This is a creditable recognition
of good service for the first term.
DCS Molnes Capital : A great many so-called
changes In the Iowa code discussed In the
newspapers ere not changes at all , as a
close examination will demonstrate.
Cedar Rapids Republican : The Iowa calam
ity plank has been silenced , but the market
reports and the commercial agencies arc
singing the prosperity anthem right along.
Council Bluffs Nonpareil : The bank de
posits In Iowa have Increased over 10 per cent
in three months , a larger Increase than ever
In the history of the state. lowans are not
cnly making money , but saving It.
Burlington Hawkeye : The Omaha B o says
the Jobbers In this city have been compelled
to work their employes overtime and Sundays
to nil shipping orders. And this In Bryan's
state , where they positively deny the return
of Droeoerltv.
Harlan Republican : Up In Carroll county
the delinquent saloon taxes amount to more
than $12,000 , If the county attorney up
there would do his duty there wouldn't bo a
cent unpaid. Shelby county is fully paid up ,
and It Is announced that In the future the
tax must bo paid quarterly In advance , as
provided by law. That is the chief point in
the mulct law. If the tax Is not paid the
saloon U liable to all the penalties of pro-
hlbitlcci. The county owes It to those who
pay the tax promptly to enforce the law
fully against those who don't.
Spirit Lake Beacon : There are-three or four
candidates for speaker of the Iowa house ,
but Representative J. H , Funk , the veteran
legislator from Hardin , seems to bo consid
erably in the lead. Mr. Funk has been a
leader In legislative work for three sessions.
His largo acquaintance with men and affairs
and his parliamentary knowledge are Im-
rwrtant. Ho Is able and alert , clean and
courageous. There Is really nothing against
J , H , except his name , and In Justice to a'
znod man wo hasten to state that bo Is not
enough related to the bad man of the Bea
con to In the least Impair his public useful
TIMVII New * N'oteH.
A large warehouse 'belonging to J , B. Mor
risen In Fort Madison burned Saturday
The Northern grain elevator at Sheldon
burned Sunday morning with about 3,000
bushels of wheat ; loss , $500.
The date of the Northwestern Iowa Horti
cultural society's next meeting -December
7 , 8 and 9 , 1897. The place selected for the
mnctlng Is Sac City.
The Dlshop Telephone company has ex
tended Us telephone line east from Pralrle-
burg to Dycrsvlle | , going through Anamosa ,
Montlcello , Hopklnton- Earlvillc ,
Friends of W. IA , Welch of Oto are urging
his appointment to the position of oil Inspec
tor for the Eleventh district , to succeed
Peter 'Rellly ' of Sioux the
City , present In
cumbent ,
The 4-ycar-old daughter of Gcorgo Mcr-
schaum of Fort 'Madison ' was fatally burned
by her clothes catching fire from a small
fire In the yard1 where other children ) were
burning trash ,
Iowa constables demanded copies of the
now code under the law providing that all
state and county officers should receive
tl'em , but the attorney general ruled that
they were not entitled to them ,
The lioard of Supervisors of Wapollo
county has let tbo contract for a now county
Insane asylum to bo 'b'uljt on the cnnntv
farm , The contracts amount to about $11,500
and are all to Ottumwa men or arms.
The construction of Correctlonvllle's
water works plant Is 'being carried forward
with rapidity. The foundations for tbo
tower , which are the most particular part
ot the work , are completed. A large part of
the material has arrived and with fairly
good weather the better part of the work
will 'bo ' completed within , thirty days.
Will , in All Probxb'ility , Go to the Jury
> .
Tnle Wnfteit frmlp Shuttle linn Little
Vliillilc HITout mi'tho Proccccl-
l-nvryoi-H .Make Clos-
dEDA'Il ' RAPIDS. Nov. 22. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Another day will see the Novak
murder trial at Vlnton brought to a close
with the exception of a verdict' the jury.
Mr , Doles will conclude the last argument
to the jury tomorrow morning and 'before '
night the court will have Instructed the Jury
and sent them out to deliberate upon a ver
The story that came from Seattle , Wash. ,
that Edward 'Murray had been , scon there
allvo had but little effect upon the trial and
beyond causing a delay of thirty minutes
this morning It was passed over and for
gotten , Charles "Wood , the man who claims
to have seen ( Murray allvo In ISfcattlo the
last week , Is a man aibout 60 years old ,
who has lived In Vlnton for a number of
years and who haa a family' living1 there nt
the present time. Ho left Vlnton about
three weeks ago , stating that ho was going
to the Klondike. 'Ho had with him about
$300 besides transportation to Seattle. It Is
generally believed at Vlnton that Wood .be
came stranded at 'Seattle ' and came to the
conclusion that the best way to get back to
Vlnton was to circulate this story and that
ho would to brought back as a witness for
the defense without expense to himself.
Some , however , think he was sent there for
the express purpose of doing exactly what ho
did do and that It was a clover ruse on the
part of the defendant's friends to get a delay
and perhaps to secure a dismissal on the
charge of murder.
The Interest In the case today was as great
as over. The court room was crowded from
early morning until adjournment tills even
'Mr. ' Mllnor , . chief counsel for the defense
began his argument to the Jury shortly after
10 o'clock and. did not finish speaking until
after 1 o'clock. Ho referred to the fact that
everything went to show that the defendant
loved his family and In securing the Insur
ance policies had only sought to protect
them against suffering and want In case of
his falling off. Ho declared that no motive
had been shown tor the crime and that the
only Incriminating evldcnce < developed was
the faet that NouJc changed his name at
Omaha to iFrank Alfred , and ho contended
at that tlmo he was still suffering ! from the
effects of breathing monoxtdo gas In his
burning building.
Mr. Iloisc began the closing argument for
the state Immediately after 'Mr. ' Mllner con
cluded and spcke until 5:30 : , when adjourn
ment was taken until 5 o'clock tomorrow
morning. . v ; , '
lawn I'coplu Aw.ln'iSo ' ' SlruiiRe LliliH
on Durlc .VilvlilN.
DE3 MOINES , la. . . Nov. 22. ( Special. )
Information comes frnm Colfax and Kellogg ,
In Jasper county , that there has been a re
vival of the alrshlp'-seelng ' habit which became -
came epidemic In Iowa' at one time last/ /
year. The latest 'report iif seeing an airship
Is by a telegraph operator at Kellogg , who
says ho saw It at 11 o'clock at night. It was
very high and traveling rapidly toward the
northwest. It carried/.a , bright bluish light.
The operator at Kelldggdlnformed the oper
ator ati Colfax what he.saw and asked him
to look out for it. 'Tho latter immediately
notified the people who were In the depot
and some of the latter claim to have seen the
airship. Some of the observers who saw the
airship saw the ono that traversed the coun
try last spring and they believe It possible
that the Inventor has been hiding during the
summer , putting Improvements on the ma
chine and making it more perfect and that
he has started out for another tour of the
Milwniilccc ( FlIU'Iii Is Investigate tlic
BlKcuHe in loivn.
DUDUQUB. la. , Nov. 22. The Chicago ,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Hallway company's
agents have just completed a series of dem
onstrations In the cure of hog cholera along
the line of that road , the results of which
are In direct . conflict with statements of
government experts. They have successfully
trcatpd and saved 350 hogs owned by the
Amacia society at Amana , la. , a town on
the Kancas City division of the road. A
largo herd , owned by George W. Ellis , a
stock raiser at Arthur , la. , was also cured
oi1 the alleged cholera.
F. J. Clemens , division freight and pas
senger agent of the Milwaukee company
here , still contends that the disease so com
monly called hog cholera Is nothing but
tvnbold pneumonia , and much of the sick
ness Is caused by Improper feeding. Ho has
scores of letters from sleek raisers proving
conclusively that the company's agents are
curing and preventing the spread of the
Mnyar of MlHNnurl Vnllcy Orders
Tin-in < < > Close.
MISSOURI VALLEY , la. , Nov. 22. ( Spe-
clal. ) Mayor James has Issued a proclama
tion ordering all gambling houflca and houses
of Ill-fame In the city to bo closed.
Miss Mattlo White was quite seriously
burned by the upsetting of a lamp.
A. S. Tucker , who for the last ton years
has been head storekeeper for the Elkhorn
pystem , will move to West Chicago this
week , where ho has been promoted to a
similar position at an advanced , oalary.
The High echool foot ball loam of this
city defeated the team from Hlalr Saturday
by the score of 5G to G ,
EiiHivrii Stoolcliolilrr Culleil Upon to
1'liy Ui.
NASHUA , N. II. , Nov ; 22. The Nashua
stockholders of t'hs Sioux City Stock Yards
bank of Slcux .City , fl % , have been notified
by the receiver' that'itho assessment made
to liquidate the assetsof the association
lias been reduced fnjnjVjG to 50 per cent.
The stockholders a'r.q 'Directed to pay the
assessment on or befjpr May 15 or suit will
bo Instituted to rccpypr the amount. Stock
aggregating about $ ( $ .000 ia held here.
Illi > H of IU'H'VoiinilH. .
DES MOINE9. Nov.,22. , , . ( Special Tele
gram. ) Jesse Conway/dled today from a sun
shot wound Inflicted 'on ' * him October 30 by
Frank Klony , a Russian' 'Snlner ' , Con way and
some friends were 'gplijg along a country
road when Klony , wWo Was with friends in
a buggy , passed theriKlony reeo and , tak
ing aim , shot Conway. Klony had been
brought hero only rt 'J jv ; weeks before from
Illinois with an Importation of Poles arid
Russians to take tup places of striking
miners ,
Ciiiulliliite fur IViiHrntlnry U'arilrii.
NEVADA , la. , Nov , 22. ( Special. ) Cur-
tls A. Wood , of tills .city will bo , a candidate
for warden of the penitentiary at Anamosa
before the legislature , which meets In Jan
uary , and his friends are pushing his claims
vigorously. He is an ci-elierlff ol the county
and a successful business man. Warden
Madden , the present Incumbent of the office ,
has had thrco terms , and during his last
term there has been some complaint about
tbo management of the Institution.
Mumlell un IOTTU Hoy.
The appointment of Frank W. Mondell
of Wyoming as assistant In the land office
Is of interest here , says the Spirit Lake
( la. ) Beacon , ' This appointee wes * u orphan
boy adopted by Hov. J. II. Uplon , and llveil
on a Mrm In Lakevlllo township nearly or
quite through the 70s. Ho la remembered
by many ing an unusually bright lad , Mr.
Upton was doubtless the best educated man
this county ever held , and ho did much to
help Frank along the paths of knowledge.
Farming was not to the liking of the boy ,
so ho wont to Chicago and got work , and
somewhat later went to Wyoming. Ho made
money and acquired fame In the far west.
He represented Wyoming In the Fifty-fourth
congress and was president of the last ter
ritorial senate. It Is gratifying to know
thai Mmdcll has a heart no well as a head ,
He wiis Informed a year or so ago by ono
of the friends here that his benefactor was
In his old age In straitened circumstances.
Ho at once answered saying that ho had
lest track of Mr. Upton , and was glad to
bo of assistance to him ; that he should
never want for nnythlng as Ing .00 ho
A Scntteruil llrnitcli ot 4Iio
MvliiKIn tlic West.
The name Muskwakl la the designation of
ono ot the most Interesting among the ab
original tribes of North America , writes
Prof. W. J. McQeo , acting director of the
Smithsonian institution , in response to an
Inquiry from the editor of the Cedar Ilaplds
Gazette. The tribe belongs to the Algonquin
stock. At the time of the earliest records
by white men they wcro In what Is now
Can.ida . , near the southern end of Lake
Huron , while their own traditions seem to
Indicate that they hod reached that paint by
long-continued westerly migration , and that
they were acquainted with the country south
of Lake Ontario , and thence eastward to the
shores ot thu Atlantic somewhere north of
Capo Cod. From the point determined by
historical records they arc known to have
mlgiated westward across the St. Clalr river ,
traversing the lower peninsula of Michigan ;
soon afterward they reached thu vicinity of
Green bay , In what Is now Wisconsin ,
though It Is not known how they crossed
Lake Michigan. From Green bay they mi
grated scuthwcstward to and across the Mis
sissippi , anil occupied eastern Iowa. While
In Michigan (90 ( far as has been ascertained )
they formed an alliance with the Osaukl ,
Sauklo or Sac Indians for war purposes , and
while about Green bay the alliance seems
to have grown into a confederacy for de
fense and offense against the Sioux Indian ? .
Still later the same confederacy was main
tained In a strife against the whites , which
terminated In the Black Hawk war. I5y
reason , ot this confederacy It became and
still remains custonlary to speak of the
Indians of both the Muskwakl and Sac tribes
as the Sac and Fox Indians ; yet , so far ns
I can learn , the two tribes were not closely
affiliated In language , and were so far dis
similar in social organization and beliefs
that the alliance was never harmonious save
under stress ot war ; und disruption began
Immediately after the Black Hawk war and
ccntlnued until the tribes again became
distinct , and this despite the mistaken effort
of Indian agents and other representatives
of the government to perpetuate the con
federacy. During and for some time previ
ous to the war against the whites which
bears his name , Black Hawk was the war
chief. Black Hawk was a Sac ; but , so far
as I can gather , Poweshlek , the head of the
Muskwakl tribe , was the real power behind
the throne and Black Hawk's chief adviser ,
though he always counseled peace.
After the Black Hawk war the Indians
withdrew Into the unsettled wuntry and about
1853 the two tribes were located together on
a reservation in Indian territory ; there the
antipathy between them soon resulted In dla-
senslon , and the Muskwakl Indians gradually
withdrew , family by family , and most of
Ihcm returned to their former hunting
grounds ) on the Iowa river , about fifty miles
west of Cedar Rapids. There they acquired
land In exchange for ponies , furs , etc. , and
there the greater part of the tribe remains.
There are some 400 men , women and chll-
'dren In this main part of the tribe , and
they own some 3,000 acres of land , located
on both sides ot the Iowa river , a few miles
west of Tama' .
The name of Muskwakl means "red fox , "
or "pecplo of the rod fox. " It Is the name
by which the tribe distinguishes itself.
The Muskwakl Indians have always been
distinguished for excellence of physique and
dignity of bearing. They were always brave
In battle ( despite a curios misapprehension to
the contrary ) , though it is their beast that
they have always been at peace with white
men , save when temporarily dominated In
council In the Black Hawk war. Several
of their chiefs have become prominent in the
history of the country ; the old shoman ,
who recently died , was a friend and sup
porter of Julian Dubuque , the well known
oloncer. Through a 'combination of accidents
the desire for yeaco when the Sac Indians ,
under Black Hawk , stood out for war , the
fact that their name was commonly trans
lated into English the Muskwakl trlbo had
not received due prominence In the minds of
historians and the public. It follows , of
course , that the name is a pre-eminently fit
ting ono for preservation in geographic and
other nomenclature.
The ordinary spelling of the name Is
Musquaklo , but the orthography a'doptcd ih
the bureau Is as above ,
The Cedar Haplds Gazette adds the follow
ing regarding the Muskwakls as known In
central Iowa ; "Like the Indians of other
climes and of other days , the Musquakl had
their legends , and tbo impressions of them
are still left In the soil of Linn county , pro
vided they are true. Up the river from
Linn Junction , about a quarter of a. milt ;
above the Milwaukee crossing and half &
mlle back from the river near a lake which
has since passed Into mist , there Is an old
Indian burying ground. Many a savage
whoao wrong-doing toward the palefaces was
very slight lies here In peaceful sleep , and
the roar of railroad trains and the ruoli
of travel disturbs him not. Ho Is shooting
choicest steaks In the happy hunting ground
and his little handful of great grandchildren
know of him only In Indian song and story ,
The Muequakl had a civilized Idea of the
burial of their dead , and when some great
sachem passed away they made a panel of
wood with a lid to It , placed him Inside
and dropped the lid and covered It ovoh
with dirt. It Is said that even in this day
the graves can easily bo found after an In.
vcstigatlon below the surface of the ground ,
but nothing 'will bo found except somu
mouldy bones and decayed wood which oncu
formed the sarcophagus of the mighty bixivc ,
who was once endowed with all the Instlncta
ot his eavago brethren. And the story runa
that every twenty yearn , when the mcon
cast Its wlerd rays across the shadowy wood ,
land , the braves rso ! from their charnc )
houses and dance the war dance as In ilayn
of old , when the tramp of the white man
was yet an unfamiliar sound. The story
goes that the last epoch was In 1885 , when
some whlto men from the city , who worts
out hunting , witnessed the strange core ,
mony , According to < theBO figures the next
dance will not occur until 1905. So If you
wish to see how the Mtutquakl did < thelr
dance Just drop around eight years from
today and you will see sights about which
Slukespoaro never 'wrote , even In his blood
iest tragedies.
What Is Knoun to the old residents as
"Usher's Bottoms , " In the heavy woodland
just back of Linn Junction and In the Im
mediate vicinity of the burying ground , wao
the homo of the trlbo ' '
from 54 to 07.
They made their wigwams of bark and many
a feast of corn and dog was held beneath
the grateful ehade of tbo woodland. Indian
funerals were an uncommon sight , for tha
Muskwakl was a hardy redskin and he lived
long. So far as known but ono white man
ever beheld the ceremony over the death of
a red Muekwakl. He bad been hunting
and stumbled upon the camp unobserved. It
was the custom to kill tlie favorlto dog on
the death of a chief and this particular
canlno was tied to a tree with a red string
about 1U neck , dead as a smelt. The trees
for some distance about the camp were dec
orated with red cloth or cord and the Immo.
For Infanta and Children.
rtlste relfttlves , us they wcro suppo c < l to be ,
were rod strings about tholr iiccko ,
The. story comes to this generation throuRh
elderly cltlzets who have n distinct tccol-
lection ot the event , that old Powcshlok.
the head and front of tlie tribe , wag on the
ground during the Inundation of the Cedar
Ia 1821. Ills story In that the water rose
until It was 09 hlRh ns tlio top of the first
story of any of the 'buildings on Second
strtet , In the vicinity of Second avenue.
According to this Cedar Haplds of today
would have been n wet town and the largest
river atcainboato could ply with case np and
down the paved avenues of busy traffic.
There was a high cmbtnkmont In the block
where now rests the Merchants' National
bank. Powcehlck says that the water was
eo high at that point that four Indians
standing erect would nil Iho llttlo knoll left
high and dry nbovo the rushing river.
It la generally conceded that the Musk
wakls wcro always peaceful toward the
whites and never , so far as can be learned ,
wap the hair of a paleface raised by the
knife of these friendly redmcn , but they
often assisted them In protecting tholr
homes and their loved ones against the cru
elties of other redskins who wcro not so
Cilrl IinvM llnint ! S nil illilly. .
MAIIYVIM.I3 , Mo. , Nov. 22. ( Special. )
Del Nortucott , aged 14 , daughter of J , M.
Northcott , left Maryvlllo last Friday and her
parcnta are unable to learn where she has
cctir. This Is the third time she has left
homo under similar circumstances. She had
trouble with her parents Thursday and
Thursday night leaped from a window thir
teen feet from the ground with the evident
Intention of running away , but was recap
tured by her father.
ItiiNlncNN TrotililoM of n Day.
NEW YORK , Nov. 22. The schedules In
the assignment of J. 0. Hitchcock & Co. ,
wholesale silk merchants , who assigned Octo
ber 22 , show direct liabilities of $1,144,880 ;
contingent llat/IHtlcs , $110,000 ; nominal as
sets , $1,2GO,07D ; actual assets , $5SGGI9.
SlioolN mill KlllH \uliflilmr. .
MILAN , Mo. , Nov. 22. ( Special Telegram. )
John Dillon of Ganlt , twenty miles west ,
shot and killed Frank Drassflcld of the same
place Saturday ) night. An old feud that ex
isted In their boyhood was the cause of the
killing. i
II r. van CD Inn ( n Mexico.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , Nov. 22. Hx-Qov-
crnor Crltteiulen of Missouri , who was con.
aul general to Mexico under the last Cleve
land administration , announce : ; that lie will
leave this city next week for San Antonio ,
Tex. , where he will bo Joined by W. J ,
Bryan nnd 11 rs. Hrynn , nnd that tha three
will depart from San Antonio on n four
week's tour of Mexico. Aided by the cx-
consul'H knowledge of the people and the
country Mr , liryan will inaki' a careful
study oC Mexico's financial system.
llutti-r .Market.
DLGIN , 111. , Nov. 22. HUTTKK Straily ;
offerings , 9W tubs ; withdrawals on bids of
21c , 471 tubs ; sales , 3S1 tubs at 22c.
Small pll , rafo pill , nest pin. uo Witt's
Llttlo Early Risers euro biliousness , consti
pation. sick headache.
Survivors of Iiii < - War Iliiiii > iiilicri il
liy the Kfiit-ral ( iocriiinciit. .
WASHINGTON Nov. 22. ( Special. ) Pen
sions have been Issued as follows :
Issue of November 3 , 1S971
Nebraska : Supplemental Andrew Bush ,
Marquettc. Restoration , relpsuo nnd Increase
John E. Hopper , Falrlield. Increase-
Norman J. Painter , Smlthfleld. Ilelssue
Charles S. ilathews , Waco ; Charles Mangon ,
Io\ta : Hestoration nnd Increase Henry
Egbert , Davcnoort. Restoration anil reissue
Dletrlck MetzRor ( deceased ) , Davenport.
Restoration , reissue and increase William
McKlnley , Bartlett. Increase George W.
Parks , Cincinnati ; Hugh I , . Creighton , Oak-
vlllc ; Samuel Bowman , Davis City ; EzeUicl
Bogard , Oskaloosa ; Lewis S. Kennedy , Orll-
lia. Reissue Silas M. AVilhltc , Carroll ; Wil
liam T , Ingle , Altoonn. Reissue nnd In
crease ( special November 10) ) Thomas W.
Robinson , Manchester. Original widow , etc.
Amanda Adams , Taylor ; Amanda Metzger ,
Davenport ; ( special November 12) ) Slary A.
Stnnton , Adalr.
South Dakota : Original John Jones ,
Greenwood. Increase : Leicester 13. Goodcll ,
Sioux Falls.
North Dakota : Original -widow , etc.
Lois Parker. Winchester.
Montana : Original John G. Craln , Au
Colorado : Increase Special , Nov. 10 ,
Joachim Schlueter , Denver.
Issue of November C , 18il :
Nebraska : Original ( Special Nov. 12) ) , Ed-
mend , K. Legate , WymoroThomas ; G.
Wood , Chester ; George W. Carlton , Fre
mont. Additional George W. Cady , Long
Pine. Increase Alexander W. Alloway ,
Fremont. Reissue Andrew J. Snow , Kear
Iowa ; Original James C. Battfrson ,
Nora Springs. Additional Thomas Cum-
mlngs , Hudson ; John T. Shane , Mt. Pleas
ant. Restoration and supplemental Horace
ace Taylor ( deceased ) , Fort Madison. In
crease Henry J. Wagner , Des Molncs ;
Andrew J. Speed , Davenport. Original
widow , etc. Minor of Nelson O. Moon. Sac
Colorado : Original David W. Griffey ,
Denver. Original widow , etc. Jennie Finch ,
Montana : Original Louis Bondwny , Cas.
tie. Restoration and reissue Bear Tusk ,
Lame Deer ( deceased ) .
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For Sale by All UoIlaWo n. aloH.
Sole Agcttls for tlic United States
JOHN LINDBR , Sola Wc-Ue.ru Agt
Coun.il Bluffs. 13
October M. 1S07. I
FOR RENT Houses In Council Bluffs
JIB. 00 per month Cherry Hill und one acre of
ground , fruit and enidcn.
$12. DO per month New store room , 20.\CO , on
$ S,00 per month 1C' Third St. . C rooms nnd barn.
JC.OO per month 15tli st. nnu Ave. 11 ; good barn.
J7.00 per month120 Droadway , store room.
JC.CO per mor'j , MC ) Graham avenue , C rooms.
J3.00 per mot : n lf.C Hhlgf "street , 6-room house.
$4.00 per r .unth IIonsv on Ninth street.
JS.33 per month A w ll Imprcreil G ncres 2 mites
( rom town , will take onc-luUf of the rent In
FOR SAU3 City Property „ !
5(00 ( Good hoiifo , bar. . . - ! ' . ' . nnfi two lot Kit" i
Fifth ave. , monthly payments , J7 per month. I
J200 Good house and lot on Avenue H. between \
Eighth and Ninth Hts. , jr per month. lj *
} 200 Good houxe and lot on Cth avenue , between '
2oth and Cth bts. , monthly payments , JO per
15 lots In Wright's add for sale nt n very low t
price. J
J23 per acre 240-acre farm , 4 miles west of Qrls- '
weld , eastern part of rnttawnttnmle county.
J23 per acre 40 ucrcs of cDOl farming' land north
of Neola ,
} 2j per ncre Well improved lf.0-acro farm east of
Lovcland , Pottawattamte county.
} 25 per acre 40 acres of Rood farming or fruit f
land. 3 miles from Sidney. Fremont county.
J2i per ncre 30 ncies of Bool fruit Innd. with
Mnall house , north of Hamburg , Fremont
$2o per acre 40 ncres of good bottom land , some
timber , 2 miles Kouttof city limits.
$20 per acre 20 ncics of Ktoil bottom land , 1
miles Fouth of Council IJlufff.
10-ucrc tracts of land 2 miles coutls limits.'i
Omahn ; will take part payment In city prop-
Oood farms for rent. Apply to
LEONARD EVERETT. 10 Pearl St. , Council
muffs , Iowa.
JIT. . . 90 per acre 40 ncres of good land In Monona
Five und ten-acre tracts near the city for sale
Good , cheap Nebraska lands for sale.
Will cell any of the above property on small
payment down , balance In tun annual pay
Other goo. ! farms for pale. Will tnke part trail *
In city properly or smaller farms , balance Ions
time , annual payment * .
lands fur Bale or rent. Pay & \lf.u. 33 Pearl
llrst-clnps Improved farms nnd Inside cltv
properly. Apply to Jus. N. Cnszndy , Jr. , 2:1
Main St.
- , , - _ _ _ _ _ - .
cholco location , 13(1 ( Ilway ; nlfo the store room ,
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_ Day _ & Hess. 39 1'earl et.
The Robinson Conservatury , Coun
cil muffs , la. Correct Methods. Les
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Instructions. Albln Hiifter. ttudm
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wintering horres , plenty of eheltcr , iowl at
tention und reasonable rules. On I & Henry
Jurh'cns , Kruiikllu avt > . , udjolmni ; city limits.
NH Il5KlnKAi > , CAIIHIKI1 | < * K IJY
a ilPK. Itetuiti to O. It. OIILert & Co. , tail-
drnnlstn , 1D01 Ihoadivay ; mvunl.
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Council Bluffs , la.
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