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Cooper , Fire Ins , 6 Pe fl. tel. 372.
n. O. Berry of Etiewndoah IB In town.
J. ! ! . Dugsan of Crcston Is In the city.
' O. W. Homo of Clarlnda la a Council Uluffi
visitor. i
The Bluff City Laundry Invites patrons ti
call nnd examine their methods.
D. J. Kcrr left the city la t evening li
answer to a telegram announcing the deatl
of a brother In Illinois.
The South rirst Street Social club wll
meet this evening at the residence of Mr
and Mrs. Charles Warren.
John La Coma of South Omaha nnd Don
Gunschucks of Fullerton , Neb. , were mar
tied by Justice Fcrrlcr yesterday.
Shlloh tent , 'Xo. 1 , Woman's Veteran lie
lief union , wll ] meet this afternoon It
rarmcrs' hall In the eounty court houso.
Wo give attention to little things In laun
dry work. You get nil that Is best In flm
work o < id good service at the naglo laundry
724 Uway.
J. F. Gibson , divisional superintendent o
Iho Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul railway
lias been In the city looking utter tbo Inter
ests of his road.
County Auditor Matthews Is expected tt
return from DM Molnos toda > , where lit
lias been attending the state meeting o
county nudltori.
Judge Smith left for Atlantic yesterdaj
morning for the purpose of presiding ovci
the January term of the district court , whlcl
convenes thcro today.
N. W. Wells , president of the Omaha iS
Council Bluffs Hallway and Bridge companj
nnd whcoo homo Is In Schujler , Nob. , camt
donn to preside at the meeting of the board
ot directors.
There are a largo number of bridges In tht
city which need cepalrs , and the city en
glneer huh a force of men looking after them
The bridge over the creek at Tenth avcnui
Is bckig practically rebuilt.
Tno regular monthly meeting of the
Woman's Christian Temperance union will
bo held tod.iy . at 230 p. in. at the homo ol
Airs. II A. Ualllngcr , 721 Willow avenue. A
full attendance Is dcnlred.
The grand jury , which commenced Us
work jcstcrday , Is composed of the following
named men : J 1' . Williams , J. II. Mnsnc ,
II. Campbell , John Currlo , J. M. Dollarhldc ,
0. W. Pierce , Hobert McClrath.
N. P. Dodge has begun a suit in foreclosure -
closure ngilnst Sarah A. and George W ,
Holmes , parents of the late Gcorgo A ,
Holmes. Iho nmount Involved Is $500 anil
the property Is located in the country neai
the city.
Arthur Meglnncss , the Infant son of Mr
and Mrs. J. C. ileglnness of Hazel Deli
township , died yesterday morning at J
o'clock The funeral will be held at 1 o'clock
this afternoon from tiio residence , Intcrmcnl
at Hazel Dell cemetery.
The funeral of Edward T. McManlglll was
held yesterday morning , Rev. G P. Pry oill
elating. At the grave the regular burla
Bcrvlco of the Patriotic Order Sons of Amer
ica was conducted under the direction o !
Stymest Stovciason , state prcaldent of the
order ,
Jlrs. Margaret Tootc , Tvlfe of Sidney Tootc ,
died suddenly lost night nt her home , 1902
Avenue U. ISlio bad only been seriously HI
ono day. Death was duo to hemorrhage oi
the lungs. She was 71 years old , nnd has
lived here for many jears She leaves a
family of six children , John nnd George
rooto. iMrs. Wattle Talford of Portland , Ore j
iMrs. ! A7\o \ Hunt ot iMarshnlltown , la. ; iMrs
Hattlo Kleharty and Miss Ida Toote.
John Chandler , who was arrested en Sun
day afternoon on a charge filed by hla wife ,
who accuse 1 him of beating her , was dis
charged after a hearing In police court. The
wife was tiio principal petitioner for mercy
and the eouit listened to her pleas. Wlthta
a few hours ho was ugain taken Into custody
on the charge of Intoxication His second ar
rest was duo to a sudden ambition to cele
brate his release from Jull aud his reconcilia
tion with his wife. Ho will now have to eet-
tlo a fhio of $10.70.
nd Fuse and George II. Hathaway wore
severely bruised In a runaway yesterday
afternoon. The accident occurred In the
vicinity of the Rock Island railway depot.
The men were driving a. single horse to a
light buggy. The animal became fractious
ami In attempting to control It one of the
lines broke. ( The horse then ran up the
street at full speed. In making a short
turn the buggy was upset and the met :
thrown upon the granite paving with great
force , receiving severe bruises and sprains ,
but escaping without broken bones. Mr.
Hathaway Is an engineer cmplojcd on one
ot the ' .Mexican railroads and Is here on abort
bert visit to his relatives In thla city.
C. B. Vla\l Co. remaie icmedy ; consulta
tion free Ofllco hours , 9 to 12 anil 2 to C.
Health book furnished. 32G-327-32S Merriam
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 250.
Watur IIIllM
Discounted 6 per cent , If paid on or before
January 10th. Office open Saturday and Mon
day evenings.
AT TIIH i-.vut.
of Kiitcrtuliiuiciit Furii
fur tlie Mini } VlNKorw.
There was a largo attendance last night
at the Catholic fair. The feature ot the spe
cial program was iM. Wollman and his phone
graph. The largo hall In tbo Odd Fellows'
block Is filled with booths , where are dis
played many beautiful bits of real art work
contributed by the women and any quantity
of solid and substantial articles donated by
business men. The booths are all beautifully
decorated. The chief booths are the married
w omen's booth , Llio young -women's booth , a
bower of delicate beauty wrought of soft ,
lleccy pink material , and the joung girls'
booth , where there is a great display of
handsome and useful articles. A Gypsy's
'tent ' , made of black cloth , covered with gold
tinsel and spangles , Is also conspicuous. Ono
of the most popular places la the refresh
ment table presided over by Mrs. Harry
Plerco and < Mrs. McMenomy. The fair will
continue all the week , with a chungo of
program each evening. Tonight the feature
will bo "a rlJIculous social , " wlhero the per-
Eon -wearing the most absurd costume will
win tbo prize offered. ,
Discounted 15 per cent , If paid on or before
January 10th. Olftco open Saturday and .Mon
day evenings.
Hoffmayr's fancy patent flour makes the
beat nnd most bread. Ask your grocer for It.
City foiill .MuctliiK' .
fTho city council held a brief special ses
sion last night , the streets and nlleja c.om-
nilttco reported that the repairs to the Tenth
avenue liildgo over Indian creek would cost
moio than the committee was allowed to
expend without authority from the whole
council. A resolution was paescd directing
the committee to do the work necessary.
The St. John's nnglUh Lutheran church
society called attention to ao error of the
city assessor In returning a vacant lot owned
by the society for itaxatlon as Improved
property , thereby * adding two or three times
the amount of taxes that should have been
aisccaed against It. The council ordered the
correction to bo made.
After 'tho ' conclusion of the session the spe
cial committee charged with the work of de
ciding upon tbo appropriation and estimates
to be made for the next fiscal year met In
the mayor's office. It was practically de
cide. ) to requlro all of the heads of depart
ments to begin thu work of making cstlu.utea
of the amount of supplies that will bo re
quired during the year.
Who are Injured by the use of coffee. Re
cently there has be n placed In all grocery
etorcs a new preparation called QHAIN-O ,
made of pure g'alns , that takes the place
of coffee. The most delicate stomach re.
celves It without distress , and but few can
tell It from coffee. It des not coat over &
as much , Children may drink It with great
benellt. 15o and 5o poi Pftckate. Try it.
Ask for QRAIN-O ,
Judge Thorncll Beta the Task Before the
Connty Inquisition ,
InNlrncilniiH in thn 12ITect tlint All
lie Imiulrrd Into nn to
Tliclr OliMorvnnec of
the I.nw.
Judge Thorncll yesterday convened the
January term ot the district court. The only
work of the day consisted ot the swearing In
of the grand Jurors and the charges to them
and making the first assignment ot cases.
The chief Interest centered In the charge to
the grand Jury. The recommendations made
to the grand Jury at the last term of the dis
trict court by Judge Green resulted In the
Indictment of the gamblers In the city and
suppression of the slot machines. In Thor-
ncll's Instructions attention Is called to the
fact that a largo number , If not all , of the
saloons In the county are conducted In violation
lation of the provisions of the mulct law ,
which rendered the men conducting them lln-
blo to prosecution. The court pointed out
the duty of the Jurymen under their oath
to Inquire Into all cases ot Infraction of the
atato's laws. The court , however , took oc
casion to caution the Jury that matters oi
this kind should fco approached with the
same spirit and considered In the same man
ner as the members would consider their own
private business affairs , with candor and
The docket for the January term Is very
heavy and it all of the cases reach a hearing
the term will bo prolonged well Into the
spring months and up to the date of the be
ginning of the May term. Among the cases
that will eomo to trial Is the suit biought by
Deere , Wells & company against the GSlcago ,
MilwaukeeSt. . Paul Hallway company for
damages for the destruction by nro of the
bis Implement warehouses on South Main
street two jeats ago. The amount sued for
is $140,000. The efforts of the railway com
pany to hccuro the removal of the case from
the state to the federal court have failed ,
Judges on both benches refusing to make tbo
order for removal.
Another case will bo the hearing of the
cases against the Omaha & Council Bluffs
Hallway and Bridge company. Both of
these are suits Instituted to annul the flfty-
jear charter granted by the city council at
the last moment It had the power to excn-
ciso such authority. The first was Instituted
by the attorneys for C. C. Bump , a property
owner living In the east part of town , which
was started Immediately after the charter
was granted , and the other Is a iiuo wan/
ranto proceeding instituted In the name of
the state. Half a dozen lawjers will bo em
ployed on either side of the case. The
plaintiffs allege in their petitions that the
granting of the long time charter is against
public policy and the council exceeded Its
power when It gave the company the exten
sion. In the defense the company will use
for nil It Is worth the fact that the people
by nn overwhelming majority , more than
three to one , gave assent to the llfiy-jear
clause In the charter when they voted In
favor of the Manawa charter.
The criminal docket is light and contains
no important cases unless the Dlckerso
matter shall again reach the surface.
The following is the first assignment ol1
civil cases for trial :
Wednesday. January 12 : Julia E. Officer
ngnmst Dmpkto Hardware company ; Urn-
met Tinley against J. Flageollo ; Ulchard
W. Keeler against Manhattan Beach Im
provement company.
Thursday , January 13 : Emll Schurz
against Theodore Bachelor ; Leonard Ever
ett against Hnlbert Gore and others ; Joseph
Farrell against U. M. Duncan ; George C.
Brown against Mnry Sapp.
Triday , January H : Ella O. Plnncy
against S. U. Wadswortb and others ;
Charles Gregory against Wright , Raph and
others ; Mather Grnvelle against John Short
and others ; N. Merriam against J. W. Fer-
rler ; J. P. and Llddio Cady against T. J.
Saturday , January 15 ; C. C. Bump against
City of Council Bluffs ; George W. Hewitt
against Lars Jensen and others ; State Sav
ings bank asalnbt F. J. Day nnd others.
Monday , January 17 : City against F. S.
Eaton nnd others ; Jennie Forbes against
Prank Forbes.
Tuesday , January 18 : Citizens' bank
against George F. Wright and others ; Se
curity Savings nnd Loan association against
Josle ; P. Boekhoff and others ; George II.
Mayno against J. H. Mlllard ; Adeline E.
Witt against J. S. Smith and others.
Wednesday , January 10 : M. E. Street
against W. B. Heed ( county treasurer ) ;
Chicago & Northwestern Railway company
asninst vime ; Mary E. Street against same ;
M. C. Savings and Investment association
against A. 11 Hooker nnd others
Thursday , January 20. M. E. Hanaford
against Barbara Hall and others ; C. It.
Hnnnnn against Lake Manawa Railway
comp my ; Ernest Ilusmnn against Paul
Boquct. i
Friday , January 21 : Llnder & Filter
against John Llndt. nnd others ; Meredith
Valley Savings bank against M. J. Swan
nnd others ; Benton & Underwood against
Charles Peters.
Saturday , January 22 : C. C. Bump against
Motor company.
200 tons baled hay for sale. One to five
tens , $5 50 per ton ; flvo tons cr more , $500
per ton ; 20c per bale or G bales for $1.00.
Lougco & Lougee.
AViiler IllllH
Discounted G per cent , If paid on or before
January 10th. Office open Saturday and Mon
day evenings.
Itcul Khtnte TrniiNfei-N.
The following transfers are reported from
the tltlo and loan ofllce of J. W. Squire , 101
Pearl street :
Hannah Doyle to Mrs , Kittle. DownIng -
Ing , vvli swVi and nwU nwVi 21-
70-41 , q. c. d $1,000.00
J. B. Johnnnson and wife to Clans
Stamp , neU 17-76-38 , except 1 ncre
cemetery , w , d 8,000.00
Sheriff : to Thomas Trench , nw',1
neii 31-77-U s. d ,
George W. Llpo und wife to St.
John's English Evangelical Luth
eran church , lot 9 , block 11 ,
Ferry odd , s. vv. d CO.OO
Sarah D. Winder * to U. J. Morgan ,
lota 15 and 1C , Johnson's add. ,
vv. d 1.03
Ida Mny I lumer to James II ,
Wright , lot 3 , block 7 , Carson ,
vv. d 270.00
J , JJ. Bender nnd wife to Hannah
Mny Hair , .12 rods oft north end
lot 5 , Auditor's subd , of mv'/i neU
12-75-40 , vv. d 00,03
Hannah May Hnlr and husband to
J. E. Bender , part lot ) , Audi
tor's subd. nw'S ne'Vi 12-75-40 , vv , d ,
D A. Bl.mchard to Elizabeth
DIanchard , 23 acres se'/i nw'/i
0-75-43 , vv. a 1,000,00
C. T. Clarke to W. R. McDowell ,
v\Vi nc'/i 11-74-39 , w. d 3,000,00
Ten transfers , total . $14,717.33
llnrtrmlt-r riiarKt'il with
John Vccnker , bartender In a South Main
street saloon , was arrested last evening on
an Information filed by William Grogan ,
charging assault with Inte-nt to commit great
bodily Injury , The arrest Is the result of a
quarrel In the saloon Monday afternoon , In
which It IB alleged that Veenker struck
Grogan .with a beer glass , Injuring him Re-
vorcly. Veonker claims that Grogan was the
aggressor and that the latter tried to hit
him with a spittoon. Tlio Information was
filed In the court of Justice Ferrler , who
set the case for this afternoon at 2 o'clock
and released the defendant under $300 bonds.
l Gliurcli MroUnur.
At the annual meeting of the First Con
gregational church on Monday evening , Mrs.
H , W. Hart submitted a proposition to pay
$1,000 on the church debt , amounting to
$3,000 , provided the other members would
raise the balance , The congregation accepted
the offer with thanks , and an effort will at
once be made to secure the money needed ,
Tlio following offlcer * were elected : Cleric ,
73. S. Allen ; treasurer , E , B , Hnrtj trustei
for three years , J. O. Hlxby ; trustees foi
two years , A. IJ. Walker nnd I. S. Peck
prudential committee , N. P. Dodge , W. W ,
Wallace , J. V. Howard ! music committee
Mrs Havcrstock and Mrs. Levcrett ; ushers
C. K. Taylor , W. Klmball , Dr. Roe , Charles
Havcrstock , M , Hallsback and W. S. ( Homer ;
Sunday school superintendent , C. K. Taylor ;
assistant superintendent , I , S. Peck ; secre
tary Walter Howard ; treasurer , E. E ,
Hart ; librarian , J. H. Strock ; chorister and
organist , Miss Hester Hose.
Take In llic Town Tliorotidlilj-
Html II nny Viiliinlilo * .
The citizens have been experiencing a lit
tle run of highly successful burglaries during
the last few days. Three complaints were
made to the police jesterday by citizen !
whoso houses had been entered during the
previous night nnd robbed of contents more
or less valuable.
I , S. llcck , chief clerk at the Hock Islaml
freight hot.se , called at the station at II
o'clock yesterday nnd gave the details of a
successful raid upon his home at 720 Seventh
avenue. Ho and his family had attended
church on the preceding night , and when
trey -returned homo they discovered ono ol
the bedroom windows had been raised dur
ing their absence. A fine hunting-case
gold watch , with a valuable chain attached ,
belonging to Mrs. Heck , was missing , but
thcro was no other evidence of the presence
of burglars and the members of the family
retired without arriving nt the conclusion
that the place had been visited during their
absence. When morning came , however , the
presence of a strange nxo and No. 9 foot
prints underneath the window , with corresponding
spending muddy tracks on the bedroom
carpet left no room for doubt , The axe had
been used to pry up the window from the
outside. The watch was the only thing
On the same night the residence of Dr.
L. E. Hoe , within n block and n half of
this place , -was entered In the same manner
during the absence of the family at church.
The house was thoroughly ransacked. A
ladles' gold watch , $15 In gold and a bulldog
revolver were taken , besides a number of
smaller articles of Jewelry.
Yesterday at noon the office of Dr. Mudge ,
another dentist , was broken open while ho
was nt dinner and a search was made for
valuables. Every drawer and receptacle in
the place was opened and examined , with
the exception of the ono that contained the
gold leaf used for filling teeth. It was over
looked and remained untouched. It con
tained about the same amount of gold that
was taken from Dr. Hoe. The similarity of
methods of operation leads the police to be
lieve that the three robberies were com
mitted by the same persons , and they are
now hunting for them. A half dozen other
robberies have been committed In which the
family axe has pla > ed a conspicuous part
and the police bellevo that the parties who
committed them are residents of the city.
Dan Christiansen , a hostler emplojed in
one of the barns located near the government
building , reported to the police yesterday
that his room ID the barn had been entered
during the night and his watch taken. An
attempt was made to break Into the place
ono night about a week ago but a little dog
gave the alarm and aroused his master. A
few dajs later the dog was poisoned , and
when the robber made Ihe second trip ho
was able to get Into the room without
awakening the sleeping man.
sncLiins ins j.\VTiinu's AIIKEST.
W. D. Cmilllin ! Chnrurcil liy Ills Son
Midi Dflnir n niKunil.st.
W. D. Graham , an old soldier and nn old
timer , was placed under arrest jesterday on
the charge of bigamy , preferred by his son ,
Gcorgo M. Giaham. The complaint was
lodged In Justice Vein's court and Constable
Albertl made the arrest. The Information
charges that for the last three years Graham
has been living with a woman named Llzrle
McLaln and passing her oft ns his wife ,
which constitutes a legal marriage under the
Iowa laws. At the sanio time Mrs Santy
Graham , to whom the man was married
many jears ago , Is living in Red Oak and is
undivorced. Graham's son explained his In
terference with his father's domestic affalis
by declaring that the other members of the
family had been trying for a long time to
break up the relations between his father
nnd the woman , but without success Crim
inal prosecution was resorted to as the last
means When Graham was arrested ho was
very Indignant and roundly abused his son ,
whom ho accused of persecuting him for the
reason that ho refused to elve him some
money when ho demanded It a few days ago
Graham Is drawing a pension from the gov-
ernnment which Is all he has to live on.
Mrs. McClaln , who has gotten him Into
trouble , Is something of a public character ,
and Is known especially among the oki
soldiers mho are drawing pensions. She
has filled the office of wife to at least a
half dozen of them nnd has endeavored 14
each case to procure a widow's pension
after their successive deaths.
Graham was sonti to the county Jail in
default of beads. The grand Jury will in
vestigate his case.
n -I < oiiB'M Clinrllj Work.
Rev. Henry DeLong and wife have Just
Issued a report ot their charitable work
for the month of December. It shows that
a largo amount of good -work has been ac
complished. Food has been furnished to
219 persons and clothing to 243. The vari
ous Sunday schools have been visited in the
Interests of the American Sunday School
union and 223 families have been visited.
Much of their time has been given to the , ,
Girls' Industrial school and the interest and
attendance are growing weekly. The report
concludes as follows :
The experience of the past has taught us
that the period between now and the 1st
of April is the hardest pait of the yeai
for the unemployed poor , and In our judg
ment there should be some kind of a con
solidation of the different charities of our
city. Much labor and expense could thus
bo saved , and the grent drain cnubcd by
bmooth Imposteis working ! on the sjmpa-
tl.les of charitably disposed Individuals
could bo materially lessened , The cast off
clothing and food which the people of this
city gladly give away would , if properly
distributed , supply nil the needy persons
of Council Blulfs ,
We close the work of last year with no
outstanding debts , and wo de'slre to thank
all who have aided us In the past , and
solicit their co-operation this year In the
worlc among the unfortunate. The supply
of clothing , vegetables , jellies and canned
goods contributed at and slnr-o Thanksgiv
ing Is almost entirely exhausted , and the
need nnd demand being * greater now than
nt any time during the past year , wo would
respectfully ask that all ix-rsons who wish
to contribute clothing , food 01 cash far this
cause would kindly respond as soon as con
venient for them to do so ,
] > ulill IiiNfullndnii.
Concordla lodge , No. 52 , Knights of
Pjt'.ilaa , hold a public Installation at the
Patriotic Order Sons ot America hall last
Dvenlng , A banquet and dance followed the
Installation of these ofllcers : 'Fred ' Sherman ,
0. C. ; II. W. Lewis , V. 0. ; George Hill. P. ;
J. J. Klein. 'M. ' of W. ; V , E. David. K. of
II. and S.j T. D , King , M. of D. ; J. E. Wal
lace. M. of P. ; William Burke , M. at A. ;
M. Kempkes , I. G. ; J. Q. Smith , 0 , G.
( > | II > OH | lion < i 11 llrc-ncry.
SIOUX OITV , la. , Jan 11. ( Special Tele
gram. ) Opposition to the proposed erection
of -Immense brow cry cud malting house In
Sioux City lies developed In tiio direction of
outside- brewers aud maLsters , who annually
recelvo thousands of dollars from their trade
at this distributing point. It IKB been repre
sented to the Latrcbe , Pa. Interests , which
are preparing to build a plant and establish
a business in Sioux City , that a very largo
majority of the saloons of Sioux City either
are controlled by Milwaukee , Chicago , St.
Louis , Cincinnati and Minneapolis brewers or
are owned by tbo big brewers outright. It
Is thought that negotiations will proceed
without further delay , as thla etato or affairs
docs not exist.
Moux Cltj' Health.
SIOUX CITV , Jan. 11. ( Special. ) Tlio
report of the local health ofilcer ehows that
the death rule In Sioux City appjaru to bo
decreasing. Last year the death rote was
252 , against 347 In 1896 , Figuring a popula
tion of 40,000 tbo ratio o' deaths In 1S97 vus
only C.3 to every 1,000 Inbabltaata.
Iowa's Governor Soi Hig Message to tb (
LogislnUuo ,
T 1
He iA rltiu < m 1li < Ttit < o Ilrniy AH
Iiroprlntlcni * ! > < | u. In t ( Icii-
critlMBLiul > \ _ riiti
31 In Coinnilttvvfi.
DBS StOINDS , Jan. 11. ( Special Tclr-
gram. ) Today's event In the legislature
was the announcement by Sneaker lunlc oi
the house committees. Next to this was tl
delivery ot Governor Drake's message bcfon
stopping out of the executive onice. The
committees arc considered to have nn Inv
portant bearing on the senatorial fight twc
years hence , nnd the supporters of Ctimmlm
for senator claim to have scored a consltV
erablo vlntorjt over the Gear men In the as
signments. The Important chairmanships
arc : AVajs and means , Potter of Pottnwat-
tamlo ; Judiciary , Carr of I'olkj appropria
tions , Alerrlam ot Delaware ; railroads and
commerce , Johnston ot rranklln ; munlclpil
corporations , llrlghton of Jefferson ; hankc
and hanking , Nolle. to : L'na ; Insurance , Lndl
of Duller ; schools , Lavender ot Cnlholin ;
constitutional amendments , Wholan of Em-
Qovcrdor Drake , In his message , devotes
much attention to the state debt , the flrot
considerable one the state- has had In a
generation. In the last two jears the state
lecelpts Imvo been $4,101,78 , whllo expenses
have been $4,731,746. Interest paid was
$19u47. The debt ho attributes to evcesslvc
appropriations by the last general assembly ,
which , howovei , wore for necessary purposes ,
chiefly extending the etato Institutions. lie
reports the Institutions In satisfactory con
dition ami opposes the plan of n single board
oC control for them and recommends that n
single board bo placed , In. charge of iac i
class. Ho recommends careful scrutiny ol
every appropriation , but advises that there
Is no occasion for panic about finances. He
calculates that the debt at the end ot the
year will bo reduced from $430,000 , Its pres
ent figure , to $370,090.
The house In Joint sesslr a this afternoon
canvassed the vote for governor and lieuten
ant governor at the late election. It v\u
found to be. on governor , as follows : Shaw ,
republican , 221,729 ; White , democrat , 194,853 ;
Lloyd , populist , 6.200 ; Lelaud , prohibitionist ,
3,243 ; Cllggett , gold democrat , 4 296 ; Kremer ,
socialist labor , 87G ; total , 4J8.213 ; Shaw's
plurality , 29,876. The airaiigements foi In
auguration were completed today and the
ceiemony will take place Thursday at 2.30
at tbo state house.
George Drake's message In full Is as fol
lows :
To the Senate nnd House of Representa
tives : 1 esteem It jhU'h privilege to con
gratulate ion as thu chosen repiesentatives
of the people ot this great common
wealth. .
I congratulate jdu also oni the Improved
condition of our state nnd the country nt
large. Not for ie.irs has there been such
evidences of prospeilty , .such plowing prom
ise for the future. Uverj where the Indus
trial world Is alive 'with new activity , and
agriculture rejoices vilth commerce over en-
laigeil compeiibatlofi f9r labor anil more
generous rutuins fgr investment For the
bestowal of these blessings let us not fall
to express our gratitude to the Great Ituler
of the universe. '
rinding from thd state auditor's icport ,
miule nbout the 1st iof Januniy , 1SD7 , that n
deficit existed In the .state s ilnances In
my message to thq Twenty-sixth General
assembly at Its txtra session I qalleu
attention to the fact , and recommended
such legislation as1 would i educe expenses
and pi o vide for the enily extinguishment
of the state's Indebtedness. In pursuance
of such policy , Investigations Into expendi
tures were made and measures taken re
sulting. In quite a saving , and In cutting
down the expenses of the btate Steps
were also taken toward Increasing the
revenue , of which I will speak , presently
The receipts Into the general revenue of
iniV 2ite amou"ted , during the term to $4-
101,370 SI , and the expenditures as repre
sented by warrants drawn to J4.731.7G4 3J
Ihe exper.faes were theiefore ? G3l ,3S7 ' 49 ' lii
excess of the receipts. There v\ ere var -
rants outstanding at the beginning of the
term amounting to J7305023 , making the
? & -m-U"n. , o e\Pen < 1"ureg to be met
$ I.SOail4oS. The
, .
cash on hand nt the be
ginning of the term was { J12,837 11 , which
added to the amount of receipts above
of the treasury
, ,1 2o Out of this .sum warrants were
redeemed to the extent of I4.35S.2U 85 , and
interest was paid on warrants to the ex
tent of $19,347 44 , making1 the aggregate dls-
buiscmentt4.377.BCl 29. The cSsh In the
treasury nt the close of the term , there
fore , amounted to $3CC729G , and the aggro-
Ki'i'oof ' th ? outstanding- at rants to JH7-
-i2 ! maklng the net floating debt $41 < > ! -
This amount of indebtedness : Is largely
the effect of excessive appropriations made
by the Twenty-sixth General assembly , yet
not altogether so. This fact Is well brought
out In the report of the auditor of state.
But for the Destruction of the main build-
U1 , ? ' the Institution for Fecblo Minded
Children , an expandittiro amounting to JCO-
200 during the term , and more subsequently ,
would have been avoided. The extra ses
sion of tha general assembly , the labors of
vvJilch , In my opinion , abundantly justify
Its cost , entailed an expanse , including the
publication of the new code , of J170 497 53
The advance of one quarter's support for
the hospitals for the Insane , a measure in
the Intel est of saving expense , took $107-
p more. These three Items make the moat-
Ing- debt greater by $ m.B18 53 than It would
have been hail no such expjndltures bcun
incurred Without these expenditures the
debt would have been only $72 , " 09 24
The Twenty-sixth General assembly made
provision for meeting much of the extraor
dinary expenses Incurred by additional
levies and levying certain Indirect taxes
not heretofore known In this state
I am not disposed to look upon the largo
appropriations made by the Twenty-sixth
General assembly as unwarranted al
though some , of them , or perhaps the man
ner thereof , may have been Injudicious
at the time they were made. The. needs of
the Institutions wcio great , needs that
would have , to be mot In the early future If
not by that body. In Justlllcatlon of the
action tikcn , It may bo said thnt the time
was a favorable one for making public Im
provements. In no year , for several past ,
has It been possible to build so advanta
geously ns In do jeai 1SEC.
As another source , of revenue , I may call
your attention to. trft ) subject , alrcaay
agitated , of lnterest > on the public funds It
Is regarded by successful men of business ,
firms and corporations an good financier
ing to utIUzo all aviillubla assets , ns far ns
may be. reasonably done , for Increasing
revenues , and I am mrible to see. why such
rule may not bo applied to the funds belong
ing to the state thnt nre not immediately
needed nnd a rea > prwblo r.ite of Interest
secured by the statq rather than by Indi
viduals and corporations from thnt source.
This system sbHuw nlt.o apply to tbo
counties , school districts and munlclp vlltles
of the state. It wouldi undoubtedly opernte
sensibly to lncrot * 1 the receipts of the
Htato and local tr nsyrlea. j recommend
thnt steps bo taken , to bring about such a
system. , , v'
The present coml.itlui and needs of the
various state Institutions are reviewed at
ength , the steadily Increasing numbers of
pcoplo to bo provlfljMTi for entailing neces
sarily Increased apfo imodatlons and ex
penditures , being c , ° iuinented on. In regard
: o the penitentiaries ( ho governor recom
mended the establishment of a ( board to
have general supervision over their man
agement and the control of the expenditures ,
The question of ono board , Instead of the
many now In existence , to have the su
pervision of tbo state Institutions IB dls-
cufsod and favorably commended to the
legislature ,
The amounts asked for the several Insti
tutions of tlio state , whether as additional
permanent allowances or special appropria
tions , are aa follows ;
> Annual and
1 Specific Total
Approp'tlon Term ,
Permanent annual . $ 1B.OOO .
Improvements , etc . 41,100 101,100
For flvo jears . 15,000 .
ot Agriculture 41,475 < U7
Normal school.
Permanent , annual , , . , . , 5.1rw , , . , , , , ,
Hopalra . . , . . , , . , 1,000 11S.20
For three jenrs 25,000 . . , . , , .
OrphnnV homo . , 4S.B.V ) 4iW
Soldiers' homo 41.SOO 41,50
Home for the Hllml 34,100 34,9. >
College for the Ullnd . . . . . . . 20 COO SO.CC *
School for Dfnf 8,000 "W
Kecblo minded children. , . . 49.fi.vi 4oCi
Hospital nt < Mt. Pleasant. . 8,000 T6.7J
Annual 20,750
Hospital fit Independence "l.fiSi 71.C1
Hospital nt Clnrlnda 151,740 Ii1,74i
Hospital nt Cherokee 271,000 279,001
Industrial school , boys , , . . .ri.roo
Industrial school , RlrK. . . 1 < UOO fS,45i
I"t. Mndleon penitentiary. . 12 , < ! 00 12,80
Annmosa penitentiary 45.174 43,17
Benedict homo 12.CKX ) 1200i
Fish nnd game warden . . . . 13000 13.CKX
Omaha exposition 47,400 47,40i
Historic hall , additional. . . 21.000 24,00i
Totnli , $1,11V < 19 $1,215,31 !
Total additional annual allowance . . . $ i6XX (
The nmount proposed for specific appro
priation * Is thus $1,022,119. whilenn nnmtn
allownnco of ffi.COO or 1103.200 for the t.vc
years. Is also nsKcd , part of It permnneni
nnd part terminating ; making In nil $1,215 , '
311 for the term.
It will bo In order now to consider the re
sources of the treasury.
The auditor of stnto estimates thp receipt'
of general revenue from sources other tbar
the state levy at tl.tdl.OOO nnd from the stntt
tax nt $ iKJO,000 , making the nggregnte re
ceipts $4,011,000. The- estimated receipts fron
the state lax , however , Includes $610000. UK
product during thn first half ot the je.ai
1S90 of n levy of 2 mills , which levy vvn1-
the maximum thnt could bo applied nt lh (
time the auditor's rcpoit was made. Th <
provision of law llxlng the levy having beer
repealed , the nmount to bo received from
stnte taxes during the last six months ol
the fiscal teim will depend on the expendi
ture the present general assembly will an-
thorlre. The ordinary expenditures. Includ
ing Interest -warrants outstanding , nrc
estimated nt $3iiOO,34S , nnd thr.ro were un
drawn Bpoclnl appropriations that might be
drawn during the next fiscal term amount
ing to t55S.437.Cl.
The amount ot floating debt nt that time ,
: is above stated , was $410SJ7.77. To get the
state entirely out of debt by the m ol
July , 1KTO , would rcqulie that $3,1IOWO be
raised from taxes during thu tlscal term ,
and this would permit of no speclil appro
priations by the present general assembly.
But as the estimates nrc made for a period
about nine months of which will have ex
pired before the general assembly will make
Its appropriations , I have obtained from
the llnnnclnl olllcers of the state a state
ment of the gross tiansaotlons of the
treasury for the llrst six months of that
period. Those olllcers Infoim me that the
receipts for that period amounted to $946-
S0391 and the sum of the warrants Issued
to $99" ) 152.18 , and there are jet undrawn of
special npproprlntlons $141 , 38.91. On the
other hnncl , warrants , wcio canceled amountIng -
Ing to $ SG2G < U9I. and J15.121 CO Interest paid ,
making the total disbursements $ S77SOI. The
amount of outstanding warrants nt the
close of the calendar cnr was tr > 7iSCO nnd
the cash In the treasury $10S > , UI5.47 , making
the not Indebtedness $171321.50. Whllo tbs
net lloattng indebtedness was thus larger
by $60,493 J nt tlio end of the calendar year
than , at the closu of the fiscal term , n vcr-
theless the condition of tbo state's finan
ces Is much more favorable than nt that
time. On June : o there icmulned undrawn
of appropriations made for specific pur
poses nn aggregate of $303,13701 , which ,
added to the net Heating debt , nude a total
of actual and contingent liabilities be-
joml the amount In the trcnsuiy of $719-
285.3S. At the close of the > eir theic re
mained undrawn of thesa appropriations
only $141,313.91 , which , added to the net
debt at that time , made the actual and
contingent liabilities $012,000 44 , or $100-
G04 91 less In amount than It was six months
earlier. The expenditures of the present
year , allowing $ I40OCO for the expenses of
the session and tbo mlscell ineous Items of
appropriations usually found in the gen
eral appropriation bill , may be estimated
at $1S-0OCO To this should be added $123-
000 to be diawn , as already provided for ,
for the new hospital at Cherokee , making
the sum to be paid out & 1.9r ,000 If the re
ceipts bo estimated at $2,150,000 , and that Is
somewhat larger than , the auditor's estl-
mxte , there will bo an excess of only $ .05-
COO with which to pay off the net debt at
the beginning of the > ear , and such of
the undrawn appropriations as may jet
be called for. Of the latter , however , it is
probable that less than $100,000 will ever
be drawn on , the Items In many cases
representing balances of appropriations that
have done their work long ago without ex
hausting tha amount allowed But , ns-
Mimlne that only $75,000 ot Ine sum of the
balances should jet bo called for , the net
indebtedness nt the end of the jear 1S97
would be about $333,000 , without any
specific appropriations by this general as
sembly. To this amount should be added ,
say , JJ5.000 , which must bo appropriated for
expenditures made under authority of law ,
but for which the last general assembly
failed to provide funds. The net Indebted
ness at tbo close of the year 1S9S will there
fore approximate $370000. This being true ,
eveiy proposed additional expenditure of
public moneys should be scrutinized with
the utmost care and us little us possible b- >
allowed to be drawn befoie the s-prlng of
1S9" ) . Tbc resources and expenditures dur
ing the lattei year will depend on the ac
tion of the present general assemblj- . While
extravagance Is ever to be avoided , the
state on the other hand should never be
The weather and ciop service makes a
gr.atifjlng report of the aggregate oil prod
ucts of Iowa for the past season , showing
that the farmers are. in condition to receive
1 fair snare of the benefits of our In
creasing prosperitj' . Despite unfavorable
weather conditions in the planting season
and the scvcro drouth of the late summer
and autumn Iowa still lends all the htntes
In the production of corn , having a total
yield ot 219,4 ,150 bushels of that great
staple , harvested In the best possible con
dition. There hns been an Increase In the
acreage nnd total yield of wheat , and we
have harvested this jear 14G13)4 bushels ,
giving us a liberal surplus beyond our re
quirements for home consumption. We lead
all other states In thu production of oils ,
having a total putput of 132,571,130 Jjushels.
Our output of the staple cereals amounts to
404,20)539 ) bushels , nnd we have harvested
5301,401 tons o' cultivated nnd prairie hay
The. total value of all our soil products
which are mainly consumed In the produc
tion of live stock , dairy and poultry prod
ucts Is estimated to exceed $ :00,000-
000 a sum nearly equal to the world's
production of gold nnd silver for the year ,
and approximating the value , of the cot
ton crop of the United States. These figures
servo to remind us of the fact that our
foremost industry Is entitled to the fosterIng -
Ing care of all who are. charged with legis
lative and executive responsibilities
The development of the dairy Interests In
pur stuto during the past year has been
large. At the present time there nro only
three counties in the state without cream
eries in operation. The increase In the
number of creameries for the past year
over nnd above those that have cloied or
discontinued business la eighty-one This is
n larger Increate. than for a number of
years and indicates the effect of dairy
agitation and Information. Territory th it
heietoforo has not been considered as prop
erly a part of the daily district Is now
regarded as a good Held for development ,
and two-thirds of thu number of new
creameries have been established In this ,
elnps of territory. There are now SOI cream-
orles In the stnte , the largest number tint
hns ever been In operation , The favorable
conditions during thu entire jenr of 1S9G ,
for the production of butter , placed a mark
ho high in the quantity shipped to markets
outHlda of the stnte that it was unro ison-
able to expect that amount would bo In
creased during a corresponding period for
some time to come. But It Is now found ,
notwithstanding the. partial drouth of the
past season and the unfavorable spring
months , that the shipments to markets out-
Bldo reached 99,457,084 gross pounds , be-lng
an increase over ISM of 4,2W,44I pounds.
These shipments represent 153 620,081 net
pounds of butter and a valuation of $15-
WO.OOO , which amount came directly Into
Iowa from neighboring states nnd foreign
markets The New York market for the
year ending November , 1S97 , shows an av
erage of IS 83-100 cents per pound for fancy
creamery butter , a slight Improvunent over
the average for the previous j-ear. As 71
per cent of our shipments nro billed to New
iork City , our people are materially Inter
ested In that market.
Under authority conferred upon the ex-
ceutho council by the Twenty-sixth Gen-
trnl n f > ml > ly Ihftt body chrt n eomfnlMM
t-ornpofd of one porcon from encn ion
KrcMlonnl cllMrkt to Irtke thnrRp tit dtiil
rxhlbttd nn thin nlMo should mnkn In lh (
TrnnMnlKsls8lt > pl nnd Intermittent ) I xposl
tlon The committee nt oni.netlvely entered
terod upon thr * work nK lgned It , It hfi1
secured Rroifml ppnee for a building nnd
floor room In the halK It hn nl o done
much toward bringing the exposition to the
attention of our people.
In preparing the way for n great exhlbll
Iho committee appointed n sub-committee
to submit estimate * of the post of pre
paring , Installing nnd maintaining exhibit !
to be worthy of Iho state , .which subcommittee
mitteehns prepared n report thnt hns been
sent to mo In ndvnnco of lt i presentation tc
the committee nt large , which will not meel
until next neck. The report nsks for the
purposes of the exhibit an additional allow-
nnco of $ I-IOO.
The governor of Nebraska hns written me
ndvlslng me thnt It Is contemplated to creel
a grand commemorative nrcli , toward tht
construetlon of which each of twenty-four
states , Including our own. Is Invited to con
tribute ono course of stone ,
Iowa hns contributed much of public
funds nnd Immensely of private ro'ourtoi
toward like expositions thnt were nt such
n distance , from her borders thnt no ap
preciable return has been received for the
vn t outlay of money. It would seem , tint
this one , which Is almost within those
border" , should receive encouragement , both
public nnd private , from the people ot town ,
How the treasury , however , can bo drawn
on for nny more , I confess I nm nt a loss
to know.
The governor calls attention to the er
rors and omissions which It has ibccn die-
covered has crept Into the new code anil
recommends speedy action to remedy the
The prohibitory law of the state ns modi-
lied by the net of 1S1I If not entirely pop
ular Is nt least generally ncatilesced In by
the people as perhaps Urn one which , while
not satisfactory to either of the opposing
views on the subjc-ct , seems to meet with
least ostensible opposition In Its enforce
ment. One modification ought In my judg
ment to bo innde , In icspcct to druggists
selling Intoxicants. I recommend that n
tux of the character of the mulct levy be
Inld on nil drug stores where liquor Is
sold In quantities or othcrvvlss than In
phaimnceutlcnl piepnrntlonB. The amount
ot the tux It would bo well , In my judg
ment , to fix nt nbout half that exacted ot
the plnco where drinking Is ullowcd on the
premises ,
Tcllovv Citizens : it Is with conlldenco
that the legislative body will not bo wantIng -
Ing In devising llbernl things In the In
terest of nil the people. In avoiding any
thing like extravagance In expenditure ,
while alto avoiding that ssmblanco of econ
omy that Is only pnrslmonv , nnd remem
bering the truth of the scripture which
t.ijs , "There la that scattcieth yet In-
crenscth , and theie Is that wlthholdeth
mote than Is meet jet It tcndeth to pov
erty , " that I oloso thl * piper . Confident I
um thnt nil the Intelests of our Mtiito are
safe In your keeping ; that you will labor
for the .greatest . good , not "of the greatest
numbei" but of nil. Those Interests are
all very dear ta me.
After an VKrlciilttit-nl It > | inrliiicii ( .
DES MOIND3 , Jan. 11. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The movement for an agricultural
department of tSio state government was Bet
on foot In earnest at the meeting of the
Iowa Agricultural society today. The society ,
composed of the oPlcers of the 117 local fair
associations and the State fair , demands the
consolidation of the agricultural horticul
tural , weather , crop bureau , veterinary and
similar departments as the agricultural de
partment , with a slate appropriation , lo be
conducted after the general plan of tiic na
tion il Department of Agriculture. A bill will
bo laid before the legislature unj will ha\o
a strong support. The sessions of the soci
ety were today devoted to corolderntlon of
this plan aud the discussion of papers , etc.
It was decided to hold a fair thla > car , Sep
tember S to 17. A movement to have the
fair dropped this year on occouut of the con
flict with tiio Omaha exposition has failed of
its purpose.
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yroper'V- Apply to Jn . N , Cassady , Jr. , 2i <
Main Hit
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Reduced Prices !
New Improved
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