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Formerly Opposite tlie Palmer House
S6ih and Douglas / \TVT OAT 1 *
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Three Qualifications Essential for Success
on the Stage.
fl'llo .Voted Coiiu-illilii Ti-llH JlMv <
-il n nil Actor I.
Urmvn frnin HlH Orvu
< Cop > right. 1SOS , by 8. fl. Mcdure. )
"Were I not so sure that 1 can play the
feeding lady parts In your pieces better
than they nro now presented , " a young
woman wrote me In Chicago , a week or
two ago , "I would not offer you my services.
I aVi living with a rcHocd family as cook ,
and should yon ! not agree s\lth me as to my
dramatis abilities , they would bo glad to
taku me back Into their ( service. "
If I erred In declining to permit this lady
io substitute Sliakespcaro for Uacon and
CRKB , I hope she will at least Infuse Into
her culinary career the same patience , energy ,
talent and tact which would ha\o been cs-
cntlal to her success on tno mage. She Is
ono of hundreds of her sex who honor meter
tor I fed It to be an honor , by asking my
advice abnut life on the Htago. Many a
good cook Is rpollcsl to make a fcad actress ,
and the young men who persist In embark
ing on the theatrical ecu after passing by
the tannery or the ribbon coumer , won't
jnliul , I am sure , If I (17 to point out to
others just where they are apt to make
uhlpwrcck. Thirty-flvo years of hard work
in any profession ought to make a inan'a
experience valuable to his fellows. There
need bo no suggestion of vanity In telling
eomo of them where they may do good. The
only thing I am vain of Is hard work.
"Hard work , " to ambitious cars , may
Bound harsh. The glamor of the stage
thero's no use making fun of It , for It
cxlstcj draws toward the ftago door BO
many women who want lo exploit their
vanity , BO many men who covet ready repu
tation and big salaries , that I Komctlmes
think there are actually more aspirants for
honors lu thUs profession than In any other--
especially than In those , such as law and
medicine , wliero the laws require thorough
and systematic preparation.
Now , young man , or young woman , I'm
not going to preach to you. I get a good
deal of fun out of life , even If I am a "lectio
fclt" past HO and play under my own hair and
my own name. Uut I will tell you , my young
friends , the hard work that , according to my
theory , Is necessary to success on the stagu
110 matter how well equipped you are by
nature and education.
iNaturu did very little for mo. I am the
tint of my family on the stage , and I got
from my father , who was a mechanic up In
Connecticut , very little except the abllljy to
rwork and the determination to stick to It.
Ills name was Crane , and when , as a boy , I
made up my mlna that I wanted to bo an
octor I decided that I would still bu a Crane ,
I've never had a stage name.
So I started lu with no capital , no fine
clothes , no special education and no In
fluence. I didn't even have an opportunity ,
but I thought ono would coma If I walled
lone enough ,
I had been with the Ilolman Opera com
pany a good many years at nothing a week ,
and I mean It. when my tint opportunity
came. It was In Wltunnporl. I'a. , In 1SG3.
I > wai sitting lu ttio rtrut entrance watching
tha itaso , M I hid watched It night lu ana
night out , studying every bit of business ,
every change of costume , thinking which role
I should llko to play best , when the stage
manager told me Den Holman was 111. The
opera was 'ISonnambula , " an English ver
sion , and young Ilolman had been singing
Allessio , the basso , a good comedy part.
"I can do it , " I eaid , without n moment's
hesitation. They all looked at mo In aston
ishment , omo in amusement.
"O , pshaw , " said the elder Holirun , "you'd
have to bo rehearsed and you'd have to learn
the music. We've got to tmvo somebody
now. "
"Well , I can do It now , " I answered. "I
don't want any rehearsal and I know the
music. "
and kept right on trying to Isarn every part
In every piece In tlielr repertory , studying
until toward morning. Instead of skylarking
after the performance was o\er.
Out all the time I realized that I would
never make a musician. I didn't know the
notes. I wanted to be an actor. So I left
the Holmans and wont to Crowe's theater
and played there In legitimate comedy. I
didn't get but $20 a week , but I was satis
fied. I was learning scmieUilntr all the time
and I was sitting up until U o'clock plenty of
mornings studying tbo old English comedies ,
putting Ice on my eyes to keep 'em cpen and
pegging away at my hook so I could be per
fect at rehearsals next day.
That wan true , too. 1 had learned every
part lu the piece eltting there In the first
entrance matching the company. And I got
every laugh , and never mUsed a word or a
note. The next night Hen Holman was cast
for Ciupar In "Der Krelachutz , " the hcuvleat
ba&ao part I know of. I < ig It right
through , and the next night sing Devlltlioof.
Den heard what was going on , and he madu
an effort and catnu to the theater to take
his own part , but the cxsrticci killed him.
He died not long afterward. His Illness
gave mo my opportunity ,
I was with the Holmana for seven years ,
and when I wasa't at the theater I was wltb
Uiom At their lodging , I never leli 'cm ,
Selling From fhe
the u New York
Dry Goods Go's Store
ALL the children's immense lot of
best quality muslin ONE ' fine Muslin
drawers with reinforced
Chemise , handsomely em
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der waists , all sizes , go worth 50c.
at lOc each.
with yoke bands , handsomely tucked , others embroidery and lace trimmed , in plain and um
brella styles , all go at lie , 19c , 25c , 39c and 49c worth up to § 1.00 pair.
made of the very finest quality of Muslin and Freiich Cambric , very handsome embroidery
and lace rallied , all go at 49c , C9c and 9Sc worth up to $1.25.
Including pome of the latest styles and' niosfi elaborate embroidery and lace trimmed , at
29c , 39c , 49c , G9c and 98c worth up to § 2.00.
Worth up to
"c. " . Two Dollars.
Not much "glamor" about that , eh ;
I was taking every chance that came my
way and waiting for more. I was studying
all the comedy parts In the range of old
English comedy with the hope and on the.
chance that I might om < day have an op
portunity to play them , I remember kurn-
Ing letter perfect tevrn parto In a single
piece for I couldn't tell which one of them
1 might get a chance at aorao day ,
YJio youii men who want to "go on the
Etat'f > " nowadays da they fancy such a pros-
peel ? How many -weeks are tbey willing to
work at nothing -week with no part ? How
many years are they willing to study , on a
small salary , with only expectations ?
Why , a short time ago a young man In my
company objected to understudying thrco or
four parts. J reasoned with him and at last
I got mad , thinking ofmy own experience ,
and I said to him : ' -
"My young ; friend , the past week I was
with the Hooley Comedy company I played
nlno parttj In four nights. " That settled It.
When I made up my mind to give up
comic opera and to devote my life to com
edy I realized that I w-is giving up a good
deal of cash In hand for th sake of possible
recompense. I was looking ahead to a prco.
pcct of excellence and deliberately throwing
over an offer to have my name printed In
big letters aa flrxt comedian of the Alice
Dates company with pirttthatwould dlvldo
honaru fairly with her. Wlml Is more , I waa
giving up $126 a week fora ) salary of just
$ C5 per week , tut * little hnbro than half oa
much. ' j
A good many young njtiiiwould take that
extra JCO and Immediate'popular favor. Hut
I think It paid me not tu < jo It. I was am
bitious , ; and I > un moro | irublious ! now , to
day , than I was then , /jlndjafter I was mar
ried my wife wan more ambitious for mo
than 1 waa for m > siir. >
Ambition ? I should say1 eo. I fear de
terioration In nvy own workj | n my company ,
i. my productions , nt miit-li now as ever In
mv life. Why ? Ilccaiuci I am pioud of
what I lnivo achieved by work , sheer honest
work , work that bps ncvi.'r flagged and that
will not as long aa I am ijctlng , I am do
termlned people shan ! ) say I "got It by
luck. " It woo wcrk and ambition. "Crane's
luck , " aald Joe Jefferson not Icrig ago when ,
somebody spoke of me In that cccnoctlon ,
' 'Crane's luck ! Nornciuo ; it's ' Crane's work. "
And that's just the rcjuon why I am not
ashamed to speak of It. I hcvo never to my
knowledge said "I can play that part just
as well aa So an > 1 So. " Hut I have alwai
played every part just ai well , juat as Imrd ,
as I po'albly could ncid let the result take
euro of lleelf. And what's more , I am just
03 afraid of failure today aa I ever was In
my life , Just as taper to guard agalnet It.
That's all. my young frktida. Once started
on the stage , dont' Kr.crldce a poealblo lutuio
for prcient cash , Unn't try to star Just because -
cause you hr.vo inado a hit. Don't think
about "the glr.mor of the stage. " Don't
expect anybody to make "the opportunity of
your life" ready to your band. Study , study ,
study an > 4 wait your chuuce.
Whether you should ttart or not depends
largely on how anxious you are to ' # ork.
L > tat' you th'iJk eo ?
Some Peculiar Things Done by the Long
Distance Wires.
WfHlornorM AVIio I'ny Hound SuiriH ( n
Talk loVIviH or .SwccdicurlM
ijiKKS I'nlil to Hour u
Jlllllj'H C'OO.
"Considering the fact that millions of
miles or wk'o and half the states of the coun
try are Included In our telephone system , and
that wo have something llko 250,000 < wb-
ecrlbers , It Isn't Btraogo that oome peculiar
things happen over the long distance lines , "
said the telephone man , na he leaned back In
his chair after connecting Omaha and Now
York just to show how easy It Is to talk
across 1,000 miles.
"Tho other day the papers printed a story
of how a bank president In Minneapolis pre
sided over n meeting of directors lei Lowell ,
Mass. , " ho went on. "That waa correct
enough , but It wasn't such an unusual thing
as one might Infer from reading the account. !
of It. It has become quite tbo regular thing
for rallroa-J and bank directors who can't
get to the regular place of meeting to bo
connected wild the meeting place by wire ;
by the use of a large transmitter ho IK able
to l.ear everything that goes on nnd to take
part In the proceedings almost as well us
though ho wcro on the epot. I know , too ,
that the ( Itjtauco 'phono has been used to
clcro some of the largest commercial trans
actions that have taken place In this coun
try during the la.st five years.
"The u.so of the long distance telephone
for ci'eat business affairs seems natural
enough , for the high charges are trivial
compared with the Intem-ts Involrcj. Hut
anybody who hadn't had a chance to learn
from being Intho buslnais would be aston
ished at some of the messages that go over
the wires and for which the senders pay
good round sums In Hie way of toll.'i. I sup
pose the rcMson for this In that the telephone
la still comparatively new to most people ;
they look upon It with ! > ame.thlng of wend c
and they like to experiment with It to nee
If It will do all that Is claimed for It.
"Hero , for Instance. Is a case that wo had
laflt night and which Is one of a kind that
we get six dayo In every week. A Cin
cinnati man t.ad ccmo on to New York on
bu.ilnctH. H < ] lud evidently Just left his
train when de came to the 'phone and called
up hia Ohio house. There evidently wann t
any pcrtlcular reason fjr It. except his dcalre
to talk with lit * family. One after another
the mother and five children came to the
'phone aiid exchanged a tow sentence. . ) with
the head of the house. In such long dis
tance wtrkfirro the charfeg are high , U IB
customary for the operator to notify the
user of the wire at the end of each live
minutes of the time , so that there won't be
any confusion about the cost at the end. In
tils case the converoatKa kept dragging out
and the night manager , who Uad the wire ,
notified the man every live minutes , each
time being inn with the rcpty , 'I'll take five
mlnutm more.1 7de Cincinnati man waw de
termined that every one of his family should
hoar hU voice and ho didn't coi'e hovt much
It coat. Last of all the baby was brought
to tbo transmitter , a youngiter who could
juit Hip "Hello , I'apa , " and then the man
settled bis bill ( or J103 without a murmur ,
10,000 pieces of
the So quality ,
full pieces ,
at 3Ac yard
An immense lot of
Cotton Plaid
Dress Goods
worth lOc yard ,
go at 2 Jo
J5G inch
Indigo Blue
the lOc kind ,
at Co yard. . . .
Navy Blue and
Light Colored
Striped Dress Ducks
the 12At' kind , in
long mill remnants ,
( jo at tic yard
Best grade
plain colored
Ghambray Gingham
at 3Ac yard ,
worth 15c
All widths of
Bleached Sheeting
8-4 , 9-4 and
10-4 , tlic Piquet
quality , worth
up to 28cydat
Each piece marked
"Fruit of the Loom , "
on sale all day long
at 5c yard
doubtless feeling well repaid In ha\int
listened to his baby's coo across that dis
"Of course that's an extreme case In the
slzo of the charge , hut In other respects It
Isn't an unusual thing , especially with west
erners. It seems to me that about ono In
every ten men , whether they come from Chicago
cage or some little cross roads town , rush
off to the telephone the first thing when they
etrlko Xew York , nnd call up the wife or
sweetheart whom they liavo left behind nt
home. To the outsider their little home gos
sip or sweet nothings don't beem to amount
to much , hut I dare say it makes life pleasanter -
anter for those who nru Interested , so nobody
elBe can object to It.
"I remember a case more peculiar than
that of the Cincinnati man that happened
whllo I was manager In the Chicago ex
change. A man In the city had a fox ter
rier of which he was very proud , while the
dog was as completely devoted to him. Ho
had to go to some place In Michigan on bus
iness which kept him away for several days.
I.AH soon as ho had gone the dog began to Buf
fer from a sovcro attack of loneliness. Ho
wouldn't cat , and lay about moping until
the man'fi wife was afraid the terrier would
dlo before his master's return. Ono night
the man went Into the station of the town
where ho v/as stopping and said that ho
wanted to talk to his dog. So connection
was made with his hoiibo and the receiver
was placed to the terrier's ear. Instantly ho
recognised his master's voice and began to
frolic about and b&rk at a great rate. Two
or three times after that the Chicago man
repeated the performance and ho didn't mind
the $10 or | 12 that It cost him In the least.
"Tlicro hnvo been various fiction etorlc&
written which Involved proposals by tele
phone , but I know of at least ono Instance )
In which nucli a thin ? actually occurred.
The joune nian wo.BO pleased that when H
was over ho told me all about It. He had
been courting a girl ! n > an Ohio town , the
name of which It Isci't necessary to give
hero , and quarreled with her for panic fool
ish reaped and had como ea.it , Intending to
gall for Europe. Ho hod been thinking the
matter over on the way , decided that he had
been a fool , and when * lu- heard that an
other fellow was after the girl inado up
hla mind lo heroic measures. Fo ho oent
a moraago to the girl in king her to como to
the telephone , but not glvlnx hla name.
When ho came lo the office to keep the up-
palntroccit ho wa the most nervous fellow
I over Haw , and I'll bet tint no man was ever
more agitated In the actual prcsmco of lib
charmer. Hut ho managed to get through
the hiirtlncss somehow , and the result was BO
aatlsfactory that the first thing ho wanted
to know when , ho came out of the booth
was how soon ho could get a train hack to
the welt.
"We have a good many queer orders to
fill , and they are hecoin'og more numerous
as the telephone comcn Into more general
uae. Uist fall on opera einger had nego
tiations undc-r way with some New York
mrnagcra , They didn't want to engage her ,
however , without first hearing her voice.
Slio was alnglng In Chicago at the tlmo and
couldn't leave. The < difficulty was adjusted
by telepho"o. The manageni came to rny
ofllco , the woman sang before a big trann-
mlttcr i Chicago and her tones wore heard
with perfect clearness here In New York.
The tent was BO satisfactory that une was
engaged cci the tpot.
"The newspapers printed accounts of our
reproduction of Niagara's roar at the elec
trical expedition and of the bounds of the
grrat couod money parrdo In Chicago last
year , and , an I eay , ouch orders are becom
ing moro numerous.
"Ono class of men with whom the long
distance telci'liono U In high fa\or are the
politicians. Perhaps It IB because they
prefer to trunk to spoken words rather than
written onta , oveu wherg tUuo la not a
Immense Bargains in Ready-Made
Sheets and Pillow Slips
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Muslin Sheets
full si/o shoots , .it. .
Special Bargains in
India Linoii
3(5 ( inch and 40 inch widths ,
full pieces , no remnants , at
All the balance of our stock of
Wrapper Flannel
Sold as high as 19c a yard
to close out will go tomorrow
consideration ; perhaps It Is becausn of the
facilities which the telephone gives for
keeping in constant touch with events that
are occuilng at distant places , hut certain It
is Hint the politicians are among our most
liberal patrnna. During the last presidential
campaign Major McKlnlcy kept constantly In
touch with the republican htnlqimrtcru both
In New York and Chicago by means of the
telephone , nnd he. received the ( list olllclal
notice of his election In that way. When
Important bills are under consideration In
Albany the telephone wires cannectlng that
city with certain officcu In New York are
f.opt hot most of the time. The .1)lg ex.-
changcs keep close watch of the tariff
legislation and financial dlscurolons In con
gress In the same way. President McKln-
loy , by the way , Is the first chief magistrate
to muko regular use of the telephone In the
Whlto House for communicating with lila
caiblnot ofllcera and congressional advisors.
When he wants to speak to them , Instead
of bending for them , as his predecessors did ,
ho stepa to the 'phono with a 'Hello , Gary ! '
or 'Is tint you , Gage ? ' and thereby saves a
lot of time.
"Sonio little tlmo ago some citizens or
Montclalr , N. J. , anxious for Home now
for.ii of entertainment , hit npjn what they
called a 'telephone symposium. ' They ar
ranged for special quick ccnncctlonB and
then listened to short speeches , songs nnd
jokcu from a dozen different parts of th
country. Tlicro was a regular tlmo schedule
and the range of cntcrtJlnment extended
all the way from Cuynhoga Falls , O. , to DOS-
ton. It was voted a great success , and iihown
the poeslullltlcs In one of thn , as yet , un
developed fields of tclephono usu. "
John P. Allaire , who was ono of the party
civ Fulton's first steamboat , died In Haiti-
more Friday at the ago of 83 years.
William Rarle Cooke of I'orlnmouth , It. I. ,
who haa Just celebrated his lOIat birthday ,
Is cald to bo the old cat Methodist and oldest
I'reo Mason In New England.
Thomas Ilobbp , now living In North Hamp
ton. Vt. , at the ageof 02 , In ono of the few
pereciu who saw Marrjuli il I/ifayetto lay
the cornerstone of Dunltcr Hill monument
Juno 17 , 1825.
On Heiirll : Ilism's 70tli birthday , which
will occur on March 20 , a complete German
edition of hU works will be published at
Ilerlin , In n noolnmiM , under the editorship
of Dr. Julius Kilos.
The Michigan chapter of the Daughters of
the Revolution linn just presented gold
spoon * to two real duaghtcra of revolutionary
soldier. ! , Mrs. Harriet Kcltoi , aged 85 , and
Mr . Do Wolf Toll , aged 100.
General John A. Illraham , a member of
the Thirty-eighth congrrm uud president of
the court which tried Mrs. Burratt for con
spiracy against the life of Abraham Lincoln ,
la now 82 years old and utmost penniless.
Mr . Salllo Bhlver of Ocorgla baa 235 llv-
liiij children , grandchildren n ] great-grand
children. She has ueveaty-flvo descendants
dead , making a to'al of 310. She vUHu each
of the survivors every two jears and the
event In al\va > H duly celebrated.
A cor/.emporary of N'apolecn , against whom
ho fought In several battles , hat ) just dltil
In the IluJufulva Comltat , In Hungary. The
old man's name was Alexander Kublnyl and
ho had reached the remarkable age of 114
years. Among other engaKcmmU at which
ho was present wen the atrnggle at Lclpilc ,
In 1813.
Charles L. Tiffany , the fainouj Now York
jeweler , has puscd liki SGth birthday. On
arrlv'ng at the store lr > Ihu niornliiK ho
found hlB ( look banked with flowers , from
one bunch of which hung a cord bearing
tlnte words , "Hearty congratulation * anil
bf t wIshcH from the. 'bujw , ' " mcaaltiK the
employes. Among them li CharUa T. Cook ,
who boa been with Mr , Tiffany for over IHty ,

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