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TIT13 CWAIIA DAILY INflE : KPtNDAV , ViaiHWAIlY 27 , 1808.
it. ! ! > < ! , liy II HUT
Ptlnrr Aalnl , rrnmlHuii of the mlKity Solj-
inon , Jotmr'j's to the nix-lent city ofAm -
bop In sntiUiiMslclii Africa with a caravan
timler the vnnitniiii < l of Melctn , n Phopnl-
HIII who Hprvi-K lllrntn. king of Tyro.
A/l I niul Motom ilrop behind their com-
ji.inim.H niul nip it overtakes tlicin just us
th" Pity of their plkrlmnpp la within sIpM.
1'nroiiNolniiHly t icy halt near one of IhoBrovos
111 il liy the heathen In worship of the K > il
Jl-inltls , tinil overhi'ir l2llH n , daughter of
HnVon. Eovernor of Hlmbae , at her prayers.
A KiK "lir lilnck mitn slonli Into tln > wood
niul attempts to rarry off the nnlilcli. but
Is Ull ! " 1 l.y Aziol In nn exciting mill. Ullssa
thru K < iv B IK Ktilflc nnd conducts Azlcl nnd
Mct in to tnunlps cf tin1 city , when- they
nip HIP ! l > y tKnulmr , a I.eMto priest , who
iiphrnlils nnd t minis the prince for travel
ing In conipiniy with 11 heathen woman.
Is "bur hud romp out to pieet the Brand-
ho'i of Hnlomon. but , on llmlliif ? him with
Mil n nnO hearliu ; the story of the mlven-
t r . In HIP Krovi * of llnaltls. repudiates
Azli'I anil iloelnics there can be no iieucu
betwi en them.
Two houis had gone by and the Prlnco
A7li'l , together with hln ictlnuu , the ofllcers
of tlie caravan , nnd many other guests , wore
rated at a urcat fc-ifit made In their honor
by PaVon , the governor of the city. The
feast was held In the large pillared'hnll of
Sakon's house , which was built beneath the
noitlirrn wall of the temple , and not nioro
than u fi w paces from Its narrow entrance ,
throngli which , In case of alarm , the In-
hahltattU of the place could fly for wifely.
All down the hall were placed tables , where
6at m > ro than 200 feaslers , but the principal
Ruct s were seated by tlicmsclvcu at the
head of the hall upon a raised daU. Among
them V.PTO Sakon himself , a middle-aged
in nn stout In bulli\ \ and thoughtful In face ;
hli daughter Kllsn , sonic other noble lailles ,
end a M.-orc or nioro of the notables of the
city nnd Its ourroumllng territories. One of
tlutio strangers immediately attracted tlio
nttentlon of Azlcl , who was In the place of
honor at the right of Sakon , between him
and the lady Hllstn. This man was of
largo stature and about 10 jears of age. The
magnificence of Ills apparel mid the great
gold chain sot with rough diamonds which
hung about his neck showed him to bo a
pcrmn of Importacicc. Ills tawny complexion
KUggratcd that ho was of mixed race , a con
clusion which lite features did not belle , for
his brow , nose , and uheek bones were
Semitic In outline , while the full , promi
nent eyes , and thick , sensuous lips could with
equal certainty be attributed to the negroid
type. In fact , ho was the son of a native
African queen , or chieftalncss , and a noble
Phoenician , and his rank was that of nb-
boltito king and hereditary chief of a vast
nnd imdorflncd territory which lay around
tint trading titles of the whlto men , whoioot
Zlmboo was the chief. This king , who was
named Hholnl. Azlel noticed , seemed angry
and 111 at case , whether because ho was not
satisfied with the place which had been al
lotted to him at table or for other reasons
lie could not at the time determine.
When the meats had been removed and the
fiobl"fs filled with wine , men began to talk ,
till presently 'akon called for silence , and ,
3 icing , addressed Azlcl.
"Prince , " ho said , "In the name of this
Krcat free city for free It Is , though wo
acknowledge the king of Tyro as our suzerain
I give you wolcomu within Its gates. Here ,
for In the heart of Libya , wo have heard of
Solomon , the glorious and wise , your grand
father nnd of the mighty 1'haraoh of Egypt ,
iwhoso blood runs also within your veins.
I'rlncc , wo are honored In your coming , and
ifor the asking 'whatever this land of gold
can boast Is yours. Long may you live. Slay
'tho ' favor of the gods you worship attend you ,
end In the pursuit of wisdom , of wealth , of
war , and of love , may the good grain of all
ibo garnered In your bosom , and the wind of
prosperity winnow out the chaff or them be
neath your feet. I'rlncc , I have greeted you
on It 'behooves ' mo to greet the son of Solomon
nnd Pharaoh. Now I add a word. Now I
Krect you na a father greets the man who
lias saved his only and beloved daughter from
death or shameful 'bondage. ' Know you ,
friends , what this stranger did since to
night's moonrlso ? My daughter was alotio
yonder without the walls , and a savage set
on her , purposing to bear her away captive.
Ay0 , and this ho would have done .had not
the prince hero given him bat'tle , and , after
a fierce light , slain him. "
'Wo great deed , " broke In the King
Ithobal , "to kill A single savage. "
"No great deed , you say , king , " answered
Sakon , "Ho , guards , bring In the body of
the man and set It before us. "
There was a pause till presently eight
men staggcroj up the hall bearing with them
the corpse of the savage , which they threw
clown on the cdgo of the < lals , atlll covered
nvlth the leopard skin mantle.
"Ilohold , " said one of the bearers with
drawing the cloak from the huge body and
pointing to the sword which transfixed It , lu
added , "and ee what strength heaven glvej
to tlio arms ol princes. "
Such of the guests as wcro near enough
rose to look at the grl/zly sight , then
'turned ' to offer their congratulations to tin
conqueror. Hut there was ono of them
the King Ithobal Who offered none ; Indeed ,
ns his eyes full upon the face of the corpsu
they glow alight with rage.
"What alls you , king ? ATO you Jealous
of uch a blow ? " asked Sakon , watching him
"Speak no nioro of that thrust , I pray
you , " tald Azlcl , "for It was duo to the
weight of the man rushing on the sword ,
which afterward J could not 11 ml the power
to dislodge from hla breastbone. "
"Then I will do you that service , prince , "
sneered Ithobul , and setting hh foot upon
the breaat of the corpse , with a sudden
effort of his great strength ho plucked out
the sword and cast It down upon the table
before him.
"Now ono might think , " said Azlel , flushIng -
Ing with anger , "that you , king , who do n
courtesy , mean a challenge. DoubtUws , however -
over , U lu I who do not understand the
annnners of this country. "
"Think what you will , prince , " anawcroij
tlin chieftain , "but luirn that ho who lies
dead there at your hand , you pay , was none
other than the btin of my mother's sister. "
"Is It ? " Azlel "then
> replied , you are
surely well rid of a cousin who inadet It , hlii
( business to ravish maidens from their
Jiomou. "
At t lie-so words Ithobal sprang from his
neat , laying his hand upon his aword , but
'before ' he could apeak or draw It , the gov
ernor , Sukon , addressed him In a voice of
"I'caco , king , " ho paid , "nnd remember
that the prltico hero Is my guest , as you
are. If that dead man was your cousin , at
Icnrt ho well deserved to die , not 'by the
linml of onu tof royal blood , 'but ' by that of
the executioner , for ho was the worst of
thieves a thief of women , Now tell mo ,
king , how came your cousin hero , so far
from home , since ho was not numbered lit
your rctlnuoT"
"I know not , Snkon. " answered Ithobal ,
"nnd If I know I would not suy. You tell
mo that lie \\-aa a. thief of women , which In
Phoenician eyes must be a crime Indeed ,
Po ihd It ; but thief or no thief , I t-.iy that
them In a blood fued between me and the
man who slew htm , ami were liu Solomon
himself , Instead nf a prlncolet of his line ,
ho would wy bitterly for the deed. Tomorrow -
morrow , KaUou , I will see you -bcforu I lenvo
for my own laud , for I have words to upeak
to you , Till then , farewell. " lAud rising.
ho strode down the hall , followed by his
The departure of King Ilhofoal In anger
was the Signal for the breaking up of the
" 'Vhy Is that half-bred chief so angry with
mo ? " nskcil Ariel In a low voice of Kll ?
ni > they followed Sikon to another chamber.
"Ilec.iUFo ho set his dead cousin to kid
nap me , nnd you thwarted him , " she an
swered , looking straight before her.
Ariel made no reply , for nt that moment
Sakon turned to speak to him , and his face
was anxious.
"I crave your pardon , prlnrc , " ho said ,
drawing him aside , "that you should have
| met with such Insults nt my board. Had
It been any other man 'by ' now ho would
have rued Ills wonlo , ibut thia Ithotoal Is the
terror of our city , for If he will he can bring
a hundred thousand men upon us , shutting
us wlrhln our walls to starve , and cutting
uo off from the working mines whence we
win gold. Therefore , in this way or In
that , ho must bo humored , though now , " ho
added , his brow darkening , "he demands n
price that I < im loth to pay , " and he glanced
toward his daughter , who stood watching
them at a little distance , looking most beau
tiful In her whlto robes and ornaments of
"May you not make war upon him nnd
break his power ? " asked Azlel with n strange
anxiety , for now he guessed that this price
was ncuo other than Kllssa , the woman
whom he had rescued , and whoso wisdom and
beauty had stirred his ticart.
"It might be done , prince , but the rl.sk
would bo great , and we are hcfc to grow
rich In trade , not to make war. "
"I have a better and a cheaper plan , " said
a calm volco at hla elbow , that of Motcnt ,
"and It Is this : Slip a bowstring over the
bruto's head us he l\ca \ snurlng and pull It
tight. An eagle In a cage Is easy to deal
chninoful that such a ono should dara to think
of you , still , since he Is a man , I cannot
blamu him overmuch. IJut why should he
press his suit In this fashion , Instead of
openly , ns a king might do ? "
"Ho may have pressed It openly and been
refused , " she replied , In a low voice. "IJitt
If ho could have carried mo to some far
fortress , how should 1 refuao him there ,
that Is , If I still lived ? There , with no price
to pay In gold or lands , ho would have been
my master , and I ehould have been his
sliivo till such time as ho wearied of me ,
and that Is the fate from which you have
saved mo , prince , or rather , from death , for
1 nm not ono who could bear such shame at
the hands oP a man I hate. " >
"Lady , " ho said , bowing. "I think that
for the first time In my life I am glad to
night that I was born , "
"And I , " eho answered , "who am but a
Phoenician maiden , am glad that I ehould
have lived to hear ono who Is as loyal In
thcughc and soul as he Is In rank , speak ! tome
mo thus. Oh , prince , " she added , clasping
her hands , "If your words are not those of
empty courtesy alone , hear mo. for you are
great , and It may bo In your power to glvo
mo aid. I'rlncc , I am In a sore strait , for
that danger from which I prayed to bo de
livered this night presses me hard. Prince ,
It la true that Ilhobal has been refused my
hand , both by myself and by my father , and
therefore , It was ! that he strove to steal mo
away. Hut the evil Is not done with , for the
nobles of the city and the priests of El came
to my father nt sunrise and prayed him tliat
ho would let Ithobcl take me , seeing that
otherwise In his rage he wouldsjnake war
npon the city , and when a man placed as la
my father must choose between the safety
of thousands and tlio honor and happiness
of ono poor girl , what will hla answer be ,
think you ? "
speak wisely on this matter ns on all ethers , "
answered Azlcl , "but still 1 do not under
stand. "
"Then I will speak more clearly , prlnco.
How comes It that I find you alone with this
beautiful sorceress , this worshipper of the
ihe-devil , Daaltls , with whom you should
scorn even to speak , save such words as
courtesy demands ? "
"Is It then forbidden to me , " asked Azlcl
angrily , "to talk with the daughter of my
host , a girl whom 1 chanced to save from
death , of the cus'oms of her country nnd the
mysteries of worship ? "
"Tlio mysteries of worship , " answered Is-
sachar , scornfully , "Ay ! the mysteries of
the worship of that fair body of hers , that
Ivory chalice filled with foulness , whereof If
a man drink his faith shall be rotted and his
soul poisoned. The mysteries of what wor
ship was It , prince , that caused you but
now to lean toward this woman as though
to embrace her , with words of love upon
your tongue If not between your lips ? Ah I
these sorceresses of Dnaltls know their trade
well ; full they are of evil gifts and of the
wisdom given to them by the fiend they
serve. With touch and sigh and look they
can Htlr the blood of youth , having much
practice thereto , till It seethes within the
veins and drowns the conscience In Its Hood.
Nay , prlnco , hear the truth. Till moonrlse
you had never seen this woman , and now you
love her. Deny it. If you can deny It on
your honor acid I will believe you , for you
urn no liar. "
Azlel thought a moment and answered :
"Issachar , on this matter you have little
right to question me , yet since you have ad
jured mo by honor. I will bo open with you.
I know not If I love this woman , who , as you
say , Is n stranger to me , but It Is true that
my behig turns toward her like a llower to
the sun. Till to lay I had never-seen hei ,
yet when my eyes first fell upon her face
with , but once on the wicig the matter Is
different. "
"Thero Is wisdom In your counsel , " said
Sakon In n hraltat'mg voice.
"Wisdom ! " broke In Azlel , "ayo , the wis
dom of tlio assassin. Wuat , noble Sakoai ,
would you murder a sleeping guest ? "
"No , prlnco , I wpuld not , " ho answered
hastily. "Also , such a deed would bring the
tribes upon us. "
"Then , Sakon , you are more foolish than
you used to be , " said Metem , laughing. "A
man who will not dispatch a foe whenever ho
can catch him , by fair means or foul , is not
the man to govern a rich city , set In the
heart of a barborous land , and no I shall tell
Hiram , our king , if ever I llvo to see Tyro
again. As for you , most high prince , forglvo
the humblest of your servants If ho tells you
that the tenderness of your heart and tiio
nobility of your sentiments will , I think ,
bring you to an caily and an evil end , " and ,
glancing toward Ellssa , as though to put n
point upon his words , ho smiled sarcastically
and withdrew.
At this moment n messenger , whoso long
whlto hair , wild oye.s and red robe an
nounced him to bo n priest of El , by which
name ttio people of Klmboo worshipped Baal ,
entered the room and whispered somethkiR
Into the ear of Sakon that seemed to disturb
him much.
"Pardon mo , Prince , and you , my guests ,
If I leave you , " paid the governor , "but I
have evil tidings that rail me to the temple.
The Lady Haaltla Is seized with the black
fever , anil I must visit her , " And ho hurried
from the chamber.
This news caused consternation amcng the
company , and In the confusion that followed
Ita announcement Azlel joined Ellssa , who
had pitued on to the balcony of the house ,
and was ecated there aldne , looking out over
the moon'.lt city and the plalr.3 beyond. At
his approach she rose In token of respect ,
then set herself down agian , motion'us to
him to do likewise ,
"Glvo mo your wisdom , lady , " ho said ,
"I thought that Haaltla was the goddess
whom I henrd you worshiping yonder In the
grove. How , then , can Hho be Htrlckrci with
a fever ? "
"Sho la the Bodiless , " Ellssa answered ,
smiling , "but the Lady Ilaaltls Is n woman
whom wo revere na the Incarnation of the
goddess upcn earth , and , being a woman ,
In her hour ho must die. "
"Then what bccomeu of the Incarnation of
the goddess ? "
"Another Is chosen by the college of the
priests of El and the company of prk'.stMstu
of llaaltls. If that UiJy Ilaaltls who Is dead
chances to leave a daughter , generally , the
lot falls upon her. If tx > t , upon auch uno of
the noble mnldd-f as may be chcson. "
"Doea the Lady lUaltla marry , then ? "
"Yea , prince , within a > car of her public
consecration t\\o \ \ must chaoto herself a hus
band , cad ho may bo whom she will , pro.
vlded only ho Is of white blood nnd docs
sacrifice to El and Ilaaltls. Then , when eho
has mined him , ho takes the tltlo of Shndld ,
and for eo long as his wlfn uhall live ho Is
the high priest of the god El , end clothed
with the majesty of the god , as his wife Is
clothed with the majesty of Ilaaltls , but ,
should she die , another take , } hid place. "
"It la a strange faith , " said Azlel , "which
tcacheu that the God of heaven can find n
homo In mortal 'breasts. Hut , lady , It U
yours , so I shall say no more of It , Now ,
tell mo , If you will , what did you mean
when you Bald that that barbarian king ,
Ithobal , eet the t\i\agc whom I rilew to kid
nap you ? Do you know this , or do you only
uuspect It ? "
"I suspected It from the flrot , prlnco.
Moreover , I read It In his face an ho looked
upcn the corpse , andi whan ho perceived me
among the toasters. "
"And why should ho wish to carry you
away thus brutally , lady , whan ho U ut
peace with the great city1
"Perchance , iiriice , after what pasusd to.
night , > ou can guess , " "tie ucdwcrcd , lower
ing her eyc ,
"Yes , lady , I can auras , and , though It U
"Now , " said Azlcl , "save that no wrong
can rlpht a wrong , almost grlevo that I
cried shame upon the counsel of Jletem.
Fair lady , be sure of this , that I will give
nil I have , even to my life , to protect you
from a. fate which you dread , and at which
I shudder , all I have except my soul. "
"All , " she cried , "all except your soul ,
Would that I could find the man who would
give me both life and soul , for then , wert
ho but < i slave , I would love him as nevei
men was loved since Baaltls mounted yonder
heavenly throne. "
"Wore I not a Hebrew I should be templed
to eeok to take you at your word , lady , " he
answered , smiling , "but , being one , I may
not risk my eotil , even wcro auch a love na
yours within my reach. "
"Nay , prince , " the broke In , "I did but
Jest ; forget my words , for they were wrung
from a heart distraught. Oh , < Ild you know
the terror of this man that oppresses mo you
would forgive me all , a terror that this nl&tit
lies upon me with a tenfold weight. "
" \Vliy so , Mdy ? "
"Doubtleis because It Is nearer , " she
whispered. But her beautiful , pleading eyes
cod quivering' lips seemed to belle her wonls
awl say , "Because you are nearer , and a
change has come upon me. "
For the second time that day Azlel'a glance
met hers , and for the second time a Htraiigc ,
now pang thot was more than Joy , dud yel
divine , snatched at his heart strings , taking
I'rom dim the power of speech and almodt ol
"What was It ? " he wondered vaguely. He
had seen many lovely faces and many noble
women Ind shown him favor , but why had
none of them stirred his being after thK-
sort ? Could It bo that this maiden wan slit
whom ho was dealticd to love above all upon
earth , nay , whom tie did already love ?
"Lady , " ho said , taking a step toward her ,
"lady " And ho paused.
She bowed her dark head till IICT gold-
bedecked and scented hair fell upon his feel
and answered :
"I hear you , lord. "
Then another volco broke upon the silence ,
a clear , strident volco , that said :
"Prince , forgive me , If for the second time
this day I sr-ek you , but the gueats have
gene and your chamber U nude ready , and.
not knowing tdo customs of tha women ol
this country , I did not guess that I should
find you alouo with ono of them at such an
hour. "
Azlel looked up , although thnro was little
need for him to do so , fee well ho know that
volco , to see the tall form of the Lcvite
Isnachar atandlng before them with cold
anger stumped upon hl > 3 face and shining In
hU eyro.
HlUsa saw also , and. with some murmured
words of farewell , she turned and went ,
leaving them together ,
d'lAPTBtt IV.
For a moment there \\as alienee , which
Azlel broke , saying :
"It seems to me , Issachar. that you are
somewhat overzealous for my welfare. "
"I think otherwise , prince , " .replied the
Levlto strcnly. "Did not your great-grand-
sire , Solomon , rtlvo you Into my lucplnu ,
and shall I not 'ho ' faithful to my trust , and
to a higher duty than any ho could luy
upon mo ? "
"Your meaning , Issachar ? "
"It Is plain , m-lnco. but I will set It out.
Solomon i > ald to inn yonder In the hall of his
golden jialaeo : 'Monoid , to otherb. men of
war , I have given charge of the 'body of tliU
my grandson , to keep him safe. To you
Issaclmr , I glvo charge over hU soul , to keep
It safe a higher task and more dlflleult.
Guard him , Issachar from the temptation of
strange doctrines and the whisperings of
fetrange gods , but guard him most of nil
from tfco wiles of strange women who .baw
t.'ii ) knee to Baal , for such art * the gate of
gohenna upon earth , and thojc who filer by
It stall find their places In Tophet' "
"Truly , my grundslro should be able to
yonder In that accursed grove. It seemed
to mo that I had been born only that 1
might find her. It seemed to mo that for
ages I had known her , that forever aho waa
mine , and that I was hers. Oh , tell me ,
Issachar , what Is this ? Is It but passion
bomi of youth and the sight of a fair woman ?
That cannot be , for I have known others aa
fair and have passed through pome such
fires. Tell mo , Issachar , you who are old
and wise , and have seen much , what Is it
that overwhelms mo ? "
"What Is It ? It Is witchery. It Is the
wllo of Beelzebub waiting to snatch your
soul , and II you hearken to It you shall pass
through the Jlre through the flro to Moloch ,
If not In the flesh , then In the spirit , which
Is to all eternity. Oh , not hi vain do I
fear for you , my son , and not without reason
uas I warned In a dream. Listen. Last
night , ns I lay In my tout yonder , upon the
plain , I dreamed that some danger over
shadowed you , and In my sleep I prayed that
your destiny might bo revealed to me. As I
prayed thus I heard n volco saying , 'Is-
Faclur , since you seek to learn tlio future.
Know that ho who Is dear to you shall bo
tried In the ( Ire , Indeed. Yes , because of his
great love and pity ho shall forswear 111' ' )
faith anil with death and sorrow he shall
pay the price of fin. '
"Then 1 was troubled and bewught heaven
that you , my aon , might ho saved from this
unknown temptation , but the voice answered
me :
" 'Of their own will only can they who
wcro ono from the beginning bo held apart.
Through good und 111 let them uork each
other's woe or weal The goal Is sure , but
they must chorea the road. '
"Then ns I wondered what these sayings
might mean the ilarlcnes ? opened and I saw
you , Azlel. standing In a grove of trees , while
toward you , with ouU'ttctched hands , drew a
vclli'd woman , who 'boru upon her brow the
golden how of Ilaaltls. And tire lagcd about
you. Rod In the lire J 'beheld many things
which I have forgotten , and moving through
wao the prlnco of death , who slew and slow
: and spared not ; and I awoke heavy at heart ,
I knowing that there had fallen on me who
love you u bbailow of doom to come. "
In thcso latter days any educated man
would net aelilo Isaachar's ulhl vision aa the
vaporlngs of a mind distraught. But Azlel
lived In the time of Solomon , when men of
his , nation guided tholr steps by the light of
prjphecy , and believe ! that it was the pleau-
tire of ( i.'d , by means of dreams and nonden
and through thu moullM of his chosen necrj ,
to declare liln will upon earth. To this faith ,
InJi'cl , wo atlll 1'oIJ fuel , at least , so far aa
that | tl J crj people are concerned ,
thnl we acknowledge Inslah , DavM and the !
rampmiy to Ime b i-i In pltr.l fr nn auote
Of that company I sArhnr the Lcvltc w.r
ono , for to him , from hln 'youth up. > ok-i
had spoken In the \ \ .itcheat < the night , niu
often ho had inured his winnings and de
nunclntlnns Into the rnrs of kings an 1 pro
plr.v telling them with no uncertain \olu
ef the ooti'sequpnrpg of sin and Idolatry , am
of punishment to come. Th ! Ariel , who hni
been his ward nnd pupil , knew well , am
therefore ho did not mock at the prleM '
dream or set It aside as naught , but bone
his head und listened.
"I am honored. Indeed. " he said with hu
mlllty , "that the destiny of my pror soul an
body should be a thing of weight to th
chornblm on high. " .
"Of your poor soul , Azlel , " broke In Issa
char , "biow that soul of your , * of whirl
> ou speak TO Unfitly Is of as sroot volu
In the cyrs of Him who mndo It as that r
any cherubim who atlll looks upon hli
face. The angels who fell were the fir ?
ntid Rro-itest of the nngels. niul though novo
\\o bo clad lu mortal shape In punUhmen
of our sins , again redeemed and Rlorlflr
wo can become among the mightiest of thel
hosts. Oh , my son , I bseech you , tun
from this woman whllo there Is yet tlmt
lest to you her lips should bo a flip o
woo and your soul shall i y the price o
them , sharing the hell ot the worshipers u
Ashtcroth. "
"It may bo so , " eald Azlcl , "hut , lesnohar
what sail the volco ? That this woman o
your dream nnd Iero one from the begin
nlng. Issachar , you believe that the La it ;
Elista li she of vhom the volco spoke , < nu
you bid mo turn from hr because she ull
bring me to sin nnd punishment. In truth
1C I can I will obey you , since , rather thai
forswear my faith , as the voice foretold ,
would die u hundred deaths. Nor do I hi-
llcvo that for any bribe ot woman's love
shall forswear It In net or thought. Yet I
such things came about It ls fate tin
drives mo en , not mylll and what mai
can lice his fate ? But even though this lad ;
bo she whom 1 am doomed to love , > ou sa ;
that because she Is heathen I must reject
her. Shame upon the thought , for If sin
Is heathen It Is through Ignorance , and t
may bo mlno to change her heart , llecius. .
I stand In danger shall I suffer her \\lio wui
and Is and shall be of mo to bo lost In tin
hell of Baal , whereof you speak ? Nay , yom
dream Is false. 1 will not renounce m ;
faith , but rather will win her to share It
and together wo shall triumph , and that :
swear to you , Issachar. "
"Truly the evil one has many wiles , " an
swcrcd the Lcvlto , wringing his hands , "atv
I did 111 to tell you of my dream , seeing thai
It can bo twisted to servo thi > purpose ol
your madness. Have your will. Azlel , ant
reap the fruit ot It , but ot this I warn you-
that while I can 11 ml a way to thwart It
never , prince , shall you take that witch to
your bosom to bo the rum of your lit. niu
soul. " ,
"Then , Issachar. on this matter there Is
war between us ? "
"Ay , there Is war , " said the Lcvltc , nm
left him.
CHAPTER IV. Continued.
The nun waa already tilgh In the heavens
when Azlcl awoke from the deep and dream
less Bleep which followed on the excitements
and exhaustion of the previous day. After
his servants had waited upon him and rebel
him , bringing him milk acid fruit to eat. ho
dismissed them and sat himself down by t'ne
casement of his chamber to think .iwhlle.
Below him lay the city of lint-fooled houses
Inclosed with a doubh ? wall , without'tho ring
of which were thousands of straw huto ,
shaped like beehives , wherein dwelt natives
of the country , slaves or bcrvatits of the con
quering Phoenician lace. To his Tlqht and
not more than a hundred paces from the gov
ernor's house in which ho was , icao the
round and mighty battlements of the temple
whore tfie followers ot El and Ilaaltls wor
shipped and the gold refiners carried en their
business. At Intervals on Its flat-topped walls
stood towers of observation , alto natins ; with
pointed monoliths of granite and sojpstone
columns supporting vultures , rudrly carved ,
emblems of Baaltls. Between these towers
armed soldiers walked continually , watching
the city below and the plain beyond , for ,
though the mission of the Phoenicians he.o
was one of peaceful aln , It wea evident that
they conaldo ed It necessary to bo always pre
pared fee var. On the hillside above the
great temple towered another fortress of
stone , a citadel deemed to bo Impregnable
oven ft-.ould the temple fall into the hands
of an enemy , while on the crest of the pre
cipitous slope , stretching as far to the right
and left as the cyo could reach , were many
smaller detached fortresses.
The scone beneath him was a busy ouo ,
for a market waa being held on an open
square In the city. Here , sheltered from the
sun by grass-thatched booths , the Phoenician
merchants who had been his companions In
hs ! Icug and perilous journey from the coast
wcro already lu treaty with numerous cus
tomers , hoping , not In vain , to recoup them
selves amply for the toils and dangers which
they had survived. Beneath the booths were
spread their goods : Silks from Cos , bronze
weapons from Cyprus , linens nnd muslins
from Egypt , beads , Idols , carvcn bowls ,
knives , glassware , copper rods , pottery l all
shapes and charms made of glazed faience
or Egyptian etone , bales ot the famous pur
ple cloth of Tyre , surgical Instruments , Jew
elry and objects of toilet , scents , pots of
rouge end other unguents for the use of
ladles , In little alaba.ster and earthenware
vases ; bags of refined salt anad 1,000 other
articles of commerce produced or Ptored la
the workshops of Phoenicia. These they
bartered for raw gold by weight , tusks of
Ivory , cstrlch feathers , and girls of approved
beauty , slaves taken In war , or In some In
stances maidens whom their unnatural par
ents or relatives did not scruple to sell Into
In another portion of the square pro
visions and stock , alive and dead , wcro being
offered for sale , for the most iiart by natives
of the country. Hero wcro piles of veget
ables and fruits grown In the gardens , racka
of varloui forts ot grain , bundles ot green
forage from ti > o Irrigated lands without the
walls , calabashes full of curdled milk , nnd
thlrlt native beer and trusses of reeds for
thatching. Here , again , were oxen , mules
anil anjcs , or great bucks such ns we now
know as eland or kulloo , carried In on rough
Illtcra of boughs to bo disposed of by parties
ot oavago hur.tfiinon , who had shot them with
arrows or trapped 'them In pitfalls. Every
eastern tribe and nation seemed to bo rep
resented In the motley crowd. There stalked
gavagra naked except for their girdles and
armed with huge opsaro , who gazed with be
wilderment on the wonders of the mart ot
the white man. There moved grave , long-
bearded Arab merchants or Phoenicians 'n
their po'ntcd caps , or bareheaded , white-
robed ERpytlans or half-bred mcrcenarlin
clad In mall. There was no end to their
anxiety , while from them came a verry bnbel
of different tongues 0.1 they cried their
wares , bargalno ( land quarreled.
Azlel gazed at this novel sight with Inter
est , till , nil ho was beginning to weary ot It ,
the crowd parted to right and loft , leaving ; i
rlear lane across the market place to the nar
row gate of the temple. Along this lane
advanced a proecsslon of the priests of El ,
clad In red robes , with tall caps upon their
head.'beneath ' which their hair hung down
to their shoulders. In their hands were
glided rods , and around their necks hung
Kolden chains , to which were attached cm-
blcniii of the fiod they worshipped They
walked two and two to the number of fifty ,
chanting a melancholy dirge , ono hand of
each priest reeling upon his fellow's shoul
der , ami as they passed , with the exception
of certain Jews , all the rpectators uncov
ered , while some of thn more pious of thorn
oven fell upon tholr knees.
After the priests came a second procession ,
that of the priestesses of Baaltls These
women , of whom there were a great num
ber , were clad In whlto ami wore upon their
heads a gauze like veil that fell down to
their knees nnd was held In place by a
golden fillet surmounted by the symbol of
a ere pnt moon , instead of the golden rods
however , each of them held In her left hand
a growing stalk of nmUo. from the sheathed
cob of which hung the bright tasrel of Its
bloom , whllo to her right wrlat a milk whl'o
dove was fastened by a wire , both corn and
dove being emblems of that fortuity which ,
under various gulEei' , was the real object of
the worship of thcno peonle. The sight of
those whlto veiled woman , about whajp cres-
ernt-decked heads the dove # lluttercd wildly
striving to bo free , wss very strange and
beautiful as they advanced , also singing a
low and melancholy chant. Azlel searched
tl'elr faces with hl oyea whllo they passed
slowly toward him. and presently hl heart
bounded , for thorn among tliim , claaplng
thu dove aha t'nro to her breast , as though
to still Its frightened llutterlngg , was the
Lady Kllfctn. He notlrcd that as Bho went
( beneath the palace walk she glaneod at thn
window place of his chamber , but without
seeing him. for ho vntncatcd In the "latlow
Presently tlio lens Uno ot prlestr-bra , fol-
( Coutlnued on Page Nineteen. )
It Away S
Shell I
You arc right in using1 Wool Soap for woolens. All
careful people must do that. But you are wrong in putting
Wool Soap away until the next washing day. You lose
nine-tenths of its value.
It is impure ingredients that make other soaps shrink
woolens. But these do more than shrink wool. Used on
fine goods of any hind , they cat the fabric. Used ou the
skin , they roughen it and redden it.
Used on the face , they spoil the com
Other makers of soap haven't ' our
secret. All soaps except Wool Soap
have some injurious ingredient
enough to shrink wool ; enough to
harm the skin.
Whenever soap touches the skin , or
fine fabrics , or wool there's where
you need
"Wool Soap Is an ! Tcellent article , and every woman will bo benefited by
using tt.-HELBtt M , lUiiKEii , Trcas. Nat'l W C. T U.
on face nnd hands produce the Fame re
sults nfl an nxo on the bark of n tree. Gull-
do Is your barlt. Unrnred for , It la worse
than the proverbial bltn Anil as It m-oulil
bo uncomfortable to guard f.ico and hands
by a substantial enclosure use
Rose and
Cucumber Jelly
That la better than n sheltering fence. It's
cheaper , not In the way , softens , soothes the
chapped skin , removes redness nnd rough
ness , eradicates wrinkles , destroys blackheads -
heads , Is not etlclty. More , It flRhts tha
wind nnd cold of winter. It Is the best ar-
mnr against the broatr. of frost. I3y Its
cool , refreshing touch It prevents sore ,
cracked pkln. It heals all parts exposed to
the chllllns blasts of out doors.
25 cents largo bottle and sold wherever
winds blow.
Your name to ui free mtnnle to yon.
Detroit , Michigan.
For sale by
Boston Store Dra * Bepi.
O.UA11& ,
WlIliKT ( iOINd Tf XliW YUIMC Oil
Soldi Trains , , hupc'rl > ICiiulpinitiit ,
Dining Curs u la Cnrlr. sernery
liuulo of thn
IIiinilsDlni'Ht Trnlii lu Ilifl World.
For AdvertiHlnj ; Mutli r and Other
Inroriiiittliiii vrltn to
J. A. ft. Ilii' : , . W. I * . A , '
JIN Nollltl flurt < hi. , t'lilrnun , III ,
\ . \ . iiitAitu , iv. i * . A. , nmruiii , .v. v.
CHAN , ti , I.ICH , Ceil. EnnDOii > rer A ent ,
I'iillllllelphla , I'll. '
Steel I Pennyroyal Treatment
in the oriRinnl nnil only FHKNCII ,
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ket. 1'rico. $1.00 ; eont by muU.
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Poudt'r , nmrnfiirturiM ! by I > rrmdtolo lbt JOHN
II. WOOIJIHJJiy. M W cl ht. , N. Y. , will
render the complexion t'lonr Soft nnil Jlenutl-
ful A Kiinipli * of eiich Hulll'Unt ' foi tlirce Wft > k'a
luc and HUmtrated Hook an care of cumiilcxlon
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Primary , BetonJary or Tertiary DI/OD
I'OlhON ptrnunently
Cured in 15 to 35 Days.
You can be treated at homo for iam *
price und'r same iruaranty. If you prefer
to come here we will contract to pay rail
road fare ami liolel blllt , and no ohurci
It we fall to cure ,
taken mcrcurr , Iodide potniti and ( till
Jinve echea and palm , Mucoui I'atchea In
mouth. Soie Throat , I'lJnplen , Corpi-r Col.
-jrerl gpou , Ulceri on nny part of the
tindy. Ililr or Hyebroni falling out , It I *
lhl Becondnry
We Guarantee to Cure
We eollclt the mnt obstinate cue * nd
chullenKD the world for a cam we cannot
cure This dlieane has nlwayi barlled the
kill of tha moit eminent phyelclani.
1500.009 rapltnl behind our unconditional
guaranty , Absolute proofs urnt ecaled
on application , 100 pnee book tent frt ,
Addre a COOK UUMUUY CO. , 1-101
Mnuuulu Tcii > i > lu , Chlciiuo , III.
Home Industries
Hy PiiriOiiiMlnK ( ioinl * > In l - "I ! > - Kol-
. - Km-Kirkt'i.
11)-\vliiif .V'lirnil.-n
' Awning Co. )
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nain Kt. , Otimlia.
OMAHA itui.\vix < : ASSOCIATION.
Carlonil Flilpments made In our own .rffrU-
irator cars , ll.uo HIWjJii. KIIIP uxpoitleniia
Kxport anil Family Import Uell\er il to all pails
o : the city.
. . . ,
u.vci.ii : COKXIOI : WOIIKS.
Manufacturer cf Galvanized Iron Ooinlcps. rial ,
xntilzed lion fcM IlKlitH. Tin , Iron nni S ntt
ItoolliiB ABcnt for Klnnenr's Steel telllne.
ltii-10-12 Norili Eleventh street.
Wholesale CmcUer Manufacturers.
IVOKICS. ir.ii niii st.
DyclnB nnd denning of garments nnd Roods of
c\cry description. Cleaning of line garments a
Pl.OUn J1IL1S.
S. P. OilMAX.
Flour , Meal , Feed , Bran , 1013-15-17 North 17th
Street , Omnha , Kcl > . C. C. lllack , llnnaKCr.
Telephone 532.
ino.v WOHKS.
Iron mill IlriiNH Kouiulrrx ,
MnnufncturerM nnd Jobbers of Machinery. Oen.
ernl repalrlnc n specialty 1501 , 1D03 and 1005
slrccl. Oumlia. Neb.
Manufacturers old process rnw llni e < l oil , kettle -
tlo boiled linseed oil , old pioctss ground linseed
rukFp , eround and screened lln\pccd for ilruu-
Elbts. UMAHA. Niil.
i , . n. uui : : * .
Manufacturer IViunses. Couchre. Mattrejye * Job-
lier of Bnrlntr llcds and rcathcrs. 1207 Nicholas
Manufacturers of high grade Mattrcsso , 1202-M
VIcholiiB Btrent , Omaha.
ICAT/-.MVi'3XS COMl'A ' \ V.
Mfgrj. ClothlnR. Pants , fililrls , Overalls.
Exclusive custom shirt tnllnrn , HID Kiunnrn.
Manufacturers of Vlnrfiiir , 1'lcklei , Cutnupn ,
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WILLIAM I'l < 'I'2ll < 'iit.
For a Rnod auhitantlnl "htolc of any rlencrlp.
flan , for repalntlni ; or luhhcr Urea on new or old
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M reels.
Thenp. medium priced nnd tony cnrrlncrs.
Any thing S'"u want , rruonil dnnd or new. Head.
qtiartu-M for laliber tlriti.Anrrunted. . IStli und
11 unity , OI > IIOMI > > Oourt Home.
1.1011 , I'lll lliHlm-
Full lln < - of Currl K > s , , I'haclon . Pan *
Curls. Wheels ruljLcr tired. The hc t Is lh
IID.M : A : co.
Jjirneit facto'y In the weti Lendlni ? Jmib r
< f Omaha Kanvai cilv , Lincoln and .41. Joii'pU
uancjit o1 r too.l * . lee : Fiinmin ftlrcet
? | I wlllulaillrt.- !
i iucl"iu | I'ltHH a iirctirliillnn with' fnl
ll'jmfor itulckli | > rl\luciir"fi > r.fi > t Munl > i
KUit ! . < , , ( - , Ken u DoMlliy. Small W
! > . V.rlrwrl.He- . . II Vk'rUji.Mt |
mail or UrUKuUta. Kvcry ilrop I * nurlh It *
wultiht. In fold when ) ou ceid It. AUilr i > i.
1'luiiUllu JIluu , Dcjn , Wl Mew Vortt.

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