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Figures for the Last Six Months of 1897
Just Given Out
Coinitnrlnonn TvHh ( Mlu-r I'crlmlM Slunr
Hint ( InSlnlc U G'oinliiK Otit f
the Drtr | < * NHlon nnil ( irttln ?
on Sollil ( Iroiitul.
WNCOI.N , Feb. 2G. ( Special. ) The Hu-
rcMi of In.lustrlal Statistics has Juct com
pleted the compilation of the mortgage rec
ord of the Mate , the only counties missing
from the table being Ilamier and Grant.
The period covered Is the last six months of
1S97 , and the record of mortgages rclcif-ed
os comiiared with those filed Is the best
( ihowInK ever mndo since the counties began
sending In thp mortgage reports. The total
statement ot farm and city mortgages U as
follows :
Kind. Ntimhfr. Amnun
Fnrm , filed r.r,7i,5fi7tl
Farm , rolc.t'cd S.ITl 7.iV.ri :
City , niod 2,212 1 > VVO
City. rolenRpd WJ 421'ifllS
The total number of chattel mortgage" filed
during the same period Is 39,209 , amounting
to $22.112,242 Number released , 23.788 ,
amounting to $7.41C,87fi The number of
sheriff's deeds and foreclosures for Mie six
months was 80S on farm property and 533 on
city property.
For the first sK months of' 1897 the num
ber of farm moitgngcs filed was C.i'SD ,
amount , ? 6r,7,34 ; released , 8,001 , amount ,
$7,210.240. City mortgaged filed , 2,182 ,
amount , $ lS83,17r , rclc-ised. 2,9nfi. amount ,
R198.173. Chattel mortgages filed , 4G.9SS.
nmnunt , $12,720,210 ; released. 22,071 , amount ,
$ CS1S3. ( ! ! Number of foreclosures , farms ,
1,048 ; city property. 711.
For the full jear 1S9C the showing was ns
follows- Number of faim mortgages filed.
12,695 , amount , $12,013,117 ; released , 12,121 ,
amount , $ ll,30S.4firp , City property , mort-
Ragen filed , l.fi'l. amount , $1,411,1V ) ; re-
letRed , B,45fi , amount , $0,8SI.927 Chattel
mortgaffs filed , 9I.C93 , amount. $19,472,922 ;
reloaded , 30.M ! ' , amount , $7,137,018. Farm
foreclosures , 1,424. city foreclosures , 1.353.
The labor bureau IH sending out blanks to
the assessors to l > p used In gathering the
labor and Industrial statistics Kach blank
contains the following explanatory state
You ire hcrobv notified thnt , according to
the iirovMnriH of nn net to amend sections
6 and 7 of chnpter xxxlxb , Compiled St.itulp- ,
of Ni'lii.iskn. entitled "Iniltistrl.il Statistic" . "
anil c-rrito a now si-rtlnn to ! m numbered 1M
of s.ijd eli iptor , and to iepe.il yeetlons "and
7 of mild clwyter ns they now Htand , In force
April 11 , ] S'I7 , you are required to make anil
return to the iis > ip Kor of your precinct a
nlrlenient of vour occupation , nml If .1
farmer or in inuf.iettticr , the products of
your farm or fnetoryduring the last vear
nml If a wnpo vvoiker the time you have
lioen employed during the last ye.ir , and the
wages > ou Inive received for the same.
A number of the assessors have written to
Inquire whether they aio compelled to
gather these statistics , calling attention to
Die fact that they arc allowed no extra
compensation for the work. The letters
wcro referred to the attorney general , who
( wrote the following letter to the deputy
commissioner of the bureau1
My Dcir Sir I have > our favor of the
liith Inst. n"klng whether or not nssessoi.
nnil county elcrlfw are leqiilred to perform
tlio duties'Imposed ' upon them with ic peel
to lalior statl-itliM. not vltlMtnmllnir thnt no
i-x.lia compensation IH allowed therefor. My
reply IH thnt they are , The duty of an olll-
clal l-i not determined by the fact tint his
salary l illowed for the thlnfr which he I"
required to do , but l < determined by the pro-
vlolons of the lavs Impis-InK those duties.
C. J. SMYTH , Attorney General.
The applications from peiscns who drnlre-
to organize compinles or liold commissions
in case of war with Spain continue to come
In , both to the governor and to the adjutant
general of the National Guard
The application for a requisition for C. J
Grable , cashier of the defunct Crawford
bank , did not como up for a hearing todiy ,
cud has been dropped , for the reason that tha
complainant has FCCII Grable and "Is con
vinced that ho Intended to do no wrong when
} io gave him the worthies check , "
Governor Holcomb today received a draft
of $ fi,432.DO from Major J. M. BermlnRtiam ,
KC ieral treasurer of the National Home for
Disabled Volunteer Soldlccs. The money
represents the quarterly payment of the gen
eral government for the support of the
eoldlers' domes for the three months ending
December 31 , 1897. The Grand Island home ,
with 1C9 Inmates , receives $4,22.r , and the
Ttlllford home , with forty-nine Inmates , re
ceives $1,225 , less $1750 , the deduction being
on account of peimlcn money which goes to
the Mtlford Institution on account of otic ot
the Inmates.
The Woman's club will meet at the club
roccns Monday afternoon , and the program
Is of moro than usual Interest. It will In
clude music by the Ideal .Mandolin club , a
ti paper on the "Causes of the Ptirltnn Emlgra-
'tlon" by Mrs. W. C. Henry , a vocal solo by
Miss Jesslo Lansing , a paper by Ann Hutchl-
eon and Mrs , S. L. Upton , aviolin solo by
jtlprt Ina Ensign and a final paper on "The
Bettlccs of the Connecticut Colony" by Dr.
Dr. Ruth Woods left Lincoln today for the
east , where aho will visit a few weeks a d
then go to Ruropo to spccid two or three
years In traveling and sight-seeing.
The Hast Lincoln Literary society , com
posed of about sixty young people. Is doing
eonm good work In the way of literary re-
IVlcws and debates.
The Lincoln Wheel club will take Itn Initial
run for the > ear tomorrow , ( he route being
to Lincoln Normal , University Place and
Ilovelock. The principal object of the run
( will be to decide upon a course for a road
rare which will be held this spring ,
Carl C. Rnqburg , Instructor in mateiematlra
at the University of Nebraska , will speak
tomorrow afternoon at the Young Men's
Christian association meeting on "Thlnps
iWhlch Make or Unmake Life. " There will
nleo bo a musical program
flrrloiiH llt-NiillH SoiuetliiiCH Knllnw KB
Hue ,
Common soda la all right In Its place and
Indispensable In the kitchen and for cook
ing and wanning purposes , but It was never
Intended for a medicine , and people who
tieo It as such will some day regret It.
Wo refer to the common use of soda to
relieve heartburn or sour stomach , a habit
which thousands of people practice almost
dally , and ono which Is fraught with danger ;
moreover the soda only gives temporary re
lief and In the end the stomach trouble gets
. worse and worse ,
The roda acts as a mechanical Irritant to
the walls of the utomach and bowolu and
case * are on record where It accumulated In
the Intestines , causing death by Inflamma
tion or peritonitis. ,
Dr. Ilarlaiuhon recommends as the safest
end surest cure for sour stomach ( acid d ) -
jC | > aIa ) an excellent preparation Bolil by
drugglrts under thu name of Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets. These tablets are largo 20
grain lozcngra , very pleasant to taste and
contain the natural acids , peptones and di
gestive elements I'p.eentlal to good digestion ,
anil whin taken after meals they dlgewt the
food perfectly and promptly before It hag
tlmo to ferment , sour and poison the blood
and nervous ujsteiu ,
* - Dr. Wuerth stctru that ho Invariably ut.es
fituart'u Dygperela Tablets In all cases ot
stomach derangements and finds them a cer
tain euro not only for eour stomach , but by
promptly digesting the food they create a
healthy uppt'tlte. Increase flesh and
ctrenghten the action of the heart and liver ,
They are not a cathartic , but Intended only
for stomach dlbCJiea and wcukneos and will
be tound reliable In any stomach trouble ex
cept cancer of the stomach. All drugKltta
cell Stuart's D > 8pepsla Tablets at CO eta. per
jmckngo. ,
A little- book drerrlbtng all forms of stomach
ach vvcakncii and their euro mailed free by
ddreuilui U Stuart Co , ot larilulj , illca.
KMOIIT CASI : ro conn ti * AUAI.V
Srt for 'Irlnl at Illnlr Uurlnsr the
niMin , N > b , , Feb. 20 ( Special. ) Court
convenes Monday morning , February 2S ,
with Judge Powell on the bench. There arc
four criminal cases to como up. George
Knight will have hU second trial , charged
with burning the town of Arlington. Mrs.
Darbcr , as an accomplice ! Frank Thompson
for statutory assault and Frank Vlszna for
atsault with Intent to kill Alfred Hautencr
are also expecting a. trial. This latter case
wau the outcome of a drunken brawl ,
The farmers of Washington county are
very jubilant over the good condition ot
their stock and good prices for their prod
ucts ,
Wilson T > ron , ono of the largest stock
fanners of this county , shipped six double
decked cars of fat sheep to Chicago today
and has about 4,000 moro to ship between
this and spring-
Co U bringing 21 cents now here and
at Kenwood and the -farmers are hauling It
In very rapidly.
There < will be n union meeting of Wash
ington county and Ulalr city teachers and
patrtxis held In this city Friday nnd Satur
day , March 4 und 5. Friday forenoon will
be devoted to arithmetic and the afternoon
to music. Friday evening will be devoted
to music by the City Teachers' double quar
tet and address by Superintendent A. II.
Warr.cr of Missouri Valley , la. Saturday ex-
erclsej will be held In the High school build
ing. The afternoon of Saturday will be devoted -
voted to music , class excrcl&cs and essays.
The subjects of the papers are : "How May
a Mother Co-opcrato with a Teacher ? " by
Mrs. J. II. Adams ( patron ) , lllalr ; "Mother
and Teacher , " Mrs. Anna Stewart ( teacher ) ,
Hlalr ; "A Compendium of Opinions from the
Illnlr City Teachers Relative to the Duty of
the Parent to the School , " by Superintendent
W. K. Fowler , Ulair.
Washington's birthday woe fittingly cele
brated by many schools of Washington
county and the Ulalr city schools
The Woman's Relief Corps held an en
tertainment last Monday evening for the
purpose of raising funds for a monument
to be erected hero In the city in honor ot
the old veterans. About $20 was realized.
The Grand Army of the Republic post ban
already bought the monument.
The city council has just passed an or-
dlnanco prohibiting anyone from selling or
giving away tobacco to any minor , nnd at
tlio next meeting a "curfuw ordinance" will
bo passed In all probability.
PnrnirrM' Instltud- AVnlioo.
WAHOO , Neb. , Fob 20. ( Special ) A farm-
era' Institute opened In this city yesterda.v
afternoon. Samuel Woolley was chairman
and M. S. Hills secretary The address of
welcome was made by Samuel Woolley ? iid
the response given by II. Gllkcson. The
first subject taken up was "Care and Man
agement of Milk. " The discussion was led
by Mrs Elizabeth Fletcher.
Hon J. N. Ratlin road a paper on "Feed-
Ing Sheep " He Is < in advocate of field feedIng -
Ing beginning early und breaking the coin-
stalks so that the sheep can got at the
ears. Jamcs > A. Moss nmde on Interesting
talk on "Tho Horses Fanners Should Raise
for Use and for Sale. "
F. W Taylor of Lincoln discussed the
mutter of farmers' institutes In Nebraska.
Ho reports , forty regularly organized Insti
tutes In the state , oiiio meeting auimull } ,
others seinl-anmially.
The evening session opened with songs
by twenty girls and bojs from the public
schools Miss Tarpennlng of the High
school cnvo a recitation. C. C. Turncy rend
a paper on "The All-Purpose Farm Animal. "
David I/irsrn read an excellent paper on
"How to Ralso Poultry and Make It Pav. '
The next subject taken up by the institute
w s "Tht Cheapest and Hcst Foruge. " The
discussion was led by John D. Lshmkuhl.
This subject was dlscusbed at length. Tim
othy and clover seemed to take precedence
but a largo sprinkling wore for sorphum.
\Viij n > on tin * llnntlo.
WAVNC , Neb. . Feb. 20. ( Special. ) The
city council has called a special election to
vvite bonds for the construction of an elec
tric llqht plant In this city , which are pretty
ceitain to carry , as almost every citizen Ib
heartily In favor of putting In a plant. Some
eighteen or twenty arc lights will be used
to light the city.
Wayne Is now likely to realize Its fondest
linpes , namely , a beet sugar factory. Messrs
Connor anil Gunn of Port Scott , Kan. , rep
resenting a sjndlcatc , have been In the city
the last ten days and have submitted a
proposition for a. $150,000 plant , with a
capacity of 200 tons of beets dally. Tills
proposition has been accepted by Wayne
citizens , v.ho have had several enthusiastic
meetings the last week. A working com
mittee of ten representative business men ,
authorized to be divided Into subcommittees ,
has been elected with full power to act , as
follows : J. R. 'Manning ' , R. Phllleo , . F.
Wilson , J. T. nressler < James Drltton , A. F.
Brenner , in. F. Swan , Henry Ley and F. M ,
Skeen. The committee has started Into the
work vigorously , determined to secure the
factory , which will be constructed and ready
for operation by September 20.
I'lirinerM * IiiNtltute.
VALENTINE , Neb. , Feb. 20 ( Special. )
The second session of the Farmern' Institute
clo.-eil here last night. The principal speak
er * , or lecturers , were Mr. D. P. Ashbun ,
of Gibbon , Prof. C. L. Shear of State unl-
veralty , Deputy State Superintendent C. F.
Beck and Prof. Watson , principal of our
High school Mr. Ashburn stayed with us
through the entire Institute , his subjects tic-
tag "How to Make and Market Butter" and
"Breeding and Marketing Hogs. " Both sub
jects were found very Interesting and ques
tions wcro plied from all over the hall , which
ho answered readily , showing a close ac
quaintance with his subjects and Imparting
Information highly Important to our stock
ra'sere. ' Prof. Shear's lecture en gruajcs was
also Interesting and Instructive. The either
two lectures were on education , which were
listened to attentively and elicited the high
est commendation. The Institute elected Its
officers for the ensuing year as follows : L'
II. Perkins , president ; W. A. Wilson , vko
president ; Miss Lillian U. Stoner , secretary ;
J. A. Hornback , treasurer ; John Foster , Mrs.
W. A. Wilson and Mrs. Mrs. Hornback , trus
VALENTINE. Neb. . Feb. 20 ( Special Tel
egram. ) J , M , Burnett , living In the west
part of this county , won brought hero about
ten das ago and put In jail awaiting the
next term of the district court for horse
stealing. He got away yesterday. Four
other prisoners report that at about 2.30
jesterday afternoon a person appeared at the
outsldo door and unlocked It , after which
ho repeated the operation ) on the next door ,
which admitted 'film to the jail. He then
covered one of the prisoners , who was In
the Jail , with a revolver and proceeded to
unlock the ntecl cage , liberating Burnett.
The other prisoners gave the alarm ohortly
afterwards , but Burnett had gotten out of
reach. None of the other prisoners at
tempted to escape , although the steel cage
and jail were both left unlocked until the
sheriff was notified , llurnett Is about 30
jears of age , five feet ten Inches high ,
weighs about 1GS pounds , fair haired and
whlto moustache ; U slightly o.oop shouldered -
ered Sheriff will pay liberal reward for
his capture.
Will hln nil Trill I.
HASTINGS , Neb. , Feb. 26. ( Spec al. ) Yes
terday Judge Beall received word from three
prisoners from Kearney county , held in tht-
county jail hero for safekeeping while
awaiting trial at the regular term o * the dis
trict ocurt for safeblowliig , that they had
concluded to ( ileud guilty and would be
pleased to have him call a special term and
para oentccice. After the judge had done EO
the' } , however , sent wore ! that n plea ot
guilty would be entered only on condition
that their eecitenco be for not more then a
5 ear and a half In the penlterttlarj. HU
honor ercit back word that he would use
his own judgment In Inflicting puc > ! ihmcnt
end the men decided to stand trial.
licet ( .rotter * Jlecl ,
ORAND ISLAND , Neb. , Feb. 2fl. ( Special
Telegram. ) The Beet Growers' association
had another mooting today , A telegram
was read from Mr. Oxnard , Hating that no
modification could be made In the contract ,
but that the probabilities wuro Out the Ha
waiian clause would bo withdrawn about
'March ' 15 , aa the measure for annexation
would have been voted on by that time to
cougrcai and defeated. Thin message- failed
U help matter * ud member * of the asso
ciation renewed the resolution unanimously
not to raise beets on any other contract
than at 14 straight without tot. This prac
tically fettles the fact that there will be
no beet Industry In thla county this year.
Dut'the growers went further and appointed
two delegate ? , Messrs , Murr and Vces , to
go. to Norfolk and organize the farmers In
that vicinity In order that there may be
unity of action hero and at Norfolk.
HriMltlr * from Meiul.
MENU , Neb. , Feb. 26. ( Special. ) Ed
Robinson and family moved to Doone county
this week.
The High school will giro nn oyster sup
per this evening.
Nels Matlscu and family have moved to
Lewis Johnson had his thumb smashed In
a corn shelter Wednesday.
Joseph Knanlshu will lecture In the
Lutheran church this evening.
Agent White of Clcaborn , Kan. , will take
Charley Clark's place us agent here.
Mr. and Mrs John Cheney were tendered
n cuiprlic last Monday ,
A surprise party was given last night on
Mltfl Susan Graver.
Rev. Howard C. Young has been sick
for the last four week ? and the pulpit has
been supplied by students of Wesleyan uni
IIEATRIOK , Neb. . Feb. 26. ( Special Tele
gram. ) John Schmuck , the returned German
who failed to appear In fci ral court last
month to answer to a charge ot malting
obscene letters , was located today. When
Chief of Police Hcraman entered his room
today Schmuck was covered up In bed with
a feather bed over him , He claimed to bo
sick and two doctors sent to examine him
corroborated his . statement , saying that
Schmuck Is suffering from nervous prostra
tion and that It would bo unsafe to remove
him. Special officers have been sworn In
to ktep Schmuck's residence under constant
surveillance until his condition Improves.
To It i'ii n IfVntcr WorkN.
ASHLAND , Nob. , Feb. 26. ( Special. ) A
meeting of the cltlrens of Ashland was held
at the city hall last evening for the purpose
ot considering a proposition for repairing the
water works .i\ East Ashland , which have
been In need of repairs for some time. The
cltj council met In special eecslon under
call by Major Rallsback. The consensus of
opinion was to submit the proposition for
settlement at the municipal election In
April , when the qu"stlon to vote money for
th ? Improvements will be submitted to the
people for latlficatlon.
HIMV lletnoiMi Two I'liinlllen.
BRTRIOE , Neb. . Feb. 2S ( Special Tele
gram ) 'Several ' dajs ag-o through a mis
understanding two families undertook to take
possession of a house In the eastern part
of the city. One ot the parties , .Mrs. Rlcr ,
who claims her goods were thrown out ot
the house , today filed a complaint In En-
low's court charging L C Parker , a prom
inent citizen , and five others with riot. War
rants for their arrest were Issued , made re
turnable Monday.
I'a ( ill Acrl.liMit.
M'COOK , Neb , Feb. 20. ( Special Tele
gram. ) A frightful accident occurred about
fifteen miles north of McCook yesterday after
noon , resulting In the death of Miss Wilson ,
s'ster ' of Countj Clerk Wilson of Frontier
county. While on her way to her school
near Quirk , she was thrown from the cart
in wnicn sue was ruling ami uraggeu oy
the runaway horbes for a mlle or more ,
death comkig to her relief last night.
Held for n Itct oltliiK Crime ,
TEKAMAH , Neb. , Feb. 20. ( Special. )
Gilbert L Clark of this county had his pre
liminary hearing In the county court yester
day afternoon and was bound over under
two charges , one for attempted assault on
his 14-year-old daughter and the other for
Incest with his 18-j ear-old daughter. His
bonds were placed at $1,500 for each charge ,
which ho failed to aecure , and he Is laying
In jail here.
nt < .Mlnilrn.
MINDEN , Neb. . Feb. 2G. ( Speclal.-On )
Wednesday evening , February 23 , at the
home of W. W. Phae , there was given a re
ception by the women of the P. E. O. In
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Campbell.
Mrs. Campbell , formerly Miss Margaret
Thornton , Is the first P. E. O. bride of chapter -
tor N. Mrs. Campbell has for several years
been a teacher In the Mtaden public schools.
MniiilaiiiiiH iHMiieil.
SCOTIA , Neb. , Feb. 26. ( Special. ) Judge
John R. Thompson of the district court to
day Issued an alternative writ ot mandamus
against the village board of the village of
Scotia to reassemble and hear testimony In
the matter ot the remonstrance against Is
suing a saloon license to Welsh Brothers ,
which the board Is alleged to have arbi
trarily and unlawfully refused to hear.
Miir.lcreil aim * . Iliirlcil.
NEBRASKA CITY , Fob 26. ( Special. )
The funeral ot the late William Kuwltzky ,
who was shot while asleep last Wednesday
by his daughter Mary , occurred today. The
girl Mary , who did the shooing. Is residing
with friends here. The report that she was
reotra'ned with difficulty trom self-destruc
tion Is groundless.
ArrcHtiMl for Sti-nllnpr.
LEIGH , Neb. , Feb. 26 , ( Special. ) A
straiger giving the name of John McDermlt
was arrested hero Thursday for stealing a
suit of clothing from the store of Lcutt &
Wlescnbach. Ho was tried before Justice
Walling and given thirty dajs In the county
DIATII : itncuun.
HURON , S. D. , Feb. 26. ( Special. ) A
dispatch trom Chicago announces the death
In that city Wednesday evening of Thomas
H. Campbell , late president of the First
National bank of this city. Mr. Campbell
had just returned from a visit in the south
ern states and was stricken with pneumonia
on his arrival In Chicago. Hl brother , J.
W ICa-npbell. was advised of bis Illness and
started for Chicago , ,
i\-Mii5or Illfi * .
CLEVELAND , Feb. 26. Ex-Mayor Robert
Bice died today of acute pneumonia after an
Illness of only three days. Ho was 59 years
of age , Mr. llleo began llfo as a brakeman.
Ho was frequently promoted and eventually
became ) general superintendent of the road.
Ho was elected mayor of Cleveland on the
dcirocratlc ticket In 1893 and served two
Ve I era n TriiiixiiortiiHoii Man.
CHICAGO , Feb. 26. Samuel F. Leopold ,
president of the Lake Michigan & Lake Su
perior Transportation company ulnco its
founding forty years ago , and largely Inter
ested in copper mines In northern Michigan ,
died today , aged 72 , 'Mr. Leopold was a na
tive ot Germany.
3. G. , had n severe cast ) of catarrh ,
which finally bcoaino so dt'cp-seatc-cl
time eho was entirely dent in ono
ear , nnd partoftbobonoin hernoso
BlougbeeJ off. The best physicians
treated her in vain , and flio usi-U
various nppli-
cations of
sprays nnd GOfiED BY
washed to no
avail. Fourteen bottles of S. S. n.
promptly reached the sent of the d is *
rase , and cured her .sound anil vrell.
lfe | 8. S. S. never fallt to
L euro n blood dUca e , and
ic Is tbo only remedy
which reaches dccp-teatcil
M easel , UuaranUrtlpure'
m lui toetnbte. Hooks freei
BtfWiflO Co. | Atlanta , Oa ,
Difficulty in Reaching Its Verdict Has
Become Eericnia. \ \
All Concerned Arc lit tlm Onrk n * to
Wlmt l'n ne In Itlio Itoont
WliiTO Hie TtirUfc Arc
At midnight last night , when It retired for
the night , the Jury In the cuso against the
Hartley bondsmen appeared to be no nearer
a verdict than when the case was put Into
their hands on Friday afternoon. At least ,
It gave not the slightest Intimation that It
had reached the , end of Its deliberations , de
spite that It had been under lock and key
for overthirtyone hours.
It Is Impossible to tell how the twelve
men Etnjiil. Not even the bailiffs In charge
arc allowed to question them on this mat
ter. No Indication can float out of the room
In which they arc confined , since the walls
are too thick. They arc locked up In the
court room of Judge Powell. The latter
found occasion to listen to some legal mat
ters jcsterday afternoon , and ho disposed ot
them In the corridor outside. Judge Powell
himself has no Idea of the situation , for In
answer to several Inquiries of the Jury as
to whether It wished to confer with him , ho
was told that It did not.
Only ono straw was furnished to Indicate
which way the wind Is blowing and that
throws little light on the matter. A tally
sheet picked up on the floor of the Jury
room while the Jurors were out to dinner
ga\o the following Information : "Yes , 1 ;
no , 10. " This would seem to Indicate that
the jury stands 10 to 2 , or 11 to 1 on some
question , but what that question Is It Is Im
possible to say. This Is considered hardly
likely to refer to the main verdict , Inas
much as under Judge Powell's clear Instruc
tion the Jury had little 'else to do than
figure out the amount of the verdict that waste
to bo returned for the state" It Is con
sidered possible that the stumbling block Is
the question of the sanity or Insanity of
Mary Fitzgerald.
The Jury has not been shirking Its duty.
The bailiff has had occasion to enter the
room several times , and he has always
found the twelve men In discussion or taking
a ballot. They commenced to work im
mediately after supper on Friday night and
kept It up until midnight. They arose early
jcsterday morning and , except for the time
they wcro taken out for their meals , de
liberated until midnight last night. The men
arc close-mouthed and said nothing In the
presence of the bailiffs to Indicate how they
stand. In a joking way some have said they
will decide some time next week , but others
have also stated that they would bo home for
dinner today. At night the men sleep upon
the floor or the chairs aud benches In the
court room.
Judge Powell was at the court house until
10 o'clock last night In the hojic that a ver
dict would be returned , lie ; will be down at
an earlj hour this morning , Ho stated lost
night that he would keep the Jury In until
Monday morning , at least. In view of the
Importance ot the case and the expense In
volved In the trial. '
Don't annoy otners t > y jour coughing , and
rlek jour llfo by neglecting a told. One Min
ute Cough Cure cures coughs , colds , croup ,
grlppo * nd all throat and lung troubles.
assault upon a white woman In that state.
Cn c AKiiliiNt .lit * Dinner * front Fnl-
lorton IK niNiiiiNnril.
At the request ot Assistant County Attor
ney Winters the case against ; John Powers ,
formerly of Fullertori."ln 'which ho was
charged ' "niUi living unlawfully with Mrs.
W. S. Iloss , was dismissed by Police Judge
Gordon yesterday afternoon. These people
deserted their respective families ut Fullerton -
ton and eloped , coming to Omaha. Powers
anil the woman were both In court , as were
also Mr. Ross , who had como from Fullerton -
ton with his attorney to prosecute Powers ,
and several people as witnesses with whom
the couple bad boarded as husband and wife
under different names.
ness -was more anxious to settle his dlder-
onces with Powers on account ot his chil
dren than he was to prosecute , In the event
that his wife would return to him and be
dutiful In the future. He told Mr. Winters
his deslro and that officer set about to patch
the trouble up. Ho finally succeeded In ef
fecting a settlement , which was that both
Mrs. Ross and Powers were to return to
their respective families and do by them as
they should. 'He ' gave to Judge Gordon as
his reason for asking that the case be dis
missed that ho thought It would bo for the
best interests of society. Ho said that If
Powers 'was prosecuted two families would
bo broken up , whereas It the cafe was dis
missed both the defendant and the woman
had promised to return < o their families and
do right by them. Judge Gordon discharged
Powers and then Mr. Winters made the
further explanation that In the event ot his
discharge Powers had agreed to sign a writ
ten pledge that In the future ) he would not
Interfere with the domestic affairs of Ross
This agreement Powers afterwards signed
and Rosa took his truant wlfo away with
him , while Powers left with the promise that
ho would return to his family iu Lincoln ,
where It removed from Fullerton after ho
ran away with the Ross woman.
Arnold's Dromo Celery cures headaches ,
lOe , 25c and SOe. All druggists.
J'roiuotliiKIreliinil'H Cmme.
Considerable progress has been made In
arranging1 for the reception on the night of
March 17 of John Daly , a noted Irishman
who Is devoting his energies to further Ing
the cause ot belt-government tot Ills native
IIoic wo are rwiln tlio same old boy
with better trnilo pullers tlinu ever
just to show you how niut-li better we're
jroliiR to offer for Monday oi.ly-n two-
bin nor Kiisolliio stove for $ J-IO ! Its not
one of these eheap skimpy btovt-b but
ImK nn extra IIIFBO top-nmny a dollar
more has been paid for a tove nowhere
near as tiooil-thls Is for Monday only-
wo ( k'llyor till pmch'.iRosmade of lib
you won't need to ca'iTyJinythlntf home
with yon-wci don't t'jiii\vliat | It Is biIt
a luimner or u kt-B of uiiillb or oven eine
of those $2.10 irasollnebtovos a coin-
ploto line of builder ) ) ' hardware nt the
bebt pik'os Iu Oiunhi ? . !
. . R ,
1514 FaiMiam St ,
t 01 'J
You Jiiht write UK f | Icrti-r nnd tell us
thu ilay you will bo IwVrrr.1"1 lr > ' " " are
at our di-ntnl parloi-H It.v 10 In the morn-
Inn wo will lit' ' anil fijriilsh you with a
complete ) hot of twth In tlmo tor you lo
take the evenlnt ; ( inn ! for home-ami
we will iruurantee \ \ < > iK ' ' " ' a'- ' ' ! ' ' * ' - °
ho IIH Koort as though you were here a
wivk and no dentist In Omalm e-an < lo
hotter \\oik than we ilo-onr facilities
uiu MU-li that wo can do plate wink
piomptly tlneo kind * thin ohihtlc
plates our own proet-t-H § 10-anolher
Kind-hame teeth huf different platen ,
$7.r > o-the ordinary kind that yon usually
pay iflO for at ? -l.uly f attendant.
13 Year * 3il Floor Puxtnu II1U.
Uzpcririiiir. lUlli unil
land. The various committee * appointed to
make .the neco sary preparation. . ! have the
work iwell In n.ind. Members of th * c com-
mlttcc.s nnd others Interested In the tueoe s
of the reception nro to m et nftaln
this afternoon nt ( he Hlks' hnll , Four
teenth and Farimm streets. Severn ! mat-
< crs ot Importance are to bo considered and
a largo attendance Is desired.
The city ofllclals do not Appear to bo at all
Alarmed over the throats of certain Sarpy
county property owners to commence suit ! )
for damages ( or the Mud creek nuisance. It
Is understood that one property holder ,
Charles Chandler , has engaged attorneys
and the papers arc lion In course ot prepara
tion. Some ot the other residents oJ that
locality arc figuring on following suit , but
up to yesterday no steps had been taken. In
speaking about the matter one prominent
city ofllclal stated that the suits would cause
the city no uneasiness , as It could bo easily
proved In court that the Authorities \vero
not to blarnc. It Is further claimed tbat the
city council has taken steps at different
times to abate the nuisance. This authority
asserted that In order to recover damages
suit should bo commenced against Swift and
Company or the stock yards company. The
last time an examination was made by n
committee of the council the. trouble was
located at the Swift plant and a report ot
that nature was made. The Swift people
agreed to connect their glue factory with the
sanitary sewer and this must liavo been
done for the complaints censed for a time.
It Is further asserted that the city cannot
bo compelled to lay a sc\\cr It It Is not
thought advisable , neither can the city be
held for damages In case n sewer Is not
laid. These suits , If brought , will bo de
fended by the city and the numerous efforts
made to abate ) this nuisance will be shown.
In the face of this kind of a showing It Is
not thought that damages will bo allowed.
ConItiU > HIMMm Upturn.
It Is thought that the confidence men who
reaped a harvest hero last bummer have re
turned , as two cases of their work have
been reported to the police within the last
twenty-four hours. Hoth victims were
stockmen and as they feared publicity thej
refused to file complaints In police court
The old "cactus" cloth game was worked
In both cases , ono cattleman parting with
J25 and the other wltn $ D. In both cases the
sharpers left for Omaha as soon ns they had
gained possession of their victim's money.
This game , along with several others , was
worked every day for awhllo last summer
until the complaints became so numerous
that Mayor Ensor employed an outslilo detect
ive to como here as a granger and be
worked In order to get onto the game. When
the major had obtained the names of these
In the game and ascertained where the vic
tims wcro taken to bo fleeced , ho headed a
detachment of police ono afternoon and
raided the headquarters of the gang. Two
of the confidence men were tried In police
court and held to the district court for
further examination , and for a long time no
more complaints were heard. The police
have a description of the two men who are
supposed to bo working at the old game
again and will arrest them on sight.
J. C. Ultima UlHNlng' .
R. C. Gllchrlst , the well known commis
sion man , has reported to the police that J
C. Harim , his brothcr-ln-law , disappeared
from his home on Filday end had not been
seen since. Tlie uiicnnsi lamiiy IIVCH ui
Twentj-slx and E streets and Mr. Hann.i
has been making his home there for the
lust jear. It 's feared by the relatives of
the missing man that he contemplated sui
cide and consequently their aoxlcty Is
greatly Increased by the fear that he has
made away with hlmfcclf. Mr. Ilcinna Is
described as being about 49 jears ot age ,
with a slight lameness In his right leg.
Ho Is six feet tall and was dressed In dark
clothing. Of late ho has been despondent
on account ot 111 health and business re-
versea and has occasionally talked , of sui
cide.Tho police are making a thorough search
for the missing man and a description of
him has been telephoned to different pouts
by Chief Drennan
1 1 n in in it 11 IH i.MnUliiK
The 0. H. Hammond company commenced
yesterday the erection of a large addition
to the packing room at the south end of
the plant. This new building will be con
structed of brick , the ground measurements
being 00x138 feet. The foundations are now
being dug and the work Is to be pushed
as rapidly as the arrival of material will
permit. "When this addition Is completed
the southern portion of the house will be
arranged and more cooling rooms will be
provided. The cost of the new building IB
not given , but It Is understood that about
$10,000 will be spent In the changes planned
at the south end ot the plant.
Out niu Iloiul.
Constable Joseph J. Maly , who was ar
rested : Friday night for Impersonating a
license Inspector and endeavoring to ob
tain mcney under false pretenses , has been
released on bond , the hearing having been
set for Monday. It Is understood that Maty
does not deny that ho had made the talk
to FIshel with which he la credited , but
Insists that ho was only Joking and meaul
no barm ,
' nntprtnlnincnt.
Thursday evening of this week the King's
Daughters will give a social at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Caughey , Twenty-third
and H streets , at which the following pro
gram will be icndered : Selection , Mandolin
club ; piano solo , Mrs. Bads ; piano solo , Miss
Ina Wilcox ; recitation , Miss Ethel Honey ;
vocal solo. Miss Jean D. Mullen ; piano solo ,
Mlts Dcllo Worlond ; selection , Male quartet.
For Ciirrjlnw Coneenlfil WCHIIOIIH.
William Brjent. an engineer * cmploved at
Armour's , was arrested jesterday by Officer
Gary for carrying concealed weapons. WIN
Ir HheporJ f HtvoK'-'Thc Nnv
m The Shcpard > Trcoinirnt It.w It Curt * , " wnt
T J. J. Illl Llllljlflll . . I - . II . I Billion trci * to , 'been mlilM-m. MluuMcvl Hio tint nl
W * C ft notond riUtlon of .
_ _ c ( jinn icacly The wliolp fmnll )
cnn rend U n Ith entertainment
And | irvllt A clfixn tvvik for
Medical Institute
hcnltn those who ni h to imln lo < t
J Seventh Year of Success.
SHP.I'AUD INSTITUTE today U tlio boot equipped mee.lcal
offlco In the whole west. It Is based upon the Idea that lU'SIN'KSS mi.S'CII'kHJ f
_ should govern doctam In their dealings with their t-aMents. Over six jears of T
V BUCCOSI In Omalm have proven that lr Shcpard'a plan Is 'endorsed by thu pooW
pie THIS IS HIS 1'LANTo denl illicctly with the sick , without being himpcred I
T by rules of Mcdlenl Soclctlofl as to Feeo. Tlio present demand Is for competent
Medlcil Service , the best ot medicines , and charge * ) that ore within c.i y reach ot
J people or ordinary means. T
1 R'PTT.nT A T.TTTPC1. Catarrh In nil Its forms ; this dlscnso f
| KJJ. OJa.X .Jl J-O.XUO. atiucts the uoso , throat , lunr-s. atomA
ach , liver , bowels , kidneys and bladder. It also Attnrks the eiirs. producing deafT
nets nd TINNITUS AUIUt'M ' , or head nolsrs. Cntarrh , bv preventing thorough
elimination of waste products , may lead to nervous n fleet Ions. Uterine or pelvic A
catarrh , Is the real cause of suiter Ing with ninny ailing women. T
CONSULTATION und F.X AM IN ATION ate frco. Full explanation of
methods of treatment arc given upon tctjuest , Spacious and plo.itant reception
rooms for these wlio call. OUT OF TOWN IlESIDKNTS who wish ATe
A To Take Advan 'age of This Offer A
9 fihould vvrlto for Dook nnd Question Hlatiks which give much Information ! to 4
dick people at a distance.Vo refer to any Omnhi newflpapei as lo rrspuislblllty A
{ and profestlonal success
MAIL TIU3ATMI3NT by the Shcpard Sjstem has proven most Rucce-aful For A
those who cannot come to the city , special counts of treatment are ptep.iced with T
great * ro and forwarded to the patient's home. Thd COUUKSPOXDKNCU jaft
A tern for country ixitlontB Is a leading feature of our iiractlce. JUST NOW Is a A
T good tlmo lo vvrlto for literature upon chVonlo allmrnts of men mid women.
| 311-312-313 New York Life Building , flnialu , Scb. J
Ham Powers , n watchman at Armour's , filed
the complaint which caused the arrest of thu
engineer. It Is understood that the men
had a little trouble n few dajs ago and
Powers was told that Hrjant meant to take
a shot at him at the first good opportunity.
This caused the watchman considerable un
easiness and he thought the bust wav wouid
be to have * his enem > locked up for carrjlng
fire arms. Judge ChrlHtmnrin released Ury-
ant cci ball and set thu trial for Monday
I.UBt Dunce nl
On Thursday evening1 last the Magic City
Dancing club gave the last of n series of
dances at Masculc hall. The grand march
was led by J. II. Dletleln and .Miss Lorn
Mitchell , assisted by Harry J. Kroner and
Miss Lillian Clark. The club Is composed
of Micsrs. F. M. VanArman , G. R. Harding ,
II. J. Fenner , J. H. Dlclleln , H. C. Harding
and II. U. Stlne.
Mnulf Cllj ( iiiKHlii.
R. E. McIIenry of Weeping Water was a
business visitor la the city jestcrday.
About twcntj-flve men are working on
the big sewer at the Armour plant.
Furniture ! Furniture ! W. G. Sloano & .
Company , Twenty-fifth and N sUrects ,
The Magic City Gun club will meet tbo !
afternoon at Hugh Mallet's In Albright.
Mike O'Hura , Twenty-third and J streets ,
Is aole to be about again after a shoit sick
The Odd Fellows wll ) meet Monday night
at 7 o'clock for drill an > J all members are
urged to attend.
George Vnnsant Is homo from Lancaster
county , where he went to look over one of
his feeding farms.
Twins , a boy and girl , have been born
to Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Murphy , Eight-
cm and P streets.
Dollle and Will Griffith have returned
from Minneapolis , Kan. , where they visited
friends for a time.
Rev. John 0. Gordon will occupy the pulpit
at the First I'resbjterlan church both morn
ing and eveu'ng today.
A. II. Lee , cue of the traveling representa
tives of the stock yards company , has re
turned from n western trip.
Friday cven'mg Miss Ada Dojer , the elo
cutionist , gave a pleasing cntertulmiunt at
tlio United Presbj terlan church.
The total receipts of sheep for the week
at this market numbered 30,577 head , an i-
crease of 14,000 over the corresponding week
a year ago.
Mrs. C. H. Thompson , Twantj-fourth and
J streets , has returned from a month's stay
at Lemurs. In. , where foho was called by the
serious Illnct-.s of a > sister.
The Sunday school of the First Baptist
church gave a social ut the home of Mr. and
Mrs T. H. Ensor , Friday evening , which
proved to be a very pleasant affair ,
Mrs Den S. Adams reports the loss of a
gold watch and Icing gold chain with mi opal
charm. The Jewelry was stolen from the
house whilq the family were absent ,
Dur'ng ' lent Rev. Irving Johnson , pastor
of St. Martin's Episcopal church will deliver
a series of t-ermons on "Tho Woes Pro
nounced by Our Hlesn-d Lord " The first
sermon of the. series will be preached at 11
o'clock today.
U\ii'c ( liicreiiK - l \ \ hiuteren r ' .
RAPID CITY , S. D. , Feb. 20. ( Special. )
Reports from the farmers of the IJlack Hills
are very encouraging for the coming seaaon.
There Is no frcfet to speak of In the ground
and plowing has been .done every month thin
winter. The soil Is very mellow and In goad
condition to woik. Estimates from home of
the farmers make an Increase of acreage of
wheat tuts season of 50 per cent over last
) car. ,
Iliiliril iif Trnde llPiirKiiniiri'N.
PIERRE , S. D. , Feb. 20. ( Special Tele
gram. ) The Pierre Hoard of Trade was re
organized this afternoon and an executive
committee selected consisting of C. II. Ilurkc ,
John Sutherland. L. 13. Albright , C. C , Hen-
nett and J , C. Eager.
AVe liuvo received fioin Walter SuloilPc
direct 10 of Ills orlidnnl water coloiH
painted by Iilin from life wlillo In Kit-
rnpivo do not nwd to enluiKe on Mr.
K.iterlec's woik Ills lejnitutlon as an
aitlst i > re.cei'dei1 | tliest pli-turus tlio sub
jects are GatlieilnK Mai-Mi Mallows
Spanish Oypsy Old Head-Alf'criain
I'ortex ; Interested Friend MaiUel Place
the Good Sister the Hepilnuind
Oood Morning Hit of C'loiclly we will
have thi'.se displayed In our windows today -
day and this week until hold Omaha
Connoisseurs have never enjoyed Mich
a Kioiiplni ; of ivallj line water colors
as thi'hc ' we now hhow.
1SIG 011(1 ( flrl l513 Douglas
Omaha has secured two great
the past week a tlneo years' franchise
of the WcHtein association Unit will
please the ladles and Drex L. Hhoonmn
has secured the most stylish and IK-H !
weal-lilt ; shoe ever shown at $ : t.W > that
will please them nioie these are BUIIII-
Ine hand tinned fancy rex tint ; top-In
laid Inco shoes-this spline's newest
styles shown In Omaha for the Hist
time now those who have had dllllculty
In M'curliiK a proper llttlnt ; shoe and
those who want a comfortable shoe can
llml just what they want in this shoo
we can't recommend It lee highly no
shoo sold at $ .1 will Klvit moiv style than
this new comer at t'J.50.
Drexel Shoe Co. ,
not ; ciiin.nit v IN soi TU DVICOTV.
Ilcm.v I.ONNI-N In ( lit * Soiidicrii Part
of ( In * Mud.
HURON , S. I ) . , Fob 2 ( ! ( Special ) The
appearance * of hog cholera In the southern
comitkn of the state cnutes nn lit Ic < in\tety
.liming farmers In thlj .1111 ! neighboring coun
ties. The raising of hoi ; Ima been very
profitable In this lurallt ) and fctmrre are
just getting well established In Urn business ,
but the dieaded dtaccso coming In so ' 'laso
proxlmltv to ttiem Is llkolj to frighten so.no
formers from engaging tnoie oMenslvely lo
swine. AH there Is roallj no law prnvldlni ;
for the suppression or prevention of tlio
dlocnfio In tins state It Is feared that < he
Industry will bo radly crippled A bill ixis'oil
tlio List session of the U'Rlolaturi * providing
ogi'leist the spread of tin * dlae.if-p , but It was
vetoed by thegovernor. . Local nuthoritlia
In the counties whcio the dlseisc la located
are doing what limy ran to ptevent Its
fiiirod | , and those In olheT countIcn are forti *
fj Ing against It as elllclentlj as possible.
Already losses are ver > lienvv > uul In homo
placet ! humlicds of hogs have died truii the
\IMVN lit VlllTlh'I'll.
AnnitOKHN. S I ) . , Fob 26 ( Special )
The Chicago & Northwestern Railway com
pany has paid Its taxed In this count } for 1S97
to the amount of SI.GnfifiO.
A ittity of ioveri men will Iravo Oroton ,
this county , for the Klondike on Kobiuary
27. Their contra:1 : ! calh for tlio five trans
portation of 1.250 pounds of goadfi to each
nan and fee the l.'ridl'iig ' of the party at
Tnlja on March 10 Tlio T nani"s ore fioorjio
Kramer. John Sclh , William Deltllng , Wil
liam Scharfonberg George Plltsch , Charles
Hnsson and M. Julius
Com ) any F of the South Dalnta National
Gunid hi ; < s been leceuM1. equipped with new
uniform's , cartridge belt. ? , Injonet scabbards
nnd other necobstv-v accoutrements , which
puts It In good llghtliiK trim Fourteen ap
plications for enlistment have been received
in case of war with Spilti and In case of
actual hofltllltlcfi the conn any vvjll be rc.idy
to match at a moment' . ! notice.
i\.i.ini : Cull lo lotvn Mini.
HURON , S. I ) . l > b 20 , ( Special. ) The
Presbyterian society and congregation of
this city has tendered a call to Rev. Mr.
Vander Lass of Cedir Rapids , In. , lo become -
come pastor of the church here The call
will no doubt too accepted and Mr Vander
Lass will enter upon his duties -March I.
roitncwr OK TOII\VS wnvriinit.
It AVI1I lit * CrniTiill.- l.'alrnllh
Northerly U Inilw.
WASHINGTON , Feb. C Koiccast for
Sunday :
For Ncbinskn Gener.illy fair ; noithcrly
w Inr ] n.
For lown Genoially fnlr ; warmer In enst-
ern pottlnn ; v.uliblc winds.
For South IJakotn ThrcatunliiB weiitjier ;
vnrliililo w Imls.
For Mlw-iourl Partly obudy weather ;
prolmbly sllfritly warmer ; east to nortboiist
For K.iiiH.is I'.ii tly oloudy weather ;
norllicuKUily winds.
- For Wyomlng-Gencrally fair ; vnrlab'e
W IllllH.
I.OCIll It < < < ! I'll.
oFFicn OF THIS wuATiinn HUHIAU ,
OMAHA , Feb. 2C Om ill i n cord of tom-
poiatuio and rainfall compared win , | ) ia
corresponding day of the last three ycnr.s :
1S1 ? Ufl7 , 183G. 1S91 ; .
Mn\lmum trmpcratnre . . ) ' ) 12 78 4"
Minimum temipernturu . . . . 2S 11 40 33
Avprnuo temperature , 'iS ,0i ) M 42
Itnlnrall < .01 00 .3.1
Hoeonl of temperature anil prrclpltntlon
nt Omaha for llil.s < lay and Hlnte March
1 IM7 :
Normnl for tlio day 27
Kxru.ss for thu day 11
Accumulated oxee-s fined M irch 1 712
Noimiil rainfall for tlio day ( Hindi
Deficiency for -the day 03 Inch
Total nilnfnll Klncf Jliuoh 1 21 0' ) Inches
Deficiency ulnco. March 1 10.HI Inches
KXCOKS for cur period. 180G f,07 Inches
Uellclcnoy for cor. period , ivn . . .11.SO Inches
T Indicates Irace nf pioelplttitlon ,
L. A. W13LS1I , Local Forecast Olllclnl.

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