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' -S
Expedition Business Forces the Overland to
Take Some Action ,
City Cntinvll .Vxliril in Moot hi
SoKlon 11) flrniit ( In1'rriult
Hint the ItnllilliiK Mny
( Jo Up.
A eire'lal Rewilon of the city council
tvao cillttl yesterday afternoon to consider the
application of the Union Pacific lleillroad
company for a permit to bullJ a temporary
passenger station nt Tenth and Leaven-
worth BtrcotB , as announced by The Boo the
other day. As the building li merely de
signed ad a iraUcshlft until arrangements
far the erection of a more substantial depot
crtn bo perfected It will bo necessary to
Iiavo a spocljil pet mil by resolution of the
ineivoT and council. Chief Engineer J. D
Ilcrry of tlio Union 1'arlfle was at the city
hall this morning nud prese iteil the matter
to Cllv nnglnoor Rosenator and , 01 the
corn any la anxious * in begin work nt tnce ,
the call for the opoclal meeilni ; was Im-
mndlitely Issued
There vvero only flvo members present and
these uxpre'wil themselves as opposed to
the leaoliitlon unless some dcflnlto
insurance was iccclvcd In regard to the
It'iigth of tlmo that the company expcctel to
use HIP trmpoiary bulldlr.e Consequently
the matter was lefcrred to the committee
on public propel ty and oulldlngs for In-
> e tlgitlon.
Thcio was a considerable stir In local rail
way circles when the action of the Union
Pacific was Irained It was taken by rall-
roaduu ns an Indication that the new man
agement of the Union I'aclllc will lm\e noth
ing to do with the Burlington's now passen
ger station and as a certain sign that the
rivalry between the two great western rail
roads IB to bu more keen that it has ever
lieen In the pnsl.
The terminal question not only Involves the
Union Pacific- and the Burlington roads , but
also the Milwaukee , the Rock Island and the
Northwestern lines The three latter lints
are dependent upon the Union Pacific for
their entrance Into Omaha and for adequate
terminal facilities It la the belief of the
best pasted lallroad men In Omaha that
tht'31' thieo roads will go Into the Union Pa
cific's tcmpoiary depot This course will
mean that the Burlington will occupy Its
new passenger station at Tenth and Mason
streets on or about April 15 , and that the
other lines now entering the Union depot
sheds will KO with the Union Pacific Into a
temporary frame structure , just north of the
Union Pacific tracks at about Tenth and
Mart } stteets
The time set by the Burlington for re
ceding applications from othci ralkoads for
npace In the Burlington depot will expire on
Mond'iy at mlilnliht ; Ncne of the Hues ! ia\o
notified the Burlington that they will cuter
the new structure and It Is conceded to bo
verj Improbable that any of them will. It
can be stated autliorltatl\cly that Itio Burling
ton will make no opposition to such action bj
thecouncil. . There seems to bo but ono
chance that some of the Chicago lines will
make application to the Burlington to onto"
Its new station This event may occur If
the Union Pacific's temporary frame fitruc-
tutc shall not prove to be adequate to handle
the passenger business during the coming ex-
pwltlon , While thu Northwestern will In
all piobablllty never kavo the Union Pacific
oti ll'io depot proposition , It Is not at all
Improbable that the Rock Isla.id or 'ho Mil
waukee might make such a movo.
Work on the Union Pacific's temporary
depot will be begun on Monday morning at
7 o'clock If the city council grants the neces-
sirypermlssiai , The plarn nre nil complete :
and \ia\c \ been duly Inspected by the city
cxnglncer. Arrangements for building ma
terial lm\o been niadn and every effort will
bo put forth to finish the proposed building
by the time set for the opetv'HR of the ex
position gates The building will bo of
frame and brick and Its dimensions will be
filmllar to those of the Burlington's now sta
tion There Is but little doubt but that the
Umlon Pacific can complete such a structure
an has been designed in tlmo for the exposi
tion With the open weather that will In all
probability bo enjojed during most of the
epiing the work con bo pushed along rapidly
How long the utructure will last after
the clcfio of the exposition Is a question
much discussed In local railway circles. It
Is conceded that the character of the build
ing will enable the municipal authorities to
condemn It any time after It has served
Us purpose. While the building will bo
commodious , and even attractive. It will
not be suitable for a passenger station of j
the main line In a metropolitan city , and ]
is not Intended to bo a permanent affair.
Horace O. Hurt , president of the Union
Pacific railroad , said to The Bee that ho- had
no informatlrn whatever to gl\o out en the
depot question ,
Til 13 MYYOIl A
City Surprint" Tlii'lr Chief
The ofllce of Ma } or Moores vv as the theater
of a very Interesting Incident jcste-rday after
noon , when his appoltttecs and the other em-
plojn of the city took occasion to present
him with a Imndsonia lite size painting of
himself clone In oil as a token of their es-
tcpni and lo > nlty. The ma > or was detained
In Mi olllco b > some adroit maneuverliig on
the part of Secretary Adaim * . and the pres-
cntntlon was n total surprise. lie was
called out Into tbo genet n. oHlce , which ho
found filled with Utj e.niplo > ri' ' , and his first
Intimation of the purpose of their vi lt was | !
disclosed whe < i Street Superintendent Bev
erly very approptlately pit'sented thu paint
ing. 'Mr. ' Doverly very earnestly declared
the loyalty which the donors held for
their executive and particularly denounced
tha persecutions to which ho had been sub
jected by political traltora and renegadra
He referred to the record of Major Moorea
as n noldler , and voiced the sentiments of
lil oud comradw In assuring him of their
licartj ratcein.
The mavor was visibly affected by the pro-
credlngs and founl some dllllculty In control ,
ling liU fe-ellngs when he wished to express
Ills appreelatlou. Ho said that the token was
especially grateful to him at this tlmo , when
ho had been under a continued strain by rea
son of the eiffoits of bin enemies not only
to depilvo him of the olllco to which ho had
been elected , but to throw a cloud on his
jotd name1 In this connection he referred
to the fact that some of his more ardent
frlendH had suggested him as a candidate
for governor this fall , and ho positively ilo-
rlatud that he would not bo a candidate.
.He . suld that the people had elected him
mayor , and ho would remain In that olllco
until his term had c'xplrcd , He expressed
Men and women doctor their troubles eo
often without benefit , that they get dis
couraged and skeptical. In most such cases
serious mistakes are made in doctoring and
in tiot knowing what our trouble U or what
makes us sick. The unmistakable evidences
of kidney trouble are pain or dull ache lit
the back , too frequent deslro to pass water ,
ucuuty supply , smarting Irritation. AH kid
ney dlseaso advances the face looks sallower
or palo , puffs or dark circles under the
eyes , the feet ewcll and sometimes the
heart aches badly. Should further evidence
lie needed to find out the ) cause of sick
ness , then not urliio aside for twenty-four
hours ; if there la a sediment or settling
it ls also convincing proof that our kidneys
end bladder nee.l doctoring , A fact often
overlooked Is tlmt women euffcr as much
from kidney and bladder trouble aa men
daDr. . Kilmer's Swamp Root 1 the discov
ery of the eminent phjslclan and scientist
nd is not recommended for everything , but
will lie found just what U needed In case *
hlmnelf ae cnpeclilly gratified on account ol
the support th t bad been given him by bit
old army comrades , and declared that It vol
unteers were called for to go to Cuba , he
would not be one to star at home.
The following births and deaths were re
ported a the health office during the twenty-
four hours ending at noon yesterday :
Births William Astleford. 422 Mnrth-i
ttrcet , boy ; Andrew Walgren , 1624 North
Twenty-ninth , girl ! John O. Ander on. 2711
Hlon.lo . , girl , Richard Hooy , 3023 South night-
eentli , boy.
Deaths May Glb on. 21 , Twenty-third and
Charles , Laurel Hill ; Mary Hays , 70. 2207
DodRo. rystltl . Prospect Hill : F. J. Smith.
"C 23 Neith Thirty-eighth , paralysis , Lake
Geneva , Wls.
six'nnTim ITT nvs TIII ; nntmns.
Oiiinlin frill roninclp it Hit Oilier
bide * on Inillnn titii ) | > lli"i.
Secretary Utt of the Commercial club has
prepared n list of Indian supplies which can
bo purchased In this city as cheap or cheaper
than In Chicago or Now York. This Hat In-
cliiika the following articles :
Bacon , lard , mess pork , barley , corn , oats ,
rolled oats , cornrneal , feed , flour , hominy ,
hard bread , beef , fine and coarse salt , furni
ture and woodcnw are , harness , saddles , other
saddlery equipments , agricultural Imple
ments , wagons , wagon fixtures , glass , Un
seed oil. Iron and ochre pilnts , brasc and
Iron kcttlce , stoves and stove attachments
hardware , medical supplies , beans , coffei
rice , sugar , tea , blankets , woolen and knl
goods , hats and caps , notions , crockery
lamps , clothing , boots and shoes , school sup
plica , dried apple's , prunes , peaches , groceries
syrups , boap , vlne'gar and a variety of othe
minor articles.
In speaking of the advantages of recclvln
bids hero Secretary Utt says : "In consider
Ing this question It should be borne In mint
that oil Indian agencies where a larg
amount of supplies are furnished are west o
the Missouri river , and the largest con
tmnicrs are In the northwest part of th
United States and reached by roads tunnln
direct from Omaha , and that In buying good
based on Omaha , as compared with Chlcag
or New York , the government will save tlm
In transit and freight charges that wouU
accrue between those cities and the Mis
sourl river. The basis of making rates t
points In territory west of Omaha Is tli
Missouri river. That Is to say , the rate o
merchandise- from New York 01 Chicago t
railway points In Nebraska , Wyoming , Soul !
Dakota , Colorado and Utah is the rates fron
those points to Omaha , plus the rates fron
Omaha west This gives this city a market
advantage In expediting shipments and ou
the ratc'3 applied In making them , "
i.irj's TIII : no\s OI < T n\snY
Jiullie MnliHiijrli Uciils Ii > iil < ntly t\ltl
"ionic.Fin 'nlli' ( HTcmli-rN.
Judge Slabntigh had a sc"wian with Juvenll
offenders , seveial bojs ranging from 11 to 1
years of age being before him. The Judg
was lenient with the little fellows and gave
each ono a chance to be good without being
placed In the custody of the ofllcers of Pic
reform school.
Harry Ilabon said that ho had come from
Deliver to attend tne- exposition and also t
sell papers to help support the family a
home. He bail been in company with t om
bad bo5s who had been caught In the ac
of stealing pocketbooks from ono of the de
partmeivt stores. The boy told a straight
foiwaid story and It so Impressed the Judg
that he gave the joungdier another chance
cautioning him , however , about keeping ou
of bad company.
Charley Snear , arrested because ho hap
pencil to bo around when some stealing wa
eairlcil on , was allowed to go to his mothe
at Valley , upon a promise that he would stay
at home and keep away from Omaha.
Snm ATn7n uns nrnnsnd nt brpnlrlnir Into
and stealing from a fruit stand. There were
sonic extenuating circumstances and the boy
was allowed to depart. Ho said that ai
uncle gave him liquor and that he dranl
of It , becoming drunk. While In this con
tlltlon , ho said that he committed the crime
Walter Cramer , a boy who was so smal
that ho had to stand upon a chair In orde
to bring his head up on a level with the
Judge's bench , pleaded that ho was caugh
in bad company and consequently was
arrested , iHo was released with a promise
that In the future ho would bo good.
Knie ! Penn had been a witness to some
stealing , but as he convinced the court tha
ho was not a party to the theft , ho was
allowed to go.
Delay on Upper I'loor nr I'fili-rn
II n 11 ill 1117 lleeomcN IrlkHoinp.
Contractor McCloud of Minneapolis , wiio
( has , tnc contract for finishing the three uppe
'stories of the now pcwtolllco building , has been
given a hunch by Superintendent Latense
that he had hotter begin work on his ecu
I tract. The superintendent was served notice
j on him to show cause why ho has not al
ready commenced.
In speaking about the matter Superintendent
ont Latcnscr stated that ttin conU actor
should Iiavo begun on Ills contract severa
days ago and that ho would 'countenance no
further delay. Contractors of govornnien
buildings early obtain the Impression thai
they need not hurry with government work
Si porlntcndent Latenscr has had difficulty
w'th ' other contiactors ovnr the same matter
and h determined that McCloud shall not
rest under his delusion long. It Is the In
tention to ru'fi the bnlldlrg to completion
as speedily an passible.
AMTinii Pit ron\ roil OMVII\ .
t i\torniliiiitiir : I'liint Itriuovcd
from i\etor.
Next Tuesday Omaha will have a new
business enterprise In the shape of the fac
tory of Gcorgo H Lea companj , manufac
turers of Insect exterminators of different
kinds. The plant bus been removed to thU
city from TJxoter , Neb , on account of the
better distributing facilities offered here.
The buslnesil of the firm Is said to have bo-
ccmo so extensive that It became necessary
to remove to a larger city and Omaha was
selected because It offered the best ad
vantages. I
The factory will be located In the Good
man building at 1110 Karnam street , where
some twenty hands will be employed Three
or four families will bo brought hero , but
most of the help will bo secured In Omahi
Thu firm also needs a warehouse , but this
has not yet br > en selected.
For Selllni ; Ilqiior to IiiillniiN.
James Il'noh , Isaac- Preston and Wild Hill
were aril-sled at Homer and WlnnebaKo aim
taken before Commissioner Sloan at fender
on the charge of Helling liquor to Indians
1'roston niul Black gave * a JMO bond for their
appearance , but Wild Bill failed to secuio
bull and wns brought to Omaha > eterday
and lodged In jull When Wild Bill ai rived
In town ho w is just recovcilnv from a
spree and ho very boisterousv ! declined
himself a terror and maintained that he wan
innocent of the chargu brought against him
Kidney and Bladder Troubles Quickly Cured
You May Have a Sample Bottle of tha Great Discovery of
. Dr , Kilmer's Swamp-Root Sent Free by Mail.
of kidney and bladder disorders or troubles
duo to weak klJnuys , such as catarrh of
tbo bladder , gravel rheumatism and
llrleht'a Disease , which Is the worst form
of kleliioy trouble , It corrects Inability to
hold uilno a-id binartlng in ( Hifislug It , nnd
promptly overcomes that uupleasant uecos-
slty of being compelled to get up many
times during ttio night.
The mild and extraordinary effect
of till * great remedy is soon re
alized , H stands tbo highest for lu
wonderful cures. Sold by druggists , price
fifty cents and ono dollar. So universally
eucceMfLl Is Snam-Hoot | In quickly curing
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celpt of three tvvo-cctit etamps to cover cost
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Omaha Sunday lice and send your eidJrews to
Dr , Kilmer & Co , Illnghamtoa , N , V. This
generous offer appearing in tuls iipor Is a
guarantee ot ecuulnencu.
, i
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Public Confidence in Him Expressed by
Popular Voto.
True Inwurilm-HS of the llroiiteli At
tack oil the Major l r 'seii eil
for tinllefc'rcc'
tlou uiiil
The arguments In the Droatch-Moores caoc
Iiavo boon concluded. Attorney Boucher , for
Mr. Moores , occupied the early part of the
forenoon aud was followed by John C.
Wharton , who finished during the afternoon
The arguments vvero evidently a greater at
traction thaii the testimony , as J.ho county
court room was well filled with , spectators.
Mr. Boucher's argument largely consisted
of a presentation of authorities In support
of the contentions pievlously suggested. Ha
quoted voluminously from recent decisions
bearing on the conduct of public olllclals
and especially those In which the eiueatlcu
of intent vvaa considered. Ho produced over
whelming authorities In support of the propo
sition tfiat coirupt motives were essential
to constitute an embezzlement and must be
shown to warrant the conviction of the ac
cused. Ho then briefly reviewed the conduct
of Mr , Moores from the times when he occu
pied the office of deck of the district court
to show that ho had at all times acted In
perfect good faith ana was ready to pa\
over any amount that might be adjudged a. °
duo to the county or school hoard as soon eia
the legal [ jue-stiona Involved were adjudicated
Mr Wharton touched in beginning en the
political phase of the persecution to which
Mayor Mcorcs was subjected nt the hands
of his political enemies. H said that this
was the aaddost funeral that lie had over
attended. The corpse had been dead many
months , but It was still stalking through
the land , clothed in the habiliments of the
tomb , but raising a great hue and cry of
lustlco and ilghteouriiiefs and truth that
mist prevail. It has been customary In
olden times to hire mourners lu order to give
dignity to the obsequies. So In this
case , after the republican party had en
veloped W. J. Droatch with the grave clothes
10 had hired chief mourjicre , who were ex
acted to pipe and wall to show their sorrow
it his demise , Hedfleld had joined this
land and posed as , one of the chief buglers
Ho had declared himself the only honest
nan In the icpubllcim party and as too geode
o associate with it longer. Ho had chosen
o go before the people and submit his case
o their \erdlct , They decided by over 3,000
najorlty that ho had been weighed In the
islanco and found wanting. They had told
ilm that ho had hotter wrap himself In the
a mo uhroml that covered Ilioatch and with
ilm sleep silently thereafter.
Thcflo lilred mourners had voiced their
amentatlons on every stump during the
ampalgn , They had inado the Issue that
faille E , Moores was an embezzler and do-
aulter and that ho was unfit to hold the
olllco of mayor of Omaha. But the people of
Omaha had in warned the Insincerity of the
ireienslons of Hioatch , Hedfleld , Ruanu and
he rest of his gaiiK. They had expressed
udgment by Kielr ballots and It was nnu
leforo tliId court to pronounce- the verdict
'Ills political clique had hounded Frank I- .
looreti from the time when he was a can
didate for a third time for the olllco of cleric
of the district court. Before ho was nom-
nated for mayor the people had had a > ear
a which to Investigate the charges that
ad been made agjUist blm end to arrive at
Just conclusion , They had spoken end now
\licit was the result ? It was to bo expected
hat a man who had not received u single
oto fur the olllco of mayor would take hU
uo and decide that the people did not want
ilm longer. But not so with Ilroatcli , Ho
imposed to continue- rule over the people
f Omaha , when in the great metropolitan
ity of 143,000 Inhabitants tiot ono man ,
utnan or child dad voted for him , The
( tire to serve one's fellow men was to be
dmlred , but the cnmo could not bo said of
lie spurious patriotism which was animated
ly the deslro for fllthy lucre and revenge
This wai the situation that was before the
: ourt. One man had been elected major by
Uo suffragca of tbo people. The other bad
declared that although he , bad not received
a single vote he proposed to remain in office
and show the people that < ho was still bosa.
By what right did this political carpet bag
ger , who had been repudiated by tbo conven-
tlcn and the people , etill nroposo to rule ?
Continuing , Mr. Wharton emphasized the
fact that In acting on questions where the
title to offlco was Involved the courts hai
uniformly endeavored to construe the law
favorably to the execution of the expressed
will of the people. The same duty de-
voUed on the court in this case. Ho thei
declared that the only question of law ant
fact Involved was whether Mr. Moores had
Intentionally , maliciously and corruptly em
bezzled $1,318 83 of the funds that came Into
his possession as clerk of the district court
Ho proceeded to review the facts at length
to show that Mr. Broatch had absolutely
failed to establish this contention , and his
argument was still in progress when the
noon recess was declared.
Frank Ransom made the closing nrgumenl
for Mr. Broatch yesterday afternoon. He
devoted mojt of his time to an effort tc
SHOW that the fact that Mayor Moares hat
not paid ever all the amounts In contio\crsy
before ho left the offlco of district com I
clerk was sufficient evidence of an intention
to defraud the county.
Hnrl Montgomery .SiiHtnliiN
BoinoJSiMfro IiijorlCH.
Little 5-year-old Earl Montgomery , living
at Twentieth and Ohio streets , Jiiet with
a painful accident yesterday. The little fe !
low was playing on Corby , near Nineteenth
and in running to the opposite oldo of the
street went directly ki front of a horse
ilrhen by Mrs. Cannon. She instantly tried
to rein up the animal , but was not nblo
to do so before the horse struck the boy
and knocked him down , trampling upon him
The child waa severely bruised about the
body and sustained a scalp wound that re
quired thirteen stitches to close.
Llttlo Earl was carried homo by some
neighbor ho > s and a surgeon called , Last
night the child wns resting well and the
chances for his recovery arc \ery promising.
Tom Todliiinlcr to Irn > e.
Considerable surprise was created by the
announcement that T. II. Todhunter , as
sistant superintendent of the Omaha Street
Hallway company , had resigned and ex
pected to leavu for Chicago In a short time.
When asked concorninK his resignation , Mr.
Todhunter confirmed the report and said
that hlH resignation would take place .March
1 He expects to go out of street car woik
permanently , and Intends to BO Into the
employ of A , l \ Keith of Chicago , manu
facturer of baking powder and uplces.
Mr. Todhunter has for a long tlmo been
rit-sldent of the Street Hallway Ilmploye's
Benefit association Last night the mem
bers of this association held a meeting In
too Myrtle Hall annex for the purpose of
saying good bye to Mf , 'Todhunter ' and pre
sented him with a handmme chali.
As yet the Street Halfway company has
seemed no ono to fill Mr Todluintei'a place.
llrlnll Crocrri , UlrrkH.
The Omaha Retail prpcery clerks' asso
ciation nt Its last meeUug decided to move
from tha Mlllatd hptvl to quarters In
Masonic temple Nineteen new meinbeiH
were Initiated The pirdnlzatlon Is of the
benevolent and fraternal order , with n sick
and burial fund , and Is Hi lionise imiumilal
Owlni , ' to u mistake aft to the objects of the
association a commltteetfrom | thu Central
Labor union , Mc srn Hlnchoy and Shaw ,
was in attendance SollqHlntr co-operation
with the Amurlcan 1'ederutlon of Labor
When It wns pointed ioiJt Ahat the grocery
clerks' organization WU8 Jiot for tniilo or
strike purposes , the ( Committee withdrew.
Ulcctlon of permanent , eiljlcerw will occur
upon receipt of the charter , which Is ex
pected from the National Grocery Clerka'
association ultli headquarters at Denver.
Iiuiui'Ht on l.iiml'N lloily ,
Coroner Swnnson held an Inquest yesterday
morning on the body of N'cla Lund , who met
his death Trlday forenoon by falling from
the third story of the new Burlington depot
through to the ground floor. Jena Lund ,
the brother of the dead man , telegraphed
to Coroner Hwanson from hid homo In
Touumlu , Neb , that ho would arrive hero
ami take charge of the remains , which ate
still at the morgue.
The following marriage licenses * were Is
sued yesterday by the county Judge :
Name anil Address Age
Sohuyler C. Warren , Douglas county , Neb Zi
Kittle S.iffonl.i Douglas county , Neb . 'J
HlbrldKo O Floyd Omaha. , . M
Clara L McGee , Omaha. . , . , . .
Chester II Murphy , Seneca , Kan . 22
CoiaStubbj , Seneca , Kan . 20
Accused Mail Held to Bo Ersponaible for
Policeman's ' Death.
Ilctnriin a Verdict of Murilpr In tin-
bet'onil IH'Krcc for Killing-
Dun TlotloniUH
I.iiNt June. .
If the verdict of the jury remains un
disturbed , August Kas.tner will certainly
spend ten years of his life w-lthln the walls
of the penitentiary , with a possibility that
he may remain there EO long as he lives , the
length of sentence depending wholly upon
what Judge Slabaugh does In the premises
After a trial covering nineteen days the
case of the State against August Kastncr ,
charged with the murder of Officer Dan
Tlcdcman'at Nelson's saloon , Thirtieth and
Spaiildlng- streets , on the early morning ot
June 9 , 1897 , was submitted to the Jury at
about C o'clock Friday night. The twelves men
were at oiice taken out to supper and upon
their return , after electing Thomas Bat-
terton foreman and reading the Instructions
of the court , they took a vote , with the re
sult , It is said , that eleven of the men voted
for murder lu the first dcgrcis and the re
maining Juror voting for acquittal. After
this vote was taken , the case and the
evidence were reviewed and another vote was
taken , with the same result as the first.
This ccudltioa relative-to the stand'nB of the
lury continued until 1 o clo K je.to day mo-li-
Ing , when the lone Juror who stood out for
acquittal Informed his associates that If
they would vote for murder In the sec6nd
degree , ho would do the same , After the
proposition had been discussed for some time ,
another ballot was taken , resulting a unani
mous vote for conviction of murder In the
second degree. Immediately after signing
the verdict , the Jurors retired upon the
benches of the big court room where they
were confined and slept until morning
when they announced to the bailiffs that
they had agreed.
uncisiviNG THE vnnmcT.
After the jurors In the Kastncr case had
returned from their morning meal Judge Sla-
Ijaugh and the attorneys for the prouecutlon
were notified , and at 9 o'clock they all re
ported at the court house. Notwithstanding
the early hour a largo crowd was present
when the prisoner was brought In , followed
by his old father and bin alstere , who wore
accompanied by some neighbors There was
lonsldciablo speculation on the verdict , many
believing that It waa one of acquittal This
jcllef was wholly duo to the fact that the
state had failed to bring homo to the de-
'cnilant positive pioof of the commission cf
: he crime , and also for the reason that It
was pretty generally bolloved that the do-
'ense had established an alllil.
As soon as court convened the verdict
ivas passed up to Deputy Clerk Green of the
district court , and by him road. Hardly
"iad ho finished the last word convevlng the
Information that the jury had found August
ifastnor guilty when Mra , Kastner became
i > ntorlcal The daughter and the Immedi
ate friends of the family hurst Into tears
and mcaned and sobbed. The bailiff was
ordered to restore order and August Kastner
was led away to the county jail , followed
> y his relatives and friends , who only turned
jack when they reached the doors that were
? arrcd against them.
Whllo August Kastncr nhowed some Inter-
cat In the proceedings , ho was ono of the
coolest persons about the court house , ap-
urently not realising what had happened
If ho did realize , to an observer It looked
na though ho did not cart ) , as ho did not
aho\v thu least sign of ur.otloa or feeling.
On a conviction for murder In the second
degree ; , the penalty ls imprisonment for not
csj than ten yearn , or It may be for life ,
the length of the term being dUcrcitlonary
with the ) Judge , The attorney for the Mate
and those for the defense are equally sur-
irlsed. The former did not anticipate any-
hlng better than manslaughter , wlillo
thoou for the defense wore juft aa positive
of acquittal.
When August Kastner will go to the pcnl-
entlary U a question tint no one can
answer at this time. The attorncya for the
dcfensw will move for a now trial , and
after argument , if this Is denied , they say
that they will appeal to the supreme court ,
uniting a suspension ot sentence during the
pendency ot the hearing. If the appeal is
taken It Is likely that it will bo &orae
months before the case can bo heard and
finally passed , upon.
The conviction of August Kastner Rives
County Attorney Baldrlgo and Acslstant
County Attorney Jeffiles considerable hope
ot convicting Joseph and Louis Kastnur ,
who , with August , were Jointly Indicted for
Uio minder of Officer Tledeman. They will
place the other pitsoncra on trial at tli la
term of court and \v 111 offer substantially the
eamo ovldeuco against them. While they
contend that August Kaatnor was the man
who fired the shot that resulted In the death
of the officer , they hold that the father ,
Jtxserd , and the brother , Louis , were present
and aided and abetted in the commission of
the crime , which legally makes them equally
California Co IIn\c an l\jti > xlllon.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 20 After con
sulting with nn advisory committee of
citizens In regard to the feasibility of hold
ing an International exposition In J'KH In
honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the ad
mission of California Into statehood. Mayor
Phelan has conclutlcd to appoint a com
mute to Inaugurate the preliminary work
of another midwinter fnlr. Coming so soon
after the Paris exposition , the mayor ami
his advisors believe that many of the ex
hibits shown at Pans will be brought here ,
rinnnclal aid from the st.ite and national
legislature will be solicited The cltUeiia'
committee will bo chosen in a few days ,
Mrs. Koysor , assisted by Mrs J J , Dickey
as Shakespearian reader , will conduct an
evening of "Sheikcspearo In Song ana I'lc-
ture , " Monday evening , March S , at the First
Congregational church ,
Deloa A. Campbell has sued the Omaha
Water company , alleging $5,000 damages.
Ho bays that ho li the owner of lands and
lots at riorenco and that he has been kept
out of the possession of the tumo by the
P. J. Sackott will give an address on "Tho
Government of German Cities" at the meet
ing of the political economy un I hoclal
science department of the Woman's tlnh.j
next Monday , nt 4 p , m. , at the Congrega
tional fhurch Club members are asked to
extend the Invitation to 'tho ' men , us the
toplt IB of general Interest.
Judge Kojeor has granted a writ of ha
beas corpus in the case brought by George
ifcliulor. Schulor has been jeli-ascd from
the Douglas county Jail , the court holding
that his Imprisonment was Illegal. Schiller
was the man brought up from Sarpy county ,
whore ho was ai routed and fined , having been
convicted In the county court of selling liquor
without first securing a license.
uu ns iviu : u.sicn.
Mr. W. 8 Kc-wlcr , president and maingsr
of the Albion Malleable Iron Works , Albion ,
Mich. , writes as follows Mr C. E , Qaueij ,
Marshall. Mich , Dear Sir "KnclosccI find
my check for two dollars for which send nip
moro of your Catarrh tablets. They excel
anything I have ever used and I cannot be
without them. " Yours , W. S. Kemjler
The above testimonial Is short , but right to
the point and plainly demonstrates the ac
tual value of these wonderful tablets
Gauss' Catarrh Tablets Mil euro any taso
of catarrh s they are Hdcntlflcally prepared -
pared to act Immediately upon the mucous
membranes and surfaces through the sys
tem , They can bo obtained at ull drugh
gists or by mall 60o full sl/ed pachogo
Llttlo book , on catarrh mailed free. Address
C. 12. Gauss , Marshall , Mich ,
Notlco la hereby given that the amount of
all the existing Indebtedness of the J'nxton
tc. Vlerllnj ; Iron works lu JS.7S'.00 Given
under our hands this 2l8t day of February ,
A J VinitUNO.
No JTT5 , '
H < rort of th CYindlllon of
At OinthR , In th * Suit of Ntbrulfe , nt the
' " " - of t > u lnc j , J > bru ry 13 , 1WI/
iccuroj and
un rcurcd
u. s boml to necur *
circulation 100.0WOJ
U. s bond to lev-ure U.
S deposit * ro.oooco
ricmlums on U. S
14 000 M
tcurltle < . etc . 6,617 U
f home , fuinUiiio ,
nnd ilnt > iri > . 211,000 M
Other irm cslnlc nnJ
mortKiuM ovuirJ .
Dim from imiionnl hanks
( not lofcncRf.ms > , . . | M , 097 00
nun from into lianKs nml
t. - t ( 15
uuo from ntproed re *
iam M- s cw r
iiiiil other push
for c-lcnrliiR
of other mil ninl
6,530 00
rruitlonnl inpei
nickel < niul ? rtit 1,670 43
lawful Monej llesorve In
Hank , vie :
Jperic * mwca
T. , Knl ' < 1' " ' ( < r " "I' " ' 10,000 0023J.011 JJ
neilemptliiit fund with U.
H tro.nurcr (3 ( per cent
at clrculatlnn ) 4f W 09
Surplus mini . uv.ooo . oo
Uiullvl.lPil pie m. hr .
| HII P.I uxe , 1M | , | t.tM 61
snllotnl mite , OU ( .
to other national
bnnlta ' ' t .152,137 19
Due to Mme ( > aiikn 'liii'it
Individual iliiioMts sub
ject to cheek
Demand rernne-atcs ot ile-
t'O'lt . . . .
(1,55 ( 53
Tlmo ( ertlllentei of de.
' " ' " ni on R-
eVHIMoil chccki ,
Oiftiler * thicks outKlnnd-
M.114 '
I'nlloil clrnoiilti' ! ! ! S'l
Slates 4s. w oi.cn.sw it
81nl , < , Ni'l'rn-kn. On.ntv . of Hmmu" „ ' '
' " i0' fn'Mcr " ' " nlmvc-nnnipil
hunk , . , .1 ,
nVnl trV ' "f" " ' " tllp Ill' ' ° * < ' " " > " ' -
.nem „ t true , .1
„ t.io . bct
" '
. " . 'mvlc.K . , , , , ,
loin lo before me this i.bl
I'oncct ) Notnrj IMtillo
Attest :
II 11OOI ) ,
1' T IlAMIl/mV ,
Uli erto
J J27I )
. Hoport Tf the Ootiitltlon nf
riMii. . > \ rivi. ( ) . II\MC Up cniviiiifij : (
At Oiiiihi , I , , tin. .Slnto of Ncbrnkn. nt ttio
o nf llurinpw ivhniiry IS , lx <
r iiini niul
' > WC.tl7 17
Ovenliufiii. ii'nie-
. t-cciiieil unit -
U S liomlV | 0'M 'ill- 1,990 18
I'lomllims on II s Immla" " COW
' COS3
Stock" , SlHllllllo-l
, 1(0 ( . S3
tmklnK hmhe. furniture
IIM 1 f I \ 11 | 11 H
9.M7 70
Oilier 10 il psiiilo mid Miorl-
( TiKes o\Mieil
Duo from nittnniil ImnKi 3J
lint tpxcno nifPiitH ) . . . t C.S6J 2S
Dun from state linnks nml
Illlllx IH ' 2 335 13
Duo from ni > pui > < il leseivi'1
nj l'llls . tt po f. n ,
c'lio Ki nml otlui cisli 'it ' mi 7,703 cj
"tliaitv * foi tlinilnff
" ' 21
Notes of other" it'lon il
CM 00
rriirtloiuil piper riiircncy ,
nkktla niul cents 103 75
I > l ftll IllDllP ) IC < urM > ill
InnKlz :
Specie 13 12S Br
l.KTl ( temlci nolei Z1.101 00119.12 S
Ileili'iii | > tlon fund wllll If 8
lin < iiii r (3 | ior cent of tlr-
Liilatlun ) 2.MOO *
Cipllal stnck paid 'in 3 < X,000 ) 09
Undivided iirolllB. less cx-
pen o and lixea pi Id . . . , 2,016 91
Nation i | Innk noli M oiit-
. . , 4o,000 07
Duo to Rtnte UinkH aiul
binkt rs .
Inilhlihiil HepiHltH sulijeit to
tchetk , . 217,43972
Dem mil certlllcalH of ile-
Jwilt . . 220235
Tlmo iprtlllcatcs of del -
' ; l ( . 11)7X501 )
e > rtlin-il chetlts . 117000
Cualiltrs chcilci oiilslanil-
, ' " < ; . M DO217,111 M
Hllla pi > able . CVi.OW ) m
_ Toll < l JCCfl.fCl Cl
Stain of NVIiin ka , Count } of r > oiiKla , s :
F.V H Hector , enslikr of the nlime-nnninl
Imnk dii MiUmnl } Bivpiir that the abo\n state
ment la tiuu to the lust of my UnowliJt-o and
w a itncron , Ca ) iirr
.Snbsrrlheil anil snorn to before me this 2Cth
di > of I'clirunr } , I IR
( Seal ) It D JlHOADirs , Notary Public.
Correct Attest :
.1 II HVAN" ? .
01:0. i : iiAiucnu ,
No. 2CC3
lleport nf the r-onrlltlon erin
in : Mnmisicv MTIOVVI , II\NK ,
At Oinnh.i , In tlio State nf Nchratkn. at lh
Close of IJiiBlness Peliruaiy 18 , 189S.
Loans " nnd dlpcounts . . | C2S,33t 08
"verdrnflR Hecured anil
uiifeturcd . , 2,271 Jj
U H Imnda to secuio
elrculallon . . . . | CO , 000 00
IT H ( Hindu to tecuro U.
H ilpposlta 100,00000 ICO.OO ? 00
1'renilumii on U. fe ,
lioiidK . . . . tl.GOO 00
UockB , pcourltlc" . etc CO.OC9 48
Ilinklni ; IIUUFC , furnltnro
and llxtima { 8,000 o
Other ical estnto and .
owned 78,207 9
Due from imtlonul banks
Hi I n of Nclirackn , Counts of DoiiRlnx , nn :
I , II W. Yate-K , | ire ldpnl of the ntiovo-nameil
bank , dn t < oleiniil > Rnenr that the ahmn ( tola ,
inent l true tci the dent nf my Icnrml licnml ;
( ellef. 71v YATKS l'if ldenl
Hubrcrllinl and fworn to bcforo me thin : ctb
day nf 1'cbruuiy , H&S.
A. D 'lOUtfAI IN.
CPeal ) Notary I'ulJllo.
Correct Attest ;
I.I2WIB B lllinl ) ,
Flucecl : on rfcord HiturJay.
Gust I'aiilxen anil wlfo lo Otto Hin-
wen , w'/i ' of lot 20 , block C , licnnliiK-
ton . : 109
Peter Holat unil vvlfo to ( jiiKtnv I'uul-
HOII. xiiinu 7i
i : H lloulinul lo I. A. Itrailfonl ,
unil 'a ' of lot U , lilock l > 4 Kouth Omuhie
SPine to Sumo lincl Vj of w 17 foot of
lot C unil a 17 feet of lot 7 , liloclc I ,
Hnutli Oniahu Vlovv
S.iino to Hamc , vvH of Int fi nnd cV4 of
lot C lilodc 1 , Mnvvood I'ark
Timothy Hiilllvan unil ulfp to liello
1-ovey , lot 3 , block 12 , Jetter'H DrHt
mill 200
Stockton Ilcth to i : M. Itoccl , lot I ,
Cn Hcont I'.irk
i ; M f-ioant ) anil IniHbanil to M N
Hiitton , lota U anil 12 , block KG , Health
Omaha 2tVO
Sheriff to A I < Hfcil rt nl IIKIJI com
ut " i-or block 7 , H i : HogorH' add Z.S75
Kiank 'J'lijniiiaon c > t al to AiiKUHti
1'rc-ltaK. lot 1 , block Gl Koutli Oinali i
Sjic-clal .MiiBter to 12 II Abbott , lot
C , blue it 7 , I'urrlck'a Hctond ueld
Total amount of transfera J13.M9

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