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Spain Hurriedly Getting Ita Navy Into
lighting Trim ,
Only Ono Crnlssr ITJW on Waj to
Havana *
Considerable More Tima is Needed to Fit
Thtm Out ,
IiiillKiiiintllcl ! > ol the .SiiKKCKtluii
rMnile mi the Subject 1 > > IIU-
v iniirc-lc Vliitlrlil
ISOt , ti > - I'lcus rulillrlilnfr C'ompnnj )
< [ MADRID , Fob. 27. ( Now York World Cablegram -
blogram Special Telegram. ) Thu report
that a Spanish squadron had sailed for the
United States has only its foundation In
tlicso facts :
Spain Is hurriedly getting Its navy Into
fighting trim , and a torpedo flotilla will ect
sail for Havana this week. 1 learn officially
from the Spnnteh navy department that no
squadron has Balled from Spain ulthln the
last few days Thu only cruiser now on the
way to Havana Is the Almlrante Oqucndo ,
a sister ship of the VIzcava. A ! flotilla com
posed of three torpedo destroyers , three tor
pedo boats and the steamship City of Cadiz ,
under command of Captain Vlllnmll , will
leave Cadiz for Havana this week , as has
been cabled already. Tim only Spanish ves
sels which could follow Immediately arc
the cruisers Infanta Maria Theresa , Alfonso
XIII , three more torpulo destrojers and
three torpedo boats All the other war ships ,
Including the battleships 1'elajo and 13m-
rornndor Carlos V , and the armored cruiser
Cristobal Colon , nre undcrgo'ng repairs It
will take eome tlmo jet to complete the
repairs , fit tlinin out and mount their guna ,
but they are being actively prepared for
Sagasta pays with reference to the rumor
that 1'rltwo Hlsinarck has suggested arbitra
tion by the powers to fectllo the. mattero Ki
dispute between Spain and the 1'iiitcd StaUtj
oiid Cuba "Only thcae who did not Know or
esteem Spain could entertain the Idea that
any Span'ph government would ucrmlt ovei-
turcs Implying an Intaalon of Spanish rights
end foreign Interference in purely Spanish
affairs.Ve would not accept arbitration , nor
would anjbody dare make such a piopcul-
tlon. "
General Wejler arrived at Barcelona to
day and left Immediately for his country cc-
tate In the mountains He o\pecta to return
to Barcelona on Tuesday and reach Madrid
ou Weu.cudav.
MADRID. Feb. 27. The Cardinal Arch
bishop of Vallldolold has publ'sbed a pastotnl
letter blaming America for the prolongation
of the Cuban war. His eminence saja : "Tho
hypocritical friendship of the United States
fostera the rebellion and wastes Spain's ro-
Bourcea In order the better to attack It when
weakened. " He exhorts "all trim SptnlarSn
to nnllo In defending the rights and honor
of the nation " The letter has caused wide
The Correspondence Mllltar , organ of the
army , sa > s : "The prevailing Impression la
that war ( between apam anu tno united
States will break out In April. "
A former captain general of Cuba , pre
sumably Martinez Campoii , Interviewed by a
representative of Correspondence Mllltar ,
1 roporled lo have said : "I never cnlcr-
talned a doubt thnt If tbo rebellion weio
not suppressed before 1S98 war would bo un
accomplished fact. Presumably my proph
ecy will be fulfilled. J have the consola
tion of having done nil In my power to avert
It , and therefore I do not regret the blame
which has boon heaped upon mo. All that
Is now pciislblo Is that wo should all unlto
to meet the danger threatening tbo coun
try , "
Senor Polo y Bernnbo , the now Spanish
\ mlntetcr to the United States , has slarled
for Glbrallar en r ) lo New York. Ho Is
fully empowered lo rantlnue the reciprocity
treaty negotiation ? . The government U anx
ious to secure a firm basis for commercial
and political relations with Iho United
States before May , In case the pacification
of Culm should not have made progress Ix-
fore the rainy season commences. It Is an
< oprti secret that both the homo and for-
elgn departments consider the preservallon
of friendly relntlonw with Iho United States
ns no Icrs Important lu the pacification of
Cuba than the military open t Ions , and tbo
unofficial efforts to Induce the Insurgents to
agree to autonomy.
\rt > 'AiixIntiM to I , earn Some
eloiiiiu-iitM In Iiit eMlnrallon.
HAVANA ( via Key West , FU. ) , Feb. 27.
Many Americans and some Spaniards hero
insist that the Investigation Into the Malno
disaster has thus far been superficial and
-barren of vital results. They say thut
though nearly two weeks have passed no
knowledge has been gained as to the con-
d.llori of the forward part of the hull or
_ _ na to whether the six or ten-inch ammu-
jiltlon magazines forward lo Ibo starboard
exploded. They Insist , moreover , that expert
divers , with enough experience to aiako
drawings of the condition of tnlng.3 sub
marine , might have ibecn at vvuVk a week
ago and might have settled the question as
to the magarlnra at least ere this.
Thcuo who hold lliese views demand lhat
the hull forward should bo raised without1
further Io"s of tlmo aud before It has sunk
too deep In forty feet of soft inuil. There
mo some who go so far as to charge the
united State * government with adopting the
Spanish policy of delay until the disaster
khall bo partially forgotten or discounted.
Many of tbo Spanish officials are said to
entertain tbo opinion that this Is the case
end to be very well pleased with Iho no-
On the other hand , however , good Judges
t-ay that all criticism In this vein la made
without a knowledge of the facts , and that
no ono ave tbo members of Iho court of
Inquiry and their superiors la ovvare of all
4ho toaUmony developed or of what euul-
marine plans have been made , Those also
urge that there Is tie use Irving lo raise
the hull until the wreckage or armor , super
structure. eiiRlnrs , deiAci , gunu and masts
fcavo been taken out. To do this will take
lime and Iho apparatus for the work can
only bo found in the nor'tli.
It Is < aJ | no coxpany in the world ever
took a contract ( or such a work where the
brow log up of the wreck by dynamite was
- * prohibited lest Important evidence bo do-
> ttrojred ,
Out oven the moat moderate strongly dep
recate any more delay than U absolutely
necessary , while all ajjrce that the American
people are cot likely to forget eo readily.
Rumors of this , that or the other discovery ,
petting on foot this , that or the other theory ,
are still rife. In most cne , when run down ,
they are easily proved false , It U useless
to deny that the interest here U much ires
intense than , It was a week ago , but It Is
ever ready to bo kindled anew by any estab
lished facti.
Iho court of Inquiry Is a * quiet la the
late of Maomoa , aa dignified and as fltern ,
are obwttftM , Wt'tbvy fwl the
deep responsibility rcsltag upon them. To
talk Indiscreetly mlnht not only coot a com-
m'.fiilon , no matler how high the rank of the
holder , but would surely prcclpltalo Iroublo
ellher hero or In the Untied States. They
were not exclusive when on shore , and they
d'ncd with General Lee now end again , but
the wreck was always a prohibited topic.
If memory did not give a tinge of tragedy
Havana's harbor would appear commonplace
enough today. Sailboats , tugs and launches
ply to and fro nil day. Steamers largo anil
email arrive and depart and the bustle of a
busy and not specially picturesque harbor
comet end gooo In the usual fashion. In
jondcr mars of steel , which scema to have
writhed In pain , lice all that is morlal of
moro than eighty brave men.
It Is generally expected that the court ol
Inquiry will return here afler taking tcsll-
mony at Key West , and it Is likely that
efforts will be made by agents during the
court's absence lo secure olher testimony.
The arrival of a battalion of more than
, regular iroops irom 'iiarci'iunu , UB ui-
rcady cabled , excited public Interest only
for the day. Guns wcro fired , "ylves'
shouted and dccorallons , which Iho rain
spoiled , hung , but that was all there was
of It. Thcso men , BO It Is alleged , are the
advance guard of a division of 11,000 Spanish
regulars sent to take the place of the sick
nnd wounded -who have returned to Spain
within the last few months.
The Spaniard know that Senator Proctor
Is a close friend of President McKlnley , and
despite his disclaimer of a political mission
they continue to atlach considerable Import
ance lo his visit at this Juncture. Some
think that ho has been sent here by Iho
president to make n report on the situation
ns Mr 'Blount ' was sent to Hawaii by Presi
dent Cleveland. The Spanish , who , in the
main , are Ignorant of American cuatcms and
political methods , cannot understand why a
former secretary of war should como to
Havana , and there are many expressions of
stirpriso that Senator Procter Is not In uni
form , InstcaJ of In civilian dress.
Great preparations are being made to wel
come the cruiser Vlzca > a.
Senor Rivera , oJltor of La Discussion ,
sajs "Tho general Impression hero Is that
the United States court of Inquiry has al-
rcadv decided thnt the disaster of tbo Maine
was the result of an accident. "
II HMioctH In Ileturii ( o llmaiia un
WuiliiCMil n > .
KEY Wr.ST. Fla , Feb. 27. The llghl-
house tender Mangrove bearing the members
of the court of inquiry arrived from Havana
at 7 o'clock this morning. The court will
rcsumo Its sessions Ir ! the United Slales
courl rcotn In the fedeml building at 10
o'clock tomorrow morning and will ptob-
ably return to Havana on Wednesday. The
most Important witness to be examined
hero Is Lleutenanl Illandln , Iho officer of Iho
deck when the explosion occurred. The tes
timony of the other survivors will take
only a short tlmo
Captain Sampson , Chaplain Chadwlck ami
Lieutenant Commander Potter came ashore
and arranged preliminary details for the
sesnlons of the court.
Martin Redding , a diver , returned hero
today. Ho was taken to Havana to work or
tlio wreck and his ai rival today caused
much commcnl. It being said that he had
talked too much at Havana and had beei
removed In consequence. On his arrival here
ho held forth at considerable length before
a street corner audience , nnd but little cre
dence could be given to his numerous state
Roar Admiral Slcard has had frequent
conferences w Ith Captain Sampson nnd oth
ers at the holel tonight. He said tonight :
"I think they ought to get away Wednes
day. Aa jet there Is nothing thai can be
said nboul their work. "
In reply to a question ns to the rumored
removal of the war ships to Cuba , \dmlral I
Slcard eald : "Tho fleet Is not moving , and
I know nothing about Its going to Cuba.
Still , you know , I have steam up and could
go anywhere If ordered. "
Ho was asked It anything had happened
to Justify the statement that the situation
vvas more serious today than it had been ,
nnd ho replied : "They know nt Washington
about thai. Just about how strained our
relations are wllh Spain I am unable lo
say. "
ino excitement yesieruay , auor ino ar
rival of Iho Cuban flllbuslers headed by
General Nunez and Captain John O'Brien ,
completely eclipsed all the doings and say
lugs of the court of Inquiry officers. Their
quick departure prevented very much being
learned as to the expedition , but the Cu
bans hero are elated. An expedition has
been preparing to get away from Key West
for some tlmo , but It probably will suffer
another delay , ns the plot has leaked out
through two Spanish spies.
Only Half n Dozen Conine * lime Ileeii
rnUe-u Out.
( Oopj rlclit , 1893. b > Trei > 9 inibllslilnir Company )
HAVANA , Teb. 27. ( New York World
Cablegram Special Telegraim. ) It seems In-
crodliblo that thirteen days have gone and
that the American government , with millions
In moiey and men lo draw upon has laken
from an Iron tomb In the filthy Havana bay
the bodies of Just six heroic sailors. Dur
ing the eight days' work of the navy und
during the three days' work of the navy and
professional northern men combined not
moro than half a dozen bcdles have they
recovered. There was no Investigation to-
< ! ty. The navy divers stopped work forward
for Sunday. The steamer Right Arm went
to work , but some of Its men could not stand
the overpowering odors and all quit at 10
o'clock for the day. Some horribly decom
posed bodies were raised yesterday and lay
on the small platform where the wrecking
crew was working until today noon. It tbc
bodies are not removed promptly the men
cannot work , The chief of the divers has
complained to Captain SIgsbee , who Is now
oa the Fern , and he has promised to glvo the
matter attention. There was yesterday In
the Interior of the wreck such a maze of
beams , braces nnd machinery that the divers
fell frequently. There Is grcal danger of
their becoming turned about In the Inky
waters and actually gelling lost not len
feet from the diving plalform , so a svstc-
malic plan of ladders Is lo be used tomorrow.
A diver can explore by sight of a torch a
upaco nine feet wide , then move the ladder ,
explore another strip , and so on. The strong ,
nervy men of the wrecking crew say : "It
Is the worst Job we ever had. "
American newspaper correspondents and
enterprising artists are sketching everything
In sight and busy snap-shatcrs abound. The
alert censor stops alt Information that ls
technical or tell-tale.
Sillil to little Ileeii AvcoiniillNliciL liy
1) ) nuiultr.
KEY WEST , Feb. 27. The latest story
as to the way Iho Malno was blown up fa
contained In a letter forwarded toy a secret
tOubon club In Havana to J. M. Govin , a
Cufban Insurance agent hero.
After a long preamble aylng that tbo
writer knew the Maine's fate was due tea
a Spanish plot tbo letter goes on to sa > that
In an old warehouse in Santa Catalina ,
SOO ) ards from where tbo Malno was
moored , some diving apparatus had been
hidden and that from this base two dlvera
had worked by night and filled the torpedo
holes of the Maine with dynamite cartridges ,
connecting them by wire wUh the battery
on land , from which the cartridges were ex
ploded , According to tbo letter Ibe divers
were lo have been paid a large aum , which
has not been forthcoming.
Tbo Cubans In Key West say Investiga
tion In Havana has tended to confiroa the
statements of the letter , which will go be
fore the court of Inquiry. An officer of the
Maine , whose attention was called to the
story today , asserted positively that the
torpedo holes of the Maine had not been
open during Its slay in the harbor ,
Spuln Slion-n Activity.
FERROL , Spain , Feb. 27 , The work of
naval conatructica and armament Is being
pueriivd bjr the , ( ruvcrninfpt . wtn | tbjj.srcateut
activity at the rscUal dad vtgck yard. _ _ _
Sanatora Do Not Wave the Ensangnincc
Qarmont ,
Willingo Keep Cool nnil Stippor
( he 'Ailinlnldtrntloii In In ( Kt-
TortH ( n l're er\e
I 1'cnce.
WASHINGTON , Feb. 27.-Spcclal ( Correspondence
spondencoTho ) dawn of another Lenten
season has limn eh t In tin trnln doubt am
uncertainty as to the conditions which con
front us regarding Spain and Its Island off
the Florida coart. Conditions are much
strained. There has been a tense feeling
observable in all 'branches of Industry , less
possibly , In Washington than In the nearby
greatly populated centers of trade and com
mercc. But Washington has Its mcrcurla
people qulto as much as the cosmopolitan
cities of New York. Baltimore , Chicago , New
Orleans and Sin Francisco , and It has bcei
fj treat with this admixture of classes am
conditions that the most to.npcrate course
was decided upon by the chief executive o
the nation as well as congress In handling
the Maine disaster. The flamboyant utter
aucco of the last few- months In the senate
and house of representatives have been sue
cecdcd by dispassionate appeals to the con
scrvattve Judgment of the nation to suapem
sentence until all the facts nre known. To
GCO statesmen rise In their places and coun'-
fel coolness and deliberation , where but a
short tlrao ago they had stood and In 1m
passioned words Invoked the strong arm o
the government In behalf of the hapless
Cubans , was a sight fit for the go Is. Sen
ator Allen sought to attach a rider to the
diplomatic and consular appropriation Till
recognizing tbo Cubans as 'belligerents ' am
upon thU amendment ho desired a direct ex
pression of the senate He got It , but so
forcibly was the blow delivered that on the
following day ho meekly rose In his oei
and withdrew a resolution which ho had
prepared calling for the sending of a com-
nY&slon to Havana to Inquire so to the
eauso of the Maine's destruction.
Old senators who have seen a quarter o
a century of service in the upper ibranch o
congress unhesitatingly say that they ncvci
witnessed such a change come over that body
as has taken place In the Uet fortnight
When nothing was to be accomplished mauj
of the senators were anxious to swing the
firebrand and the sword , but when brought
face to face with stern facts and the realiza
tion that what they might do in the upper
branch of congress would be lookel upon
as a quasi declaration of war they became
coldly deliberative. And It Is not too mucl
to say that the man who sounded the koj-
note for conservatism , for a rational dis
cussion of the whole phase of Internationa
comity as at present existing between Spain
and the United States , was Senator John M
Thurston of Nebraska In a speech which
the Post says was ono of the most Impres-
elvo efforts of the present session of con
gress , "delivered In no pvrotcchnlcal man
ner , but with an earnestness and solemnity
which bespoke his appreciation of their
meaning. "
Senator Thurston said In part : "We are
standing In the shadow of n terrible com
plication In the harbor of Havana. The
mlndo of the American people are Inflamed
enough. There la enough being said out
side the eenatc , all over the country , tend
ing to Incite our people to some deelara- )
tlon or some act that will precltpltate a
war. The people of this country today
ought to be at their altars considering this
question silently , prayerfully , solemnly ,
with their consciences before Qpd. I do
not know what will bo discovered in the
harbor of Havana. I hope and pray that
the result of the investigation will foe such
as to acquit the people of Spain officially
or Individually before all the. world of any
terrible crluo against this government. "
' This Ecemed to be the cue for other sen
ators , and even though they bad voted for
Joint tad concurrent resolutions , In one form
and another , recogntriifr Cuba oa an Inde
pendent power , thej all voiced the sentiment
that now was the tlmo for deliberate thought
and judgment. Even though Scnatoi Allen
charged senators with dodging the Issue
fifty-one of them registered their vvlU'iigneBa
to go to the country ; on their rccordi made
when the Cuban question was before the
senate In aciother form. Five senators want
ed to recognize the belligerency of Cuba
through an amendment to cii appropriation
bill , and these were Senators Allen of Ne
braska. Cannon of Utah , Heltfcld of Idaho ,
Mascia of Illinois and Teller of Colorado.
War preparations are going on , the gov-
erntmut realizing that nothing makes so
powerfully for peace ao preparations for con
flict , but no word is to bo spoken until the
executive tpcaks. Whether war will grow
out of the Maine disaster or whether It shall
bo postponed until a later day ao ono can
know at present. The result ot tbo court of
Inquiry will not bo liown for a month at
leant , according to navy people.
The onsular reports , however , relating to
the death rate of Cuba since the first day
of December , and the progress of the war In
the lolcmd , which have beta under lock and
key In tbo State department since their ro-
ccptlcn , must be forthcoming , under a reso
lution of the houto of representatives. With
tbrso published the agitation will again
break out , the feeling that Intervention
should como having grown la the meantime
to vast proportions , eo that no men can
luow tbo end. Reason as ono will , the fact
remains that the chasm between the two
countries Is growing wider , and It will re
quire a cool head and a wcll-balaaccd m'cul
In the executive chair to share issues so
that peace with honor may bo preserved to
both nations. That la the Judgment of states
men who have- followed the trend of events
with eurpasa'ng Interest ,
Ileeeleo Information on Uie. lln
WASHINGTON , Feb. 27. The usual Sun
day quiet was not broken today by any new
developments In connection with the Maine-
disaster. Captain Crowlcohleld of the naval
Imreau canio to bis office In the Navy de
partment to open the department mall and
a few unimportant telegrams. A dispatch
from Havana confirmed tbo press reports
that the court of inquiry left -there on tbo
Mangrove for Key West. The State depart
ment received nothing from Consul General
Leo during the day and the only dispatch
of consequence reaching that department
was from Minister Rockbltl at Athens ,
briefly stating that an attempt had been
nude ou the life of King George , but with
out berlouo results. FIve shots were fired
by the would-be assassin , none of them
taking effect ,
Up to C o'clock the dispatches of the Navy
department wcro taken to the officials of the
department and were not regarded as of
sufficient consequence to send to the secre
tary. Mr , Long said the court of Inquiry
would now proceed with Its work at JJey
West , examining flid witnesses there. In ac
cordance with Ita original plans. No defi
nite information bid been received as to
tiow much time would be taken with the in
quiry there or what the next step would
ae. Mr. Long said the department was to
day In possession of no more information
on the cause of the disaster than It was
mmedlaUly after the occurrence and no In
formation bad teen received up to the pres
ent time showing that the disaster -was
caused by dcelgn.
During the itternoon the secretary re
ceived a call from Assistant Secretary
Roosevelt and an examination of the map
raid lo ehow mine * in Havana harbor dis
closed tbatf no such mine * were Indicated.
At ( be fci ) ce tloa o ( Secretary LCD 5 , Ait
c'stnnt Secretary1. Roosevelt , of the Nwy dc
partment gave out the following1 statcmcn
In regard to tbo published rtory of a map
with the mines In Havana harbor purport
ing to be marked on It :
As goon ns tbo map win brought to my
nttcntlon I sent lo Mr. Johtt Hu 'ell Yotin
of the congressional library nnd "got " th
original. It 1 s'mply one of the Inmnnci
nblo maps oft Havana rmruor. There li no
the slightest Rltrn of a mine marked nny
iwhctc on It. An aOmatter of fact , I nn
Informed thnt this map Is one 'which ' hn
been used In giving- lectures tit the Colum
blnn university.
In answer to the question as to wha
was the meaning of the movement of guns
and munitions , Mr. Roosevelt said : " 1
merely served to show that the deparHncn
does not -believe there will bo nny trouble
but neither docs It Intend to be caught un
prepared If there should be trouble. "
Senor du Boic , the Span'sh charge d'of-
fatTcd , today received a cablegram from the
minister of state at Madrid eaylng that the
now m'nleter to the United Slaltfl , Seno
Polo y Bernabe , will eall tomorrow fron
Gibraltar. This will bring him lo Washing
ton In about ten dajs. 'At Gibraltar ho wll
take ono of the German line of transatlantic
steamers touching at that point. The ere
dentlals of the now mlaletcr will be presented
sented soca after his arrival , and It la ex
pectcd that his first attention will bo given
to the new commercial treaty between the
United States titd Spain/ with particular ref
erence to Cuba. His service as chief of the
commercial bureau of the foreign office hat.
given him charge of the matter lending up
to thu negotiation of this trcaly , and ho wll
como nlmrliiR the earnest desire of the Sa
gasta admlnlstralion to put through this
matler with the least delay possible Mln'a-
ler WooJford has been carrjlng on the i.e-
gotlatlons with the authorities at Madrli
and they are well along toward completion.
Beyond the foregoing dispatch Scnor di
Ilosc received no news today from Havana
or Madrid. He expressed satisfaction at the
more conservative sentiment vvlthlu the las
few days.
Prciss reports from Jiauriu state mat me
authorities wcro Jubilcnl over the receipt o
favorable Important Information from Ha
vana. Senor du Bose cauld shed mo light on
Iho nature of this Information. In other quar
ters however , the Impresolcn prevailed that
this Information did not refer to the Maine
Inqulrj , but concerned the general conduc
of the Insurrection In Cuba. There have been
strong Indications of late that Iho nutcno
mist cabinet , under the leadership of Govin
who Is the recqgnlzcd force of that body
would endeavor to make teirca with the sep
aratist wing , and In turn secure the co.
operation of the Insurgents In a movement
to conclude the war. How far this Is passi
ble Is not known here , although It 'jas boon
expected , that Govin wouldsuccced ( In cffoct-
ing a reconclllatlcn. There has been added
reason for this belief within the last fov ,
dajs , owing to the fierce attacks made on
Govin by some of the irreconcilable elements
Ho repelled thesu and repudiated an al
leged letter In which he\ was reported to
have attacked " Premier Saftasta.
issues AS "oliunit < iIHNSIONS
Seerotiiry Dnl Pnimcff on n
liv OoimiilNnloner I.ocliren.
WASHINGTON , Fcb 27. Under a decis
ion rendered b > Secretary of the Interior
Hoko Smith , under the Cleveland adminis
tration , May 27 , 1803. In the case of Charles
T. Dennett , Mr. Lochren , the commissioner
of pensions , organized a board of revision
In the bureau of pensions for the purpose
of taking from the filrfs claims which had
been allowed under the net of Juno 27 , 1890
for a rc-c\aminatlon. As a result of that rf
examination , sajs Asslst-int Secretary Web
ster Davis , pensions Avjre reduced or
dropped in at least"25.00L { cases. Upon a
careful examination pf the action then
taken Mr. Davis has Isoued the following
order relating to appeals pending before the
department In such cases :
WASHINGTON , Fcb 2C , Order. It I- ) di
rected th it the pending appeals from the
action of reduction or repealing pensions
under the pension not of June 17 , 1SOO. In
necoidance with the dcchlons rendered JIuj
21 , ] b9) ) . In the case of Charles T. Bennett
shall be examined with gre.it care.
In cn es where the evidence Hied or the
certificate of examination Indicates thnt the
pension origln.illv allowed vvis vvarrantci
under a Just and Impartial conbtruction of
the law they Fhall be returned to the Bu
reau of Pen = lens for a ' peclal examination
or another medical examination , or both , as
may bo deemed necessary.
It Is held to be proper and Just that sucl
pensioners shall be granted n fair hearing
and be allowed an opportunity to show by
competent prool ] thru tliey were disabled In
the degree and on account of the causes al
leged at it ho date i.vhon trie pension was re
duced or terminate. ] .
It will be'understood that this action dis
poses of the pending appeal in such cases
by rcvcr.slpK the. action taken by the Uure.iu
of Pensions ! and remandlns the case for fur
ther investigation , the reasons therefor
bclnp fully set forth.
WUBSTUH DAVIS , Assistant Secretary.
This order , the department says , will re
sult In giving all soldiers affected by the
Bennett decision a chance to be heard.
Mr. Divls also has rendered an impor
tant decision on the question of "line ol
duty. " It vvas In the cat'o of the widow
of Oscar Hoffman , Twenty-third United
States Infantry band , who applied lor a pen
sion. The war department reported that the
soldier was accidentally killed In the line
of duty while on n pass to hunt , that such
practice was encouraged In the regular army ,
because It Improved the soldier's marksman
ship , and that a soldier killed or wounded
whllo BO engaged , not in consequence of
any willful neglect or Improper conduct , was
considered In line of duty.
The assistant secretary holds that as the
records of the War department are usually
accepted as conclusive upon all other ques
tions relating to a soldier's service , the con
temporaneous order by the proper medical
officer that the soldier was In the line of duty
when killed should bo regarded , In the ab
sence of evidence to the contrary , as con
trolling upon that question. Where such
record does not appear the question of line
of duty must bo determined by the best
obtalnaWo parole evidence In each case.
Ilenellt for \VI < I < MVN mill OrpliniiH of
tilt * Mnliie'N DiMiil.
NEW YORK , Feb. $7. $ The benefit given
at the Metropolitan opera' douse tonight for
the vvldowH and orphans of the sailors am )
men on 'tie battleship Mai lie who went down
with th' vessel waa a thorough success finan
cially and professionally Every available
apot to the big house was gccupled ,
TdoniBS F. Grady opened the program with
a short speech , recounting ( the heroism of tht >
men on the Malno ami eulogizing the dead
licrors. Following him cable Do Wolf Hop.
per with his "Kl Capltan" compan ) , accom
panied by the Scventy-flret reglmecit band ,
low led by Prof. Fancliilll , formerly of the
Marine band , and fUng the , flag music from
the opera. Tbo Broadwayl Thealcr company
bang airs from "Tho Hlghuajrnan" and thu
Castle Square Opera company Bang the east
ern chorus from "Cavalerla Rustlcana , "
Others who took part In the performance
were : Robert Hlllyard , Imogcne Cdmer.
Walter Jones , Low Docltatader , Wilton Lack-
aye , May Irwln , Camlllo d'Arvllle , Nellie
iragglna , Jeromq Sykcs , , Dorothy Morton ,
Merrle Osborno and Grace Golden. At tbo
close "The Star Spangled Banner" was swig
by the choruses from tbc Castle Square com-
> any , the "Telephone Girl" company , "El
'apltan" company. "Normandy Wedding"
company , "Highwayman1' ' company , wilu the
Seventy-first regiment band and the audi
ence. Tbe receipts were more than $10,000.
Sc-iuitor Proctor1 * Movrinrnti.
HAVANA , Feb. 27. Senator Proctor his
been exploring the city toJay. He took
hreakfatt with MUa Clara Barton and with
other Americana witnessed tbo usual nooa
llfltrlbutlon of relief lo the reconcentradooi.
< fo arrangements have been made for calls
by Senator Proctor upon General Blanco end
the other Spanish. olQclals , but it Is exp cted
he will call Informally upon eaveral during
the week. Consul General Lee will nccom-
any him , Tbe report that Captain filgnuae
ted the officer * of the Maine 1111 be mam-
liwd In the admiralty court U untrun. u
bey have not been'notified , but the bulled
States Qfflcere belevp | Spaju ho a moral
- ' " '
Two Masked Men Do the Strong Arm Act a
Bayard ,
Cover Ilio Cnxlilcr mill Another
nlth IMMtoln ninl Compel tlio
I'oriner to Open the
QERINO , Neb. , Feb. 27. ( Special. ) The
llank of Uavard , a email town twenty miles
east of Geilng , was held up last evening
about 7.30. The cashier , A. 0. Taj lor , and a
travcl'og ' man named Hall wcro In the bank
when two masked men entered end , covcrlu ?
them with pistols , made Taylor open the
tafe. They took about $100 but overlooks
the sack of coin and some other money
The cashier came to Goring todaj and Bworo
out a warrant for a man named Johnson
whom he believes he recognized with certain
ty , cud the sheriff has set out In search o
DAYARD. Neb. . Fcb 27 ( Special. ) Two
masked men held up A. O Taj lor , prc-slden
of the Bank of Hayard , nt 8 o'clock last evenIng -
Ing , and at the point of a gun compelled bin
to open the ifo. Mr Taj lor was hit on the
head and seriously Injured. About $100 w.is
taken. A dozen men are la pursuit of the
robbers and It Is believed they will bo cap
One of the I'ONNllillltleM of the Near
AUBURN , Neb. . Fcb. 21. ( Special ) Last
season the Nemalwi County Abstract con.-
pany , through the enterprise of Its president
Colonel J. M. Ilurress , made n practical test
of the soil of Nemaha county for Its adapt
ability to the raising of sugar beets bj
planting sixty-four &mall patches of one-
eighth of an aero each in different parts of
the county to the sugar beet. These beets
were analyzed by chemists and found to
have a largo per ccmt cf saccharine. A
meeting was called jcstcrday afternoon It
consider what kind of a proposition coult
bo made to capitalists to build A sugar beet
factory. B\-Governor Furnas was present
and spol o In favor of the Industry and giv
ing his experience In raising beets and the
Colonel J. M. Burrcss then addressed the
meeting and read the results of their ex
periments last jear. Beets from all kinds of
soil had been sent to tbo Oxnards , the State
university and to the secretary of agricul
ture , and these tests showed conclusively
that cugar beets can be raised In this county
at a profit , both as to quality and quantity
Colonel Burrcss further stated that four of
the five essentials for a factory were hero
at home , viz : The soil , the water , the lime
stone and the transportation facilities. The
contract to raise the beeto was then read
and explained and a lively Interest mani
fested by the farmers present by the ques
tions that they asked regarding the raising
6f beets. The question was asked : "How-
many want a sugar beet factory ? " and every
one present stood up. Some ton or a dozen'
farmers signed the contract at once for the
raising of at least five acres of beets for
the next five years and many more of ihc
farmers took home a contract to give the
matter further thought and consideration.
The meeting adjourned for one week.
A factory for Auburn of a dally capacity
of COO tons Is one of the probabilities of
the near future.
WIM , &T.VM ) 11V Tllli GO VI2 HAM CM' .
Lincoln Cltl/eiiH TtiKc Action on the
Mnliie DlNtiNtcr.
LINCOLN , Fcb. 27. ( Special. ) A misa
meeting , attended by several hundred cltl-
rcns , was held at Ancient Order of Jnltci
Workmen ball last night to talk over matters
relating to the recent destruction of thb
Maine. A number of those present made
patriotic epeectics , and expressed the bellel
tl-at Spanish officers had been guilty cf
treachery to the United States. A pledge to
stand by the government In whatever action
IB deemed necessary was clrcu'ated and
numerously signed.
The Red RllVjon club carried out a very
Intel eating program at the Funko opera
house thls-afternoon. The speeches were all
short and crisp , but right to the point. Vocal
selections were rendered by W. F. Llntt and
Arthur Blvcns.
Dr. Ruth Wood has gone cast and will
make an extended tour through Uuropo be
fore coming back to Lincoln.
Mrs. May Wallett died at her hcraein this
city last night , falling to rally after an
operation which was performed In the hope
of caving her life , Mrs. Wallett was a jounc
worran who had spent most of her life In
Lincoln , and many friends sympathize with
the bereaved huaband and two little chil
At tfje regular rrcetlngof the ministerial
association Monday morning Rev. F. S. Stein
will m ( [ a paper co "A Working Man's In
dictment of the Church. "
I.enriieil lit WnUnflclfl.
WAKEFIKLD , Neb. , Feb. 27. ( Special. )
A preliminary meeting , called for the pur
pose of forming a Northeast Nebraska Bank
ers' association , was held hero yesterday. A
committee on permanent organization con
sisting of W. L. Mote of nmeifon , A. L
Tucker of Wayne and E. R. Gurney of Lau
rel was anpo'iitod. The first meeting will beheld
held at this place Arbor daj , April 22.
A petition was circulated hero this week
and quite grncrou&ly signed asking for the
appointment of en agent to take the place
of Captain Mercer , who haa charge of the
Indian exhibit at the TransmlssleslppI Kx-
IKxiltica at the Wlnnebago agency , who \in
liad no political or business connection with
the Indiana.
Revival services will begin In the Metho
dist Episcopal church next week. Rev. Sha
rer will be aso'sted by Evangelist Gray of
Dakota City.
Poultry AHHOflnlloii Olllrerx.
WAHOO , Feb. 27 ( Special. ) The Saunders -
ders County Poultry and Pet Stock asaocla-
.lon held Its annual election In this city lest
evening and chose the following officers
President , Jeceph Manners ; vlco president ,
J. I ) , Thorp ; secretary , David Lamn ; trcou-
urer , J. M , Loudon , Jr. The association will
told Its amaual show In this city some tl.no
n December. The books of the association
thow all debts paid and some money In the
rcasury. The association pasted a rceolu-
lon making an appropriation to pay a cash
premium to sweepstake exhibitors of poultry
it the Saunders county fair for 181)8. )
IlnrlliiKloin IK'iiiH.
HARTJNGTON , Xcb , Feb. 27. ( Special
Telegram , ) The Hoard of County Commis
sioners has awarded the county printing for
ho ! year to the News of Hartlngton and the
Hade of Coleridge.
The rlty hue , let tbo contract for an electric
Ight plant to Fred C. Lorgen. The plant Is
o be put In with the waterworks plant and
ho city has Issued warrants to pay for the
tork as eoon as completed. All of the money
IBS been subscribed by local parties.
IrrlKiitlon I'ulr lit North Pintle ,
NORTH PLATTB , Neb , Fcb. 27. ( Spe
cial ) There Is every prospect tliat North
'latto will thl * year repeat the Irrigation
air held la 1890 , except that It will be on an
even larger scale. It Is proposed to secure
he co-operation of every county In the state
where Irrigation Is practiced ,
Y nicr > ' Ooiiluted. .
FRRMONT , Neb. , Feb. 27. ( Special )
Charlta Yancey , allai Cunningham , wau con-
Icted la the district court yesterday of
breaking Into the residence of K , n. Percy
n tola city BQd eteaUoe { ae Jewelry aud
Hour. 11 CRT. Hour.
R n. til. 1 p. in , 47
tl n. nil H li. in. IS
7 n. in as in , 14
8 n. in UH I II , in , It )
O n , n a.t R V. tn < 47
10 n. in. . . . . . . ' 17 II ii , in , 111
11 n. 111 10 7 | i. in , 41
12 til Ill N p. til. 41n
in , : n
other property. Ytncej'9 an
Fremont hns three clllzcns 'pcct ' lo
slarl nooci for the Klondike < . * T. A.
Frasure Intends to start algi ! > 3 farch 15
nnd will go b ) wnj of tlio G ] lot POM.
Ho has had considerable mlip" [ Sperlcnce ,
and though aboul sixty jeiyL.- . thinks ho
cnu slnnd the Irlp. Dell Swfy J P. Pctcr-
son are also making ntrfefi nts to RO
( Slip * Illrtli to > 3 nr < N.
TRENTON , Neb , Feb. M > cclnl ) Mie.
Leonard Harrison , Uvlnj/XHvo / miles south
of ihls clly , hog given blrtnro triplets , two
girls and ono boy , weighing five pounds
cuouiis vi SIP 1,1 : . \ MUI : ISLAM ) .
rorei ? There W irUn Sniulny lU-n
Wnr Vonoeln.
PHILADELPHIA , Fcb. 27. League
navy yard llterallj cmarmcd with vljltois to
day In consequence of the report from Wash
Ington that the orulscrs Columbia and Min
neapolis , the double turreted monitor Mlan-
tonomah and the ram Katahdln had boci
ordered to po Into commission with dis
patch. Both cruisers have skeleton crows
abroad , while the monitor has been lying at
Its dock for several vcars and the Katahdln
since last winter.
None of the naval officers would Bay nnj-
thlng relative to the future movements ol
the vessels , but from workmen It Is lumiei
that the commission orders had been re
ceived. This was borne out by the fact thai
all day a force of men In the construction
and repair departments was actively at work
on the Mtantonomah and the Katahdln
Visitors wcro kept off these boats ixtid enl >
these having frlcndu nmong the officers nm !
crews of the cruisers were allowed on board
The repairs to the monitor are all of a
minor nature and will bo completed by Tues
day. Over twenty men have already been
detailed for It , and It Is said Its full com
plement of 160 will bo made up as rapidly
as possible.
A largo force of men was busy on the
Katahdln , improving Its ventilating appa
ratus and fitting it with steam plpea. This
work will only take a few dajn.
tsunday work at League Island Is very un
usual and today's activity li taken to InJI-
cato that the Navy department Intends to
get the vessels theie ready for sailing at a
moment's notice.
Late this afternoon steam was gotten up
on ( board the monitor for the puipcbo of
testing Its fbollcrs and machinery.
In ono of the lifts neurly 100 men were
at work on small spars and boat fittings.
Everjthing Is lu shipshape on the Minne
apolis and Columbia , and beyond filling up
t'lelr ' complement of officers and men and
taking on coal and provisions nothing re
mains to bo done. This will consume about
five days nt the most , anJ then both vessels
w ill bo ready for active sen Ice.
The active work of drilling men will con
tinue until orders ore received from Wash
ington. Captain Casey , the commandant ,
said he did not know for what vessel the
men now being enlisted are wanted. The
roster Is simply being filled up and he did
not know how many were wanted or where
the recruits wou3 ! be assigned.
STCMLMl IS HUIlIVni ) AT 4 > i : V.
hpontnneoiiM CnmhtiMf Ion of IMion-
Iilintc ClliiM'H ( ho Flrr.
HOSTON , Feb. 27. The British nteamcr
Legislator , Captain Tennant , bound from
Liverpool for Colo.i , was burned at sea on
February 10 , In latitude 31.23 north , and
longitude 44.10 west.
The file broke out fo suddenly that eleven
men forward wcro cut off from the rest of
the ship , and in navlng them a bott was
capsized and five men , Including the second
end and third officcis , the chief steward ,
and the cook , were drowned. A fireman re
ceived such severe burns that ho died In a
few minutes.
The remainder of the crew , twenty-eight
In all , with two passengers , Dr. W. Mor-
temer and wife of London , were rescued
within four hours after thu fire broke out
by the fruit steamer Floor Gale and brought
to this port.
The Legislator was burned to the water's
edge. The dead are :
JOHNi OAFFNEV. chief steward.
JAMES BATEMAN , eeconJ officer.
WILLIIAM MARTIN , third officer.
ALEXANDER JENKINS , chief coolc.
Severely buined :
John Trauer , chief engineer.
John Holdcn , second engineer.
.Robert Mlln , fourth englmer.
Charles Ibbston , seaman.
The Injured vvcri ) taken to the Marine
hospital on arrival at this port.
The fire ) s suppocd to have been thu re
sult of spontaneous combustion In the carg }
or pnospnate.
LIST OP TIIU HIui nmciins TKN.
SerloiiH HeNiilt of tinKiilniiinzoii
Ch fin I fill Inlioriilor > rtre.
IO\LAMAZOO ! , Mich. , Feb. 27. The total
number of known dead as the result of last
night's explosion In the Hall chemical labor
atory is ten. The list Is as follows :
GEOROD HOLLIDAY , engine driver.
PAT M'HUGH. plpcman.
JOHN HASTINGS , JR , hosoman.
CHARLES WHITING , spectator.
JAMES QUIGLEY. spectator.
WILLIAM WAOnil , fireman.
uwAi ,
FRANK AUWERS , fireman.
EUGENE DOLE , fireman ,
JOSEPH CLIFFORD , telephone lineman.
The following are the most scrloualy In
jured :
Will Hastings , scalp badly cut and right
Foot blown off , necessitating amputation ;
James Utter , driver , both legs broken ; John
McDermott , a firemen , leg broken , face
jadly burned ; Ordwr.y Knight , fireman ,
jcad badly cut ; George Chattcrton , back
Jroken , leg Injured ; Victor Vocclo , scalp
jadly cut , skull Injured ; Fred Stohrcr , hip
injured ; John McAllister , fireman , leg
irokcn Six others received lesser Injuries.
The bodies of Eugene Dole and William
Wager , both fliemen , were taken from the
ruins today , Early this inoinlng a force of
men was cet at work and at noon the
nangled body of Joseph Cllf/ord , a laundry
employe , was found , Other lnJk are sup-
) oscd to bo Htlll In the bulHlog as two
joys , Phillips and West , arid a Michigan
Central brakcman , are missing.
Untlinnn SII | > H One Ollli-er ninl I'utiilly
AVouiiilH Another.
CHICAGO , -Feb. 27. Officer Pi trick Fcn-
on was killed and Officer Daniel Carey was
atally shot by Michael Clark when they at-
cmpteil to arrest him tonight. Clark , who
was a butcher employed at the stock yards ,
> oarded at 413 Forty-eecond street. Ills
andlady noticed that ho was acting
strangely and asked him to vacate , but he
refuted and barricaded tbo doors of his
room. Police were called and forced an
entrance. An Fcnton stepped into the room
10 received a bullet through the heart ,
Carey leaped upon the maniac and In the
struggle received a shot through the body.
Clark law his victim fall and Jumped
hrough { ho second-story window. He ran
o the parish church and gave himself up to
he priest , wbp turned him over to the po-
Movrnivndi of Ocrnn Ve el , Kt-b , 27.
At New Yorlfc-Arrtvcd IA Hretngne , from
lavrc ; Thinuvalla. from Goprnhnvfn , ,
l/Ll jujtH J lllju Olillu
Jnry Decides tbo Suit in Favor of th
Eartloy Bondsmen ,
Bcsnlt Takes Away the Breath of tli
Attorney General ,
JutJgo Powell Confesses that He Has
Cause to Woadcr.
Chief CouiiNcI for Iliu llonilMineii in )
Ho Looked for .No Other
lU-Hiilt from the *
The Jury In the cafe Against tbo bond'mcr *
of o\-Stnto Treasurer Rnrtlov. to recover thu
half-million dollar shortage * that existed 1m
tno trcamirj whin he loft It a joar ago ro-
lurned n verdict In fa\or of the dcfcndlne
bondsmen at S 20 o'clock lait nkht.
When the \erdlct was read there wore no
persons In the court room besides tbo court
and the Jurj except the contuse ! 'n the casa
and n few reporter ! ? , and to sav that then
were all astonished In putting It llghtlj. The
attoruiejs for the state and the otheru who
ha\e followed the'case were simply astound
ed ns the words of the verdict fell from
the lips of Assistant Clerk of the District
Court Oropn I2vcn the alloiiievn for the de
fense sat In their scats as If the } hardly
bc Mo\cd tholr cars
There was no question of the words of th
verdict , how ox or. Judge I'owell Im
mediately dlschnigod the twelve me x
from further duty lu the case and took occa
sion to thank them on behalf of the county
and ftate for their scnlcrs
Deforo the Jurvmcn loft their seats John
Pondcjscn , the foreman , oroso and addressed
the court. He ( mhl that In behalf of his com-
panlccm ho wished to thank the couit and
the officers for the considerate treitmont
they had rocel\cd. lie taid that the confine
ment had been Irl.somc , but that It hail
been made at * light ns possible by Iho bail
iffs and the court. Judge Powell icspondcit
that ho had done all In his power to make
their duty as agiocablo aa possible.
After this Interchange or compliments tlio
jury lost no tlmo In leaving the loom In
which thc > had spent two nights and two
ilajs. They vanlsled from ttio court hou o
speedllv , nnrloua to get back to their
homes. In five minutes after the verdict
was rendered not one or them was any vvlu.ro
about the court , house. _
The Jurors , Iti all probability , arrived at
their verdict before they went to supper last
night. The bailiffs noticed that when they left
the hotel after the meal thoj carried bundbi
with them In which they had wrapped the
articles which they had ncnt for to their.
Ciomes after being locked up. They paid not
a word , however , on their way back to the
court room , but In a few mciucnls after the
key had been turned upon them they gnvo
notice that they had agreed upon a verdict.
Thlj was at 7 20 o'clock. Judge Powell waa
summoned , the attorncts In the cnso wera
called and the newspiper olllccs weio notified.
An hour later all the interested parties vvcra
Qcoemblcd and the scaled verdict was handed
to the circle by the foreman.
As has been Intimated , trie verdict won n.
decided BurprUo to every ono who his fol
low oil the ease , Including the attorneys.
Attorney General Snivth and Assistant At
torney General Smith wcro almost speech
less whr the verdict was read.
"It Is shameful , It Is disgraceful , " uttered
Attorney Grncial Smith.
"I am simply astounded , " said Asslatant
Smith. "I cannot possibly sec how they
could have ccached auch a verdict. "
The two attorncvs said , however , tint they
would take Immediate' steps to have tlio
verdict set aside. In the next day or no a
motion will bo presented to Judge Powell to
set aside the verdict and grant a now trial.
They have some confidence that this motion
will bo granted , but It it Is overruled nn
appeal will bo at once taken to the supreme
Even tbo allornoyo for the defense and
W. A. Paxton , the only one of the bonds
men present , appeared to be as much as
tonished at the verdict as anjbody. At any
ratu this was the Impression they gave the
observer who Judged from their appearance.
Some moments afterward , however , they all
said that the verdict was Just the ono they
expec'cd ,
"It Is the verdict that I anticipated , "
Bald Ouieral Cow In , who was the leading
counsel for the defending bondsmen "Ik
In Just what I was looking for I bcllovo
that the matter that brought about the ver
dict more than anything el.w , and upon
which I bdbod my confidence , was the ac
counting that Govcinor Holcomb hud with
Hartley at the end of his first term. That
waj clrarly Illegal and I believe the Jury
considered It In the same light. "
Judge Powell hliiiKclf was somewhat taken
aback by tbo verdict , When questioned
about It after the Jury wu discharged ho
mid : " 1 muni confess that I am surprised "
After Judge Powell's Instructions to the
Jury on Friday afternoon not a person In
the court room -who followed the trla' ex
pected any other verdict than cno for the
Uatu. Thcso Instructions practically left
nothing for the Jury to determine except
the amount of the shorUgo for which the
liondsmcn wore to bo held llcblo Regarding
the accounting upon which General Cow In
LicllcvcB the twclvo men arrived at their
verdict for the defense , Judge Powell ( spe
cifically Instructed them to consider the cer
tificates of deposit an money If they found
that Hartley had accepted them us money.
The evidence was clear that Hartley had
considered the certificates ) < m so much raiir
and had turned them over to himself a
After thc o Instructions had been given
ho attorneys for the defense were cast
down. Several of them stated that they
could not look for a verdict under the
court's Interpretation of the law In the
ca o. Tbo attorney general aud hlsr asilat-
ant were only doubtful an to amount of the
udgment that would be returned ugaluut
ho bondsmen ,
The Juroro would have nothing to say OB to
tow they arrived at a verdict or how they ,
tood. When qucetlor od regarding the mat
er they alwply cald that ftcy | bad

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