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Mutilated Remains of Another Mail Are
Recovered ,
Crowds Collect to Watch Two Marines
Start Home.
Miss Clara Barton is Aotivo in Aiding
' * Starving Cubans.
Louder of tinHril CroNN Cx
n. lloNiilltil for Unity lleeonceli-
( riiiliiH.Vhcrc the I.lltlu
* OUCH Are Cured For.
( Oopyrlnht , IKS , Jiy Prcw I'ubllfhlnff Company. )
HAVANA , Feb. 28. ( Now York World
Cablegram , Special Tclcsram. ) Only one
body was recovered today front the Maine's
wreck by tlio divers and It was mutilated.
Everybody censures tlio United States gov
ernment for Its dolny In performing a sacred
duty to Uu dead sailors. Great crowda col
lected thb evening along tlio Carloa III
drive. At ( list It was believed they were at
tracted to see Captain Gccoral Gonzales Par-
rado , who was out driving , but the a | lit-
sccra wcro not watching for ilio Spanish
deputy commandcr-ln-chlef. They were at
tracted by the forms of two men descending
from tlio Alfonso XIII hospital , all bandage- * !
and dressed In bright blue uniforms. These
wcro Martin , V. Webber , landsman , and
Thomas Mack , two of tlio Maine's heroes
who have recovered already and were oa
their way to the foiled Statco coast survey
Btcamcr Dachc to return home.
The following Incident Indicates the brav
ery and sufTerJngs of those who coaped with
their lives : In the first moments nfter the
explosion of the Maine Chief of Police Pas-
llcri went to the burn'ng steamer. Noting
the sailors fighting for their lives silently ,
Chief Paglierl remarked : "They cannot have
Buffered much because they doa't give vent
to lamentation * . " Many such are buried In
their graves. .
Mtefl Clara Barton Is very active In the
work of relief of Cubans. Near her resi
dence hero she has established wlthia two
daj.s a hospital for baby rccmcentradoes In
the handsome chalet of Tntlpan Ccrro. To
day she nont supplies to eighteen tonne la
all twenty-five districts. The receipts of food
for the distressed In Cuba are Increasing.
They should continue.
nrvv ns A 1113 .vow husv AT woiuc ,
Mt-n at it Time IC\ilnrlni | ? ( lie
Wi-c.-U of Ihc .11 nl in- .
HAVANA , Feb. 2S. The divers wcro at
work today en the wreck of the Maine. In
cluding the Spanish divers , there are prob
ably eight men below the water simultane
Qroat preparations are. on foot among the
Spaniard hero to give a hearty welcome to
arriveat tills port today. General Woyler
street la arched with bunting and the Casino
Is gay with color. It Is believed that the
election of the autrmomlst delegates , set for
March 29 , will bo poatpcncd until April 27 ,
to correspond with the election for deputies
to the Cortes In Spain. The postponement ,
however , has ml yet been officially an
Another tug belonging to the Mcrritt &
Chapmen Derrick and Wrecking company ,
with powerful apparatus , la expected from
the north at any tlmo.
Senator Proctor hao made no special pro
gram for. today. He will probably make
eome vlnlta and do some sightseeing , which
ho seems to enjoy greatly.
There wcro showers of rain later In the
day anil cloudy weather Interfered some
what with the diving. The weather , how
ever , promises to bo clear and hopea arc en
tertained that the bodies of quite a number
ol the dead will be recovered.
.if Chaplain Chadwlck hopes to recognize many
of the bodies when he receives descriptions
taken from the enlistment papcrs which are
'on file at Washington.
The coast survey steamer Bache , Lieuten
ant Barnett commanding , returned to Tor-
tugafl this morning after taking on board
four-of the Maine's wounded. It U thought
probable that the Bacho will also take to
Tortugas the five wounded men of 'the bat
tleship who tire still at this port as soon as
It Ix safn to move them.
Captain Slgsbcaas on board the United
States lighthouse tender Fern until 2
"Spanish " divers , but they did not appear.
Captain Slgnbeo thinks Spain his a moral
nnd International right to make an Inde
pendent examination , and ho will give the
Spanish divers such facilities as are pcnslble.
Captain Slgsbee hopes the survey steamer
Dache will return to the Tortugas tomor
row or the next day , with all the Maine's
" pundcd'Ieft here , and he also hopes lo
iend ! on the Bacho hereafter all the remains
of the dead recovered In a condition mak
ing U possible to place them In 'coffics.
The difficulty experienced In recovering
the bodies U not understood byany 'but ' thu
divers. The latter yesterday worked for
three hours trying to bring out ono body
Intact and ono of the divers bad a bad fall
nnd coveral got their air tubes tangled , Kven
then they could not extricate -tlio remain ! ) .
Thu principal cffortn ot the illvcra are now
directed toward clearing away the upper
wreckage , smokestacks , decks , guns , hatches ,
bridges , cranes and gratings. Then , If not
before , all the" dead can bo removed.
Chaplain Chadwlck hag been commended
tiy Captain Slggbeo as a man , a priest and
an officer. Ho is always cheerful and U
doing the most effective work possible.
Senator Proctor had expected to pay his
personal respects to Captain General Blanco
today , In company with hi * traveling com
panion , Colonel Parker , and Consul General
Leo , but the captain general hag been un
usually busy In getting ready for tbo out
going malls and hag fixed 1 o'clock tomor
row afternoon for Senator Proctor'n call.
Only one body has fcceu recovered today
and It boa not yet been Identified. With
ny others recovered In time It will go with
the wounded on the Bacbei to the Dry Tor
tugas and Key Went. On Ita next trip
north the Hache will carry to Key Wet
tbo first company ot wounded taken to the
Dry Tortuga * .
Late toctiy Captain McGee ot the tug
TUubt , Arm received order * frooi the CJD-
trijtori. to hire ivifh Jlfihtc i g * r uccxf-
ary to remove the debris from the wreck.
This will fActllltatc the work ot removing
the dead and generally hasten operations.
ixai'iiiY I'nocnnos IAT KHY WHST.
People Ilenlii to llonllrc IIoiv tJn-
Illtely n l.enlc of Information It.
KEY WEST , Feb. 23. The United States
court of Inquiry Into the lore of the battle
ship Maine In the harbor ot Havana on
February 15 began Its sessions hero this
morning. The officers and civilians hero
who believed the reports from Havana sayIng -
Ing that the court had already decided that
the loss of the Malno was due to treachery
have apparently changed their minds , for
today the universal question Is , "What haa
the court found out ? " Whllo yesterday ono
heard all around , "When will war be de
clared ? " Brought face to face with the
court , men realize for the firet time how
unlikely It will bo for the court to allow
any Inkling of Us conclusions to bo known
out of duo season.
An unusual bustle pervaded this llttio
town from early morning houra , The tor
pedo boat Gushing went over to the New
York end brought to shore Captains Sampson
Bind Chadwlck oud Lieutenant Commander
Porter. Lieutenant CommnnJor Marix , the
Judge advocate , who Is staying on the Island
with Commandant Forsyth , was already at
the federal building directing the prepara
tion of the United States district court ro'.m
for the sessions of the court of inquiry. A
outside . - watching
small crowd gathered eage.-ly
ing for developments.
Long before the officers were ready to go
to the court room the enlisted men saved
from the Ill-fated vessel wcro up and wait
ing nt their temporary homo In the array
barracks. It waa not known whether any
of them would be called , but all prepara
tions wcro made tx > that the court should
not bo delayed In Its work.
The court opened shortly after 10 o'clock.
Llejitenant Blaudin was the first witness.
Testimony will be taken according to Its
relative Importance and not according to
tlio rank of the witness.
Lieutenant Blandln was before the court
for about an hour. The naval officera sat In
Judge Locke's private chambers. No ma
rines were on guard , but nil the doers were
closed. The officers of the Maine lounged
around the big court room until summoned
to give-testimony. Those who 'Were called
as witnesses before the luncheon recess wcro
Lieutenants Blandln , Hood , Jungen and Blow
and Cadets Bronson and Boyd.
No enlisted men wcro examined at tlio
morning session. Lieutenant Commander
Marlx. who received the list of witnesses ,
said the Inquiry was progressing well.
The United States cruiser Detroit sailed to
the Tortugaa today with provisions for the
The court of Inquiry reconvened at 2
o'clock this afternoon. Lieutenant Holrnan ,
who testified at Havana , was again called.
Lieutenant of Marines Catlln gave his evi
dence and was followed by Boatswain Larkln.
Gunner Hill and Carpenter Holmes. The two
latter were on ehoroiat the time of the cx-
ploskii and could tell little 'of value- .
Captain Sampson t-ccmed eat'sfled- ' with the
day's work , but said nothing could be given
out. Ho held a short Interview with Ad
miral Slcard and then returned to the Iowa.
Chaplain Chadwlck and Lieutenant Com
mander Potter wcro taken c i board of the
New York.
Few know more thai * was known this
morning. An officer of the Malno who ha-1
been examined by the court during the day
talked with the correspondent of the Acso-
clated Press.
"I can't tell you , " ho said , "what line of
questicnlng was adopted , but the court will
find , I believe , that the Malno was blown up
by design , though I don't think it will bo
able to ascertain exactly how. The court's
findings will be based on negative rather
than positive evidence. By this I mean that
all of the testimony heard so far haa , bit
by bit , uraet the theories of those who think
the ex.nkolon was of Internal origin. This
negative evidence I ? so strong an ! so general
that I see no possibility of the court decid
ing that the cxploslon < was Internal.
The emly alternative , then , left for the
court , Is to fall back on evidence which
points to the lutentlmal blowing up of the
Maine. This , I think , will bo done unices
the court formulatea a theory of Its own or
declares that It does nat know how the Cla-
aster occurred , both of which conjectures I
think Improbable. "
As bearing on the value of the opinion of
the officer In qucstlcn It must be borne In
mind that ho was bcforo the court for about
fifteen minutes only and he has at all times
expressed himself as confident that the ex
plosion was not due to au accident.
Members of the court , when the substance
of the Interview was brought to their atten
tion , declined to have anything tu say. All
the high naval and military officials here
when asked crucial questions politely pro-
fofa Ignorance.
I'rotextA Kill nut Seiixiitlonnl ItcpnrtN
Sent Out.
NEW YORK , Feb. 28. The atall and Ex
press has the following from Ita staff cor
respondent In Havana today :
A meeting of the Americans now In Havana
haa been called for ( onlght at the hotel
Inglatcrra. The object Is to protest against
the sensational reports that are being sent
to Vcertain New York papers. Resolutions
will alio-lm adopted denying the rtorks that
Americans are dally Insulted In the streets.
Copies of the rceolutions will bo sent to
President McKlnley nnd Captain General
There Is no Intimidation of Americans
here , Every citizen of the United States Is
perfectly safe. These facts will bo stated
In emphatic form In the resolutions to bo
adopted tonight.
1'ny lle iieelM to Their llrelhreii 'Iol '
on the .Maine.
01TY OF MEXICO , Feb. 23. The Mexican ,
German and Spanish lodges of this city
have spontaneously Invited their American
brethren to a special lodge ot sorrow to
bo held on March 3 , In memory of the Ma-
cons who rerlehcd In the Maine disaster
and s a. mark of sympathy for the loss
sustained by the order and the United
States. It Is a notewoithy fact that the In *
Illative was taken In this matter by Grand
Orator Car lea Houmagnle , a native-born
SpanUrd , who supported tho. movement In
a speech full ot feeling. There la no 111 feed
ing between American ! and the better data
ot native Spaniards ben * .
Mimt Oiler Independence ,
NEW YORK. Feb. 88. Horatio Rubin * ,
counsel ot the Cuban Junta , raid today of
the reported coming of Senor Catallna an a
peace cmUrary of the Spanish government :
"If he come * hero to offer the Independence
o. ' Cuba bo will t > 2 Ititetiod to , but It that
I' ' not hi * errand be will not even bo re-
ccvtsll ! { > r ( be CuUin JuuU. "
Pnrly of Senators and Representative * to
Visit the Island.
TlioHC Coiniionliifr Hio 1'nrty DoMlrc * til
Inform Themxelven ii ICxIMItiUT
Con ill tlo ii N Senutor Til urn-
til lu in the 1'nrty.
WASHINGTON , Feb. 28. ( Special Tele
gram. ) It Is understood that n party of
legislators will leave tomorrow afternoon for
Norfolk , whcro they will take John II.
Flagclcr's magnificent steam yacht , now ly
ing at anchor there , for a visit to Cuba.
It has become the proper thing to do the
Gem of the Antilles slucc talk of war has
arisen , and especially since EO much has
> been published regarding 'the sufferings of
the reconcentrados. Among those who will
make the trip are : Senator and Mrs. Thurs-
ton , Senator and Mrs. Ilurrows , Senator and
Mrs. Gallingcr , Senator and Mrs. Gray , Son'-
ator and Mrs. Money , Representative and
Mrs. W. Alden Smith of Michigan , Repre
sentative and Mrs. Ciimmlngs.
The trip will possibly consume a week ,
the design of those having the matter In
charge being to go direct to Havana and
make a short tour of the island. The pur
pose of this visit Is to personally ilnvcstl-
gate conditions as they exist , In order to be
bolter equipped when legislation presents It
self looking to the ending of the war now
going on In Cuba. There is nothing otllclal
In connection with the trip. The senators
nt * * 1-pi i-oL-uiuiMus uiu
guing as private
citizens , but will be on the alert to prop
erly weigh all that may .bo seen and heard
regarding the present deplorable situation.
Captain H. E. Palmer of Omaha Is In Wash
ington with a party of Sheridan , Wyo. , busi
ness men , who propose storming the secretary -
rotary of war In tlio interest of the re-estab-
Itehlng of Fort Custer , which , on recom
mendation of Assistant Secretary of War
Melklejohn , was abandoned last fall. The
party consists of E. Gillette , water commis
sioner of Wyoming nnd who located the
Burlington road through the section about
heridan ; II. C. Algcr , Cam Oofbutt ,
'members of the republican state central
committee ; H. A. Coffeen , ex-member of
congress ; George L. Smith , A. W. Hulbcrt ,
mayor of Sheridan , nnd W. D. Wclghtcr.
The members of the delegation siy condi
tions are perilous to settlers , an uprising
of Indians being among the possibilities at
any time. The Cheyenne reservation Is but
fifty miles away , whlio the Crow reservation
Is but fourteen miles. The troops formerly
at Fort Custer are now temporarily sta
tioned at Fort Shaw. In order to pave the
way for the delegation Senator Thurston and
Captain Palmer will call upon Assistant
Secretary .Melklejohn In the morning to ar
range a meeting. Whllo here the delega
tion will also call on the president and
present reasons for further extension of his
order affectlnK forest reservations. Sena
tors Warren Jnd Olark of Wyoming will co-
opcrato with the Sheridan delegation upon
both propositions.
There was a comic opera tinge given to
the proceedings in the house today over the
set-to between Shattuc of Ohio and Greene
of Nebraska ; and not In years have members
of that body enjoyed the situation so hugely.
Shattuc was making a speech in which ho
was extolling the railroad managers of the
country , when Greene .broke . Into the arena
with the pertinent inquiry If railroad man
agers had ever howled calamity. The fun
then began and by the time 'both ' gentle
men got warmed up fur and feathers fell
on all sides. Shattuc replied , tuif not to
suit the 'member from the Sixth , who said
that Shattuc had failed to grasp ( ho point.
"Oh ! I catch the point , just as I do every
thing else you say , " paid Shattuc , "even
If It takes a bushel tiasket to catch It. "
This brought a reply in kind from the
statesman from Kearney , who said railroad
managers never howled calamity because
they plundered the whole country. Then
Shattuc , using the same sort of an elm club
which Greene had used on several ocea-
Blcns , remarked that It was a pity Ne
braska could not send to congress a few
less calamity howlers , which set the house
In an uproar , Greene In the meantime tryIng -
Ing 'to bo heard above the din. Ho talked
about follows on the republican slda drown
ing out everybody except their own kind ,
when Shattuc got in a body blow by yelling :
"Why , a calliope could not drown you out , "
and Greene subsided.
It is expected that Mr. Klttrldge of South
Dakota will bo here this week , when a final
effort to secure the rejection of the nomina
tion of Charles T. McCoy as Indian agent for
the Cheyer.nes will bo made. Mr. Klttrldge ,
when he left Washington the last time , wro
confident that the nomination would be with
drawn , and the charges which were to be
filed against McCoy were consequently held
back. They have reached the senate , however -
over , and arc In the hands of Senator J'latt.
Senator Haniia , who takes great Interest In
this case , declares that McCoy will bo ton-
I. M. Trcjior : of Council Dluffg , who haa
been In the city for a week , said today that
all the papers In his case looking to his ap
pointment as postmaster have been scat to
the while house , and that the matter will
como up tomorrow for consideration by the
prca'dent. Ho has no doubt of his confirma
tion ar/1 of his ability to absolutely disprove
statements In the form of charges which
have been filed against him' ,
Land Commissioner Hermen today notified
Inspector Greene to proceed to Rapid City ,
S. I ) . , and make an Investigation relative to
the removal of the land office 'fromRapid
City to Dcaclnooj. The commissioner will
forward to the Impector all papers In the
caeo tiul requests that the matter be attended
to at once. The cotnmUaloner leaves for
Flcrltla tomorrow tad will be abient two
weeks. Ho desires to have Impector Greene's
report before him when he returns and will
then decide whether the land olllce la to bo
removed or retained at Its present location.
The comptroller of the currency has been
notified of the followlrg changes In olllclalo
of northwestern national backs : Nebrtaka
Beatrice National bank , Beatrice , John P.
Cook , atslitant caehlcr ; Farmers' and Mer-
chants' National bank , Fremont , Robert
Bridge , vlco president In placet of Frarv.o
I. Klllck ; First National bank of O'Neill ,
no noUtant cashier ; Union Natlci al bank of
Omaha , 0. W. Wattles , cuuhler ; Carssn Na
tional bank ot Auburn , F. B. Jciumcci , presi
dent. In place of John L , Careco ( deceased ) .
The Flrat National bank of Kansas City
was today approved. a * reiertu agent for the
First National bank of Auburn , Neb. , alto
the Bankers' National bank ot Chicago for
the Ion a National bank of Davenport , la.
George U. Colton ofDa'rl l Clty'Neb. ' , was
today appointed bank examiner by Comptrol
ler Dawcs. Senator Thurslon recommended
Mr. Colton- for this place some tlmo ago
but the latter requested- Comptroller Daweo
to hold up his appointment until he couli
straighten up his bustatsd matters at home.
The petition for certlorarl In the case of
Ituckstnff and others against Russell ft Co.
was denied by the euprcmo court today.
A. Koch of Hartlugtoh Is in the city. Su
perintendent Pcarso of Omaha loft today. , for
Philadelphia cnrouto west. Ho was unable
to choose a location for the Nebraska delega
tion to the National Educational ntsoclatlon
meeting until ho could oorwult with other
members of the committee. Attorney Mc-
Klnncy of Omaha Is In Washington.
Among the promotions announced In the
Treasury department today waa that of Rich
ard 1C. Pardee of Iowa , from $900 to $1,000.
Mny OofloV Ilio Question , of Vonce or
WASHINGTON1 , Feb.v2S. . The State de
partment received the following dispatch
from Minister Woodford at Madrid :
Decree dissolving Spanish Cortes 1'ebnmrj
2(5. ( New Cortes m III meet April 25.
The dissolution of the Cortes has been ex
pected and It may bcv. attended with Im
portant Tcsults. The tivo parties , liberal
and conservative- , will now appeal to the
country , and on the result will depend the
political complexion of tbo ministry. The
Sagnsta ministry now In power Is liberal.
Its retention means much at the present
Juncture , for It was on the advent of the
Sagasta regime that General Woyler was re
called , the rcconcentrado decrees annulled
nnd the present plan ot autonomy put in
force. The policy now being pursued by
General Blanco In Cuba Is an entire re
versal ot that under the conservative regime
of Canovas and Ills successor and It Is felt
that the continuance of this policy Is no less
at stake than the ministry Itself In the out
come of the present elections.
Senor ilu Bosc , the Spanish charge d'af
faires , has not received olllclal notification of
the dissolution of the Cortes , but ho said
It wao expected , as the work of tbo present
Cortes was concluded. Under the laws forty
days must expire before the election of the
new Cortes occurs. 'Mr. ' flu Bosc , who la him
self a liberal and a warm supporter of the
Sagasta ministry , says the're is no doubt the
result will bo the retention of a liberal ma
jority In the Cortes and the consequent
continuance of the present ministry. All
parties of late have given loyal aid to the
liberal ministry and Its policy toward Cuba
and the present time is rr tarded by Mr. du
Bosc as auspicious for a "calm campaign
which , ho asserts , will continue the present
authorities In power. He says there is no
significance In the dissolution at this time.
In other quarters it U fe.lt , that the con--
scrvatl\cs may take this opportunity to re
gain the reins of overninVnt by making a
campaign against the Ctibin policy of the-
Sagasta regime. The W ' > ter-elcinent Is , an
other growing factor in Spanish affairs and
it Is expected that the Woyleritcs either
will cast their IiUluenco with the conserva
tives who sent General Wcylcr to Havana ,
or else make ther appearance as a distinct
political organization. To n considerable
extent the contest will be" between the war
element and the peace eLement and as the
liberal program thus far has been mopt
pacific In character U Is ciitlclpated that the
liberals will gaa ! the peace vote.
Election will be held not only in Spain
but In Cuba and Puerto Rico. This , how
ever , should not bo confounded with the
local elections of Cuba , under the plan of
autonomy. Thu present electlcii will be
confined entirely to the choice ot delegates
to the Imperial Parliament and will not be
a part of the autommoua plan for a local
government of Cuba. The latter elections
have not been fixed and the lime for them
will bo set by the autonomous cab'nct. In
the election of April 25 Cuba will select its
quota to the Spanish Cortes under the oarne
sjatem of suffrage that has long prevailed.
The new Cortes will meet'immediately alter
the election , probably May 1. While no date
has bjcn fixed. It has been known In ad
vance that the new body must bo completed
by July 1. This will give brief tlmo for com
pleting the extensive supply bills within the
tlmo prescribed by Spanish law. With a
liberal majority , however. Ibis can bo read
ily accomplished. The possibility of delay
lies in the fact that a c/nservatlve ( victory
will not only give that -party control of
the Corteo but would precipitate another
ministerial trial with Its changes of policies.
St'crrtnry nwrc.SuIiinUH n SfnU'iiiriit
(0 Il " llllllHC.
WASHINGTON , Fob. 28. The report of
the secretary of the treasury on the gov
ernment's steps to prevent Cubin filibus
tering operations anil the results and expense
In a'resolution of inquiry
pense , response to '
quiry , was sent to the house today.
Secretary Gage says that nothing has been
done by the Treasury department to pre
vent the conveyance , In accordance w''h '
law , to the residents of Cuba , of articles
produced In the United States , anil that the
department has put forth Its beat efforts to
prevent thu departure ot vcs'seid for Cuba
< in violation of acts of congress applicable
to such cases. The results of these en
deavors , ho says , have Jjeen generally suc-
ccestul. Ho Inclosed a report datej Novem
ber 30 , 1897 , covering department's op > -
orations concerning filibustering expeditions
up ti that date , which < was.-imbllslifd at the
time , a supplementary statement bringing
the -matter up to date , and a reply of De
cember 1 last to a senate , resolution as to
violations of the neutrality laws ,
Owing to the tltio that would be required
to learn the cost of ( lib work to thu de
partment that Information Is iot ) transmitted
at this time. The filibustering caacs slnco
Novemfber 30 are given as those of the
Dauntless , Tlllo and De Agrrm'onte.
Drjiiirfiiirnt MnUfH tin- Allotment
AiiimiK ( In * Stnti' * .
WASHINGTON , Fob , 21J. The Navy de
partment has Just completed the allotment
among the states of appropriation of
$50,000 made for the assistance of the naval
militia organizations. The allotment ? are
smaller this year than heretofore , owing to
the fact that whllo the appropriation remains
stationary the organization ! arc Increasing
In number , hence tbo effort now being inido
to secure from congress art Increase of tbo
appropriation to $ 0,000 ,
The allotments are aj follow * : For book * ,
etc. , ROOD ; California. R1C8 ; Connecticut ,
I1.7S1 ; Florida , (2,008 : Georgia. | 2,429 ; Illi
nois , $5,647 ; Loulilana , fc2S2p ; jMarylaiid , | 2- ,
591 ; MasMchuiettB. J4.7C2 : Michigan , 12.081 ;
New Jersey , f3,930 ; New York , 5,09fi ; North
Carolina , $2,483 ; Ohio , { 2.332 ; IVuu ylvaula.
$2,332 ; Rhode Island , $ l',403 ; Souti Carolina ,
$ l,6il ; Virginia. 176 ; total. fSO.OOO-
Police Moko a Eaid and Catch Two Wngon
Full Outfit of nninltlliiK Device * null
Oter tjll , 101) In Cimh U C'on-
llHcntfil by the
A raid of comlder/.blo proportions was ac
complished last night by n patrol wagon ful
ot policemen upon a large gambling roon
above the Diamond saloon , 1321 Douglas
street. The resort , llko others In the city
was running wide open. The place was as
thoroughly equipped and s easy ot adi.iilt-
tanco < as any that flourished In the earlier
days of the city's history.
Shortly after 12 o'clock this morning Cap
tain Haze and Sergeant Chamberlain entcrci
th house in citizens' clothes. There was
no keeper at the wicket and no precautlona
had been considered necessary against a de
scent of the authorities. Officers In uniform
were stationed nt 'tho ' front and 'back ' doors
nnd no resistance was madoiby the twenty-
two Inmates when they were placed under
arrest. The dealer was dispossessed of his
ccsli drawer , which was found to contain
$1,127.60. Nearly a bushel basketful ot
cMps was also confiscated. Players who
were supplied with them lost the value rep
resented and all the money on the tables
was taken la charge , amounting to sevefj ]
hundred dollars.
Two trips to the police station were neces
sary to convey the passengers , who were
charged , with two exceptions , with being In
mates of a gambling house. Many of the
players arc old-tlmo gamblers who have not
been seen In the vlclnltj of Omaha for a
number of years. Another trip was neces
sary to transport the confiscated goods.
These consisted of everything necessary to
suit the taste of the most versatile player.
There was a roulette wheel , a solid oak faro
table , a stud poker table , a straight poker
table , a chuck-a-luck tiblo and a hazard
table. The men arrested gave assumed
names and In n few cases managed to obtain
release on bonds. ( Messrs. iBoyd and Diet
rich , the proprietors , were charged with set
ting up and operating gambling devices.
They obtained their liberty on a cash bond.
The arrest caused considerable excitement
In local sporting circles. At several largo
bouses were gamblers congregate nightly by
the hundred apprehension was expressed
lest the authorities might becorne so ener
getic as to cause them trouble.
\ot Ililiilli-nti-il in .Attempt to Kill
I'reNlilent Moral's.
RIO JANRIRO , Feb. 2S. Vlco President
Pereira has issued a long address , strongly
protesting that ho Is Innocent of complicity
in the attempt made to assassinate President
Moraes last year. He refuses to appear In
court.'lnvoklng parliamentary 'immunity.
The general elections will take place to
morrow. The election of Scnors Composal-
tos , from Sao Pnulo , and Roaaallva > , from
Pernambuco , as president nnd vice president ,
for the term of four years , beginning in No
vember next , Is regarded as assured.
Vlco President Perclra , Ini his address , at
tacks Prculdent Moraeo , to whom ho at
tributes the aglt'i.tlons . and misfortunes of the
republic. He condemns tlio state of alcgo
and adds that all the laws of congress voted
under the state of slcgo are Invalid.
One of the \Voiild-Ilf ANNIINNIIN | Under
ATHENS , Feb. 28. One of the men who
attempted the life of the king of Greece on
Saturday has Ibecn arrested. His name is
Kardltza , and he Is a minor cmployo In the
mayor's office here. Ho refuses to give the
nimo of his accomplice. The municipal coun
cils throughout the country are addressing
messages of sympathy to the king and
thousands of congratulatory telegrams are
arriving at the palace. The royal family
Is said to bo greatly touched at the ex
pressions of loyalty.
The police , It now appears , have found
a djnamlto bomb at the scene of the recent -
cent attempted assassination of the king.
Unijieror CoiiKriitiilntfN Hohuiilolii * .
BERLIN , Feb. 28. The Strzoburger Peat
says K-mpcror William , using the familiar
du ( tlion ) , telegraphed the following to
Prince Hohonloho , the Imperial chancellor ,
on tlio conclusion of the Klao Chau agree
ment , which followed the death of Princess
Hohenloho :
"Although I know well that external
pleasure cannot lift the weight of Inner
; rlcf , I am filled with the keenest delight
hat after the terrible blow which lia be
fallen you , the graca of God has vouchsafed
o you f.o glorious a success. Tills IK a splen
did reward for your Indefatigable and sa-
gacloiltt labor and brings great satisfaction
after your cares. Kindly accept my Im
perial thanks and heartiest congratulations. "
.SimiilNli Ollleer ConiinltM Suicide.
MADRID , Fob.28. The commlssarat officer ,
'aclic-c , who recently called at the residence
of General Woodford , the United States mill
iter to Spain but a not received , end who
afterwards wan aent to the military asylum.
ho officials declaring that ho WBH doubt-
ess "patriotically mad , " committed suicide
yesterday by ihootlng himself with a ie-
\VI1I KM nn we In' ' Seal l- .
ST. JOHNS , N. F. , Feb. 28. A fleet of
eighty BchoonccH will sail from various porti
of this Island tomorrow to prouculo the
Ishery , largely stimulated by IPO bourn ; of
4 per ton register granted by the govern
ment , On March 10 , twenty-four nteauiers
vill sail.
Tn If e I'liKneiiKerx toliinlcii. .
VICTORIA , II 0. , Fob , 28. The steamer *
Australia and Noyod sailed today for Alaskan
lorta , the termer with 432 pawengera , tn-
ludlng 108 noldlera for Tayla , and the latter
with 2CO passenger * . Tomorrow the Amura ,
Joicowltz and Victoria will nail , all crowded.
Argentine Slrrnif HIVIIN Ilx .Vavy.
BUENOS AVRBS , Veb. 28. The govern
ment U to strengthen the naval anne men t
iu recognition of ( do wlshw of the people
expressed at various public meetings.
'VtMV SlIlllllHll tlllltNlrr SllllK.
GIBRALTAR , Feb. 23. Senor Bernabe ,
minister to the United States , nailed for New
York today.
Wcntlicr Torccnft for Nfbrnttca
Gent-rally Fair ; Variable Wind * .
1. WrccknRn from the Miilnn
CoMBrrminrii doing to Until ,
1'ollce Unlit n OiitnlilliiR .Tolnt ,
Ncir IiKit | riuMH for Onmlm.
S , Mnliin Inquiry l Still rrogrcsMng ,
MUM for tlio Miilno'ft Victim" ,
U. CnminiMit nil llnrtlry llonilnmcn Trlnl
IttHvdy Hull to Ho Hilled Out.
I. Kdllorliil unit Comment ,
0. J.'oiiRrcm AViuitt Morn Ilatt1eililn. |
Keport of tliu Inilliiii CominUiltincr.
U. Council 111 n IT * l.oriil Multrrx.
Io n lirglnliitlvii I'rocoMlliiKft.
7. ( leiu-rnl Ne\v of tlio Tiirthcr Wo < t.
H. I'lnn for tin ) TeiirIier < T Congress ,
SnriiSlKtM of ItutnrnliiK Prosperity.
llxteiKlon of thu Telephone Hjntem ,
0. .Mutter * of K.ttieiitloiuil lntere.it ,
The Klght Hour Day < ! oo .
Onmlm Sell * HoinU to Ailvitntngo.
Alleged Counterfeiter In Cleiiroil.
It , Commercial uml rinnnclut Nc\w
12 , Miirrlngo CnMoiui /.itliilnml ,
I'rlnito riigcs for Swell Kecepllom.
Toinporntiiro lit Oninlint
Hour. DenHour. . I > iu >
r n. in ir i ii. in. . . . . . -iii
it n. m. . . . . . ir. M ) i. in. . it
7 n. in. . . . . . - . " , ' { p. lit I-
s n. in ; : , -i 11. in ii
o n. in -7 . * > p. in. . . . . . ! , * >
10 II. Ill \i\\ \ \ \ tl II. Ill lit
11 ii. ill . ' 11 7 | i. ill lit
m 111 : ir H ii. 111 : u >
D n. in : w
UrfuiiHO I'ntUim- TcMliiionj- the
.Mill-till Ciixe.
\VILKESaiAiRlU3 , Pa. , iFob. 2S , The trial
of Sheriff Martin and his deputies for the
snooting of sinners at L.altimor was re
sumed this morning. Miss Cora Hclnbach ,
who lives at Lattlmer , testified that on the
day of the shooting she heard n woman who
was running past her house call out that
the strikers from liar wood were coming.
"I was afraid they would blow up the
town , " continued the witness , "so I ran to
the school house and asked the teacher to
excuse my llttio sister as I knew she would
bo safer at home. Wo were nil going up
stairs to hide In tlio garret when the shoot
ing commenced. "
Stephen Guttcmlller gave the first evi
dence to substantiate the assertion of the do-
fcnso that a man stood behind the line of
deputies nnd urged the strikers on.
George Mane ot Hnzelton says that ho was
with the sheriff at Crystal Ridge- tow days
before the shooting and saw the sheriff
disperse a number of strikers. As they went
away ono cried , "We'll como back tonight to
burn the breaker. "
Joseph Schwartz , a prominent Polo of this
city , received a check for ? 500 to bo added
to the prcsccution fund.
Burgcds W. Smyth ot West Hazloton told
of how ho saw about fifty strikers September
3 drlvo the men from the Cuylo stripplngs
by throwing f5toiiea'at ' them.
Oliver LlbensbtJfger , a tullder nnd cou-
traqtor of Hazclton , hearing , that.Uiew strikers
were going1 to march to Mllnesvlllo or Lat-
timcr. rode out on his bicycle to thwo places
and after finding they 'were bound toi Lattl
mer ho rode there , passing on the way
twelve OP fifteen strikers , who pursued him ,
crying : "Kill him ! Kill him ! " Ho told how
ho got behind the line of deputies and
watched the otrikcrs approaching. The atory
of the shooting IMIS told by him and how
ho helped care for the wounded.
William J. Evans , n reporter , was the next
witness. Ho went with the deputies to Lat
tlmer and eaw the shooting , which ho de
scribed. He picked a revolver up which wao
lying by the hand of one of the dead men ,
which he kept until the Inquest. The coroner
ner produced the weapon. Ho testified that
the volley flrcd came from the center of the
SAII.OIIS wmin n A i. v i-'itozisx.
Iloat'N CriMV from I n CIiniiiniiKii Not
Out of Dimmer.
NEW YORK , Feb. 28. At the French hos
pital in West Thirty-Fourth street the eight
sailors who were taken there from the
steamer Rotterdam yesterday wore reported
as suffering neverely from the effects of
their six days of exposure In the open boat.
Their limbs were badly swollen , and some
apprehension was felt lest gangrene or blood
poison should pet In. Several of the men ,
It Is said , may bo In the hospital for two or
three weeks. The third officer , Unsworth ,
who was In charge of the boat's crow , and
Camard , the boatswain's mate , ere able to
bo about. The former was at the office of
the company today. Both of them have
been received on board La Brctagno of the
company's line. The latter ship , it was
said today , would sail on Wednesday Instead
of on Saturday. The third officer of La
Champagne , Unsworth , Is the flrat officer of
La Touralne. Ho was temporarily fillIng -
Ing a vacancy duo to the Illness of the oc
cupant , at the tlmo of the accident. He has
an enviable rccoitl for personal heroism ,
lioldlng a bronze modal from the Gorman
emperor , a gold medal from the French line
and a gold medal from the New York
Humane society In each case for Imperiling
ills life to save those of othcru.
Xfir I'roiierly Adjoin * Ilu ; fircnt
> HomcHtctid U'orliH.
PITTSnURO , Pa. , Feb. 28. The Post to
morrow will announce the sale of ( ho Car
rie furnaces to the Carneglo Steel com-
piny , limited , by Messrs. Frownea. The
Eolo was a cash ono anil whllo no figures nro
given , the plant was valued at $000,000 ,
The Carrie furnaces ore ut Racikln Hta-
tlan , directly opposite the great Honit-alead
works , and within fiva mlnutex' haul of the
Edgar Thompson un 1 three minutes of the
Duqueeno mills. Thu output Is COO tons a
day , which gives the Carneglcs ei dally pro
duction of C,400 tons , of pig. This IB 85 per
cent of the total output of Allegheny county ,
The Carnegie * company now controls Euven.
ecu of the thirty furnaces In PlttBtmrg , The
new Carrie furnaces are eo situated that the
Oimeglo company can use the direct
process to all If its Monongahola valley
Well ICniMVii In KIIIINIIH Oil- .
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , Feb. 23. Many Knn-
sa Cltyann have good emuHc to remember
Jlgmund Kupey , who la under arrest In
.oulsvlllu for forglntr clicekw In Wliec-lln ? ,
role-do and Bt. Louis. Hu was am-Kted litre
n October , l&SS , whllo trying to Hwlndlu } hu
Hank of Commerce out of a big sum rm
'orgei ) bllla of lading for two curl&udu of
tides , Kapey had enough Influence- get
its cane postponed for nearly two years , He
naa Dually tried and acquitted ,
Movement * of Oeenn Vc Nel , I'Vli.H ,
At QuceiiHliwn Arrived Pa vonlu , from
At Liverpool Arrived Btrtirla , from New
At Napleu Sullcd Aleatl.1 , for New Yoik.
At New York Balled Brcmer Jlnve-n , for
Antwerp , Arrived Manitoba , from London ;
Cullc , from Liverpool.
At aibrulUr-Sallfcd-Kahivr Wilhtlm II ,
for New York- . . . . „ . . .
President Burt Appears Boforj tlio Oily
Council Committed
Tenth nnd Marcy Streets is
Decided Upon i
Are Now Being Prepared bj tlio
Company Clveii 1'criiilnMloii to Kree <
n Temporal1- Depot to lie
Uxed Ilnrlnur the
i\lniHltloii. :
At the general committee- meeting yester
day afternoon the city council unnnlmouhly
1 voted to adopt the resolution authorizing
I the building Inspector tu Irene special per
mlti' to the Unlun Pacific Railroad company
to build u temporary passitigor depot , bng-
gage and express station on tlio block be
tween Ninth and Tenth and Mason and
Marcy streets. President II. G. Hurt , Chlct
Engineer John B. Berry nnd H. T. Lcavltt
of the Union Pacific met the committee and
Mr. Burt briefly t'tatcil ' the position of the
company. Ho said that U was to be re
gretted that the Union Pacific had not bccu
able to build a depot In tlmo for the exposi
tion. It had been Impossible on account of
the conditions incident to the receivership ,
but now all olvtaclcs had been removed and
the company proposed to begin tlio erection
of a structure that would bo creditable to
Itself and the city just as soon as the esti
mates could be prepared nnd the material
brought on the ground. But ns Its contract
for the use of the Burlington depot expired
April 1 It was necessary that some accom
modations should bo provided while the per
manent depot was In process ot erection , ami
for this reason thu permission to build a
temporary building waa required.
In reply to a suggestion from finmo of the
councllmen that the people wcro very anx
ious that no temporary depot should be
erected that would be used any longer than
was absolutely necessary , Olr. Burt wld that
ho would give the council his personal as
surance that the work on the permanent de
pot would bo begun at once and pushed with
all possible vigor. Ho had come to live lu
Omaha now and oven If ho wat > so disposed
ho could not afford to break faith with the
pcoplo of the city. The plans wuro alrejii\v
being , drayn ) arJ | ( , lcs ( hoped to have iiie per- . .
manait depot ready for ofidllpancy before' " - .
January 1 next. Ho stated that the perma
nent building would occupy the "two blocks
between Eighth and Tenth and Marcy anil
Leavenworth streets.
After hearing Mr. Burt the council voted ,
to adopt the retolutloii , which only extends
to January 1 , and It was understood that In
case the company proceeded with the erec
tion of a permanent depot In good faith an
nxtenslnn of tlmo would bo granted If It
should bo necessary. The temporary struc
tures , on whlcli work will begin at once ,
will each bo 28x105 feet , extending east and
The Burlington has not yet received word
from any oilier railroad company Indicating
that it fs desirous of entering the Burling
ton's new passenger station. As all such
propositions wcro to have been In the hands
of the executive officers of the Burlington
before March I , It IB not believed that any
other railroad company Is going to make ap
plication for space In the Burlington's new
building. General Solicitor Mnndcrson of the
B. & M. said to The Boo that It would not bo
absolutely necessary for the Burlington to
hear from any other company wishing to en
ter the now structure before 'March 1 , but
the company certainly should expect to bo
notified within a very nhot time , us the
building was rapidly approaching completion.
Ho said : "Tho frame sheds that hove been
such an eye-sore to this community nnd the
traveling public for Biich a long tlmo will bo
torn down Immediately on the completion of
our new depot. The work of tearing down
the sheds will probably bo begun on the
same day that the now depot Is occupied by
the Burlington road. "
There has been roino surprise expresued
In local railway circles that the Union
Pacific did not roof o/cr the brick -and Btono
structure that has recently been torn down ,
as It desired a temporary depot for use dur
ing the exposition. It Is reported on good
authority that this course wa considered by
the Union Pacific officials soon utter Hhe Bur
lington started to build a utatlon of HH own.
but was abandoned because me iiurungion
owned a half Interest In the building.
WeMern HonilH Uiinoiiiu'i- Their New
.Schedule to \orlliMCMt. .
CHICAGO , Fob. 28 , The we-Htorn Jlnefl
will put on rut rales to Pugct nound polnlu
tomorrow. From Chicago to Seattle tlio
flrEt-class fnrn will bo J.1C.M ) nnd second-
claps $31GO , Thu regular rates ara ( ni.&O for
fiist-class and I51.CO for Hecond-class. The
cut rates will apply through the Bt. Paul
and the Missouri river gateways. By way
of St. Paul tlckctH will bo sold at the fiat
rate , but by the Mltsourl rJvur the rebate
plan will bo adopted , Western passenger
agents have spent four days In arranging
the details for putting In the now rate-a ,
and have not finished their work yet. They
will have another vtrugglo with the CJUCB-
tltm tomorrow morning.
ShliimeiitM of firnln mill Flour.
CHICAGO , Feb. 28. Kantbounil shipment *
of grain , tlmtr and provluloim from Chicago
and thu various Junction pclnts for tlio
week amounted to 134.410 tons , against 138-
479 tons for tbo previous week , and 80,873
tonu for the corresponding week la el year.
This percentages carried by the different
roads were ; Baltimore & Ohio , 3.0 ; III ?
Four , 9 ; Erie , 11.4 ; Grand Trunk , 9.7 ; Laka
Shore , 13.1 ; Michigan Central , 12.8 ; Nickel
Plato , 12.0 ; Panhandle , C.fr ; 1'ltfnburK A.
Fort Wayne , 14 } Walja b0.9. _ _
MlluiiuUcf Kuril I ii if" .
CHICAGO , Feb. 28. Gross earning * of
the Milwaukee & Bt. Paul read fpr tbo
month of January wuro $2.301,207 $ , sgalnit
$2,010,44 ! ) for the lamtt month latt year ; In
crease. J3G0.847. Total expenses , $1,604,767 $ ,
against $1,305,867 ; Increatc , $298,910 ; net
carnlnrB. $7iQi30. ! ; agalnd $ * 04C92 ; In-
create. $51,937 For the xoven monthi end-
IHK Januaiy 21 groin taniliiK" were $20-
Jil.t77 ) ,

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