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Omalia , Maith
Our Dress Goods
Stock is replete with everything in new spring dress stuffs to please
One must study colors designs and fabrics constantly to be learn
ed in the art of suitable or artistic dress. So important a matter can
not be left to a whim or any uninterested party. The inner sense of
fitness signals to us when we have come to the ri ht thing.
it's pleasure
to nmku
garments. .
It' only a tedious humdrum to
bother with the making of plain wear
pieces , such as we tell of here. No
saving either. Probably the uncut ma-
tcrlaln would cost as much as thcye.
Draw cis of good muslin , hem and
plalta , yoke band , at 25c each.
Drawers , umbrella runic , hemstitched
finished , at 30c each.
Corset covers of cambric. V shape , em
broidery trimmed , at 30c each.
Pcttlcoits of cambric lawn , rullle , hem
stitch finish , umbrella style , at $1 and
J1.25 each.
Notions Novelties of the
Sleel sots for bells and blousce at 73c ,
$1 00 and $1 50.
Also the latest hi Jeweled bolt scdi ,
slides and buckles to match at $1.50 ,
$2.00 and $2.2. oich.
HuckliH , steel Jet and pearl. an endless
uii let ) of designs fcr clio.vi trlmnilnga
at lOc , IGc , 20c , 25c , C5c , 40e and 50s
Jeweled fiat pl are very fashionable
now , we are showing them In u great
many stjlcs at lOc , 25c. ? .5c , SOc , $1.25 ,
$1.50 , $1.75 and ? J 00 each.
Best Paper Wo sell them
Pattern Made nnd at
10c or 153 each ; try them.
Tailor Made
We carry
the finest
line of
tailor made
suits in
the country.
Every day brings something fresh In the
way of new designs and styles our
stock la not entirely complete , but It
will bo to > our advantage to see what
wo show as our suits are noled for
their stle , elegance and perfect lit.
NEW WAISTS In beautiful patterns
blouyo fronts , at 50c , T5c and $1 each.
cotton hob'o ,
with high
spliced heels
double solo.
ISc , 3 pair 50c. Would bo good value
nt 23c.
Ladles' fine quality of lllack Cotton Ilcee ,
1 with macoeolos , 35c , 3 pair , $1.00.
Skirtings Feather finish
Extra heavy quality , made expressly for
underskirts , fast black , 32 In. wide ut
30c per } d.
Silk flnhh saline , something with a little
moro litlffness and nlaaerj upproprlntp
for n Hklillng , 36 In. ut 30c aud 40 In.
at 40c pen1 jd.
Women's The latest novel-
Neckwear ties infringed rib
bon ties.
In Roman strifes , gauze checks and fancy
Price. 25c , OOc , COc. $1.00 , $1.25 and $1.50
Whlto mull an ! not ties , with lace trlm-
mliiR or tucked endfl , U5c , 50c , 65c , 75c
Corsets 197 R and Gr Cou-
tille ,
With eatecn stripes , 12 In. long , no side
steels , trimmed top and bottom with
English lace and drawing rlbb'on ; very
irupple ; white or black , at $1 each.
CIS II. & 0. drill with eatecti strips , 14
In. long In front , two side steels on
each Ride , cross stavs at waist , heavy
bones , flossed at upper and lower cdgo ;
drab at $1.00 cuch.
Fancy Scotch
plaid cotton
half hose ,
35 cents
a pair.
l-acicy plaid half hcse , In lisle thread ,
50c and 75c a pair.
Men's black or ten cotton half hose , high
spliced heel and double sole , extra
value , 23c a pair.
Men's Collars Saturday poin-
and Cuffs tor at our men's
furnishing counter.
Four-ply collars , manufactured to sell at
lOc , will be sold at 5c each.
Four-ply cuffs , manufactuieil to sell at
20c per pair , will be bold at lOc.
a permit for a touching little memorial The
American graves are jellow mud now , to
morrow an American vvruith will bo at least
yomcthlni ; to show that the men bulled
there aio not forgotten. The American llag
will icnialn In the cemetery , If permission
cm bi obtained. It will be used during the
BCI vices anjhovv. It was not In their gor
geous Spanish funeral which now is termed
a "ttlutnph.il procession" by nuiij. The
bishop will build a marble fence about the
American graves ami sajs ho hopes the
United Static will put up a splendid menu
The Insurgent fight near Havana yrstcrday
seems to have been specially arranged for
Senator Proctor , who saw the results. There
was a sharp skirmish and fourteen Spanish
are reported to hive been killed. Bartons
fray hospital was opened yesterday at No.
15 Tullpan street.
Further c-xpert examination of the Maine's
bottom platca , which were blown cleir out
of the water , show the rtlulccgatffi In one
r > 3 they can be absolutely Identified , Tlicao
plates alone we considered aulllclent proof
that the Maine was blown up by dcolgn. The
FpnnUh divers who went Oowri jes.terday
rnd icmalncd a short time. Inspecting the
Mnlne'a bottom declare that all the after
part Is Intact. Many plates on the starboard
hide are utarted , and the rivet. ! so loose they
ern be easily removed by the hand. Thcro
dlvcra claim to have discovered sufilclcnt
evidence to provo that the explosion was
from the Inside , as the bulged out condition
of the plates would tc'iil to piovo. However ,
they were not down long enough to carry out
n thorough Investlgatirn. They have been
llmltcl to voik on the cutslde.
Captain Slgsbec ntlll maintains that they
have no right to cxamlno thu Inside of the
wtock until hs ! Investigation Is completed.
Then it is probable that. It the findings of
the two commissions conflict as to the cause ,
1ho popular opinion hero Is that the case will
bo referred to a boaid of arbitration. That
this Is anticipated Is demonstrated by an ed-
. Jtorlal In the leading pro-Spanhh oigan , the
' C'orrco , which hints fcr the fiist time at such
n. solution .Meantime both sldcn will push
woik , puidlng the reports of the conimlH-
The first steps taken jesterday by the
Spanish authorities wore conducted by divers
belonging to the oberas del puerto ( harbor
c mmlsslon ) under the supervision of a civil
engineer Fiancls CoardoH , who was In
charge tcmporarllj- , owing to the Illness of
Ohlef Engineer Piij.ils. Both are gentlemen
of high standing and the work Is Impatiently
awaited. Two more divers will begin work
tomoircw under the supervision of the naval
nuthoiltles The commission Is preolded
over bj Lieutenant Pedro I'cral , a hi other
of the celebrated Inventor of the submarine
4 > oat beating hU name.
mrvri.isTs m\nv TO IMIST.
I'rr.Mlilrnt Potter of I , . V.V. . 'IlilnUx
Tlu-y Wnnlil lie IIM aliialtlr.
NEW YORK , March 3. Cjcllsta all ovnr
the countrjpiirtlcularly the members of the
League ef American Wheelmen , are prei > ir-
1-ig to offer their services to the government
In case open hostilities arc declared between
Spain nnd the United States. Of the 107,000
members of the league fully 90,000 , It Is
estimated , could be "ailed upon. President
Isaac B , Potter of the League of American
Wheelmen tujs :
"Whllo I hope there will bo no war bf > -
tween this country and Spain and I do not
nt present anticipate that open hostilities
will bo declared I have no doubt that In
case w\ir Is declarr-d nml If the etnergoncj-
rcqulrea It. the wheelmen of this couutrj- ,
liarttculatly thoto who are mcmbors of the
Lcaguo of American Wheelmen , will be
found ready to take part In the conflict and
offer their rervlces to the government.
"If any body of men on the fuco of the
earth ure fearless of danger It U thn wheel
men , for oven In these times of peace they
encounter moro difilcultles than tlio avcnigo
person has any Idea of. They always are
looking for the wotst to happen on public
tilghwAjs and go prepared for It. Their
Instinct nnd their ability to cover ground
rapidly cannot bo overestimated.
"I think an enemy would be more care
ful of a company of unarmed cjcllsts than
they would of a whole regiment ot untied
troop. , torn wheelman on fair road with
the means at hand for appearing and dis
appearing rapidly , would bo nblo to puizlo
ony general. "
Trial Trip ofrvr Tnrpriln Itoiitn.
BRISTOL. R. L , March 3. The two new
Rovertinienl torpedo boats , the Gwyn an-1
Tiilbnt , juet completed by the Herrc choffi ! ,
Cure sick IicaiUche , bad
taito In the mouth , coated Pills
tonnuo , gas In tlio stomach ,
< UU ts and lndlj tlon. Do
not weaken , but hn tonlo ffoct. :3 cants.
h * Mir 111U I * I4ka Uk Ua 4' Suta wUU.
wore given their trial speeding In Narragan-
( ictt bay toJiy , and both exceeded their con
tact speed , the former making n average of
20.9 and tlio latter 21.1. Tim company
figured mat as the Gwjn had bccu la the
water about ten dajs and tlio Talbot about
two , Hie slight roughnws of the former
would account for the difference In the two
boats , and that they are practically equal.
The naval boird , consisting of Captain Fred
erick Rogers , Chief Engineer Uoelkec and
Naval Constructor J. F. Nanscom , all repre
sented tlienwlvca no pUwscd with the per
formance of the beats.
\iiiiiiiiiilllon IliMiiir riillcc-lcil nml Tor.
iMirilol Tor lilt ; CIIIIH.
NEW YOUK , March 3. There Is a contln-
nation of the activity at the Xcw York ar- j
aonal. The shlpplmfof projectiles to forti
fications about the harbor I < ! unabated. It Is ,
expected that more twelve-Inch mortars will
soon bo received at Snndy Hook before they
are forwarded to the points for which they !
are destined. There are a number of un- |
mounted guns at the proving grounds await- j
Ing the construction of carriages. The supply - '
ply of ammunition has been Increased In nil |
the magazines and BO arranged that It can be i
Immediately available. The n "rt seem much |
moro pleased at tlio work they have to do
than when the guns Ho Idle and In a condl.
tlon unfit for active use.
At Sandy Hook , however , there la a slight
complaint among the men , who say that too
much work Is expected of too small a force.
A largo consignment of ammunition , In
cluding powder and projectiles , Is ready for
shipment at the ordnance department In the
I'rooklyn navy yard. Commander Swift , who
has charge of the department , superintended
the work of packing. Commander Swift re
ceived Instructloro from Washington to for
ward the the supplies as soon as possible to
Key West , Fla. , whence they will bo dis
tributed among the United States war ves
sels now In thnt neighborhood. Many of the
projectiles wire for guns of large caliber.
As yet no information has bten received as
to what disposition is to bo made of the
guns which have been recently shipped to
the yard from Washington. These guns are
of different sizes , and as neither the Chicago
nor the Atlanta , which are being overhauled
at the yard , would bo tcady to receive their
guns for at least six months , It Is rumored
that they are Intended for the auxiliary ves
Toririlt | > limit' * Trial Trip.
BRISTOL , R. I. , March 3. The ofilclal test
of the new torpedo boat Owvn w"i held to
day over the usual course between Sandy
1'olnt and Gould's Island. Captain Frederick
Rogers of the trial board said that the exact
tliiio made by the boat had not been figured
out , but that It would be about twenty knots ,
the speed requlied by the contract. Captain
Rogers reported that ovcrvthing worked
smoothly throughout the trial.
Tranxft-r < if Ammunition.
SAN FRANCISCO , March 3. The War de
partment has Issued orders for the Imme
diate transfer of ammunition frcui the
Ilenlcla arsenal to this city. The object ! < i
to oupply the needs of the battrcles end
heavy ordnance at theI'resldlo nnd Btack-
port. which constitute the most important of
the harbor defenses ot San Francisco.
C'nlnrril Volllll I i-crx 'IVmlrr Sir\ < M > N.
COLUMBIA , S. C. , March 3. One thouaind
colored militiamen of South Carolina ten
dercd their services to Governor Ellerbce
today In case of war. The offer was made
through Colonel Robcitson , colored , of
DlNiiliItMl S ton ill IT Tow I'll to Port.
HALIFAX , N. S. , March 3. The steamship
Maria lUclinicr. * , on UH maiden voyage from
Hremen , February 10 , for Baltimore , with
10) steerage passengers and 11 general c.ugo ,
was towed Into thU port today by the
steamer Alpha with a tail-end shaft broken.
The Maria Illchmera Is a craft of 4,4V ) gross
tons , The accident occurred last Sunday
morning , At G.30 a , m. an Immense vvavo
struck the vessel , snapping off the main
sluift as far aft as the hot and rendering
thn steamer helpless. About 7:30 the steamer
Alpha hove In sight nnd the captain of the
MarKi Rluhmers signaled for assistance.
Halifax being the nearest port. It was de
cided to como here. The disabled bant has
an extr.i shaft on board and will go Into
doek nt once In order to effect repairs. The
Maria Hlchmcrs' passengers , who are nil
bound for the western part of the United
States , will stay here till the steamer Is
repaired , going forward with It to Haiti-
more ,
Slv 'Mi-u Iliirnril 1i > I'owili-r.
Dl'BOIS , I'a. , March 3. Six men were
badly burned , ono perhaps fatally , by the
explosion of a Ices of powder In a London
mlno today. The Injured are : Thomas 1)111-
Inghum , burned on face nnd body , may illej
James A. Ithodei , burned on fnco nnd neck ,
and wilt looao his Might : IM ward Cryer ,
Mlka Clmslo. Alexander Valdunls and an
unknown 1'ole. painfully but not seriously
burned. Crytr attempted to pry oft the lid
of the kK w'th ' ik pick when a spark fell
from the tool Into the powder nnd Ignited
It. All the men wert la the room tit the
TO i.nvv ANSSIJ > MII\T.
l.ltlKlitliui Stnrd'il , mid the Oiitonini ;
Will ! ! Vaulted \\llh Interest.
BOSTON , r.rarca : A petition for an or
der requiting the receivers of the Massachu
setts Buncflt Life association to levy an aa-
aeFBinont on the policy holders of that In
stitution has been filed In the supreme
court by L. D. Gairett of Now York , attor
ney In fact ifor the Tjcneftclarlcs of certain
deceased members of the association who
did not recover on their policies from the
association and who would recrtve a divi
dend of about 40 per cent from the funds
in the receiver's hands. This marks the be
ginning of what will probably be an extended
litigation , the result of which Is likely to ba
a determining factor In the future of mutual
assessment life associations. The Massachu
setts Benefit Life association failed some
tlmo ago with unpaid death ulalnrs amounting
to over ? 1,000,000 , the failure being precipi
tated by the use of policy holders to correspond
spend with the assessments provided for In
their policies to meet the death claims of
the association- which had accumulated. Such
aoosts ascre turned over to the recolveie
are now tied up pending a decision by the
courts of certain questions raised as to the
claims entitled to participate therein. The
present proceeding ts brought on a. policy
of $10,000 l&sued on the life of Samuel II.
Kerfoot , a well known banker of Chicago ,
who dlcnl a bhort tlmo prior to the failure of
the association.
AVIfc of a Pri l > j torlan MinUter.
HURON , S. D. , March 3. ( Special. ) Much
surprise was occasioned hero yesterday by
the announcement of the death of Mrs.
Lena A. White , wife of the Presbyterian
minister at Artesian , S. D. . on Sunday. The
deceased was the daughter ot W. S.
IJemarco of this city and had grown to
womanhood here ; she graduated from the
high school and was afterward a successful
leather 111 the public schoals of this city.
.Noted VIlsNloilni-y.
ALAMRDA , Cal. , March 3. Bishop Wil-
ll.im Taj lor of the Methodist church has ic-
coived news of the death of his niece. Dr
Jennfo Taj lor Gordon , who \\as known to
all Interested In foreign missions as Dr.
Jennie. She expired , at Malange , Angola , cci
Doscnibcr 29. Her husband Is an African
mlfslorary and her parents reside at Me
chanics-burg , I'a.
.Iniluc CluirlcH 13. ViimlfrliiirKli.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. , i.March 3-Judge
Charles R. Vanderburgh , a native of Saratoga
county , Now York , a resident of Minneapolis
slnco ISnc and for ten years a justice of the
state supicmo court , died today. Judge Van.
dcrburgh hua been a prominent figure in the
northwest for the past forty years.
\\VII KIKIVMI r < ior < > < t I'ollllrlim.
SAN ANTONIO , Tex. , March 3. N. Wright
Cunej- . colored , of Galveaton , ex-national
republican cominlttceman from Texas , for
many years the leader of the republican
party in Texas , died here to-day of con
IIOLYOKR , Mase. . iMurch 3. Judge W. B.
C. Pearson dle < l at his homo today , aged 70
jeara. Ho was a brother of Or. I ) . K. Pear
son , the Chicago millionaire and philan
niil-Tlini * KIIIIHIIH Divine.
ABILENE , Kan. , March 3. Rev. Dr. John
Fulton , aged 82 years , pastor of the First
BaptUt church In this eltj- , died suddenly to
day of paraljsls. He was one of the oldest
and most prominent divines In Kansas.
r . P. M. Knight
ALLIANCE , Neb. , March 3. ( Special. )
Mrs. EIJo , Knight , wlfo of Dr. F. M. Knight ,
president of the Bank of Alliance , died lail
at S:30.
Captain > lar < - > II. Haiulall.
JACKSONVILLE. Fla. , March 3. Captain
Maicy II. Randall of Murray , Ida. , a well
known mining expert died today.
Amateur ( i ir
LONDON. March 3. Dr. Allen , the ama
teur golf champion , ia dead.
| | Knit * lieprmU un iii > cf Ion.
NOW YORK , March 3. Granvllle StuarJ
until recently 1'nlted States minister to
Uruguay and I'jragwiy , who was with the.
president of UniRuay , Juan liorda. whci
the latter > v.u as-Ms'limtcd , arrived toda >
on the Btca instill' Alllanoa from Colon
"Arnindo , the yountr man who shot Borda
Is still In Jail. " said Mr. Stuart. "Tho people
ple s > t em to bo largely In bin favor. The
< women till bU c < V | with How era and Klvo
him delloactes. HU condition , however. Is
critical. Should tbo Borda partisan. * elec
their caudldiito aa president it will KO > ban
with him but If they are defeated It Irt be
lieved ! Hwill bo liberated. Although Borda
waa liked personally , hi * political meaiurea
were unpopular. "
House Lays the Measure on the Table by a
Largo Mnjority.
Antlior llefiiMCto Pcrmll a Vote on
uii Amendment tit tinl.n t Mlii-
ulf UuH ilt Itocflvctl with
- ) Ai > i > ltiUMC.
WASHINGTON. March 3. The Loud bill ,
to correct alleged abuses of second-class
mall matter privileges , which last ) oar
passed the house by a majority of 141 to 101 ,
waa burled by an overwhelming majority by
the house today. The vote was not taken
directly on the bill , but on a motion to lay
It on the table , and by a vote of 102 to 119
the motion was carried , Forty-seven re
publicans Joined with the democrats and
jopullsts In accomplishing this result. The
refusal of Mr. Loud to permit a vote on an
amendment at the last minute was respon
sible In a meisuro for the result , but the
strength of the measure undoubtedly waned
throughout the three da > 8 * debate.
Mr. Whtto ( rep. , X. C. ) , the caty colored
uembcr of the house , asked unanimous con
sent for the consideration of the following
resolution :
Whereas , On or about February 21 , 100
or more armed men tired upon iind killed the
> ostmustcr nt like City. S. C. . killing ono
of the family utnl wounding several others ,
and burning all they hud : and ,
Whereas , The said family Is now- suffering
even for means for medical treatment and
for otner necpttt.irles of life ;
Hesolved , by the senate and house , That
the sum of $ l,0u ) Is hereby appioprlated am !
nude Immediately avtilliiblu for the lullef
of the said family.
Speaker Heed put the request of Mr.
Mr. Dartlett ( dcm. , da. ) demanded the
regular order. Many of the rcpubllccn mem
bers cried out. "No , no , " but the Georgia
member did not > lcld.
"The gentleman from Georgia demands the
regular order , " Paid the speaker. "That Is
equivalent to an objectlcn. "
The consideration of the Loud bill was then
ny the terms of the special order under
which the house was wet king the bill was
roul for amendment under the five-minute
Mr. Vandover ( Mo. ) offered an amendment
excluding from the operation of the act
books and icprlnts of books designed for the
use of school Uilldteii as texts for study.
Mr. Clark ( la. ) In opposing the amendment
said the country owed the fcchool book pub
lishing companies nothing. They weie en
gaged In the business of taxation and If
given this bonus they would use their profits
In Increasing their lobbies at state capitals.
After an extended debate the amendment
was \otod down , 17 to 72
Mr. Grlggs ( deni. , Ga. ) oflcicd tlio amend
ment of which ho gave notice ve.sterday , to
allow nowspjpcrsi and periodicals to trans
ink nt pound ivttcvs 1,000 sample copies. He
circled this as anramendment to Mr. Louil's
bill to permit the tiansmlcslcct of sample
copies to theie\tent of 10 per cent of the
bom-fide number published. After aome dis
cussion and after modification the amend
ment was adnn eil.
Mr. Qulgg'rep ( , N. Y. ) moved to strike
out the clause providing that news agonla
shall not bo hjlorfeil to return to publishers
at the pound rale the uiuold paners , but
shall pay postage1 at the rate of 1 cent per
four ounces.lrlt ! tfcs defeated 24 to 99.
The Louduamcudmmt. as amended , was
ngieed to wUVout < idivision.
An amendment to Include ttio publica
tions of state"'medtcal associations within
the list of HfidSe entitled to second-class
privileges was'losti ' " '
At 4 p. m. , the hour set aside for the vote
to bo taken , Mr. , .UIchardson ( dem. , Tenn. )
moved to lay the bjll on the table. A rising
vote gave the "victory to the opponents of
the mtasuro. arid co Mr. Loud's demand the
roll wan called , but the record-making vote
only confirmed } ho clalng vote , lly a vote ot
1C to 11D thQ bill was laid on the table.
The announcement was greeted with a burst
of applause. TUo following republicans voted
with the majority of the democrats and
populists to lay the bill on the table :
linker ( Md ) , Barney ( \Vls. ) , Barrett
( Mass. ) . Beach ( O. ) . Blnsham ( I'a. ) , Boutelle
( Mo. ) . Brofleilclc ( Knn. ) . Brown ( O. ) , Brown-
lowTenn. . ) , Brumm ( Pa. ) . Bull ( II. I. ) , Bur.
lelgh ( .Me. ) . Cnpron ( R. I ) , Codding ( I'a. ) ,
Cooper ( WIs. ) , Curtis ( Knn , ) , Davenport
( I'a. ) . Davidson ( \VK ) . DavtonV. . Vn. ) ,
Dlngley ( Me. ) , DovcnerV. . Va. ) , Gibson
J. ) , Powers ( Vt. ) , I'ugh ( Ky. ) . Bobbins
( Penn. ) , Russell ( Conn. ) , Snuorherlng ( Wls. ) ,
Southwlck ( N. Y. ) , Stewart ( N. .1. ) , Snllo-
vvay ( N. HO. Updegraff ( la. ) , Walker ( Vn. ) ,
Weaver ( O. ) . WhiteN. . C. ) , Wilbur ( N. Y. ) ,
Williams ( Pa. )
The following democrats voted against the
motion : Allen ( Mi.ss. ) , Davey ( La. ) . Flem
ing ( Ga. ) . . Uimlchsen (111) , Howard ( Oa. ) ,
Tove ( Miss. ) , Ogden ( La. ) . Taylor ( Ala. ) ,
Underwood ( Ala. ) , Young ( Va. )
At l 3 p. m. the house adjouined.
m > \ATis FOiiT
Mill TrniisffrrliiKT 'lltlo to XeliriKu
1'niNi'M flu * Sen.'ite.
WASHINGTON , Match 3. In the fienato
today the resolution providing for a congres
sional investigation Into the murder of tlio
postmaster at Lake City , S. C. , and his fam
ily ctid the burning ot hln home , was laid
before the senate. Mr. Lodge ( Mas-i. ) sent to
the clerk's desk to have read a ccmmunlcv
tlon from William Henry Kerrls of the Har
vard divinity school giving the proceedings
of a mass meeting of colored citizens of Hos-
ton held on February 28 to express abhor
rence of the action of the South Carolina
Mr. Allen ( Neb. ) charged Mr. Lodge with
Introducing politics Into the dlscusnicn of
the resolution and thourXU tbo communica
tion ought not to be read by the clerk. The
communication waa read , however , and then
Mr. Lodge bald that there was no question ot
politics In the communication as far as h's
was aware. The act referred to. ho nald , met
with the reprobation of men of all parties ,
and he would ciot in any way Introduced poll-
ticis into It.
Mr. McLaurIu.S. ( C. ) raid ho had hoped
the rcsolutloniawojild go to the committee
without dlaeurjiloji. The state authorities
were exceedingly active In their Investiga
tion of the cciuand ) | ) ( hu was assured that
every oHort w'is i being made to bring the
perpetrators of0tlp ) outrage to justice. He
then had read A l lipping from a Columbia
( S. C. ) novvapUQe ; : , to show that the people
of South Carolina , were not only In sympathy
with these who committed the crlmo but
keenly reprobated it.
Mr. Hawley , , ( Conn. ) said the crime was
clearly brought within federal Jurisdiction
by the fact that'It waa a federal official who
had been murdered and government prop
erty that had been , destroyed. He expressed
the opinion that the federal authorities ought
to maintain a ciosw watch upon the proceed
ings. The resojutlpn was then referred to
the committee on contingent expenses.
Hills were fxtaA&l is follows Granting
free entry to a act of bells presented by the
CMT ot Russia'-to the orthodox Russian
church at Bridgeport , Conn , : to provide ton
the transfer of the Fort Sidney military
post reserve to the s'ato of Nebraska for
educational purposes and to establish an
assay ofllco at Seattle , Wash.
The motion of Mr. Hoar ( Mass ) to non
concur 1n the houBO amendments to the
bankruptcy bill waa laid before the senate
and Mr. Stewart ( Nev. ) resumed his speech
on the house measure. Upon the conclusion
of his speech Mr. Stewart offered a resolu
tion that the senate conferees bo Instructed
to Insist upon the .senate bill. The resolu
tion created some debate of a parliamentary
character. Mr. Stewart then withdrew lil
motion and Mr. Hoar's motion to non-concur
In the house amendments to the bankruptcy
bill and that a house conference be appointed
was adopted. The speaker appointed Messrs.
Hear , Nelaon and Lindsay.
The Alaskan homestcnd and railway right
of way bill wus then taken up and Mr.
Turner ( Wain. ) addressed -the senate.
Mr. Carter ( Mont. ) , In charge of the bill ,
offered a committee amendment retaining
th * flnt lection of the hnuio hill pvrnut
UMk L I Chriitmtoo , LouU Merer , Jienrjr Uect
\\hcro It provided for tlio npnroral of tlio
president , fllitl mojlned the aiiiMulnient l at
no entry eball bo fllloncil cxtunillng moro
tlmn forty roJs nlong tlio shore of nny
navlgablo WMtcr ami nlong such ahoro n
rjKico of at least forty roJs shall bo reserved
front entry between all such claim ? . The
committee aincmlmtdt was adopted ,
After the section was amended Mr. Vest
( Mo. ) moved to strike out the entire section.
The motion of Mr. Vest to strike out t'to
( Irrt section wus by an aye and no vote de
feated 31 to 16.
Section 2 of the bill was amended by the
Insertion of a declaration that "all such
rlijhts ( tldo lands nnd bedg of novlRablo
rivers ) shall continue to be held by the
United States In trust for the people of nny
stuto or states which may be created out of
Mill district. " It was further amended by
the adoption of the following provisions
adopted by committee : "That all eharxes
for transportation of freight and imsdctiRcrs
txn the mllroads of Alaska shall be lived
subject to the appropriation of the secretary
) f the Interior , and when so approved shall
lie printed nnd posted and new rates of
charges may be prescribed by the secretary
of the Interior from time to time as ho may
leem necessary. "
Without completing the bill the senate nt
> :45 : adjourned.
1KIM1KI ) Mi:7lCII.\MllSlT"lX CVIJ. . \ .
ent liy TrciiMiiry ] ) i > | inriiu > t
fin Momi'Mlo MIIIII 'IIN ,
WASHINGTON' , March 3. In view of the
numerous Inquiries by members of congress
and others and the Increasing Interest In
the subject the Treasury department has
prcpareJ a comprehensive statement phoning
the amount of domestic merchandise of the
United States which during the calendar
year 1897 passed through Canada In bond
from one point In the United States to an
other. The statement shows that the law
authorizing thnso shipments Is In no sense
local In Its application to points on the
Canadian frontier. On the contrary , it
tihowa that c\cry state and territory In the
union has contributed to the totals In one
or both dlroc'lons. The amount of domestic
merchandise of the United Stitos so shlpprd
during the year Is shown to have been 5,351-
I.'O tons , icqulrlng for Its transportation
143,875 cars. The merchandise Is classlfiel
as follow ? : AgrlcnlttlPll product ? , 2,090373
tons ; anlitnl products , 1,174.13 > tons ; prod
ucts ! of mines C8j"Cl tons ; products of for
ests , 295.9S7 tons ; manufa"turcs , 841,900
tons ; miscellaneous , 250,173 tons.
The states and the amount of merchandise
( hipped from each during 1897 are Riven as
follows In tons ; Alabama , 0 , " , ; Arkansas ,
2,912 ; California. 5.05S ; Colorado , 2.S41 ; Con
necticut , 1,351 ; Dcluwato , 301 ; Florida. 1C-
Gecrgla , 201 ; Idaho , 2GS ; HHnoN , l,407,1i5 ! ;
Indiana , 237,300. Iowa. 39,827 ; Kansas , 4,217 ;
Kentucky , 13,712 ; LoulsMna , 793 ; Maine , 70.-
700 ; Maryland , 131 ; Massachusetts. 110939 ;
Michigan , l,333,93fi ; Minnesota. 151,709 ; Mis-
ilfcslppl , G.50G ; Missouri , 77,920 ; Montana ,
5.0DS : Nebraska. 25,572 ; N'ew Hampshire ,
SS.RSC ; Nev/ Jersey , 89.2C9 ; New York , S17-
93S ; Notth Dakota , 319 ; Ohio. 440.007 ; Oregon
gen , 2,953 ; I'cnnsjlvnnla 274.G01 ; Rhode
Inland , 73 ; South Dakota , 731 ; Tennessee ,
1,321 ; Texas. 1,100 ; Utah , 23 ; Vermont , 5G -
001 ; Virginia , II ; Washington 195 ; Wiscon
sin , 119,121 ; Arizona. 110 ; District of Co-
lumbl'i , 1,156 ; N'ow Mexico , 1C1) ) : Oklahoma ,
SO ; total 5,351.350. The points thioiigh
which these shipments were made are glxcn
as follows Dingor , Me. , 1,359 ; Portland ,
Me. , 2S.3G7 ; Island Pond , Vt. . GSG91 ; New
port. Vt. . 7,871 ; Hlchford , Vt , r > ° 071' St
Albans , Vt , 130.2G1 ; IJuff.ilo. N. Y. , 3S1 23T-
Ogdcnsburg , N. Y. , 25,215 ; Suspt-islon
Ilrldge , N. Y , 779,277 ; Detroit. Mich. , 2.590-
SG7 ; Huron , Mich , 1,265,261 ; Pcmblua , N D
20,257 ; total , 5,351,350. '
i\iui.s FOU AIM II'IKTIII noons.
Piiri-IuiNrt-M rndll.-.l < o K n onAVlint
Tlii'y Are HII > | IIK.
WASHINGTON. March 3. Hcports of com-
tulttees occupied most of the time of the
morning session of the pure food nnd drug
congress , "i-at on credentials , submitted by
Matthew Thimble , showed an attendance of
155 delegates , representing twenty-four statea ,
nnd that OH the order of business , submitted
by Chairman Henry E. Alvord , recommended
that after the reports of committees were
imposed of the congress take up the discus
sion ot the Brcstus pure food bill. The list
of officets recommended by the committee on
permanent organization laat night nas agreed
to w 1th the addition of Fianklln Nye of New
Jersey , who was chosen recording secretary.
The list also Included a vice president for
cadi of tfio twenty-four states represented
In the meeting.
Prof. H. W. Wiley , the chemist ot the Ag
ricultural department , spoke of the adultera
tion of food products. Ho contended that
while a great many articles of food that were
adnltcrateJ were rot necessarily Injured
thereby , but on the other hand ncro bene
fited , yet the law chould require that all sBch
products bo properly labeled , so that the ctm-
tciner would know just what was being pur >
During the morning an invitation had been
extended Secretary of Agriculture Wilson to
nddicsa the congresy nnd when the afternoon
meeting assembled there was a full attend-
unco. The secretary \\os Introduced by the
president and greeted with cheers. Ho spoke
briefly , endorsing the object of the congress
and expressing his appreciation of the need
of adequate legislation along the lines upon
which It lu laboring. At the conclusion of
the secretary's remarks the discussion of
the IJroslus bill was begun. The debate was
general nnd consumed the remainder of the
session. AV'hllo the speakers generally en
dorsed the bill , It was urged by the repre
sentatives ! ot many industries that It needed
ampndomcnt In some particulars , especially
so as to make the penalties for food adul-
tera'Ion moro severe.
M\V < i
SenateCoimnlUee on Commerce 1,1s-
tcnM to Tyumen IN.
WASHINGTON. Mnrch 3. Tlio senate
commltteo on commerce today lUtened to
nrgumeats on behalf of the National llusl-
orss Icaguo and the National Hoard cf
Tvado In the Interest of the establhhmout
of a now department of the government to
be called the Department of Commerce nnd
Industries and to be presided over by a cabi
net officer. The Icaguo was represented In
the hearing by its president , rerdlnaml W.
Peck , nnd Its general courhel , John W. Kin ,
both of Chicago , and the Hoard of Trade by
ex-A < Mlstant Secretary of the Treasury
Charles Manilla , Alden Spear ncul Colonel
E. H. Ifa-ikell of Ucaton and K. II. Thurber
of New York.
Messrs. Thurber , Haskell , Spear and Ham-
Mi ! all made speeches In support ot the
movement and Mr. Kin read a statement of
the work done by the bUbiness league * lu this
Interest , submitting letters , resolutions , etc ,
In support of the movement from nlnoty-clght
different orsEtilzatlons ot business In twenty ,
six dilfcivnt states and petitions and letters
from 143 prominent manufacturers and busi
ness men In thirty-three btates asking for
the establishment of the department. The
arguments -were generally made along Inc
lines thnt the United Stated Is the only coun
try of Importance which ha * not a depart
ment corresponding to the cue proposed and
that the naticJial Indus tiles and commerce
could no/c'r have the supervision their Im
portance lemanda without bavin ; separate
supervision Mr. Ela said In reply to n qurs-
tlcci that it would not bo satisfactory to
place this wotk In charge ot a bureau of
ficer of the Agricultural department , for the
reason thnt the department was already doing
all that could well be expected of It.
HIM olntloii In Venezuela.
WASHINGTON. March 3. The State de
partment has been Informed that a amall
revolution has broken out at Valencia , about
200 mllca front Caracas , capital of VeneuoM ,
No details are given. This la evidently
directed against President Andrade , wlio waa
only a few days ago Inaugurated as the suc
cessor to President Crespo.
AililliiK to ( 'lilrUiimiiiiKii 1'nrU.
WASHINGTON , March 3. The senate
committee on military affairs today passed
favorably on an amendment to the civil ap
propriation bill , providing an appropriation
of $35,000 for the purchase of Point Lookout ,
with the View to Incorporating It In the
Chlckamauga and Chattanooga National park.
Iiiillnn Trenly Sent to Senate.
WASHINGTON , March 3. The secretary
of the Interior today cent to the senate the
treaty recently negotiated with the Indiana
on thn Fort Hull re ftrv llr > n In Ii1 hn. Th
cession embraces 41 8,5(10 ( acres , 45,000 of
which Is susceptible of cultivation nnd In
cludes the site of the town of Pocatcllo ,
which had been previously sold by the In
Will I'riiliulily Connllnek ( n ( he
lloisi < Today.
WASHINGTON , -March 3. ( Special Tele
gram. ) In nil probability Chairman Sher
man of the Indian ultalrs committee will re
port the Indian bill to the house tomorrow
and will move to non-concur In all amend
ments attached to the bill In the senate.
A direct \oto If pot lble will bo taken on
the free homes bill and tonight It looks
as If the amendment would bo defeated. The
hotiso committee on Indian nftalrs will re
turn from Carlisle , Pa , , tonight and It U
understood to be Chairman Sherman's Inten
tion to get the Indian bill Into conference
The Wyoming delegation called on Presi
dent MoKlnley this morning , Senator Clarke
presenting the members ot the delegation to
the chief executive. They had an Interview
with Secretary Alger later , nnd It 1s under
stood he looked favorably upon the plan
to put troops near Sheridan.
Allen Introduced today a resolution for
the electrical workers' union , carpenters' and
Joiners' union nml Central Labor union , op
posing the nntl-scalplng bill ,
George H. Cotton of Divld City , who has
qualified ns bank examiner for Nebraska ,
leaves fop home tomorrow.
Hufus C. IJauer of Nebraska \vas today
appointed supervisor of Indian PchooH at
$1,500 per jear to succeed Henry H. Pairs ,
resigned. Mr. Hauer will cover the llfth
Indian school district , which includes Ne
An order was Issued today removing the
rostofflco nt Hedrlck , Iowa , fiom Its pres
ent quarters to Dr. A. A. Kent's building nt
a rental of $125 per annum.
ti on Public lliilliltiiK" .
WASHINGTON , March 3. The ponate
committee on public buildings and grounds
today made a favorable tcport mi the follow
ing amendments to the sundry civil appro
priation bill i\temllng : the limit of the
cost of the public building at St. Paul , Minn. ,
to $250,000 ; extending the limit of the cost
of the building at Stockton , Call . to $15G,900.
and appropriating $50,000 for the purchase of
a site for a public building nt llutte , Mont.
Ilav Ii' > lllll Mili'trtifKfil.
WASHINGTON , March 3. The Haw ley
bill for the creation of two additional reg
iments of artillery will not bo taken up In
the house tomorrow , ns oomo of Its friends
hoped. The icpubllcan members on the com
mittee gnu- the matter some consideration
after adjournment , but no conclusion was
reached nnd fcr the present , at least , the
committee on military affairs will not be
given time for Its consideration.
ProtlilfN Well for tinAVIilnu. .
WASHINGTON , March 3. Semtor Mason
today Intioduccd a resolution for the relief
of the widow of the colored postmaster re
cently killed b > a mobnt Lake City , S. C.
It is the same as that Introduced In the
house by Mr , White of North Caiollna today ,
except that the amount Is made $10,090.
\ot Kiilllli-d to Mtrcliil I'l'U Hum's.
WASHINGTON , March 3. Yachts convey
ing newspaper conopondents and dispatches
between Havana and Key Vest and not ex-
oxcluslvely employed ns plcasine vessels are
not therefore , under a ruling of Acting Solici
tor Ilee\e of the treasury , entitled to thu
privileges of American > nch : > .
Inspector Kent to lnixtliiate. .
WASHINGTON. March 3 Postmaster
General Gary has directed that an Inspector
bo sent to Ada , Ga. , to Investigate the cir
cumstances Incident to the assassination of
Mr. Freeman , who was appointed postmaster ,
but was killed before he entcied on the du
ties of his office.
Dally Trt'iiNiir ) htnti'iui-iit.
WASHINGTON' , March 3. Today's state
ment oJ the condition of the treasury shows
available cash balances as $225,552,795 , gold
reserve $1G7,9 17,557.
May Cause n Itn oliitlon.
NEW YOUK , March 3. "The low price
of coffee and also of silver may cause a
i evolution In the Republic of Salvador
soon , " said Clint les Gray of Uloomlngtun.
111. , who lias been living In that country for
two years , and who arrived here on the
Alllnnca from Colon. "Coffee In Salvador Is
selling for II pesetas pi-r 100. where , fotmerly
it brought 30 pepsins1. Thl" Is owing to over-
ptoductlon nnd to the Inetcnr'e of the lia- !
s-lllan output. The legislation aimed ngalnst
.silver hna sent the price of thnt metal down
nnd Salvador , being a silver-using country ,
feels the demonotizitlon keenly. Kor all
their Imports the Salvadorlnns must pay
heavily , while they nro getting little for
their coffee. This condition they asctlbe to
U.clr existing government. They bl.imo Pres
ident Gulter.ia a good deal. Gulteraa Is hon
est , but weak , and there arc inuttcrliigs of
overthrowing him. "
AntarcticIXiii'illllinil Hcnril From.
NHW YOUIC , Murch 3. The Brooklyn
Standard Union publishes a letter from Dr.
I'rcderlck A. Cook , surgeon of the llelglan
Antarctic expedition , dated Ushunli , Terra
del Kuego , December 27. He wrote : "We
have como In here to take our last supply
of coal. Tomoriovv wo will start south
under hteani , passing out west of Capo
Hoin to the South Shetlands ; thence to
Cape Seymour , nlong the eastetn border of
Graham's L-and. In Lirson's track , to the
further south , then east and out of the ice
ngnln , perhaps In the nelKhlioihooil of Ku-
derby Land. After \l3ltliig some of the hiili-
Antnrctie Islands , Uonnets , Prince Edwards ,
Kciguelen , the ISelglca will put Into Mel
bourne to winter. Theio will bo no wintering
ing- party left h3Uth until next year , unless
the ship Is held In the pack. "
Former Killed liy nil iniilo : | > r.
ST. LOUIS , March 3. A xpsclal to the
Republic from Dallas. Tex. , says In Somer-
vlllo county , ycttcrilny afternoon , Harvey
Lane , a fainter , was killed by Henry Uutk-
low. a fat in hand. He and Lane quarreled
near a woodpile , llurklovv sol/sed an ax nml
severed Line's heul fiom the body. Uurk-
low lied to the woods , but was captured last
nlRlit nnd lodccd In Glen R se jail at thu
county scut of Sonn-rvlllo countj. The only
witness to the tragedy wus thu S-yeat-old
daughter of Line , who gave thu alarm.
Pour lloiiNtnlioiitH lirimncil.
CINCINNATI , March 3. As the Bostonla
.stoumea out fiom Its wharf tonight for
Louisville eight co'.cred roustabouts were
thro.wt Into the river. Four vvoro rescued
anil four wire drowned. The dead aro.
Millard Oancy , Loult Jackson , 1/miH Stil
ler nnd William Vandike , all of Louisville.
They le.ivo families. Thu gang plank broke.
Ten other roustabouts were starting onto
the plank iw hen It broke.
I'lonrcr Miner Killed.
HELENA'Mont. ' , Mnrch S.-Iimnnuel Red
ding , a well known pioneer , was killed by
a fall of rock In an extension of the King
Solomon mine , near Cluiicuy , last night.
His body wi found lu the bottom ot1 the
Bhnft today. Mr. Redding was the owner of
the King Solomon and Old Dan. Tucker
mines , two of the best known properties
of the district.
Memorial to
LOS ANQKLE3 , Cal. , 'March 3. The board
of directors of the chambers passed resolu
tions requesting our senators and repre
sentatives In congress to aid hv enacting
such legislation na. will deprive the
Canadian railroads of any privileges that
can give them unduu advantage over the
roads of thu United State * .
Noted iConf 'ilrntr III.
RICHMOND. Va. , March 3. Judge John
Newton Honren , the last treasurer of the
southern confederacy , la criticilly 111 at his
residence ! near Btaunton. Augusta county.
Ho Is suffering from kidney trouble , anil
owing to Ma advanced age llttlu hope of
hl3 recovery Is entertalnc-d.
" 77"
stops Grip and
Stubborn Colds
that "hang on. "
VICTORY rou < 'OIIMI.I : , nr.nvrnit * .
liiint of MIC * < crli * Droliloit lit I'lMor
of tinIllmoiiiin. .
ITHACA , X. Y. . March 3.-The Cornell da-
haters defeated thoie of I'ennsylvnnl.x uni
versity tonight. The contest wna the ilftU
held between the universities , nnd In re-
Bpt-ct to the number of victories non , thlj
ilecldcs the supremacy in favor of Cornell.
Southern Moc ! ) . ( > - IJIeclM Olllefm.
NM\V YOUK , Miirch -Tho niintt.il meetIng -
Ing of the New York Southern society , held
tonight , reanlteil In the election of the fol-
lowliiB olllecrs : Presldont , Dr. William
Polk ; vice presliletit , AiiKimtus VnnWjckj
trMiHiirer , ( Inston Hnrdy : seeretnry , Percy
S. Mallet t : chaplain. Hev. J. W , llrown ,
I > . l ) . ihu new president of the society li
one of the foremost medlcnl pr.ictltloneri
of this city. Ho Hiiceeeds e\-lovernor Hugh
S. Thompson of South Carolina.
IlViilPOOI. : . M > rih 3.lllowltiK are th
weekly cotton itntl'tlcs ! Siles , ( W.iXX ) bilest
American. C3two biles ; tr.ulo takliiRs.
bales j nctll.il export. S.OIO bale ? . Ini.
lola , ' 117l0e < ) lulcs : ' " 'l ' > ort , American.
biles ; .stock4 total. 1.-.M3.OJO lulesj
S.lKkl .A i"l'MU. 1U < ? . biles ; allo.it , total.
JOi.CHXJ lulcr ; allu.it , American , imUW bales :
i iik l for speculation , 1WO : bales : puicbusicij
Tor export , l.OW biles.
iifilitlli : | ( Jl < - of llfiirt DlNeiisc.
1'niUT , Iml. , Mnroh 3. The jnonstcr ele-
phiint mimed 1)1 unond , eonneeted with a
mrii.iKctlu here , died tonight from biurt
disease. Ho was thought to be the Incest
elephant In captivity. The manager valued
him at $10.001) , nnd thinks he vvns 7 years
old when bo gnu chased him. woven sear *
u go.
OtlltMTN I
N13NV YOUK. March -Among the .
sengerw who arrlveil today on board thn
steamer Alllaliea from Colon , were Cener.il
Thomas MoonllRht of IC.insas , e\-l'nlted
Stntos minister to liollvln , nml Hon. Cran- !
vlllo Sluail of .Monttina , e\-l'nlted States
inlnHtcr to Par.igu.iy and Unmtmy.
ItllNllll'NM Trilllllll-M ,
nUKPALO , X. Y. . Mmch 3 The Niagara
Oclo Fittings oompnny has made an assign
ment. No statement of assets or llabllllU *
Is given.
\Vhelhcr Itching , bnrnliif ; , bleeding , sralv ,
cmstcd , ] iltnplyf or blotchy , whether simple ,
Bcrofiilom , or hcradltaiy , from In fancy to .IRC ,
speedily cured by warm baths w lib Crncuii v
So u-.gcntlo anoint ings with CUTICUIU ( oint
ment ) , tlio great sMn euro , and mild doses
ot CuTKT'nKI > OL\IST : , greatest of blooil
jiurillers and biiinor cures.
ell ihroitthoui the itorll Torrcn Pni'a AI fiii
I or i * * * ole 1'rojn ll lou
Cj * How luCurc 1trjf 1 Illood Humor , ' free.
l-BH nj Htlr ant nab ? rtk
Uh.nvl hr 11 TU < n Nu
insi if ute
In the treatment of all
Chronic , Herons and Private Diseaws ,
and all Wl-AKNBSSUS BSCfil
Catarrli. all Diseases of the Nc e. Throut , ChieV
Stomach , LHcr , lilood , hkln and Klilney Dl -
ate . Lost Manhooil. llydrocelo , Vnrtcocole.
Qonorrhea , Oleotc. Syphilis. Strlcturo , 1'llts , r >
tula and Rectal Ulcers Diabetes Urlghl's Din-
aia cured. Call on or uddrcta with etamp f.f
Tree lioolc and Now Methods.
Trentniont by Mull , CiiiiMiltntlun freii ,
Onialia Medical and Snrgical Institute
lloom 8. 117ft North icth St. , Omkb * . N lx
TnT rv 2 I I'AXTON & nunanss.
Ju v _ - * . JL Wj | Manatfert. Tel. 1919
Only One More Performance Toniglit
I'tetty < Hpniitlfully
\ \ ho ( Jan CiistuineH.
Sing , D.nico GorKcouslv
and Act.
I < nrgrst , liost nnd most Fuccc'st-ful inuslcal
fniclrnl ontortalnmcnt in the countiy
I'UIPis : I.iwcr lloor. f 1 COj Ililcony , 73" , Mo.
Sunilny-Monilaj Woild Against Her
Tol. 15:11. :
O D. Woodward , Amusement Director.
. . 'IO.MCIIT , Hltltl. .
SIMCIAITIISCIIIIH. A. < ; .ir.im-r , ; ! .
li-nliei'U'H Orclii-Nlra , WCHSOII > VVul -
ti > i-N , Ilaliy linlx.
jiecl illtosMtfnrlhy llcjnolda , The l > e 111-
, The I.a Uo > a
Puxton & Bitfgoss ,
. . . .Tol. 1019
IMifc MafcTBtli and 9tli
. . \\Sflf III. .
on TnrHilay K
Only Tlnif , III" 1'iili-Mt
.Snrci-KH. . . .
The Devil's Disciple
At tlir AVftltK-Hilny Matinee. !
Beau Brummel
Oil WcilnrNiIay K mlnt , . . .
A Parisian Romance
1'rleen Ifl.r.O , II.IX ) , 7.-.r , r.dcl5u. .
.Si\TS .NOW ( ) \ HAI.B.
13th and lonjlas St.s. , Omaha.
J. 11. MAHKKI , & KON , Prou .
Ulectrlo cara direct to exposition grounds.
FUANK IJAltKUIt. Cashier. . . . . .
SAil IIAUMAN. Chief Clerk.
liitU and Howard SU. , Oniaba.
Now open. 150 rooms , C3 with bath.
American , Vup ; European , II up. P. j.
? . ? , ' , ' Pre iaent : Dick Smith. mana M
William Andruw * H. & Smith , ctarki.

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