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ΒΆ ' '
L'anager , Oontmctora and Eihibitor3 All ink
a Grtt Enny Now ,
. .
Approach of the Tmo for Opening Beta Uot
Pace on Work.
. - - . Buildings Completed and Ehibit Rapidly
Being Put i Place.
t Ch rIiuctwn. . the IltibiliNi , ot flullil.
Itt&r firitigN Out the 1ncI3
PeturN VrnigI&t 1b )
Lnii.Is.te Architect.
' When President McKin'ey ' touches the
'r button on Juno 1 to start the Tranrnisls-
ifl1) and Interiiatlonaj ixpo1tion ho will
iitIght a crowd or patriotic pcople such n
was never gathereC In the west. before. Thi !
day promises to he a gala one. Iteports arc
coining in that the railroad excur8touB will
L'o packed to their utmost capacity and
- . - - roflie roatI8 contemplate running several
; cctlons to accommodtte those wishing to
come to Omaha. It has well been said that
the exposition will spcak for Itself. This
t h ; ( lflIly evinced to the hundreds ot visitors
who are Impatient to get just a l1ttI Idea
of what It will be.
' Outside work on the grounds and the
; arranging or exhibits on the Inside con
tinties without abatement and the progress
made daily is marvelous. The time has
drawn iligh that each contractor and cx-
hlbitor must see the completion or his work
only a row hours hence. There Is a source
3.i of gratification among both the exposition
managers and exhibitors owing to the nearness -
ness or the finishIng touches. The exposi-
lion iromises to outrival its equal , the
World's fair , in the matter of having everything -
thing ready on the opening day. A strong
I lroii railing is being placed on the brIdg.
over the lagoon. which denotes the finishing
of this large structure. New concessions an
licliig erectel nlmo3t daily on Twentieth
street , the Midways and the bluff tract.
and the concessionaires are wasting no time
to have them completed by the opening ( lay ,
so as to got a graft. in" for the first nlckel
aml dimes. The exposition restaurants on
the Sherman avenue viaduct are being fur-
nlshci. ExhIbits continue to arrive and arc
at once assigned to their respective build-
ture lip : , ii t i ru I 'I'hn n 1vcr.
The bluff tract , which is conceded by
snrt2ly to be the most beautiful slot of the
'whole exposition , continues to grow more
beautiful each day. New plants , roses ,
palms , etc. , are being set out in such
variety as to make the tract more attractive.
The rubbish has been removed from the
nearly completed state buildings of Montana ,
Georgia and Wisconsin. These structures
a'tii only he a few days behind time. while
they will be followed in a week or ten days
by Iowa , Kansas and New York. The corn-
missions from these states will be on han
to take possesSIon of their butidings as they
are completed , and keep open house for all
visitors. The Horticultural buihuiug , although -
though the iat of the main exposition buildings -
ings to he completed , now begins to show
great activIty among exhibitors. Tim states
of Nebraska. Iowa and IllInois have carpenter -
penter forces at work erecting tables , etc. .
to be used in the displaying of exhibits , and
several floral flrms are placing displays.
Thu Los Angeles county ( California ) cx-
hibit is nearly in place and will be ready
to rec'ive visitors on the opening day.
I. Frank Wiggins , secretary and superint'nd-
cut of the Chamber of Commerce of Los
Angeles , under whose auspIces the exhibit is
made , has becn hero for the last three weeks
installing the exhibits. When finished he
'niil return home. leaving C. L.Vilson. . his
assistant , in charge during the exposition.
This exhibit comprises every known sped.
Inca of that. county's products. Tue space
nllottcd to southern CalifornIa is attractively
decorated overhead with yellow and white
material , these being the Chamber of Corn-
jnerce colors. The prevailing colors used in
- decorating arc wiab , oiive and orange , which
nrc iii touch with the exhibits. lIstributefi
at. different places among the exhibits are s
number of large pictures , showing the homes
of I'asadena and Los Angeles , the two prln-
cipal resorts of the latter Place. Mount Lowe
and Catalina Island , all in Los Angeles
GlVIiIiP II ( ) . % itflV CONTROl. .
' ) ' ( ' ) tilt I''N Of d lie lye le-
i'irtiucit .It.'t in ( ) iinlii 'loi1I ) .
The Board of Management of the Govern-
intnt buIlding will hold a rneeting in its
0111cc In the lUilliflg this afternoon. , . 'il
the members of the boartl are in the city .x-
Cept. Colonel J , II. Brigham , assistant eec-
reinry of agriculture and , hairniau of the
hnartHV. . Ii. Michael , reprcsrntative of the
Itate deiartment. 41111 Frank Strong. repro-
tcntativu of tl tepartincnt of Justice. Ccl.
abet ilrighnni vii1 arrive this inorIiiug , but
the other two absentees viil be r.presentcd
at tlio meeting by proxy. John 1.1. Ilthlic % ,
vlio has been supervisIng the ii.stailatiou
of the exhibit in tlt' State department , br.a
been delegated to represent tbe lcjrnrtment
at the meetIng , and ( leorgu Field , a repre-
sentative of the lepnrtineat of Justice. who
has bii perfcrming a sImilar s'rvico for
that department , will rpcent it at the
The other members of the boarti are :
Charles l , icemper , exccdii'c ufllcer of the
olilce of the supervising airhitct , who Is the
representatI t , of the Tre.Lsu rv .lelartmcnt ;
J'rof , I" . V , Ciarhe , of tue lnteror depart.
meat ; Dr. F , \ % Truc of the SluitlIsonlan
Inetitution and National Museum ; t'olonti
J , U , Browulow of the I'otutfleo depart.
ment , Caitaifl lIe'nry C. S'nrd of tln'er
department , Lieutenant Comntamier E. M.
Stedinan of ( be Navy department , William
( ICC. Itavenel of the Fish eo'nmisslon. The
, - reprotary of the board Is Ceptilo W. \ ' ( 'ox
of the National Museum , who Is also cueto.
dian Of the Government building and executive -
utivo officer of the board ,
"l'bQ principal bu1incs to l'o transcted by
tb hoard will be Ito make rules for the
government of the bill'Iiii ' and the em-
VloyeeL ( o fl the hour8 during whIch the
Iuiidiug shah be opec to the public , pre-
s.cribe uniforms 0.0(1 ba.1es for the gt'arde ,
Cite inemb rs of the t'o.irI who were In tit
city were gathered Ia 3 soiabie group Ia the
; ntunda of the ? diii4rl hotel last night when
they were asked by 4 f1iC rt-presentntlvo it
the question of openin , the government
building on Sunday af"ioocs during the
hours the expoiltton was open , w'uIil ho
tulen up for consideration ,
"I don't know why It 'slioull lit , " said Ne.
Itavenel , as the others made no answer
f.Fho same question has bten decided over
tirnI over by practically the earno board , and
J ( for one , see no reason for taking the
; t znatter up at till. 'Fho rnenIcti cnustituttn
4. .
this board have been members of several
Previous boards anl there is no csp'elal ren
son to believe that their opinions on this
question have changed. It Is larg.lv a
question of money. The vaiable ! fun'ls
have been apportioned a.uon the ( lifferent
.lepartments and the , jutln , of keepIng the
building open Sundays ass no entered int3
the calculations of running expeiisc"
Other members of the boar4 looked assent
to the statements of Mr. flavt'nel , but tiuth-
ing further as said on that scotc. The
matter of keeping the butidln apen it nilit
tvas suggested , but it i tateti that there
has been no provision made for this , anit
the building l provided with enly four tire
lights for patrol eervte , It was also stated
that at other expositions the Government
building has been closed in some Instancec
at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in othent at
43O , and in other cass at & oclor.k. Tticrc
was no suggestion as to the hour which
wili be fixed In the prant instant a
31t1ti' ftuhIder , . Hf ilislorle Struggles
to lie ( iii l'li I hitinti.
The exhibit of the Cotton Belt route In
the Agriculture building will show several
things which are closely connected with
the stirring history of the southwestern por-
( ion of the United States , especially with
the noted events associated with the early
history of Texas. A photographic file-
simile of the Texas declaration of Imle-
cntlcnce will be one of the attractions ,
This curious old document was written on
both sides of eleven smali sheets of paper
nd each of these has been Ithotographed
and all arc shown in a long
frame. The celebrated painting , "The
F'aii of the Alamo , " owned by a citizen
of Texas , will also occupy a con-
spiclous position and near It. will be a
curious old inkatand belonging to General
Santa Anna which was found among his
effects at San Jacinto , Numerous other relics
will be shown and there will also be die-
played numerous products of the south , including -
cluding petroleum , both crude and refined ,
from Coralcana , the Oil City of the south.
This exhibit will be the headquarters of
tIm people from Arkansas. Louisiana , Texas
and Missouri. A register will be kept where
visitors will record their names for the iii-
formation of friends.
Fruiii the l'iiilnsleli1i In lliiseiia ,
A notable exhibit has arrived at the cx-
position grounds and no time was lost in
beginning the active work of installation.
This was a carload of material from the
Philadelphia museum , consisting of sped-
mens of cli sorts of the products of the
South and Central American countries and
of Africa. The car was In charge of Prof ,
Marshall , curator of the museum , and the
installation is proceeding under his per-
soilal direction.
The colection will be located in the Lib-
cmi Arts building and comprises specimens
of minerals , manufactured products of all
tile countries named , agricultural speci-
moos. woods , relies , etc.
hurt ( otiiit's Etlilbit.
TEiAMA1I , Neb. , May 27.-Special.-- ( )
The articles for the Burt county exhibit at
the Transmississippl Exposition were
shIpped today , and vero accompanied by
lion. J , IL Sutherland and II , N. Wheeler ,
who vill place them in their allotted space.
Mr. Wheeler vili have charge of Burt
county's exhibit during the exposition.
Fekamak tins raised over $500 by subscription -
tion to a3stst with thIs cxhibit , and this ,
with what has been subscribed throughout
the county nail what. was allowed by' the
county supervisors , vili make in the neigh-
boriiood of 1,500.
Nit.-s of the E'tiiosIlion.
A carload of exhibits , the donation of
the l'htladelpbla museum , arrived yesterday
and were unloaded in the Liberal Arts
Chiquita , the Cuban mite , is not a part
of the liagenback animal show , as was
stated , but is a separate "concession , " under -
der the management of T. K. flostock.
Ia. 'F. Abbott of St. Joseph , a member of
the Missouri COIllIflissiOll , has arrived In the
city to assist Chairman Leuthey of the agri-
culturat cjniniittee of the commission in the
Installation of the agricultural portion of
the Missouri < xhthit.
President Wattles received a formal notice -
tico from the government of Mexico to the
& 'tfect that the Mexican goverlimeot would
be unable to carry out the arrangements
heretofore made for participation in the cx-
position. Intimations to this effect were re-
ceived cveral days ago , but this was the
first formal notice of the fact that this action
'vouhil be taken.
F.V. . True , Ph. D. , executive curator of
the National museum and cpresentattve of
the Smithsonian institution on the Board of
Management of the Government buIlding ,
has arrived 'ii the city , together with Charles
E. Kemper , representative of the Treasury
department on the board. 130th gentlemen
viit remain until after the formal opening
ef the expositicn.
irnest Crnnt flrlggu of Coiiipniiy . .
LOMt'J4 Ills 1,1Cc Vhiic
iii lIfltliiig ,
CIIICKAMAUGA PAItK , May 27.-Speciai (
Tclegrnm.-Ernest ) Grant lirigge , company
II , of Ord , was drowned In Chickarnatiga
creek this evening while bathing. Severai
of the men were enjoying a swim , l3rggs
being one of the party. Suddenly antI w1tl-
out learning Brigge sank 011(1 ( before the
others could reach him he hail lost his life.
The body was recovered.
lirigge was a young man of high character -
actor and iolnilar with his comrades. lIe
worked on a farm near Ord during the last
year and enlisted sooti after the first call
for troops. His father , L. it , Brlggs , re-
stiles at Kimball , S. I ) . The body will he
sent home for burial.
'Virr."M EI't'it * Ii Ciiiiiiiiiy ,
C1ICYBNNE. Vi'yo. , May 27-Speciai ( Tel-
egram-The ) eleventh of Colonel Torreys
twelve troops of cowboy canlry was mustered -
tered Into service here today. Colonel Tar-
rey today made the ( ohiowiug appoinrnents :
Ilegitnontal adjutant , herbert V. Lacey ,
Cheyenne ; quartermaster , Frederick Itaip ,
l.oiig Pine , Neb. veterinarIan , John C , lilec ,
Vashingtno , I ) . C. ; sirgeon , Mortimer Jesu-
run , Douglas , Wyo. The twelfth troop will
soon be iuustcre'l Into service , completing
the regiment. Equipments and antis have
been received , but horses are being secured
slowly , but 300 having boon accepted. From
present Indications Wyoming's quota under
the president's second call will be filled by
sending the Alger Light artIllery of this
lililer , Coaer uf (0r1iass l 'liig ,
fliltLlN , May 27.-It lB reported here
from Madrid ( lint the North German Lloyd
mall steamer liavel , after having been sohil
to the TransatlantIc company of Barcelona ,
which acts for ( ho Spanish government , Is
now on its way to Cadix , It Is added that
the steamer will fly ( ho firrtnnq colors as
far as Cape Finteterro and that it will then
proceed to its dezttnation under the Spanish
'ohsiitecrs , it 2)cndwoud ,
lFAflWOOD , S. P. , May -Special (
Tehegram.-Colnpany ) A , Second regiment ,
South Dakota volunteers , was organized last
nIght in thIs city. A , . Frank was eleetd
captain , Roy I. . . Sharp , first ileutenant ; .1.
v. lInker , second lieutenant. There will be
no difficulty in getting a full company ,
Will Perzonally Supervise the rntu
Expcdhions to Manila.
it Is Istimntett That it ' .VllI lie
at l.enst 'rots Inys flefore
tue Secuii'.i IJijiedition
Sails ,
SAN FRANCISCO , May 27.-General Mar-
ritt , who will command the American forces
in the Philippines and who arrived from
Washington last night , has established his
headquarters In this city at the I'ahtee
hotci ,
General Otis tomorrow will take Up his
resIdence at Fort Itichmand anti wilt hiae
the volunteers encamped there under his
eye at all times.
Today Captain C. li. hiooper received Instructions -
structions from Vazbington orderio , him
to proceed to Manila by the next transport
to assume command of the cutter Hugh Mc-
Cuhloch to succeed Captain hlo'lgson ' , who Is
ordered home.
Arrangements have been made by General
Otis for the establishment of a iiihttnry his-
pitni neal Fort Richmond , 'rents will be
erected for the sick soldiers and nuscs vhli
always be in attendance. There are many
cases of measles and bronchitis amd'ng the
soldiers , and the marine hospital , which has
beenused , . , temporarliy , is inadeqm'ate to the
It is not expected here that the transport
fleet of five vessels , which will make up time
accoul expedition to go to Manila with reinforcements -
inforcements , will get away tar at least tea
days. The China arrived here today from
th Orient and will not be turned over to
time government until Monday. The Colon
is here , and a force of men will be put to
work on it at once to prepare It for the
Voyage. The Zealandia is being fltte ! up at
its dock. The Centennial and the Ohio will
not arrive from Puget Sound for some days
It Is generally understood that the five
vesseim will carry 0,000 men , which will
Include the Pennsylvania , Colorado and
Minnensota regiments , the Seventh regl-
meat of this state and the Eighteenth and
Twenty-eighth regiments ( regular ) , now en
route from New Orleans ,
The work of repaIring the Philadelphia Is
being rushed at Mare Island , and it 'will
doubtless convey General MerrItt and his
staff to the l'hihippines.
One good effect of Con. Merritt's advent
has already been felt. He has ordered that
troops not already supplied with proper
equipment are to be furnished at once with
everything necessary to make them comfortable -
able and ready for active service.
Sccii ce 'i'ivo More 'rrgsiisiorts. ,
WASHINGTON , May 27.-Two more
steamships , the China and Colon of the
Pacific Mail Steamship company , were chartered -
tered today by Assistant Secretary Meikie.
john of the War department to carry troops
to the Philippines. The ships , It is understood -
stood here , carry fully 2,500 men , and if
they can be made ready in time will form
part of the second expedition to the island.
Mr. Melklejohn succeeded in communIcating
with C. I' . Huntington , the president of the
Pacific Mail Steamship company , by telegraph -
graph somewhere in Iowa last night , while
the iatter was on his way east , and as a
result of propositions the China and Colon
were secured. The latter vessel is at San
Francisco , where it is loading a commercIal
cargo ( or the Orient and was expected to
sail tomorrow. The ChIna will be due at
San Francisco tomorrow. As soon as practicable -
ticable both ships tvlhi be turned over to
the agent of the quartermaster's department
for such changes as may be necessary. Five
vessels are now available for the second cx-
pedition to the Philippines , time Centennial ,
Zealandla , Ohio , Colon and China. Their
combined capacity is approximately 5,000
men , and It is the opinion of the offlciais
here that they 'will be ready to sail for
ManIla some time next week. The acquisi-
( ion of the China and Colon is a source of
satisfaction to Mr. Meiklejohn , who says
that the department is now In much better
shape as regards transportation. He cx-
plained that there Is no desire on the part
of the government to impress vessels into
its service unless such action is absolutely
essential for its purposes. The government
wants to be absolutely fair in Its terms of
charter , but at the sgme time believes that
It is paying for 'the vessels all that they are
worth. It may be interesting to vessel
owners to know that the decision has been
reached by Mr. Melklejohn in making contracts -
tracts in the future to concede to them cer-
tam features relating to crew and fuel which
will be embodied in the charter by the War
Further steps have been taken by the War
department to obtain the six ships of the
Northermm Pacific company , for which the
agents are holding out for n larger amount
of money than time government Is disposed
to pay , Mr. Meiklejohn declines to give any
niore money than that last proposed , be.
hleving that the benefits which would accrue
to the ships from an American register
tiould more than compensate them for the
lower prices at which the vessels are asked
to be turned over.
ICING % % 'l 1.1 , t ) ' , % 'l'l'hl MElthti'i"l' .
ita vy Nii''l I si , t.sIgiel ti , Coat-
iiigtiiil lit l'hai I I miitne' ldli'ii it iou ,
WASHINGTON , May 27-Adjutant Gen-
tral Corbin announced tonight that three of
time brigadier generals appointed hy the
preehleimt today touid be omelally dcelg-
natcd as soon as time senate hail confirmed
their nominations , to comurnand the troops
in the Phuiiippinc' , , , The generals selected
for the i'hlhippioo expedition are George
A. Garretson of Cleveland , 0. ; FrancIs V.
Greene ef New York. and Charles King of
\Vizconsln ,
Late this afternoon Genera ) Merritt , who
is to be nmlhittmry governor of rime Philippines ,
wired General Corbln , requestIng that Gen-
cmi King ho sent vlthm him to tha Philip.
pines. The request was approved and forwarded -
warded to General King , and so he becomes
to oil intents and purpotes a commander.
General ICing Is the well known novelist and
an ex-olileer of the United States army.
Generals Garretson and Greene have ai.
reatly signified to the War department the
acceptance of the orders to proceed to Manila -
nila , 110th are experienced ofl1ers at
niarkeil ability and will prove of invaluable
imealstaimce to General Merritt ,
it Is understood unofllcially that hard-
son Gray Ottis , editor of the Los Angeles
'l'Iruws , who served with time president in
thu Twenty-third Ohio during the civil war ,
and was nominated today to be a brIgadier
general , till also go to the Philippines ,
Early next week another list of briga.
utter generals will be sent to the senate. The
list vili contain probably from eight , . to
twelve names. All of the officers nomntnatel
for brigadier generals will be from the
southern states.
'l'rinl of Ne-u ( utbuat.
SEATTLE. May 27.-The official trial trip
of the gunboat Rowan will probably take
place next Monday or Tuesday. LIeutenant
Commander Charles P. Perkins , commanding
the Monadnoek. has been desIgnated as
president of the trial board.
Vnshuinaton OtTtcInhitllI Hope Thnt
lie Is Hottled Upiti San-
( logo iiusrti.or.
WAShIlNOTO , ) tay 2t.-'The military
situation as at present determined upon by
the authorities is to make no forward move-
meat of troops. either upon Porto Rico or
Cuba , until full and definIte information is
received as to the location of the Spanish
squadron and its possIbIlity as a factor In
the aggressive movementh of Spain , That
being the positive determination , there is
no present purpose to hurry forward the
troops now at. the several points of concentration -
centration , but the Interval prior to an aggressive -
gressivo forward movement will be employed -
ployed In seasoning the men.
Steps have been taken to secure early Information -
formation its to whether Admiral Cervera's
squadron Is inside Santiago harbor , and
whether the American squadron has such
advantage of position outside the harbor
as to make the escape bf the Spaniards
practically impossible.
For the last few days army' ' circles have
shared public beliet that the Spanish ships
were trapped in Santiago harbor and that
has given Impetus to arrangements by
which large bodic of troops at Chickamauga
and elsewhere might be moved forward
rapidly to Tomna for embarkation.- The
presetice of thirty or more trnnRport in
Florida waters added to the conviction that
a movement on a iarg scale was about to
All this has been going on with the Understanding -
derstanding that Admiral Cervcra's career
as a possible menace Ia the rear of our
troops had been cut eJT by his being securely -
curely held within SanUago harbor , but In
the absence of positive nformatlon on this
point , together with the Uncertainty that
he can be bold Inside the harbor , there tone
no purpose whatever on the part of the
War department. to make an aggressive for.
rard movement on 'Cuba or Porte RIco.
This was stated tonight in the most post-
live manner and from an authoritative
Unless the Navy department succeeds in
securing some direct end ofilciol information -
tion respecting the Spanish nnd the Amen-
can fleets within the next twenty-four hours
through the aid of the West Indian cables
It 'will resort to the use , ot dispatch boats.
It can be again amnuned on the highest
authority , and notwithstanding all rumors
to the contrary , that a the close of the
day the department had 'nothing more than
a belief , founded on unofficial advices , that
the Spanish squadron was lying In Santiago
harbor , and no news as to Commodore
Schley's whereabouts.
However , the majorit.yot the offIcials of
the Navy department entertain no doubt
that Cervera is within Santiago harbor , and
they have succeeded In. Ibpresaing this belief -
lief upon the president and the members of
the cabinet.
The reports from the rmewpaper dispatch
boats as to the movcmenthof Sampsomi's and
Schiey's squadrons during the past week are
mystifying , even to the naval oullers hero ,
and one of them calhidmattention to a statement -
ment coming from the West ladies to the
effect that twelo war vesseI vere seen oft
Clenhuegoes for a short' Umd Wednesday.
This ho though wasSebley's sciuadro , dUd
in that case he could scarcely have covered
the distance betvcen OLnfuegoralld santiago -
tiago with a slow moyin'pfleOt otironrlnds
in less time than 'two days , which would
make him due off Stlago some time today.
It was announted today that. Holland , the
Inventor of the submartnn boat of that name ,
was expected here tomorrow to discuss with
Captain O'Ncal , chief 'of ordnance , the'feasi-
bility of using that 'novel ' craftin an attack
upon the Spanislm squadron at Santiago If
the vessels are still there. The officials are
disposed to receive in a kindly spirit any
suggestion that might prove to be valuable
In this line , and wjll 'talk with Mr. Holland -
land over the details of his scheme.
An Important phase to themilitary program -
gram is a decision not to take up the details
of organizing the new force of 75,000 volunteers -
teers for at least a week or ten days.
Foruiier Cov'ruior Gemuerni of flue
I'li illittuimmes Says : tuncricumn Plug
Shnli Not 'tVnc Over Mnulluu ,
MADRID , May 27.-In the Senate today
Marshal Pnimo do Rivera , former captain
general of the Philippines , defended his administratIon -
ministratIon of the colony. He said he
could not believe his ears when ho was
tolui of the disaster atCavite , adding :
"That rag called the American flag shall
never float over the wa1ls of Manila. "
The Philippines , be COfltinUel , had not
hail an adeqtmato means of defense. lie op.
pealed to the government to supplement ( ha
defense , but the government replied that
the pope had intervened.and . there was no
( ear of a rupture , The naval committee
at Manila examined into the position carefully -
fully and reached .be conclusion that It
was quite Impossible to offer battle to the
"The Yankees are deceiving themselves , "
Marshal do Rivera declared , "as to the situation -
ation at the PhilippInes. It is absolutely
impossible that they should become masters
of the islands , for the native , to au Immense -
mense majority , are deterznincd to defend
the territory to the Iast'nnd to maintain
Sjmamilsh sovereignty. "
Captain Aunomi , minister of marine , said
it tias inopportune to discuss time war at
present. Ho lmail neither mmpproviml nor this-
aimnroval to expreis of Marshal do Rivera's
administration , but he should ex'ercise a
certain reserve in the interest of the country -
try , -
The minister of the c lonies , replying to
questions respectlni vthcanthorization given
the governor of Philippines to concede
admimmlstrativo reform , uuild Captain General -
eral Auguatl hail be a. authorized to act in
the manner tie deemed inmost desirable to
draw the natives to the Spanish side.
Find Ni ) Ciutransiud of Wuir ,
BERLIN , May 7--United States Am-
baa-safer White Is greatly pleased at a
fresh evidence yesterday of flermnany's
strict neutrality. Acting on information
from the United iltatesConstmt at Hamburg
to the effect that tIme' ' Spanish steamer
Pirmzon was aboub (0 ( sail ' with contraba mmd
of war Mr.Vhtte wenD ( Gtho foreign ofitce
and protested , with the result ( hut the
government omelals acted- promptly , Time
steamer was searched and no contraband of
war was found emi , board.
Cnrrespoiuiieuit y'lmrovtm t.mti l'risoui ,
KEY VEST. Fia : , Ma 27-B. I' . Knight ,
the cofreapondent of the London Times , who ,
on Sunday night , when seven miles off
havana , was lowered over ( be bow of a die-
patch boat and i-owed ashore plone In a ten-
foot skIff , was heard from foday. He has
been thrown int prison and is now In the
Cabaaas fortreaL A1exarder GoIlan , th
Uritisiu oneul at.Jiayana. has Insituted proceedings -
ceedings for htsrelease ,
hutiis's Vriuts Tii'i , lteggiwentg ,
TOPEKA , Kan , , May 27-Oovernor Leedy
has wired Secretary of War Alger as follows -
lows :
Kansas can qutekl furnIsh two full regi-
mnents. It would be more. than our quota.
In view of these tat.s would vpta to have
two regiments assigned to us
a. w. LEDY , Governor.
Mitdrid Government atithcd with the Policy
lie is Carrying Out ,
Aorts That ite linus Ills Vetoes So
Vcll IIsioscd 'L'lint lie Can
Repel Ammy Attemnpt at
J mt.nN iii mm.
Copyrlght , ,1S98 , by Press Publishing Co. )
MADRID , May 27.-New ( York World
Cablegram-Special Telegrani-The Span-
tab military department Is professedly satl'm-
t1e1 the way filanco is carrying out the plan
of campaign. hilanco was instructed to krell
up the spirit of the autonomntsts and put ( lie
local government En working order as it
no war existed and at the samnim time to
eploit the loyalty of the old Spanish , , arty
antI the volunteers , because wealth citut
fighting qualities are very useful. Blanco
was also Instructed to endeavor to impress
all the natives in Cuba that America is aIming -
ing at conquest and annexation and that
Spain would carry home rule its Ear as iii'
dependence if he repelled the American Invasion -
vasion ,
In a rnlhitay direction Blanco has 0e
voted the most attention to improving the
defenses of Havana harbor , laying down sub.
marine mines and torpedoes and extensively
developing the fortifications according to
plans adopted in Weyler's tlmo by a special
commission of artillery engineer omcers sent
out purposely with heavy guns from Ocr-
many and Spain. Blamico Is concentrating a
majoelty of the Spanish forces near the
coast wherever a landing is deemed most
probable. Forces are now watching the
coast so strictly that the Cuban insurgents
are prevented from receiving supplies.
l3lanco says ho has supplies and ammunition
for five months , having ordered the military
authorIties to be very sparing in their use
of ammunition except when indispensable ,
Blanco and the home government are also
preoccupied with the question of sending
home the sick and wounded at this season
accumnulating In the hospitals and crippling
the resources of the colony. Blanco believes
ho can easily face any landing. as his forces
arc ready to concentrate amid fall upon Invaders -
vaders in time four western provinces.
Little City of Key West Very Macli
Exeiteil O'er iii- Mystery
of Three Mcmi.
( Copyright , IES , by Presi Publishing Co. )
KEY \VEST. Fin. , May 27.-New ( York
World Cablegram-Special Telegram.-Key )
West has been fairly rocking with excitement -
ment today over a story of Spanish spies
and Spanish war ships that are stmpposcd
to have been in active olmeration by starlight -
light last night. here are the homely
facts :
Yesterday , afternoon Sergeant Richarils.
who in charge of twelve soldiers who
guard the forttflcationsat Fort Taylor , saw
' - tha treet that
three men , ts'alklng along
borders the cast Ifie of time' fort. They
made severdl inquiries of the negroes who
live close to the front. They asked how
many troops w&c stationed there and who
commanded them. At 9:20 : p. m. Sergeant
Richards saw the heads of the same three
men sticking out from behind the entrance
to one of tIme new mortar pieces.
"Who goes there ? " asked the sergeant.
fly way of answer time three strangers
drew revolvers and began firing at the
sergeant. One shot went through the right
sleeve of his coat. Another sentry returned
their fire with his army rifle , but apparently
failed to bit any of them , Then the men
ran about fifty feet to the street , where a
hack was waiting for them. They jumped
into it and were driven away. As they ran
Sergeant Richards beard one man remart
in broken English to his companions : "Have
you got that package , Diii ? "
That settled It , the men were Spanish
Just at midnight the sergeant saw one of
the men walking along near the railroad
trestle , a half mile away from time battery ,
demurely smoking a cigarette. As soon as
he saw the sergeant he dropped the clga-
rette amid ran away again.
As \Vihmnlngton passed Sand Key light
this morning the Bancraft hailed it amid
asked If it had seen anything of a steamer
with four white masts that the IJancroft
thought was a Sparulard. Here were all
the essentials of a first-class Key \Vest war
scare and tb story was elaborated and sent
There is absolutely nothing to prove that
time men were Spaniards , A number of tools
left by workmen In the pits were lying
about the imlaco where the men were seen.
They were probably ordinary thieves whose
only intention was to steal tools.
"Ilmis Is no trifling matter , " said Com-
mnanding Captain Merrill , "Title is a serl-
ous mystery. My iljS are sealed. Fifty
men are out now looking for a miman , 1
can't ( dli you tvl.mo lie is , but lie is the man
we want. lie knows somcthmlumg about it ,
When ho is caught I may speak , "
l'fuitm : m Cuirgo of Cml ,
PIIILADELI'hllA , May 27-The Norive-
gtan steamer Oscar II , with a cargo of coal
for Tnmmmpico , Mex , , was today refused clear-
amice papers by the collector of the port ,
pending an investigation as to Its destina.
tion , which the new government regulations
require , This is tIme second steamer with
coal to be i-dunned this week , The first
one , the German steamer Amrct , with coal
for \'era Cruz , Mex , , was released today ,
The captain of the Amret and the owners
of the cargo had to take an o.ith before it
was released that the coal was for lbs MexI.
can railroad , and that it would not he used
or delivered to Spaniards after it reached
\'era Crus.
% Vnt'eu , ou Talks to liii' Soldiers ,
LEXINGTON , Ky , , May 27.-Ten thousand
people came Into Lexlngtomi today to
aces the civic and military pageant , followed
by a review by Governor Bradley of the
comnpamiies of troops now here and to hear
( lie address to the troops by Henry \S'atter-
son'hen time parade and review were
ended , 300 school children sang "America. "
lion , W. C. I' , Brcckinridge then introduced
Mr. W'atterson , who was given an ovation.
hiury Goi'rnr ivIt Ii A lijul lent ,
LITTLE ROCK , Ark. , May 27.-Colonel
Cook of the Second regiment of Akammsaa
volunteer infantry , received orders from
the War department last night to move lug
command at once to Chickamauga. The regiment -
iment will probably leave LIttle Rock Saturday -
urday , Governor Jones in overwhelmed with
applications for permission to raise compa-
flies uniter the president's second call ,
l-1si'liuture of l'risouucrs Is Effected ,
VASI1INGTON , May 27-Time State de.
partment has been notifIed by British Consul
Gohlan at havana that the exchange of pla-
oners baa been effected , and time Maple , with
Charles Thmrahi and hayden Jones , the Amer.
bean correspondents on board , has sailed for
Key SYcaL
Weather Forecast for Nebraska-
Fair ; Northwesterly 't'inths.
Pa go.
1 hushIng Exjuosituon W'ork.
General Merritt Takes t'onuummnnd.
Scinivi SubSoil iithi hlianco ,
Cumiuuuodnre itclulCy is lipcn'tcrod ,
i S'ork of * hc Ornerni Assenthily ,
ihiiiias of tIme % 'tmtomtn Meeting ,
8 Nebraska Nra , , . ,
Nbrnsk Etitucuit inani lhiiluII ,
.1 Iditorlal ututit Cmnmnent.
b. i'lnmtuuing for hiepuhillean League.
51 Cunticit , iCfli 3iu.tlers ,
tn-tt N . titit ( kimunmeut ,
Aflair , 11111 Ounnhma ,
7 Otuinluum S , Anothcr ( utmsme.
. :
Close i i. ; State Shunt.
thin' , ' : - es , . ltcview.
8 llxposi , ? ' ) ieauiumg l'nrntlc.
' ) Seimsuttluimi ,
I I Comm auth Viunimt'iuel Ne , , , ,
12 "Smiluimi Kiss , "
Teiapt'r Omimniuuim
hour. hour ,
a . 1 p. in . , , , , . tm
( I n , mit. * f',7.t" lit B II. in . . , , , ( it
7 a. lit . . . . . . ( it B P. Ill . . . . . 02
S a. mum . , , . . , (01 I p. mu . . . . . . ( Ii
ii Ii , iii . . . . . . ( lii i. , lii . . , , , .
III a , i'm . . . . . . ( P4 (1 p. mmi . . . . . . tI-t
II a. in . . . . . . ( ) 7 mm. Ut . , . . . . ( it
12 mum. . . . . . . . . ( IT S ii. iii . . . . . . (11
1) p. iii . . . . . . (10
De'e Awntts Suijiplics until ltCIlL
forcemumemi ts miimul All Ills .Ieut
Arc its ( uouul ibculh ,
( Copyright , 119S , h ) Press l'nblimmhing Co. )
HONG KONG , May 27.-New ( York World
Cablegram-Special Teiegram.-T12e ) situma-
then at Manila is growIng more detlicrate ,
owing to the failure of food supplies. The
fleet Is now waiting the arrival of iho
Charleston and troops. Manila People have
a report that eight Spanish tram' ships arc
coming here. They also report that smallpox -
pox is prevalent en the Aniemicami ships ,
that 300 are down with the disease and
fourteen dead , This story is absolutely
withmotmt foundation , as the health of alt is
excellent. The veether is mint seriously hot
and no sickmiess is npprehieuilctl.
E. W , hARDEN.
HONG KONG , May 27.-The United States
auxiliary gunboat Seafire , formerly a BritIsh
merchant steamer , hut now conaniissione&l ,
moumiting four guns and in charge of a lieu-
tenant-commnaniler of time Ummited States
navy , has just arrived hero from Manii.t ,
having on board Captain Charles V. Gridley
of the first-class cruiser Olynmpia , the ilag-
ship of Rear Admiral Dewey , and two olflcers
who have leL'n IflValitlCd.
Tue situation at Manila is unchanged. The
insurgents are quiet. Beef costs $2.50 a
oound at Manila. Time report that time corn-
unander of , thio Spanish boat Cahloa was tried
by court-martial and shot for riot firing
on the American ships which captured the
Cailoa is untrue.
LONDON , May 27.-The stories cireulatdd
at Madrid amid elsewhere regarding the that-
tlmore are evidently groundless. The die-
patch recqiaed at the Spanish capital from
Manila apparently referred to the Uliegod
disabiemnent of tj1altImore during the bat-
the at Manila , when a Spaimisui shell struck It
and exploded some amniunltion'alightly In-
juning eight men on board.
.timacnlen % 'lll Not Ito Interfered Viihi
hum Setlhiumg flit' Pimture of
tile h'1uIlIiuimmes.
( Copyright , ISIS , by Preu , ; Pimbhtchlng Co. )
BERLIN , May 27.-Noss' ( York World Ca-
blegrani-Spectal Telegram.J-In this even-
lag's Post appears an article evidently inspired -
spired dealIng with time question of the
future of the Philippines. It Is semi-em-
daily declared that recent rumors as to the
transfer of the islands to France or Ocr-
many or their divIsion among tIme European
powers with the Interests In the far east
have no foundation whatever. America is
not yet in possession , It is true , and it is
quite possible she muay never occupy thueni ,
but any laying of hands on the islands at
present would be a hostile act against
America. Nor would It be tolerated by
other European powers having interests
there. This utterance may ho taken as
explicit proof that time continental powers
have come to an agreement on time subject
to await further action bymnenica. .
rI , 'o Ittuuigi. ii lulers 121irnimte' Sumiut Ii ,
CHICAGO , May 27.-A detachment of the
Fargo "Rough Riders , " made up of cowboys -
boys from North Dakota , reached here today
and left for Chattanooga ,
Eimj.ln' Itmuslmeutbuito Sum't' I lie lloolcs
oC Ills Plrmui nmuul time .Ynils
Full l'titui hull.
DALLAS. Tex. , May 27-At 2 o'clock this
afternoon fIre broke out in the brick build-
lag lately occupied by J. F. Zang's furmui-
ture establishment. In a short timne it spread
rapidly , and before' the fire ulepartmnemit had
time to get effectIvely at work the back
end of Dorsey's printing cstablislmmemmt on
the avest crud Scott's furniture huoiuse on time
east avern in flanies. From Dorsey's , helm.
manmi's wholesale saildlery huouso ui next to
succtmtnh. The total loss is about f30,000
to $ W0,600 , fairly well covered by insurance.
J. v , Cowan , married , aged 25 years ,
ulaleslaun for K. Slulcids & Co. , lost his life
in an effort to save tim hooks of his firm ,
Time , atalls of time Dorsey building fell on
him and crushed bUn to death ,
Eimvarci Smith rushed to Cowan's rescue ,
nail was inrn'kcul senseless. lIe was rescued
by tIme firemen amid removed to the hospital ,
Firomnarm Burns was sever ly injured , and
City Electrtciamm W.t. . Frazer , wino was
hinndiinig a hose , had both wrists broken
and head badly cut.
htuslit uiiil ' % % 'bumulstorumu 'isits 'l'Iu'iu aim
( but' Amili bversuury of time ( ru'mmt
't'onssuhui 'Far. , Years Ago ,
ST. LOUIS , May 27.-A terrific rain nail
windstorm broke- over this city shmortly after
4 o'clock buoy , and prevailed for half an
hour. This being thin serommul anniversary
of time terrible tornado that caused such do.
struction of life and property in thIs city
and vicinity , many peopio were terror
stricken , fearing another such visitation , No
reports of ilumugo have been received ,
At the race track , where several thousand
People bad mmuennbled to see time races , there
was slimiest a panic , but nobody was injured ,
Two years ago the Immense grand stand
there was unrcmofed and other damage done.
tbom'uimvimts at Oet'miii Vessels , Mmiy 27.
At New York--Arrived-FuerM Biemnarck ,
from llamnhiurg ; Atsatia , from Naples.
At Southarnton-Arrived-Auguste Vie-
toria , from New York for Hamburg.
A t i.lverpool , May 26-'Arrlved--Cymric ,
from Now York , Salled-Tauric , for New
At Genoa , May 27-Arrived-Ems , from
New York ,
4' t 0 ueenstown-Arrived-Calnpanla , from
New York ,
At Napie-Saiicd-Fulda , for New York.
Knows the Spanish Fleet ilati Arrived a
Santiago tie Cuba
Hurries lila flying Squadron Aftir the
fleeting Enemy.
Ito is Prepared for a Long Siege or a
Hot Pight
Ills Origimmumi Simunuinum , is itelmaturcetl
Imy time Addittuti itt' tue
loit numul the 'rortiethu
hltuutt hmipunt. -
( Copyright , 1693 , by ( lie Associated rress. )
OFF CIhINFUEGOS , May 23.-Via ( Jack-
somivihie , FIn. , May 27.-S p. na-Thme ) arrival
of the gunboat hawk , a converted yacht ,
hut time flying squadron this mornimig into
a state of ferment numd anticIpation. It.
brought miews that time Spanish squadrou ,
under Admiral Corvera , for whom Corn-
mmmantler Schley was lookimig , was at Santiago -
ago ,
Comthander Schley made immimediate preparations -
arations to go in pursuIt of the enemy , but
as the ships were somewhat short of coal tie
hind to wait in a state of great impatience
whIle the Iowa took on 500 tons and the
other ships 250 tons cacti. This coating was
conducted with the aid of time collier Morn-
mine , which arrived at S this morning with
the gunboat Castine.
The squadron is to leave this afternoomi
1mm a chase after time Spaniards nmitl it is
hoped ( lint Conimnodoro Schley will Smut
( heal bottled up in the harbor of San-
tinge ,
The flying squadron is now one of time
strongest aggregations of fighting ships ever
gathered together. It commsists of the first-
class armorcd cruiser Brooklyn , Commodore
Sehicy's liagelmip ; battleships Mnssa husetts ,
Iowa and Texas , cruiser Marblehead , gunboat -
boat Castino amid torpedo boat Dupont. It
has a plentiful stmpply of coal amid can stay
for a long time at sea.
A close examination was made of the
harbor of Ciemafuegos last mmight , hut noth-
11mg was seen which in Commodore Schley'a
opinion would warrant an attack.
Somne concern Is fqt for the Scorpion ,
which left here Inst nIght to take flit-
patches to time cruiser Minneapolis at San-
tiago. The dispatches pt Coummodoro Sciuley
are in cipher and cannot be read If cap-
Lured ,
'I'IJRItOIL jimi ItLYJIS A't' L'OlTO ltlCO.
llhnimco 5.11,5 CervrruL Is lu.ckeih lit , at
MADRID , May 27.-li p. rn.-Gencral
Blanco cables from Havana that ( lie Ten-
nor , from Martimiiquo , has arrived at 1ra
jardo , on .the cast coast of Porte RIco , It
intemided to go to Snnu Juan , but found four
, tinenica war ships cruising in front of
the imarhor and changed its course for Fa-
General Illanco's dispatch says Admmuiral
Cervera's snmladron isstili , at Santiago , that
the btmlk of Admiral Sampson's squailromu is
blockading Gmat port , that Commmiodoro
Schbey'a muquailron is watching time Yucatan
passage , that tile Aniericnmm vessels have
left Clenfuegos antI that the Ammuerican fleet
of blockaders remains in sight of hlavntma.
General Blanco says in his dispatch that
hue opposeil time departure of the French
steamer Lafayette saibim a cargo of coal , as
the coal was required for Spaumish ships.
Sluuiluishi Aulnmlrnl. it is Niii.l , lteummiiiimus
Lii Clue ilmirl'or of Sumitingo
tie Culii ,
CHICAGO , May 27-A pnlvnte cable to tIme
Associated Press from a reliable person iii
Port atm Prince , hinyti , dated May 25 , as.
sorts that hue lund Positive lnformmmntion that
at that tIme AdmIral Cervera's fleet was ha
time harbor of Sauitlago tie Cuba.
LONDON , May 28.-A ditpatch to the
Financial News from Kingston , Jamaica ,
says :
"The master of the flsimlng schooner Johan
which arrived lucre reports having imickefi up
a ya's'l coatainimig two re nnccntradon , escap-
mug train Santiago , lie says theytold him
Amlnmiiral Cervera's vessels nrc in the harbor
and that ( lucy were conical and reatly to sail
whiemu time Cadis squaiiromu arrives next week
nail breaks the blockade. "
W'JSIIINGTON , .hmy 27.-Speclai ( Tide-
gram-Tiucre ) is reason to believe that time
naval officials tonight neccived flishmatdhucs
fromn Admiral Sampson , although at 11:31) :
p. ma. no bulletIns mail hueeii maile nubile.
The Ascoclated Press has nireanly annnuumccd
that at 2 o'clock Limit morning time thlspatch
boat Dolphin , of Comnniodore Schley's squadron -
ron , ran nlommgsidc time flagship New York ,
whlc'lm was off Havana , sail announced that
it bore diepatcimes for Admirpl Sampson from
Commodore Schiley ,
it is considered iirahable these uhlSlifltChCs
contained information of thin hireciso where-
abouth of the Cumpe'erdo squadron , and
quite naturally time information would be
sent to the naval authorities hero as soon
as boats anti telegraph wIres could carry it.
That the mmnvai oullciahut have received information -
formation is not doubted , but as yet they
have not admitted the fact ,
hollers ltercntIl'tit in tluu i'u'iuiya
CoimtiiluJl4ul as Ni. t Jlt'i 1mg' of
Smuliheletit Strength ,
( Copyright , iS , I ) ) ' Press Publishing Co. )
LONDON , May 27-New ( York World Ca-
blegram-Special Teicgrammi.-Tonigtmt ) I saul
Chief Officer lieu of a steumer from Cadis
Mumy 20 , who said :
"When we left Cadiz the only Spanish
war ships ( lucre were the Pelayo , Caries V ,
one torpedo catcher , the l'atnlota and ltap.
itlo , 'l'hie cruluem'a were at time arsenal ,
Everything bore the appearance of unreadi-
ness. The ? ciayo's boilers , recently put in
at Touion , hiatt just been condemned by
the superinieuitling engineer at Cmlix on time
groimn'I flint they were of inzutflctent
strength , IL teas , lmoweycl , cualiag , The
Rapldo aqd l'atuiota had not been fitted
ithi gnus and neither had crows. There
wait umo t'hbef iii ( tie fleet going anywber.
toiscnne weeks- "
- _ , _ _ _ _ i - _ _ _ _ _

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