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President MoKmley Makes the Project a
Success Boyoml Doubt ,
Executive Gives the Committee Assurance of
His Intention iauVisit Omaha.
Word from Washington Gives Life to"
Plans Heretofore Projected.
( Jirnt Slate of ( lie 'Norlli TnKr-i Oi-i-a-
nloa ( o lloiikl of \Voiiilcrful
Itc-MOiirci-s anil Man )
Tutnl ViliiilxnloiiN I7.IIIMI
Total ( o Dal.-
Wlth the positive assurance that Pres
ident McKlnley and his cabinet will be the
gutets of the exposition October 12 the suc
cess of the si at prace jubilee la regarded
us assured. Kvery plan tlmt has been
formol for the eelebrallon of Ihe big event
hinged on the date on which the president
would arrive ami now HIM arrangements
will bo pushed without drTay The mtln
dot.ills of Ihe weik'u festivities have been
already decided on and the wfok will bo
fully occupied. Manila ) , Octobci 10 , will
bo the opening day of the Juhlleo and Its
Inauguration will be cclebraUd b ) an clab-
oruto program iu which addresses by the
most celebrated oralors ot Ihu continent
will figure. Tuesday win be Army und
Navy day and on this occasion p'omlnciico
will bo given lo Ihe representatives of the
lighting branches of the gov eminent The
sonllmenlB inspired by the lecent war will
glvo exceptional Interest to this ft attire of
the celebration and e\ery etfort will bo
made to Ktcure the piceeiiec of some of
Iho men who have heroine Iho heroes of
the nallon during the list six months.
Wednesday will bo known as President's
day and the executive of the nation will
bo the 'center ot intcrcsl Thursday will
t > o devoted to the sentiments Inspired by
the reunion of the blue and the gray and
the veterans of both armies win be the
guests of the exposition and celebrate the
day with appropriate ceremonies On Fil-
ilay thcro will probably bo n great Indus
trial celibintlon and Saturdii ) the closing
exercises of the Jubllco will occur.
This Is the main program as far ns It
lias been outllmd , but it will be supple-
munted by numerous other fealures and al-
tractlons , all of which will bo of the high
est merit Some of these are aTready un
der consideration and othcis will bo added
ns Iho enlorprlso dev elopes One of the
most notublo events will ho Imrc Klralfy's
gnat Ri.ectdculir production Illustrating
the naval battles of the war , which Is now
drawing ImnuiiM ) audiences at Madison
Square garden In New Yoik Mr Kir.ilf )
vvaa in Omaha lust week lo conbiilt wllh
Iho exposition management , with a view to
putting the ( .pcclarlo < > n the lagoon The
mailer was not decided at that time , but
as soon ns the datn of President MrKlnley's
vlalt was decided yesterday President Wat-
ttes wired lo Klrnlf ) accepting his terms
nnd closing the ananreii-eut to Inaugurate
Iho balllo apeclncle Oclober ! > , lo continue1
until the end of the exposition. 'I his IB
the biggest sprctaeulai e-nleri-rise that has
over been ntltirpled In this country and It
Is eald to give such n realistic plcluro of
the recent naval operallona that the spec
tators can scarcely bellcvo that H is not
The celebnilion of Montana day was ) CR-
tcrday'a fentuiu nnd a good ciowd and th"
magnificent weather contributed to muku
It a distinct BUCCCKS It was n touch of
tlmt delightful autumn atmosphere for
which Nebraska Is famous and to the thuu-
nauds of vltltorn It was is-piclnlly enjoiabk' '
after the torrid hint of the last fe i wieks
H was an Ideal Ony foi esposlllon sight-
rieliig und the pounds \\eio Ims'lMig wltli
nativity from 'aily morning until the dec-
tile radlnncc faded from the water of the
Today Iho olllreis and men of the Second
Nebraska voluntreis will lie the guesls ol
honor nnd lltev will bo entertained In r
manner that will bo gratefully appreciate * :
nftor the hardships tlmt they endured dur
ing Iheli long confinement In ramp. Tin
holdlcts will enter the giounds nt llu
Twi'ntv-fourlh streel pnte soon after K
o'clock and after a parade through the mall
i ourt nnd lirurt tract they will bo lev lew ci
on the Plaza and formallv welcomed to th <
r.rcat exposition that grew while they wo-
hundreds of miles an ay Then thcv will bt
llllod vvllh the host llicre Is on Iho ground-
and given a holiday unlll afler Iho lire-
worl.a In the evening
JIOAbT > P I ! Vl/I'll
\Voinlrrrnl ll - rmriN anil Canalilll
' ( li'N of ( lu < Iti'Ulon i\ploli'il.
\Vhllo Montana did not scno quite as I > U
l\ crowd to cell bratc Its stale day as has
liecn contributed bv nearer and mon
populous states , thcro wire enough of It !
citizens on the grounds to make a consplcu
ous und thoroughly representative addltiot
to the liBtinl r\position crowd They wen
almost without exception entirely now t (
Iho exr03'1'011' ' ' nn'l ' witn weather that wni
fairly suggestive of their own Invlgoratitif
climate they were amius ) the most cnthusl
untie visitors that have been welcomed ( i
the transmlssisslppl show There wen
enough of them to form n very respectabli
luidlcnro In thu Auditorium Irrespective o
thoio who found It Impossible to remain In
sldo when thcro were bo many attraction
to Invlto them elsewhere. They wer
hugely delighted with the resemblance between
tweon Oovernor Holcomb and Govcrno
Smith which was very notlccablo ns the
Kit together nn the platform and each o
thu executives caught tin crowd by iclalln ,
hH experiences on the occasions when h
hail been mistaken fur thu other.
Preliminary lo the exercises of the da
the Omaha Concert h.uid , which has Jus
begun a two weeks' engagement on th
grounds , entertained thr crowd with a shor
Us performance compared very favorabl
with those of the larger bands that hav
born heard at llu exposition and eac
selection was heartily applauded. Th
olUclal party arrived teen alter U o'cloc
accompanied b ) Thlele'a .Musical Unlo
baud and after more music Vice Preslden
Suthcrlln of Montana Introduced Oovirnn
Holcomb , who welcomed tne vUitora to Nt
brawka lie decfared that their grta.n
U no tin stneiri localise they have nc
eomo In as large numbers us the peopl
uf more adjacent utau-s Nib usku Is hnn
ored that BO man ) of them have come H
The speaker called attention to the fac
that the two states no longer seem forelg
( o each other. Ihe development ot the ral
mail has brought them close together and
they are now neighbors.hlle It repre-
fonts the ititlrt transralsslsslppl country ,
tills exposition Is no IPSS an exponent of the
r otirres and products of Montana. These
the speaker briefly eulogl/ed and proceeded
to compliment Uoernor Smith f.tnl agln
expressed the welcome with which he l.iu
prefaced his address
( ! ocrniir Stnlili'N Hi'MioiiiHS
In replying to the sentiments of the pre
vious speaker , Governor H 1 ! Smith of
Montana said that this scar has proven to
thn world a part of the groatnc's of our na
tion A foreign war has been successfully
prosecuted and nt the same time a few
fcpanel ) settled states In the west ha\e
brought together one of the most magnlfl-
oslllons the world has ever seen ,
fi'tls u Just pride In being Invited
rticlpatu In the c exercises , and also
It ha teen able to contribute towards
building this exposition Its people nro
warmly appreciative of the hearty welcome
the ) have received anil they can bo depended
on to stand for the Interests of Nibraska.
Continuing Oovernor Smith spoke of the
vast resources of his state In proportion to
Its population He quoted the annual pro
duct of gold and sliver , coal , wool and
other staples In 1897 with a population
of only 2"iO,000 U produced over $70,000.000
It Is the grealest mineral producing state
In the union and If Its
Arable land was put In a compact body It
would make n state bigger than Iowa that
would produce tnoro bushels of grain per
ucio th.in another soil In the United
States Uvcn Its own people do not realize
thu agricultural po-tslbllltles of HID state
Its climate Is salubrious and Its people are
lugged , hearty and honest. In the recent
win It furnlbhed the first volunlcer regi
ment to be mustered in. Allotted n quolo
of C1M men , It furnished 1,3GB lie com
mented on the fact that of these only one
had died and very few hud been sink , and
contended th.it this Is the remilt of thu
sturdy health of which the climate of Mon
tana is productive
In behalf of the exposition management
President \Vnttlts emphasized the welcome
previously extended 1 Oovernor Holcomh
He declared th.it no Htate In the iinlon Is
entitled to more crtdlt at this exjioslllon
than Montan.i Although one of the ) oung-
eat states In the union nnd burdened by the
expense of dealing and constructing stale
liistllutlons , It responded to the Invitation
i to participate In the enterprise In a manner
that left no doubt of the public spirit of
Its citizens. Paiticular mention was made
of the $15,000 contribution of Marcus Daly
that had made the handsome exhibit of the
slate pos-slble
I'resideiil Wattles spoke In enthusiastic
teims of the natural resources of Montana ,
which could furnish sustenance to half the
population nf the nation and predicted for
the stale n future of unexampled prosperity.
There were severnf other speakers on the
program , but on account of the hour they
decided tlmt lunch would be more enjoyable
ableInn ( further oratory
A large proportion of the Montana visi
tors assembled at the pretty state building
at 4 o'clock to attend an Informal recep
tion which was given In honor of Gov-
e nor Smith Neither Governor Holcomb
nor President Wattles were able to be pres
ent and the function w.is consequently
limited to a very informal Eoclul session ,
del ) one was Introduced to Governor Smith
and with music by Thlele's band ami light
refreshments a very enjoyable hour was
Intro Klrnlf ) to I'roilucc lilt < iroat
Sn.--liK-lc on tin * I.MKIIOII.
lu addition to the great attractions that
have already been scheduled for the last
tronth of Iho exposition Kiral'y n n ammoJi
brertnele , "Our Naval Victories , " Is now
assuied This will be put on the mirror
at the west end of the laironn , which will
bo surrounded by n temporary amphllhealer
whl h will scat 12,000 people lleglnnini ;
October 9 , two performan-es of this big
production will be civ en dally , and ox-
j prs tlon visitors will be glvvn a poitraval
i of tbo battles of Manila and SintUgo and
the maneuvers of Iho Heels that will bo
aln est equal to an nclual view 01 tin cent -
Ilic-ts The contract with Mr Klralfy pro-
I vldes foi a llect of over thirty shlpb rep
resenting every lpo of llghllng vessel
1 hei'o miniature ships me from fifteen to
I twint ) ono feet long and are exact repro
ductions of the ships that the ) .ire dc-
s gned to M present The North Atlantic
squadron will be represented by the New-
York. II ooklyn. Oregon Indiana , Iowa ,
yuicnchusitt8 , TCMIH , Montgomery , New-
Oileans. Murblehead and Oloucester Ol
the I'acltlc fleet , lommandcd by Admiral
IK'Woy , there will bo the Olympla , Hostoi ,
l.altlii.ore , Hnleigh , Concord and Pelrel ,
There will alto bo eight Spanish bhlps. In
cluding the Crlslobal Colon , VUcaa , Maria
Torrea , llelna Mercedes , Furor and Terror.
In addition lo these war ships there will be
dispatch boats , galling craft nnd nowspiper
) uchts There will also be an exact repro
duction In miniature of the collier Merrl-
mac , whLh Is constructed after designs
furnished b ) Lieutenant Hobson himself
ly ) an elaborate bstem of stage telling5
nnd mechanle.il devices tne > various scenes
of the war are depleted with a realism thai
Is sold to bo marvelous Naval ofllcers whc
have been the pioductlon In New Yorli
declare thai It Is absolutely accurate Ir
cur ) detail The first scene represents th
Noilh Atlantic Heel on Ihe eve of war. Twc
squadioiiR appear In a seitcs of maneuver ;
In which the handling of the ships and thi
use of signals Is illustrated Then a third
squadron composed of the big baltlebhlp :
arrives , followed by the flagship New York
nnd then by the Nashville with the Iluenr
Ventura , the first prize of the war Tin
Pcet then deparis lo blockade Havana am
Us departure Is accompanied by an exhibi
tion of gun and torpedo practice In whicl
the accuracy of the American gunners h
The next scene Is laid In the Pacific am ]
llnds the lloslon nnd Concord reconnoltcrln ?
outside Manila bay. The Spanish flecl U
dimly visible Inside the harbor and f-puilbl
merchantmen are passing back and font
over Iho water. The Boston and Concon !
report lo the flagship nnd Ihe licet ther
enters Ihe harbor , led by Iho Obmpla. Ther
'he guns tpcak and the miniature ships gc
through the Identical maneuvers that Ad
miral Dewe ) uted during the light liver )
'etatl of the battle Is brought out. even U
thu rest for breakfast. Then the forls an
-llenccd , the Spanlth ships are burned anc
unk and the white ( lug IB raised over Cu-
The battle of Santiago Is porlrayed In the
third scene and preliminary to the bom
bardment a number of familiar Incidents 01
the blockade are Introduced Spanish ves-
i -els are seen chasing American ships am :
' among others the press bolt Anita Is pur-
mil und fired on. Then a great storm Im-
nends and during the phi ) of the element !
( "ervera's flcel Is discovered making Us waj
Into Iho harbor This Is reported to Schlej
and Sampson nnd the forts are bombarded
Then the Oregon joins the fleet after Hi
long trip around the Horn and two Spanlst
torpedo boals which attempt to blow U ]
the IrooKI > n and Texas arc sent back de
moralized b ) their quirk-firing guns Tin
incident of the sinking of the Merrlmac foi
lows and every detail is graphically repro
( Continued on Fourth Page. )
Charming Yountr French Mademoiselle
Arrives at French Oapital.
S ) mpathlrrn t > lli ( he AVIfr of the
InfiiilunateMtUir on Drxll'x li-
lanil , lint * > ! , , .a Us ( iiiaritiMll )
ot ( hi * Mnttrr.
( Copyright , li'iS , by Press Publishing Co )
PAK1S. Sept. C ( New Ysrk Woild Ca
blegram Special Telegram ) Mile Lurle
Faurc , accompanied by her Mother Mine
Felix Faure , and the commandant l nmotho ,
rrrtvcd unexpectedly in Paris at midnight.
For some weeks the president s famllv IMS
been Inking the cure at the famous moun
tain resort Mile Fnure'9 sympathy with
the famous Dreyfus case his never been
doubted and her abrupt return to the capi
tal In the midst of Ihe present Stirling
events give * heightened color to nn already
assumed opinion
"I am too tired with the fatigues of
hasty voyages to talk mu-h , " said Mile.
Faure at the lilyscc this mornli Indeed ,
the- pompous butler did not even want to
disturb the president's daughtel , who was '
"We only arrived In Ihe nlghl , ' continued |
this Interesting young woman. "As ) ou
know , 1 leave Immediately for KamuoullUt ]
You can therefore realize how my time Is
occupied. It Ib evident thai Mme. Dreyfus
Is In u lamentable position on account of
this unfortunate affair on account of my
father's ufllctal position I cannot dlbcuts
the mailer , but leaving all political ques
tions aside and the cnulcss controversy ns
to whether Dreyfus Ib 1'inocanl or guilt ) , till
women have a sympathy for the wife , the
mother who beoks to resieiro the father's
good name to her chlldieii. If U Is found
that there has been r. judicial cnoi everyone
ono will be glad to know lhat n uoldler of
Franco was not a traitor to his country. "
UK l.lrl.
Mile. Paure was looking well and her fine
eyes gleamed with Inielligeiiie She Is a
tall , distinguished looking i.irl , well quail-
lied to fill her high position and Is Ihe bet
typo of u well educated , llb-'ial minded
Pieneh woman U Is not surprising to tind
bo many evidences of the inlelleclual
woman in the president's daughter Inherit
ing he i father's qulek inti'lligeni" , clear
head and diplomatic tuct , &ho found In him
u read ) smpathlzer with her desire for a
liberal education
Under his personal supervision she fol
lowed a eomplelo course at the college of
Fiance' and It Is Interesling lo note that
the principal professors who were Inliualed
wilh the training of Mile. Fauro are
today and bavo been since the commence
ment ardent supporters of the lre-fus case.
It Is not , therefore , astonishing that the
) oung mind they so carefully trained , cul
tivated and educated should bo In sympathy
with the great movement that has agitated
Franco and that Mile. Luclc Fauro may be
said to belong to Lea Intelleclualle.
In Kilte. however , of her many menial
occupations , children find In Mile Kauie a
warm friend and their little wants and
woes find a ready car. She IB alwaB thcro
to console nnd provide a real fairy god
mother for the little ones The children
of Franco have not a truer friend and she.
1 devofs a large share' of her time to them
and their Interests All the country knows
of Mile Faure's league , as it Is called ,
which she founded and biiperlntends to pro
tect and cure for abandoned men
While' Mile Fnuro was busy with the
various occupations Incident with her ar
rival and coming departure , her father was
deeply engaged discussing the present crlsli
with his ministers. About the place' all
was bustle and stir , olttcera and civilians
coming and going , while drawn up In front
of the president's mansion were the various
cabinet n embers' carriages , the coachcrs
with their uay red , white nnd blue coc-
ades forming a picturesque group They ,
too , were discussing state mailers with as
much Interest , npparentl ) , as their mas
Ir < - > fUN' I.IIN ! I.cllcr.
BERLIN' , Sept. C ( New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram ) A If led Drey
fus' last letter to his vvlfu naS "I feel
acioss the sea your anguish and suffer with
vnur hiifirrlnEs I wish to repeat wordb
to you that will sustain your unyielding
.1 uruge Mght and day , every hour and
every minute my heart and my ihoughts
are ) ours , all that lives of me Is ) ours
and our chll Iron's. M ) life Is my counti's
but my honor Is my own and our faiml ) u
PAHIS , i ept C The Figaro says toJay
that General Sausslcr refused to accept the
war portfolio because he has been con
nected , ns mlfitary governor of Paris , with
the Drefus case , and ho Iherefore consld-
eri'd that he should leave to another the
settlement of thlb mailer
The newspapers confirm Ihe report that
the acceptance of the ofllcc by General Zur-
' linden , military governor of Paris , was due
to Piesldent Faure's Insistence. Some of
. the papers praise the situation and attack
i M Cavalgnac , the late minister for war ,
' declaring that his action In resigning was
tactless and Illogical The newspapers re
gard the revision of the Dreyfus case as
being assured , saying that the prisoner's
counsel win now make slrenuous efforls lo
secure a public retrial The Matin says
that Colonel Plcquart yesterday signed a
demand for the provisional liberation ol
Majority or ( fathering ; of I'lllplium i <
Manila \Vllllnc ( o Cn-Op.-i-atr
MANILA. Sept G At a meellng yesler-
day of Iwenty leaders of the riltpinos of all
sections , called to discuss the policy of tht-so
Islands , eighteen of them were In favor ol
annexation to the Untied States and twci
were In favor of a rcpubll" . The general
native opinion Is that It U best lo adopt
United States Consul Wlldmau's sugges'lon
and offer liberal Inducements lo the Inde
pendent factions to co-operate and to re-
> ard the services rendered
The United States cruisers Oljmpla anil
Raleigh returned hero from Hong Kong
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LONDON. Sept C ( New York World
Cablegram Special Telegram ) Much mys
tery Is attached to an American ( Jeorge
Morel , who was found dead In the bed roon
of a coffee tavern In Hucklnrham Palace
road , Ixmdon , last Friday. Morel arrived
from Now York b > a White Star line
it amcr August 10 and met an artist named
Harold WlUln , whom he told ho was edltoi
of an American raining Journal He ap
peared to be wealthy He had a quantlt ) o
ewelry nnd spent his money freely am
used to vblt a woman friend In the Wes
Hnd The medical evidence at the Inqucs
inJi-nti'd that Morel died of alcoholti
poisoning A letter addressed from Mme
Morel In France was found on him.
nlutiiUoiiN Illminer > lllTuslM' nuil
.No > Orli-niiN sa'.ntt-n pnnlnli 1'liiK
ulth Thlrti'i'ti ( iiinx.
The United States transport Seneca , carry
ing Hear Admiral W. S Schlcy nnd Urlga-
dlcr General W W. Gordon of the Porto
Hico military commission , arrived off the
harbor last nlcht. but did not enter until
this mornlt'E. The United States protected
cruiser New Orleans , which In Ivlng In the
harbor , fired nn admiral's salute of thirteen
The Spanish gunboat loabel Segunda re
sponded with thirteen guns , whereupon the
New Orleans fet the Spanish Hag nt the
peak and salutrd It wl'h thirteen guns. A
boat Immediately put oft from the New Or
leans to the Seneca and took Admiral
Schlcy aboard. As he 'AC'it over the steam
er's Bldu the passengers , imoiiK whom ho
had hetomo exceedingly populur , gave three
cheers nnd a "tlEcr ; " one man In his en-
Ihuslasm yelled , "Hur.-ah for the next
president. " Admiral Sc'.ilcy was given an
enthusiastic reception on board the New
The Seneca brought also the postal com
mission , thirty nurses and Fix contract sur
geons There are thirteen postal clerks
with the commission for the various sta
P On Mauresq , K. I ) II Line and W.
H Uilhtop , ippre-sentlng the Boston llrm of
le Fold & Co , which has been appointed
the government's financial agent in Porto
Ulco , will establish banks at San Juan and
Ponce They believe the United Stales gov
ernment will eventually retire the Porto
Hlco currency , , which the local banks aio
trying to maintain close to par at an arbi
trary price. It Is valued approximate ! ) at
The Seneca proceeds to Ponce this after
noon. Pamaster Arthur , who Is on board ,
has $1,000,000 for the troops. When the ad
miral's pennant was raised on boaid the
New Orleans the marines paraded and the
band plucd Shortl ) beforu noon Spanish
lirlgadlci General Valleiiano made 1111 of
ficial visit to Admlial bchlcy and was ba-
luted with bivcn guns.
During the afternoon Admiral Schlcy and
Central Gordon came ashore and took up
their quaiteis at the Hotel Inglateira ,
vvhero they will remain during the sessions
of the military commlbsion They walked
from the quay to the hotel , attracting much
The Spanish soldiers and bailers who
thronged the city seemed espeelally anxious
to see the man who dpslrovcd Ceivera's
fleet The only guard for the party con-
slsled of thiee polleemcn , hut even these
weie unnecessar ) . as there was no hostile
demonstration v\hnlever. About 1 o'clock
General Brooke arrived from his head
quarters at Illo Pledras , and the three1 com-
mifsloners , all of whom are ranted by Cap
tain General Maclas , made a call of courtesy
on him
The United States commissioners desire to
despatch their vvo-k us Boon as possible , hut
they have no Idea of the time It wllf ic-
qulre. Uver ) thins depends on the nttltudo
of the Spanish commissioners AH appears
clrar nailing lo General lliookc nnd his
colleagues , but It la reported the Spanish
commissioners expct. ' considerable compen-
til 10 .or . the Spauu.h property to bo re
linquished. Their Instructions wore re-
n i a yesterday b ) the Hteamer Cludad do
Cadiz. Ono of the commissioners is said
to have icmnrked lo Admiral Schley that
he was anxious to leav < ? for Spain , and if
hi1 had his wa ) the pro"erdlngs would ter
minate so he could go in a week.
Thu French steamer Notre IJame do Salut ,
which arrived yesterday from Havana nnd
ran agrouud while enlcrlng Ihe harbor , was
pulled off loday and with a hundred sick
and wounded sailed foi Santnndcr , Spain.
Half a Million Dollar * Worlli of lroii-
< T | > I ) ( > Ntro > IM ! In N
Count ; , MlNxo
MAUYVILLK , Mo , Sept (1 ( ( Special Tele
gram ) Reports received here toda > Indl-
C.UP that Ihe hall Hlorni that swept over
northwest Missouri ) esterday was the most
remaikablo and violent that has occurred In
the United Stales In many ) eara The
amount of damage done In Nodavvay county
alone will aggregate more than a half mil
lion dollars. Trees are stripped of ihelr
fruit and blanches , cornstalks nro barren ol
their leaves and ears , when not cut down
themselves. Dead calves , pigs , chickens and
birds , battered barns , houses and store
buildings with their window llghls broken
and their roofs smashed In , mark Iho storm's
pathway. The hailstones were the largest
that ever full In this section. They varied
from the sio of a plum to that of nn or
dinary base ball and averaged aleut that of a
crab apple. The fall was about four Inches
on the level Immediately after Ihe storm the
mercury fell to SO and today there could still
bo peen In the right of wa ) of Ihe I'ort
Arthur route , at Elmo , a drift of hailstones
three feet deep The storm swept an rx-
pause of country about three miles wide and
| nut a farmer whose home was In Its path is-
' caped a loss. The lo'bes ranged from $10C
up to J" .COO The corn nnd fruit were al-
logelhcr ruined.
To Do Clvon 'l'rnn | iornlloii am
MllrnKi * anilllowi > il ( o Itclnrit
nt Thi-lr l.clNiirf.
CHICK \MAUOA I'/vn'C / Sept. f ! The
Hlghth New York infantry Ifaves tonlghl
for New York , where thev will be musleroc ]
oul The hcadquarlprs of Iho Third divi
sion , Third rorps , nnd Ihe division ambulance
corps left today for Aiinlston.
The physical examination of Colonel
( Jrlgsby's Hough Iliders , preparatory to be
ing mustered out , Is piogreselng rapidly
Major Edle , a United States army Burgeon
Is in charge of the work , there being twelve
surgeons engaged , one for each troop. The
regiment will bo paid Thursday and Fridaj
and the muslcilng out ceremonies will occui
Saturday The men will be released froir
Iho service at that time nnd ho allowed tc
return to their homes at their leisure. CacI
man will bo allowed transpnrtallon am
mileage , b'ut It has not ) et been learnee
whether they will bo allowed an exln
monlh'a pa ) or not
Colonel ( irlgsb's "Cowboys" today signed
the pay and muster rolls and on Thursday
will b paid nnd on Kriday mustered out ol
the service. The chief surgeon of Slern-
be g hobpital announced today lhat thirty-
nine convalescents would bo released from
his hospital tomorrow , OH follows
Of the Klghth Massachusetts , nine ;
Twelfth and Tourteenlh Minnesota , twenty-
two , and the I'irst renns > lvanla , eight.
Letter ho'pltal now has only IM canes ,
all typhoid , under treatment. Of these oulj
twelve are regarded as serious
rraiiNpeirt from I'orlo Hlco
NKW YOTK , Sent. C The transpoil
Chester from I'orto Klco with Ueueral
Schwan and staff. General Halnen nnd star
'ml she Four'h I'ennhvUannioluntcer In-
fanlr ) , was sighted off thn Highlands al
> eon today bound In Us ensign was at hall
mast It has about forty one officer ! a.n (
1,151 men on board.
British Author tics in the Island Have n
Clash with Mussulmans
War Ship in Harbor Shells the Town nnc
Fires Many Buildings.
Trouble is Caused by Attempt to Install
Christian Officials.
C'harur on tin * Clirltllaii < limrrs ( anil
.Shoot Dciun I'loplint Will
.Mau > Ulll.-il In llu-
CANnA , Island of Crete , Sept 6 S p. m
Cundla Is in a state of nimich ) A col
lision bclwecii Ihe Mussulmans , who were
demonstrating against Kuiopean conliol
and Ihe Drltish authorities , who have been
installinK Cluistlans as revenue olllcals ,
culminated today In blood ) llghling between
the Mussulmans and the D.illsh liooiis
Klots took place In various parts of Illi
cit ) und man ) have been killed When
the outbreak was llorceet n war ship sta
tioned In the harbor Itcgan firing slit Us ,
wllh thu result that a pot lion of the ell )
Is In llame.s. The gtealest confusion ami
uproar irevalfs and It Is feaied the night
nil ! not pass without further pillage nnd
The tioublo began with Ihe attempt of
the Dritlbli mllltaiy authorities to install
Christian olllrials 'Ihe ) had appointed a
council of internal eontiol to ndmlnlstoi
HIP tltho revenues und a detachment of
officers was stationed outside the ollltes a- >
a protection. A crowd of unatmed Mussul
mans tiled to force an entrance The Ilrit-
| pi | oflltcTS llred and wounded several The
Mussulmans ran for their arms and re
turning ultackcd the soldiers.
Olhcr Mussulmans spread rupldlv through
the Christian quarters , shooting Into windows
dews and selling many houses and shops
on fire.
It is reported that the Ilrltish cousuf has
been killed.
CANUA , Sept. C ( Via Paris ) Four
war bhlps have starlcd for Candla , wheie
It Is reported three Kngllsh persons have
been killed and four wounded und six Mus
sulmans killed Special precautions are be
ing taken here and nt Retlmo , troops be
ing held In readiness.
The fighting has ceased at Candla. but the
troubles continue
TlienttT In LoIcentiT Sqiinri' In
Opi'rnteil li > < IuOIMKT ,
( Copyright , lSO < i , by Press Publishing Co )
LONDON. Sipt. C. ( New York World Ca
blegram Special Telegram ) Augustln
Dal's theater In Leicester Square has
ceased to bo Dal's and now belongs solely
to George Kdwaids , lessee of the Galely and
Umpire Gooipo Hdwnrds Is u frceholdei
of Dab'F , but leased the thcaler for Iwenly-
| five ) ears lo Daly , but ho today excluded
Daly's represenlallvo from Ihe house. Kil-
wards explained the relative position nf
himself and Daly thus-
"We came hcio on sharing terms. We
provided the enterlalnment nnd Mr Daly
provided the Btnff In Ihe front of the house
preclsel ) ns the manacer of any theater
rorl Dalv has produced home ver > good
things , hole , uolably his Shakespearean re
vival , but curlousl ) enough I have almost
alwas ] > rovldcd the shows that paid best
By an Infraction of tno lease 1 am now
compelled to lake over Iho Ihcalcr t'nder
the dual arrangement exhtlng hllherlo it
was \eiy elilllcult to disciImlnate between
the two staffs , Daly's and ouis Kvcii Ihe
Janitor hardly knew wtucn was which. Dal )
having ceased to have any Interest In these
premises , we do not want nil ) of his serv
ants here. To get rid of them It was neces
sary to challenge every one of thu staff who
enlered Ihe theater , BO Daly's btnff was
eliminate d and matters arc now all smooth "
Edwards wab very reticent concerning the
precise nature of Dal's Infraction of the
terms of his lease , but It Is utidoistood to beef
of a financial character.
Opinion * ! of ( irriiinii Mfilli'nl Olllccrt. .
on Sli-Uiii-NN Ainonu : ( In-
AiiK-rli-an Troops.
( Copyright , 1S5S. by I'ress Publishing Co ]
M.itLIN , Scjt 6 ( Now York \\orld Ov
bloRram Special Telegram ) - Dr Dleu
chief medical ofllccr of the army health de
partmenl. repllni ; lo the Inquiry on th
subject of mortality from disease amont
Ihe American Iroops , bald
"Such a large elltprororllon of Icsses I :
probably caused by an epldem'c , but fa
tlguo , overexcltemenl or dsenle-ry might ac >
count for It. In Madagascar theio were vc-rj
large disproportionate of losses from ellstnii
and battle eauacd by exhalation fiom th
ell when the earth was turned un"
I called this morning at the medi-.il < lc
partment of the tnlnlttry of v\ar and saw Ihi
head htaff surgeon , Hcnrlel , and ankcd hi
abaut Ihe proportion between deaths h
t"knes3 ! and < leatb > 5 on the field. He rf
plied "The llgurej need nol nece narlly h
taken as difproportlonatc There inlp'it b
numerous causes at work ti/ account foi
it apart either from epidemic or carele.i
nef . Tor Ihe rest I cannot cxpreto n > .
self nor give any opinion without completi
dala and sources of Informallon from whlcl
I could form a judgment "
Celplirntloii I'roi-i-i-iU \implrloiiNl ;
nail I3 < or > hail ) In I'liciuu -
U Dill ) iinti-il.
CHHYCNNn , Wo , Sept C ( Special
Telegram ( The second day's celebration al
Wommg'B Frontier day was begun by i
street | urade of plonecis , Indians , emigrant !
and cowboys , headed by the old ovir.aml
coach At Ihe close of the parade the In-
illaTs charged through the principal btrceii
wllh Ihelr cries and made a very dlvcrlln
rcene In their varied and picturesque cos
tumes and war paint. In the afternoon the
fronller program of evenls came off at the
fair grounds and was witnessed with en-
hUBlaem by the thousands that filled tin
( rounds and grand stand The program v.a <
he finest ever ghen In Womlng , including
Mid broncho riding , steer roping Indlar
'ances with a mimic battle , capture of the
tage coach and wonderful feats of horse
manship The feature of the attack by In
dlans was the capture of Ihe young daugh'ei
of Captain JnckcrHon , Indian agent of th <
\ ( tiniriinnili !
\ it ) u u I < < ! DIIJ .
( iiilrsliuru : lll > .
S n. in. In II ) p , in , , liiillnn
lit KiiiMiinpini'lil.
Ill II in. , CdlHTi-l Unit Mill * of ( it-mill
< mirl.
KhiSii a. in , . Xri-oud Ili-Kliucul NI--
liiiiHlui \ otuiifri'i-x Will r.nli-r
( rouuilN anil I'nriiclillnti " . .liliof
( irunil I'ourl.
II ill ) ii. in. . I'lilHi-Hlilii llllnoN
UuoKcil , ( i < i-riiiiK-u I tlullil hit : .
\\i \ \ in. , Pli-c MOI-MCN Illlflicil li > iii-o-
I- in , , si'diiiit lltlin < Mll nt l.lllu-li.
1 till ) p. ill. , Oiumi KiM-ldil In \li-
tit * * p. in. , li'xlrun ttiiuil n ( liO % * TII-
nn-nl llullilliiK.
t | > , III. , I Illll-ll SttltCN IIff SuillIK
Drill on l.npoou.
. * > o in , Oiniiliii liuiiil , 'I'riliiMpiirliilloii
7 | i. in , Mi-xli-nn I'niiil on ( litIMnrii. .
I ) l > . in. . < iriin < l Mllllnr ) I'll ct\nrKN ,
Nol-lli ' 1 riu-l.
lll II TlMtlll
t ) n. in. , \ ntliinntoNoclntloti of \ cl-
i-rlniirluns at Vllllnril llnlrl.
I ) u. in , . I'lrrinrii'N 'I'oni niiiiu-nt ,
> ottli of I > IIONOII ( iromiiN ,
- | l. III. , Nolll lllUll1NOIllllloil
( omit ) roitimlMsloiii.fi mill Mir-
M'.IOIM at ( ourt MOIIMI' .
"lioflione rrBcrvnllon , J > y Iho In'Inns and her
riHi-uo In n band of row tins after si most
-xi'ltlPK and thillllng baltle iver\thlng : nt
he gi omuls was of the most real'si ' U- char
acter lo nproHent fronllei d.is and every
body eiijoed the events lo the utmost
l' o SIHIIIM of Stt in-Illro rail. Cnrr > -
IllR M\ < \ lien DOMII ( o l > i > Mlriii > -
Hiin nicliti'di VriHcail. .
HOGANSnUHG , N Y , Sept C About
noon today two south spans of the Inlernu-
tlonnl bridge of the New York S Ottawa
railroad , now under construction across the
St Lawrence river three miles above St
ItcgK Indian village , foil without warning
\ltli Msly men nt work on the bildge , all
being tin own into the river borne sixty feet
Over thirty were picked up and taken to
Cornwall hospital and twenty-seven are
The bridge consists of three spans , of
which two were completed and the third
A as neaily completed when the eoulh pier
? * vo way at Its foundation , causing both
.spans to fall Inlo blxty feet of water , carry-
lug IU load of human freight with It.
The names of the killed and drowned can
not at present bo ascertained , as they were
mostly from Pennsl\anln , excepting a few
Indians from the St. Hegls reservation.
The bridge that gave way was being built
across the St. Lawrence ilvor at the foot
of Long Saulto rapids , near HclnhnrcU's Is
land. The watct at this point Is known to
bo as swift as in any part of the river. The
immediate cause eif tint disaster nnd the
; ivlng way of Iho span of Iho bridge seems
to have been from Ihe washing awuy of one
of Iho large piers
Lale icforls from Cornwall hospital say
Ihlily-lhiee men have been taken out ol
Iho rUer and transferred lo the hospital.
Eighteen of them have since died. The
latest Information mal es It probable that
the death ILt will reach Ihlrty.
As far oe can now be leirncd eighty-seven
men were on the pa ) loll , of whom elghty-
iwo reported for work this morning Of thl <
ilit only thlrly-elght have actuall ) been tic-
ounted for. Among tho-io thrown Into tin :
her was the foreman , Thorna * , F Hrai' . '
( or Hrlcereley ) , whoso homo Is In PottsvIKi ) ,
Pa. He has not been accounted for up tc
i late hour lonlghl. All cfforu lo get n
Ht of the names of the workmen and thosi
Tilling have proved futile as yet JL-HI be-
'ore ' dark the dead body of an Indian laborei
was picked up on the Cornwall side.
Following Is a list of the dead and
wounded bo far known , made up at mid
night :
Killed :
W J. Ctmmn , Paterson , N .1.
W J JACKSON , Columbus , O.
LOUIS UAlJMnit. Johnstown. Pa.
H. I , rvSAUT , Tyrone. Pn.
J I ) CHAIG. Detroit , Mich.
PAT MUUPHY , Toronto. Ont.
DAN HUGIinS , Cleveland.
FIJANK LiVIGN : , Ogdcnnurg , N. Y.
W SHHIIMAN , Cornwall , Ont.
W. SANDEHS. Ilaltlmore.
JOHN CLAUSE , Caughnawcga , N. Y.
II DAVID , Plttsbiirg
CVrtiL CAMPIUILL , Cornwall. Ont.
Injured John Wlleon , Maiden , Muhs , U-R
iroken ; ( Icnrgo liloxen , Peklnsvlllc , Vt. lefi
riactured , Ucrt Ilrant. Toronlo , Onl. ,
'irulscd. Pclur O'Kcefe , Cornwull , Ont , Ie
nd client Injured , Loulo White , Cornwall ,
pine Injured ; P. Day , Cornwall , hcali |
otird , Mitchell Peeves , Cornwall , serious ,
\ndrcvv Smith , Hoclieatcr , N Y. , serious ,
V Thompson , Montreal , leg broken , John
Vnzor , Quebec , kg cut off ; John Hero , In-
Han , Cornwall , Internal Injuries , P. Dele-
.nut , Klkharl , Win , leg Injured , D. Ilarton ,
Juffalo , legs crushed. M. liurke , Johnsvllle ,
lightly hurt. P. White , Cornwall , Bllghtl )
Ailaillli-il ( o rrai-llci- .
WASHIN010N. Sept G ( Special Tele-
; rnm ) The following were today admitted
o practice as attorneys before the Interior
'epartment Nebraska Howard M. Uttluj
md John H. Meredith. 0 Ntlll. Iowa--
Valler H. Cope-land. Kxlra Francis M
Douglas of Corning , la , was also admitted
o practice as agent
Mot rmriKM of OeM-iin V I-NHI-IM , Se-pl , II
At Sruthnmpton Arrived Sanlc , fron
New York
At New York Arrived Kaiser Wllhcln
Dcr Orosao. from Hremeii , WeslernlaiiD
'torn Antwerp Koenluen Lnulpi' from lire
ne-n Failed Taurlc. for Liverpool. Auranlb
'or Liver , eel , Lnhn , for Ilremcn
At Antwerp Arrived .Ncordland. fron
Vew York
At Iloiilogne Arrived Hottcrdam , fron
New York
At Ouecnstown Arrived -Teutonic , fron
New York ,
IIP v t IIPP TUP i\ t \r
President MeKinloy Dec'dcs ' to Visit Omaha
October Twelve.
Insista That Ilia "Visit to Eiposition Shall
Bo Devoid of Politics.
Delegation Assures Him That Invitation
Oomcs Without Party Distinction.
llullilliiK Midi All KM Ci
( o lie Tnrni-il IHrr ( u Hie
I'ri-Nlilriidnl rail ) \\lillc
In Hit * Cllj.
WASHINGTON' . Sept 0 ( Special Tele-
gtamPii'sldenl ) McKlulr ) lido consi'tited
to go to Otmha October 1L' , during the we k
of the peace Jubilee at the TiatiHiiilBsl'.sippi
i\Hi : | ltion He said this much to n dilt >
gallon of Nebraska clllzins who called iiiiin |
him at the \\lilte House at noon todu ) The
delegation was composed of Senators Thurs
ton nnd AlI'Mi. ' John I , Webster John C
Cowln nnd W J lltoatch Mr. Webster de-
livired the foimal ln\.iuiion to the p.isl
dent In u short speech uhlch wus Hiippk
mented b\ Senator Thtliston v ho said the
people of the west wanted to see the proal
dent. Setmloi Allen rfnlil thai his people
wanled Ihe president to come lo Omaha and
sie what triumphs peace had liioughl
Pteslili'ut McKlnley hesltaled foi a
mnniint about lephlng , but Dually
bald thai If public dullis
would penult ho would leave
Washington , October 10 , In older to reu-h
Omaha Wednosda ) , Oclober 12. He was
especial ! ) anxious lo know whether the In
vitation i ime from all classes of luizons
and from representative * of all p .riles. . He
| was assured by both Senators Ailui and
Thurston that the Invitation was universal
I and lhat no political capital was to In m idi
om of his visit. This seemed to reassuio
, Mr McKlnle )
I "In case of mv possible coming to
! Omaha. " said the piesldent subseqiuntl ) I
have been invlicd by both William \\alln . -
and General Mander on to bo their gu < st ,
hut I fool that I am wholly In the hands of
Iho committee nnd have therefore nol ac
cepted these kind offers "
( IniirdTH lit Omaha Cluli.
Mr. Thurslon stated that anange'incnta
would be made wllh Iho Omaha club lo turn
the entire clubhouse over to the preMdint
and his guests during his slu ) in Omaha ,
members of the club having consenlid to bo
cxcfudid for foity-elght hours Senator
Thurston said that the club house was most
commodious and could easily cntcitaln ten
to twcnt ) guests 'Ihls utiuck Die prtst
dent most forcibly and ho tald that theno
arratigemcnts would suit him immensely
Hcfoie the delegation left President Mc
Klnley bald "Now , gentlemen , I want It
understood that my going lo Omaha Is at
the request of all citizens nnd of no particu
lar faction. My visit must bo nou-polltlcal.
I shall In Ing with me as many of my olll-
oal ! famliy as can be spared from their
departments The rldo Is n long one , but
I have no doubt Inconveniences will bo re-
iiiici d to the minimum"
When asked as lo whether ho would like
to slop In Chicago the president expressed
a wish that the train bo run through to
Omaha without any great loss of time as
ho wanted a good night's rest on Tuesday
If .such n thing were possible
The president looked bronzed and rugged ,
theio was Ihe light of health In his 0)0 and
In those about him he said his outing fiom
which ho returned this morning hid been
vast ! ) benefit Inl
Postmaster General Hmory Smith , who
was present when the delegation presented
the Invitation to the piesldenl , together
with Secretaries. Gage and Algcr , said that
while ho was bookul for n sppich In Onialn
on Pennslvanla day , October fi , ho was
somewh.it tempted to go with the prcsldi nt
on his tilp nnd abandon the pioposedlsit
dm Ing ( he llrst week of Oclober
The committee assured President MO.
Klnlo ) that a train would bo provided for
himself and his guests nnd lhat n hi arty
1wcbtern vu koine should bo his
( > o\i > riioi-H .loin In ln > Illlllim.
Mr Webster , ns representative ) of the
board of dlrcctois , In presenting the Invi
tation to Iho president , alto presented Icl
ters from the governors of fourteen states ,
urging Mr McKlnley to accept the Invlia
tlon and ghi > the people of the weal nn op-
poilunlty lo see Iho war president T'io '
Mates reprcscnled were Oregon , Monlaiiu.
Minnesota , Utah , Womlng , North and
South Dakota , Colorado and governoi of
Oklahoma Territory.
Thu president was cnicclally anxious to
.ifici'italn the desire of Oovernor Holcomb
of Nebraska HH to his acceptance of the
Invitation and after reading his letter ,
which was of a most friendly character , the
president elated lhat only the unexpecled
would keep him from being In Omaha on
the 12lh of October
Postmaster Gem ral Smith was eecn to-
iilflit and stall d th.it It was Iho de-sire of
the president that ho should bo present at
und ildhcr the address on Pennsylvania
da ) , October 5 Mr. Smith vllr deliver
upeichrb at Toptka nnd Wichita , returning
In time to inert the president At the r-
quibt of thu commltleo which waited upon
Iho loslmaslei general this afternoon he
agreed lo deliver an address on President's
day. 'Iho preside nt also , It Is understood ,
will delht-r a short address , probably In
nply to the weliomo of Governor Holcomb
Kxerutlvo Ofllcer Kemper of the Treasury
department mid also reprc-ientiitlve " { that
department on the governmenl board snd
today lhat It was the Intention of the cm
board to accompany the prcsldi nt on lih
till ) to Omaha , holding a meeting here nn
the morning of tin12th and a llnal mretuu
at Omaha before the exposition closes
Invitations were personally prenenled to
day by the commltlee to nil the member ] of
the cabinet and ilu-army und tomorrow h y
will llrilxh their work by presenting slm 1-r
Invitations to the diplomatic corps , the navy
and Justices of lliu supreme court
The enthusiasm over Iho prcsldBiit'B de1-
termination to go west Is unbounded and it
Is expected thai It may be the ) Inauguration
of a western lour of considerable moment ,
the president In all probability returning by
way of Illrmlnghum. Ala , where Ii Is In
tended to hold a peace jubilee gomtwhat
along the lines of that as nt the Omaha ex
C.OllI Itl-MCI-t I- | | | Tll'IlNIII- } .
WASHINGTON. Sept -The net gold
renirvein tbi- treasury Mmwi another large
inmMtfo todai due prcb.uin.ibly to thet pa )
inentH fur the new war bonds The reserve -
servo loday Is l.'J3S32,6h7 an liiereaao ot
nearly J3.000.000 Bin j Saturday.

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