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Boiton PuU the Lima on the Scrappy Jojci
Crowd with Ease ,
II * TttlrlliiK Ilnrkrd 1'p In l'crfr < >
l' ° nhlnn , Mummy I.orve IlrliiK ( lie
llrlicht rnrtlciilnr Slur of the-
Afternoon' * Performance ,
BOSTON , Sept. 9. The New Vorks wcr <
shut out ) today , Nichols proving well nlgl
Invincible. The home team scored throe
runs In the first Inning , but Itvnsn , pitch'
rrs' battle after that , Ituslo being fully a ;
effective as Nichols. IXIWC'H wondcrfu
fielding at second was the feature ot th <
game , an exhibition ot such cfcan playlru
being seldom seen. Attendance 2,500
Score :
Totals . . . .3 817 U < Totals . . . .0 C 21 S 0
Bosion . : t * - :
New York . 0 00000000-1
Karnecl runs : Hoston. ' . ' . Two-base lilts
J.ong , Collins. Stolen bases : Olenn. Double
lilays : Long to Iowo to Illckman (2) ( )
\Vnrnrr to Gleasbn. First base on balls
Off Nichols , 2 ; oft nusle , 1. Struck out
Hy Nichols , S ; by Ilusle , 5. Passnd bull
Horgcn. Umpires : Hunt nnd Connolly
Time ot gumc : One hour nnd thirty-foul
Unit ( lie Illriln.
NIC\V YOUK , Sept. D.-Tho homo tf > nrr
won nn Inlrrestlne Kama from Ilnltlmon
this afternoon on errors by KltHon nni
Dnnont , nnd two single * . Dunn , the honH
team'H pitcher , did Rood work In the BeV'
cnth Inning. Attendance1 , 'J > . Score :
Totals . . . .8112718 4 Toti > ' . . .5 92113 1
Hr.i.klyn 1 * i
IMItlmcni 2 1 0 0 0 ' : 0 0 0 !
Kuriioil runs : Brooklyn , 2 ; Haltimorp , 1
Stolen biisos : OHUln , Jones , lliillmnn. Two.
base hits : McCJraw , Grim. Thrco-lmse
hits : Kltson , Shliulle. Sacrifice lilt : Jones
Klrct bus. ' on balls : Off Dunn , 4 ; off Kit-
Hon. S. Struck out : Hy Dunn , 1 ; by Kltson
n. I.eft on bascH : IJrooklyn , C ; Unltlinoro
8 lilt by pilehpr : Uoblnson. Umpires
Lynch nnd Andrews. Time ot game : Om
hour nnd llfty-elght minutes.
Hi-ilH l-'lv Thornton.
CINCINNATI , Sept. 9.-Tio | Keels bunchei'
hltn In the second nnd fourth Innings am :
KC'-urcd enough runs to win. Kntoll. r
youngster from the Atlantic league pllchei
the last three Innings for Chicago and dit
very well. Attendance , 3,933. , Score :
H.H.O.A.i : . I IMI.O.A.R.
Mcllrlde , kf..o 1 2 0 0 flyan , rf . . . .0 o o o o
ViiUKlin. lb..l 1 l 0 0 ( Ircen , If . . .1 1300
SfnMclt , If.l 0400 McC'm'l ; , 3b.l 2100
Mrl'hee , 2b..O 0150 nahlc-n , PS . .00 4 4 1
Mlllrr. rt..2 2300 i\erltt , lb..O 012 0 1
C'or-ornn , s . 1 1210 .atih'e , cf . .2 1 1 0 0
Invln , 3b . . .0 2320 Connor , 2b..O 3100
IN-Hz , o 1 9300 Donohnc , C..O 0211
Hill , p 0 0010 Thornton , p..O 0000
Katoll , p . . .0 0 0 2 0
Mprti-H 0 0 0 0 fl
Clanco . . . .0 0000
Totals . . . . C 7 27 9 0 Totals . . . . 1 7 i't 13 3
Merles batted for Kvcrltt.
C'bance batted Tor Katoll.
Cincinnati . 0 0 0 - (
Chicago . 2
Earned runs : Chicago , 2 : Cincinnati. 1
Two-base lilts : Miller , Corcoran , McCor-
nilck. Tliree-basn bit : Connor. Stolpi
bases : Miller. Corcoran , Irwln. Uoubli
plays : Irwln ( unassisted ) , Mr-Pheu tc
Vaughn , Dahlon to Hvorltt. First IIIIHP 01
balls : Off Hill , I ; off Thornton. S : oft K.i-
toll , 1. Hit by pitched ball : lly Thornton
1. Struck out : Hy Illli. 1 : by Katoll. 1
AVUd pitches : Hill , 1 : Thornton , 1. Tlrm
of gatno : OIIP. hour and fifty minutes. Um
pires : Swartwood and 'Warner.
I'lillly ( iem Another ( Jlfl.
WASHINGTON , Sept. O.-Wcylilng line
poor control today and when ho got tin
ball across the plate It WHB hit hard. Thr
visitors played ti rather nigged game It
the Held. The gnmo was called on ncuounl
ot darkness. Attendance. 400. Score :
H.ll.O \ l- I i- | i i ) \ T- '
llellz , Hi .2 1 2 2 ft Coolcy , cT . .0 2 4 0 C
ncttmnn , rf.2 1700 "oui'lnt , lb..l 1 S 2 C
Jk-llmch. lf..O 0600 Dclch'nty , lf.2 1 0 0 fl
Bin th. 31. 2100 InJnlo , 21 3
Mc-Oulrr , c . .0 1 3 2 0 I'llck. rf ' _ 3
l-'arrvll , lb..O 1 0 0 Ia\Vior , 3b . .0 2 ° 0 C
Anrlrnmn , cf.O 2 0 0 M-'l.an.l , | . , c.O 1 1 2 0
Vrlglt-y , . .0 0 220 c'ross , KH . . .1 2 J 3 1
'Wes'hlntf , p..O 1001 orlli , i 00021
Totals . . . . ,1 9 27 C 1 TotaU . . . . S 13 24 10 3
\Vashlngtoti 2 !
Philadelphia 3 * !
Karnetl runs : Washington , 2 ; Philadel
phia , 3. Stolen bases : UaJolp. Twn-luiFl
lilts : Douglas , Delehanty , Cross. Thne
base hits : Smith , Coolcy. Kirat bast01
balls : OIT Wcyhlng , 3 ; on' Ortli , 2. Illtlo
pitched ball : Douglas. Struck out : llj
Weyhlng. 3 ; by Ortli , 1. Wild pitch : Weyh
ing. Left on liases : Washington , 7 ; Phila
delphia , C. Tlmo of game : One hour am
fifty minutes. Umpires : Gaffney nni
111 own.
Played. Won. Lost. P.C
Hoston 120 7S 42 fti.1
Cincinnati 121 71) ) 4"i ai
Ilaltlmoro IIP. ' 72II ia
Cleveland 120 70 r,0 [ > ! >
Chicago 123 fi7 r 51. !
Now York 120 Ki 53 51
Philadelphia 111 ! 5S 5S HO.
Plttsburg 123 01 02 49.
Louisville 121 52 72 41 ,
llrooklyn 114 4" iy ; iu.
Washington 120 41) ) so : u.
St. Louis 121 3 s > a ; > 7.
CainR * today : New York at IloMon
} < altlmorp at llrooklyn , St. Louis at chi
rage , Loulsvlllu at Cincinnati , Cleveland a
Plttsburg , Philadelphia at Washington.
KnimiiN CHy CirtH Awny from Detrol
liy n Very < ' | IIH < > lurulii.
KANSAS CITY , Sept. 9. The IJIucs dc
fented Detroit today In a very close gaim
Friend was retired at the end of the eight
inning , after n base on balls , a hit bal
man and a bunching ot Hits had lut 1
four runs. Pitcher Ueam's stick wor
brought In six of Detroit's seven rum
Connaughton , the IJlues' shortslop. wet-
on strike toduy because of the non-puymer
of n bonus which ho claims to have bop
promised. He will bo lined anil snspvnde
for the balance ot the season. Score :
Detroit 00030004 0-7 U
Kansas City . .00210302 ' -Si
llatterlps : Detroit , Heam nnd lluelow
Kansas City. Krlund , Hear and Wilson.
MINNEAPOLIS. Sept. 9.-Poor stlc
work when hits wcro needed nnd errors (
the Millers lost them the game todn ;
Wright outpllched Foreman. Score :
Minneapolis . . 0 0 C
Indianapolis . . 3 4
Ilatterles : Minneapolis , Wright nn
Fisher ; Indianapolis , Foreman nnd Knhoi
ST. JOSEPH. Sept. 9.-Columbua look ti
day's game by another display of goo
stick work , lieain proved nn enigma 1
the Saints. Score :
Columbus 1 0002400 0 7'Iti
St. Joseph . . . . 000001000 12
Botlerles : Columbus , Ucam nnd Sulllvai
St. Joseph. Cooper nnd Wilson.
ST. PAUL.Sepl. . 9. Taylor pitched we
nt critical times , while the liruwura h
Phylo just nt the right tlmo und wo
easily. Score :
St. Paul 0 0012010 0-4 7
Milwaukee 10300202 0 S 9
Uatterles : St. Paul , Phylo and Spies
Milwaukee , Taylor and Speer.
Played. Won. Lost. P. (
Indianapolis IX 7S 47 ft !
Kaunas City 12 * 79 49 Cl
Milwaukee 131 79 52 IX )
Columbus 121 fU 52 57
St. Paul US 71 57 55
Detroit 12 $ 4-i SO 37
Minneapolis lltt 41 .ss 33
St. Joseph 120 41 W 32
Games today : ImllannpolU nt Minn
npollti , Mllw..iikco at St. Paul , Columbus i
St. Joseph , Detroit at Kansas City.
Win Out * , I.IIHI * One.
GALVA. III. . Sept 9-Spcclal ( Teltgram
-Tlio Nebraska Indium * lust to CninurltU
veslrrday hv a Kcorp of 4 to 5. Thry boa !
Woodhufl today , 13 to 1. yi
\rcltlnri * It I'lnjcil for n < ! oenl T
nnil WliiN nt .Nfuporl.
riNrrNNATr , Sept.There ! " watt nn
olhcr yelling race boost nl Newport. S. W
3mlth bid up George Krals , winner ot th <
[ bird raee , from > 7UO lo )1,000. Km in was
lought In at that price by his owners
Hoblngon und Moore. Necklace was pluyee
for ( i good thing In the llfth rare and wet
mndlly , nflcr being backed from 10 lo 1 te
5 to 1 at post time. Weather line ; tract
fast. He-Hulls :
First race , one mile nnd llfty yurdu , sel
Jng : Fresco won , Albert \ule t-ecoml
Jlcan third. Time : 1:45' : ' , .
Second race , live furlongs : Souchon won
Donald Ham second , Uny Parlslcnno third
i'lmo : 1:02. :
Third race , ono mile , selling : George
rl < rals won , Vlrgle O accond , Kitty II third
Fourth' race , five nnd one-half furlongs
Flying Hliel won. Plccolla second , Maimmi
tblrd. Time : 1:03. :
Fifth riico , selling , six furlongs : Nock'
nee won , Violet Parsons second , Maggie t
third. Time : 1:11U. :
Sixth race , six turlongs : Cyclone won
Kggler Becond , Mound City third. Time
CHICAGO , Sept. 9. llawthorno race re-
.stills :
First race , fix furlongs : Agnes C won
i'cnsoro second , lixeiuislle third. Tlmo
Sacotid rare , six furlongs : Mary Blacl-
won , Hello of Memphis second , Tlmemakci
llilrel. Tlniu : 1:11. :
Third race , one mile : Cherry I.enf won
fervor second , David 'fenny third. Time
Fourlh race , one and one-sixteenth miles
Tom Culvert won , Oillcial second , Prince
lazes third. Time : IM.
Fifth race , live furlongs : Allyar won
Ksplonago second , Miss Marlon third
rime : 1:01 : 4.
Slxlh race , one nnd onc-slxleerith mllew
Tonto won. Governor Shet-lmn Becond
Uiaek Fonso third. Time : lls4. : .
H17FFALO , Sept. 9. Jockey Pnson pu
.hree good things over Iho plale at For' '
Crle Ibis nflcrnoon. Hesults :
and upward , sel
First race. 3-year-olds
Ing. Hlx lurlongs : K C won , Dick Warm
second , Hombardon Ihlrd. Time : llfi'S. :
Second rae-c , 2-year-olds , selling- , live tur
ongs : Matoa won , Gove second , Homnej
Hawaii Ihlrd. Time : 1:01U. :
Third nice , six furlongs : Prlma won
'orfelt second , Hob Turner third. Tlniu
liW. :
Fourth rare , 2-ycar-olds , live furlongs
fbo Gardener won , Wiiltublt second , Sli
Caslmlr Ihlrd. Time : 1U3. :
and upward , sel-
Flflh rare , 3-year-olds
Ing , mile : Savann won , De-bride second
Demosthenes third. Time : l:12'a. :
Slxlh ruct- , -1-year-olds and upward , sb
nrlongs : Perella won , Ferryman II sec. '
olid , Wordsworth third. Tlmo : 1:154. :
NKW VOHK , Sept. . All unusually large
crowd went down to Unghton beae.li race
traek on the occasion of the special day's
racing held for the benellt of the widow ul
ho late Charles Victor Sass. late sccre-
ary of Ihe Hrlglllon Heath Hae-ing asso.
elation. Fiveof the six favorlles were
Irst past the Judges. The Italure of Ihi
lay was Ihe Sass memorial at one mile
ind a. furlong , In which four horse. s started
vlth Florenzo thes favorite , Leedsvillc , tin
second choice , went out and Hindu tlio mil
ling to Ihe head of Iho slrelch , when he
lad enough , and Flnreiizo and Sir tiawaii
noved lii ] and rounded Into the stretch to
gether. The former won handily by i :
ength and a half. Hesults :
Flrsl race , llvo furlongs , selling : SI
Clalr won , Satin Slipper second , Diminutive
bird. Time : 1:02. :
Second race , selling , mile nnd n six-
uenth : Mlllstream won , The Winner second
end , Continental third. Time : 1:4S. :
Third race , live and one-half furlongs
Upen won. Leando second , Glenhelm third
rime : lU5i. :
Fourth race , Ihe Sass memorial , mile nni
a furlong : Floren/o won , Sir Gawaln. second
end , Leedsvllle third. Time : 1:35. :
Fifth race , sell.ng , llvo furlongs : Gain
Day won. Frohnian second , llampden third
rime : 1:14'4. :
Sixth rare ; , hurdle , mile nnd n half , sel-
Ing : Governor Hudd won , TheWldowei
second , Hergen third. Tlmo : 2:52. :
Star 1'eilntor'n Tryout AKnliiHt Time
HAHTFOnD , Sept. 9. The event ol
greatest Interest In Iho Charter Oak part
racemccllng was Iho attempt of Stai
'olnter lo lower Iho Irack record of. 2:03- : %
which was successful , Ihe mlle being nmde
n 2OU'/ : . . The eiuarlers were 0:30V : , , 1:01 : ane
i:31',4. : It was hope-d that h might beat hi !
own world's record of l:59l,4. : but the flrsl
liiarter was too slow to admit of it.
The racing events wcro noticeable foi
very close eleclslons In the 2:03 : pace , wher
Quadriga was given the llrst heat , Giles
N'oyi's apparently leading by a head , nnd li
he 2:111 : trot , third heat , when Cul Qlm
was given the mile , Fred Kohl apparently
ending. Hlngen took the race and Quad-
Igii look the 2:03 : pace , having seven heat :
0 go. Hesulls :
2:03 : pace , purse $2,500 :
Quadriga , ch. g 2 2 2 * 1 2 1 :
Nleol , b. h :
Giles Noyes , It. g 1 1I 2 I a ;
niir'pr-Jnurnnl. ' blk. h 5 431 ! ro
'hurtle ' U , blk. g -I 3 5 0 dr
, iiniu l.lglu. b. m 3 ells
Time : 2OSU : , 2:07'i. : 2:091/4 : , 2OSi : , 2:13i : i
2:10U : , 2:10V. : .
llandlcap , purse $1,000 :
Helen H. blk. in. (20) ( ) 1 1 3 :
Monopole , ell. g. (30) ( ) 2 2 1 I
Special Hey , ch. ( wire ) 3 3 2 i
Hal C , br. m. ( wire ) 5 41
Umma M , b. in. ( SO ) . 1 dls
Time : 2:1S : 4 , 2:174. : 2 ! i. 2:17 : > 4-
2:13 : irot , purse Jl,50u :
Hliigen , br. h 1 771 :
C'ul Glass , b. m 2 112 :
Fred Kohl , blk. h 3 523 :
General , b. g 7 2 G 4 !
Al Hlch , blk. g 1 336
I.arab.o Iho Great G C 0 lid ;
D I. C , b. h G 4 I dls
Dick , b. g S 8 dp
Tlmo : 2:09'S. : 2:11U. : 2:12Vi. : 2:10'i : , 2:12 : < 4-
2:10 : trol , purse 51,300 :
Improvidence. 1 1
Charily , ch. K 2 2 :
Alert , b. K . .3 n
Confessor , clu S 4 4
Giienn , b. m I ! 7
My Lady , b. m 7 li
Pariicll. Jr. , ch. K 5 JU
Kllerl. b. g S Sell
Time : 2:13U : , 2:14i' : , . 2:131i- :
2:17 : trot , purse ? 2WO ( ( tinnnlshed ) :
Stamboulct 1
Hello J 11
Success , gr. g 3
Georgebr. . m - , > . 2
Othello , bll : . g U
Hlg Timber , b. li -t
Hallleton , b. K li
Carrie , b. m 7
Splniilong , b. m 70
Nancy King , blk. m S 1
Hd hook , b. g 91
Philip K , br. g 121
Tlmbicl , br. h ells
Tlmo : 2:02M : , 2:12' : .
2:11 : trot , purse $1SM ) ( unfinished ) :
Alcldada , b. m t
Jasper Ayres , b. g 3
Grallan Hey , b. h 2
( ieorge Anna , br. in t !
Louis Victory , b. g 4
Nemolliu' , blk. m 5
Hans McGregor , ch. g 7
Time : 2:11',4 : , 2lUi. :
AVIimcrK on Mainline Track.
ST. PAUL , Sept. 9. ResulU at Hamlln
track :
2:05 : e-lass , pacing , purse $1,000 : Dlrectl
won In Htralght heals. Time : 2:07'i. : 2:09 :
"Mi. Tom Ogden second , Lady Noltliuj
ham third. Parker S also slarled.
2:17 : class. Hotting , purse Jl.OOO : Joe War.
der look second , fourth und llflh heals
Time : 2:1B : > - . 2l : i7 , 2:1B4. : Oslund L wo
third heat In 2lo'i. : . Good Morning wo
llrst he-ut In 2:15'i. :
2:2. : | class , purse Jl.OOO : Plnta won secoiu
third nnd fourth lu-als in 2:13',4 : , 2:16 : , 2:1 : !
Hocady won llrst heat In 2LHi. :
The mdo run was won by Alibess , Drue
gist second , Crevasse third. me : 1:15. :
Kirty-Mllf I'lu-i-d Hue.- .
HALTIMOltlSept. . 9.-Frank Wnlleu c
Hoston dt-fealed Frank Slarbuck of Phllo
de lphl.i in a llfly-mlle jwred race ut til
Nallonal Colistum here tonight. Wnlle
also brokeIho world's record for llfl
injlos. behind pace , going the ellslanco i
1 hour , -b mlnuies and is 1-5 seconds.
Omaha Kiel KHOI-UN Out llolcn.
NK\V YORK s.'i > t. 9-Oscar Gardnc
tbo "Omaha Uld , " lonlgnt knockeil 01
Sam Holen. colored , ot this city In 111
lentil round of what wan to have been
twenly-llvo-roiiiul bout. The knockout wn
u harel left hook In the pit eif the stomacl
The Council Bluffs crlclsolrrs have coi
seined lo give Ihe Omaha eleven one moi
trout , nnd this gnmo will coma on * at tl
Kinmet street grounds at 3 p. in. today.
Move-im-ntM of Ooenu VI > IIN < * III , Se-pl , I
At Queenstown Sailed Canada , for lloi
toil. Arrived Lucaula , from Now York fi
At Southampton Sallcel Fuerst Rlsmarcl
for New York.
At London Sailed Victoria , for Nc
At Moville Sailed Furnessla , for Nc
At New York Arrived Campala , fro
At Liverpool Arrived Lucania , from Nc
York , Cymric , from New York.
people came upon the grounds after C o'cloolc
and tboso who were there , or a majority of
them got off an soon as tbi'y could. The
weather kept Uio Indians Indoors nnd pre
vented their Riving the customary dance.
The places of amusement closed early und
the employes r nd performers hunted shelter.
Thera * a9 to have been n Brand display
of fin tVf for the entertainment of the
Wooden of the \Vvfi * . but fireworks nnd
rain fl not go w < A < vogethcr and as the
latter k'J the call , the former was declared
HOARD or niiiucTims Miar/rs.
Ilimlnrin lli'fnri1 Hit * ScNNlon Attriutcil
In with I'liiiniinl Colerlty.
The board of directors transacted Its busi
ness yesterday with somewhat more celerity
than usual. It was decidedly chilly In the
Administration Arch. The only question
that provoked any debate occurred In con
nection with the report of the special com-
mltteo which was appointed at the previous
meeting to submit n plan that would effect
an Improvement in the present system of
transacting the every day business of the
association and at the same time not work
a hardship on any of the employes. This
was read by Thomas Kllpatrlck and In effect
It was an nntldoto to the report which had
been submitted by the auditing committee
at a. previous meeting nnd the operation of
which had been criticised by Secretary
\Vakcflcld. Yesterday the committee rec
ommended that the secretary bo allowed to
cash vouchers at his office as heretofore for
the present and also that Inasmuch as the
employes are paid only once a month small
amounts may be advanced In cases where a
necessity appears to exist. The previous
recommendation that the books should bo
balanced every afternoon , which Is still in
force , was cot changed.
Herman Kountzo called attention to the
fact that under the present system vouchers
are drawn , made payable to Secretary
\Yukofleld nnd receipted for by him. In these
cases there is nothing on the voucher to
show that the original holder has received
his money. This he considers un Irregular
way of doing business , although he docs
not doubt that the transactions were en
tirely legitimate. Secretary NVakefleld ex
plained that these cases occurred when a
man held a voucher against which the expo
sition had a counter claim. In these cases
ho made a check In favor of the exposition
for the amount of the claim and another In
favor of the man with the voucher for what
ho had coming after the amount of the
claim was deducted. This saved trouble
and ono amount balanced the other.
Mr. Rosownter suggested that a sub-
treasury should be established on the
grounds at which smaller vouchers might
be paid. No matter how great confidence
was reposed in the employes of the exposi
tion its business should be transacted like
that of any other big corporation. The re
ceipts are now more than sufficient to pny
the bills and there is no reason why
emergency cases should not bo met by having -
ing a representative of the treasurer , who
should bo under a guarantee bond , on the
ground with authority to cash vouchers up
to n certain limit.
Mr. Kountzo said that ho was not willing
to assume the responsibility of putting n
man on the grounds , but ho was willing that
the association should dp it. No final action
was taken and the entire subject was re
ferred to the executive committee.
John Owens , formerly superintendent
under Manager Uabcock , filed a communica
tion In which ho protested against the ac
tion of the management In connection with
his separation from the position. He nar
rated the trouble between himself nnd the
express concesslonlsts substantially as
stated In his interview that was published
In The Dee at the time and declared that ho
was the victim of unwarranted persecution.
Ho asked that he be given nu opportunity
to verify his position and was referred to
the executive committee.
In accordance with the resolution passed at
the previous meeting Secretary Wakefleld
submitted a report of the number of passes
of each description now outstanding. The
totals are : Series A , 1,598 ; series U , 227 ;
scries C , 3,554 ; series B , photograph passes ,
C43 ; series P , photograph passes , 3,708.
Mr. Kosewater inquired what the Inspec
tor has accomplished towards checking up
the passes coming through the gates and
Mr. Llndsey replied that ho is working on
it right along nnd was making dally re
Some ThoiiHiimlN of .Mviuliprn of Hie
Order Tulip Part In tin ; AlTalr.
Notwithstanding the rain , the Woodmen
of the World turned out In largo numbers
and made their presence felt at the expo
sition yesterday. Owing to the sloppy con
dition of the grounds there was no parade
around the Grand Court , nor was there a
band contest. The exorcises In the Audi
torium were held nnd were attended by
fully 2.000 people , who listened to the
speeches and the music.
Promptly at 2 o'clock n. E. McKelvey ,
presiding officer , called the meeting to order
and Introduced Mayor Moorcs , who extended
a welcome to the city , during the course of
which ha said :
The order of the Woodmen of the World
stands for the great principles of cliarlty
and fraternity as must nil popular Institu
tions which are destined to have permanent
existence. In no part of the world arc
I 1 these great principles more generally prac-
tlced than in the great central west , and
this accounts in a measure for the wonder
ful popularity of your order among the hos
pitable , charitable and friendly people ol
this region. The Woodmen of the World is
a western institution the product of west
ern thought , push nnd financial sagacity. 1
regret that your order docs not have a
splendid building upon the grounds of the
Tranamlssisslppl Exposition , where flu
world might see this truly western product
of which wo are nil proud. I trust that the
snmo splendid success which has attended
the growth of the Woodmen of the World
since Its Inception will continue In over
greater measure , und that Us future will b <
marked by safe , conservative management
prompt payment of claims and that its mcm <
bershlp may bo united by the gtrongesi
bonds of friendship Into one great family.
Your order Is one of the great agencies
which are striving to bring men to rcullz (
that the brotherhood of man Is not a theory
but n reality. I welcome you therefore n :
the harbingers of a braider humanity , i
deeper charity and a higher brotherhood
and I wish for you a most prosperous fu
turo. The sovereign camp of the Woodmei
of the World Is located hero In Omaha nn <
every member of your association shouli
feel that he owns the city for that reason
I have therefore prepared for you thesi
golden keys of the city which I present t <
you. If you see anything you want , jus
take It , for It Is yours.
The keys were accepted by Chairman Me
Kclvey , who assured the mayor that the ;
would not be allowed to rust during the sta
of the Woodmen In the city , after the mal
quartet of the order rendered a selection am
C. C. Farmer of Mount Carroll , 111. , was In
troduccd , it being necessary to place hln
upon the program at the last minute , owim
to the absence of Sovereign Commande
Hoot , who Is 111. Mr. Farmer Is the cbnlr
man of the sovereign board of managers o
the order. His subject was "Woodcraft , '
and In discussing it he said that during th
last few years fraternal Insurances hav
been built up nil over the country , Insurtn
the lives of hundreds of thousands of me :
and women.
Speaking of the order of the Woodmen o
the World , lie contended that it is ono c
'the best of the fraternal societies. Its poll
cles are not contcstable after one year , n
member suspended while sick , It build
a monument over every dead Woodman an
pays the sum of $2,000 to the beneficiary c
each number ; It provides for earing for the
nick , and looks after the Interests ( if the
widows nnd orphan * . In addition to this
the funds nro carefully guarded and the olll-
cera are bonded to carry out every promise
imde by the camps.
The band concert was abandoned , but the
prize drill was pulled off according to pro
gram , two teams entering , the drill team
of Alpha Camp. No. 1 , and that from Co
lumbus camp. No. CD. both of Omaha. The
first prize , $7. > , went to the Alpha boys , nnd
the second. $50 , to the boys of Columbus
cam ] ) .
TMIIITMII | rnrlotiilM for I-'roi Dli-
trllmtlou to Any Who Apply.
People who \lslled the exposition yester
day were given melons and still there are
melons left. It was Uocky Ford Melon day
and twenty-two curs of watermelons nnd
cantaloupes had been donated by the Hocky
Ford Melon Growers' association. They
came Thursday nnd a largo quantity of
[ hem went Into a big tent just south of
the Horticultural building , where the bal
ance will go today.
Early yesterday morning , Senator Swlnk ,
1C. L. Mumford nnd H. A. Dawley , all of
the association , opened up for business , as
sisted by a dozen or more carvers , nnd from
that tlmo until late at night they supplied
everybody with melons. The melons were
served on tables around the edge of the tent ,
while In hundreds of Instances loads were
taken away to be e.-iteu on other portions of
the grounds.
Last night there were so many melons
left that It was decided to continue the dis
tribution today nnd all who call will be
served. The melons given away by the
Colorado people made a great hit. They
wcro all largo sized nnd of the best quality.
At ( ho Horticulture
Vice President Atwood of the Missouri Ex
position commission Is In the city , nccom-
miled by Mrs. Atwood and their daughter.
His special duty Is to look after the horti
cultural interests at the exposition. lie
leaves for homo tonight nnd before return
ing will make arrangements for several ad
ditions to the fruit exhibit In the Horticul
tural building. Cpcaklng of the horticul
tural display at the exposition. Mr. At
wood said : "It is ono of the best that I
liavo ever seen and I shall do my part
toward keeping It so until the last day of
October. Wo have line fruit down In our
stnto and wo do not propose to no behind In
bringing the products to the notice of the
people. "
Upon his return to the city , Mr. Atwood
will give considerable attention to the ex
hibit nnd will arrange to make It more at
tractive. He has a plan for the changing
of the tables and taking out some of the
forestry exhibits that have detracted from
the appearance of the fruit.
Nebraska put twenty-two vartellos of new
grapes upon the tables yesterday and four-
.een of plums. The new apples r.rc hrrtvlng
n largo quantities and are showing up
nuch better than was anticipated early in
: he season. Peaches are coming in at a
Ivcly rate , those being shown now equal
ing those from California in size.
The Colorado exhibit is pretty well in
stalled , but will not bo complete until the
receipt of another shipment of fruit.
Largo additions have been inado to the
Los Angeles county exhibit , Including
apples , peaches , grapes , oranges and lemons.
Slate Horticultural KxhlhU.
The State Horticultural society will hold
ts annual fruit exhibition in the Horticul-
urc building at the exposition next week ,
jeglunlng Tuesday and closing on Friday.
The last day will bo Grape day , and a spe
cial effort will be made to have nn extra
ot of this fruit-on ejsblbltlon at that time.
Premiums to the amount of ? 1,000 will be
awarded , and it ls expected that this fact
' (
will bo an InduccmeniU'to bring out nn at-
ractlvo display of Nebraska's product In the
Ino of fruit. The exhibition will take the
place of the one usually given in connection
with the State fair , which will not bo held
this year on account of the exposition ,
Dr. Miller Will Ho.
Dr. George L. Miller has consented to
load the committee that will go east next
week to extend formal Invitations to cx-
: 'resldents Harrison and Cleveland to bo the
guests of the exposition on President's day.
It has not yet been decided who will be
designated to accompany Dr. Miller and no
further action will be taken until after the
members of the McKlnley committee rctuiu
from Washington.
Miss Maymo O'Shoa of Lincoln and Miss
Nettle Harmer of Syracuse , this state , are
visiting the exposition and are making their
icadquarters at the Nebraska building. Hoth
of these young women were picked out from
among thousands ot others and their portraits
traits were selected to help make up the
composite picture from which the oillcial
medal of the exposition is engraved.
Ohio liny Attuiiilaiicc.
Secretary Greene Is in receipt of a letter
'rom President Mason , In which the latter
Bays that there will be a large attendance
icro on Ohio day , October C. The exercises
will be held at the Nebraska building on the
Bluff tract. A special train will run through
! rom Cleveland nnd Toledo , reaching Omaha
on the day before the holding ot the state
day exercises.
IlIlnolH Men Are IMciiHPil.
State Senator Loeper , Circuit Judge Hlg-
bee and Representative Hrcnnan of Illinois
are In the city , the guests of Major Hamble-
ton of the State building. All three of the
On the Encampment Grounds , Saturday Afternoon , at 5 O'clock Sept. 10
Grand Descriptive Fantasie ,
"Americo-Spatiish War. "
Stereopticon will throw war scenes , the performance to conclude with
a display of pyrotechnics.
GRAND PLAZA AT 7:30 : P , M.
( In case of rain , performance will be given in the Auditorium. )
Mexican National Band , Second Nebraska , U. S , V. Infantry Band
Omaha Concert Band , Sons of Veterans , Drum
Corps , and the
Exposition Chorus , under direction of Mr. Thomas J. Kelly.
PT , 10 ,
gentlemen wcro members of the legislature
that voted the appropriation , cnnabllng Il
linois to make an exhibit at the exposition.
They say that they are glad that they did
so and are pleased with the exhibit that the
state Is making , especially in the hoiticul-
tural lino. Yesterday they visited the main
buildings and declared that the exhibits arc
the finest ever seen. They like the exposi
tion and will remain several days.
Klrult'y t'liiuiKCN AKiilii.
Irmo Klralfy wires that ho will bo unable
to fulfill his exposition engagement , as ho
cannot get the scenery , painted In time. As
ho has declined to accept the terms of the
exposition twice before this week und then
changed his mind the next day the manage
ment is somewhat In doubt ns to which side
of the proposition ho will finally land on.
Siiniilhli-Aiiiorleiiii Wnr
The spectacular battle piece , "Tho Span
ish-American Wai1 , " will be repeated on the
Plaza this evening. Mr. Stephens has se
cured n largo number of additional steroptl-
con views since the last performance and
tonight's entertainment will bo even moro
elaborate than those which so thoroughly
delighted the crowd last week.
Intimation that the I'rcxcnt Simiilnh
Cabinet I'roiioNcn lo He-
HKII ! eilllee.
MADRID , Sept. 9. The following state
ment has been mode by an Important Span
ish oillcial : "Scnor Sllvcln ( the leader ot
a socllon of Iho conservative party ) re
fuses the Government the support of his
party , although ho is fully aware of the
difficulties of Ills situation. He is doubt
less prompted by the desire to obtain
power. Wo will do all in our power lo
realize ills desire with short delay. The
country will then see how soon the man
wlio is now posing as a conservative will
be transformed Into a despotic dictator. "
General Polavlcja has handed a copy of
his manifesto to the newspaper men , but
the censor forbids its publication. Ho also
forbids its transmission by telegraph. It Is
probable that the general intends lo read
It today in the Cortes , but It is certain the
government will prevent him from so doing
und will insist on a secret session.
The Liberal again today makes the as
sertion that Premier Sagnsta will resign as
soon as the chamber adopla the peace bill.
Put * on Holiday Attire
in Honor of Itn Soldier * .
WASHINGTON , Sept. 0. From the portico
of the White House the president nnd all
the members of the cabinet now In the city
reviewed Ihe First District ot Columbia vol-
unleers on their return from the war. The
national capltol was in holiday alllro as a
Irlbuto to Iho District troops , Pennsylvania
avenue being hung from end lo end with
( lags nnd bunting. At the Treasury depart
ment n chorus ot several hundred voices
sang "Home , Sweet Home , " above the ratllo
of Iho regimental drums. At the White
House the president was assisted In re
viewing by Secrelarles Gage and Wilson ,
Poslmasler General Emory Smith , Adjutant
General Corbin and General Ilalncs. The
sick soldiers followed Iho marching men in
carriages , each Invalid carrying a largo bo-
quet. Ono of Iho sick men raised himself as
ho neared the president and tossed his bo-
Boys' ' School Shoes-
other shoe for ? 1.50 can show tlio
value that our boys' black school shoos
elo for years we've sold this same shoe
for years parents have come again
ami apiln for the same shoe always
satisfied that they pet more wear out or
u pair of them than any other fihoe In
the world for the money there must be
merit in them else why elo we sell so
many we recommend these for real
live boys for they can't Kick them out
the llrst day , week or month ? 1.50 for
boys' school shoes.
Drexel Shoe Co. , ? 2
' ' Shoe Houir.
Omaha' * L'p-to-ilute 2
Most Too Cool
Tor hammock selling Just the kind ot
weather for tlio busy housewife to stay
Indoors and prepare the jams nnd Jells
for the winter's use we arc sole Omaha
agents for the world-famous "Stransky"
graniteware tlio kind that's guaranteed
for live years never crae-ks preserving
kettles from the one quart size up to the
two-gallon not a seam in thorn nor i.s
there In tlio "HlrunsUy" colVeo pots and
tea kettles a complete line of the gran
ite iron and retlnned ware our prices
are the kind that make buyers.
1514 Farnam St ,
: id lfill
Introduce To Armotir's Star Hams.
( Tickets good on Monday nnd Thursday evenings and Sundajs. )
Star Hams are selected stock and mild , cured. Sold at the same price as any so-
called fancy hams.
The trade is supplied with these tickets free. When you order ask for them.
quct toward him. The president saw the
net , and reaching out , deftly caught the
flowers as they Hew through Iho air. The
Incident was greeted with cheers. At the
conclusion of the review the regiment
marched to the White House lot back of the
executive mansion nnd was dismissed.
Ccuernl MucliiN ItepUcN.
About noon today the American military
commanders received a reply from Captain
General Maclas to their communication of
last evening. General Maclas paid the
Spanish evacuation commissioners would bo
ready to meet the Americans at the pala-'e
tomorrow morning at 10:30. :
Later In the day General Urooko , Admiral
Schley and General Gordon held a confer
ence at the Hotel Ingnlaterra regarding the
attitude they will assume nt the meeting.
The Fourth Ohio volunteers are still at
Guayma. The regiment has not been or
dered home. There was no disposition of
the United Stales troops today.
Ilnnerly Aitult tin *
HAVANA. Sept. . All classes are Im
patiently awaiting the arrival of the United
States military commissioners. The pubTio
has spent most of the day gazing seaward
or watching Iho flagstaff on El Morro for
the signal that the United States transport
Ilesoluto has been slghled. The general
public , especially Iho Cubans , beem lo Im
agine that the advent of the commission
will immediately change the entire state ot
affairs for the beller. Everybody has some
grievance lo air or some plan lo propose.
ArrniiKePlan for a Trip In a llody
to Pnrln anil to .Heel In 1'ort-
lanil , ( Ire. , \r\t Venr.
DENVER. Colo. , Sept. 0. The Nallonal
Edllorlal assoclallon loday adopted the re
port presented by William L. Eaton of Illi
nois , chairman of the committee on press
laws , providing for n standing committee
of Ihree lo confer with Ihe various slate
press associalions with reference to bring
ing about uniformity of press laws by con
current action of state legislatures.
The committee appointed to consider ways
and means of a trip to Paris recommended
that the trip be made in 1S99 Instead of
1900. The report was ndoptcd.
The editors expect to start in June. Al
ready ICO applications for tickets have
been received. The trip will consume fifty-
two days and It is expected to limit the
expense lo $100 for each lourlsl. Olllcers
were elected as follows : Presldenl , J. H.
MacCabo , edllor of Hip Argus-Advocate ,
East Boston , Mass. ; first vlco president ,
Arlhur II. Pierce , edllor of Ihe Record ,
Denver , Colo. ; second vice president , R. 11.
Henry , edllor of Iho Clarion-Ledger , Jack
son , Miss. ; third vlco president , F. 11. nail-
Ice , editor of the Review , Cleburne. Tex. ;
corresponding secretary , J. M. Page , Illi
nois ; rccoidlng secretary , R. M. White ,
editor of Iho Ledger , Mexico , Mo. ; surer -
urer , James G. Glbbs , Ohio. Portland , Ore. ,
was decided on us Ihe place for holding Iho
next meeting.
With today's meeting the convention
closed and the delegates will go on a ten
days' tour of Colorado.
ICIKciilxh Hoo-llooN at e'lcvrliiml
iiecliilliinul : eilllcc M .Many
on the Hoof.
CLEVELAND , Sept. 9. The Concatenated
Order of the Hoe IIoo elected offlccrs today ,
as follows : Smirk of the universe , N. A.
Gladding , Indianapolis ; senior hoe hoe ,
Joseph Miles , Detroit ; Junior hoe hoe , P.
W. Walker , Minneapolis ; scrlvenntor , J. H.
Ilalrd , Nashville ; bojum , R.V , English ,
Denver ; jubberwock , R. I ) . Inninn , Port
land , Ore. ; costlclan , II.V. . Anderson , Atlanta -
lanta ; arcanopcr , D. T. Call , Texas ; gur-
don , E. M. Vellnicr , Pltlsburg.
The next annual convention will be called
to order in Denver at 9 o'clock and nlno
minutes on the ninth day of the ninth
month In 1S9 : . In Iho morning an address )
of welcome was delivered by Major McKls-
son and ono by F. W. IJell on behalf of
C eveland lumbermen. The response- was
made by Colonel A. D. McCloud of Clncln-
\.sio.\s WISTIKVUTKHANS. : : .
SurvIvorM of Civil Wnr Heineiiiliercil
liy h - eicnei-nl CovrriimciU.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 9. ( Special. ) Pen
sions have been Issued to the following :
Issue of August 27 :
Nebraska : Additional James McSay ,
Ogallala. $ S to $12. Restoration and In
crease Thomas Hracelen ( deceased ) . Iluin-
boldl , ffi lo $8. Increase llyron S. Merrill ,
Hastings , $12 lo $17 ; Noah Ilrlttenli.im ,
Davenport , $12 lo $11. He-Issue John A. De-
Wolf , Tllden , $17. Original widows , tic.
Surah A. Uracelcn , Humboldl , $8.
town : Original Thomas Jones , Stuart , Jii.
Increase Nathan C. Gorton , DCS Molncs , $1-
lo $17.
Colorado : Additional Anton Kaempfcr ,
Elizabelh , $8 to $10.
MINK DII * IN * Condition Critical.
NAHRAOANSETT PlElt. H. I. , Sept. 0.
The condition of MUs Winnie Davis Is not
so comfortable lonlghl. She experienced a
very depressing day. Her case * ! now con
sidered critical , and as sl'u IK unable lo
luke nourishment continued weakness Is a
deplorable faclor.
Been There Yet ?
At our siieclul piano sale there were
thirty-two pianos that we had cut the
prloo on so as to move them quickly
not so many now yet enough to make
piano choosing jjood for all elay Satur
day many of those NH\V piano prices
have been cut right In two and that's
not all the terms have been maile easier
why ? 2. > cash nnd 910 a month comes
very near taking any of these1 special
pianos a few second-hand only used : i
short time at decidedly the lowest
pt'iees over made on planeis in Omaha
Saturday may tee the last of them.
Music and Art. 1513 Douglas
Deformity Braces
We make them make them to your
order ami measure competent work
men that insures yon against any pos-
Kibllty of mistake's when you arc in
Omaha you .shouhl avail yourself of the
opportunity anil secure properly fitted
hraces consultation five and we Invlio
yon to consult us wo also carry a complete -
plete assortment of tlio well Known
manufactured goods UH brace's , trnss.'s ,
elastle KtoekhiKH , etc- . Our prices have
always heen c'liiislelered very low by all
who lmvc patronizeel us If you write us
we will cheerfully answer all questions.
Deformity Ilrace 3lauuruotnrrr .
1WS Farnam Street.
Opposite Pttxtou HoteL

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