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Juno why some people go to the theater
would bo difficult to determine. The majorIty -
Ity go to bo entcrtalned.but there are other ; )
whoso presenfio there la an unfathomable
mystery and probably tboso who go for the
purpose of being entertained would bo con
tent Oo let it remain such If the others
would only stay away. Llko all things
earthly this minority may have a purpose
in the world llko the fly and ( ho flea , If for
nothing clflo than to produce the ecstatic
feeling of relief which their departure
When the crusade against ) the high hat
was started Omaha theater goers were of
the opinion "that " If It could be banished
their cup of happiness would be full. The
Jiat has disappeared and those who are
not fortunate enough or who do not desire
to sit In the front row can ECO the stage and
those who occupy It , for no Omaha woman
would now think of wearing a hat after
the rising of the curtain.
There are some people , however , who are
unreasonable enough to wish to hear as well
as to 'see. They appreciate the fact of
course that vo gratify Ibis dcslro wotiM
infringe on the right of people who sit near
them to talk about their hired girl , their
neighbors and word politics , but then this
world Is full of selfish , unreasonable people
who care nothing for the rights of others
If It Interferes with their own pleasures.
The fact that they have paid their money
to see and hear Is of Tittle Importance com
pared with the Inherent , constitutional right
of frco speech. In their simple , Japanese
way , they reason that If all the occupants of
thd adjoining seats came for was to tafk
they might have enjoyed that privilege
with greater freedom and comfort at
nome other place , where they would not bo
under < the necessity of taking so many
Into their confidence.
There IB ( Hill another class which Insists
on seeing some mirth-provoking quality In
portions of a play which the dramatist In
his crude way Imagined ho was making
pathetic or soul stirring and whoso concep
tion Inc. actor In his Ignorance was blindly
trying to folFow. The great ) majority of the
audience Is of course too obtuse to see the
comedy clement , but the majority should
not for a minute Insist on curtailing the
laughing privilege of really bright people
when they see or hear something funny.
To cap the climax of woes como those who
are In such a hurry to get homo that they
cannot possibly wait for the performance
to close. If they are not familiar with the
play and know just when the right time
comes to arise , tread on their neighbors'
toes and dress skirts , obscure the view of
those behind and create a general commo
tion In the home , they wait for the pre
monitory symptoms with as much eagerness
as an amateur photographer watches his
first negative develop. Homo Is , or should
be , a good place to go , but there are those
childish enough to wonder why a person
who Is In such a hurry to get there ever
left Its sacred portals.
The last week has been an exceptionally
prosperous-one to the managers of Omaha
playhouses. It Is doubtful If ever In the
history of the city all the houses have been
favored with such exceptional attendance.
There have been many times when one
house with an especially popular bill has
been able to sell out for the entire week ,
but It has been at the expense of business
elsewhere , ns a rulo. During the lost week ,
both matinees and evenings , all three of the
leading houses have played to capacity and
this without anything exceptional In the
way of attractions except at the Crelgh-
ton , and hero principally for the reason
that it was the opening of the season and
there was among townpeople a general desire
sire to see the now members of the com
"Hogan's Alley" at the Boyd has been
numerously visited during the past week ,
nnd many have laughed at the antics of the
yellow kid nnd his chum and the other deni
zens of the alloy. The two little ones are
really clover In their way , and the rest of
the company , while In no sense of commandIng -
Ing ability , servo to amuse. The performance
lias been satisfactory to those who attendee
it , nnd If others do not llko that kind o :
a performance they have no cause for ceiu
Owing to the enormous success of "Ho-
Ean's Alley" at Boyd's the past week , Man
agers Paxton and Burgess have secured this
attraction for another week , commencing
with a matlneo today. This farcical produc
tion certainly has all the elements of MICCCSS ,
being built around the characters which were
made famous by It. F. Outcault , the Now
York World artist , In his series of Yellow
Kid pictures and tales of Hogan's alley.
Hogan's alloy really exists down on the east
side of New York City , and several of the
characters that Hvo In It wcro the originals
of Outcault's humorous sketches , The Yel
low Kid In real llfo rejoices In the name of
Jllckcy Dugan. Ho was a bright little street
arab who possesses a wit that Is ns sharp
us a tack and as nimble , ns the proverbial
flea. Messrs. Gilmore and Leonard , when
they flrst thought of producing "Hognn's Al
ley , " sought out and engaged Mickey for his
own character of the Yellow Kid. Ho Is a
natural born comedian and took to the stage
H3 though ho was born on It. Ho , together
\\ltli \ his sldb partner , Tlddlowlnks , will bo
r.eon hero with "Hogan's Alley. " "Hogan's
Alloy" Is an enemy to care and drives away
nil troubles and these who see it laugh for
months afterwards at each recollection of Its
humorous incidents.
The Woodward Stock company at the
Crclghton theater has played to standing
room at every performance during the past
week. Commencing with today's matinee
Iho company will be seen In nn elaborate
revival of "Tho Lost Paradise. " This play ,
llko "Men and Women , " Is tho'jolnt work
of Mr. David Belasco anil Mr. Henry C.
DcMIlle , two of America's greatest authors.
The story Is so well known that It scarcely
needs repetition. The entire company will
bo used In this play , nnd n complete pro
duction Is promised. The story of "Lost
Paradise" Is told by Mr. Henry C. DcMlllo
as follows :
" 'The Lost Paradise' throbs with love.
There is a heart-beat In e\ery line of Its
story. It Is human. It Is homelike Its
I men ; and women are real ; they belong to
| the people. It seems to > ou , ns sou look
ami listen to them moving through the
scenes , and repeating the struggle that Is
ilally going on everywhere upon this earth ,
whore affections hold sway , where soul
ooks to eoul for sympathy and support ,
nnd whcro social conditions array classes
against each other In an Interminable bit
ter war , It seems that jou arc not n mere
Idle looker-on at puppets of a play , but
that you have n place In the story your
self ; that you arc n part of the thought
and action , nnd that the homes of the
characters and the big Iron mill In which
the battle for bread culminates and the
triumph of several forms of human lees
s made to crown the end of all their ef
forts , aio as familiar to > ou as your friend
and the person with whom > ou como In
contact in jour everjday life. "
At the Wednesday matinee , September
21 , a cabinet photograph of Mr. Wilson
Enos will bo given to every woman pur
chasing scats for the flrst floor.
The popular Trocadero will present at to
day's matlneo one of Its characteristic good
raudovillo performances. Every act upon
ho program Is a good one and new to the
ilty. The management of this theater has
eng since established a precedent of first-
class performances , classical and refined to
degree , and certainly Is deserving
of the largo nnd fashionable audi
ences that visit the Trocadero each eren-
ng. Especial care has been taken In each
nstanco to procure a vaudeville show with
the absence of objectionable features and
ns well the admission of undesirable
patrons , the success of this method can bo
hotter testified to by the public and from the
extraordinary large patronage this popular
resort Is receiving. The new bill for the
week Is Individually strong and embraces
many stellar lights of the vaudeville branch
of the profession , notably little Oertle Cochran -
ran , whoso engagement Is her first visit to
Omaha , although she has made two \cry
successful tours of the world. LittleOertlo
Is what Is known to the scientific world
ns the Infant mental prodigy , being but 8
years of age. She will answer thousands
of Intricate and dlfllciilt questions correctly.
She will answer every question she may bo
asked and upon any subject. Eight other
acts complete the bill , among which will
bo found the popular tenor singer , Mr. Banks
Winter , who Is associated with the travesty
trio of Hanley , Winter and Hanley. The
Brothers Lorley , expert horizontal bar ar
tists , presenting their original comedy bar
act of "Farmer Zeb and the Crazy Dutch
man " The week brings forth the Initial bow
of the past masters of music , Messrs.
O'Brien and Buckley , International Instru
mental comlques. The Mohrlng Brothers ,
singing and dancing acrobats , late of the
Illngling Brothers' shows ; Charles Case of
minstrel renown , in one of his unique and
original monologues. Ahern and Patrick , In
their novel Irish travesty entitled "Tho Cop
per and the Kid , " introduce singing nnd
four different styles of eccentric dancing ,
cake walks and tcrpslchorcan pastimes. Swor
and Dovoo appear In a new and novel spe
cialty of pleasant surprises ; Annie Leslie
Williams , German character soubrette and
change artist , with her famous wooden shoo
A scene In the second act of "Superba , '
which , by the way , has many startling
novelties for tilts year , Is a woman's boudoir ,
In which Pierrot inadvertently finds himself
and where he suffers unknown terror by
having to witness part of the woman's
toilet preparations while her husband is
within earshot. Pierrot finally escapes to
the bath room , where he Is presently en
gulfed by water that runs from Innumerable
faucets tuined on unconsciously by him on
his entrance , and which finally engulfs him
The scene changes and he finds himself on
a stormy , turbulent sea. Still floating In the
bath tub , he tries to roach u lighthouse tha
appears In the distance and which recedes
as fast as ho approaches. Hanlon's now "Su
perba" will appear at Boyd's theater for om
week , opening iwlth Sunday matinee , Sep
tember 25.
Manager Lleven has secured for this
week's attraction at Schlltz Roof garden
the Damm Family Female orchestra , which
needs no Introduction to lovers of musl <
in this city.
The Omaha Museum and Theater , unde :
the management of Bert Davis , bette
known as the "Original Rube , " Is fast forg
Ing to the front as a popular family re
sort , presenting a change of program each
week that is particularly Interesting t
women and children. The headllner thl
week will bo Prof. Lewis , "Tho Man o
Mjstery , " who accompanied by his twi
daughters glvo a most refined and unlqu
The crowning event of the week at Gulll'i
Concert garden will be the free-for-all cak
walk on Thursday night. Among the talon
who will compete for the three gran
prizes will bo the late prize winners from
the Midway.
The Blind Chaplain
at Hanscom Park M E. Church , 29th an
Woolworth ,
13tli and Douglas Sts. , Omahu
J. U. MAHKUli < fc SO.V , l'roi > .
Hth n-id Harney St.
Strictly flrst class Street cars from depots
to hotel and only U minutes rldo to Expo
sition. Rates { 200 tt SI 00.
U. SII1.OWAY Manager
The Casino Theater
On the East Midway ,
The Follo\ving .Program WiJl
Continued This Week :
The Marvellos Miss Kittle Leslie
Trapese , Rings and Contortionists. Soubrctte.
Latta Miss Artie Hall
Equilibrist. Coon Singer.
Barney Bros. Armstrong & O'Neill
Heavy Wclsht Lifters. Burlesque Boxing and nag Punching.
Jaines T. Kelly , Omaha's Favorite.
The Casino Under the New Management HHS Ulg Crowds
Afternoon and Evening.
J , T. Kelly * Stace Director. A. II. Itavritzcr , Gen , Jinn.
= 64th WEEK
The new company , endorsed by press andjMiblic , ns nn unequalled success Commencing with
aJ i-i lv/Tl.tJ" * > 'U' ' U4. lL/ii _ < I"l.lJLvLv iJ
Mntinecs Wednesday ami Saturday. SPECIAL NOTICE At the "Wednesday matinee , a cabinet photograph
* T ! of M' ' ' Wilson Enos w'lll bo ijivcn to every Intly purchasing a ticket for the first lloor.
&i , NEXT WELK A mugnllicont product on of the greatest play over written , THE TWO ORPHANS.
Telephone 2217.
Lentz & Williams , Props , and Mere.
W. W. COLE. Act. Manager.
Sept. IS , 1 , 20 , 21 , 22 , 'M ami 21.
. \try eienliiK nml iiintlnci'n Sumlny ,
WeilucNilny mill baturila ; .
nnitTin cociiu v\ .
Elght-vcar-old Mental Prodigy.
irimiiJN nml in < KM ; } .
International Musical Continues.
Sketch and Travesty Aitist
'run inioTiimts i OHHUV.
Comedy Horizontal Bar Experts.
VlilMIN A. IVTKlllv. .
The Copper nnd the Kid.
Ait MI : ii ; in : WII.MAMS.
German diameter and Ch.mgo Artist.
iWOIl mill DP Mil ; .
Comedian nnd Comedienne.
cn viii.li : i s .n.
The Supreme Monologlst.
TIM : MOIIIUM. iiitoi mns. :
Singing and Dancing Acrobats.
Challenge Orulu'Mtrnl ConeertM ntul
Krcry Sunday mi entire bliorr.
Daily from 8 to 12 p. m.
Matinees daily ( except Monday ) from
2:30 : to 5:30 : p. m.
10th and Harney Streets.
The most popular resort in the city.
The attraction for this week
Ei cry Afternoon nml l
The Best Show Ever Produced at an
The Mystery of the Air.
A Wonderful Hypnotic Production ,
IA lini.l.U SEMICA. "
In the Dancing Girl Illusion.
"isiiM vni , , "
The Famous Hindoo Magician.
( Tenor. )
Voice Specialist ,
Studio llnmiiirt linll. ( 'oininrrclitl
Cluli , Climiilicr of ( 'oniiiuriMItulldliif. . : ,
S , W. Corner Kith anil I'ariniin. TaUc-
eliM ntor.
Special course In "Compound" Breathing ,
by which the fullest possible Inns capneltj
Is attained Voices ti allied for Parlor ,
Chutcli , Concert or Opera Vocal first slsht
reading Independent of instrument. Quar
tettes , male , fom.ilo nnd mixed voices ,
drilled. Terms reasonable Apply at Studio.
l sui a
North of Music Hall , E. Midway.
g Ostrich Farm
a 62 Gigantic Birds 62n
Do Not Forget to Visit the
Tea Garden , Bazar , and Joss
House on West Midway. *
a IB a a * t i u cu
m i
n the I
n .
Great H
Matinee Tonight
at 8:15 :
at 2:30
Telephone IMI9
Big Success
TSioosands Turned Away Nil
The Omaha Hue says "Hogan'h Alley i.s u good antidote
for the blucb. "
World-Herald says "If von want to lau h Hogan's Alley
is the thing to visit. "
Latest Irish
Nonsensical Comedj
Endorsed by the Omaha
papers as the Funniest
Farce ever written.
Festival of Fun.
Symphony of Song.
Dream of Dance.
Don't fail to bring tlic
little ones to see the
Best Reserved Scats 25c , Sue , 75c. Gallery 15 cents.
Omaha Museum and Theater
135-1317 Farnam Street.
BERY DAVIS , Manager.
Dafreo,1 EDISON'S
Pabsion Piny.
Glass Eater and Juggler. PROF. LEWIS ,
In Enulmntmont.
Prof. Meets ,
$10,000 , Challenge Troupe of Dogs.
I'Kor. LEWIS ,
Mille Martina , The Man of Mystery.
Snake Charmer. .MAE RUSSELL ,
liuttorlly Dancer.
Bonnie Dunn , MME. 31 AX ALL ,
CIiHractor Artint.
Scotch Flower Worker.
I Mine , Owens , Comedian.
Phrenologist. Juggler.
xho psrformnnco ending \\ltli Mr. Shannon's farce ,
A Trip to the Exposition.
A family resort for lii'lios and children. Open from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m
1O Cents Admits to All ,
The two main features of the Exposi
tion are the model of the Maine In the
Government building and the De-
| Htructlon of thR Maine on the Midway ,
next to the Gypsy Fortun Tellers.
'from ERyptahMlall. London , East
, Midway , 1O cents.
6 & Casino
Nrw Mnnngement ,
1 New I'coplu
1 A New Scenes. C T BUTLDR , .Mcr
The "coolest beer" and tha best muslo
on the grounds
Welnerwurst. with potato salad ,
15 Cents.
i f tT
Old Plantation 1 5
100 Southern No rro Dancers , Singers , k
and Cake Walkers Pickaninny ,
Quartet , Handsome Theater , k
See the Village 5
Buy your engraved glass nouvenlrs
at our norks , ao you reoiUe trio
prlco of admission back on each pur
Streets of All Nations
Grandest , Best Amusement
Place on Exposition
250 People Representing Different
Don't fall to take a rldo on
on the M1DAY. . and sea a representation
of tha BATTLD OF MANILA In the Great
Tunnel The patent right for these rail-
wayn In any part of the United .States for
&ale by J A. Grllllths , at his olhce on tha
f"6EHBACifs" !
I Trained Wild Animal Show , I
| Ariuir/iia / In her Pen of Per- |
. J.oniie Morell forming Leopards |
tor Miene ooluiiuiM
lie tnUon until li m. for thr
nml until Hillt ) for iiiornluu
null Sunday cummin.
Halo * , 1 l-2c a woril llrnt InnorMoiil
If a \ \ nrtinrentier. \ . > uthliiK InUon
for ICNH than - n' for tin * Hint lunor-
tlou. Tlic io ail\crtlMciut'iitit limit l >
run cMiiinroulU ! ) .
Aili i'rtl ur ,1ij riMiiit'NtiiiK a mull-
In-red t'hft'U , eaii liiixt * iiiimn-r.H uil-
ilrcnneil to u mini In-ml It > llvr la t-nri-
of 'I'lit ; Her. AiiNUcr * no uililrvniit'il
lll In * ilelliorvd on iirt'NL'iitutloii uf
( lie cliceU only.
MTlTIO > S \Vri3D. .
AM a 17earold Klrl , Al bookkeeper ,
eunruntce satlsfnction to nn > one who
\vlll try me , 1 ntid implojment U . ! o ,
lJi > o. A-M59S 10 *
WANTED , situation by nn experienced Indy
Hteiuisrapher , tlintoiiKhly competent in
shoit hand. H 3T , Hce. A tl5 10'
HYpctt miile stPiioKrapher , S ycata' e\-
pt'ileiui1 , rapid operator , notary. Address
II fA Hce. * A MM3 JO'
\ ANT13D I'lnco by yonnp woman ns second
end tirl In lltst-class fainllj. Inquire
1520 Madison live , ACSI 1S
A STHNOOUAl'linil When yon want one
please cull lip the IlcmlnKton typewriter
olllce , 1619 Farnam st , telephone , 15T.1
A-MC90 O17
\VAXTHD , olllce work by middle-aged man ;
best of icforences. security if icqulred.
Address Box 231. City. A 7J8 IS'
ii MAI.U iinir.
THH FOLLOWING Is a list of the business
firms who have called upon Itoylo's school
for stenoKr.iphers dtirliiR the summer
months , and Is presented to those In
terested In shorthand nnd typewriting ns
nn evidence of the appreciation by busi
ness men of the establishment In Omaha
of u school of shorthand and typewriting
whose teachers arc experienced reporteis.
United Tjpewiltei and Supplies Co 17
KerrliiKton Tjpewrlter Company 12
Smith Premier Typewriter Company. . . . B
More or Chemical Company 3
Omaha Dally liee 'J
Omaha World-Herald 1
Trans-Mlsblsslppl and International 13xpo 3
Uurke Ulccttlcal Company 1
Mutual lli'sono Fund Life Asso 1
Fldilltj .Mutual Insurance Company . . . . 1
Cudalo Packing Company 1
Woodmen of the World "
V n At M V Railroad Company 3
Union Pacific Hallroad Company 1
Commercial credit Company 1
F W rileh , Lawyer 1
Mutual Llfo Insurance Co of N. Y . . . . 2
Omaha Sto\o Hepair Works 1
Vhrvl Company 1
Union Central Life Insurance Co 1
IT F Cady Lumber Company 1
Commlslson Houses , South Omaha 2
Dr S D Mercer 1
7 T Lindsay Rubber Company 1
Washington Life Insurance Co , of N. Y. 1
Husliicbs & Fraternal Association 1
r > r William H. Hanchett 1
Farnam Mamifactmlng Company 1
Robert W Patrick , Lawyer 1
Omaha Manufacturers' and Consumers'
Association . . 1
W T Graham , Real Estate Dealer 1
Metropolitan Llfo Insurance Company. . . 1
Drummoml Carriage Company 1
D T Mount , Coal Dealer 1
G W Sues . Co. , Patent Olllce 1
Democratic Central Committee 1
T Crane Lawcr 1
Since the 1st of January over 100 students
have entered this Institution , and every
one has been secured a situation as soon
as competent and not ono has failed Get
Circulars Bee Uldg. U 683 1S
SALESMEN for clgara ; 1125 a month and
expenses ; old firm ; experience unneces-
saiy. C. C. Bishop & Co. , St. Louis , Mo.
TAILORS , attend Dyhr's cutting school.
518 S n U-9S4Dec2
DRPUTIKS wanted , both local and state ;
exceptional opportunities for good men.
No 1 contracts ; both life and accident
olicles , weekly benefits ) , fraternal order.
W. J. Stuart , 40G-8 Bee bldg , Omaha.
YOUNG men to learn barber trade ; only 6
to 8 weeks rerjulred , we give our gradu
ates employment till they receive In wages
as much as they pay for tuition and ex
penses learning. St. Louis Barber Col
lege , Odd Fellows' Bldg , Dodge and 14th ,
Omaha. Prof. Randolph , Instructor.
B-M322 09
WANTED , one or two reliable salesmen to
icpresent an old established firm manu
facturlng a profitable and salable line of
staple products Address Manufacturer ,
Commercial Bldg , Cleveland , Ohio.
B-M451 18
SALESMEN can make $100 per month sellIng -
Ing our olllce specialties to merchants by
sample ; line side lines , big profits Model
Mfg. Co , Box B. South Bend , I nil
TWO clothing salesmen wanted In Omaha
and one In each county In every state to
take orders for our T5 00 to $10 00 made
to-meiisurc suits and overcoats. Hvo men
without experience can make $150.00 per
month , If you can furnish satisfactory
refeienco wo will furnish a complete sain-
pin line and outfit and start you at work
at once For particulars address Ameri
can Wooolen Mills Co. , Enterprise Build
Ing , Chicago. B-M458 O12
WANTED , a few good canvassers at once
to M II the Zenith electric portable desk
and piano lamp , agents make $300 to $1500
prr day Wlelaml Electric Co , 310 W.
Michigan st , Duliith , Minn. B M517 17'
WANTED , wet nurse. 2202 Clark
B-M5I9 18
WANTED , the services of n professional
lat latchfr to destroy rats on a ranch
on the Union Pacific railway , 50 miles
from Omahn Address Standard Cattle
Co , Amen , Neb B-M5G2 22
COMPETENT . . . . , window . . . . . . . trimmer ; card
aBM359 18
WANTED , hotfl runner to supply loomers
to prlMitc house on commission B 27 ,
BDU B-M535 IS'
WANTIOD , 15 messenger boys , apply main
olllco A. D T Co , 1302 Douglas
B-576 18
WANTED , experienced men to soil our
lubricating oils , greases and specialties
Largest line on the market. Salary or
commission Commonwealth Oil Co. ,
CI'veland , O. B-M005 18'
WvNI'lD Aoung man between the ages
of 'J2 ami 30 years , who has had experi
ence In the show business Wrlto George
II Bernstein , Nebraska City. Neb
WANTED , an experienced , competent and
energetic dry goods salesman and sales-
ladj , must spenk German ; apply will
rtfrrencu and state salary , etc T L
Dnvles & Co , York , Neb. B-M593 19 *
WANTED , first-class flour miller , water
mill In the country. Address TI14 N 27 st ,
B-M5S3 18'
BOY to take care of horfo and furnace for
board nnd room. Room SO Douglas Block
WANTED , men , city nnd country , to dis
tribute syrup samples ; plenty work am
good pay. Pratt Sjrup Co. , Camden , N .1
B-C23 JS'
WANTED , salesmen ( calling on country
merchants In all trades ) to carrv side
line of fine calendars Goods .strictly up- I
to-date and prices right , pay 23 per cent
ciinmlsslon , hit : money can be mndo be
tween now and January 1st ; 20 different
stvles ; samples packed In small bjy I
wclrh seven pounds Glvo references. G
44 , earo Lord .t Thomas , ChU'igo
I5-G21 15'
GOVERNMENT positions All persons desiring -
siring government positions at good sal-
nilcH ar ° requested to write at once to
National Cor Inst Dt > pt C S E , Wash ,
D C. for full Information , free ; thou
sands of appointments to be mule , ex
amination ? In every state soon
B-C20 ! &
BOOKKEEPERS , assistants stenograph
ers high gradn ofllco help of all kinds wil
ling to locale hern mall applications to
implro Exchfinge , suite705 to " 07 , 79
Dtnrborn St , Chicago Stamp for reply
WANTED , snlfsmen lo sell ( o dealers on
time , no experience : tlO nnd expense ? ,
permunt position send lOe for pirtl'nliir *
iim ] families Schneider Bros . Wiitorlno ,
111 B-041 IK'
GOOD men to distribute 5,000,000 pieces adT
matter hip wages cnclopn stump Mfra.
Adv Co Dept , A E. , 114 W 31th Bt. ,
New York. D
AV.v.vi'riiiAin lima * .
( Continued. )
pare foi any civil service examination
without peeing our Illustrated cntnloK'iu '
of Infornmtllon ; sent free. Columbian
Correspoiulinco College , Washington , D O
WANTED , e\perlencril nnd successful
solicitors to call or wrlto u - for Informa
tion tegiirdlng our new library Exclusive
teiritoiy and liberal lontrnrt U Appleton -
ton Ac Co , 111S Walnut Hlreet. Kansas
City , Mo .Subscription Dept B-OI2-1S *
SALESMEN on clears , $115 per month anil
expenses , e\pirlcnce unnccessarv pei-
munent poslltlnn , Inducements Imperial
Clgnr Co , New York City H-MC41 ! 9
SALESMEN , $3 to $ S dally selling wrapping
paper and advertising novelties lo mer-
chunt.s throughout the country , convenient
side line , rnmples furnished tellable men
The Kcmpcr Thomas 1'uper Co Cincin
nati , O B-GIO-1S'
SIX first dass salesmen Immediately to sell
best retail ! merchants for holldav trade ,
postlons peimanent and worth $30 per
week and \penses i ; send referetues Ad-
dte s Eu tern Mnf. Co , Manhattan Bldg ,
Chicago. 11 U3I-1S *
SALESMEN with experience In soiling pre
mium goods to letall , wholesale mer
chants and manufacturers , we have the
biggest thing In the field ; big pay Ad
dress Home , 3)43 Market st , Philadelphia.
_ Pn- B-702 IS'
ACTIVE traveling salesmen , an elegant
light side line for dry goods , drug stores :
guarantee $500 day extra. Timelier Co ,
Mlshavvaka. liul. B 69S IS *
WANTED , men of good character nnd re
sponsibility to handle our line of Pitts-
bmg Stogies ; splendid Inducements to
right patties Address Lion Stogie Com
pany , Pittsburg , Pa B-fi22 18 *
WANTED , man with small capital and
push , can make several thousand dollars
in 4 weeks ; legitimate ; best references ;
act quick. Address B 49 , Bee.
B-M734 19 *
WANTED , salesmen , Ralary paid wecklv ;
experience ) unnecessary Permanent.
Brown Bros. Co , Chicago B
WANTED , two good grocerv clerks ( m ° n ) ;
state experience and references. Address
B 47 , Bee. B-707 18
WANTED , laborers for II .t M. extra ganR
In Wvomlng nnd Nebraska : free fare.
Kramer & O'Hcarn , 12th and Fainam
IJ-M7J2 19'
SALESMEN to sell toilet soap to dealersi
$100 monthly salary nnd expenses , ex-
perlenco unnecessary. Louis Ernest Co ,
St. Louis , Mo. H-B2G-1S *
ANY ONE can double their salarv or In
come liv our plan ; no risk whatever.
Wrlto Wllcox & Co , 529 Broadwav N Y.
H-625-11 *
MAN OR WOMAN of energy nnd buslnesi
ability , to travel for established firm , $51
a month and all expenses P W Hlegler
& Co. , 322 Dearborn St. , Chicago , III
B-C24-18 *
100 GIRLS for all kinds of work ; $3 lo Jl
week. Canadian Onicc , 1522 Douglas
WANTED-150 girls. 1521 Dod Tel. 87 < f
C M511 Oct-20
GIRL wanted for general housework LOL'O
Emmet C M20S
WANTED , competent cook. Mrs. Jno A.
McShane , 2CG6 Farnam. C M5B9 18
GIRL for general housework. 2700 S 13th
J. L Hill. C-M55G IS'
WANTED , girl for general housework ,
liuiulro at 520 South 2bth ave , Mrs. G. N.
Clayton C 572 18
WANTED , a girl for general housework.
Call 1120 So. 2Sth St. C MC03 19'
WANTED , a bright , active woman of busl-\
ness to manage a department ; must be
willing to give two weeks to learn busi
ness. Address B 32 , Bee. C M5S3 1
WANTED , good girl for general house
work. Mrs. G. Jl. Heed , 1111 So. 30th Ave.
C G73-1S \
WANTED , good girl for general house
work. Apply evenings. Mrs. W. P Mc-
Fnrlane , 531 So. 30th St. C-G4S-1S'
PROFITABLE homo work for men or
women ; day or evening ; JG to $12 weekly ,
no canvassing or oxpcrlcnco needed ; plain
Instructions and work mailed on applica
tion. Brazilian Mfg. Co. , Now York City.
LADIES earn Rood wage * handling our
line of Christmas specialties ; outfit free.
John W. Illft & Co. , 110 Wabash Ave ,
Chicago , C G4G-1S'
WANTED Good girl for general house
work. Airs. G. M. Reed , 1111 S. 30th Ave.
C G73 18
WANTED , girl for general housework. Ap
ply 2201 Spencer St. , Kountzo Place
C-703 20'
WANTED , a good cook. Mrs Marsh , EOd
Pine St. , east of Brovvnell hall.C .
C MG94 20'
WANTED , nn Al tnlloress ; ono tip on gen
eral dressmaking business preferred. Mrs.
II. C. Moses , 303 So. 17th St. , Omaha
C 72G 20'
WANTED , competent girl for general
housework : high wages : small family :
call mornings. 1G1 Park ave. , Council
Bluffs , In C M7320
WANTED At once , good cook , also second
girl ; first-class wages. Apply 2002 Ames
C 710 19'
LADIES send mo date of your birth , lock
of hair ; I will predict your future In
love , family , business , money nnd health ,
glvo vou pen picture of future husband ,
wlfo or sweetheart affinity , nnd give you
book telling how to read people" mind" .
Influence them to love or obey you ; all
postpaid , 10 cents. Oliver : or 1 will send
nil above with New Marriage Guide ,
\olumo of female secrets nnd dream book
for 20 cents. Prof. B. B. Argo , Box 1207 ,
Boston , Mass. C C29-1S'
GOOD paying homework ; wo need a few
Indies In ovcry district to embroider
novelties for us at home ; full or nparo
time ; no canvassing nnd no Instruction
needed ; $ G to $10 a week ; full particular *
and work mailed on receipt of addressed
envelope Emplro Embroidery Works , 113
Duane St. , Now York C I52S-1S'
WANTED , ladles to do plain sewing nt
home ; $150 day ; four months' work
guaranteed ; send stamped , addressed
velope for particulars. R. W. Hutton &
Co. . Philadelphia. Pa C-G27-1S *
c"0.ICrhoUFes and cottages all over city-
$ o to $75. Fidelity , llrat lloor , N. Y. Life '
HOUSES. Benewa & Co. , 108 N. I5th St.
HOUSES , stores. Bcmls , Paxton block
MOVING household goods and pianos.
Omaha Van & Storage Co. , ISll'/fc Farnam.
Tel. 1559 D-k55
FURNITURE nnd leasehold of i. 7 amTiN :
room modern flat for sale ; bargain , good
location , rent low. Bemls Pnxton block.
A FEW COTTAGES. 430 Board Trade
DUNDEE Place house. G05 Bee.
NEW cottage , easy payments , COI Bee Bldg.
4 , G AND 7 room steam heated flats for rent
Howard Ranck , agt , , 1G10 Chicago Street.
HOUSES & stores rented & rents collected.
John W. Robbing
, 1802 Farnam st
A BEAUTIFUL 4-room flat , partly modern ,
cor 24th and Hamilton. '
well. Apply 2518 ( 'aid-
l , T' Hl ? unfurnished rooms GOJ
Holby , Board of Trade Bldg 18GOJ
D-SHb 18
BBNEWA'S residence to renl , 3J30 Burl
D-M'RS '
- - i ' -j
MODERN ten-room brick. Kevs , 2001 Cap- t
itol avenue ( adjoining ) . D MIW2U' V
OCTOBER 1st , modern ten-room house , '
with biun nml lawn , 21th and Hnlf How
ard also modern ten-room hous * , opposlts
Brow neil hall Applv to J A Hi oil In
Omaha Nutliiml bank D-7.'U3
FOR RENT , K-room nil modern detacheij
liousf , near Hanncom park. J. II Hher-
woocl , 423 N. V. LUu. P-731 U

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